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133: Face History so You Can Learn From It. The Horrors of Unit 731.

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0:00:00 - Opening: Testimony Unit 731, by Hal Gold.

0:11:24 - Unit 731, By Pete Williams.

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This is Jacko broadcasts number one. Thirty three that Charles than me, Jocker willing good evening, I got good evening and this podcast we'll cover a horrific subject of history. It is not for children or the faint of heart, so listener discretion is advised. I am a war criminal. I served in men to go that far Any country created by Japan in nineteen? Ninety two, Of us went to church
To apologise to the family members of the people we had sent to unit seven thirty one one woman now about sixty. The grandchild of one of the victims sheet Thus our grandfather was killed by unit seven thirty, one in experiments. He was killed by as the canopy tie, sent him. If you hadn't, sent him he would have lived. You are killers, just like those doctors. We prostrated ourselves an apology and she can pressing the fact home that we were. Partners in crime as guilty as the doctors of unit, seven thirty one and its true.
It is just, as she said, apologizing does not erase the crime. We would the aggressors, most of the japanese participants in the war were aggressors. Orders came from above orders from the emperor and people were killed because it couldn't be helped According to international convention, those who kill and combat are not criminals. The three thousand people killed by unit seven thirty one, we're all sent there by the can pretty or the police. The American Navy was attacked Pearl Harbor and the Japanese thought it was a victorious strike. Yet within two years, a mirror,
had built up its naval strength, again, America is a machine society, but back to illogical warfare does not rely on machines, so She's idea was to kill the hacking Russians disease once killed. Troops are not rebuilt, like machinery. The japanese army problem chinese children. Money for bringing in rats later give them a pencil for every rat. The end purpose of all this effort was war. In war. The side who kills more people wins back
area can kill on a large scale so E. She pressed this forward, and that is testimony from akin to pie. Officer was kind of like a secret police that served in Japan. Leading up to and during world war. Two and. This is a part of history that I really want to talk about No one does, but of course, To ignore it to think that if we pretend it didn't happen, that only opens up the door or for it to happen again. So this is the story of unit seven thirty one, an arm of the
japanese Imperial Army, that, along with some other associated units day, developed, tested and employed chemical, biological warfare weapons and there's two books that I reviewed and will be referring to during this podcast, one is unit seven thirty, one by PETE, willing in David Wallace and. Other is unit. Seven thirty, one testimony by how gold and. The history and the action accounted for in these books really show what man is capable of, especially under malevolent leadership Then, in this case,
The leader that is primarily culpable for the crimes of seven thirty one is the individual referred to in that opening statement, a guy named by the name of issue, Shiro issue. Who was born June When he fifth eighteen, ninety two, the fourth son in a wealthy land owning family, he was smart, apparently very smart, individual. He was. A big tall kind, a strapping guy, then by most accounts he was a pre, arrogant, individual as well twenty one school to be gone doctor and joined the army and there. He studied bacteria ology,
And Cyril logic, which is that the study of blood and pathogens in the blood- and he was also a fiercely patriotic and nationalistic individual, and what men in Japan at this time was a feeling of total superiority. Both cultural superiority and a racial superiority. Cultural and racial superiority superior, the over the rest of Asia and really over the rest of the world and he moved up through the ranks fairly quickly and he had done some travelling and, of course saw what things that happened: World WAR, one and he saw chemical and biological warfare as a way to win wars, and obviously Japan is a island nation, with limit.
Resources, and so you need some advantage and he thought the advantage that Japan could get was chemical and biological warfare in order to really maximize that advantage. He believed that these weapons needed to be tested on people. He believed that human experiment, patient was the pathway to move ahead of the rest of the world technologically in these departments, and Oddly enough, he gained a decent amount of crowds and prestige by invent in a water filtration system that could provide clean water disorders on the front line, which was a really big deal and and the book
The book testimony the unit, seven thirty one testimony goes into Prager detail about the of people that were killed in in wars back then, and how many of them would die of diseases and in mouth nutrition from being sick from the water diseases and what not, and so he developed this. This filter in system that worked really well and he ended up, actually take advantage that a little too much and he used that technology She'd come up with to get some kick back payments from a commercial company. Their manufactured the filters not kind of got him in some trouble, but that troubles recall because he had some political connections that he had gained and he's gonna got back on path and continue to gain ranking and In stature and with that rank, that stature that he gained
Convinced his leadership to allow him to begin a highly secret programme where he would make and test the biological and chemical weapons And again, at this time, chemical and biological weapons were very politically sensitive, so this mid, nineteen thirty is the end of world war. One had had only occurred just prior this really twenty years and people remembered those those wars. WAR, and they remembered the horrors of those weapons and and why international law head forbidden these weapons buddy she didn't care you. She was there to win at any cost.
And because of the review of the chemical and biological weapons at this time in the political sensitivity around them, he could Do what he wanted you inside of Japan, because these weapons dangerous first of all, but again the political sensitivities around them. That was it. Take it had other plants and he opened his first laboratory in Manchuria, an area of China that was at this time, under the brutal control of Imperial Japan, and the first laboratory that he put together was outside of a city called Harbin and inner Lasting we, the unit maintained a level of cover, meaning there their purpose and made known to the world the p. Will they advertise the unit that they put in Manchuria
that it was all about water purification and they end, actually did water purification are so was a good cover story. But what was really being focused on underneath that cover was the creation of biological and chemical weapons that they could use for war, and, as is she made progression the project expanded and now I'm going to go to the book unit, seven thirty one by Peter Williams and David Wallace here we go in a few short years. Issues project had hurled from relative obscurity to one of top secret and national importance Two years to construct the establishments hundred fifty or so buildings, which included accommodation for thousands of people? Are railway, citing
incinerator in powerhouse with tall cooling towers and animal house and are filled a large administration building, an exercise yard and a strange forbidding square shaped building known as road block. Our oh. The japanese character. Row is square, in shape. Hence the name of the building, although RO block looked square from the outside. Hidden from view in the centre or to other buildings known as blocks. Seven and eight row block was the center of bacteria. Production and disease research walk seven and eight. Had a more sinister purpose. You seven thirty ones, bacteriological reach, Division was divided into more than a dozen squads each investigating the warfare possibility of a wide variety of diseases, plague anthrax, decent three typhoid, parity, Ford, cholera and many
exotic and unknown diseases were studied every conceivable facility was given to unit seven thirty one so that I think that's important because they we're getting a lot of money. This wasn't like a little room project that wasn't being supported As a matter of fact, there here So too were luxuries, lavished on the lifestyle of issues, researchers and workers in the remote Manchurian plain. Ping fan a whole biological township grew up. It was known as Togo, village, So around this unit, seven thirty one, there's a whole village that God created and they were all live in the good law by the way. While Japan is not living the Japan. As you know, our getting ready war or out war in various. The world than living lean. Here, there live in large back to the book GO villagers had plentiful supplies of the best food. At times when people in Tokyo were starving,
Ping fan was centrally. He again. The bitter sub zero temperatures of the manchurian winter. Naturally, it had the best sanitation, including even western style style laboratories. So he took care of his people and his and he were getting taken care of building a back told bacterial wet is she found out was not an easy task. He and his researchers faced a myriad of problems. What kind of MIKE organisms would make effective. Biological warfare agent should it have? lethal or incapacitating effect. Could it be produced in court sufficient for war time employment these living organisms be Kip kept alive through stuff. Urgent shipment to their ultimate employment on the battlefield. What type of munition would be needed to deliver the agent to the target? What worthy technical and military characteristics of such a weapon. So he said from ground zero.
A figure all this out issue approach the problem by looking for weapons that could be delivered from altitude by aircraft causing massive outbreaks of epidemics ever since trip to Europe play get fascinating. She and I talked about his traveling. This is retarded a little bit about that here. He knew would make a deadly weapon if it could be harnessed, and it's highly infectious with an incubation period of three to four days, sometimes up too weak the eye. Said his abrupt with chills high fever, extreme weakness, the eyes red in the face becomes congested and the tongue coded victims can become manner. I agreed delirious and death may be rapid. Sometimes within one day come with some bacterial pathogens plague is only moderately infectious but more virulent strains can be cultivated, plague could come
It casualties, often out of all proportion to the number of bacteria disseminated issued deduced. Therefore, that it would make an efficient weapon set about preparing the most dangerous strains. At some point on this podcast will talk about the black plague, which is an epidemic, was insane in Europe. But when you, when you, when you have any knowledge about the black plague- and you need about someone that's looking out at Saint hey. This looks like a good idea. You realize that this is just a second sadistic person. Plague, had another advantage for easy. Its origins could be concealed Science had not, then provided a satisfactory answer to the age old question of why, where for how long and how badly a plague epidemic broke out. So he here Thought ass, the great wooden covered up a plague
our enemy in ways. We know we don't know where it came from- so they are producing this. They begin to produce so large was the production plant that in the heyday of unit seven thirty one, it had the potential for creating sufficient bacteria to kill the world's population several times over now at issue could produce plague and other virulent bacteria in sufficient quantities for warfare his next time was to discover how he could deliver his deadly. My robes to the enemy, and obviously I am not reading this entire balkan and there's more detail about the process of getting to breed these backyard. Once they figure out how to read it. And now we are for your how to deliver it, how we gonna attack the enemy with us here,
eyes all kinds of different things and then, finally, back to the book his I had come to rest upon the humble flee. As in nature, so tune war. This minute insect could be relied upon as the carrier of pestilence to yield vast. Quantities of fleas and feed them a norm numbers of rats had to be caught in bread. It is the job of unit, seven thirty ones. Animal house run by each His elder brother meets fuel, there's like us, As I was reading, this there's like this whole image of I mean, are their use. Think about the the reputation of rats and he's right. Rats and fleas are just there, the worst right and any just paint. This picture. We do see rats in fleas, and this is what their breeding this
This is like a horror movie at back to them. At times of peat production, members of issues force were required to dress and civilian clothes and go rat catching. He found, a method suit or for weapons use here's a discreet of the three factory. The second division had for special premises for the mass breeding of fleas, in which a mixed preacher affixed temperature of thirty degrees Celsius was maintain metal jars. Thirty centimetres high and fifty centimetres wide were used for the bleak breeding of Fleas Rice Hoss. Were poured into the jars to keep the fleas in after these preparations are. Few fleas were put into each jar and all a white rat for them to feed on the right
was fastened in such a way as to not hurt the fleas. The horror movie, but. This other they're going through this process of breeding fleas breeding rats using the rats to feed the police and raise the fleece. If they can put these freezing the containers there try out all different kind of containers and how to drop them and how to spread them in as their frigging. All that out there doing other things as well, and it wasn't just rats in fleas there at unit seven thirty one Back to the book hidden from the outside world, at the centre of unit seven thirty ones, role block was issues secret of secrets. So carefully, was its existence kept secret that man junior members of unit seven thirty one had no knowledge that it was there at all. For prisoners to pass through the tunnel entrance was to stir
a journey of no return, the two things were certain agony and death. Three of the issues brothers and include tat you, course the youngest shiro worked at ping. Fain tacky was the prison commander, the prisons, were second or third sons from the issue. Brothers, village, chemo. They were called the special squad tied by bond of peasant loyalty to their Lord and master. They worshipped him. They called him The honourable issue or times in reverence war God? He. Most were uneducated, but all were on worryingly loyal to ensure Legion issue, pay them extra allowances for their terror. On dangerous duties. The song
of money sent home for which would support whole families through difficult times to come, even pay for their brothers and sisters education's. No, came, o villager has ever been publicly spoke, even today about their former life in Manchuria. The village is silent easy family name is still revered for its kindness asked about, Seven thirty one older residents, older apprehensively reply, I have thing to say, because it concerns the secrets of the honourable Shiro Vichy. These she bases unit in remote north Manchuria. So he could experiment on human beings, they're in what was a police state. He, given an uninterrupted supply of human guinea pigs with the union data gain from the human experiments E. She believe Japan could outstrip the rest of the world in developing this new weapon of war, no
Their country would have such accurate details about how egg epidemic spread or how to Prague it protect against them. Only Pan would fully master the twin fuel, Of biological warfare, orphans and defence. From the earliest days issue. To have employed human guinea pigs it was performed on prisoners who are sentenced to death at Harbin prison. Each prisoner was placed in a closely guarded cell, while the experiments place after death. Bodies were burned in an electric furnace to leave no trace. By nineteen thirty five motion. Pictures of human experiments were customarily being shown to see staff officers, replied, Manchuria and Harbin in particular, was an eye deal location for supply of
in fodder, and I should say that so far, it off. They would use prisoners that were sentenced to death, that's where it started, but the supply wasn't enough and it escalated from their just to just ignore more people. We're talks about that. A little bit back the book Occupy make Manchuria, and Harbin in particular, was an ideal location for supply of human fodder. Harbin a multiracial city of shifting minority groups was of spies. In a day, and Japan's occupation had brought forth strong resistance from both chinese nationalist and chinese communists well as indigenous Manchurian and Mongolia ends. There is also a large white russian population caught in the middle. Queen Communist Russia, an expansionist Japan, two main In control in these difficult circumstances, was the job of this
japanese, secret service agency called it took him who he can and they can t die. They did so through brutal tat six of fear. Anyone who voiced opposition to the self declared declared paradise of men to go. Was liable to detention Many never returned the Japanese secret service guide to the fund Mental rules for Interrogate war prisoners reveals that world. So this is a document which I want to read a couple parts of how you torture, people there. There process for torturing people number sixty two something depending on circumstances, it is an vantages to resort to turn torture, torture, the friction number sixty three torture, the infliction of physical suffering must be
stained and continued in such a way that there should be no other way of relief from suffering, except by giving truthful information, tortures, Advantageous because of the speed with which It is possible, with relative ease to compel persons of weak will to give truth. Customary testimony, but there is ensure that, in order to relieve himself from suffering or in order to please the interrogator, the personal get it will? On the contrary, distort the truth. In the case of a person's of strong, will torture Mason lengthen their will to resist and leave ill feeling against the empire after the interrogation in relation to persons of will torture is usually applied in those cases when the person interrogated does not speak the truth, even in the face of evidence, but there is full reason to suppose that this person will speak frankly if torture is applied
It is necessary to bear in mind that the methods of torture must be such as can easily be applied, as will sustain suffering without rules in feelings of pity. And, as will not leave either wounds scars. So, let's thinking that right there We are saying is that the torture has to be so easy to apply that the purse, That's doing the torture won't feel sorry for however, in cases where necessary, to create the apprehension of death, the harm caused, the Listen interrogated can be ignored, but this must be done in such a way as to not make it possible to continue not make it impossible to continued the interrogation. After the application of torture, is necessary to convince the person who has undergone the torture that the torture, I'd to him was quite a natural measure, or to take such measures as will induce him out of his sense of pride sense of honor, etc.
To speak about it afterwards. That's me Look we turkey, you broke and your week and you should be embarrassed about it. Number sixty nine Nobody must know about this application of torture except the persons concerned with this under no Circumstances must other prisoners know about. It is very simple to take measures to prevent shrieks. From being heard. So they had their. Methodology they had standard operating procedures, be a spy or dissident immaturity- was to risk death by firing squad or decapitation but there, no turn. It is far worse. Death at the hands of unit, seven thirty one. Unsuspecting an innocent people were also tricked into the clutches of unit seven thirty One somewhere lured by the prospect of employment, young
boys, mothers and children. Even pregnant women were trapped. Here's a a medical, orderly named issue dashi, who carried out checkups on and there's a word here, my rudeness and you're here, what more routers this, what they describe, the people that are being held, the prisoners inside of unit seven thirty one. They called the Mauritius or my router singular, and here's what the orderly had to say about it. Started to work for unit seven thirty, one, an age of eighteen. Special section which did the product the check ups on new prisoners. We took details of their blood its pulse and pressure and other things prisoners we're all referred to as my router, which the Jew pennies word for a log of wood.
Although when they arrived, they had cards with their name birthplace, reason for arrest and age. We simply gave them a number on. The router was just a number, a piece of experimental material. They were not even regarded as human beings; most, between twenty and forty years old, none were over fifty. They see to know their fate, we did terrible things. So you can see some obvious dehumanization, they don't column people, they call em logs big. My number, not a name very standard practice- four dehumanization back to them. The prison was a vision of hell the spy whole cut in the steel doors of each cell, the plight.
The chain where routers could be seen. Some had rotting limbs bits of bone in through the skin, blackened binder Croesus other. Sweating in high fever, writhing in agony, your moaning in pain. Those who saw from respiratory infections coughed incessantly somewhere bloated, Some emaciated and others were bliss. Your door had open wounds. Many of the cells were communal and infected and would be put in with healthy market to see how easy He didn't diseases spread. Desperation maruts, which a practice, primitive preventive medicine to escape the diseases. Through these little spy halls, the most at the most acute some of the worst diseases in a world where coldly observed by
Seven thirty ones- white coded doctors, marooners- were used up at the rate of two to three per day. The dichotomy between the doctors, true vocation and the need building medically based weapon was well and expedient leaks breast by an individual, probably Vichy, at the initial assembly of unit, seven thirty one. So this is a quote org given mission, as doctors is to challenge all varieties of disease. Causing micro organisms to block all right of intrusion into the human body to annihilate all foreign matter resident in our bodies and devise the most expeditious treatments possible. However, The research upon which we are now about to embark is the complete opposite of these principles and me
cause us some anguish, as doctors. Nevertheless, I beseech you to prove pursue This research, based on the double medical thrill, one a scientist to exert effort to probing for the truth in the night natural science and research and in You and discovery of the unknown world and to ask Military person to six ass: we build a powerful military weapon against the enemy. One young, Sir Allergist doctor a key moto from the Tokyo Imperial University to Manchuria by his professor, recalled the horror of disk Bring the true purpose of an epidemic, prevention and water supply unit.
Here's what he said, I was very shocked when I arrived and found out about the human experiments, very few of those scientists insists had a sense of anxious they were treated they treated the prisoners like animals, the prisoner, were the enemy they would eventually be sentenced to death. They father, Others would dine honourable death if, in the process they contributed to the prom press of medical science- I was very frightened. Although my work involve no human experiments, I wrote my mom. A nation three or four times, but there was no way to get out. I was Hold that if I left, I might secretly be executed. The other- and I did this- is covered in pretty good depth in the book, there's like a whole, recruiting process to bring the best doctors and scientists from all the universities in Japan UP to Manchuria to work there
So these young girls are becoming doctors, think you're gonna go out there and save people and the exact opposite happens. Back book syphilis was studied Many female maruts has died as unit seven thirty. One endeavoured to solve the venereal disease epidemics raging through the ranks of imperial japanese Army, as its Military hordes marauding around the asian continent on one occasion, a pregnant woman was deliberately infected with the disease and when her child was born, but four dissected Cruel experiments were not confined confined to the Roebuck five hours from Ping fan by truck lay enter proving ground.
Unit. Seven thirty, once education division, trees, chief, lieutenant colonel me, she took part in one experiment here his comments. Sperm and in which I participated was performed in infecting ten chinese war prisoners with guy gangrene the object Experiment was to ascertain whether was Paul well to infect people with gas gangrene at a temperature of tat. Degrees celsius below zero. This experiment was proof: in the following way. And chinese war. Prisoners were tied to stakes at a distance of ten. To twenty metres from a shrapnel bomb that was charged with asking green to provide the men from being killed outright their heads and backs were protect with especial metal shield and thick quilted blankets, but their legs and products were left unprotected the ball,
was exploded by means of an electric switch and the shrapnel. In gas, gangrene germs, scattered all over the spot, where the experimental were bound. All the experimental were wounded in the legs or box, And seven days later, they died in great torment. Miraculously summer routers survived all infection, experiments developing remarkable immunities, but Their fate was always the same unit seven thirty one had me the other uses for human fodder, so they talk about. This in the book. How some people would develop immunity. Some guys were just super tough, just tough and invite there's one we talk about the they find
kill the sky after experiment he's a sixty five year old guy. He was just just tough survived all these different infections, all these different diseases, they they. Finally, when they kill em, they they opened they dissect him and they see that he's got the organs of a twenty five year old or something. But the matter. Even if you are resistant to diseases, they had other experiments to do education chief knee she had some other recollect Since about some of those other experiments back to them. With temperatures below negative twenty degrees celsius, people were brought out from the detachments prison into the open, arms were bared and me to freeze with the help of an artificial current of air. This was. On until their frozen arms, winced rock with a short stick emitted, a sound resembling that which aboard gives out when it is struck
A film was made on this subject too. Here's another account of these did so they were there trying to figure out what things about frostbite frostbite and what people could take cause urban fighting up in the steps of manchurian Russia. They thought they'd be fighting there, so they had to figure out. Do experiments to figure out how to heal frostbite wanted happened and how much cold someone could take. Here's a printer that work there and here's a account of what witnessed to naked men were put in an area forty to fifty degrees below zero and recent. Whose filmed the whole process until they died. This for such agony. They were digging their nails into each other's flesh.
This was military life you couldn't I want to do this or that war, however good or bad the jap he's way, is to obey a superior. It was the same as if the order came from the emperor. Sometimes there were no anesthetics. They screamed and screamed, but we didn't regard the logs as human beings. They will lumps of meat on a chopping block, the japanese ways to obey a superior. I talk about that all the time. You got a question. We ve got a question.
Continuing detachment, seven thirty one had a sister unit. It was called the seven six in Chemical warfare unit. Tests were carried out in a large cloud, chamber the size of a telephone box made of thick steel, An agitated and the ceiling connected by large pipes took a gas producing machine. Marooners were put in a truck tied to apply oh and pushed inside some naked summoned full army uniform in some gas masks and thirty one in five sixteen researches watched them gasp and convey
to their deaths through the chamber's reinforced glass window, a young mother and her baby, we're even put to death in this chamber. She desperately tried to protect her child from the fumes by covering her it with her body. She died lying on top of her child. Here's another account from a medical, orderly, about other experiments beyond cold and beyond chemical beyond Leon Biological. He read it to malnutrition. I saw malnutrition experiments. They were conducted by the project team under the technician Yoshi Mirror. He was a civilian member of unit, seven thirty one, the purpose of the experts
I believe, as to find out how long a human being could survive with just water and biscuits. Tumor routers were used for this experiment. They continue, Easter cold at prescribed course, within the grounds of the unit, caring approximately a twenty kg sandbag on their backs ones to come before the other, but they both ultimately died. The duration of the experiment was about two months, the only received army biscuits to eat and water to drink so that they would not have nailed survive for very long. They weren't allowed a lot of sleep either and hears
one of the major generals Cosimo, and he talks about the fate of some of them, are rooted From five hundred to six hundred prim prisoners were consigned to detachment, seven thirty, one annually. If nor survive. The inoculation of lethal bacteria listed not save him from a repetition of the experiments which continued until death from the infection. Supervened. The infected people were given medical treatment in order to test various methods of cure. They were FED normally and after they had fully recovered, were used for the next experiment, but infected with a different kind of germ, at any rate, No one ever left this factory alive following
anatomical study, the bodies of the dead were burned in the detachments incinerator. So, as I said, there's even if you're just tough as nails. There's gonna, give you a different disease or more disease and all pretty horrible, and now it gets worse. Back to the book, perhaps the greatest horror of unit seven thirty one was vivisection unit. Seven thirty one had two teams of pathologists, one headed by doktor, ah Commodo, the other by Doktor
she cower. Anatomical study performed by these squads was not always confined to the dead. Follow GI, squat assistant, key room Zaga saw various. Unit, seven thirty one did work on living human bodies. He said to do this work. Our sentiments were suppressed. So this is only level were actually dissecting or vivisecting. People that are alive. Back to the book, some doctors are said to have come all the way from Japan just to see such a dissection. Laboratory assistance got extra pay called the camera the weapons allowance for wielding the scaffold during this dreadful work.
Blood is said often too spurted all over the ceiling of the dissection room, Certain incisions were made limbs The dying marooners would flaxen jerk involuntary involuntarily as the scalpel entered particular parts of the brain. Organs would twitch vigorously after they were thrown into jars of formalin, for preservation. Not only were anesthetics researched, but also bizarre, sir, go experiments connecting different parts of the body are reported to have been performed, so yeah. This is this. Is a horror movie, that's actually happening. You got something different parts of the body together. This is just
a horror movie, accept this is not a movie and the. The people that are being referred to as my route is right. Now our people to the book. The world will probably never learn of all the grizzly experiments that took place at unit seven thirty one among more pressure. Experiments similar to those carried out by doktor race. A Dachau concentration camp. Presumably Donna behalf the japanese AIR force. It was an extremely painful method of killing individual points It's in the EU seven thirty one pressure chamber which suffered terrible agony as their eyes first popped out of their sockets as the eye membrane, ruptured and later
as blood forced its way out through ports in the skin. Marooners had their blood siphoned off and replaced with horse blood and plasma experiments. Said the number of these poor men, women and children who became a route is were mummified alive. Total dehydration experiments they sweated to death under the heat of hot dry fans at death, Their corpses wait only one fifth, normal body weight. Others were electrocuted. Boiled alive, killed in giant centrifuges or died from prolong. Exposure to x rays, in all. Some three thousand are said to have been murdered. Some
just killed off when there was an excess of supply. They were killed like animals in AB in an abattoir. Every bit of their bodies mercilessly mercy. Sleep used up in the name of the terrible medicine of military science. Now as you she went on with these experiments. He was he got worried about something. And this is what he got worried about back to book. There, A small but crucial chance at some of his weapons might not work on american or Anglo Saxon. Racial groups in nineteen Forty three researcher would sue me was sent Trips to Inner Mongolia, to study the immunities of Mongolia and other races, another
already been sent to a place called moved in two moutans. Another prison camp, so he got concerned that, as he did these experiments that some diseases affect different races differently, and there was some chance that a week we use this type of bacteria, against an anglo Saxon or white person might not work. So we got off. We had a figure that one out well, the Japanese had captured Americans and Brits and Australians So here in here, a little bit about the prisoners in moved in a cassette is another prison camp. Back Book Warren, W Welch's known more familiarly as Pappy came from Oklahoma was a master sergeant with the? U S, two hundred two hundred coast, artillery anti aircraft regiment. On April knife night,
Forty two baton fell, may six, so did Corregidor Pappy well sure eighty eight thousand other Americans and Filipinos were captured he remembers it was beginning of one of the most dehumanizing experiences ever perpetrated on humans. Well sure when his fellow prisoners had to endure the familiar ill treatment, the Jap, he met it out to prisoners of war. A proceeding that is understandable. Only a feud from the japanese standpoint that to die and battles, honourable but to surrender, is to be shamed. But is also humanizing because to him he was, become a human guinea, PIG and Japan's experimental programme, as they sought to build weapons of biological warfare. Welsh was discussed three years of his life as one of the one thousand four hundred and eighty five american and british Australia and New Zealand prisoners of war, who were heard
Into a special prison camp in Manchuria at moved in and, of course, they height, They're back to the book, the route the one thousand american prisoners took them looked and begin with what became known as the baton. Death March we were subjected beatings, killings, forced March, as during the heat of the day we were deprived of food. Water and any medical attention whatsoever. Pappy Welch's remembered They were penned in two camps in the Philippines. Hundreds more died both in the camp and this and from suffocate as more than one hundred crammed into box cars on the journey from one camp to another, then October over of nineteen forty, two about a thousand: U S, troops have been singled out and more two Manila, the capital of the Philippines
They went aboard the japanese vessel territory. Merou than here to quote from the moment we went aboard that hell ship. They were experimenting on us, through its aboard to see how much we could stand and how many of us died. They took us from the tropics to a bitterly cold climate and that took its. Like us. They gave us a few crackers and little rice to eat and I feel but it was a systematic way of beginning to test us to found out to find out how much the Americans and the British in Australians could endure, and that was said by grid Reg Rodriguez Senior, now retired, from his career as a foreman in Henrietta. Oklahoma Rodriguez was a private in fifty nine coastal alternative corps. U S army! He survived the journey to move in and three years in the cap itself Now there's another guy named Robert Pity
Who was a scene your british officer And he was also in prison in moved in and he kept a daily. Joy diary or at least try to kill David Irene. He kept it in code form. We're here. Some here, some of his entries into his journal nineteen April forty three another japanese medical investigated investigations? today as apparently, the findings of the first did not meet with approval. Twenty four may diarrhoea is increasing twenty five may we for medicine for diarrhoea, which was not forthcoming. Men were ordered exercise by playing baseball twenty six may diagnosis of diarrhoea consist of running the men around the parade ground. I saw some of them with bare feet. Those who did mess their parents or drop from exhaustion. I reckon to be liars and are told to go back a pro
as has been made in a change, is expected in both methods and personnel for June. Third, japanese, medical investigation, started five June and I dysentery inoculation, one half cc, including Fletcher. Why aid June diarrhoea still steadily increasing thirteen June. Second, died dysentery, shot one c c six August there are now two hundred and eight dead. So they're doing these experiments and they got these dead bodies of American Australia, British soldiers there still
trying to utilise them when they're dead, to try and learn from them. Back the book one morning early in nineteen, forty three Frank James was assigned to burial detail. This is of some of those bodies. I was pretty sick. Myself I would go to the hospital because nobody that went in ever came out. I were round to the hut and it must have been. I reckon three hundred forty bodies stacked there. Each body a tag attached to its toe. There were two or three men who I took to be job doctors there. They were all mass two hundred percent The time they were there, their faces were covered. Another. Fellow and I worked old, to lift up the bodies and put them on the autopsy tables. Then they began to cut them open. They went deep.
The stomach, the bile, the small intestine, and they took what looked like pancreas and lungs. They also operated on the heads and took part of the brain. So just a whore a horror show for the prisoners. The end of their incarceration in mountain was quite matter of fact, and again is a fast forward and it also skips had a little bit talking about how how the war ended and what that was like after days of rumor Major PD diary records for August 16th, one thousand nine hundred and forty five is six men were brought into camp this evening and from the that they were smoking more than the regulation distance. From an ashtray we knew they were not prisoners of war you're an unusually good supper. All praise
There were released from the guardhouse, then he continues on. This is on twenty August. At about seven p m, a small Russian, a small, Eddie of russian officers arrived and announced that we are now free. The russian officer in charge, said here they are do what you like with them. Cut throats or shoot them. It's all the same to me, but was translated diplomatically, as he says he hand them over to you for major pity, The hundreds who survived the privations of moved in the victory was theirs. In every sense.
They had no need. They decided to seek reprisals. It would have been said the major beneath our dignity. It would have reduced us to their level. After all, they had to live the rest of their lives with what they ve done, So the horror show ends, and these soldiers that had been tortured and killed murdered. Did they decide their not having to take revenge because they want to see didn't want a lower themselves to that level? That's an amazing. But like. I said that its skip the head nurse still wasn't over, and here we go back to the book she expected. The final decisive battle would take place between June. In September, nineteen. Forty five when America attempted to and on Japan proper. Ok, now
Japan's own island bastion fell in June the month before June, He had surrendered Russia urge by Britain and America at Yalta, turn their attention to Manchuria forces swelled on both sides of the soviet Manchurian border, as millions of troops remained at stand off point to knock as flee factory. Was expanded and given more staff with thousand five hundred flee breeding machines and operation. A hundred million insects could be produced every few days, Vichy plan to breed three hundred LE approximately one billion plague fleas in the run To war special, training courses in flee breeding were set up at in vain in June, and Sub members ordered backed afterwards to establish their own production basis, to propagate plague cultures and to feed the fleas. Rats were needed in their fowls.
Since your modern ordered every land unit of the quantifying Quantum Army to trap, rats. Cora sours New, convert system and again on throwing names in here that are explained with a lot more detail in the book. That's why you by the book and read the book, so you can get the full picture. Curacao, as new converse system was working round the clock producing plague, typhoid, cholera and anthrax organisms. Which were sufficient. If correctly dispersed to infect half the planet. Between midnight and one, a m on the morning of August night after Hiroshima had been devastated by the atomic bomb, the so It army swept across the border into Manchuria and Korea with a mass. The force of one and a half million men, five thousand Five hundred tanks and five thousand airplanes require.
Tongue army was thrown into panic confusion, broke loose that day or the day after your model ordered the destruction of units, seven thirty one and one hundred again, some thirty one. We talk about. One hundred was another one of these parallel units that was doing the same type of stuff a nearby sapper unit, was ordered to blow up ping friends main headquarters. The unit personnel were to destroy all evidence and be evacuated, south soul and in Korea. A second bomb is yet to be drop among on occupied here the wars, obviously turning, we dropped the bomb and they go to cover their tracks. Completely, destroy everything, destroy them buildings destroy all the records, destroy everything and when I say everything I mean everything here- we go back the book at Ping fan marriages were the first to be destroyed. Member the five sixteen
a warfare unit gas them a route is by throwing flasks of toxic goes into their cells. Six hundred local Manchurian in chinese labourers, who worked at the yeah saw a plant disease form and elsewhere. Ping thing were machine, gun powder seems cyanide poison was also put into the maroon his breakfast food, so they're, just trying to like, I said, destroy everything and make it like it didn't. And as they wrap this up the rest of seven thirty one expecting a few left behind for final clearing up assembled on the thirteenth and fourteenth at the shunting yard. Is she made a formal speech extolling the memory of unit, seven thirty one in its diligent research as Mockery of him, it was enough by the sound of a prison exploding. Were issued files of poison,
She had originally wished every branch member in all families in Togo, village to commit suicide, but this proposal- This proposal was met, met the violent disagreement of major General Coochie Seven thirty one research chief Nonetheless, some took their lives without orders from issue three thought. This document cells gotta resistance there I would. I would have thought that key Coochie perhaps would have provided more resistance. Against the behaviour that they were current, you not just heard you just want to act himself here at the end, market questioning as long as it does. In fact, me right, that's bad is on August, deeply emperor broadcast Japan's defeat and surrender.
It had never occurred to issue that Japan might give in he had to firm, the broadcast before believing it, such was the shock that, according to one account issue, was seen in a listless condition, utterly crust following That day in the late afternoon unit seven thirty one train arrived at hints king. There on the following night issue, made a final addressed to the two his Ernst, while troops He swore them to life in the shadows for the rest of their lives. In the light of the candle held by an aide de Camp issue, ordered them never to speak of their military past, never to take official positions in the future and never again to contact each other. It is promise that some have kept to this day the end of Japan's once mighty biological warfare effort.
To let loose thousands of infected rats in the neighbourhood of Ping fan it caused a local plague epoch. Emily, which claimed many innocent lives into the summer of nineteen. Forty six A hundred a handful of infected horses were freed after the surrender. Yeah. You know you hear that argument about the about the dropping of the atomic bombs when the common argument. As always, it would cost massive amounts of wives on both sides. Americans and Japanese, because the american and Japanese will fight to the death anymore we're gonna get Roma, and so the Thing to do is like ok, we drop you Tom about this just kind of makes out of clothes deal in my mind. You know.
Our people that are trying to got enough enough biological weapons should in fact have the world so again, jumping forward in this book get the books can get the whole story, but there's a massive investigation that takes place to find out corners. Let leaks catch wind of little of it, but not a lot of it and a one point there in tyranny. An issue inheres issue, she denied any involvement. Our work was too tax soldiers. He said Did anyone else concern themselves with biological warfare against crop plants? I do not know, replied issue. His interrogator made no effort to pursue the matter. Thomson. A veteran by training, turned the question: of biological warfare against animals. We did not do any experiments on Mars. Large animal said
She we use small animals as test animals. Besides, we had no veterinarians, What field tests were made with the plague organism? He asked due to the danger of it. There were no field experiments with that organism there were good, many field mice, Manchuria, and it would have been dangerous to conduct field experiments with play, because the field mice would very easy. We carry the organisms and start an epidemic. We conducted the experiments with plague in the laboratory, said issue. What kind of experiments Thompson and third, we put rats in cages inside the Roman sprayed the whole room with plague bacteria. This is to determine how Rats became infected, weather the eyes knows mouth or through the skin. What did you find out? The test route results were not too favourable. We usually got ten percent infection by which way that was the total said he. She misunderstanding the question. What
Route was most effective Thompson repeated through the Nose Seti. She also through an open wound. Their interrogating he's been pretty he's lying these covering up, but there's there's a twist that we're gonna see unfold here and I'll explain in a little bit, so it makes sense as it comes forth, the twist in this story is that a cold war was about to start. The cold war was now starting and America the these experiments have taken place and knowledge had been gained through through these evil experiments. Well, America looked at the knowledge and recognised or saw that could be knowledge that they didn't. We didn't have that America didn't have an end, decided, let's try and get this knowledge Now, one of the problems is and again this is gonna win fault, but I'll give you a brief synopsis of it
promises, you charge someone of war crimes and you put him on trial. Will you gotta with the Roma. What the war crimes are that they committed, and if you say The war crimes were committed were these experiments with, local and biological weapons. Then people going to know what the result of the experiments were and that means the knowledge is gonna, be out there and the knowledge would fall into the hands of people that we were now look and to be facing in another war which end up in the cold war. Luckily not a full, or so. That's how this that's, how this story continues to unfold back book? There's no question that issue as in ITALY as an individual and many of his associates were guilty of serious war crimes as Lieutenant Jim, The issue was on easy: undoubtably possessed sufficient high me. Jerry Rank to be classified as a class, a war criminal. He was the top of the
three in his own field, his actions as the head unit, seven thirty, one qualified him as a criminal on many accounts, not Me was biological warfare considered Extra Lee go by most countries but issue. Also guilty of outrageous conventional war crimes. He had carried out calculated human experimentation on prisoners of war, a conventional war crimes that have long been prescribed in the manuals of military law of every major power. Heed out similar research against innocent civilians. Clearly Crime against humanity. Is she in his biological weapons. Out of the research laboratory and used it in the field, he had sought Ptolemy and independence of action, for biological warfare forces throughout the war zones. He had done nothing to restrain the conduct of his subordinates, so this guy is guilty as they come they
There was other other events that took place that were equally bad. Then here we go. Some tribunals were held in China, the Philippines and the Pacific Islands, but most a total of three hundred and four in cases where held it Yokohama Japan at these courts sufficient. Number of medical atrocity cases were heard for them to be considered as a special category. The most well known and worst case, presented by legal section at Yokohama concerned. If of captured american flyers held by the japanese western Army in Kyushu after after April nineteen forty five appalling experiments to which they had been subjected, included vivid section and the sub the of sea water for their blood.
For this gross act of barbarism. On August 27th, one thousand nine hundred and forty eight, the nine japanese involved- were convicted and sentenced either to be hanged or to serve life imprisonment one. Professor you she Yama of keys you university commit Suicide in prison self. Clearly there had the attitude of like we're gonna get. Somebody these guys that conducted experiments and that's exactly what should should happen and This was a much smaller number of people that were too Jordan killed and uses human experience than what was used it at seven. Thirty one continue long cold war tensions had been increasing throughout nineteen. Forty six, that is
or to mete out stern justice at the Tokyo trial was increasingly subsumed if found in conflict with the interests of national security. Japan was in the front line. So too now was biological warfare. On August, twenty fourth, nineteen, forty six Washington, cabled Macarthur ordering him to protect and tell it. And especially scientific, which might apprise America's national security. It read under present circumstances. Intelligence relating to research and development in the field of science and war material should not be disk. Two nations other than the british Commonwealth. Biological warfare. Intelligent seems by this time to have become too much too sensitive to be brought into the glare of massive of a massive international trial, throughout nineteen. Forty six, both Russia and America, appear to have been reluctant to reveal their hands,
In Japan, America appears to have taken some extra precautions to prevent information from falling into soviet hands, so you can see out unfolding One of these again one of the senior officers that has talked about deeply in the book, but I didn't discuss to too much his name was NATO and here's a court. From NATO. We want to cooperate and we owe it to the general. Quarters. But we have a responsibility to our friends. We took an oath, never to divulge information on human experiments. We are for Some of us will be prosecuted as war criminals we do not know how much others will be willing to give us if you can give us doc, you and Terry Immunity. Probably we can get everything the subordinates, not the second Chiefs, know all the details. If we can't
someone who is a communist, he is liable to tell the Russians the job when these were given insurances, that war crimes would not be involved. Macarthur sent a five again fast forward from Macarthur sent a five part. Radio message to Washington, showing the extent of his knowledge is clear from find they have the whole. The whole message in the book is clear from part of the message that Macarthur favoured gaining the biological warfare technical information by offering the assurances that data wooden being played at war crimes trials. And here's issue. I will not reveal the information to the Russians. This is unfair, MRS Ek, with those horrible when a crime,
its committed and for whatever little technicality, people are getting off? That's exactly what's going on and you can hear unfolding, and I mean It does national security Trump, the it's almost like an ego move right. It's almost like an eagle move. You gonna make these guys pay. It's also a morality move and its justice. I guess it beyond ego and beyond round its justice. These guys were criminals. These guys proof did heinous things to other human beings and they should pay and is as strong as that cases it. It didn't seem to hold up to the case of national, dirty. We want to have this information, not that we were going to use it, but we better have it better to have it and not needed the need, not have it's better to have it yourself and not let your enemy habit, which is the Russians at this point so that's where the decisions getting made. Yes a yet it can consider what's more important, like this
just this year. That's exactly the great it is, and I answered pretty clear what the guy with the answer is: safety right to security, do you have always wonder now, don't you get all the justice Yang? Yet all the justice you want, but that is going to create some serious problems in the future, is collecting worth it Z, she talking more. I cannot give detailed technical data all the wreck, toward destroyed. I know did know many details and I've forgotten what I knew I can give you Jim RO results, I've, never of anti that's another base that they used. I return to ping fan and nineteen forty five. I did not visit the location. I am research but for all that went on at Ping Van I'm willing to shoulder all responsibility. Neither my superiors or my subordinates, had anything to do with issuing instructions for experiments. If you asked me specific questions, I can tell you general results.
I am wholly responsible for pigs, and I do not want to see any of my subordinates or superiors get in trouble for what occurred if you will give documentary immunity for myself, superiors subordinates, and support its. I can get you all the information for you, so he's he's making a deal, he's making Dios and look I'm responsible for everything and wood. He's doing insane. Look I'm responsible for everything You give me immunity, I'll, get you all the information you want, it's actually a good move. It's a good move on his part. He says I'm responsible for everything, even if they say no, we don't take a deal and we're going to hang you he still. He still trying to protect as many as many of his people as he can down the chain of command. The advisability of complete with issues bargain, crimes, immunity in written form in exchange for scientific data was too
you buy some of Washington's most senior minds throughout the summer of nineteen forty seven g, she continued my can echo and NATO whom you say you know, I can give you a lot of information. I would like to be hired by the United States. Is a biological warfare expert in preparation for the war with Russia. I can give you the advantage of my twenty years research and experience. I have given a great deal of thought to technical problems in the defence against biological, for I have made studies on the best agents to be employed in various regions and in cold climates. I can volume. No biological warfare, including the little thought of strategic and tactical employment, sky scumbag,.
So it continues an open back of the book in the open admission about human experimentation, allegations about the the use of biological warfare even hints about the connection between unit seven hundred and thirty one and a member of the japanese imperial family were all contain the files of legal sections case three hundred and thirty by the middle of nineteen? Forty seven? How did this come about and why was nothing be done being done about the file's contents? So this is getting shut down, that's what's happening now. Here's the sort of the more official opinion back, but on balance the Sub committee felt it was desirable to avoid a war crimes, prosecution and here's. What they said. It is believed that the USSR possesses only a small portion of this technical information and any war crimes trial, would completely reveal such data to all nations. It is felt that such
felicity must be avoided in interests of defence and the security of the United States. It is believed it is built. It also that war crimes, prosecution of e she and his associates would serve to stop the flow of much additional information of a technical and scientific nature. It is fair, that the use of this information as a basis for war crimes evidence would be a grave detriment to jam these cooperation with the United States occupation forces in Japan. So there you hear the decisions getting made and that's the way it went and in the end, going back,
the book no member of unit, seven thirty one was called before any british or american Military Tribunal to account for war crimes not of a well actually not by any british or Americans because the Russians they don't want after and they and when they went after they got some of em, they made America look bad, they had a big trial and here's there State Council, the state com Those name was. Smirnoff? And here we go back to the book. Smeared off spelled out a message intended for the ears of an audience thousands of miles from the courtroom, these men is she and the rest are you. She wasn't part of this trial, but issue in there enjoy the protection of those reactionary forces in the imperialist camp who,
are themselves dreaming of a time when they will be able to hurl upon mankind, loads of tea, anti atomic bombs and lethal bacteria the accused received sentences as follows, and then they listed these guys flat various soldiers and civilians that served in some of these biological warfare, experimentation centres, bigger only five years, twenty years. Eighteen years, fifteen years, twelve years, ten years too three years but again those sentences don't include issue or the? their main players at units. Seven! Thirty one because they got kind new protected, not kind, they are protected by America. In exchange for their information.
Sort of in response to everything that was going on there on December, twenty seventh nineteen, forty one, the following story appeared in the New York Times: Dateline Tokyo, no knowledge, Macarthur, says General Court General Douglas Mccord his headquarters, said today there were no known cases in which japanese used american prisoners in German, more for experiments. We had What is added that the Japanese had done some experiments with animals, whether there was oh evidence. They had ever used human beings. As is known here, no Americans held prisoner by the japanese set moved in ever accused their captors of having used them. Guinea pigs in biological warfare tests sup? That's all not sure, that's all nature Back to the book, to this day, Russia has allowed itself to bask in feelings of more moral superiority over America and not
some justification in respect of the way it brought its unit. Seven thirty one criminals to justice, so just less the way. That's the way it flashed out now. This you might That's a little disturbing. This is equally disturbing, as is just horrible back to the book after for most of the scientists of unit seven thirty one prospered much as explained by clear complicity on the part of the United States authorities in the war crimes of unit. Seven thirty one. The detachment, civilian researchers and other associated scientists were quite free to return to academia, and it goes through this. Let this multiple page list of guys that went on to work at the research institute for natural resources, chief,
Other guy was chief research section at a pharmaceutical company doctor is. She cower, wants a pathologist at unit seven thirty one who had brought home within thousands of human pathological samples became a professor at gotta University in nineteen, forty four opposition he held throughout the nineteen Sixtys and Seventys, eventually, The president of the universities, medical school, the local newspaper, once plan to award him with a medal for his contribution to society, but after stew, since? who knew of his wartime record objected. The ward was cancelled, so these is carried on another guy. Professor, of. Show a university pharmacological another Professor of Bacteriological Kyoto, University
The list goes on on non doktor. He sought Oh you, she Moura, who directed unit seven thirty, wants frostbite experiments. Literally freezing people to death became a fact. Remember the Kyoto Perfect Rural Medical college in the nineteen fifties and later its president and like I said that list goes on and on and on, and course you still haven't heard about issues. The master. My behind this whole thing here we go back easy inherited. Much of families property in came over here, can you remember Kamal villages where they bring all these prison guards from their home village that they'd get their complete loyalty from so he inherited much the properties family family operating came a village is too The brothers attack ale, admit Suo were childless, unlike shit,
who who fathered six children to chaos. Seven thirty one special prison squad leader avenged, died of liver cancer, Kogi, the city whence his second wife come Mitchell who wants to the the unit animal House if is younger brother Shiro, but was able to work after the war and lived on money gained by selling his country property. Would solo Machu and take ale and. Eldest brother torrential who had been killed. The Russo, japanese or during Japan's Meiji period are buried in the EU. She family cemetery at came up on August, Seventeen nineteen, fifty eight thirteen years after the end of the war in the back room, of a Stone Mason Shop near Thomas cemeteries, Tokyo YE. She made his first and apparently only postwar appearance before assembly, but junior members of his former unit.
He reminisced about Early days of unit, seven thirty one in a speech report we still rich and xenophobia and medium issue. Scribe how his unit was to have been the salvation of Japan, a country than encircled by the west scientifically and impoverished, yet spiritual, We rich he apologized for their suffering since the end of the war, but urged his audience to remain price. Out of the memory of unit seven thirty one, then here's a little part of his what he said it was in order that we could have precious human material that the unit seven thirty one was set for the saving of the nation. National circumstances were not permitting. Unfortunately, we did not achieve our aims so
even after all that, even after all that even looking back after thirteen years after the end of the war he's looking back and and still has the same mindset and that mentality, hard to understand, and I want to share a little bit of white on that mentality and do that some personal accounts of what happened, unit. Seven, thirty one! That's from this other book. It's called units. Thirty one testimony, then, let's go to this book, and I think these make it pretty clear. Where this mentality comes from so This account is from a captain in the Japanese Imperial Army, mean, could Jima could Jima tick Ale. Here we go. Perhaps there are some people here and and by the way
Most of these accounts are from an exhibition that went around Japan. Explaining what happened and people would come to this exhibition than they would capture. If someone was involved in unit seven thirty one or someone remembered her, someone had a story about it. They would capture their account and that's it. This book has a lot of from this expert that this exhibition, That they did, I think, was in the MID ninety ninety said it is exhibition, so this particular version that was showed up at this exhibition. The captain, the japanese army, whose name was called GMO, tat tail and here's what He said. Perhaps there are some people here, this unit, seven. Thirty one exhibition who think that this was All there was to Jupiter japanese aggression at the time units seven. Thirty one was me
We won segment of the dark shadow of Japan's aggression and I would like to tell of my experience in this, and I think this is. Why by pulled this one specifically because this talks about where this came from where this mentality came from, that is, she had till the end. We were born and raised in a society of Emporeum a since absolute responsibility above the army and government, was to the emperor. The emperor was a living deity, the M, Where's command was supreme and controlled the entire country. We were told how must serve the emperor. How we should behave towards our parents. How shall we? We should behave towards our teachers and how we should behave. Ports are siblings. We were taught that. Pan is a sacred country that the people of an hour superior race that the people of China, Korea, Southeast
Georgia and Russia were all inferior races and this. Period. Race must govern them and By doing so, we would bring them happiness. This was the OZ, to which Japan must devote itself. He goes on again, I'm not reading the entire thing, but you have to get the book to get he's entire accounts. Soon after we went into service, we were given training to get our courage up. We were ordered to watch beheadings Chinese were made to sit by a hole in the ground and the season soldiers would cut their heads off. Blood spurted up from the neck into the air and the body. Would roll into the holes. Then we had bayonet practice comes, had their hands tied behind them around a tree and were used, bayonet targets. We watch. This is part of our training.
This was a shock to me and for two or three days for It would not pass through my throat. What? Two years later I became an officer in charge of opportune and with about twenty five men under me later I became, company commander with a hundred feet. The one man and not meant that a fighting build a strong protein and a strong company, I would fall behind, and so I too, tested the courage of the soldiers under me by using chinese prisoners. This was normal training in the japanese army and we were not involved in major operations we go into our own immediate area on. Can numerous three day operations to see if there were any enemy around on such occasions. We stole tortured and slaughtered people.
The Chinese had a saying about us that Japan had a three week fleet policy burned please killed completely and pillaged completely. Yet when we were doing those things, we had no sense of guilt or of doing anything wrong. It was for the emperor for the country. So that's other raised in that. Are you going but someone like you see the goes through all that and still remains loyal, even after defeat still remains loyal to the deposed emperor and here's an army doktor named
you also can. This is not easy for me to speak about, but it is something I must confess what I did was wrong. It is also true that it was First on me by the government, but that does not reduce the size of my crime, it is something That happened a long time ago, but though school or not. Talk about the war are ill educated. Japanese armoured army, when plunder and steal materials and to kill Japan, unwanted iron, coal and provisions, army, drove into the mountains to prosecute the war. The time the Japanese used derive Terry terms for that My niece, like Chinaman and chink, and looked at them with contempt.
When I was a child, we were told to despise the Chinese despise the Koreans, it's all right to conquer them. We have become elite, and should join with the Americans in British and conquer Asia. I hated war and killing, but around middle school and in the college I began to think that such ideas were unavoidable. But were driven into a life which human qualities in Its human qualities were lost Just outlet for frustrations was the brothel of the comfort women. Any means was resorted to ignore, Her rays ones rank and keep up the authority of the country. And in the army hospital we practiced vivisection, leaving persons are good for the scalpel practice, so people were brought in.
One day soon after I started at the assignment, the hospital had told us today, we will have surgery practice. I was startled. It was in order there was no getting out of it. Normally we dissected people who had died of such diseases as typhoid fever, dysentery and Burke colossus. Now we will be taken to the section room for different type of exercise. Soldiers came along as observers. Everything started with a signal from the hospital head. Why Chinese had big files and walked slowly and calmly, he down had no sign of fear stress on his face. He was composed. Someone else used him for surgery practice. I went over and pushed the other one onto the operating table. I had no feeling of apology or of doing anything bad. The farmer was resigned to his fate and he
With his head and walk forward. I didn't want to get my clothes dirty from him. I wanted to look sharp. He went down as far as the operating table, but didn't want to lie down a nurse. Having broken Chinese, told him where using ether it won't hurt, so lie down, she gave me a wry smile when she said that, had been working there for a long time, and when I happened to meet her in much later and asked her about it. She didn't remember, She was handling so many vivid sections. It was routine. People who report evil acts do not remember them. There is no sense of wrong doing means this also wars, not just shooting in order
for Japan to win all the Chinese were made prisoners, women's bellies. Were cut, open homes were burned. If you couldn't do that then you weren't, a loyal soldier of the emperor. Even if one despises and act, one must bear it from. Air, a person becomes accustomed to it, we all received practised. It was normal to smile at this, the crimes during our aggressive wars are forgotten, gone from memory at the time they were considered right. So this jerry began, the man was given ether and dissected. Appendix was so small that it was like. Looking for a burrowing worm, I had to cotton search repeatedly The blood flow was stopped, nerves were cut, bones, work
with a saw and a tracheotomy, was performed blood and air escape from his body. The blood came foaming up practiced eye was two hours the man died and his body was thrown into a hole and buried. That was my first crime. After that it was easy. Eventually I dissected fourteen chain. I also saw vivisection once I saw about forty doctors gathered there. A man bound and squatting. The guard ass, the Doctors are you ready and the press there was laid out without anesthetic to cuts were made down his belly. The victim, made a few gasps. The dissection was botch and he died soon.
I saw for people dissected that way. It is said that there are that there were twenty million victims of the war in China, but only two The twenty percent of these were killed in gunfire exchange, most non. Resisting old people, women and children were captured and slaughtered. Prisoners of war could not be taken. To the fund were allowed to. Scape, so they were killed in the manner of the rape of Nan king.
Those who are part of it do not come forward to tell the people how it was. Why? Because the Japanese forgotten all about it, everybody's forgotten, they did things and got metals, and they don't think they did anything worse than kicking a dog. They weren't bothered because they never considered it a dreadful thing to take us scalpel and cut open a living person in this will be the last piece of testimony that I read, and this was a
soldier that was attached to unit seven thirty one named or horror, Talky Yoshi, and he said I joined the cavalry from my home in nineteen thirty nine. In April of that year. I was stationed in the Northeast China, then March, one thousand nine hundred and forty two I was transferred to the unit seven hundred and thirty one. I did not know anything about that unit. My first duty was taken care of domesticated animals such as sheep, goats, horses and cows. I assisted in researching the diseases that affect these animals. I saw tests in which Merou too were tied to crosses in a large circle as planes flew over and dropped bacterial,
Google bombs in the area surrounded by the crosses their legs were chained and their bodies tied tightly. We observe the tests from a distance of about two hundred metres. I had the job of cleaning up and disinfecting after the expense. Once and gathering debris lying around. I people who come to this exhibition to tell their children and grandchildren that there is nothing more stupid and fearful that war. I want people to tell their children and grandchildren that there is nothing more stupid and more fearful, then wore nothing more stupid and fearful than war.
Then I think that a good quote in this, except for it, is wrong. It is wrong because, as stupid and as fearful and as Rep. Prehensile as war is. There is something worse than war, and that is allowing this kind of evil to exist. As bad as warriors and war is awful, war is hell, and I have said that over and over again, as have many others. But there are worse things, in war, things like unit seven. Thirty one thing:
Like the Nazi concentration camps, things like the rape of Nan king. There are things that are worse than war, and there are times when war is not only justified, but it is a moral obligation. And I do not see that lightly, but when evil and win darkness and win malevolent and demonic spirits rise to power. They must be stopped. Then the responsibility for that lies within all
us every day to do our best to do our best to move the world away from the Agnes and the demons that linger inside men's mines, a move, the world toward the light and toward what is good- and I think that is all I have got for tonight. So.
ECHO Charles rethink, warlike decompress a little bit. If you could talk about ways for the crew here to move towards the light he a try, I know I know I only if you think about Originally, when we started getting into these kind of thought gas that touched upon some very heavy, some very disturbing subject matter: that was that was where the whole sort of let's call extended closing to the show began a kind of judges and- and I remember Like I remember like the first time I saw you, I came and you just talk for a little while I need a break over here. That's how we
up with this. This thing nuth, but then the interesting thing. People would say a thanks for doing that. Yeah you're, not the only one that needs decompress after you hear this freakin crap a future about just hang evil. That really happened We need a little break. Readable echo trouser through you know, that's that's rough. Where you, you know, you go from vivisection You know what, if you re like- hey our I that's all it up for two, the girl she next year like that yeah, then you can. I turn off you go into a work or whatever. Whenever he was to go to bed, It's like came out with with on twenty one and twenty two and one twenty three. With Lily polar and logistical. Louis Polar and then I wasn't gonna do I could
I said to myself: I can't do one hundred and twenty one and one hundred and twenty two and just leave one hundred and twenty two out there in the world by itself. I need to Jake ship my brother to come on in, like so that you can get through that and So this is kind of the same thing you I'd kinda like walk off my job and then new year. You guys deal with it. Now we deal with together. That's we'd have echoed Charles help of your thoughts, Combat Lou, a little bit tried to comfort, I mean it's me. You never forget that you know inner disliking eco forget machetes. Even you can forget the ripening king, nothing, so you can remember but get them you, I'm Asker yeah the harsh amended its it's it's crazy, but yet far be it from our intention to leave you with bad feelings that
asked we want. I've said this before right. We want you to remember, but not dwell. Yes right, I think that's important as you know, you do have also made. I talk about that, will not when you deal with loss. You always want to remember the people you ve lost, but you can't dwell on it. And you always want to remember the ripening. Can you always want to remember me? How do you season? You always want to remember unit seven hundred and thirty one. You always want to remember man search for meaning. You always want to remember, me lie master. You want to remember those things, cause they're real and they happen, and they can happen again. If we let em, we can't well because there's there's cause, you know what we won. Good. One and good will win what I'm thinkin fully. You know how kid there's this movie called something of centipede
centres, maybe her that literally no possible way of seeing this move. Yeah you're right, I added. I then apply I've, never seen it. Ok, I've seen the We always equally there completely like psychogenic disturbing area over. You know, scientists guy, you know I can't help but kind of think when you said this is in a movie. Is this really happen and that's really the hard part when you really start to think about it has like this like how we're sitting here right now. What things are really hard. Is you know you? You picture the mother in a gas chamber with her baby, and you you can't just picture. Ah mother, you can just picture child. You have to like picture. A mother and a child that you know you need to put that in You need a picture so that you can you can't you can't make that connection bait, basing our mother and child that that doesn't that doesn't bring it together
That's after picture someone, you know, and their kid B That's what you need, a bishop being Fort Cause, that's what those people for they were peopled with. They were people would eliven there had the hopes and dreams all those things and they got put into a gas chamber to see how long make it last without a gas mask. That's what you have the picture makes the point prefer were: oh here's, a moral question Can you not like some these doctors and scientists? They went on to be prosperous. You don't have after this the deal and they obviously I mean, apparently, some of whom did some really good work where they're getting like wards and what not- and you know what speaking of this, I thinking about this because another, really dark book that we covered on here was ordinary men, which ordinary men talked about, the the police did the Nazi police.
That went from being normal guys that were middle aged hadn't, been indoctrinated in the naughty way of life as children. They got kind of like swept along with the rest of the Germans, and they ended up meeting, these heinous acts in a murder. Thousands and thousands of of Jews But what's interesting about that, so that story, it's normal guy's going evil in this Laurie these evil guys that did evil They come out the other side in kind like go normal, read any it's just so did they didn't they get kind of big are forced into it. I remember there, like, hey, hey you gotta do this. Are you die? They did get. Not if you remember, and in
ordinary men, their commander action, the beginning as ok, if you want, if you know what to do this gone right, no, no. I mean the the japanese jack, I'm thirty one members. There is definitely some guys get forced into yes, oh you! So here's the moral question is like ok of court. You know these guys committed crimes regardless of the surrounding circumstances. They committed these crimes, factual and then they kind of get away and then they get into normal society. In the end, they don't get punished right proceed like no justice, right, no justice, but so his more questions, so that is it did they make up of even a little bit further crimes. By doing in the future, even though they didn't get punished like did they make up for it or is it more of a crime because they got to do good stuff, they got to
did awards and they got to be progress and prosperous, yet they shouldn't the Indies. Are what if you look at it from the perspective of like hey, let's look at them whole. So there's there's two illness stages for you. Look at it holistically from like. Ok, here's this person was look at it from my from jocose perspective. Here's this person. They did these horrible things, but now they ve kind of got back on track and put their life together in an that's, that's a positive thing and they ve, even if you can make up for that whole I'm at least you're chipping away at some of the horrible things you did and replacing it with something good and- and you can see where people come to the conclusion that like well, okay, can kind of see how that makes sense, that's one looking out of your others too. By the way not justness is I mean it's easy to be like hey. He got to do all this, but if they're doing good work scientifically it for you, no medical school, this stuff like this is obviously their teaching people. They're, probably you know making breakthroughs in discoveries
field and stuff that's going to help people- and I don't know you know now- here's the other way I'm going to frame it for you is, the eyes of that mother, whose, in that gas chamber whose watching. That switch get turned and she knows it's gonna kill her and her child and there's no there's no redemption zero Jack, good job, China lighten up the mood over your euro, rail Euro payments. I well hey let's talk some support. Some sort with kids we're doing we're dwell. We bring Europe and our work. Breakin are our own code. Here were dwelling the code. Yes, I well to start but ordered, I feel like we should talk about origin, and the first thing about origin that I will talk about. Is the geese, the flagship? product leave all mean America. By the way records is what is what
did you two by the way, specifically but not limited, to see what the geese are kind a limited to, unless you want to make a dragon we suit like you're, the one who recommended by the way you can you donor in August, actually already too. If you technically me, but there made for digital the rascals made for judges, but you can use it for like cycling body boarding ought not anything that you want to protect yourself from rash is not epoch, not germ, rashes like rash. Russia's! Actually, it does have anti microbial stuff in his shirt, foot is kind of protect from era. Origin mean dot com, as we can get this stuff or made in America, and also joggers, coming from the kind of causing for himself. That's me to my final comment about that. Yes, dear, You are now becoming known. Maybe
good parlay that until the whole thing, The whole thing off may I have your own thing, wasting things comprehended all established standard of comfort, it'll be called. The connoisseur of comfort. Scale seems ain't. You know how, like in temperature, there's like Kelvin yeah Celsius for an idea I'll be that for company echo scale, echo scale of comfort. What would the highest level comparably. Would it be one to ten you'd need Butte? Oh you, oh joy, why, it would be the highest whatever ranking, OJ origin job Oh I'm over your, unlike I'm gettin PETE for some he's a good guy like to just call, you know you, like your text, someone out you don't really but thou days we like to text only, but I'm not gonna bother them. I'm lucky, you know, but for some reason I to copy so column and I'll be like hey wins the shore
come here lot. First, all reckon you know did because I want away me stuff. Anyway. About a column and be like hey. We need more colors of joggers or whatever, but here's the thing Dewey. I need more colors. So again, be running Peter on his factory, making new college just for me personally or maybe I can help. It would help, but yet and there will be joggers T shirts and put it in what not good stuff. May margin made more of minimum main America, which is good a whole bunch of different levels. Also, We are about to supplements. We got you warfare we, krill all we got disk one which is good too. Think before you get after it. And we or physically
and also we got milk yeah, but back to joint warfare. Okay, so let me get this. I know you're wondering how my arm is doing I'll, let you know so. I went to Oregon the Oregon coast. Last week. One week forgot the joint warfare- oh, I just said Sergio my bicep about six yet six weeks ago and we I would affect you some rough, I think, you but united. How long will it take before you notice it I'm guessing the moral of the story. Is it didn't work out yeah so and here's the thing my surgeon is good good. He did a good job on my reattach, my bicep tendon to my bone drill, the hole in the bone Born stick it through, so it up good ghip, ghisizzle them setting joint warfare. The thing feels good like I'm way, Schedule in a surprisingly could have done more than nine years of above. So it's all good,
moving around like push up doing stuff that no way I could get it could have done with with mother myself. So I got it. Organ calls forget the joint warfare. I tribute to the joint were for how forehead I am so I feel the joint warfare amid the Oregon goes out said about two days later, the thing in start I hurting or going backwards, not backed up, but it was just this weird stiff that sort just like I couldn't straightened out right away, went away. I mean I can't like in iconic, gonna work it up and it slowly just started to stew stiff enough more and here's the thing I was way less active on it to where, because when I do like Pusher, and stuff where amusing. My elbow, alot it'd be kind of stiff that night in the next EU stood up and then it stronger. It is just one thing like muscles by this measure so I was doing that no much activity and is just Jim
the roles deafness brought it down. I want to say it felt inflame, but it felt like you know. You know, like you, sprain your thumb or something like that, and it's like swollen and its likeness Jim. We can use it, but anyway, it kind of felt like that functional banal defunct. Without not up to me, and then I come back to day, is back on the joint warfare boom back in the game that full on back in again is critical in its Maria for hell of a thing that goods across me could write in Khartoum and good reading together here, his leg discipline. There also mark, as you were saying, what out with much more of this first almost ass, a second about what is mark its mark. Everyone knows that now I think esprit was gonna, be you and we have peanut butter, chocolate. Will be an hour. They went away. I was a weak euro like there. We are
the router and Chuck we have Peter Butter, a chocolate, Come in about a week be not It's not you know, maybe great out one week's having done that it will get us good, saw Mark protein, humming, Ahmed Shah Monogram Footing and do not want to risk group saw and heard this. I recently read accurate and read it thought on the eel Youtube video. I know that sound liquor. Youtube Video, but at bay this and have credibility. So you know so you need that need, but a good amount of protein is- Graham bigger. They thought it was like one wait. Five, you turn of build. Mushroom Duff holidays changed its about yes, we'll. According to this Youtube, video read an on going through. The city is like a point, seven for some point. As for him, more than that well, there you go Mark, get it, and it is good good. By the way it's desert yeah Emu is classified as a dessert does. Of course you do.
It is currently that's how I classified do you would have a little now I literally eat my dinner. I mean about Why did you have more hazardous would deserve and what I went on a trip and I haven't figured out how to travel with mock yet which is a real bummer. But you know it's a scoop. You get bring six groups and I'm real light traveller. And so now when I go somewhere and I get Ever get a good meal, I get a legit meal, but I wanna Sir, I want monk. Does, though you do you put it in the plug back path? Not you carry on by the way, Gotta bring a shaker you right, this multiple problems that I have, I have got a figured all figured out, assist figure. One thing I can say is to us when I, when I avoid, if I drink protein shakes in the past, I would have to use a big shaker and put a lot put price
sixteen ounces of milk wherever one thing it's good about work and cause, that's the only way to feel satisfied with more. You can use one of the small little shakers. So this is the possibility of creating ideas are not sure I can make a small shakers bring a little bit of mark in it and then to set it up. Looking good, you need a big change, acre cause. You don't need a drink damage mark to feel like it. Like bless. You got enough. Dessert have back to the door, you emerging camp, the winner dance, common There are six through September. Second, this is weird, but we might it looks like we might actually sell out at a certain point, putty sell out of it. I didn't think we'd be what we. So if you want to come, you're ready, because we're probably gonna end up, because you can we have we, we weary, bought more mats, double the mats we had the muster. It's a lot of mats, but still I mean
there's still a limit. So if you wanna come to that, come I'll, be there echo we their days work will be there The ban will be their J peace on the fence Dean Lister Dean List will be there that's good it! Where You know when you learn stuff at they. I mean there's that their ino, you're gonna, learn specific beings from specific people in all its, but don't look at it like this thing where you're, gonna go and you're. Just gonna learn what they have to teach you. You know. They're gonna teach you writers ardor, who thinks of fifteen or twenty black belt, sir. Yes, sir, top that if you made it your go, if you went and you went and you said, went to each almost fifteen black belt and said, show me your your best movie. If you did that anyway, the way that would be. That would be solid, but you you re, can this is
this isn't a hate show me your move and you spend three minutes non talking if used. If you smell like an hour me, even our half going over. What's your best move like I bet I could teach Certain moves for an hour and a half and just show every little detail. If you came of immersion camping, that's what you do You beat rocket out of their society, it be it be rough. If everyone did that, because you know the art Lydia. I don't think I get out of it. You could logistically do, but I will say this that, on top of what all the instructors there and not dimension just other experienced people what they have to offer and teach you you can come be like my rear, naked choke needs. This is how I do it a jackal commit. This is how I do it is all day by the way, the deceptive this hour. I do it sure. Well, that's that's one thing that you could do you
just literally train the entire time but you can get, shall moves and you can work moves oil. You can't just of train cajoled die Yes, you know that for sure. If, but the point is there, though, where you can come in. You can to emerge in camp right and it's good again to learn from from everything there one has to teach, but you can go in with specific, like questions with your, where you like all refer coma, getting the better of course much he's gonna get better in general, that's good, of course, but of his thick wait. Will my mouth if you, if you admire your mount, escaped, get better than having focused on anything, you could ask actually work I'll, give you this advice. If you have trouble being met that escaping them out a good person to ask but that is actually echo to us. You have a very good man escape. Oh yes, very at each other. That's one of your best moves escape. I will say that, right now, authoritatively Brunner got a good man escape thanks for also
shifting gear, Sonia anyway, by emerging, have August twenty six two September origin may not come for all that crap that we just talked about, or Jamaica main, like the state it may I and II year. Orgy of me tat come also. If you want to get these cool shirts and say, discipline equals freedom. Jack was a store. Scald, Jock Austin so the Jackal store dot com they anyway, that's where you can get the shirt to say this freedom. After you know, if you want to represent with Jackal gear its more the philosophy that Jacko gear doesn't really have your face on it or nothing all way. Yes, it does every face on it and it's a good one of whom, one to anyway for their dinosaur dot com. If you like something, get something you wanna represent in your town, also records on there
who'd Isn T shirts, rash guards? Truckers hats! You like the flax, like their light. Nowhere hat, I don't learn your vault yeah, my head, greeted him, but actually I did. I went in reasons not to go to do. You said you were going to get me much more of these truckers hats and you did not with which one right now or of the ILO Support bonus colours. A bonus got out, but it's like a catchy lego lecompte around, like a ten metre, echo Tresco intact anyway. Dogmas downloaded good stuff, you just stuff on there, women stuff on there had meaning what not some posters on there too by the way you know another that who talked about it. Yet let it costs a lot of people, and I mean for a lot of people like a lot of that, like seven
what are of this legal freedom and the good pulsar? are the ones that people would hit me up, often very often be like hey my Jim. I want a poster articles or from her my one post or from my office, you know twenty four, but there's six posters is too pulses on their or make other ones by a simple should act, Bore represent in a jam in your office in your home. I don't know my home first thing when you walk in suggesting a poster of our public ass, the good popular article, four your faces can afford their represented in my house. Thanks, struck by the way, also good way to support the bad gas is to subscribe to the progress on Itunes and Google stature, where we listened to two podcast, Interesting others, so many of them out there now there's a lot of progress, not their platform, sir. If I get a lot of progress and has a lot of progress by force, because it's the new media media new media voice. Does it say it is worth here. It is voice also
In addition to this podcast, which is called the Jackal, there is also the warrior kid podcast. Which is four kids, but I promise you can get a lot of a disaster dont to coughing avenue, and on that I've done it twice to do more. But so it's. Questions for Uncle Jack is the basic premises, premise of it, but now I have stories from Uncle Jack. And the stories from Uncle Jager actually from Uncle Jake's childhood, and they kind Teach a lesson to people we, so that's number podcast number forty fifteen are the first two that I started doing stories from Uncle Jake, so I think people will like those their little bit of their good, some, so just kind of like character, development sprinkle.
There with the less than to me the less it want an arm. Maybe this intention. But the lesson is the primary, of course, and its debts deep theme, the very consistent the whole uncle Jake ways of civil lesson. If the idea is I'm explaining how Uncle Jake got his values yet from experiences that he went through as a child and there, the stories are five minutes minutes somethin like that they're they're they're, pretty short stories, but there could gain their joyful so warrior. Good broadcast. You can check that one out. It's it's good enough. If your kids have questions, Frank logic, dishpan pick me up on twitter since and twitter and capture them good and also you to subscribe to Eu China. We do have you degenerative your interest
in the video version of this podcast Yossi echoes editing, skills. Sir. Some people say you went over the top sure I'll go out from so you there's a video called warpath. It's it's problem, we the most controversial video from my perspective as it was originally with Christmas, music, download Christmas music, and ECHO made workers music, music, any put a lot of time and effort into on Christmas. So if we want to talk leadership here like for my speck. If I knew you been working really hard on this thing, and then you showed it to me and then the Christmas music kicked in which I didn't like did match, but You know I just had to be. I came in its great. I really appreciate your great William, so I lied to you. Is that alive? You did it say great oh, you did not lie said, and I quote interesting choice That's it now I also wish to say that I dont a hundred percent trust myself, like I think to myself. Echo really liked Chris,
music, so he put it in their. So that's fine! If that may Some other people will like it too and that's why I'm not here to like dictate what people like and don't like, I'm just here to tell you what I like to know what but you, but then you read it. The video with with more appropriate music teacher, which is good but then some people said you got crazy you it too far, when you went through for you to buy stuff exploded, you got to wit stuff go at all. There is the same amount of explosion. I never had what I may say it. I never really pay too much attention more people. Second, Iconium get past. The music was passed. The music and I detect a Youtube comments which I know right yeah. You know I went there. People some people, the majority of people said amazing right of the Madrid. Some people just threw it out there Hey take it easy brought me can't make that you can't you cross the line if you went over, but I I
think you were around the line I think you might have you know the two over in a little bit better but we to find out where the line is right. Yes- and I thank you, a good job of pressing, because my without due to go, let me limiting the philosophy into and tell me if this is a good way to approach. It puts so a lot of those videos to ok, so consider the first one we did. Good right is the first one very good, out of the day. I think I might have told the story like does a story behind, but we recorded biogas like number three five one of the first initial ones. And, like all my camera was sitting over there behind kind of behind over in the in the corner.
And if you notice on good, when it shows you you can see like it's behind like a monitor and state can see this die. Just went in pressed, I cut him with a camera legitimate and I just press record before you said that that part and as I go on the record this just in case on I'll, make a video out of it or something or whatever and if you look at, I watched the other day were like jargon as we're talking about it says it all watch it. You know- and I remember thinking in Europe reading and when you're looking up like you looking at me, then I remember the vain this stuff to me, and my father is Chris. This guy I'm glad I'm recording, but that wasn't me It wasn't like. Ok, we can do this. We can record this we're going to do that. You know it's just that. I'm gonna try to make a fun video out of it, then just put some random like graphics on their that, Just some fun. Do it please videos you do it there. Can I done out of this fund in everything and everyone Sinhala, hey man, you
too much fun. You grab him surrounded effects and you make the walls combo new kind of stuff. You know you have some fun with it. I mean there's. No. I guess there is kind of there magic. I guess this in Geneva to war path. I got for me a site, it's it's free watch yeah. It is could see where you're like you, I can see where you start going down the path of like this. Where is better, and that is really what happens in all catch myself doing it'll take along as item like brothers, not even necessary, and in fact, in some people they will bring up this point, which is a good point where I put stuff crumbling right for it. Ok, warp or think we're for example, I put the walls crumbling in Jaclyn D, rolling and when they and when they clash like the walls, Gump Chat, And down as all these special effects, which is a cool when you look at but all the special effects, the sound effects and like all this stuff is like
Is it kind of getting in the way of the message? Is the messages like your things on this specific issue? So it's kind of, in the way it archer. So I gotta watch out for that, and I think that's a good point when people say maintain that's true, and because you re not when you're in the moon or goes there was almost tab overstepped the egg. I guess you gotta obdurate. Aid. There's also a warrior kid. You too, gentle, ok, for the reason that we separated the warrior kid and the warrior kid and of Jocko Podcast Channel Channel Bob blah because we know that there's things on this, gas and on the therefore on the Youtube, deontological podcast, their stuff that inappropriate for children to listen to or watch and so this is a way to separate them. So there's also a warrior kid. You tube channel that your kid can sit there watching and hope We are not guaranteed Gazette hobby Al Gore, there is work that pop up the next video selections, but over your kid can watch the,
your kid videos, without getting hooked into the units, and thirty one testimony about live a section. It's a watch out for that true story and at the end. And color to buy the lady who Jake, as it were, also good ways where yourself is to get some new gear. If you work out a boring given the new year from on it by the way on it, Decamp flashed Rocco replace ago good information to about starting your kettlebells worker browser- and I just thought of the skiff yesterday was in the pool with my daughter and my wife was saying: You know in a hollow. Ok, so you might seem like be depend. Do this well on the bottom of the ocean and carers. I don't know. I thought so like hey, you could grab one of those kettlebells leisure and am I dug she's five, so she's a good The grab grabbed the little it's like. It's like this
seek out a lot know what it is, but it's like one of those Legion Bell, small and that that offer so she grabbed it. Then. She goes on the camera a year walked to the other side and it's like deeds. She goes kind into the deep section. So she goes and she's carried it she's doing the whole Japan with the little kettlebells five by them to the water more watching over the gods cute. But you search disorder run out of air and she D want to drop the kettlebells visits like an Islam, the bottom a pool- and maybe it is she five and think of that kind of me. So I see your train. I swim with it like trying to get to the top minutes, can deepen always or do you worried and then she started a little bit more urgency, so bad to jump in grabber echo with the same save but
did right. When I got to her, she put it up on the little there's a little ledge on the other side of the pool deck cheap managed to do it this, but just barely so I went in there when my middle daughter was probably eight eight years old and we had a party at the beach. Birthday or whatever, and so I was dealing with, I could as long as I could. I was dealing with the games in the whatever I don't mind me. I'm, like you know what that's it we're going, we're going to get some we formed a party up into two teams in compete against each other in obstacle, courses in sprints and all the other stuff, and this particular occasion has a river gentle flowing tie, oh river that comes out and anyways one of the contest I had was: ok, you see, swim across and there's big rocks and stuff, and I believe that action
crossed the river and come back and whoever brings back the biggest rock is the winner. So my middle daughter is stopped half she's off as wrong, she's, a wrestler and Jim sticks and all that crap. They were not crap and that stuff actually just suggest she's a beast and she's mentally like um. I want to use the term cycle but, like he's real determined about stuff so anyway, this is when she's a little kid you know, and so go go across the river and whoever brings back the biggest rock wins. So she, so they all go across an kids grab and rocks that a size of let's say let's say softball you maybe softball. What's in there, screen the size of a soft ball and a soccer ball. Some, so something ok, loaf of bread like
Maybe a small, though, for bread that the max right that any these kids are grab and my daughter, grab something. That's like the size of a like. A luxuriant water. Giant giant, giant rocket to hand or to hand rock rob giant rock life, for five loaves of bread, just a big big giant rock I'm watcher. I'm thinking also say to the bottom left: let it go and you have to go back and get it smaller one. Maybe she can still be okay, so she's and the river has weird contours on the bottom. You know your ear, you can little on then just drop super dress, you gonna make it so I'm watching her and she's she's, did you talk for even carry it and she
where is he gets that deep section two drops down goes under and wait for a pop up, but she doesn't pop up and wait for a pop up and she doesn't pop up and wait for a pop up and she doesn't pop up and then I see like air bubble come on I fully the idea, but the air bubbles has progressed so now watching the air bubbles like progress, they're coming so to the other side, and I did. It start the come up and sure enough ouch he comes like up like a he's a horrible raw gobble up all the water powered through that it brings the rock of jobs it at my feet. Victory is yours, that's that's actually pretty powerful because, the brow. When you're I mean unless, she was like depends on our mindset, so hurt was broadly like I'm, not gonna. Let this rock defeat,
me I'm in a brain to the other side and that's kind of the month. I'm not gonna drop it. For that reason, I think my daughter it was like I'm cool drop this thing- yes, I'm stuck with it in a kind of thing: that's what illnesses she started! You could tell you a little bit having medea. Yes was the whole different scenario. Technically esprit. Savage though it do. You think that I should This is for private. She scarce even said like later like or those like scary and all the stuff. I should probably make her do it again: oh yeah yeah, like not maker Do you guys I jump in with my daughter, my youngest daughter. Did the big cliff jumped yesterday in long swim in the ocean open open ocean waters? No, no! You gotta get him and she was I was. I thought you could be panicky as its brig drop in the ocean and whatever is one way of action. The shoes I said, a good idea- Thanks are due to the idea that these are. I mean a lot.
Got traumatized by it or something like this round. My weary come from where you jump off. Everything water could grass right here. You see when you went out, so we have this ledge. You know that, don't you saw it and it's that high for a one year old, it's pretty high, pretty good, my boy and my daughter when you want to they just jump out we'll catch him against remit and my son. He jumped off a few times and was all good. But then one time he went to walk in, there is little just a slight little dip in one year, one You know you're new to walk he slip, he tripped any fell in. I caught him, but full on, like he desired edge of the thing in Guineas crime is one into Just one they limit reviewed, Madame due to get here, do you want to do it now? Besides, like push him again. I just kept hey. Do it, I got you, I got you any like you know, krajina whatever, and then you know my daughter would do it out
do it? Any fight, like reluctantly did cheered. Foreman. Now is all good good, like forces himself, he makes me catch him. Now is it comes to anywhere oh yeah, that's the point, is you make him? Do it again? I and put your very accurate in saying: don't traumatized yeah, I can you go and right now I welcome off. Now is getting worse, you don't do not you know it's like the hey do it. You should do Oh you and take a little break out. Ok, but you know you should definitely do this. Is it you ve already done before you don't wanna traumatize him worse, that's not gonna work out good, especially with the Waterman cause. It's like it's one minute it fun and games, and literally your mine can slip tonight. I'm about to die. I used to say this so in the nine in these initial teams, when there was no war going on and what you'd gotten. You do training where's times. I would also guys, when you work in the water. It's a real world mission.
We didn't know what a real mission had ever been on one but living fact the mattress when you work with the water. It's a real world mission, because if you screw something up, you can easily die easily. If not careful, one up one down just gonna, throw out there if you do in any kind of this training, turning the water one person's days up on the surface of the person you know in and be lifeguard, you don't do it simultaneous training in the water, so just doin that others will safety note for everyone, one up one doubt that's the rule. Yes, an officially if you're carrying the kettlebells from on it or otherwise in the body. The pool the bottom of the ocean bottom of a reservoir bottom of any body of water went up and down on windows, nonetheless self that's how we utilise the pixie, I think, is called Pixie Tunnel Legend bills anyway, if I guess that doesn't really have much to do with what on it offers, but it is legit.
That has happened. Nonetheless, use represented in the story bull. Indeed, it you're cool enough on it doc, logical that a good information on their side and there I mentioned the socks like it's like this big deal. In his thing, it is on its ox of the tac, the at the start sucks, you know, they're looking like do their jobs on it up and livestock has turned its psychological warfare, is an album that you can get where I talk about stuff of overcoming when you have little moments weakness and I want to make another one good make another one the gun plodding on it good. It looks like it to be called all your excuses are lies, yes, good. I could table you get that Itunes Google play wherever south. Amazon and also Jacobite tee,
people have now seen that we have cans of Java whitey. Where do you get em? You get him on Amazon. If you want them, it tastes awesome. Even the dry on their to which you add water too, and then you blew it and then, if either one you're gonna get a thousand pounds had left. So that's cool that Got some books where the warrior kid marks mission to books, which one do you like better, I, like better can't, say, Because the first one Oji the original one from wimpy, the warrior will always have that's the one that establishes establishes the ethos, my house in a world where enough, I can't say I think, they're both outstanding but it's good how you evolve the issues like it's like poor, basing about how many people
You can write more well yeah or you can write about think about all the issues you have as a human being and India about how we use it. You have to give back where you cover all those yellow like ten books. Uncle Jake's got some help for you, so yeah way the warder kid books they that one thing at schools, people leave as apparent like man, My kid, even something stupid is clean in your room right. How do you get you? Can clean Europe room this book? I got pictures. I got to go for drug due to the other day, gets caught a vacuum: cleaner, the guy's, a ride home. Please I look at this, got a real thing, even as like. Ok for kids read the book, of course, but I read it to my daughter for at the time for you. So I'm reading it and its answer in a bunch of questions. I have like hey, you know my kids, you know my dad can only mean parenting course. Yes, exemplary. I saw, and it's just little stuff lists are. Sometimes you warning really think up so, like ok, for example,
and as a mechanism for the huge deal that I still use it like it's an affront. To my mind, every single time I saw you know how, like you, the kid and they'll be like real good at something can a right away. Maybe your kids, more athletic acres only make their bigger taller whatever, so they kind of win real quick. You know so when they run into a situation where there is an activity that actually requires practising like a cart wheel or suddenly like this, and so my daughter, she's bigs, athletic little girl way, bigger, she's a and so she has his friend same age is like a week either older younger. I forget, but they're the same age and she can do a cartoon fly through cartwheels one handed cartwheels stuff, this other grow catch is way smaller in a way whatever
so my daughter children like that, not the fact that the girl can, but just she can't nobody knows though she tries to do it- relates to care for his kind words you're. The whole thing thoughts, it's very upsetting, so Uncle Jake said something in the first one that this always to stick with one. She complained to me about it and grew dark our will and how Malea can deal cartwheel, but I can't at all the stuff I say- and I quote logic: how do you expect to be good at something when you ve never practised both just The timetable I gotta tell you never studied, you make one known how to do a cart. We're not Mona. Do cartwheel we'll just like her. You know Other neighbour can play the guitar. You know much packed in a kind of thing and it's crazy. It's just that simple I read their choose foreign. She understands. You know she's, like practice in this house, that other book is warrior get books, there's two of where the word
KIT and Marks mission, you can get those also get disciplinable freedom, the fee manual feel better how to get after it simple The audio version of that is not on audible. It's on Itunes, Amazon, miserable but stuff also extreme ownership. Extreme ownership is unavoidable and I just there was number two on apple. Audible books. Whatever that's called apple, I books or something number two I now books for almost three years. What is apply books? It's where you can get thanks for your eye over the audio books, Yonder Sarka Unawares, o speaking to books by the way it if you want to get this oh unit, seven, thirty, one thirty testimony and put it on the land unit. Seven thirty one! Just bat! that societal as Japan, secret biological warfare in world war, two dark blue but see really
see strongly feel strongly that that's like one you can or crazy, but- enamelled put on our website chuckled pack, I note that some someone you set me up on Twitter- that is a gay. We We had a long road trip for where the July, my wife me and my kids aged you, don't thirteen. Whatever was until one twenty one, twenty two and twenty three that's real significant! you're out of our family time, but like that's a real the compared to the other things that could be doing in the car. That's a real good thing to do in your car, introduce your kids to bid history a bit of human nature, a bit of the darkness of the world bit of overcoming the darkness. That's pretty cool! These are the kind of books while so that's that
but the these books, you're you're, Sandy's kind about you kind of one half its. I think it's important to us No what's going on and know what has happened in the world. As I said, yeah, you wanna check that out. Yeah, they are put on the website. That's the point about, or we have it on the page books from episodes all by episode, citizens from obviously one three three, in and also you ve got on the website, because extreme ownership, which our talk about is the first book I wrote with my brother live. And we wrote another book which dichotomy caught leadership That's also on the website right. Yes, the upper end up Oh, that's that's coming out September, twenty fifth, if you want to get that on the first, a dish You can go for the third, a dish you ass, thou with different Schwinn, third and third edition in seventh addition: nothing, the same, wasn't infantry, first, the dish and second edition. Well, it's you
in the game. Yes, it's gonna length, indifference! If you take, if you run a race or if you're recognised, not recognized, but let's say you run a race, you first, ok, forthwith, Bicyclist Gothard place dying all get metals. What is what is the metal made out of what you say, metal from Benatar? What's the difference between the middle gold, the color psychological for me this into the bed analogy the item, you follow it, but I will first edition that's the point. Ass were getting on a dark, and I refer here and also if you want to bring myself Lave Ban J P, now Dave Burke, we ought MIKE's really got
Cochrane now on the team. If you need help with leadership in your organization, whatever got organization is you can hit us up? Echelon front is the name of the company. We solve problems through leadership, echelon, front dot, com, yet we have one more muster in two thousand eighteen, It is in San Francisco, its October, seventeenth and eighteenth. They can sell out. I was, I just got an update from Jamie today, the obdurate duration. Front inshore. She was saying that we're gonna stop Watson. And we thought so, if you want to come up here extreme ownership, dot, com, the muster up her eyes. I gotta video to post about that too. I posted but yeah. That's it also on top of the muster. We have the roll call which is for police, military law enforcement, firefighters, first responders it
for people in uniform, that's happening September, twenty first in Dallas, Texas, its only one day, so you don't have to too much work, it's a lower price point, so you can afford it You can get your organization to pay for it a little easier come on out of that. It's great programme. I just finished put together the agenda yesterday and so come on down until then. If you want to go with Us a little bit more, virtually until we are together, life which we will be will be together, live at the muster in San Francisco or the roll call in Dallas Texas or at the immersion camp. The main we'll see one of those, but until then, if you do want to kick it with us, we will be on the into webs on Twitter, on Instagram and on dash pays a bookkeeper.
Echo is adequate Charles and I am at Java willing and, of course, to all the military personnel that are listening. You provide the freedom that allows us to do what we do every day. You also hold the line against the evil that we talked about today. So thank you, police law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, border patrol other first responders. You actually provide this safety that allows us to do what we do every day. So, thanks to you and to the families that support all those that serve. Thank you for supporting those families that serve and everyone else, that's listening. Thank you for listening thanks for supporting. I know it was a rough. Listen. I notice it's rough
me to read it's rough for me to talk about, but it's also a reality, and if you dont face reality, you can't fix it. If you don't face your past, you can't learn from it. So what you have to do so, the face. You have to face scares you you have to face what bothers you. You have to face your weaknesses and face your fears and face your own darkness face them own them and overcome them all by stepping up and getting after it and until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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