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2023-03-09 | 🔗

Listen to episode 777 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Power & Joy of Living in the Now. Edited an adapted The Joys of Living by Orison Swett Marden.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: The reason why our lives can, at times, feel disappointing and ineffective, is because we do not really live in the day. We do not concentrate our energy, our ambition, our attention, our enthusiasm, upon the day we are living.

Resolve to enjoy yourself today. Enjoy today, and do not let the shadows of tomorrow, the forebodings, and the things you dread, rob you of what is yours today — your inalienable right to be happy today.


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Mrs reding was attitude and it has been from the joys of living by orisons went martin, obliged in nineteen thirteen. The reason why our lives can at times feel disappointing aim. In effect, it is because we not really live in the day. We do not concentrate our efforts. G and our ambition, our attention, enthusiasm, upon the day. We are living, result to enjoy yourself today. wait today and do not let my shadows of tomorrow live for moanings things you dread rob. Well, what is yours today You in kneeling in a mall right to me, happy today,
I have a little heart to heart, talk with yourself every morning and say it now no matter what comes or what goes today, one hat In other words, no sooner happen there is thing of which I am sure that is I am going to get the most possible out of the day, I am I'm going to allow anything neuron meal, my happiness. I do I care. Work comes shall not allow any annoyance any happening, any circumstance which may cross my path, to rob me of my peace of mind. I will not be unhappy, no matter what occurs I'm going to enjoy the day to its full live lindy completely these days, neil complete day in my life,
should not allow the enemies of my happiness tomorrow. No misfortune in the past which has happened to me in days gone by, which has been this agreeable or tragic no enemies of my happiness shall be In my spirits sacred enclosure today only happy thoughts, joy thoughts. Friends of my peace, come for happiness and success, Oh fine, entertainment in my soul is day. None of my enemy shall gain admittance to scrawl their autographs. On the walls of my mind, There should be no one mittens today, except to the friends of my best moods I will tear down the black dark pictures and hang pictures the joy and gladness.
The things that will encourage cheer ending greece, my power, everything? then it is ever handicap my life which has made me uncomfortable and unhappy shall be expelled, at least for this. So when I comes, I can say, have live today. a clean new up start likeness every morning. Very, quickly, revolutionise ones out, look upon life and increase ones, power tremendously, just a question of mastering the brain forming new thought tracks in the soft brain tissue, making up for a new happiness habit. Why should you make we're self miserable lie living in the past my way upon your past. Mistakes
granting your failure to seize the opportunities which you think would have made you rich. we're blaming yourself for things that have injured you, I have never known a person to accomplish anything worth while was always lashing themselves criticising their past, lamenting blunders mistakes things that have already happened, require every bit of energy. You can muster to make your life a success anyway, and you, sir, We cannot focus you're mine on the present with that Vigour manner accomplishes things when you are thinking or living in the past, every bit of force, which you exerted upon the things which you cannot change is all rolling away
But you have so much less to make your future success in so compensate for your own unfortunate mistakes, every particle of forest spending regret, is worse than a wasted in does not matter how unfortunate, nor how black the past has been shooting can be out lived. Hold down those black threatening the deplorable choosing the mind. They only those scurried incapacity you from doing good work in the present draft. from memory, the unfortunate errors own judgment or the unhappy experience is no more How much leo humiliated or handicapped you boy your blunders out of mine and results.
to do better in the future. Nothing is more foolish nothing more wicked men drank lose skeletons of low pass, the hideous images, though foolish deeds neon fortune and experiences. Obviously, in today's world to marine spoil it. There are plenty of people who have been. Failure is up to the present who could do wonders in the future if they only could forget the past, if only they have the ability to cut it off her clothes. the door on it forever, start anew. However, unfortunate your past has been forget it throws a shadow upon no present. Workers his melancholy order. Despondency lyrism
thing any which helps you. There isn't a single reason why you should retain it in your memory in iraq a thousand reasons why you should worry it so deeply than I never can be resurrected. One of the silliest smoke the main tasks, any person is ever guilty of undertaking. Is that we're trying to modify to change the unchangeable. There is a strange, propensity any human nature to locate all the good things of life in a life that is yet to come to us. but we are immortal now we are Now we are gone nature if we would only claim these things is ours now, trying to acquire them in the future. should grow by leaps and bounds happiness.
It is something we must take as we go along Were we lose? It The children of Israel were passing through the desert they were fed with minor fresh every day. Some other people do not have faith in it to trust the lord no feed them every day in seoul You try new store up some of this money for future use spoil this. the israelites lessen our faith. They could not. He the one for the future may and trust the great giver of all good. They hand have faith they. He would them every day. Our happiness is this minor. He must gather reader knew every day. We live where we see people who were trying to live my story
what was intended for their daily happiness? Asthma, for the future, they are so proud the fine that it as oil evaporated would not keep that should have been used as they went along for we must use happiness when fresh light, fresh, pluck flowers, There are a great many things. Such is good impulses which are good for today, but now for tomorrow, how many people delay the kindness, the expressions of law, until a person is dead beyond their reach and then try to attend for a neglected pass. My flowers in terrorism funeral today is a good day to save a kind word that spring. Do your lips to obey
the generous impulse that stirs your heart, those people aren't. You were mine in whom you promise. Yours Hopefully, you will help some time need you were held now you can give it more readily. Now then any other time. What makes you think you were going to do wonderful things tomorrow when today seem so commonplace, so void of opportunity. What reason have you to believe that you are going to be ideally happy and harmonious, unselfish and helpful at some? definite time in the future when today. You are irritable and selfish. Charitable and unhappy. Why do you feel you were going to be so generous tomorrow when you are so dingy and narrow. Today, why
Let you are sometime known to pick up the money things lying about your house we're going to make up a boxer, castoff, clothing books, other things that you can spare just as well, not some men next week or next month to those who really need them. you have not done in the past Why delude yourself into thinking that you will do it in the future? How many people, not through stinginess but from sheer thoughtless sin ignorance of the needs of others things away in a cellar or attic. Let my help open the way to a great future for some poor girl or boy go up to your attic today. Look in your truck, sorry about your house how many things are lying around, but you can
We dispense with are really in your way that would bring. A measure of comfort and happiness to others. Less fortunate than yourself Over european clothing and pick out articles night, you'll, never wear again, but which would prove real gonna. Send someone in need: don't keep those things until they become useless thinking. You may need them some time then do good now, where my long today they, sir your return, them mean messengers of good cheer so you're learning, thoughtfulness of others do not be selfish, at least with the things. May you can spare noon heard them, thinking that you may want them later, you can make an inn,
currently greater investment in your character in satisfaction and happy by giving them away. Where am I keeping them in anticipation of some future contingency that will never arise. such giving will soften your heart, open a little wider, the door of your generosity, for the habit of stinginess strangled happiness. I giving multiplies it. No one is so poor that they cannot something to enrich another. Every day of their life. Give Give now today help you self to grow larger, broader, happy. a more useful to humanity as the years go by many? A person
the firs their happiness until they get rich, then we are surprised I that their money is spoil that they should have eaten it when it first was given deferred happiness and the differ good deed. Do not keep Everyone should start out with a tacit understanding with themselves that, whatever comes to them word come now whether they are successful, in particular,. Undertaking or unsuccessful name, at least be happy as they go along They will not allow anything. The problem of the enjoyment which all come do everyone each day you should is all night. You will not allow any little accident were incident or any conditions. However, try to win
Rub the natural flow of your sense of well being comfort and happiness. Remember that yesterday use dead tomorrow is not yet born. Each time that belongs to you is were passing moment. One man like in sixteen minutes in the hour to flowers, about lou for only sixty seconds and then die if we are to get good now belongs to us here and now we must extracted sweetness of each Seeing many while it is ours is the real larder living in today.
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