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121: "Marine! The Life Of Chesty Puller", by Burke Davis.

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This is Jack podcast number one, twenty one with Charles in me, Java willing good evening echo good evening. I'm going to tell you a story. And this is a story of war and pain and love and death. And this story he's a heroic story? Quite possibly one of the most heroic stories
At the same time, this story is also a tragedy, and it is quite possibly one of the most tragic stories. This is Story of a father and son: this is a story that spans six wars each one more difficult than the next. This is a story of life. Like all stories of life, this story ends the way that all lives and this story ends in death. There is no story book ending
There is no walking off into the sunset, there is no mercy and no quarter and no remorse from death, and, as I. Prepared to tell. This story. There were times when eyes added to decide against it where I began to think it would be too much, but there was another part of me. That's louder and spoke stronger, and that other part of me that knows that to hide from the darkness is only too allow darkness to grow, and I will not do that. I will tell the story and the story
I'm going to tell us not just a story, it is not made up. The story is the real story of the real lives of,
you men to Marines a father and son who fought many battles both literally and metaphorically, and who did their best to fight in win and who we can both learn a lot from. But we can only learn if we listen. We can only learn if we study and we can only learn if we remember what these men went through, what they did, how they lived.
Then how they died. I will begin the story with the father. He is the most famous marine in the history of the marine corps. He is one of the most highly decorated men in american military history he's the only man ever awarded five Navy crosses. His name is Louis Power. Better known as cestius polar and he is the most Marines, the ultimate Marie. The godfather of the Marine corps. To this day, the mascot,
of the marine corps which the bull dog that bull dog is named Chaskey after testy polar near currently on bull dog number, fifteen named Jesse, the fifteenth in bouquet In marine corps, boot camp Recruit sing good night chastity. At the end of a long day, he is embedded in the fibre of the marine corps. Then you might wonder who was this man and How did he become an icon to a group that is one of the most elite fighting forces in the history of mankind, the United States Marine Corps.
In order to find out who this man is, we are going to explore a book called Marine, the life of Chester, Polar written by Burke Davis, and I will go. Through the book Louis Burwell Polar, was born. Twenty six eighteen. Ninety eight, to a small boys paradise the Village of West Point Virginia where the PA monkey And patrimony rivers form Broad York. The waters were full of fish crab and oysters, and the woodlands teemed with game sounds like a good place to grow up. He often talked of his dream of going to the Virginia during student becoming a soldier.
From his reading. His family traditions is love of hunting fishing in horseback riding. He was drawn your military life envy am, I fifty later at the end of a fighting career. He would look back to those and say I learned more in the woods hunting in stocking about the act, What art of war than I ever learned in a school of any kind. Those days in the woods as a kid. So my life. Many a time and combat. So if you wanted to go in the military from a very young age and, of course, we have to mention that I'm going to go very rapidly through this book, it may take a while, but I'm skipping huge parts and try hit the highlights, but to get. Full information. Obviously you need to get the book and read it yourself. It's a fantastic book. Back to the book. His effort is
translating Caesar. Made him impatient for the true mess each of the soldier author, he was so fascinated by the narrative of war that he developed. One night it opens world a new world for him and began a lifelong career of serious military reading. Second fame. We see with great military leaders, they read the time in history for him at a young age when he was translating Caesar Use captain of attract team Its champion high jumper in red well in the one hundred to twenty and four hundred and forty yard dashes, so he was fairly act. Medical. Well,. He's not a big guy used, big game, you see pictures of him. He was pretty use relatively small in stature and he was also relatively little. He wasn't like a bolt up guy and their stories on why they call them Jesse the Prince
minute story is even though he was small when he would march in on the parade ground. He would stick his chest outlining Oldham, Jesse, Polar back to the book. In the last week of high school, one thousand nine hundred and seventeen, the senior class played hooky one day on the theory, which proved to be correct that the principal would not dare expel them all was the leader of this prank and when they turn from a swim and us six miles hiked the river. He helped bring back a dozen or more ball frogs and paper bags, Louisen Dave Field, tossed frogs into a schoolroom window and war warded by streams and other sounds of pandemonium. So he's still, I had to tell At least one of those stories that he was a mission, This kid you know a little bit of a rebel. He enrolled? He did graduate enrolled in the military Millet Virginia Military Institute.
And back the book Louis was promoted to cadet corporal at the end of the year academically he stood a hundred seventy seven out of two hundred and thirty three cadets What might like the front runner in the class is extending in this class mathematics, two hundredth English, one hundred and forty nine german? A hundred and thirty eight three hundred and second and most significantly military science, eighty ninth here oh demerits for the year and all first, unheard of record, so academically not exactly crushing it, but military bearing and what not no demerits he was doing well now. This is where things start to get a little bit interesting hobbies, one thousand nine hundred and seventeen, so we got world war is going on and here back the book, as chief disappointment was that they were soldiers without arms, for the rifle were taken by the army is the war.
In Europe. War on and ammunition had been too scarce for target practice. With that he said, I'm going to list in the Marines He said, I dont want the warder end without me, I'm going with the rifles. If they them. They need me too June twenty seventh day after twentieth birthday Louis took the train Richmond and enlisted in the Marine corps bound for boot camp at Paris, Island South Carolina wasn't gonna sit around and let that war run out on him Was up for his boot camp? Does a drill instructor one of the great things about this book is the guy who wrote the book of Burke Davis, he not only sat down and interviewed Jesse Polar for hundreds of hours
He also went and interviewed all kinds of people that interacted with just a chesty puller during his career, which the interact with a lot of people to join the Marine corps for a really long time for decades. And so the book has all kinds of research in all kinds of interviews in one of the people the got interviewed was the drill ends after one of Jones structures that put Jesse Polar through Boot Camp Johns instructor. I think it was a gunnery sergeant despot. Ray- and he said by God he's a marine. He looks as if as if he must sleep at attention. You always know after town to look mean a nasty out their marching, but I never The tell him he's a natural never make the same mistake twice, and he talked about he talked about pullers military history knowledge. He said how he gives me an inferiority complex at some, but that kid does want Klaus Wits backwards and
guys, I never heard of by the dozen he some kid stuff is like a religion with him. So that's that's real stuff right. There No we're general matters. Talk about that. You are general matters, never get surprised because he read it before not. Surprise me, you know already seeing the situation before, maybe not exact, but I at least have an idea of it non coms admired pullers work on the bayonet field, where big signs red advanced to kill for two months the class went through intensive jewels in the bayonet rifle Boxing Judo and infantry Drill, back in the day or so getting after into a boxing and judo by the good combination, very good combination, you get you take down to get your grappling end. You get some striking one day the men were told that their orders had come in. Were packed to leave for hobo
New Jersey to ship out for France Mean meaning thereon WAR The move was postponed for several days until Armistice day cancelled the orders so the end the war came here detached and sent to the third officers. Training school, so they took him in you know what you did so Gothenburg camp the war is over. We don't have orders were to send you to be an officer back the book he became, second lieutenant on June. Fourth, two weeks later, when he had finished machine gun school, the end of the war brought a huge caught in the marine corps. On June, sixteenth, polar was discharged, hundreds of others of his rank and he was at loose ends here. Marine officer for two weeks now. He's kind of processing out here. A guy named Captain Rupert us at the Marine Corps headquarters and This is what the advice he gave a merely sees this young heart charging. As if I were you, I'd go down to Haiti.
The commission's in the in the constabulary down there and they need good men and there's plenty of fighting you'd, see action and have some fun. So at this point in Haiti there They basically built this sab this it's. It's a John DOM areas where John Dahmer is what they call it, but it's a mill Terry force, that also does police work kind of so, and there was There was a revolution in Haiti was issues in Haiti, and so America actually invaded eighteen nineteen fifteen and now they had established this forced to keep things under control, and the way they did it, it was run. Did they took the the locals and they put basically hired former Marines to be in charge of him. And then the goal was as the locals.
The native Haitians started understand military operations they would get promoting and the American Marines and soldiers could go. That was the plan. So, let's Cotter discovered this, but Haiti was strife, was the strife torn western Tipp, the island shared with Dominican Republic. Revolutions had been shaken. The governments is nineteen. Fourteen, after almost a century of freedom, From France, since one thousand nine hundred and sixteen at the request of the haitian government, marine to police, the country amid violence, which it take, nearly two thousand lives, almost all haitian General Smedley, Smedley Butler, who will get to some time on this podcast had created the John DOE Marie the Haiti with a ship with a shrewd disregard for president senior officers? Were U S marine officers whose brief tours of two years created a supply of field trained commanders. He chose the marine enlisted men to act as junior officers and allow
them to stay as long as they wish on the theory that they became more valuable, They learn the language and customs of the people in Prague it was these marine. These marine enlisted men who operated the force. There were many native soldiers, most of them better, of the old haitian army from his pocket, were drawn. Second lieutenants insurgents corporal. So that's what you out! That's a situation to redeploy down. There is not really in the marine corps is he's a hired hand, basically now is there not very long and back The book about four p m without warning Louis stumbled into the first flight of his career, improved his instinct for combat the pact. In this group is moving a group of people through the. Would the factory was ambling around awarded bet bend between hills, which were littered with stones and cactus when in bed on coming Cato banned. This is the the revolution. I guess you call the cake o band of about a hundred each
We surprised at this and in the same formation polar sport is spurred his horse and yelled charge attack the column charge two horses pack mules and all and in the thundering dust fierce yells of the cake us broke for the hills fire stray rounds. So that was his first combat experience. You got to bring that up, but he was default aggressive, even in and logistics movement. You know they got a bunch of pack horses and he's a cover charge. And it worked back the book. Another situation that he gets into from the opposite shore. A native dominican, dress, rode out on a magnificent horse, a big buckskin with white mane and tail, whose splashed, through the shallows under perfect control, though without it, idle or saddle. A wonderful horse polar said are surely like to have him
no, whose one of the guys were the natives that that was working under him muttered Creole and a rifle cracked poor, saw one of his men pull his rifle bolt back and reject a cartridge. The beautiful horse stood in the river looking nervous, the about his rider floated down the stream in a stain of blood, the stunned polar turned them no did you order that man shot hell, sir? You, You wanted the horse anything that captain says, is our command. We have discipline here, sir, The man seemed unmoved by the cold blooded killing my God catch the horse. At the men over the river and see if you can find that man's family. In the reason I pulled this out is this line here Louis, never again expressed himself idly before these soldiers. So that's it. You're crazy story right is all that beautiful. I loved have that horse and they killed the horse writers, just a civilian
but he realized the power, but you have in command and their sometimes when people to realise that some people will realise how I run and that with business leaders, though, around all this. This crap and one thinks it's wrap them or, Did you gotta realise, at your words, have meaning when you're to senior position. Your words have power. So that was aware how he learned that lesson in a very horrible way back the book comes Aid waited the stream without opposition, but as they mounted the ridge beyond rifle fired, and there was a terrifying shriek of abode overhead Pollard docked. Can it really was at his side and said Captain polar officers do not flinch under fire. They stand the men. Take note of this thing. It is a first importance, so he's gonna get When you were exercising that, then you'll see becomes a well known for never flinching again under fire.
Here's something about the people who are fighting these cake. Bandits they carry off every body, and every wounded man and when catch. Our wounded well, captain If you see one you'll, never forget the cake us believe every man who dies must go before the gods and they use their knives to see that when our men go, they are beyond recognition. They slash the face to ribbons and tear the body apart. You will see captain its matter of life or death for the Officers and non noncommissioned officers here to respect tat, respect of that from the men. Something more adulation they must have. Orders to the letter without question, though they die for it. Is the only way to handle men in combat. If you lose control, you lose lives, it is as simple as that so there you see the super strict discipline, the guarantee- and this is and that's what you gotta see this theme throughout the book that. Jesse has this this reputation, which has earned of
in super hard core but also in the book, unity over and over again, that there is a huge dichotomy that he super corporate. At the same time, he was when he needs to give people slack? He knows when he needs to be a positive, reinforcing. Said of a negative one and his rip is rapid. Asian doesn't have that, but that line right there like hey they just now you do whatever you say. He does nimbly that, but it's it's point. Out, and so I brought it up because the contradiction becomes pretty clear or not the contradiction. But then I caught a me is very clear throughout this book. So The book General John, a machine commandant of the Cor had come to Haiti on Inspection and Louis, was anxious to see the hero of the fighting in France in Camp Lagoon isn't called camp Was you for nothing and at this Point Marine Patrol filed pass, and this is a good another. Another good lesson there. Unshaven and ill camped.
I'm afraid the men are a little ragged and out a uniform sir, and the the company Commander Clinton said I'm trying to improve them. Colonel a field soldier lagoon said I dont get damn what men look like in the field, only one thing interests me and that's ending this war, don't waste time shining them up for jungle. Work are only Jack. His success demand that so there is a cost right there like will not a contradiction with theirs that economy and if now the other side is here in this room from general issue. You look, I'm Kara these guys look like in the field the only two polish them up, they need to win to be fighting and Jesse pull? It becomes famous for the way he appears sometimes in the field, meaning he's not exactly spitten polish out there
he was awarded the mad cow military air of the Republic of Haiti and. He did not go unnoticed by his superiors and early in nineteen. Twenty one hears room recommended for a permanent commission in the Marine corps, whereas rank was that of sergeant, he served as a joke Adjutant church to Colonel Van de Graf, this another famous marine, he again and became a second lieutenant. U S marine corps, but this time as regular. I may not have much else to go on. He told a friend, but I have some perseverance. He had fought forty actions in Haiti. He developed his instinct is developed. Think of talent for using terrain in battle and learn the lessons of jungle fighting. He had begun strongly prejudiced against barracks and headquarters soldiers despite his
use, one of the most combat cheese and combat officers in the court. So he got notice because he did well in combat. He eventually gets- gets up hired on into the marine corps as a sergeant and in very quickly thereafter. Good goes back. The oft ranks after his workin for our colonel Vander Griff. So there you go can see he develops as prejudicing its barracks and headquarters. Soldiers rear echelon is what we call now After he came back to the states, he gets chosen to run the the Marine Corps the team who, as apparently competing in the been winning against the Navy in the army and the coastguard teams, a they ve been beating them and so on takes over so here. Your private bob nourish accompany clerk drafted for the detachment shared the astonishment of his mates. The lieutenant tone the first day that we would bring home the cop or die trying
the cold I he gave us. We believed it we found out, we found more mistaken. He took out. He took out the I drill, draw manual start from scratch. He drove us day after day until we figured we'd, never lived to see Boston when you through. Thus, we literally fought as if we had one head instead of eighty. Yet somehow, though, he was hard as nails, he could be as friendly. Will you be friendly with us? Like no other officer we ve ever seen we gave him all we had so there you driving people hard, but they loved and they love we treat them with respect and he's nice to him and that's the dichotomy any He knows state that we have to walk that line, that economy, leadership. After the book, a few weeks afterwards, Paul was Wist off to his next duty station assigned ass a Fine Cadet in Pensacola Florida, a chance which he had been pleading since its first whites and the improvised any Barbara hated, so I didn't covetous part above but means in Haiti. He did like flights and dry The grenades on enemy
locations and he was into it and gets down to Pensacola and fails his too Although tests and he left pencil disappointed and Interestingly, three years after he. After this happen, he tried to reapply And this is an interesting comment: the Medical Board in Washington in answer to his plea for one more chance, found him physically, to fly, but not tempt. Mentally adapted for the training. So that's interesting, this guy who's. Obviously re combat leaders didn't have whatever the whatever they were Can for for flying, he'd inhabit made multiple attempts.
When he went back home for a little while he went to dance and there's some sort of interesting fact. It that's the way they did it back in the day. No know every to dance, and he met a woman named Virginia Evans. He danced with our three times with funding attempts at conversation during an dance, he made mind his manner. Became assured. Will you marry me? She laughed heavens. No. How can I do that when I haven't even finished the school you will. He spent the In the stag line, watching and dancing with her, she knows that he danced with no other girl. After that mean He did not see her again for almost eleven years, but he never lifted the long range siege his mind committed to some Virginia Evans was what he was committed to. He gets shipped off to Hawaii in July of nineteen. Twenty six,
We shows up their northern Listing story. Louis held firm discipline and its company and some men were probably resentful until they learned that he sperrit himself lesson Did others he was ruthless with violators of safety precautions where firearms were involved in it? time a man shot a weapon on the base without good reason. The fine was automatically twenty dollars one day on inspection, polar Sea Forty five in the guardhouse picked it up released. The clip and pulled the slide and the trigger the gun fired unexpectedly in a bullet furrowed into the ceiling, Jesse Poor had an aide de an accidental discharge. Though he had taken all the precautions except to look into firing chamber polar, find himself, a hundred dollars which he gave You're guards to buy beer for Liberty Party he bombarded headquarters with please to set him to Nicaragua? Were war had broken out and marines we're trying to put down a native bandit uprisings, so war
go on in Nicaragua and he says: hey send me down there back there. Nicaragua is even more rugged than hated. Then Haiti the green rolling country of jungle in planes dominate by towering highlands upon which were tumble. Mountain masses for many years, revolutions had torn the land, despite the presence of U S, Marines and now better. New war had called them back after years. Absence in the new if at unconquered indian Empire, whose people did not run you guys, the central government and their where he moved back and forth. Across the border of Honduras was the rebel chief Augustus gusto Caesar, send Dino. So. That's going on in Nicaragua just polish shows up reported to general e r beetle, and he says I'll give you a company up in the same the US in the north, stand. You liked a mixed up: big mix up big mix it up
So this is again near this a there, so many things that he does, that just build this incredible reputation that he ends up with and here's one of em, native boss with a was a fire eating brigand, who had been appointed as the local the heavy political, or invaded his office, accompanied by a sergeant and in brief words, told the terrorists that he would that. He had come to restore order and the trouble troublemakers would be would fare badly. The did quietly, you will be responsible for any further disorder. If your life ass. He talked He saw partially open drawer in a desk before the chief and the butt of a revolver, the boss. Looked as if you want to snatch the pistol going, polar said use it if you can we'll settle this once and for all you'd better, be fast like who does that
I'll tell you, does that just Ebola does that ponitz career as a guerrilla fighter, now opened in earnest in February? One thousand, nine hundred and thirty he was ordered to clear bandit from the area of San Antonio bill. Lee who had earlier serve three years in Nicaragua, had been pleading for return. We was a tall Moscow athlete from Massachusetts who it been sixteen years in the corn was condition by years of playing fall back on the team of coal burning Colbert battleship and by boxing in or on a crew poor. Hesitatingly chose him to help direct com But I M and leaned Louis, founded and Lee, found Louis an ideal commander. This is this class He does what Lee says about his commander, which has Jesse bore never really gave me orders. He just told me one head borders. Wanted asked me if I the country and to get up the men we needed.
Is a common sense officer and you He knew where he stood with him. When he was dead, pleased about something I done he never too me out, as so many inexperienced were officers would have done. He would say if I've been doing that I'd have done it this way, and that would be the end of it. We got all my brother's most import. Of he was not green. When he first came to Nicaragua, Haiti taught him jungle fighting and he took them to the new country. Like a native that paragraph right, there is it's so important, especially again when people get the image The marine and of justice, polar that he's just gonna, if everyone in the shaped like no that's, not a good leader, but is not a good leader back to the book general Macdougall recommended Polar for a Navy Cross citing five fight. Against this after he's been there for the siting, sighting fighting it superior numbers without one,
passive loot of munitions, errant animals, food and captured me counted, wounded and impressive. Of munitions, errant animals, food and captured military. Dispatches Recommendation ended ended thus by intelligent enforced for leadership without thought of his own personal safety by great physical exertion and by suffering many hardships. He surmounted all obstacles and dealt five successive and severe blows against organised banditry in the republic Nicaragua! So there you go that's what he's getting after down Nicaragua, here's another Captain eat Linzer. Who is the intelligence officer in them in the marine brigade? He's that some of the people were jealous. So so he started getting a little bit. Famous people start writing about in there's an article in the New York Times about, and people started, having some professional jealousy back the book
Lindsey, talking now and from New York Times, Now and then the New York Times got some of these stories from nicaraguan papers and pullers name became widely known, A few officers around headquarters who thought of themselves the clouds of its types, muttered criticisms of polar and said he was a publicity hound. I knew The opposite is true and that Lou spent virtually his whole life in this period on the trail deepen enemy country, while our staff, officer friends SOD sat on their deaths in the cities, far removed from the warfare, but you get that professional jealousy. There's a classic example of it. Here's a general Julian Smith, talking about Louis Polar Bears probably the bravest man I ever knew his was a coup. Urge not one of desperation about the only way to contact the enemy. There was let them ambush him here
Go anywhere without support, knowing that, if you got the jam, he had to get himself out he never hesitated. He invited that kind of work getting after he went home for a little while he visit is younger Brother SAM, who is also a second lieutenant in the Marine corps, and then polar landed in the army, infantry schools, arbitrary armies impulse. He went to that school. While is There- sometimes had some disagreements with the staff here's one, one lecturer told the students that volume of fire in the field is more important than accuracy that brought taller. He was feet. You must have forgotten what happened in the american revolution. He said we want that war with accurate fire when the enemy had all the volume. It Wanna kings mountain answer
Togo and every other battle we won and real shooting almost whip. The mass firing federal army in the civil war. It still like that, anywhere I've seen men shooting it out. You don't hurt him. If you don't hit him three point, even though suppressor fires is awesome and massive volume of fire definitely will keep the enemy down. Heads down you gotta hit him that's targets before. That's why it remedy our machine gunners were put put putting scopes on their machine guns, which is their part of partially do that for to build identify who they were. Looking out, we identify enemy. Looking for weapons cause, you got a little magnification under scope, but still they also wondered like hit what their shooting it obviously are. Snipers riflemen we're doing that to but yeah you got hit. What you gotta hit some get hit the bad guys.
Back the book and its use have been used at that's good, bad at forbidding Louis left, banning with many new friends and all services, but most important, carried away distrust of over schooling, military men, here's polar talking The trouble with this school business is that we ve taken too far. We sit around and classrooms and Will the conditions of battle, of course, actual battle. You can't will anything not damn thing because enemy will do what you don't want him to do or expect him to do almost every time, then salts of actual warfare studied back in the schools, the staff officers and planners most most. Whom of never seen real battles. Wonder well, wrong with their neat plants, you just simply cannot learn, warfare in school room or anyone except in combat.
And you'll never know whether you're fighting man until you're under fire, yeah you're back Nicaragua after that, back to book throughout the latter, half of nineteen thirty two company M was on unceasing patrol averaging eighteen to twenty miles daily on the mountain trails stretching it some days to as much as forty miles. Polar and Lee, and their troops marched more than ten thousand miles in the Nicaragua fighting always on foot for the we discovered that horsemen drew fire and every skirmish, and so they walked without the mark of officer on their uniforms. Ten thousand miles.
On schedule, on January twenty January, second, eighteen thirty three, the Marines began leaving Nicaragua. In February nineteen thirty three Louis was introduced to military society in Peking. At the U S: legation here commander pinned on his chest, the star for the night. He cross you'd want to Nicaragua, so you eat one. Another Navy cross less than a month later he took over the worse. Marines Louis discovered that the six hundred men, you Marine Battalion, held only one field exercise each week, and this was called off in extreme heat. Cold or does storm, but that the japanese diet cancel their training marches for any reason he put his horse. And through their paces daily, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, leading among Long Cross country ride with small
storms, boiling in their wake. You rode into areas were japanese, were training, effort to observe their details and attacked, or three came on and take over more gonna type things up a little bit me. One training exercise a month, no daily, switching to daily life. About Louis, never forgot Virginia Evans. That was the girl for the dance and faith. We wrote her of his experiences in China In one letter he wrote so emphatically that almost see him blurting out the words he wanted to hear. He wanted to say to her but dear Even if you do marry me and make me a happy man, even then,. If I hear the beat of the drum, I must leave you. I want you to know that get some these do not even married your him yet do not even married him and he's ok. You know that
if you marry me and made me happy man, that's possible via the b, the drum I'm out amount gonna do what I gotta do: here's an he began trouble. He got trouble lock cause he ain't hold his tongue and you're supposed to hold your tongue right, and he did. That's why so many people loved him is also why the professional jealousy and its also Y got trouble sometimes here's one example. Example: Paul was aware of some America american Military errors on board. The Augusta He never fail to expose them in talks with his with his intimates here we have ten thousand tonnes heavy cruiser with about eight hundred men aboard just one on the asiatic station the British have three cruisers on duty here,
ever notice that we have thirty seven, typewriters on the ship, the British. Just one machine on each of their cruisers. Why do you, Those that is, you damn. Well, they dont retailers reports back in Washington when they get their paper. Work will ruin any military force learn that from Smedley Butler, they'll, shoot this monstrosity when war comes, though, and the fighting people will take over so like the paperwork, doesn't leave any you can see. It is the people that haven't fought. That's batteries, talking about people that don't fight other people, create paperwork, Cause, I don't understand how negative it affects everyone they create. This stupid paperwork and the ends of going to the basic school, which is like the officer where the officers sort of get trained in all the phenomena.
Principles of combat for the Marine Corps and he ended up in instructor. Their theory go back them up. It is coming from a guy named Lou Walt. Polar was my company commander and to me the epitome of what the of what Marine corps training should do, not only in weapons or classroom or field training. He gave us everything hard at we break in the field, though he drove us until our tonnes were hanging out mentioned gathered around him. He told us tales about fighting in Haiti in Nicaragua of his patrols, living off the land and fighting natives. All his experiences not just guff. Every tale had some point being under pillar in basic school did more for me than anything I experienced until I got two guadalcanal. He taught us use of terrain like a master. How the tiniest bit of covered it to our advantage ground. Form really met, something when he explained it. He taught us to you
the bay and that, with all the tricks of close in fighting, you couldn't mistake it he knew his stuff cold. So again,. The classic example of when people think oh. If I'm nicer Take it easy on the troops that, like me more like wrong answer wrong answer back the book on freezing rain swept day just before pullers marriage, the class of nine. In thirty, seven had an uncomfortable experience with him on the drill field. They wore nor no overcoats, as they marched teeth chattered, but the ranks moved with precision Louis saw stray glances at the barracks detachment, which came out four brief drill, wrapped in heavy overcoats and then disappeared Those are barracks Marines. He said visit with an edge in his voice. You are fighting Marines being completed. The fur
schedule for the day chilled the bone and soaking wet solar jet, that's its solar jet. And he got married- and here we go the polar left, the pleasant life of Philadelphia, Navy Yard, the spring of nineteen, thirty nine nine bound for the Orient a few days in Hawaii and went to Waikiki one morning to ride surfboards, with another young friend, Lieutenant Gordon Warner champion swimmer, who had studied under Louis at the basic school the two men went out to see in a canoe into Virginia's astonishment Louis Rodion, with Wagner balancing with his bound with skill as rollers hurled them towards the shore. Louis and returned and rode in on a surfboard alone and turned Virginia come on going to try it too you never had so much fun, justly polar gets.
That Stoke awesome I just had to bring that outright. Even justly polar like there's little bit of Stoke. Back to the book, with a little further delay, Lewis what he saw for himself, he would report to the new marine base. North Carolina swamp lands at New River, where he would command the first battalion Seventh Marines and prepare them for so obviously, Pearl Harbor takes place and he heads back to states to take over one seven Marines, tie in return for the few late afternoon. Polar call a conference of his company officers, gentlemen, my name's polar your new commander have a good deal of work to do together. Be slow to make changes, but one of them begins tomorrow at the first rest period after we leave camp camouflage every man in every piece of equipment. We ve no camouflage material major well
Do it anyways the best in the field, find a model smear modern. Your faces enhance twigs on helmets and blouses anywhere. You can stick. Em voyages, good you'll learn battalion began with marches of twelve miles daily. This was pushed too dean and then twenty miles polar punctuated, drills with talks to his men. They were very young maiden beard this boy's under sixteen who must have lied about their ages. They were there, see me profane men polar had ever countered. Edward L Smith, a young battalion, Doktor educated at Yale, and Harvard confessed that the cost Flow of filthy language, actually, second, him. Now we had some guys that were marching and some of them followed fall out from the heat and he roared. Then the major political
by when you were marching. This morning I heard a marine or the roadside say there, the God. Damn seventh regiment. I was amazed. When are you didn't step out a ranks and knock em out cold. One of his private Gerald White, a Yale man from EAST Port Main also a diarist, began to take note of polar. He is ever obscene remark weed for the vigor with which he handles us, he is from demands the utmost, but there is he's a kindly approach, even when he is chewing you out the displays a touching sympathy again This is what this is. What we're trying to do as leaders balances, I gotta make here's polar talking to his troops: One more thing: whenever we are at chow, the private, we fed. First, then the
coms and officers. Last of all typical taking care of the troops. When they were tough into that whenever there are doing calisthenics in all their marches, and he you go back to when they were tough into that polar put them through a series of night marches, beginning after midnight, the doctors like other learn to read, maps encompasses into handle weapons, including mortars, the practice of And a fine ships and planes a joke and most units became a serious business in one seven, some ex learn. Morse code in Manila, John bows alone and Army train veteran machine, Gunnar traded said before lessons for it action in first aid had bring out there. We had met Manila John. It's like unbelievable meant that this
George W Bush. Here's here's another very cool situation. This young lieutenant was practicing some kind of an assault and he gets a little complicated and and dollars were poor calls. Everyone is old man whether that older and embryonic cells, everyone old man, was pretty funny. So here we go talk of this young returned old man, is mighty little room for fancy tactics below division level, the enemy or on the hill. You go get him in and you'll save men. There are times when you have to flank, but don't forget that the shortest distance between two points, a straight line, get some always talk about fighting and I'm a big believer Jesse Poor, says: hey somebody's gonna flank, but sometimes gotta go get some street a straight line. Here is another important thing:
as often as I can, and the colonel said. There may be from colonel you'll be starting our two returning next week. I want you Let me know, and when your fire I want to get my true under it. As often as I can, and the colonel said there may be accidents. And polar says, we can chance those what I won't chance has taken a bunch of green kids to war before they know the sound, a big guns I know, shells aren't the same going in and coming out, but this will help so he wants to get them Right there on under the sound of the gods Cox. Now the executive of aid company was impressed by pro pullers thoroughness, major polar, never stood aside and said, carry on sergeant and most off other. Officers did. He was in there with US pack and all he could walk down.
The best of us, even the kids other commanders road cars in the woods, but not polar. Here's another journal, entry, private Gerald, White Red- for his diary, polar must have March twice the distance we did for all day long. He kept marching up and down the column jaunty as bantam rooster, I'd clinched in his teeth ever alert to see the who to see that men who are succumbing to the heat, exhaustion or blisters, were taken care of by corpsman. Many times today I saw him, take a bar which is browning automatic rifle to big machine gun, a bar machine gun or mortar off the shoulder of some marine, whose Fanny was dragging and carry it to give the poor guy some respite. Here's another situation again good dichotomy here. Somebody They find somebody asleep or watch which, by the way, is like an incredibly horrible thing, which
and get severely punished for backward, but polar The boy wake old man, it's dangerous, Poor trick, like this supposed captain Rogers had caught you, he D made a big fire. And then I'd have to court martial you and slap you into the brig maybe that's what I should do, but I'll give you another chance. Pretty soon now will be fighting for keeps and you'll see. Stay awake or the lives of every one of us. You understand me, so I mean talk about away to endear yourself to the troops, that's so all some of the cap motor caught, you would big fuss? Luckily, I call you poor was This is a date for overseas. Was promoted to Lieutenant colonel on smaller he wrote to his wife. Life is so short and when I was child. I thought it would last forever, never My love, for you will version
Yet, even into the next life and then on the hardest thing I've ever done was tell you good bye. That was a black Tuesday and I pray you will never be another separation. Yeah you're, not right. Either they're gone there hadn into a guadalcanal. So that's gonna make everyone think life can get pretty short. Back to the book, fire came from the sea or japanese ship stood close in unchallenged and battered the area. Much of the grove was coined by flying fragments and men screamed in agony trees. Torn and broken, and many tumbled to the ground people reported hearing general polar or time, Colonel Polar it's all right, men stay down and they can't hurt you. This will last forever. Tomorrow will be our turn,
get. They landed on the beach nerds, getting hammered with Jap from japanese ships, big artillery from the big naval guns. The battalion left that left the perimeter that afternoon a file of more than eight hundred men of the battalion, it hardly cleared the perimeter when it was. Firing ahead. Captain haze was near the colonel. At the moment, every man hit the deck except polar. We die for the growth beside the trail, but he walked up and down the line. Talking as if he were on parade, told us. It was all right- and this is In a word about just small stuff, we began to get up again and there he commanded that battalion as never imagined it could be commanded. The men saw what kind of man they had and the word win I'm a calm as fast as light. We lost our fear or some of it.
On a grassy knoll above the tangle where the Knights Bivouac was planned. The column met an ambush to Bob agrees. Platoon were killed, two of Bob Haggerty's platoon were killed and the unit broken. Heidi groups leaving Haggerty without a command. He in cover watched, polar, it was the greatest submission of utter disregard for personal safety. I ever saw Definitely like I said whatever that officer was in Haiti, that told them don't cha fear under fire. He took that one too many, back book, a runner just be this again. I'm jumping around us from different combat scenarios, a runner, behind polar, was hit in the throat and died quickly. Everyone else hit the ground, except for Colonel Polar first,
William Pennington retained a vivid memory. The moment the colonel stood there in that grazing fire with that little old stump of a pipe and his face. Yelling be company. Second platoon. In line here machine gun fire kicked dost all around me, and I stayed down in that me. High Koona grass, like everyone else in the ranks, the only marine you could see. Standing on that hillside get this we go. A grenade fell near the old man, no more than eight yards away. Captains captain Zack Cox estimated but polar turned when he saw a company scatter and yelled. Oh, that damn thing going off. It helped to study the men. The grenade was dead. So they get down, there is kind of like situation for few days are fighting back to propose, but
In twenty four deadened: twenty three wounded. The next day Back in the main defence line. The perimeter he called to go the battalion officers. His voice was in his face on smiling gentlemen. At least we ve all been blooded now I don't want. You be mooning over our losses and feeling sorry for yourselves or taking all the blame on your shoulders. We ve got to leave this world some day. We're all in the same people Then there are worse things been dying for your country. Some things about our action. The last four days. I want you to remember forever. There are some we'd all like to forget. But they'll, be in your minds. I, as long as you live. I hope we ve all learn something new, Care of your men yourselves ready, we haven't seen anything yet one other thing Back there on the hillside at Mount Austin, I had trouble getting company officers up, hope. You saw that cost US casualties
Never do I want to see that again in my command, I want to see officers leading. I want you to know that you're leaders and not simply commanders. You cannot operate a military force in the field. Under these conditions, with commanders alone. Civilians would know what I was talking about, but you fell. Now that it's true there are many qualities and a man, but one that is absolutely necessary in it Three leader is stark: courage give that dear to your man in your own way,. Don't worry over the things that are done that can no longer help some trade on building a better combat unit unit, because that's the best of all of us surviving. None of us could have the fact that I was the only combat train man nor outfit. When we began. I was lucky enough to get there jolt when I was young you'll come on fast and they'll, be why for us.
Be ready when our time comes yeah. That's that that's it. I haven't really heard that point, but you know you hear people talk about leaders and managers and I we're companies in and it's a good a good sentiment right. Our be our leaders, are our leaders? Are leaders, do not manager here, This is an interesting one of say: look, it's not not commanders leaders, not commanders, added that you do. You think about the difference between commanders mean I'm gonna command. You wherever you, ladies anway, led the very, very cool. Distinction between those two words back to the book. He still miss nothing involving the morale of his men ray in fuller, began to feel the stark drama. The situation after the first severe fight grew a beard and swaggered around the perimeter like a desperado polar Look. I'm aside. Oh man, your carried away with this war, business you're, feeling too
important about it, that's dangerous this just a matter of kill or be killed. I gotta read that again, this is just a matter of kill or be killed and we gotta stay on our toes to have a chance. Crean yourself, up here some shaving gear and when you're through you can take a drink from that bottle. If you like again, like connecting with your troops and recognising that a guy starting to do like go sideways. A little bit poor my side and talking to her right now again, they're, just engaged in a fierce battle. This point back to the book at the peak of this policy a telephone call from the regimental commander in the rear, polar we ve A change in orders executed, reconnaissance and force with your battalion along the coasts. Road do not be.
I'm involved in a large action, be prepared to withdraw, to maintain communications Reagan. Fuller was within your sought. A polar polar shouted enrage, how the Can I make a reconnaissance when we're engage down to the last man? Were fighting tooth and nail man if you'd get off your Duff and come up here where the fighting is, you could see the situation both again. This is why he wasn't always super popular up the chain of command, because He spoke the truth. Sometimes in the moat, not those tactful way now colors but actually ends up getting the upper hand there and he gets them cut a pin down in crushes
Back to the book when it was over, the regimental headquarters called back relieving polar of any necessity of a reconnaissance patrol and permitting him to return to the perimeter. There is also key from had again a request to bring is wounded pullers men carried in all casualties from the two battalion two battalions pours battalion had five dead and twenty one wounded. Total losses were sixty five dead and one hundred and twenty five wounded for the operation, polar estimated that the enemy losses to be at least five times that that but it was later revealed that the japanese Fourth Infantry had lost almost an entire battalion with six hundred and ninety dead, the result of polar straw, can the crater now like I said he it's his mind and remember. I mentioned Colonel Van De Griff. We work for use a young lieutenant will now, but Colonel Vander, Griffith, General and John
Vander Griff these there have been a little conversation back. The book The whole process was asinine the mixed up fits as badly as they please simply could there was no Overall, commander division gave orders to Again, wailing and me wailing with senior but orders and not come through him. My regimental commander was behind the river and not on scene. Thus, when they found two battalions stopped cold in the fight communications were so bad. They pulled these two outfits and left me to face all the enemy were blind lucky to come out. As we did imagine ordering me to go on some damn reconnaissance. When I was fighting with every man, I had proper as a nation of authority would have made everything clear boom there you go proper designation of authority, people need to know is in charge, and you need to put someone in charge. That's he's gotta work when you don't have. That
you get confusion, you get issues now, there's a there's like a feel doktor. There. Doktor Smith note in his diary that polar seemed more concerned over losses has become was fanatical and his desire to see that men are properly cared for. If a man's body is lost, he is greatly disturbed and fret about the time lost before he can recover the body and give it a decent burial. There. You go. There was one unpleasant matter: the young fish Delphine who'd earlier been a disciplinary problem on Samoa had failed. The colonel and creator March. Poor called you. Pays the legal officer I want you to have heard tried for dereliction of duty in the feed. The enemy he threw ways load a mortar shells because it was too heavy and he cos We the lives of several men, damn time, I'll drop
recommendation I'm going to have him shot and I don't think cover it it's the reason I pointed that out or a cover. That is because that guy redeems himself in the future and to the types workforce of ok you're good. He does some incredibly brave and crazy things. Right. So here we go back the book. The maids japanese attack was expended was expected along the Matin cow in most of the division strength placed there. The japanese move to attack these positions. On October. Fifteenth with this second, debate with the japanese second division assigned to swing far removed and hit the Marines from the south in an area where pullers men awaited nine April, battalion set out in this march, total of five thousand six hundred men, excluding artillery and other support troops the soldiers care
are dragged everything even guns over there. Trails, they related making their attack and abandoned. Many guns on the trust of the Japanese are common in their common aggressively company was weaker by one platoon and the other companies for, despite protests of Conor Polar, there was an outcome was to forty six of its men, some three thousand yards to their front. Commanded by sergeant Ralph Briggs Junior Afore Edwards, with constant these men had been out for several days to warn of an enemy approach. Colonel plan was on the field phone. During the day of digging in trying to persuade is regimental commander to have headquarters, withdraw Briggs and his patrol that gonna soccer, eyes those men, that's all. We don't need any bade on the hook. As you say, if they're coming they're coming, this is foolishness to throw away the opportunity and they do a great job. In the many here is the Pacific of kind of show.
This, and if you ever want specific, I mean just watch it watch in about ten times I've really working twenty times in. He tries wait polar looked at his watch all right. He said: let's get this straight, hold your hold fire until you get an order for me that the outpost must be clear before we open up if the bastards breakthrough use the bayonet and keep someone every phone wait polo That is why it was ten o clock. Yells rolled yells rolled from the right, japanese voices shouting in english blood for the emperor Marine, die a marine bellowed back to Hell, with your goddamn emperor. Sergeant Manila. John Barcelona. Nest of guns is about the centre of Sea company in the middle of a line with a slight decline in his front The enemy drove toward him so persistently that he cut
the hell with their bodies and when the first fury of attack faded, he sent men to push down the wall of enemy bodies to clear the fire lane course. That's John Babylonia What'd, the medal of honor for those actions that night. Now there's a a artillery commander a little bit to the rear name Duvall and. Polar is asking devolve for massive artillery support because they're like gonna, be overrun poor. All devolve again give us all you ve got were holding on by our toenails I'll give. You You call for polar, but God knows what will happen when this ammo we have is gone if we don't need it now, we'll never needed if they it through here tonight? There won't be a tomorrow. That's that's a situation that they were in red. Fuller, called from the sea p from the flank colonel I'm just about running out of ammo I've used it.
Three and a half units, a fire. You got back That's haven't you fuller sure. Yes, sir. All right then hang on. And the heaviest of the firing. When polar, let had left the c p regimental headquarters called for him not hear certain requirements said, come pulls up front, find get him on the phone The crude made several calls to the line position, polar returned and talk to the regimental commander. The few remaining in the pit heard Palos explosive reply. What do you mean what's going on we're net neck, deepen firefight and I'm no time standing here? Bull flinging? If you find out. What's going on com, and see. You know he was that good work. He was that good that he was able to do that. You're gonna, like we're rebel, not talk about Steve jobs. A couple podcast Gascoyne also K. Look, he was. He was now a good leader use abusive use,
but he was so good at his other skills. Well, he paused such a great leader, down the chain from any such a great tacticians, any so brave, and so do them die but on the battlefield that he does this stuff like miserably, gets away with it. Back to the book. There was one enemy prison prisoner, a little sullen, worn officer who refuse to talk when he was brought to polar. The colonel was so stung by the insolence of the prisoner that he slapped him with flat end of an tool teeth, build from the Japs mouth, but they were false teeth. He gave no information even then eight or prisoner, talk freely, with polar and polarization why didn't you change your tactics when you saw you weren't breaking our line? Why do you if too, a weaker spot. That is not the job pennies way, the plan had been made, No one would have dared to change it. It must go as it is written
That's why we have decentralized command opposite of decent last man? That's called centralize command. Here's the plan. This is what you will execute, don't do anything different. Back to book did, and this is kind of after this thing settled down. That's why they're prisoners? That's? Why is doing interrogation? That's why I'm asking? Why didn't you break you? Why are you change your tax when you broke line back the book, pullers puss and found two hundred and fifty japanese dead. Side their lives during the day about twenty them officers want a major had committed suicide, leaving final entry in his diary on the loss of his colors and troops. Do not know what excuse to give. I apologize For what I have done, I am going return. My borrowed life today with short interest, yeah. I thought that was worth bringing up because you're here about the fanaticism of the Japanese, but there you go, that's it.
Apologize and I'm going kill myself Gazette indiscreet. My mission. Poor casualty for the battle. Were nineteen dead, thirty wounded in twelve missing. Two or three days later, when the stench of bloated bodies in his front made. His men, Wretch Porter, persuaded division to make count of the enemy casualties and bury the corpses this burial. They'll counted one thousand four hundred and eight did you bodies and spent two days in the grizzly work: bulldozers, grout, gouged holes and covered the enemy dead and great pits. So that's incredible incredible that kill ratio. The colonel washed in the river with the troops In four notice that, even when he washed his uniforms, he said would he enlisted men in the river a carbon. The men liked fuller, said, though, a few of the cap
switch type officers in the rear rank sniggered behind his back the men. He was real, they report on an act and they loved him and again here the dichotomy of it like we know what a hard ass. He is back about poor shielded, shielded his men from unnecessary work. A young officer who insisted that they police up the battalion area, removing jap beer cans and the debris of the battle was stopped by by the colonel Forget it old man, let the boy given their socks and leave them, how alone there half dead from fever and fighting, and though the hop. Do it again any day now so very go! That's the deal It's like he just nails. There is perfect Another situation, polar was three hundred to four hundred yards behind the point of his column. The first south japanese fire burst just in front of him for that
The timing is combat career spanning twenty three years. His luck ran out under enemy fire. It was blown from feet by spray of flying metal. Shell fry France has torn his legs and lower body and he was bleeding freely the field telephone carried by a marine just in his rear call headquarters old man, Polar said, I can't sir, the wires been cut. The colonel struggle unsteadily to his feet and tried to help the communications And repair the wire: He stood an enemy, sniper, shot, anatomy I shot him twice through the flesh of his arm with a small calibre bullets. He sank back to the ground sergeant, maintaining come up by now, and he helped Shepherd lift polar into a partial, get him up and get him. The ground to avoid tetanus infection, or bent over polar. Are you stain command. Sir, yes Of course, I am I'll, be ok. I can't leave these men. May I call four artillery fire. If I get re your phone working, yes, If you know how
then shovelled out a fox offer polar lowered him into the poncho the tail Phone is placed in the whole with him and when the line was repaired, he cradled the phone and one arm and talked with headquarters pen. Can listen. Does he discussed a mortar barrage across the river the next morning launching of dawn attack. These are shot up and blown up and he's planning an attack for the morning, Brad called in the artillery fire shall soon burst the thickets across the stream, and the enemy was quiet for the rest of the evening. Late in the night, polar realise that he could no longer walk and called division headquarters. I find myself unable to proceed by leading my troops. He said after a delay. Word came back major John C Weber, Wilson
command of your battalion within a few hours. He is leaving the perimeter immediately. So that was you know he gets pulled out. Go back the book, Lieutenant Colonel Polar is being recommended by General Van De Grief for the medal of honor for leading his battalion with seven holes in him continually for twenty four hours. Three, I recommended for the rent medal of honor. This did not develop provision commander, in addition, commanding pullers battalion for its perimeter, defence and putting in for a third, nay, crosswords Commander also wrote. I have known Louis Polar since nineteen. Nineteen use wonder combat patrol officers. I knew just as easily out standing outstanding officer today. He did a one. For job with his battalion on Guadalcanal in every phase of the operation. I miss price
to have him as a friend as I was glad to have measure marine. January first, nineteen, forty three was warm and Sunday in the loading went smoothly gear was all stowed in the last of the first Marine division. Troops were going aboard It is only then that their condition became apparent men who would fall. For four months and the foulest climate in the Pacific and had been shell the bomb or shot up by snipers almost constantly between battles seem to come, at the same moment school were unable to climb the nets into the ships and had to be carried aboard? The hatch expressions with glazed Duncan eyes for weeks most and would be patients with malaria dysentery. Sorted fevers and fungus infractions, virtually every man and the division had malaria. By now polar said, It isn't so much that there sick or even worn out it's the real action from there
covering that their finally leaving this damn place. And yet a lot of grew into men here: visions dead, were one thousand two hundred and forty two and two thousand. Six hundred and fifty five had been wounded. Sickness was near total. No one could yet grasped the importance of the island fighting on the day of loading out along of the Pacific, island campaigns have been fought and the pattern of your victories had been set, the Japanese had paid, higher price here than they would pay again and had thrown all their disposal, ships planes and and machines more than fifty five Men had been lost on the island or on this trying to reach it in, and it was already known as island of death. For more than a year radio. Tokyo was to call the first
Green Division, the Guadalcanal butchers, so that's guadalcanal. He actually heads home. And here we go back to the book and aid in the office in Washington, general Thomas Holcomb jolted it with the news, the general given you to the army, polar. I mean on loan, Three or four months, General Marshall wants you to explain, the Guadalcanal fighting to his troops all over the country You needn't fret about leaving your men the division being Australia for the next six months before it can get back into action? I expect you re. Join it in time for another big job. So, there's time between these big island campaigns and he goes home to America to take over or spread the word about what the fighting was like back Look you often spoke three times daily. He was on and off
until we all but lost track of his room. He told story of his fight for the perimeter of bass alone, pushing the wall of enemy bodies down the hill of burials by all those right of weapons, they used, he told of patrols and thick growth but never of his wounds. I can Tell you the jobs are no damn good, he said because they good bye you're better want to marry. Can properly trained, can handle two of the yellow bastards. They have discipline and they use the jungle cover better than we do, but they can't think on their own say that again they have discipline. And they use the jungle cover better than we do, but they can't think on their own. That's a critical dichotomy that the disk one which obviously obviously, is something that I am.
Passionate about, but if you put so much discipline in pretty good too much this put in place, people think for themselves anymore. They just wait. They never change battle plans once there made, regardless of cost. They think they lose face. They have no two already compare with ours and our guns to them the pieces they go. The jungle wrought just as much as we do they're, not Superman ABLE, with the hell out of em and you'll, be helping to do it soon. I suppose, if you take your training seriously, then there's nothing to worry about, but you have to be hard. And you can be hard when you write with your family's too ready convincing that? Where, in a war to the finish, And then all these strikes and softness and confusion will have to go. I can tell you one more thing: your work. Things and dying for your country. When you
hope to the war production board officials in washington- here's what he said. I want to ask you why american troops shouldn't have the best, though best fighting equipment on gas. Canal, we saw trenching shovels, break it first use over men. Now I've jap shovels because better and more dependable Jap feel classes are better. Do I have once myself, german glasses that have carried for twenty years. Why should american glass be so poor, not worth a damn in the tropics they fog up and thereby improperly sealed once they get down Their done for I've seen hundreds of pears tossed away in the jungle or sea, because men know they can see as well with the naked eye. What kind of american ingenuity or patriotism produce those who doesn't play. The little part about Cuba. But he will have to get over the idea that, where the greatest people on earth in every respect that we're infallible and that no one else has ideas worth considering,
one of the reasons we had to fight against the odds on greater canal. Guadalcanal was. This is for a man the notion of superiority and our care with in the face of danger that goes back to pearl, harbor and far beyond, He say you gotta stay, humble Kebby, arrogant,. He was summoned before the high command of the Marine corps and gave some gate and gave the same forth a picture of the fighting he had seen. Gentlemen. We have some The same old troubles staff officers who ve never seen combat issue unrealistic orders that cost lives time money and ruin morale. Yeah, but we were out there on that island tron trying to do the perimeter when they waited When they wanted to send a patrol outside the command, never used a single regiment but sent three mixed battalions ballade Nothing would have been a regular regiment with one. Italian, leading the other and the other you covering
officers and men would be familiar with each other and there would never be questions about who is in command, we did go out. It was almost always with mixed battalions. It may look new staff officers chart here at headquarters, but it didn't work brought us only stumbling and confusing and casualties more than once we're out the jungle, nobody really new, whose in command I could Are you the names of many a man I lost? Because of that? It was inexcusable with something that Absolute leaves is very important and it and especially for guys that are against anybody. You, you. Can you train in a certain way, as sure you can stay in the group that you work and train with right. And for them to just randomly, and who knows, why they did this, but I'll tell you what I've seen I've seen this, where Let's say: there's some operation, that's,
a high visibility operation that everyone thinks, while that be a cooperation to do well, instead of just taking, let's say one company: they go well You wanna get multiple different people to get to be able to be involved in this operation. So take one too this company. Unwanted influence of the company wants to sell other company. I will send them all out there. Exactly restock about, took no no haste, are you guys aren't gonna go on this operation were sending out for company or Bravo Company or whatever, that's the way you do it play around his little comment, because I love machine guns. Little common in the art of machine gunnery. These guns are the most important fire power to infantry and is making that statement. Congested, got justly Buller statement
Machine guns, Gobio Machine, Gunnar, you don't say, I notice that wasn't. I was so fired up when they were at the Jim and I walked in. There are some some kid was signing up and he was not. I call the kid he's, probably Oh man, twenty four years, oh yeah, as I said oh man. You know I think you'd like tell the air like a height, I wasn't Are you not or use Yemen as well rigour, the machine gonna dig it s, awesome arrive. Here's another another comment: we Just don't know all we ought to know about warfare on land or sea just off canal not longer, we lost three cruises cruisers blasted down by job guns as they sat there sitting docks, that's all
I'll, tell you exactly why we lost him. The admiral in charge, gotta plain report that the jap force was approaching at fourteen, not by daylight. So if it that this be the enemy couldn't arrive in his waters before the next on after dark. Of course, the Japs stepped up their speed twenty eight knots and got their got to the scene at three p m, when our men were not even a battle stations instead of keeping it but like that, I'm positive, and instead of keeping such thing secret, we ought to have them emblazoned on the gate. At every naval station we meet not be too proud or too stupid to profit, by our mistakes. God knows that we make him, have you the term profit from our mistakes before no, but I really like yeah, I think, I'd really like to widen, profit from your mistakes with brilliant yak and puts it more in
in this learn from your mistakes. Right, learned, coo, EE, oh, say products around so much more valuable talks, a little about where the psychological impact of But I know something about the strain of combat for five years in Nicaragua March to be twenty days a month underclass in front of enemy ambushed. But I never saw those but I never saw those indian troops, any sign of battle fatigue or thing resembling it in the past, I saw a lot of our people break down my real is this? What does it matter Your killed if you're killed in battle. Why does the loud noise in a fight with heavy artillery and bombs makes such a difference? I think the difference entirely in the mind and the preparation of men for combat in Haiti. Actions when I fought the men were all picked volunteers, professionals who were paid to fight and realize they might die in the trade I'm sure from my own experience that its them
latitude. I went through the first days. They had a guadalcanal and I didn't suffer a bit. I lost some weight, but that was begun. We didn't get the proper food if make our men talk in the mind before they go to war and give them an honest idea of what war is like. We want have so much of this trouble. Why do we after baby them with all this crap about careers and opportunity and foreign travel You know what I mean. You know what I mean yeah. That makes a lot of sense there. You know they say forget where read this, but people who come back from from war, they could a differentiated like where people who were who were in it like you know how like J P and you- and I, It's always wanted to do this to become a leader to be a Navy seal can be a commando. You know like the typically people that can act,
they don't get affected by it, because it's kind of like the thing was effected less yea. Generally. You are Correia generally guys that likes. Special operations- guys are that's what they wanted to do, the others on the launch of other things that play, and that is why the training, because each A hard training or guess what in special operation, you do get harder training, you have a tighter or you have of a real, close relationship with all your guys, and you stay together with your guys that these helpful to I mean not any type of relationship that you have an image. Jupiter and trust me. I've seen does in marine corps and an army of trend and military units tight doesnt matter. Whether special operations are not about the training they step up. The trading make it really hard that place. But I think you're right is that guy's that think that that's what they want to do, then that helps as well So there's a bunch of little factors, but I think What his point is like theirs to do so
point number one make the training hardest August. Guess three point number one make a training hard as hell number two major people know what to expect and don't talk to them about, like. The career opportunities I just this question on the way the work had broadcast right. Well, I answered the question. The question: was it fund to be a Navy seal and I answered the question hey? Is it fun? Yes, absolutely it's fun, that's part of it, but the other part of Is you are going to go to war and you could die and that's all thing to tell a nine year old or a ten year old, but that's exactly You should tell a nine year old or ten year old, because That's what you're signing up for I was I was doing another interview recently, and I told this story. Not I've told it before, but you know is like the first time some woman that I can work with accompanying and some woman that was brutally no had a. Her husband or something anyways. The woman said
Can you meet my son. He really must be a Navy seal animals, but you know, I said, oh yeah sure the other kid was whatever seventeen or eighteen years old use a junior seeing your high school, and he was this. You know strap, in care. Do you look like a great athlete and cheap and bring me to lunch with him, so we went to luncheon and it was the day sales of the story. I don't recall exactly, but it was basically you know my son. He wants been ABC or he D. On seventeen and he's on the track team. He play football loves working out and he just Be great do twenty eight and the A guy love working out
I serve too, and I love the ocean on the water and it was like cool and any other for a while. You know I was listening and then you know, of course I was like yeah. You know. That's that sounds like sounds like you'd be well prepared for the physical aspects of it, but we have to remember that the reason you become a seal is so you can go and fight in wars and you're, going to kill people needing to be at the risk of dying and you're going to be the risk of being wounded. And that's what's going to happen to your friend if not you and the when I got done saying like that sentence, the mobs face completely changed because its work, he's talking about right here, which is hey. You know its Travelin adventure and career opportunities. I know what it is is: is war and savagery and the worst things that you could boss of experts is what you're getting spirits. That's what you need to tell people yeah, especially operation.
In the conclusion for what what I was reading. There was people They go in knowing in kind of how they put it like. Word leaning into the room Ladys of military situation is Tipp, tends to be special operations or guys who want to do it. For that reason, not the guy who got sold on world travel, yet we acknowledge that guy's definitely gonna have a for time with it, and you got her member to theirs hundreds of theirs, massive percentage of army emptying Marine Corps, Humphrey they want to be recorded, they want to be there. Do they want to do a they're just as passion about that as some guy that you like cause that Job, it's a little bit different. But it's a lot of that parts of that job. Are you know had bride stand on. We talk about this, you know like I'd stand was you get in charge? More people, you get it's it's it's a different dynamic but the combat leadership opportunities in the end,
The combat opportunism in one way and remedy the guys that if between remedy those guys we're for in getting after it. They were too it was insane to watch those guys. So the eye. Any veto, there's plenty of others, vast majority or there's plenty of guys in the in the wreck You are conventional forces, they don't they their due. Does good after combat as the as despair, operation guys do So its moral- and here we talk about this priority. If a for actually going in doesn't matter be special operations are converging forces or general purpose units he's fractured got in the way, going to arrest him up. If he's sorry, going in it. He's gonna do well. So that's the determining factor the training definitely helps the telling people. The truth up front, definitely Alps, but you don't know what you're gonna get here. And there's also plenty guys special operations that do have serious issues, yeah yeah
article wasn't about like special operations. That's not what it was about. Who is more about the state of mind? I think special, where I know that special operations was just like an example of an area of some point that there are making. While we talk again M M referencing all these different podcast, but Your Pearson was on. We talked about like often of mindset right at all events, if you can be generally more psychologically comforting. That is its psychologically uncomfortable to be on the defensive. Psychologically more comfortable to be on the off. As regards get the right cycle, ok, psychologically uncomfortable on the defensive, psychologically more comparable, not necessarily comfortable. Could you still have bad things? you're your office, but it's definitely psychologically more comfortable yeah, so things play a role, You happen like to your x ray
Are you consider inexperience? It's like I'm gonna happen to this experience. Rather than this european prices rising. Suddenly, events eloquent, we will say, hey how life's our life treating you verses. How are you treating life in announcing their I'll go with it just go with its good. Here here's? Another thing it he did. He calls out- and this is very interest- everyone, that's in the military. Will you listen. Canna shake their heads. The practice of having command post exercises polar said, though he realized tat. He was treading on prominent toes in his audience. We takes. What's forces of headquarters troops and the like. Just a handful and go through exercises so often that we free we aren't simulating that we aren't simulating actual warfare, has become so bad that even pull tunes or carrying out command post exercises. In battle of course, once you said a c p which the command was used
for all, you stop all forward motion because the commander sit on their deaths in relative security. And when you hope forward motion you get trouble immediately. I have to admit we have to learn. I admit, We have to learn how to handle commands, but we ve carried to a ridiculous extreme They do a lot of that command. Exercise what the most unrealistic thing about it, like you say that you have not a real. Platoon, but like a small, presentation of opportune. So the manner can move that platoon around released because cuz it's little thing, but then we have a real platoon that takes real vehicles and real yields? in pieces on a board as opposed to remove this this, but in from here to there. It are you. Do this move this move their move, your son aboard Thou, is easy. You look away
actually happens in the field. When you move that peace loving battalion its massive, it's it's, this increase a bull project to make happen to move of Italian. You know four miles or two miles or whatever, Lisbon is gonna, take fuel and food and ammunition and wounded in planning all the stuff, but the person up to because I only I one morning ass, he approached the company of his men lounging among their tents. A newly arrived lieutenant barked in order and the marine scrambled to their feet, standing at attention. What the hell is wrong with you Polaroid, don't you think I've got more sense than demand that put on a show. Every time I come within, pistol range get back down on your doves yards Know me well enough that I'm damned ban. Soldier get easy. There's enough for you to do get your next assignment again. Dichotomy me, you don't need to snap to tension every time I come around
there's an army quartermaster and the general showed up and they had asked for a bunch of shock bombshells. Here we go back to the book. He's asked for ten thousand brass buckshot shells. What the devil is you want with those to kill ya With sir, doesn't we know that Buckshot is prohibited by the Geneva convention. Sir polar, doesn't, give a damn about the Geneva Convention, any more than the Japs did Pearl Harbor. Now as they're getting ready to go and assault Gloucester. The enemy had word of the coming assault. Radio, too, your blared one afternoon in late December, the first American Marine Division Assorted cut throat degenerates and jail. Birds has been shot.
Stout of Melbourne is now in camp and New guinea and will try to invade gave Gloucester these to add that our soldiers are fully prepared, repulsive. Since little attempt, the jungles will run red with the blood of the Guadalcanal butchers. So that's that's. That's the propaganda cut throats The in jail birds, Sonata, gonNA, Gloucester, Gloucester on the early morning of December, twenty six they stood off, Cape Gloucester, big guns on the fleet rolled for a half our two half beginning or dawn in the Marines their traditional D day, daybreak ate their traditional dd breakfast of staking eggs. While salvos shook the holes beneath them, Four battalion Seventh Marines landed first quickly, followed by pullers old, the time which floundered through a morass behind of the beach and pushed up the tall know already known to a in ship gunners as Target Hill, an hour after the seventh was ashore. The first Marines came turned
The airfield and walked into well laid japanese ambush tanks, big tanks, when to clear the enemy from their hidden by girls and by nightfall. The first was well on its way to the airfield affair. Tree in the south he forced injured one marine and otherwise there were only twenty killed and twenty two wounded on D day enemy is casualties were estimated at fifty on descent. Thirty! If the first and fifth secured the field after hand to hand fighting in which they the call on tanks for help sergeant remembered a moment from a mortar attack by the enemy kid sitting there and is foxhole. He didn't have any head. He. Tat a neck with dog tags on it, a grey faced drew near by which muttering as he fled, as he fired his rifle it dont do any good. I got three of them, but it don't do any good. Japanese snipe said infiltrated the line and killed Marines at short, and one unit tried to wade. The stream was broken.
It survivors driven to hide in the weeds on the edge from stream, a boy who failed to make it over over a log body riddled by a score of bullets. For half an hour or more, he called to his mind before he died. I'm here here I am. The attack had stalled Blinded now become you shaped with a part of the enemy holding back the centre Jim. My Rupert US from division, the commander of the third battalion Seventh Marines and sent polar into action once more with orders to reorganise and drive forward the unit. So they were making any progress, and the commander said: you know what I'm puttin polar back in action send the wolf. The trouble was the same. Here's here's polar talk, to his guys as he showed up
the poor, was the same old thing, The trouble with the same old thing, staff officers, dont, know the meaning of terrain and how it can slowed down troops and lives the front about two in the afternoon I called the company Anderson, told them. As briefly as I could. What I had in mind. I've been sent take over your command has been relieved. I don't intend to believe, be relieved. You can bet on that. We're going your attack here. In the morning there Protest at the job bunkers could not be seen and that there were cut up our line. I told him I, had the medicine for that I wrote. Up some of Joe Buckwheats Half tracks, because I knew their guns could deal with the bunkers Distance was fairly light, but the staff orders were so foolish that we were just sitting targets that we're making sitting targets of our people, but we did a great job there is, he always did they had orders needs betimes to guide both right. And left in order that can't be followed well, even on a permit parade ground any
Beginner knows that you can guide left or you can guide right or even center, but you can't follow two leaders on either side. At the same time, the line will buckling cause gaps. We were frustrating the troops with delays to reform the line. I said now. We will go forward and forget about all this guiding business just for If there's any body on the flanks we have, Power here to drive and we're going to drive blow your way through think of nothing else. So in in part there. Once again, you can't follow multiple leaders at the same time and he talking about a physical example, Lecoq guiding the military's when you're marching you look to your left, you you, you fought, you line but the person to your left, usually these people say no liable to pursue and the person you right, how the hell are you gonna? Do that you not that's the answer.
Before the gun, stopped a staff officer from division I went in, and the staff officer from division on the and did he says I went up there in the heaviest the action when fires flying all around us polar around outside the wire and he'll six sixty and stop that every dug out talk to some kid. He'd say how things go in their old man. Just become next door to borrow a cup of sugar, Kids thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened. Given handing out thousand dollar bills down the line. They were some place to spend them. Lord found one demoralized boy sitting Stone Venus Whole looking out with it. Hell tail thousand yards stare. He muttered overrun over colonel. We gotta get the hell out of here. That's no way to Och old man portal the boy, a few paces to rear and sat with him for ten minutes or so look old man. I want to go home to
getting any younger hell, I'm forty five years old. You know that I got a family at home. I know this dump oh good, but neither of us going home until we like these bastards. We ve got to make. We gotta help me guard folks at home, safe to alter get you some hot chow appear old man. So again you just gotta a guy totally gets it. Lots of heavy fighting. They get gastric secured in February nineteen. Forty four polar had a legal examination, the cape and the camp at Cape Gloucester and hide from a notation of a recent attack of malaria. Was found in perfect condition on the same day, upon hearing rumor that one third of the veterans of Guadalcanal has to be rotated back to the states. Paul wrote Jenner. Hey come the common, not in terms which would have been appreciated by a Caesar or Napoleon is respect.
We requested that my present assignment to combat unit be extended. Until the downfall of the japanese empire, free to get some the division regrouped Andrew placements, the fur. The new weapons began to appear in quantities the Springfield and almost disappeared, now to polar sorrow, he was interested in the first of a new style flame for our when it officer brought one by the youngster pay? We explained the work of the deadly torch and looked to Polar for approval, where the bayonet fit on it like famous quote from Jesse Poor there's a flame floor, but you need to put a bayonet fading on it. Just in case He's council on his officers about about showing being brave and stepping up
At the same time, here's the here's that I Me he says I don't want you to go up under the guns, just for show its own the idiots and green kids, you think they're bulletproof. But if you Show some courage or officers won't show it either kids will hang back it's that it's there Kind of an outfit that always has trouble next, we go polarity to pursue to find a new stir in the camps. The owl I'd. Landings in France were expanding. The new twenty nine had begun to bomb Tokyo. Sigh panted fallen, whole fleet Of cargo ships had brought the first division new equipment to pursue, and there was word of an independent role for the Marines and a new operation General Mccarthy, We follow his own southern Courson island hopping, but the core woods Abingdon Central Pacific portico hard conceive the scope of the new Marine corps, which here known to be as a force of mere nineteen thousand is pre war days. There are now five
visions and brigade in the Pacific and another division in training in California. Well, for a hundred thousand men late July, on same day, Franklin D, Roosevelt and Harry Truman were nominated for the coming elections. Back home Marines landed on Guam a few days after. Louis got the news edit, Colonel SAM Polar had been killed shop the heart by machine gunners bullet intimates notice, a new reserve in the colonel in these days, but it was not long before still another false reports added to the growing polar Legend Marines whispered that when you, word of SAM's. Deaf hits. Grimly boating by the sword must die by the sword. The loss of SAM had in fact touched Louis deeply.
Covered it with silence and hurried. Turning to other topics, when officers spoke of his brothers, deaf on Peru, the division intensified its work and sweated at war, games on the beaches and palm groves. There was a new watchword, pollute the next target, so his brother, Lieutenant Colonel Sample, was killed in a word that Hundred only a hundred thousand Marines that might seem like a lot but that's death. That's not a lot when you consider what the tasks that they had before them, So now there heading the heading to pollute the next target when the big fleet
Left further pullao to follow the bombardments, ships there was but a single somber note a board, one of the vessels were stacks of hundreds of white wooden crosses far more, in a two day supply. Today's from polluters report from the underwater demolition teams, whose men at both this woman to shore and inspected jap defence, nothing serious. They said the way would be cleared pullers mind was not believed he had never before pessimism at the opening of a battle. Now starting the invasion. There was no moon, the sky was filled with stars and it was not a trace of cloud toward the door of September fifteenth the transported When the position on the horizon, the guns it's the gun of the fleet spurted fire for hours, the fund
was unbroken, but as grey edged sky as grades the sky pace slowed and the fire became the soldiery the. When was invisible occasion where's erupted above it in the darkness and drifted from sight. The troops had first before daylight steak and eggs. Again. And when the first of them came to the decks the chain The palazzo lay in a so silhouette across the sea. There was a moderate swell. A breeze sprang up coming from the island to pollute, begun, broke into a full cry once more and the final shelling struck target. The two us Battalions at of the First Marines went aboard the big landing vehicles on the decks. The morals of the ships clanked open in the invidious tractors were spewed. Fourth, milling is formed lines ready to move forward towards the breach. Each they were four thousand yards out vast flight, of. Planes came over wheels. In from all directions they dived bomb.
And climbed over, pollute for an hour more and soon after the first of the bombs. Fell, a slow, hesitant curtain gathered over the land. It's impossible that anything living could have endured, but at last the assault began. A puff of anti aircraft smoke flowered in the sky in a plane, dropped in flames just before eight thirty the first wave started, Shoreward for the signal flag to dip from the yard arm over control boat. In his front the am tracks formed away on the broad wakes at almost eight Thirty, precisely the veal ground on the sand, polar, never forgot the scene. I went over the side. As fast as I could scramble and ran my calories. Twenty five yards before I hit the beach flat down when I looked back to the track software five shells hated all at once. A few men were killed, getting out too slow, but most of them were saved because they got out before we stopped moving. We lost our committee, nations officer is like
blown off and he couldn't be saved. I looked down and saw a mess every damn, damn track in our way had been destroyed in the water by the enemy or shot to peace is the minute landed, try to get a line set up for defence. The wires were their fast as soon as I was doing their job without further orders, and we lost several of them in the hot fire. Report to leader was trying to form a line of his own. Just as I was running we're going up and down the beaches. We tried to get organised that big arbitrary on my left, hadn't been touched. By all the ship's guns and planes, and we got a whirlwind of machine gun and anti tank fire pillars second battalion drove through a heavy growth of woods. Now too by the shelling and by nine He had driven three hundred fifty yards ahead to the edge airfield tied on the line of the fifth Marines casualties were reported is heavy but the trial of the second. It only begun the position was faced by an obstacle marked on none of the invasion maps. A shit
clearly ridge, whose side were honeycombed with japanese positions from far souls to gigantic dugouts of reinforced steel and concrete some of them with four levels, each of which could be closed off with steel doors for hours. The regiment endured the most savage fighting of the Pacific war. General Smith had come ashore at eleven thirty, a m. When the phone line was spices spliced late in the afternoon, and he talk with polar. He had only one p, Only a calm report where dug in solid and we ve the old one phase line all right. Poland, made no mention of especially heavy casualties or of need for help. It estimated that the first Marines and lost five hundred men during the day, the first one that had come ashore in oil drums and was fowl
polar shouted, his rage, the officers on the ships bellowing for new supplies, hairs. Here's pullers report Enemy well dug in opposition strong little dear done by our preliminary fire huh. Fight ahead, It is over twenty percent. Ordered no man to be evacuated unless from bullet or shell wounds, Rico further supply fresh water are still undrinkable men, retching. Polar called division and talked with Colonel Selden, the chief of staff. He remit. The year, the conversation years later, Johnny If my regiment is gone, I've got to have reply if I am to carry out division orders to Morrow Morning You know we have no replacements Louis
I told you before we came assure that we should have at least one regiment reserve, we're not fighting a third fighting a third of the men we brought in all these specialists. You brought. Anything wrong with your warders Louis. No, I'm go ahead, but you know my casualties are fifty percent. What do you want me? do. Get me some of those seventeen thousand men on the beach you can't Of them, they're not trained in four infantry even to me, and by nightfall tomorrow, they'll be trained infantry polo out with a runner stumbling through the night. Too far posts of his battalion commanders and pass on the order. We press attack at eight o clock in the morning no change speed, use every man. He fought fell more than once and caught himself on the coral sh. But in others had left and others left it headquarters noticed that the colonel was beginning to limp and that his left Good swollen selden. Old back Poland You got my orders: ok, yes
you needn't explain further. I just came back from my battalions: we're going to take grim ground tomorrow without replacements were willing to try, but don't forget we're just going to add ten or fear ten percent to our casualties. When the sun rose on September, eighteen, two hundred of the four hundred and seventy three men in Polish third battalion we're heading. Personnel many mine units have been decimated before noon. Their case, if he prostration blazing son was hotter than ever faces and lips were clock. Cracked and bleeding salt pills became There's again, port optimistic for they started the attack from high ground, but the crucial still lay ahead, Hank atoms, by pullers command post and found Half cloud and filthy sweat soaked trousers with a heavy beard on his face. Coming back this afternoon. Colonel do you want to bring you wished a fresh, uniform hell hand,
I've got no time for that. Every man in the outfit will get clean before I do better, Colonel Lou Walt now the exam give officer of the fifth Marine saw Pro out command conference. During the day. Whose absolutely sick over the loss of his men. The enemy fought hand to hand until daylight, beating off charges that no survivor could count as firstly spilled over the ridge. The shrunken company beat back the last japanese attack with stones. Ammunition boxes bear fists and bayonets several of the enemy were flung. Bodily off the cliff and fell shrieking and onto the splintered coral below, but they did it.
At the end of the day, the regiment reported a total of one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight men lost since D day. The fighting went on without a break until September. When he, when the first Marines rested in law, without advancing they beat off several counter attacks and patrols pushed out thousand yards down the West Coast without serious opposition. The regiment was relieved at two p m of this day by the three hunter twenty first regiment of the eighty first army division than commander, took one look the Ford Command Post Pollard at occupied an order It moved more than a thousand yards to the rear. The nine days on the line pours regiment had eliminated one major block house and a hundred forty four defended caves and lesser pill. Boxes division reported that three thousand nine hundred and forty two Japanese been killed in the red Mozilla com
no enemy had been captured. Pullers on a casualty of men, were fifty six percent, the highest regimental losses in the history of the core. First Italian lost seventy one percent, the second fifty six percent, the third fifty five percent headquarters and weapons companies. Thirty two percent General Smith, who walk the train after was finally captured, said it's. You impossible that men could have moved forward against the intricate and mutually supportive defences. The Japanese, thence had set up. There can only be explained as reflection of determination and aggressive leadership of Colonel Polar now
Polar that's the last major combat for polar was pollute. He ends up go. Back to the states for a bit, and while he's back on the states back in the states, America drops the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the war is over and shortly thereafter they order general polar two or colonel polar at this time too, the reserves. Now, like I said he, you, get along with some people, especially up the chain of command. And he didn't want to be sent to the reserves, because that's that's nice, What a career marine wants to do. So here we go back to Colonel you, ve, been words reserve duty in New Orleans to big District
you know and very important to the core there was not misled. He real eyes what it meant to be shown to reserve duty into aside pocket, many marine career had ended. That way,. One of the inevitable problems with the marine corps and this polar talkin. One of the inevitable problems with the marine corps or any Their military services that staff officers take over the minute a war is ended. That people run things when the chips are down and the countries Life is at stake, but when the gun Stop nobody's gonna use for a combat man. Mister officers were like rats, they stream out of hiding and take over its true just watchword happens to paperwork garden, time, they'll put out enough to sink a small sized nation into the sea and when the war breaks out most of it just actually stops. That's the way they do everything there must be. A staff of people
Horse we'd never did everything done, but if we don't stop Empire, building of staff, somebody's come along and lick us one of these days. We'll be so nodded and red tape that we can't move well. We ever seen that seal team thing you put on a t, shirt or something, but it's Friday, the frog, the little symbol of the frogman, Freddy the frog and he's like in a glass jar or a glass casing, and it says in case of war, break glass. Neither because you don't want the guy around when peacetime is going on. That's what desert just that another chest: Ebola right! They want to do Peacetime he's causes speaks up well
peace. Didn't last that long on June, twenty fifth nineteen, fifty north green troops, port across the thirty eight parallel and strength and war, had returned recognised all the signs. He immediately asked for modification of his orders and said urgently to headquarters. Attention is invited to the fact that I served as an officer in Haiti in Nicaragua and in the Pacific Pacific Theatre for eight years prior to the japanese attack on Pearl harbor. This experience will prove a value in an asylum to combat duty in Korea and where The senior personnel know that when he gets what he asked for Polar arrived in southern California in the heat of late July and found San, Diego and area of Bedlam, marine reserves, thronged in it ever infer, every corner of the nation's thousands of vehicle stored since world war, two were being overhauled and driven Deport, TRAIN bore regulars from the east coast. Unattached officers came from everywhere without a cause, volunteers for war,
marine division was being creed. It almost from scratch, so that they had dismantled so much of the service after world war. Two and now they're gonna, rebuild it all very quick. They do they talk about The book I skip over that, but we know what that consists of hard core training getting people ready for war. Finally, they get he gets to Japan. And they're waiting now to go in Korea into career Polar hailed, a passing medical corpsman and went to a nearby army hospital. I want to talk with some of the casualties have got to find out, what's happening, Korea we're up at an elevator with an army doctor who seemed on point on the point of tears. Go to the words and see those kids and you'll soon know more about more than you want about. Korea. Take a look All the self inflicted wounds we ve got and those its or so green. They don't even realise how obvious it is just from the powder burns. Polar walk down. Many rows of beds, talking with the men,
many of them frightened and broken and heard there too of Korea. Polar sobered, but not despair. He told some young younger officers that night there's thing wrong with american kids. Their leadership has just all gone to Hell. There's a hospital full of babies. You might say there never given a chance to growing demand, it Be that way with our marines I'll tell you that you are prepared for D day in inshore. To one want the biggest amphibious operations you're getting ready for that, and he has little chat with his officers. We are the most fortunate of men, most I've More soldiers have to wait twenty five years or more for a war, but here we are with only five years. Wait for this one. Real time we ve sat on our fat doves, drawing or pay. Now we get
the chance to earn it to show the taxpayers were worth it. We're going to work at all trade for a little while lived by the sword and, if necessary, when we re die by the sword. Good luck, I'll see you ashore. Listen up old man, Something to say, your officers are men, make it snappy the fewer words the better they. Believe it if you shoot bull. When you face ranks of man and try that Can hear him sigh and despair when you open your mouth, if this you're a phoney, we can use Look at you and tell me doesn't sound like it, but it's important thing. The Marines career, don't try it Don't try? What does he call it shoot Bore. No change. Bull, Tell the boys what's goin on for real, they see, for you.
Wrote his wife a letter before he leaves sweet. Will be unable to write you again for a few days, but you Virginia Virginia MAC more thoroughly and Louis those errors. Kids will be. Constantly in my thoughts. May God bless you? Oh these and provide for you giving you much happiness and useful lives you my children, must take it of all opportunities and develop into good Christians. Much love to all of you. Love you Virginia! I always have, and I always will. Here we go into in John. By five. Thirty in the afternoon, when the first waves, the Marines, reached the shore, the men of the he could no longer see and John hundreds of boats build in the outer harbour in their turn,
Crossing the embarkation mine and moving toward land where they disappeared into Bank of smoke and dust Polar went into his objective. It blew beach with the third wave in twice I hastened, but hastened by smoke, Paul and climbed a fifty foot sea wall and one of the scaling ladders improvised on a ship in route they Meet some fairly light resistance Here's what polar says it won't amount to much tonight. We took him by surprise pillars: actual these had been light and the divisions total for the day was only twenty killed in a hundred and seventy wounded. Poland was away, three thirty. I am calling the battalion commander making plans for an attack at dawn. Polar Swift, DR hurried edge. Courage forces in an effort to keep pace. Captain Rob styles of riches battalion, saw that the secret
It was not only in pullers, incisive orders. He gave pride in some way, I can describe all was it heard? Hundreds of stories about him, and today, though, we couldn't actually see him doing great things. He kept building up our higher and higher. Just by being there. When we were moving up to companies from the adjoining battalions, marched abreast and got a little mixed wanted kid yelled, where the kids yelled, what Alfred are you with MAC marines- how about you, I got a better policy, the two in the first part of the man before they thought of their regimental number. By September seventeenth D Day, plus two General Macarthur was impatient to go ashore from the command ship Mount Mckinley. He saw that his blow to Korea cut it into an can the enemy by surprise the chances Ending the war were good.
Radio advice, admiral, Arthur Diesel. Will the taskforce commander after the first Good news from shore, the Navy and Marines have never shown more brightly. Then this morning, Macarthur. On one of the fiery days of the drive towards soul, a popular chaplain, Father Keating, captured five north korean soldiers and herded them along as prisoners, hee, hee a passing marine jeep driven. Private, Wolf, saunter these prisoners off my hands and get them to the rear. Before their hurt. I can't fight I'm running ammo into the edge of town and they're getting low. I can't stop to do it pride that's an order. Take em over war, look rearward at the burning city, You mean they're mine. Now under my responsibility, yes, wolf
up a light machine gun and spread the true spread. The group killing all five prisoners, Outraged Keating went to polar And demanded action. Colonel listened carefully Wolf arrested and the poor went away content that he had done his duty. Ten minutes later polar an aid. What outfit was it that lost all those boys? Last night barrows Company, Sir all right give by Wolf, give that boy Wolf a bar and send him up there. Jones took the story to his cronies, as ample of the military justice at its best. It spread through the outfit to become part of the polar Legend yeah yeah. That seems like a pretty squared away thing to do. There's like a platoon, that's getting completely destroyed.
Taking a bunch of casualties- and you got this kid that did something wrong and we can arrest him and in prison or whatever we can send em up to five percent of up to fight. In the seven days and D day, there'd been one thousand one hundred and forty eight marine corps What is a hundred forty five of these killed? Twenty more died of wounds in five were missing manure, Koreans polar said in his deep drawing voice, are defending the city in such a way as to Force us to destroy it, there's a billion dollars worth of publicity in the Citys when they're trying to get into saw in the North Koreans funding so very hard and polar basically pass to get alter aggressive in trying to take soul
Back to the book, the fire of artillery and mortars had set the record for the Korean WAR before battalions of artillery fired all shells at hand and pleaded in nearby army dump before two mortars had fired three hundred twenty six rounds and the boy Eighty one six hundred and fifty rounds, the fifth caliber machine guns had used a hundred twenty boxes or thirty thousand rounds. The knights battled put TAT it Joe Fisher Lieutenant Joe for as item am accompanied. The test Fisher does In for the night on an isolated hill necessities, factory district over the road block, which was on his left flank from midnight the dawn he beat off waves of attack fish called for artillery at the same time, other food line commanders asked for help, but between barrages from an Korean swept up fishers Hill in bonds. I charges urged by shrill force commanders in the rear item. Com when he's weapons, including machine guns, fired at top speed.
In bodies piled up below them the end when the attacks weakened the fight. Turning Were turkey shoot and fishers men slaughtered the enemy there glad to see the sunrise Fisher, never forgot that daybreak I looked down he'll behind me and saw a man hurrying up towards our position. I could see it. He wasn't lugging any ammunition and thought it must be What message to her from the radio. Then? I saw there was colonel pullers runner and he abroad. Ass, a bottle of black and white scotch My God will be glad to see that it was passed out of the book. With the most casualties and they ration it out to those who need it most. We knew, then, that you, Man was thinking of us and in fact, never forgot us. Poor came upon Marines Dugan around a barricade taken cover from fire down the street. He was
among them with the pipe stub and his mouth get up boys get up and go. That's the quickest way to get it over if you're forget it you can do in holes to the line moved Joe Fisher saw Polar in the street going along with the fire was heaviest. Just like you is bad. Can Pendleton, as if he didn't know there was a fight within miles. I couldn't. Spress how much good it did me and my troops to see him steady like that, just puffing that pipe the Meda feel like we could do no less than he did if there ever been another one like him in the Marine corps. I never saw him in my day. Bill for NGO. The veteran who is the field sergeant major, had a glimpse. The colonel it was I going through Hell, passing down that sole street and whose we pass in the middle of it, but chastity it was. So hot that I thought the grenades and ammunition we carried
slowed the flames almost met over our heads from the burning houses, but the colonel didn't seem in the least concerned. It gave us an extra push, One of the most stable wrap up this in John Invasion, one the most demanding operation and marine history. It ended the division sustained, two thousand four hundred and thirty casualties, four hundred fourteen them dead of total one thousand. Sixty four had been last five days in the streets of soul in its outskirts, Murray if Marines had the war Tibet, with one thousand thirty eight casualties, a hundred and seventy seven dead polar a total of Seven hundred and eighty seven with ninety two dead Lichtenberg three hundred sixty eight. Seventy two dead. Polar road. Another letter to his wife.
Is quite now. I have little to do except get my reports prepared and submitted. I wish I had a flare for writing as I. As that, I am certain, this regiment would get the credit You then, when the history of this operation is finally written. Now everyone knows, but in a few years, what is will govern rest. Sure that I will do a better job of getting the facts. In my reports that I did in the past war, I will also claim everything. Do the regiment many times regretted that my english education was cut short during the first war? Please do your best to impress upon our children the necessity of take the advantage of every opportunity in this hard old world of ours. So he recognized you know. The sad thing is Reality, though, fear you're supposition, the military you gotta be the right. Well
He regrets that he wasn't a little better out so pay attention in the english class folks. Polar went ashore, the rackets Zeppelin went ashore. Of major treadmills landing craft to be met broadly by a grinning, Oliver Smith. Congratulations Louis! You made it border selected. You for brigadier pull, wagged his head by God of it, had been for this war. I d never got that star there was a man celebration ashore that night for the new general to be so. He picked up picked up. His first start has a general like he said wasn't further? If you hadn't down in some reserve you to New Orleans. You wasn't gonna make general there but case or break glass now makes general. Poor rode home daily. He said Virginia five
our check for her good school and mark a good school marks. Adding some parental advice. Very proud of my family and expected to do well, plus in everything you undertake the differ. Between success and failure in this life of ours is more. Sleep hard work, so you must Costly work to try and improve yourself think reaches frame that statement. On November tenth, the Marine corps birthday. Poor use the captured north korean sword to slice a hundred pound cake here, added to his troops after he got done delivering the hour go from a manual. He shouted out. Now that that's complied with, I want to tell you something straight: just do thing for me right. Your people Home and tell him there is one hell of a damn war going on out here and that the
agony, tailed North Koreans have been whipping alot of so called get american troops and may do it again. Tell there's no secret weapon for our country, but to get hard to get in there and fight. I want to make them understand our country go on forever. If we stay as soft as we are now be any America, because some foreign soldiers soldiery one bade us and take our women and breed a hearty or race yeah. There. You go here, playing around it. Interesting that we hear the same things now, like America's going soft network polo General power was saying after the Marines taken soul, the eighth army of the United Nations forces had driven through the capital moving rapidly northward along the green coast to meet Chinese Communist armies had marched eighteen hundred miles northward since migrant MID August, the chinese straw
just at first concentrated against the eighth. Repositioned in north western hills. But when the Marines landed, they hurt, We switched March of the power to meet the old meat and overwhelmed them the chosen reservoir, the Chinese, between the Marines and the eight army and maneuvered into position from which they could attack each force at will so podcast number fifty three colder than Hell is about the chosen reservoir and there's another one. I forget the number, but we don T broadcasts about the chosen reservoir. Listen to those retouch on it. Here well from the hills on every side of the perimeter. Chinese fire was heavy during the day the enemy blue tunnel and a bridge on the railroad below quota position, cutting aligned to had come home and the Marie based on the sea for two days
our colleague called in heavier strikes upon concentrations of Chinese in the surrounding kills things were even worse than the two positions to the north of polar at least. Chinese divisions had been I d A fight in the area where Murray and listen fought on or twenty six, these two posts boss, ninety five dead and five hundred and forty three wounded in now. Long attacks had a room was preparing to fight for its life and all pensive, launched by the Fifth Marines, was called off after the day. His grim news from the west. The eighth army had collapsed. One wing of it was torn to pieces and the Chinese We're slashing deep into the lines Marines must now defend themselves. Enemy free against enemy free to approach from any direction through. Frozen mountains.
The night of November, twenty seventh tested the men at you, dumb knee when the The chinese division divisions fell upon to marine regiments. Then we caught the rule to haul guru and sent the rest. Battalions in quilted uniforms and sneakers into the marine minds with disregard for casualties. The first wave driven off with great losses, but the others were thrown into the throne through the night and the next to the door. May of the chinese commanders not even envelopment of marine command posts slowed the temple of fighting and the American. Stage vicious counter attacks. Even when many people tunes had been reduced to the size of squads, there were not ten from marine wounded and the less seriously hurt were piled outside close together for warmth covered with straw, as doctors worked over the more than five hundred casualties.
The now became clear that the three marine positions in the chosen area were surrounded. Pullers reaction to the dread. News was Two newspaper men who flew into coterie here, Polar said, we ve been looking for the enemy for several days now we finally found them we're surrounded that simplifies our problem. Getting these people and killing them here do you wonder, there's no wonder why this guy's Legend Polar, paired to open the road to Hungary with taskforce dries deal. A british commando unit of Royal Marines under Lieutenant Douglas dries Dale, accompanied by Captain Carl Sitters company of rigid. Battalion and a company from the thirty First Army Red Army regiment, which had come in the road been blocked in several places, too. It is we're out and the Chinese swarmed on heights, overlooking the rout, the party
Better opposition with a few within a few minutes had fourteen casualties, in three hours and half three hours and a half they moved only two miles with eight more to go, polar sent tank says support and men came down from the hills to walk with them. They fought through road walks and around a blown bridge, but at dusk in narrow, the file met an ambush and took serious casualties by radio Polar, Oliver Smith and dries. They all agreed that the union must push onto hog through whatever the cost. The Royal Marines finally reach Toggery perimeter at one thirty, a m with ninety of two hundred and fifty five men casualties sitter had sixty three only seventy of the two hundred and ten army men made it a truck. I'm sent behind this ill fated party was virtually destroy After a long fight and poorly with the Chinese, who captured all the trucks and most of the men.
The survivors of this party were crucial to their due to the defence of hog, through their added firepower, help turn back another massive chinese attack, the companies Cedar and Joe Fisher killed. The ETA in droves and by the now dawn. Their lines, though Bent had held. On the night of December, seventh, the bulk of the division was in pullers perimeter after the thirty eight our battle from Hungary, because a hundred and three dead. Five hundred six wounded, sir, and missing, but now the fall Some ten thousand in its one thousand vehicles was at coterie coterie. The perimeter could hardly contain them all, after supper. The colonel appeared only sergeant Jones, and I haven't mentioned much about sergeant Joneses, like he's he's pullers right here,
man through this through all kinds of crazy stuff and Sergeant Jones. Only sergeant Jones knew where he was the old man with sneak off with body and go up into the lines climbing right up into those damn straight up: hills all the ice and rock going from hold a whole for half the night you'd go to every man. He could find in a foxhole say how you do an old man, what you feel the fire whose, on your flank, you Enough chow, on the way, back check the warming tend to see if there been casualties and how the men were doing. Early on December, eight, the Marines began clearing the ridges on either side of the road South, But the going was slow in the trucks bearing the bridge sections a little project, progress you know for a hundred and seventeen Marines in a common grave brought the day to an end in the perimeter. There was a scene that lived in pullers memory, the burial of frozen bodies by a tank battalion which cry
them under frozen ground. A marine for tar Four took movies of the burial Polar said, how I wish our people could have seen the sight to see just what. Open to us in Korea. I heard that army censorship in Washington kept the film from the public, and now there and it's very compressed story, but the breaking out and their heading south, getting heading back to the sea and back to safety out of the out of being surrounded, back to a book. The fifth and seventh Marines had now pass through pullers ranks, and the first was the rear guard for the entire division responsible for covering the withdraw down the frozen loops of the road polar started down. Hundreds of men saw him for he thought but his job had only begun. He shouted to every passing unit to cheer the men yelling
till he was hoarse. Dont. Forget that your first Marines, not all the communists in hell, can overrun you when he got back Reporters found him and they wanted a statement from him and he said remember whatever you write. This was no retreat all that but as we found more Chinese behind us than in front of us, so we abide Faced and attacked. Smith, recommended polar for a Navy cross for his work in the reservoir campaign. His fifth and a marine corps record.
Pullers letter to his wife revealed his unusual concern for his family in the midst of the campaigning priesthood Louis, that's his son, Freestyle Louis that I will finally come home and teach them how to shoot and many other things that boys and men must know tat be patient and the swords and the helmet I sent him will arrive. Tell him To change his bait in the rabbit, try. Every few days a piece of apple lettuce, carrots celery, turn up and he must I'll, go near the trap or touch it, except to change the when the door sprung. Also, we must keep the dog away from it. Twenty stone is boy. He continues on in a letter to his wife. I haven't minded the hardships here, but the killing and crippling of young men is awful. Due to the weather, are wounded, die blood plans My freezes before it can be administered Irene eyes that this wars fought hard on. You did it,
beyond me than it has been on me and I'm sorry to have caused you all the worry and pain. Then he goes on to say. The Pentagon is largely responsible for this mess out clear. They weren't you given they were there were given the money to provide us and train an army when I the service. The regulation stated that the object of all military training, his success in battle. The short sentence has been rewritten on three pages, and I FI. Anyone to read over three or more times and then explain to me what the object of military training is either Pentagon has the slightest idea. Why their commanding forces of the United States. In fact out. We wonder if we are part of the United States and hear you not a sound again told his wife. I will not in when my son as to choosing a profession, it will be up to him
I will not even recommend the service I've had Stand with my mouth closed on too many occasions and then carry out orders from too many half wits. So as much as he loves the Marine corps in the military in the country say: look, I might not even the mockery, recommend that my son joints. He gets is painting of his star families. Actually. Officially made a general when he makes a speech. All the credit for this star belongs to the non coms junior officers and enlisted men. You all know that I've tried to do a duty, but never get anywhere, except for you fellows in the ranks this is. Regiment and it's gonna me to leave you I'll. Never forget you to the man of Task force, or he also issued a formal memorandum in
plants with orders. I am today leaving this command for assignment as division. Commander assistant listen commander and is not without misgivings and a certain reluctance that I carry out these orders. All of you Officers and men alike realize I am sure what the fuck Marine regiment has meant to me. I ask one more thing of you, give my successor, the same full measure of cooperation unwillingness you have given me and the first Marines will be worthy of the name. It is already one. I first commanded you on New Britain, later on the bloody hills of pollute and my and has been met? honor to command you in Korea, where, by deeds. You captured the city of soul than successfully covered the withdrawal of our division from the chosen reservoir area I'll, look to future to your future movements and shall expect to hear
and see still greater deeds and higher reputation. One on the field of battle. I talked a little bit about the dichotomy in his reputation. Pullers reputation grew among the men, but Sergeant Jones noted that the old man was regarded as a man. Eater We would ask body in me over and over, how the hell we kept our stripes. They thought chewed on people all the time and when there a fight recklessly exposed his people and, of course, we knew better. It was hard to convince guys who had heard so much about him, but didn't really know him when you close to him. You found he had a heart as big as all out.
Doors they continued to not make free up the chain of command. We can't help to win. We can hope to win future wars and we got the hell beat out of us in Korea unless we have discipline and it's gonna make some brutality to get it. His last days in Korea were frustrating to polar hoof. Things suddenly different. He wrote his wife now age is probably changed me in the car His changed too, I suppose to and being what it is today. I never thought this change could or would happen. Maybe have been wrong from the beginning. Now he gets back to America and, of course, there's a big bunch. Reporters waiting for him.
Then they kind of know the kind of no he's got up a mouth fright, so they're they're fired up the doktor and. He's starts talker the reporters, and here we go what the american people want to do is fight a war without getting hurt. You can't do anything. You kid that any more than you can go into a bar room brawl without getting hurt unless the amount People are willing to send their sons out to fight an aggressor. There's just knock. To be any United States about foreign soldiers will take over airport can't live up to its billing out here. Somebody not What's the aviators, as the aircraft manufacturers had sold the american people a bill of goods as to what air power can do, from what I've seen. One bomb will hit a section of railroad track. And why, hundred bombs will missed some of them by miles the enemy puts coolies on the track with pick
and shovels and in twenty four hours there rolling again. The answer is Infantry are officer core has has had fought, you much schooling and far too little combat experience. They can't worn, learn war like that, button war is far off as the days of Julius Caesar the rifle grenade and ban that are still the most important weapons We are going to lose the next war if we don't get back to them. Why half orange infantry out. There is still armed with carbines against the enemy, with their fine russian rifles. He then turned on the training of Marines, which could be which he would soon be conducting a camp Pendleton. We ve gotta tougher to survive, fraud girls out a camp get rid of the ice cream and candy get some pride in him,
that's what we need most of all pride, a reporter piped up. What do you think Protest of the women's Christian Temperance Union overspending free beard to the troops news to me polar said, but a few Cans of beer or snort of whisky will make the men fight better. It might not, a bad idea at least it's better than Ice cream and all this soft training too much damn recreation and military training? We should have only one. Purpose to fight in wind, their not being taught that now so he's now spoke guy, he was astonished the next day to see the following headlines. Major general wants beer and whisky for the troops ice Gee eyes, lambasted Bipolar Marie general blast, the air force, the furore reached across the nation,
there is actually protests against general Polar here's. Here's They actually put one of these letters in the book. We hereby petitions sent to the to the government or to the Pentagon. We here by petition d you to use every ounce of influence that you possess to keep brigadier general polar from inaugurating his beer and whisky campaign. In: U S military training camps, but the the panic did die down and he got to do. Some training Marines and in August of night. Fifty three polar took examinations for major general. That's too star the board, which chose the new of officers of rank approved him unanimously in July of nineteen. Fifty for you
The camp was soon to lead. Second division has first major peacetime: troop Command, There was a little an incident health issue and one of the guys called up Virginia polar. His wife and said brace yourself with Louis the hospital, the kids, what's wrong. He looks pretty sick and he basically EEG. It's pretty sick, the kind of recovers from it, but the Like I said this guy made enemies, so here we go back to the book. In this polar talk, I could see them what the game was. They were going. Retire me because, despite of all the doctors had said Back it was soon they pull We have to Washington to get rid of me. I, retiring. All that much, but the way they did it made me sore
all the service and honours I needed or wanted I'd come all the way from private two major general. But I was boiling mad. About this thing, I saw of officers around Washington in poor condition than I was, but that wasn't going to matter here. And in the hospital and the faster for about two weeks after many car quotations. The doctors found him unfit for duty. He wrote his wife daily from his room on the sixteenth floor. Please do not worry. We must take things as they common life. There doesn't seem much. We can do to change events, so yeah. Just to tell that story, little more, he had like a some kind of help. Is it wasn't? I don't know what it was and they didn't really seem to know what it was. But then he kind of recovered from it needs back in his job and then they pulled them up to Bethesda and to give him a bunch of screenings and tests and see if he was fit for duty and they found that he was unfit for duty
that's it. That's how it ended. That's how his career ended a day or so before he went out. There was a party in the noncommissioned officers club on page polar had declined an offer from the officers club, but he could not turn down the enlisted men. If you can, to my party, but Polar arrived. He found it out of more than five thousand who had come to say, good, bye, twenty p, we're barbecued and hers sting and drinking until late. In the night, the general made one of his shirt burst talks when Shouted for him and sergeant level Jones remembered it. He sat on me man I'd rather be toting a rifle in a real rank than going now is Lieutenant General of your marine you're, all marine you'll put the core.
Above your family, your country, even God, and all else. In some cases you stick to your core. God bless you. Polar head, broken tradition to the last Huzzah unwritten regulation that the senior marine officer on the post with pin pullers Third star on his shoulder as he retired, but fuller, had called for by nor is the senior noncom officer and the oldest man available who had served with him. The rapporteur, who followed him, got a formal statement in having sergeant major nourish, attach my third star at my retirement. I wanted to show my great admiration and appreciation to the enlisted men and junior officers of the marine corps. I fully realise that without the help of the English it man I'd never have risen from private to Lieutenant General. I've commanded everything from a squad to a division and without the help
of men and junior officers these you would never have gone forward and achieve their objective, regardless of almost certain death. My me regret is that thing is now are. I will not be present for the next war. I also want to express my regret at the deaths of me. The hundreds of Marines and the key bring in maiming of other hundred who followed me blindly into battle again, I would like to thank all reasons for their feelings toward me Louis. Or went home to Virginia. It was just thirty seven years for months and two days since he had boarded the train in South Carolina for South Carolina to exchange the uniform the Emma Cadet for that of a marine corps boot, but here career with the Marines wasn't quite over
the book on a dimly lit a night of April eight nineteen, fifty six, Tuna Veryain recruits at Paris, Island South Carolina was marched into title arm of broad river by thirty one year old, veteran drill, instructor staff sergeant Matthew, see Mccune six recruits drowned the commandant General Rand, off Mccall Pate, immediately relieve the commanding officer of the Recruit Depot and told Congress that Mccune would be punished to the full extent allowed by our uniform code of military justice, there was a nationwide outcry from the press, pulpit and scores civic organizations a court and quietly Why are we descended upon Paris, island region. Came, a national court? to celebrate assailed by prohibit prohibitionists as a brutal drunkard,
as a symbol of military tyranny which must be destroyed as a racist bigot near do well. There were cries. For harsh punishment, even exe, The commission now he ends, are going to trial and for this trial the defence brings in justly polar who we know, believes in hard draining and Here we go, this is a court seen Berman who's. The lawyer use the general like a master showman that affair desires, to call to the stand A general polar. Seven years, one of the lawyers, Sir, how do you know the accused Polar Dont know em, except by his pictures in the newspapers and what I ve learned about him. Then bourbon took over question the general about his careers. Marine Berman How long were you in Korea Polar
about nine months Berman. Were you in combat yeah? We're? U decorated, yeah without going into any other. Any of your other accusations! Isn't it true that you have received five Navy crosses correct. Bourbon asked his opinion of the Marie Course Mission, the definition of military training. His success in battle, in my opinion, that is the only objective of military training it would make any sense to have a military organisation on the backs of the american taxpayers with any other definition. I believe that ever since I was better marine is the most important element of that training. All quote Napoleon. He stated that The most important thing in military training is discipline without disappear. An army becomes a mob. Now then, in that car
ex. Can you tell us whether you have an opinion based on your experience as to whether or not the training and discipline is for all situations confined to lessen plan or Scylla by or training regulations? No Training of a basic marine is conducted almost entirely outside in the field on the drill ground on the full range that kind of work can an idea of how the Marine corps has run during straining, but his training is outside work, you tell us general of the things you learned here as Recruit. Well. The main thing that I have remembered all my life is the definition of esprit de corps. By definition, the definition I was taught died of is believed in is that a spread, a core means love for once military legion? In my case, the United States Marine Corps? I also learned that this loyal
He too once core travels both ways up and down, and he continued through this trial, and that night he went to the enlisted man's club and big crowd. Of course was there and they start shouting and yelling. To speak, and finally, he stands up and says: I've talked enough for today. This will be my last request. Do your duty? and the marine corps will be as great as it has always been for another thousand years. The applause was deafening. And he went back to his home town of saluted. And he was not forgotten there, though he was getting interviewed by a graduate student
was trying to learn about psychology. In the general said, I've never studied psychology. I had only one year of college and always thought I would go back but enlisted. Instead, I think the Marine corps the best placed to learn the art of war. And then again this reflects back. You know. People now say that America's eating soft and the youth her there's saying the same thing: everything's Bad and they have- A panel of experts to deal with Klein of the nation. And it's a rising tide of juvenile delinquency, the consensus, the consensus was that the country was going to Helena Hand Bucket general polar while this big meeting is going on general Polar stood intended in his intended mildness of tone. As usual came forth as a brazen
I want you, people to know something as long as we get some decent leadership in our country are used today, will be better men than their fathers or grandfathers I saw enough in Korea to make sure that our food fathers Valley forge, have been mentioned here tonight, as they often are. Well, I can tell you Valley forge forgers, something like a picnic compared to what your younger Americans went through at the chosen reservoir and they came out of it. Fine. It was never anything like twenty five below zero at Valley forge either. I admit don't seem to have the proper leadership at the top, but there's nothing wrong with the kids. Today my For I follow the ideas my mother used on her kids, making them study each night after this after supper and when report that they have made through their lessons, quizzing them our chill. Don't need to be coddled and they should be condemned Above all, for Heaven's Sakes
let your sons alone and let them grow up to be men in arresting it. I would say that still applies in very many ways. He also had people visiting him all the time and asking him questions He was again he remained speak to out spoke. Guy, I'm afraid we have recognised. The most important lesson from Korea communists, have developed a totally new kind of warfare, a warfare of whole peoples and under that no modernization can be conquered. We saw something like that in China, when Japan was nibbling away at the mainland, the japanese country, only a square yard where a soldier stood enough beyond that in Korea, the Red improved on that this Tommy warfare
small and scope and its designed to neutralize are big nuclear weapons. Look in Vietnam. The French outnumbered the Communist two to one. Yet they were massacred, if we don't design some way to meet this thou. But in the end dont forget them regular armies of never fared well in red irregular warfare and then lesson was old. When Rome fell, it is amazing that he saved us, that's just it just a man than we do know the Frenchman between article or even in Vietnam. Yet fact we weren't Vietnam. Yet when this, when he's making statements, we didn't pay attention to it He goes to a and there was some kind of a rift between him, and the four Marine Division Association and they sort it out rift and he went to a big reunion of the Marine Corps, The first Marine Division Association back there-
General Smith blinked against the spotlight and turned to the blackness at the far end of the table. I now give you steel in the Ruhr, the roar was so loud, it drowned out the speaker's voice and shook the walls. The spotlights Wong to the last place at the table to reveal polar in the linen suit waving his hand and flashing is broad crooked, grin as the clamor increased he I urge the microphone and started bobbing circle of light. General Smith shouted to the tempest of the sound. I see you all know: chastity polar men in the crowd Danced among the tables world each other about and pounded their neighbours on the backs. Some, Climbed on their chairs, shouting worthlessly tears streaming on their cheeks. Others. Murmured the table with cutlery or embrace women who was daring, incredulously, polar the men broke,
the chance we want chastity, we want polar, they called for a speech But was almost five minutes before the howling ceased polar face, them with a smile that looked as if it had been wrong from his face by force when quiet returned he grasped the microphone and called in an astonishingly, penetrating voice, Marines. Pandemonium broke out once more as if he had shouted some secret watchword, whose him locations were known. Only to these men have the crowd still on its feet a moment later, when polar could be heard again,. If you believe the newspapers and radios and television arc. Country is in a hell of a shape. I don't believe it.
So long as we ve got the first marine division will be. Ok, the crowd shouted him into silence again. He was tired when he got home to salute and that evening In your polar found, him pensive and destructive distracted. They sat on the screen, porch looking out into the Virginia Dusk, lit by fireflies Louis, Is there anything you wish for now, it's all over well, he said like to do it all over again. The whole thing she sighed more. That more than anything.
I'd like to see the face once again of every marine. I've ever serve Ruth and Drake Is where this book ends, but that is not where the story ends, because, as I mentioned, and as the book mentioned justly poor had a son and his son Also became a marine corps officer, but his sons experience in the marine corps in combat and in law
was very different from his father's. Then I will tell that story in the next episode number, a hundred and twenty two which is available now, so you can listen to it immediately because these stories are linked, and so we are linking them in this series of podcast and in the meantime, before you listen to that echo with somebody wants to support this podcast. Can you briefly tell us how we can do it? Yes, it's briefly but Store Dacosta. That is where you can get displaying was freedom, shirts hats.
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