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109: What Are You Doing That You Know You Shouldn't Be? "Stalingrad Memories of Hell"

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This is a podcast number one number one. Oh nine, with ECHO Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo getting one September, nineteen, forty, two, the Me in the field, comrade fighters, commanders and political workers heroic, defenders of stolen grab. The bitter fighting for the city of Stalingrad has been raging for months. Germans have lost hundreds of tanks and planes. Here there's brutalized hordes are advancing toward Stalingrad and the vulgar mountains of dead bodies of their own men and officers are both the party or nation, are great country, have given us the task not to let the enemy reach the vulgar to stick to and the city of stolen grab the defence Stalingrad is
decisive importance for the whole soviet front. Out, sparing our strength and with scorn for death. We shall FI the Germans. The way to the vulgar and not give up Stalingrad. Each one of us Bear in mind that the capture of Stalingrad by the Germans and their advanced to the vulgar wheel, if our enemies, new strengthened, weaken our own forces, not one step back. The war council expects on limit it courage, tenacity. And heroism in the fight with on rushing enemy from all the fighters, commanders and political workers from all the defenders of Stalin ground. Enemy must and will. Be smashed on the approaches to Stalingrad forward against the enemy up into the unremitting battle, comrades foreseen
and grab for our great country, death to the german invader. So that is a clearly a note from the general on the ground. Member of the WAR Council, the stolen ground and southwest front Lieutenant General Khrushchev sent to the troops, obviously that were preparing to defend Stalingrad. Now there was another commander in the field by the name, a palace, and he sent a note to Hitler on twenty three November, one thousand nine hundred and forty two, my pure sincerity of your radio message of evening. Twenty thousand two hundred and eleven events of come thick and fast
we have not succeeded in closing the pocket to the south, west and west. Pending enemy penetration begin to emerge. Their ammunition in fuel are coming to an end, Numerous batteries and tanks have shot themselves dry. A timely and adequate supply is impossible. The We will shortly be destroyed unless a concentration of forces succeeds. Totally defeating the end attacking from the South and West, For this, we immediately withdraw all forces from Stalingrad and stronger. Directions from the northern front, unavoidable equal must then be a break out towards the south, where, since eastern and northern front can no longer be held with such weak forces. In this case, Lose much materiel, but the majority, The valuable combatants in at least a part of the material will be preserved. I retain full response.
Billy for this message? Even if I add that Manning Generals Heights struck her Huber Jack. No v side. Let's all share this evaluation of the situation based on the situation. I again request freedom of Action Heil, my fear signed Paulus, so the Russians were effective? In surrounding the Germans, the Germans army is a matter of fact. Two hundred and fifty two three hundred thousand men we surrounded now by the Russians. Here's what Hitler wrote back, six army has been temporarily encircled by russian forces. I intend to concentrate the army in the areas Stalingrad North Coat, Lou, Bonn Hill, on thirty seven he'll one thirty, five, thirty Nova, Miranova Zabenko go stolid grabbed south
The army may rest assured that I will do the thing to bring supplies to it accordingly and relieve it in time. I know that rave six army and its commander in chief, and I am sure it will do its duty signed Adolf Hitler so and we'll get into this Hitler over and over again is asked if the troops on the ground can trying to escape from Stalingrad over and over again, he says no you cannot leave you will fight to the last bullet and on the 30th of January, one thousand nine hundred and forty three Hermann Goering. Who is the knot Reich's, marshal of the entire human rights are he's. This senior military man of the entire german army from nineteen forty until the end of the war and
even though Stalingrad had not fallen. Yet he gave this speech about their sacrifice of these Germans soldiers and he gave it it was obviously heard on the radio etc. Then it spread- and actually Soldiers on the ground in stolen grab, german soldiers heard this speech and again yet more to what the reactions were, but I'm gonna red. That's part of that speech right now it made. One shudder: but Stalin had enormous masses at his disposal and used old men, women and children it did not bother about supplies, are sufficient food or transport? The rush use the whip or the bullet. The Germans alone could resist and could wrestle with such an adversary, everything d, ended on them with the greater respect Germans. Other nations, the only
the only ones in Europe in a position to break Russia and destroy bolshevism of all the terrific battles The battle for stolen rod stood out like a jack, monument which would one day be regarded as the greatest and most heroic battling german history, so referring to this in the past tense. Once again, this this hasn't been beset and finished yet referring to look to the past tense because for all practical purposes it was back Document every german soldier would come to pronounce the word Stalingrad with holy. Ah, and remember that it was there that germ jerk set, the seal of final victory, because people that fought like that must win. Germany has now become the guarantor of European Freedom, culture and life.
But for the fighters Stalingrad, the Russians, I'd have obtained their objective. Now they are too late. The defenders of stone rod had obeyed the law Which everyone must obey the law to die for Germany, this law, was not only binding on soldiers but on the whole german nation. The nation must not question whether its stand at Stalingrad has been necessary or not. The law had ordered them to do so so years and don't question Luke Should the sacrifice of two hundred and fifty thousand men. Don't question. There was of no concern to the german soldier whether he died. Starling rod in the African Sort or Norway. He always act himself, so that is Asian might live. In hours when some people perhaps tried to install morbid and sly thoughts into your brains. Then we must always
look at the fear, their shining and greatest example. They could believe that the Almighty had led this man, a God Sent man to pass through innumerable dangers and become greater and greater, all for nothing Providence had given them this man who had made them into the strongest nation in the world. These are guarantees that justify our belief in victory, so we're talking about Hitler here by the way as a godsend, man, in difficult times a real leaders tested and people proved their worth in hard trials, the commander in chief of the loop laughter suffered exceptionally when I heard of the results of the bombings- and although I did my best to prevent from happening. It must be recognised,
is unavoidable and must not influence are will for resistance. We know a tremendous heroic song from a match without equal that was called the battle of the neeblings, two stood in a hall of fire and fire quenching their thirst with their own blood, but fought fought to the last. Such a fight is raging there today, because people who can fight like that must win and before these men. A millennia previous there stood in a small gorge and Greece, and infinitely brave and daring man, If his three hundred Lee nineties stood with three hundred spot, from a tribe known for its bravery and boldness.
And an overwhelmingly numerical superior enemy attacked and attacked and attacked again and again even it was a rush from the Asian EAST against the nordic people. Huge numbers of men were available to Xerxes, but the three red. Men did not waver or falter being a losing battle, hopeless, but not meaningless, and then the last man fell and in this bottleneck there is a sentence. Wanderer. If you come to Sparta report that you had seen us lying here as the law, commanded, they were three hundred men, my comrades and millennia have passed, but today that battle that sacrifice still counts as the greatest example of a relic soldiering in today. This fight is there the sacrifice
Is there installing rod and one day it will be said. If you go to Germany tell them. You have seen us lying in stolen grab as the law. Commanded us to protect the security of our people. And, as I said, those were the words of Herman Goring, who is the senior officer of the German, monetary at that time? and those workers words. And, of course his words were lies. All of them were lies, and no one knew that better than the men. On the ground in and around the russian city of Stalingrad, nearly fifteen hundred miles away from Berlin freezing starving surrounded.
One and munitions lacking medical Supplies and lacking cold weather gear and lacking any kind of real leadership. And they also, sir. In a nation that lack the moral high ground. As a matter of fact, there nations leaders like any kind of morality to all. This is clear in the aggression that they unleashed in the world and the atrocities that they committed. Mass murder of millions of people and its clear that they had No morality whatsoever based on how they treated their own soldiers, who, like many soldiers,. Were men that were fighting not for polluting.
Powers or for political ideals, created an ivory tower thousands of miles away from them, but for the ideals Of a soldier himself duty and courage in honor, that's what soldiers fight for and the ultimate thing that they fight for, as we have heard time and time again, is for their brothers on the line with them to their left and to their right. And one of those men was named Yo Hakim Weeder. He was an intelligence after in the eighth core of the german six army.
And he wrote about his experiences in a book called stolen, grab, memories of hell we're he recalled does what he and other german soldiers went through physically, mentally and spiritually as they were abandoned by their leaders as they were abandoned by life and as they were, abandoned by hope itself. Let's go to the book again. This is your came weeder
And the book is called Stalingrad, memories of hell after meticulous preparations of gigantic proportions, the Russians with their overwhelmingly superior armor and cavalry forces attacking like lightning from the north and the following day from the east pressed our entire sit sixth army into an iron vice within these days, the encircling ring, was closed, collage on the Dan and call on the dawn and constantly reinforced. Stand. We stared or our situation, maps on menacing, thick red lines of encirclement and arrows, showed the enemy, attacks, penetration and directions of advance. We had Ever imagined a catastrophe of such proportions to be possible. The mighty wedges of the russian armoured columns could not be stopped and a myriad of highly mobile, cavalry troops increase
model and confusion in the rear of the bloody rent front of the army. So you know obviously escaped a little bit moving in sport point. But this point you're completely surrounded like I said, cut off and the Russians are applying the pressure The enemy appeared to be systematically invading our blows and be withdrawing into the depths Russia, so this is going he's kind of reflecting back on how they ended up there. He says that he says the enemy appeared to be systematic, evading our blows in to be withdrawing into the depth of Russia. This is what the Russians do, what they did Napoleon in one thousand, eight hundred and twelve and they're doing it again here, and he back to the book taken as a whole, this was a masterpiece of general staff. Thinking today I am
convinced that those withdrawals of what russian forces, during the summer of nineteen forty two or an outstanding enactment of traditional war, russian war tactics It was our Lord in and made in pay attention. They didn't reflect on history And as we always most people know, this was also Hitler opening another front and trying to fight on multiple funds. At the same time which, which goes against a certain law of combat called prioritize and execute focus. Your your forces on your most important thing and then move on Hitler gets an f on prioritize and execute back to the book. It had now come to pass We were actually caught in a trap. How are we to get out serious? Is the situation in the pocket he refers to this area? Is the pocket this the pocket of russian soldiers
serious, as the situation in the pocket was from the very outset, in our bunker, do is still an atmosphere of competence and assert the feeling of superiority. So that's either. We that's how you end up in these situations and the jury means absolutely believed their own propaganda that they were the best soldiers and that they were the master race and that the these bolsheviks couldn't fight them When you believe that you think you can march right into Stalingrad Intake, the windows marking to bother you, admittedly, and you re memory arose within me an intensified, my apprehensive unrest with each passing day. It was the men ray of several fanatical statements that Hitler had recently made in public speeches. German soldier. He said. Stood on the vulgar and no power, what on earth could make him leave Supreme warlord, that's a reference to Hitler. The and he's got an quotes
The supreme warlord had emphatically committed himself. He had prophesies demanded that darling, rod be relentlessly, attacked and taken. In presumptuous terms, he'd even sworn before, God and history, never then to relinquish on this conquest. Presenting it, as already achieved with such an added you'd as this on the part of the supreme warlord, was giving up the vulgar, retreating, conceivable addle. So him had painted himself into a corner where the paintbrush of Eric since then, it ended up in a situation where he say no, whenever belief, and he does not back to the book, the fate of more than a quarter million human beings with decided over such a distance, so that the fear headquarters,
is two thousand miles. Two thousand kilometers took fifteen hundred miles distant away and they're making decisions. This is called micromanagement by the way called micromanagement this not be centralized commit. This is the fourth law of combat from what called extreme ownership gets. An f decentralized command, he's micromanaging his troops that are fifteen hundred miles away. The fate of more than a quarter million human beings was decided over. Such a distance from there The repeatedly addressed orders and appeals directly to stolen goods to the Stalingrad Army which had been removed. From under the command of Army group and reassigned to the newly formed army group, DAWN Don Deal and is a river. Now everybody knew that they need, which means you picture you're in a circle, your surrounded by troops. You pick one part of that sort, picture you're in a circle. Your surrounded by troops. You pick one part about circle of of the peace.
Let us running you any you attack any break through. The did sounds like what it is a break Everybody knew that they need to break out there like a were surrounded. We need fuel, we need water, we need we don't have a view that we need to break up and so Everyone was kind of prepared to do that back the book our army still deposed about a hundred and thirty combat ready tanks in about the same number of armoured scout cars and other armoured vehicles. In other words, we still had a powerful motorized units available everywhere, people are waiting for the relieving signal for the break out with fluttering hearts. We followed preparations that were taking place mainly in the western sector of the army, in anticipation of the expect, operation. The order had been given to destroy all superfluous materiel everywhere, dim guns, tanks and trucks, useless communication and engineering equipment, huge amounts of clothing files and paper
even food were being consigned to flames, so they all think that they're gonna break out their assuming look order. About this. The only solution right now we're surrounded, we need do attack one Hurry up and get out of here so they start going ok before relief, when this fuel burners food, Renate, leave anything for the Russians, backed the book according to the decision by Army Command, the retreat from Stalingrad was to begin on twenty six November, we didn't entertain the slightest doubt that this, Supreme Command must be convinced of its necessity. We count firmly on its being carried out, I will never forget how stand we all were the agitation. Yes, the petrifying that befell us, especially among the higher ranks of our staff. We don T four November. The message came in from army that Hitler had forbidden. The planned break out
and finally ordered the Stalingrad Army to temporarily take up a position of all around defence, so it was set up you don't even or your surrounded by the way, the surrounded by force of about a million russian soldiers, but but but it's more than that because they are surrounded by the country of Russia back to the book. The fatal radio message from the distant future headquarters had come like a stroke of lightning forbidding the plan draw our northern front. The detachment of our four, from Stalingrad and thereby the hoped for the break out this decision by the Supreme Command was justice the blow for the staff at the army, as it was for us, we are unable to satisfy ourselves as to why all the report's admonitions and requests for a responsible of our responsible our steps, who were best aid,
to judge the events and all the dangers they entailed had not been successful. So this is something that patents said The commander on the ground is always right mean if you're sitting in an ivory tower somewhere, there's a guy on the ground here and you're wrong he's on the ground. Knows what's happening now. Could we come up with some? They exist since this absolutely you have better intelligent what's happening, you may be no, some you may be of overhead coverage or you get you get air reports are you have the in these days, you have satellite looking at things so yeah there's situations where you might know a little bit more, but the default process should be the guy on the ground is, is has a better situation. Awareness that I do, I'm gonna go with their call and here's Hitler saying now general policies, the commander of all the all the german soldiers, general policy,
the general pause addressed himself directly to Hitler, with a very serious and responsible evaluation of the situation. In this moment, does radio message. He had adamantly stressed that the fact that all his senior commanding generals share the conviction that, because it would be impossible to attic least supply the army in time it would shortly be destroyed unless a concentration of all available forces were succeed and divide decisively, beating the enemy attacking for the West and south. So now, not just one general at seeing this every, but every users are there's two hundred fifty three hundred thousand Germans are there's a lot of senior military people, all of them are saying we need to leave. It was now. Why is Hitler's just that like? No, you got you guys to leave his word we're Germans, we fight to the death, its arrogance or its action, Lee partially arrogance that anything Nowhere hold out it will still just
into a whereas the oldest borders old now, and I think, he's being stubborn and. Yeah, he has the kind we're like he. He made a call. Canada. The miracle then there like a with this, because nobody can do that. I made the court- has gone ego I mean. Obviously, Hitler hasn't probably wanna biggest egos of any human being. And hear him say it here in full effect. Even though he had left no doubt that in his view, the decision promising salvation lane and immediate break out in the end. He too is talking about palace. In the end he too submitted and obeyed. For him in order was an order. In spite of everything All that remains to us was to hope for co operation. From the outset, I will say this actually there's some books. The parts but they're not gonna cover, because we don't have time, there's that guy that guy
that speech gory the beginning. He had also told Hitler: hey no one we can recently. He was the before taking over all the german military forces. He was in charge that german air force the loose to offer and He said: look we can resupply these guys, don't worry about it. Don't you an f He probably said that at a time when it didn't look like they were to get completely surrounded euro area, was we supply no worry about we'll get into some of the numbers on what they said. They could do, but that's another. And why Hitler Hitler fought a week can respond. He also had people on the ground he surrounded by yes, Dutch, so no I disagree with the Bosman in this is Adolf Hitler by saying Isn't he says, look? Can we resupply them? Yes, yes, we can respond from the also Hugh Saint: hey, can't someone, instead of them breaking out in going toward back towards Germany,
when we have some german troops go towards them and break in to them that we can open up some pilot So where do you get told me when he offered that solution? He got told? Yes, we can do it. Yes, we can. So he surrounded by investment yeah, I ended up surrounded by yes man. He on one I'd like to be told you, let me know your fire get somebody that's gonna tell me that they can do what I'm saying in that person's gonna get promoted, and then you get surrounded by people. I wanna get promoted check. Proceeding all and there was one general that really made it made a significant effort. If we go back to the book surely General VON sidelights was dumbfounded stunned. He accepted the order. But in his heart he rejected it. Pretty HU. We, since he was painfully aware that his own work patterns were tied model
the following day. Twenty five November nineteen forty two to General VON Sidelights reactor Hitler orders and his reaction was as much filled with a sense of responsibility as it was temperamental address the army command. It took the form of a tell the evaluation of the situation that core commander had had Chief of staff prepare its I once again all the arguments against the Stalingrad Army, logging in and urged the breaking out of the ring immediately. So let's go about this book, they actually have this actual document to have you ever heard me talkin a pocket. But getting all your ducks in Rome and my cave boss tells me no cooperative, all the information. I would come back in the emigrants permanent, making a bullet proof argument my boss is going to agree with, because you can't My my arguments can be bought because I'm right in I wasn't right. Then I wouldn't prayers. I wouldn't go this far right, I'm not a to I'm. To put my
I reputation on the line arguing something that I don't truly believe it's right. Y'all through I say, okay. Well, you know what he could be right. So you know what I'm going to try an excuse to my best of my ability in this case silence, is like no, its, not no and in He says: ok, I'm on a forum on the put together this thing. They have the document inside this book. I would read it but its long. It's it's detailed, but it would take too much time, but it lays out every little detail of why they need to break out and not an emotional, what's beautiful, but not an emotional way. Maybe I just need to check myself because maybe more emotion was needed, but generally. If you come across as really emotional Hitler, what they call you want, a boss would think. Oh you're, just emotion about this, ECHO used emotional buddy, you calm down. Aids can carry out the orders, so he didn't he he played the role or heap he used Strategy of just com What's going on this one, its change or this one need to do, and if we don't it's gonna, be catastrophic
back to the book in the emergency situation intensified the ok agent, ok, ages, Ober Commander Day eight or switch is the Supreme high Command of the german army. Joe VON Sidelights, demanded from the commander, she for the army that he act immediately against orders, in other words against Taylor, so so silence when scientists got told. No he's acknowledge and we need do anyways. That's how passionate we started, get a global emotional imagined he he declared it be an imperative duty to the army and the german people to obey the dictates of cod and to seize the freedom of action that had been forbidden in order to prevent threatening catastrophe. The memo passed on by Army command, but had no effect whatsoever. And so they had to suffer the additional pain that, in the final analysis, they could but give in and fulfilled
Peter soldierly duty to obey against their own better insight. Now I will tell you that, as Pauline said. If you execute a plan that you know is wrong. You are culpable for executing it and these guys would not stand up against. It went back to the book. We are all deeply this herb and full of despair and in our hearts even outraged. What was demanded of us, namely contradicted all military experience. It went against every soldierly feeling and rob has any hope of any hope of being will the save ourselves by breaking out under our own power in last week of November, when the formations that had been heavily damage during the initial retreat were hastily and with great difficult establishing themselves on a new main line of Resistance Army issued. A green order of the day I can still. Number the exact wording, it started six
me has been surrounded. This is not your fault. As always, you have fought brave. The internationally up to the moment, the enemy had you by the neck went on to point out that the hard fighting, suffering and deprivations that would still be demanded of the troops and which, we have to endure for a time in hunger and frost, trusting in the help, outside that had been so definitely promised. So Hitler did amateurs and help me out. I don't care about. You stay put let me mention was made of the relief operation to which Hitler at personally committed himself psychologically clever in calculating the appeal ended with encouraging words promising consolation and salvation hold on the furore. We'll get you out this fight sentence, appealing so strongly to emotion which injected
new torn into the previously factual and sober language of military orders gave rise to discussions among our staff. It made me realize on top of all that, it already happened, how great the sacrifice was going to be that would be demanded of the troops by the way these guys travelled there. And had a really hard time of it. They know, how hard it was for them to get there and now being told that the people that are gonna the way that they're gonna get saved by someone else coming behind them to help them going through the same hardships that they barely got there so that their there outlook, isn't good. He s a Heather Doubtful back book, a large number of the soldiers who have been in constant exhaustion, eggs in conflict and exhaust
the action, the fault line for two years without leave without having been home to see their loved ones so These guys survey. It actually survived a winter early on dates I've winters they pushed into German as they put it, pushed in Russia and now they're waiting for another one. But these soldiers have been fighting for two straight years, hard fighting back to the book. Naturally, the true for not in a position to appreciate the full extent of the suffering deprivations they were about to face. They knew nothing of the difficult problems. Of the overall supply situation. So again, this guy's yet the headquarters, meaning he's you know with the commanders and the leadership. So he's too checking all the logistics of the situation for the front line soldier doesn't know. The frontline soldier expects hey they're, going to bring you both to can bring me food, he realizes? Because he sees what actually happening that that's gonna be a real problem. They had no
Think of the countless worries that lay so heavily in depressingly on the higher staffs. Nor at first with aware, though, that one stroke the encirclement had made it impossible to complete preparations for wine, positions out there in the supply depots of army, lay tens of thousands of fur coats. Warm stockings protective here. Gear and other items of winter clothing, which good now, no longer reach the encircled forces for the most part. The men remained completely inadequately supplied with winter gear and exposed to the murderous frost, there are thousands and thousands of warm weather gear I still cold weather gear and now they're gonna get nothing there cut off back the book. We can committed that our own army, whose total strikes before
encirclement had been about three hundred and thirty thousand men now numbered about two hundred and eighty thousand. So there are two short fifty thousand killed. We, the stab the officers in the staff departments, also pin our hopes on the relief operation which was being prepared. No one. Even consider that Hitler would be ready to abandon the outstandingly proven sixth army on the Volga and throw it to the most of these guys are even I said that, even though I said they weren't hopeful, I also think it there's no way that hit, he's, gonna leave three hundred thousand soldiers out here. There's no way back to the book. He was bound to find ways and means to rectify the devil's situation. There really story. I dreamers not, however, among the older and more experienced who maintain that fewer would not only get us out, but it probably he conceived a plan to turn or apparent to feed into a glorious triumph by encircling all the enemies armies than are surrounding us.
None of these dreamers and believers in miracles, who kept those who kept surfacing here and there until the very end, had a clear idea of what was implied by the fact that german soldiers will simultaneously fighting on the north, Cape and the Bay of Biscay and the front of Leningrad and Wiersma on in the Caucasus, in Crete and in North Africa to get disguise fighting fronts all over the place. In the end, the staff officers, the leadership- knew how thin we spread. The german army was from my troops in you know they didn't make sense of that. During the weeks of December fighting strength, the army was deteriorating at a horrendous pace. The blame for This lay mainly in the in the inadequate airlift here, a catastrophic who was slowly emerging in order to
be able to maintain its ability to live and fight or army had initially requested. Seven hundred and fifty tonnes of supplies per day later reducing this two five hundred tonnes per day the J you fifty two cargo aircraft had about a two ton load, the one the eighty one one one fighter bomber had held about one point: five tonnes: so this is going to require by two thousand aircraft to be able to make this happen. What are they end up with back They only brought in eighty two hundred and twenty tonnes of the required supplies, in other words, not more than one fifth of the amount needed purely and simply this meant. Davy deficit of ten thousand kilograms of bread and a face
on the supply of desperately needed fuel and ammunition, three one fifth of what they do now. We have to be careful because that's a little statistic that were thrown out their right of working one fifth of what we need and I think, a human being, What you need is a human being just food, and you got that down to one fifth of what you need need two thousand five hundred galleries day: unity at five hundred. That's what we're Talkin Yeah you need and in by the way you fighting and you're gonna you're being attacked. So you need thousand board today. Rightly he two thousand board today you're getting a hundred twenty votes. It's it's their things are not looking good back to the book. The sunset soon after lunch and by fourteen.
The fifteen hundred hours. It was already dark. So this is now we're Talkin russian winter by two or three clock in the afternoon. It's dark. And every day this too reminded us just depressingly here. Desolation of the snow, brat snowbound, step of the enormous distance that separated us from home were we not all the living and the dead, long buried in a gigantic mass grave thoughts like this occasionally befell me when I return Various sectors of the front where, in my role as liaison officer, I had been sent, specific assignments to gather urgently needed information there on the heights above, the infamous Rochelle a valley, the men of our divisions lay in desperate battled, demanding bloody sacrifice there in that trenches in foxholes in the snow. The soldiers were dying of exhaustion and cold because there,
Least, shrinking rations of bread and other food issued food issues were no longer sufficient to provide the physical stamina needed to combat frost and sickness, so they're starving today, they're, starting definite reason to have ended there being attacked and killed by the Russians with no Emma, with no Emma one day in the second week of December, the staff's first heard the news that the army group dawn under field Marshal Van Main Stein VON main Stein had down the long hope relief for the long hoped relief operation. Soon, Good NEWS that also reach the troops. The words gave new impetus everywhere, particularly on the hard pressed western perimeter of the pocket spread like lightning mainstream Einstein is coming the ready dying, hopes burst forth in new new courage, happy expectations. A new spirit of initiative began to blossom. This
Rings and sacrifices to date had not been in vain. After all, salvation was now beckoning. The few had promised he was bound to deliver so they were banned. Students coming this is good. If everything went well, they thought the our of all. Relief could just coincide with Christmas. The motorized groups and strong tank units being led by Colonel General Half- of which had been brought in from France in great haste had begun. The relief offensive serve spearhead. Tanks were only fifty kilometers away hold on we're. Coming said, one of the courage in radio messages which spread like wildfire amongst the western edge of the pocket, so there in red you communication fifty kilometres and this well respected
leader, half he's on the way it has pulled out we're coming. Do you ever get this isn't like a jinx right there, you know mean, like giver, celebrates inside your head. You celebrates on, but a little bit before. He should we don't To do that, and I support just because I believe that way, if you think that that's how it truly works, but I think I am I I think it's superstitious, but I also think there's some psychology believe ok yeah, whereas If you realize, if you just realized, I d celebrated early rate, they're gonna make you uneasy something like I feel like that. Guy back, I got a certain level of satisfaction. Just by saying, like don't worry, we're coming like he had this moment of God. That's glorious, gloriously able to say don't worry, we're coming the glorious thing to be able to say, and he took that the easy money
right there is like a logically set to be like eight were not there yet. Will you be ready radio? My order needles worry about where we are not yet the case. Finish stronger. Anything like the Guy running the touchdown rain celebrates the thirty are dying in the twenty five we puts Anna is like a class the guy creep up behind the plume. You know this guy was named Leon. Let he played for the Dallas Cowboys Hughes, Acre. Like a deep around with you. A thing, nine dismayed and how many other Dallas cowboys players? Can you remember the name from the nineties I remember a lot of them like a handful. The court at least one we're here- he's ease infamous its eye for this heading. Four guy, you know he he's a defensive like line manner, something recover more runs it in
Touch down in these views, do you don't even to put in the above? His head is binding on the site and like celebrating homeworkers, and I think the Strip dome and recovered it. I think If another thing the Ellsberg psychologically, you can't stop Kennedy, drowsy money, you're, a finnish spread through the finnish like or that, like races like a hundred metre dashing other guys like or the two hundred metre like. I want it than the other gathered them real hungry. Guy gets it right here. That's half hoss, tasty, easy money. Tat can be doing. Back to the book, in the sure knowledge that before us was the last chance for our salvation, we furiously awaited the decisive our with a feeling of confidence. The orders we expected could not be delayed much longer but all too soon are hoped would be bitterly disappointed. Alarming messages began to came in rapidly attacking russian tanks forces warm broiling, their relieving army in heavy fighting were slowing the advance and finally leading in connection with the
an offensive operations western. To a serious crisis for the entire army group. One of the attacks hit Colonel General Hoff, who was hastening towards us in fearful tension and delay now, ticket agitation. We read the messages we were receiving from the far distant german air reconnaissance and radio surveillance Une units. Soon, these bra news of disaster there, the operation and begin to run down hoss. Forces in turn threatened Being surrounded were finally forced to retreat. The front fell back hundreds of kilometers and the encircled Stalingrad Army on the vulgar was left to its fate. Only much later was I to learn of tragic details of the events in circumstances that had sealed the fate of the encircled army. At this point, I did not know, then
Hitler was still in no way prepared to give up stolen grabbing the vulgar that, for the second time and after the dramatic conflict in a conflict that is talking about us between him between Hitler in the people, the his advisers, he had explicitly forbidden the break out of the six army against the will of his chief of staff and in opposition The demands of the army group dawn, so Hitler leaves them a bend them
back to the book among the circle of our closer comrades. We no longer entertained any illusions about the bleakness of our situation. The german front had withdrawn a great distance away, and for the time being there would be no new fought, nuth no thought of a new relief operation. Would the german front be able to hold out for several more weeks. It was hardly to be expected: hunger, frost and sickness. Were cutting terribly into its waning strength and death was weeping an uncanny harvest, and not only on the fire spewing Iron ring around the pocket in the conditions for a great saving break out. Operation scarcely existed any longer in such Then the army would only be able to remain a mobile for a few com It is because the lack of fuel and if Stalin, gradual, were to be given up,
then would happen to the growing army of wounded, sick and exhausted men. Did the ok age intend to give up the vulgar at all the measures ordered so far seem to point the opposite way. Once again, I was often forced to recall here there's fanatical war words about the Germans. Order on the Volga about Stalingrad and each time in I see unease crept through my bones. Maybe yes, maybe we were so to hold on, to the bitter end, to stay, put and fight to the last bullet on the dark horizon. The outlines of a terrible disaster began to emerge Christmas Eve approached. All the visible and invisible wounds which the cruel events had caused bird even more painfully on this night, the atmosphere was depressed.
Memories of former Christmas celebrations, with their blissful shimmer. Only dimly illuminated are harsh reality as from a world long gone. The well loved Christmas Carol sounded in low melancholy, sat, so hope is pretty much vanquished at this point not completely, could you still maize they'll say, maybe maybe they're just gonna leave us here invite the last man, which is a crazy thought. Cause I'm gonna, say this number again. Two hundred and fifty two three hundred thousand soldiers this. Like hell, you ve got eighteen guys, fight to last merits the Alamo right. This isn't that this, because that that might have you that that's not gonna have a strategic impact on the situation. Use three hundred thousand combat veterans which which do no harm
combat, harden veterans- that's gonna, have a strategic implication. Of course, every soldier that dies is, is a epic offend, that soldiers life obviously in their family and everything else, but we start talking about leaving three, hundred thousand people to die for nothing. It's. He still care quite get that still not quite there. He sees it on the horizon who's. Not quite there, though, Back to the book the new year had arrived jangling frost lay over stolen brought over the stolen, drawn pocket and breathed its icy deadly breath. The sharp wind blew through the joints of doors and windows and in the bankers and from the forest cold crept up to one's knees,
The daily casualty reports from our divisions that increasingly reported losses other than by enemy action, represented a shattering balance on the death sheet. So what we say- and there is a gap- people are dying from combat, but even more were dying just from cold and starvation, again, the Russians furiously attacked several sectors. More perimeter. What did we have left to apply? With these powerful russian elite troops, who are protected from the frost and had a full stomach, not to mention the numerous tanks guns rocket launchers and mortars. Only Small numbers of heavy weapons with insufficient, strictly rationed, ammunition doll. We had. Only emaciated men exhausted by hunger among whom the fighting the cold and spreading diseases were taking of daily frightening tall. How much longer could the perimeter withstand the pressure? It did not ask
more attention that the Russians appeared to be concentrating in front of our sector in preparation for a major blow, the last sod. Possibility, grew even clear on the dark horizon the fate of our structure by a shattering off France's breaking over our heads. So again. It's interesting did this guy's. What do things? I should point out number one. It's interesting disguise perspective because he's in the staff- and so he sees more of what's happening from the general officers. Let's also make note that he's not on the front lines and he's So he has a relatively good meaning. These protected by by the rushed from the Russians by some distance Emmy, so getting Mordred, etc so getting artillery, but he's not. I'd. I with the Russians like the guys, like the soldiers in the front lines that are sitting in a little slit, trench in the ground and the tundra.
One of the things he sees. It is a meeting here we go back the book. An important meeting of the general staff took place at our core, which the commander in chief, army general policy attended with his chief of staff, the series reserved expression of the tall figure with the head of a scientist reflected something of a burden of responsibility. The press down tormenting we on the shoulders of this man, who was Last time I was to see our army commander in the pocket is forest I can remember. He never visited our core again. I soon learned of the outcome of the meeting and the grave words of our general staff officers left no doubt about the consequences of the orders that had been issued. In the meantime, they dealt with them. Mobilization of the last reserves of the sixth army, the encircled forces, what a whole Bonn and fight to the last for this purpose, the formation of fortress
Aliens was to be prepared and executed as quickly as possible. All remaining reserves of able bodied men were to be collected and uses infantry. Members of the loop waffle, ground personnel and anti aircraft. True gunners, who no longer had guns, Panzer, Grenadiers engineers, truck drivers, clerical staffs, Rearrest salon in supply personnel or wants it, and to be ruthlessly combed out. The order amounted to the virtual dissolution of the rear echelon services and clearly demonstrate that the immobilized army was due to stay put and fight. Till the last man and the last bullet. So there you go everyone's gonna fight, cooks, supply people, you're already mainstreaming now, and this clearly indicates due to a wider that that means they're not going anywhere and stay there. They're gonna fight the last man. Back to the book. We felt that we had already been written off by the higher ups
and all that remains for us was to perform a heroic, futile gesture to ensure the fulfilment of the Storic mission and he's got quotes around of the army of Stalingrad on the Volga. The troops were getting given the hearing, radio message, which the fewer and said, cream warlords sent at the turn of the year. Six army has my promise that everything is being done to get it out, but we now viewed this not just with doubt but as downright deception They don't believe at learning, more usages? Doubt and now they think is deceiving. Him Again, this is not does no small group people near back the book, the bread ration was reduced to fifty grams per day ringing
old, knowing hunger, creeping new illness enemy fire combined in an indissoluble offensive pact, dysentery and typhoid fever, had appeared as uncanny guests and the plague of lice increased from day to day death. And his murderers Rondeau back and forth throughout the pocket, his head, were the numerous places of suffering despair, the dress stations in field, hospitals that filled to overflowing alarmingly, but he also that whole Mama lines day and night of death is everywhere Is it weird you think like just being sick, You tell me you were sick a couple days ago, common cold, but yet and you think about what being sick to you and now this is your being. Second, it doesn't matter like there's no mercy you're here, there's no mercy back to the back during back the book during fifty. Is that pocket battled lasted so far. He and he started up.
Deaf you'd, already cleaned out here we among the men of the army about one of its manpower, was gone of them. More than three hundred thousand men who were present at the time of the russian breakthrough about two hundred thousand were probably still alive and how many of these enduring and hope fighting and suffering human beings, had death not already marked on his own. News that we could no longer count on any relief before spring was really shattering. There was nothing more to be done, save to hang on and endure the horror. Now we get a little opportunity here. Here we go, there was a surrender proposal, sent torrent circled army by the Soviet Supreme Command. The document was addressed: Paulus who'd been promoted to in general and to all,
the officers and men of the german forces fighting installing rod? It was so by Colonel general, of the artillery Warm Verona off and by the commander, in chief of forces of the dawn front, Lieutenant General Workers Linsky, who had now obviously been put in sole charge of all the forces surrounding us. The proposal gave then, with a short, factual and largely correct evaluation of our situation, in particular stress the catastrophic state of supply of our troops, who are suffering from hunger, cold and sickness lack of winter clothing. Terribly in sanitary conditions, realistic, Possibilities of breaking the encircling ring no longer existed He further resistance in such a hopeless situation had to be senseless. Therefore, to avoid further unnecessary shedding of blood? The red army was proposing a number of terms.
Document ended with a reference directed at the commander in chief of Ground Army, pointing out there. In the event of refusal. The forces of the Red Army in air force would be obliged to destroy the pocket for which he colonel. General policy would bear the responsibility. You still got two hundred thousand people and you get an offer you twenty four hours to respond. We basically surrender everybody surrender the end and they weren't sure how they were going to treat it. I mean they were pretty governing wasn't retreat good, an older men all the distant very good either. That's not your new, very good at all,
to the book. We soon received various orders, directives and messages whose burden was that the surrender was out of the question. The commander in chief, had passed the russian ultimatum onto the fear headquarters and asked for freedom of action for all to realities, immediate reply, Hitler at personally forbidden surrender and policies had rejected in writing the proposal the soviet command. The troops were not informed. Not to be informed in detail, but from now on, they were ordered to fire without warning on flags of truth of truce appearing near the front lines. This instruction from army which we received by radio was especially revealing as to the intentions of leadership in staff it was received with rejection and objections because it was a clear breach of international law. So they don't get told like hey we're, not running what they get told us.
If you say you want to flag the truce shoot him immediately, which is basically saying we're not surrendering. Back to the book. I was reminded again of Hitler's high sounding words about the invincibility, the german soldier, for whom nothing must be seen to be impossible. The very thought of the situation must be an irreconcilable must be irreconcilable with the prestige of the Supreme Warlord he put setting quotes every time. I don't call it out every time, but he does. He sought a mocking Hitler with in his speech in Munich shortly before our circumvent, he had Had he not solemnly sworn you may assured, I repeat this with full. Before God in history that we shall never again leave Stalingrad, never again for life or death. We were committed to the cheerless dawn step. Here our fate must come falter. The most terrible weeks were still before us and during the
icy days in January. The fearful premonition of what was to come descended upon us like a lead weight on the morning. Ten January nineteen, forty three exactly twenty four hours after the ultimatum. It had expired the Russian began the destruction of the pocket. What hellish artillery barrage. It was the answer to the rejection of the surrender proposal up up front among the staff's on the line I again entered. The the sphere of tension excitement nervousness in despair. The situ she was partially unclear and confused the cat. The catastrophe did indeed appear to be unavoidable into this, hopeless situation, orders from army came in time and time again defend hold cod. Up the situation, fight alas, the bullet from their desks too, thousand kilometers away, and he puts in the season exclamation point
the ok age, together with the Kurds and we interfering fear her fewer headquarters, forbade any independent withdrawal from endangered from endangered sectors of the perimeter. An army which had to meticulously justify itself for any change in the front line caused by the pressure of circumstances obeyed. So this classic micromanaging. Not decentralized commit very, even say, look if you're, if you're, if you're primitive, Perhaps don't fall back, just die, which is Nicholas, because it doesn't help the situation Now, there's a whole and now more more enemy, you're gonna come through the hole, and we have people behind us is like full on can we talk about last week, maybe four Leslie,
Do it cause they said silk. Anything like this. No really is gonna die. There's no reason to do in a strategic reason, for tactical reasons. Obviously stoic, as I said so die whatever the army, core divisions and ready. Oh bade, often with bitter Christmas. It criticism with open or hidden reservations, flaring up or knuckling under, but they obeyed and the suffering and dying of troops in the trenches and foxholes in the I see step obeyed, giving their all in the natural fulfilment of their duty or an apathy, silent despair. The higher leadership did not stint with recognition promotions, decorations and metals, rain down on mass on fighting suffering, doomed men. But what purpose did this huge, monstrous commitment and dedication of human being serve
in the face of the increasingly help military helplessness and daily worsening human plight. I was becoming more and more depressed by the torturing question of the wye of this sacrifice of most precious blood. This pitiless dining was it not only for this of of prestige that a military supreme command thousands of kilometers removed mercilessly wish to maintain, then for whom price in many thousands of human lives did not appear to be too high. This question haunted me and would not leave me until the final sorrowful ending till his ask and why they start to collapse. From the perimeter of the pocket in towards the city of Stalingrad because they were caught, pushed out,
around surrounding it and now they're starting to fall back to it, where they at least have some coverage backed the book. The with all of the troops finally turned into a full fledged flight into which further formations and combat groups of various divisions were drawn hole. You it ceased to exist in this confusion in this during our neighbour to our left. This fate also put an end to a whole division. That had long been under our command and in the end had burned, Like a slag, I saw its distraught general. Our commander without troops wandering around in a bunker desperately seeking a new assignment, so he just lost twenty thousand men, his walking around saying what am I supposed to do now back
The book and this desperate withdraw was being carried out in icy cold weather and pitiless snow storms at Thirty degrees centigrade below zero, that's negative. Twenty two. At thirty degrees, below zero, the remnant of the regiments that had shrunk to combat groups and the suffering hordes of their share of other shattered units moved over the empty white step. Staggering crowds dragging see com of lost lightly wounded and Frost bitten soldiers with them leave those that so far had been spared enemy, fire Come there to exhaustion and over exertion. Today, strains of hunger and to the cold. Innumerable men? fell by the wayside and were soon mercifully covered over by the snow
and this was no longer an authorized. Withdraw the recoil of the front was now taken waste, despite standing, orders to hold and maintain position at all costs and despite the law of resistance laid down by the ok each cell. They finally did break they finally said. You know what survival about survival and we're not staying here anymore, where much I'd get back fall back cycle. The psychological ability of the troops to resist has now also been eroded. There could no longer be any doubt about our fate. After the enemy had begun. His decisive attack bent on destruction and Dissolution was in full, promote progress. It was too late for a last departure. Attempt to break out to the West help from outside could no longer be considered devastating even than the enemies weapons were hunger, eggs,
question cold and illness of all kinds among the soldiers who had not been adequately fed for so many long weeks with the advent of the increase in credible strains of daily retreats the situation deteriorated catastrophically. We were lacking in food weapons, rest, warmth, hope In short, we are lacking in all the vital conditions for fighting since the long we action of the surrender proposal, the troops, Again survived along terrible week of tenacious defensive fighting retreat and flight, thereby time, down superior an enemy forces in their area after the loss of our life support, base platonic air. Field. On January, sixteenth time really seem to have come to stop fighting airlift temporarily ceased altogether. No, more food and ammunition game in
the wounded in sick could no longer be flown out, and so that's where they're getting their supplies into Potomac airfield in that sector where this guy was for a large chunk of his battle. Now go into now. They even the before they were. There only get one fifth of what they needed we're, not organs Europe by now every day that the fighting was prolonged was costing thousands of human lives. There was no, more time to be lost, and we waited for something to happen. Like me, innumerable comrades and brothers in fate, probably The same secret hope, but nothing happened in tragedy, took its course. The Russians, by using their storm troops during the initial days of the offence, if it would probably been very easy for them to make a further effort and liquidate the pocket relatively quickly, but
They no longer needed to make such a highly costly attempt. Time was on their side by them down on our tenacious defence with a crushing attack or any had want it's penetration into the pocket now He was no longer in a hurry and no longer appeared to consider his victim to be very dangerous. The battle that had been in the meantime was merely a question of finishing off wounded game already marked for deaf. For some time already. The Russians are dictated the course of events. The date of our final end depended on their will alone. The stations of the cross of an army of two hundred thousand soldiers, particularly because the slow, helpless death of such events. A number of human beings made thing seen before, with the exception of Verdun pale by comparison, a part of the entire german nation was sentenced to death.
Here and by this, its vital substance, was dangerously under attack the moral, fact of these events, touched the whole nation in the midst of the the destruction of the army. There were thousands of individuals, we'll tragedies whose local, what is of horror where the numerous collection points for the sick and wounded hole convoys of mostly open trucks, overly did with their pitiable freight of freezing wounded, groaning, sick and dying move deeper into the pocket, second half of January until the bitter end, the harsh, suffering of the fighting soldiers continued by day and night after eight even weeks of indiscreet, about torture and deprivations. They were now point
into a veritable hell of hopelessness and destruction. Time and again, it was fight resist hold to the end than disengage, withdraw turned back and dig in again for defence in the snow and stonily hard frozen earth time. Again there were heavy losses, panic and flight never ending useless struggle, struggle against hunger and cold Among the staff's, there was an honor, ending tension, perplexity and despair and feverish activity Leadership was still to be seen from the higher commands can continue. Orders directives, questions, admonitions, threats, criticism, opposition and misgivings were not lacking at the lower levels, but for the time being, the mechanisms of command still function. So, despite all this and even though their happens, this haste withdraw. That's going Against orders, there still are direct
come on out there, still people being disciplined In the midst of the general suffering and dying, we helplessly watch the catastrophe and of destruction approaching us mercilessly inexorably. The terrible human tragedy was nearing its climax, was finally commented, commented upon by the war news broadcasts at home in the pretty and spirited words quote in Stalingrad sixth army. Is attaching immortal honour to its banners by its heroic and self sacrificing battle against, crushing odds. Many of my comrades had mentally written themselves off intention to commit suicide were voiced with increasing frequency. Others had gone. Their valuables and wedding rings to be to the wounded being flown out.
I myself had been had so far been pay To prepare my relatives for the catastrophe by means of sparse hints. Now I felt the need to send home open word of farewell and gratitude. The letter was hard to write ears, once more rankled rang the latter. Goodbye, my wife and imploringly in beseechingly, called down the telephone line to Kiev on Spring evening of last year, Before the seemingly endless, space of russian planes had swallowed me up. Now, I would soon be over, when I you the letter, I was gripped by especially deep despair. By felt this, though, were suddenly looking into an abyss of suffering and hopelessness, towards which our whole nation was reeling as if the events Stalingrad were applied
view of an immeasurable disaster that was to break upon Germany. The general of this division division had a nervous breakdown and was no longer fit for command. His hopes to being flown out with the badly wounded in sick had not been for full fulfilled he now. To share the fate of his soldiers to the bitter end, this general, who short time before was a commander of a division had carry the responsibility for many thousands of men was once more, a mere human being trembling for his life, then did his questions reveal the same fear that secretly tormented all of us. We made one another realize that the impending military catastrophe was also a political catastrophe. The result of pressure sumptuous, beliefs and actions there long she
can the healthy foundations of our intellectual, cultural and national life had the power that we, served as citizens and soldiers bended knee before law that was rooted in the code of ethics or rather had not a new gospel of violence, been proclaimed and introduce that in a fatal reversal of all values had ceased to differentiate between right and wrong. So these guys are realising what's coming out, what's coming out he's realising that the path that they went down was a country was wrong. Act to the book by means of destructive battle against the universal educational and cultural powers. Of classic antiquity, humanism and christianity and aunt I
what actual political religion of power had successive we extracted the german people, from the best of the commonly held european body of human fought and thereby I also out of any commitment to the objective concepts of truth, compassion and justice. That is that his conclusion like during this events, Yes, during these events, he's realising what what's happened yeah that they were wrong and they went away the thing that's crazy about now see. Germany is how fast that transition to place a bid talk in ten years What the right of the not to rise, the naughty or they're in there, influencing that yeah, the rise of the Nazis, a straight up, one thousand nine hundred and thirty three. They started now, one thousand nine hundred and forty three north ten years have completely different viewpoint of the world
This mean I going against the sea would like your gun against. The traditional values you're going against hey, you know, could have gone against the christian values there going against the cultural values are going against the national values there going against them here. It's how much of it is the elected the soldiers in it. Even the people, the in Nazi party. I wonder how much of it is a denial of in a word to you now you're signed onto like some leading during that during the time being, yeah or using right now how much of this denial known or not on doing during early? I should I remember ripening. Can you remember that Europe is one of the nicest guys when the guys who made the biggest sacrifice was, as was a straight up actual nazi? and he made massive sacrifice and took you- dress to save as many people as good by the way not white people, not Arians, but but Chinese so There's a guy that you know
was more related to the traditional christian intellectual values right and yet the ok that the people are in charge of the country's nazi. So I guess that makes me Nazi, and here we go and so and these guys worse situation, because there are soldiers and other food heading four, that evil force and like said, there's some denial. They also get caught. But clearly the Germans got caught up in the night nationalism they got caught up, Hitler was a great orator and a very moving speaker and I got caught up in that and they work in a very depressed economies of those things all kind of came to it. They had been in their minds screwed over in world war. One and you know, defeated and then treated badly in the others? whole thing about Hitler's mustache. You haven't got a funny moustache and there's some debate on on how much of this is actually true, but whether its true or not as a little bit
It doesn't really matter because What a represents so that the deal was that Hitler's mustache, if you want to have em a mustache during World WAR, one because of wearing a gas mask, you had to cut your mustache like that Hitler. Still where's mustache like that was a constancy symbol that he remembered. He remembered ass. He was in World WAR one and he was wounded World WAR one and through even despite all that insane sacrifice they didn't win and didn't like the way they got treated by the treaty of Recite, and so they have that acts. They had the economic hanks. They had all those axed built up and but came along and was ready to. Let them focus on something else and and now what what weeder is realising here was like he had to focus on something else right in what he help
this focus on wasn't good was evil. This is crude analogy, U S, training day, I have watched training day kind of the same thing when you watch Jane, went away because the new the treaty. By the way I see Maria as you like one. I'm in an airplane, and I don't think I'm not I'm not going to be fully familiar with repairing the rise of Nazi Germany in the deaths of millions of people to the movie training day. In total speculation is just one more time, but as far as like you know, People there signed on ham, German, you know that's cool and you know, all Germany weren't, you know, solidarity were during then kind of the Nazi party. Sorts rising starts giving these sort a sort of certain types of employee then they lack O r, a cool I mean I was a really thing in that, but all right, we're still Germans work when it starts escalating and slowly Ok, so you get her back.
That our embassies, drainage era, yeah, like he signed on little sign. Anything dang is like I don't know what all this, but our aid have signed under because in afterwhile, which The same point that this guy got got to where it's like men? Ok, you guys too much at onto this, and then you reflect back on all the violations. You don't like you to slip. You start to separate. Don't hold the line yesterday. I think that's what happens here and that's what makes leadership hard data makes life hard, yeah. It's really easy to get tempted to go down these trails, these paths that are not what you should be doing right in I got you gotta, come in mid men, it's hard because in the in the beginning like, In a year you going down a path you're already signed on right. You see one teeny, tiny violation and ass. I quit amended You like make this big stink about this teeny tiny violation. Failure in
then you keep Goin and then you'd already made that exception. No time goes on and what it can do bring linking up again psychologically. What then, sell Washington. He's in the hills and introduce the hissing go straight to level eight violation right now lies with the Desgas little lullaby. Up anywhere down the pair little bit, abuse there, but hey white bed where girls good and like a little like what you know, yeah exactly right that's that's what that's when Hitler did? That's really start with hey. You know we don't want to have this happening. You gotta keep these things and Jack yea, I look we're in at least Burnham. But the Jews in the neighborhood, I will put them in for neighbourhood out later, not amongst us right put them over there now and it's ok, you know we're action under the minimum somewhere else. Would we want to work here? ok and then you just right. You saw the escalating. Your murdering to six million people and then
Listen what you're not signed on all of a sudden, a thing in your landing in your head. You like Dac, signed under some of the earlier, but I led let exultant I'm trap. Do you know they are your trapped and that's where he's right now and he dropped facing his death, recognize me recognising that yeah successively extracted the german people from the best of the commonly held european body of men fought like issued saying exactly what you said: success successively, it's just a little bit tired of it back the book all of us who wore a uniform, more entangled in a fabric of developments in circumstances that we certainly have not sought or desired, now not make any excuses. Let's not make any excuses, but we see how it kind of happened, as you just said,
We surely could not believe that our employment here in Stalingrad was part of a noble, legitimate battle for german inbred interests. Painfully we fell. But the soldierly virtues of bravery, commitment, loyalty in obedience to duty in Europe, Active sense were being despicable miss used this deep in the tragedy of cruel event, in which we now would have to atone for much that we had never wanted so yeah. That's not heard that argument. Sometimes If you are you're, gonna kill, led there's a bad regime and to go and you're gonna attack the regime, and then some of the people that are just thereby chance You hear that argued well there allowing that regime to exist. Now, that's a tough one you meant to have, because you got somebody for them to repel, could mean death, has a veto
don't worry about answer than ever in a bad situation. That's a tough one, fully But somebody asked me the other day as a along those lines You know some long winded question on twitter about what would you do if you were not in a utopian inside of a state that was Bob while you Know- repressive and Excetera Excetera homesick. One word answer: rebellion would I have the in that I have right now. If I go not one of those repressive states prototype. I just want to survive and get some more bread right. I might not be thinking haters there's something more important than me. That's freedom, and maybe I wouldn't think that just be thinking here once maybe get an extra twenty grams of bread of no and noble right back to the book in this is good in the press.
Somebody of deaf things appeared in their true light and proper order in such a. Situation, the Bible, speaks to us with an inside since in clarity the like of which we had never felt or understood before, fear and misery at the edge of our existence, had given us a religious experience who strength giving power bound us together, he's darkness see roulette at there's? No atheists, foxhole, guess what according to Weeder. That's a very accurate statement. On my favorite books in the little private library. I'd taken with me to the eastern front, with a copy of Marcus Aurelius is self observations. I too had often found support and comforted it get. It contributed markedly to come
eating my equipment for war by serving me as a suit of armor that protect me from all too frequently wounded. By events and giving me an inner economically now this book, to like several others, had become meaningless. The wisdom of the world, the wisdom of the world its merely human temporal comfort had failed. It did not penetrate into the ultimate most profound and could no longer stand firm in the terrible shock and helplessness whose mercy I felt myself to be in it. Stream distress with the ground shaking under foot and a menacing abyss of nothingness seeming to open. Before me, there was only one last support the comforting strength of the christian belief, perhaps
We could pass some of this conference. Support onto other comrades who bewildered were reeling toward the abyss in their desperation face. With the destruction of a whole world of concepts in our of the senseless synthesis of the catastrophe. Many a soldier on the staff, as well as within the fighting troops, had reached for his pistol to put an end, Who is life? There was no way back and no escape other disguise as their secret fear and inner feelings of emptiness, behind a contrived, soldierly stance or even delay. Really assumed the cast of I end of a language necked, which is like these guys were these oats. German mercenaries that were super hard core. If they themselves were doomed, go wondered they would at least sell their skin so dearly to the end and take as many Russians with them as they could. That's interesting, he's he's project
on these soldiers that you know that their disguising their secret fear, you know what I'm telling you right now that some of those nazi german soldiers they were, they were getting after it right they weren't, they were hiding their their secret fear, Acting tough, they were ready to die for the future. So, let's not just paint with, broad brush there. In my opinion, if We agreed that suicide was out of the question for religious and ethical reasons as normal weak human beings caught up in Erin guilt. There was nothing left to to us, but to drink. The cup of suffering to the last bitter drags.
In the meantime, something unbelievable happened and made quickly made. The rounds are quartermaster, a still young general staff officer suddenly disappeared. His driver, who had taken to the gum rack air base, had weighed in vain for his return, Bhutan Colonel was missing. He had signed we left stolen grab. It left the Stalingrad Pocket, the zone of death, destruction on his own initiative problem. It was a mixture of nerves, fear cowardice in the vain hope than in the general confusion. He might build a fly out and save his life. That attempted him to dessert in general. It made inquiries by radio the dessert staff offered shown up an army group claiming that flown out unofficial assignment from the core on matters of supply are gentle was wild with indignation and rage declared that he would have the criminal flown back into the pocket and shot before our eyes. We were all deeply depressed and into with it's with horror, the terrible scene that had been announced and which we were so
air to our relief, are quarter, who was shot outside the pocket on the spot where, in his fatal weakness he had hoped to find a door to freedom and life. So again, even though I just talked about some of the Nazis being coming. To the end there was, many of them that we're just trying to get the hell out of there to the book. Our commanding general spoke openly the impending collapse, accusing lean with bitterness and secret anger. He pointed out that it was not our fault we had gotten into this devas situation of a catastrophe from which there was no longer a means of escape. Ok here it, The commanding general is now saying, hey look, this is not our fault clearly he's obviously not taking any ownership of this, but we owe case only asking this ok Jacko What would how would it help and if you was to take ownership of the right now right,
If you say hey, this is my fault wouldn't help him could could? If you say hey look is my fault. This is why this happened without help, and right now, no you're right; it wouldn't help them what did have helped him a month. Or two months ago, if he said to himself look we're in this situation. I knew take ownership of it and get it fixed. Would it have out, then your damn right? One of you said you know what Hitler, we know tat might be telling us not to break out guess what there's. Not here we're gonna break out I'll. Go shot for five years. Orders, that's fine I'll, say If all of you, that's that's were ownership would come in, but what he said was awkward Whitworth were assigned to a fait accompli. I've just because the boss tells you or doesn't give you this. What you need or gives you about order that doesn't give you ve excuse you kid
but the ownership on the boss you're the one in charge. You take ownership of it. You get the problem solved. He didn't do that, so he is allowed to say it's not our fault, but he him saying is not our fault Is a kind of a different circumstance? Why? Because their past the point of no return to their doomed? Already? Yes, because they don't have any is taken possibility and then take responsibly for the fixing. The mistake there is no send a anymore. That's why? If I was him I would add, hey guys, it's not your fault that you here. This is my fault. Should have made a maneuver. I should sit up the boss. I did Here's ordinary now defend ourselves the best of our ability, bricked right. So then that would still give the guy's some breathing room right, some psychological breathing room. They fought hard. They did
best. It's my fault, I shouldn t I should have held you guys, do something different, and I didn't here's organism now. The fact that he that these, that he wasn't taken ownership earlier. The fact that he is able to blame now means he was able to blame earlier and if you're, but the minute you sorbet me, you're, not solving anything you're, not getting things down there. You go back to the book, but he left. No doubt that together we still had a task to perform name. He took, namely to fulfil our soldierly duty duty to the last moment in open Instead, the orders from above we defend our perimeter fighting. Older to shoulder with our carbines to the last bullet from his work We could surmise that he was staunchly determined to go down like a captain with a ship and not to survive the downfall of his troops unequivocally. He pointed out.
The commandments of the traditional ethical code of the soldier now demanded our ultimate sacrifice without demure. Now at this point he supposed to go out, and do you like a reconnaissance of the wines and see what's going on and when he's up there here's what he sees in freezing, cold and wild snow fear flurries. I rode across the desolate battlefield on a motorcycle. Together with a sergeant of the military police. We soon reached a road of catastrophic. We see reach the road of catastrophe arising, dark grey against the back, drop of snow snowbound, step marked by all kinds of abandoned rubbish, half covered cadavers of horses and wrecked vehicles, scattered pieces of equipment creates destroyed weapons, the spurs, the starving, the freezing, the sick,
all those still fit for fighting had only one objective to which they were attaching their last glimmerings of hope, and this objective was stolen ground in the present the walls of the of the ruins they might still be able to find some figures. Food rest sleep And salvation and sold streamed by the remains of the shattered and decimated formation trains and re irrational on services with vehicles. That slowly being dragged and pushed by wounded, sick and frost bitten men. There were emaciated figures among them muffled in coats rags Four rex painfully dragging themselves forward, leaning on sticks and hobbling along the fruit on frozen feet, wrapped in whispers strong strips of blankets. Lifting along through the snow storm. This was the wreck of the sixth army that had advanced vulgar during the summer so confident of victory.
Men from all over Germany doomed to destruction in a far off land New Lee. During their suffering, tottered, and pity Drove drove Through the murderous eastern winter, These were the same soldiers who had formerly marched through the large parts of Europe's as proud conquerors. Now the enemy was at their backs and death looked everywhere. There's a interesting peace that I'd don't go into too much, but this guy had written a paper and presented it up the chain of command with talking about what happened and Napoleon, and he got kind of talk like this.
Back to the book. The event of one thousand, eight hundred and twelve seem to be repeating themselves. After all, once again, the uncanny russian space with swallowing many tens of thousands of human beings, despite Napoleon's experience, the basic elements of G Riffian meteorology had again ignored to a frightening degree. On top of that The modern superstition that, with the help of Machines and motors the possible could be accomplished and the dangers of space overcome had also contributed to our downfall fatal path with the overestimation of mechanized means of Bore, had stood the Miss Eyre, prevention of the limits of human strength and possibilities. Yeah repeat: to hear TAT were another one of those classic lanes. That's not gonna happen us feels like a classic mistake. It's called ego lack of humility
that won't happen, ass happened Napoleon one of the greatest you, no military leaders more all time, but it will happen asks we have some coffee. We have some tanks or whatever, but by the way, takes take fuel where's that fuel gonna come from. Released a horse can eat at Pisa. Hey right, sir, You know that there is no Exxon station out there on the steps Back to the book, together with several wounded, we dragged ourselves onwards until exhausted and shattered. We finally reached the ruins of rubble of northern star, lots of yours. Sir. Now he's actually was retreating back to Stalingrad itself. What travails did fate still hold in store for US deaf who might face more often, and closely in recent days than ever before was still refusing me. But it's trusted com, and for many weeks hunger was torn, and to me, with tenacious power solely making me ripe for the end and frost the third
murderer in the trio had also bitten me by now asked the constant stabbing pains, and some of my limbs warned me separated from staff. Our group of officers found shelter in a dark dirty seller, while our men went to Around in a neighbouring pile of rubber rubble,. This has to be the end of our flight and our last quarters. The me at once again addressed itself to ok, h and pointing adamantly to the cottage perfect situation had asked for immediate permission to surrender which might possibly prevent stay complete disillusion. Dissolution and total disaster. Hitler's answer had been a steely, no. Forbid surrender Hitler at radioed into the pocket on twenty five January. The army will hold
its position to the last man and bullet imagination that freezing hungry tortured by the enemy. At your back and you got some guy in a nice, too ridiculous It's one thing to be like yeah, we're going to the less and less bullet, and it's this be war, but, alas mural we not even a we eat or, like the bat one big last stand and fight to the death. That's one thing in a dead dig: it lets you, but just weeks and weeks we Slowly dying of starvation in sickness in his way different it's way: different, traded fight, tiller,
ass man unless bullet in that's a scenario yeah, especially because they they all kind of know that there's no strategic advantage to what they're doing worse. Back to the book Colonel general policy on his chief of staff, whose fanatical we'll talk that was well known among the staff's relentlessly held onto their fatal decision on their part many generals and their staff remain the executioners of the orders of destruction. On these sorry circumstances for fighting suffering and dying continued Torturing, we and terribly after the splitting of the pocket. The debt agony of the army continued for a further weak in the jail dissolution and catastrophe. It was every man for himself more and more order and discipline broke down,
here and there in the sellers. This still able, bodied and combat worthy hid among the sick and wounded cases of unkind Broadly conduct, theft of provisions referred, Use to obey orders and open mutiny mounted full late the elementary drive of cell preservation, no longer allowed the question of right or wrong to be raised in the same way that the differences between the front line in rear line at the rear. Echelon were being erased, so, where the differences in rank and position. In the final days summary law was imposed in stolen God with drastic punishments for any crime. Looters were to be shot within twenty four hours. Hundreds german soldiers who had become week in their misery thus became victims of german bullets one. No longer. Can we speak of courageous and heroic fighting.
Certainly here and there they were individual deeds of courage per no initiative, a Noble South Self sacrifice. By and large, only a mute submission to the inescapable fate remained to the bitter end. It was rather the silent heroism of acceptance of suffering and submitting not the picture that gets painted very often now at this point at point right now in this battle is when they hear that speech that going talk about this great sacrifice and how they fought so well and how they'll be remembered for ever and compare them to Lee and Ninetys and the three hundred Spartans at for monopoly. It's just that. Here's what these guys thought
with over exaggerated feverish passes the seat, the speed He recalled the heroic example of the last of the Goths and, in the end, the historical, so famous sacrifice of the spartan heroes for monopoly, who would not fall falter given ground until the last fighter had fallen, and so was it Stalingrad, just like Leah nineties in his loyal men in the greek defile. So with and heroes lie on the Volga. Is the law of honour and conduct in war, commanded them to do for Germany? During this speech, full of empty free It is an lies that out did itself in hysterical glorification and praises. The demeanor of the day Billy delusion than incense obvious became more and more hostile. The glance gestures in words all around unmistakably showed the ray that was growing in people souls, whoever
might still have trusted in the promise of help from the outside now had to recognise, with growing horror, that at home we're relish still hope for a union. The warriors of Stalingrad had finally been written off. We felt that we had heard our own funeral oration before its time. The disgust ding adulation of the torture, is dying of our army in the deceitful glorification of conditions that were against all laws of humanity filled me with it the ignition and revulsion must not. Going goings, words of pierced the hearts of our loved ones at home like daggers and robbed them of all hope. Now that they had been thrown into most anxious fears of art for our lives At home we had been declared dead. The hero is and mythical glory location of our stolen grad army was supposed to conceal the sad truth. For a long time.
Now. The heroic tale of the german soldier on the vulgar had become an irresponsible mass dying, ordered from on high the pathetic propaganda. Glorification was obviously intended to distract from the catastrophic consequences of a criminally amateurish leadership of war, and to prevent the question of blame from even arising. So you pretty much see these guys felt at the end, and now you might think you might think that there's a disconnect between Hitler for Cape were proud were fighting to the end, and this is the way the Germans are
The way we are we are superior and that the guys guy's background others be down, and so maybe they're just knew there does weak right and it is given up. You might think that you might think that here's. This will give you a little indication that the death, the wrong thought on one February, the new spread among us that Paulus had capitulated with his staff, and the two southern segments of the pocket and gone into captivity. So the leader just surrendered the last moment he'd been promoted to field marshal this promotion in the hour. The final catastrophe was grotesque. It was simply a gesture of things. From above and a good bye to Hitler, thought palaces, gonna, die or hidden palace
rendered, but the unhappy field, Martian Marshall, did not set the example of heroism expected of him from the top. The german papers, broadcasts later casts later tried to spread the impression, the style of growing speech that, in the face of overwhelming superiority, the field marshal had burned his secret papers and that general line behind your machine guns, had fought to the end. Furthermore, after the core tasks We, german magazines, allied to the german people, with fates, pictures so showing such heroic scenes The truth of the matter was something quite else. We calculated that more than fifteen. Animals and their staff had gone into captivity from the southern and central pockets soon mosque. Soon the Moscow radio gave details of numbers and names.
I was only the learned later that some of these generals had gone into captivity with neatly pact suitcases and plentiful baggage. They simply stop fighting and gave themselves up to the victor without any further consideration for the fate of the remaining battle groups. The last request, The field marshal had been that the Russians should treat him as a private citizen. With this he had resigned. The official role he had formerly played in the military political interest of the Supreme Commander and as a broken man laid down as Marshall ship. He was driven away in a closed car and no longer needed to see the appalling misery of his sacrificed army. So there's no disconnect
the troops on the ground were right. These leaders were liars weak and they had no problem. Pursuing glory with someone else's ass, but they were ready to do with their own. Deep down inside increasingly begun to oppose certain military concepts of obedience, honour and disciplined like those that had been manifesting themselves to the end in the matter. There's taken by our command? Was this only the so this is this: We went through all this and he's I don't know me now he starting to oppose sum of some of his his miller. Harry concepts of obedience. If this is was an American, The Americans are rebellious by nature. We don't we
of you if you'd down the wrong path? We stand up and say like now: you're, not gonna. Do that stop no here You know here going well, Done all this, and only now my started question these things and even questions. His question back to the book was this: only the revolt of my selfish instinct for self preservation was an army in on soldierly stance, fear or cowardice. At a time when things have become bitterly serious. Precisely at this point, I again remembered the awkward deeply penetrating foughten feelings with which I asked myself at the beginning of the war. Why? And for whom? must you make this sacrifice? This questions that had never really taken root rose again before me, gigantically applicable to the whole for me, was there really unknowable high, wholly objective at stake here and solemn grand ignore any nor battle and ethically justified.
Which could be served by ultimate human human test of giving one's life did soldier? We honour and obedience to orders really justify this demand so casually made of us that we hold for this lost cause, this excess of suffering and dying was this immeasurable sacrifice, really decisive for the outcome of the war and could it serve our country and our people, This is what this is viewed know why we talk about the while the time there it is now. He should have been asking a question a long time ago, and he started to in the beginning. You start to ask that question, but he didn't go through with it. You know because they were winning were winning deasey. I want to know why, where I can go out there, you know beat this country beat backcountry roll through that country. It's pretty easy, not getting tested
back to the book. A foreboding I have long held grew into a terrible certainty. What was. Happening here and Stalingrad was a tragic, senseless self sacrifice, a scarcely credible betrayal of the final commitment ocean of brave soldiers are innocent. Must have been misused in the most despicable manner by those responsible for the catastrophe, we had been betrayed led astray and condemned. The men of stolen crowd were dying and betrayed belief and in betrayed trust in my heart, the bitter feeling of and all for nothing became ever more towards bring in my soul arose again the whole abysmal disaster of the war itself. Were clearly never. I appreciate the full measure of misery and wretchedness of the other countries in Europe to which german soldiers and german arms had brought bound misfortunes are he's reflecting in he's looking around say, look what we did all these other countries had. We
Not so far, the victors been all too prone to close our eyes and our hearts and to forget that, always and everywhere the issues were living human beings, their possessions and their happiness. Like you said, he turned a blind eye ye role through all these countries. He did all that evil probably only a few among us, had entertained the thought that the suffering of the thought that this Offering and dying being caused by our sorry profession of war? Would one day be inflicted upon us? We had carried our total war into one region of Europe after another and thereby destructively interfered with the destinies of foreign nations. Far too little, we had asked the reason why, the necessities and justifications for what was happening or reflected on the immeasurable eighty of our political responsibility that these entail.
Misery and death had been initiated by us, and now we were Inexhaustibly coming home to roost. They were Inexhaustibly coming home to roost, the step on the dawn and the vulgar had drunk streams of precious human blood. The Russians were certainly also making cruelly high blood sacrifices in the murderous battle of Stalingrad, but they who are defending your country, against a foreign aggressor knew better. Then we why they were risking their lives so the Russians, their fighting their dying for sure, but they know that their defending their homeland salami. For them to understand. Many officers commanders now began to oppose the insane orders and emanate. From the fewer headquarters and being passed on by army command. By this, then they began to reject
the long eroded military concepts of honour and discipline to which the army leadership had clung until the end in the unconditional obedience such such, as was fatally being upheld here in Stalingrad. There. No longer soldierly stance, but rather a lack of responsibility. Some say that one more time this idea that on conditional obedience was was was not seen right now as a soldierly stance, but a lack of responsibility, because you are responsible to do something if you getting better where's your responsible for not obeying them. I get asked this question, always I'm not all time, but Sometimes people say what, if you got, what would you do if you ve got told us that you didn't believe it? Well, we were on the same page like it's. Not. Like we're getting told to do things that were immoral, unethical
what say: hey go burn this village with women and children. It getting those orders. He Toyota mean we working told to do things that that work. That idea, I agree with that. My guys did agree with an end. That's the way they are there other pockets were things happened, yeah? Absolutely that's what that's the horrors of war, but if got told to do things that we didn't think we should do. We too said now not doing it. This was open, mutiny too they ve got into the point now. Finally, since there were no more orders from the centre towards the end. Many responsible commanders and unit leaders on the line acted on their own initiative and endeavoured to stop the senseless shedding of blood. Many desperate, And grounded warriors in the end sought a way out by suicide or by voluntary by a vote Terry soldiers, death. We learned of two and also extremes, whose
dream resolution have been shattering one. The commander of a division from Dresden had shot himself after having ordered his son, a young lieutenant to repay. To him to say farewell, the other become and were of a division from lower Saxony, whose tactical emblem was a fourleaf clover and was known, therefore, as the lucky division who didn't want to survive. The downfall of his men had killed on the front line was standing erect in firing his weapon, the last pockets distance. What was left of about six shattered divisions and the remnant of other formations that had meanwhile been left to their fate by the resignation of the army command now had to bear the whole burden of the concentrated air attacks artillery and more, the fire it was not only
The fear of the coming end, the hunger clawing at my intestines in the pain from my frozen limbs that turned the last seemingly endless hours in the Stalingrad Pocket into the torch of hell. For me, the proximity of death. Tore, the last obscuring veils from my eyes and brought fruits of long years of individual experiences, observations, tormenting feelings and faults into an instant maturity. Now on the very edge of being war in its for us, most terrible form became the inexhaustible reviewer of all things. For he's gone through, like spiritual awakening as he faces death in my mind's eye. The horrible experiences in pictures of destruction that would not leave me in peace by day or night were strong together in a bloody chain
Experiences an impression stretching far into the past, but suddenly awoke in my sharpened memory. I discovered to be logically connected. Links of this fatal chain formerly always cause me to have nasty, premonitions and apprehensions. What it always quieted me. I now suddenly had a recognised as having been the warning of a fatal, fundamental evil, the dimensions of which I had fought, not thought possible. Now faced with the eminently impending catastrophe. The question about the sense of what was happening at played me so often during the war seized me again with cruel force, hundreds of thought wasn't of flowering human lives were suddenly being senselessly snuffed out here in Stalingrad. What an
measurable wealth of human happiness. Human plans hopes talents. Fertile possibilities for the future were thereby being destroyed forever. The criminal insanity of an irresponsible war management with its soup stitches belief in technology and its utter lack of feeling for the life, value and dignity of man and hear prepared for us hell on earth. How could the long road concepts of honor duty, obedient soldierly heroism figure any longer into our feelings, thoughts and actions to stay alive, to be We united once again with our loved ones at home? This burning desire was now the drive behind all thoughts and actions. Gradually we
Had a customer ourselves to the eggs to the idea. Of surrendering at the first opportunity and going into russian captivity. And I basically had only one wish to stay alive and healthy and go into captivity on wounded. So that's it goes into captivity, you know, after going through a, I don't know if you want to call it a spiritual awakening of recognizing that his whole life had been doing something. Evil In the is it's pretty anti climatic, how it happens, how Kelly end up in captivity back to the book. In the early minutes of captivity, I felt an easing tension in and relief
In the end, the insecurity of our situation between life and death had weighed down on all of us like lead. What, first attracted my attention so now captured what first attracted my attention. Imagine this was the fresh, healthy appearance of the victors. Their simple enviable winter, clothing and good weapons, son, sub machine guns everywhere, and the uniform picture of sheepskins padded jackets felt boots and fur cap with rod, earmarked swinging up and down. The warmly bundled up well nourished and splendidly equip men of the Red Army with their chunky. Mostly red cheat faces, formed us stark contrast to our deaf. We pale filthy bearded in freezing. Figures of misery who hung exhausted and sick in their makeshift winner clothing concern, thing of all kinds of furs: blankets, scarfs, field, gray, head
your woollens and inadequate foot gear. This sudden meeting and comparison, once showed me how low we had sunk and how little we had been prepared for this murderous battle than the Soviets gonna the Russians gonna have their shots: Adam Fritz E, fascist Hitler, Caput they alternated threats and the assembly, dreadful Kurt curses and contemptuous spit like raging war. Vengeful soldiers from the rear echelons fell on the helpless victims, time and time again to steal personal baggage and event. There spleen. Some other captured in the russian start kind of sing and dance and and singing folk songs to the book, all the noise and exuberant surrounding me, for
a shriek, in contrast to the inner in our state, which I found myself, From my circle of comrades left to myself and my emotions in the midst of the joyful dancing and singing victors with whom no on tat could be established. In my inner heart, I felt bandit without hope, totally depressed, uprooted cut off from home. Sunk far away, subjugated to a foreign will pity sleep piteously from to the mercy of an unknown powers to be depend on the whim of the victor. Constantly. Why menacingly, surrounded by barbed wire and guns, forced to relinquish any kind of external freedom captivity men on an unknown form of human submission and humiliation? It is a bounty
for US human beings that a merciful hand covers the future from our eyes with an impenetrable veil. That's a really great on had I known, then that I was destined for more than seven Comfortless years, devoid of love and filled with. Previously unknown mental and physical, tortures and fearful uncertainties on borderline of life. I never would have found the strength say: stand the sufferings of the initial hard months of captivity. He say if you know what the future held seven years he's about to be in captivity for
He would have even made it through, he would have given up, and he doesn't talk in this book about what that imprisonment was like, but he does give what I think is a combination of how we survived What do learned from going back to the book time and again, I was soothingly distracted from my tormenting faults and dark visions. By the wonders of the brightly shining star filled winter sky. That appeared to be so close to the touch.
Firstly drew my eyes upwards as if by magic or force. What did so far appeared to me as the downfall of a world come loose at the seams and a catastrophe without bounds suddenly took on measurable dimensions. I regained my equal ibrahim and found my way back to myself, where I felt earlier that chaos was swallowing me up now. Calm and peace was flowing into my disquieted heart. The reconciling effect came from the vast order and harmony that the sparkling mass bright stars with the return of laws of the universe, brought back to my attention anew. The consultation that the star sank into my soul with strange and hardly to be grasped by the intellect.
It seems to me, as if my personal fate within the framework of the events on earth was secretly included within them. Asked all embracing order of the cosmos for them ass of survivors who had escaped from the hell of Stalingrad. The aftermath of the tragedy lasted only for a short while they died in their tens of thousands during the early months of captivity, hunger and deprivation frost and sickness had already made them assure pray for death, even before the fighting stopped with the columns of prisoners, I also came to the various camps of reception, we're terrible up epidemics, raged everywhere and exact accounting of the victims of Stalin, grog according to numbers, dates and individual fates,
we'll never be made the few that were allowed to begin a new life at home and in freedom. Long years of captivity will always to ask themselves how they can justify. Deaths of the others by their own existence, how they can uphold and for feel the legacy of their dead comrades, but all We must also loyally, remember its many many sons that lie at rest in the distant russian step and try today and in the future, to understand their unforgettable sacrifice. The innumerable mounds of soldiers graves and Stalingrad have long disappeared.
The cemeteries were levelled soon after the battle and partially converted to soccer fields. Nothing is left of the army of simple gray crosses, but it is as if a great invisible cross were rising, there on the Volga, casting a shadow over our nation and addressing penetrating admonishing words to all of our hearts and that
Closes out this book with with some penetrating in admonishing words for us, because there's a lot of warnings in this book warnings that we must pay attention to and if we don't attention to them, then, who will warnings the lessons here? First of all, as a nation as a culture, we have to look at the way things fell apart in Germany or maybe you look at the way things came together. Slowly like we talked about the tradition
old values were removed aside and they were replaced with these new values, values that allegedly protect did the german citizens. They were values that we're gonna make the world a better place uses this term, this political religion, that's a powerful fought political religion to coal and then he use that term presumptuous. Believes that how the foundation, of their existing cultures and beliefs. So there's some air gets involved, there were people had only been listening to the counter arguments. I think we have to be careful not to abandon.
The structures of the past in some kind of a race to move to the future, because the future it hasn't been. Tested. I saw thousands and thousands of years of Hugh Revolution- and I understand that we must say we don't progress, but I'm not saying we don't evolve, but I'm saying you don't bowed down and you dont submit you gonna think about the direction riding and as citizens as people, we have to have the courage to stand up before we reach the event horizon, from which there is no return. Since now on a smaller level. The lessons from this book, as as it does a person in business or in the middle Carry on any team as a subordinate
and we're all suborned someone. We have to question our leaders and- and I say that all the time. If we don't agree with a plan or don't agree with a tactic, you you got a question. Your leadership and you got up raise your hand, but. If we know that the intent of our leadership is malevolent or it's gonna cause suffering, human suffering on a grand scale on a minor scale. You have to. We have to say no and do what is right, no matter the consequence, no matter the consequence and,
Finally for us as individuals, we, remember that we are in charge of our own lives, leading our own wives. It, where are you leading yourself. What are you doing that you? You shouldn't be doing. Why are you doing that? What task referred. Are you heading toward? You? Don't have to be heading towards that catastrophe? You have the opportunity to prevent catastrophe.
We in your own wife? But in order to do that, once again, you have to stand up, you have to do the right thing. You have to be uncomfortable. You have to impose the discipline on your own life, so you don't have some. Else imposed something bad imposed. So you don't have a catastrophe imposed on your own life, because when we avoid the discomfort and when we avoid the discipline and when we avoid doing
We know is the right thing to do that when you end up in a personal catastrophe in your own personal hell in your own personal Stalingrad, you have to do the hard thing. The thing you know is right, and you know what is right, and you know what you are supposed to do so, do it and avoid going down a path that leads to your own personal and instead get on the path
that leads to freedom, and I think that's all I've got for tonight, so go speaking of doing the right thing, sure, maybe you could give us some ideas, on. How we can you know Continue down the right path do and what we know we're supposed to do share the part we said It all you less likely to raise any questions or you're more like they turn a blind eye when you're winning Roman set up. I guess I did I can. Then we see boiler room admirer. No, no you're right! You see no arrhythmia yeah, so the guy's there's a part reason there waiting to good party something another, their selling stocks right in their there. Like garbage, whatever inflating yes
they're like ours, pompadour yet, and so there in the car going some parties I gave was it you ve gone Whatever that does names. Are there he's, ok to give her wonder how how we get these be commissions on these innocent in, like that's the wrong question Ass. It is a way what he means. They is like this. Just don't ask that question basis. He's it don't ask a question was: don't you like the way things are going is easily yeah, but I do I do, but don't you ever wonder is like no, I liked being a milliner same exact thing when you winning it's easy to turn a blind eye. Good boy second applied well, yeah you it's interesting that you pointed out, and I think that, like on a personal level, right let's say you're, doing really good. It's then it can be tricked, for people to do the right thing to cause. That's why we see like these are sold birdy like me,
the stars, are celebrity athletes or whatever man, they do some dumb stuff right. These and dump succeed in winning their thinking there good day whenever they want. They make the wrong choice. Yea dinner on the evening news doing Dumb STAR feel that ruins them Ten of them in their own personal Stalingrad, policemen, hill yeah, even here with money to you, know like ancillary types and through you and this people. People knew what a good job for their business blows up whatever yeah. I guess I address any any type of winning. We could look at. It doesn't mean you necessarily doing the right thing harder. My point is, I think, you're saying the same thing. If it can be harder to do there thing when you're winning, as you just think, you're gonna go you get here, yeah. Let's not, let's not put the brakes on this training here. Let it all fly can link when there, when the train gonna lose momentum. Meanwhile, those those things are you ignoring their still there,
look you're empty bank account And all their money you're supposed to keep before he made much lower money. You're budgeting your budgeting, you're survey, your buddy! You don't need to start to make those when started spending all this money from the money Communism budget is seen as happens sometimes began after although pain, our pay? Later, I remember thou in those a good on that you said yeah. Do I say that yeah pain, our collate, her work, I think we're talking about like work. That is something we are seriously I'd say today: do not pay now be later pressure stock levels? support for sure hundred percent good way to avoid going down for me. Maybe doesnt. Nonetheless, everyone the mood to support you, don't your own personal Stalingrad, yeah right but I don't know why supporting would like prevent that. Will you
We didn't reaching pre deeper, but nonetheless I don't have any aversion to redeem your region did today deserves to allowing Rog training day. Now those are Conceptually there were the same thing they were. I know the compare it's you know most areas world most disease. Like lessons, I think I feel like there and everywhere are. Of course in you know, you talk about these heavy wars, heavy like events and then you know my man, I'm thinking to training. You what that you know the still hates the same theirs. I think there's people out there in various state of mind, and I think that you know your perspective helps them. Maybe get maybe see some more I'm saying, because maybe I'm heading on from the wrong ankle, so you're coming in from training their movies, I meant. Actually
the income to think about these concentrate here today, when you saying Well, you know going all too, for example, one's going good, it's easy to turn a blind eye. Isn't that ten of a lot of movies? How it is is like the guy, does real good and he's just kind of going in it He messes up in one way or another credit, but I think there's a talk by Kurt Vonnegut and I've seen it on Youtube. I think it's her Vonnegut music teaching, a class yogurt Vonnegut his ear. He teach some class ladys guess teaching in some clear every hour, somebody's to talk about like there's four plot lines in there all pretty much the idea critical. I think that's what you're you you have enough and then you get everything you can abuse it. Cannoneers dinners! You have nothing, you get everything, you lose everything and you get anything back he's got these dislike. I forget him all but make sense their comments.
When storied, I again, they must be kind of the I mean they must be re based on real lifelike, like term eggs scenario. That growth, while I think, is a very interesting things, come back story Jerry. I relish story, come back kid I mean, I was there really examines your dogs to under Dounia Triumphant, better the less severe in the mood to support and between your movie watching escapades, the crossword escapades. I don't recommend I recommend you read, but whatever need train gaming, we'll get you there that's a good. I thought into a flawless origin. May isn't it glittered, like training gay as this movie, that commerce accustomed training to fifty million dollars? And are you go to the library and Stalin Rather book for nothing literally, nothing? You can buy it by it on Amazon, for I think this bokassa dollar used
The sailor, but it's just kind of a strange dichotomy there it's interesting for an ear. You know obviously going to wine, which one is better for you. Go and say that Stalin droughts better for you than training. There all depends on what you get out of it. You know you know like a moment ass easily. Actually, people ask me: how do you read to get the most out of it? You have a book how do well, I read it well I'm reading. It highlighted. Oh yeah, Jordan be Petersen as watching from the USA. Dont highlight anything. Yeah dizzy is this. I have major disagreement with Jordan. Be Petersen are not highly mumble highlighting pool, but anyway, so I go through a highlight what it's me and then I go back. We read it and then I have the red ten to circle. The IMF really that's already too, and the Kindle it even choose year on color violator, so the yellow is general highlighting and then the orange. Nonetheless,
Well, how about this will talk about some issues? Geese people ask me what he should I get. You get origin geese, that's in America from the threat from the cotton oyster, as we all know, Vienna murder to the shirt dirt? To assure him sit at you to finish notice was up there. I was simply the factory would be caught them. I will gladly on my head among dirt to this european directive, might be dislike. Yelling be daring to shirt, might be field to finish hands in daylight hands in daylight, but yet make some good stuff specially geese in Amerika. Like I said, good. Indeed, you too, you know, I have a few geese. Refugees are only use any of its authority,
What good orgy main dotcom? That's where you can get your gear Ford you get through. They also have rash carts, compression gear ring and that's four digit do. I think I merely, but you can use it for other stuff. Of course, do indeed picked it also jockers them supplements goods up of crude oil. Us talking to get seems Josh from Virginia Tech training competent. There in earthly gives here for a few weeks urging, and so we talk about a young twenty one. Is I gotta, take fish oil as acting? That's good cross, beneficial oil. I know this because my thoughts do I met twice a told me with all the benefits, but nonetheless, but he's taking joints. Compliments at twenty one, he said. No, I don't have probably my joints, but I just want to maintain this joint
situation as they get older. Your way ahead of me like him, some of your joint work there that's good, p, p from origin. He he needs joint warfare. He can feel dissipate in a day and like when I was working with with with him he'd be. You know at five got me if these old I'm your evaluating syndrome over four years later easy at the threshold values like that guides, it's here and that's actually it's interesting because you know you can see what selling and what's cause you can see joint warfare crude oil what's awesome about as it RP customers of people that order it will, then they ordered again and then they ordered again, because you don't wondered if you not feeling
yeah. That's right! That's how I am with the crude oil by a hundred percent like if you like, off, forget, it'll, be lacking in, although I'll take it later. I dont forget- and I know you you know you, you didn't you have done it. You have a morning route every and that's the thing. Does Does it include just wake up, bumbled from medicine, Cabot Open, my my stuff. There are now in it not to go to to deepen temerity, but during the week in its wake up and then there's my daughter's four and a half years school. So there's that, situation going on. This is not my. This does not interfere. He's getting up and taking some pills for before you brought your tea kind of, not see? That's the thing the routine doesn't allow for me to take him before, That's why it's by its the routine met is the routine footed, alerting us from
Did you gonna? U gotta! You gotta, take appeals before you brush your teeth, causing your browser. Do you got that strong men in their that makes the water like too cold in your teeth ass? He liked, I think, my refreshing urgency preventative Marden up a little bit, maybe problem nonetheless sometimes forget three for any view you forget for like four days and yourself, working out of whatever you feel it. I will feel it so same. Think cry! I need it I had leaf. Actually is Jenna Jenna brought me crude oil in New York. I know they grow. That's! Ok! I want ass for the levels of panic, forgot my crew I'll, bring me some I do want to do that because it was important there. Never seven panic mode. Nonetheless, Practical jockers, pure oil supercool super super credits that normal super in this plenary
for that you find out on the website or to mean that come if you wanna know those exact reasons, also joint or further for your joints, maintain your body structure working up gurgle because it does dissipate Anyone who were dissipate but will degenerate, degenerate after tat when you When you go heart in the paint, it is the less like us, they got compressing Iraqis, rash guards of stuff. Hoodie which may or may not be the most comfortable hoodies, an pants bio ethics. Wetlands joggers Joggers, yes, I'll leave the other day, I'm like okay, I'm exporting some special fact that I did so MIKE Shoot went when you ask for it. It's like you can't really use that program. You know you can x ray me, it's a long story, but so I'm like okay, I'm off my computer, for you. Ten minutes a big effect, so I lay on the couch and have the whole origin,
for whatever reason just gonna happen. Do I learned the cartoon? Like thing, I don't think I felt this comfortable in practically. It was ever learn scrub. That's that's pretty bold stated I explained level of comfort come. I may come your seeker hundred percent and I value it. You value various for love levels, users. I very well, then one of the highest. I get it over. There. Things couch the term a day The fat little lay allowed. We read that I've with one of my seal bodies. For many years we were just just young dumb from men. We had this yellow couch. That was like ten feet long? He did it was scanning earlier is like maybe five feet, deep you think a dead. Realistically, it was like five feet. Deep was one you through the back door. Off. It was my feet deep and it was probably twelve twelve feet,
Where was this anyone and are putting your apartment yet whose googled it was felt that we got it from some job but can you have been like allow redressing the alors weirdo I got it you ate in, though, in the football lounger there was that it was a most God or asking. You knew that can't you lookin out tonight my house, near the gods mask out this week that couch out there all nice doesn't even come close to the comfort of the old gold couch. Yet I made was the deal yet widow ugly, like couches, will be the most, functional uncomfortable. We had this one, my way forced us to give a boy because it was outside a get phased out. Slowly need all you get a new calgene, you! Ok, what do you do? They were. I'm not gonna give it away no cause to come to work with for so long and lacking the jeep, although we get another couch for the other side, there are women. We do. This also ends up outside. You know
cannot countenance culture side, they cannot. You doesn't, doesn't look good bubble, give it away, but it was the most comfortable cut. You think we actually know the new nonetheless the Georgian did, but origin mean darker than the three get it and you get a despot murder, yeah, yeah, yeah, the discipline bigger. The pre work up the permission of the permission. Should it to me, I take it before a workout, see I don't I take it before I Jiu Jitsu, before I have to do a podcast or to take it before I have to do like a fuck, a speaking event, or I need to do my brain happy firing. Could you think it before bed? I mean I note as a little caffeine, but like I have and I think you can Don't forget strongly recommended is perceived. Having sensitive like other sensitive.
Drink your nine monster energy drinks a day, you can do it. Whatever you want from me. Rockaway takes a lot less caffeine war You figure that decides on a lottery. We know a lot of you have you have used Jacobite tee to wean off of fostering coffee yea, for he didn't want to be on that coffee, but- There's enough need carefully little little side to wean off its methadone. Get off heroin, so you might wanna try that Jacques awaiting you and have coffee breath anymore. Yeah, there's no one likes that yet brilliant swiftly, not like methadone, but since the pre worked out. Pre mission has Did even answers, you figure, you don't need to sleep. That's like the best part of your brain recover best time for your brain to recover. Maybe that's a little something I don't recommend it. Cuz, like I said, but you never know could be, could be something I wouldn't drink it before. I go to bed maybe like
yeah, but I don't drink when I wake up I'll drink example drink it, for I don't drink any can work out for before I work out before I lift waits before I do, I met gone, I don't yeah reassured Autonoe annually are sheltering one of the reasons. I don't like everything my stomach when I'm workin out here with those pre worker, This idea of yours. I really anything right. I got was like water like water out, maybe I'll try to report back. Please, ok, we'll do yes! Also speaking working up, I get my killed kettles from on it under comes Chuck Sweet get em kettlebells be designer what you'll have to get the designer ones and also the designer ones get the designer ones? so saying it. Oh bigtime single half do a? U turn and ones, but nonetheless on it they have come under coup work out stuff you want you work ought to be creative
telling you like, you know the theme of the May straight there. One of those have either here you're done like I was out with a mace yeah we're I incorporate them. My name for I've got to make exercises bottoms like they have notes in my notebook and what my work I have like barbarians smash. That's the way. I don't know Oh that's! The movement of the new cap made up there in then ones like a battle axe swing. Sure so, yes here's, the mace yeah, in the cases heavy though we oil That is, why raises twenty pounds? Yeah, that's heavy forty, eight in Ethiopia. The hearings have twenty pounds that almost a baseball bat way than another couple, I am putting your employees- are. Sixteen outs wait the other day for the end of your bad, when you're getting warmed up a basis, when he pounds a year. Really I'll be in the to me very careful, actually, yeah, big
yeah, because careful you don't act that much weight ANA Miranda MACE with that we'd go the twentieth. DUMBO. You think out that genuine Vanessa in front of the worker warm up twenty pounds in any exercise, a kind of attitude, and then you ll Ex Wapoota PLUTO, then you pick up. There may feel exactly the heavy sticker held for sure instinct for none the less three grams of stuff to really cool so on a definite slashed, Jacko an ticker get something also subscribe to the pot. Guess I tunes Google play sticker anywhere. There were the broadcast pot gas broadcast podcast spy, if I do confirmed both to it. Also, you too, if you want the video version of this package, is to see what Jackal looks like internet and stuff look Youtube, also excerpts on their actually someone build mean instead just for the excerpts city, thanks for putting excerpts on their dress for equal that
quota be like get is aid. This is cool. So obviously it's a good thing. There are excellent plan there, that's a good their customers. The park ass goes a little while the suspect, specially this section, No thank you. Two hours of reading that reading some really work nonetheless Youtube and some value there. I think if you know what that certain people they put on ordinary to your life support yeah on our on the? U down? Are you two Europeans already well even more value? Send you an alert right. If you have your subscript, if you I'll be alert, and your subscribe me fella. You do good way to support. Also Jack was a store, called Jacko Store, Jacko Store, dot com. That's wreaking, get all the cool shirts. There call, I think, to all the shirts discipline equilibrium.
Get after it there's even the shirt, the Jackal, whereas every single day in his life measure of ill will. You can get it in Europe records and there's some cool stuff women stuff on there. Hoodies patches, hats,. You know what I'm going to make this commitment. I'm going put something new every single you're, not mad committal. Was that committed? I don't know every month or put something new. Can people about dial you to tell you what they want? No, actually! Yes, actually I, like that or maybe you'll get me the email here you melted, store or twitter or whatever the idea we do beaten and us pressure that is suggestions, actually a lot of things that are already on their yeah. Exactly re, heavier duty, sweatshirts, your hats, following these beneath their on the way
yes, I yes there in the fight for sure hundred prisoner. That's a suggestion is all people suggestions from the field. They say that the four year take suggestions. Big time I attended- I pull the trigger and the ones that have the most suggestions. So sometimes I understand you know if you like. I made a suggestion and I still am what am I may I suggest that you are here in the field to an idea, but if you're, the only one cyber his iron pull over here near yet a little louder muster unless in Jakarta come that's the place, also psychological work. You know what that is, here's what it is an album, they can buy an Itunes Amazon, music. Google, it anywhere where you can buy mp3 downloads, an album that you can buy with tracks chocolate tracks and is what its for some amuses now Jack was singing or playing guitar. What else do you play
ukulele. Now you believe that you we're the UK, so Jackson outlined that he's he's spy can t you pragmatic, given us US pragmatic advice on why or how I would how to overcome certain points of weakness in are campaigns against weakness is what it is you want to keep the work out. You wanna cheat on the diet or isn't your compelled to one day cause you're you're feeling not an old tired if you run into little speed bumps your campaign. Listen to this the tracker! Everything trust me. Get it. What if, instead of somebody wanting to watch training day, they want to read one of these books. Where could they get them in? What's the best way to shop for them, while supporting
bond gas glad you asked solution right now. This is what I did. If you didn't know already he's ready, Jacobite, Casta, chuckle, pod gas, dot com, not the store spot gas website, they organised all the books by episode in section books from the part cast click. Do there actually that's a good way to support two takes rams on Amazon Prime get the booking like today's bomb and its aboard
paragraph two big time: goodwill Firefox! Whenever you like, my long lawnmowers, duct tape without rubber daddy's, if you have kids, you know that you can get on Amazon dot com. Is you can get dark, a weighty when you get it also order yourself, some new waits, because, upon drinking jock away to you will be Odin dead, lift eight thousand pounds certified. You owe you got some new wait. Didn't I did. I will leave it at that time. It happens. You can also get some books, some books from
That I've got to put together the one of them is called the way of the warrior kid that book teaches kids to do the right thing in their lives to study. Read workout eat clean help. Others work hard, get tons of feedback on that book. Cuz. It helps kids, they relate to it. Speaking of related to it, there's a little warrior kit out there, twelve years old, The name's aid he reached out to me wanted he makes soap from goat milk. You hear the story. Yes makes any or the whole story. He makes sofa go milking away. He makes open, go milk. You can't do anything with gold. Milk in California can't sell it to someone causes. Not edible or whatever they have. Yes, laws rank rightly regular, but what do you do with go? Melted he'd know to do with it. Figured out I'll make soap
and then he wants to make good the soap, and so he said, how can I make some Jacko SOAP rousing had dude you twelve get after it. Many did Irish Oaks Ranch Doc the will limit myself to you. Can orders Osanna what like on the website yet from each too. You can support a young or your kid twelve years old business owner solid, yet where hidden This legal freedom feel manual, that's also about getting stronger, smarter, faster, healthier and better. The audio version that is not on audible I do indeed was on music. Google play its an album with tracks by the West should actually do outcomes with tracks on Papa that we got extreme ownership. The book written by myself and my brother leaf ban. It's about combat leadership, that's what it's about and if you want a learner, lead you
check out that book. Also, if your business team or your organisation needs a little extra help, you can utilise our leadership. Consulting company called echelon front. Here a lot of talk today about the re irrational on that's I we named Echelon foreigners loan from the rear echelon with people in the rear echelon. Front echelons the people on the front lines. That's why we named the organization echelon, fought because a lot of people to talk about leadership, we'll talk about it from the rear echelon from the back we're talking about it from the front or experiences on the front lines, we solve problems, whatever problems through leadership. So that's our company, that's the one phone to me, late, Bob and JP to mail Dave birth. You can email info at a salon.
Dot com or the website. You can check it out if you want to, and finally, if you haven't heard yet the muster Washington DC may seventeenth and eighteenth San Francisco October seventeen days, tenth. We ve had four of them in the past two years. Actually like the last year and a half they all sold out. This one's gonna sell out too. It is a leadership conference where we drill down on how to lead. We give leadership tools, tactics strategies that will allow you to lead and win that front. That's our event. You can register for extreme ownership, dot com, and if you want to continue talking with us or you, have questions or
You have answers. If you wanna tell me a mistake that I made in the park ass night, which I'm sure I did. Or you have comments you wanna make asked What we do here you can find us on the internet is on Twitter on Instagram and on their face. She bore echo is ECHO Charles and I am at Java willing and finally thank you for this. Into the show. Thank you for supporting the show. Thank you for spreading. The word thing to those you that make this podcast possible men and women of are armed services that protect our freedom and especially in this case, are right to free speech to the police, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders that are out there every day, keeping us safe
thank you everyone outset is. Thank you. For standing up any leading yourself. Leading yourself away from weakness and toward strength way, from laziness and toward action away from comfort and towards the discipline away from catastrophe. Untoward victory, keep leading and keep getting after it, and until next time, this echo and Jacko out.
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