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120: How to Maintain Improvement Over Time. Healthy Competition. Too Proud to Ask for Help. Comfort Zones.

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0:00:00 - Opening

0:00:18 - Uncomfortably cold VS Dangerously Cold.

0:10:32 - Asking for help when you need it.

0:19:17 - Martial Arts Competition as a way to prep for Real physical confrontation.

0:41:23 - Staying in your comfort zone and not even realizing it.

0:53:26 - How to implement Extreme Ownership to others when they don't like Jocko.

1:02:21 - How working harder for an imcompetent superior will help you.

1:11:02 - Can you be default:aggressive and relaxed at the same time?

1:20:10 - How do self-awareness, self-assessment, and self-improvement begin?

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This is Jack Podcast number one. Twenty with ECHO Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. So it's been a while since Cunette yeah. So We have some q, nay from the entire webs, go first question Jacko what once on the podcast. You ve mentioned how the teams were so competitive that no one wanted to admit when they were called being took too cold puts you had a tactical disadvantage in hindsight. Was that a failure to control your ego? So your ego doesn't control You didn't ask this question out of idle curiosity, a lotta of folks and active duty. Listen to the party
and I'm concerned, they might put themselves their teammates and their mission in jeopardy because of their egos, won't, let them admit they're too hot or too cold. All right. So good question good point and there's definitely a big difference between between being uncomfortably cold right, like antlike uses, uncomfortably called or uncomfortably hot or on contrary thirsty or hungry or whatever and being in actual state we are putting the mission in jeopardy because you're too cold or hot or thirsty whatever So I just need to say this. In the teams you are ninety five percent of the time you are cold to cold, to hot, to wet to thirty two miserable something. There's! No, touch when you're in the field you put on. Pounds worth get worth a gear. You're uncomfortable from the word go from the word go and you're cold?
you know you coming over the beach you're in wet Camus. It doesnt matter you come out will go technology and we got a dry suitor. This. We got a that now you Could you miserable its? You can be called. You comic opera, you riding Zodiac first you. You riding in a big red, which is like a ten metre and you have your zodiac on that boat. So your but you're getting sprayed with water, you're gettin bounced up and down you do that for three hours. And then you want your little boats in the water. Well, while you're do not you fall in the water, you slip, you get sprayed more your covered in water by the way, waters, not warm and you got it cause you're gonna travel in fifteen not to get a few facing a fifteen, not headwind for the night two hours and his odious and then you're get in the water and swear mostly deeply you're gonna be cold. Does the way it is, and you can't complain about that so and you don't
complain about it in the teams. You just keep your mouth shut, that's what you do! Keep Marcia now the big distinction. Is. This is correct if you're gonna get hypothermia, you're gonna get a heat stroke or you going go down from dehydration than yeah. You got to speak up and be going to say guess what I got an issue here, I'm I'm starting. My started, dizzy, you're gonna, get light headed or whatever you have you Cross, the line to where it goes from discomfort to actual problem and you definitely need to speak up then happened. It happens a lot. Actually! No, we do not do our land warfare training in the desert in the summer time. Hundred twenty degree heat got you your a key capitalist, and you know what I was running training we just have premeditated heat causes evaluation, as we knew what we're gonna go down, as is the way it's gonna happen because you got
forty guys that are all turnin unburden and they're all running on three or four hours asleep, and then there. On the field, and I just got back from the field, and no time to re, there's time, but some guys might forget to re me, and next thing you know you got a guy going down, so the stuff does happen and yeah you gonna. Let your team not gonna live. We, the closest call I had. I was on a long patrol training patrol in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, who summertime was hot. We Were planning to pump water, meaning you bring a little water filtration system into the field and you get to a stream, and you can fill your canteens in its great and seems like you have water forever cause of streams? While we the way the perch when we started off in pairs and then we linked up with fire team, they make up a squad, you hook up with a Well, while we're in the squad link up
for whatever reason the course that I was on, I didn't what are we had a couple streams that were supposed to be there and they weren't their inner stream says: I'm streams are running around the time of year was the streams won't run into the first? One is ok. Ok. I got to see you over mountain come back down the other side gettest, where the stream is marked intermittent stream is marked on a map, guess what no stream, so by that time, I was out of water. So now coming that the next day I said to myself: you know if there's not water at this next dream, I'm going to come and have issues and there wasn't water the next day. So yeah that's, but I started you're, the dehydration common army, that's why I hate being thirsty I always carries much waters. I can you, you gotta, be paranoid about being thirsty once you start going down from a dehydration, it's really a bad situation. We want the whole day. No, it was two days yeah. I know I had water goin in, but
so I didn't have a tunnel should add. I should have had one, but why should I be two more meters of water as a as a just in case, but I didn't tell you that the big you gotta carry now. You have your now you're sweating. More so there's abolish gotta figure, but yet the canopy a problem. Yes, I have seen it become a problem where guys egos too big- and I want to admit it free so yes, this is a good morning. Don't let your ear get you in real trouble and cause. That's gonna hurt your platoon even more! So don't let that happen. Don't Your ego prevent you from telling the truth about what is happening in this happens this can happen in the business world to wear? Oh, you know what I don't really know how to operate this piece of equipment, but I'm not gonna, say anything, I'm saying to try and do it. Well, that's get hurt. So that's an eagle problem. When you have an issue, when you know you can't do somebody never done something before step up and then raise your hand,
Now, of course you should have done the research you should. As you know, you should have figured some stuff out on your own, but if you to do that, don't dig a hole deeper. Raise your hand say with the problem was very good question. You make sense that switching the thirst thing did the isolation thing again. You want to be the guy saying, oh thirst here. I think now days, though, like teams coaches soothing football case, a pot Warner football they be like, yet no water we have a water you drink water at the water breeding, otherwise, you're practicing, you know curving, it's like a tough in Europe think but men that can jam your health that year let's face it. I mean it pretty rare in if you gave people that, if you're a due to practise what the hell, I'm surprised us two hours to ok, Brow, can make it two hours if you're, probably hydrated. Now, if a person is not properly hydrated going into them
sure that, and that can be a problem. But if someone is properly hydrated going into this situation should not be a problem What if you are in the motoring you're going to the field? Man pre, hydrate, liquid, that used to save me so much for current, somewhat water just drink so much water now deal with the problem comes in your Heller ride for our half Europe is so bad. It's awful! Well, you know what bring a little bring little plastic bottle with you, so you can take the bottle less of an issue. I think like finding a place to drink, firstly, the surest way to clear out. I have to make a few pre hydrate properly Norman how hard work and you can go like twelve hours without any water which is budget ever for you, me no kind of an average seal mission, twelve hours, which brilliant plenty type yeah. But here I mean
I'm talking about morning here. So you know it's right on your job, we're not gonna talk of law, but here's the weird thing like when you went to high school college they'd have water right there right there on the sidelines, You know they're really aware of aging good. You need water drinking water widely. That was also the time to sort out the so the boy, the era, the arab league. So when we were kids, no one ever ever one single time in my the time or zero adults. Eighteen, no one! Ever said to me: hey make sure you drink water, never never heard anyone say that is your thirsty drink, a coke. What you know who the way it was so that for you in that time period. Yet when I got to when I got to seal training buds. That's and they were saying. Oh you gonna stay hydrated. I thought I was kind of a joke. I thought they were
yet here for woody time or hide you metering water. What are you we mean? Why would you called something else? Hydrated? Will you thirsty it's like this may it will. You should cause. You can go, I'm from like he'd kill this leg for theirs heat exhaustion, each stroke, ITALY, Austria, yet and believes that does all kind of heat injuries. You can get the air and you get here. Stop right, you can straight up die earlier. So that's not! You know it's not a matter of like oh yeah, tough it out, but you can't have it your shutting down there. That's for sure it's all! You know that is important for the heat thing Yes, that is in an that's going to go back to this question that is poor probably why we would see he casualties in training because guys do not want to say anything like mere mountainous areas, you're, not gonna, get even worse. Is that haven't you could start with an ivy know your line in the field. Everyone else by the way continues on doing another. To alarm at her home to a target? Are yours
their laid up, an ambulance like a little baby. No one wants that, but at pre if you pre hire a properly won't be in that situation here. But if you I gotta get that situation. You need to say something yeah, we're talkin about you, how life dear, essentially and more important retirement. The mission yeah, I'm still think about the pot weren't a situation but yeah man. I dig it. You are correct. I can't help but agree with you, one hundred percent that question Jacko Dear Job, My chosen community has lost and continues to lose members due to suicide. One reason is that they don't ask for help. I think one and they don't ask for help. Is that their afraid of being or being seen as weak? I am aware that the stick strength and discipline to be able to pursue perceive when you need help and to ask for it. I don't know how to convey that to them. Could you
how one can gather support from their team without losing face. So so there is an obvious reason. Why appeared these two questions together because they're both very very similar and It's the same thing and if we don't A member of your team will come forward and admit they have an issue than the issues not gonna get addressed, and this is the same exact thing that, after explained, your team like hey, if you start going out, because you're dehydrated or your start didn t didn, frostbite and unique, to get warmed up. You need to say something if you say something: that's gonna hurt the whole deep, that's what's bad, so so I think that's import, I think, is important. Make sure everyone understands that this part of being a good operator is knowing your limitations and when you reach limitations, raise your hand and saint hey. This is a problem. Believe me that there's there's guys it might complain about little things and thereof.
We gonna be labelled as a little complainer right and they don't really have issues. So there there's a fine line, right there's a fine line, but for this one first, when a tab in some kind of mental stress. Well again, we gotta recognize what's going on, we have to recognise that its impacting us negatively work. So that means you gotta, raise your hand if having a negative impact on the way or performing gotta raise your hand, and I think it's important to explain people that this is something that summit, that happens to could happen every anybody in its A negative thing is just a reality. It's it's. It reminds me of being afraid right and if, if If you're lucky you got a new right has never done anything before and he doesn't know these can be afraid going on operation. He's gonna, wonder why stomachs upset or why?
and guess some seltzer. Why can't sleep like? Oh you can't sleep, guess what that's normal! you're, going on a hard core combat operation to Morrow the fact that you can't sleep completely normal the fact that you feel secure stomachs completely normal the fact that you're you're, shaking Those things are normal, like you're gonna feel those that's. Ok, it's not that big of a deal those things are just fear, that's what they are and if you know what they are- and you know that fear is okay and its acceptable, not actually kind of good right, because if, if you feel not a feeling any fear whatsoever over, and you know you got some with it. You should be feeling afraid you, if you'd feel fear that should dare to propel, you should get you on air Those all those things are actually happening for reason. So nothing wrong with that, and I think that's the same thing that you got explain to people with dress like ok, that you can have too much fear. You keep some one at that. And state for an extended period of time. Well, that's called
about stress and its real and It can happen, it can happen. I want- and you know how many books if we talk about on the spot gas, where you can see stress, combat stress taking its toll on people and, and when it does, you know we talked about it. Many times p, if you, if you get to that point, you need a break and and Dick winners, from Banda brothers you he would give those guys breaks without them, even knowing that it was given him a break in echo, you gotta go back into a little just run for four days. Just make sure we have more supplies coming away. Get you off The fraulein get you a breather. So that way again. The same metaphor: I've used before us, if you, an engine in the red and you keep running it. What's can happily engine it's gonna burn out. It's not could be useful. If if someone that psychologically stressed and there in the red and you keep running em in the red, guess what eventually knock em usable anymore, Xenia give him a break, get em off the line, because if you you take an engine if you're engine like check engine like comes on
go and get a maintained get it fixed, still good you ve brought in it the engine. Be destroyed so you got to do that with your people and you gotta make sure everybody knows, and I gets a real simple metaphor to use with people's well say: look we're running heart. We're gonna, put some stress on the engine and if you don't Keep the engine maintained, the engines gonna break you want me to go to the team will be good for the mission. So if you start You're engine like go on. You gonna someone know so I can give you the proper maintenance and that's it Jody Munich talked about that what he was. You know saying: hey you. Basically, if you get injured, if you break your ankle, They don't just expect you to keep going. No like. Okay, you need to get back you needed to rehab. While the same thing can happen to your brain, your brain gets a break in it. You just keep driving ur gonna fracture fall apart. What do you do you? You take a break. You get downtime an you. Recovered, and then you be ready to rock n roll again. So
really good questions started off. You don't get, especially for folks out there on the battlefield in and then it's not just for people and the battlefield, because it happens with any, any group of people that are in distress were environment. I mean obviously cops put into a really stressful environment all time? Well, if you need to take a breather, you need to say something before you before you burn out the engine seething with business world right people in the business world get extremely stressed out, well, you probably need a break at some point. Matrix worked out in their don't like, like police? have like a like a mandatory program or mandatory situation where you know you got I think we're like when they shoot someone or something like that. Like mandatory, you have to go to like some kind of cancelling the debt or seven do now yeah yeah, so that that makes sense to because even if let's say you don't necessarily need it or whatever you go through
situation, you gotta go mandatory and I gotta go there, but it's good that ever can it does it because the seems like or takes away the the negative, the human drama here you know like China, like all I'm, we got. You know guy, that, apparently feels is so I'm looking around. No one else is going to council They ve done that somewhat the military of hay when you come off and appointed everyone's gonna ghost talk to talk to you come off and appointed everyone's gonna ghost talk to talk to what is it a psychotherapy Mr Santer, like psychologist trying to do that. I know they did that the seal teams were they'd, be everyone would go. They didn't do while I was in they give you like a piece of paper, which everyone just scatter gun decked mean pencil. I don't know what I don't know what you just like, you know, fill it out, except for Tony You know what Tony rode on the head of his work. He wrote
this is a cry for help rosemary for it, but it was those evil that, like a whole fake one about just a funding, yeah. But it makes sense, though, because of that, because this kind- Diana really tomorrow, as you think, if this morning Difficult to, let's give everyone a let's give everyone a baseline sort of ok check here, yeah yeah, in that way: no one's, no one has to go. No one has to take. Raise their hand first right, you're all going to talk to somebody smart to do being right, kind of goes along with the earlier question too, like if it's a water break and hey guys, water break everyone, drinking water? So now it's like you don't have to feel like the one person who look it is worth anything area. No one is like that is acceptable.
So yeah you got an issue meant speak up, let everyone! No! You know that way. You can do job you can do a longer you can do better. Your goal is to do this is to be the best possible that you be the best possible capability so that you can go out and do your job asked if you, if you got issues you gotta, say somethin, so that you can keep doing your job for the team here. So I come like don't look. Yourself as being weak. Look at yourself is true optimize your strength. Gonna, go you maybe just a flip over the way. Look look at an honor. There is next to. Do you think. Martial arts tournaments are the most effective way for preparing for physical confrontation, just computer, my for my second Did you tournament as the three straight white belt, in one magic, completely lost focus in control of my mind, because I believe I was taken aback by the strength and wildness of my opponent, Imelda dig it hundred percent Ike
barely, I can barely even remember how much how the match unfolded. I've, given this much significant thought and concluded that I need to compete, more Amerika I'm very comfortable with everyone? In my academy, the desert role with without question there like family. Now, the guy we're going to turn me. It was a total. Stranger is unknown and therefore elicited fear I allowed myself to be. To be crippled by fear. Is there any other way to overcome this beyond competing in tournaments? Thank you aren't you know. Competing is definitely part with and innate interesting that is, is asking if this is the most effective way to prepare for a physical confrontation. It is a very good way to pursue help you prepare for a physical competition and then the bottom line is competing. One of the things that competing in one of the thing that that's true with computer,
It's true with anything. Is that the more familiar you are with the unfamiliar the more familiar it will become. I know that sounds pretty obvious, but the more familiar you are with the unfamiliar, the more familiar it will become, so you get to become familiar. Things, are unfamiliar and you learn how to handle Things that you weren't, expecting. In the teams? We always talk about that. Your first freefall jump when when you learn how to skydive with with freefall reg, your first job seems like it's it's like three seconds long, even though its a minute even a minute because you're just you're all amp d and you all you seizure, altimeter, and the more you jump, the more you see until minute coming thick. Have you read hold your breath four minute. Yes that for like a long time right, but That's that's. The amount of time that can take up a freefall can be a nice along minute. We observing all these different things. Only first are doing. It doesn't seem very long, I'm sure if we had
Andy, you know, Annie I'm fine here is one minute. Freefall price seems like a really really long time, because he's got thousands of of jobs and so this is the same thing, the the more you train for chaos, the more accustomed you're gonna become to the chaos now what's greatest In this particular case, tunnel disguises, wild and crazy and hey if you survive, I bet that first time of the next I'm someone goes while the crazy, like ok, well, here's what I need to do to put this in check and he divided hold on. I need to make sure he doesn't give any positions, but I'm not gonna get crazy. I'm gonna absorb some. You you go through that mental drill and the more you go through a mental drove the better you better. You will get at it and this This is true with anything in and why you know when I was That's your training, we put the. We would make it so we hit people with the most random possible thanks because that's what
as you for an impossible things is ran abominable things. That's what you want to deal with its kind of weird you. Don't for Jitsu Dean, Dean Welland talk about this? In and now you can hear John Donner Talkin about as well, and if, if you I've never been in a certain situation before you're, not ready flights in when. Okay, so there's that there's a position in introduced, you called fifty fifty right, that's what it's called now We used to call it Cocker ECHO, because that's the position dean was in when he beat guiding Cockerill covered it is you see world championships and. Dean Dean calls opposition. Ninety ten because he's in it so much that, even though to new, for meaning we both have the same. Advantages and disadvantages when Dean's opposition he's been in it. So much that he's got a ninety percent chance. You get a ninety percent chance of success he's been there ten times twenty times thirty times more than you, and I
John Donner, talking about the same thing. The other day he's getting You know his his jujitsu fighters. Right now are doing. These two guys that are these there they're putting people positions that person about you If you dont use to a guess what year did manage, even though I might have trained even though less same what you did to black belt and I've been true for twenty years. If I've we're been in this particular position before its, I might you wipe out members? You can see that happening. You can see that happening. That's. Why would somebody comes up with a new new type of moves that move can be effective for a little while Let's go, let's say you came up with a new move. You might catch me now new move one time and then I why nobody did, but if, but now, if, instead of just a new move, you had a whole new area that I no not that I have had to learn a whole new deal around it. With any Bravo in intense planet. You know like, though they were doing things like. Oh
never been in this position before now. What do I do, and they were catching guys like that in the more people figure out that part of that system. Ok, will, then you get better at it and we get to a neutral ground again at any time you can so in train. Any time you can get to be put yourself, situation that you have been before. It's gonna be beneficial to you. Now, what how does this translate to real physical confrontations right? How do you train for that? Well, how often are you putting on gloves and jujitsu? How, often are you haven't somebody put you in the face. How often are you haven't somebody come up and push you around the hour for young people do things that people can do to street fight right that people can do a street fighting they wouldn't normally do a match right, for instance, in briefly, does anyone ever start on the knees right they don't start on, and I certainly do
They don't see. You don't start on the necessary for yields, a hey. You want to fight me in the new. You didn't get down on your knees and so does the other guy. Now we forgot what happens? Three fights don't start on the knees so you're always people ask me this is actually somebody asked me the other day. What what should I do in starting from the knees? What's a good take down? Why Beauregard, because why you on your knees, the best thing if your opponents on their knees stand up and kick him in the face of this you're, not gonna, be if your? U, why would you be on your knees, so dont practice at so? How do you prepare for the debate way to prepare for these combat situations is. Is is due to tournament a good way. Yes, it is a good way is boxing. Is, is boxing where is it good? Do smokers to figure out what it's like when somebody some you want to talk about some of the wild West get someone, that's on training box, income thrown the throne you know, windmill haymakers at you, thirty eight Neuro, now they're gonna be exhausted after that. First thirty two.
Seconds, but but you will, I would have had to of withstand and not get Once in the head, and had by while homemaker I don't care who you are if they connect with your chin, Tirzah possibility you might go down so you you be careful that so so, don't just think. Just Jujitsu, hey, go out, train somebody, trains and more time and go and spar, and if you can't do smokers, smoker's cuz it breezy you do. In other words, the only do you need to do you like a full preparation all that, yet it's an official event, go. Do smokers and you're gonna geeks. Somebody gone wild on you fraud haymakers at you thrown crazy kicks it? You do that. Do all things to get ready for those physical complications and then they you also, on top of that, you read and you look at Youtube videos. Go, watch Youtube. We have talked before the watch Youtube videos, street fights
To see what people, what kind of things people do we which can be very effective right, you need watch learned watch out for soccer punches. You need to learn to watch out watch your back and watch. You sneak up on you and be aware, you're surroundings and put your back against the. What does all these little things? You can do to make sure that you're not gonna get soccer punched, but you. Pay attention to those things. You hear that one that wildness, that he talks about their curricula. That is a huge things like a whole another factor where, especially in exactly how he said, he's real he's real familiar with his trading partner. You saw me the amount of cruising unkind to relax, even during the role, this probably significant amount of it almost to the point where it seemed like anywhere where he can. It may be, expects that were, you know even subconsciously. Kindly he understands that that's kind of part of the deal you go against the camp, stranger its wild west, wow. This is like it's
overwhelming also, even at the three stripe White Bell level that this other guy. He may he's got his little game, he's got his game that he plays and there's a chance that as a threat, while you haven't learn that part of the game, so it just feels crazy here and that whole. You know when you compete for the first second tat, does this earlier ass, a thing is the more you train the less holes. There are right the less holes. You are there on your game, and so, you're a three stray wipeout. You might not have good guard replacement right, You really haven't learned how to replace the guard from cross I'd. Well, this guy tends to be a guy that holds really. Across the and that's where he works has gained from man you're a big trouble here in big trouble. Yet often
saw unpredictable too at those earlier stages. Cause you don't know where you're holes are. I mean you, you might know some, but you don't know how you haven't seen enough of the game Many enough situations where you, you can kind of stay calm and you know all the stuff. So do you where you see that it be familiar with the unfamiliar kind of thing. Member one Majid started just baseball bat, Joe, Everyone yet layers, yeah he's the weird set ups and he would let people passes guard beneath Think in home about the score. Some points on and boom they're getting tap out yet bright bill. It was so forum that ok so he went the two real real famous ones at the time when he explode on the scene with these was his car. Exactly alike, so there's two matches and one of arm Zack Maxwell had mounted her arm bar has in the harbor. Meanwhile, Bayswater bought choke ASEAN now, but who cares is really that rule
not rule, but that situation of kind of applies. If you're, someone in Armour Otto care usual me up what an alarm heartbreaker Bay he's going further, but he can't leaned back because a baseball bat shook symphonies like that attack. You have demonstrated tat end and I think he was Clark where he had been the other way around, but either way card. Zack was your book. I was the better at these matches. Where I know I was yet. I wasn't housing as though the videos but yeah the kind were park was like. I know this joke I'm in Malta or I'm in this good position. I know that this took doesn't work. It simply doesn't work, because I have the advent and he has talked Unconscious- doesn't tat she might hurt in. That is the case for a lot of the allotted jokes, where its I share this her? No, no! No, I don't even have to know a good one, doesn't even hurt, such a good yoga just in yeah. That's what we're talking about! There's a guy named measured wits machines. Lastly, each year that's right and he he came onto the scene will say with
This is s interesting about this is the baseball bat choke is not a new joke. It's not a domain that people were unfamiliar with that he was doing it really really well with really. Good set ups that peopled. That's what that's the part that people were expecting was a really good setups. They really groups of people weren't expecting, and so he let people pass their guard or his guard. Here the joke and they can cross. I didn't get mounted her whatever gopher arm locks and their tapping. Because they weren't expecting it yes and and it knows no, I mean Zack, Maxwell and and Car Gracie budgets phenomenal competitors, black belt judge. I mean and turning their whole lives both of em your Cobb, by Gilles yeah, the the the legitimacy of like the way that whole thing went down just saw astounding. You like it. Just like I used to like Clark. Clark has been win,
stuff wrong. What is an ear and use it this crazy, but it shows you know where Can you can be that good? You get just that one teeny tiny window of familiarity and wonder they like creeps in there and he's familiar biologists have his way and then what was interesting is as people started. Knowing that that's what he's gonna go but he'd still get it yeah and actually he and I trained with him before for fear a few times whatever, and he didn't do that me and I'll, like hey, do you were neither that's? Why didn't do it to me? But, as I did do people you know like? Does everyone asks you to teach them or he's like you know what people don't? I don't even really talk about anymore, because I've become so well known for that move that it becomes. It became less. A part of my life said where he can happen to wear? Ok, once you it goes through a phase of hey. I wasn't backing that and it worked,
wasn't expecting it. Then it goes like hey. I was expecting it, but it's still worked. Then it gets to a point where people got our market to do your God. Oh if he grows, and I call on you to go its a way different direction. I need not do anything need to back out whatever and it becomes where, like you said it, and now it's losing some of its effectiveness, because everyone is expecting that debate, though move that you do that's what everybody ha ha. Two percent or less aware there be like care. What position I mean, I don't care what position after give up. Do not get into that legal position is a new way to tell with some as matters as soon as I get it. I get it by him, and that is our goals, but the chaos thing I think he should compete more yes, Russia can be more for sure, but what I'm saying is compete in Jiu for sure, but do some smokers do some weight I do some wrestling matches do some sambo turn you get out there different competitions in there.
On top of all that man, do some scenario based training you don't do some self defense based training. Gotta me we're somebody pulls out the the the knife. The thing knife whatever? Would it were? They called the fake knife and like, let's make sure we know how to deal with that? Let's make sure we know how to do with a baseball bat like what you going to do, what you going to do, cuz baseball, You know what to do with baseball bat. Closer distance you know, hey, that's! That's that, not even really a game changer as long as you know what you're doing knife because it isn't with a knife and arrogant, stabbed. This problem, so you gotta make distance here in it again. They just that familiarity like once. You go through it. That's like almost night and day in and of itself, once you seen if you ve never every day we once like for that? First step is maintained, so that's good that went through this real there. Anyway,
the other good, psychologically naughty, recognise psychologically recognise that he lost his might already said. He said I did fear yeah got fear. Was it I even one that I completely lost focus and control of my mind. So once you that's just what you just said, when you get that you can experience that that's a good thing to switch cuz, then you learn to recognize that you're losing control your mind and you're gonna when used when you realise that it allows you to start monitoring it we never been so there's people letter. Listen this right now that have never lost their mind before they ve. Been overwhelmed by something and just not knowing what to do never been frozen. You have been frozen with fear froze.
We fear that you ve never felt your fight or flight thing engaged in what happened. You won't know what it is. You want to know what it is. So that way when it happens, you can go. Ok, what's happened, a writer I want to make this summer to make this decision in how you think, when you turn boxing or boxing year here and an Mme saw when you get here in the face- and we talked about this before we need in the faith in you- haven't really been hidden face before, like that's a little though you off to put really Miley it'll, throw you also especially yet you re right, because When you see someone get punched in the face in the movie- and it seems like it doesn't really phase in that much and I keep going if that's what spectres can have. Oh, you get punch the first as the wrong idea, because, what's gonna worry, if you ve never been budgeted faced before we get punch, it's a little was shocker year. There's pain in your eyes get blurry in Europe. You get a little flash. I mean there's a lot of things that go on Monday upon the face. Once you get,
Do you like you, can move right through it exactly five year I used to. It is a problem. We are fully in its that's another when its night and day Wanna guide been him in the face of times and is used to it, and I was not used to it because you know how like you can hit a face or get hidden in the face and they'll be like I'm done like. I didn't really expect. This encounter this experience. You don't want to get in there. I shall give him the face: break their nose break their job. Seven they keep fighting in. So doing so they may situation if you're not used to it, which is essentially something you went through. This guy went wild. He wasn't ready for this overwhelming experience, and he losses might morning did so in the face of a great punch me. They so hard, where I don't oh, if you was mad or or
it's just a guy, greatly fires at all. He punch you right between the eyes, but he broke my face, it was the kind where he was the timing thing to where I came out, shooting in right before a level change, do whatever he just connected as a boom in our we're thinking, because I just kept buoyant- and I remember thinking I'm glad I was kind of used to getting here in the face of that. What a kind at the very least paused me for a long time. I don't you will but When you imagine just that kind of chaos and sensation, that'll, just stop me do you still your good, and this is a good point to bring up with just with any find a training like leadership, training right when you have leaders that haven't been put in certain situations before that's. Why we're at Islam, for we do like roleplaying urgent as people and you put people in such This is the first time you put him in situations like dealing with awe hostile, ordinary doesn't want to do the plan. The first I made.
It puts that's an aerial day; they they just Lou, they just fall apart. No, I told you do in a year's time, let's replay that by the third time you're doing it are already handling the job handling the scenario infinitely better infinitely better than they did the first time. So it's the same. Everything in life like the exposure to it and hersel love it gives you such a massive advantage that do not recur, worse and not train is it's actually sad and that's actually that in France a great example, because that's why we're business, because poor people dont even know that they should be doing this and and to go to a company that has fifty a hundred A hundred and fifty two hundred leaders that are leading teams, and they have no leadership, training and therefore we're all surprised when the leader and get the teams to do, Their supposed to do who taught him on lead I'll show! You does not used.
Show up to work? No one out lead know you actually get trained elite. We're all these unfamiliar Microsoft, Are you happy you? That's that's one of them. That's like must we do these little drills at the muster, and you could see people overwhelmed with the knowledge, they gain from two or three little scenarios that we put in front of us, and these are called stares at happen all the time. But when you watch seasoned business leaders trying to handle scenario that they haven't seen before. Now they might have seen it before, but they never actually had to deal with it. The first, They turn deal with. They fall apart. Mia. In real identity, takes like ten seconds Are you kill, let's stop, because you ve already got get mad at. You will have tried again because we, haven't been soon situation before they never been punished in the face before you and that's the problem, you don't let it happen, get punch the fifty times there should be no Hindus, scuttling, moon or kids theirs. Is
This is got. You know, like Wrigley, chewing gum, Deanna little packs here for five small little thing any nearer. You grab one in this. One can stick. You know you say: do you want one the offer one different? So it was my brother he didn't long story, but he was crying from something else who set and any credit. Oh by the way you lie, he offered me some gum. I grabbed the gum one of the mouse turn slap zooming cut, hurts me a little kid anyway and snow okay, I'm like dang, I never see laughing you crime for something else, then is laughing cheer him up whatever doubling who's at the airport, who actually which would have made the double leg even better than the last I had never seen that before now. What offers me Wrigley gum, I'm aware, I'm ready for that mousetrap, maybe the muster, maybe not
you grabbed by the side of programme, may decide exactly right. Less learn, yeah exactly ran off to ensure that my life is no different, question, I'm a chef in a large operation, Kitchen second in command, overseeing a large kitchen staff and part of a five percent management team overseeing the entire com recently during the last review of given some advice by my boss and is boss. I unsure about my life Two annual reviews have gone very well, I'm on the rise in the company. However, they said if it was important for me to get our heat the Harvard they It was important for me to give up some of my kitchen dog mentality and work to showcase my artistic side and embrace, moreover, star role in the spotlight get out of the kitchen a bit more gain more exposure, specifically with her high profile.
Clients, while I appreciate their sentiment and respect their big management skills, their style isn't what I I have to emulate or feel would work for me and the way out operate always approached. My work is more of a craft than an art and have always like being a trench dog with my team, a team response to it and I get results for the business and I feel the results should speak for themselves. It has propelled my career rapidly, thus far. So why would I want to change and be something? I'm not. Should I heed their advice or stick to what I do best keep getting after it on my terms or lower costs, This letter, this funny how how that last statement is framed right. The actual I stick to what I'd do best and keep getting after it as if to say, if you say no, you should not stick to what you do. Bessie s land. You should not get after right. That's
the frame there and active this guy. I answered the question real tersely. I think this came through Facebook messages. Said sounds like you found a comfortable lazo for yourself and you want to stay in their right, local muttered responds views. I knew it because, as we know, the comforts owners there's no growth in the conference so it's interesting, this guy's actually getting some some good, solid and straightforward advice from up the chain of command plus, I think, if they Have him, as, moreover, personality than the restaurant Ronald do better and they're trying to build their radiation and your reputation at the same time, and that seems pretty reasonable to me right about real familiar with the restaurant business. But familiar enough to know if you ve got a good, reputation with the staff that works run. It brings in more people like theirs. No doubt about it. The the relationship
like any other business, the relationship, that you build with the customers strengthens then try. Since that relationship and makes them want to come back for more right, that's the way it works. You So for them to say to you, hey man, I know you're good cook. We get we need a little bit more. We want a little bit more chef, We need somebody as yeah chef, Sarkozy, you're good. Everything the area, sorry you're, a good shit. Well, actually, what think. I might have actually purposely said that, like hey, you're, doing a good job in the kitchen, as We don't need someone, that's just cooking the food. We need a chef refutation with a personality right. There's a difference there right, yes, sir, so it was called out for reason, he's happy and you can see the kitchen Dog out of that right- and I get I get it out. I get that like you. One of the boys, your back in the in the grind
Let me ask you this or let me make this statement. But you have to do is essential. As I see a leader, guess what you have to do, we have to build relationships, have to make your commanding officer trusty. You have no relationships with the army of the delegations of the marine corps? You have to end in order. That you have to like raise your. You have to call a little bit of attention to yourself and raise your hand and say: hey, This is who I am that you have to take. You This is who I am sure you have actually have to step into the spotlight a little bit so that you can. Let people know who your because if you don't know who you are, How do you have relationship with any You have relationship with people. How can I trust you so so that's part of it right. That's part of what they're asking you to do now. In all seriousness. If, if you really don't want to do it, then you can keep being the guidance in the back and guess what you really mad in six
months when some other chef, it's hard for different shift, all shifting Oleson he's out make friends with everyone he gets promoted and why to get Brodie well, look what the guys doing, but it is good as he's not as good as a cook, as I am guess. What didn't really care bean making the food is only part of what they want you to do, just like being a seal. Do Do missions is only part of what they what you need to do to do the mission you can just be tactically how'd, you gotta, have the relationship built she can work in. Their back space that's owned by it. Reginald Commander, you I have the relationship that you can get. Your missions approved up the chain of command on a special operation side. How do you do that? You build you, go out. You talk people you get out of your comfort zone. So weird thing you know. I'm kind of I'm kind of anti social right like we eat if you don't know me we're not
have a conversation. Like we're not having like it's, not I'm, not I'm not walk it up. Talking to you. If I don't know, you're, not walk up and say how do you not happening? It's not my personality Eve, You say hi to me are also high about not disrespectful, not rude, but I'm not. Kinda have a bunch of conversations with people and so that's known to me: that's not! Ok! For the business side of my life, which is hey, I gotta talk to you. Gotta go it's just gotta there had been no. My commanding officer had no the comet had to know that the the conventional telling commander had another brigades manner had to build relationships. Could I just talk about war with the brigade commander? Well, good, but what's more powerful than I talk about war, and I talk about where farmer, where he's from or what no other things
SK. I want to build a relationship of why, because I'm trying to build trust what because I wonder lobby to go out there and do things bottle space. So that's what ask me they're, asking you to step out of your comfort zone. It doesn't need to become your I'm reform no shit. You try and step out of the comfort zone. If you want to grow, if you don't have more opportunity, I would give it a try. I would give it a try. If not do you know, like I said, you hate it and you feel like you're, not being true to your true self. That's! Ok! Maybe your true self, as me, to be the one, that's back not getting promoted, they need somebody to do that It's not you! It might be somebody else here, this, of course, is where people you hit me with, like shy, just be sure oil to myself, because the obvious It adds that everyone wants to hear is IKEA dude. The most important thing is gonna, be loyal to yourself. That's the most important, ok
That's what you're priority is the that's most born thing, but guess what who does a? Who can take care of the other kitchen dogs that respect you so much. Who can take a bit care of them, then you can't because if, you get promoted. If you don't it promoted and in job A glamour boy gets promoted because he's likes to go out and smooth the clients, and now he gets promoted in years and now who's gonna take care that, dogs on his on his time? Right? Not him, he doesn't care he's got he got promoted, not for taking care of his guys got promoted as it moves. The clients play the game, but it's weird menu explaining that in its like come mix complete sense, I'm thinking of it in terms of like Bina, I guess it.
Placing any relationship you have some. So I would say: ok, your wife right you're, you you're you're, buried whatever, and so your wife wants to go to. Hypothetically wife wants to go to an Vermont can't like Vermont in good from Antwerp, but he wasted, and I want you to come back. They're like spending time with you and in all the stuff in as us ok, I like spend time with me too. What can we do something that I specifically like to do whatever. And ass, a decent alive hands with like maybe U S, friends or they, unless I don't want to hang out with you, but I want to hang them and away from paying with you with friends and other stuff or whatever, but a lot the time my case I've, been me just stick it in my little comfort zone. You don't like the people that I like to hang out with it. There's like set stuff that I know they're into, and I know they like to talk about and all the stuff and
essentially rejecting being open to new or other stuff. That's the kind of like a situation, but in a way I'm kind of doing? What is what guys implying where is like say to myself and my interest in all the stuff. I let my wife hundred percent, as I do that Vermont has nothing to do with me and my wife, you know, but why I shouldn't I step outside of my comfort zone and you know try to accommodate her wishes in this way. How make or breaker relationship enough like that. But if I do that, if I just exercise, The ability to be open, I become more, evil of husband more valuable more value in the relationship and as a person. So same exact thing when you explaining this when the skies explain where he's Also in the as a chef in the back during the euro doing this
Neil doing what he does Beth Awesome, but there, and these guys, his very see it, obviously, where they're like hey, we want you to do this more, dont even cause you're, also men, men. Imagine if you had this this more stuff, valuable. You would be as a x y see whatever the position is in this case as shock and to reject it is essentially to say you know what I don't want to be more valuable as a chef or I don't Wanna be more valuable, ass, a husband I prefer to stick with my current value added upgrade their go. I revealed great abstained. True to myself to say: get me. Can you cross the line, get to a point where you make yourself sick as you ve? Yet then you ve gone too far. That's it! I got me a leadership, like your view, become just a disgusting sycophant than yet ass. One! That's not good!
Yes, I'm not talking about that! Talking about leaving your values and abandoning your values, if not what I'm talkin about rip blame the game. A little but there's a big difference, pathetic comfort zone. The game. Little bed at very least. Do it with open might see. I like what, if you are, like? You got real good at that. You know like public speaking, for example, where I'm no exception allowed people than alike. Speaking, even though they might have a lot to say whatever you know like some people make their their sport, but I'm gonna get upon state. Nothing like that dumb, star out what the limelight on me and all this stuff. One time and they in they offer like just so much Are you doing it, and then they get you then all of a sudden I like it could be one of those deals could could be lawful. You try it that's it next, Two of my bosses have told me I dont like Jacko interesting
Without giving any value valid reasons there, either is in the way. How do I find them to help them see the path? My belief is that they're afraid of the truth, and they they're afraid of the truth. They see in extreme ownership broker so the arming? Clearly you go, could be a problem here as a leader in a who wants to constantly be compared to some leader right the of unity, did you get out of the way they do the way that being teaches us that thou make you mad afterward. You would think so that could be part of the problem that debt, that Definitely if that's way up there on the list of possible things could be the military flavor right. Some people don't like the military things. So that's! That's! Ok! It's it's! some people off that we hear about it, that's fine, the ray Quality is the aid, but here's the reality of the situation. Ok, what
There are two not like about the things that I talk about right so let's say you know what unlike people take, or should I want everyone to make excuses and played each other right. It does make sense. You knows that We I want to hear about this cover move. I want everyone to ignore each other and worry about themselves. Right like that that it makes no sense whatsoever, If Turkey keeping thinks important want, hey look, I don't want to keep things simple. I want everything to be so complicated, but no one knows what's going on right, like these, they make, no there's, no human being no one. In a leadership position that would want every one who were there? Would that would go against what these simple principles so how'd? You fix it than right. What's the problem one hears a cabin, and actually this was a twitter thing in a bunch of people gave great responses on twitter. After I gonna highlighted it
one what one of em I my my actual responsible cages. Don't you note I'm using my name, you know stop saying will jobless. It could give you imagine how annoying that would jocose. You need only you're leaderships easier. It's going to really great on somebody. So so so pro out the window don't period as me Jack go against the. What your boss is losing! No don't do that. You set up an adversarial relationship with them and you ve celebrate ever adversary. Relationship with me and I've ever met these people for who know who they are of no, what business therein, but what I ve done by constantly harping on it. Is you ve, pissed off another saying did quit talking about Georgia? We don't care because also the that he's into just the way he's being offensive in approach these things means that he is a little more listening and growing to do because You really want to approach. Your boss
ass, or you know he asked about flank and as possible. The way you think somewhat isn't going Haiti, which always says we should do this. No, that's not good! So let the prince was workin. Another another person pointed out, you know hey, don't they stop China? how's your things on them like distant, take extreme ownership assets. Are you step up its are leading You do your thing. You perform well quit talking quit, trying to force these things down people's throats and give them so give them room, and then, though, recognize it you doing a good job if you label it with something that you know they don't like. Well, then, they're going to like you, no matter what you do, no matter what you do that's going to be problematic. Don't bludgeon them with with well, you know I've this, about no don't do that, take let brigadier ego and check how sets out for your ego and Jack little bit. Make
The ideas that you're talking about their ideas then, let's talk about ownership, you know get them given. Maybe they can something else that extreme ownership we call it. You know, personal accountability. Ok, awesome. Gray. I really like that, like what you ve got with balsam in with o o. They're in the game. And they don't realize at your dark about the same thing. That's fine, don't they don't ever have to realise that they don't ever have to realise that. So many there's some people. For some people? Don't why? Even in the teeth of people like dating like me matter didn't matter where what the principle was dead, ignore. Let's say you know like a just Jazeera. Just don't Dont attach my name to it. Go and do be good leader has that so those some things, I think, if you live, live the principles act on the principles.
No one's gonna be mad at you for taking ownership responsibility. What you're doing unless you say, like how I took ownership that will then you might paint yourself the coroner we're being stupid where they end up, not accepting what you're doing and they'll get mad at you first step on their toes out of court, and it is also as do this as you take ownership? Don't rub their noses in it. You get them credit. How hard is that you don't use carpet solution, the prom say: hey Norka got this idea from some. I saw you do it really That's how you that's all you flank etiquette! shipowners, promo, oh really or Youtube over your yorkshireman. I don't say that You know it's ok, boss. I I want to make sure this goddamn correctly. I was watching the way you did Bob. I bought you go from there. You, then the idea makes sense.
Yes, I do. I wonder how the boss got introduced to the concept of Jack O four empty. Even hey you're, not like in this situation. It probably was, like you know, multiple repetitions of why we ll go in and didn't pick up the vibe. Which is like hey you, I'm dealing with some one of the big they're, not gonna. Take well to me. Talk about this other guys, leadership style! Do you you don't? compared to some other leader of your leadership position, yeah in and then also is kind of the same thing, but lube indifferent. The that thinking about that's the type of scenario? Men, that's the worst s like as a boss who think that they be we back cause hookers on here is a new situation, so I make videos sometimes and so let's say I'm and acted as an actual thing that actually happen where ok, so I'm Indus video for this will say client
and causing ok, you know they look at, it is typical. You know, they'll have some input, maybe some information they went at, take your change or whatever, and then on this guy. Said: oh yeah, I'm not sure about this part, showed it to my wife and She said you know, excellency an exit thinking. Ok, I get it like Oki showed to people that I understand basic way. We wait. So this is a video made for you in your deal. Feel kind of thing and you wouldn't kill your wife in the now. She has some kind of inputs. You not part of his deal you like, citing your wife's critique and like all this stuff and make sense by the way. Far as what we discuss and other stuff right, so the so the wife is good now I come to have this kind of disdain for the wife. I don't know if, at all, by the way I saw my feeling, the wife were ego gotten away a little bit. It is in its natural is what I'm saying where Scully
I thought we were doing this video kind together, and I do this for you and you gimme the importer, and now you involved your wife in it who, through the whole thing off issue that in part of this little thing right now really hard for you go unchecked. It's really to put your ego and check and action listen to what the critique points are its. He is called for any one to do that. You, and so when it happens, you have to go ok, that's my ego and new put aside yeah so consider the situation is the guy would it just said: don't say showed it to my wife, and she said this don't say if he would have said what I was thinking about this, which is what I said in their whatever else thing about this. Whether it would do got delivered way better. We easier same thing with here. Your situation of phones, fame, let's say, for example, its environment of harm
you know that the bosses in here we should do this and do that and then this guy, just elusive, will Jocose said written buses like Hell, you jobs, I remember, hiring Jacko who's, this guy, and what's he talking about cool but Jocko has no say in this department. It's me it's you, it's the team. You know the team that normally worked with kind of thing and that's kind of the feeling. So yeah man don't say job. If we just not only the credit that all these requests Please explain how working harder for an incompetent superior helps oneself. I feel like screw them and whatever lightning bolt of luck, they were struck by again their position. The Catholic screw them in the horse. They rode in. I think it is in no sense through them and they they or their therein there. This spirit, because they got lucky yea. I didn't get all that and the That is so what you can do that,
what do you do that you gonna sit around and wait for your own bolt of lightning of luck to hit. You is that what you're gonna do, I don't recommend that instead, I recommend that you step up and, yes, you do work harder and you do the best possible job that you can do, and you take some pride in what you're doing and how you doing it and you do it better than could not to rub their nose into it, not approved. You can do better, but out of professionalism. That's why you do it now. One outcome that can come from that is they get credit for your work, And that makes your mad. No that's, actually good grieving credit. We work ass. What work Well, they're gonna get promoted and they get the recognition. Ok, that's why. But but they know where the actual credit goes, even if they dont give it to you, even if they don't give it you ve, no, it even further
firstly, that doesn't even realize that you, like all I did all that work and has taken all the credit for where even know that I made this happened, or he doesn't even know that that I made this happened. They know They know so long as you can keep. You're a ego jack and you can let them have the credit of eventually make it promoted. The team is doing well, you'll, look good, you'll get promoted. Your life is easy. You Gaming experience you ve got a good reputation that everything is going in your direction and, and by the way, when that incompetent person does get promoted. Who do they re usually recommend that fills their spot? You cause you're, the one that got them promoted their stoked on that now you become a super That's great! Eventually, they're gonna get found out by the way. Like someone Incompetency can't be hidden forever. Event we summonses ways. Are you not to do this? That was those go Charles. I was doing this this whole time. Yeah, ok,
ok, ward and promote echo, your audio, that that will happen. And when that happens without incompetency gets found out and you will get the wreck, mission you deserve cause. People said I wasn't Jacko doing all this stuff. This was echo. They go oh jock when you're done so that so that's something happened or another outcome that can happen is that they give you the credit that that you do his great, then you still get promoted and you make it promoted if above them, which is fine too and or they might promoted, which is fine, stop worrying about it. So those too If you do a good job eventually, something good is gonna come out of it, whether they get whether you both promoted whether they get promoted above you, whether you get promoted of other. It doesn't matter all those outcome, or maybe it's just that Jim continues to do well in your job, is stress free and you continue to perform and and the the the division that you're in grows and you get a chance to promote because Evans proponents, like all good or good stuff.
Or you can be angry and you can be frustrated and you can blame your own bad luck and you can not work hard and you can not do a good job and you can be recognised as a slack and you can get blamed by the incompetent boss with things do fall short because after the incumbent of balls, does he doesn't Bob unsafe ownership bodies is no. You know what I would have done better job, but ECHO was lacking. That's the problem now, gets fired and and guess what some we hire someone else to come in and they are doing a good job. This boss, still gonna, look good. I still get promoted since that you lost your job and by the way you lost your job with a bad reputation. Now you can't even get a recommendation for a new job, for you lose that's. What's going to happen so step up, do your best evil pay off in the long run. I like, is one of the things where, if you can just slip the switch and see that just someone, I think it's funny, though, to the way those grew. The way these questions are framed. You know, what they want a year,
I know you know what have you got an incompetent? Don't help him out embarrassed. Would you do People want to hear it, but it's it's the The answer is not the smart answer. It's a short term answer, not a long term answer you make your boss look great. How that that's, my I want to make my boss look great there. There was little tell in the question to no expert, obviously validating bolt of la LA, so you know the whole deal, and this is even you mean old person. They recognize this like people were bitter, I'm nothing. The asker of this question I'm not saying that I am saying. Is that the external scenario, but now, if you get a bitter person whose despair in life Maybe not doing is well in life. Is they have had hoped or whatever your probability you probably encounter them from time to time, no more sing how the guy who is successful is lucky. They are lucky big heads.
Given to them. Like all this, all this other stuff me, I'm not like you would have had ever, but it's always the sixth successful guys lucky always near their tribute. Other people success to LA Her saw the lightning bolt of luck in screw them either had a thing. Just that is indicative of the saying it is I'm not saying it is or is it is for this particular person, but it tends to be like that again like that, just that switch, if you can like turn on the switch and slow look it. Just like. I said it is done intuitive. I get it man, retailers like this. It out. Situation where liked literally, I was doing the work so may think about this. You just sit here this situation almost Everybody has been in this situation and here's the difference if you dont flip that switch and you're in this situation. Your whole life goes down in the other direction that the real problem. That's why you meet me yet you know this is the thing I think about you. You know how yeah. You know people in your life their bad asses, but they
they're, not going anywhere like oh wow that guy's smarter than me and Anne, but better athlete than me, and better speaker than me, but they're not go anywhere, and you know why, because at point, their life and citizen, a wild that guy's that got lucky That's what they do at some point there life instead of Saint hey, that person work to get nuts, women and I should do the same. Is that a say in that they say that person got lucky meal. That's why they're there and I'm down here we then yeah. You can't make the upward climb So you know what hey that person might be little walk there, but guess what there obviously working hard. There obviously doing some right cause, I'm down here, they're out there get up there. You be answer to get up. There is not by tearing them down the answer, get up there work in art made them look good that the line you said so
What, and so what are you gonna do about it near was nothing to do, but to the switch their cause. You do with it. With kids are observed, some young kids and it all same thing. Like all who it is, or this tap into or whatever whatever, and you know the kids crying, because that's like So what are you gonna do about it? So you can cry, he told me can you can compare in about how junk that is that the milk that spill to your toy broke or whatever the situation, yeah cuz. That's all truth, absolutely true and glad you can cry whatever. But if that's what you're going to do about it, then okay, then that's what it's going to be and that's all it's going to be going to continue to cry and you're probably continue to cry next time it happens to or milky fix your toy whatever you know, whatever. What are you going to do about it? That's the whole thing. You know what I'm going to do about it. It's interesting to others like I just didn't know when the right
answer seems really obvious when we talk about it right now, but not many people see that right answer now. Most people, MRS, be mad at their boss, be frustrated and undermine my and not work hard so that they don't get in shine on them, took ok great! That's you put yourself in the barrel to loan. Do it accessions, it's crazy. It's make sense, only felt that before a hundred percent there, oh for sure Texas, can you be default aggressive? and relaxed in you too. Ok yeah seems like two opposing things that you can't do at the same time, but the actual fact is yes, you can, and you should so you your maneuvers to be aggressive, but you don't want to be using a bunch of strength to execute the maneuvers right. You want to agree simply escape your opponent?
its position before your opponent get settled? Therefore, you dont have to use strength. You can use relax it, you can relax, you can, you can be proactive, seem with defending should attempt you want to defend, that's a mission attempt aggressively for this admission, attempt gets settled in you: want to move aggressively again. I'm not talking to strengthen spasm talk about moving aggressively before your opponent, and get ahead of them on their rude loop. When you get ahead of them all their Hutu Loop, they're gonna have issues with you and so yeah? Absolutely, you can be default aggressive and at the same time you can be relaxed and you should. That should be your goal. Do you sometimes have to strengthen Jujitsu? Yes, you do. Yes, you do times you gotta power out of something. Why did you the reason you had to power out or something is cause. You were too late more moving aggressively enough you're, moving quickly enough
this is a new power out of something called those hands claw that getting off you're, not going items and unity you told them on their clawing your fingers away from their neck? Yes, yes! So when that happens, that person was late and and now they're clawing their resorting to strengthen resorting to panic, clawing your fingers, is use. It doesn't matter in cloth. Doesn't matter in that sense of panic that I feel when their clawing yams, Do you really like it? I like? So that's what What it is and by the way this is true in life is well right. You like, if, if you or maneuvering correctly correctly? As a leader, you dont have to get aggressive at people because they're doing what they're supposed to be doing don't have three. You should have to you. If you have to yellows Abbas guess what you're you're intent wasn't followed your
and was understood there. So many mistakes it you made if your yelling as a leader I do now for half the odoacer. Sometimes you can yoke you to make sure you get that emotional point across. Sometimes you gonna make sure that someone really like someone doesnt seem to realise that the mistake they made a severe enough. The death warrant yelling, therefore doesn't matter to them because their daddy in their whole life. What's so, if you're not yet they don't get. It Can you run a delicate problem, occasionally occasionally Harry occasionally, very, very rarely. Should you run into that situation because, if you're doing right job being fault aggressive, ass, a leader. You should be enough Where were you never have to yell? Because your people, because your people understand what it is that this must be done, They understand why they're supposed to be doing it. They understand what the plan as they understand, what the contingencies word. They understand what the what the in had that you had was they understood, that way that this fits strategically into the situation there. Stand all those things that if they understand all those things, then they're going to do the right thing and if they don't
if they understand all those things, and they still do something that that doesn't make sense. Well. Maybe they do deserve Gilbert, but again, all the first person, our Czech and myself, and say I obviously to make this clear now so, yes, relax harder still yelling is two leading, as using strength is too you two someone's gotta. Do it everyone seal area, less aware, if you lay, maybe you locked on your technique earlier, you gonna cut a mix of world but think about this. You hurt your stamina. Yea. I strike right little. My earlier, when I yell at you could something went wrong, you're my subordinate when I yet but you pay the price for that to cause a better, be important. And I better really think I didn't do anything to build a relationship in a positive manner by telling you write didn't do anything just like you didn't improve Ujiji to jitsu
the June list or really you, but I guess you improved your situation for a moment right cause you saved, but now you're more time, just like. If I yelled at you to do something and you did it cause you'd real. Are you Ok we'll find out when he yelled at anymore sums. Gonna! Do this thing that he told me to do that. Temporary literary fix is a temporary fix, yeah inequality. You say aggressive it? Is it your default aggressive, isn't towards people its towards making things happen. So I so did you same thing the second on aggressively like its end it? in a way you kind of a narrow it down to the timing. Thing is like it's like it's either take action or hesitating kind of thing. So you just don't really hesitate. You can lay back if that's part of the strategy or something like that you can relax once for the strategy, but it's about making things happen like what he try to make things happen. Timing wise! So you know how, like you, have nothing to embarrass ask what is the disrespect from ever
ask what's the disrespect of God, you go back to your, do that you made up, but there made up the terminology as well. So this aspect is as Basically, I wanted, I pulls guard or you're in a guard scenario is actually not even a guard scenario. Yet it's You essentially treat that person like they. Don't even have Guard like the guard doesn't even exist. That's a little respect. You have for the garden, then you just pass, but when you can think of, When I think about it, when you you ve done to me three times, you have. It is literally that so before I can establish any kind of position to establish guard beer just just the out your pass it you know, if you don't even consider the guard you know it's weird is is where people you're confused on this, though, is they think also you're, saying move faster, yeah right there you'd think here it is it's not it's. I'm sure I'll figure this at a later time, but it's not about me
faster you about moving more aggressively. Where is not faster, it's like being proactive in being aggressive and and shutting down the situation before before, even be comes the situation that you know what's gonna become, so if you do LISA, like that, like. If you take taking action and hesitation, you take those. Do it's. Basically, your narrowing the hesitation down to zero, if possible, action merely what it is easier to take action and again, you can rely You can wait, but it's not the station waiting, its waiting lists like more like being patient or waiting for a very specific reason. You can do all those things, but there's no hesitation. That's what I think that is and then you see gonna very freely. Someone here over and over and over again in combat leadership philosophies like something now is better than waiting. Doing. Learn them doing something that Good right now is infinitely.
Than doing something that's great in two days, a good friend no better than a great Lee Aggressive, makes up an happen like that is so important. Can you overdo it? Yes, you can't. Can you stupid decisions because you rushed yes, you can is there. Economy in this absolutely areas do did that the dichotomy in every part of it so and every type of leadership, the dichotomy introduced to write those Doug, because he, if I'd rush to a situation where that might be. Situation that you want to be to run, I lose leave me. The opening the trap trap so flanking one year lay helping your friend move and then you get like three four other friends And everyone's waiting around to be like okay, where do we start? Okay? Where do we put in a? Where do we start who's, starting first kind of thing, the default aggressive guys gonna start moving stopped near in that,
like all key, that's like a little light, hearted scenario, but by that's real, that's what I would run into you know one there's a bunch of people and we're all capable of making the decision it kind of paralyzed. Therefore we can all this is so true that scenario that you're talkin about it happens over and over and over again the business world it happens over and over again on the battlefield happens in the training field, where there's a when two people known staking leadership position, yellow all it takes is someone to say, hey we're moving this area yea, I promised to get all the stuff off the truck or now guys like. Ok cool will make it happen. Yeah like yours oil rig scenario. The domain was acts aim and if your default, ass, if meaning that's your default, that that's your zero you'd. Rather you that whoever said then you just paddling business right, you're alone till you take it too far and you're trying to run stuff that other people might have a better vision of what to do like. I might be if I'm only movement for the first time ever
on our moving team. I come into my guess what they were to start in this a heavy several you're like a actually does not a good idea. To do this, we should get this stuff in here in the truck first or whatever, right, because you've been doing it longer. So, even though it's got to be your default mode again, there's a dichotomy. You can push too far to keep your eyes open question still warm or how do self awareness, self assessment and self Movement began and how do they continue over time? Well, they're all tied together, and it starts with being self aware, with being able to
catch, because if you, if you cannot detached from yourself, then you can't see yourself and so people ask: how do you detached from yourself you learn to do that in a good drill, for this is try to imagine the way. Other people see you and what other people are thinking of you In one place where this happens in it definitely happening is when I started getting put in charge of things, I started thinking about other people's perspectives. What what are they see. If you are in charge, then what are your subordinates see you do. What are your support? it's here. You say what kind of risk reason. Taxation. Are they receiving in
You work for someone else, it's the same questions. What does the let us see me do what does the boss Hear me say: what kind of representation am I, making of myself to my boss then you start thinking about what are you hence and family think what do they see? What do they here. And so the question becomes: how well do you represent yourself? What shortfalls do you have When you first start looking like you. Looking at an overgrown alone,. The big obvious problems, so you do. A broad discussion general caught of the grass you fix but the big easy problems there are obvious. I want you ve done that.
You ve gotten rid of some of those big obvious problems? You notice some more detailed problems so Can you handle them and once you ve got those handled use even smaller and more detailed issues, so you start trying to fix them and that's what you do. With yourself you continually detached, and then you look and then refine in the U detaching than you look in the new refined and they need detaching. You look and then you refine. That's what you do. That's how you get better and that process doesn't stop. It can't stop because if you stop refining then than the weeds grow back in the next thing. You know you can't see yourself any more.
You can't see yourself anymore. When you stop looking at you yourself? Then you accept you accept anything. Then that's wrong. Don't accept the fault. Don't give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You ve gotta, be your own. Harshest critic and hold the line and don't let go. I think. That's all I've got for tonight, so ECHO, Charles speaking of improving ourselves,
have any recommendations as to how we might be able to prove ourselves a little but sure, improve and maintain improvement. Maintain improvement. Well, something like that. I would recommend. Ok, let's start with the work of my work. It out is established and known well known by the way to be one of the only things that you can that affect every other party, your life and a good one, it's also one of those things that want more help? If you lose that you lose everything one of those things, so why do some of us not regard it in that way? One hundred percent of the time? I ask: why do people not have time to exercise lack of discipline, we're possibly might be that short term pay off. Thank you not be ill. I its natural to seek shortterm Pair natural
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Challenge you to do that report back. If it's not the most comfortable, let me know for a hundred per cent east of real American made government by the way, also, if you're, into Judea, to review not engineered to those in due to emerging camp on August when six this year, goes to September second one week new sessions in that one week, I'm gonna jockers doing going so's Dave Work, the real top gun the rays of good. We ask the needle data good Do you know why he's got it sounded like a good deal, work, is going. You noted at the way the EU does not do not good deal things yeah and good deal, not in the sense where it's like a good deal like you know, like I'm gonna get over it like a good deal like
it's good! It's a win, win, win, win, win linked by a lot of wilderness case, an aerial kind of thing. That's why good deal Dave is all about the same colleagues. How you're all less of it will be. There was bitter, hopefully, jpg yeah we'll leave just got, is a strike me. Another stripe on the White Bear no white bells, yes he's giving she he might very well be there may think of your blue, but by then maybe shouted his pace there did you sure nerd? in all years. Prior knowledge is wealthier. You never know Could you see Mercer something you just the best way to learn, in my opinion, more into a lot, even if you never gone, go cause last summer? I even went on the side with beginner beginners like one Day, zero years experience boom, we got through some stuff from, and I'm not saying go on such a good teacher. I'm not saying that at all, but after, like
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depends on what is independence not too often leads gotta through our block from Reno sitting a set aside rate, no brain, we do some recent. Maybe you want to write now has not happened yet. Typically, doesn't happen like that. The three minutes four minutes to hang with that An immature with error, you friend, yes, all, subscribe to general good way to support, also psychological warfare. You know what that is this. What is now, but we tracks on this album. Not me the tracks, Jacko trucks and these tracks each track is desert. Heated engineered. If you will to help. You me help me what it is, but it will help you get past lit moments, a weakness that you might encounter Monseigneur we're going counter. It and probably will encounter it, but that's not the winter point is: if you doing counter it, you got something to help you. You had jocular help. You that's a good deal
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that ECHO Charles, and I am at Jocker willing and thanks to all the military folks, TAT are out there tonight at some forgotten, barricade, waiting and ready for whatever comes in to the police and law enforcement fire fighters. Tease and other first responders, who were here on the homefront also waiting in also ready for whatever comes thanks to all of you, and to everyone else that is out there listening. But not just listening more important watching watching yourself observing yourself, looking to see what you can you better and where you can be better so that you can become better keep yours
health in Czech, hold the line and get after it. So until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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