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The Ideal Made Real | Transformational Mindset

2022-06-23 | 🔗

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Due to temporary laryngitis brought on by Covid 19, today's episode is the rebroadcast of a reading from 2016. I should be able to resume new readings next week.

Listen to episode 691 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Ideal Made Real | Transformational Mindset. Edited and Adapted from The Ideal Made Real by Christian D. Larson.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: To have ideals is not only simple but natural. It is just as natural for the mind to enter the ideal as it is to live. In fact, the ideal is an inseparable part of life; but to make the ideal real in every part of life is a problem, the solution of which appears to be anything but simple. To dream of the fair, the high, the beautiful, the perfect, the sublime, that everyone can do; but everyone has not learned how to make their dreams come true, nor realize in the practical world what they have discerned in the transcendental world.

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Trademark woke up to the inspirational living podcast virtue in part by book of then rigorous inspirational fashion and gift ideas them online. A book of Zenda today's broadcasters edit it an adapted from deal made real by christian de Larsson, published in nineteen o nine to have ideals is not only simple, but now it is just as natural for the mind to enter the ideal as it is to live in fact,
The ideal is an inseparable part of life, but to make ideal real in every part of life, is a problem, the solution of which appears to be anything but simple. To dream of the fair, the high, the beautiful the perfect, the sublime. Not everyone can do, but everyone has not learned how to make their dreams come true. Nor realise in the practical world would they have discerned in the transcendental world, the greatest philosophers and thinkers in history with but few exception We have failed to apply their lofty ideas to practical living, not because they did not wish to, but because they had not discovered the scientific relations.
Existing between the ideal world in the real world to understand the scientific relations. That exists between the real. In the ideal, the mine must have both the power of interior site and the power of scientific analysis As well as the power of practical application, but we do not, as a rule, the profit and the scientists in the same mine, the person who has visions and the person who can do things- do not usually dwell in the same personality. Nevertheless, this is necessary and every person can develop both the profit and the scientists in themselves. They can develop the power to see that
deal and also the power to make the ideal real large mine, the broad mine, the deep mind, the lofty mind properly development. I can see both outer and inner side of things. Such a mine can see the ideal on high and, at the same time understand how to make real, tangible and practical what they have seen this The gulf between the ideal in the real between the soul, Vision and the power of practical action is being bridged in thousands of mines. Today- and it is these. who were gaining the power to make themselves in there. World, as beautiful as the visions of the profit, but
the ideal lie in the world beautiful or not. For the few, only everybody should learn how to find that path leads from the imperfections. Prison conditions to the world of ideal conditions, the world of which we all so frequently dreamed. The problem is what beginners are to do with the beautiful thought: send the tempting promises that are being scattered so widely at the present time. The average person feels that the idealism of modern metaphysics has substantial basis he'll, intuitively, that it is true and they discern through the perceptions of there soul, that all these things that are claimed for applied metaphysics are possible.
Inwardly know that whatever the idealist declares can be done will be done, but the problem is how the demand for a simple methods is one of the greatest demands. It in time methods that everyone can learn and will enable any aspiring soul to begin to at once to realise their ideals, such methods, however, are usually formulated and are based upon eternal laws. They are as simple as the multiplication tables and will deuce results with the same unerring. Precision any person the reasonable. A man of intelligence can apply them and those who An abundance of perseverance can, through these methods, make real practice
we all the ideals that they may have at the present time. Those or more highly developed will find in these methods the secret through which their attainments and achievements will constant. Verge on the borderline of the marvelous, in fact, when the sum law that unites the ideal in the real is understood and apply it matters not how off the our minds and our visions. Maybe we can make them all come true to precede the principal obstacle must first be removed and this obstacle the tendency to lose faith whenever we fail to make real the ideal into our pre arranged plans. This tendency is to some degree in nearly every mine that is working for greater things and it postponed
the day realisation whenever it is permitted to exercise its power of retrogression? Many a person has fallen into a chronic despondency after having had a glimpse of the ideal, because it was so very beautiful, so very desirable and yet seemingly so far away in so impossible to reach. But here is the place where we must exercise extraordinary faith. We must never recognise the gulf that seems to exist between our present state and the state we desire to reach. He must continue the conviction that the gulf is only seeming and that we positively shall reach the ideal. It appears in the splendors of what seems to be a distant future, but what actually
he's very near at hand. Those who have more faith, And more determination do not, as a rule, dan when they meet this seeming gulf inwardly know that every ideal will some time be realised. It could not be otherwise, because what we see in the distance This is invariably something that lies in the pathway of our own eternal progress and if we continue to move forward you must inevitably reach it. but even to nose of strong faith and determination. Ideal does at times appear to be very far away, and then I'm awaiting seems very long there, frequently on the verge of giving up and
Here's arise at intervals due to the many unpleasant experiences that may occur before the great day realisation is gained. However, we cannot afford to dwell on such fears. We must remember that fear and despondency, invariably written hard, our progress, under what our object, in view may be. In that discouraged,. is very liable to cause a break in the engine. That is to take our train Your city, we so long, have desired reach time of waiting may seem long during those moments that come when the mind is down, but so long Long as the mind is on the heights, the waiting time disappears and the pleasure of pursue comes to take its place.
In this connection, we should remember that the more frequently we permit the mind to fall down interferes in doubts. The longer we shall have to wait for the real nation of the ideal. and the more we live in the upper story of life. The sooner we shall reach Goal in view, there are many who give up temporarily all efforts towards reaching their ideals, thinking it is in possible and nothing is gained by trying. But such we should realise that they are simply making their future progress more difficult by retarding their present progress. Such my should realise the great fact that every I deal can be made real, because nothing is impossible to reach any desired. Gold, the doing of certain things is necessary, but if those thing
so not done now. They will have to be done later. Besides, when we give up the present we Always make the obstacles in our way much greater than they were before. Those things that are necessary to promote our progress become more did got to do the longer. We remain in what might be termed the giving up attitude and the rest and wise found in the fact that the mine that gives up become smaller and smaller, it loses ability, capacity in power and becomes less and less competent to cope with the problems at hand, Whenever we give up, we invariably fall down into a smaller mental state, only ceased to move forward. We begin to move backwards. We read Our progression only when we seek to promote progression.
On the other hand, so long as we continue to pursue the ideal, we assume. in the larger and larger mental states and thus increase europe. Our to make real the ideals that are before us, the belief that it is impossible to me greeley ideal has no foundation whenever in truth, simply an illusion, produced by fear and has no place in the exact science of life. When you discern in ideal, you discover some that lies in your own onward path, move forward in, you simply cannot fail to reach it. But when you are to reach the coveted goal, depend support how rapidly you are moving now, knowing this in knowing that fear doubt, discouragement and indifference invariably retard this forward movement we shall,
find it most profitable to remove those mental states. Absolutely the true attitude is the attitude of positive conviction that is to live in the strong conviction that whenever we see before us ideal will positively be realised sooner or later We only move forward and we can make it sooner if we will move forward steadily. Surely and rapidly during every movement of the great eternal now to move forwards, billy during the great eternal now, to realize now as much of the ideal is we cared to appropriate now, no waiting therefore is necessary to begin. move forward is to begin to make real the ideal.
And we will realise in the now as much of the ideal, as is necessary to make the now full and complete. To move forward steadily during the great eternal now is to eat We become more than you are and to become more than you are, is to make here of more and more like your ideal, that is the great secret, because the Simple is that you will realize your ideal when you becoming exactly like your ideal that you will realise as much of your ideal now as you developing yourself now,. The majority, however, feel that they can never become as per it is their ideal. Others, however, thing
did they can in that they will some time, but that it will require ages, and they dwell constantly upon. unpleasant believes that they may, in the meantime, have to pass through years and years of ordinary in undesirable experience, but they are mistaken and, besides are retarding. Our own progress every moment by entertaining such thoughts all the time and all the energy that is wasted in longing and longing year, in yearning were employed in scientific, practical self development. The average per and would in a short time become as perfect, is their ideal. They would thus realise their ideal because we attract from low without a corresponds exactly to what is active in our own.
thin leumi attain the ideal in the beautiful in our own natures. We shall meet the ideal in the beautiful, wherever we may go in the world, and we will find the same things in the real that we dreamed of in the ideal when we see an ideal. We usually begin to long for it and hope that something remarkable may happen so as to bring it into our possession, and we thus continued along in yearn and way with periods of despondency intervening. We simply use time and energy to no avail. When we see an ideal, the proper course to pursue is too it wants to develop that ideal. In our own nature, we should never stop to wait and see there. It is coming true or not, and we should never stop to figure out how much
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