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The Power of Deciding | Time to Choose

2022-09-29 | 🔗

Listen to episode 720 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Power of Deciding | Time to Choose. Edited and adapted from The First Step in Mastery by W. Frederic Keeler.

Inspirational Podcast Transcript: The first step in mastery involves a re-education. You are to enter into a new realm of living. You are to think in new channels. You are to exercise a new mode of mental motion. You are to use the fourth dimension of thought. Be prepared for the new, and for the different. Be therefore a beginner, and have the power of newness and the freshness of a beginner.

An open mind is a prerequisite to progress. You certainly must realize that you are now thinking about fifty per cent disadvantageously by old methods. You often do not get where you wish with your thinking. By the use of ordinary and partly outgrown thinking methods, you are not always actualizing power and vigor. You are not sufficiently vitalizing your thoughts....


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we inspirational living part curse. Today's reading was cited and adapted from the first step and mastery. I w frederick killer published in eighteen. Twenty one. The first step in mastery involves a reeducation You are to enter into a new realm of living. You are to think and new channels. You are to exercise a new mode of mental motion. You are used. The fourth dimension of thought be prepared for the new and for the different, be there for a beginner and have the power of newness of freshness of a beginner. Nope in mind is a prerequisite to progress. You certainly must realise that you are now thinking about. Fifty percent is seven
dangerously by all methods. You often do not were you wish, with your thinking by the user. ordinary and partly out grown thinking methods. You are not always actual lies in power and vigour. You and us fischer via lies in your thoughts, but there is a mental level of intensification of power and vitality. Tally Jews, Perfectly easy to bring in new application and lies in directing your thought current long, simple, definite and purposeful lines Only three things, ordinarily prevent the application of this fourth dimensional power of thought. These include system an erroneous ideas which say that
order to think think efficiently. Masterfully one will see their exercise. A mysterious mental gift or a high spiritual function. there is no mystery about masterful thinking in the realm of thought. Forcing things is impossible. There is always arrive way best way to do a thing. The best way is always power, finer efficient, and it is always the easiest way. We are all born with the unerring give them this spirit. We are not conscious of this gift, saturday and our best effort will bring it out. Another difficulty years of perverse tenacity to hold the methods which are habitual and to do things as other people do them m b. Cuz others do them. We are inclined not to give fair up or
Turning to a method which is unusual or new, when our experience and arable thinking methods are still on usual to most people, because most people are themselves merely usual, nay, in spite of them selves leave in the usual nests of life, they are just ordinary people. as they are, can tell with the common place. One cannot be an ordinary person and handling Jordan area ability is at the same time, be therefore contain to do at least a little thinking each day. I methods which precludes the ordinary. He will do this, you will
Six c remember that it is in our business itself. There brings business success right business methods, and it is not merely thinking that bring success in life right thinking, person who runs in circles gets no where it makes differing sale rapidly, they run, nor how horrid may work at it. Beginning you re education, you eliminating many of the things associated with thinking. Our thinking is not dependent on on a formal education or world knowledge.
knowledge of mathematics is three or geography will not necessarily help you in it. It is a thing of wisdom and one can be wise, though one edge occasion, while the so called educated person, is not necessarily wise. I am neither denying the value of education nor affirming its necessity it it's just no part of our thinking reason also, which is not part of it. You can reason yourself out of power as well as into it and the less you reason about power thinking until after you have accomplished it. The more success for you
we'll be. You must learn that there are many forms of intelligence and lamp. Masterful of thinking has its own define province. It is the exercise of thought toward the direct end of changing in improving the conditions of life. Masterful thinking is simple: it includes nothing, no hurry or of worry you. Nothing to defend? You may know the man's. It is not a matter either of affirmation or denial. Principle of mastery needs. No support from you. You are simply to accept its support, be still known than ever Buddy can thing masterfully, including you, and now you have it now, because few except it first thing to master, is choice
must learn to choose simply indirectly to love design. Spiralling is to choose to chew, simply and purposefully is to be master for security. his singleness and purity is power. There is no confusion, this harmony or murkiness, and the singleness decide what you want and choose. It choose one thing at a time and choose as often as you like, but be simple about it all scale and the use of choice reduces itself largely to directness, it makes direct and immediate use of its opportunity, and the opportunity is now consciousness is at hand.
The thing desired immediately and directly. Now you might be asking yourself out of merely choosing a thing or an ability bring it to me. Ours is not a question. But to choose. We may never get an answer to the how question we can easily experience the fact that what we choose, we will have an won't. We choose to be, we will be come. Why do we exercise choice directly and purposefully all nature scene and unseen and aspires to follow
oh bay and raw pay, simple choice. The how worthy actual activities that will produce the result of our choice ever rests with universal intelligence. It is given us simply to choose. If we shall choose, we shall have choices those starting lever of the machinery of fate. If you are making hard work of your life, speakers suddenly or otherwise. You choose to do so to rise above the veil of doubt in new straight forward choice. You still come under freedom. The wise person is content to choose and really see. That is the secret of our darwin goblins. First love life, no love selection,
and the law of selection is the law of choice to aspiring to choose to be. We love, we hate we select this sending, nor that some things we see and hear something. We neither see nor here it is all choice. When you think quote, I choose you think ass to and do desire day when you think merely about things. You often do not really think got all your mind is empty and moves like an idling engine. no matter how deeply insincerely you deliberate you I now thinking you may be playing. Yes, you me me playing hard
You are only playing at thinking less you choose a desired and an fulfilment. Every one can choose all people having. It is co existence with life, the essentials of lies and assess it is being stated as health, welfare and love. King, this view, if you wish health wealth and love mentally and silently say I choose health, I choose wealth, I choose love, I too self confidence be childlike and powerful enough. In the doing of is not a reason about. It goes wrong,
Very your task is not a reason to choose, reason should be classified and exercise elsewhere and other wise fundamental exercise on the path of mastery. His choice. Remember that bring your mind back to simple, indirect choice as often as possible and whenever possible, heed this practice before you. When thinking do not judge yourself or others do not condemn. Do now worry choose what you want instead of worrying about what you do not want choose that which you wish or better choose that which you know late, you should constructively have that which
is best for you. According to your hiring judgment, is simple. A practice of choice will change any life radically unknown mentally constructively. Its results are quick, sir, and ensure do not await set times or places chooses constantly and as often as possible do. This is a definite practice as a real work and you will be exercising powerful dynamic. Forceful thinking the whole universe, seen an unseen inspires to serve you. You are the master you have, but to choose, will you do it or merely think about it? It never know its value. After all, you
given lose power of choice for no positive reason. Mine was not made me mark and god never make some- I stay. You are the master of your life, a captain of your destiny, no which, although wizard of your faith in it for you to the journey of a thousand miles again with a single step and is completely one step, but a tie. Choice is decision and exercise of the way It is the first positive step in real life.
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