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The Grand Secrets of Success | Self-Reliance

2020-10-29 | 🔗

Listen to episode 520 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Grand Secrets of Success | Self-Reliance. Edited and adapted from The Grand Secrets of Success, compiled by The Toronto News Company.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: There are different ways of getting on in the world. It does not always mean making money, or being a great individual for people to look up to. Leaving off a bad habit for a good one is getting on in the world; to be clean and tidy instead of dirty and disorderly is getting on; to be careful and saving instead of thoughtless and wasteful is getting on; to be active and industrious, instead of idle and lazy is getting on; to be kind and forbearing, instead of ill-natured and quarrelsome, is getting on; to work as diligently in the boss's absence as in their presence is getting on.

In short, when we see anyone properly attentive to their duties, persevering through difficulties, to gain such knowledge as shall be of use to themselves and others, offering a good example to their acquaintances, we may be sure that they are getting on in the world.

Those who wish to get on in the world must have a stock of patience and perseverance, of hopeful confidence — a willingness to learn, and a disposition not easily cast down by difficulties and disappointments.

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Did it and adapted from the grain secrets of success compiled by the toronto news company published in eighteen, hundreds and there are different ways of getting in the world- does not always mean making money were being brain individual for people to look up to leading off a bad habit for a good one is getting on in the world to be clean and tidy instead of dirty and disorderly, is getting on to be careful in saving instead of thoughtless and wasteful is getting on To be active when industrious, instead of idle and lazy is getting on to be kind and forbearing
instead of ill natured and quarrelsome, is getting on to work as diligently in the boss's absence, as in their presence is getting on in sure when we see anyone properly attentive to their duties, her serve earring through difficulties to gain such knowledge, I shall be of use to themselves and others. offering a good example to their acquaintances. We may be sure that they are getting on in the world those wished,
we get it on in the world most have a stack of patience and perseverance of hope, full confidence, a willingness to learn and a disposition not easily cast down by difficulties and disappointments, never be discouraged by difficulties depend upon them, however great they may be by patience and perseverance. You, we'll surmount then take earnestly hole of life guided by our high in no more purpose, study closely or minds
as for labor or a profession, adopt the early emperor sue it steadily. Never. Looking back to the plowed furrows of forward to the new ground that ever remains to be broken, means and ways are abundant to every person's success. If will, and action are rightly adapted to them. Our rich and great women and men have carved their paths to fortune and by this eternal principle, a principle
Well that cannot fail to reward you with it, be resolutely pursued to sire whinge over a lack of inheritances unseemly. Every person should strive to be a creator instead of an inheritor to be queen instead of borrow. Let us all be conscious of little power within us and the provenance over us and fight our own battles. Let us feel that it is better to earn a crust, then do inherit coffers of goal, and once this spirit of self reliance is learned, we will discover within ourselves the elements and capacities of wealth. We will be rich.
in self respect, and can lift our face proudly to meet the noblest among us. The people who begin their career under the most favourable circumstances in the most flattering prospects of success not always obtain the goals they you see the races not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong. There is a certain ordeal which People must undergo when their passage through life, and it is very questionable whether the one who's succeeds best is the one who begins under the most advantageous circumstances. There is such a thing as a person appending too much upon their environment,
Too little upon themselves to be thrown upon one's own resources is often to be cast in the lap of fortune for our faculties, then under go develop, and this display and energy of which they were previously unsusceptible. A person. Success in life is great. owing to their learning, to depend on their own resources. Money or the expectation of it by inheritance, has ruined more people than the want of it ever gave d Young people to rely upon their own efforts to be fruitful and industrious, and you and furnished them with a productive capital which no one can ever rest from them.
give children a sound moral and literary education. Useful learning for sales and integrity for a whole set them afloat upon the sea of life and their voyage will be prosperous in their destiny. Save your money that does a person good is what they earn themselves. Ready made fortune like ready, may enclose seldom fits the one who comes in new its possession, nothing makes an individual more economical than living on their own account. So long as a youth has their parents to go to for their expenses labour law, we see reason for extravagance, led them home.
O money by what they can earn and they will immediately see more reasons for saving. Then first spending our children should never hear any language about this. You have your own way to make and it depends Call your own exertions, whether use star warner may leave an estate to your child, but how soon me be more gauged, may leave them money. How soon it may need squander better leave a child with a sound constitution, habits of industry, a good education and an inward they stay still vice in any shape or form. These cannot be resting from them. They are better than thousands of gold or silver.
Right in on your heart and those of your children. That you will depend solely on your own merit. Your exertions. Rely on frame, azora associates rely upon. Name of your ring sisters, thousands have spent no prime of life in the vain hope of aid from those whom they called friends and thousands have star because they had reached parents rely upon. The good name wishes me, my your own exertions and know that better than the best friend you can have is unquestionable determination, united with decision of character
There is no greater obstacle in the way of success in life, then trusting there's something to turn up instead of going to work in turning up something if it be only a potato. These curious trade in the character of humankind there some hidden, propensity in mind that prompts us to our reliance on chances rather than on certain tease. We are continually trusting, know what may, rather than the one we can make happen. The means of happiness and riches are, in a great degree, in every person's power line, belief in nest any or fortune acts as a powerful stimulus to indolence and indecision or makes us sit down and fold our hands in apathy. Nothing is more,
in the world, then for people to excuse thereon indolence. I thinking the prosperity of others is due to the caprice of fortune. Success is every experience. Person knows His eyes are generally a consequence of industry and good conduct. As this disappointment is the consequence of indolence and indecision. The difference in the progress which people make in life, who start with the same prospects and opportunities, is proof that more depends upon. Con
then fortune and a few. Instead of envy, your neighbors fortune and pouring your own should enquire won't means they have employed. Were there you have neglected, you would secure resolve to your wishes for a better life. Great misfortune is few, have the courage to wonder at take and fewer luke candor to execute such a system of self examination. Thousands thus pass through life angry with faith when they ought to be angry with them, else knows who trust to persist in industry and their own exertions meet with all manner of difficulties, but seldom
we're never rely on luck. They shape their lives according to the natural laws of cause and effect they reap what name honestly so Charles kingly says painful fact, but there is no denying that most people are the tools of circumstances this'll down on the breeze straw on the river. They are choruses shape for them by the occurrence in eddies of the stream of life only in proportion ass. They are things not men and women. We were meant to be not slaves master over our circumstances and in proportion is we recover our humanity in every sense of that great word in proportion. Is we get back with a spirit of true character, which is
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