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The Greatest Lesson I've Learned | Swami Vivekananda

2022-06-16 | 🔗

Listen to episode 689 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Greatest Lesson I’ve Learned. Edited and adapted from a lecture by Swami Vivekananda.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. A special thank you to our newest monthly patrons: Afya Gabriel, Miss Kira, and Manuel. By becoming patrons (https://livinghour.org/patron), they now get access to over 250 podcasts in our private archive, podcasts such as the one we are featuring today. This podcast was requested from one of our listeners in India. So, we are making it publicly available again. This podcast was recorded back in 2016. It was edited and adapted from a lecture by Swami Vivekananda (Shāmi Bibekānondo), published in 1901.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life is to pay as much attention to the means of work as to its end. It was from a great person that I learned this principle, and their own life was a practical demonstration of it. I have been always learning great lessons from that one principle, and it appears to me that all the secret of success is there: to pay as much attention to the means as to the end.

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welcome to the inspirational living had cast a special thank you to our notice, mostly patrons of fear, Gabriel, this kara And then you will be coming patrons may now get access over two hundred and fifty podcast in our private archive care, such as the one we are featuring today. This part Ass was requested from one of our listeners in india, so we making a publicly available again. This part cast was recorded back in two thousand. Sixteen, it was added and adapted lecture. By show me a condo published in nineteen o nine one.
One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my life is to pay is my: Attention to the means of work is to withstand it was the great person that I learned this principle? And their own life was a practical demonstration of it. I have been always learning great lessons from that one principle and in japan, Here's to me that all the secret of successes there to pay as much attention the means as to the end, our great defect in life is that we are so much drawn the ideal, the golden so much more enchanting, so much more alluring, so bigger in our mental horizon. that we lose sight of the details altogether, but Never failure comes analyze, critically, nine percent of the cases we shall find
it was because we did not pay attention to the means proper attention. The finishing standing of the means we need with them- means all right. The end must come. We forget that it is the cause of that produces the effect. The effect cannot. by itself. The causes are exact proper in powerful. The effect will not be produced Once the ideal is chosen in the means determined we almost let go of the ideal because sure it will be there. when the means are perfected, when the is there, there is no more difficulty about the effect. The effect this ban on the com, we take care of the cause. The effect will take care of itself.
The realisation of the ideal is the effect the mean or the cause attention to means, therefore, is the great secret of life. We must work concept, we work with all our power. To put it, mind in the work whenever, be that we are doing same time. We must not be attached to say we must not be drawn away from the work by anything else, but still we must be able to quit the work whenever we like. If we examine our own lives, we find that the greatest cause of sorrow. Is this. We take up something and put our. all energy on it, and perhaps it is a failure, and yet we cannot give it We know that it is hurting us that any further,
Winging too, it is simply bringing misery on us still. We cannot tell ourselves, away from it, the be king discipline, honey, but its feet stuck to the honey pot, and it could not get away again and again we are finding ourselves in that state. That is the whole the secret of existence? Why are we here? We came here to sit in the honey. be fine, our hands and feet sticking to it. We are caught the we came, the cat. We came to rule we are being ruled. We came to work we are being worked on. We find that in This comes into every detail of our life are being worked upon by other minds
you're, always struggling to work on other minds. Want to enjoy the pleasures of life, and yet they into her vitals, we want to get everything from nature. But we find, in the long run, that nature takes everything from us, depletes us and casts a society That is the one cause of misery we are attached, we are being caught. Thus we must work, constantly work but be not attack, be not caught reserve and you yourself the power of detaching yourself from everything. However, beloved. However, The sole might yearn for it, however, agree the pangs of misery, you feel if you were going to leave it still reserve the power of leaving it. Whenever you want
tat. Man is the source of all our pleasures. Now we are attached to our friends to our relatives. We are attached to our intellectual and spiritual works. We are attached to external objects so that we get, you're from them. What again brings misery, but this very attachment we have two detachment. Their homes to earn joy. If only we and the power to detached ourselves at will. Would be. No misery Personal loan will be able to get the best of nature who, having the power attaching themselves to a thing with all their energy has all the power to detached themselves when they should do so difficult, is that there must be as much power of attachment as that of detachment.
people who are never attracted by anything. They can never love. They are high. hearted in apathetic pathetic, escape Most of the miseries of life. But the wall never feels misery The wall never loves his never hurt. Surely it is better to be attached and caught then we'll all, therefore, The person who never love is who is hard and stony escaping, most of the miseries of life escapes also its joys We do not want that. That is, weakness is death, The soul never feels weakness, never hills. Misery is not strong. That is a callous state. We do not want that. perfect. Individual can put their whole soul upon one point of love.
yet remain unattached. How to accomplish this. Well? First of all, we must recognise that we are all beggars. We do. We want a return, we Traders, your tree, There is in life, we are gators and in virtue traders in religion Allah. Here are some traders in love. If you come to trade, if it is a question of give and take If it is a question of buying, so you will. by the laws of buying and selling. There is a bad time, and there is a good There is a rise in a fall in prices. Always you expect blow to come. It is like looking at the mere your faces reflected, You make a grimace and there is one in the mere. If you laugh.
the mere laughs this is buying and selling giving in taking. We get caught, how not by what we give, but by what we expect. We get misery in return for our love, not from the fact that we love from the fact that we want love in return. The great secret of true success of true happiness is this Who asks for no return. The perfectly unselfish person is the most successful ask for nothing, one, nothing, The term give what you have to give it will come. To you, but I do not think of that now it will come back, not applied a thousand four, but the attention must not beyond that. cultivate the power to give.
Given their it ends, learn. At the whole of life is giving nature will force you to give so give willingly. Sooner or later, you will have to give up what you accumulate with clenched hands. Want to take, but nature puts a hand on your throat and makes your hands open. Whether you will it or not, you have to give. the moment you say I will not the blow comes. You are hurt. When is here, but will be compelled in the long run, to give up everything. The more one struggles against this law the more miserable one feels it is because we dare not give because we resigned enough to see this green demand of nature.
We are miserable, the forest is gone, but we get heat in return. son is taking up water from the ocean to return it in showers. You are a machine for taking and giving you take in order to give ask me, for nothing in return, but the more Who gives a more will come to you, the quicker you can de the air out of this room, the quicker it will be filled up by external air in a few clothes all the doors and every aperture. That which is within will remain, but that which is outside we'll never come in and that which, within will stagnate, degenerate, become poisoned, river is continually empting itself into the ocean is continually filling up again.
Bar, not the exit into the ocean moment. You do that death seizing. Be therefore not a beggar beyond attached do not. Calculate the dangers on your path, even I intellectually recognising the difficulties. we really do not know them until we feel them from a dish since we may get a general view of the park. Well, one of that. We feel and really know it when we are in it, even if our Every attempt is a failure bleed and are torn asunder. through. All of this we have to preserve. Our heart must decide. are eternal spark in the midst of all these difficulties. Nature wants us to react, return blow for blow. Cheating for cheating lie for lie,
if it back without alarm, might then it requires super divine power not to hit back to keep control to be unattached. I know the difficulties Tremendously are and ninety percent of us become discouraged and lose heart in an hour Often become pessimists in cease to believe, sincerity, love, all that is green and noble, so we People who, in the freshness of their lives, had been forgiving times simple in guileless, become old age lying masks of their former selves we may be cut into pieces torn asunder. Our hearts must grow nobler nobler all the time it is very different. But we can overcome the difficulty by constant practice. We must
know that nothing can happen to us unless we make ourselves susceptible we get only that for which we are fitted. Let us give up our prime And understand: never is our misery undeserved there now has been a blow undeserved. There never has an evil for which we did not pave the way with our own hands. We all know that from our childhood. We are all the time trying to lay the blame upon something outside ourselves. We are standing up to set right? Other people not ourselves, if we are miserable, we say, oh, the world is a devils world, but should we be in such a world if we really are so good? If this is it, those world must be devils also. Why should we be here where we
say, oh the people of the world are so selfish, true enough, but why should we be found in their company. We be better just think of that we only get what we deserve It is a lie when we say the world is bad and we are good can never be so, the terrible lie we tell ourselves. This is the first lesson to learn, be determined not to curse. Anything. Outside, not to lead blame upon anyone outside but be strong stand. lay the blame on yourself We'll find out is always true get a hold of yourself in perfect. The means the end will take care of itself. for the world can be good impure leave.
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