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We Must Always Keep Growing Our Minds

2023-09-10 | 🔗

Listen to a sample episode of Our Sunday Talks, edited and adapted from Message of New Thought by Abel Allen, published in 1914.

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Podcast Excerpt: No individual can convey their thoughts, ideas, and impressions entire to another. Language, either written or spoken, is but a symbol, and at best an imperfect vehicle to convey thought. The meaning of truth is deflected in its transmission. “Thought is deeper than speech; feeling deeper than thought; souls to souls can never teach what to themselves is taught.”

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Welcome to our sunday talks and exclusive series for the patron of the inspirational living part cast. Greystock was agitated and adapted from message of new thought. I able, while obliged and nineteen fourteen no individual war, can convey their thoughts, ideas and impressions entirely to another language, either written or spoken is butter symbol and passed an imperfect vehicle to convey thought meaning of truth is deflected in its transmission.
thought is deeper than speech. Feeling deeper, then thought so too. Souls can never teach work to themselves is taught our mental and spiritual vision, differ, as the stars differ, a magnet to same light. not shine with equal brilliancy on the pathway of each individual, what is light to one? Maybe a shadow to another Nor are our ideas, changeless, so fixed our thoughts, conceptions and understandings change with the advancing years as the sole receives new influx of light as each morning, maize the earth in new light. So we trip burning day and every recurring season bring new meanings and understandings to the soul. The greatest give from
it is a growing mind, one that expands from day to day ass. The light of truth breaks upon it, we're in their wives were our ideas. Fixed in changeless life would be intolerable and existences sterile waste. It is the new conception that, through It was the sole and broadens the understanding. As the influx of new life brings physical health thing grow in the search for truth, each ultimate fact becomes a cause a starting point for the discovery and, more truth. Every attainment is the beginning of the next. Every end is the beginning, governor of a law of nature is only though or a runner of a more universal law. Thus, in the search for truth, the endless tyner progression rose
For every complain to us, broader conceptions of truth in carrying into a higher realisation of our relationship with divinity. As we renew our mind and reach out for a larger conceptions of truth, understanding is enlarged, again new viewpoints. Our expanded thought is translated and external lies in new life. We grow, we advance. We come into a closer union with god. Thought is not final. What we last thing may be our best thought, but it is not our ultimate It is only, though, for runner of greater thought. We and not encompass the whole truth, but we can enlarge our conceptions of truth.
bring ourselves and near the reality. We live, move and have our being in an atmosphere of truth in truth is We have similar aided by the individual, is not susceptible to monopoly or system. I saying it is nodding: gump is by institutions, bodies living spirit is pressing in every manifested form an object of nature. We hear much at times about systems stably. Religions and settle creeds. Every institution insist saw, laying its foundation on a dogma is well been said that when our churches build over truth, truth flies out no window, every creed and every dogma offered to him.
vanity attempts to show were true relationship to god, major premise of every dogma, arrest Upon and I god and yet no two persons can be found, the same ideals and conceptions of god. Our idea of god is but an image of ourselves. The major premise of every creed is the conception some person had of god Talk about settle crete, resumes, learn all other people have the same conception of god to have a finnish system of thought render. the creed, respecting our relationship to gather presupposes a perfect and complete knowledge, and under standing odor relation she's beyond our accounts. retention in our present state of human development, when we
pain. The mental loans spiritual growth necessary to cooperate that relationship in its form the same entirety. We will boost I saw knowledge in all wisdom. We, I'll, be nation.
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