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2022-08-30 | 🔗

Listen to episode 710 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Timeless Advice on Living | Life Lessons. Edited and adapted from Thoughts on Life by Sarah Ball Kitchen.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Everything has been better said than I can say it. But our manner of saying something may touch some heart to which it has never appealed before. Therefore I offer you the following advice.

1. The force that has placed you here upon earth has meant your life to be of some purpose. See to it that it be not in vain. Find a purpose for your life; some noble aim; some useful goal towards which you are always striving.

2. To those who realize the responsibility of living, it is indeed a solemn thing to have been entrusted with the great gift of life. We only live once. Therefore, ask yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” And don’t forget to keep asking yourself that question, month by month, year by year.


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published in eighteen. Ninety one every thing has been betters then I can say it, but our manner of saying something may touched some hard to which it is never appeal before. Therefore, I offer you the following advice, the force that is placed you hear upon, or as may your life to be of some purpose, see to it that it now in vain find a purpose for your life. Some noble aim, some useful go towards which you are always striving. To those who realise the responsibility of living, it is indeed a solemn thing to have been entrusted with the great gift.
We only live once, therefore ask yourself: what am I I doing with my life. Don't forget to keep asking yourself that question month by month year by year, you are building the structure of your life day by day. You should be making it fair, strong and beautiful, so that it will be a credit to you when at last you have finished it and must account for it to the gray matter stir builder, don't say with folded hands in a world where so much weight to be done. Don't let your life. Be wrecked by adverse circumstances rise above them in show to the world those so blogging site.
You're, a damn, Annabelle soul. Does your past embarrass, you then make your future atone for it. truth, be the keynote of your life saw dwell upon beautiful when the good rather than upon the unsightly and evil strive to make people better for your daily walk among men. Remember that it means march to have beautified life for others. Few came bright and another life. Your own life is not in vain. Every person five their own battles. It is something which cannot be done by proxy. Human destiny is much the same for all of us. We toil and we hope we fear and we love we. We then we smile
when we die. No life is a failure that girl Is pure nobler each day record noble. Life is a gift to all time. Your legacy to the world. The holy plan of love booms best in the darkest night of sorrow and newest blossoms arise and shine. employers with her beauty and fragrance are known to the dazzling daylight of joy. Love sets no bounds of perfection on its object. It has. It is not right
your face. Nor does it look for a return. It has infinite patience, le Loup, pure fires of faith and love burn ever brightly on the hearth of yours, soul. The heaviest way weaken place on our conscience is kindness so striking, never to be unkind. Do any living soul do an act of kindness to someone every day of your life. If possible more than one and too many be ambitious of numbers with your kindness lent, no harsh words far from europe
lips, but rather let kind words add to his joy. No one is so poor that they have nothing to give neglect no opportunity of doing good. The joy of helping others is infinite and no person can deprive you of it. Smile has often dispelled cloud which threaten approaching storm so with whole? Not a word of cheer from your toil, worn brothers and sisters It may mean much to them think to yourself each morning. One can I be friends today. Whose burning can I carry for a little while we were deserves sympathy? Can I offer Smile of acknowledgement. Remember The days are fleeting sooner
we'll be known time left for tenderness, loving, kindness. The time has now been lost. Was spent in doing good and being kind. There is much nobility this in people where we little thought to find it as time off, improves. In view of this fact, let us make it a rule to think not burst of other until we know the worst happiness will not bear being pursued, but often she will turn and seek us when we stop the pursuit envious happiness upon others. You will often find your own coffers overflowing with fate is well, so maybe your constant aim to give happiness rather than the game.
Be busy in this work for your fine busy day, hey usually been happy. One also and remember happiness can always fill the play. You so wealth wealth, thought of happiness, never. Be careful in forming your friendships Is a matter that profoundly influences your whole life and once a friendship is formed, be faithful to them in your thoughts as well as your words, xanax ben Gunn, kiley of a friend It is to be a trader at heart and no true friend be vigilant. Each moment offers you a possibility that may never exist.
You again dwell upon lofty things. Let your soul a custom itself to soaring, thus will it be prepared for its final flight? I ll be the master, not the slave of your passion. Let the sea, not in vain, at the door of your heart, be always opening true Nature has little to conceal. Fine actions are better, then fine words. Therefore, both lofty mindedness in practice and continue to. dr. After a lofty ideal, you will fall far short of it, but the effort will be invigorating. Emily you up Ben onto a better things.
If your garden, blood of endeavour in life be small call, do they do well in its field, will be more abundant The larger field of your neighbor, who is less village, and then you see It's not the value of an hour. A good will. A loving heart and willing hands will surmount almost insurmountable difficulties within a short space of time. Nice period rules I body, rather than body. Thy spirit imitate no person be thy. True self climb, slowly and whispered, perchance, your fall, be great Do you have business to do, let's be about it? Time is fleeting.
and I will be upon you before you know it guard well their house of your soul and suffering in envy hatred and malice tomorrow, the fair beauty of its walls. The bureau flame of your life swam gave line on those who wandering darkness lay, not failure break your heart, nor let success gay. You too excited learn to accept a fee bravely, but success timidly well under defeat will not fail to strengthen you for new endeavours, spy
no word you will ever regret. Having uttered a few, have nothing favourable to say of another. It would be well for you to lock the door of your lips and throw away the key of speech all together. Last night, your powers and talons following the disuse, your life means and demands their fullest activity live up to your conviction, Is there a few brave enough to do it? Don't fret of being unable to make others conform to your own particular view of things? Just do your best and set a good example to those who you would like to influence and don't forget to cultivate cheers
This is a plan that will will repay you for your care and fostering it in the end. Just do the right thing: there is no hope or happiness safety. Your salvation in anything else.
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