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The Cure for Unhappiness, Anger & Discord

2022-09-22 | 🔗

Listen to episode 717 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Cure for Unhappiness, Anger & Discord. Edited and adapted from Live and Grow Young by Arthur Edward Stilwell.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: One of the main reasons people do not live their best lives is that they spend most of their time defending the wrong right. The moment any remark is made, bearing on something which they may not believe in, or agree with, they take exception to it and start an argument. Because of this, they are sacrificing days that should be days of happiness and vitality, depleting their energy and reducing their life-giving atmosphere. They are protecting the wrong right.


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applied with an eye dot, org Well, maybe inspirational living package, especial thanks You do our new monthly patron jane. Indeed, dieterich dream now is access to our entire. Guy with over seven hundred five cast us full transcripts. All ad free learn how you can become our patron, as is little those three dollars a month, I living our dot org slash patron. Thank you Today's reading was edited and adapted from living grow young by arthur edward still well published in nineteen twenty one.
One of the main reasons people do not live their best lives is about. They spend most of their time. The funding, no wrong right. The moment. Any remark is made bearing on something which they may, not believe in or agree with. They take exception to it and start an argument. Because of this they are sacrificing days. They should be days happiness and vitality, the bleeding their energy and research sing their life, giving atmosphere there, Protecting the wrong right homes, all over. The world are made veritable held by people, insisting upon their view, point fighting for the wrong right. leaving the right right out of sight and unprotected. If these people who are always defending the wrong right, would spend merit
I'm fighting in standing up for the right right they were made. at home in the world and eaten everyone, Has the right to be happy the right to be successful. The right to have a happy home, a few people, fight for these rights to fight for the right right goes virgin the opposite tactics that are used in defending the wrong right in fighting for the right right, he's joy, kindness must be used to soften harshness. Love must be used to dissolve hake, peaceful attitudes and words. Most. Used to make harmony of discord? Fire is distinguished by water. not by more fire and if those who,
Angry or unhappy would use kindness to extinguish the outbreak of one kind words. They will be pleased and surprised to learn that this is the most skilful method of extinguishing no fire, this cord. Otherwise there will be a conflagration agree. Words, acts which may destroy, the home or business, causing days of misery, emperor, perhaps serious illness. It is so easy to return harsher words for harsh ones, so difficult to give the soft answer that turns away wrath. It is assumed by botanists that the cactus of the western plains, which is covered by a long, sharp spines or originally developed those spines to protective from the hunger of the cattle
Those spying covered cacti are thought to be. The descendants of cacti formerly grew without spines and that major evolved. This protection is saved the cacti from extermination, the scientists luther Burbank, as succeeded, in producing a spineless cactus, removing the fear of the characters that caused it to produce spines in our own daily contact with the world. Let us also lemonade, our mental spines and the disagreeable traits of character are the results. fighting for the wrong right. Happy home is usually the place where people fight for the wrong right fight for the right right, and you will produce harmony instead of discord and many more Here's to hell success,
It's been a long. Life will be removed, fighting for the right right, instead of the wrong right means. Also changing your shop window think about it. The shop window of successful well, ordered stores displaying their most attractive goods, as well as those which are bargains. Window dressing is and are those who are successful in it, receive large salaries, for it is this story shop window and is relying on dual track tree or window dressing? Try as best they can have their share windows attract your attention to remind you of something you need to suggest the purchasing of things, he were not thought well, dressed. Shop window is rich in alluring suggestion, it is like a thing
You're beckoning you'd come in the store and if the windows are skilfully dress, they attract to restore hundreds of buyers each day. The human personality is a distinctive shop window, one which plainly discloses the nature of the mine nightdress dead in the shop window. Is this laid traits of character and predominating thoughts which register are deportment. Our convert station and our carriage it tells the world the quality and thought of each person just as graphically asthma. Shop window tells the public what the store cells your personality and your atmosphere are indeed you're a shop window, much light in the movie canvas sat the cinema. Yours
sir. The films that run through the machine, the power of your mind, is the light name would be useless to attempt to erase the picture on the canvas. While the Ladys zone in the film in the machine, therefore, it is impossible to disassociate your thoughts from your personal appearance and atmosphere. If you You're hopeless you expressing your redress even of a set of your necktie. You express it in your carriage. and it is plainly written on your face. There is nothing in your a shop window to try to move things you wish to come to you. your shop window, repels, those that were addressed attractively, would be drawn near you.
To cure your hopelessness, you must have faith. Faith is the road we tread when we take our prayers to guide the principle of life to have them. Man, sir face some terms, is the product of years. At other times, it comes instantly faith exalts us and by you we seem unable literally the move mountains, but in reality we are lifted up into the perfect expression of life. By means of our faith. No mountain disappears when we reach the height, so perfect. There are no more mountains in our way gods universes
governed by a mortal laws and by faith we are led to understand their prayers string things, faith that is seen herring value. It gives, to some people search great faith than mere lifted new heights, from which label hole the way to their desire blessing. Now we cannot alter the principle of life by prayer. bring the principle to us, we already live in the principle we live. It in abundance. We are in the midst of plenty all the time and my faith. We lift ourselves up to where we can see the bountiful supply problem for us. If you are in want no less You have not understood the principle of supply and do not pray for material things, pray for faith to lift you
to the understanding of guns. Bounty is women, loose riches and life, You will enter the world of abundance. We're there There is no lack. Faith is the best then travelling companion night, you can have faith in me You know that guy is the soul of the universe. You are one with god and you may draw from this symphony. There's, an unlimited supply of all that you need. There is nothing faith. Can I do for you as your affair? If so, is your life live better leave grander have faith. You Live like you have never live before. And their faith, your love for a loan. He's very yearning of the soul,
for what is good and excellent. Love is the most constructive in all the world, love much you will be brought into harmony with fellow you come into contact as well. You're surroundings and environment. Always Remember that love lengthens life, while hate shortens it to take offense to remember, slights either real or imaginary, is to be weak and miserable to forgive unless we forget is no forgiveness at all. Three leaves us slumbering. Five. Nah, only the forgetfulness of those slides can extinguish. Inferring you a light to cause the person you hate. You bring No point yourself They are not affected at all. You are here.
does not interfere with their health, nor producing some near in them. You baby, and were being yourself in sleepless nights and reduced vitality. In the sermon on the mouth, Jesus says, love your enemies and bless them like curse you Do the person who has been wrong and who hates the person who is wrong. Then this sounds utopian. We imagine revenge can be gained, notably by hate. Nursing. Revenge only keeps our own moons green. Therefore, Jesus is statement is nigh utopian. It is good, sound life producing common sense. The consequence of nourishing hate is harmful and often disastrous. It produces
this court vibrations, which others feel repelling knows whom you my otherwise our track. Thought, on the other hand, is a greater, miss fear builder. It bills an environment that attracts it is possible by low The change, even an enemy in the war life long friend for love is an open door. Which even your enemies will see again trends forgetting the wrong a loving the wrongdoer you game peace of mind. It will be a vital factor in maintaining your health. Love is the hope of the world. It is through love that we unlearn anger and hate learned a cat The harmonious vibrations of life learned gave them
filled with glad and healthy thoughts, which in turn keeps the body, clothing, youthfulness and beauty.
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