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103: Human Will is a Super Power When Called Upon. "Recollections of Rifleman Harris"

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This is Jacko Podcast number one hundred and three with ECHO Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo good evening whilst lying at Winchester Young. As I was in the profession I was picked out, next others to perform a piece of duty that for many years afterwards remain deep impressed upon my mind and gave me the floor impression of the stern duties of a soldier's life, a private of the seventieth regiment, had deserted from that core and after words enlisted into several other regiments. Indeed, I was told that the time that fifteen different times. He had received the bounty and then stolen off. Being. However, caught at last, he was brought to trial at Portsmouth and sentence
by general court martial to be shot as the execution would be a good hint to us. A young uns there, wherefore lads picked out of our core to assist in this piece of duty myself being one of the number chosen. Besides these men force yours from three other regiments, were ordered. The firing party, making sixteen at all the of execution was ports. Down hill and the different regiments assembled must have compose to force of about fifteen thousand men having been assent both from the Isle of Wight from Chester, go sport and other places. The site was very imposing and appeared to make a deep impression on all there As for myself, I felt that I would have given a good
Round some had I possessed it to have been in Any other situation, rather than one rather than the one, which I now found myself and when I Looked into the faces of my companions, I saw by the pallor excite anxiety depicted in countenance the reflection of my own feelings. When all was ready. We were moved to the front and the culprit was brought out. He made a short speech to the parade. Acknowledging the justice of his sentence and that drink, An evil company had brought the punishment upon him. He behaved himself firmly and well and did not seem to French at all. After being blindfolded He does. He was desired to kneel down behind a coffin which was placed
the ground and the drum major of the depot giving ass, an expressive glance we immediately commenced to loading. This was done in the deepest silence and the next moment we were primed and ready. There was then, a dreadful pause for a few moments and the drum major again looking towards us gave us the signal agreed upon before a floor. Of his cane and we levelled and fired. We had been previously strictly enjoined to be steady and take good aim. And the poor fellow pierced by several balls fell. Heavily upon his back. As he lay with his arms penny two sides, I observe
that. His hands waived for a few moments like the fins on a fish when, in the agonies of death, the drum made You're also observes the movement and making another signal for us. Our party immediately stepped up to the prostrate body and play. In the muzzles of their pieces to the head, fired and put him out of his misery, the different regiments than Fell back by companies and the word being given to March passed in slow time when each company came in line with the body. The word was, to mark time, and then eyes left in order that we all might observe the terrible example. We then moved onwards and March from the ground to our different quarters. In that
Is from a book called recollections of Riflemen Harris. Who was an enlisted soldier the british Army, during the Napoleon ethnic wars, and that was his welcome to the army. He'd been in for about three weeks of service. When he had do stand and x acute a fellow soldier for basically being drunk and disorderly, not doing what he was supposed to do, but essentially knee was being executed for being a human being And that was the introduction to military service for Riflemen Harrison from an his full name. Was Benjamin Randal Harris he enlisted in eighteen o three. He fought all over Europe
The peninsular war, which, who's, the bourbons, Spain, the kingdom of Portugal and the british Empire against Napoleon's French Empire and Bonapartist Spain, and also the duchy Warsaw, This is a war where they have daggers and swords, and bayonets and mounted cavalry charges: have cannons and They used a lot of muzzle loading rifles which a skilled rifleman. Could loading fire about, three times per minute, accurate out to about two hundred yards very different from the weapons that we have now, which can fire free. In a second. And are very accurate out to eight hundred
our two thousand yards and some sniper weapons way further than that But even though these weapons are different from the weapons we see in modern warfare, As always, in the end, it is men, it is human beings on the battlefield, bleeding wedding, starving, suffering, killing and being killed, let's find out a little bit more. About Riflemen Harris going back to the book My father was a shepherd and I was a sheep boy from my earliest youth
deed. As soon as almost I could run, I begin helping my father to look after the sheep on the downs of blank endorse. It sure where I was born Whilst I continued to ten the flocks and herds under my charge, occasionally in the long winter nights. I learned. The art making shoes. I grew up. The little chap and was one fine day in the year of eighteen, o two drawn as a soldier for the army of reserve. Without troubling myself much about the change, which was about to take place in the choir. Of my routine days. I was drunk did into the sixty sixth regiment of foot bid good lie to my shepherd companions and was obliged leave my father without an assistant to collect his flocks, just as you beginning more than ever to require one nay indeed if I may say, to want tending in looking after himself for all day
an infirmary we're coming on him. His hair was growing white as the sleep of our downs and his countenance becoming, furrowed as the ploughed fields around. However, as I had no choice in the matter. Quite as well that I did not agree. Over my fate father tried hard to buy me off and would have precise. Waited the sergeant of the sixty sixth that I was of no use as a soldier from having maimed my right hand by breaking the law we're finger when I was a child. The sorry. And, however, said I was just the sort of little chap he wanted and off he went carrying me amongst a batch of recruits. He'd collected away with him. Sheepherder dad's getting old army comes and gets you that's the way it works. England, one thousand eight hundred and two
Now he travels around a little bit and eventually ends up in Dublin. And here we go back to book whilst in Dublin I one day saw core of the ninety fifth rifles and fell so in love with their smart. Dashing devil may care appearance that nothing would serve me until I was a riflemen myself so, Arriving at cash will one day. Falling in with the recruiting party of that regiment, I volunteered into the second battalion. This Brooding party were all Irishman and I ended and sent over from England to collect, amongst others, men from. The irish militia and were just about, returned to England. I think they were reckless and devil may care a set of men. I had ever been beheld, either before or since so these these riflemen. I I would say, from what I read about them
there, there almost like a special ops unit and one bit differences there wearing instead of wearing red jackets like the Brits where this time they wore green. So they will be different and They had more accurate rifles and they would fight. They would do with skirmishing, which is is fundamentally cover, move, they'd, shoot and ignorant over the did. Like little special operations, troops out there and, of course, its inch, thing to me in here this guy talking about the first time he saw someone a little bit like a special operations. Troop he said, We actually says I fell in love. You know, that's that's very much how I felt as I was grown up, the more I saw. You know the special ops it is actually doing you need to be special opts. For me, it was just someone in the military.
But then he was already in the military. Now is looking for the next day. What's the next thing, gonna be in a hurry ends up as as a rifle. So he's now arrived. Many joints he moves over to their regiment, and here we go back but the next day we marched for Ashford in Kent, where I joined the ninety four rifles and about six weeks after my joining for companies of the second battalion were ordered on the expedition to Denmark. We embarked at deal and sailing for hostile shores landed on a little place called. I think, scarlet Island, the x mission consisted of about thirty thousand men at the moment of our getting on shore. The whole force set up one simultaneous and tremendous cheer a sound I cannot describe it seems so inspiring. Indeed, was the fur time of my hearing the style and which our men give tongue when they, near the enemy, though afterwards, my
became pretty well accustomed to such sounds since we got on shore, the rifles were pushed pushed forward and we says the rifles he's talking about his guys. The right Those were pushed forward as the advance in chain order through some thick woods of fur, and when we had clear, These words and approached Copenhagen centuries were posted on the roads and openings leading towards the town in order to intercept all comers and prevent all supplies. Such posts were you buy for about three days and nights. Whilst the town was being fired upon by our shipping. I rather think this is the first time of the com grieve Rockets being brought into play and they rushed through the air in the dark they appeared so like so many fiery serpents creating. I should think terrible dismay among the besieged the Congress Rockets They basically look like giant bottle rockets in a way, and they got at
time, they were getting arrange out to fifteen hundred two thousand meters, so it was a pretty crazy weapon and- and I can tell you rockets in this day and age have become fairly accurate, but in those days you'd, probably about as accurate as a bottle rocket. My guess back to look as the main army came up, we advanced and got as near under the walls of the places we could without being endangered by the fire from our own shipping. So what's happening right, there's cover move, the shipping is bombarding in. These guys are advancing as close as they can. Where they're not gonna, get killed by their own by their own fire from the ships We now received orders ourselves to commence firing and the rattling of the guns I shall not easily forget, I felt so much exhilarated that I could hardly keep back and was checked by the commander of the company, who called me by my name to keep my place about this time. My
rank man. A tall fellow named Jack Johnson showed it its position as, though, Firing had an effect on him, the reverse of what it has had on many others of the company, for he seemed inclined to hang back and once or twice turned round in my face was a rear rank man importing my piece in the excitement of the moment. I saw that if he did not keep his ground, I would shoot him dead on the spot so that he found it, he would go on so that he found it would be quite as Danes was for him to return as to go on I feel sorry to record the want of courage of this man, but do so with the less pain it gives me the opportunity of saying that during my many years of arduous service is the only instance I remember of a british soldier endeavouring to hold back when his comrades were moving forward. Indeed,
Johnson was never held again an estimation among the rifle corps for the story, got wind that I had threatened to shoot him for cowardice in the field and Lieutenant Cox mentioned to the colonel that he'd overheard my doing so and such was the contempt the man was held in by the rifles that he was soon afterwards removed go first time under fire, its interesting how Riflemen Harris first time under fire he wants to get after. He is rated charge and only one guy out of their whole crew is looking like he's gonna hold back and they talk about reputation here in that's, definitely something that is when you get to this you'll teams as your new guy, someone tells you Does your reputation is everything in its totally true? and the same in any military organization? What your reputation is because
because in an order, you think ranks all important right. Now but the reality is there something that completely chops rank and that's rapid view, and if you're I mean I was talked about, the fact that- fish and chips are more important than chain of command, but you're not and have a good relationship with people. If you don't have a good reputation is not happening so mixer same thing can a o three back to them. Whilst in Denmark we lead a tolerably active life, the rifles being continually on the alert ordered, today and demanded the next occasion we also We had some pleasant adventures among the blue, eyed danish lasses for the rifles were always terrible fellows in that way, think that doesn't need too much explanation,
They all say this, as I always say after fast forward, through this book and reading the entire book, even though the entire book is awesome in this point, this point here, they're embarking for first Portugal we have another another campaign to go on back to the book I I could picture the splendid sight of the shipping in the downs at the time we embarked with about twenty thousand men, those four times which are so, which the soldiers of our own more peaceable days, have conception of so this book was written. Before World WAR One and then really. This was the the last big war is the more that he went through. The napoleonic wars, so he's kind of he's going to say you don't even know what this is like anymore you, don't know what it's like
you don't know. In the day, the the soldiers of our own more peaceable days have little conception of what it's like to embark. Twenty thousand troops to get ready go, get some. Back to the book. We sailed majestically out of the cove of cork for hostile shore, where we would safely arrived in disembarked at Mondego Bay the rifles were first out of the vessels, for we were indeed always in front of the advance and always in the rear in retreat, like that, Dish, men of old. We claim the post of honour in the field. I try to figure out what that, Kentish man can't is obviously a place, an end as for the best I could figure out was that the people in Kent stood up hard core against the Norman invasion. By thing that's that references to Usher, Somebody'Ll correct me in. I hope somebody does
The book being immediately pushed forward up the country Vance the main body. Many of us in this hot climate very soon began to find out the misery of the frightful load we were condemned to March and fight under with. Burning son above our heads and our feet sinking every step in. HOT Sand, the weight of the weight. I myself toiled under was tremendous and I often wonder at the strength I possessed at this period that which enabled me to endure it for indeed, I am convinced that many of our infantry sank and died under the weight of their knapsacks alone. From part being a handicraft handicraft. I'm arched under the weight sufficient to impede the free motions of a donkey. For besides my well filled kit, there was the Eight coat rolled on its top my blanket and camp kettle, my haversacks stuffed full of leather for repairing the men shoes together with a hammer and other tools, ship, biscuit and beef for three days.
I also carry my canteen filled with water, my hatchet rifle and eighty rounds of ball cartridge in my pouch this last, except the beef and biscuit being the best. My own and wit, I always gave the enemy the benefit of when the opportunity offered. It's it's interesting. He knew how to work on shoes. So he carries stuff to repair shoes in the field. A thing about that that's just a lost art. Isn't it but think about where you are in the field when you have to March, Fifteen miles a day, you have no shoes. If there's someone I can fix your shoes, that's that's a godsend. Back the book. The next day we again advanced and being in a state of the utmost things I e to come up along the French. Neither the heat of the burning some long miles or heavy knapsacks were able to diminish our ardor. Indeed, I often
back with wonder at the light hearted style, the Jody reckless indifference with which men who were so destined in short time to fall, hurry downwards towards the field of strife, seemingly without a thought of anything, but the sheer love of meeting the foe and the excitement of battle. He wrote this book. Twenty something years after this happened after this experience I want to say he wrote it in nineteen thirty, something mating. Thirty eight, maybe is when it came out and You can see that the show. So my point in saying that is that look back. He knows because he's bisbees Golden he's gonna go through hell, he's gonna if you hard core combat, but even even knowing how
horrible combat is, he still looks back in is is amazed at how they were ready to go, go back to book, the twenty ninth regiment received so terrible of fire that I saw the right wing almost annihilated and the colonel I think his name was Lennox, lay sprawling amongst the rest. We had caught ourselves in it pretty handsomely There was no cover for us and we were right. There too near the living. Skirmishers were laying beside heaps of there dead, but Still we had our own till the italian regiments come up fire and retire is very good sound, but the rifles were not overview, and of such notes. We never perform that maneuver, except when it was a pretty plain to us that it was quite necessary, the twenty however, had got their fairing here,
at this time and the shock of that fire seem to stagger the whole line and make them recoil at the moment a little Fusion appeared in the ranks. I thought Lord Hill was near at hand and saw it and I observed him, come galloping up, he put him over the head of the regiment and restore them to in a moment there, some leaders, just for leadership and action. So there's all so fire and retire. What that means is cover move, so you have some people shooting and some people falling back- that's how they retreat They use that whenever they have to retreat. You hear that any in our know, if I did this made this clear enough, but it's a bugle its abuse, will signal. So the bugle would play some certain number of or something and of notes and Pierre everyone who know. Ok. That means and retired. Now we get that broad that broad
Broad plan out everyone wants, which is instead of advancing, which is what we were doing now: we're gonna we're gonna retreat. And as soon as you get everyone out information now little elements can start to make. It happen, that's decentralized command, but you have to give good communications in order for that to work and what you, You go signal back that's what they had done with a nice little bugle signal. The book pouring a regular and sharp fire upon the enemy he go them in return and remaining with the twenty ninth until we brought them to the charge quickly sent the foe in the right about it seems to me that few men could have conducted the business with more coolness at quietude of manner under such a storm of balls as he was exposed to. Indeed, I have never forgotten him from that day, so yeah. It's important to also recognise that you have you. Have it group of men that are about to fall apart, and there is confusion
one guy. I talk about this all the time. One guy steps up takes ship with a situation leads, and it changes the entire outcome of the battle thing about that one person you got a thousand men version, thousand men were Person makes the difference the Vienna leadership position, think about that thing about what Are you reading? Are you stepping up? Are you looking up on a horse and setting things right. Let you do need to be doing back to the book at the time. I was remarking these matters loading in firing, as I lay another circumstance, divided my attention for a while and made me forget, even the gallant conduct of General Hill a man near me, uttered a scream of agony and look. From the twenty ninth around my right to the left whence this it should come. I saw one of our sergeants named Frazier sitting in a doubled, up position and swaying backwards and forwards, as though he had
a terrible pain in his bowels. He continued to make such complaint, that I rose and went to him. For he was rather a crony of mine. Oh Harris said he, as I took him in my arms, I shall die. I shall die. The agony is so great that I cannot bear it. It was indeed dreadful to look upon him. The froth came from his mouth and the perspiration from his face. Thank Heaven He was soon out of pain and laying down turned to my place. Poor fellow he said more for a short time that he was dying than any man. I think I ever saw the same circumstances. I had the Kurds, to return and look at him, the battle a Musket all I found had taken him sideways and gone through both groans.
Within about a half an hour. After this I left sergeant, Frazier and indeed for the time had as completely forgotten him ass. If he had died a hundred years back. The sight of so much bloodshed around will not suffer the mind to dwell long in any particular casualty, even though it happen to one's dearest friends no time either to think for all was action with rifles just at this moment in the barrel. My peace was so hot from continual, During that I could hardly bear to touch it and was obliged to grasp the stock beneath the iron. I continued. The boys away doesn't even have time to think about it. James Pantin was another crony of mine, a gallant fellow. He
pushed himself in front of me and was by one of their officers rap for his rashness. Keep back. You pointed the lieutenant said to a more than once. But Pont and was to be restrained upon him was not to be restrained by anything but a bullet. When inaction. This time he got one which strikes in the I suppose, hidden artery, for he died quickly. The Frenchman balls were flying very wickedly at that moment, and I crept up to Pont in and took shelter by lying behind in making a rest for my rifle of his dead body, strikes me that I revenged his death by the assistance of his carcass, at any rate, I did my best to his enemies hard. There were two small buildings to our front and the French having managed to get into them annoyed ass, much from TAT quarter. A small rise in the ground closed
were these houses also favoured them and our men were being handled very severely. In consequence, they became angry And wouldn't stand it any longer, one of the skirmishers jumping off rushed for crying over boys over over when he instantly went in ITALY the whole line responded to the cry over over over. They ran along the grass like wildfire than dashed at the rise fixing their sword. Bayonets as they ran the french light Bob's could not stand the site but turned about and fled in getting possession of their ground. We were soon inside the buildings after the bow was over. I stepped across the other house. I've have in order to see what was going on there, the one I remained in was now pretty well filled with the wounded both. And English who had managed to get there for a little shelter. Two or three surgeons also
had arrived at this house and were busily engaged in giving their assistance to the wounded. Now also hear lying is thickly, as in the building which I had left, but what watch me the most, but what struck me most forcibly was that from the circumstance of some wine Botz having been left in the apartment and having their engagement been perforated. Having in engagement, been perforate by bullets and otherwise broken the red wine had escaped most plentifully and ran down upon the earth and floor where the wounded were lying, so that many of them were soaked in the wine with which their blood was mingled. I I I hate to even think about the medical care that these guys are getting in. Any Thee met the medical care that
We had in Iraq was unbelievable not only from the speed that you would get assistance, but also quality of care that you would get on in the field from our own medics and how quickly they would get you get to you and then get you take care of and get you evacuated to a full medical facility and that that actually changed during my time in the teams for since the day I seem to being the biggest change it will when I first got the teams in the war. We were taught was. If someone shot, you immediately give him an ivy, meaning. You know a bag of fluid Because they're bleeding you gotta replaced that and now the they don't do that automatically because your body has its own mechanisms when it loses blood to stop the bleeding knit pause back
in the arteries and veins and constricts them, and synthetic clots blood, that's their into in. When you give someone an ivy the body thinks I don't need to do that, so it opens up the arteries. It opens up the veins. It doesn't constrict. Anything it doesn't get caught slower, so there's like one example, and that. During my time. So that's the last. Twenty five years that that change has taken place, and now you back. You know. A hundred two hundred years, it's totally different totally different, they'll, talk more about that. The basic the basic plan was, if you get shot, no limb you're losing the limb that that's basically what's goin on just amputations And nowadays, a days an incredible job of saving saving lives If they can be saved, they save him. I mean they do an incredible job. I back to the book
it was on the fifteenth of August. When we first came up with the french your skirmishers immediately. Minced operations. By right, a shower of balls upon us as we are fancy which we return get delay, and I haven't said the ship, but reasoners balls and set a because these guys are shooting Yes, but you round balls of lead, and at this point there was some rifling head start to come about, but what they, Basically, just consider everything to be a ball lead and that's why they're not accurate? That's why they're only accurate out two two hundred metres cars are not rifled like we have the tight, rifling, spinning bullets today. Back to the book. The first man that was hit was Lieutenant Bunbury here, oh pierce through the head with a musket ball and died almost immediately. I thought I never heard such a tremendous noise as the firing made on this occasion and the men on both sides of me. I couldn't
usually observe, were falling fast. I do not pretend to give a description of this or any their battle. I have been present at all can do is tell the things which happened immediately around me and that I think, is as much a private soldier can be expected to do soon. Afterwards the firing commenced and we had take. We had advanced we call upon the enemy taking it Image of whatever cover I could find. I threw myself behind a small bank where I lay so secure that, although for the Frenchman bullets felt pretty thickly around, I was enabled to knock several over without being dislodged, in fact, I fired away every round I had in my pouch, whilst laying in spot at length after contest we forced them to give ground and following them up drove them their position in the heights and hung up their skirts until they made another stand and then the guy
began again. The rifles indeed fought. Well, this day and we lost many men they seemed in high spirits and delighted at having driven the and me before them, Joseph coaches. Was by my side, loading in firing very industriously about this period of the day first thing with heat inaction he lifted his nineteen to his mouth. Here's to you boy. He said ass. He took a poet its contents ass. He did so. A bullet went through the canteen and perforated his brain killing him. In a moment, another man fell Close to him almost immediately struck dumb, struck by a ball in the fire, I saw a man named Siemens struck, full in the face by around shot and he came to the ground headless trunk.
When the role was called after the battle, The females who missed their husbands came along the front of the line to inquire the survivors, whether they knew anything about them, so the wives could travel with the soldiers and again just seems crazy to me right now, but that's that's why they did it and not all of them, but if the, if they made that decision, I guess as a family to stick together. They get right on board. The boats and aid they'd march. They march they covered in this book, they'll their data, wouldn't care the way, but they march alongside and growth place to place and when the battles about to take place, they hang back, and then you The situation once the battles over that I'm talking about right now among other names. I heard that of coach, and more than a female voice without being replied to the name struck me I observe the poor woman who had called it ass. She said
stopping sobbing before us apparently afraid to make further enquiries about her husband no man, had answered to his name or had any given account to give up his fate I myself had observed him fall as well before, whilst drinking from his canteen, but as I Did the poor sobbing creature before me, I felt unable to tell her of his death at length. Captain leech observed her. I called out to the company: does any man know what has happened to Cochin? If so, let him speak out at once. Upon this order. I immediately related what I had seen and told the manner of his death. After one Miss coat. Mrs Cochin appeared is to seek the spot where husband fell and in the hope of
still finding him alive asked me to accompany her over the field she trusted notwithstanding what I had told her to find him yet alive. Do you think you could find it said captain leech upon being referred to, and I was sure I could, as I had. Marked many objects. Whilst looking for cover during the skirmishing go then said the captain And show the poor woman the spot ashes seems so desirous of finding the body. I agree finally took my way over the ground we had fought upon she following and sobbing after me quickly reaching this bought were husbands. Body lay pointed out to her. She now discovered soon All her hopes were in vain. She embraced stiffened corpse and after rising in contemplating his this big disfigured face for some minutes with hands clasped then too
streaming down her cheeks. She took her prayer book from her pocket and kneeling down repeated. This As for the dead over the body, poor woman, I pitied her much but there was no remedy. Whole new dynamic right there continuing on back to the book. It was on the twenty first of August that we commenced fighting the battle of Nero the French came down upon us as a column and the riflemen immediately comments the sharp fire upon them, from whatever cover they could get a shelter behind, whilst our cannon played upon them from our rear, I saw a regular lanes torn through their ranks as they advanced, which were immediately closed up again, as they are steadily on.
Whenever we saw round shot thus go through the mass, we re the shout of the light. That's a savage image right. There ranks of men and there's cannonballs that are cutting lines through cutting lanes through them, and you do probably talk in twenty thirty people killed each one the ranks just close in around him, and that's what these guys are seeing. As this advance takes place, there continue through that battle. They get into a position for another battle. Going back to the book. As I about me, whilst standing in rank and just thought, and just before the comment some of the battle, I thought it the most. Hosting site the world could produce. Our lines? Glittering with bright arms? turn features of the men as they stood with her eyes, fixed on all upon the enemy, the proud colors of England floating over the heads of the different battalions and the dark
and on the rising ground and all in readiness to commence the awful work of death with no that would deafen the whole multitude. Although the sight, had a singular and terrible effect upon the feelings of a youth who, Few short months before had been assessed military Terry Shepherd upon the downs of dorsetshire and it never contemplate, any other sort of life than the peaceful occupation of what the innocent sheep as they fed. On the grassy turf talk about a dichotomy near no fought in his mind other than watching sheep eat grass think that, because of a good little escape from time to time, didn't notice those
things. Yes, I think you're right and I think that happens, a deal that movie called the thin red line and that's portrayed Well in all this chaos, he'll take cover and be faced, with a flower or no bird or bugging. That's definitely that's. Definitely. Something then people notice, it mean I notice that the sunset no matter where you are in the world and actually do in the desert to very beautiful thing. Insane with the sunrise and so those is little things that you notice, even though you might not be in the mind, set to notice them still notice them back to the book, the battle commencing immediately. We were all soon saw hard at work there. Falls as usual or pretty busy in this battle. The French in great numbers came steadily down upon us and we pelted away upon them like a shower of leaden Hale under
he cover we could find and may find One moment jumping up and running for the next and when we could see before us. We observe the cannonballs, making a lane through the enemies columns as they advanced as they were presiding and shouting like mad men. The battle soon became general. The smoke thickened around and often I was obliged to stop firing and dash it aside from my face and try in vain to get a sight of what was going on. Well, groans and shouts and a noise of candidates. Musketry appeared almost to shake the very ground, seemed hell upon earth. I thought. A man named John Low stood before me. At this moment Turned round during a pause in our exertions- and he addressed me Harris you Humbug, he said
I ve got plenty of money about you. I know freed are always saying about and picking up what you can find on the field, but I think- It will be your last feel day. Old boy good. Many of us will catch it. I suspect today, you're right low, I said, I've got nine guineas in my pack. And if I am shot today and you escape yourself, it's quite at your service, In the meantime, however, if you see any symptoms of my wishing to flinch in this business. I hope you will shoot me with your own hand, low pics of the think about that. That's that's pretty awesome personal, the attitude of their basically talking smack to each year classic hey. I beg you to make a lot of money on you and, if you don't make What do you say is that my yes, if I die, come and get it A night guineas, my back there. All yours and then this is classic by the way
If you see me acting cowardly in any way, you better shoot me yet low, as well as myself survive this battle and was over. Whilst we sat down with our comrades and rested, amongst other matters talked over low. Told them of our conversation during the heat of the day and the money I collected and the rifles from that time to time had a great respect for me. Indeed singular how a man loses regains cast with his comrades from Behavior and how closely as he is observed on the battlefield again talking about reputation once again,. The officers to our commented upon and closely observed everyone's watching, the officers. The men are very proud of those who are brave in the field and kind. Didn't consider it to the soldiers and under them an active I done by an officer, has off
during battle Ben the cause of his life being saved a little relationship going. Nay, whatever folks may say upon the app matter. I know from experience that in our army The men like best be officer by gentlemen men whose education is rendered them more kind in manners than your course officer, sprung from obscure origin and who Dial is brutal and overbearing, so as I was reading through their own efforts I kind of got a little bit taken aback says it. Oh, what are you trying to say if you have been a college or year that that's what you you need me from this good upbringing, but that's not. With that. That might be what he sing at that time, but the Orton parties. It's how you treat people doesn't matter what background you came from you know he D says Manners Eddie nation is rendered them more kind manners
rather than someone it's from an obscure origin. What I'm telling you is it doesn't matter where you from an we agree with this now. If he was here talk with me, but it's not he's talking about repeat the men like to work for officers that aren't brutal and overbearing. No, likes that you and you perform well, you want to build a relationship with your troops. The kindness done by an officer is often during the battle been the cause of his life being saved. That means guys are trying to win back to the book and let me bear testimony to the courage and endurance of the of that Army Under trials and hardships, just a few armies in any age. I should think endured seen. Officers and men hobbling forward with tears in their eyes from the misery of long miles, empty stomachs and ragged backs without
shoes or stockings on their bleeding feet, it was not a little thing that would bring a tier into the eyes of a rifle men, peninsular, wars, youths we're not long been removed from their parents, home and care officers, and men have borne hardship, and privations. So judges in are more p, Four days we have, no conception of, and yet these men, faint and weary, with toil, would brighten up in a moment when the word ran amongst us that the enemy or at hand once again his ragged on. Did you really been a war lately. Peaceful, bays and brutal visions that these guys go through? And yet there still ready to step up back to the book. It was just that close the battle the dread.
Turmoil and noise. The engagement at hardly subsided, and I began to look at the faces of the men close around me to see who had escaped the dangers of the hour I saw the ranks of the riflemen looked very thin it seems to me that one have had gone down. Add- for companies with ninety fifth and we're commanded them day by major travers he was a man much liked by the men of the rifles, and indeed deservedly beloved by all who knew him he was tight hand. But a soldier likes that better than a slovenly officer. Pay attention to that. One don't be slovenly leader. They, the troops, prefer the tight hand. Back to the book. I'd observed him more than once during this day spurring here, and there are keeping the men well up and apparently in the highest spirits he couldn't I have enjoyed himself more, I am sure if he had been at a horse
or follow your good pack of hounds the battle, just over a flat choose came from came over from the French we through ourselves down or you're standing when the fire ceased. A Frenchman lay close beside me. He was dying and I'll. Do me for water, which I understood him to require more from his manner than his words I, did not say that I got up and gave it to him. Whilst I did so down The major in front in the same good spirits he'd, been in all day, plugging along, avoiding with some little difficulty the dead and dying, which was June about. He was never very good. Looking man being hard featured in thin, a hatchet faced man as we used to say but was a regular Gooden array english soldier and that's better than if he had
in the handsomest. Ladies man in the army would yet totally when jet back to the book of French on a french soldier was lying beside me at this time. He was badly wounded in hearing him mon, as he lay after I had done looking at the cavalry, I turn my attention to him and getting up lifted his head import some water into his mouth. He was dying fast We thank me in a foreign language which, although I did not exactly understand I could easily make out by the lucky, gave me Mullins of the rifles who stepped up walls I supported his head to me for a fool for my pains better. Knock out his brains. Heresy said he's done. Mischief enough I'll be bound for it. Today. So rifleman from is still pretty sympathetic, dude back
The book towards evening I posted upon a rising ground amongst a clump of tall trees. There seem You have been a sharp skirmishers. Three frenchmen were lying dead amongst the long grass upon the spot, where I was standing as I threw. My I my shoulder and walked past them on my beat, I am, or if they had been plundered and their haversacks having been torn off some of the content, were scattered about. War is a sad blunder of the feelings I have often thought since those days, because inflation of three gas We bodies in this lonely spot failed, then making the slightest impression upon me the site had become even in the short time I have been engaged in the trade but too familiar, and now there Another truce Qana happens and he's
observing the scene in the churchyard. The scene in this churchyard was somewhat singular. Too long tables had been procured from some houses near and were placed end and amongst the graves palm them were laid. The men whose limbs it was found necessary to amputate both french and English were constantly live, did on and off these tables. As the operation was performed upon one lot. They were care it off and then in those waiting behind were hoisted up the surgeon. With their sleeves turned up and hands and arms covered in blood. Looking like butchers, in the shambles. I saw ass. I passed at least twenty legs lying on the ground. Many of them being clothed in the long black gaiters than worn by the infantry line, the sir and had plenty of work on hand that day and not have The time to take the clothes off the wounded they merely the steams and turn the clocks back for
The operation as fast as they could many of the wounded came straight. Going into this churchyard in search of assistance. By themselves. I saw one man faint with loss of blue. Staggering along and turned to assist him. He was Really wounded in the head, his face being comply. The encrusted with blood which add flowing during the night now dried one eyeball was knocked out the socket and hung down. Upon his cheek. Another man I observed who had been brought in and propped up against a grave mount. He seemed very badly the men who had carried him into the churchyard had placed his cap filled with the fragments of is get close beside his head and he lay and an occasional. Turned his mouth towards it got a hold of a piece of biscuit and munched it I was about to leave the churchyard Doktor Ridgeway one
the surgeons called me back to assist with holding a man, he was endeavouring to operate upon help me with this man. He said, or I shall be all cutting a ball out of his shoulder, the patients, was doubter an Irishman. He dislike the doctors, efforts and ride and twisted so much during the operation that it was with difficulty. Doktor Ridgeway could perform it He found it necessary to cut very deep and doubt or made a terrible outcry at every fresh incision. Oh doctor, dear doctors, at its murdering me. You are blood and hounds. I shall die. I shall die for the love of the Lord. Don't cut me all the pieces. Daughter was not altogether wrong. For, although he survived the operation, he died,
clean and not even cutting off closer sterilizing. I mean that the amount of people that must have lost from infections after the fact is just crazy. Not even cutting off closer sterilizing. I mean that the amount of people there, lost from infections. After the fact is just crazy Now they weren't fighting all the time, and at this point there ordered in a house in Spain and again Spain was divided at the time and there was friendly, an enemy span, Spain and so there ordered in a house and there's a family there, and here we go the book, the mistress of the house, seeing that I was the head, man occasionally came down and sadness. Had me, as I worked, bringing her daughter, a very handsome door, Guide, spanish girl and, as a matter
Of course, I fell in love. We soon became or acquainted and the mother one evening having sat and chattered too, Serving me with wine other good things on my rising to leave the shop made a signal for me to follow her she'd man, to pick up a little English and I knew a few words of spanish language so that we could pretty well Comprehend each other's meeting after leading me into their sitting room, she brought in her handsome daughter and without more or so from stance offered her to me for a wife. The offer was attempting one but the conditions of the marriage made impossible for me to comply. Since I was to change my religion and dessert my colors, the old Dame proper was to conceal me effectually when, army marched, after which I was to live like a gentleman with a handsome Maria for a wife. It was hard to refuse so tempting an offer with
pretty Maria endeavouring to back her mothers proposal. I, however, made them understand that nothing would tempt me to desert and promising to try and get my discharge. When I return to England, I protested. I would then return and Mary Maria. Soon. After this, the army marched for Spain. The rifles paraded in the very street where the shoe I had so long worked out, was situated in nice, Maria at the window. As our bugle struck up, she waved her handkerchief I returned the salute the eighty nineteen, twenty and twenty one year old service member out there that you meet the girl, your dreams and you that I I read. That knows that I have to read this. This is every one, nineteen
when he and twenty one year old service. Member out there that you meet the girl, your dreams and you leave. You think you're gonna do some dumb stuff. He don't do the dumb stuff go back to your platoon and half an hour you forget about, because that's what happens. Such so much for a soldier's love back, the book every man in the rifle seemed only anxious to get a rapid, the French again on a non. We toil I love to remember the appearance of that army as we moved along at this time. It was glorious sight to see our colours spread in these fields. The men seemed invincible, nothing I thought could have beaten them now. He's talking about a guy named cargo. He was found to be a most gallant officer. We are with the enemy in the field
killed, whilst fighting bravely in the Pyrenees and amongst other jewelry. He wore he had a ring on her finger worth one hundred and fifty guineas as lay dead on the field, one of our rifle riflemen named or serve the sparkling Jem and immediately resolved to make a prize of it the ring, however, was so firmly fixed that or could not draw from the finger and being out his knife cut the finger off at the joint after the battle, or offered the ring for sale amongst the officers and on inquiry. The matter in which he had obtained, it transpired, was counts or wasn't sequence, tried a court martial and sent to receive five hundred lashes, which sentences carried into execution, there's some significant corporal punishment goin on here with the with the lashes and that's one of the cases,
Meanwhile, you know when you're executing someone for being drawn. And disorderly you're. Gonna get some pretty severe punishment for cutting the finger off of one year. Officers sea can steal the ring. Back to the book. It was during the heat of the day. We were rather hotly pressed by the enemy after having advanced somewhat too near their force given tee. His all fair enough, but we getting more kicks than halfpence ass. The saying is, and their balls stung so sharply that the officers gave the word to fire and retire doubtless many gonna leaden messenger, as they did so which saved them the unpleasant necessity of retracing their ground altogether, Jock Gillespie and myself wheeled about and obeyed the order. Just as we done so. I saw Gillespie Limp along, as though some one had bestowed a violent kick upon his person. However, he didn't give up at first
but continued to load and fire and make off if other skirmishers skirmishers till we hold- and made another stand for. We know went further from them, one HANS engaged than we could possibly help unmarried that again,. We continued to load and fire and make off with skirmishes till we halted and made another stand for. We never went further from them when once engaged, then we could possibly help what that means is cover move. So if you are out on the battlefield and you Too far away from the other element, where you can no longer support them, you ve made a big mistake, so Oh that's why they have doctrinal terms that me, and I am in supporting distance. I won't go further away from you, then
work than where I can help you. All right now, speaking of lashing there's another city she's here there was sort of ay ay ceremony were gathering in, standing in the prayed sort of it in a town square and somebody basically through, I think, like a break is one of the soldiers from one of the windows that was watching. The other many others, one regiment standing on the brig field, handing out of wars or something, The other regiment sitting up in the various comes around looking down and at some point this is someone hawks a breakdown and it hits the colonel. So this guideline and was the guy the date they grab. They think it's this guy list and backed the book listing was and thence to receive eight hundred lashes. The whole brigade.
Turned out on the occasion- and I remember that the drama of the night regiment were the info. Turn of the lash listened, listen received the whole sentence without a murmur. This is a bit talking about there is he who goes on to talk about how this strict discipline about it in and how it kind of fits in with the english mentality. Back to the book are strange, set the English, and so determined and unconquerable that they, will have their way if they can think mother get yours soldiers there so yet again quality have right. You're you're, determined and unconquerable, but was I mean major Have you way if you can't let them so you're gonna get after it, maybe it'll be where you don't expect, indeed, back to book it. Indeed, it requires one who has. Forty in his face as well,
as at his back to make them respect and obey him see too often in the instance of sergeant majors Command does not suit indirect, and course, I did men and tyranny is too much used, even in the brief authority which they have so again here. But the fact that, even though you have to have these dogma, the dichotomy readership, even though you have to have discipline, you can't have tyranny back The book a soldier, I am convinced, is driven often too insubordination by being worried by these little minded men for the fair, the various rifles about which the gentlemen never thinks of tormenting it. So the this, the the The little minded person that harps on these little trifling things, that's what actually creates insubordination, whereas the gentlemen, never thinks of mounting them with these little things like this.
Things don't matter them. And then he goes on to balance this dichotomy of leadership back to the book but the severity of the discipline of our army is relaxed. In my opinion, farewell to its efficiency, for men to be tormented about trifles as I've seen it many times is often Harry injurious to the whole court. So this is the perfect talking about the bounds of the dichotomy of leadership. If you're were to restrict you guys, are gonna, rebelled against you and, if you're, not strict enough, if you dont impose enough disciplined they're going to not have any control, so you a balance. These two. Going forward back to the book war is a sad blunder of the feelings of men. He said that before any sane, it again we felt we felt eager to be added again.
Nay. I am afraid we longed for blood as the chair of our comrade sounded in our ears and yet a myth all this softer feelings occasionally filled the breast of those gallant fellows. Even whilst they were thirsting for the sight of the enemy. Some of the men near me suddenly wreak recollected, as they saw the snow line. Thickly honour pass path that this Christmas Eve, the recollection soon spread amongst the men and many talked of home and scenes upon that night in the other days in old England, shedding tears as they spoke of the relatives and friends, never to be seen again by them as night approach. We became less talkative, the increasing We of our limbs kept our tongues quieter and we were any of us half asleep ass. We walked when suddenly out a rose in the front that the French were upon us so
guys or message home it's Christmas Eve. I saw dusting of snow on the ground there. They have this skirmish with the French there. Now there are continuing continuing first March. If you remember the march that the that we talked about with Napoleon's troops going into Russia and back these guys are under the same basic conditions of. If you want to move the army, the army's gonna walk, back to the book, a surgeon of them, so they so he's now on us all So he not only they forced marching right now, they're starting to retreat, they're starting date, starting to take heavies and they start a research. A retreat back to the book. A sort of the ninety second Highlanders just about this time- fell dead with fatigue and no one stopped as we passed offer many assistance night down upon us, so those thinking that this I I did that one, but throughout this book
what people to die and he says they died of fatigue. I don't know what that means. Actually maybe your dehydrated- I don't know, but if you think it these guys who are risking their lives for each other. How exhausted are they that, when someone falls out during this first March forced March, I just leave him there. After the book night came down upon us without our been tasted food or halted beat for myself in those around me all all night long? We continued this dreadful march. Men be and to look into each other's faces and ask the questions asked. The queen, are we ever to be halted again and many weaker short, were now seem to stagger, make a few desperate efforts and then fall prey apps to rise? No more most of us had devoured. Always we carried in our haversacks and each and in and endeavoured to catch up anything We could snatched from a hut or cottage in our route, many even
this period would have straggled from the ranks and perished had not Crawford held them together with a firm rain. One such bold and stern commander in the east during a memorable disaster and that devoted army had reached its refuge unbroken Thus we staggered on night and day for about Four days before we decide the reason of this forced March and they find out that their marching actually towards England there trying to get away, and this guy gonna talk about Crawford, he's pretty significant and here's little talk about, Crawford Crawford seem to sniff the sound of battle from afar with peculiar feelings. He halted us for minutes. Occasionally, when the distant Clare became more distinct and his face turned
or the sound and seemed to light up and become less stern. It was then, indeed that every poor fellow clutched his weapon more firmly and wished for a site of the enemy before long, they had their wish the enemies cavalry we're on our skirts that night and as we are start a small village, we turn to Bay so even though the retreating there still having to fight and this in the sky Crawford is definite. We oppose, powerful leader backed the book. I remember one evening during the retreat he detected two men string away from the main body. It was any we state that disastrous flight and Crawford New. And Crawford knew well tat. He must do its utmost to keep the division together. He hall The brigade, with a voice of thunder order, Drumhead Court martial on the instant and they were set
to a hundred apiece. Whilst I stay trial was taking place. Crawford dismay doing from his horse stood in the midst, looking stern and angry as a worried old dog. He did not like retreating at all that man they march a little bit further and then back to the book ordering a square to be formed. He spoke to the brigade as well as I can remember in these words after having ordered the three four named men of the ninety five to be brought into the square. Though he said, I should obtain the good will neither of the officers nor the men of the brigade here. By doing so, I am resolved to punish these three men according to the sentence awarded, even though the French are at our heels begin with and you'll hounds. So these guys were but they were gonna desert and they got caught and he
got a court martial on the spot and gonna go a hundred lashes, whatever the number was, and even though there running in retreating. He's are at work, Where would we administer this punishment? Now, even those popular I gotta. Do it back but this was indeed no time to be lax and discipline in the general knew it the men, as I said, where some of them coming careless ruffianly in their demeanor. Whilst others again, I saw with my with the tears falling down their cheeks from the agony of their bleeding feet and many ill with dysentery and from the effects of bad food. They had got a hold of and devoured on, the road or naps to work, better, enemy in this prolonged march. Many men, died. I'm convinced who would have borne up well to the end of the retreat, but for the infernal load we carried on our backs my own,
knapsack was my bitterest enemy. I felt depressed me to the earth almost at times and more than once felt as if I should die under its deadly embrace the net. Sacks in my opinion, should have been abandoned net very commencement of the retrograde movement as well been better to have lost them altogether. If by brigade carried no halberts, however, has died strapped I'm on the road. There was some difficulty, finding a place to tie how ends up as the light brigade carried no halberts, however, they lead to a slender ash tree, which grew near at hand. Trouble yourselves about tying me up, said hounds folding his arms I'll. Take my punishment like a man. He did so without a murmur receive, the whole three hundred his wife who
present with us. I remember, was a strong hardy irish woman. So don't worry about buying me up. You hit me three hundred times. We had a you. Only do the whipping thing with the when you get out about your Irish John Cute, all pretty lanky and real good at Jiu Jitsu and he got his blue belt and if he walked through the whipping hallway to get his belt, but the gauntlet he want a rock through the gauntlet he just walked and stopped at each person and gave them the opportunity to give them all they got those privileges, it sounds like you sound. Like my mom sounds I my boy how it's right here. More about Crawford right here, this is a classic there. There
getting to a river, they got across the river on their retreat, backed the book price. Despite an officer who to save himself from being wet through, I supposed and wearing a dare pair. Breaches for the remainder of the day had mounted on the back of one of his men. The sight of such a piece of a feminist see was enough to raise the collar of the general and in a very short, Time he was plunging and splashing through the water after them both put him down, Sir him down, I desired that officer down instantly and the soldier in an inch I dare say, waft dropping his burden like a hop Tedo into the stream continued his progress through returned back, Sir said Crawford, the officer and go through the water like the others. I will not allow my officers to ride upon the men's back through the rivers. All must take
fair share alike. Here you can just go ahead. Note. That down is how to lead. That's just the that's metaphorical and liberal example. I'm gonna write on the back of my enlisted men so that I can stay dry. What a savage I think back vague. I should again lashes back about General Crawford was indeed when the few men who is apparently created for the command during such dreadful scenes as we were familiar with in this retreat. He seen iron man, nothing daunted him. Nothing Earned him from his purpose war was his very element in toys. Who endanger seem to call forth and increasing determination to surmount them. Yet. Now they are continuing to March and again it's
The story we ve heard many times on here and how harsh foot marches can be, and at this point Riflemen Harris he's, eaten things gonna make then he's fine being fast is marching with a guy named, Brooks they're kind of broken up into pairs to train stay together a little bit and he's trying to maintain Back to the book, I remember Sir Dudley Hale passing me on a mule this day you work spanish straw hat and had his cloak on. He looked back when he had passed and addressed me. Harris said he I see, you cannot keep up. He appeared very sorry for me. Free knew me well You must do your best. He said my man and keep up with us or you will fall into the hands of the enemy, the day wore on. I grew weaker and weaker, and at last spite all my efforts I saw the main
leave me hopelessly in the lurch. Brooks himself was getting weaker too. He sought was of little use to urge me on and length assenting to my repeated request to be left behind. He hurried on as well, and he was able without a word of farewell. I now soon sank down in the road and lay beside another man who had also fallen was apparently dead and whom I recognised as one of our sergeants named Taylor, Whilst we lay exhausted in the road the Rear guard, which was now endeavouring to drive on the stragglers approached and a sergeant. The rifles came up and stopped and look at us he dressed himself.
Me and ordered me to rise, but I told him it was useless for him to trouble himself about me as I was unable to move a step further. Whilst he was urging me to endeavour to rise up, the officer in command of the rear guard also stepped up the new of this officer was Lieutenant Cox. He was a brave and good man and observed at the sergeant was rough in his language in manner towards me, he signed TIM and bade the guard proceed and leave me. Let him die quietly Hicks. He said to the sergeant. Well he's not a man to lie here. If he could get on I'm sorry to Paris, he said the sea reduced to this. For I fear there is no help to be had now. He then moved on after his men and left me to my fate
Lot different than never leave a man behind you, ve actually got people descend, a you're, not gonna, make make it I you're not going to make it. I know you're a tough guy and, if you're, not if not walking right now, then we got nothing for you. Now you is there for a while and he actually want. He rest for a while. He regains a little bit his strength. He eventually crawls to a house gets. The house and gets a little bit of food gets a little bit of I would love to say water, but isn't it wanted as food and wide? And recovers somewhat they pretty much recovers. Sleeps for awhile wakes up recovers, and now he can now we can walk again, and what do you think would happen now like in any case as similar to this as possible? You know it, but just now
where it I can't make it would he do carry him you you mean you, try and carry him of course, other guys. Gonna end, I mean it's hard. While the think of these situations, where, if we have to move these all these men and to sit there, if we Let's, let's way this you'd after way this, if we try and carry Oliver wounded out where none of us are gonna live right, so that that's what they That's the situation that their likely facing hey you're, either gonna get out of here yourself people over understand how hard it is to carry it down man, it's very difficult to carry it down man, especially across terrain in the. U doesnt I've been wrestling practice to pick up on you. You pick up your partner and you do a couple lapse right, and you know it's all good. You're honest nice smooth surface because cooperate the guy's cooperating as not just dead weight its. Yet when you start carrying bodies around its really really difficult, so you don't
it is not a one to one either. So if one guys down you it's not just one person Gary's that got yeah. It actually has to be to or sometimes three we have gear on, and we have met of carrying guys, I mean what carry you a little while right but after a little while you know be that five hundred meters, a thousand meters. You're free for and also your combat ineffective. You kick. You can't utilise your weapon properly, not for not for any length of time so you know in a situation like this, that the decision that these leaders are making is hey, guess what, if we don't just keep walking we're getting overrun, the French were going to catch us, we're all going to die. So Harris ain't got nothing for you. So in contempt like now we'll see if there is a circumstance like that, where we're going to lose more guys if we bring
with us or one big luxury that we have now is we have F airport, so oh enemy was to keep coming out of school was sitting called drop bombs, automobile situations out of happen over and over again in the modern wars, and when, in the interim Can you give us, they were small elements are out there in the field are about to get overrun. The aircraft and air air fire air power comes in a completely saves a day and keeps the enemy at Bay for extended periods of time. So we have an option, yeah another option, but in the I guess it ultimately be hypothetical than that The killer hypothetically reason than you gotta, put someone in that situation and see what you're gonna do The decision you gotta make us out as a heater in on the spot He D be weighing all these micro micro assets, it happened happening how far away or the bad guys will how many of mother live.
Enforcements. Coming is already terrain I can take is or what you? What can I do? How many people are down media away. All these things out make a decision has can be hard decision for sure it I mean, so you don't put like the the the concept or should I say like the action of at least trying to bring the guy with you move ahead of, like other guys lives. So let us certain circumstances where you have there, you don't have any content, you don't have any support. You have any other options: it's either other guys die or that where we leave this guy behind the fact that you tried to bring the guy doesn't trump like the lives of other guys where you, if the decision is to be made worth understood, like other guys, would have died. If we didn't leave this guy here, that would be ok. It's not gonna be ok and you're in
live with one horrible re, far away the other way round. The the thing that's powerful about we're, not gonna, leave everything. Anyone behind that its powerful about that is, if that you're, if that's your default mode, You don't fall motors to fight and that's what that's? That's all we train that's when I say we I mean, like America train recently, we're not gonna. Leave you behind When that's your go to attitude, that's your go to attitude and the thoughts about Hey will, weigh it out, and I was in his ignoble wearing a fight where to kill everyone, and we were to do everything we can do to bring everyone back as we do, and that is a powerful yeah. Man deserves savage terms. These resolving sties savage times going so like I said he does. Work for though, luckily before the French get to him covers enough to get out star, walking again and talked a little bit how he was clinging amused clinging.
To survival back to book. It is, however, indeed astonishing how a man clings to life. I am certain that had I leaned down at this period, I should have found my last billet on the spot I sank upon. Suddenly I heard a shout in the front, which was pro in a sort of hubbub. Even the stragglers whom I saw dotting, the road informed me seem to have caught something like hope and as the poor Fellows now reached the top of the hill were ascending. I heard nothing, regional exclamation of joy, the fur note of the sword. I'd heard for many days when I read the top of the hill. The thing spoke for itself air far away in our front. The english shipping lanes site. It's a view had indeed acted like a restorative to our force and the men at the prospect
the termination of such a march had plucked up spirit for a last effort fellows who, like myself, seemed hardly have strengthened their legs to creep up. The ascent seemed now to have picked up a fresh pair to get down with such as hoped us poor mortals, so they obviously see the sea, the ships and that inspires them and they start moving a little bit asked her back the book. There was, I recollect a man of the name of Bell of the rifle who had been during this day, holding a sort of creeping race with me. We had passed, Repassed each other as our strength served Bell, was rather discontented fellow at the best of times, but during this retreat, he'd give full scope to his ill temper, cursing
our he was born and wishing his mother had strangled him when he came into the world in order to have saved him from his present toil. He had not spoken for some time and the sight of the english shipping had apparently a view. Be beneficial effect upon him. He burst into tears. Yours ass. He stood and looked at it. Heresy said, if it pleases, God to let me reach those ships. I swear never to utter a bad or discontented word again appreciation and he did make to the ships and Harris Riflemen Harris made the ships and they got embarked on those ships and they sailed back to England for a few days and then get off the English shore and then, finally, back to the book. One fine morning received orders to disembark and are
or bare feet once more touched english ground. The inhabitants flock down to the beach to see us as we did so, and they must have been a good your surprised. At this spectacle we presented. Our Years were long and ragged, almost all were without shoes and stockings many had their clothes and accoutrements in fragments with there. Swathed in old rags and our weapons were covered with rust, whilst not few had now from toil and fatigue, become quite blind. Let The reader, however, think that now we re we worked be despised as soldiers, long marches inclement, whether in want of food, had done their work upon us, but we work perhaps better than we are appeared, as the sequel showed under the gallant Crawford we had made some tremendous marshes and even gaol dark
enemy so severely. Making good are retreat, but our comrades in adversity who had retired by the other road under general, more turned Bay there and showed the enemy that the english soldier is not to be beaten. Under the most adverse circumstances. The few, The death and slaughter the march, the bivouac and the retreat. Are no bad places in which to judge men. I have had some opportunities of judging them in all these situations, and I should say that the British are amongst the most splendid soldiers in the world, give them fair play and they are unconquerable, for my own part, I can only say that I enjoyed life more whilst on, Give service than I have ever done since.
And ass I sit at work in my shop Enrichment Street Soho. I look bought back upon that portion of me. Time spent in the fields of the peninsula as the only part worthy of remembrance. It is at such times that scenes long past come back, upon my mind as if they had taken place. But yesterday. I remember even
appearance of some regiments engaged and comrades long mouldered to dust. I see again performing the acts of heroes, acts of heroes and I think it's safe to call Riflemen Benjamin Randal Harris hero as well
same time. I think it's important to remember that these these men, these heroes, are not superheroes like we see today in movies, they don't wear Cape didn't, have any superhuman strengthening of no spare oh powers what they, do have is day have will the will, fight the will to drive on the will to live the will to win, and I think that's the superpower. Then it never ceases to amaze me: these are normal people.
Riflemen Harris was Como Guy like us, but when called upon to March they March, there were called upon to fight they fight and we called upon to rise up and overcome. They do just that. They rise up and overcome and that shit us that we can do the same thing in the found in the challenges that we face, we can do the same thing rise and overcome.
And I think that's all I've got for tonight so echo. Perhaps if you can let people know how they can support themselves, and maybe they want to support this podcast as well. It's crazy how marches brutal, and this is an amendment from what I can remember, the the worse one, one special how they talk about with no shoes tissues their shoes Bali, this fall off within the first in a little bit and then their walking with no shoes or barely any issues that, whenever crying strata just from the march by the way, are not the not the war. Anything like that, where the marches yet
just as big of an enemy. He said his pack was his biggest enemy had literally the idea. The kind word guys are stranded, Einem killing killing them. So we we just got back from Utah, obviously, and you know, after every were doing that training. Where would you not with brief debrief record on access be, and then you know we block backing for American, so I guess so No, I just tell because we all no idea what you're talking about just is fine echo. We just got a front from day after he acts feel training exercise will accompany we're in Utah. We brought echo out so that he could get some foliage not in itself does not result in us. We're in the field reward doing basically urban combat with a group of let's call on regular people, business people that are learning leadership through experiential
Environments year some interesting on Flickr, it's like a can mean how, if you dont, communicate with someone, effectively rainfall apart reverie or if you don't worry it's like. I know exactly what you get is as drawn out said your life, but this is like a condemn s, version of that and yes, so, if you don't, mitigate with someone during and after tax. Do you know within like thirty, accurate did something just went wrong. Our getting shot the face with with air soft rifles here want it. So it's really fund a lot from the outside. Because you see it and I've been to another one to enjoy you see its way and it's interesting how, in the beginning its like it's almost impossible and immediately communication bricks immediately and then towards the end, you start to see people communicate
in getting a bit earlier. You cannot allow them to get over, communicate for sure and with but the more you do, that more effective. It is so crazy to what is in our view, member Dave, sameness, Dave told them. He said Jacko just told you the mistakes that you're gonna, make you told you what you are going to do and you're gonna do a and it sure enough single one of them. The funniest was the one individual. That said they came up with a plan for something and we said you know your risk and get a book- a blue blue there, and she said I issues adolescent I understand what you say, but it's not like we're gonna walk in there and start shooting each other, that's not going and ensuring that Very girl was in a stressful situation and they entered a building from two different sides same time and sure enough. She she dusted one of her whenever teammates and it was you know, with one of those things I said
Remember what you said yesterday, oh yeah, I remember testing and I had the luxury of scene it from the outside feel it, though I am in a different situation position than me, anyway the point is so the terrain there was where the field and where you were you actually do that that field training part of it rum is, I quote: what would you say what hundred yards away from the Britain, where you do the breeze and depressed about four hundred yards. Yes, oh it's it's three hundred yards. If you're doing it again in the emerald city You were going brief exercise debrief brief. Echo can all day really so, and this was a situation where there is a hill and Rocky here. I saw some locking right. I have my camera, though, that Slater them outcome, but something and some working back and forth all day
all day were my feet are certainly get like. Can attire more tired, the normal and I'm thinking ever, but every single time every single time? I'm thinking this is nothing compared to what you guys been really nothing there You know how nothing it was. I didn't that death did they may be going right, my light at all in any way shape or things about that is, while I'm walking missiles like me after lunchtime and I'm seeing you guys and airlines cruising and I'm thinking is everyone trying to act like this isn't like kind of hiring literally didn't think of it until you said this to me right now. The biggest item I was totally acting like what is nothing major outgoing. I get brother tie and a lot of stuff and it helps is, but the fact is, do you do actually better when you pay and that it doesn't bother. Yes, that's insane begun, remember that night in the night and made into suits are acting all tired exists,
showing everyone yeah, it's true, but nonetheless the fact is. It wasn't nothing, it wasn't nothing. I felt it and saw his funny, I'm looking at you guys on how these guys are ill, but nonsense. No nobody said TAT. These tracks are getting longer because they were the founder meters per se, but never saw every time. I feel anything like that. I don't think of like you guys verse and you guys you're doing it like crazy heat to gear and, like all this stuff- and I think of this kind, goes these king us do Rifleman Harris Rifleman Harris feet all tore up. Starving, starving starving, knows, leader water more water and people are trying to kill So that's the point man. If these guys can rise and overcome that what figure your purse
or potential right? You think it what more you could do, yeah that bothers you little, but I saw them. Bothers of the eyes. He had that. Look like air made some dope video of Atomic. A huge excuse dream now too which I don't even know. If it's an excuse, but it's a factor where these like hard actual hard times, can it call on you to to exercise this kind? A will. You know, and I think a lot of homes were not. Like hard times, don't call on like this any hard times do, but you know what you know about it. You should put them in technically and potentially you should be able to exercise as much will as it takes really now, when you cedar kind of the limits. These are the limits these honourable members limits is interesting. Is that One of these stories, where the guys like I'm done, he's? Ok, I'm done
Geysers ain't! Hey! If you stay here unit eyes agree. I cannot move anymore you for anything about the ito. What what point you at when you cannot save your life by walking you can't work, can take another step and he came back from that. Yeah yeah, really good job in the street in it because he or or talking about it. Where does he mentioned the no shoes thing a few tat year? He did but again I bet if yeah yeah, he's a does a great job, but you can't even begin to me. I can even begin to really get the point across yeah.
The way it is. As the leader I was talking to a guy the other day that went to buds and didn't make it through, and I know him for a while- and I just said, like hey man, you know you're good dude. We know what. Why did you? Why did you quit and he said you know it just socked in I was ok, but did you know it was gonna suck and he said yeah I knew was gonna suck, but At the same time, you know I watched on tv and I thought to myself: ok Jaska suck, he said so I I thought I understood how it was going to suck, but I housing I was there. I said this really socks and equip and again a good dude that debt, I'm kind of you, don't think I myself. I'm trying to figure out why people quit, and that was he said. He said much like worse in, because much You can imagine features of all man, but I think I could guide
one more step. You don't know you know, it's a been dehydrated having people trying to shoot you clean up your buddies bread and off your jacket for weeks. Months on end you dehydrated and now you have no shoes, no stockings and your march or due to forced March on this road. For this, but they march for days without stopping, would even is that now tat, yeah yeah, that's it. I mean you, this I know that's not to mention like no medical care. No, like noise coming to save you know it. You know it's really Jakob thing about this think if you have an inn, grown toenail right like like little thing. That is Bob. It acts bothers you in actual life they give you had that here or you have
or you have let's say you gotta sprained ankle a bad sprained ankle. I aspirin my uncle really bad before you can't walk on it will now you don't have a choice, you to walk on it or you die about the little things that are that cause you and inconvenience right now, about what an inconvenience that is in this situation action in your fingers near your thinking. You're, had one of those little stupid like will your finger nail is greater action there together and that you have no medicine, you don't have any way of visits. To turn into a giant infection you die, the little little tiny things that annoy you are dickie will kill you back in the day check here. So what we have to do is put for these hard times. Do you have any advice on how we can help prepare ourselves for these hard times? On top of a rare
for in seeing these scenarios. I reference your guy sooner, like the basically everything that UK does tell me and talk about like how its super hot her. You don't sleep as much a month time abundant of molecules in Romania like all this up. I can imagine that, helps totally hopes this growth, because it helps me to think about Rifleman Harris here Fisher into speaking, to help speaking to help help yourself. So you do it in a way this kind of a dichotomy here, because you know like when your joint get Sore M O Koyo, Mr Rocard,
but you can be held in a dream luxury yeah you're right, I'm in here as we had crueler driver, who knows maybe wouldn't skype at that time. This privilege the supreme luxury. Where now it's ok, my joints, I'm getting older, my joints can her. I don't have to. I kept worked out at the gym at my leisure as good. Let me take some joint warfare improve my comfort. While I worker function Fisher Function but come it has a lot to do with it. Working out with sword. Joint is way less comfortable than not sort joint dear. How many say that there's exercises that you cannot do when you when you're joints are ready rock and roll Raphia, so you can push yourself harder and be better prepared for the hard times if you're working correctly, I feel joints are working directly. Yeah, that's a dichotomy! and they are also is no like
concession there's no There's no reason to say: hey my joints being less healthy is a good. Is pine is good! That's a good thing. You know, but you have a choice shouldn't. Should I maintain or improve the joint of the my joint health health of my body, including, but not limited to joints, or should I not? The decision should never be I'm not I think this is my opinion anyway. So the point is so Jack was some supplements joint service, for your joint to me best can supplements, as is someone who, with a level head now, is for a supplements go so I think the joint for your joints,
means maybe stuff. That's gonna, be stronger structural, yes, John Normal support, because again in Athens for like, if you like, going for super cool protein bout, a lot of people to say, hey, what's a good protein powder, here's the thing you don't stake like how much protein do you? like not get too need supplemental protein, where people don't people back scream of convenience? That's why people like those very few I'm gonna make one that's gonna, be both convenient and hasty and good. Goodnight bagel go nonetheless, that's cool, I'm not saying nothing. A bad thing, I'm saying, is forsake the importance of focusing on a supplement, the most benefit. Ok, so you found a your convenience that really pressure not supplemented protein. You supplementing. Yet nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with that. You got a lot to do. I understand, but as far as like they did what you call it that the higher,
our key of supple and half a day change your be supplements, are held. A hierarchy of supplements Joe Spring Oil Omega three like these kinds of things that help you directly. That's that's the main ones. So your point in all this is justified Parliament's legit supplements super krill oil, Jocker Super girls with Scots crude oil, free joints and joint warfare, and where do you get them? Origin mean doc. Thank. You ve brought I'm telling you visit these. I feel like you join us our way towards. If I was going to be like, if you won't have good healthy joints, gets grow oil, super girl and get some dry warfare from origin, main dot, com, em, a I and II,
but again we bigger would be more on the next thing. You know, I dig it an act. I wonder who taught in the hierarchy or is the thing that dominates our noses load. Lovelock remember, and this makes sense. This is real there is a very good approving pointless, are not new and unapproved point. The council agreement not because Rome and again again what else we will say. Twenty three take some. Fast with something I would add also so what? If someone listening or group people listening here who have that same right and it's nice does not because I knew bolting. I just I just didn't, know ok. I'm asleep found this out. We know Rio, let's get if there's someone that doesn't know that maybe they turned us off like eight minutes ago, maybe maybe not her, maybe they're more educated. Now I may be born there now they're. Looking into the joint situation. That's what I think is happening. Does my pinioned beggar? That's my pretty I'm sure twitter will, let us know
anyway the boards in Maine? come on. The top click labs actually threaten the front page, keep forgetting its further for available supercool jock super cool and joint warfare get on it. There are also some gazing, rash guards. People been asking me years now what gives they get a start, you did, it would be. Should I get we know now. We know now hundred percent all made in Amerika from the cotton from seeds of the cottage planted harvested process sedatives seeds. They do this there were that's an exciting thing. Just saying there is going to that. Can nonetheless, PETE makes it in Maine formulates the fabric boom geese other stuff, do better clothing. Peat has more like a stylish. Can it twist on his clothing. In fact I was who was oh dear,
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It is. You learn a lot about yourself in your own situation. They know things that you dont know. I'm things I don't know cause they're detached and they have different expertise by the way in a lot of ways. Motorways anyway subscribe, if you haven't already also subscribe on, Youtube, is excerpts on there if you want to list or if you want a necessarily watch the all episode video version of this, but I guess you can just get little excerpts taken, share, watch or even come back to that's a bigger yeah. We ve put out so much that it's too much people can absorb. The first time round, yet we really mean, like the whole and so do not know what was on episode sixty three right develope will remember that thing. They ivy it. So you just ideas. Are you go? Listen. You learn it again and I now it's more recognisable yeah so thick drilling a little bit deaths and come back my jewels. Were it yeah
In sum, you know, like certain things just apply to you more, like a your your advice on an old college that these, when you remember about how to approach college, crush college, whatever It's good apply to me more if I'm actually in college Is that why that two other things in life which a ghastly deal you get for sure, but that's gonna play me directly, will say more than maybe the next day. I saw that kind of stuff where- That one hour to remember: ok, I'm gonna come back to them. If I can constant- remind myself of the things that directly applied me. You can be more. Its can be more beneficial rather than just leave it to all the parties in hoping you remember. You John nonetheless point there is that it that's a good reason to subscribe to the EU to channel. So if you, in fact, if the excerpts or some excerpts resonate with you, you them their fingertips, any concern also jocose store skull, jackals
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digital specifically, in my opinion, what is on their hoodies, although hoodies they're the same design but thought there, the heavy once people have been asking me like these everyone's where's, the heavy hoodies with the Adele they once we saw like that heavy ones will call him. The first can adoration exactly Those are all so they sold out lasher, and so I did another adoration with your request for the heaviest the third day. The heaviest actually think they're my
be some industrial heavier gravy. Now, because I think those, then he I forget nonetheless, these are the Heavens confirmed, doubled from them. Also so women stuff on there. I think, coming to add a few things before Christmas, Easter begun. So if you want to keep your eyes on that, that's a good way support want something it something. China, also psychological warfare. If you know what that is until it's an apple tracks jocko talking on these tracks. Basically you listen to him when you are on the path on the bed and you get moments of weakness, days of weakness and you not feeling like it. You know how you always talk about letting it doesn't matter. If you feel like you're, not you do not do it.
Ok, ok, so, and I respect that in that's where we all want to want to be. We all want to be there, but for some of us it's not like that hundreds. The time sometimes when you really don't feel like it, sometimes one. I really don't feel like it. I just don't do it can sometimes be honest or put on psychological warfare, and you do yes like a spot, you no special spent it. This is where it's like. A no brainer really easy, you're like contemplating ease. I could just do the small right and you start making deals with yourself. You ever do that. Don't you with myself during the week. Part of the euro is a straight up Jack no deals. Jacko like I don't feel like it. I feel it whatever that may make any gain. I pity at my side yourself, if I start leaning towards like. Maybe I just won't, do anything
Oh really really out. As an outbreak, ECHO Wanna go smash units real funny. I wish that doesn't I've witness that with you, like will be like I don't know if we can tend to do that. Then you get this sort of look this kind of way about you kind of like a weight that he's talking about his echoes going. Vacation and he's going to be gone for a couple weeks and I been real busy with all kinds of stuff, and we were talking about if we'd be able to actually get all these podcast done and I think we could do it. As I said I am going over to have taken. You know no, no pod gas for a few weeks and then then I said actually like a day went by and I set aside echo attacks that set up actually we're gonna. Do it when you're going all upon guess, I'm in a proper, more we're gonna have an all minor and what does get it done, bring some red ball and get some ripple,
Jacques await de woes, interesting about that is when you said that you had this kind of tone of long term, it like what we don T break. We gotta take a break after two years by the way, the every single week, by the way we think about That's what you said and right when you and I was cool. I dig it though I mean I'm nothing. Good, I'm saying could totally understand, and you know what that makes sense. Hbo big company takes huge breaks. Everybody makes huge break. Everybody thinks I'm a pair and Europe. Or to use in no brakes no brakes. No matter what so they'll come a time when we are forced to, for some reason, yeah, that's kind of part of the point bra. So, unlike cool, I dig it. I totally understand
and when I said that, that's what your face kind of shifted like tiny, you went into your own world and to say that, like it's, almost like you sort of got mad, recital was there as they are not taking the brink. Dockers combat nonetheless, and I'm sure that so I dig it, but that is like logical order. If you need a spot or even want a spot with those times that you're, like maybe escaped the work, maybe I'll slip on the dead minute. Just listen to any truth in the track is labelled. You know where. Giving us, given the diet sake sugar coated, let we, what is it you're in front of us when something something sugar coated life should record is just a simple? Yes, he listened to that and then is what good is it's not some inspirational? You can do it, it's not that it's like by its prey
man you to do that. The or he's a thing now you just by nature you to your tone of voice kind of kind of like by happenstance inserts that concept in it. So it's kind of a double double thing, as it turns out, but primarily it's just a prince of pragmatic thing. Think about think about this logical stuff and then at the end of the turkey, can conclude that oh yeah, it's it's gonna get after he exactly right us like logic, or for is it is on Itunes, Emblem music, Google play wearing it only threats, mp3s Shoestore of ITALY, to support also you get Jacobite tee and if you're having trouble dead, lifting less than eight thousand pounds, if you get Jacobite tee, thou be solved immediately and you're you're dead left will then be eight thousand pounds, including Jordan, be Petersen who can now dead eight thousand party broke through seven thousand pounds. You can't area barrier books. I got some books
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that I said: ok, fine, Europe, a collection of made the whole book black, so that's the whole but black, and that was that in speaking of black also the discipline because freedom feel manual is available, and I thought about that tagline that the publisher wanted like the young, this book is superb gift for nowadays season and I told them no. The tagline is: there's no better gift, the discipline, that's the truth. You know attack true. If you could give someone the gift of discipline, would you not be giving them the best gift in life? Yes, now you can actually give them the gift of discipline, because freedom field manual seek you that now this important people keep asked me the field manual, audio version. This money goes for him feel may or is. It is also on Itunes, Amazon, music. Google play other mp3 platforms. It's available right now.
It is not on. Audible audible is not with tracks. We wanted an album with drugs, so we did this way for something or tie but the books and the pod cast. If you need leadership, training and execution at your business or with your team, even contact our leadership, consulting company to me, it's J, p d, no life ban, Dave, Burke, influential on front dot com and if you have questions for us or you have answers for us a couple questions I asked today you can communicate with us on the into webs on Twitter, on Instagram and on echo, is adequate trials and
I am at Java willing into the service men and women out there right now, holding the line slagging through the mud and the heat and the danger and the fear. Thank you for defending us in our freedoms and to the police law enforcement fire fighters, paramedics other first responders.
Thanks for living the life that you live, which allows us to live the life we live and everyone else, that's listening. Just remember that you might not be wearing a cape, you might not have any magic powers, but you have the ultimate power, and that is human. Will the power to March to fight to overcome and get after it. So until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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