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The Secret of Achieving True Greatness

2023-09-17 | 🔗

Listen to a sample episode of Our Sunday Talks, edited and adapted from All These Things Added by James Allen, published in 1902.

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Podcast Excerpt: Goodness, simplicity, greatness — these three are one, and this trinity of perfection cannot be separated. All greatness springs from goodness, and all goodness is profoundly simple. Without goodness there is no greatness. Some people pass through the world as destructive forces, like the tornado or the avalanche, but they are not great. They are to greatness as the avalanche is to the mountain.

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Thought was renewed and adapted from all these things added. I james out, abolished in nineteen o to goodness. simplicity greatness. These three are one less trinity of perfection cannot be separated. All great news springs from goodness, oh goodness is profoundly simple. Without good news, there is no greatness some people pass. the world as destructive forces like The tornado were the avalanche they are now great The great news says the avalanches to the mountain, the work of great This is enduring in preserving and
while in their struggle the greatest soul, These are the most gentle greatness is never obtrusive. Word seems. time seeking no recognition, this is why it is not easily perceived unrecognized like mountain need cowards up in its vastness soda, though in its immediate vicinity who receive a shelter and shade, do not see it it sublime. Granger is only the hell knows. We received from the great Individual is not seen my their contemporaries majesty there form is only outlined by its recession in town. This is
We all an enchantment of distance people occupied themselves with the small things their houses, trees, lane Few contemplate the mountain, whose basically you live in fewer, still go to exploring, but in the distance these small things disappear. And then the solitary beauty of the mountain news, percy popularity, noisy grain, staying in shallow, show He's superficiality user rapidly disappear. Hi no enduring mark. Where is great, slowly emerges from the scary and endures forever julie, Rabbi and ramble alike saw now The divine beauty you jesus these.
Only an unlettered carpenter to his acquaintances. Summer was only a blind beggar. This century. reveal a mass homer, the immortal public, too, during the years after a low farmer of stratford and all it is known about it as disappear. The real shakespearian discern all true genius Jimmy personal. It belongs nocturnal won through whom it is manifestly it belongs to all of it is the diffusion of pure true. no light of Heaven is sending on all human come every work of genius. whatsoever to apartment over is a sin lead manifestation of impersonal. True universal and finds a response in every harding
every age in rates. Anything short of this is night. Genius is an hour greatness. the work which defends a religion perishes. It is legion their lines theories, bout immortality fade away in mortal humanity, endures, commentaries upon truth, come the dust. Truth alone, long. then only use crew in our which represents the true, Italy is greater lie which you universally and eternally true True, is that a good little? It is true.
Every immortal work springs from the eternal goodness within the human heart, and it is clothed with the sweet and unaffected simplicity of goodness, the greatest star is like nature artless. It knows no tray. No pose no studied ever, there are no stage trick, see shakespeare and he is the greatest of dramatists, because he is the simplest. The critics, not understanding the wise simplicity of greatness, always condemn low loftiest work. They cannot discriminate between it's childish and merchant, like the true the beautiful. The grain is always childlike. and whose per running lee french in young, the great personal use
always a good person, They are always simple may draw from. Nay, living the inexhaustible fountain? no divine goodness within they inhabit. The heavenly places commune with the vanished great ones live with the envious they are inspired. In brief, the years of having it is either to be great, is to be small, says. Emerson, man is a profound true. Forgetfulness of self is the whole of great needs, as it is the whole of good mason happiness. You know fleeting moment, no self forgetfulness, the smallest soul becomes grey.
Extend that moment indefinitely and there is a great saw, a great life ass. The way your personality, were petty, cravings, vanities and ambitions as a worthless guards. And well in la loving, compassionate self, loose regions of yours, you are no longer small. You are agree cleaning personal far, We don't send in new littleness, practising goodness we send the greatness. he's on some of those small name for a time obscure humility of the great, but it is less swallowed up by There has been no easy. River is lost in a call motion.
Oh mary of ignorance and no pride of learning must disappear. They have no part in the soul of goodness. If you would do, you must be. You must not mistake. Information for knowledge. You must know yourself is pure You must not confuse learning with wisdom. You must see yourself is unknown, filed wisdom. Would you like to write a great book? You must first leave You must draw around you, the MR gorman over manifold experience and learn, in enjoyment and suffering, gladness and sorrow, conquest, tenderfeet land which no book in no teacher, in you. You must learn of life of your soul.
This trend, lonely road. You will write your book and he shall live. It shall be more than a book like your book. First living you name Oh you living your book. Would you like to carbon statue that show captivate the ages retain a picture then shelling nor the EU must acquaint yourself with the divine beauty within you. You must brought him in a door, then invisible beauty As you know, the principles which are the sole form you must perceive them actually symmetry and faultless proportions of light of bee. Universe. Thus, knowing what is he certainly true, you shall car warping, the indians Randal bleed beautiful. Will you
like to write an imperishable poem. You must first leave your home. You must think, and act rhythmically You must find than ever failing source of inspiration, in the loving places of your heart shell immortal lines flowing from you without effort and has the floor. Where is the wording field spontaneously spring? So shall beautiful thought grow up in your heart and so do the hearts of others. Would you like to compose such music. I shall be glad in an the world. You must adjust your soul to the heavenly harmony. You must know that you. My life in the universe is music. You must touch the cords of life.
You must know that music is everywhere and it is at the heart of being men. Shall you here with yours? spiritually ear, the everlasting symphony. Would you like to preach the living word? You must forego yours, so and become the word you No one thing now bear human heart is good, is divine. You must live on. One thing: love you must love all see no evil. in no evil believing no evil Then, though, you speak a little. Your every act shall be a power every word of pre, set by your pure, though yourself, loose d known, appears hidden.
You shall preach down the ages to want. toll multitudes of aspiring soul to the person who chooses goodness sacrificing all is given that which is more than an includes all they become the possessor of the best. Come you with the highest? The company of the great the greatness is flawless, rounded and complete is about then beyond all are it is perfect and goodness in manifestation. Therefore, the greatest souls are always teachers.
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