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Traveling Your Road to Happiness

2023-03-23 | 🔗

Listen to episode 781 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Traveling Your Road to Happiness. Edited and adapted from Happiness Road by Alice Hegan Rice.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: To each thinking adult come hours of discouragement, depression, and despair. Were it not so, we would never seek to right the wrongs that exist all about us. But it is possible to build our characters, develop our abilities, and discipline our moods, so that we can attain an integrated personality which no change of fortune can permanently affect.


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Alice Hagen, rice, obliged to nineteen forty two. From the no one knows, civilization, Humanity has been following your trail, whose end is ever lost in height stumbling falling and fighting. I'm struggled mowing early on in quest of happiness. Each jenny, creation and raise has sought after it in their own fashion, and each has found it for real seas. Only to lose it again. Egypt mill great tombs, breeds day new enjoy through a turnkey greece. Try to do so. we're happiness in the pursuit of beauty. In truth, india sought to capture it, Milo suppression of all desire. Some philosophers have taught that moderation is secret,
of happiness. Others about giving reign. The pleasures of the senses is the means of achieving it still others have. Declared that it is only through the pleasures of the mine. My happiness is to be found early christians, and happiness, lay minimizing the conditions of this life. In living for the glories of the world, the com, until the renaissance was this hope of low future combined with a low appreciation. Beauty and worthwhile miss so human life. With this very of the new world. People saw happiness in physical activity in resting comfort and safety out of the wilderness, but the puritans made them stay goodness associating happiness and religion of looking upon cheerfulness as shallowness
and upon merrymen, as frivolity, only missing mood prove known to the profits of all that the job, of the lord is irish drink. One man is the true nature of the Happy news. People have lived in nine for We know one thing for certain happiness: is not a mere temporary selfish pleasure that side sending mozilla rates for a moment lies in a state of mind. Also, we know that there is a technique in retaining it Are we devote years to the study of the arts? We gave a little attention. Do the most important of all the arts lad Achieving a happy life there brilliant men and women in the world over well.
attaining greatness in their respective fields. Anyone their secret souls are satisfied. Forty then do solution may have been so busy in personal ambitions at their will, reluctantly, Supream, enjoyable, obligation, o finding happiness, The other hand mirror radium personalities who goes singing their way through life. I'm under the most trying circumstances yet whose voice happiness, helps help symbolises or with whom coming count, tat contact. They have learned, Happy happiness is a by product, the right living in thinking, a result of our spiritual adjustment to circumstances then it must never be regarded as will achieve fame in life and only as a job
and fundamental need of humankind kind, an ordinary circumstances. we start in life being happy Children are happy under a policing. Tropic son rim of freezing blasts of the arctic toy houses on the edge of a volcano or play tag on a battlefield with maturity. comes in knowledge and with knowledge, fear. It is, then, that we must trust no longer denature, consciously control of our lives, a level according to a fixed purpose. At first, Invariably follow falls trails. We want money, fame success and if we get them We frequently find ourselves in bags of idleness selfishness
Unfulfilled ambition, eventually along the rocky gorgeous, sorrow now. Stony path, so temptation, and in the values of disillusionment me real eyes were happy news and peace are only to be founded upon a different role: Each individual must of necessity, approach the problem from their own angle. There, a few brooklyn principles about maybe follow first, is necessary. I still keep in mind than any pursue love happiness, contrary to lose, coming good is doomed to failure, even though the disease in sorrow are all around us. Alfin had these are our normal state. Third happiness is a duty
not only because of its effect upon us, but because of its influence upon others to each thinking a dual come our reserve. Discouragement need in despair. We're not so we will never see to write the wrongs that exist all about us and it is past All new bill, narrow characters, develop our abilities and so clean our moves so that we can obtain an enemy your personality which no change of fortune can permanently effect in his arm, privilege in duty to keep high ideals alive, to cultivate the joy peace, serenity of life in order ass, we reminder, sat in any manner and humanity I says:
individuals and as a nation we strive unceasingly, were establishing preservers same progress, humanitarian civilization. Chaos is inevitable wade retain this ideal is not easy. Each nay is a challenge to our faith. Courage and steadfast purpose must approach, the problem with the much or intelligence and yet with the open, mindedness children, giving our preconceived notions Arrogant, nautilus and substitute humility that is willing, miller, socrates, dick know. Thyself is sound. Today is when it was uttered a before any taking is attempted. It is wise to decide exactly what we see And how will we are equipped to achieve it?
put away all personal pride, arrogant, sanely, egotism dry humbly to see ourselves as we really are, for we must consider whether we are a train mine discipline and handed it to meet the hardships of our journey through life there will be steed hills. The climb, engrave obstacles to overcome our hands must be quick. To minister to the needs of others. Our feed swift to run errands of mercy shoulders strong to bear not only our own burdens, of our weaker brothers and sisters. In order to me, life successfully You must study your own physical needs and then cooperate with the fullest with science to correct unfavourable conditions, for
there's an gunnar bodies in the best possible running water can then examine our minds in taking stock of our mental attributes. Each of us must ask themselves low, following questions Why suffer from a sense of inferiority? If so, perhaps a man is because I can How little dominance I desire or were others, why feel superior to others? then, I may be arrogant and conceited and blind the unique skills of others, my hyper sensitive. I am probably thinking more of myself than others in overly demanding no consideration of I stop growing. Then I become fixed inhabit.
Thought or environment and wilson share the fate of our fossil. What do I fear most of our suffer from some form of phobia, which weakens our initiating the greece's? Our ability and limits are usefulness. why these are searching questions, but it is only when they are honestly faced, but we can even being gained nowhere ourselves. Many people find the world cold, indifferent, an unkind not realizing. That will cause lies directly in themselves were glance will often reveal our own lack of tenderness, compassion and thoughtfulness and others
was of unhappiness, isabel habitable, attaching ignoble motives to others, motives, which we consider ourselves incapable. We give a tackle its word and indifferent glance. Grace was sack. The significance that was never intended more important than the body or the mine in making. an inventory of ourselves is giving a calendar virus spiritual state. The true test is irritable efficiency is whether or not we live up to our full capacity. Whether we are only drifting with the current or using every physical, mental and spiritual quality. We possess to the utmost of our ability. Whenever thing we want most in life is in truth, our religion be fain. Well, how the word goodness?
This law of nature that, when an end has been effectively suggested to the unconscious mind that mine tends to work towards its realization at the very start of our spiritual journey, It is of paramount importance, therefore, to define our goal and then new scar or hampering impediments, may prevent our reaching it one such impediment is all burdens considering the usual is burning as we carry life, is a wonder. We ever survive old sorrows. Regrets then hopes unfulfilled desires, hatreds rebellions all way down our hearts in that in our minds. One of the worst of these burdens is worry.
not the legitimate anxiety that senses danger ahead and sets surrounding. Telling gently to avoid it, but they useless worry over things that cannot be held. There are many other, enzo burdens to note that our inflicted upon in those wheels soon. Our own burdens all too frequently come from self centered news, failure to realise that we do not exist solely to be well and successful, but chiefly to carry out vine plan under whatever circumstances we find ourselves. The woman who said I haven't the courage to be unhappy expressed a true, if so terrible fact, The tendency to make aisles of our loved ones to expect perfection in ourselves or others to brood over the things that have
Lead inevitably to wretchedness. It is necessary to realise that everything is relative in june on circumstances, temperament the human element. We have only a police, our personal problem, beside the momentous issues of life. If I'm a they freak, leave dwindled the trifles whatever is in the nature of our burdens, guard against trying to carry more than we are capable of waiting, largely regulated. My our personality, the stoic self reliant purse. A mere alone that will break loose spirit of a highly sensitive sympathetic, one uneven
The latter can learn no face issues with calmness, to derive satisfaction from discharging obligations and to accept self sacrifice cheerfully. The problem of carrying someone else's burdens is a difficult one. Our compassion compels us to me he's in others load wherever we can. It is necessary for us to that, by taking on another person's responsibility, assuming their obligations. We are to pray, I'm I'm their only chance of development. It is is banned me unduly leaned, upon as it is to me. There are, however, legitimate burdens which no self respecting person can ensure. They may be grievously heavy and desperately hardened,
whether they are laid upon us herself, was soon they can only be successfully handle. My sublimation, perhaps the very tragedy you. I called upon the face is one that no other person can handle be the one medium in the whole world through whom god can perform a delicate task. I meaning the situation in an ideal way. Preserving your own faith and integrity. In doing so, you may establish an ideal for all others who face a similar problem. Sk. In those turn, a grievous burden into a noble one, burden. That is a privilege to bear.
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