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108: How to Stand Up to Bad New Leadership. How to Deal with Boss Not Listening to Feedback. Apologizing Shows Weakness? And A Chance to Say Goodbye.

2018-01-10 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opeing 

0:09:07 - How to stand up to new leadership when you don't like their attitude.

0:21:01 - Clarification on the expression, "If there's a doubt, there is no doubt."

0:26:19 - Should Other martial arts belts carry over in any way to Jiu Jitsu belts?

0:30:50 - How to take ownership of your boss not listening to your feedback.

0:44:54 - Should you take up Jiu Jitsu in Your 40s when You're already well into Other Martial Arts?

1:03:08 - How to implement Extreme Ownership when the blame falls to you anyway (because of your low rank).

1:14:51 - Does Apologizing show weakness?

1:20:01 - Should you stand down if another team member is showing better leadership than you?

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1:49:55 - Closing Gratitude.

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