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114: How to Lead and Win with Leif Babin.

2018-02-21 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:04:03 - Leif Babin

0:07:20 - How often does Leif Disagree w/ Jocko's commands?


0:22:51 - The evolution on Echelon Front.

0:31:01 - How to control rumors and gossip in an organization.

0:37:07 - Benefits of The Muster.

0:51:59 - What would Leif and Jocko have done differently in the past?

0:55:18 - Advice on restarting your life after the military.

0:58:10 - Jocko's most impactful strategy on Leif.

1:04:17 - Las Vegas stuff.

1:11:08 - Daily non-negotiable habits. 

1:17:28 - Thoughts on the policy that the ship's captain takes all the blame.

1:25:00 - Self talk for clear thinking.

1:35:28 - Injury rates in Jiu Jitsu.

1:44:36 - How to promote healing when tragically losing a team member.

1:47:55 - What to do if you Jiu Jitsu coach/instructor is a "know it all"

1:54:29 - Staying focus when having bad days in the field.

1:58:46 - Getting into trouble as a teen (before the military).

2:03:01 - How did the enemy in Ramadi match up against US Special Forces?

2:11:53 - How Does the Navy Prepare you to Lead?

2:20:03 - At What point did The Extreme Ownership Enlightenment Occur?

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3:00:03 - Closing Gratitude

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