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Using the Power of the Indestructible You

2023-03-01 | 🔗

Listen to episode 765 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Using the Power of the Indestructible You. How to Develop Your Will Power by Clare Tree Major.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: The quality of pure matter is Inertia. The quality of pure spirit is Energy. From a combination of the two, worlds are made. You are a world in yourself. You are in your human life a combination of these fundamental parts: spirit and matter. You reflect their fundamental characteristics: Energy and Inertia. That is the beginning and end of your fight: to bring spirit triumphant from under the yoke of matter — to DO, not to give in.


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Today's reading was edited and adapted from how develop or will willpower. I Clara three major abolish in nineteen twenty. Many years ago I went to see an indian schuyler give a lecture on reincarnation. He said that the real in no struck the boy you sound, like a person, is shut up in a tall were not eat recurring life. Is another window led into the tower giving you more and more light on your own problems, while at the same time coming up to your enlightened gaze, greater and greater stretch of the landscape of truth, this same now might apply equally well to our inner and hidden lives, each physical, emotional or mental,
attitude we bring under the control of our south isn't their window led into the dark tower, Of our imprisonment, a window, which not only gives you light with which to a clearly and truthfully view the world through, which also makes some glimmer of Lou, the triumphant indwelling so require Many a pure matter is inertia. The quality of pure spirit is energy from a combination of it. Two worlds are made. You weren't whirling yourself, you are in your human life. A combination of these fundamental parts it didn't matter. He reflects their fundamental characteristics. g and inertia. at the beginning and end of your fight brings spirit. Try
and from under the yoke of matter, to do not to give in when you put off. something until tomorrow night you should do at once. We are giving the reins of self government into the hands of the material part of you. You being the commands of inertia mutating reigns in your own hands with the definite determination the guy in your life. You are employing the unconquerable force of energy, you must choose in the one who's thrust themselves to the very top most rung of the latter in life is, no one who chooses inertia. You must either sink with your choice of the material or rise with your choice, of this spirit, the knife is an art sharpened on would worthy saw things of life
It must be ground on a stone which is harder than itself. So must you even though the grinding process may sometimes heard these grinding must also be of your own choice. Wise is the person who recognise we inevitableness of the laws of their own nature. I just Europe, fell to the ground stone of life on yourself, true, when firm and unflinching words: it vitalizing action, you will urge keen and fine in virile. You know, you're right tributes,. using the other way, will not help you. You will suffer more my opposing those laws which you cannot change,
your rebellion will leave you broke in march and helpless. Therefore, choose rightly be optimistic, beaches, You were moods, react on yourself as well as on other people. were feeling any were present business or work now conscientiously. Use your powers. Do no limit without success, then check in your occupation, but be very, or that there is no future for you in that business. You are leaving behind. museums yourself as well as the business. If you find that above all these with you, if he were mental attitude towards the troll problems of your work ring. Another try and renew determination to use the powers of the real you. However, if you
find the fault is with the business or with some issue within yourself, then give it up and begin again making very sure that the new venture is something that will give you the very best possible chance to grow and self expression. Men having chosen use all the powers of your nature to make good even your own powers, Even your were optimism is cheerful This will be your own failing companions, nothing succeeds alike. Success I believe in yourself in others, will believe in you leaving or business and Shelly these will be inspired to believe in you to business, Bans on other people's belief in you and your business ability your confidence in both inspires others to light com.
finance and they bring their business to you. build your business in their natural reaction to their belief in europe's success. Harlem right principles in your care of their affairs, your view, There is already established, remember Always right, you're moody's, yours to choose, it isn't form by any condition of your business? The opposite of optimism is pessimism. Looking for expecting the worst instead of the best, the opposite of cheerfulness is their job. jane feeling, blue, with would you like to have you say you want happiness You don't have to entertain moves which ruin happiness. If you will yourself now too,
Use your awakening will power to secure for you, moods, which show happiness without consideration of the material circumstances, which may temporarily rarely happen to you human being lives, a life of absolute on a loyal ease and pleasure. Don't expect that you will You may not always choose yuri circumstances. You may always choose your reaction to them. Every apparently do seven pages condition has its bright side. There is a law of compensation of balance, learn a look at the compensation instead of the new situation. I doing so. You will entertain only moved that will help all other circumstances in your life.
I allow yourself to become blue and unhappy over one on unpleasant condition. You make it impossible. who enjoy the pleasant conditions you came happy and unhappy. At the same time go hungry because you have only two thirds were loaf instead of a whole one. Then why not me? happy or whether compensating circumstance instead of in over the other third, a quality that makes it possible for us to use the higher for a severe. g to overcome love, paralyzing weight of inertia is, will will isabel power we use in self direction. It is through that this energy of the self is demonstrated. The mark of the success maker is a negative. The ability to seize and direct currents of this vital force in new,
animals allow room choice, training and compelling the necessities of life, You may maintain a balance move with the mob. in flowed on the waters of existence. You may keep your head above water. Truly won't. You will have a very thrilling time and you won't get far no person who mean something is the one who swims not fly who forges a passage by their own intention in energy, the meaning of the word initiated exercise urine If you do in your business, it means thinking for yourself and acting for yourself. It means do things which seem necessary or advantageous without there waiting
for someone else to tell you to do them, order point to you the value of such action. It means putting you self in the your work, you respect the amount of financial remuneration accruing you. Of course, you should receive as much as your work is, were on having settled and consented to work for a certain way. The blue, your whole soul and know what you are doing in the times server the person who simply put Seen so many hours a day for their wages it's only when they are watched. No one as much as they do themselves. Initiative grows with use thinking and acting for yourself becomes a habit and a valuable one is given a chance to establish itself
it is the sure sign of our personal and financial. Success is a matter of choosing action instead of inaction of energy instead of inertia, it means the transmutation of your dreams in new actualities, don't be a quitter. Learn the meaning of the word perseverance: don't be content with the sort of way these can be relied on to give a good, vigorous, simples one whose power is sadly peter out when it comes to will continue his performance. Let tenacity be your watch were now begin. Anything until you have considered a sufficient number of reasons. The important enough to her
the greatest possible degree of enthusiasm in you for the venture if you find your entries slipping after the first few signs of success ring his own back to your former enthusiasm by rehearsing again. The reasons for your first choice of action heed the advantages to me, derive from such a course of action constantly before you don't like you, attention in all yours, speculation, wandered to other forms of activity. Until you have completed the thing at hand, a good beginning is important, but it is the finished product which is no proof of your power. Few fine you're entries still or the whole make a personal fight between the desire to give up. in, your will to continue lack of persons
France, is the result of lack of concentration. When you have mastered the art of concentration on earth, It will be easier for you until then use each empty. Kinda like go was a means of self discipline, Meantime use any legitimate means to keep your interests lie. Attack live from another angle change european visions of work is practical. Saint yourself, given the time in which to accomplish certain results. Any such plan may be used but do not for your life. Let go of romanian issue as with all demonstrations of self control, each feeling victory will make the following one less difficult: a good mechanic, successful business person eminence
Dollar is not made in a day, don't lay procrastination, suck Life blood from your power of accomplishment progressed Nation is be full time. Some wise old philosophers said yes, while it is stealing I mean it takes a long, so many other things that what is left Is it worth much? The dewy spirit is good. It is not good enough. You must get endeavour. Do we now have it. It is something you don't like doing. Only will increase your this taste spoil the intervening hours through the night. The job still remains to be done. Hurry demands of you that you do not shirk the disagreeable
economy demands that you do not waste precious and irreplaceable time. Efficiency demands that you do here and now what your common sense tells you should be done. You were self respect demands that you do not allow yourself to be conquered by a habit of evasion of putting on yourself demands that you'd fellow prisoner will, which is instead. The decisive obedient Isolating will lose no will at all. You have allow yourself to former hammond o procrastination in today's vote. I'm do take it in hey, don't wool over your own eyes and think you can
we buy beginning tomorrow, examine yourself in your business. In truthfully, face will harm which such a policy is doing. The both the procrastinator accomplishes are very small per se. angel the things they really think they intend to do in the in time, because there are laid on their reschedule lameness connection with the fleeting opportunities for business success, starting today, The term in their hereafter every minute shall be made to yield to you, which quota of experience. all measure of accomplishment. It will not only work better but play better.
My living each moment to the full, by choosing to do it now.
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