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119: A Detailed Guide How to Live Life The Gentle Way. "Mind Over Muscle", by Jigoro Kano

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0:00:00 - Opening: Last moments before a plane crash on Sept 11th. Excerpt from "The 11th Day", by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan.

0:19:48 - "Mind Over Muscle: Writings From The Founder of Judo", by Jigoro Kano.

2:12:30 - Final Thoughts and Take-Aways.

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2:57:56 - Closing Gratitude.

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This is Jocko podcast number one, nineteen ECHO Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. On September, eleventh. Four hundred miles from the collapse World Trade center towers, three does passengers and crew aboard United Flight. Ninety three remained in airborne purgatory. Looking at nine thirty a m for some thirty minutes for ten of them manage to telephone either once or operators on the ground. Public relations man Mark Bingham got through to his aunts home in California, the smart- he began, I want to live. You guys know that I love you. I don't see you again, then I'm on United Airlines flight. Ninety three: it's
hijacked. Two other colleagues from the plane, not only provided information, but also gleaned vital news from those they phoned. Tom Burnett chief operating officer for medical devices firm made a number of brief calls to his wife, Dinah. Speaking quietly. He Turn to contact the authorities and told her that a male passenger had been stabbed later that he had died. A woman. Perhaps a flight attendant was being held. But knifepoint and the high Jockers claimed they had a bomb. Jeremy Gluck. A salesman for an inner services company also manage to phone long conversation with his wife Liz glimpse The hijackers head put,
On these red head bans, they said they had a bomb. They looked Iranians the boy I was in a Red box, he said, were couples told each other how much they loved each other. Click said I don't want to die. And his wife are assured him that he would not. She urged him to keep a picture of her and their eleven week old daughter in his head to think good thoughts. Brunettes wife, who had been watching the news on television, told him the two planes it crashed into the World Trade Center, my god he responded. It's a suicide mission. By the time he found a third time after news of the crash into the Pentagon. She told him about that too. Burnett Seems to have been seated beside click and apparently
Related all this information to him. Were they to do nothing. The two men must have agreed, they were sure to die anyway, when the Jockers crashed the plane. They resolved to fight for their lives. A group of Us Burnett told his wife were getting ready, do something: I'm gonna Take a vote, click set on His call there's three, four guys as big as me and we're thinking of attacking the guy with the bomb. So began the minutes of brave resistance. The clearly defined act of courage that has lived on in the national memory. Click and others work in more ways than one to confront. The hijackers click was
six foot one and a former college Judo Champion Burnett at six foot too played quarterback for us high School football team Mark being him the huge man, six foot, four and thirty one still playing rugby. A few years earlier. He had found it often mugger, who had a gun. His mother the impression, as you talk from flight, ninety three, that her son was talking confidently with fellow passenger ships that may be someone had organised a plan. At nine forty, two, a Jew, T Verizon supervisor based near Chicago, began handling a call from yet another powerfully built flight. Ninety Repass passenger Todd Beemer Star Oracle software salesmen was married with two sons and his wife was expecting again. He first dialed is home number, but either fail
a get through or thought better of it. Instead, did not want to upset his pregnant wife. He asked the phone supervisor let loose Jefferson. To pass along. The message. As they talked Beemer suddenly exclaimed shit. Oh, my god, we're going down. Jesus help us. From the passengers. Around Beemer came prolong, shrieks of terror. Then he said no wait. We're coming back. I think we're ok now shaken. Beemer ass Jefferson to say the Lord's prayer within our Father, who are in Heaven. Just before Beemer and the operator begun talking Cleveland lost control lost flight, the three transponder, the signal that indicates in aeroplanes, location and altitude that nine
fifty five, the hijacker pilots, sudden navigational aid relating to the plains direction. He was heading, it indicated. For Washington D C. Jeremy Gluck still on the phone to his wife Liz said: I know I could take this guy with the bomb then Joe King he mentioned that the hijackers had knives. I still have my butter knife from breakfast Odd, Beemer, continuing its conversation with a GDP supervisor, Jefferson told her that he and a few others were getting together to jump, guy with the bomb, He sure that that was what you wanna do. Yes came the response, I'm going to have to go out on faith. I I have much of a choice.
The plane was flying a radically again Rate or Jefferson heard this of an awful commotion, raised, voices more screams, then, Are you guys ready. And taught beavers voice, saying Its role. A phrase that Family life he'd like to you To get his children moving, ok, Joe neglect called told his wife Liz, I'm gonna do it is. I've told them he was strong and brave, not she loved him. Ok, he said again I'm gonna put the phone down, I'm gonna leave it here and I'm gonna come right back to it. Liz handed the phone to her father, ran to the bathroom and gagged.
Flight attendant Sandra Bradshaw was in the galley boiling water for the passengers to throw on the hijackers. On the phone to her husband, she signed off quickly everyone's running up the first class. I've gotta go by the cockpit record a registered the moment. The hijackers realised what was happening at all: before nine fifty eight hijacker asks. Is there something a fight. As a knock on the door, followed by the sounds of fighting then in Arabic. Let's go guys all lies the greatest ally's greatest o guys Ally's greatest o a law or law owe them gracious, then loudly stay back. A male voice, a native English speaking, voice that Tom That's wife has recognizes that of her husband is heard, saying in the cockpit in the cock
Followed by voice exclaiming in Arabic, they want to get in here, hold hold from the inside hold. Then, from several english speakers in uniform unison hold the door and then from a single english speaker. Stop him followed repeatedly by sit down sit down there Jen from an english speaker. Let's get them. Flight. Ninety three. Now, down to five thousand feet had you rolling, left and right jack. Me Father in law, listening intent. We on the phone, his daughter at handed to him now heard screams in the background on the car Voice recorder There is the sound of combat continuing then in Arabic, There is nothing. Shall we finish off. No, not yet. When they all come
We finish off. Then from Tom Burnett I am injured the flight data recorder indicates that the plane, pitched up and down climbed a ten thousand feet turned. Good father in law, phone call to his ear heard more shrieks muffled now, like those of people riding on a roller coaster in Arabic,. On the voice recorder oh a our law, Oh gracious. In English in the cockpit. If we don't will die in Arabic, uptown uptown up there
from a distance, perhaps from Todd Beemer role. It. Crashing sounds then in arabic alive. The greatest alive, the greatest is that it I mean Shall we put it down? Yes put it in and pull it down. Cut off the oxygen cut off the oxygen cut off the oxygen uptown uptown up More violent noises for as long as a minute and then Lee from a native english speaker, shut them go, go, move, move turn it up, then in Arabic, down down pull it down, pull it down down. Apparently from an english speaker, down push push, push, push push in Arabic, Hey
hey give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, give it to me intermittent loud air noise on the cockpit recorder. Moments later in Arabic, along Has the greatest allows The greatest laws The greatest laws, the greatest allows the greatest. Their sounds of further struggle and allowed shout from a native english speaker, no. Two seconds later in Arabic,. In a whisper now pause the greatest laws, laws the greatest laws
the greatest. Jeremy clicks, Father in law still Sitting on the ground heard hype, Streams coming over the line, Likud left open when he left the join, to join the rush to the cockpit in wind sounds followed by being Noises as though the phone aboard the plane was repeatedly being banged on a hard surface after that. Silence on the phone silence on the cockpit voice record, and that is
excerpt from a book called the eleventh day, which came out in two thousand and eleven by. Anthony Summers and Robin Swann. And we all know what that silence meant flight. Ninety. Free crashed into a field near the diamond T, mine and stony creep, township, Somerset, County Pennsylvania, killing thirty three innocent passengers, seven innocent crew members and for demonic hijackers.
That day changed my world. Then it changed our world the world as we knew it, and it commenced years and years and years of war that has cost so many lives. At some point on this podcast, I'm sure we'll go into more details about the horrors of September. Eleventh deprive me multiple gas, but for today
I wanted to focus on one aspect of one part of the I for one man on that flight. The man named Jeremy Gluck, who. By all accounts was an amazing human being sun and a husband and father. But for those of us who or who. Train, martial arts and junk generals Then caught our ears when we heard about the heroics on flight. Ninety three. We heard that German click was a more wonder said he was a ressler that he was a Jew Doha. And as a wrestler. He wasn't competitor,
of all State Ressler First Saddle River Day school in nor the New Jersey, if you know anything about New Jersey wrestling, it's an extremely competitive wrestling state. And beyond that as a judo player,. Click was an american national Collegiate judo champion. While he was a student at the University of Rochester. And in September of two thousand eight. Seven years after the incident September, eleven there was a memorial ceremony at the crash site in Pennsylvania. And the United States, Judo Association placed granite stone there, As a memorial, with an inscription on it and the inscription
reads: the United States, Judo Association, promote from Jeremy Gluck, to the highest rank of black belt. For living, the principle of Judah. Mutual welfare and benefit sir replacing his life for our country September, eleventh two thousand one living the Principle of judo and that's a bold statement. It indicates something very powerful and very meaningful and as a tree it, and as a Marshall artist and specifically as a jujitsu practitioner.
Which is where Judo was derived from. I wanted to explore a little deeper into the principles of Judo to see what we can learn from it. Then I dont want to go into the full details of explain, in the relationships between July. To end Judo, but it has a very close relationship, it was One of your girl k tops students and chaos praetor of judo, but my either that brought do yet you to Brazil from Japan and introduced you you to Carlos an alien Gracie, and that's that Beginning of brazilian jujitsu Jitsu, as we know it today, maybe even called Jujitsu college Udo and from I understand at that time either Kay no had not been actually calling it Judo in Japan, any he hadn't renamed. Yet he
still calling it digital In some people were calling. It came. Jujitsu or protocol You get too but jujitsu. Especially Brazil, injured. You too, is without question rooted in judo and if you is it back just a little but further Judo is also, rooted back into Jujitsu. That's where Judo came from. Judo came from Jujitsu in mixed in with all that. There's all kinds of. Evolution and there's changes in indoors politics and there's history, but there's that thread that tie them altogether and that thread and be recognised in May, the principles that are shared both in Judo and in Jujitsu, the same principles played a role in Jeremy, clicks attitude on that.
Clear, sunny September day, and perhaps We can all learn something from those principle and to look at those principles. I thought it would be to go to this source friend, I have a called mind over muscle, that is its the compilation of writings from you girl, Cato and Kyoto was of a very interesting person. He was a use, an educator. He was a pioneer in sport. You work with the Olympic Committee. He was a Jiu practitioner eventually founded Judo and he founded most famous Judo school, the original Judo school, the Kyoto COD and book like I said, as you can tell by the title, it's a compilation of different sources of his writings and
A little bit of a little bit of that like about or does it gives a good overall view of the ideas and the vision that Keno had four Judah, so And it was a lot of Judah practitioners out there and obviously a lot you jitsu practitioners out there that list with the pod Gaston Everyone knows that these tour, see, related and sometimes theirs- I guess you'd say tension between the two sometimes but the fact of the matter is there are so closely related that its it be more, be more intelligent. Instead of look for that Between the two to find it the two can complement each other, so they were going to the book and once again the book
mind over muscle, writings from the founder of Judah Jakarta. Cato Are we started off the purpose of Jujitsu Interestingly, he starts this office talking about digital environment. Talk about Judo, yet the ridge the purpose of Jujitsu was to practise a method of combat while combat may have been added. Core of Jujitsu practice. It also had the related goals of physical education and mental training. There is little dispute that, because Training to fight involves moving the body in various ways. Jujitsu indirectly became a form of physical education, For the same reason, it also became a method for training the mind. All forms of combat required ingenuity and the EU. The various tricks and devices, so all forms of combat all forms of combat. This is important because
Well, if you're, if Europe a soldier, your Marine or Europe, airman right now, we're talking about everything that you do not say what, if your business person we're talking about what you're doing to all Forms a combat require ingenuity and the EU. The various tricks and devices, so the course of Jujitsu training the mind is unconsciously trained in many ways: courage, composure. Closure and other trades that are beneficial and life can also be developed. Now all this is important because people Ask me a lot like you know how do you figure all the stuff out Jacko when people ask me that and you know I was tryin explain you know like it's. Was a long course, and I was in the military for a long time and I had an open mind and I listened to pay attention to the people there were leading me and I paid it s. A good was my pigeons, the bad ones but I'll tell you if I didn't judges
opened my mind up, and did these things and again unconsciously, like I start to perceive things the way that I was learning Jujitsu and that's why I've got some. I got me: I've got friends. I've gotta judge you over the years and could turn and honour what makes some people get the bog and some people don't get the bug, but if you get the bug and you start to think in a the two mindset, then your really open up your mind now being said: there's some people that are heavily into Jujitsu, but they don't applied to get through to the other, aspects of life, which is a big mistake. It's a big mistake, you oh applied both ways and- and I think that one of the things that they cannot trying to do with Judo was to ensure that you did to ensure that his students did that. Back to the book. It was my belief there were a few improvements, Jujitsu could become a.
Comprehensive method of physical education, intellectual training and moral education. I there for spent several years, developing my dears and finally establish the common code judo. Did this by thoroughly researching the jujitsu that it existed up until the time up into A time as much as possible keeping I felt should be kept discarding what I felt should be discarded thoroughly studying the techniques and theories and establishing them in a way that would be most applicable Today's society, so am I just combat sorry about like not to start. My fridays are from point these things to society there's a little bit of he was young when he did this to establish a code of conduct. A very young age, honest aims at twenty two years old. He was really young, so he started you get to see. Some things are good about it thought and things are bad about it. It's animal my own deal now
Here we talk a little bit here. There were. There were various reasons: why chose not to use the term jujitsu which destroy what was ordinarily practised and instead employ the name Judo the main reason was that dough the dough part of June Judo means Way. Is the major force of these major focus of what the quota contagious, whereas jitsu? skill is incidental I also wanted to make it clear that Judo was a means of embarking on the way. So he saw this as like a complete, a complete life system right, not just fighting. This is the way you, was the way for him and that's why and said: o Connor digits it. You know not not tick techniques but like the way. Back to the broken. We talk about Jujitsu today, people
and think of a technique in which one does only dangerous things such as choking an opponent and bending his joints, or even in extreme cases, killing him. Essentially, we of something that is harmful to the whole, but to the body while offering no benefits. True did you does not espouse this? In particular, the quota Judo I devised, never involves doing anything dangerous, I cannot stress enough that one advocate far from a violent or dangerous sport now I understand the principle here, but Just so everyone knows Judah. And player out general I've. Never if you go with a high level, judo player you are getting thrown hard and aggressively onto your head it's it's brutal sport it's, it's very aggressive yet do you think that that's how over that's because when it comes
down to the essence. It's kind of like in this just me totally guessing were judo. As it is now, it's like. Ok, the goal is basically to put. The guy is back. That's it put down on the ground here. I am not a knock em now put him on the girl kind of seems, ok, that we are really violent. That's kind of the little friendly competition put him on the ground. Now, what the competitive situation, guys I'm gonna get after it and it slowly just evolved into all these three things that doesn't involve it. Ask aware cutlets, even just the way so even can consider like basketball, for example, the goal, The Bonn that basket- that's, it from here come close lab whatever they need. You get this competitive drive. These people atlantic abilities also now is turning into a weird slam. Dunks now, but you didn't have to slam dumped that thing. What is still the same thing, but the ball in the figures in this weird aggressor, I guess yeah, I guess you're going. I guess a lay up
here too a tomahawk slam dog right, and if you compare a let's say some sort of basic take down compared like a fool Paul lags behind the other. I could see you I can see. Your comparison seems a dozen ask awaken the air and then there his mind. He was, I can look at this just to take out. You tell that to a twenty one year old, that's got you where you take down. You ran exactly right dislike, you know a basket basque in all your he made. The basket know where he slammed on you in the Euro embarrass, you run away and all I give it goes into this whole different round, but the essence still there, though, we asked the basket that's just to take up we go back to the book. The organization of Quota can't judo is basically the same today as it was when I asked abolished it. But at that time, when explaining Judo divided into three parts, its use as a fighting method, martial arts
the training method, physical education and as a method of mental training, including the development of the intellect and morals, and the application of the principles of Judo to everyday life. So this is again is what's interesting to me is, and he said it was subconscious like I subconsciously, especially the beginning with you, Jujitsu and all tat was beyond just me applying Jujitsu too like my life and too, What I learned about combat. I also took what I learned about combat and applied, into Jujitsu. Right, like I said, oh yeah yeah. This is like, when you frank, somewhat right, but even Even when I first learned one of them when the biggest wake up causing you get earlene jitters like oh, what I need to do is attack your neck and when you defend your neck, I take your obdurate. That's a fine right, that's it straight up flank! That's that's! game changer like that's, incomplete game changer. When you realise that that's
We came to the there's a seal buddy. My men have been training when I first started out. He'd been training for like a year, but he'd been training, often on kind of some pieces, then I started tree and hard core, but every day so after like two weeks, literally two weeks I went trade with them and I got him like a bunch types and I'll pump and I said to him ass, a K. You know, the mistake that you're breaking is your trying going for my arm, and I know you're going to urban. I know how to defend that. You go for gophers else and then, like a week later, rolled again. I did what I told them to me. Like oh dang. So that was a big wake up call Neither is it a revelation when you realise, oh, you you ve got to do you gotta, have you gotta fight? The person has rejected a big wake up, call
so crazy, see two people rolling and other doing this planking each other. You like in the flower investing, but what what's interesting, as I started, working with leaders and teaching leadership, how important the idea of what flanking is from a leak shipping and human interaction perspective on other such did. Did you gotta flank people, your honor, fact there you go? You are it back to the boy Two methods of instruction are used cod. Which is form and ran Dorie, which is free practice. It's what we call the digital rolling when establishing the quota on. I am point, a method that emphasised ran Dorie and by cod are naturally came to be understood during rendering practice. This is rather so high focused on rolling along when establish gonna pay. Does this is very interesting? Rendering render those amendments that will reach earrings rolling is Rolex. Remember yeah, easy
This is rather like teaching composition without using a grammar book or teaching the basis of grammar while teaching how to write an essay so does that came and write it down and make some corrections and like that, that's basically role in life right now, There are only a few people undergoing training. This was not a problem, but the number beginners gradually increased and it became impossible to teach caught at the same time as rendering. So a few years after I established quota judo, I created fifteen quota for froze and ten Carter for combat called key me. No quota, which meant forms of self defence, so he realized he couldn't teach the same way. He can teach the masses. So what you know? That's that's a big change right. There's a big big change for anyone. That's not the martial arts is a big big difference between rolling and learning Cotta in we make fun of cotton right. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but we
what I should say: we completely make fun of it, but, like all see dean, let's say he's, tell him tired. You know He's a can all worn out and I'll see my oh yeah, hey, what's goin on your tradesmen, cottage meaning here we gotta go through the motions, act, Drill Europe working to train right. So at that. What I say make forty eight euro make fun of because it because what we call caught a basically jujitsu, we call drilling you gonna drove us thrilled drill drill which drilling is part of winning you gotta drove to win right, Andrea, Gov, drilling Killers drovers make there's all those things that beings We all know if you'd nothing but drill are going to be a pull. These moves off your life and this with the old sure did what we now call traditional martial arts that was all cotton and all cotta we'll get you nowhere that's when the guy's, when you saw that the nineties, when the
you two invasion happened. You know the guy would try his twelve point strike caught a method against a bluebell. Jujitsu Buber would do a sloppy Dugald double like taken down the ground, a joke, em out, they rolled live, they did ran so you have to have balanced, but you gotta, train, live, render it and at the same time you got a girl. Do so be careful. Don't you too much want things? the drilling, helped you get, hold of what you do with your body and then that their brand during the light, the rolling their gives you no control or or better skill in dealing with other people Friday, so Inessa Jesus, both Vienna, where you can kind of and you're gonna get you're gonna get, reactions that are different right friends. The sailor was the same thing like when I was Tryin guys in the teams like you could teach them the basics of how to enter a Roman and how to move down the hallway,
you put him up another person on their guard against them. It is a different things happen. Things are gonna happen and you gotta be ready for sea. To go out. I too I've told the item the story before, but when, when I first started playing basketball and MIKE had the old school had the old school, whose coach write me no votes go using where we Hooters. O day in whose yours, the guys all through codes. Ok, no United LAB issue were defence, defence, defence, raw materials, drill, draw drill, we never scrimmage and Time I played in real Gabe it was the first time I played real game. I went down the court and like called the play and expected to be duped, be get to play that run the little pattern and the other point guard just pick me up Thousand seven three great he's pick off every pass. I knew I was just
because I'd never done, ran Dory on the basketball court. Never scrimmage never played to care about those two net. Back to the book next. I would like to briefly discuss free practice involving throwing in grappling techniques which I will refer to buy their japanese names so that japanese names it is gonna user cod, Khatami was it an naga was now now wasn't means technic right. You probably know that a lot of us We of us introduced, we talk about or we we what we know about you. Do we talk about no water. Any of you is W Z, nor was it means groundwork. That's what Matt Work, scuse me. I think I think The any actually means laying down or sleeping, or something like that you're down on the ground. Tommy was a is the Khatami was. It is like the graph in part you're not necessarily
you're, not necessarily laying down in all opting positions. So that's why they call it Tommy was it but but Nobby wasn't it The throws all right. So here we go, back to back book when I was training. I practice Khatami was quite a bit. But after coming to appreciate Naga, I can To believe that Naga was, it should be emphasised in the technical training aspects of Judah. This does not mean I considered Khatami was to be useless. Of course, but I stress practicing Naga was a first followed. Then by Khatami was so. He focused on the throwing techniques. This is because doing Khatami was a first hinders progress in Naga, while it makes sense that learning Naga was a first makes it easier to remember. Khatami was as at a later stage when I start quota com, I encourage them.
It is not. You was precisely for that reason. As result at that time, a great great number of spurts innocuous were fostered in the early years. The quota con as a result of emphasizing Naga was, however, Khatami was gradually became, neglected. That's very interesting, so anyone that knows anything about Judo Jujitsu, one of the biggest France's isn't. In general, we focused small on groundwork too much more. Could say too much right because there's there there's, you did you, I don't know how to take some went out and That's very problematic, so He say that hey. He focused on that and you can kind of here what you say, and so, if you It's really easy to ignore the stand up. When you realize how effective the ground game is- and you also realize that if you, if you understand how to the person down, then you're gonna, get good positions and all that so he kind of leaned in that direction. And says that it ends up get a little bit neglected and also
if you don't know the rules of Judo Mps, I used to take down because the rules are judo. If I take you down, if I throw you with an upon, which means something some other body part other than your feet touched the ground before your free do during affair I win automatically instant win. Like a submission, because of that they stay practice. A lotta stand up whereas in budgets or you can get thrown ten times, and you can we'll catch personal triangle. You, when you ve got the ground, doesn't matter get pendant judo too. You can held down for thirty seconds about thirty thirty seconds on on your back You can, then you lose. That does and did you gave somewhat across side on you for four seven, eight men in it's just you haven't even moved beaten, lose nuisance, sneak out of their gravel camira, yet the Victor Sir. I backed it at the quota. We study in practice techniques for the purpose of using mental and physical energy, most a fit most effective
Lee in order to achieve ones goal no matter what the endeavour, which is the basic principle. Of Judah he's gonna talk about this autumn, the basic Principle Judo's, like efficiency so those in training do not merely now, but this is some for those in training do not merely imitate the actions of the master or practice without understanding the reasons behind what they are doing. Rather consider the methods and train accordance with detailed principles. For that reason, it took five or six years to achieve, cannot be accomplished in three years: this is huge introduced when I saw this transition take place. When I started learning to do tat, we learned moves now. Everyone Just concept. I mean you still teach moves, but if you do The principles of a and it's the same thing when I was teaching guys in the teams, like you teach them a manoeuvre on the battlefield view, can learn the mechanics of the move on the battlefield. But if you nor understand why those mechanics are important, then it doesn't make you don't even have you dont? Have you don't get it Same thing in the business world, you can tell someone like hey
Here's what you should tell your subordinates right now, but that technique they can use it in a work. Ok, but that's enough embarrassing, here's! Why it's important that you tell your supported this thing and here's how you one led him that gives them. The game is when they understand the principles. Yet the Those introductory courses are so critical. May I am Did you tell me where you a new guy first day guy and he jumps in a class in the classroom teaching the end of the mechanics of a certain move mean while everyone in the class they're not first date, people. They know the concepts behind it, but they come in and it's just just a different language, doesn't stick mechanic yeah yeah, it's actually you'd someone if you if you, if you had a non native english speaker and you walk in and you're gonna teach him of guilt. A vocabulary word MIA which is like you know,
audacious read what he does. No contacts to put that in that's not a word to teach me doesn't do not as a I. So when used start teaching somewhat Ozma Plata and they don't say we're on walk or is there can have issues yet as legally getting over metals? Do you want catch with that pizza. One don't know any English. Do you want to teach him that and then send them out? He doesn't know when to use that you know, I know how to say it, but you're not just going to, into the post office and be like hey. Do you want catch up with that? Doesn't sense, unusable? to the book, various records in accounts have been passed down over the ages with regard to the true meaning of jujitsu, then he started the actual actual work jujitsu. But few of them are accurate. We said, though, that the name apparently derived from the expression Jus Yoke go. Oh shit, you would can be Tralee translated as softness
controls hardness, this expression needs closer attention. Let's assume I have an opponent who possesses power vow to the value of ten. Whereas I must face this opponent with power only to the value of seven. When my opponent thrust me with all this energy, it follows that, if I resist I will be overcome, even if I spend all my power If, however, rather than resist my more powerful opponent, I adjusted adapt to his energy and pull back, he will fall. Forward under the strength of his own attack. His power of ten will become merely a power of three and he will stumble and lose his balance. I will not be off balance and can pull away, maintain my stance, take my original power of seven ensure Resisting a more powerful opponent will result in your defeat, whilst a asking you to and evading your opponents attack will cost to lose. His balance. Has power will be reduced and you ought to feed him. This can apply whatever
the relative value of tower, thus making it possible. Weaker opponents to beat significantly stronger ones. There. You That's the way works Kenneth, ten beat a level looking level one be levelled ten at Turkey. There- is as theirs that yours appoint right now, there's a point where, like yeah, there's like even that? What he's talking about, I like how we did it in numbers like how did that, but The reality is like that: cool to have the numbers, but it's they're, not absolute numbers, there's a lot. A grey area in so the idea is to take ten in use also using part of ten four on top of your seven cause you're going to, but
it's like how much of that ten. Are you going to use if your one, you better be using nine, you better go faster, yet you going to be using a lot of his number. You know this is one of those things. This is one of those things that I subconsciously learned from Jujitsu, and applied it all the time, especially in dealing with relationships talk about her million times of. Like I don't attack the ego, don't attacked a strong point right, that's just complete justice. Digital mentality, that's what it is and works view, tactic strong point some do our work. Twenty five hundred years old viewed it attacks the different. We defend a position. You're you're, not gonna. Let you go against the power tat. You ve got a power, seven you're, not going We're not gonna have even if you use for power, the lenses voltage power records, gonna be worse for you, especially the other guy knows he's gonna use that seven he's gonna use that, in addition to his tenants, gonna beat you with a seventeen zero. Actually that actually backs up or kind of refers
to your point. We're cannot when they can live, one be level tat, so a level if both know jujitsu or judo bed and in know it because he knows the same thing is you, but if you're nine, if you're better than the guy a further nine, then you know your foreign minister to go as washer Nada load, about that, but I think that's where people the they get jammed up where there like a widow, I thought and size didn't matter, and you do too we everyone's doing you did suit. Of course, I married you just like an isn't gonna matter, just like how tall you matters, how strongly matters when you all know the jujitsu we'd, that's. I do said the other day Jujitsu is not important as important in the? U have see, as it was the guy that just beat for doom big tall, ass guy from Russia, Calve coffers, something Bizarre Ebro. But he's a hey. It's not as important anymore and
the fact that you're right, you know it's not as important as everybody knows it? Yes, oh yes, not as important! You! U Roland there without knowing any jujitsu, you're gonna get! Scimitar, easier employers it exactly. I backed up of yours popular parable. That goes thus a jujitsu car, which means you practice practitioner was ground by assume sumo wrestler. At that point, the judges Sucre said you're sumo wrestler. Yet you can't go, many tighter than that anger, If the sumo wrestler attempted to adjust its grip ass, he did so. He loosened slightly. At that moment, the Jujitsu come quickly low, his body escaping the sumo rathskellers grip on right now, now there is another thing to talk about. This theory called Sirocco Cheyenne catch you and I apologise to everyone that speaks japanese- I'm sorry tempers, I'm sorry! I should
waited for you to come and do this with me. She could can me. But here we regard ones, mental and physical energy must be used most sophist effectively in order to achieve a certain goal. It is to say one must apply the most effective method or technique for using the mind and body. If we use the term ciriaco for ones: mental and physical energy. This should be breasts, you Yoko Sazen catch you which best use of one's energy, we can shortness syn, We too sue? Then you would means maximum efficiency max mom efficiency. This, means that no matter what the goal, no matter, what the goal in order to achieve it, you must put mental and physical energy to work in the most effective manner. This is like common sense right, but how often are we wasting energy?
Often we wasting energy we're wasting energy all design back, book. When I was a child. I learned that jets. You of the past, however, that that judge had no basic principle. I learned this methods from one teacher. He taught me how to place my hips and pull to throw up and how to choke someone, but he did not teach me anything about what principles were involved or how. Apply those principles, but that's I think the same that as Jujitsu hit America. I think everyone was learning like that. Like here's, how you choke someone, you weren't learning the system. As I studied further, I found that one one teacher taught differed from one another taught. There was oh basis upon which to decide which one was correct: that the reason I began to make a thorough study of jujitsu now what I would say about that is. You don't need to decide which one is correct.
When you learn an hour bar from one person, you learn a lot are barred from someone else you're gonna learn good thing: from both of them. Neither one of them is correct, and one of my be correct in this situation, or with this body style and the other ones correct in different situations differ bicep. I think if we, two personality traits, like he's a guy, that's real, orderly, and I think Yeah he's every guy, like Jordan Petersen people put him in the high costs he had to hide behind orderly. That's a very orderly person. That's over him like there's a radiance from the wrong answer, and- I think you see that in Judo and that's why judo is much more disciplined highly disk. Like Goodwood, you, D, competition, no yelling, it's gotta, Jujitsu competent, its may have the right and they ve tried to tighten up there. Try and make it less crazy,
but they haven't, succeeded, jealous crazy gazer competitions are crazy. Due to accomplish these are not like that brought. Did you see, there's a clip adieu to clip on online wherever it but you it's clapping and so sky winds right, real dramatic win like maybe he wasn't supposed to winter. Anime visit upset, maybe not, or maybe the finals I don't know, but it was a real dramatic when he wins and he's in the year and we are all happy what he did, that any kind of stood over the guy dispersed a second like a split like pre short dick. You dig you yeah. Just like that, solar joint men introduced two eminent already see that all day events see. That's that's the that's One of the reasons I want to talk about this like that is equality. Think it's too this is different on the EAST Coast or West Coast, the east Like one of my bodies, Joe, he came and watch the wrestling with me, some high school wrestling and they pay. If we were to be penalised. People like oh no you're allowed do that by clear. Strict
it don't when you get done right, thank you just got? Pinned you get up. You get a centre about, you put your hand up shake hands. That's it you're complaining of the rough because those other crap, no, you do you're supposed to do and that's awesome, because you know that teaches people teach people how to control their emotions per year. I remember and pop Warner. My only framer reference was watching for pointy Vienna fell. Do you think is acting a ball doing the equal, shuffle back emitted, existing iq, woods, backdated and so we play powerful my first year. I knew that coaches super discipline, the kind where you had to have one at where high white socks white, you like a real discipline and it's the other team than they difficult issue. Though stuff. That's all I knew the so is clear. You couldn't spy the ball. You couldn't do any dancer whatever you do, the bottle, the rough. That's that's it when you make a touch them So we played this team
that will remain nameless and they go they did you don't want to bring up? The old rivalries, don't know, tell is going to happen. They make actually was a team from out of town and he spoke about little kids like the ball and as a thing or whatever share flay. It's it's a penalty or even acts. Even colleges like that regret, I don't know, and was like that you can do so. You can do more for sure, but yeah one or anything you can do anything. You view throw the ball you, put your hands up for too long, put your hands up for too long after you make it touched on. The death penalty wardsmen like convalescent jet right. I think especially as little kids, I think so, especially even as big kids. Yeah my daddy's Geronimo Junior Professional what is it when your professional football player you can and you make a touchstone something about like that's your job or whatever. So yet you eat. You have the right to be happy about it, Al Qaeda. What one
think about it. Now they shoot. If your professional, you focus on your profession d, think so I guess it's whatever lots of you and you could say, like you have see, I mean it's really cool so much cooler when someone wins, and they just starlike check, yeah, it's like the one you or you, Edward, zero, other just destroy someone who's got like the ethics good match, yeah. That is true. I know we all want to see the high that only recently jumble on top of the case. Take Zimbabwe laugh, but there's nothing better. Cold, blooded killer that does comes out an annual literacy, sometimes fighters. Do it because watching cowboys Rony, a debate like Knox, some grounds walked away like nothing, yea. I do this every single day he isles idea, but they dont show that clip or like more can't, nay, more conscious does is walk away, not just Knox Judges walks away. I guess you can I get my peace,
chicken now I'm hungry, though the reason that those are so cool like phaedr, thus great example, whether where he's just no heed Undine hyped up now the fight that I'd up after we know, emotions is cold. You that that gets That seems more appealing because it's, in contrast to all the hype, all the I am mistaken hype and whatever. So if everyone was like that he would be less. It was still would be cool. There are even then, I'm probably just comparing it too, like how I know it now get nine or hybrid cars are regarded as possible. Here I mean exactly right, it there's this dichotomy dichotomy I think the preferred method, those cold blooded yeah, but you- and this is really what it is in this house for the NFL too bad for sure it's it's a show. Gotta remain at the show, exactly right so inhabitants to for the NFL. Where
her eyes, always discuss it around watch old, Phaedr fighter. You know, Sakharov was kind like Sakharov, didn't celebrate without jobs of course, yes, rebels, pretty cold blooded do yeah totally. Cold blooded. Would you say you say men like corner and like these guys who, who do put on a show that kind of cool to examine they either I back, Look in the end, I learned from various teachers in various schools, but when one method of instruction differed from another, I had difficulty determining how to resolve those differences. As I studied further, I came up with principles I have described in order to achieve your girls. You must put your energy to use most effectively again, I'm I'll just say that you don't have- to choose like this one's rightness was wrong. You need to absorb those methodologies and have them both in your to kick as you might need him, no say Better like having the metric ranch sockets, in the area and the other than you got the other, what can be done
got want the other one. You come across the board. Metric better, be ready for that. Here's, here's some stuff, that's interesting!. Calisthenics are generally based on physiology and anatomy, so they do not result in the development of unbalanced body, nor are they harmful to the internal organs. But they are not without without drawbacks. Because each individual movement has no meaning Calisthenics have no secondary benefits. There uninteresting callously. Text are widely used in Japan and abroad, but few students continue to do them after grades graduating from school this because they are a meaningless form of exercise and not of any practical use, no matter how much they are taught in schools if people do not continue to practice them there is, very little value in teaching them cold blooded burning to dig it so,
what should be done. We need to it, the strong points of calisthenics and compensate for their shortcomings. Of course, there are various possibilities, but for now I ve come up with these two ideas. First The first is calisthenics that incorporate training for the defensive for the defense against attack, so the persons that you come up with cows annex that represent movements that are from fighting right so like a classic, is a sprawls prior Spock. Recent sprawls, your again good shabby. I go to some sprawls corporate that when the work as I do with my kids, when they were little is it have to do five sprawls and MAX Pelops every man on the minute for five minutes. Just five minutes see how reports, they could get you five sprawls use many ports, as you can see how many It is a brutal worker. Go tried out, I'm yeah, you needn't, be if an eight year old kid you can be assured of forty six year old man go hit that for five minutes. Five sprawls MAX polyps go but he's good we're advocates yeah but legit, but
anyway, sprawls, that's an exercise where it debt reflects exactly the movement that you do on the mat. Now, here we go back the book my other idea could be called dance style. Can I get into we'd talks about basically say my care. You come up with dance moves that fund that work your body, and what I thought of immediately went out when I when I read that also was about all the all the eye: Ass is be boys and break dancing. The same thing would be boys. Do break dancing, says like Judo and Utica, so Be boys I'll get breakdown, solar attempt planet guys, a bunch of temper. I came from the break, dancing background visa and they have the physical attributes, the flexibility, the strength from that, and it turns out to be awesome for Jujitsu. So there's a good You can find out what gymnastics people to act like gymnastics whose skill.
But I guess his point is in his mind, that's fun somehow see. My mind like it's not for what the break like to me. Doing a break, dance, move he to doing push up you'd rather do the push up. What I mean is this not a huge difference, Roger Britain's briefly, I still one of you have your pants yeah. Ricky, Martinez and GEO Martinez, zero other guys here or there there their bad ass. You did you guys and there. Be boys yeah, and that that is what a tribute their heels, their skills developing so quickly so quickly and when you when you think about it, fleet, you because you think of brigantine moves like I can spend your back and do like all the stuffing.
Spin on your backing of these guys go inverted, do all the stuff. We have really good control of their like spatial reiner. Nobody here you know, so these break dancing guys they come in with level tat. Love that and while wrestlers obviously come in at a high level Jim to anyone. That's really gotta gymnastics. Has that same kind of awareness and has crazy strength to Syria Maybe that is a good thing for the for the Judo place come up, it's kind of a dance. Well, what about cap, where we he's, got what he was doing. Fighting disguised as dancing you, Sir, yeah you know was it was the frequent slaves in Brazil there and if you notice and ask if they didn't talk, but it's not a thesis what color anyway thing in college, but they think, or college and copper wire uncovering day and sold to hold long thing, but good. If you got early cup, where was only Legs
Do you know why? Because the lot of the time may be tied up has gone about so that yeah, so they came over this fighting system, distant disguise, it is dancing to using their captors strangest. Those interesting be boys. People have, where Couple guys Jeff Higgs went from Jujitsu to cap where farming fabulous enters. Our old teacher was pigs you're, the only person that everyone from Jujitsu he'd eighty kept turning to do incorporated Capulet, yeah, even
Could you mean our green? At the same time, I think you know- and I think he knows our most people would find cap wedding. All that seem to go. But then you get your got like on alleged gay men. You ever seen a like a cop would like a performance day wherever men. Theirs is its gymnastics, its wine. Whenever we would, of course like this, Yemen is really impressive is held the yielded. I am referring to this guy that you said he put on a complex issue everyone's at this climate work done in Hawaii and So you do these like flips in somersault and suchlike than it looks like. Oh, he messed up that somersault, but that was part of the move seems so he, instead of sticking the landing. He doesn't stick the landing he rose into the next movie and also this big string of just rule flume is it can captivating I can see other benefits. Joker noted, anyway,
to the book. There's no need to reject traditional form of exercise. Those who enjoy them should do them. My doctrine is very simple: highly recommend what is best without rejecting things of the past so do not partition we oppose Japan's conventional methods of physical education, but I would to devise the best form of physical education recommend as many people as possible. Take it up, thus, resulting in a form of physical education that, The same time achieves worthwhile goals. That is cool right. That's one of the coolest things, budgetary. You are getting in shape and you are learning how to show people out which is really beneficial from another For all the people, it say why I want to start you do too, but I need to get in shape first, no, you don't you just need to start Jujitsu and you'll get shape along the way back. The book, the prosperity of a nation can be hoped for only with an energy the populace that vote
tat would be the end that vitality depends on the mental and physical training of the people. The powerful nations of the world of export every avenue in order to build their national strength and they are paid particular attention to physical education. Daring to promote vitality. Of their citizens through their own unique methods, while that sounds good, and it was true at one time but in America right now- we're didn't week on physical education need to step up step by step, it up using a video of the old school, they would did some experimental. My class somewhere for and like the easy ops conferences like enough, maybe the forties or the fifties. They had crazy obstacle course, as they had this and like every kid look like a complete beast and you're like now. Why would you do that? Why wouldn't Jim Class at school.
Be an hour long of hard core physical putting out by. Would it not be that way right? You know why, because you plan that that's insulting to my child because he's but ass. It was your kids are going to be a better awfully to finance our training art rates. The lake was getting the game yeah. I agree so what is it, though they keep the kid like. Ok, we're gonna do pushups today, right and you know, Johnny did a hundred push us. Meanwhile, I can only do too. So I bad. I messed up my self esteem, I'm going to wait for you on the spot and you know what we're just going to not do push ups. In fact, you know we're going to do for Pe Weave baskets, yeah, but even isn't that isn't the whole grading system, I no good at all think, but isn't the whole grading system in school like that, anyway, age any over their gotta a bath literally wealth. It is right now, but you know, there's the universities for sure that have Michael there's, no greater as This is about agreed, actually there
they know actually school becoming? You know what he heard makes my kids bad, my kids or black. I gotta. Ninety six on the math test. But unlike what was the closet, Ruby, did used anyone and they like it. Just now, if everyone gotta ninety six, I dont care, not your average. I don't know, maybe you should care, maybe you should now. Maybe you should be impressed with the teacher. Europe, is so very worrying issues that the day when they test these kids, these kids score almost perfect on the test on the material that they tat thing. That's one good teacher it there. Why being prostitution, but would be impressed that my kid, if they just got the same as everyone else, they need to step up? What if the other had ended up, but if they all got hundreds? Ok, They got a hundred. Ok, like still number well, it's a good job, but it about impressed. I'm impressed hundred perfect score on a test.
My wife, my little daughter will come on like that, gotta. Ninety four on the math test, which one did you miss? I will she did a good job, a mocking, allied or whatever it is, our group believes that its funding is. I know, you're really not like that, because I see it all its forty, as I do say that to my kids here with this joking, but it is still, it is fun like you're, like our put one we're at my house, the poorer ones jump in the pool doing their dives you're like it's like Looking Jacko, you can do. Little really good dive I want to see improvements in this area and this it's like over this good. I see where you do. We gotta find with it sure, back to the bone. Intellectual sure and Aristotle. Intellectual to intellectual training involves both the acquisition of knowledge and the cultivation of mud, mental power.
And whereas one cannot discuss these entirely as totally separate. Things is nevertheless true that people with a great deal of knowledge do not necessarily have exceptional powers of reasoning or judgment. That's important discussion went to some course doesn't mean that you know does mean you have to judge You can have people that are well read. Well, educated, but there are many common sense. That's that's what that's how I translate this thing here The cultivation of these powers does not in itself entail. Becoming knowledge boss. So in fact these two. Things to be looked at separately. So there's a big difference between you know for having information into having. I guess we take wisdom. Was he call it Reasoning and judgment I'd call raising and judgment together call that wisdom And now he talks about moral education, backed the book in
respect. Moral education must be carried out from the aspect of knowledge that to say it is necessary to know intellectually what is good and what is evil. Something is also necessary to develop the intelligence to Thing we're right from wrong in various complex situations, thus it is necessary to teach the ability to determine good from bad to describe, what is right from one is wrong. This is, something that I think we're getting away from like hey you, what that's actually wrong like the hall, Idea you for Eve Eve, you hear people and I think it's bigger, wrap this around a political conversation or a political viewpoint of theirs. People that say like no we actually exists in some. Will do people are different people raised if we know that I'm a modern people that, like I believe, evil exists and think you can teach and you have to teach people how to tell the difference. Right and wrong. You're something's wrong
for some things in the world that are wrong, And you shouldn't: do one dreams, livestock, and indeed for the in Depth- about that, I you are placed a bunch of things where. Even saying. Ok, things are right and things are wrong. That's that like one way of looking, you know the be okay, so these people that that say, will, Four different, there's, no real absolute right or wrong thing is there. They have a point. With that, but here's the thing they're not talking about the same thing, you're talking about do. We have a societal standards or in see that super complex or audience another time, but think about this. Let's say a fat person. Their fat, everyone can see that their fat. They know their fat kind of thing and some people would say it's wrong to indicate. The point out that that persons that in front of people even though the fact is that they are ok
is it right or wrong to point that out. It's real its root exonerates aunt. So is it right to be route. You: are the right around solar scenario, dependent, think right forget what exactly will generate. So the point is yeah. The point is this: a societal standard, and usually it's establish just like Beadlike beating your kids in certain societies, is right in certain societies is wrong. So, the more extreme that the behaviour, the easier it is to well earned. Ok, that's all that I think, there's a there's a line, that I think is- and he can call yet any goes all the way down hard to do like almost like a human like understanding of of heat like bees. Acumen me. In some areas is that he talks were suffering suffering and well being that the two things if something promotes or or advocates suffering for no reason way, and he goes into it, then tat you can discern good and evil broker so, but
That the end of the day, it goes down to a standard like a specific standard, yeah yeah. But at what am? I guess, you're saying this. Aid becomes a which you need to teach people and explain what the value system is still to people. Back to the book? In another sense, moral education must be carried out from the aspect of the emotions. If you can distinguish right from wrong, intellectually, if you are not trained emotionally to like what is good and dislike. What is evil your ability to You good and reject evil will be lacking. So oh, if morals are not cultivated, both intellectually and emotionally good results cannot be achieved. Big stuff, these heavy stuff. That looks furthermore, even if you do try
to do good and reject evil. If you will, power is weak, the opposite result will often occur. Therefore, training of the will must also be an element of moral education. A week willpower can result in the inability to do what you know is right or the inability to prevent do What you know is wrong boom this the very important stuff week willpower. Will you allow bad things to happen. She's in the short term pay off over the long term the good example back to the book, it is also important not to look the old, not to overlook the element of habit. Even if you intend to do good if you have not developed the habit of doing so, your best intentions will easily be corrupted and even the best
the intentions of rejecting evil can fail if you have not developed the habit of doing so, for them reason you must endeavour to cultivate good habits, love. What is good and rage act. What is evil on a daily basis? You know this supports. This supports thou You know when it when I talk about the fact that, like if you make good decisions like if you wake up really that goes that's a habit and that helps you. That strengthens your ability to reject weakness where's, if you sleep in your lazy. Yet this news button Europe double fist in doughnuts in your mouth, guess what you're gonna be weak than others, what else? I ve been talking about this. I've been thinking about this talk, but I've been thinking about this. The
way the way that you live every little thing that you do like those actions that you take on a daily basis. That's who you are, and if you don't train correctly, if you don't live correctly, when the moment of truth comes, you won't be able to execute correctly. The way you its echo. It's a classic! Wait right! You, if you do, we train, is how you fight right if you don't train hard you're, not gonna, fight hard, if you push yourself mentally when the time comes, you build a push yourself. You build a push yourself mentally. If you we training, you'll be weakened. War That's the way it is those very well put sir, we weird talking to at last. I like, I said, and that's what we're talking about you, that's what I brought up because use. Excited about learning all these things were calculus in all the stuff right. Cohesion to artificial, Machine learning and what I saw,
okay, you know you're really excited about learning this stuff, which is good by the way and we're just I was. I wasn't necessarily talking about him, but he just used him as an example. So he tells us what is what is it like you're? So are you applying this to like your work now or your life or whatever, or you just fired up about learning it? So it's like- you can learn about. Everything in the whole wide universe right, but if you put it into action whenever it's like your habits like what you do that make. That's who you are you like it lets a year ear, you ought to know you like well, actually, I think you're saying some different. I know what you're saying what you're saying is absolutely true to arms, and little I'm sorry little the little things matters. What I'm saying the way you live, is the way you live is what I'm saying yeah. Ok, I have what you're saying it is also important like pay you not this, what are you gonna do with it yeah, that's what you're saying that also is important when ok with you.
Work for this, but now what are you gonna do with it? You got this gift what're you gonna, do with this gift got this talent. What you can do is tell you got this education when you do this education, those are also important, I. What I'm saying is if you dont develop the habit of putting things. The place and being efficient and working hard you can take those gives those towns that education, you can put it away. That's? What I'm saying if you're used to taking the easy road you that knowledge, you don't do anything with it. So live your life within ten that's what I'm sayin every day, every little decision you make matters it matters matters. What you do expanding this out a little bit back to the book. If each member of a group helps others and acts selflessly, the group can be harmonious and act as one accordingly. The group make the best use of its energy. Just like an individual. This
sport remains true, even in the case of a complex society with a population of millions, you help each other. This is very. This is what this is. The oldest second right is that cuz, your each you support each other. That's what makes you good! That's what makes you good. Here's another one say, someone draws a sword on you. This is getting internal. Let's say someone draws a stored on you any invitations in your actions will result you being injured or killed. You must act automatically, instinctively Just as when you blink impulsively, when a fly approaches your eye, you must stop. Attack or an instant in order. Do this, you must prospect practice this as physical. Education and training on a regular basis to build up your body while also undergoing martial arts training, so This idea of a flight getting your
the fighters who here are you boy? That's happened. You have the instinct and what's core issues with extreme ownership. People, first hear about the concept like its foreign to them. Who told you ve talked about this. How once you started thinking about it, you'd see like Amy excuse that someone makes you like our men skies, not taken ownership as just an excuse, and then you see it in your self and when that becomes your instinct, because you're living that way. Well, that's very easy to spot. It's also easier to maintain That's why the little things matter echo back the book, Judo began with a study of martial arts, and then it gradually became clear that it could be applied to physical education, intellectual training, moral education, social engagement Management and people's everyday lives. Some people believe that Judo mean simply practicing at the dough. Joe applying the principle of Judo The dough, Joe win
accessing defence against attack and though it certainly is, one aspect of Judah is only a small part of it with Judo in every endeavour. You must imagine the best goal and user mental and physical energy, the most effective manner. In order to accomplish that go. For that reason Judo is not merely a martial arts, but rather the basic principle of human behaviour, It is wrong to assume Judo ends in the Dodo, so. He said apply this everywhere. I'm saying you should do that you can do with Jujitsu. Now we're going back into this sear Yoko zen! You, sir Teachings have a long tradition, so most people accept them, but when people do not understand why they are taught us. Certain way: conflicts conflict, can sometimes arrive, arise give example virtually no one doubts that diligence is a good thing,
Doubts diligence is a good thing. Diligence is always a good thing. It follows that there can be no situation in which being diligent is bad, not if you are diligent in an irresponsible manner, you will spend a great deal of effort on something that is not very useful and expand. The energy required to do something good wastefully. Carefully choose something for which diligence is suited, even when we do what we believe to be best overdoing something can be harmful when students stay up late reading a book because their teachers, parents are society is deemed it best that they should read it. This is certainly diligence but is also detrimental to their health. To read for so long. Conversely, you can not do things half hour, thirdly or randomly so. You gotta stay balance. Let us turn to the UN to an annoying. Yet pervasive habit, people all too often display complaining
The point of complaining, it is certainly no fun for those who have to listen to the complaints. The energy used to make an unpleasant complaints can certainly not be considered cereal coup venue. Rather all the energy used to complain or grumble should be expended more usefully. This means reading oneself of unpleasant feelings and refraining from harbouring ill will towards others. In this end In the end, this will result in putting ones energy to the best use, not only for oneself, but all for the betterment of society, this principle should applied every day at all times,. Don't waste, your energy on stuff that doesn't matter back to the book people are always aware of their current situation and set a standard for their future. Based on doing what will benefit themselves in society continually regulate their behaviour. They can be satisfied with their lives at all times.
When you try to do this, you will find that your future prospects are always bright. That is because you are doing what is best, how, How common sense is this right? common sense, but how many people do you know that follow this path? That's the question year that goes back to I say that idea being detached, detached its common sense when you and your guy common sense because of how you dislike audits and how you feel like you know, like even complaining, for example like you, could ask they literally everyone, but you get us everyone and be like hey complaining Is that useful that good to do that find here, you know, listen complain, yes or no. Airlines are no. No, no. No one has ever complained that communion gang complaining, because if you let her, whenever you picked up on a very well because if people are always aware of their current situation, meaning they need to be detached, and then set a standard for the
future based on doing things that just is the same thing. Flick is it's me. To do things that will benefit themselves and society continually continue, regulate your behavior, so you're satisfied with eleven, although of course that make sense sure. Why are we do it? We get off the path we are on a slippery slope. We, start losing our awareness of our, will print state Well, I didn't put it it would situation France, jewish understand it. This is interesting through judo, we are teaching a principle that can work together with the highest principles of Buddhism and Christianity and the exhaustive studies of philosophers, one which, like other great philosophies and religious can be put into action. This Sport judo offers a basic principle that can provide a sound answer for every situation and every question. The easiest way to master this basic principle is to practice
there was of judo and to embark on the dough the way that is because do practice. That incorporates both martial arts and physical education. One can learn a method for making the most effective use of one's mental and physical energy Then one naturally learned how to apply this method to every aspect of human affairs. I believe This basic principle is the most the method for resolving various moral issues. He puts a lot of weight on the judo. A lot of weight on the dude you do is like yeah with regard to our daily activities in social interaction, the teaching of cereal go means bringing about maximum results through the use of every sort of energy for the reason human faults, like anger, for example, violate this principle. Becoming angry consumes mental energy. How does anger benefit you or anyone else
of anger, are invariably a depletion of mental energy and being looked down on or disliked by others by following the principle of cereal good, then you people, not be able to get angry being dead. Appointed or troubled by failures or setbacks, or harbouring grievances are also ways in which mental energy is consumed. Arguments fights all of these are violations of cereal in Europe. Those who is Judo must take great care to follow this teaching, no matter what the situation there is over One path at people must follow in every case the old courses to consider what is the right thing to do. You and proceed in that direction the right thing to do that. What is the right thing to do that? That's what you should do. Regardless of how you feel the s.
I have coined a phrase that I regularly say to people. There is only one path in life. Can, Can yourself, in accordance with this principle, on a daily basis, is vitally important, human beings may reach the pinnacle of success. There is only one path down which to proceed. That is to say, because complacency gives rise to the cause of failure. You must always consider things carefully until you find the appropriate course of action and proceed that way even when you fail there's only one path, downward, to proceed even If, once you fail and lose heart, if you, gain your courage and find your way along the highest path ahead. Yes path, circumstance, this will gradually improve. That's like Jordan Petersen, Talkin right, hey, you know like. Do the right thing a little thing and start prove nothing clean Europe because they find their own pass. Those who practise Judo, who follow the principle of cereal, resent you always
a calm spirit, enjoy life and are enterprising the most advanced. Mental wife can only achieved when people thoroughly absorb this principle. Should Yoko Venue maximum efficiency. What You doing that is taken away your energy. What woody wasting your energy on. Back to the book, a true, a person's true values determined by how much he or she contributes to society during his or her life and because, These very contributions enable those who strive to protect themselves to achieve this, the purpose, of Judo is to provide act yourselves that you can contribute to society. This applies to ordinary people as well again, this very very similar to what Jordan Petersen Socks about you like you, you need, if you, If you pick your world well dear, everyone's world around you,
This applies to ordinary people as well, but in particular those who specializing judo must be expected to act in a way consistent with the purposes of Judah. When you pay, As you know, you must try to perfect yourself and control to society. Through this practice, and you must I the importance of this during your teachings to others, something that seems good, because it is near at hand may be useless in the future, whereas in some cases a bit of patients is highly effective in furthering your lot in the future. Right delayed Ratification. The basis of happiness in life. Is found not in the pursuit of material gains or temporary pleasure and kindness towards ones. Friends mean giving them serious advice when needed so Firstly, without fear defending them.
But I wonder dressings I deal with this one lot right. I do a lot because you got your. Dear subordinate, that's not doing what they're supposed to do and I just was having this conversation with a group working with and they were real big on the word, transparency life and I talked about it on the podcasting and if here's the question, like I'm gonna, be transparent with you look like hey echo, your videos, do you not good right now, but your videos aren't good need to tighten up your videos like? Does that make me that improve our relationship. Make you do a good job for me. Does that make you wanna did like get out there and really crush it now, so we not being transparent. Does it help situation does help what we trying to do now, doesn't so Did figure out a way to tell you something and normally the best way to do that in here's, a big hit for everyone s out there
If you want to give someone critique. They know that you know they need one: best ways to give them critique To take ownership of it take ownership of the problem, so I say ECHO: hey I feel like I'm not really given you good guidance on on the videos in the waiter common out. I want sit down and talk to you actually go through like what what the impact it we're trying to have, and I want to have an I mean I know you're working hard, but I feel like I'm, not giving you good enough time. So I want to sit down with you and and try and see if I can be more clear right. Does that offend you? Well, I know you're doing now by I wanna hear you're, so you take if you take ownership of the problem and they You talk about the problem with the person it puts it. This makes it makes them not have a defensive posture. Jeez. What you want what you want, you want, don't want them to have a defensive posture
I actually want to have them. Have an open mind and be able, listen what I say They won't listen if your point, the finger out of there, this is well, they might for a little while year. But it won't be elastic. Maybe good years later, maybe somebody like there won't help the relationship. We know that for sure. You must remember that the purpose of extending a great deal of effort to build a strong body is to enable you to undertake jobs that you might otherwise being unable to endorse what he's talk. Mothers devolve. We basically goes on this whole thing about like being big and buff. Sure he's not pro
no doubt for those not down for the cause like echo job after he would look. You figure wasting too much time on your bicep. Girls might be right, yeah. So that's what he said is at ease, but he's all about the functional strength. You wanna be strong that you can do jobs that you might not be able to endure. If you didn't work, hard work out, art. That's a balancing act to under you're gonna, defend above the biceps, even at the curls right, the You know how like this, it's even like, like kind bad example, but you ve said You want to save your energy essentially for jobs that are like important right now. You know he says the reason that you're trying to get strong isn't You can look big and buff. It's so that you can do jobs. You can endure jobs that you wouldn't be able to investigate gotcha so that that should be the focus of your training,
Functional strike concerns. What he's our he's down with a functional strength? Is this guy Meeteth, superfluity Bro say if I think I told us, the broth science life personally asked so funny any stockings functional strength. Is these it's a joke? Sooner is yes, good luck! You can compare your functional strength with my actual strength. But in his mind, actual strengthens like what you can bet new is for that's when I return here like when a guy's stir. Like heavily advocating functional strength over like us, some some lip weightlifter guy, whatever I think about that, that's even though I am sure this bouquet mandala, let you know Here then, bioscience life middle check back there, some who practise Judo, become overconfident of their health and inevitably fail to look after themselves. We must not.
Be careless about where we live our clothing or our hygiene we should. Pay great attention to what we eat and drink. There was a time when people did not deem it a problem to eat and drink to access, but rather were proud of a prolific, a proud of being a prolific eater or a heavy drinker that way of thinking still persists. It is obviously detrimental to health if you do not take it regards to matters of health. There is no benefit in practising judo. Those who practise Judo must now only keep this in mind, but must also consider their due. Need to remind others its bold it. There their duty to remind out it was a star. Next, to his guided again disguise like super orderly and he's. You know just gonna tighten people up here he's out there.
Don't need that donor, it's one thing to do, but, to the end degree yeah. That's your duty commando here, my duty I wanna go. You know when I go to the mall in by the food core. You know it's funny, as this is the only thing in the whole book. That he says, like Judo, won't help like if you men will unite healthy, do does not you re trying to train. He has a think yeah things, never that he doesn't like that he's. What's it called hang up yet every year the soothing rear, because Judo derives from the martial arts of the past. It must perpetuate the spirit of other martial arts, de faith. Honour in various other virtues, were emphasising the martial arts of the past, but I can feel their importance. Even today, Terry Duration of society's morals. Today is primarily the result of a failure to emphasise these virtues.
So I believe that those who practise judo in particular must apply themselves to these matters and restore today's neglected public morals?. He's got another will hang up, hang up he's but Obviously I am point this out, because we could clearly look at society today and be like air. Well guess what we were on slippery slope year near you, tell you feel strongly about at the room or hear him earlier. What about me yeah, look in your face indicated that for sure, that's all it's Where did you go around different pockets of the world and different? it's the country, you see various various positions on the slippery slope, some people hang it on. Some people were not and theirs slipping and who we gotta be yeah, and you get enough. We see that the whole another topic, but the
you know, and you have also many huge major major forces kind of working against it in pushing us down the slippery slope lever marketing right. You know, like marketing, most marketing is to appeal to your most like immediate, want Delicious double, whatever you notice, the girl, that's showing the delicious burgers lying yeah and guess what does even Cosette much it also gratification for cheap the man seeking get sex thrown on top of that make you feel good, its everything. So you again, if you're, not what conscious of your situation or whatever, you might say whether this is basic is I think people lose concentration is because most people. In my opinion, most people,
like the kind of your we when we go back to the theory of right and wrong was right. I think most people are pretty good with, like most people feel like they know. What's but a like now, that's wrong way and they know that you know that's a good dignity right. I think most people kind of delay, broadly kind of kind of would agree with those things the problem is so that's why I think we dont emphasizes much, because we think you know what Mohammed most people pretty much rudely like. It's like the centre people. Country right now like and the extreme right now the extreme left. Now. Ok, where you are, it's ok, those people that are in the middle of the care we we kind of figure like ok, pretty much and so what happens is which we don't talk about it Much well, then, People better on the fringes mentally they end up without compass right, they just don't even know. What's right and what's wrong anymore, because people talk about as much because it doesn't seem like we need to I think we might need you here.
Yeah and why it's right, and then it comes down to your approach and like all the stuff cuz you don't when you have opposing views, it's like. If you don't deal with the right approach, you just it becomes more about the fight more so than for sure. You know that so yeah, read about that at the hour are you talking about what people people know right and wrong causes. You mean like dislike her, how you were saying where people know right and wrong, but do not always do what's right. Kind of things were so is that we are talking about Lakewood Mobile will know no sane, I'm saying if you do teach a kid like, hey When you see someone that needs help, you go help him right. Little lady crossing the street right right. That seems obvious little old lady cross streets, gotta grocery bag. You you got Hey. Can I help you with that grocery bag, and you know how we put in your car. For you, you got a pump while you're at it with Ngos. Reader hope she has a burnt here, so that that's that
seems like a real common sense thing. To do. Think of the most basic ample. I can think of top my head, like the so that that would be a good thing to train a kid to do If you see someone that need some help, you get some help special an elderly person. That's haven't some trouble, that's what you do. Seems real obvious, but what I'm saying that an, I think, even I think most people, most kids, would be like oh yeah. They see that they would tend to go. Ok, I'll, how bout, but because most people would tend to do that. We think we don't need a teacher, and that's where we're losing it like, The people on the fringes, they're not help matters. There's some other friends: that's gonna, like all they dropped the bag, moves steal it from right. So that's where we end up with a problem here and that's why these things probably need to come up as part of a converse it as it is like a national. Or universal conversations to be had like, ok, what is right and wrong
whose given those guidance is down. Where they come from the people. Three people are reading the Bible anymore, to look for their guidance or not following Buddhism too, yet their guidance from right. There. Just did cut up going around Leah, so where's that common from its true we're going like going around the seem like why ok they're looking around me. Ok, what are you doing? How we're doing this is right is wrong. Now any do in what are they look out to get to measure to to establish that from you know, they're looking out, Instagram yeah, Whatever the random re whatever's around, but Instagram round me, you do around them, what's around them and you're lookin out again ok well, this is you know that's right over dead, don't I called a third yet ok to soccer punch this. You know this dissolved. Do yeah yeah yeah I will end by feel uncomfortable about. You know what seems normal we're doing fine laughing. I got a lot of use a lot of yeah. Maybe that's what we call
yeah, that's what we need to watch out for yeah and obviously I know that's an extreme case, but really That's true where, especially in these extreme cases will happen by the way, if you don't have any other presence of inflow of rigour in all like with us kind of saying this thought: it made sense where your kids or whatever they're gonna, learn how to behave whether they learn it from you or your neighbour or tv or the guy. At the club or the guy at the parliament that port Do you like, if you dont, want to be there they're gonna, learn from somebody else. Kind of thing so That idea were ok. What do you know? This is society. Okay, what are we doing the? How we doing this what's right, what's wrong is wrong whatever that we're going to get that, just like, I said like we're, looking around we're trying to see what up you know and if there's no, civic thing saying or court, not court necessarily a course. There even though course would be cool if there's nothing present there to demonstrate it
then there can be no guy. Well, what is here to demonstrate it, and what I'm saying is we ve got no way from things that in the past would have guided us yet list. Someone should, and you you'd had this sort of of fundamental universal understanding like Thou shalt, not kill right. Well, ok that that that's a biblical thing and well you know. Maybe when a kid is Fifteen years old and he's feeling angry about something anything Can you know what I play a video game all day? Were I shoot like people, in this video game, and that makes me feel better Well, maybe they make me feel better to go out and do that in a school right. That's! That's! That's what happens so We don't have if we don't lay out these things for people, even though most people don't need em. There's People in need of that's my point is that We ve gotten to a point where we think you know a pretty much everyone kind of gets it
that's very kind of gets it utterly to emphasise that much. And so a knock and emphasise well, some people that need it. And even if you don't call him quote, needed is kind like exercising great shape our exercise war. Yet you can do You know there it's interesting times. This, is interesting. Speaking of interesting instruct give talks on morals presented in the classroom, often become abstract or involve stories of people from the distant past. So they're not likely to inspire the listener. But moral lessons that can be acquired through Judo ran, Dory, are based on facts and are much more likely to make an impression. And it can be said that the habit of observation, the ability to me, decisions quickly and the ability to remain calm and resolute that are cultivated through fighting are also valuable.
Comes of the practice of Judah these. Billy, however, will not be developed merely by doing Cotta and ran Dorie training without any fought. These abilities will naturally develop when one takes care and fought in practising them on a daily basis. So this is, this is something very interesting thing about that great. Like hey, you heard about some If you don't usually read the Bible, I you know it's a guy that doesn't make sense to meet some guy that lived thousands of years ago, and I don't really get that. I don't really get why I should be humble, It says you should be humble, we'll get on the map, now you can humble than you feel you get humble right. So there's that that's that's like the perfect example of how hey what you learn on the map This is truly understood, but if you dont get explain known, if no, if you don't think about the fact that hey that reflects life too by the way, that reflects life by the way. If no one makes that connection for you that's problematic.
Clearly jujitsu This is a big difference between Jujitsu Judo. We talked about the competitions are like you, talk about how you get discover. Jujitsu you people jitsu that a bad attitudes right they don't. Don't apply what they learned Jujitsu. The things that My attitude always is with Jujitsu. Jitsu is like if I get If I beat someone in Jiu. If you, if you understand Jujitsu, if you beat so what did you do to you realize that doesn't make you a better person to person that you be what it means you ve train more than them. That's what it means for me, you caught him that time mid you got lucky with a move mean they made a mistaken. You had trained to build a capitalize on. It doesn't mean you're, better human being than they are, and there There are people. You did you that think, oh I'm a better human being than that persons, because I tat promotes actually no, not true at all. So, if
you're not connecting these bigger, broader lessons and connecting jujitsu to life. Then what you have just just as isolated sport the vat which is which is it's not sport, it's an, is an isolated might, makes right attitude on the map. Which is not a good thing, is not a good thing at all. It's. You should be making you humble because you should recognise, like oh yeah. I've been training longer than this guy. That's why I can beat him, and one day if they keep training more than me, they'll be able to beat me so, hopefully I'll keep training and I will have a relationship and will be able to support each other and that's the attitude so I think that one of the things where you know you in my mind. You ve got judo on one side which, as you know, really strict and controlled, and less evolutionary cause, it doesn't evolve as much and you have
On the other hand, which is wildly evolutionary incredibly creative like there's. There's less creativity and Jude others way more creativity and jujitsu, and I in the middle, specially on the attitude part, is where Jude, to now is you need, like you, gotta, get you to competition like little kids, that are, they have their bad sports right, their bad sport systems. They did not learn sportsmanship, that's an important thing. Cuz. What is sportsmanship meet sportsmanship doesn't just mean, like you're, a good sport on the mat. No, it means that in life you can handle getting beat that you're going to get back up and going to have a good attitude. That's what sportsmanship is that? Why you're trying to teach that to your kids right? and there's a million little things like that, and you in Jujitsu that you learn like just hard training or you. You know what injured you too.
Sometimes you work hard and you still get beat you definitely way. Yes, sir. That's the way life. If you work hard, you could give everything you still gonna get beak. Well, guess what You learn from that. You learn about wife from that new, the creativity part, if you stuck in a box on something and in heat, about that earlier, like earlier, when you start, but there's only one path again I talk about him ass, being a very I won't see not creative, but he's he's gotta, orderly, brain right because I never look at something up, there's one path like and by the way, if I fail in business, Like hey, there's only one path: no, if I fail in business, I'm actually to look and see like woke at what other path could I take now he's talking about the past like it's like I'm, not saying, he'll know what the hell was disciplined and I'm going to do whatever. I want to be saying, stay on that path in that makes sense.
There is a certain lack of creativity there like ok. Well, if I make a mistake, I'm to assess Adam, I see what I can do differently. Get him not arguing that that's that he was in no don't ever try anything else, but that isn't port peace that you learn from you like. Oh, if I can't ass, the guard, this person, on this particular way. I need to take a different approach. Learn that from jujitsu you can apply it to life. So all these lessons that if you don't pay attention to what you're learning a digital and you dont reflect on it and put it back on your life within all all your learning is how to fight people beat him up or then It is not doing what it should not doing what it could be doing for you accusing, be careful that yeah. I think this thing has one path is: is its this right? We brought in general Dora it's more of a direction ass. It isn't. I that's a bad example for me to use but At the same time, I want to make sure people aren't like. Well, you know, I'm your stay on the path to stay. The course
of course you know what we feel that timely took aim to stay the course and keep going not ended up. Assess see what you can do differently. Aright effective use of mental and physical energy. Again he's he's talking about this security venue Integra, which is entitled to the teachings of judo. Competition can be applied to many aspects of life. Those who practise Judo must measure their behaviour by this principle on a daily basis and make corrections when appropriate. If you actually apply this standard to every aspect of your life, from food, clothing and shelter to work and relationships. You'll find You often have to correct your own mistakes. Those who do this will make progress day by day in advance and life. Those fail, to do so will never progressive in many cases will redress. So keep an eye on those little things. Regard to memory in the early stages of practices of judo. You must do what you have been taught
in order to do this, you must remember things as well as private. This progress is, you must eat. You must remember not only what you have been top and also what you have observed. So there Our many situations in which memory is vital. You will develop. Ability, naturally, to come up with ways to remember fix. You start. Some of the benefits of learning Judar. So one of his you want to remember things now come to the area of imagination. This is not particularly necessary during the early stages of the practice of Judah, but become quite necessary later, you may experience, merriment with various outcomes carefully, anticipating how your point it will react, but if there is a limit to the ideas you can come up with the range is narrow. No good ideas will come to you, no matter how much time passes. On the other hand, if you come up with a variety of ideas, one after another, and if your faults extend to things quite different from your original idea, you can come up with a perfect, solution among those ideas. So he talks about creativity. And this is interesting. Next come language. This is
very important to the practice of judo. The reason is it is The reason is that in red Dory as well as in, if you try explain a particular method in words, unless you explain it exceptionally, logically and clearly, you're listener will not understand what you mean there. Things that can be demonstrated in detail using caught a while others do not lend themselves to this method in cases, you must explain things in writing or verbally when teaching. You demonstrate things through cod only or by giving a verbal explanation while demonstrating the quota makes a big difference to the listener. This is a truism when you something when you ask someone about something you do not understand or Gus something in depth. It is highly beneficial. If you can talk about it clearly. Thus It is so in the practice of judo. Take care taken to discuss things logically and clearly,
even he talks about the importance of being able to express yourself. It have good command of the language I did judo is that reaching maybe a little bit, but what the two men would give it to the you know. Yeah. The way I see it is like the wood is lousy, combat, simple, real, that's the that's what I heard excise year for sure, yeah you're right, good call. I like it. Next, I would like to discuss the need for broad mindedness, broad mindedness means open to new ideas, as well as the ability to organise various kinds of ideas at this in time, without mixing them up the reason this is important to approximately is that when there is no broad mindedness people become overly confidence in their own beliefs, such If there are new ideas that are superior, not only do they not accept these new ideas, but in doing so they failed to determine their value and whether they are good or bad. This is something you see all the time with people with ego closed my
they almost anybody else, don't in any new ideas, it's horrible to keep an open mind my way or the highway. The result is a different thing. You want none of that mine. I were you. Speaking of simple, the theory of judo fighting include some quite complicated ideas when we consider the relationship between the body in the four limbs, their positions, how to use them how to handle the mental aspects. One thing Get mixed up with many others so becomes difficult to reach an overall conclusion eve. If we link these carpet, theories to look at them separately. The Billy to unify them in the end must be the second requirement for broad mindedness tribute. Please think I got to simplify things. This is interesting There is a teaching in Judo competition that says one must look at the relationship between one self and others and
once surroundings, so you have to It is this. Is it loop? This isn't Lucy after you have to orient yourself to what's happening. You have to look at out and see. What's going on. Another one in judo fighting there is a teaching Saki o Tory which, I anticipate simply put this man Using your was on your opponent before he can use his was out on you both be aggressive defeat aggressive wait for the enemy to do something you do at first, There is another teaching and judo fighting to Kyoto, Dunkel And this translates to decisive action after careful consideration you Kyoto means carefully. Considering the situation before attempting to use a was, I dont go means acting without delay once you have made a decision,
This teaching is applied to the path people taken life. It can indeed be relevant many situation. This is a good one. What you do, consider what you're gonna do, but they want to make a decision. You got your ego full speed, you. Full speed. You always reassess you We keep your might open, even I'm like I made us, there's no gay or you know what we debate this now, let's go when I say that I mean it. I'm still just making sure I was make sure reassessing yeah. Under my death, it seems like he's more talking about like don't, don't don't don't make a decision go and then hesitate. Malta, that's detonator and also don't set their weight to make a decision make a city, but this is what interests me. It here's a cut back to book a further teaching which seems to be somewhat conscience, contradictory, dont go is known as toll tomorrow to quarrel or Schneider, not transfer. No wind stop
This means that when you venture to use a walls up to a certain point, but when you reach that point, you must stop. Again. This rule has universal applicant applicability to many aspects of life as well, so there you, you got those you opposing forces, one as I go the ones I know to stop, so those are, let's just say, very important. One of the most important concepts and judo fighting says: if you win, do not Save of your victory, if you lose do not be scourged when it is safe, do not be careless when it is dangerous, do not fear simply can t you down the path ahead right, those normally the normal face. Yes, affirmative.
When encountering social pressure such as those such as those we experienced today, even an incredibly strong will person can lose spirit and experienced great adversity. This is when we must this when he must show true character at Times like these, Billy to overcome difficulties enduring be patient, preserved ones. Honour and maintain a spirit of integrity are truly valuable. Above all else, In order to do this first, you must develop good, daily habits. These good habits, include simplicity and moderation, and wealthy. Give yourself always keep other people and society as a whole in mind as well. You must not trouble others for your own convenience and, if you can, you must try to benefit others while benefiting yourself In other words, you must perfect yourself and contribute to society which the old the purpose of the study of Judah
there's a lot bigger than you thought it was as if it is yes, it is trying to take it to the different physical it way those who want to do some to benefit society must first make sure they can easily take care of their own business yeah clean. Your rum, Jordan says to carry on business. Then you can worry about the rest of society. The djinn mask, he had put it on yourself. First, then, you put it in your goods. If you're suffocating how you gonna help you kid you're, not you can't hear we get low, controversy, professional wrestlers and boxers are generally people of low character, I don't know if I can say on old, don't sign over that and no matter how superior their skills they are mostly looked down on by society. I guess would have to do some research as to what the boxers in wrestlers were like back in his time in Japan, some
go to members of game popular, very popular. Performing on tour with them, but I don't believe this behaviour is too is in a court. With the aim of Judo, true judo practice. It must not be performers, he so that there is a right that explains the answer he won't like Macgregor now, like would look down upon Fisher Macgregor, don't care all right. In this is this is again I had to call these things out cause. Obviously I don't agree with a bottle Brussels, Bartley being people look at her back? I believe the opposite of that, but here is a good one in the future when still compete against wrestlers or boxers. The Passengers must decide whether the Judo practitioners will complete under the rules of boxing arrest wrestling. Or whether the opponent will compete under the rules of judo. However Those contest must never be commercialized and they must be merely trials between volunteers for the purpose of research.
For some reason: showman. Should get involved. People get charged admission and comes a spectator sport, you must read the guys that this is in complete violation of the Spirit of CO can't Judah he. So what olympic limp data, then that's that's a violation. I mean there's a lot of things you carbon. Actually, you know Judo GMO Bell. He fought. He fought against boxer, Milo, Savage nineteen. Sixty three. I think it was Denver. I forget what it was, but yeah that was like. That's kind of noted, a sort of the beginning of like whenever popular. A man may right Officer versus Eudocia, urging the Bell is american icon. He's an icon of grappling. Due to Jean labelling, look I'm up his awesome.
And he actually so. He did this back in the day, and I can nineteen sixty three what The outcome was boxer versus Judah in a fight fight, go they fall they thought they fought like an ever fight. I mean it was, it was an, as you fight each other, the steam the bill, then the arresting the bell all day right here, take down rear, make a joke that twenty yeah that's what he got, not how it went so yeah, that's you know it's just interesting how completely commercialized near this is. It is also interesting that again close mindedness or I don't close mindedness, but he has a very orderly brain and he was like look it's either gonna be. Those rules or these rules hidden linked himself like you know what what, if you just mix it up here, would altogether or where all rules? Why, when we do that, which is interesting as in Judo there You cover striking and you don't hear about it much, but they have those are part of it,
So it's interesting it in his mind technology or those rules. We are these rules for rigid, the very rigid thinker, yeah. That's a good point. Back the book in everyday ran, Dory practice. Fighting against another person is not the real purpose of the practice of Judah. Because fighting to see who win is interesting, it is dollar daily basis. Yes, it is. It goes without saying that becoming able to beat someone is one of the ultimate goals of the practice of rendering. However, Clearly, a difference between becoming able to beat someone at a future time becoming obsessed at beating someone now. In order to meet someone now it is best for those who are strong to use that strength to overcome the other person strike. However, with that method, if you include encounter opponent, who is much stronger than you, are you actually lose. So but if you lose for a while the correct practice, ran, Dory, is to slip dexterously away from your opponent, adapt to his strength cause
loses, balance was stepping back in and take advantage of the opportunity performer was. If you do, this kind of training you will for a while, often be twisted by the arm and held down or pushed down by your opponent. But if you do not frequently engage in this kind of training. You will never learn how to beat a stronger opponents was what we talk about all the time We talk about relaxing, And try to relax and. Putting yourself about positions and not using your strike. That's what we're talking about again. That applies to life as well. That applies to not staying in your comfort zone not continuing to concentrate on what you're good at focus on your weaknesses. That's what that toxic interesting. His hostess. Don't don't be focused
on beating the other guy. You know it's almost. I highly talked about that. Briefly, I first Where use I got like it's not like. You're, not looking how big the guy is, how tough he is, what belt he has in all this stuff. It's like you're, focusing on on your digital. What's up asking what I know I don't know you know if I focusing on the other guy in I'm an obedient and all this stuff. That's not what what did you do it you and I'll go? Hence it s like this. Is this sounds good, it's We all I mean at least every single person I drink with, like Working which genuinely about that being said now, but actually undergoing crept myself like we train We want to win but like you take way more risks. Training with our with our training team, then Take off your train with someone else right here.
Rescue, try new things. You put yourself in that position, so I'm going to try this try this no more try to choke you tonight, but I might end up on the bottom. If that's okay? Well, that's true! I don't. Ok, completely on just trying to beat the other person and you have set That's actually very accurate and I think, as you are, as you start, this game. That the best attitude have is like hey. You got to rely. I was talking to a body, my that's just starting jitsu out, then he's my age and yeah he's a man I'm trying to relax harder, his hack I'll, try to relax ardor and actually, what eye to eye. I send my text music. It's like raw, climate if you're dummy rock climbing before yes, so there's technique in run climate like there's legit, Nick, obviously was not obvious if, did you know Iraq before there's a massive amount of technique. Rockland. If-
Are you position? Your fingers to webs is in your hands the way usual legs. You, you don't hang the weight on your muscles. You hang it on your your bones in your ligaments, so you're not getting tired. Your muscles getting tired out because you're using the technique. If dont know rock climbing? Guess what you do? You hang onto the friggin rock with all your muscle, abysmal logs, you get. That is exactly what happened and you get to your technique is good. Use can hang on hang on he was the whole thing budgets in winning in and he and he used the word obsessed like oh yeah, that's a city but of a different scenarios in reading. When you really look at it, I mean at in the moment yet you gonna beat the guy like that. That's when you train with someone in Jujitsu or especially when you compete. Indeed it that's actually where the shift kind occurs. He mentioned competition as not a spy
data. Sport is just for experimental purposes. Didier researchers, research efforts purposes, which is essentially just training verily. Those pressure is gonna like a kind of how, when they saw the first, you see That was what they are kind of pushing do. They're like we're gonna see how what might allow style exactly right and but really you know the pitting the thing that people came to see was that for sure it was a sharp who's, gonna win in Ottawa and when you really look at it, so you see one to all these things. It was I would a rare, but all it was almost rare win aside from It's crazy, of course, and you know, can share markets over this, it was really rare to see the style git maintain it was like these credit. I only had their stance in the fight with article three four eggs are clear: it saw and now further research kind of kind of thing, but it'll people were there to see who's gonna kick his ass, but it. Indeed, you through when you really, when you really think about it, you,
We are kind of maintaining that, like we want to see a light, During all the time yeah I'll use, nor any of you can, you can fall back and forth like sometimes you can get sucked into being obsessed with beating that guy, and maybe, if you can, I use it. You know is like using anger to help you Get more strength is only just for a moment or whatever I kind of think. That's, ok and I think we are going to do to one where another, not the anger thing necessarily, but I'm gonna like in the for example, I might corporate a little bit of the tidies job today. That's what I'm pregnant phobias diet for a second year for a second to help me get better. Maybe even give me pass a mental barrier, suddenly tat you do, but the big picture just what he's talking about, I just want to get better at my geriatric anything- and I will say this too: I ego wise. I think it's very positive to, like you, I don't want to lose and then the only way you're, not gonna, lose to train all the time. There was a days that you, the days you like. Well, you know
like yesterday I was on a different timezone came back, it was, I got back The day I had a to do assumes I hit the ground. I got. Without a hit, a quick work out, and now it's like outs guess what time it is Jujitsu, John I like what are well, you know. Maybe it's been a long day, my shoulder kind of her right now resume area still rest, whereas now go to train. Because because what I know is now Training is its. This is not training one day might make a difference, but that one, does make a difference. You might not. You might tell yourself it does make a difference, but there's no there's something in there is every day of training. You can get matters everyday counts. You can't get it back and if you miss it, you miss it. Stressing that right now arrived were up. I've been travelling a lot lately, we more than normal. So I know like EVA, if I gotta get their and get it
gotta get my rounds. It that's the way it's gotta be, Part of that is my ego. Problems? My ego say: look I got it No, I got to fight. I got to struggle to be stay. On top, I got to stay on top of the mountain high as I can write hungry lions out there they're coming after me. I appreciate that that keeps me jack. Ego deposited party egos that I do. I do want to win. And I don't want to get be now- That being said, guess who I train with my drink of all the guys that were most likely to beat me? That's what I want. I want to have that happen. So there's a balance, there's a good bowser and, at the end of the day, there's really no escape it, and I think it's real private, like for you and Dee and Andy it's really prevalent, where sure you have all that you have all those thoughts in your head or whatever, but it all comes in the whole reason you have, that thought is to get better at at Jerusalem for sure Jack.
When you start Jujitsu, you like somebody was a me like we not ask. I wanna get good enough to liking Obiang. Defend myself after six months, man you're good. So what am I doing here? Twenty five years late, Miss Taylor saved out there because, like there's a couple guys that I'd, why you know I want to keep a head of, or even with or catch like that's worth striving to others. There is a definite ego thing involved, but. I think the other, where that goes too far. The EU this is obvious. Answer is like. Oh, I don't really eat almond, I'm not going to train with that. Guy cuz, you might catch me writing, now you're not now you're not progressing. Now, you're in this thing that he's talking about like you're not going to progress because you're not going to train with that first or you're not going to take any risks whatsoever, but you're just going to defend, defend and you around and I'm out of here. So you got to you got to keep that. Attitude of like hey, I'm gonna get beat and you know that's a thing to do. Works meant. Did you two works? If somebody catches, you don't matter who they are they catch you
Did you two works? You tap out. You go, get that's beautiful their budgets. Yes, that's the beautiful thing about life. Doesn't like you're, not gonna win every time. Cause you to make mistakes someone's gonna capitalize on. So what do you? Do you give up the more important that. You can't lose you can lose. Is whatever thing you're trying to do, you can lose you trying to start new business. You can lose. You try to get a new job. You can lose you can. Who's in life. So are you going to prevent that from even getting you left prevent you from even getting on the man in the first place on even trying to start a new business, even try to try to do so. Thing that outside your comfort zone, that's what that's what this is says get outside your comfort zone, don't sit. There is likely to help you
and you can see it with with the guys weak and tell her just focus on like being the guy who beat the other guy gonna. Think they'll do those kinds of things, though roar and then when they after you know to three rounds when there they feel their steam gonna going down the leave or the third side and talk in Munich on our only anymore only rose Malta has it at the Anti war. We should like six rounds and all that bright he's our backup cuz. You know he's training for events. You know I'm going to give. I was like hey. I called Dr Luke Doctor Luke, Gimme some help over backup, yeah, you know cause gotta gotta get him to step up what what's interesting worth. The reality is when I have the time or not now, one of the time but like I always get my round do like we're doing. If we two guys that are competing. We're doing you know too and went out like
I put them through in that I go through, do as I want to get my training cause. I'm gonna get better due to your point. Yeah you're not in their turn a bead Andy surgery, referring undermining or better yet, and that's exactly what I mean in It's obvious you, but you you know it's a big. A symptom of someone who's whose focusing on the wrong thing is like. If they don't do well or whatever, and they said stuff like all you're lucky this isn't, Mme or something like that. Were there like their unhappy about the fact that they got pleasure. I use specific like isotopes guy we're, remain nameless optimum and That's what I always say like oh yeah, if there were strikes out what a one kind of thing say that kind of several thousand by focusing on One thing right now: the fact that you call him cold got beat or I be you, and this is how you would have beat me. You know you folks are the wrong thing. Why do you think I do I do this? Are you the opposite? when I wrote someone and I'll be like hey. You know like
catch him or ever back here you know hey if this is emanate, liquid single, never referring to catch up with a case of Zambia may know you're on top, while you were, you didn't tell me the phase out of been good you to one more if I'm going to get to just trying to catch up with him I'll be like yeah. You know those that was points, though you were up by eight points, but I would have beat me that was a that's okay, fifteen minutes gets you are one year in its sea. I said: oh no exact respond on your head, but it seems like that would be something you'd say to someone to make some kind of fuel better. As you know, there are it's a little many competition in there for real. I mean that's essentially what makes it so good because he's given you an accurate look, Helena motivated opponent, attack or whatever would look like.
We each going full speed against you, so there is an element of like we're competing against each other and when you lose is coming, I lost his, especially if you're, not that used to training or oars on his being nice. You be nice. I think yes, and at the same time, if you seen stuff like hey, if you this was Emma, may you be pioneers Emily that that there could be a little element of your own training kind of like you just well yonder into lots local area. I kept that in mind where you know I would add that hit there and you're just penny voicing. It may be freed the benefit yourself as well. That is what it seems like, what happened is almost thinking stings check? Well, you know that we could go on this book for a long time. I think that's a good place to flax and say, look there's a lot. The principles that you can apply, Judah and you jitsu there's things that Jujitsu should you should take from Jujitsu and things that you should take from judo principles.
And if you mixed up together, gets up it s really powerful, not just on the mat but something that's really our four to apply to your life. Again. Is everything in this theories. Perfect. No, He asked me about the other deals with a group of young leaders and someone We talked about how its beneficial to read about history and understand, warfare and understand it gives you an insight into human nature, Gesine incited to people the way people think and all the stuff this guy says hey. Do you ever think that The question is often question these theories. That's what I think. That's what apply what what was the Red you act. And making a mistake or you just follow what history and like no that's the whole reason, I go the more you read the more you understand the more different angles you see and I'm questioning every decision. I make em questioning all these things all the time and I'm using all these different information that I have in my head as Sounding board to check off of like what
least, let me shed some light on it gathers and intelligence. That's that's what I'm trying to do so, yeah! question is often question these theories. That's what I think. That's what the best things about it's one of the best things about Emma may and Jujitsu, and fighting right now? Is that its evolving so fast and and at its open for it? if you're not down for that right now, you're going to be left in the dust, Does this mean that every fancy new move becomes out? Should applied to your game. No, it doesn't mean that all does it mean that every fancy deed you did to move that you saw and worlds would be super effective in a fistfight know. It doesn't mean that at all, Should you have an open mind to understand that some of those things could be absolutely beneficial. Yes, You definitely should so been open mind with everything that you don't know, idea of broad mindedness, sometimes kinda what I had a little bit more broad minded us because that
you know it would have been beneficial. You know it's what a sad things about: Judo Tuesday, they they the double like take down and judo you can't do it. You can do it. After you ve, got another, take down attempt we like a follow on got, but that's not cool, that's, not cool and simply with with Jujitsu. You did to write certain submissions like the you hook with key to write like Hugh hook is still there. The here look itself. Is still there in the Indian the motion of yeah decades. There you, you shouldn't our lot. It should be part of it because then you have people ending up in positions. Were there not effective fighting positions there? Not because you can get here looking to get your neighbor torn apart. So why would you out law, something that's very effective? It's it's! I understand there is some danger in the heel hook. For those you don't know, the danger of he'll look is that it doesn't create pain before it creates industry in injury, but doesn't crew.
A lot of pain before it creates industry in injury. So you can feel you can have a you hook on. You can be like, oh, I can get out of this, and the person starts applying pressure me like all that, doesn't really hurt and then pop your good year. You have to get surgery now that the problem with your hooks, but You and your trading partners understand that and if competitors understood like hey. If I get caught here I am an end up in surgery, vinyl tap, so that's the. If you understand that, then you won't go. These positions that were yours why do you look so that's what you should do, not only with Jujitsu region. With life do like understand what really works. Don't outlaw things don't avoid things just because you're not good out of mere openness. Up to, do you know why they don't, they really don't allow. He looks mg competition. Do you know? Why are you asking me about? You know the real worthy that they soon? I think it's because the the possibility of injury, they know ye they let it like
can slide more, and I don't know I mean I think I think it might be just tradition. But hopefully you know they should allow double leg take in Judo. They should allow he hooks and Jiu Jitsu Indeed, you jitsu now this doesn't mean if you go with me and we're rolling D. You slap he'll hook on me because I won't be expecting that and I'll be pissed or that Be parties training the end, silken gradual. It is where I guess, your wife I yet it up. The policy that is one of the thing here is what it is with. The yoke would be like if someone the buzzer, because it's so widely known, is as it is allowed for her yeah it's so you. If you get a guy speciality, extreme scenario, a new comes it he's a purple belt. Hungry bluebell. He comes in, he rose with in a way the instructors blackmail to whatever d you know their rolling and he's going super hard. Any goes for here hook, paused there tat,
make glee the what will as far as what we're talking about that should be. Ok, we all your training, we're getting better he's going hard. Thank thanks for the good training and a thing he did, but we're try, essentially train to see here hooks with the EU is as disrespect there it's against the rule yet again so embedded in its its embedded in the culture really, but really but as far as what we're talking about by its really ok yeah he's, but look I'll, say That's not ok, The recent. Why don't I get hold of it? Isn't like our trajectory for me, because, but this is a similar thing right, if you, If you came into the Jim and like you, you went for he'll, look, I'm a wheelchair energy and I start a punch in the face. Right there, like you, weren't, expecting that, but you should be prepared for it. So there is a virus is if you understand that, that's what your training like or weep
rules punches legal allowed, it went on to say there are certain things that are universally for as far as I am, I have not been anywhere, and I talk to one gb where a lot of different Gigi Braces where's your where Energy Europe each year, your cleared hot. To do he looks. I have not seen that anyone mean either. It should be. That way. Warming crook technique, is I'm with you and the others exceptions. Of course, in just cause, I happened is incorrect. Craig, but Craig Baker will allow payments area. You can help, it doesn't come, because just like everything it it's so widely known and understood from the beginning, you don't do he works with the key is just But why is that we don't really think about? Why is that in deadly wildness, those of recognised sanctioned rules just like the recognise sanction rules, say that if we're grappling, I'm not gonna start punch new in the face no bright. No, because that
pending in the vision that grappling grappling like if he plunging in the face, does deviate from when you, when you start learned due to unless it's understood that that's the kind of training you're gonna get so here's the thing. Ok, when I put on the gate these root, these moves are not allowed right. There's no I don't know, there's no rules and ensure Ivy J J F by a months this of properly. Beer percentage of people that did you do to have never competed Ivy PDF tournament, the audibly, the moderate people yet were following Obligeth rules in training, sometimes even though actually the geek competitions? I've never heard of a geek competition that allows yokes even but who is that the point. The point is that there are not allowed. So don't do him. That's not the point. The point is: why are they not allowed given what we're just talking about their? In my opinion there not allowed because of the propensity the possibility of an injury, or I.
People think that there is a high, possibly get injured there there somewhat accurate, because it is a different kind. The pain was alive, of pain, and so there is a little bit accuracy dig a see if, especially if that is true as far as why they want it, could some people might say there on it, because It was. It was always looked at as this linear thing, like done Donner mention Kind, as mentioned by this, where you know you get past the legs and you work your way up his body to tackle now, and you can start happen about when you get up to the upper body. In the legs were just something you had to get past cause they're going to try to kick you, and you know that leverage on their embody and other stuff, and that's it that's traditionally how we look at you do too that's the effectiveness. Just is just as the best at all the stuff. Now you get, you know a new person or someone from sambo or whatever come in and be like all that's jujitsu or let me go ahead and kind of flu.
It upside down a little bit invasion. What does digital? Merely we don't like that the idea that could be. Why I'm Sandra that's what everyone could be. Why, can I ask you then I have I have heard like that those initial reaction, I think of her dean service like if you reaction is like. Oh, that's not good for my game, what does the outlawed? That others are that what it resulted here, because all digital geyser training this. Without that way, you did hey. Do will it are not good for judo against the rest of you get someone that's been resting for twenty seven years and they come in Newgate in new Judo competition. They had a double leg: it's not good for the jeweler yeah, there's! So guess what kind of yeah? It's a guess! What outline which is a bummer. Read it so yeah, I'm not I'm not pro outlawing it as the ultimate point there that's heard. So let me ask you this: do you in training hooks with the gate. You personally, you think they should be allowed. He with the key
I think they should be allowed, every tell him all the time everywhere, but there. Not right now and therefore, in my mentality, is like ok, because I'm not going to put myself in a position that a heel hook is available to you unless I know that they're not available exactly, I did and I didn't actually agree- that's the same thing like. Like you were gonna role, and I just did it no good, what, if I said hey before we rode like one we're walking or even re before we can it. You know, shook hands with a very said he you hooks hour ago. Change the gate there, which is there for sugar, so same thing like if you do know ye, and you know guys like they just don't or whatever no grab your shorts, though grab your shirt rash guard. Whatever, though, grab it, just don't know. Even it's the same deal, less dangerous, of course, but seem deal words like when you start do not build. Stop blah hey! You can't do that kind of thing. But if you say before you Roy hate, you can grab shorts. Whatever up to you
The poem offer some like. That's gonna, one of those deals here he could, I guess, makes him ad hoc rules before you start rolling, but words go with what's universally accepted at this time, slap in the face illegal sometimes go when I check out well like. I said a lot of stuff to learn from Judo and you did you to make yourself better in those sports and in life. So good. You have heard the I was actually pretty impress, but pretty, impressed with the whole book, except for the part about telling people to eat, people how to each other, the calisthenics are no good being The ball is wasted time, there's definitely some and not, as some truth devour this its workers as on preparing the pot cast them like. Ok, do I just
say the things in here that I agree with, but yeah that's one way I could do it. Do I because one thing that's why I was thinking about when I read a quote from a book people: do they I too think like while I agree with that, but I support this. Unless I outwardly judge reject it and I kind of did half the book Ra'Zac while United Ottawa talk about that, because I see common from, but that's not really my gig and then gotta departures like I have to talk about the fact that he thinks that this stuff is due. This is a completely different than what I think you know so yeah I too, I guess I try to explain myself as I talk about it. Others there definitely some things that I don't agree with there's some things that I don't with about about. Judo like Others think that I don't agree with about Jujitsu. I think that's why I think there's a good mixed. Of the two that would be very powerful, bring we need to bring gave camera. Somebody's other guys that have grown up
judo and are savage jitsu anyway. Well, speaking of you know, getting better in Jujitsu and getting better in life. Sure any suggestions on how people could get better yeah! When you get when you start doing jujitsu, I'm glad you're gonna get that's. Probably one of the one to three may be for quick genes you're going to have the first for what You get you get. That's gonna, be one of those. My guess This my prediction sheet: the injured you to instil a key. Should I You'll Newgate, whatever decisions origin, you get an origin gee, that's what you do because they are factually factually they are rigid and being it is actually the best geese, their omitted America by the way, different types of ease their some new stuff. By the way peaches sent me some new stuff
that new there just different. Like styles, it's not geese, it's what I get some sweats worker, which have been a happened to be the most comfortable sweats in He you knew of his intimate cyber. You know something must be joggers whatever they are at all and their very low, but nonetheless back to the geese. Yeah at origin main dot com. That's a good one! Support yourself support the huge its support life was about America Marital? Yes, it made America from the To the shirt from them with areas as assure that caught in that is good, in America, gets. It turns into a key somehow PETE. Does that partisan? It kind of cool to think that when you put on a key like there's that that tacky came from a factory in Maine came from a from a factory main that
built specifically to make digital geese and that there's people up their workers up their craftsmen up there better. I will not be for you. I'm gonna gets put from main into a bag and said here is not got it right. Yeah, it's not like guinea. Gear the category II have sole, that question here again have sole. We don't know. They can, I notice, or at least by us, but we can make it us on assessment from the outside. If A key has sole they need that's all become from Maine right and if certain geese head souls and some geese didn't have souls you for sure want to deal with the sole yes under present, and if these do indeed have souls which tend to believe they do, they need. The good sells them, can solve. Well
beats debts we can choose. You know that they'll have souls wow I got made a funny normal. Ass or demeaned outcome as we give get them. Also enjoy Jitsu, ok, beyond this year in Digital, its physical YE twist, arms year neck in your body not twist like injure it? But you know: he gets a Morton and with Work needs recovery with recovery comes so limitation, goods, implementation, krill oil. I feel, like I said the word crude oil, probably more than have said any other food item or her supplement in my life is good. The time to happy about it because of how men, officials, gotta got more crude oil to by the way from p, with the joggers which are nice by though it also, another one called joint wherefore. These old shock of supplements by the way she didn't know. Super krill, that's trigger super chocolate, super girl, joint warfare, which is another formula for joint me
its reconstruction. Someone said here I got me surgery is gonna help me! Yes, yes, it will help you need recover, switch them miniscule situation, jeweller oil tanker thing we're, ok, so minute, I'm not gonna go to dip into it, but anything involving cartilage like these that don't get a bunch of blood flow debts. They tend to degenerate over everything degenerates, but over time not for everyone. No complacency! No back in a normal, joint Wherefer. That's a good one, maintain the joints, and this goes for any kind of physical activity you joints will. Thank you for your. Thank you joint, You think joggled for Jackal, cruel and joint work, also discipline that just Wrigley Disciplines supplement discipline. The pre mission,
called native in hands, because people were making stuff that helped you physically like a pre work out, and then they were making new topics. That would help you mentally, like your cognition sure and well, in my job Bessie my old job guess what I needed. Both I needed to be men. We sharp and I need to be physically sharp. So I wanted everything in the same like mix, sure bland that's why we made the discipline, and you didn't want to do the pre work on board and then ok limit going the other one right here: ok, the home, and then you know you want to get em get em both one time, one hit one and you feel it feels good yeah. That's. Why like. Yesterday, I was talking about the rounds I did cuz. I knew I was coming in as I was going to pay the man, so I just hit the discipline to buy the air taste amazingly good! What's interesting about it is that we want monk route.
You know about my true no monk fruit. Is the sweetener. That's used and disciplined it's like whenever, Eighty seven thousand times sweeter than sugar, but it's just another route, but a little bit of the oil tiny bit in there. Logan, I say again: index slow on the basic law on the glass and MC asserts that doesn't give you the insolence, pike and we'll just say end there. That's good orient so people not theirs caffeine. Only fifty milligrams of caffeine, sir you're not gonna, get jittery, but you get a little a little micro dose of, gets a little help little Look a long held mother but Monkford also like helps in a it's. It's legit other projects Nonetheless, it is called discipline, taste good, cause, jock ones, the tastes, good yeah. That kind of red you out yet through me
for sure he thought. Maybe I just want thinks it tastes. Horrible's disciplinary aren't, cannot block you. I like that. I was like an interesting that thousandth part the focus but hey good. I say good well, you're gonna, be really happy that I have this attitude when the when the protein comes out church. John Virginia, the MID chocolate chip in you know, just For I mean it's not normal in it. Got the monk fruit in it. So that's the sweet or so it tastes, dullish and it doesn't tastes like anything else. There's no way that could take this good in and behind it is good to hear the other side is made up. I had to make but my own name for a dig. You did the right thing. Did you write his collar mark. MA am oh ok with the womb lot over the oh. You know why Shouldn T motor head, They about layers, good man,
I think that's good Syria person people are beyond the more. When is that a couple weeks we ve got it we went through the final testing it so it's so it s good. It's easy just easy all the good things yak, as in so remember, back universally its mark. Yeah the kind of something need this is like. I don't even know what this isn't: it's not like. Chocolate milkshake! It's not like a protein Jake, it's like by its second there are no man, member mega mass. I think of five thousand three no longer know what I was out of five thousand, probably no one thousand two thousand five it might have been ok. I think that with that
part, those five thousand double supercool lost from seven fever, always had the other is raised to make further, nonetheless, is super delicious, using a big like dog food bag, full of Mega mass. What five hundred whatever was shocked you drink it imitation straight up like a chocolate, milkshake and guess what it really was just do, as you say. That's the thing. That's these your kind of, like quote health, nowadays that all this protein look at them look at a thing or two protein bar and then compare the protein bark to a Snickers bar it. It's like this, Its content is out of here, Jack whatever, yes, careful, I saw hell, it's cool, that's always go about discovering the monk fruit is being able to stuff, taste good without having the crap
artificial sweeteners in a year in a way, this kind of going back to your roots rate, where, whereas like ok, we got sweetness sweetness is a thing. It's an unnatural thing. We'd like did you not for reasons of some cool man? Don't do away with the sweetness, but you know when you start engineering foods to like to do the advertising of talking about how the wait? Maybe I should come up with something that just tastes, horrible use after got check to taste it just a test yourself mentally feel good. That Van observed, when I get back this, really work, yea and mark the who made that word: oh yeah, Maria, such nonetheless that the available the mark. It can be but a few weeks apparently here for the joint work for an super cool, and this is a good idea by the way do the subscription- the recurring where it gets you gotta. Remember you dont to your last three bill because you don't know if you have like Hicksville, that's two days in my case. I don't know how many take, but I mean I know how many you take, but I don't know how many other people,
its experience in there. You don't know how many pills in there you won t. Ok, I know there's only one at that time, too late, even six bills. Technically, almost to a pretty much the subscription to learn about that stuff or get this script Awful eggs, the geese records compression gear joggers, most comfortable ones in the world, In my experience are not maybe there's a more comfortable one, maybe not if there is never seen it. Charges have a soul, probably like it you're, so that it can become further that, for over two hundred percent under present origin Mean Dhaka good with support. Also in Maine. The issue Jitsu immersion camp immersion often jujitsu for half a week, great half we can have weak. There's like two sessions. Can you do both sessions? Yes, you can. I mean. Is that, like a thing of Korea, There is an option for that bomb one.
Emerging into Judea to just learning you know, it's not like boot camp were like you know, you're gonna be forced to do much calisthenics, which we don't advocate, apparently anymore, Still we still advocate cause, I had to keep our specialised Berkeley situation, which I think is. I advocate all kinds of cows, all cows that x. Actually, you can't show me a council that I dont advocate, even though people like, like suitable road, do they work you're. So as most little report. No, I advocate them too. I like strong source muscles good. Yes, we must show me they're, like one who doesn't work your ads workers. So as muscles I go out strong, so I must next question. First off: yes, they do work as trade and trade. Don't do sit up for one year the year this enough and then do five set of burnout sit up and then save your ads or so the next, it don't say down sit up, brought me to failure as a burn up. Can you even do sit out since the failure of its heart and inspiring to burn how much time you gotta have only have the whole here's
The point is how many you sit up, you can do or don't can't do. The point is that people saying Sid don't you your muscles utterance of the to put video muscles. Nonetheless, I agree with you. Do you didn't jump index? I did Germany, S do actually Digital Jack's. Last week you might have a MAC caught, but still there, the old old team guy work out Sir Jumping Jack's. Pull ups are sorry, jumping Jack's pushups, it is their job in tax and pushes think is no big deal than like you're forty five minutes into. I hate, jumping Jack and Pushups Yanhamu. Whenever these something continuously for forty five minutes without leaving their first half that work on it, yeah alone would get so she, after you anyway and again, to get any exercise and you can make it sock after forty five minutes yeah like theirs, in that connection, has doesn't suck after forty four years doing buds.
Grotesque, since you still seems to using laying down like you, like, ok, go laid out to move ahead around or laying down here. You know now neck rotations, one to yeah do after forty here like this the dumbest as they are reduced my life, but now we're doing it. Yeah yeah. I think you're right about that. Met, while you figure that key would be. If you dont, like all fortify menacing, is you do something that's hard enough of a movement that you don't have to do for them Yeah, that's that's good. You don't wanna to just such requirements. I didn't make on like this its representative of what you are talking about earlier, where it was the Committee of this, these two movements- you can do within a certain amount of time, so I too, which was different. Usually I set my rest time to a certain time and I do on impulse and yes good little change do that or you can do german Jackson pull up before us this week. I mean you, wouldn't even have pull a bar. Sir, we're like honest
jack in the ship or some jumping jack? Was Europe's open skies pouring pawing work up. Nonetheless, back the origin, you do to camp. You won't be doing Germany Ex bishops when they were set Unless you want to, then you can't What is more, the learning jujitsu practicing did you two no pressure, but listen. Put some pressure on yourself, which I recommend you do that involve everybody to some. What's what's the rolling rendering rendering began surrendering and some new I and some cut a lot of rights and leather editor good. Good and strongly there Oh you'll, be there. I will be there David. Work is gonna. Be David speaker he's got the bug, yeah, that's all, and I haven't- talked to JP and or life C4 role, but the camp you we're unless it is
August twenty six through September. Second, sheer all so speaking, a boring, workout Jocko work for five minutes. Jumping Jackson pushups, I don't think so, but if you want Interesting were accession. I shouldn't give you give you crap about because they did look in your instagram and you had like some bulgarian bag on there. So you that of you very your work earlier. You work it's intraday, yea, getting credit of you, make your work. Interesting, gets new movements, new equipment and they're gonna audit dotcom, Slash, Jacko slashed Uck, go in there, some good kettlebells chemicals, I guess ultimately could be viewed as boring. You can make him yeah yeah that's kind. If you're boring yeah, you know what ultimately, that's really what it is, because even me doing the same met candidate you all the time all I did was switch like Teeny tiny thing
so is more about me. Then the work out It was work about about the equipment less about the equipment more about me if you want to make it about equipment on it. Equipment, Mesa's Steel bell see I've even done that that's like some advanced creativity, your ropes, all the stuff them eat, you functional strength and Actual strength bonus on it are complex, chuckled, good spot, but a good info, There is also when you get this book called, mind over muscle,. But a listed I can get on Amazon, give em a list of the website, don't buy less, not down to me from the agent. You do not augur well. What area like a book before that wasn't available? Can I, like better one of these old school old style, looks nonetheless not this one You get the way good jackpot, Casta come put it in the book.
Section with all the books boom click through Could we support any get the bull if you do another shopping, going continue to enact, get the leaf about it's about beef actually going somewhere before for her. So so maybe get a red whacker we'd whacker son. Screen some sir shorts here get get all that stuff sport espresso, also Subscribed to the park gasp, if you have an already, I didn't teacher Google play whatever your preferred. Podcast listening device Slash application is subscribe. Goodwill support. Also, if you wanna leave review, don't hesitate on now and do it cane says. Make a decision about leaving her. You make a decision, and just go. Hesitate on the review, does do it leave it like everything in life reviews, no different when you tube, subscribed to our Youtube Channel, if you want, if you care,
even a little bit about the video version of this progress in which a look like, and I don't care if you care about what I look like but again, and I still get this by the way? I guess, apparently I dont look. How I sound is like, can you match up a voice to a face? You kindly can ya like you refer, but it's not, like a one to one. It's kind of like all like you hear, the voices in theirs is ambiguous. Kind of group of faces that might go with it. You know is one of those deals is not just one face to mind in that country is not that, but it's there I guess my face falls way outside of the group of faces that practically minute practically but but see probably match my voice. I guess that's what I hear. Apparently I still here so if you care, grab the? U to Joe, I guess technical you wouldn't have to subscribe,
to eat is look at it, but if you want to support at the same time, if you want subscribed to the markets on Youtube, of excerpts on this list. Another reason by the way You know you share the shorter excerpts with people and watch em. Two is the place to do it. Also. Some enhanced excerpts at some call him to enhance, put the music on their make. You feel good about it here You advocate discipline like the way you feel doesn't matter it matters less than discipline. It still does matter. When you're fired up so do work whatever, when you're fired up to go, do work out versus the day when you really don't want to do work eyes it in all its people, like. I didn't want to work out today, but it didn't you, isn't it set a pr in my whatever you want it to happen. That happened, some that are your theories, you're not get out. Now I want to get out. I wasn't alone. Wasn't no theory if you feel like working up in your face up to go work up
gonna be good work out, chances are not time. I get it. If you really don't feel like we're gonna your dragon, ass dragging the fight. Point five hours asleep and you're, not jock, oh by the way and you're You eat some snickers. Sunlight is thing is still gotta work out. You really don't feel like an annual bunch of stuff to do go work out every day about snicker doodle. Whereas I mean I know what I know is this guy. The Teamsters name happened we neck and we are not new guys and we went on. Of course, the only food that he brought the field was was snickers like you know, like the twelve backers letters I assure you I assume you brought. He bought like three twelve boxes stickers and though that's all he brought for five days, didn't go down. Well now the Olympics, who got mega diarrhoea case so the whole market, always nickname, snicker doodle after that
got was inactive. Snicker do separately for each year and was already bombed out actually after that one is good we had a guy named Snickers honor what he meant you, each Snickers music, that you sent allows last name now sneaked in full on. But I did that's how you know certain days of their nickname is so strong. You don't really like you do. It was like that, nonetheless, back to the point If you're fired up to go, worked out, chances are you gonna bet it worked out same thing, with them jockers message: if you're fired up to listen to it, it might think hinder, might some good music got it seeking better. It might not enough enhance sweat enhanced in Austria Your messages nonetheless the point there is subscribing to channel if you want good with sport, also Jockers store Scott Joplin Store, jock restore dot com, patches are in just been hitting meal.
I've been seeing beans on their you area to throttle decibel here's. The thing I gotta remember right in July, so we got back over you a job, hey man, you know better late than ever. I guess with those in the meantime and apply would at summer time and you gotta be, does not apply. Maybe I'll get the thin ones, as rate may do, for a living better about it. No doubt about it. Look you're right. And were still gonna work hard on the beans and git him get em out. Quality care rush, great greatness, quality. You know what a nine months were not about. Russia should have covered with all kinds of quality like mega quality. Those things get a bit emitted from cash. Rigour on the idea that your own and alone, all right continue to work, and you know when there are, they gonna be out there going be fantastic
the legal base in the meantime. Maybe it takes a lot to get a soul into a baby here there could be got to be in the meantime, this increase, and there I think you're cool does legal feel get after it. That's a good one, simple to the point back to the book. Now that's a new one. Put another titles, on the back. Well, we're all the book tat That is why, so, what's not until what part gases forget, should figure that out. That's like a layer real, the first hundred, but you pride, and do that. I think it is clear that it knows that hundreds something very been missed. That's why does it we could put in another back and look at two hundred like me, Were this layer maybe maybe not or maybe your add a layer cause layers- are animal edible, maybe you can add layers. You see saying some shirts on their some records on their some patches there, like, I said some women stuff on there. Hoodies also.
Decals ridiculous, Jesse's details Jesse's declare here's the thing with the girls There there are essentially a sticker right and we all know it because I am an assent, but he uses like this stuff, like the material for this detail is like supposed to survive the apocalypse. Now Jakin details good. We too support. Yes, you did play around with enough, not at all in this get like use. We gain. We go back and forth in he's like I make, because I think that's a good idea whatever and then another company called things called echelon fronts on related. They got some details, Yankees these details in privacy prompted me to ok, we need are through legit, they are legit and there on chocolate stored up, come away. The good way to support you want something, get something also, psychological warfare. If you do No, that is what is its in album, with tracks of Jacko,
helping you through this. What the track is it? It's, not a music jack Jack on their every track. Helping you get through your moment of weakness, and we have, I have jock wasn't, even though he, is reluctant to admit that from time to time and what it does is, let's say: you're gonna skip the work out. I think skipping work on this, in my opinion, skimming work out and cheat not cheating on a dyke. You cheat on a diet. Technically, yes, yes like you, cheating you weren't supposed to did anyone here, you betrayed your ear yourself, you because you're future self, something like yourself of right now, will make like a protocol right and then you're future self, essentially cheats on your ass awesome, meme of Homer Simpson, like all the skies futures, not look like a their exactly remedy young, so yeah
Frankly, it is if your cheating on Europe past Self, on the diet, the website that you said feeling that feeling come on come along. You got a track for that. You just listen to it in its essentially like chocolate tone you why you should it slip? Why she slipped on that slippery slope ever activity, some good ones and Procrastination Alister the objective, when a good way to support very effective to that's all. Apple music, No Amazon, Amazon, music, Google play Apple Itunes, We can get be threes, that's where you can get it also. You can get Amazon Jock await tee. It tastes really good. It does have fifteen grams of caffeine, so that's a little micro dose. That's why Fifteen grams of caffeine inside the discipline- because that was the those that I like, it has been but it's only fifty more versatile. It also has a high level of any oxidants. That's what the pomegranate does that.
Pomegranate inequality and, of course, an additional those things. It is the only whitey that comes the guaranteed. Eight thousand pound then left Charlotte. So that's good you're that going for you, even Jordan Petersen, now paying are gonna tax from him and he's up to eight hours. All doing us get so here because he was killed, told at seven thousand pounds is he admitted honor, but who had met his weakness is either, but it's hard, seven thousand pounds pretty sad hawks- malaria day, thousands so good for him. Oh good yeah all took soldier waited also, we got some books. I got some weeks ago book called way. The warrior kid, the principles of being awarded and we have been a good human being and there in there, and they are simple in their clear enough for a secure, Of the seven year old, an eight year old, an eighty year old to understand them and it gets better because the story continues in the book way. The warrior kid to marks
mission in this book, starts to hit on some other principles in life been your emotions under control. Working hard being frugal, so giving money and also dealing with Nathan James. Nathan, James New Boy Psychological bully little but different mark wants to fight him. Mark figures have been training gentleman to fight this guy, but instead Uncle G, Dunkel Jake's as no you can find him for Together, intelligence autumn. You have to figure out. Why, It's going on with. Nathan, jobs, We stand: why he's your enemy and see if there's another way to solve this problem? Beef, besides fighting turned to be very good, also mark as it did you tournaments coming up. That's what he doesn't want to beaten. You don't want to do First, you just turn, but why. Because he's afraid he's of losing, is afraid of failing fear of failure. That's bad!
she's got all these problems. How do you, we're coming. Well, luckily Uncle Jake's in the house. Jake is out for the summer, time gives them a hand or that book is gonna be available April. Twenty fourth same thing with all the other books for the last It'll come out gonna sell out the public doesn't understand how many books to make they want a hedge, their bats, so he's gonna make a certain amount so The more people order now, first of all, you'll get it when it comes out and second of all, they'll know that they need to make more in it from wherever order from Amazon order from board simple, but go into your local bookstore. This God you're, like a bookstore and Tom. You want the book marksmen way. The warrior kid to tell me want that. That will help spread. The word.
And also why you're helping out war. Your kids check out irish oaks, ranch dot com, we'd get soap made by young Aden. Twelve result he's got his own business. And the soap isn't just any soap, it's good. So then he actually called Jacko SOAP and the job was so bottle that I made up No credit for this. The motto is: stay clean as someone said, there's a layer that stake lean. Do we clean so layers? No big deal also don't forget about the discipline, was freedom field Manual, This is the manual forgetting after it faults and since that will keep you off the slippery slope and keep you the path, the path of discipline and thereby as the title says, the path of freedom, fuel
audio version of that. It's not on audible, it's an album with tracks, disbelieved freedom, field manual on Itunes, Amazon, music, Google played that's where you can get. It also extreme ownership combat leadership, broken down into pragmatic strategies and tactics that you can apply to your business and life boom. Still on the Amazon Basin, was still on Wall Street Journal, keeping it real. And if you want or you need Take it to the next level echelon front is my leadership and management, consulting company b overwhelming factor in the success of any business or team is leadership. That's what it is. And at echelon front. We come to you company. And train and align your leadership so that you work effectively together as a team to dominate your battlefield. It's me it's my brother, late
having J P. Now Dave Burke. You can email info echelon, front, dot com forward, at the website, echelon, front, dot com and, of course the master is our leadership seminar we're only doing to this year. Washington Dc May seventeen and eighteen concern San Francisco October, seventeen eighteen, the DC masters to third sold out right now third sold out and it's gonna sell out soon the s s. Muster, is in October. At its already a third sold out, So both of them are absolutely going to sell out. We can expect the spaces anymore repacked, is as majors is there in there is. We can desk so you we can't for any more people. So if you want to come, get registered now extreme ownership, dot com, the entire echelon front team will be there. All of us, including Charles. And by the way there's no green room. We won't be back stage getting are getting on
Our scalps massaged now we'll out from the be kicking it with you interacting answering questions talking eating Working out hanging out is basically getting after with you so come and get it at the monster at the muster, get registered as great as you can, and until we do the muster if ye questions were comments or answers, or you just want to cruise with can hard can find us on the entire webs on Twitter, on Instagram and on de fry you she book, ECHO, ECHO Charles and I am at Jocker willing and thanks to you all for listening to the podcast, especially those of you in uniform
took an oath to protect this country, and you stand by that oath literally around the world on the front lines into the police and law enforcement and fire fighters and paramedics and all the first responders that are always on call to help us. When the chips are down and that are ready to make that sacrifice like so He did. September eleventh, thank you for what you do and. Let's remember and give thanks to the people every day, like Jeremy click who stood up. Along with the other members of flight, the three days. Stood up and fought with time called for it let us all be prepared do the same, to stand up and fight if we need to to be prepared to face evil
by staying on the path by knowing what your principles are and sticking to them be vigilant, pay attention, paid June to the little things forward, decisions. The decisions that pull you off the path and onto that slippery slope with bad habits. We'll let you down at the moment of truth watch out for those little disease instead stay on the path, the path of discipline, the path that leads to security and strength and, of course, to freedom and that's the path of getting after so until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko out.
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