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The Greatest Thing in the World | Our Sunday Talks

2023-02-19 | 🔗

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Today's episode was edited and adapted from Love’s Way by Orison Swett Marden, published in 1918.

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inspirational, living pancakes, greystock was agitated and adapted from love is away. I orison sweat. Marty abolish the nineteen eighteen. In an address over the grave of a little child robber g, Ingersoll, said rather live in love, were death. Is king and heavy eternal I've where love is not another, life is of little were unless we know will love the ones who love us here. The most beautiful thing on this or that which every human being craves most is love. Mere suggestion of life without it is unthinkable for life is love. We love is not. there is no life there,
his only semblance, sorry situation in life, one where most was, will need them to new play. The coward. He's, the feeling that nobody cares. What becomes of us whether we win or lose in the great game of life. As long as there is someone who care The modem is not all gone, no matter how desperate or hopeless our outlook, the feeling that somebody cares That someone would miss us, there is somebody who believes in a wife, a mother child, a friend, even an animal, enables us to drug along, to feel that we are absolutely alone friendless and nobody cares whether we yo up or down in the world win or lose
Whether we live or die is tragic. Under such conditions, it requires stern staff to try still the new ones based If it be that there is any human being so forlorn, we must have shut love out of their heart. They have given up trying to love order, be love. They must have stifled. The love instinct in. In my view, the creator in every living creature- something has twisted their nature, for god made us for love. Love then be love sometime. No, I had a letter from a man who said he and southward on love.
I never wanted to hear the word again or to see it in print in his reading. He avoided the subject of love. If he came across anything about it, he would skip it. He vowed. He would never have anything more to do with love. He was done with it forever. He did not say what had caused this revulsion against love. Perhaps he had been killed in my sancho tat. Perhaps he had been deceived or be train, my one key. I trust it has a friend or whatever the cause. I cannot help feeling sorry for the man he was trying to crush out of his heart. The thing that leaves us nearest to god that makes us divine one thing that makes life worth living.
A great many people are disappointed because they have so little lemon their lives. I have heard one woman sailors sheet, not believe that there is any such thing is real on the selfish love she found what she thought was love in some of our, so called friends was only self interest for when she was unfortunate and was not able to pay what she owed them, they turned against her. In other words, This woman believe that people love solely in proportion to what me think we have for them without knowing it her own mental added to her distrust of other He was driving, love and sympathy away from her. in a general way. We get back is much love. Is we give?
things we arouse in others. The sentiments emotions their passions, we excite, Our good indicators of our own, this position, our own character, if we arouse suspicion, is trust jealousy and envy. These qualities must exist to some extent now ourselves good tracks light we call out of others about which corresponds to our mental attitude toward them. Our treatment of their many people who are starving for love, whose greatest disappointment is that their love instinct is not satisfied make it impossible for love and burn in their hearts, because there is so little there. That goes with love a heart full of bitterness of envy and jealousy of greed of cold
selfishness, relieving ambition for a place, fain power There's no dwelling place for love, love good, not dwell in such an atmosphere. It will mean chilled. The death most of us by our own wrong mental added to drive away the very things we longed for and struggle to attain, we normally be longs for love, and yet how many are constantly driving you from them by their mental attitude in there lovely way. True, love is never exacting or for finding. You cannot be unkind or querulous, want to be loved. You must stop barking at the man and others and look for the good,
will always find why you look for love elizabeth golden key with which all hearts are open. It is the magic nor through which we must pass through the hearts of our fellow citizens. Even the best service, without love, lax, which makes it the why we want to flood our lives with sunday. I'm in love. We must real women and men and me real men and women. There are some things besides getting no living, which we must do whatever our vocation, we must make a business of humanity. There are many lives of this great business which we can pursue as sidelines with our vocations, such as the cheering up lie. The encouraging lie lender.
line. It will cost us nothing. New scatter are flowers as we go along and we shall were go over just the same road again. No matter, how limited our means he can give us a smile and a word of cheer to those who ministered wire comforts who help us in our daily work kind words, a smile, a bit of encouragement ordering the spring ne seen by little things of no account many of us. Yet they may be worth everything that some lonely orders, scurrying soul, starving for sympathy and encouragement. Men being says, ruskin owe a debt of love to one another.
because there is no other method of paying the date of loving care which all of us older providence, in other words, the habit of passing along the good things, and I come to us giving our words of good cheer, giving the glad hand the glad heart saying the helpful word is a service to the god who sent us here, as well as to our neighbours.
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