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126: Leadership From WW2, Korea, and Vietnam, with Col. Thomas Fife

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This is Jacko Podcast number one. Twenty six with ECHO Charles in me, Jack a willing good evening, ECHO Goody and tonight also joining us is Mr David Burke good evening gave greatly. On September? Twenty seventh nineteen. Fifty, Ox Emily sixty american prisoners, who had been confirmed, and in prison, were taken in the prison yard and groups of fourteen with their hands wired together. These men were forced to sit And hastily Doug ditches and then were shot by north green troops at point. Blank range with American And one rifles using our piercing ammunition of the two seriously wounded. Survivors only one lived to recount the gruesome details.
On numbered civilians, estimated at between five thousand seven thousand as well as measures of the Republic of Korea, were also slaughtered between two we're twenty third at September, twenty seventh nineteen fifty sergeant Harry H: why now formally with the twenty Third Infantry regiment? Second division? Korea? was the sole survivor of the infamous infant tat. Gene massacre he testified. Had a congressional hearing and I'm gonna red. Some of that transcript? Here's sergeant! Why now. Toward the last. They was a hurry, to leave TAT John to evacuated John, so they took it oxygen? The last three groups, pretty close together, I went The group right in front of me shot after they were shot. We was taken too
ditch and sat down in the ditch and shot and then under Potter asks what happened. To you, when you were shot sorry why no replies I leaned over against the next man, pretending I was done for in firing They hit my hand senator potter. How were you sitting in the ditch sergeant why now they was aiming at my head, a scar on my neck. One. Collar bone and another. In my hand, they hit me three times play dead. Yes, sir,. After they thought everyone was dead. Based burying us. I came pretty. Close to getting panicky about that time, but somehow or other I figured as long as I had some breath. There was hope. In other words, you are buried alive that
Right, sir, I might add, in whole group that I was with There was not a man, they begged for mercy, and there was not a man that cracked under the ordeal urgent. How long were you buried alive That is hard to say, Sir As I say, I was shot around five o clock in the morning and I stayed in the Ditch until that evening, until what time it was dark. I would say, approximately eight hours, seven or eight hours. Now, that is from a report on Ryan war, atrocities written by the subcommittee on Korean WAR investigations- and I want to Repeat one line again from sergeant: why now
he says in that whole group that I was with. There was not a man that begged for mercy, and there was not a man that cracked under the ordeal to think about that think about the will and the discipline of those men to be facing certain death at the hands of a murderous enemy, but to face death. With solemn silence and show no signs of breaking I said before that war brings out the worst in people, but it also brings out the best,
that is, but one of thousands upon thousands of examples of the dedication of our military fighting men. And I'm going to read you another example from the same bore awry. At the same time, but this one, in a award citation, and it reads- the president of the United States of America, takes pleasure in presenting the silver star to first mooted in Thomas Wilfred, Fife United Its army for gallantry in as a member of company, be seventy second tank battalion. Second, infantry division in action against an armed enemy on nineteen September, nineteen. Fifty in the vicinity, young, saying Korea on that date, Lieutenant Fife was in command of apple tune of tanks, charged with the support In future elements in the defence of young saying perimeter, the enemy attack
his position with superior numbers, and a fanatic determination to penetrate through to the division. Main supply route, the enemy Tat was successful in routing the friendly elements and inflicting casualties, to the extent that the organization and combat effectiveness of the positions was complete. Be disrupted. Realising the seriousness of the situation. Lieutenant five disregarded the heavy enemy fire and dismounted from the protective armor of his tank to reorganise the foot elements. After reorganization, he remained on the ground and successful. We re establish the positions by controlling both the foot elements and his tanks by mean of radio communications. During this same gate willingly.
In a friendly attack against the enemy, Lieutenant Fife again displayed gallantry by refusing evacuation after being wounded the leadership loyalty. And gallant actions demonstrated that day by Lieutenant Fife are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service. So Lieutenant five was under attack from devastating enemy fire did not remain in the protection of his tank. In fact, he did the opposite view. Suited his tank to organise troops and stop the enemy attack. He risked his life to lead his men He would continue to lead even after wounded now. Korea was not the first war for Lieutenant Tom five. Nor would it be his last lieutenant Fife
tat, actually already fought in world war to be fought in Korea and he fought in Vietnam. He also receive three purple hearts for each of the three times he was wounded once in each war. In addition to the Silver STAR from Korea, he also received another silver star for his service in Vietnam and alive of merit and a distinguished flying cross and survived all that and served our great nation for twenty five years, and I will say that it is my absolute. To have retired Colonel Thomas five on the podcast today, Sir, thank you for coming This needs to be here, I think,
listen to that story. It brought back gears. Quite frankly, I'm upset just because of the memory of that There was a horrible experience, but one that had to get done. I still remember given how that tank. Wondering why mail I was doing it, but somebody had to be done When you see. Thousands of people coming at you- you have nothing but here weapons and guys needed some help. I just they were willing I guess run. I don't know what they were
they needed leadership, and that's only thing I could think of to get out and credit. Be there with them can we turn around and we were able to stop the enemy. You can't understand what it's like to be there and having thousands of people come russian at you in you can do a shoot. Your tankards immersion, guns and they just kept coming. You just kept common talk about discipline. Those guys were discipline to and we had to get our guys together and we did and it was. I think I was lucky damn lucky by the way my wounds were dead serious. I got shot me ass. It closed up here.
We're closed up installed, stop believing in for all practical purposes. I was ass good as new for, while so it wasn't that various wound. I know I know to be evacuated. Japan would then work so. Your million dollar wound turned out to be like a fifty cent wishing it. At least it was you when you when I got wounded, felt the blood rush in my pants stopped. So why not give gone shopper Our concern the moon was over and when I got to the mansion hospital, the doktor said, We can do for you, it's gonna. Work, its way out or state aid,
However, in view they were just way out, which is, how I have ended up being evacuated. We're up North Korea and got to a hospital ship Navy Hospital ship and they doktor piece of metal out of my butt and then. Macarthur, just Shin General Mcgrath shed. We're going beyond my things right Christmas. I object get off that hospital ship was fast. I couldn't get back to my you and of course, the Chinese here, and so I was now trying to get back to my unit. And the army was totally screwed
Would you know where who was were so? I end up blind to be on Yang landing in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea and they airfield was totally surrounded by fire. We were destroying our equipment and whatever else we landed their plane, the flame Land and I had to go find my unit Nobody knew where I was I get on the road to start hijacking. Guy came along Haven't we a classmate online whose in central core he stopped saw me pick me up directly back to where he was core headquarters and they D. Nor am, I was so funny
Let me back to my hospital and other measures, in the MASH hospital know where my unit was- and they took me back to my unit in an ambulance, and I wasn't wounded if it's just a way to conveyed. Get me back, I still remember those days terrible experience but fun it's hard for people to understand that. Then I have that desk. Some people want to win You're saying hey: this is the worst time in my life and also the best, then my life. At the same time, let's, let's I mean Well, let's get into career, but let's talk a little bit about sort of where you came from you grew up starting I guess so City Iowa right well, I was,
growing up in the middle of the United States? I was removed on the way over here I was talking. When Pro Harbour happened. I was sixty almost sixteen years old. I was in a movie theater and they staff the movie. And they now said: Japanese, just bomb Pearl Harbor. Hundred per hour was now knew where the how much work, but I didn't know Pearl Harbor, was in the hawaiian islands? well you're in Iowa. There's no ocean for nobody, nobody, you don't think about oceans and Joe Here we were, movie. I was almost exchanges hell of a world where your before I forget, call him
turned out to be wrong, so I should lavish going to high school. I Jackie. Why was a nice cars gonna become or chemical engineer? Coronel Universal. Why? Because my best friends. Older brother in law was Chemical engineer working in Sumatra grown up. One I'll show market really gonna think we're Doin Shop, so I want to be a chemical engineering. I was gonna go to Coronel. Does he want to Cornhill, and that was gonna, be what I was going to do Well, no war, I happen I strongly welcome a eighteen and you get drafted
time for people to realise today. Every. Place, you go, people are uniform, one people walking around Gervais includes the only people van closer those you couldn't five because of physical disabilities, so everybody was in uniform, no matter where you're, so I got drafted and fortunately My dad was smart enough to send me after to Iowa State before others. Eighty, got two quarters in an engineer: surely Armenia's great wisdom, decided to May your engineer, what the hell of a lot better than being there for me, but as far as I was concerned, I went to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. How will you from Sicily our com,
South Carolina is it yeah away took us five days on a damn trying to get there, so we got there and all of US soldiers get off. The train, The first turn got us all, lined up there and he's gonna role in Asia is fifty an ideal from that moment on. I was feeling anyway. That was in March of nineteen forty four, forty four and so we went through a basic drain learn to be a common engineer and I became
demolition, specialist. It for people realize here's, your kid grows up. In Sioux City. Having explosive. I had no more idea of doing that. If a man alone, job training we were primarily to build bridges and get care roads That was our primary mission, but we also or talk to be here, combat engineers, Secondary responsibility, and so we ended up. Fortunately going to Europe. When we were in training, we had no idea what direction We ve a girl, but in red
dispatch of always felt we were lucky. Gotta Europe rather South EAST. However, when I got to Europe, call her. Now I will, sure sure there was a really great gestation. It worked out our eye, but our primary role was to go to Europe. Become a picture of the roads and other things it engineers do it's you showed up. There is, were you write it around them? The battle, the bolts timeframe? Yes, I mean The bad the bulge was member right around Christmas time of nineteen. Forty four forty four and we got to the continent right
time, but are you now want to Luxembourg? It primarily was helping general patterns Army turn make a ninety degree turn and go north to help. Stop the Germans, and so the roads had to be taken care of, and and that's what I was doing, the prime, during the actual covered at best Tom we were working on roads heaping erodes open for them. TAT John. To get up. There are unit eventually, eliminated the Germans Germany's from Luxembourg.
Little town called beyond in which is on the our river right across the shameful border, a secret line and so the twelve fifty fifty engineer combat battalion. Turn the infantry outfit. For brief, very a dime February, 12th, twelve nineteen, forty five, we got rid of all Germans. Last germans in the country of Luxembourg the combat engineers. We all I always have to will always I give them their do because they continued. Roads open and when we, when we were fighting in remedy, combat engineers, primarily that they had the duty of of mine clearance and it was a brutal and date we obviously a highly dangerous job for them to be out their clear and those minds and keeping those roads open. That's a hell of a job as a
specialists. What am I George was mine clearance and I was operating aid minesweeper on this road down into the valley at the end, and behind me words were to tanks from the Cavalry and the Germans goods the tanks- I guess they see us to, but picture inhalers end up in the tanks in sugar to James and VAT their machine gun firewood, ricochet after tanks that's how I got here with refugees, Afterdamp tank. Got into my leg and arm officially go back station get station, get vanished up and back devalued one area
participation at all that kind of another. Fifty cent wound for exactly. I wish I had a lot of those So how long were you sitting? stay over over in Europe until the war ended now ash. Actually, in March, the unit God orders for me to return to the United States, because I had appointments in the United States military, and so my very first airplane right. Was firmly age, Belgium to Paris, and I was a river going into this office in Paris, and I was dressed in my down gear, so to speak, and they looked at me and he said- and I still am were, I was still wear my steel helmet, I can still remember this sergeant saying we got a teacher.
This guy, we're gonna dress you up, and so they let me in our brand new clothes two days later. I was on an airplane flying vat, United States. Twenty seven hours later and stopped in route. We ended up Washington DC. So, and so I ended up my first time I ever visit the Pentagon perish. Nineteen year Old PLC, Resting brand new clothes welcomed as apparent I can t I wasn't sure what the hell I was when I finally got orders to go to Cornhill University Coronel universally. What for to get real academic,
get real oriented, George Academic, It's a! U had orders to West point. They were gonna, send you to Cornell for a little while to prepare for it. Well, no, I had an appointment to the academy. Ok, if you had an appointment again, in fact this is still true today. If you have an appointment, can be taken to combat and bring you back some place safe and with the broadest back. There was about three hundred of us at Cornhill all different, partially Service Army AIR Force back those days. It was U S. Army are core and and we were there for them to get free,
acclimated to turn your brain backer. Thank you show that was this boy. Did you know, did. You know you wanted to stay in the army career a career. Had you enjoyed your time in Europe, and you said you know what I think I'm going to go the distance or no. I had no idea it until after well, very quickly, My appointment to the academy was an alternate unleash the principal. If we qualifies Yalta doesn't get to go in my principal qualify, so now our they do with me The army, in his great infinite wisdom, decided to semi. Does Japan School so MRS Redondo, forbear, borderline junior after candy school,
The army knew there were a lot of settler tennis or in the South, EAST Asia, and so anyway, were in the Middle Africana school And worn Japan ended now. What Wert lonely stopped after carries wished slow it down. I guess, is irregular And what I continued on and graduated January of nineteen, forty Five, and here I was now settled soon got your commission and I hadn't and now I also had a principle of wound Military Academy so well they do so. They kept me for velvet training recruits in July. A discharge me. From the army. Dad is a military academy, is a good hat and July. First, one thousand nine hundred and forty six
it was somewhere in their eyes toward the life, the army, But I knew if I want to be an engineer I damn well, I d go to college education. Where better to go going to place where it's you be an army engineer, wishes this case West point so I could. I went on with white linen. For years, you're. Obviously graduated nineteen fifty, so you commissioned. They talk your commission away for forty years ago give it back to the other four years I think I've ever had was in the army was twice was settled agenda. Yes, sir and West point at this point is being run by just all world war. Two veterans, I'm sure, is in fact are here
Our tactical asters were all to Jenin who Jake manners of some sort in war, a war to in Europe or in air force, with a cheque book, Tatcho officer My company, the first two years, was an hour Jurymen in two years- was airforce? Why it was U S. Army aircars became Airforce, lieutenant colonel, so ended. Superintendent, Windsor, actual Taylor and Common there was driving folding Harkness, who was colonel hearken, see? Was gentle banish hatchet man, Andrew and jeopardy? Cambodia was.
John K Waters whose general pen, son in law, so so they were all. Where world war, two veterans- yes and as were you at the time that had be? Was fairly unique. Was there a lot of other guys that were prior unlisted that were coming to West point of my class, who started eleven hundred of us. I would guess, Several hundred were very of some sort navy. Army are core vs have, but earth to her two hundred to three other. I dont remember exactly now when you're going through us, The war ends are, you is, is
or on the horizon for you, or did you guys, have an attitude kind of like well, you know we're gonna go and be peacetime army officers for the next. However, many years or did you see trouble brewing now? Draw no trouble brewing I don't think anybody really herself what's gonna happen, career in fact, the only thing it was trouble, if you what was, Merlin Berlin Airlift. And while we were caught it and so we shall that kind of thing. But I guess maybe in our neighbour g, we figure them Nobody was gonna, pull the plug and really Russian to Jack or vice versa, do anything. See so when you graduate what
next move. What was your next move after I graduated. Well it wasn't. My move, North Korea, invaders, South Korea and present fresh. President Truman decided to send. U S. Troops career now We're finished when you when you graduate by order rank you're allowed to choose your branch, and then were you wanna go well. My experience was. Being in front of the tank and getting threat, I decided I didn't want to be on further. Take I want to be in the tank. Shied chose not to was not to be an engineers again
to go in armour armor. So I chose to go to lunch again. Run upon our Data Washington was somewhere who knows where, like Joe formless Washington place. I'd want to go visit so ass. My first post was to go for less Washington today, turned out to be a toilet, twenty ninth The seventies contain good time, which was part of the second year prison german While I was on my honeymoon in Canada, decided to send a second division career So am I infinite wisdom, not knowing this happening. While I was in Canada and I called home to wish my
mother and dad heavy fourth of July. Army had sent a telegram to my parents house thing for me: get my ass. For us as soon as possible as well. I'm halfway there I'm up into Alberta, Canada, so we drive off for laws and saw arrival for Louis village lie you gotta, I'm now a tank for two. Never been in tank before. Let me tell you, that's it! irish most people don't wanna. Have I The only thing I had gone by way,
many years later. I produce- and forty told me said tat time he was my Gunnar. He said we really really for we had a guy who'd been in combat world war; two not knowing that I didn't know damn thing about a tank but the Good NEWS is the sergeant was Partner to teach me how to be somewhat of a tanker on the ship on the way over to create so you had no, you you showed up. You were you get on with your? Are you coming? Your honeymoon you go straight to for Louis And then you immediately load up yes, my first tank re less from the port, not from the motor pool for Louis to the port of a limp here to put a tank on the ship and good bye.
That was my first ankara. Yes, that's the point you made about you know just that you're you're sergeant was smart enough to teach you, but equally important is that yours hard enough to listen and we're all kinds, young officers- and I'm sure you saw him through the years that they're not smart enough to listen to the people that have the experience and, and That's a huge lesson learned. It seems always need to get learned by people. I wish I've told more people when asked What do you do to be successful? I say since your soldiers, listen to your sorry, asked them, don't be afraid to ask, I'll tell you very jobs and they use success and unfortunately there are too many people. Who Don T have egos taken alarmed? Do there no doubt about it
He's gonna make em look bad when it actually, he s actually elevates them in the eyes and the sergeant So your trip overseas you're on the ship and you show up in Korea. Yes, you can understand what is like several miles off shore and begin to smell. What's gonna be turned out to be the port of whose, where could smell it Were you ever got there and we knew we were born in an animal.
I never been to that part of the world in my whole life, and we offloaded ourselves from the troopship waiting for our tanks to come Monday on the other ships, and we spent four days in Busan, waiting for the equipment to come and then offload and get the ready to go in the battle. Then, at what point this is this is like the battle up who saw this. The poos on perimeter lists the beginning of it right now. This is for those you don't know. This is north korean troops coming down a hundred thousand North Korea? come down and have you guys sickly, squeezed onto its the peninsula a little not of land that sticks out. Thirty five miles radius from the city of fish. On listening to cabin
laugh last territory, helm everything else. Held by the North Koreans. So when you landed there, that's where the situation they were it. Yes, and how did you guys and how did you get your troops feel about that? I don't think we were even cognitive, how serious it was. After we loaded with tanks onto rail cars to go to real of marrying witches. I don't. Twenty miles. Twenty five miles from those on where we after the tanks were I first went in to combat in Korea. I dont really not that we thought how serious it was.
Hey guys, I got the impression several days later when the division system debate commander called all the austrian and she held together and in place men. We live or die here, and I thought to myself can I get myself Hindu here, but that's that's what it was mean. We will. You know in hindsight I've read books about what happened in Korea And we really didn't understand: river and they're. Doing a job in I dont think we really understood a perilous. The situation was in any
while you were there did you understand the peril of the situation. Or would you just in you're, protecting Battles, Dave day trying to hold the line where you were at didn't was communications kind of not effect, enough to really for you to understand the bigger picture. We we had no idea what the bigger picture was. I to God. We really, doing our job in said earlier watching nasal waves of people come across that John River. We'll. Never ever go away from my memory me, people just coming my coming and all we were doing, shooting shooting shooting a neighbour, you keep coming in.
We managed to hold the line and they didn't penetrate. So The answer is, we didn't understand, fairly, says a situation as your you were you hold the line, specifically you guys. You hold the line on that river. He s we're gonna have to try and cross that river to get through the line. Yes, will they swimming, where they taken boats with what we they doing they were waiting, it was, it wasn't Do you? Care was meant, it was pretty wide river, but it wasn't that deep show they were able to wait across enable just keep gum. And then how long? How long did that particular? How long were you under tents waves. But acts like that? It was like it was it like twenty days or something of the whole. The whole thing I think lasted. I don't know
twenty days or something I don't know. It seem like Forever, but I think was probably over in two or three a couple of weeks, my first involvement. We got off the tanks after flat cars. We rolled into action and my plead tank. In front of my very eyes, exploded will never forget watching. Take commander, go sailing out into the ditch onto the right in the tank exploding
We we're rounded occur again. Unbeknownst Benumbed does or to russian tanks. Man by careers up just raw fired it to stay in, in my virtue, was in force german tanks and gas engines firing fired into the gas tankers. Hello thank exploded, and so my first day in Korea combat wanting destroyed. Five people were at that time tank grew. Five were up, form were killed in the tank to tank manner,
back in the United States less than two weeks after we left over three weeks after we left- and that was my first they and combat, grew and so from then on got into the perimeter and spent a couple weeks there? I don't. I don't remember you read earlier by the citation on September, nineteen twenty. The only reason. I know that September nineteen, because you what you read I don't remember what exact dates it was It wasn't too long after that happened. We had. In John landing in everything broke out. We were headed north, so it was a couple weeks.
I don't know when you were from a leadership perspective. Dealing with using guys in. Comparison to when you in World WAR two and you. Necessarily in command of guys but you're, seeing people get wounded, you're seeing people get killed. What was your mindset. What was your perspective as a leader when geyser get wounded, guys we're getting killed, and then you had a bunch of you know. You were saying that you're sergeant you eat, they felt they were. Key to have someone that had been in combat before and then all of a sudden. I know that there were looking you saying: ok will what do we do now, boss? Well, one thing about in a tank: The grocer inside the tank as with a radio. You can direct people to do this and do that, and so I guess
told him what they should be doing and they did it remainder. I didn't leadership, has just tell him: people What did you do in trying to do at the door. I mean I I learned from Ireland grown up on our leadership. I didn't you know what that was what leadership was all about at West Point, the major difference. When I was in world war, two taking care of myself. I wasn't really to sir and about the other guy
what was going on? We were all just do our job, that's very different. When you're in combat situation, You got people depend on each other and we were all dependent on each other when were entertained for to each of us a trained to do a job and they did it. I mean owners or other things. My button Didn't exist, prayer paper, existed, didn't exist physically, so it happened when we have reactivated. The guard houses emptied out and we got replaces from forty taxes, and that was my per One of the best soldiers, my too
where's my loader huge than most Jeremy Korean Guardhouse, but you I can't believe what a great soldiery wasn't come here. I mean. Because he knew what he was doing, trying to do it, and I did it will never forget those young man, I'm still junk email contact with my former Gunnar whose now retires command sergeant major, but he still calls me we did it. Cuz he was. He kept my ass on a trouble. I mean heat he taught me more about how to be an opportunity. Who's in anybody will ever and understand, and I guess the leadership. Prayer was born, combined with
These young men were teaching me. Allow me to become pretty effective leader throughout just my military, groom, my commercial career to I strong believer in leadership works just a military, but in commercial business you talked about leadership inside a tank did you see in and how did you see what was going on? I got you to get out of that tank and tell you they needed to get out of that vehicle and Start director was going on the ground I wish I knew the ashes I mean it just did it I knew something to be done in
radio communications. With these guys on the ground. Wasn't working, so you ve got it communicate and the only way you can communicate radio isn't working. You gotta get your but after after taken down there, so you can talk to these guys because they trying to talk to me. I was trying to talk to them. Get them figured out what they should be doing, so I just did it. I dont know what prompted me to do. It's good question, because I have no idea nor I talk about that. Sometimes I talk about as a leader being able to identify what I would call it. I just called the void of leadership and it's very easy to see when you are used to seeing leadership filling the void. When you see avoid of leadership if you're aware to look for it
It's really easy to see when it's there and you go wait. A second someone to step in here and take charge, and so you had that instinct of haters avoid leadership here, I gotta do something, and here we go it right. As much as you said yourself at one point I want to be inside that tank and then the damn time you needed to take. You got out of it well in Asia He had to do it. You had to do and then went but once you guys help a line You know twenty, because I used that experts what just talk. About you, don't hold your line with your personal discipline and hold the line with your you're. Subordinates and we use it metaphorically and its unable to see here and talk to you about actually literally holding the wide What, when you guys got done, holding the line, you had defeated that
that onslaught from from the North Koreans? What was the next phase? Move, out and move north, and we the first weeks move four or five miles at the most scupper, wish. We move hundreds of miles, and I remember Going is fats. We could north to marry up with the guys invaded it inch and we just kept going away and I dont remember how many operate. Energies we had to you didn't combat after week,
Push on perimeter until after we got Dorothy saw we're. The invading really invasion force invaded pretty well cleared too, that stuff away. And saw the city of saw was open when we we went right through it and we kept going north The enemy was retreating. Pretty fast and we were just gone as fast as we could drive of the roads and in fact well, are you. Got almost the Yellow River, which is about time. We decided to take take the stuff I my, but so I was sent back to. The hospital ship and harbours
when you got shrapnel, was when Europe, by the by the Yalu River Nano That's all that had already that's right. That had happened earlier now, most come back. If the stuff was work it now, one of the things you gotta run Amber, is just piece of metals in my, but now in a tank. Commander man has little fingers cities, but on rallies riding around and determine what, don't do that when you have a piece of metal workers way out his pains, to say the least, and so I couldn't hardly wait for that to happen wouldn't let me go back to the hospital to have a gun raised very close to the surface so when it got closer to Sir, They evacuated me
and it was in November of nineteen fifty that they sent me back ass fellowship and then you did. I figured you covered this, but then you got done the metal comes out, and then you go back again cause you're too you're thinking you get home by Christmas. If you can get back to you unit and I'd I back to the university, but idea your own by Christians. In fact there, by the time I got back to the We were the second division in early move back south almost to the river, and so I I found the unit again somewhere south of somewhat north of the on river, but still we ve North Korea, but it was, ass part of North Korea and were you in situ. Did you
get doggie and cause. I know part of the Korean WAR was like they dug in and it was almost like trench warfare. Did you enter that phase, or we still guys do the north and south you William tax we never dug in now. Later on anger line stabilize very much Rhonda Thirtieth Barrel and there's a lot it. Dig in fancy positions as well, but that was Maria Infantry, not not to tanks, how did you? How did you end up what was known as the last phase of you being over there like, and what ended up bring you back to the states? Well,
The lion sort of stabilized around the thirty eight zero. We would go forward and come back. We ve go forward, come back off in time, so. The we would you do patrolling. I guess, is the right word patrolling enforced wig, a tech company, was a new frontier come near Gach, Ready on the tanks would last forward. Some enemy position You didn't, do a firefly, take the ground and then we'll move back again We were just going back and forth around that so called
now turned out to be the thirtyth parallel, but it was generally that sector. Often times the infantry would- get into a lot more heavy fire I sent the tanks one Then a lot of time supporting infantry attacks with my tank guns, machine guns, governor vastness forward, but Duggan. No, we never attain whenever Doug. And then how long did you at last for what How long did was your unit deployed over? There was the whole unit that didn't gone home. No, no. At a certain point did you cited people who had been there a year would come on. Starter rotation and
I was one of the first one rotate out of my unit, because I am some operations and because I've been very yearn, etc, I had a lot of points in so I was sent back. I guess got back to the United States Labour Day of nineteen. Fifty one so was recorded were evacuated, is probably not right. We're having just sent back home. So you get back home. You know- You are coming home from creates obvious you you at least experience and pretty intense stuff
and you know you hear a lot of times, especially nowadays with guys coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, with guys struggling to re, adapt to to life back in America, and I think, a little bit different, because you came home, you are still in the army and I that's the best thing for veterans, you know if you're still- and I think that the veterans that have the hardest timer veterans that get out and now of a sudden, the brotherhood that they are used to is gone and the mission that their use to is gone, but is that is what you experienced and you came home and you you still have your mission of moving forward in the army. Yes away, I had no feeling of being appreciated a minute. Obviously I, when I came back, I came back. I had a daughter born. I was in Korea
scared the hell out of me. I mean I still remember this four month old town. I hope for the first time, fortunately ever held any body that size scared the hell out of me, scared. That's a lot of things to happen to me, but anyway, I came back, went to Fort Knox, When they sent me now, the him we do schooler, interviewer, peculiar and sir, and then there asked me if I wanted to stay there for national and run inorganic candy company, and I did, and so we spent several years runnin off category and then they decided they needed anymore.
After carry at Fort Knox. So they closed down and I got to selected, be an aid shoe. John Waters. John Waters is with gentle pens, son in law and wonder experience learned a lot from a real gentleman. He was even it. He was a burger general that time became say two stars, but visually retires forced our general agenda. But he taught me on about being the officer how much about leadership a beer
a job he was outstanding person and I I learn from them. In you view we work and as an aid you get pretty close to somebody always feel very fortunate tat. I was able to be his aid and I don't know if you know he's the one in a movie but general patent. Jenin send to rescue somebody in work him. He was the one who was in the prisoner work him And it was wounded very seriously there, and it was quite a experience workin for him for several years now,
four years on multiple years as an aid, I venture to have yours a so and then Is he went on to his silence? I went on to my eyes I myself. What experiences. I am an nineteen, fifty fifty six I was coming to wander over chain company in moreover, Germany and he at tat. Time was Reiner military, Susan's, Commander Yugoslavia He decided to visit me now is the major general and he's coming to visit this captain in Bomb or Germany, and it was,
you can't believe all other stuff that one what the hell is he. Oh, come on, you see you for etc, etc, but anyway we we got. Through all my dear he he was you didn't come to visit me in Vietnam, rivers. Commander, but he was took care of watching what I was doing songs was experiencing. One of exploration of great learning, experienced busy yeah. I was actually need to for the the admiral that was in charge of all the seals, and it was very similar situation for me as a great guy and I learned about on about about the way. The whole big machine worry, which you have no, dear. When you're young Hulu tell you have no idea. What's going on behind the scenes and definitely got to learn a lot about that and the same thing you just talk
how'd, you know how to just had a relationship with them in and He took care of me and my guys on many occasions, which was great since he was the ammo at one time we we were to use a surfer I was organizing a trip for us to go to Hawaii. Then we are going to see some of the seals that were stationed out in Hawaii and the Big thing I have to do is get organised so that when we got picked up at the airport there were surfboards in them circles ready to take us directly to sir. Bring as soon as we showed up, if no people say what do you want to succeed? You just get the serpent. Ready? That's it! You need us, and then so you did that you end up. You you end up fifty six year over your company commander and happens in between there were again.
I was her unit? Second Armand Second Armor division and at that time, when fifty seven they had something, never gonna rotate the fourth division, for them: revision wish I'd been for I heard it to Germany in the second and revert to rotate back to port hood. However, I don't even in countries with little over a year and I was eligible to rotate back, so they in their decision for those of us who were eligible and we re assigned- and I was reassigned to be- the Secretary General Staff, Heidelberg, watches U S Army Europe so now, I'm goin from being
The commander and bomb holder, Germany, which is the end of the line Although wages are very senior army command in Europe, and I'm workin now for a forest, a general in his general staff organisation, and I had once again a chance to go from learning noise, was going on down here to watch what's goin on very senior leadership and another opportunity. A year and a half. I had that job. If I just a great experience, learning if you would, the other extreme of where you ve been, that was nice. And then,
rotated back to the United States and fifty nine to become a math. Professor was point where I spent four years been a math professor and then went to damage Commando staff College for no more and then the army decided that day Needed to have people counteracting, Mcnamara's with kids. In so who did somebody VIN teach in math, probably couldn't. Sent me the University of Michigan. I agree. What turned out to be operational research put the army sent me to be yet a degree in automatic data processing,
they didn't have such a thing in Michigan, but Thank you. It was endorsed Don't you know and operation, so I spent two years, they're getting a degree, and then I resin Gulf. Back to the Pentagon for utilization to her. I volunteered for Vietnam, and when you say that they will that the army knew that they need someone to counteract the whisky, and I've talked about the ways kids covered them. Some, but because the lot of the people operational. The ground said: hey these. These statistics that you're coming up with don't take into account, human aspect of these kinds of this conflict. Vietnam, Well, that's something that was felt end and understood inside the army. At that time I mean clearly was yes in debt and the whole idea was to take somebody who knew somebody army.
Education to these kids, so called kids had, statistical analysis and livestock and so to be the other part of the board. In That was to be my utilization tour. So There is a great example that in its its Bobby battle, the I drank valley and more talks about it. The fact that, what the whisky. It's basically said, one of the things that they said was ok. We can kill, a hundred and seventy Viet soldiers for every one of ours that that they kill. So statistically, we'll just keep running that problem over and over again and will end up winning and I always point out and which, which everyone went out and I'm sure you'd pointed out as well as what they do
You take into account is the fact that, were one. A hundred and seventy four Mommy's killed to the Vietnamese was not as big a deal as we thought. It B and we also didn't take into account that one. American dead is a lot bigger. Then statisticians thought it would be to us and that the huge tragedy to go into that situation like that would affect many times. Thought body. Count was done. The same we ve ever come up with is a measure, success and combat, and I said that I don't know how many times and I am still convinced that was the dumbest thing we ve done, for the time and I was there for paid in it and it was terrible.
So let's go. Let's go to Vietnam, sir. You you volunteered for Vietnam in four nineteen, sixty six shit, yes or no five sixty six ok they automatically say: okay well, Euro Lieutenant colonel that means you're gonna take over squadron of Italian. I wish I was a kid fashion. Give them more credit for their need to do now. Nation long and everybody else Lieutenant Colonel arrived and country and I was assigned initially to be the Negative answer me. Combat operations Centre of Maggie, which is the headquarters of all Combat operations Centre was Westmoreland. Operations centre and
It was run by a marine, Brigadier General Bell, jobs by name. Great man. I mean- and I was his exact and we Quote- ran the war soulless fake the word we as a very loose to earth from c o c, and that was headquarters right during Saigon and it was- a cushy job. I mean maybe to work on a regular early basis. I used to and at night once in a while, because present Johnson was gonna talk to somebody Action asters, try, to find out what has happened to these patrols weavers and enough? that's a serious sign, a micro management. I am a day
micromanagement of the four daughter, and I sought, absolutely slot in happening. Often than I care to remember, and but I What are the evenings? I've met. What am I former colleagues armor, who was commanding first fourth carrier, the first ever division and you told me: you were gonna rotate home in December I should can I get their job. He said. Take me up may introduce me to General Depew who was division commander, and I wonder I passed the test. You'd have to know general appeal in He was a no nonsense. Guy, he Haven, people thought I was crazy because of you.
Relieving battalion commanders, her incompetence right and left and vigour you gonna. Do your job, you're gonna, be ok, don't put up up turn the fuel energies me and General Hollingsworth it. It was the system division. And how is working better, no government coming and he couldn't the two of the two of them passed on me said it was ok, and so I got reassigned to command of the first, the fourth Gabrielle in December of nineteen sixty six, which was a plum job that was It was not only a problem of her, but it Joel, Depew used to risk squadron like it should be used.
Many times later. My success or are not as lucky as I was. I was able to fight my unit has here. I had three ground troops, one carve a DE troop was a helicopter school. A troop thirty one helicopters in it I had to do commander would sign become here. But China was assigned to my unit and then is there weren't any real enemy aircraft he assigned Several the batteries of any aircraft unit, to my view, so I am a unit dinner unparalleled in
history. Godchild appeal believed the cavalry was most. To go, find an enemy keep their enjoys. Everyone could show up and we did it More often than not in. One of the stories I tell people I would I'm self styled king other mission, rubber plantation, we're just reader. Seventy square miles of trees and historically theirs communities of workers throughout the place and came these little towns became haven. For the north, Korea, for the north, north, Vietnamese and so we took it upon ourselves to evacuate everybody out
villages to the perimeter of the flat plantation, and then took it upon ourselves to destroy the villages, because the noise. Dorothy in a major common in a night, usually places, Shelly nor units so We were destroying. Always low handlers, I had an engineer company assigned to me. What is conscious was between them. Captain whose engineer Gummy commander and myself I mean my chopper, He'd be down of brown, and he was gonna. These village imply all he won. Any of the villages buildings which Standing I won now what did we win? A beer in Morocco,
Not I won, he didn't want him, he didn't lose many, but we get stuck in the spring of nineteen sixty three Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker. Arrived in fear now the first unit he wants to visit his my dearest everybody is what in the world is. Why did you pick this and why does he come to see you it is our turn all you ve got it. General covered. These are genuine and division commander all wisdom we're out in the middle of nowhere? I'm briefing the ambassador I get emotional savers. He says colonel. I got
more of correspondence on my desk from the French about what you're doing up here be Schriner village and all the people and call on all this commotion. What are you doing, and why are you doing I explained to him why we were doing it because they offer Phillies Village, ravine havens for the north and neighbour, men and shall not killing our troops. A large member state, colonel you just keep. Do your doing and I'll take care of the French, and God bless you I mean I still get emotional. What's that mean That German understood what the hell is going on in here We talk about State Department, we were not what's goin on, he knew what What's going on in a dome you keep doing was doing, and I did it,
but I will always remember him vision. Think of the time not sure this he was here. The oldest or almost ambassador, we ever had ended in a state of armour buddy. This outer, around in the bodies with me, and I was right experience, but anyway it was one of those days in only when you really think you counted in. He was to me. That's leadership to where he was you know what tail was gone out and he was here tell me to keep doing what I was most bitter. It was great man, so, Its operations that was at the primary type of operation that you'd be doing is going into areas and basically guess doing what the enemy was up to
Basically we the mission was search and destroy and What we did was go find. I too find the enemy and then destroy him so in the Michelin Plantation. We thought The enemy was not there, but we spent There are some call the iron triangle North side. About thirty miles north of Saigon, which are operational and. It was traditionally her hand. In further north and order ever anyway, the guys I wish you'd notice You never know whether there
three major constructed South Vade invasion they all look the same to me in, They still do like I've. Never In gray, I couldn't tell give North Korea South Korean, I still couldn't, mortality, yourself, Vietnam Region, North Vietnamese. It maybe there's away, but I never figure it out and so we just one in cash liver, searching and destroy, and if we if we find the enemy and strength, our job is to hold him there until June. You could get his infantry into helicopters and bring him in and really dvd enemy. On occasion we got in a firefly- we expected vague, but we
we generally we're pretty good at finding them the change will rule right through this force and not the trees right down. With no problem at all, and I was in my helicopter directing you perceive any tell the tanks were to go and tanks and age ass, which were primarily what was all about and so we re was our job. So often I read about units that were over there that never the or fair the very seldom with these the enemy they would lose guys do, neighbor fire. They lose guys to mortar fire. They lose guys to booby traps, but very soon, Would they see the enemy, the obvious,
units at a deeper than that, but it sound like you, were able to find the enemy on a fairly regular basis. Oh yes, we are, they found ass. You know who finds yours is not sure, there is an answer to that. But yes, we have Moreover, not we got it. We had come and I had More than I was right to remit casualties. Which didn't have because Yeah find the enemy. I can tell you they could find ocean and often remember show me a long time in my life. Tell me because this by fire- and I remember well, thank you had a lot of machine guns and you could do a lot to reclassify fire and
trouble was recalled by fires. You never know whether they see or not No there's somebody shoot at that's good. Good. You don't need any nobody's, aiming at you're, not when you one of the things that also I talk about, never read a lot about is the Vietnam WAR being very difficult from a leadership perspective for some leaders more than others, but because had draft ease and and you had draft he's, not just draft ease that got drafted in ok, I'm gonna go do my duty, but draft ease they got drafted. It literally did not believe in what was happening in barely even believed in America as a country. How much did you see. And what what was your? What was your leadership approach to those troops?
I shall zero of me I was just absolutely lucky, I know tat no outside the law you guys, I've been talking to him reading about this in and there's something I've noticed a tramp. So have you. The term millennials about the new up and coming kids- I know what millennials rats people complain about an especially from a leadership perspective. People talk to me about what I've got my company. We ve got these new. These kids, second in their millennials, their different there, title they don't want to work is hard and I started thinking about my head. Well, basically, you ve gotta work for that's a little bit different this is very similar to the draft Eu View who had a different attitude. And what I found from leaders. Is it didn't matter? It. Matter that they had draft these. As a matter of fact, General Marianna, who I just talked about when I talked
when I asked him about draft is he said I didn't even know who is drafting and who is a life? I couldn't tell the difference and in worth wrote in his book. He's wrote. I love draft ease because there straight shooters, they didn't what we were trying to protect their career. They tell you what they fought and you can the report. You could do something good with it I've said. Ah the soldiers, I served with an different war got better and they were all draft ease. I mean I didn't never, Sir, what all volunteer outfit river. All no matter where I was never draft ease and did your job, I'm never Had anybody tell me- when their job wasn't one, but they want to do it was they just did it
and I dont know this leadership on just Just away was and they were all proud to Vienna up mean now, I'm sure there evil later on, I mean I've heard of later on in in Vietnam. Have real problems with drugs. We do not have any of her now Fortunately, I left a nineteen sixty seven, so I'm not sure things got worse. Perhaps I think drugs. We are an issue but I, but I didn't know I didn't, have a camera from I said earlier: I'm not naive, I believe in
Knowing exactly what's goin on, find out his walk around and talk to people. You don't sit in here, or in your helicopter. You gotta go now and talk to the guy on the ground, find out what the hell's goin on and natural. There's a fellow wrote, a book is name was Peters, Many years later he wrote, The book is called management by walking around guy made a fortune. Do what I used to do. It's scary, what it's true! That's what leadership. Was all about us find out what's going on and then need some common sense to tell people. This is what you want to do. Gimme some guidance. We people-
Who used to tell me Well, you know how to do things. Could you gonna arrest people to do things I've let me tell you something a guide you get out of it came to fix. Track. When somebody shoot nurture is not anybody will wonder just do it he's gonna do cause, you know if you don't get the track fix, we're gonna get her ass killed. We're gonna, get Goin, he's gonna, do it, because that is job in there, that may be leadership, but Algeria is discipline that comes from people being trained right into our right, entreated right. He Don T, don't treat people right, they did, serve to treat you wrong, and I'm. Great believer in people the right way from here and you talk about treating people the right way and listening to people you you're,
you say when when I told people to do stuff, they did it well yeah, that's because you treated and well you listen to him. You you had those relationships with your with troops in that's what makes people Like you said when you gotta have somebody: that's gotta gonna go out its track under fire. Will that's somebody. That's not gonna. Do that, just because you more than you do it, you better have some some relationships. You better treated them well, and they must understand the. Why, on the mission, is like a why this is important so when you, when you, look back at World WAR to Korea. Vietnam, I was from it tactical perspective. Actually, maneuvering troops is Ernie big lessons that you'd. Think back of that you say this is something that I did consistently or this is something that I would never do, because I knew it would cause problems. I can't think of anything.
Go back to what I said earlier, I have always believe it may be, is from grown up in Iowa. I just treat people like you like to be treated. You sell it worked out. I dont know. I told you about my first sergeant call me Fifi, which piss me off re frankly but because he was a guy who didn't people like people to be treated. And I always Was amazed how much I exalted fact when he got busted, I mean we were in England on the way over the continent, and he got
busted, for I don't know what reason, but he got busted back to them being a private. That's a big jump from first sergeant down to feed a private, and I was happy. Because I didn't think this guy was he's also togae. When I took a test to see I like to be smart enough to go to the military academies. It's what the hell. Are you taking a test for like that for you're, not smart enough to go to West point I always like to be able to say to this guy. If I ever saw him again. I am curious. By now I told you so, but if you don't treat people like me,
should be treated. You deserve to be treated the opposite way and I just have always practised tried to practice said anyway and so far than relativism that's a huge underpinning of leadership, from everything I've seen everything. I've ever read every person, Her talk too, if you care about your people who care about, and you wanted you damn well as human beings? That's the underpinning that really makes leadership work in it's a lot of time. You mentioned this earlier, a lot of times from the civilian side. They a global military order. People do things and they'll just do it because you're the boss and that's sure it's actually when Ike got out of the military, and I started work in the civilian sector. I thought to myself
Well, if you don't want it, if you want somebody do something, they don't do it. You can his fire, but that's not true, either, because guess what you're gonna people really quick, and so what you have to do to have to leave. You have to do in one of those. The most core underpinnings of leadership is really caring about the people that work for you and the more you care about them and- and I know for me- I I I care more about my guys did. I do not myself. I wanted to make sure that they were ok and that things were going to go well for them, and that was always priority my my real priority and Andy I suppose, someone that was very jaded might think. Well, then, you know you you're good it passed over you're. Not things are going to work out good for you. Could you more worried about your troops in the it's actually true right. My career was, was beautiful and
All I ever try to do is take care of the people at work for me because that's where you get to be successful. Hiring people or working with people you know it in civilian sector you hire people. No Jerry, whoever I've was that get people. I have always said Your job is to make to blast successful. And vice versa, the blush his job is to make them successful. And if you worked, it works out for both of you and to meet leadership. We talk about it, but it's easy. If you follow a few basic principles, it you don't have to all the stuff. There goes my people,
books on leadership you written books on leadership yourself. Yes, indeed, but in fact, a matter there are some basics ages. Expand on it, you don't it isn't that magic. If you just follow, few basic principles. One of the things we talk about in the book actually is simple, not easy, because it is theirs the end. If we say that it did in our book as well as well, we invented this? This is so that's been around and there's no Eureka moments and why are claiming to have at anything startlingly knew. This is fundamental stuff. But if you think about it it some of that might be stuff. You already do is a leader some would bestow but you know you should do as a leader and just make it If people understand is, is probably the only real and, if it of the book itself. Ok, this is good stuff, but nothing.
No rocket science there I didn't need to be always get to. That block infrastructure So did you You mentioned earlier when we were not recall, in that? You actually have gone back to Vietnam and were you a civilian at that time? Oh, yes, yes, I wife right like to travel, so We ve traveled most places in the world by now and She wanted to go back and see were I've been in Vietnam and that's one too sure about tat, but anyway we had this opportunity, and so we went back. And I want to Hanoi, which was an experience,
Gordon Hanoi, Hilton in scene, they ve turned it into a propaganda place of Remember seeing this picture the wall Senator Mccain and cover other guys, I can't remember the names, not the one who was what high school class my mind but day by name who was an air force the giant colonel medal of Honor, but anyway, in every only in this way. Ants in white overture. If they run up on a barbecue. You know you have heard about the place was just and they showed you someone. Cages that they had. People in
We actually have had to guess on the pot gas that were in the noise, and one of them went back and was talking us through that, same propaganda with went back to the oil as a civilian and just the the feeling he had was. He was pretty strong can't imagine, but are you when I was there. I was just seen from the propaganda what do because it is too big tourist attraction, apparently further, Vietnamese, and so we obviously sought
knew what it was and it for what it was, and I I hear all kinds of stories about the people that were there or not but yeah, and then we went from there to Danang and then down to fly gun and I'd hired a car. A guy to take us back to Maya all operational area and drove through the mission Rubber Plantation, which was sort of a fun experience. National longer mission is a state on Rachel grower, obviously from their french but It looks exactly the same. I mean
Trees are lined up rubber trees, forever trees, rubber trees and people out there working of trees- and I dont know she noticed this aside: you cannot burn a living rubber tree, it won't burn, I've tried hard, I flame to flame charge. In my tried hard to her nose reached down on the side of the road done work anyway. There we went back, did you or operation racial in the same place? I was pretty close to where I got wounded. This when I was in
now everyone my yellow counter flying over this river in. I was pretty close to her. That happened I could do that, because I had met map garden where I been wounded, fit for otherwise guarantee I'd. Never veal recognise applies but fair, but my own base camp which was because I had helicopters, airfield now being turned into a Strip mall, so washed all happening, but it was seen. Saigon again was amazing experience to see what's what they ve done. It you see how these tall buildings now, but the one officers club was on the roof. What about it?
still there exactly the same and with my wife and I went over, I had lunch. There time before I went out to the unit I used to go up there and we go after EU watch out here and see the sabres, not savers. We need real collar rouser tracers tracers. Thank you, see other treasures from being fired up an upper back down, and it was you experience because he really worth fighting a war between inside gone who it was who was so different from there when you went out into the field,
so but tat it was. It was one to go back and see what they ve done. And I was impressed with how much fear amaze have really she, Irish about getting real business and going? things happening. Business was of north, which still were still the time very grand you mean very few tall buildings very few businesses so that you can identify maybe still the same. There was eleven years ago now I don't know, what's changed over there, but show- our three. It means one nor sort of state, I say their lifetime and chicken. They won the war, but I'm not sure that the south we are coming back in taking over.
The country. They certainly have the financial strength there and I hope that will eventually will work out where the rest, the world, Ghana, to freedom and democracy in capitalism, eventually wins the long. We ve seen that worldwide so awfully lap and for them as well how'd, you get wounded, your third, your third. I'm gettin wounded in Vietnam. Well, I wished one of the missions. We had Every evening we go into perimeter, in most of the time we be bremmer around our Jerry, you shall they could fire at night without worrying about get Nora and so
fine, put all of our union and judge parameter from my after flying around, and I noticed a bunch of sham band, evacuating varied. We had so I thought my John Wayne felling I'm gonna go now you saw these guys. So I got a pilot I was flying in this case to passenger one past bubble, helicopter and anyway. So I had this damn forty forty, his fires like a shot guns, so I'm up there and I'm shooting at these guys in December, and I
do in pretty good mission. A lot but one shot back and I got hit me in the leg in so I told him Jabber power. Take me back down his headquarters, which squadron surgeon. Was he no. If I get my pants way in theirs, blood's very right out all the way out least, eighty nine inches from my leg hit, something they cause further, and he said this is Captain tweak into me, colonel you, goddamn gum, sound of you could be dead, so We manage me up. Metal still air still in my life, but we
You were you. Are you returned a duty that right, oh yeah? I had been command more than thirty days. I was scared to death, I couldn't be evacuated hell. I had finished up my tour so One of my friends named him. Kennedy is a green. He has a tv show coming out called hard to kill. I think maybe we need to get you some my date we have wanted to marry. I I've I've been fortunate. I mean a lot of people going a lot more serious and I've been ended. I've seen some factor fact I've had to marry her pretty seriously. I had one of my life
the actual was an hour after I got shot up to see helicopter knowledge shrapnel everything what right into his leg and he was forever in bad shape. I mean, I've seen a lot of people get hurt pretty badly. When I've been fortune humming but I'm also had the attitude, I'm not gonna get shot and killed. I mean now has worked out, but Going back to you know when I got out of tank to go back in korean I had no more. I was I was gonna, kill that wasn't gonna
enter into my mind. I just add some to do. That may be foolish, but there is just the way it was. Yeah, I think, if you're, if you were thinking about what could happen, you wouldn't do any thing. You could do anything. You were a three year. You you wrap up here squadron commander. Vietnam, and again I mean you were taken. How often would you guys firefights alot. What was your? What was your car rate casualties like how many, Did you lose how many people were killed? Watch as squatter commander. How many were killed. Probably kin. Not too many I mean when you have a cares. Do you know any canvas? That's a personal
area cached, Azure, armor, gallery assault vehicle It was one 113s back in those days. I don't know, I don't know I'll do still used and one thirteen's we use them. One thirteen's and remedy the exact arise and we are very familiar well. Can we both rigged in the back of yeah, well they're, pretty well projected in the tanks we had patent tanks and f reject Shell. We had casually Asia. Recursion cavalry true, we have infantry radiantly acres So let me get out Gunnar, but I dont know the statistics. I wrote enough letters, but not very mean
What is more than enough, I don't remember how many I wrote a letter. I did that for everybody was killed, but I dont I dont know their statistics, not two men, not overburden burden german initiative. I got, several peoples names on the wall. I go there every year, just stand there, but don't know Jack. I don't know the answer, Mr Sir, when you got home from Vietnam. You know you talked about coming home from Korea, Netherlands, in uniform and
You know we hear stories of guys come at home for Vietnam and they literally get told, don't wear uniform around how different was reception from World WAR to Korea, to Vietnam. Well, coming back from books from Vietnam was a sad experience. We thought we ve been doing a good job. What are we doing? The right job and I came back to the pentagon- handle a sort of witnessed. The experience of
the country being up in arms about here now show Didn't feel to appreciate it, I guess is the right word on yet didn't feel I feel, like I've, been doing a good job in so I don't I get it, I do not have any bad feelings most of those feelings about what was going on came after I got out of bed. I retired you, nine in things, began to go to hell in a country about what we do and over there was right after I got out. I guess my job.
And when I got out of me when I came almost in its at the second, her defences level I told you earlier the army you just school to learn to counteract the risk is well guess. What, when I came back army sent me to be a whiz kid I was. I was stand up to the Secretary General staff. Ellen into Ovens organization, which is called systems analysis cast for all the whiskers were, and they had revision of the army, Navy, Airforce Brinker. All four of us. We were assured the other the duty of power we were, we we respond to balance Germany's Smart young men that were the cook whisky is
tell people I've never Whizzer again, but I was in that organization and if it was an experience it wouldn't. Let me work or anything army in I had, because they knew I had to go back to the army. She that was in your head. He had to be near making decisions. That could be it against the army. What the army wanted proposed. One of the on this one of the things I was in love with if the Navy in the air force. The Navy wanted to build another nuclear submarine. Well, it's only so many careful ships that was by law is so Davy.
I ask why there was a career and I think, thirteen careful ships. Whatever the number was. I asked. Why is that number thirteen took quite awhile for them to figure out the answer. And it really was very sharply gone back to the League of Nations parleying due to nineteen twenty something when they parleyed out. The various world war, one winners, number of capital I called battleship. Numbers of ships that each country would have, and that word this number came from what I've done was just now. I learned to ask question because
I was going to Michigan. What is one of the professor said issues in statistics, class. I want to know what she wanted watch I want the results. Are I want to know what the assumptions are, so I was asking this assumption. Why is earth capital ships question I I didn't know I was creating a challenge. It turned out to be exactly what I was saying. It was a strange phenomenon Damned if I try to figure out why the number I dont know what to do, world is now, but I can tell you at that point. This was the nineteen sixty eight. I guess it was a question took allowed answer
by the way I dont know how may careful, ships, wherever I don't know what you're girls a day, but we have more than I we had back in those days So what made you decide to retire well paid twenty five years and a military, and I decided I want to think about doing some mouse. Part of it was, I used to listen to people. Tell me Just order people to do things they do it. I should judge the lot of bologna.
Shall I want a good few got my if you would designer french treatments available world. So I started a bunch. Erasmus out eventually was hired to go down to her. Texas in fellow me, was retired Navy aviator who, by the way, as an aside with assigned to the first squadron. I think this call it flew jets of aircraft cabinet. Felix two blocks. Key was a wonderful man, but if you want to know what time it was he tat
build a watch, but he he her. He heard me and our job there was to figure out how to use. From El Tvs computer resources. How to use these. And civilian applications and. One of the things we did we developed for doubtless axes and owes you used to do on the job board on a computer screen at this.
Came awaited fairly, Dallas Cowboys would teach you guys how to react to whatever pleasure was so TAT was using Shall I just fancy technology, the algae veered to build something that was after warden civilian life. Well doing of L tv Ling, Temple but suddenly got challenged because even creating huge empire and anti trust people gotta, in all this on our part- and I was in one from thirty feet- Four, and I was one of the four idleness tradition, I still wonder why they kept me. Could I just vendor less than a year, but
you try Guy Army and computer sciences previously offered me a job was computer sciences. Even though I had a job. I knew that this place was not a place. Long term be shy. Went to work for computer science as national fifteen years there, and in return from there is one of the present one of their divisions and one of the things it my boy buses used to say. I was one of the few leaders. There were a lot of managers, but I was leading a group and we became Successful much more so than I ever imagined, we could be
it is primarily a sales and marketing, and I hereby she said mushroom might be him, IBM shoot kind of guy. You know you ve heard of storage and he said I will go back to my comrades. It I've him and tell him I just hired a former army Curved Vienna sales day, though, Ngos goddamn crazy anyway. I had a great career computer sciences and as I said, I retired from there, and I'm not a typist when I was going to pay if we took typing you weren't going to college, whose back so and called voicemail appeared to me, and I said so
another feeling I started a company in the voice, mail, business, energy for hinder it, be it was pretty soon. National, and we saw that nineteen. Ninety eight and I've stopped working that is awesome. I know we ve kept you here for a couple hours now and probably a good place to add. We stopped for this. For this particular session, Is there anything else you want to do anything else? You want to close out with what I can say this. I met my wife. On my first assignment from the vinegar and I Job in the Pentagon, among other things, was to control the number of troops on the ground in Vienna,
mandated every five hundred fifty thousand people on the ground. I job, which reassured be that that number was met so understood. During the first one to four Congress? You can always say never show. On a quarterly basis. I would go away and Hawaii from away Thailand, Korea, Philippines and all when all meet at headquarters upon the hill, and go over because when it, when Westmoreland a lot to replace and at a time when every retained its different numbers in everything's different, so we had to do all this monitoring and keeping track of how many troops land
my wife was a schoolteacher California and used over there on a vacation and one of my former colleagues from the now she knew him in some on. We met for the next two years, We did cross country, she in California me an affinity and I would go every quarter to the house for this meeting giant. So I plan to mean to be started on Tuesday, so I could fly from here. Heller Foreign then found with her and I fly off after hawaiian aisles.
And we ve backward step into the same thing. So anyway we got married him nineties after I got out retired and sixty nine and we got married to over sixty nine and the reason. I'm still live in today's because her she keeps me alive case, currently a major so she's. The principal reason you share and taught you well, we'll say thank you for coming out and will say thank you to your wife. Get you here cause Sir, what message has been an absolute honor to be able to talk to you to be able to the stories in the lessons that you learned and thank you well from all of us for
for your service, your sacrifice and it's been an well. You all deserve the otter meet you I don't know what I've been waiting, do like to be in the service today. For frankly, I see these guys. My my nephew deployed six times Tristar Iraq once for the somali extraction plus three other time, just the flying in now how he did this I'll, never know, but he never left camp petals ivy. He did. He was a drill sergeant
down an empty orgy. When are you coming back to back to build his wife lived there the whole time punished two years in the marine corps honestly. I never figured it out around like, but my wife for joy she and I got my africa for an hour. Seventy thousand We voted with married foreign, almost forty nine years I mean so, innovation will you were the milliner? We didn't do this work she was never in the military. We we God I'm since then. You stay in San Diego How do we have Yasser I'll do my best and again after the absolute troops are out there today and is logged troops that listen to this guy's out. Hold the line, and do knows the point
over and over again, but you know that, that we do today is based on the lessons that we learn from generations from the three wars that you fought and what you asked on us and it was an honour for us to continue to carry the flag. So thank you, sleep. You keep hearing education and Colonel Tom Life has departed obviously it is an honour to word- gets talk to him and thanks for setting that up Dave, yeah man, I was also appreciated three war veterans. I mean come on, come on, let's just unbelievably awesome to sit and list doing ignore what sex Dave for setting up and also thanks to everyone that that support this part gassed so that we have the opportunity to bring people on like Colonel Tom five.
And build a share. Those lessons on which there was a time in there Thank you all for supporting an echo. If people do want to support. Can you maybe false and on how to do that? Sure? Let me start with our company origin. That's the or Jim main dot. Com is the website where you can get by supplementing, get job or supplement stock of super grid oil for he joints Warfare for your joints, don't run out by the way, did work you're on enough. You ever been on them. In the situation of running out a super cool when you depend on Super krill, bad situation, If you ever want to reduce the risk of running up, did the subscription what do kind of subscription,
scripture. You just get your allotted amount per month or, however, and you need it, Also pre mission supplement its called discipline, save your firing up on discipline You you said you said to me and I quote: I live or discipline. It has made. My daily part of my life for sure you, You ve got it in the brain. You use it before you work here, studying your work in your prepping, that's your go to the stuff is awesome. Use it probably more than I should have its own budget I dont know. If there is some and above limitation health, wise, like if you're linking nine downs, Dominic, gallant, I'll. Let you know Jack Well, there it there. It is it's going to great everything. Pre mission, pre workout out, protesting pre meeting, preached Jitsu, now
you're gonna get mad or whatever or you're gonna make you give me your attitude closer. You know you make fun of me because I wanted it to taste good yeah. You make fun of me and there's not even that much. I can say about that because states a legitimate thank you for for me. Are going to be like. I wanted to taste good years, got her weakness right. It goes off, read well that being said, we have another flavour coming I'll, tell you what well, first of all that they do things offers nowadays good neighbour, a second of all its it's it's basically p near collapse, but I guess TAT S like it's. Ok, I can't do that. I can't do that. That's going to be called a cocoanut pineapple picture, you know what I'm going to straight. I just can't this is not does not how yeah another not yet. You dimension that and I'm impressed that you sticking with the delicious
luxurious its related. You knocked, but that's wonderful, like you like Pinnacle. Are you like that flavour. Look I've heard of people not really liking it, but that could have to do with the fact that in her like when you drink alcohol too much- and it has extra lake the key the will have it Peter COD is like that. If you just drink too many of our own drowned hearing that experience every now, you can never drink it again. Now have you smell it? You feel you re living in his early life right now, two kilos, like that's for sure neighbours at Yeager, yea Idler during my younger years. I had liquor fourteen month, hiatus from Yeager after I had a that's your bed, such subpoena clauses, young plan a stupid you know what young stupid and motivated like you know, you're, actually motivate the going to do this. Yeah bosniak, if you ever know
that experience with people Clodagh. I would assume that that's it. That's a pretty high rate of acceptance. As far as deliciousness goes in my opinion, or in my by my estimation, I think my hypothesis or whatever. Nonetheless, it's called this whence pre mission this, whether you love Pina Colada or love lemon lime, ish flavor with other delicious factors in it. That's a good thing, but it's good because it makes your brain more healthy and your body permission, pre workout, pretest, taking three meeting three Jiu Jitsu pre, workout, cognitive and physical force multiplier that is get on now, of course, also gives a rash guards did work mark. You missed the mark where I didn't really miss it.
For less, but not an ogre back. My late over here. Nobody to decide to set a whole thing. I was gonna, do brass guards. Tell me about, I feel like we should do. The Mulder now is a kind of kind brought it up, which is you know if for lack of a better term, it's actually it. It is a better term. It's not protein for its protein powder, but it's a better term for this particular protein powdered milk here Mitchell. Clutches no, deeper daybreak and the market is not on the market are just only he's going, this week. The well I will say this. I never was into protein potter from you, you still my school, you still not, I'm still you right, correct, correct, but this is one of those good ones where kind of like you in the dish plain where you're like pounding it all the time, so I my daughter dessert- we have is a dessert straight up. Zubaydah eddies that good and don't put a couple. It drops of the delay in their trade. Do that but
to gather Manila Riverwood Egg and put it in the blunder wearying. In fact, you know that, don't you boat is make us when, like a dessert and those forty, nine could men because isolate milkshakes Yeah like this a whole, maybe they made a new more school, probably proudly the lesson, to make these milkshakes. When I was young there were they had vanilla egg like us, teeny tiny piece banana milk? and some other stuff, some sugar in There- and it was good like a solid milkshake like good, like almost like you, blood from a grim smile, the Moluccas, no joke. When it comes to milkshake, simulator mid mint chuckle the universe, common peanut butter Patrol Dana Butterscotch Chocolate.
Butter milk is on its way straight up De Bourgh. When you get on it, you understand. That's you just can be pounding discipline in mock like all day. The way below deeper, only didn't like an arrow easier. Look like echo, Charles swollen six monster lifting. Did you to walk all that stuff, also given rash guards. We can talk about that if you, unless you have another suggestion odd. What am I should not undermine this, but I'm I'm saying I want to do the right thing here. They labour Carnegie of deeper gear. I do have two, so here's the one good thing about starting Jujitsu at forty five. I discovered the one good thing about it and set a starting dean. Is I never have any those stories, were I tell about how unconquered
The gear is rather mask largely made sure that these are hard awash. I got origin main geese time do from zero. From going out of a desire bresler, someone had never had a flip phone in nineteen made before just woke up and at an Iphone Middlesex hard with the Iphone tat. Lava geared is out of date or domain rash guard. So I know what it's like. You have grown up with all the terrible Gary as use you don't know what it was like in the well. That's that The good news in my in my opinion, because working not working, but like Workin out in Indonesia, in a junkie rather first year had men, you, don't you like any like giver when you by your forsooth, seem d like you to know? I don't know if they are not exactly that that was likewise ago. Pseudo. Let me go by, will not allow whatever so something so white and body, and it was like. I bought a cheap one. Forty bucks, I know of no straight or see I bought. My
The EU is in a key for I bought from the Kido store because the Jujitsu place they were like two hundred bucks, I'm like will not happening. I will find a different one founded as people on on bleached. If you ve heard of this on bleed, to cotton, that was and cheaper than not last colleague, it's an off whiteness. It feels like it filled with steel war, scratching it with his heart any lasted like four weeks. Syria already gained Eliza Orgy Gay that wasn't eatable caves, Nike doggie, it looked it Similarly, from the external viewpoint to educate but it wasn't any damn sure wasn't made in America The maiden main you once asked Miss Taylor, no did literally no the people, because I item we ve been in fact I know the people that that made us. I know them
as we all know how you do it. Oh I'm over you're, making gee, that's real, that's what's happening, and on top of that, not to mention the cotton that was loomed right there in the building, but when there is from America too that something. You so we started PETE about this. The cotton. It's not all carpets, it's What does it? Polly Polly its Polly said Molly cotton in, and I thought that the two strands were different and its woven d they know that they make that that actual thread is caught. Cotton Pollack, the threat of thread itself that you weave is that's. Why that's where you can put in the drive to dry like a normal piece of clothing, not for hours out of self to hang it up cause it's all cotton and holds on the water thick ass. Nothing gets out of her maiden. Oh good Fleda, you good good, Dave, Bert
origin gave no history of discomfort in other, gives. No no stinky area of the house were wet, ease or hanging up for four days, and I say this for all the stuff at origin. Everything they make is awesome on their way said the talk about the year, the hoodie they called the most comfortable hoodie ever editor up under present, where Noughties Europe in Senegal when you, when it gets really called out, you put on a hoodie the origin hoodie, is the most comfortable every I've ever on, so that stuff is legit, no junk. No, no personal to you Dave because I respect you. Do I really respect you as a person but you're Level of measuring comfort is not close to echo that Morocco is the sort of equality cover control guy. He has already made this statement, so you saying it is like everyone is listening on whatever, yeah you're in the marine corps. You know you ve done some. You know you ve done a tough stuff in your life. There looking Echo there like wait, if echo will
rather actual slavery has meaning the but I will say you know sure like of course did work. Of course, we all knew that I am the gold standard of comfort, evaluations, richer, we'll. Second, that it is the hoodie end. The paths by the way so yeah get those as well all made America the fishing gear and rash guards all that. I'm just saying. There's all this stuff on the website. Origin mean that coming get stuff, the hoodie, the Geese, the rash guards, sweat, pants, other stuff medical stuff on the ticket up. We want something get something: also the immersion camp Jujitsu get both just got a message from someone from Florida. Lady from Florida say it say I want to go the merging camp, but I won't know anyone there and no other, generally, only one from Florida. What do you think you know me
I guess, if you sending me the message, you know me probably no job go to. If you know after you know me, and that means you know de burgh The three of us through the Earl are globally, and here is a good thing: where when you go there, we technically sure knew each other and you knew PETE. Does the first summit PETE. I met probably what like the first fifteen minutes, we met about twenty people and we I'm out with those twenty people, plus the other people you meet over the days the whole time you wasn't it I like. Oh, I don't really know than a man I'm hanging over here and there over there. It was and is not like that you ve heard of those dating sites. No sir you put in my mouth Will you look at it? Look as though I grew up before dating sites. Are I got married before dating site, so I was just like me who do the game back in the day like you, gotta go to a place where you can hopefully meet a girl. Riah, though, of meeting a girl or not
you like, and that as some sort of remotely similar interests you go into a bar of the hundred girls in there and like you're lucky. If there's one of em there that's remotely interested in what you are interested in and you can, ACT when you gotta meet him, go up and talk about all. Then they made them stating things online, where you're putting your stuff and then you meet that one person in you. Connect with them, and you have all these things come at this situation. You think about it. You're action going in a place where everyone innovating yearn to walk into a barn. Everyone likes the same, stop right there like studio and wants to train, wants a hang out and that's that's that's what makes it go yet. No no dating typically, but they did a good point. One wouldn't Ukiah
converge on the topic of Jujitsu and they cannot do everything at once from their way really seem like me ten, then everything spends back to reject it, yeah good fun. So my input is to go. That's what I think of NGO when in doubt go he's gone. I'm gone leaf is going confirmed, J Peace considering Togo he'll, probably undergoing. Yes, it will be it'll, be a little e f reunion. Tour though she had bought me up. And when you go there, knowing zero people you'll leave there not only knowing more people but they'll becoming your friends. I will guarantee you'll have more actual friends after you leave guarantee is due to the lady that this, I think it over and even if you will know some people there I say go to, because you can immerse yourself in Jiu Jitsu best way to learn, and you know, let's face it you're in the
it's about a lobster they serve lobster highlights, in my opinion, So it is on August twenty six through September. Second, two sessions go to both if you want, but you two sessions at all levels, also for fitness gear on it dot, com slashed jackal, they got kettlebells, better ropes, jump, ropes, auctions, Duff It's a very up. You work out, get some new gear. It'll, actually get you more in the mood to a work out when you, when they gear, comes in a guarantee that why, if I can get But now that's always for me. When I got the general, then, all of a sudden, I'm a jump. Roper seems a good local often there a lot of good information on their too by the way. If you'd beginning like well, see beginning other work up movements, and you want to know some tips in Euro. Even some nutrition to really get go there on the complex shock good. We support also when you get
the book that Jocker reviews on this spot, guess I organised them on Jocapa Podcast outcome on the top, you click on books from episodes. And it takes you to the page, and it has that's right. You guessed it the books by that was for for one episodes by episodes you something anyway, I click on there, fixing amazon you can shop and get your books get whatever else you want from Amazon your batteries or duct tape. Whatever keeps dropping. Do you also good way to support is to subscribe to the podcast already stitches items: googly Spotify you subscribe on Spotify angel there. Oh I've been to Spotify, there's a lot more apps for podcast, now, you're gonna, think of it for some of them to get yeah legs newly conduct daily yeah. What? where the point very laudable chancellor thing: when you meet there there there's there lay out or something similar.
Pops up different everything's different now struggling and no words like you ever realise when one is the lay out of some. So this is the beginning on Facebook Windy get on Facebook deeper. Do you remember two thousand fourteen fourteen famous? That's that's pretty early environment for school Ok, so were you in on Facebook, when they cut it change, the layer of Facebook from something to something like news, feed, negative Jacko, Jocker doesn't know anything. You know what I'm talking about it. No, I didn't. I didn't get on Facebook, I can. Thousands I was might have on buddy actively do anything on it too. Like maybe a year ago, yea guess, you're, half so the lad! A facebook was like you or your profile you're not even just trying to remember what it was he was like. I don't even remember what it was, but it was like I think, like your wall or something like that, where it's like you're, just you're your own stuff
and then they all of a sudden switched it to this news, feed situation. You know how like now, it's like everyone stuff that Europe basically out is they just switched it in people were met. It was like tat, Like change their life, you know they were pissed. That's what you sounded like when you just talk about the apples when you don't you have that same effect on your brain anyway. But guess what I'm saying, regardless of the lay out of any Itunes or any other applications, out has or has not changed. Good way to support also will be determined to subscribe to that. If you want it and if you are interested in the village video version of this August, twenty with a chuckle click or Dave work in this case, what he looks like prehensile, I think as far as handsome ghost or Colonel Tom Five, yes, security looks like the typically. Those are the ones that people want to see in the agency the guests and see what they look like.
No, what we look like can already know except me. I guess they don't really know what I look like causes still do. Get here you don't look like I, you sound right, which is actual thing you can look like. I use them, but you look like I use up, jerk daybreak looks sounds, but it's not a wonder. One is not a face. Tat like your voice sounds like this. If he's going to pay is not like that it's like year, your voice sounds like this, so your face can look like this kind of real, like this group. This little variety of faith possible faces since then. That's outward both for you, your voice does I'm excited. I grew my face is outside of that group. Apparently. So, if you're interested in that sort of thing you to also have excerpts on there, if you want, you know some lessons we'll talk about you're gonna share em they're, there they're, condensed workload in condensed just taken out and made little videos on their also enhance excerpts, puts a music on there
make more. Somebody asked for tracks enhanced excerpt, rocks into psychological warfare available on Itunes, so that makes sense. Hence in having presented logical, referred to by the way this year. I agree lot: requests for things like that. I agree, but not from a personal interest standpoint, because the psychological for warfare, one, is still very effective. One hundred percent of it for me out with Trigly, which I will talk about after I talk about the fact that jugglers store sculpture, store tat, Mister Larcom. This is where you can get the t, shirts that say this legal freedom like one I'm wearing arena or the Jackal Podcast Shirt basic, but very nice, but one that deep workers where, also in this region. We got called out with a Jackal podcasting, whereas I am where it s exactly I met Disney world of the family weeks ago, Roma cross the wagon I get you.
Nigger, her that's going to feed his job, she loved less Nanda vote. If he does his good evening, ACCA Vaguer yeah looks good. I knew, of course, and even if you want to run the dockers, are now borne. The Jackal all as you know, the one he has on right now, and always, if you see what I'm saying anyway, if you want that that you're going drugstore doc, or if you want a hoodie or if you want a hat or if you want to rashguard anyway, just one day you can see you know if you want to support that way, there's a lot of cool stuff on there. If you want something, get something for chuckle store dot com, also, just like Jocko mention psychological warfare. Is it album with tracks? Basically, these tracks are each you can get these on Itunes widower, so extract is job. I'm telling you how to get past certain weaknesses that you might have might have on your campaign against weakness. So you, you're on the path right, we're working to waken up early someplace and
you don't really more whatever doing. Sometimes you don't do that. You don't do that every day, just don't feel like it on some days. We still should do it. We all know that some of you don't feel like it so you're about to skip the Thou bore me. Listen do certain track. Duckworth anyway should skip the worker and its affected. You won't skip the work. I take it from me. I know one percent from experience. What it is good on Itunes Jack, you know also speaking of subscribing I've, their podcast now, it's called a warrior, get podcast yeah logic has lessens the name. The progress where you could ask Uncle Jack Uncle Jack answers, questions from little warrior, kids around the world, and you can get that wait for your kids! There's no foul language! There's no talk about the meal I massacre? It's totally separate: two kids will get
bull upon something that they shouldn't be listening to, that they're not ready for yet. So you can check that out. Also Jacko White Tee is available on Amazon and if you order. It will then go ahead and just go in order. Some more waits for your barbel too, because you're gonna need em. You need eight thousand pounds worth and that's a minimum guaranteed dead left so, there's cans of Whitey coming. Become here June. There can be available on Amazon in June victory. In a can? Yes certified organic, never thought! You'd hear me say that now did yet certified organic. There you We're gonna, get rid of all the horrible energy drinks that are out there, making people sick and wounded. Were dark doc, away tea, which is eight thousand pounds of pure power. The masculine yes about job quality. Would you consider making the micro dose or a version that doesn't have just a micro? Does the coffee,
But if you drink of probably not no more kept, no the Jacobites, he can. I think it's too servings anything it's thirty grams I confirm that I share I'm staying with you ever consider making like another another version in the future or anything like that, something with what I to high person are more, for I don't know, I don't think so, because if you want more, you can drink more. Or go get some. You know, Let's go make you all jittery, that's fine, books away the working series, the series of books by the way. There's two of em right now to be more, I gotta go a note on. Social media and it was from eight year old warrior kid named Addison and she wrote this. Here, MR willing,
absolutely love your book way of the warrior kid. I think it's the best book ever it taught me about disciplined in commitment now, every I trained before school and trust me. It helps a lot your friend Addison, so there go Listen to Edison pick up the waiter, or your kid and pick up marks mission. The second book, so your kids can get stronger, smarter, faster and overall if we want to support a particular warrior kid it's on the move. Making things happen go to irish oaks. Ranch dot com gets himself made by aiding warrior kid, we're with his own business, he makes jockers upon his form. Ecstatically doping, but the discipline equals freedom for manual, I met it trooper up in Yosemite up in Yosemite, this was a guest, Last summer, and we started talking, then am I
what are you doing up here and he was like I'm not here to get my mind right. You know I got kind of fired up, give my mind right and that's the thing. That's thing that you did you kind of gotta do sometimes get your mind right. This minute was freedom field manual, it'll help get to migrate. Mind right in a help. Get your body right too. By the way. If you get some those deaf work out for sure If you want to listen to it, it's it a read it additional reading it yet the audio version, not audible books, not on their its available on Amazon, music, Itunes, Google play other mp3 platforms, discipline, it was freedom, field menu, meditate on that. Also
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solve problems through leadership. That's it! That's! All. Problems can solved in any organization, not some whiz. Kid, looking out spreadsheet. Sure will assess those. That's not the problems rates, although we might identify problem there. The promise leadership, the problem in your organization is leadership will fix it, that's it we do. Of course we got the muster. When DC right now for the muster, it's all and they also out there's one more modern, two thousand eighteen MR zero zero sex in San Francisco October, seventeenth and eighteenth. You registered extreme ownership. Dot com like us at he's going to sell out if you want to come register now. Also for current military law enforcement, firefighters, paramedic. Other first responders. We got the wrong
Call zero zero one September twenty in Dallas, Texas, it's a one day. Day leadership, training, seminar that specific to dynamic and hostile environments. Things like fires, things like combat things like high speed, pursuit chases, that's what it's about you MR for that, as well as extreme ownership, dot com and until we see you at the most, we were at the roll call or at the immersion camp in Maine. If you want to communicate with us and hang out virtually, you can find us on the interim webs which used if David, our Burke at Dave are Burke Dave are Burke as they are and is your twitter handle your twitter call sire. I might have snagged good, Dave to make sure nobody else, as I might have grabbed that
That's a nice redone echo is that echo Charles and I am at java- link and to all the military personnel out there. Standing, the global watch for evil. Thank you, and To the families of those men and women that are also serving and also sacrificing thank you for what, you do to the first ponders out their police law enforcement. Firefighters, paramedics thanks for standing by get some at all times. Also thanks to your families as well. And to everyone else. That's out there. With US face sing, whatever your facing life challenges, struggles, pain suffering on, Sir Don t. Look at the past
Craig. I, like Tom, five, look. What he's been through see what men and women have gone through, what they ve been subjected to and how over and over and over again, we see human beings do rise against and they overcome to keep putting one foot in front of the other keep fighting to move forward and keep getting after it. Then, until next time, this Dave and ECHO then Jacko out.
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