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The Requirements for Personal Evolution | Krishnamurti

2023-06-11 | 🔗

Listen to a sample episode of Our Sunday Talks, edited and adapted from At the Feet of the Master by Jiddu Krishnamurti, published in 1911. .

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Our Sunday Talks Excerpt:In all the world, there are only two kinds of people — those who know, and those who do not know; and this knowledge is the thing which matters. What religion a person holds, to what race you belong — these things are not important. The really important thing is this knowledge — the knowledge of God's plan for us. For God has a plan, and that plan is evolution.

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The under our sunday talks an exclusive series for the patrons of the inspirational living podcast. Today's talk was ended and adapted from at the feet of the master by general krishna murky, published in eighteen. Eleven. In all the world, there are only two kinds of people- those who now those who do not know in this knowledge is the thing which matters: what blue and the person hold to what race. You belong,
These things are not important. The really important thing is this knowledge. The knowledge of god's plan for us, for god, has apply. and the plan is evolution once you have seen the truth of this and really know it, you cannot help working for it and making yourself one with it, because it is so good.
Where is so beautiful and because you know it, you are wrong side standing for good and resisting evil working for evolution and not for selfishness. There are six point serve conduct which are especially required for those who are dedicated to the evolution of themselves and others, one self control as to the mind to self control and action. Three tolerance for cheerfulness Five one point: it is six confidence. Let us begin with number one self control as to the mind this means, this control of temper, so that you
They feel no anger or impatience, cringe all of the mind itself, so let the thought may always com in unruffled, and through the mind of the nerves, so they may be as little irritable as possible. This last part is difficult because when you try to prepare yourself for the path of evolution, You cannot help making your body more sensitive so that its nerve, was are easily disturbed by a sound or a shock and will feel any pressure acutely. But you must do your best. The coal mine means also courage so that you may face without fear the trials and difficulties of the past. It means also
steadiness so that you may make light of the troubles which come in everyone's life and avoid the end. certain worrying over the little things upon which many people spend most of their time it not matter in the least what happens to you from the outside sorrows trouble sicknesses losses. These must be as nothing to you and must now be allowed to affect the calmness of your mind. They are the result of past actions and when they come, you must bear them cheerfully Remembering that all evil is transitory and Your duty is to remain always joyous and serene. They belong to your past life. Not to this one. You cannot alter them, so it is useless to trouble about them.
Think, rather of what you are doing now, which will the events of your future for that you can alter. Never allow yourself to feel sad or depressed. Depression is wrong because it infects others and makes their lot is harder which you have no right to do. Therefore, if it ever comes, you throw it off at once. There is yet another way in which you must control. Your thought must not let it wander whatever you're doing fix your thought upon it that it may be perfect We don t do not let your mind be idle, but keep good thoughts, always in the background of it ready
to come forward at the moment, it is free use. Your thought power every day for a good purposes, deal force in the direction of evolution. Think each day of someone whom you know to be in sorrow or suffering, re need of hell and pour out loving thought upon them, Hold back your mind from pride for pride comes only from ignorance. The person who does not now thinks that they are great, that they have done this or that great thing. The wise person knows great work is done through the help of god alone. Number two self control inaction, if you're so hurries what it should b. You will have little trouble with your action.
yeah. Remember that to be useful to humankind, thought must result in action. There must be no laziness but constant. Activity Yang good work, but it must be. your own duty that you do not someone else's unless it is with there michelin by way of helping them leave every the thing to do their own work in their own way. Bialy ready to offer help where it is needed, but never interfere for many people the most difficult thing in the world to learn is to mine their own business. That is exact we want. You must do because you are trying do take up higher work. You must not, for you're, ordinary duties from until You down, you are now free for other service,
were to be on the path of revolution. You must do ordinary work better than others not worse, because you are travelling higher ground number. Three tolerance. You must feel perfect tolerance for people and a hearty interest in the beliefs of those another religion, just as much as your own. for their religion is also a path to the highest. Just is yours is and help all you must understand all but in order to gain this perfect tolerance, you must yourself, first be free from bigotry and superstition. You must learn that no ceremonies are necessary else. You will thank yourself. somehow better than those who do not perform them. Yet you must not.
In them, others who still cling to ceremonies, let them do as they will as long as they do not interfere with your beliefs in trying to force upon, new there, which you have grown, make allowance for everything be kindly towards everyone. Now that your eyes are open, some of we're all believe. Your role, ceremonies. may seem to you absurd, perhaps indeed, they really are so But even though you can no longer take part in them respect them for the sake of those good, those to whom they are still important. They have their place they have their use. They are like those double lines which guided ass. A child rights trade and evenly until
learn to write, far better and more freely without them, there was, the time when you need them, but now the time has passed. A great teacher once wrote when I was a child, I speak as a child. I understood as a child. I thought as a child, but when I became an adult I put away childish things. However, The person who has forgotten their childhood in law, sympathy with the children is not the one who can teach them more help them so look kind. Lee gently tolerantly upon all on all alike, Buddhist were hindu Jeanne overdue crew. She wore muslim number four cheerfulness. You must bear your car, my cheerfully, whatever it.
Maybe taking it as an honour that suffering comes to you, because it shows that. The lords of karma think you were helping. However, hard. It is to be thankful that it is no worse. Remember that you are never completely free until your bag karma is worked out. I dedicating yourself to the path of spiritual evolution. You have now you're karma may be hurried along, but in order for this to happen, you must bear the hard times cheerfully gladly. You must also give up. All feeling of possession karma may take from you. The things which you like best. Even the people whom you love the most, even then you must be cheerful, ready to part with anything and everything offering
needs to pour out his strength to those who are serving the higher good, and he cannot do that. These sermons yield to depression. So cheerfulness must be the rule number five one point in this: you must give all you attention to each piece of work. Is you do it so that it Maybe you're very best, as the scripture says whatsoever thy hand find it to do. Do it with all thy might one pointed in his means: do nothing shall overturn you? for a moment from the path upon which you have entered. No TIM tim, actions nor worldly pleasures no worldly affections evening. Mister Draw you aside, for you yourself, must become one with the path. It must be.
image. Much part of your nature, you following without needing to think of it and cannot turn it aside. You were a child of god. I decided it a break away from. You would be to break away from yourself and, lastly, number six confidence. You must trust the holy spirit within you. You must trust yourself if you have seen the divine you will trusted to the uttermost through many lives and death. If you have not yet seeing the divine. You must I'll, try to realise it interest in it, because if you do not even the holy spirit, can I help you unless there is perfect trust, there cannot be the perfect flow of love and power. You must
trust yourself. You say you know yourself too well to do so. If you feel that way, you do not know yourself You know only the weak outer husk, which has fallen often into the mire, but you The real you is a spark of god zone, fire and guy who is almighty jane you, and because of that there is nothing that you cannot do. If you will it to be.
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