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2022-08-25 | 🔗

Listen to episode 709 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Charm & Mystery of Life | Inspiring Podcasts. Edited and adapted from Making a Life by Cortland Myers.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Life is an involved drama. It is a composition of forces. It is a combination of incidents. There are more semi-colons than full-stops. The judgment should be reserved for integers and not fractions. The process is not the result. The one who jumps to conclusions skips contentment and happiness.

Even though we often fail to recognize it, everything in life has some meaning, emphasis, and relation. Even failures and mistakes enter into the eternal harmony.


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an inspirational living podcast. Today's trays reading was celebrated ended at from making alive by cortland myers published in nineteen hundred. The other name for life is mystery. Life is only a convenient term for a mysterious something. Never the fine nor analyzed nor understood we speak love. Will your word life with an appearance of wisdom, but it is clouded in darkness and ignorance, the pathways through night forest in peril. This element of mystery is universal and in circles every life it is now
Sorry because of the tangled intricacies of life, a narrow range of human vision and the pre eminence, but now prominence of the spiritual there are moments in life when the sentences are all ended. With question marks wide in my business and in bankruptcy, why did this beautiful child die? Why was my noble purpose? Defeated white is evil appear triumphant man, woman and child young. In all,
are marked with a puzzling problems of life. We all carry our own secret in our own mystery. We go on dreaming thinking and scheming planning and working towards perfection, and the dawning of a clear day is still delay. We are a mystery to ourselves in a mystery to others at one time. The rich man acquaintances could not believe that it was
where possible, for him to become poor. His numbers were millions and billions. His business was a veritable fortress. Even god's lightning and thunder seemed helpless before it. He sat in his security and gloated over his enormous fortune and absolute independence, strange mysterious world, for it turned out. His fortress was made of paper his strength, his weakness and his riches like I do, draw a single gust of opposing wind, scattered his business forever, who can unravel search puzzles? No one for human reason, has not the power of the
wishing to spoil the threads of life it twists and knots and tangles after a few inches of time. It is only an heirloom of god and, under the divine hand, where these threads are overrun, snarled and woven into a fabric of beauty. Human vision cannot follow of a single thread in error: is the reason for the mystery. No one man in our lives stands out. This thing can alone they cross and re cross and fasten them selves to each other. The ramifications are in the pattern of pattern is now revealed to the are all the events of life are linked together in an invisible chain after years of hiding
A single word will draw the evanna childhood days. Bringing it into the light is vividly is when it first occurred, the sale, The voice will dream mother, night, color Overly fragrance of a flower draws all train of circumstances. In new view, life is and involve drama is compositional forces. It is come
a nation of incidents there more semi colon spoonful stops. The judgment should be reserved for energies and now fractions. The process is not the result of one who jump to conclusions. Skips contentment, unhappiness reasoning, faith must class bare hands ngos step by step until they are called the voices tunnel. It is finished, even though we often failed to recognize it. Everything in life has some meaning emphasis in relation. Even failures and mistakes enter into your turn or harmony
the grand total of human life includes the weak and strong, the rich and the poor. The virtuous and criminal law, like every person in every thing, enters into the great mystery accident, appears to play a large part in human experience, and even the most trivial events can change a life.
for example, an unexpected a momentary meeting, brings to the hearts together and then binds them with the bonds of holy matrimony. How much was a link to how little they called their first meeting chance an accident, but it was in a van over tremendous importance. All the rest of their earthly existence depended upon it. Many of the best things in life come to us as a surprise and with no prophecy in them. Likewise, many of our greatest burdens might be removed by the slightest effort. If we both had little courage to act. The gospel of life is in no battle,
the toil sacrifice and the daily service. The pages of history do not end. In a period there can be no denial of the goodness of providence provenance at the centre of all mystery if the years in centuries are all fastened together in a divine plan, but we are vexed and tormented by or the single instances of weak We encourage you fortified by the union of all events. The person who opens the book of history and reads wisely and continuously makes with supream discovery of the human heart.
God lives and that every mystery is a valuable and necessary part of the divine this. This is a fact to be spiritually, spiritually rather than intellectually, and once it is no way when the storm of life can task, from your soul. Yes, there may be a momentary agitation, but still the music goes on
in the heavenly harmony we're all things work together for the good. It is like the magnificent harmony so beethoven, which are better combination, interlacing of signal notes. They are complicated now, but mere individuality use preserved in the whole, every blade of grass every hidden violet is as much a part of the landscape and shares in its beauty, as were huge mountain. There is an empire of love and an immovable thrown in the darkest. Indeed dismiss threes justice. Saying good news are the foundation of the throne, the cloudy dave's only dark on one side, the lower side behind every cloud. The sun still shines.
His day has its light. Mysterious providence has a flood of light on the upper and heavenward side. Our confusion is the inevitable result of seeing only isolated and solitary events them passing judgement on the provenance based on those events. It is a type of blindness that denies the relation of the particular to the universal, the temporary to the eternal, the grain of sand to the mountain and the mountain to the sea, the drop of water to the ocean and the ocean to stream lake and cloud
assam may come so near to a signboard that they fail to see. The landscape were are unable to read even the letters and the message anything may be brought so near to the eye as to render his side impossible. Great swaths of human history must be seen for a conf. using to disappear for order. Long harmony to be reveal any signal. A man may sound like this core, but when it is seized by higher laws and made a part of the great play, it is one of the sweetest notes in the music go near. There is, and on answerable mystery at every step of the journey. The surface a momentary view reveals only
Tangle in disorder, in the administration of things, and sometimes it forces were conclusion that there is no governing force in the affairs of life chances. We, we got in the only law. There is disturbance everywhere. The conscientious person comes to halve poverty instead of riches and the dictator who attacks human rights is the victor policy, is crowned in a single day. In principle, is swain politics override statesmanship, goodness is often times mark.
In geared up, I apparently victorious evil, but the narrowness of human vision. Isn't the cause of our failure to understand our limited faculties are not capable of solving all the dark riddles of life finiteness, in fact, the man's mystery. There is something beyond us above us and below was always and everywhere we live within narrow lines. The outside of the circle is necessarily unknown time is also a mighty factory life's mystery and reveals its power even in the passing moments.
despair is often only momentary. A few hours can change the whole scene. There is no red in the pantry and no fire and no harm their pangs of poverty and the winds and winter declare boldly and unmistakably most. There is no higher law. But this awful tragedy of life. Suddenly the door opens new friends appear, one saw supply, employment is furnished, education is offered. The skeleton is transformed into an angel. Snowflakes are changed in the hours, icicles in go fuel and howling wines in the Heavens orchestra, Cities are now realities and we are grateful. What we almost called evade above all is patient,
remembering that tomorrow is a part of our life as well as today, that there is a silent irresistible force at work through all of the apparently separate events of the life force. That creates surprise, I'm making gardens and one deserts joys and sorrows gain out of loss alive fat of death. When the turn shall come. We do not know. The future is always beyond our vision and grass, but this is at once the charm and the mystery of life.
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