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2022-11-22 | 🔗

Listen to episode 735 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Courage to Succeed in Life. Edited and adapted from Ready Money by George H. Knox.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Thousands fail in life because they lack the grit to get right up and do the thing. It isn't always the brainiest people in the world who make the greatest successes. It's people who buckle down and do things; people who have will-power and initiative; people who are not afraid; who know, and know they know; people who will make themselves do the thing that needs to be done, regardless of how they feel about it; the women and men who make themselves do the thing, whether they like it or not, are the ones who have discovered the great secret.


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I'm playlist filled with more voices in less time with John you can choose for news, parenting tips, wellness advice and more go to listen to john dot com, slash, podcast and satisfy your curiosity was short order, discover something you every day well go live, rational living five cast. Today's reading was agitated and adapted from ready money by george age knox abolished in nineteen o five. Success is largely a matter of management self mastery me, more than doing right. Morally and trolling. One this temper, you indeed most have something of attempt
if you are going to be good for anything that a temper a person is like a piece of untempered steal a while it's necessary to have a temper. It is also necessary to control at least most of the time. All the time would be asking too much. It is said that no person who can control their attemper king control others and have things their own way, but sometimes,
inclinations are harder to control than our temper. It is understood that we should control our thoughts and actions. So far is not doing certain things is concerned, but it is doing things that wheedle like to do or when we don't like to do, then that is the real test, for there is such a thing is impulse moods and the blues that we must contend with. It is said that a horse is a creature of impulse if he at once, as it eats grass. If it wants to lie down, it lies down. We are sometimes also a creature of impulse to a certain extent when we feel like quitting, we too often quit.
whether we are through or not when we don't like the work we quit. For this same reason, and when we get the blues, we quite simply because we are blue now in order to be a success. There's just one thing for us to do, and that is to guide our lives by reason and judgment instead of imports. Not how do I like this or how do I feel about? Oh, what is it going to do for me? What success am I going to make of it? What are its effects upon my future prospects? there is just one thing to do, and that is for you to screw down your willpower upon your moods and impulses. I urge them to influence your life and its term.
whatever you plan to do. You will do regardless of how you feel or how other people feel you find yourself in india. Go place, it simply means a little harder work, A little more willpower that saw the results may not come quite so clean, but you realise that they will come just the same and hard work will give you more strength and more n, gee for another and a greater victory in the future. The average person lacks confidence simply because they never do work enough to create confidence in them. Else in their own ability to succeed, to develop the positive side, you must say I can. I will, and I must and above them all place
I'll. Do it now and keep right on doing it fell and fatally life, because they lack the great to get right up and do the thing is and always will bring. use people in the world who make the greatest successes its people who buckle down in, do things. People who, willpower initiative, people who were not afraid no. And no they know people who will make themselves do the thing that needs to be done, regardless of how they feel about the women and men who make themselves do the thing whether they like it or not, are the ones who have discovered the great secret, how many people give up because they don't feel like it or it looks too hard for them search people would probably,
We represent being called lazy, and indeed they are not exactly lazy. They do work hard, but not quite hard enough. They get up only about half enough staff. And then of the engine those ngo they gave up to many people give up just before the turning point That is all a matter of self mastery for self remains key with renewed energy and a greater zeal than ever. Knowing that One of the greatest requisites for success is Knowing, when you are whipped, people fail be in many ways they prepare for failure as carefully. As other people prepare for success. Lack of confidence means failure, but I thousand fail who do not know anything about confidence, for example, people who, having
it's far enough along the no with they can, or they can't people who, think their lorries Harding haven't thought of trying to be better people who are sunk in their own environment and haven't thought of getting out I don't know that there is success in the land. They don't know that this, The world is simply alive with enthusiasm. They don't know. The whirlwind in an progress and the thousands of triumphs that mark every our people are imitate. Nato see anything around with failure or half hearted. Success may often be gamma failure themselves. Lack of knowledge is what keeps people down, not a lack of work, learning and a lack of knowledge of what is being done in one
can't be done. Occasionally we hear someone rising out of their environment and making a great success. It is in an accident that person found out that other people were succeed, either by seeing it with their own eyes, by being told or by reading, about a real is what up lives, humanity and makes progress possible. reading? One gets the experience of the greatest people and thereby becomes better qualified for any undertaking. There are two kinds of food, the kind that gives the body strings and beauty, and I am simply enables it to eke out a mere existence, and so there are two kinds of reading matter: the kind that makes people grow the kind that gives a person ideas that help them to discover them
Cells and opens their eyes to a grating, glorious world of prosperity and happiness and the other kind of reading, which is only trash. Yes, it may not be so very bad It may not be banned in all in one sense, but there is nothing up lifting in it. It doesn't build. You were like trashy food. It simply keeps you alive. That's all it does is to inspire you with hope for inclusion or any desire to pick yourself up then do a little better. It is about time that makes us fail. The minds of many people are literally starve for the want of the right kind of reading to read the daily, We're only is not enough. It will be as wise to expect
we'll keep the money in a healthy condition on a diet of potatoes. We never accomplish anything without thinking about it. We make a failure. We have been thinking of failure when we should have been thinking of success and I think of success, and thinking courageously all the world admires courage. It is the symbol of glory and renew. It raises strong arm against tyranny and with his magic touch, transformed lions
lay in new free women emit it, causes the adventurers to brave the mountains of ice and snow and the hardships of an arctic sea, barely heed of tropical son or face the fevers and wiles of the jungle in their search for that which enriches humankind. We are inspired by the courage of the lifesavers on the beach fire fighters and our great citys and the defenders of the weak and help loose in every climb. The light to honour the brave men and women of every age who have faced trials and tribulations almost unendurable. I even banishment, Lou prison cell, the gallows and state that we might have life and heavy more abundantly.
Without courage, little wonders of unknown seas would still be shrouded in mystery: ass, superstition, the beautiful farms, the towering cities, the industry's prosperity and this civilization that make this world a delight, would still be a mighty voice, The earth so wilderness and howl of no while need solely music. We go. worry and courage of the giants, who have gone the mighty heroes, who dared to do we glory in the heroes of our own day who Every landing climb are fighting the battles of the free and making this world a more perfect, please, for the millions. Yet more courage is not something belongs only to those who have fought hard won battles in war. It below
It's not alone to those who gave their lives that a noble principle might live and write triumph over wrong. The courage of the business person who, as build up enterprises that bless humankind, is often as great as that of the one whose inventions have revolutionized the world, the statesmen and women who follow the dictates of their conscience, regardless of their own success. The criticism of their friends or the ridicule of their enemies is as brave and as great as the heroes of other days, the wife and mother, who is obliged to forgo many of the pleasures of life. Whereas the cares and trials
of a home do contain with who, both by precept an example raises a family of children with virtue toils for them through the long hours of the day and sings too, then praises of joy in twilight is as. a chair a hero was the one who has given her life for a principle and become a marker for her people. Give us image that will enable us to own up to our mistakes when we make them matters and another virtue, there be written in letters of fire across the sky. It isn t so bad do make a mistake, but to try to cover it up is fatal. Give us also the courage to withhold the hasty reply were this stinging blow. Anyone can engage in office fight it takes ten times were occurring,
to maintain your dignity and scorn. Do stoop to the law. levin unworthy antagonist. Lastly, give us the courage, to be frank, absolutely frank, fearless honest in true: it will delight heart glorify, loose soul and bring into the phase a glow of beauty and righteousness that grows. Break urim brighter and to the perfect day. We may usa renters insurance for members like Molly, when power surge caused her tv, the power on usa. I made it easy to cover the cost of repair or replacing usa, which are made of were made for restrictions, apply the
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