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101: How "The Hundred Rules of War" Will Help You Rule Your Life.

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0:18:34 - "The Hundred Rules of War", by Tsukahara Bokuden.

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This is Jack podcast number one hundred and one with ECHO Charles in me Java willing good evening echo good evening Second, Lieutenant Bernard Wilfred Long was a smart young man The Birmingham University at age of sixteen back in nineteen, twelve He was commissioned in the West Yorkshire Regiment. In January of nineteen, sixteen and Bernard or burn as its family called him served in World war, one in France and he wrote this letter to his father in early August of nineteen. Sixteen. He said we ve been having it awfully wet here during, last day or two and my word talk about mud, its We awful I get into modern to my knees I can
take a sporting risk as well as any of em. And shells have got? No fear for me. I've seen great big. Lee CHAPS, who do nothing but curse and drink and get down and pray like a child when there is a bombardment on and they don't or who sees them, and no one dares to joke about it. I have just heard from a power mine from Brockden who went down to the sum when I came here and he says: he's been over the lid seven times in attacks on the Bush line, pretty awful that isn't it and I marvel he's alive to tell the tale He wrote another letter to his mother on Mr One nineteen seventeen. I am off by an we train tomorrow for the rest billets behind the firing line, where we shall be for a time to get to know our men etc, I am going
up with two paths, and we are all pleased. I shall think of you all, while em up there and no you won't forget me we're fine hard now and is a serious game. We're already delayed down everything, if need be, if God, wills, I'm ready so good, bye and wish me luck. You loving son, burned and second lieutenant. Hard Wilfred Long was killed in action at age. Twenty one at the battle of laying mark on August, sixteenth nineteen seventeen four hundred men from his battalion went into action all ten of the off.
Source from the battalion died along with two hundred and sixty four of the men on September, eleven nineteen eighteen there's another young. And sergeant David Kerr American, who dropped out of Columbia University to fight in world war, one he sent Or to his mother, the day before, Or the attack. On Saint meal in France- and he wrote, Tomorrow, the first totally American Dr Commences- and it gives me Inexpressible joy and pride to know that I shall be present to do my share. Should I go wonder, therefore, I won't you
no that I went without any terror of death and that Chief worry is the grief my death will bring to those so dear to me. Since having found myself and Mary, there has been much to make life sweet, And glorious but death, while destiny. Four is in no way terrible. I feel wonderfully strong to do my share well, and For my sake, you must try. Drown your sorrow in the pride and satisfaction, the knowledge that I died well and so clean a cause, as is ours, should bring you. Remember how proud I have always been of your superb pluck key Elizabeth future in mind and dont permit my death to bow your head. My personal belongings will all be sent to you, you're good taste
will tell you which to send to marry, may God bless and keep you dear and be kind to little Elizabeth and those others I loved so well, David the end, and while the Dickens actually broke through the german lines in the attack. They suffered seven thousand casualties in seventy two hours of fighting and twenty year twenty year old, David Currer was among the dead and that attitude that attitude where death is not feared, we can find examples of it. In so many.
From places a great example. He's from the American Civil war from a man by the name of Sullivan Baku. Now after the battle at Fort Sumter In eighteen, sixty one present linked and called on the states to form up militia troops to put the rebellion. And Sullivan Baku who is but when in Rhode Island was one of those volunteers and he was commissioned a major in second, Rhode, Island, Infantry regiment, in which third in command and the second, Rhode, Island, infantry, regiment,. Move to Washington and joined the union Army of Northeastern Virginia
and on the forty two July, eighteen sixty one from Washington. Sullivan wrote his wife a letter, and here are some excerpts from that letter. My very dear Sarah. The indications are very strong that we shall move in a few days, perhaps tomorrow, lest I Not be able to write you again, I feel. Impelled, to write lines that may fall under your eye. When I shall be no more. Our movement may be one of a few days, duration and full, pleasure and it may be One of severe conflict and death to me not my will but vine, oh god, be done. If it is necessary that I should fall on the battlefield for my country, I am ready. I have no misgivings about or lack of com.
Prudence in the cause in which I am engaged in my courage. This Not halt or falter. I know how strongly american civilization now leans upon the triumph of the government and how the debt we owe to those who went before us through the? and suffering of the revolution. And I am willing, we willing too late. On all my joys in this life to help me contain this government and to pay that debt, but my dear wife, When I know that with my own joys island, Down nearly all of yours and he's them in this life with cares and sorrows. When having eaten four long years, the bitter fruits of orphanage myself. I must off
it as their only sustenance to my dear little children. Is it weaker dishonourable while the banner of my purpose floats calmly and proudly in the breeze that my undoubted love for you, my darling, wife and children- should struggling fierce, though useless can contest with my love Country, I cannot describe to you my feelings on this com summer night when too. Thousand men are sleeping around me, many of them. Enjoying their last- perhaps Before that of death- and I suspicious that death is creep being behind me with his fatal, dark and community. If, God, my country in you. Sarah, my love for you is deaf was it seems,
By me to you with mighty cables that nothing but the omnipotence could break and yet. My love of country comes over me like a strong wind and bears me irresistibly on with The change to the battlefield. Memories of blissful moments I've spent with you, come creeping over me and I feel most good. Had a fight to God and to you that I haven't With them so long and hard, it is for me to give them up and burn to ashes. The hopes of future years when God willing. We might still have lived in love together and seen or sons grow up honorable to manhood around us. I have I know, but few small claims upon divine Providence, but something was First to me. Perhaps it is wafted, perhaps
Is the wafted prayer of my little EDGAR that I I returned to my loved ones unharmed. Do not my dear Sarah forget how much I love you. And when my last breath escapes me on the battlefield it will. Spare your name. Forgive my many faults in the many means, I have caused you- how faultless and food DR oftentimes been. How glad Be what I wash out with my two? where's every little spot upon your happiness and struggle with all the misfortune of this world to shoot. You and my children from harm. But I cannot. I must watch you from the Spirit, land and were near you. While you buffet
the storms with your precious little freight and weight with sad patience till we meet to part no more. But, oh Sarah, if the dead can come back to this earth, Then flit unseen around those they love. I shall always be near you in. Eric Day and in the dark His night, amidst your happiest scenes and gloomiest hours, always always, There be a soft breeze upon your cheek it be my breath Coup, air friends, your throbbing temple- it shall be my spirit passing by. Sarah do not mourn me dead. Think gone and wait for the four we shall meet again.
As for my little boys, there, Grow, as I have done. You never know a Father love and care. Little Willie is to you to remember me long and my blue eyed EDGAR, will keep my frolic with him amongst the deepest memories of his childhood. Sarah, I have unlimited confidence in your maternal care and your development of their characters. I call gods blessing upon them. Oh SARA, I wait for You there come to me and lead fever. My children, Sullivan. And on July, twenty first eighteen sixty one the regiment took part in the first battle of both run and ass.
The senior officers Sullivan, went in front on horseback today, practice, man and he was hit by a cannonball that tore off his right leg and also killed his horse and he died from his wound a week after the battle, while a prisoner of the Confederate Army at age. Thirty, two. Again, but individual obviously prepared to make the at ultimate sacrifice. Can we know that the enemy can be equally prepared to die and we saw them clearly from the kamikaze pilots from Japan in World WAR to one of those.
Young kamikaze pilots was named, you q are iraqi and he was a member of the seven the second Shin boosts squadron, and he wrote this letter. Dear father and mother. I trust you and my brothers are doing well recently. It has been decided that I will go at last to take part in Battle of oak in our as men. Of this special attack forces. I am deeply moved. I only look forward to sinking a ship with a single blow when I look back. I apologise for not being devoted to you in any way for some ten years to this day,. Through teaching by various senior officers after I entered the army, I now devote myself to my country.
A special attack force member, please And pleasure, in your desire for my loyalty to the emperor and devotion to parents. I have no regrets I just go forward on my path. I ask that you teach my three brothers. They can serve our country as noble airman,. I sincerely hope that you take good care of yourselves and make strength. Our efforts on the homefront, please give my right. Hard to all my relatives and to everyone in the night, Road Association, Sire Nora, you kill a rocky.
And he did indeed die at the age of seventeen and the suicide tack on american ships Nero Canal on May twenty, seventh, nineteen, forty five and the Japanese also impose their willingness to die on their people. And here is a description. Of that law. Imposition from. American sailors from the journal of an american sailor named James far he served on the. U S, S Montpelier in the Pacific, and this is what he rode on November tenth nineteen forty three this afternoon. We came across a raft with four live japs in it. As the destroyer. Spence came close to the raft, the Japs, oh,
up with machine gun out the destroyer, the Jew officer then put the gun and each man's mouth and fired blowing out. There Lack of each man skull? One of the Japanese. I want to die for the emperor and put up a struggle. The others held him down. The officer was the last to die. He also blew his brains out. The suspense went in to investigate all the Bodies had disappeared into a water. There is nothing left, but blood at an anti raft
Swarms of sharks everywhere the sharks eight. Well, today we went to battle stations and at ten p m we were attacked by enemy planes. Later darkness descended and the reins came. And just coming off the episode that we did. With Lusatia. You obviously overcame his fear of death and I got a book in the mail from Japan and the boy.
Was called the hundred rules of war. Its from someone in Japan named Eric Eric shall hand, Who turned out to be the actual translator of this book and he's translated a bunch of other japanese books on martial law? said. He asked me if this book the hundred rules of war, if any of them the rules inside this book, apply to modern warfare and up I read through the book, and I read the book and You came to a very clear answer that, yes, not only. Too many of the rules and the book applied a modern warfare. They also apply to life in general, like many of the rules that I talk about and this book, the hundred rules of war, which, by the way, only has ninety seven rules in it.
But the book was originally written by Sugihara, both good then who from fourteen eighty nine to fifteen seventy one, that's acts before massages lifetime, because massage is born. They say in fifteen eighty force of this, this Look predates moose, Archie and theirs There is actually multiple revisions on this book. It's interesting people would get it and something to it over the years. Forward written to the balcony mid. Sixteen hundreds bite One Soho and then there was an afterward written by one of the great children of both good and students, There's another section, the first lines in the book that were added And those are attributed to. Gun she moving
and he's a Shogun that ruled to Japan from one thousand seven hundred and sixteen until one thousand seven hundred and forty five so This book is very interesting and since Eric who sent to me, obviously, for food, Japanese, I'll apologize, of course, from my bad, Japanese negotiations, but we'll go for it I want to take you through some of the sections of this book that again I feel not only applied to combat today but to life today and interestingly here's the start off a little bit with the introduction, and this is again written by would- after the original book came out in this guy I did this introduction to it and he describing how great the book is.
The limited arrogance in this, but it's ok, cause he's saying: hey he's not say he wrote easy look. This book is important, and here we go to the book If you change out the people, if you change out the words, if you change the places and if you change out every generation, it is like the day it's between rain do snow and ice. The reach formed by the same water. That's interesting right, because now we're talking about people they? U can be. Sometimes different places, different differ. Surroundings, but it's like the differ, between rain and it's no nice, it's the same water in the same people are the same back the book. These words should be read any and everyone who follows the way the warrior. Beat them allowed so that you may hear them in your ears and failed to heed them at your peril there,
simply words to revere and praise. If you are attempting to equate the teachings within this scroll to any other work, no This is knowledge that can be found. Only after summoning the tallest speak of a mountain, the depth of wisdom contained in these pages may the sea seem shallow by comparison. If you work air person versed in these ideas to stone find the latter soft by comparison, pull a boat string, launching an era was pulling a bowstring launching an arrow raising your whip, encouraging your steed dawning your armor. Taking up your life, its gaining fame and honour of becoming one who starts a great house red book. Listen to it your stand, the unmistakable truths. It would be really foolish to not lie. Them. In your mind, it my appeal,
and even a few lived through a hundred generations over a thousand years coming across another book like this would be like to, wind turtle who comes to the surface once every hundred years, climbing its way into a whole on a piece of driftwood. I like that now, as we jump into this book. There's one more thing I need to match. I said that there's the additions kind to the book overtime, Well one of the additions to the book mean this book is written in the fifteen hundreds, but one way and to the book, and this is something that that Eric added there he found a translation of the book, by a real. Searcher and a practitioner of the sword, arts- and this guy's name- was hoary, show he and he. Produce the tax and he put little helpful interpretations kind of furthering the idea little bit so
read those sometimes because it gives a little bit of clarification as to what's being talked about, and these first eight lines are actually out I'll give it up for you. First eight lines of his book being fairly epoch, fairly ethics. And again these were written by Turkey What show gun you she Mooney end and he was the Shogun ruler of Japan from one thousand seven hundred and sixteen to one thousand. Seven hundred and forty five and here's what he added to the book- and I think these are well here's number one. You cannot have pleasure with I'll pain. Then you cannot have pain without pleasure. Your struggles now will be rewarded in the future, so you must endure right. Yes, this speaks for itself. Does it not, in fact
We call that disciplinary was freedom. Next be reverent towards the law before of fire, be afraid of thoughtless, delusional people and never for had to be reverent to those. You owe a debt of gratitude to This is one of those things that what we say now never free where you came from right. There was, in RO forget what you gave up all. Don't forget those people that I got you there, because we're came from somebody helped you along the way, and so dont forget about that. Next, one should think of greed and lost as the enemy concur. The guy like this one. You should neither sleep late nor talk through all now. I guess I'm coming
the talk to warm and maybe violated on a regular basis, at least once a week on a park. Yes me to some time, Actually, you might violator regular, potentially but yours is a guy, don't sleep late and you know I get this all every time every time. Somebody shocks me about sleeping someone says why I have the night shift or while I work late, my kids and go to bed until midnight Ok, I get it nothing everyone in the world as to wake up before thirty, What I'm saying is this: you shouldn't sleepily right if you work, the night shift sleeping wait might be wake. Up at noon. Yeah. You didn't overs, Sleep is my point. Yet the idea just like this is like a we all want like stay cozy and our ban and can take our time break it now becoming yet the idea for sure
but I get from any thought the mandatory for thirty and if you don't wake up it for thirty years, black dear, like someone someone, I would pick up my hand on the internet bright and live locality, removed sure on the polar BAR and on the police about someone, someone, someone said hey. If, if someone doesn't have causes, they dont work out, and then someone else said well, what have you run? America, they still work out, And have exactly you know it's the point gets right, kids get some more training for a marathon. Yes, yes, I'm all run America. Yes, you can look, look at Rob Jones. He's right. Thirty one January one day, yellowskins we're not accusing him of not working method is lack of reality has comes, there are next
take care to organise even trivial things. Then Something major occurs. It will not catch you off guard so that the little as a matter of attention, is you and I don't know melter we're going to military? I joke about it. They make you for you're, under where in like a four by foreign square, and that's the thing they're trying to teach you attention to detail you cause. Actually I was talking to marine body mine. I think he was once it was organ yeah in they were, they landed there. He low in the Gunnar, whoever is in charge of the weapon, cracked off a fifty cow round into that it was so yeah. Fifty cow mounted them in the helicopter, be guy cracked off around he if ever weapon get hot, it can just shoot yeah. What really hot it's called a cook off you gonna browned in the chamber and the weapons and it can do- is make around go off from what the wet anything
this, whether from hot, if it's hot, will your shooting it. Ok, it's not as I do that, then you add you shoot it wants, and now it's hot there's, a hot round sitting in the chamber in committee, goes by your new better. How long is gonna be? It could be that it could be five minutes but boom offsetting, just fires, and this before, in this particular case, I'm not sure the weapon system. It was gal Bergamo sure where they had mounted but anyways. He should have come it before he fold. It up into the helicopter, and he didn't do that, and so he pulled the the rounds out, but there's one round sitting in the chamber and sure enough tipped off the kind of thing where they're trying to get you to pay attention to small details here, the trivial things yeah trivial things aren't too trivial. Did they do they explain that he? I wouldn't when and folding your underwear do they explain. Ok, it and not at all. They do- and I've talked about this before the podcast- that
I draw instructor in in Africa. School at the end of asking to school. He explained why, on everything the end at the end, oh me, at the of more snow while you're doing it, though Thou they'll, be. And how can you you can't even full Jonah were not right. How can we trust you with weapons system? Does say that kind of thing to you, but you don't really when you're what I was going through regular boot camp you're, just trans, your your mind, is being transformed from civilian world to military world. So you're, not you don't have good perspective to dumb or a little bit above, the matter is one of the next meal you're. Not you can see the big picture. I mean I I couldn't. I was too young or to dumb or a little bit of both but they do they're saying hey. How could you? How could you do you trust Doc, fire airplane you can't even told your underwear right boy The iraqi thinking will then, maybe I shouldn't be fine.
Before I forget my underwear right here but they're, trying to teach you attention to detail and it is good and it does Why to everything you know, does applied everything you do that things right in that way, the little things are an order in damning, the big things even if they Joel off guard your lease prepared for me a year, that that whole thing I'm an egg dig it other talking as like that, but that whole thing were: how do you expect to do this on you can't even entire she's right or whatever you like. They don't mind than I do. Oh, it's good you how you gonna run because a lot of things is like a false little equivalency there, some something They're telling you to pay attention to Lydia know I'd call attention it eat. I get that part of it for sure, but I'm saying like, even if they are not explaining why and it could be will there waiting why they're doing it they're? Not.
We do not breaking a downright lay. A school teacher is Ray. I came illicit ECHO Charles Taylor simply will not do it like they're, not per se, and higher We trust you with a rifle if you re a full agenda where right, yeah, ok, and I would say that maybe I didn't see the big picture, but I saw the little picture. Will that thing alternately like come? The ito, like any mention, MR me, like I'm, cried creditor. Eight worries like lax on Acta minorities like all those so done, then at the end he gets the picture you know, but as he's doing it and we need it see, you can send the floor hurry and violent determined. But what he was teaching of some kind, a technique allegedly rightful. That's, essentially what they're doing as far as attention to detail there made you and you all these little you jujitsu. That would make you there's nothing dementia. Those monies dusted, therefore lock pieces of wood yeah, but it's pretty.
I'd like that, an obvious translation. You know, like Germany, footlights, it's like punching a punching back in the same thing to do to very jerk are gonna next one. Ninety percent is not enough. Only one hundred percent will keep disaster at Bay That's good! Now, of course, many times also hey ain't you got, it percent solution go right because he will sit around and wait for railroad had good plan, which is, I think, that's a little bit different. But this I think, if you're talking about effort right, the effort has to be an option. We're not going around percent. The settling thing to re. Would you not be only? I also don't like so you know, don't tell for nine percent right, it's wrong, two percent is required exactly effort with yeah that'll get from next. Have
good judgment, also means being able to endure, endure, take pain and is not just pain, is also being able to just just Illinois yea, I don't jerk like discomfort in Peru, like how many people don't want to do a job just because its it just cause. It's growing enough on the right radio me that category two not re now currently, obviously in general yeah, that's my general attitude from for animals for some time. Who is the worst most mean a job that you really aided my worst job there really hated was being moved at American based on a wide awake for the summer within you a little bit, one like lead.
Thirteen out of the average our concern that there is a table network construction and the first day on the jobs I did the guy's name into, all day, like a news bears like thirteen hours at the average. Our concern that there is a turbo network construction and the first day on the jobs they the guy's came into the windows. I worked at Wendy's sure in the guys, look to me in the in this all the time guy builder hillocks, because what are you doing here her eyes Megan rent? Is you wanna worker? I said no, sir, he's anyone. Construction would make us. Yes, sir. He said report tomorrow, wherever working together, build the place right across the street. I said yes, sir, so I showed up there in the morning and there is there: a dump truck had come with a ton of concrete block, two that we're gonna build a little foundation war wall and they just dumped it. You know yards away all these concrete box and he said
hey. Your job today is to move these blocks overtook him over here near the Foundation we're gonna get some coffee and some doughnuts, Sir yeah doughnuts. So I said yes and he got in the truck with you guys right and I started move. These blocks. I was running as running you really running as fast as I could possibly do it and I, Women do not, as like a challenge, Well, I was so happy to not be working at when these that I would have I mean I just was filled with energy. I can always blocks than in the other. Guy was there who didn't go? Get coffee? No, not, and he gonna gaming EVA. You need to sort out yeah. You know you gotta make ever look bad.
An idea. I would just hate, I'm Goin priest, I said, don't worry I'll, do whatever you do your job. You can sit there care, But what are you gonna do any of that? You didn't get any I mean proposal challenges to yourselves little workroom. That's actually how I got by kill me Do you think if there's a way to get by, you should tell people because some people stuck in jobs, like right at this moment in time there listen about gas and their work in a Wendy's here. I work your Wendy's bro. I get out of all the locker, down for their work. What do I wouldn't like every nails, guy in the back stock shoes and stuff, like that? He knows honeymoon, alkali working luck with. Can what, when you walk in a black name, that's going to call you to wear the ref uniform and I learned men when we were in high school. I was our work. Has this is its tedious, late,
weird, how your perspective changes yeah. I was thinking about that the other day when you're young team guy- and you get like when I got my first apartment, I was: How is the richest? I was liberated guy the world I was, I was the man, but then do you know he sat on that? Then you say we. You know a little house allow you to be be, but weary of the greed- that's true, that's but that's natural though right. It's like you know when you get used to something it becomes the new standard that whole thing works. Well, ok, then, what's the difference between someone, because you and I both know- and we all know- people there's people to get to the comfort zone and in their done, What's the difference, somebody gets the get to comfort zone and some of the guests. The couple donuts says our I'm comfortable here, but I want more do more, maybe not want more Cosette implies materialistic point, but does want more her.
No they're, both like really like, obviously prevalent in, like almost natural, can get both those personalities exists, but the I'm sure, were alike, but we're both that I am sure Nobody is both of those things in one way or another. You know like in You know I can't know either. What's real arresting because if you think about it, you see someone, that's got seventy percent body fat can a visa woods reloads arresting, because if you think about it, you see someone. That's got Seventy percent body fat and you go dude that deeds Gus Heaven you survive that that's got little like that socks like diverse Jim work. You know trying at that time. Drop that percentage down. But there's someone that's lookin at me. Some its obsessed with being lean as hell. These are for me, like, I, can't believe, Jockers got whatever yeah! Twenty percent, t whenever my present body fat, is these look. Let me going dude
well ain't, my comfort zone! No! No! No! I am not now because it's not like you were getting after looking after your body percent levels then you had a certain number and then you're like a who cares kind of thing. I don't think that that's the way it went. Here's what have in that with you uptake and speaking as far as your comfort zone go, but a typical one will say: is that no guys will be working out in like getting their fresh air cut or whatever and then they'll get married, and then they won't work out as much guys. Girls, whatever do that they be clinical, let himself go after. They get married like deck and stuff, but they might focus. Allow more on their career and then they might want more of that. But then the ito say deck. Minister, there are the year watch the conference. You are right next
Oh now, we ve moved beyond those opening lines, and now we get into the bulk of the big book which again, which is written by this book again guy and here we go, it does, not matter whether you are filing firing at it. Enemy near you or an opponent, some distance away. You should be adapted, selecting the best arrowhead. And then the the ample Occasional that says. The lesson here is that you need a strong arrow for an adversary at close range, but a lighter one for aiding an opponent far away. And I guess what I read this. The point that I got out of it was you: you need to build this lecture, select tools, propaganda. Those man and as a leader we need to be able to select. Think of all the tools we ve talked about on this pie that you need to use as a leader sometimes go below, but harsher with a guy, sometimes get a big you gonna flake, a guy, sometimes gotta, be directors. All these different tools that you need to use a leader you gonna be adapted, selecting the right too,
and I gave a metaphor on here one time about about how you like it, Worker right, this is actually what's interesting about the woodwork or metaphor is as a leader. You have to be like a word worker, which means you need to learn all these different types of tools, parties d: learn how to use these different tools on different types of wood and each one of these types Would each one these individual pieces of wood is a little bit differently alone. Not they get a green, they get things. So you you can't just learn a mechanical skill, you have to learn to be a true craftsmen with the two? and then you have to learn about what the different types of people they are and then you have to say each even a different tack like this parliament have a bigger, but they got this other thing. It will not be a little different green, like a barber,
America using the cleverest lawyer, any he bus at the thing, and it depends in that's true, like a barber or a guess, what gets any type of craftsmen ass to work with varying medium sure, pretty much anybody really everybody you the social network by watch that shown Iceland's reared its when you we hear that about Facebook above about facebooking Zuckerberg, the first you hear about the electorate. Who cares but brought that's good, we really good movie anyway. It's a movie, I thought it is. They show removing a a movie, the social network is he awkward Chill it's really you need. The overdue is awkwardness you they, maybe maybe up Yeah. Maybe I don't really follow soccer bird to know his awkward nyssa, whatever bird people com sucks yet like going Tybee retired writers accept worse, but he he's he's.
He's doing something in these breaking into the college: commuter mainframe. Whatever he's brick, into an he's, gonna narrating. What he's doing like I had to do this I to break up this this. You know any is doing the same thing. Those are really revealing. Part in regard to his disguise, always gotta make academic year could sit so try to solve these rates or code and so he's trying to solve this problem. But then this from comes out, and then this one has these specific problems that yes, the sovereign, but it can't you see where the current tools, yes, the bus, to monitor the situation when he was creating it of of what I was going to be nor did he feel that confident about Miss, he seated easy the whole vision, or do you like wake up one day to day this issue can be really law, though it was like a slow evolution into its cause at first, it was like he started with this thing called face, Smash, which was basically just comparing the girls on. Campus like who's hotter, and then you click, okay. She thought I'd. Let me go to the next one. She thought he did. You know
that's cold, blooded, Jackson and now the big part of it was like disrepute would hate himself like that, and then it is slowly now I was a social network. These guys in this. We are always like what a teenager would do right, oil, bigtime and that's what they were trying to emphasise, two more like you just want to be like liked by Bore and he made an item. I thought I was gonna help would be like you're. Alright. This is what the moose out in I'm sure, there's some inconsistency with it. Nowhere does. It would be weird to meet him. Not just a medium like hey nice of you, but to actually know him. I guess, because you see what someone's there's been there's been people. I've got a known that were whenever solar cell my fate, mistress or whatever the word is sure and in it like on tv. They seem like they're, not cool people, but in regular life, the really cool and then the opposite. I've also see where someone is regimes, we're cool when you see
a persona and in real life there not go. I guess I'd be pretty commented. Can be inconsistent in their way or or have it be inconsistent as far as your experience with the person seems like had begun to come right because a lot of people, if their famous or if their famous poppy, whatever you I love him. He kind of got to turn it on for the camera, so she essentially your essential performer in one way or another, Weatherby actor or whoever you know even like businessmen, like it's weird and it's not even necessarily a bad thing. It's more like for, like a better term, are required thing. You know so like my brother, for example, if I know, but they wanna hear him talking to like, like Is there something or like everyone's wild, all seem like an interview or something, and it might be like this,
only cause? I know I know you did a little like. I fear I just went out of jail, Rogan I actually met jargon long time ago, when I was just Dean's, Wanna Dean's Corner Monroe. You know you know how Jerome entreated me back that super who was the regulators group? Does the same then, when I was up on his part ass this year, that value, that's a good dude right. There remain agree, and, strangely enough, I the exact same experience in this field. In this all this all kid, demonstrate how legitimate it is right, so same exacts, Durham, jargon. For the first time with dean and my wife, we went to we add a new red band through it's a long story, so we went to one of his shows. We got to go to one of your shows and go talk to him afterwards right so that the first day I met him. Super nice game is email, Mr Andersson. Modal jobs is a gay old, Lena we're in
so, the next time I see more when I went to legends to train, one has been elephant in performing than to train at legends, and- so go there, and He's there you rolling with their one and everything you know it's like he's no narrow what our intellect become just another person. There is straining us in em. So he's Increasing on the cites is alarming gladsome to rob a gay what Toby I met you with a long time ago. You know four years ago what areas like music there must have been a lot like. He totally didn't. Remember me, you know it's not like Remember you so now, I'm gonna be cool to you is that he did We didn't remember me I'll, probably want to many people. Still just as cool, so is there Talking about you have seen how, like you, do your hey small talk before he, Israel, an unknown. So small talking start talking about current Ulysses, stuff. We didn't even role you. I just want to listen and talk about UFC and in we are all but simply same exact thing and then and even when I went up to film with him,
or the meadow more stuff or any browser thinking. He like forgot about me and those like years ago, and he was like. All of us have been a long time. The same exact may have the gallant. Actually I actually respect the fact that this go. Oh yeah, yeah. I remember you fully he's he doesn't play that game. You're actually met eighty million people. I don't remember you good to hang out here and now again exactly exactly in this, of course the young Europeans like descended. If people like this in general, that is just like. I said that's kind of like a litmus test. Spokane like this indicator. No, he didn't remember so really so you remember me for all its purpose. I was just another person and same exact treatment disco. It is normal. It was like I mean you're. U in theirs is the separation kind of thing you would none of that good way to be happy and talk about it.
You dropped Joe, the name. It says started about it. So you know all right. Next, your mouth should be of normal strengthened spirit horses with a strong urge to win or fearful and skittish, should be rejected out of hand. So I thought this was interesting because we're talking about finding someone, that's balanced right does not someone, that's, Is a normal normal, strengthen spirit? Don't want someone, that's grow rich, but you want next week. You want someone else in the middle and the the application on its as horses without nerve are weak, while the horse, with a lot of spirit, cannot be written by normal people, in other words slightly strong somewhat plucky horse is best plucky by the way seconds We ve heard that word today, east side to learn,
where do you know? It means I did not learn brave key mean worried and brave does indeed had looked out. One up. Similar here, as long as the horses strong is acceptable, it is acceptable. For it to have a certain inclination. However, never write a horse with a tendency to retreat. So if you a strong horse. Is it to me, this is as long as the thing is not going to turn tale it's a little bit. Faced if it's a little, but this will be that you can have all but different personal I what I think we ve. This is as a leader once again, you're gonna get people with some two things he's a little person now reiterate some little like when you put together soup. Do you have some guys got some yours increasing right, you're gonna! Do you got? sixteen guys yoke to New got thirty six guys in a task in it? all the same. By any stretch,
and some of my ear to be even further outside the box of did odor. Now, sir, there can have some kind of idiosyncrasy might even called an issue has covered over used word, but Let us have an issue right sure. Ok, What this is saying is, as law Is there not Gunnar retreat and run we're all right, but if they're good treat run they ve. That's their idiosyncrasy cannot get rid of him. Would you deal The deal, breaker breaker deal wreck a big time aright. Next while small forces may be easier to handle as well as dismount from those who prefer such animals are our bit dim waited so long. I like about this, is if you're leadership position, you
What are surround yourself with people at this week that those do you say in their real euros Annie. I want my horses, all just a farmer. I didn't get on it. Often if I yelled middle bark back, but you know what those people you want people that are little bit? Horror handle just a little bit harboured ahead of me. Maybe there to stand up to where we say you don't be surrounded by yes, men you want to be surrounded by people. I will question you'd say I don't like this plant that's gonna horses. You want not not little tiny, we courses next you should know that a person wearing a newly forged sword will invariably blunder, even if that sword cuts well. So basically, this is like you, gotta watch you guys little we will say that again, it's it's. You should know
person wearing a newly forge sword will invariably blunder, even if that sword cots well. Ok. So, you gonna watch new, hasn't here's the application on this one, a sword that is not at least a hundred years old, is one that you cannot rely on go to young people full! vigour and energy, the Van tat worthy of a young sword is not entirely stable. You cannot rely on it. Hey you gotta watch near you gotta why unproven, unproven got watch him the makes sense to me or not there won't be bad ass, it might be they might be. I had new guys that were built complete bad asses, but you Oh that I'll, send you guys were you'd. Think they're gonna be good. It's weird man, but talking about buds- little bit lately. Tourism have friends you you know, ideas gonna make it through. No good,
and to re year, zero men's dimensional physical, its to end physical hey. Can you get cut from buds? Just cause you not like Lizzie? Is there I don't know, but you know I will say, there's a run and you there you know, dude are. Is there any circumstances that are there are similar to this, where you gonna meet, this run in mean of ten minutes whatever, and if you dont make the ten minutes you're out yet, but there's stuff, Lavoisier, absolutely there's a theirs through the standard times runs have been in place since I went through in though the same for for what they call a my time, drug you before well, timed run in first phase. The time maximum time you can take is thirty. Two minutes. Thirty two minutes would you run That's that's that year, your surprise Gazette slow right. For my That's it I'm right at eight minute mile, that's pretty fast. What supreme now
briefer than in second phase, go down a thirty minute bro you used to run a what am I to do it, but it's not like the yalu imitating the meteor. That is not fast. That is not our Second phase goes to thirty minutes in phase it goes to twenty eight minutes, that's a seven minute mile. That is not fast failure. Say like ten minute mild. This is what this is, what Europe's people up or jams people up, as you like to say what people up is when you do the run: you're, not fresh, that's the thing: you're, not Jersey, a big refresh your when boots booty already pants, you're, honest after on this area and in the sand, like part of it, will be hard pack within, like part of its can be sought and this has changed a little but from what I and told when I went through the mist, there's two. Maybe that run was four point two miles, four point: five ass lady was maybe whilst they kind of asked
made it. So if you didn't make it the are we not when I went through, if you didn't make the time for that for four run, they had your name. If you failed again you're down. Ok, so, like one strike, ok got ya. The interesting thing is: if you fail to run and then you failed to swim, do you could still we would still be there, We feel the runners in Uganda you failed IRAN and its work, and you failed them obstacle course. You'd still be there one more time they call it beat. On But actually I think I know that actually came from offshore candidates go, I don't think we said the bubble there. New things that debt that developing buds here take that come here? on the bubble twenty times here in the bubble, lady. They generate odds meetings in like over you're all his job, yet you- and I hope, will you get caught so thanks. Ok, that's what you mean by its physicals because, like
like if you dont, yet you can fail to alive, been telling people this lately. I the run as fast as I could possibly run fast, the rights for that former. I would, though, be me too and the one time, one time I paced myself, unscrupulous myself before they must not be. I felt like soon so that from then on, a body that was a cross country, runner in high school or college or somethin he's a hey run with me, like yeah, I did brandish hardest and ass. I had run everyone. I run as hard as I could and there's guys it ran cross country. Those drugs are joke for those guys media echo, it's no big deal. For I mean there's a lot of people that can run five minute miles Yeah that are doing those runs in you know a former running like twenty to twenty two minutes yeah in I'm not I'm. That's not true. I am surprised that you thought that was fast. I think I caught you half garden it slow, dude, be slow
given the way my first independently, my slow, when I used to like run out run on the treadmill and I would run, seven minute allowed to leave out the levels are not that's part of my point, run on the trade might run like a seven minute mile pace and I'd be like thing. But only do like one mile inability good that I've I've only run on a treadmill like three three to its easier. Yeah you're like a fine and I was on board ships. I would run around the fight back. So that's what I mean really like our should these guys running seven eight minute, my usually when I'd run like four miles or five miles on the treadmill it be like ten like just hundred like, I meant something I don't even know how to translate to general signal Oh, I don't know how that transit yes or would say it's like but a nine minute mile is pathetic. Read that enough Would the pace owed run my four miles and I want to be dead but be that bees there is all harder some, even if I, if you want me to run an eight minutes,
Seven minute. Eight minute, my with boots insane even some of the time, you're crazy. I would single out distance runners what I'm here apparently I'll, be going. You as fast as I possibly can you make it check back to the book. Well, you should select a sword with a handle that is long and thin. You should reject any sort with one that is excessively long. I like that. A lot of these rules are balanced about balance. That wherever you want long thin button to LA near, you The horse, that's strong, but not overly strong Europe This is a lot about balance in years. The application you are less likely to drop of sword with a thin handle. However, in cold weather, you are liable to drop of sword with a thick handle.
Most part when on horseback, you should pass a string through the hand guard of your sword and tie it to your arm. Once you drop, you build a pick, it up again have lanyard. He have a lanyard on your weapon, valise, have board, no that's different, because I think it s the fishes are for dogs. I I had my whole career landed on my pistol. He only needed at one time thing. I don't go unheard of eating meat. I only dropped my pistol at one time. The next again, I once it is good for the Tipp of your Spirit belong. However, if it is too long, you may find yourself in trouble
occasion, the blade on the end of your spear should be long, but not excessively. So if it is too heavy, then you lose valets. Gotta, keep things balanced, Next, even if you are able to fly up into the sky without feathers, you have no chance of victory with a spear. You cannot wheeled with your own, to two hands. I liked our that kind of like girls over packing trip in making you carry their stuff, I don't think it has anything to do with that kind of money. When you really think about it. They were ok. She can't carry reactors all our stuff that she needs and she's gonna do well on the vacation for his car. Because whatever, but she can. Hearing. Will you ve? You got a cave, you would have made it not about vacation, but about petroleum. But the woods right like it's great, that you brought a whisper light in your food and all the other stuff it. You can't carry it yeah. My belief was talking about them
There is the first first patrol body Twenty seven gray brigades really use ready for world war? Three though yeah. I guess it was. The double duty was getting acclimated to being a hundred and twenty degree and getting acclimated to running around the marine corps is out. They ve been out there for months, sprinting from quarter to corner to recover and they ve already met minimize their gear somewhat and lay shows up Not only is it a little heavy or maybe even a lot heavy, but also he's getting acclimated so double it's, it's a one to punch arrived! This is a good one. While the shaft of your spear should be long ignored,
ground at your peril. My first read that I like myself, who goes I mean limited nor the ground. Here's the amplification! The length sort of serious beer as well as well, lighter heavier should differ based on three factors: you your enemy. In the background, so even if your spirits sufficient, not having an understanding of the deaf terrain, will do, will risk. The defeat terrain. That's where these debts remains by ground, ignore the ground. Your peril, and this is something that is very difficult for its it's, something that we all talk about. Even even I've talked about it before this progress Fisher. Knowing terrain, that's what that's! What com? is combat his knowing in understanding showing its knowing and understand the ground, its understanding, land features and buildings. In what angles producing, and why? are, you patrol, should go and where a good ambush that would be, that is all based on knowing the ground.
Terrain is what we call. We called the ground. We called trade knowing terrain features, micro features, micro terrain, what does little draw dead space or these little things are so important. So that rule absolutely applies to this day? Next, Samurai do not gorge themselves at banquets eating waste day is more than enough. The implication Samara strain themselves, to be able to withstand hunger and to always be on their guard from day's pay. It was said that to meals a day is plenty appears there were some people eating three times a day in this era drop in the herald, the dewy three meals a day, three yeah that'll sometimes do when a feeling. You know where your spirit yet
I've actually heard that I think boiler was one who told me: what do you mean no wasn't as much It was the amount of meals a day. It was like the type of meals. You know that the other you this heavy meal baby. I did have a certain mixed, like kind of formula progressive yeah and if you notice it, it's really light bananas. Cumbers reared suffered very aware that we have made this movie from one time it was like to like it cheese and therewith watermelon internet user inch little makes, but it was good, but it was like like a lot of stuff. His late You know when you get a lot of people coming in trying to challenge you at the Academy like old school. You know, people who can already gotta be ready, gonna be here, so you can't be like I just ate up. You know I don't want Harry Neil, you last me out: I d do what in the morning before you were gonna, really nothing? Yes, I don't like to eat before a trait agree, and some people say: oh it's an hour and a half. I don't eat an hour and a half before
I don't even like deed yeah in three hours might be psychological and everyone's. Do that's why it's bad chicken today delayed Ok, if I don't eat now, you might get hungry, no that by the time of train tonight, then I would have to when we're done oversights. Forty five: minutes to an hour and on the madman alike. That study my gut. Rather naughty I consider this were: regional way of explaining it. If you know when you eat something, your stomach gotta work instrument, muffled smooth muscles of the poster skeleton Finally, smaller. They gotta get to work. You know, do in let's go in there, all the stuff so taken away from your skull gathered on the blood flow, regardless of basically the resources of your body so going to stop make now, and now you wanted, demands and resources. For the rest, your body will, when you go to train the stomachs, what about US resources
from the stomach little bits, don't fuels upset. You might throw my feet like it in the almost puke the other day that are right the same subject: that's one legal right to it! If a samurai is preparing to step on the field of battle is wide to avoid is why, to avoid eating anything other than hot water poured over rice to us. One way to do it keep amplification. If you eat a lot quit before a great battle. The food will not have settled by the time the fighting starts, ECHO Charles called it. If you then were to have your head chopped off all that food will come out, it will take a great big mess- food woman, passed down the throat of a coward. It appears tea was not common. Next, one Something a samurai should never be, without is the thing you used to sharpen your blade. A whetstone stone makes sense right.
That's why you bring your rings when you gonna do John. If I go for multiple this, if I got if I'm only began for like two or three days I would use whatever random pull a bar. I can find or maker but if I'm goin for five days sixties bring the rings yeah. That rings make a big difference you have rings yo many work out. You can do just rings ear when you think about it, and I know from experience or it's it's in makes it harder to find something to do pull ups on. Then, what you expect you think only I can just do it like rating wherever it can be harder. Yeah. You can't You can do pusher. Anywhere and if can do incline bookshops, you go into a little while other inclined push and crazy squatting squad, stalls and jobs Guardia peace, polyps, that's why rings are key and once you have rings- and you can also do ring debts, you can you ring pushups, you can do like assisted squats. If you need em shadow, I do
but you don't need a run of the mill. It is about the intimate broke? I'm not over your bragging about being able to do empty body weight squats, but but you can do everything You have parents, and you can usually find a place Newport somewhere parking garage. A little overhang ledges. They have. I beams you can hang onto I hate to say it cuz. I know something's going to wrap it and break it and spray water with cautiously and that's actually put plumbing, is my point actually cast iron where they were, the sewage goes out of a building. It usually a big pipe and it's hardly do pops, but it's good yeah. I don't think that that's good, I think that's a risk right there, it's probably against some sort of a rule, the hotel or whatever you got going to be careful, don't tell him, I told you bring me breakthroughs. Elemental were among the main of you, your faults next
It is unseemly for a samurai, be enamoured with the flavour of food that is set down before them, this best that your meal be a soup made of boiling water poured over rice. That's how they roll back there. I know what I'm ready. Bryce me with hot water poured over it. Yeah the distraction. Do you think that that that's what? asceticism keeps keeps you tougher kindly. Ran away it. It provides lead. Distraction from your goal because I can in fitness- and you know like working up Finally building a lot of time, like that's a factor bigtime, because you got it a certain amount to maintain or gain weight and others of an even maintain certain backers of fellows all this stuff like this before going to care scene or wherever you think is super delicious, and this evening envy like hey this, you gotta have
like certain money. Like lean stuff, you get add a bunch of sauces because there's extra Kelly's Marian all the stuff, so yeah yeah, if you, if you can endure, there came decades legs food doesn't necessarily taste that good. Yet you can get your go way better Charlie Plumy, into balls of rice a day for six years. I am sure that you know that can help them. Help deleting what it's like accepting. Conditions are Graham of area. You know like he is like if you, if you sleeping on the floor with like no a sea, and then he would ever yeah. You know you can go sleep on someone's couch, he can go, get rest pretty much anywhere and that's a good luxury. If Israel, when you compare it to a situation where you don't, you it'll, have can a tolerance. You know you have a kind word you need a certain like softness in temperature and
noise levels, there's people of all asleep beer and then some people, though, just fall right while you're talking only if they want to kind of thing. I can see been some. I like it. Releasing on aeroplanes into I get low crouched. Open a little ball sleep Don't you know it? Here's what the here's, what he actually so, here's the amplifying information, the profit. Some of the samurai involves being in an extreme environment. Therefore go made food is of no benefit to them. Do you think that people that just really really high and food all the time when they go back to leading nor or food is it? Is it like? Are they suffering really little bit in one way depends how they regard it in a good enough Well, you know it's funny when I was a kid we'd like I'd, want to stake now sure Could we need stake? Stick a lot of money. It does, and in
when I was a kid, we hamburgers sure lot air, and that is what I did. Unlike stake when I got the Navy and unlike stick her then like it had the idea, I wasn't used to it took me a couple years. Before I start like at Stake- yeah? Usually you hit that one state that's like prepared perfectly and then in your mind dang, I love stake now and then, even if you get another state that wasn't prepared that perfect minorities deliver on pursuing that happened to me, though, maybe it was just like a Hidden barriers at Wendy's, now check all right. Next when entering a confrontation. Samurai should neither look back on the path travelled, nor what is off to left or right. So to me that says, approach next, you right and I'm looking around you. You see what you do, what you gotta you see what you gotta. Do you gotta confrontation funny you hear
occasion for the onset, you should place yourself. You place your full concentration on the battle and not allow your focus to lapse during the course of the battle, the most important effects of the battle of the most important. Better battle or the use of people and the of natural geography right, you're, a leader, you gotta, use your people correctly and, as I just talked about terrain using the natural geography. Those to most import thanks, can you get target fixation? Yes, you can see you and get so focused that you're, if you don't pay attention, what's goin on left and right, you might get fucked me. So watch out for that one next samurai should mind neither the heat of summer nor the cold of winter as they raced through fields and over mountains, exhausting their bodies. You got a train, he called here that's well, the military
freeze and you that's the way it works when Tony Freddy, in an U color? turn me unto dismantling its where putting your mind at a certain in a certain way. We're sure it he called, but it's not about. How cold or not cold. It is sure to be heard. It's not about how hot or not hot it is in UK, complain about that stuff and if you compare that's like that's the point That's gonna drive your hide. You regard. You cannot complain in the teams. Here's was running two years funny. I guess you can speak this really easily. Let's say you and you and me are out at the beach and it's warm out here in California, wants a sun goes out to cool off really quickly. You don't have a sweatshirt, whether you neither do I hear you got gotta sweatshirt your bag
Maybe I have what you could actually. This is a contradiction, because, if I don't bring, one dynamism are well prepared near, I got one in my bag and put it to you. You put her on your way. You know, and I will do that. Do that. Leave you would not want you just want to be too as long as you can suck it up I don't want to you. You see me putting on a sweatshirt indicating to you that I was called for now need a common pamper myself not happening. What, if I wasn't there pretty about what is worse. Is that rate up right now there is. There is no denying that, where that so funny, because before I thought like that, I would have thought that so dumb Previous, what you're, ruining your experience or whatever you're the beach with your whatever friendly was Irma, has actually happened. Yes,
better serve contest and dig the cloud came in and it got me and my body is all happening. Opera sweatshirt on really for accident. We ve been. We both want gunners wages, but you let him do here. He wasn't in teams to name I wasn't just try to control. That little thing going on in the tea but yeah what kind of food later goes on a general. Do just yes, you know fully, Iraq in your shoe. Don't I'll get it out. Leave it there. But before that episode Tony like I would be the guy like now, I'm cold. You know I can't relate, but after that, for some reason I think this morphed, in my mind, to like a ptf Kennedy Pray in year. Next,. As samurai, you should take it upon yourself to spend time playing in Water
doing so well result in disaster, that's part one Obviously I agree without one you gotta be in the water Our two samurai should, as a matter of course, engage in contests strength. If you not Then your muscles will become slack, obviously support that one. I don't know if this guy will just wanted me to read this book and she knew that I was going to be. I mean, how could you not? How does that not relate to everything I talk about all the time be in the water, workout Here's what's funny about this He says that the case and strengthen themselves with their day to day labour. They also test themselves by lifting and carrying large stones in front local shrines, ended pushups in order to build their muscles and thereby increase overall strength, however, beginning in the media II era such feet,
strength, became began to be ridiculed and the use of rocks dwindled. Thus it is hot We are surprised that the youth of today are weak, yeah. Also it's kind of like that. Now we are likely to get to grips with the current grown adults lets. You can live the rock. You know that's cool, though right Why you say the word voice now because I would say, generally speaking, that's kind like all you chart children when he gets up here make fun of that year. Tonight we are having a little feats of strength and contradictions. Yet what do you think the cross fit Games are, though, blazing this world strongest man is yes, he lay figure you at his is totally agree, but I if it's not like organised and then like presented, you no kind of thing like if me- and you were just cruising at the beach and then I'm like. Oh, we did me and me and Alec, went to
Julia may we're, like our coups in some downtime we're film in this video and bright, just turned into that. Behind hundred percent was just media, so you will. We went from pushups using he's like TAT would abandon you did the challenge you did in in Maine yeah graphic example, bag. Yes, and I gotta shoulder the bag of gravel either way. So it's not like us to underpin barbell gravel thing, yeah see in that for example, but rarely strong, I think so, I agree with you. I agree with the unjust I'm seem like if let's say we're I'd like apart. Barbecue would take a vast variety, be like that's totally acceptable. You know. Did the twin palm bags it's all just guys like you know, but if we had a barbecue with my daughter a birthday party of your kettlebells out right,
you you if I challenge you today to a kettle bell likely to see who can do the night whatever than the ninety panel on something at my daughter's birthday party. I think, aside from me, you and me manful other guys that are are direct peers we from them. I think it would be like years ago. We think they ve ip right next. If you allow your samurai spirit to wither. Clearly, your body will then follow suit. Your skin will begin stretches. You gain weight, part one. I think we all agree with your house's outright. Do you think that this goes back their comfort question. Let's take you did at a certain point. We were you say I dont really care if I get caught by this guy.
What that guy's training for worlds and heavy catches me, you know, I mean I see what you're so so. My point is at a certain point: you you, you accept, you accepted that's, ok! I do think it's ok! I don't. I know you do end and it is not an absolute yes, we do not want the door the door, is you know, hey Year on em, all the exclusive right here? Hey, you know these guys are young and their training, for they did this competition or that competition you gotta get in there with them the. When I hear that knocking Iceland, the Red Flag year violet, check out the door choked at source and bring it yeah. I do and I'm little yours you, but I see. I think that when you accept that I feel when you accept it
the other thing that happens. Your ego gets in right, yes, because what happens? If you don't wanna, you don't want to get tat out ass bad yeah, so you don't get tat out sooner penetrate yeah in its rise that happens fully, another all different things that all can in enter into the equation so again congratulate why Why are you training like why you their engine? to or whatever why either so yeah. If this thing talking about where it's like. Ok, if you're like letting yourself of your kind of giving up and then justifying it with in this case, all I'm all their training for world, and in that's your ear, version of giving up, then yet as bad, but if it's like. Let's say you're like an older guy or whatever, and maybe you can losses death or whatever you like, like people doing it or do some them, and you like hate you This guy is getting not. If I rise to that level of intensity, I could get hurt or some like then, and it's like him in
I you know those you can be smart, yet right, yeah for instance, if everyone take down on your knees a little between dear. I know exactly right, that's something I need to check myself on. Sometimes it big time. What makes the, but that's a big one though like when you when you start like what I'm talking about acting yet what it is you when you allow your samurai spirit to wither that talk about when you start saying you know what I'd, rather still just keep eating, even though your get beak as the young back is coming up in here in getting a train more than you and you gotta work and pay not come to me out then yeah yeah, you still got. I like maintained that the Spirit their yeah times when people get mad aid or they they stop training or whatever, and
They they blame it on the marriage or they blame it on their careers and letting that as long as you don't I do when I do that people say also we need a small town, someone they were. You dont, managed to train a lot, but above all they always. What happened in this? We know I got got two kids and you are just working a lot cuz. I call you and I got for kids. In their new manager in their defence everybody's different the way You can t afford their net you in Are you so? Yes, that was my wife? Was good girl, yeah, I address it, does make it hard it totally does into it does make it with Kids, Anna career and stuff, like that, I was easy near agreed that allows gonna say they could be slightly its invest. At the end of the day, neither kept your war years, summary Spirit or you did it and if you
in the new you allowed these things, which our true by the way by air, is for his. What you'd, let you but of this person, this hypothetical person, If their career or family got in the way, you allow that to happen not easy, totally, not easy. So up to you the end of the day. I think samurai are never without a sword on their hip. This, means, of course, that an unarmed enemy will arm himself. So you are always expect, in my mind, always expect at your opponent is gonna be armed business. Life, whatever you're doing always x, you can. The always expect that your opponent is ready, always expect them to be ready next as a samurai, you should take here as to where your feet step as a matter. Of course, you know want to be off balance in case the annexing.
It occurs? It's pretty self explanatory, the amplifying. Information system. I have to keep themselves prepared all times you respond, they have to to react calmly in a situation without any panic boom. Again. That apply to everything. Yes, it does no doubt about it. Samurai who were not aware of the things they should know are like cats, I do not know how to catch mice, not aware of things. They should know. Samurai should be continuously thinking about military manners. Matters fail to do this at your peril Those that serve in the military should be in a continuous state of thinking of warfare to be negligent.
This will result in failure and defeat. You know I told us, I tell us, the young military people that I work with that this is your job. This is your profession and you're. Gonna do everything you can to master it, and that means what is being said right here continuously thinking about military matters, matters Any samurai who spend too much time playing ball coat oh guitar, king, the mouth, harp or playing the flute are liable to become a coward. And he reads as those in the military should never become overly infatuated infatuated with diversionary games. Hooker bout, some point, I'd like to get better. Guitar, but apparently furthering the interminable
Next Wallace samurai may be clumsy about some things. The spear the horse and the bow should not be among them. I like that this one is he samurai should make a habit of regularly listening to tales of military combat and relax on the learning found therein, this is a blatant, Jackal, broadcasting and here's. Amplifying information by listening to such tales regularly, it will keep The fresh in your mind, will act, we'll combat arises. They will be of benefit boom boom and I definitely got their feedback of gun God's good feedback about that from guys in the military they can relate cause. I'm telling you the stories that we tell over and over again there,
worries that happened, no real things. They asked fire maneuver, there's people lacking where there's the enemy doing things need these things are real and is dead We hope for the more you I wish I wouldn't know more when I was in would have been infinitely better yeah, I'm not a focus on ITER, yeah figures. Thing to you, like a kind of keeps your whole like approach to life. In that that battle frame, you know, do you so everything hollow it gives you different protection. Let's talk about, Malta is, if you were in the arm bar right from the mouth. Yes, you the one way, but you don't realize mothers there's info We different ways to do it. You can get it from the guard. You can get it from the bottom position, you can get it from across. I? U can get all the union our mark from all these different positions and every time you see it from a different angle, you get better at all of them, so
time. You see a military situation from a different angle from a leadership perspective from the ground through perspective from the cold for the hot, from the desert from the mountains. You learn something better at it yeah so also looking at things, through that, for you know whatever may be, where the beat Moser history, whatever you're, always kind looking at things in that way. Like the ice, we had this guy Macadam Uncle Joe user friendly in Hawaii, in a lawyer, in his youth really good artist, but he's climb trees and take us reclaiming, I know random hippy thing. Actually talking about booth Super good fun. Gate always be like ghostly. There's an aim that of there's an instinctive of climate humans have an instinct clippings yeah said he seems like ear hooker. Any area would be weird because he'd pull out that climbing things like I could climb up there. You know that
If you kind to have these like looking at things through frames, that heard that are useful, you know, like I think they buy, is like man. You can figure a lot of things out. Then you go out people figure out near here. They gonna videos like that for sure black thing, that's like a good shot. How that you know known non care, this Jesse Beach whatever, but I was young in the city guy and I had a friend that was your. Would a huge kind of like your friend like like to climb things that God would jump off. Things uncle Joe, would find things this guy would yes, and we were on this obstacle course is random obstacle course. Then he climbed here select climate, then he got to the top of this thing is probably let's call it eighteen feet and I'm I'm. I slid down the rope and other guys the down or open the chief that with slid down the road, and I look up any good. And he's coming like an a puzzled. Look on his face. Why
you gonna jumper, the jumpers got like all of us curious, Laconia, inquisitive, and he says I think I can. Jump down this a team, I gotta do it and the chief goes don't doing and he said I think I could make it and I said: do it and the chief says don't do it and I go Ten bucks you ve got shot up, Jacko dont! Do it and I go twenty box illegal, sharp, cheap, it can represent the jumper jobs. Did it and he made it. Don't like eighteen feet I'm just landed p, o F, P, o, f yeah. Here she landing fall only way. You break your laundry our role, condensed almost like a judo fall, but with your yeah, can you like dispersive aware as he did it, it's good man, It's my job
in a good hearted way, Norman Gardener I would be your fault you all that kind of thing. It would have been the You knew his jumping weakness. There is addiction to jumping in exploited next. Samurai should keep in their hearts the fact that they only die once forgetting this will result in failure. Samurai who forget this? This is so this. This want a little, but Turkey from Europe understand Samurai keep in their hearts. The fact they only die once for getting. This will result in failure in the. Publication on this one says samurai, who forget that they can die at any time and in any place could end up in humiliating failure in the words throwing your body into the river and relying on fate to determine if you flow to the shallows
If you love your life too much, you always end in failure. So this is what I found interesting about this, or is a dichotomy here economy to me as if, if you here too much about being alive. Then you won't take any risk and you will be too scared and you'll. That's gonna be back so that that we know that that one's bat. So we know we get that one. If you love, you have too much, you will always end in failure, maybe not always, but it's gonna If we play a role here, we too cautious you take any risk. You'll, be scared that one can be your hesitate. So we get that won the keeping your hearts that you only die once ok, so that means to me: ok, so you can diary time, I'm gonna make it worth it in my mind and make it don't make. You feel: ok, and then this whole thing about. Ok, we read it board forward. Throwing your body into the river and relying on fate to determine if you flow to the shallows
I dont know to me that could be taken to is think they're both ok number: one is ok, don't just grow, just just jump, don't jump into the river and see in black fate, decide if you're gonna make you don't know you ve, prepare new train and you're ready the other way it can be taken. As you know, one you can control everything you got to go river if you nice or yea, to make it brain. I make it either. One of those concerned we set your mind at ease and what I ve known you heard me talk. I feel it in a way the warrior kid right way to go ok. What happens you prepare everything you can, but that eventually gonna jump and see if the water current, takes you to show the water again, yes away, gonna? Be so that's the way I took out. One yeah. I read a lot into that one. I think the first one just because the other one would do with Ed can additional exploit requirement. An explanation like
so you're. Sorry, if you agree with preparing I've, neither yea, I agree with her brain. I think the of the two that you too said the first one I think, makes more sense to me that a twenty, so years, you're thinking that he meant to prepare the best building yeah Zachary, like it is kind of you we have one life and if you're gonna die, make it obliges, dont be done, I'm trying to cross the river you better die doing something time. You no kind of thing, there's one more little addition that I believe that Eric actually added here young. This is his note, the line about throwing your body into the river, relying on fate and determined. If you float the shallows is very famous: it's not that famous I googled. It couldn't find it now. He says enter battle fleet from fully committed- and perhaps you will emerge alive at the end, I think that makes some sense from its me prepare the best, your ability
Are we committed and then don't worry, but what the answer you to come here. You can't control everything. I think we're good. I think now this one I had, I had to. Dig on this one or two samurai study a great many things. However, the single focus of their learning is deaf. And then the the amplify information here, He is while samurai do intensive, training and study a variety of topics what it all boils down to is seeking death so that that kind of that one I tried to figure out what that meant, or at least what it means to me and I think to the most positive way I could get seeking deaf right. They are you really seeking death. Is that what you're trying to do will know before your help?
cause if you're seeking deaf. But you don't want to die. That's not our goal. It's an occurrence that could happen and manufacture. It's gonna happen all of us, but the I look at it is what we're trying to learn, we're trying to understand and masters death and the fear of death we get over that little. You little hurdle right, then you ve mastered that and what are actually saying, I'm going forward the unprepared then we're good. Could be also just like to say in all spheres. Seeking challenges? Go your seek one challenge. Anyone seek a bigger challenge. Nobody says, learn ass, yet much else what I mean I know you're pursuing the ultimate challenge that be like a tree. What every point break commando? Yes, plainly, I say you where you nobody he's looking for the the fifty year storm Amber same thing so he's they come
be air and all the stuff you those trying to push the limit. All these things, bank, robbery, skydiving and other stuff- and I support the fifty year storm- knows hundred percent knows it in fact, those kind of like his escape from the law catch. One of those waste dies everyone knew it did you. There were three sequel where he lived he died. It was all Canada, now the misery for us. There is room for a sickly exists, but it was the biggest little they re made the same movie, the ABC down now, not bad, eighth, eighteen, What they're doing there need a little bit too, like you could tell their turn target. Maybe some tea you do something, but not that set glad I wasn't always deny, or something this one again had had to dig a little deeper on this one you were to ask what can one It concerns a samurai,
answer. Is I want to live? I want to live k so to break that down a little bit. I look at the word concerns. And what concerns means is worries or trumps didn't, I don't think you're using a more like all that that concerns me like like. It's not say hey what what What concerns me what I'm thinking about its? What I'm worried about what I'm worried about is someone that saying I want to live. I want to live. That's what they're worried about that custom. That single one eleven, I think you can apply this to a lot of stuff less. Negotiation right, the negotiation with somebody you're saying I want when this deal, I wireless dealer what you're out a position of weakness,
so even in business you can have the position of live only about one about risk or this deal about Wanna make don't get this deal but like no you, if you're actually negotiating need, be able to walk away from the deal and say no we're done about. Strangely they say the same thing about picking up girls. Same thing, yes if you're all like described get this growth. A girl doesn't want to be with a guy. Ass Brutus reduce the Amplification here says in answer to question. What do samurai worry about? The answer is having the desire to extend their own life is something worth regretting SAM, guy who value their own wives are not worth a farthing, so we ve got that's I think you need to be able to set aside that. Well, I think it applies with it, I think, applies everywhere if you're so concepts like engine,
You didn't hear interest only concerned about waiting and did not tapping out you're, not gonna, learn I need an even worse you're not going to compete you're, not even wrong with nothing to do well. Yeah If so I perhaps yeah it's to place. A lot for here is a good one. It is important to understand that should the mirror in a samurai heart be unclouded than the opponent will be clearly reflected in it good one. Air provocation any samurai whose we'll is firm, can be. Described as having a mind that is unclouded So if you will is firm, think about that. If you It was firm can be described as having a mindset is unclouded in such a state. The strengths and weaknesses of the opponent will be perfectly reflected.
Next samurai cast off thoughts of both life and death. Their mind is set on moving forward ample. The samurai do not dwell even for a moment on whether they live or die. Fulfilling their mission require samurai to advance. It is what they do best. What they were made for. You is. I think that that one breaks down to being able to clear your mind on what happened. The last go round, not worried about the future, not worried about the black when you're doing something like If you're competing. You make a mistake. You have to put that on your brain completely and you need to be okay. If the mistake happened, or you did something great, you can't jump up and down to be all happy about that, and you need to just clear your mind and keep the mind empty. You can't get freaked out about
the net shot or the last shot. Do we learn that in shooting? What would like this is something you see all the time when we're shooting would you little basically when you're shooting in the teams. Everything is a competition and needs guy, you shoot head plates in they'd, have six had placed in a row. What's the steel plate about this, Go ahead and you're gonna shoot him and we shouldn't you in so we know if he had a risk, as was ping pimping pimping and if you see a guy that can put them last one out of their head here. You know it's ping pink pin. Did you bring Mad change is bad. Guy gets really good. He'll miss just deal dismiss. It doesn't even think about it. You here you're paying pink into pink playing. Ping, no no factor yeah it's. It is the proverbial
joking you're! Only as she'll get the air like wiseguy choking at the ceiling. Being one can train your mind to do that. Can train your mile. Do that's where you just and actually when I be shooting a lot. I could get to that point. And then, if I'm not shooting a bunch, I would lose that an almost an addict pink. Ya, get frustrated doing regularly you get that capacity and of older. You get the more you do it, the more you can to save, not don't care. You know what a phrase would would the boot always wear with me when someone like you, ve a culture, something where anyone you. Have this where we like you, you'd, be winning the whole gang and in the fourth quarter it's like. Oh, my god, we just round the clock out. Oh you have that feeling in Gaza choke a lot of time, and that's that and the other team is thinking the exact opposite. We then remove we're gonna hit unwilling to take risks when it do you know. So, that's why guys can win or teams can win at the lot.
Minute, even though we ve been getting asked old, videogame fights kind of like to boil over areas seem D. Like, moreover, will on enough for some but either way there, but that He's out always held me as if someone would just put him right since a finnish strong too, Deniston thronged IKEA. It's almost like, though, are the sleeper through or something you know something like that. That indicates dont let up at the end. Mentally? You know just go to keep pushing the way you, but that is a little bit different, then getting distracted by what just happened. Yeah, but they say again it is a little bit different, but in its political role, when you paid for by what was it, you are trying to do each play. Were you or your receiver here? Ok, let's say you, Mr Catch, that you should a cop. He had failed to put that on your head right, so you it it's just a mental state where it's like finnish, strong, finnish, strong in your mind, you know so yeah, don't worry about year introduced. I get this all the time
in order to win match and then had when another one minute that away like matches telephone two matches. I d start feeling. This pressure is something on which who match win. Streak is about to come to an end at all like depression than you win, one more than the pressures. Even more is weird. It's like I wish they I wish I was done is weird Oda. But if someone would say something along the lines of Finnish strongly would just cure the whole thing, because you think, about. All these were met. Refer you off with it and all the pressure, Somebody say something to you that would make you freak out even more yeah, what we really not more, if someone's it all, you got this or if someone says hey at least you made it this far. Would you them? That is what would you do with kids? It would do no I'd like I got kids, you got kids too, but you know you got kids that are doing something competitive did you two are wrestling that's it are winning end and you could tell him hey you ve done
Good so far got there have fun, which is cool or You could say hey! You need to focus more now, but a good you to these people getting tougher both of those two meat would throw me. Because when you say just You made it this far. That tells them that it's ok did not to be to check out so depends on what their state of mind is to go into that that comment or take me, what does it mean when he says most of the time I feel like I want to tell people either people I'm coaching, well. No, I will. I shouldn't say that when I want to tell my kids relax go out, there have fun go out and have a good time because I think that is easier on their brains and into what your point was earlier. When people let loose they need. Don't feel the pressure they tend to perform better yeah yeah. I grew that fully. But if it's like
if that's like kind of the underlying attitude like relax, have fun, we go so what math first match last finals met whatever then, yes, I think so. But if it's like come on you, you got will the news, youth and then right when it gets to the final, then you say: ok here it is far so let's lawyers as bad. I think he can deadlines and all they take it, but if they take it I didn't say: relax I've got there. Have I gotta go up there do what you do. I say that, ok, so if made it this, like art, Mme fight a blockade, do what you do. That's got to say Someone told me that go. Do you do that would really be a corridor? Go! Do what you do yeah, that's good stuff to say to me, but anything to put pressure on me like, if you do this, you win like it all in one more match and that their no don't say or terrorist like with coaching Mme, if you would get a guy in a it, get it two guys head- do not get taken down in a corner that you We really are to take that person down here and when
and you too soon. If you get taken out assumed before you can get on the ground, you get back up, you get that peat that my is going to be really hard for someone taken down whole mercury panic we basically pagan git. You know so interesting. Here's a good one- and this is actually the last one fittingly Not engaging in any form of study will cause your mind to wander. This will result in your spirit becoming unfocused and the apple. Asian. There is nothing wrong with daydreaming, but if you study. Your spirit will become focused on in shape to deal with certain thing that shape will then become lost in turn, There is a song that goes. The drifting in becoming lost is what the mine does. It becomes spirit. The Mai,
and of your spirit do allow your mind to do this and yet. I think that that's. That's something that we actually talk about. All time in fact, that may be the very purpose of me doing. Everything that we do, which You know, studying and learning, and to go back to the question that that Eric the translator posed me. Can any of the rules in this book applied a modern warfare? as I said, not only do they apply to modern warfare, they apply to life and the thing is: there's nothing really new here right, just like an hour walk, there's nothing really new here, but that doesn't mean that there's nothing
really new here, there's always something new which sure we ve heard these lessons. Before right. We ve heard em from Dick winners. We ve heard him from Bob Hoffman we for them from General Patten in hack worth, and we heard from wooden leg and I said this on the first part- gas- that we did the first, gas, that we did, I said you know what to do. You know to be balanced, And you know it worked out and you know not be gluttonous with food, and you know you shouldn't sleep late and you know you keep things clean and organised, and you know that
struggles now will be rewarded in the future, so you must endure indoor endure the hardship endure. The suffering endure. The pain of discipline endure the pain of discipline that in the future, you can have the reward, and we know what that reward is several ward for discipline is freedom, and I think that is all I've got for tonight. So echo speaking of rewards and
freedom and trying to get better. Do you have any suggestions on maybe some ways to get better for people air ways that might also, at the same time, simultaneously support this podcast if people want to Do something very very want to also, I think it is in where did and beneficial to add that you know when you door. The suffering pain that metaphor for the most part numbed it's real paint, Bela and suffering real real but- you do that enough and you get used to it and to the point where you kind of like require it in a way that you can. I wanted a you know how I used to go on like like a strict diet, It may be hungry alive, but same time evaded. It would be really effective with a good worker program and then so when I go
if the programme you can you know if you can almost like for like a better terms like toxic like just back at you, know, you almost a kind of miss that hunger- and you know that can associate the hunger they always have with like being in good shape. In vain perform boy, it kind of like that's unexampled like how it can be you you know like, yeah. No letters are eating. I don't know it's weird, you don't even have to amplify stew. It likely you're on the programme. Yet can it feels good you're on your programme, your suffering for sure there's some according quote suffering there, but they feel good enough. You will need to deal with forty when you think about that opposite of that, which is when you are. The programme is, and you feel like a rap. Any new, and yet will you do to make us feel better. What do you do instead of going on the programme? you go there? You go to the sleeve Oreo sneer. That lie the answer. Yet that's like that. I shall answer yeah that
good, let's see inside gratification, yeah right It's weird opposite. Struggling now. Did you eat you you're? Not enduring now you're not facing the pay. If this now looking for a short term reward. So that's. Why that's? Why says that in the book I said in the book, the few men right You're on the path: it's it's ease, you're to stay on the path and when you fall off the path man, people, people just gets. They got the down yeah, it's like E4. For Rick in those I have mentioned. This is a trick. You might need a girl like that you're getting it is hands eyeing him. You know when you, you followed the policing when you feel like crap cause you're off the programme in the
that you're off the programme. Aside from just your physical physicality, you feel like crap Sega alleviate that feeling. So you go to something. That's gonna, give you pleasure, but guess what wrong pleasure you and short term when you needed onto you, certainly do. That is a good, a good thing. I do that when let it don't feel. I've been traveling, been eating, crap the waiting It back on the way to feel good again is just to hate yourself. I guess I'm still gets on. Do good catholic good couple base like us you're in the in the few men who have got these various work out and There's some of those in there that are just for not court an absence as we call it, but core programmes that are fundamental I kind of nowhere on on autumn and even if I'm not gonna, go in there do a wreck. Performance it'll put me back
track it'll it'll clean my system? mentally and physically that's good place to do staying where you have a girlfriend You gonna fight or something like that or the break up with the whatever whatever you know, something that makes you in a bad mood. For whatever reason a cigar the Jim and do eat like shoulders or chest work us something that would give like a really really hard painful pomp of that kind, like twelve fifteen right like a mediating between do. Like eight said to those massively pumped, for some reason I dispute that's the same thing. That's what I'm talkin about! The way it can give yourself for me. You got You got some work out set are just fundamental. I don't know what this european name for, like medicine, damn medicine, medicine, the medicine work out you gonna have some of those medicine work out there. Just put you back on the path,
and then you know what do fast to twenty four hours. That's Baltic. Do twenty four hour. You feel you feel good. I'm telling you you good yeah like fifteen, now actually pretty off into and you're right. Strangely right here, I just read another article. How do I read to articles people, people tweet him to me, One of them was about the determining fasting. Would guess what it's good for you? and then the other one was about this whole depletion of. Will this old not yeah. Well, that's why what I was right goes into were wrong. What they are saying, I think, with what you're saying I think there is like us unless you're saying it straight up wrong, what there's no no theirs. I just read an article today that is wrong, that this idea of the depletion of what each of you. If you to resist this chocolate chip, cookie win win.
In in twenty minutes. You won't be able to resist the cake. Could you just can't resist unless it's a lie, its neither proving now? It is not true, not true, feel like that. The psychological state so might Harry from individual, but one I'm saying if you, if you're on the programme and you tell a medicine in the morning I'm telling you it's easier to hold the line the more. Hold the lie that users to hold the line that gestures. That's the truth gets up speaking a hotel Obama line and the truth by the way jocular some supplements jacket opponents crude oil, the main one in joint warfare, soul, joint warfare, glucose mean in concrete and procurement, which is the other there's it's not just glucose me and control is Kirk Human,
what is more goodness privilege, office, some stuff to wage warfare against joint inflammation pain, deregulation, the esa and that's a big deal because again I must say I said before, but I think this is critical. I mean you know, I'm sure, there's likes supplements are happy. Your muscles if you're into building, I am sure there is, but really You can maintain your joints, especially if you you get to pushing Wade's any kind of like like an old, and I make movement yeah. You know because you joints take those that brought any degenerate overtime. Oh they do is out. Having here over here, not for generating among joint, more furious data generating yeah, I dig in the
this is one of the krill oil thing. I'm not embarrassed cuz, it's kind of a funny story at my expense in a little bit funny funny, but it is that I was looking for a oil to my father. Now. I know the truth like over you're pushing crude liking I mean Brian, his name is Brian of the retreat. In Maine Brian, the black belt, they came so I care Kennedy. Contact with him you sexy, he's. Ok, you have any like. What's the coolest album in through, whereas I pray you know, and I sent him something might induce you to report back to us. Like the other day. In life. I'm straight up, pushing it till great about an old timer, nothing here. They may give them some, but I thank you and you get benefits for some time. Then you'd like pushing on other people. Some people do it with. Regarding. We pick sure this various things enough books, music,
Why do we do that with music like if you don't like my meat, you don't like he'll, be like hey, listen to this song, it's the best song and then, like you, don't like it and I'm actually mad at Or your mad at me cause you don't like it! Why there, because I don't like your music gravel. I think we very clearly to our identity and enjoy this kind of dude cruel for my identity, Vienna. It's part of my joy identity. I can tell you that and joint work for good ones. Also a week. I didn't tell you where you can get this joint warfare in supercool, origin, main Dhaka, click on the top, the labs actually on the front page too it's on Jack was store to buy the wage up a start at home. They shrieking get it. If you want it, if you want it people been asking for a subscription? Like recovery after you get it everyone, that's what it should be. I know we get it set up here.
ITALY is into the last three pills ILO or even six you take. The three liking only have three laughing. I gotta think this tomorrow year after tomorrow, you know today, shipping Lilith overnight chicken situation there you dont want to do that to yourself. I know you, don't he actually furled we'll get back out on his good idea. Thank you. Jacko in PETE also there's some good guys on their jacuzzi chuckled. The rascal start with that merkin hands I've worn it many times. Can I talk about nineteen percent improvement in performance and at TAT, though by Andy, so far no got I'll pay you to me, if the latter lily different normal right. Yes, but literary. Could I couldn't resist lady, I'm just saying that yours do. I can confirm really, but but
if you remember, I was wearing one of our ass. Smart. Big area and are a kind of guy got after right an end so really Leary year, nineteen plus and mining nineteen plus kind of cancelled itself, arguer really, but I felt like. Maybe if you got nineteen, I felt like that day. I had twenty six Marcel doing twenty six year, you're, bringing it like a twenty six You weren't typically, don't wear that right. You don't really were asking how much you were happy on the final. Getting no, little colbrand, you literally said I saw that coming year, and that was one of those comments that was meant to Qaeda deflate. My victory. Like tat, you saw it coming and it was so obvious and it was just like you'd. I've got lucky and by the war, and I just-
I just said a yak. Definitely really telegraph. I didn't say you gotta believe how pathetic it is me to give you a breakdown of your Gill, EU guillotined cobra, which It is even more so than the guillotine. Like you, such a good, waited to get you one of those guys it like you're, probably walkin like right now, you think about guillotine renowned. Yes, that's I think that's what it feels a lot so thick when you go for it, it just lands perfectly it's not behind. Where are you now Nominal adjustments made no no adjustment, so it's gotten to the point over literally that what a debt like almost a decade of training with you in that thing, getting sunk in that efficiently. On my own, NATO has one repaired, but you got that far from the truth.
Like my body, like knows that we ve been here before the thought my brain is almost like. I can feel my brain as a separate entity telling one my body. Sometimes if I get you in a deity, let you go crazy, trying to defend it and then like and you'll get out, in the next one hour we like yeah, he's going down like men, onawandah beef again could well what I had to do to get out of that. First, as a bright can't do work, it's not worth it. That's exactly what it is and I think that's homer body reacts when I feel like it. Sunk in a comment, and we ve been down this road same outcome it is used to that outcomes are just kind of that's what it feels like, and I think that's part of what I meant it's like, I think, are that come. I think your body is ok with me getting. I think so. I dont like the fact that its like only, I think I think talking about it might help or it might straight up, not rash guards geese,
made in America, which is awesome. So that's awesome, everyone should know, and then become like make of yes. Yes, they don't like shipping some stuff and then hey guys. Look here we starting to make yet, even though it's been you yeah, they we could make a from a thread and gave the keys could produce good. Are the real? Come you? No doubt the origin italian video Megan. I got Megan confused with with Amanda, by the way, how long story I'm going to write nonetheless, videos out they can meet the video good one. Actually, you kind of me the video to even now. Listen it nonetheless, Doc is gives out other guys on origin, all good, Two other ones so three or gin geese altogether me only geese. Everywhere. I think, unless someone else can
make your their own material in America and Enol provide the same everything that maybe maybe not seen as a rain of is also kettlebells be updated. My kettlebells situation, I'm addicted, I'm addicted to collect, and doing a further one more that the Cyclops from on it, the designer I do what you call it the regulation, regular ones, none of those in a way Cyclops. I think his forty something palms only got one, I'm gettin after our do anyway. The good thing about these is, they are balanced, love him and from what I hear I dont know, but from what I hear like a lot of the designer ones are not balanced, since it is a balanced and therefore the ones I use and am addicted to the work, start slow with these. When you do it, though, are you still doing a lot
cattle bill C. I do decent marketable seals. Do some Turkish get up the other day you ever? I didn't get that I thought I was going get really into turkish get, but I did a few times interest it didn't you didn't say you re emails, understand stuff to sticks, even those coo EE. Oh, you know what it was. I did with the thirty five on one that I do with the fifty four power one and I was ten, his is a good exercise hard, and then I went online to look up exercise in the new ones with guys doing it. With a hundred eighty five pounds, may maybe I just got discouraged, I got encouraged Ah, you take. It is like a town, India. Dear me, my whole outlook is different. When you do these kettlebells, if you want the cool ones to me, kettlebells or don't, but if you want an extra dope eager on Dhaka, slashed Jackal get your kid above their just look at. Without light ones, everyone's icy start labour,
Whatever your level is also, When you get your copy of what is the do translated hundred rules of war. Yes, yet again put UR browser rocks. Are there see. That's really Eric and ok. So I put these books, all these books. If you didn't already said again, I put all the books on our website jackpot gas dot com. For this very reason, Jocker does not a pronounced some of this stuff. No especially the japanese stuff, in only comes to me for help help its now smooth process is what I'm saying so I tried to smooth it out little bit dark come on the tops, his books from the episode click on there, let this episode, what one or one move from episode, one or one hundred rules of war, even though this only ninety seven, if you'd want some other book. You can still click through lend support
just be an if you buy a book that is completely off of what we would normally talk about. Yeah like free, like what and that's not about war, the lion the which, in the wardrobe their few go to buy that book, you can just Clayton he'll supports the parting for doesn't have to be the boat, but when you buy a display anyone's, do not write a book and if you buy an dealt lives of clubs, de la more grocery beg holders even though I don't recommend that stuff. If you carry grocery she came with your hands both hands all about you by the way yet take you there so on a website job. I guess dotcom good way to support so subscribed about gas. If you have an already on Itunes did stitches we'll play
Spotify. Is that I don't you know about a fact modifies. Ninety kick him out of the union, but there's a bunch any part casting platform on the spot of eyes. One of em we're we must respond to fight than you could play it on Alexa, but I feel a little extra now you can say supply. The latest Jacko podcast, actually in to split hairs. What it's called Amazon ECHO elects its just the name you say yeah, but what you say so, as far as I know, you said you can get it Alexa looks like technically rounded efforts. Want us to go in correct and it saying and doing the right thing. That's nonetheless, subject If you have an already is put it this way, nothing subscribe and clean. So Scribe is a good way to support, also on Youtube strategy do tunnel some videos on their excerpts, not as many excerpts as I did last week this week, because I got and learn this new video thing, but we
what earlier I won't go into it, but make its beauty technical, but I want getting like obsessed with it so like for, I think, he's like eleven hours a day. Three days and making this clip. That's like three seconds locked saw it. I didn't get to the excerpts is one thing, but as I think there is, I think, its view that are releases can have some new things to it. My something that only I'm noticing- maybe maybe not, but nonetheless, that's gonna be out, is either way there is subscribed to its goodwill, support yeah wanna? Do you tube live figure out? How to do that? the art so as to why you see you to bright random area like a facebook. Live there too because I think it be called restored on Youtube incentives, door on Facebook, right yeah. I think is the matter of yes, it does.
Ultimately, it is a video yeah, but if it's a vivid stored on on you, two people can go back and be reading it and whatever and why should I watch and yet it is unfair look it's way buried in some random yeah, yeah you're few feet there. Would you call it The idea timeline. Whatever you do. Zack on that level. You too does a girl to subscribe, got some other video. The site from just a video version of the spot, guess that's good The main reason I think to subscribe. If you're interested in that kind of stuff, you can say no, you can get a notification. If you don't, you don't need it, but you can also check with a store called Jockostore Chocolate store. Dot com got some new stuff on their straight up. Rush hoodies are up. I know I've been seen it but thereof That is one of hats got some hat I,
I'm putting beans on there. Does that's good. I hope your thick bees their regular. I didn't know: there's nothing. I've been doing some research. This is a good beanie. Norka from all I can extract pleaded, although you know the advice, online, and these are the good ones also some new rash guards get a new rash card is a rash. That says, small action on one side, big reaction on the other side, when I worked for the first time, Keeling Taylor said he'd eat enough, he didn't know the layers but he saw you like the essence of digital, because it is right, marked and big reactions. What we're hoping for an interesting queuing, judo killing. Yeah. He knew he knows about the way, also
learn some women stuff on there, which is cool, I think, from patches on there sure it's an avenue sure coming up. I don't have any You have a new shelter. We now do, I know what it is: nope interesting, a yet alive. They'll get input from the online people from the people and a kind of, You know I love most determined like one off things. You know like oil. Douglas is one thing. This is one time back. I really liked it. Move would make a great you're kind of thing in him, although their usually right a lot of times and they can maybe them not translate into real picky, and I'm here we're put it so. A lot of people have to hit me with it. Broker. Hens is one of those I have actually mentioned before. It's called back to the book. I think it's coming Britain into announced community juggled, store, Jacko, store, Doc, come take a look at this stuff on UR pc, something like it, something also psychological.
On all of our. This would psychological offers on all of our journeys. I'm going back to Journey someone requested somewhere the it was actually better then campaign or journey. But I forget what it was. Those better does not damage knows better black hair member. I see long stuff. That's three do see lustre well on our campaign against weakness journey everyone's while will run into roadblocks points of weakness. Hopefully, less than more more times than that we don't. We know you're, consumes a very critical leave not very often, but one, the on infrequent time? Comes we run into those weaknesses? You said on infrequent time: that's cool until we know what you mean broke, the not frequent here, the rare time that you run into weaknesses. Do not worry cause psychologically.
Warfare is an album with tracks that helps you right through that most situations pretty much all situations. Really. We can up early peacekeeping, workout procrastination, stain on the programme. Diet, while others to Mr Monti tracks on there and its Go telling you pragmatically ways that you can practice with practical right, practical meaning. You can practice these things. It's not just some philosophical. Slash inspirational. Did it do yet more do practical, Canada team word for it, but nonetheless practical advice coming directly from shock of directly into your ear on. Why shouldn't give given these weaknesses slick little spot in your campaign. That's what psychological warfare is good, thrill gonna the latter without number one spoken word items on Itunes for about nine months and finally, got beat now by another album
I was reading feel manual. Witches people keep asking me it available as an album with tracks on Itunes, Amazon, music, Google play in other mp3 platforms so, on Amazon you can get Jocker White T what's good about Jack, a white tee is, if you drink, John away t you are guaranteed one hundred percent be able to dead, lift eight thousand pounds, minimum minimum you what your body weight, one, twenty five thousand pounds lift so the guarantee like that we're looking pretty Yeah right out there, some books way the warrior kid by the way, just finished, where the work it book number to what the being or the draft the drought. Even when there can be some edits, yea the story. The story is completely: don't it It's too my nephew read it did. He said it's better than the first one.
That's a lot to lose a second enough me little message and yours message said: hey Uncle message said: that's what he said and he's the he's in fifth grade. So pretty. Accurate assessment resuming from him study, but the book number one is outright now and it is the book you wish you when you were a kid. I wish I hadn't when I was a kid who didn't have. No one had had written and learn the lessons so If you want to give a kid, a better life in this book Also extreme ownership check it out. New edition is coming out better fact. Let me rephrase that New edition is out. It is available right now has a new forward in it. When we talk about kind of what we since the book came out, has color pictures in it. Pictures as
echoes name in it- flies echoes naval, echoes name. It is isn't it because we took you know from upon asked about leadership and put the really important questions and answers in there. So you can refer back to them without having to go through. You didn't one podcast and find the one question that you want to get enough now you can find it in the book. Also, it's got a new cover on it, which is black, more cool and do you know because the cuban AY is from you. I gotta need to thank everyone, because this book is not just lay from me anymore. Now do if, in the end, echo and everyone that asked questions and help with broadcast by asking questions zone thanks to you all for the new version of our new book? Also, the discipline equals Freedom field manual is now
available worldwide, and if you ve got questions This book, as answers, if you're wondering what work out, should I do what more large. Should I train in how do I know what a good get to Jimmy's? What should I eat? What should I do when I'm injured? What should I do if I don't feel like working out? What should I do something bad happened? So should I overcome failure? If you got those kind of questions, this book has the answers. Just one equals freedom field manual, get it for you of an did it for anyone else that might want answers to these questions. The book is normal, it's not normal. I know it's not me. Cause. You know why not now know the book is its black. And the book in only has a black cover, his black pages as well. So some people, don't like that And you know what I said: don't read it yeah, you don't. If you don't want to read that gold don't read it
and, as I said, if you want to get the book, audio. It is not on audible, it is on. Mp3 has now with traction, get it to Itunes, Amazon, music and Google play that way. You can listen to it as an album with tracks. This is about Could you don't sit? If not a story? It's not a story. You might want to listen to one section of it at a different time. You might be saying hey. I need to listen to a section about stronger mode? How do I get to destroy about one that you might read about the fear of failure. We to the fear, failure. One day you might need sugar coated lies one day you might one here the war path. So when you have it as now with tracks, you can listen to, and whatever were you want, You can set it as your alarm. You can put it in your play list. That kind of
what you can do with a lame audible book so that that also, if you like the leadership principles that we talk about on this point, can, I send you want to get them for your team or business that you we have a leadership and management consulting company. It's the premier leadership and management consulting company. Did I say that? Yes, I did question on front me. Lafe, Jp Dave, Burke,. If you want us to come and work with your company and get your leadership aligned and get your leadership in to destroy your mode, email, influential echelon, front dot com, and if you have any more questions, were answers for us or something that you want to tell us. You can find us up on the into webs on Twitter on Instagram and on
a day she bore go is an echo Charles, and I am at Java willing. And to the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, who are receives right now, ending or nation, and our freedom. Thank you for your sacrifice and to the families of those men and women thanks, or supporting your warriors. While they are deployed, one of the hardest jobs in the world and thank you for doing it and to the police law, Foresman fire fighters, paramedics and other first responders. Thank you for protecting us here at home. You do not get thanked enough. I'm thinkin you right now. And for the rest, you out there. Maneuvering through life, trying to get the upper hand on the enemy or the commission
The door or trying to get the upper hand and git true of yourself. You know what to do. You know what action to take. You know how to win so get out there and get after it, and so until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko out.
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