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105: Discipline, Guts, and The Will To Win. "We Were Soldiers Once... and Young"

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0:08:26 - "We Were Soldiers Once... And Young", by Gen. Hal Moore and Joe Galloway. 

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This is Jacko Podcast number one o five with ECHO Charles and me jogger willing good evening echo good evening. Specialist Vieira was witness to scenes of horror. The enemy was all over at least a couple. Then walking around for three or four minutes. It seem like three or four hours. They were shooting a machine gunning, our wounded and laughing and giggling. They knew they kill me if they saw. I was alive when they got near. I played dead. I kept my eyes Open and stared at a small tree, I knew the dead men had their eyes open Vieira. Continues. Then one of the North Vietnamese came up. Looked at me been kicked me and I flopped over. I guess he thought I was dead
There was blood running out of my mouth, my arm, my legs. My watch, my forty five caliber pistol and walked on. I watch and strip off all our weapons they left, then they left back where they came from I remember the artillery the bombs, the name everywhere. Real close around me Shook the ground underneath me. What was coming in on the north vietnamese soldiers to. All this and more much more took place green six, fifty a m and seven four. A m on November fifteenth nineteen sixty five. The agonies of Charlie Company occurred over a hundred forty yards of the line, but men were Fighting and dying on three sides the worst thing we held american perimeter in the centre.
I held the wives of all these men in my hands. The badly wounded captain Bob Where does on the radio now asking for reinforcements the only reserve I had was reconnaissance platoon. Twenty two men was the iter Charlie Company, the main enemy threat, dealt a company And the combined mortar position were also under attack. Now, reluctantly, I told captain it words that his company would have to fight on alone. For the time being, the din of the battle was unbelievable. Rifles, machine guns and mortars, grenades, rattled, banged, boomed, you: batteries of a hundred five millimeter howitzers, twelve big located on another landing zone, five miles distant, firing nonstop their shells exploding no more than fifty yards outside the ring of shallow foxholes beside
Me in the battalion Command post the AIR Force forward controller lieutenant Charlie W Hastings twenty six from the Mason New Mexico radios. Special code word, an arrow meaning american unit in danger of being overrun and within a short period of time. Every available fighter bomber and South Vietnam, which stacked overhead and a thousand foot intervals from seven thousand feet to thirty five thousand feet waiting its turn to deliver bombs and napalm to the battlefield. Among my sergeants there were three war men and who parachute in Normandy on D Day and had said five, the worn career in those Old veterans were shocked by the savagery and help noise of this battle. Choking clouds of smoke and dust obscured the killing ground. We were dry mouth and our bow
does churned with fear and still the enemy came on in waves and that right. There is from the opening chapter of book. We were soldiers once and young by general, how more and Joe Galloway and The book, which was turned into a movie, which I saw what came out in two thousand to Miss Gibson, it's a good movie, sure, but it's also a Hollywood movie and Hollywood movies, their forced to fit
In two hours, and they got to follow some kind of a plot and they can't dig into the details- and I can't really give you a comprehensive understanding of the events- and I purposely did not watch this movie again while preparing for this podcast, because I didn't want it in there. The one in my brain, the movies interpretation of the characters in it and the way that they were portrayed in the book is so good in it so packed with detail and drama in action and In utterly incomprehensible heroism, everyone should read this book. Everyone. It starts off. It explains the way battle unfolded in talks, how it went tactically operation we and strategically
those who all those levels of warfare you can see in the book how strategy unfolds at the technical level and how tactical situations impact strategy as well. You can see on both sides also, which is in I their significant commentary from the vietnamese enemy leadership that they went back interviewed after the war was over, which just makes it an incredible How can a cassette read it, so it tells story of opera, Nations I the valley in nineteen, sixty five from November Fort. Until November eighteenth so five days, but the fighting As was noted in that opening chapter is absolutely brutal leadership. Tested over and over and over again, and this battle took place
battalions and companies from the seventh Cavalry regiment, and if you remember the books we covered on general. George Custer. He was a officer that lead seventh cavalry troops in the battle little bighorn where he was surrounded he was killed along with two hundred and sixty seven of his soldiers, all of them dead by the native american warriors on the suicide from the Lakota and that Dakota and the northern Cheyenne in the rapid tribes. Cavalry Those days met horseback, that's remain, that's what mounted cavalry that's what it was. In nineteen sixty five. They adopted cavalry to a new kind of need a new form of transport- and this was the helicopter and nineteen sixty, by they converted the eleventh a result, test division
two. The first cavalry division and the first and second battalions of the First Cavalry Division soon took on the historical name of General Customs Union and by the way general costs, the seventh cab no that's kind of most famous along Yes, I guess, along with you, during valley, but their day the seventh cab served in world war, two and Korea all kinds of incredible service. There and a lot of that is covered in the book. But again, we'll have to move through this a little bit more quickly. Otherwise go read the book which I highly recommend, but let's get into
starting about where Lieutenant colonel. How more takes over the first battalion? Seventh cavalry going back to the book. On Monday June, twenty ninth, as scheduled, I took command of my battalion forty two years old West Point graduate class of nineteen forty five with nineteen this commission service, including fourteen months tour in Korea, combat tour in Korea in a brief talk to the troops afterward, told them that this was a good battalion, but it would get better. I do my best. I said, and I expect the same from each of you- were taken command. I had a long talk with the most important man in any battalion, the sergeant major basil, L Plumply forty, four years old and six and six foot too bear of a man hailed from West Virginia. The men's
Times called them old iron jaw. But never in his hearing plummeted. Was a two war man and WAR Master parachute wings with his five combat jump. Stars He was what the young airborne types called afford: jump bastard, plum He had survived all for combat jobs of the eighty second airborne division in World WAR to Sicily and Salerno latter, nineteen, forty three and then a nineteen forty four D day at Normandy and market garden in the Netherlands for that He also made one combat parachute jump in the korean WAR with a hundred eighty seventh, airborne Infantry regiment. And was promoted to sergeant major nineteen sixty one sergeant major nineteen sixty one. So, let's think about that for a minute. Let's think about that. We ve talked to be deaf. We talk about Normandy, we definitely about market garden. He jumped into both. Those and jump into
we and Salerno Andrew than to combat. In the korean WAR, unbelievable going back to the book. The sergeant major was a no bullshit guy who believed, as I did, in tough training, tough discipline and tough physical conditioning to this day, There are veterans of the battalion who are convinced that guy may look like sergeant major basal plumy, but he isn't early as tough as the sergeant major on sins, small or large, privately I thanked my lucky stars that I had inherited such a treasure. I told sergeant major plainly that had unrestricted access to me at any time on any subject, I to raise. After the ceremony be commanders in a battalion staff. Gotta look at their new boss in a word standards. They were fairly simple, only first place true
will be displayed, accepted or presented in this battalion can place in our line of work. Is defeat of the union on the battlefield. Death for the individual and combat no fat groups are officers decision making will be decentralized, pushed the power down. It pays off in wartime loyalty flows down as well. I check up on everything I am saleable day or night to talk with any author of this battalion. Finally, John major works for only for me and takes orders only from me. He My right hand, man, so he set in the stage pretty interesting, not only for place trophies second is no not happening here. Back to the book. The officers of my new battalion were the usual. Great army mix of men who had come from their jobs, come to their jobs,
West point or to see after can at school and military schools like the Citadel mostly young. Secondly, TAT had come through. Oh she s in College ROTC programmes. There were three rifle companies in the battalion alpha. Bravo and Charlie companies It should fall strength supposed to have six officers and a hundred sixty four enlisted men they were my maneuver elements. Each rifle company had three rifle dunes, plus one platoon of three eighty one millimetre mortar squads for fire support each rifle tune in turn had three rifles. Watts, plus a weapon squad of two Sixty machine guns for fire support, so there's with theirs the breakdown right there, They may also had a another combat support. Company dealt a company shadow Recon platoon, a mortar platoon in an anti tank butter, and they converge the on needed aunt. I take refuge in a machine gun. Platoon for for duty, Vietnam, because there was no enemy, takes Goin up against us. The battalion was lookin like going back to the boy
during a during those first. Forty months, and I was gonna talk about their work up a little bit how they got ready for combat back the book during those fourteen months, We sailed for Vietnam. We spent most of the time in the field, practicing assault, landings from helicopters and the Incredibly complex coordination of artillery tact, clear support, an aerial rocket artillery with the all important flow of helicopters. Into and out of the battles commanders headed too, learn to see terrain differently to add a Constance, and for landing zones which are called Elsie's and pick up zones. Pcs to all the other do they had to keep in mind we practice rapid loading and unloading of men and materiel to reduce the helicopters window, vulnerability, total flexible He was the watchword in planning and attitude. There was one bit of sobering reality that I insisted be introduced at every level in this training. We would declare platoon, commander dead end
Let it sergeant take over and carry out the mission or declares our didn't have one of his pfc take over running the squad. We were true for war and leaders, are killed in battle. I at every man trained for and capable of taking over job of the man above him. So they d can a whole new gig here they never No one had really done this, but or writing everyone's gonna combat on helicopters. Obviously, helicopters give you great amount of maneuverability. You can be up vertically and take off and travel a distance and set down anywhere or not anywhere, just about any where you can sit down lotta play such take. You can't sit down anywhere, especially in the jungle. We got treason all kinds of obstacles, and then you ve got enemy. On top of that in helicopters, are pretty vulnerable flying machines and so this idea what what they were practicing was this massive movement move all the troops into the combat zone very quickly and the enemy doesn't expect you, then you can you show up there, so it's!
so they're practicing over and over again and clearly you know, a korean war veteran like How more was he knows that leaders can get Odin, combat and so he's some. I'm the leaders in training and that's a tradition we still had. We did all the time when I was running training. This you'll teams, the minute you start to get a grip on things. It was like ok, you're, dead. Next man's got to step up, and sometimes I would just wreck Appleton. Or to ask you to with a leader dies if there are good leader and they're, not no one is used to stepping up it be problematic Sometimes it would actually be beneficial to get some rest. Micromanaging kill him and then watch everything runs smoothly and come back and go dude back off a little bit cause this guy's run in a better show. Then you are- and it's really clear so we teach guys lessons that way. Back to the book, unfortunately, my battalion in every other in the division. Now began to suffer the consequences of President Johnson Refusal to declare a state of
urgency and extend the active duty tours of draft ease and reserve officers. The oars We're came down any so Roger who had less of less who had sixty days or less left to serve on his enlistment. As of the date of deployment August sixteenth must be left behind. We were sick at heart. We were being shipped off to war. Sadly, under strength and courage, but by the loss of almost a hundred troopers in my battalion alone, the very men who would be the most useful and combat those train the longest in the new techniques of helicopter warfare whereby this order taken away from us, it made no since then, it makes no sense now So again I talked about the strategic kind of locations that these guys felt- and this is one of em and obviously I'm jumping through the book. They talk more about the work up and what they did to prepare but nosegay. This point: where present job and doesn't declare a state of emergency and keep these guys in, and so you have
political decision, obviously, but what a, whereas an impact, chert impact the guys on the front line that word impacts. Now, I said this book is written not only by not by lieutenant general. How more is how retired in this book? I refer to Miss Lieutenant Colonel, or sometimes I guess, I'm just a disrespectful and call him how more I don't mean it disrespectfully, anyways, how more wrote the book were you who wrote the book, along with another guy named Joe Galloway, and Oh you know, ghost writer is the act. Strader well. This is so go. Try to rights. For a person's book, but no one supposed to know it and then there's people that right the book, but they get credit for it and You might think that's a situation here. Looking at the title, you ve got Lieutenant General Harold, more retired and Joseph L Galloway doesn't say servicing well,
in this particular case that could give you absolutely wrong impression, because Joe Galloway was a reporter combat reporter. Who was Obviously he was very courageous and, and basically gotta. For lack of a better word so ugly, Where they introduce him a little bit backed the book. You p, I rapporteur, Jo Galloway, a twenty three year old native of Refugio Texas, marched with us when he hooked up with us sure it on his shoulder and m16 rifle, which the special forces commander Major Charles back with, had handed him when the fight was over Galloway, told back with that strictly speaking, under the Geneva Convention, he was a civilian noncombatants back with response no such thing in these mountains. Boy take that rifle. So if you know anything about Charles back with major Charlie back with its the guy that created Delta Force
complete bad ass warrior and he was a special forces commander in Vietnam and and was one of the first people that apparently gallop work with a Galloway said. You know you better arm yourself so here's Galloway talking Galloway remembers first time out with how Moors First Battalion Seventh Cavalry was a hellish walk into the sun to remote Monti Guard Mountain Village, we got it HU, a patch of brush and wait a minute, vine, so thick and finally, that every step had to be carved out with machetes recovered. Maybe hundred yards in four hours and forty two fast running chest. Deep mountain stream, justice darkness fell then huddled in our poncho, wet and freezing all night long, at first light pinched off a small piece of sea for plastic explosive from the to see supply my pack and use it to boil up canteen of water for coffee. If you listen, for very carefully. You could be drinking
coffee and maybe thirty seconds. If you are careless, it blew off your arm over as first cigarette, I watched Moors men? First, they shaved shaved up here I was amazed, the colonel himself blonde John G, and very intense, a son of Bards down Kentucky and West Point, walked by on this morning round, with the sergeant made with sergeant major plumply. More looked me over and said we all shaven. My outfit reporters included my Deeming coffee water went for a wash and a shave, gained a measure of respect for the man. Davy discipline, nor things you know Another thing that I failed to mention, but its very clear when you read the book is this: is nineteen sixty four in the war had not escalated at all. Then it wasn't the the meat grinder that it turned into so these guys. You know in their work up
They they knew that they were going to fight, but they didn't they didn't know. It wasn't a Vietnam that we think of now where, There's a lot of casualties happening it if we hadn't gotten there. Yet this matter fact, this battle is really the first one where that boy, you start seeing very significant american casualties. The guy in charge over how over how more is name, Colonel Brown- and he shows up going back to the book, not long after colonel I flew inject on a situation without alpha called me aside how I'm moving your battalion West tomorrow morning, he said on folding his map Here's your area of operations north of here Paul, the I drink valley, you may In the same when you have now find and kill the enemy.
He rapidly outlined the scope of operations in the resources he could spare. Sixteen you age, one d Kiwis, so that a huge helicopter, it's the most. I guess them. The most icon. Helicopter are probably of any military ends. Certainly of Vietnam. The huge helicopters is completely iconic Sixteen q is to move my troops to want I've howitzer batteries within range to support us in at least two days on the ground. Patrolling he added that out. Company of the two hundred twenty ninth helicopter, assault, helicopter battalion provide the helicopters, the two twenty nights, a company commander, major brew. Scramble, was on his way. No one more thing: how in area, be sure your companies are close enough for mutual support. The reason I highlighted that a lot of times
People have a tendency in in I'm at situation, especially when planning to get too far apart from each other We see this all the time and what happens It seems to make sense because you cover more ground or you have better angles, and it seems like a good idea like a we'll just split up and you can take care of your guys and I'll take care of my guys, but you always need to stay. We then a position. We can mutually support each other where, if we get it right wing governments, that's what it is. You want to be able to cover to move cover, move so the minute you're out of site out a line of sight out a radio out of the outer world. Distance, where your weapons can be used to support year alone there that's the thing: you, you get away from line of sight rate, contact the distance away. Funds can be shot effectively from the unit that you're out there with now. You are alone, so when you're planning make sure, and he said in that area.
Always use that role. All we as well as all If it is possible, their times where you can you can you can flax there, little bit of coarser their situations it into and you can. It might be a better tactical call, but always keep in mind. You're doing and what your sacrificing and you can no longer more mutually support, the other it's your out with and they can't mutually support you're alone,. So. He knows this is gonna, be a little bit of a hot air, really seeks. He suspects it going back to the book. How ready was my battalion for combat. We have never maneuvering combat as an entire battalion, although all three rifle companies have been minor scrapes, so I ve been in Vietnam for a while, they ve been in little bit of contact, but nothing to major and, like you just said, none of it, none of them had been then been. I was a group, is a baton, back to the utmost. The men had never seen an enemy, so you're, dead or alive. We killed four, more ten black page a gorilla in the get acquainted with
rules and small operation. Since our arrival, the forest in companies had twenty of them. Authorized twenty three officers, but the enlisted ranks been bad whittled down by expiring. This malaria The cases and requirements for his camp guards and workers back in an Kay now for company had a hundred fifteen men, forty nine fewer than authorized. Bravo Company at a hundred fourteen men was fifty short Charlie, company at a hundred six men down by fifty eight and the weapons company Dell had only seventy six men. Forty two fewer than authorized headcloth company was also under strength, and I had been forced to draw down for by sending men out to fill crucial medical and communication vacancies in the line. Companies. I didn't like being short handed, but things have been noted front in the korean WAR, and somehow we may do you just suck it up and do it
And we would do the same We do the same way in the I drank the officers and Ngos would do what they could to make up the slack, just as we had done in Korea. So my point of reading that you guys are happy under man's supposed to have one hundred and fifty people in the house. You know a hundred hundred five, whatever and there's nothing, you can do about it. It is also interesting and worth noting that he has a head there's company. So you got that the battalion commander and he's gotta four guys that do well. And for him and also communicate and he's pushed those guys out, some sort of keeping those guys and making. His his one team, all fat and happy no impede makes his team then and gives as much as we can to the to the force that around the field. So another good. No, on leadership. Now they're getting ready to roll in, and we will do
about he's gonna going through the plant a little bit here we go back the book. I personally land on the first helicopter, piloted by Bruce Crandall, Bruce Crandall, the commander of the helicopters that are flying the men, Permit me a final low level, look at the landing zone and surrounding terrain and with Crandall, and front seat and me in the back. We could work out on the spot any last minute diversion to an alternate land landing zone if necessary and fix any other problems with the lift. American civil war. It was a matter of simple, that a good officer rode his horse as little as possible There were sound reasons for this if you are hiding and your soldiers are marching. How can you judge how tired they are? How thirsty how, every their packs way on their shoulders. I applied same philosophy in Vietnam, where everybody commander had his own command and control helicopter Sir Commanders use their helicopter as their personal mt. I know believed in that you had to get on the ground with you troops to see and hear what was happening. You have to soak up first
and information for your instincts to operate accurately. Besides, it's too easy to be Cool and detached at fifteen hundred feet to easy to demand the impossible of your troops too easy to make states that are fatal only to those souls far below in the mud, the blood and confusion This is something we talk about all sign from leadership perspective. You cannot be you know it's it's the it's the dichotomy of detachment, it does pay and their certain times where you can tell any in the Situations, if you're in the command helicopter, that up above the fighting well you're you're defined tell you, you are detached, The situation and you can see what's happening, you have you a good view of what's going on, but even if we have a good view
you're, also missing a bunch you're missing what it's like down there you're missing what the men are seeing you missing what it looks like to them. You're missing the communication. Breakdowns are happening down there, so you have to find that balance between these two and and He clearly is aware that he's preparing for this there's gotta be a book called street without joy by a guy named Bernard Fall and it's it's. A book about Vietnam spoke about the the tragedy that the french troops went through fighting the Vietnamese and he says that he took one lesson away from that book, and this is the lesson death is the price you pay for under estimating this tenacious to me, so he was aware general matter said. You know not to me.
Go their target general matters. Now. Can we read so many books, nieces cause? I get to see, I get to learn and this the classic case. He he knew. He read books about the the French that had fought the Vietnamese what ten years earlier, eleven years earlier, and that made him more prepared. Now talking a little bit like, I said, there's a there's great information in here about the enemy and flew like I said they went and interviewed and got reports from the enemy And here we go a little bit about the enemy backed the book. This just commanded by Brigadier General chew Cool man had been training for more than eighteen months. When they joined the people's army. Each recruit was issued to catch his shirts two pairs of catchy trousers, a sewing kit. And a pair of haughty men sandals cut from used tire trucks, those uniform for expected the last five years
Basic training lasted thirteen weeks six days a week, six, a dot m to nine hundred and fifteen p dot m the instructors emphasized weapons and tactics, the how's of warfare, while the political commissaries had time. Had time set aside each day to lecture on the wise of this war, the recruits reminded costly that their fathers had beaten the french colonialists. Now it was their duty feet, the american imperialists. They were imbued with hoochie men's dictum. Nothing is more precious than freedom and independence after basic tree. In some were selected for six months of ends, Yo School and would emerge as new corporal for the rest advanced impotent included familiarization with all weapons, the use of ICT Those ambush tat, Ex reconnaissance tactics, adjusting mortar fire patrol tactics in June of nineteen sixty four or man soldiers moved up into the mountains of nor Fiona Martin, Vietnam,
drain, similar to that western highlands of Self Vietnam. Here physical conditioning was emphasised, they scheme steep slopes while wearing rocks acts loaded with fifty two sixty pounds of rocks there. Training now also focused on the art of camouflage. When the time came for them to begin the arduous two month journey down the haughty men trail through louse. Generally, His regiment broke down into battalions for security purposes. Each moving separately at least three days ahead of the next each sold carried four pounds of rice. And days rations, plus another eight pounds of foodstuffs. Were expected last in the whole trip two pounds of salt: two pounds of wheat flour and four pounds of salt pork, one man in every squad carried the aluminum cook pop that woods. Death squads rice would be boiled in each manner oh carried fifty Anti malaria pills one for each day on the trail and a hundred vital.
And be one tabs to be taken at the rate of three per week, despite the pills, We every man who walk the trail, contracted malaria and, on average, three or or soldiers of each one hundred and sixty man company would die on the journey malaria. Diarrhoea accidents poisonous snakes and american air raids took their toll man's so yours March, nine miles each day, the distance between rest camps, where they spent each night every day Every fourth day. They stayed in camp taking the day off to rest up wash their clothes and tend to minor medical, proper. So there's a legit enemy. We're looking at legit enemy, organised well trained hard, tough, well lead in.
And ready, and you can't ever hear this is one of the biggest problems of fighting a counter. Insurgency is you're, going against some of its waiting on their home turf, and that is just do you can't ye? Have you come out of it as well. You overcome advantage with her power with some technology, but that is a hearted vanished overcome and here's a quote from general. When you landed there, you landed right in the middle of three of our battalions of the sixty sixth regiment, our service, our reserve force, the strongest we had at full strength the battalions each had about four hundred and fifty men. Also there was a headquarters, but The regiments total strength was about sixteen hundred men, so there kind of by chance set up on the same spot. These guys are gonna go in, which is Elsie.
Trade landing zone X, Ray in here. Their flying in do the Elsie Extra. Captain John Heron, whose Bravo company troops filled the hell copper recalls, it was a cool. It was a misty cool morning with some hanging fog and we lifted off. But shortly after take off, we broke into the clear and you could see the one o five artillery pounding the areas around the Elsie as we headed in Vienna, even in war was scenic green jungle. Heavy forested mountains while looking rivers criss crossing the terrain. Now the helicopters of the aerial rocket artillery slam. The perimeter with rockets, grenades and machine gun fire using twenty four of the forty eight too point seven into rockets. They carried so it's it's. The same that we ve heard before its cover move right. As you
into a landing zone like they didn T D day. What do you do? First, you bomb the crap out of it. You hit it naval gunfire and are doing the same thing here. They're prepping the landing zone by drop in a bunch of one off I've howitzers into around the surrounding area around the landing zone, and then the helicopters wants to close and the end How have to turn off then the helicopters, shooting and made do their best We are of the area around the landings on that's. What's goin on back to the book, people's army commander on the battlefield, then senior lieutenant Colonel Nguyen, who on says when you rob troops and x ray. I was on upon mountain. We had a very position and a strong mobile command group. We were ready. We were ready had prepared for you and expected you to come. The only question was what the trees and bushes limited our view of the helicopters landing, but we had an
observation post on top of the mountain and they reported to us when you drop troops and when you move them so man you. I talk about all the time about having high ground willing these guys are landing in a valley and theirs. Right as soon as just about assumes a hit. The ground are therefore little while they get a prisoner d. Right as soon as it just about assumes they hit, the ground are therefore little while they get a prisoner. The the Americans get a prisoner and Here's there's a translator and he translates the in words and here's what the prisoner says. Oh here's, what the translator says he said There are three battalions on the mountain who want very much to kill Americans but have not been able to find any. Now you take that with a grain of salt cuz, it's coming from a prisoner, but it's not nothing will put it to you that way. It's something
Back to the books on me, a few rifle shots rang out in the area where the prisoner had been captured, sergeant gear, its men were in contact. It was now twelve fifteen p m. We Adam, fast. If we're going to survive had to get off, the light exhausted hit them before they could hit us only if we Not the enemy to battle deep in the trees and brush could we say, and even a slim chance of holding onto the clearing in getting the rest. The battalion landed that football field size? Clearing was our lifeline and our supply line. If the enemy clue the way to the helicopters. All of us would die in this place up. That's one of the. When the hard things about helicopter warfare especially Vietnam will actually anywhere is you you got great. You can go a long distance and get in there, but then once you're there there's. If the helicopters can't get you out or they can't resupply you you're in your problem, you, your back to the word. There said earlier, you're alone, back the buggy
as the first shots rang out, I was ready you inherent to saddle up the rest of Bravo Company, the rest of his hip is will complement a move out fast toward the mountain to develop a situation. Turning the doll his again. I theirs all these characters. I mean there's, there's all the company commanders, the platoon commanders, the platoon leaders, the balloon sergeants, there's the ground troops. There's all these and in the book does an outstanding job of decoupling who all these individuals war, what their background was where they came from, and I didn't which we can't do that right now, But that's why you, by the broken you read the book, but he's gonna doll is one of the company commanders here we go turning the doll I told her. That the original plan was out the window that his out Companies should immediately take over Elsie Security, get ready to move up on. Bravo companies left when Charlie, when enough of Charlie Company arrived on, the next lift to assume the job of securing and clearing. So classic. You
the ground in and now the sun. The plan is out the window right out the window where with our standard operating procedures, which is hey, we're gonna move, and here you can set up Primmer security and go back to book more cops, the other two platoon cartoons of. Bravo company men had open sea ration cans and were grabbing a bite when they heard the first shots in the brush The older sergeants glanced at one another nodded beat fast. They told the man and get ready to move the bat of Elsie X Ray had just begun in it. It doesn't take long to begin. Going back to the book says sergeant Gill Wreath, we were Should we pinned to the ground taken casualties, Lieutenant Dennis you remember that moment. Daphne platoon was taking moderate fire. We could all here through the foliage- and I heard a crackling on my radio. I wasn't some sort of trouble: the firing
increased in volume and intensity. Then I saw him. First wounded. Trooper, probably the first American wounded and Elsie X Ray, he was shot in the neck or mouth or both with carrying his rifle was ambulatory and appeared stunned at what had happened to him when he asked where to. I put my arm rounded and pointed to I last seen the betide commander. So it's immediately on an and you, of course it is Khazars theirs, Three battalions of vietnamese soldiers. There. And this is this is how more talkin back to them. The military historian, easily Marshall, wrote that at the beginning of a battle unit actualized, groping between the antagonists takes place and the battle takes form from all of this marshal. Had it right,
That is precisely what was happening up in the scrub brush above above landing zone X, Ray this day and oh other single event, would have greater impact on the shape of this battle than what Lieutenant Henry Herrick was in the process of doing Herrick charged right. Ass. Lieutenant devotees men swung his book. Early, savage of headaches orders. He made a bad decision and we knew at the time it was a bad peered from sight into the bush. Says sergeant early savage of headaches orders he made up A decision- and we knew the time it was a bad decision. We were breaking contact with the rest of the company. We were supposed to come up on the flank of first platoon. In fact, we were moving away from them. We lost contact with every what everybody so again. This is what I just talked about in its you gonna see throughout this book these principles that we talk about all the time that that we taught in that we lived through
You can see that these types of things happen and here's a classic thing. I just talk about like when you get out of distance from you, supporting elements you're now alone, in that bad situation of being. After the book now, John Heron was up on my radio reporting that his men were under heavy attack by at least two enemy companies, and that his second Polton was in danger of being surrounded and cut off from the rest of the company. Even us, spoke modern rocket rounds hit in the clearing where I stood, My worst case scenario had just come to pass. We are now in heavy contact before all my battalion was on the ground, and now I had to deal with a cut off platoon. My response was an angry shit, Captain Captain John Herons estimate that his problem
company men were trying to deal with two enemy. Companies was slightly off one full enemy battalion. More than five hundred determined enemy soldiers was boiling down the mountain toward Herrick trapped. Second platoon and maneuvering near owl, divinities pinned down first bill to agree here's something that I failed to talk about with helicopter warfare. So not a battalion of five hundred guys. Five hundred and fifty guys do you get fit all those guys on sixteen helicon. So you gotta do multiple lapse and that's what he's he's worry. He was worried about a going in that area, when I get my whole battalion on the ground before the fighting starts. These already failed to do that or meaning has failed to do it, but it didn't happen To the book I was tempted to join the dolls or Edwards men, but resisted the temptation. I had no business getting involved with the actions of only one company I might get pinned down and simply
come another riflemen might duty was to lead riflemen. So there's a we talked about the detachment That he said, hey, look remarkably open helicopter but right now we say: look I'm not the helicopter overhead at fifteen hundred feet, but I'm not gonna. Be sitting in a party as a Riflemen slogan it out with the enemy. That's not the right place to be either. You have to leave in order to lead. You have to take a step back, you have to detect any does that to the best of his ability, and here we go, to book. Just now the snaps and cracks the rounds passing nearby took on a distinctly different, sound like a swarm of bees around our heads, I was on the radio trying to hear a transmission over the noise when I felt firm hand on my right soldier shoulder it sergeant, your plum lease he shot Grover, the racket of the firefight serve. You don't find some cover. You're gonna go down, and if you go down, we all go down. Probably was right. As always. Anyone waving yelling
hands signalling or talking on. The radio was instantly targeted by the enemy. These guys were quick to spot shoot leaders, radio operators and medics. I'd, never fretted about being wounded and combat inquiry. Or here but Plumply brought me up short. The game was just beginning, This is no time for me to go out of it. The sergeant Your pointed to a large termite hill, six or seven hi located in some trees in the waste between the two open areas of the landing zone. It was about thirty, or is away in three of us turned and ran toward it with bullets. Kicking up A dirt around our feet in the bees, he'll buzzing around our heads that termite the size of a large automobile would become Battalion Command Post, the station the supply point, the collection era four enemy prisoners, weapons and equipment and the place where our dead were brought.
Casualties were now beginning to pile up as we drop behind that Termite hill. I fleetingly thought about an illustration: an election his predecessor of mine in the seventh Cavalry Lieutenant Colonel George arm strong. Custer, then is fine, stay stand in the valley, have little being horn in Montana. Eighty nine years earlier, I was determined that history would not really. Itself. In the valley of the I drank, we were a tie well trained and discipline fighting force, and we had one thing: George Custer did not have fire support far sport plays, it isn't, is beyond critical. I mean they would not have been able to do this without fire sport and.
That's the one thing: that's gonna save them, I mean obviously the discipline, obviously the training, obviously the bravery, but the fire supporters is a gift back to the book, Sergeant Steve Hansen was behind into the right of Lieutenant Taft. He says we we did a trot across the open grass toward the tree line and heard fire up on the finger to the west where we were headed. My right operator friend, specialist for Re Turner, Re Tanner and I crossed the stream bed. Captain now dolls, already in the two other politicians were off to the right. Lieutenant Taft was well forward, as we can asked over into the trees sergeant first last Lorenzo Nathan rate Turner and I were close. Maybe ten yards behind, we were moving fast. Specialist speck for PETE Winter was near me.
We ran into a wall of lead. Every man in the lead squad was shot from the time we got. Ordered a move to the time where men were dying was only five minutes. The end we were very close to us and overran some of our dead. The firing was heavy sergeant, Nathan pulled back out of the woods of the stream bed. Bob Hazan, Bob taps radio operator recalls lieutenant TAT got out in front of me. I was off to his left. He added he had his ready. He had the radio hand said, in his left hand connected to the radio on my back without flux, flexible rubber wire. It got tight and I pulled back on lieutenant and hollered we're getting off line. He glanced back at me, turned back to his front and took four more steps: Then he fired two shots, something I couldn't see what then he dropped face down on the ground. Lieutenant Taft was
I didn't realize how bad until I rolled him over, he was shot in the future and the rounded ricocheted down and come out his left side. He was dead and it was difficult to roll them over. Even though he was a slightly built man, cap then the doll says the enemy on the mountain started, moving down rapidly in somewhat uncoordinated attacks. They Street down the hill and down the Crete bed the enemy knew the area. They came down the best cover route, platoon, was heavily engaged in the volume of firing reached a crescendo on my left. At this time I lost Radio contact with tasks platoon in this, and were of that fury Bob he's and struggled and rolled is dead. Platoon leader over. He was gone, and there is nothing we can do. The first thing I thought of was what they taught me, never let the enemy get his hands on a map or the signals code book. I got those from Lieutenant Taft.
Was kneeling over to try and pull his body back, that's when my radio was hit and the shrapnel radio hit me in the back of the head. It didn't really high All the sun. I was just laying face down on the ground. Next you pretended Taft, I felt so running down my treat my down my neck reached back and came out with a handful of blood. Carmen Vassili was on hastens right. We knew it happened. The word passed fast. They got Lieutenant Taft again we're talkin within minutes of these guys arrive in this is to go and completely sideways. Back to book, captain the doll out of radio contact with capital to mood moved toward the furious firing on his left flank to find out what was happening. Nidal says my radio operator sergeant Jack Eagle, the company communications
chief who volunteered to carry one of my two radios ran with me out from out of the creek bed and into the open area toward TAT, possessed we ran into sergeant Nathan and I and what was happening he said the boy have been attacked on the left flank. The left, squatted taken, number of casualties and had pulled back out of the creek bed. Using their left enemy. The left linked to the enemy Nathan said TAT, had been hit and was left in the creek bed. That made me angry. We ve been taught never to leave any wounded or dead on the battlefield sergeant gallon I crawled forward of our lines to that Crete bed where the enemy were defined Taft. We came under grenade attack from the west side of the creek bed, but had cover from a few trees, relocated Taft Dead, while bringing him back. We saw another soldier who had been left behind after leaving cast body.
This will to and I went back again and we picked up the other man. Back to the book Dennis Deal remembers, we move online for about a hundred or a hundred and fifty yards before the volume of firing forced us to stop. We were too in too many casualties. I radio Herr expel tune and said, I think, we're getting close to you shoot one round off weight to the count of three you two more. The radio man or whoever was on the radio. Did that so we had a pretty good fix on where he was. We got up started the assault. Again we went about ten yards in the whole thing just blew in our faces, blew up in our faces. The enemy have info traded between heretics, platoon and us, and we're starting to come behind us so that platoon added gotten separated this element
with Dennis Deal, was going out to try and get contact with them and bring him back inside the perimeter they meet Day day. Their assaulting ago, a hundred yards, a hundred fifty yards new start getting mode down. Now they realise that in between they ve got bad guys in between where parents petunias and where the rest of the perimeter is set up, but they do have kind of a rough perimeter on this on the landing zone in the learning zone, biologist not explain this mean, bringing helicopters in the jungle. You need some open space of a landing zone, Elsie actually as an area where there's not much foliage for whatever reason, and so that's, where they ve kind. Of course, although their forces only if they can't go anywhere else the ground they start getting shot at another setting up what was called a perimeter Obviously, hair expertise is outside the perimeter back to the book written. Deal adds that he in another p and the other two between leaders now began planning. Yet another attempt to break through and rescue headaches men
Leaders were running back and forth. Coordinating when all this firing began the lull dissipated quickly. It was at this time my weapon squad leader sergeant curry, the chief was killed his land words war. Those basque you're trying to get me, he was caught, rolling around on the ground later on, as my men were carrying him back. I have and put him down and turned his face toward me and looked at him. I cannot conceive of the chief being dead. Staff sergeant, Wilbur Currie Junior of follow New York was thirty five years old. Herrick and the other two squads were holding curiously, to this, small no near the bottom of the finger savage, so a kid named savage is out there with hair exploiting
And he ends up running a lot of stuff and you'll find that out, but here here we start here a little bit of em right now: savage named up with Mc Squad which was pinned to the ground. Herrick was with that squad. Sergeant Zealand Squad was off to the left, rear savage checked on his men when he tied up with Mackay He knew that speck for Robert M Hill. M: seventy nine granted here was no longer with them got killed in there somewhere he had his m. Seventy nine and forty five caliber pistol enemies firing both at the same time, the Twentyth You're old Hale came from star the Mississippi and your sergeant savage talking explaining more back to the book. The enemy was passed, the machine gun before it ever quit, firing I could hear started hurtled down their cursing. Even even over the fire fight. I heard he was famous for that mother Fucker son of a bitch. I could hear
Following that down there, when they threw, then they threw grenade. Dunham, hurt thirty six was from Washington D C Baron bomb. Twenty four was a native of New York City, Pfc old Roddy. Twenty two hailed from Ann Arbor, Michigan, the three of them and a hail of rifle fire. An enemy grenades. The enemy down below turned surgeon. Rules M sixty around and began using it on the Americans on the nor so that causes all kinds of confusion. You can tell the difference between different types of weapons. By the way they sound when they shoot, and when someone start shooting a friendly weapon at you. It's caused logic, using Ambien sixties him beast of a weapon. Belt, FED machine gun and its. I got this you'll teams that was the that was
The machine gun that that we use was the M machine gun at its devastating weapon. Back to the book, The enemy more than a hundred fifty strong now attack the nor from three sides: North South and EAST, actors on both sides were falling. Lieutenant Herrick ran from trooper to trooper, trying to get a defence organise an enemy volley cut across Herrick, his radio operator specialist, John Stuart and the three week the artillery weaken sergeant sergeant. John T. Brow wounding all three here, can Brown seriously Stuart took us a bullet through the leg. Here radioed. Bravo company Commander John Heron and told him he had been hit and he was turn command of a over to sergeant Carl Palmer. Herrick then gave explicit instructions to. Men to destroy the singles codes registry the ammunition and call on artillery and, if possible, make a break for it here and says I give
Eric all the credit in the world for pulling that platoon together, so they could make their stand. So should we all savage and Zabulon paint a clear picture of a green young lieutenant who did a superb job. But a hail storm of enemy fire. His platoon stop the very large north vietnamese unit. Clearly heading down to join the EU. On the landing zone I long ago concur that the very presence of this platoon so far to the northwest confused me commander as to exactly where we were and how far we had penetrated in all directions and thus help this helped us, as the battle built, sergeant savagery counts. The final moments of Henry Eric's life he was beside me on the hill, and he said if I have to die I'm glad to give my life for my country I remember him saying that he was, in the shock hidden there happen in a lot of pain. He didn't live long
he died early in the fight next to a little brush. Pile speck for Charles or lows. Twenty two of Mobile Ammo Alabama was the new platoon medic. He joined opportunity, a few days earlier. Lieutenant Herrick was kneeling when hit he had a bullet wounds. The hip, he told me to go help the other wounded yeah. It's we have to remember that the sky Herrick is like twenty to twenty four year old, fresh out of music you might be twenty one and he made that May Julie, offensive, move and pursue and got out of touch, but what How more say, hey that confuse the enemy, even confuse the Friendly Seward confused the enemy is well so there's some there's some good that came out of it
back to the book sergeant, Reuben Thomas was struck by a board above his heart that acted under his left arm. Bleeding heavily. He grabbed a rifle and fought on the encircled info, remain of the lost platoon refuse to give up here's. What specialist Dormann said We are all on the ground now and if you moved, you got hit. Our training really showed, then we shifted into defensive positions. We had five men killed in twenty five minutes. Then all the sun. They try to mass assault from three directions: rushing from Bush to Bush, laying fire on us. We put our sixteen on full automatic and killed most of them. Another guy named Galen, Bung, Bondman Bonham, said. We gathered up all the full magazines. We could find a stack them up in front of us. There is no way we could do foxhole the handle, was blown off my entrenching tool in one of my canteens at our whole blown through it The fire was so heavy. If you tried to raise up to dig, you were dead, there was deafening,
Rocks all around by now eight men of the police. Twenty nine have been killed in action and other. Teen were wounded, the twenty five, our wide perimeter was a circle of pain. Death fear and raw courage Charlie lows: crop call from man to man throughout the raging firefight doing his best to patch the wounded with limited supplies and his medical pack although he himself, was wounded twice lows, never slowed his pace. He would kill all thirteen of the wounded alive for the four twenty six long, horror wing hours Low says on some occasions I had to stand or sit up to treat the wounded each time that see fired heavily at me, low used is forty five and sixteen rifle to help defend his patients,
getting attack from three sides. Thirteen wounded eight dead was at nine dead, unbelievable. Back to the book. Command had passed. So this is talking about. You know when when someone if the leader gets killed, it goes the next person that persecutes killed goes person, so here's what's happening in hair, platoon, the loss, platoon back to book man had passed from Lieutenant Henry Herrick, discharging Carl Palmer to sergeant Robert Stokes, and each in turn died. Fighting it was the turn of buck sergeant, Ernie Savage Sergeant, which came up on the radio captain hair recalls. He said here. Palmer Stokes were dead too him more artillery and he would directed in as close as possible. We can restart established the balloons exact position, but Lieutenant riddle could adjust
fire on savages sensing, and he began to do that. The extraordinary unyielding resistance that the dozen or so effective fighting fighters were putting up plus the artillery barrages that earnest which was bringing down finally beat off their heavy enemy attack. Earnest average and small band hunkered down determined to hold their ground to the end. These guys are calling in danger calls a retirement angels, none danger, close is you're calling in fire support, and you want it to be very good to where you are and you the ground have to take responsibility for it, so, in other words, that the person, whether it tell me whether its aircraft, you, after Collins, a danger close, yes, send the round. We know it's close its. We take responsibility for what happens.
And by the way, going back to the book, as this fifth left lit, of the day, roared out a tree top level. The landing zone was suddenly turned red hot, they haven't even landed, everyone believes going on, they ve got everyone on the landing zone yet and here's And l talking and again he's the the pilot unbelievably heroic pilot and commanding officer this helicopter. You said Colonel Crandall, As I was wearing out touchdown, we start receiving Henry Heavy Ground fire. I had three in three wounded on my bore bird. The wounded, including my crew chief who had been hidden the throat we landed, we saw that every bullet had struck the wounded in the head or neck excellent marksmanship by the other side and not a happy thought for a helicopter. Pilot to say the least, so that the enemy taken Headshot back to the book with Crandall. Flying serpent, yellow three were chief worn off
Ricardo, J, Lombardo, thirty four of Hartford Connecticut and Alex S pop Jekyll Forty three of Seattle, Washington, POP Jekyll, was afoot, their of nine children during world war. You at the age of twenty he had formed, be twenty four hours out of England and be twenty ninth during the Post WAR until we left the service nineteen fifty pop Jackal, This is not in nineteen. Fifty two would have been flying helicopter since nineteen sixty three pop jackal keyed the her common said I flew thirty one missions and in be twenty four hours in world war. Two and that's the closest ever come to swallowing my balls, so these these late zones, were crazy. With these helicopter pilots flight in their aids of it, here here you're getting. There is fast you can, but there's not much. You can do did you bring in this fast? You? Can you try and get loaded up quickly? You try and take off, but it's not like you're able to shoot back. Even once you're on the ground, your machine guns and a huge they can't shoot anymore cause you don't own friendly troops are
you're, a sitting doc literally a sitting duck, and these pilots going in time and time and time again. This goes to the Delta company Commander Le February and here's what's goin on. The fabric seriously wounded was facing was fading fast. I lost a lot of blood. I could see people shooting, but I couldn't hear any sounds anymore. Ho John Heron. Somebody had to take over. I called in colonel more and and then I was gonna turn over the company to sergeant Gonzalez The medic arrived a bandage, my wound. Shortly after I remember someone putting mean upon shown hauling me over the area of the Battalion Command post. When I saw you at boat again later. We never did talk much about it. It was just you damn close to the real thing rail of February and a handful of debt the company troopers, had unknowingly, joined the alpha company fight at a crucial moment about thirty nine
Vietnamese were flanking the dolls men on their left capital of February. Bruce Party ran smack into them and killed most of them. The dolls men dispatch the rest unknown to the fore. Sergeant Gonzalez had been hit in the face by an enemy bullet? Gonzalez We said Roger when the fabric, old and he was now command and for the next. How hour and a half. He ran delta company. Sergeant Gonzales, shot the face. In fact, urmand still gonna take leadership right now, going back the book it was during all this or that back remembers fear coming over him. Then here's back talking while Doc all was here with me working on Russell fear. We fear hit me fearless I had never known before fear com
once you recognize it accepted it passes just as fast as it comes, and you really don't have to think about anymore. You just do what you have to do but you learn the real meaning of fear and life and death. The next two hours. I was alone on that gonna shooting the enemy. Any anymore shooting at me and bullets were hitting the ground beside me, cracking above my head. They were too, I mean I fired as fast as I could in long bursts. My am sixty was cooking. I had to take a crap bad so I pulled my pants down while laying on my side and did it on my side taking fire at the time now going back to how more talking here from command posted the Termite hill, the enemy work, leaders they do not appear to have radios themselves. Good soldiers used car, and concealment perfection and we're deadly shots. Most of my dead and wounded soldiers have been shot in the head or upper body. The north vietnamese paper
their attention to radio operators and leaders. They did not here too, have radios themselves, they control them. By shouts waves, pointing whistles and sometimes bugle calls. It was to forty five p m off You have my rifle. Companies were heavily engaged, we had law, the use of the larger clearing for the helicopter, landings wounded were streaming into the command post aid station. We were in a desperate fixin. I was worried that could become even more desperate by I believed we were fighting. At least two peoples. Armies battalions turns out. It was three a very determined wipe us out, but a major difference between Lieutenant colonel when who, on of the people's Army of Vietnam and the colonel, how more of the First Cavalry division was it. I had made Your fire support and he didn't air force, can then Bruce Wallace and his fellow a one sky raider pilots, as well as the jet fighter bombers, from three services help provide that edge flying fifty sort.
In closer support that Sunday afternoon. Says. Wallace. The importance of airplanes in a vulgar brawl is too down among the palm trees, with the troops pudding ordinance on the ground. At the exact timing, the precise placed at the ground command needs it and then so he therein old school sky raiders. But then captain walls is talking about what it was like watching. The helicopters backed the book with it It was different with a Huey to watch for aid them time, maneuvering up and down, and latterly and even backwards boggles of the wider pilots, mind guys swarm of target like bees over honey. I had to to those who we guys they really down there in the trees, with the troops. Then this is how America, how more talking again the field artillery what we called tube artillery to distinguish howitzer folks from the helicopter rocket folks, proudly calls itself the king of battle, the
you ve canning, Cockers and Elsie Falcon when without sleep, three days and three nights to help Bus surrounded by a wall of steel, those two batteries, twelve guns fight- more than four thousand rounds of high explosives shells on the first day alone says Barker on the first afternoon. Both batteries fired for effect directly on target for five straight hours, one of Bruce and Huey Slick pilots? Captain Paul Winkle touch down? can briefly that at first afternoon, was astounded by what he saw there were still of shell casings at least ten feet high and exhausted gone crews. They had fired for effect for three states. Eight hours by then, without even pausing to level the bubbles. One too was burned out to it. Busted hydraulics that some shooting, no matter how bad things got for Americans fighting for their lives on the x ray perimeter. We look out to the scrub brush in every direction into
seething, inferno of exploding, artillery shells two point: seven five inch rockets, nay home canisters, two hundred fifty in five hundred pound bombs and twenty millimeter cannon fire, and thank God and our luck, stars that we didn't have to walk through that to get to work here so, like I said the the closer sport is absolute or the closer sporty. Artillery is absolutely what and that's that's happened. Many on many occasions for for american soldiers sailors, Marines, overseas, fighting the AIR Force, the Navy pilots, the Marine corps, five pilots coming in, and actually the guy in the ground controlling these guys is of air force pilot as well so having that air superiority is a wonderful thing: speaking of the aviators going back to the helicopters chapter nine in this
Book is called brave aviators in it again, these sitting, docks coming in his crazy to read about Going back to look over the twenty months of air mobile training, a bond had been welded between the infantry and their rights, the huge helicopter, pilots and crewman. Now the strength of that and would be tested in the hardest of fires. If the Airbus the failed so that the meat meaning there look operability together. If the air bridge failed the embattled men of first Baton, some gas- would certainly die in much the same way. George Armstrong Clusters cavalryman died at little, bighorn cut off surrounded by numerically superior forces overrun and butchered to the last man. I asked We can't Grendel's brave air crews of Alpha company two hundred twenty ninth aviation battalion for the world
a measure of devotion for service, far beyond the limits of duty and mission, and they came through as I knew they would, and so did so again, your basically asking these guys to get shot down every time they fly, and then this is in I think that above this was early in the war and the metabolic commanders had decreed that their birds would not land in hot landing zones, in other words It would not go where they were needed when when they were need the most before I asked Bruce Crandall, or decided to begin doing everything that it had to be done. Stained with it. Crandall now dropped his Huey loaded with casualties on the Red Dirt Strip. When we in this This is Grand Crandall talking when we hit the ground we were met by medics, an infant Youtube still waiting to be lifted in two x ray. So that's another crazy think think about you're you're unloading, wounded men and
you getting on aircraft, that's gonna go pick up more whenever you're gonna stay, so the troops and on the ground yet think about what's going through their minds, they they remove the dead and when you're not going through their minds accident. I know it comes into my undergoing most. Those guys are saying get me in there as fast as you can. That's, it and these are the brothers out their back to the Ok, they remove the dead and wounded from my bird and this act is engraved in my mind deeper than any other experience in my two tours in Vietnam and huge black enlisted men clad only in shorts and boots hands bigger than dinner plates reach into my helicopter to pick up one of the dead white soldiers yet too streaming down his face and he tenderly created cradled that debts order to his chest ass. He walked slowly from the aircraft. The medical station
I never knew of the man he picked up was his body or not. I suspect not. His grief was for a fallen comrade and for the agony that violent death brings to those who witness it. More about the helicopters back to the book. One of the ships brought in Larry, listen to me later over command of dealt a company from the wounded sergeant Gonzales. I told him to add the four Delta orders to consolidate mortar position, set up by Captain Edwards and to control all seven mortars from a single fire direction centre principle direction of fire was towards out Bravo companies and the mortar men would also have the mission of defending our two chopper landing zone from east. There is no highlighted. That is even though I talk about decent wise command over time and how more starts off the book talk about how decentralized command. Here
right now, in that in a moment he centralizing command. He needs to get in of all the borders so that they can use it correctly. So again, that's. Why is that call me if leadership, because you can There are times when you most it we, but you can actually decentralized too much. If you don't coordinate the efforts of these borders, you're not going to use them effectively so centralized the command of the mortar Springs Malta, one location and start using them effectively. So that's it. Note for leaders to remember. Now: here's another putting commander Joe Mourn. Joe Marm described the situation in his platoon, my party, Medic, was a short time and did not accompany us too. To palm sergeant First class George MC caully, the platoon sergeant carried the aid yet and we plan to use staff sergeant Thomas Tolliver as our medic When the need arose. He had been a combat medical Green war and was well qualified, still
we did not have enough medics to go around, so we sent down specialist group night and nationalist, Charles Low, the senior medical aid man as platoon medics. Bravo company now Calvin Boot still alive, but mortally wounded was laid gently on the ground in his blood. Old rubber poncho, before the medical, platoon sergeant, sergeant, first class Keaton his friend and comrade for the last two years and years what Keaton says boot night was did you shot right between the soldiers write directly between the sort shoulders he reached up and took my hand and said Sarge. I didn't make it Gun ivy started on him and put a pressure the over his back wound. There was just no hope. We were able to get him on an evil ship, but he died Scripture say that there is no greater love than to lay down.
Your life for your friends. This is what Calvin Book Night did in that fire filled jungle. He sheltered the womb Did he was treating with his own body, his back to the enemy guns, completely vulnerable and here's how more it was now. Three, forty five P M, except for the predicament of sergeant savage and the cut off, but who knows feeling a good deal better about the situation we have all of our men in massive Our power been deployed accompany reinforcements was on the way, are to chop, lifeline landing zone was secure mode. Of our wounded were either evacuated are awaiting evacuation and we were holding tough. Is determined to make one more attempt to rescue sergeant, savage and all his wounds. Dead on the slope.
I ordered alpha. Bravo companies to evacuate their casualties, withdrawal of close contact with the enemy under covering fires and prepare to watch a coordinated attack supported by Henry Here too, we artillery fire to reach the cut off platoon. I was tortured by the fate of those men and the need to rescue them in chapter. Ten is called fix, bayonets which can give you indicate back to the book, Alfin, Bravo Companies, the first units to land had now been locked and violent battle for more than two hours had suffered. No small number of casualties, especially among the sergeant and radio operators, and it shot up. No water! movies they never on our ammunition right unless it makes some theatrical polio plot point right: They also in the movies there's plenty water. Oh there in the journal, There are twenty one of these guys. Don't have water out here
water, no food, another running out of ammunition, the two commanders turning a doll, John Heron needed time to evacuate the dead and wounded to reorganise and regroup their diminish cartoons and designate new leaders, and- the point of stocks of ammunitions of ammunition in grenades. They were forty minutes to accomplish this, then heavy. Artillery fire would lay down ahead of them, as they kicked off one more attempt to break through the ring of enemy troops and rescue the survivors of Lieutenant Hair, Henry Herrick Second platoon. Meanwhile, help was on the way back at third headquarters in the tea plantation, the orders were going out. Our sister battalion, the second battalion seventh gap was informed that one of its companies Bravo was being detached. And sent to landing x, Ray Landing Zone X, Ray to reinforce on arrival. An x ray, Bravo Company second battalion. Come under my operational control for the duration of the fight. So there's a there's two battalions: each each pertain has a number of companies in a minute they're gonna. Take one of these
companies from the other battalion and let him let them come in as reinforcements. Captain Myron did Yuruk; Bravo company troops, one the toss hand now, so that there was a bunch of different companies there, and they were all doing in various things, but migrant Derek's company was actually, I think they were. They were standing guard they were close by, and so there are the ones that were gone. And it's it's probably a good thing, because this guy cap into Europe is a com bad ass as Woolsey? Bravo company second battalion had good solid professional man comes in its troop serve together for some for a long time. It was a good right, company. I was happy to get it captain to direct Twenty seven years old, a native born Ukrainian who had come the United States with his family and nineteen fifty years
ROTC graduate from Saint Peter College and in Jersey, city, New Jersey and his commission, in July of nineteen sixty he completed Paratrooper Ranger training and it Sir tours in Germany and at four pending did Europe was Married and the father of two children. While reinforcements were saddling up my Alfin. Bravo companies were about to launch their second attempt the breakthrough, lieutenant hair. Extrapolating John Heron Intoning Doll had pulled their men back to the dry. We'd better during the law, so they would begin they attack from their platoon. Urgent, Troy Miller, remembers. The scene on the rule was very high. After the first contact before we went off before we went after the conflict captain the doll got us together, said men, we ve got an american platoon caught off out there, we're going after them the replies yeah and let's go get them, and Gary Owen and Gary owners the it's like the war cry of the of the cavalry so in theirs on comes from an old.
Wrong, its did just a historical thing, and that's why you read the book can find out about Gary own, their marching song. Back to the book captain Tony Nidal Alpha company was first man out of the creek bad, leading first platoon assault. He recalls we moved about. Fifty we ran into the enemy force which had come down. The mountain I presume, were preparing to launch their attack about the time we launched hours. The fighting quickly became very vicious at close range. We took many casualties. Ten Wayne Johnson, the first platoon leader, was hit at least three other, squab leaders were also hit to them killed one. While going forward in an attempt to rescue one of his soldiers against direct orders against direct orders gone out to get my body
Turning a doll had ordered his men to fix bayonets for the attack bill back fire burst from his m. Sixty machine gun to his right front was transfixed what he saw just forward a tall thin sergeant bay and North Vietnamese in the chest. It was just like practised against the straw dummies forward. Thrust, pull out move on one too three captain toning down had four men in his command group as he charged into the brush to radio operators sergeant Jack Gallon five year old native New Yorker at specialist speck for jobs, Clark of Michigan plus the companies are too. Reform is observer. Lieutenant Timothy M Blake, twenty four from Charleston West Virginia. Lakes, recall sergeant, sergeant, flaw with red junior twenty seven years old of half Arkansas as they moved up Madame had the radio handset to his ear.
First of any machine gunfire swept across the group sergeant girl was hit and dry without a sound Nidal kept moving until the long black cord pulled back on him looking round see what was wrong. The same burst that killed sergeant gallon also killed a Blake and suck and struck sergeant Reed who d shortly thereafter, sort Sam home and native sergeant I'm home and junior native a pass over a native pennsylvanian knelt beside. Is mortally wounded, buddy, Jack girl and heard gasp tell my wife, Wifi lover. Tony doll had no time to mourn Jack now Jack Go Amanda Maybe respected too many other lives were in his hands on the right flank.
Of the Bravo line. Lieutenant deal was now rolling around on the ground, desperately trying to dodge a Valley of Machine Gun, slugs cutting through the grass all around him. Some Twenty five yards away deals on American get up and charge forward, while everyone around him was flat on his belly says, deal some throw a grenade behind an ANT Helen Mps Weapon into it. Then he to his knees, I said to myself: please get up, don't be hurt. I didn't know was, I could make out the form there was so much battle. Old haze dust and smoke. It was Lieutenant Joe Marm he'd spy. An enemy machine gun Doug into a big termite hill. It was chewing up both Bravo Company tunes. After failing to knock out with a law, rocket and agree aid and a grenade decided deal with it directly. He charged through the fire TAT to hand grenade behind the hill and then cleaned up survivors with his m16 rifle the following day. Turned out very found dead
north vietnamese officer and eleven enemy soldiers. Sprawled behind that termite mound says Joe Marm saved my life and the lives of many others. Lieutenant marm staggered back to his position with a bullet wounds to his jaw and neck He joined a growing stream of walking wounded, flowing back toward the battalion aid Station sergeant Keaton We did moms wound and one Bruce Candles, cradles, curies, evacuated him to the rear, Days lieutenant Joe Morgan was recuperating at valley, Forge Army Hospital nears home in Pennsylvania in December of night, sixty six Joe, more reported Pentagon with US Criteria of the army, acting on behalf of President Lyndon Johnson, presented him with the medal of honor the nations highest award for valor
Joam arms heroic action unfortunately failed to open the door to the cut off platoon. Bravo We have progressed only about seventy five yards alpha company a bit further, all through an adult for two meters were now either dead or wounded. For many of his non coms worse yet alpha companies, first platoon got now ahead of it. Two other and was heavily engage with. Perhaps a hundred enemy. Some of the north, some of the alpha troopers bypass, the enemy in dense brush and those nor Vietnamese it opened up on them. Not only will we are unable to quantity. Rescue headaches platoon. We were now. Danger of having another platoon cut off in a I apologise. It's one of the things I should have talked about was the way the terrain is set up. It's a there's. A lot. Grass like I would say, waste
I grass maybe a little bit taller than waste high and is, if you take cover you can say anything because here, dress me. If you stand up you get shot so it's it's. Harrowby catch. Twenty two You stand up, so you can see what's happening and see where people are going and see where the enemies moving and you might get or do you lay down? We take over to have a better chance of knocking chop it. You can't see anything, than to direct, ran up to me and shouted Gary OWN services. This is awesome, so captain to jerk is a guy. That's coming into he's from two seven he's comin in his reinforcements am I guess I carry on as if their war cry. So here we go cabinet you're ran up to me and just this how more talkative on this embroiled war zone been, taken so many casualties and here's what happened captain to jerk ran up to me and shouted carry on Sir Captain Durham and
company second battalion. Seventh, cavalry a hundred twenty men. Strong reporting for duty is eyes sparkled with excitement and the challenge of the situation. I told you Just to assemble as men and trees, thirty yards northwestern composed of actors battalion reserved for the time being tossing report again Gary Hoods, her. Captain doll says the fighting. The need for another twenty or thirty minutes, with neither side making headway. It was getting dark how will these mounted? I decide we're not gonna be able to break through. I called colonel more and asked for permission to pull back then here's what Colonel more says. With night approaching there real choice at an hour given the hours of darkness, with my battalion, fragmented, with accompanies incapable of mutual support and subject to defeat in detail. Word came over the radio innocence and now this is a specialist.
Gave him bound them whose out there, with the loss, platoon back book word came over the radio that we would have to hang on till morning. I could not believe what I heard I thought there was no way will be able to do that. Others thought the same thing. Clark kept asking me: do you think will make it I didn't know but I said we have to pray, pray hard was a big question Mark in all of our minds, we had to keep our coup and bear down now a year from now more again, I now considered the toll this days. Fighting it tony dolls Alpha company had lost three, authors and thirty one enlist amid enlisted men killed or wounded and now reported effective strength of two officers and eighty four John here and Bravo Company have lost one officer and forty six enlisted men killed or wounded was down.
For officers and sixty eight enlisted men with one platoon caracks trapped outside the perimeter. For almost eight hours I had been involved in the minute two minute direction of the battle. Now to personally walk the perimeter and checked preparations for what promised to be a tough night and another tough day tomorrow, just before dark, so Major Plumply and I broke We, the command post and set out to check the perimeter talking with the troopers. Heading for a feel for the situation on the ground. Concerned me, the most was the morale of the men. How well the common- were tied in their defence of fire plans and the situation with ammunition and water supplies. Morale among the men was high. Although there was Annabelle grief over the friends we lost the men, and I talked.
The men. I talked with realise that we are facing a fierce determine enemy, but he failed to break through our lines. They knew the fight wasn't over. I heard weary soldier saying things like we'll get him, sir, and they won't get through us. Sir they're fighting spirit had not dimmed and they made me proud and humble. In every one of my companies that had landed in this place. This morning there were fifteen to twenty soldiers who it less than two weeks left to go in the army, Some of those men now lay dead wrapped in poncho my command post, the rest of them were out on that perimeter. Standing shoulder to shoulder with their bodies, ready to continue the fight. Thirty seven miles to the northeast, Bruce Crandall and big
Freeman finally shut down there, who is at alarm at a huge helicopter pad nicknamed the Turkey form outside the wire camp. Holloway. They have been flying non stops and six a m. It was after ten P M when Crandall shut down and to get out of the aircraft that when the days activities caught up with me, my legs, gay out as I stepped on skid and I fell to the ground for the next few minutes. I vomited, I was very embarrassed and it too some time to regain my composure. Someone slipped me a bottle of cognac into my hand, and I took a big slug. It was a wasted good booze. It came up as fast as it went down. I finally with shaking and made it to the operations tend to recap the day and plan the next. The aviation unit had quite a day
did not suffered a single fatality and we are not left a mission. Undone when our infantry brothers called we halt The standard for combat assault with helicopters had been set on this day. I wondered about tomorrow. Would it be worse I wasn't sure I could handle another day like today. Then again, I thought about the troops in X, ray than the choice was not mind to make, then here's how more talking about the wounded, backed the book, all of the wounded, all of our wounded phone out of x, Ray by Crandall Series, ended up at Charlie Company Fifteenth medical battalion, First Cavalry division, which was temporarily set up intensive camp Holloway
The executive officer, Charlie Med, was Captain George, each killing. Twenty eight from Saint Louis Missouri, Charlie meds five surgeons tried to stabilize the soldiers coming off the helicopters. The treatment we provide it says, killing was designed to keep the blood Went through the patient system until he could be got into a hospital which the personnel and equipment to perform definitive surgery, Charlie MEDS, doctors tied off perforated blood vessels to stop the hemorrhaging and then pumped in cold blood. Killing recalls that many of the casualties were rapidly bleeding to death. So was against time to get blood into the soldier faster than was losing it. Even while the surgeons were trying to tie off leaders, we through caution to the wind if a patient for Cutdowns, which is an intervene as tube tied into blood vessels with or corpsman squeezing the blood banks as hard as they could.
It is not unusual for the patient to shiver and quick and loose body temperature from the rapid transfusion of so much cold blood, but the alternative was to let him die so they're giving blood directly into the veins and they ve got killed men standing there squeeze the bags of blood to try and keep people alive back on Elsie here, Sarge, John steadily talking. They probed us all night long. We had a few men wounded, I'd, never been Situation like that, when would come out us, they would come screaming and we could hear bugles as darkness fell, Savage was on the radio with lieutenant bill. Riddle, herons artillery forward absorb observer, walking the highest
was barrages. All around the cut off platoon of us were lifted off the ground by the impact and covered with dirt and branches. Bonum recalls Savage told them on the radio. That was right where we want them. We have but it was too close, but I look back with us first round hit and saw three men running towards us. We opened up, they must have been cut. Coming up on our position would not artillery came in, they would sneak in his. Is ten yards or less and many times. I'm just stand up to laugh at us. We would move them down. You begin to work on your mind. What are they laughing at? I couldn't believe it. The north Vietnamese launched three separate attacks to keep the pressure on the trapped. Second platoon during Long night, each time sending about fifty men against the Americans and each time being beaten back by artillery and rifle fire, so which had seven men on hurt and thirteen wounded.
Nine. Others were dead. Some lost between wounded continue to fight, including sergeant Reuben Thompson, who had been shot through the chest. A Peter heard still another large enemy force, moving down the northern trail toward X, ray and again brought artillery fire down on them. This is followed by a flurry of hand, grenades back and forth at about four thirty, a m within an hour. The first lighten the eastern sky revealed dozens of catchy clad enemy debts. Added all around the little nor the trap of tuna, provide the longest night. Any of them would ever know they check their ammunition and prepared to receive a dawn. Attack in here is one of the protein sergeants talking Platoon sergeant Robert Jemison Jemison. At first light, we sent out a patrol
Staff sergeant city Cohen, speck for Arthur L, Bronson and three other men were picked ago, says Jemison. They saved us from being surprised, they spotted the enemy on their way back into an attack position came running back with Bronson screaming their common sarge. A lot of them get ready. I told them Jeanne gunners to hold their fire until they were close, Pfc, Willie, F, God bolt twenty four of Jacksonville Florida was hit while firing, his position. Twenty yards to sergeant Jemison right Jemison remembers gobble. Hollering somebody help me I'll go, get a lieutenant Georgian yelled back. No, I will Georgiana moved out of his position in the foxhole to help God bolt and was shot this
ten minutes or so from the time the firing first broke out struck in the back of the head. Lieutenant John Lance Jack, Joe Jane, was killed. Instantly. The man he was trying to save Pfc Gobble died of his wounds shortly. Afterward. The enemy is now closed within seventy five yards of Edwards line. They were fine Curiously, some crouch low and at times crawling on their hands and knees. Other no taller than the elephant grass. They were passing through long standing up and shooting they advanced screaming at each other and Edwards men. Leaders were blowing whistles and using hand and arm signals a fuel even carrying eighty two millimeter mortar tubes and base plates. This was clearly and no
Hit and run affair they'd come to stay and hears Jos deadline. Talking or sergeant jobs are Johnson, and here's Johnston talking it seem like half a battalion hit us all at once. He here headlong and he does strong, I thought we're going Overrun Charlie hit us. He had strange, grazing fire. He shot right at ground, level trying to cut off your legs or, if you weren't, deep enough in your foxhole, he shot your head off when it darted firing at us became like TAT, The rain you just couldn't get your headlong up long enough to shoot back. Just stuck up your weapon pulled the trigger and emptied the magazine. Lieutenant Charlie Hastings are forward air controller had already swung into action. Sensing disaster. Hastings
made an immediate instinctive decision. I used the code word broken arrow and here's how more by now, I was is in danger of being overrun and we received all available aircraft and South Vietnam for closer support. We had aircraft stacked at affair, and foot intervals from seven thousand feet of thirty five thousand feet. Waiting to receive a target and deliver their ordnance and here's how or by now. I was convinced that the enemy was making a primary effort to overwhelm us from the South and South EAST, and I alerted the reserve. Platoon for probable commitment into Charlie or Delta company sectors, the noise of the battle was unbelievable. Never before Were or since in two wars have I heard anything equal to it. And here's specialist Arthur Riviera the gun. I was very loud. We getting overrun on the right side. Lieutenant Kroger came out
into the open. In all this, I thought that was pretty good. He yelled at me I got up to here. He hollered me. To help cover the left sector. And over to him. By the time I got there. He was dead. He had lasted a half an hour, beside him took off his dagger dog tags them in my short pocket and went back to her My m. Seventy nine got shot right. The elbow by am seventy nine went flying and I was knocked over fell backward over the lieutenant. There are now grabbed his forty five pistol and began firing at left handed. Then he says then I got hit in the neck in the bullet went right through I couldn't talk or make a sound. I got up and tried to take charge and we shot off with a third round that won't blew up my right leg and put me down here In my leg above the ankle travelled up, came back out then went into growing and ended up. In my ass, close to my spine, just then to say
grenade blew up right over me and tore up both my legs. I reached down my left hand and touched a grenade fragments on my left leg and it felt like I touched, a red, hot poker, my hands just sizzled unbelievable attack, and I think that script description right there really spells out how intense this was. Then we obviously we got chrome more saying that this is the loudest thing, he's ever heard and two wars that all so confirms what we're dealing with here back to the book at seven hundred and forty five, a dot m. The enemy struck at the left, flank of toning dolls, alpha company at the critical elbow where alpha and Charlie these were tied in with under attack from three directions: Greece,
fire from rifles and machine guns, shredded the elephant grass and swept over the baton command. Posten aid station leaves markets ledgers branches fluttered down on us, several troopers were did in the same command post at least one was killed. My radio operator speck for robber peel. Let. Twenty three years old had of the spectacle of the speckled six four for Madagascar Main was hit and slumped over in sprawl on moving and seemingly dead. I kept the handset to my ear and here's Joe Galloway there porter. The incoming fire was only a couple of feed off the ground and I was down as far as I could get when I felt the tow of combat boot and my ribs. I turn had sideways and looked up their standing tall was sorry. Major basal plumply. Probably leaned down and shouted over the noise. The guns you can't take now
Pictures laying down there on the ground sunny, he was calm, fearless and grinning. I fought he's. We're all going to die anyways, so I might as well Take mine standing up. I got up and began taking a few photographs, when we moved over, the aid station pulled out his forty five chambered around and informed doktor correira and is medics. Gentlemen. Prepare to defend yourselves, so only thought. There is no run to, or at least gonna get close you're in the aid station. That's in the center of this whole perimeter and he's Paul is forty five insane prepare defend yourselves. You can make that up: Specialist Wheeler f perish. Twenty four years old and a native of Bristow Oklahoma was my sister squad leader of one of Charlie companies, eighty one millimetre mortar squads
it was one of the mortar men who had been out fitted with a spare machine guns and rifles collected from our casualties and put on the Delta company perimeter perish calls when we were hit. I remember all the trace around and I wondered how even an ant could get through that back to a right We started hearing the guy's hollering the coming around they're coming around. I was in a fox with a guy from Chicago J P. I turned him and he had an m16. I had my forty five and his forty five and I had an m. Sixty machine gun we were set, phasing out the tall grass. I was looking out front, see some of the grass going down. Like someone was crawling it I hollered who's out there nobody answered unhallowed again, no answer. I turned him. I turn common burn. His ass common said my rifles jammed. I get him in him at me. Then I looked to the front, and they were growing out of the weeds. I just remember getting that machine gun from their on out and the training
Takes over and you put your mind somewhere out, because I really dont remember what specifically I did Totally unaware of the time the conditions on that Sixty Machine gun according to the extra from his silver star, citation specialist, Paris, Paris, Delay lethal fire on wave after wave of the enemy until he ran out of ammunition, then standing up under fire with a forty five pistol in each hand, Paris fired clip after clip into the enemy, who were twenty yards out and he stopped their attack, says perish. You, like I didn't do any more than anybody else did up there I remember a lot of noise, a lotta yelling and then all at once. It was quiet. The sign down in front of will perish was that of this material. More than a hundred dead north Vietnamese were later found where they
fallen in a semicircle around his foxhole forty five in each hand. That's that's crazy, actually mean. You yeah he's he's going through all another level, because you can't reload, you know you can't reload your pistol. So may Maybe he would stand up fire, both just dump mag and each round and each pestle get back down reload and both, but then or that after used all the sixty Emma George Fox Twenty five. And defend your bird. Twenty two were slumped across their silent and sixty machine gun survey, by heaps of empty shell casings an empty ammunition cans they had died together, showed The sole shoulder sergeant
listen, pays them the ultimate compliment of a professional soldier, bird and Fox did a great job. They kept firing that gun and didn't leave it. They stayed on it to the end. So all this closer sports coming in this whole time or Tony's coming in the whole time and all of a sudden they get a situation where they start. They see aircraft coming over head with jets coming over head low pass and they're they're heading towards them and they drop some napalm So here's how more I yielded thought my longs to Charlie Hastings, the air force. Fact all that son of a bitch off call em off. Joe Galloway, heard Hastings screaming in the radio pull up pull up. Magdalen says I can still the cannisters tumbling toward us. I remember
can turn your eyes away, so you won't be blinded. I put my face into Porter shoulder to hide my eyes. It was Joe Galloway is accurate you're good time, Charlie Hastings shouting into his radio pull up. The second jet did. The napalm from the first hit some people caught him ammo, one fire sergeant major points, He jumped out to put the fire put fire around the ammunition pirate now to the Elsie to put an air panel out sergeant Nigh, says two of my people. Pfc Jimmy de Nakayama and specialist. Five James Clark. We're on the other side of me several, away. Some was hollering and caught colonel more were standing up their hollering about something But a wing man and I looked up- There- were two planes coming. And one of them are already dropped. His napalm and everything seemed to go in slow motion. Everything. On fire.
The imo is all black and Clark was burned bleeding Joe Galloway before I walked over and talk to the end near guys in their little fox. Poles, Are those same men were dancing in fire Herr burned off in an instant their cause. Was or incinerated one was a mass of blisters, the other, not quite so bad, but he had breathed fire into his lungs and the flame died down. We all ran out to the burning grass somebody yet the media grabbed the feet of one of the charge soldiers. When I got him, the boots crumbled and the flesh came off, and I could, he'll bare bones of his ankles and the palms of my hands. We carried him to the aid station. I can still hear their screams speck for Thomas
He bore a medical man from Bravo Company. Second battalion rushed out into the clearing with his kit bag to help of napalm victims Well, I was shot in the head and died within minutes in Lieutenant Rescoring. Those arms an Oklahoma, Loma man. Berlin turned twenty three years old, just four days before he was killed back in the command post. Our ear force, FAC Charlie Hastings, was stunned by all the consequences of the misplaced air strike Hastings recalls, after the napalm strike, colonel more looked at me and said something that I never forgot. Don't worry about that one Charlie just keep them coming
Yeah, maybe he knows what you gotta do is get her Things that just your killed, some of his own men, wounded summers own men by fire and he's Freaking out pride isn't want to call any more bombs on and How more realises this would keep them alive? Don't worry about that. One just keep em coming. Charlie company first battalion Seventh Cavalry been begun its day with five officers in a hundred and six men. By noon. Had no officers left and only forty nine men on hurt a total of forty. You officers and men had been killed and twenty more wounded in two and a half hour. A vicious hand to hand fighting the bodies of hundreds
slain Vietnamese North theme littered the bloody battleground speck for pets. Eric twenty four in a native of Mount Cuzco New York's. As I remember one guy, had a small american flag on the back of his pack. When I saw that I felt very proud that something that always stuck with me, this american flag was put on top of a blown up tree. Just like a GMO. Another battle we had one for United States that little flag flew over landing zone X, Ray for the rest of the fight, raising all our spirits and now there's a love in the fighting.
And here we go back to the book during this law, the saddest most painful and hardest duty to endure was collecting our dead and loading them on board the helicopters. There are so many that the brigade ordered the Big choppers, the sea Forty seven to one such helicopter lifted out all forty two of the dead from Charlie Company they came in together, died together. Now left together wrapped in their green rubber, ponchas speck for Vincent can't do says we picking up our dead and placing them in the choppers. Some of these guys I had known for two years it I could recognise them. Only by their name tags there faces were blown off. It was hard not to get sick. We would look at each
and without saying a word, just continue putting our dead on the choppers. Now the colonel that's in charge of he both both battalions. He makes a visit, and here we go midmorning before Tully arrived, Colonel TIM Brown flew in for a visit, probably recall lieutenant, colonel, more saluted brown and said I told you not come here. It's not safe. Brown picked up his right. How will the town waggled is full colonels eagle more and said sorry about that. I gave my situation report Brown asked whether he stay in X, Ray establish a small brigade, Command Posten run the show we swim, A against that
new, the area and Bob tell you, and I got along just fine Brown, a agreed lieutenant Dick and says Colonel Brown had trust and confidence in his commanders. I'm aware that sir. Felt. He should have landed an x, ray and established a command post. I've never accepted that the first baton. Seventh, cavalry was probably too in his battalion. Vietnam, well trained superbly, led without standing officers and aunts Yos throughout the unit, Brown would have been out of place an x, ray besides. There was no room for Brigade C p. I recall it being right Crowded behind that anthill, so the reason I put that nurse could scarcely the guided. You know how Moors boss comes in to check on the scene and some people say: oh, he should have stayed. There is about fight and he in this dick merchants had now like you should stay there. He he did the right thing. He came, visited and left and by the way you want to set up a brigade command post. You
To find her own little aunt, healthcare systems are disorders, the size of a for that the size of a car we're dead it everywhere, and so, but it's it's the important point they're from my perspective. As you know, the key thing is that he had trust and confidence in him officers. He didn't need to make go up Micro, manage them an amount and you could never do that. Have we not say that's the dichotomy leadership? You know sometimes you might look out there and say there's some going on. I need to get out there need given the weeds and get this problem. A problem handle indeed come up and support in this budget, the case. Probably would have been a good idea, how more had it under control this point. That's why they're landing not good to see it for some giant helicopter much bigger than a human needs. You know it's a slower and at least on unapproached slower so yeah there's a time to get out there micromanage there's a time and you let your team led. Ok, go back the book in my room.
Jerk and lieutenant rigorous Scola? So, but these are the two guys that came from the second battalion seventh cab and he just talks about a little bit. I think it's worse worth mentioning rigorous scholar and my dear, Bravo company second pertain had to foreign board officers, whose accents and gone how attitudes lent a touch of foreign Region flare the Ukraine into jerk. And the Englishman Risk Warlock was or asked and over the next, every two hours to become battlefield, legends and the seventh can have as much for their style as their fearless leadership under fire, and yet it's it's You can see what these leaders do when you do get to see it, but here's when, when the deer, Maybe he touched down and he was told Hague Oak or set up security here we go my friend Derec and his soldiers had not yet been sorely tested, but they soon would be
during that law, direct made certain fields of fire and observation were cleared out to beyond two hundred yards fighting positions were dog that machine guns were placed impositions that assured that assured flanking interlocking fire that trip flares anti intrusion devices were installed as far as three hundred yards out that every man was locked out loaded down with ammunition that emu ammo resupply Which were designated that all radios were checked and double checked than did Europe work very carefully with his artillery Ford observer, registering Pre, planned fires across the front. The officer, after lieutenant, William Lund, had for batteries, twenty four howitzers registered and adjusted on call so that's you ever wonder. What when a military leader does that's what he does right there dials everything in here is talked about, so one of the deer platoon leaders was rigorous, score adheres, we says, rigorous goerlitz, rigorous, qualify, pull to was six months out of Ozma S at the inn
your school at forbearing, but he had arrived there with a wealth of good training already and in under his belt. He had served the british army in Cyprus and with the court, a police Rhodesia and he knew What soldiering was all about what he did Paris position. And his men speech was professionalism. So here's what we're school at risk walk the terrain and tried to see it from the enemies point of view, that's critical: what's the enemy, thinking, scrub, brush elephant, grant grass and hills, and some ground cover, stretched to the front the ground, was not as far as it first appeared, but had seems in thick wrought, stretching off the south with a slight incline away from his positions, the hasty prone song. There's by Charlie Company First battalion had been dug after nightfall. Enemy pressure, risk guerrilla, moved his men back fifty yards it's not only shortened the sector but meant the enemy would now have to leave the trees across forty yards of mostly open area to reach. Bravo, company foxholes risk or the recalls
because of our shorten lines, I decreased the number foxholes three, an holes were constructed. The ends sixty machine guns were set on principle directions of fire from which they could switch to final protective grazing fire. Walking with each other and with the machine, on our flanks, foxholes and parapets were built in details. I Ass did the holes some were so deep. The occupants cannot even see the pair over the parapet. In these cases, firing steps were built back up two hours before dusk, sergeant S, Bach, A two seven and sergeant Thompson organised a booby trap, detail carefully there Rick grenades and trip flares far out on the main avenues of approach. Claimer mines, Kramer Mines would have ice the cake, but somewhere they had been lost. A screw up. But I felt we were ready to tangle with the best of north enemies and again these guys are luckily there's a lull and they have all the time pair. This get it all set up and that's a big difference from what happened when these guys hit the Elsie
I didn't have any of this stuff didn't have any the terrain figured out that have a chance to senator your personal up, and these guys are too In advantage of that tactical situation to get up. There make things right and you know those guys you can see that's what a leader does that's a leader! Does they make sure things are right? They make sure you're ready to win and You can do that. That applies to every Every leader and every position in every industry, in every team in the world that the leader is stepping up in making sure we are going to be prepared to win. And by the way, this request world, and this is it open up a side. No, he ended up working for Morgan Stanley as the head of security for Morgan Stanley and they worked at the twin towers in New York City. That's where Morgan Stanley was and He felt like they needed to do drills like they needed to prepare and look what would happen if the towers came under attack and they ran a bunch of drills and
when September eleventh came down ran those drills and got everyone evacuated and rigorous Goerlitz was Last seen on the tenth floor, going back up into the building to do a final check and make sure that everyone was out in the tower collapsed and nine fifty nine m. Then he save a lot of lives that day, not only through his actions. The day off, but through his actions in preparing now the vietnamese camp, north enemies come and they bring it here. We go The first rush by at least three hundred North Vietnamese was beaten, often less than ten minutes by small arms machine gun and artillery fire from the alert and well prepared. Bravo company, second battalion troops at four thirty one I'm twenty minutes later they came back to direct said the density of their attack.
Greece- and I was under the under assault aimed at my three left platoon sectors. Screams, shouts and whistles split the night as enviers swept down the mountain straight into smoke, clouded killing ground how all the martyrs of my battalion Antilles were turned loose. Adding eighty one millimetre high explosives shells to the general may him right for me, John Morton, whose indeed lines says we kept port. Rifle machine gun, fire and artillery on them and they broke and ran. I don't think we had any casualties, but they were catching hell. So so now it's totally different These guys are dug in the have other artillery dialed in they ve got their fields of fires. At up and they too Come well organised act with three hundred people. There did you can't they they did didn't make it happen, the Vietnamese to make it happen.
Back to the book over on the perimeter school as men fought on R M semi nine switch to direct fire fire delivered to visible talk and lob around out between seventy five and a hundred yards still the How do we clumps moved closer r, p? Jeez machine guns crackled as they blasted us from the dark line of ground cover across open fields. They came in a ragged line. The first groups cut down after a few yards. A few sir right on sliding down behind their dead comrades for cover an amazing, highly disciplined enemy, trooper Kirsten pleaded in a high pitched voice. Goddammit stop the asteroids, so you they are their attacking and women. In the north feed me soldiers get hit their thereby. These are coming up behind them, taking cover behind their bodies and continuing to assault So this is an indicator you know like. I said this was early in the wards. Nineteen sixty five- and you know we didn't know
that's determined enemy. Yet we didn't understand that yet here were seen it for the first time. This is what this is. What this is, how determine these guys are? They are going attack is attack through whatever we put out here's another situation steadily, and this is steadily and waste orders to his squad, telling men on either side of him to hold their fire, not to shoot until the enemy stepped out, that open space right in front. Suddenly, a flare and boom trap went off and they were they're in the grass shooting at us I took around just about the elbow, nothing really just a stitch or two to a peace, a tape after the fight nobody shot back. Then they said into that open area. The flares were burning. They were lit. And it was easy we opened up and picked him off. It was a light attack they then they hit us harder. Thirty, its later blowing bugles blowing whistles. We killed them all, then some why Phosphorus came about fifteen front in front of my whole and I
most of my web gear and my shirt had about burns on one arm. Johns deadline set air under the light of the flares and use the point of his bayonet too quickly dig the still burning, Willie, PETE fragments out of his flesh, so white phosphorus of munition that that we use in its its white phosphorus and hit implausible on fire. The loop this is a burning hot metal. And he's picking out of his arm The two and a half hours of the attack against the dearest sector, the rest of the action, prudence had been quiet to quiet Dylan, and I discussed the possibility of conducting a reconnaissance by fire to check for presence of the enemy. We're on the line we plenty of ammunition and what the hell the enemy knew where we are lines were by now as well as I did. We ass, a word on the battalion net at precisely six fifty five, a m every man on the perimeter would fired his individual weapon.
All machine guns for a full two minutes full automatic the word was. Shoot up, trees, ant hills, bushes and high grass forward of the Ford of and above american positions gunners? What shoot anything that worried them. By now We have learned to our sorrow that the enemy the night to put snipers in trees ready, do damage at first light now with time to clean up out front at the stated time are perimeter erupted in ears putting uproar men immediately, a force of thirty to fifty north vietnamese roads from over a hundred fifty yards forward of Jonas Salk Duties, Alpha Company second battalion lines and began, shooting back them A minute of firing triggered their attack prematurely artillery fire was Some we brought in on them in the attack was beaten off when the shooting stopped one dead,
I dangled by his rope from a tree and forty Derek's left most position. Another drop dead out of tree almost immediately forward of John Heroes: John Herons, Bravo Company, First Battalion Command Post, a third the north me sniper was killed an hour later when he tried to climb down for from history and run for it margins deadlines arm speckled with white phosphorus burns, began, hurting him now, I was sent back to the aid station where my arm was bandaged and I was weighed to be met of act out. The more I say: There are the more I realized I couldn't in good faith, yet on a chopper and fly out there and leave those guys behind. So I took the killing off my arm and went back out. Somebody asked where are you going? I said back to my foxhole. Nobody said anything else
So obviously, these guys now I've gained some good fire superiority the upper hand in the battle back book risk. Whirl and his men had been watching the air show appreciatively. We got for the last sweep suddenly or bomber ploughed down on us from above field littered with enemy dead, sprawled by ones and dream down an explosion shook the earth. The bomb land, thirty yards from our holes. We can up cursing in the dust in debris, I came to move out every available. Trooper colluding. Colonel more pushed the perimeter out this and it was no contest it all we kill. Twenty seven more enemy and crushed all resistance. I looked over the field littered with enemy dead sprawled by ones and two's keeps across a torn gouged land blood spots,
fragments torn uniform shattered weapons littered the landscape. It was a sobering site. Those men are enemies had mothers to, but we have done what we to do aside from wanting to make certain it dear. His men did a clean, safe job I had one reason for joint the final assault. Personally. This is this is No more talk it, and then it goes to rigorous, Karla, Richert scholar, colonel more in our sector, was rushing up. The clumps of bodies point them apart. What the hell's, the colonel doing up there sergeant Thompson Thomson asked. I shook my head later, we saw coming back at the head of men carrying pawnshops by ten, DE. I am colonel more found what he was looking for. Three dead amount In troops will no longer missing in action.
There were on their way home to their loved ones. By now, late morning, Tuesday November sixteenth, the personality of landing zone x Ray had changed. What previously had been killing field had become something else we moved impunity in places where movement admit Deaf only hours before etc. Artillery and air. There was nothing to be heard. It was just too quiet to sudden and it made me uneasy that old principle. Nothing was wrong, except that nothing was wrong. Where was the enemy headed back to Camp still on the mountain preparing to attack again headed nor, through the I drank in its precious water and again the old coat, where were the enemy? Twelve point, seven millimeter heavy anti aircraft machine guns, if the end,
commander brought those weapons to bear on us from the mountain above Elsie X, Ray with three american battalions crowding the clearing would present a beautiful target. I told Dillon step up the harassing artillery fire and to keep the earth it's coming in the slopes above us, I told him. I wanted a picture, perfect helicopter extraction covered by all the fire power we could bring to bear, so tides of turned completely, and in fact they ve turned so completely that a change which is the best. Helicopter flies in with a bunch of photographers and television crews and reporters. And they surround. They surround Colonel Mord, he would go back the book. The other report is now clustered around me. I told them that this had been a bitterly contested battle that clearly We are up against a brave, determined and very tough enemy in the north enemy soldiers, but that American
Fire power, discipline guts and will to win? Had carried the day at Elsie X, Ray brave american soldiers and the Un sixteen rifle won a victory here. I said my voice, choked in my eyes filled with tears. I told the reporters that many of my men who had been killed in this point we're only a matter of days away from completing their service in the army, but they fought and died bravely ass. I stood there. I knew that the telegrams that way sure shatter the hearts and lives of scores of american families were already being drafted. Now came the body count and if you remember, we talked about this before everyone was always they wanted talk about the body count Vietnam, even at this early stage that he was thinking about that back to the book. Now came body count from the beginning of the. If I had known that, higher headquarters would eventually want to know what damage we had done to the enemy. So after each major
in this battle hating it. I asked my company commanders for their best. Estimates of enemy killed the battle, back and forth over three days and three nights? It was anything but orderly. There was no I've read to call time out for a body count. We did the best. We could keep a realistic count of the enemy dead, in the end, it added up to eight hundred and thirty four dead by body count with additional one thousand two hundred fifteen estimated killed and wounded by artillery air attacks and aerial rocket attacks. On my own, I caught the eight hundred and thirty four figure back to six hundred Before a personal allowance for the confusion in fog of war and let the hunt one thousand two hundred fifteen estimated stand, we captured in evacuated six enemy prisoners. On our side we lost seventy nine Americans killed.
Action, a hundred twenty one wounded and non missing, and at this point they get extracted off the battlefield and including colonel more as the last man leave From his battalion- and here we go back to the book- it was a short fast ride to landing zone Falcon just five and a half miles east of X, Ray as we landed among the artillery pieces. I saw seventy five yards away, a group of my troopers, often the northwestern edge of the Lz Dean, breathless an NBC news. Responded with in Elsie Falcon that afternoon. He captured the scene in his nineteen sixty seven book, the face of South Vietnam and here's. What Dean Breathless wrote
how more was the last man to come out of the battle the biggest battle he had ever thought he was a lieutenant colonel and he carried himself like a proud man. His sergeant major was at his side. They would need it they to described what happened then, but it was something that was love it manliness and pride. It was the moment of the brave how more turned and went from group to group. Men and only a few bothered to get up, because there was no exclusivity now no rank and how more did not want them to stand and salute. He was saluting them. He talked to them. He thanked them. He was not solemn and he did not bring to his greetings. Salutations of a political of a politician. There was no problem.
If spirit in his hand shook chick and he shook every man's hand. It is a union of men who had met and defeated the enemy not forever. Not in a victory that ended the war, but in a victory over their uncertainty when their hour had come, they had done their job and it was this thought to that AL more. How more had in his mind
And he said that if they had one, no one else is gratitude. They had his hand. I think that these men, all these men, have are absolute gratitude for fighting for freedom for fighting for each other, for fighting for us and actually them the story doesn't in there Nor does the book and we're gonna save it for the next podcast Casper to hear about the story of Elsie Albany, which is a few miles to the north,
in still inside the during valley, where second battalion of the seventh cab moved in and fought, and its There's so much that I didn't cover in this in this, what I discovered what did in government anyone cover the lost between who does eventually get recovered. Read the book. I should left that out spoiler alert But there's so much in their there's, so much so many lessons learned so much action, so much good
repression and so many heroes and so much sacrifice. I don't even think gratitude, I'm the gratitude enough. I think we owe them more than just gratitude. We owe them are best. We owe them. Our lives are best lives every day every moment, but remember this sacrifice and what we owe them, as we owe them to live or best lives.
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Here at home to paramedics. Thanks were coming to in our time of need when we call and to the fire fighters right now out there on the wine, especially in our state radio, California, cal fire. Thanks for your service, in your sacrifice, in my condolences to those have fallen in recent days and weeks and our thoughts are with the families of the fallen for everyone else. That's listening! When you see what men can do when pushed b on the limit of human capacity. You see that one
you hear about it when you read about it. Well, then remember to push yourself push yourself every day, every moment get out there and get after it, and so until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko.
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