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148: When Life Laughs At You in Crappy Situations, Stand Up and Don't Let It. "Valleys Of Death", by Bill Richardson

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This is just about gas number, One forty eight- ECHO Charles and me Jocker, willing the new Yorker good evening, twenty November nineteen fifty dear Mister and Missus Richardson great that I must confirm my wrist telegram in which you were informed that your son, her sergeant, William J Richardson tree has been reported missing in action in Korea, since two, November, nineteen fifty I know that added this, Stress is caused by failure to receive any more information or details. Therefore, I wish to assure you that at any time Additional information is received, a will be transmitted to you without delay. M missing in action is you
only to indicate that the whereabouts sore status of an individual is not immediately known. It is not. Tended to convey the impression The case is closed. I wish Emphasise that, every effort is exerted continuously to clear up the status of our personnel under idle conditions. This is a difficult task as you must readily realize, Experience has shown that may persons reported missing in action are currently reported returned to duty or being here. Specialized for injuries in order to relieve financial worry on the part of the debate. Since of military personnel, be, carried in a missing in action status, Congo, exacted legislation, legislation which, continues the pay allowance and a lot more
of such persons until their status is definitely established. Permit me to extend to you my heartfelt sympathy during period of uncertainty Sincerely yours, Edward F, which sell major general. U S, army so obviously that is a letter from the gun. Comment about it, sing soldier. This missing soldier in this case is William Richardson and. William Richardson, Bill Richardson, who was that whole may lay that unfolded in the beginning of the Korean WAR win the eight army was cut off from the rest, a coalition forces and
many of those that got caught off as that return took place. Many Americans in and South Koreans is well were captured, were killed. Or otherwise they were somehow lost or missing, and this guy Bill Richardson was one of those men, one of those men that went missing and clearly, from this letter, his parents were notified. About that, and he wrote a book on these experiences went through. The book is called valleys of death. A memoir of the Korean WAR and he actually has that letter from the army to parents inside the book, which is a pretty shocking thing to see, and You know these days, the with with the way, they notify they send people to your house
I can't even imagine that the old days when you just get a telegram or that shows up and says it. You're you're sons been missing for three weeks for weeks or whatever the case may be, but this book I definitely there's. The combat in this book is out a hand lunacy that pretty quick and like every other book that we review on here. Obviously I can't read the whole thing, but definitely book is worth getting valleys of deaf, a member of the korean WAR ridden by Colonel William or Bill Richardson, and it's a phenomenal book so with what's dive right into it, he's lays out a little bit of his perspective right. The book here, then they in the preface in a book- and here we go. This is now but history, the Korean WAR is down,
dirty look at some of the soldiers who five years before had experienced combat in the Second World WAR, the story of the men they would leave. A new generation of courageous young soldiers in what would be the last true infantry war, the heroes, This story are the young men of the third battalion, Cavalry regiment and improve, Regular, the men of the weapons Platoon of L Company, most of them died. The story is told through my own eyes. I have a strong attempt to avoid adding to the story what other have said or what I have learned over the last fifty seven years, but There are few truths that are undeniable. Korea was a war that neither the country nor the military was ready for and we paid I price for a lack of readiness.
The disaster at use on written about. It this book was caused by a rat of leadership from the highest echelons down to the battalion level mistakes we paid for with the blood the most heroic men I have ever known, and you know when we covered Jesse Polar. He talked a lot about them. About the lack of right. Now, if you remember the Marine corps, throwing together battalions to try get over there, and that was the whole country that was doing this and in the beginning of this book it talks about how can introduces the character, that he was with tee about some of the training that they had been through. He was part of various squad that fired the the fifty seven. They called it, which is a recoiling rifle the m. Eighteen. To fifty seven millimetre.
Toilets. Rifle basically looks like a bazooka, your traditional, if you're in your mind, you picture there, the bazooka that sort of what like in there's a bunch of differ variations of the bazookas. This is sort of one of em, and in this point, when we pick up the book, he's gonna gone through that they actually are now heading on calibre to California on their way to war. So you he covers. The The call for the war and what that was I can him kind of getting back in the game, and here go there heading to California to get on a ship to go to career for the war back book, there was a gravity to it. We were on the your step of war. We all knew it and wanted to be disciplined because when the boy What started? Discipline could be the difference between life and death. It is indeed true contained during the war? Korea had reached crisis level, a mere
in south korean units were fighting for their lives, they ve been so from the thirty eight parallel and quickly forced, green. Swept south towards green, swept south towards preuss on a port on the eastern tip, the Korean Peninsula now are troops were making their last stand along the not Tom River in the west and and line north of the Taegu reaching EAST to receive Japan, and they were heading on the? U S: troop transport ship called the Pope which had just been taken. Mothballs. If you dont know this, they take old old ships when there now needed, they put him up boy put couple places around the country, but they put him up and they call it mothballs, and then they just leave these big old ships sitting there, If they, if they ever, are needed again, they can pull him out in kind of get them up speed. So that's what the Pope was. It was a vessel that was pulled. A mothballs and now is getting ready to sail
overseas. And these guys get on. They had overseas and then back to book after eight days on board on board, the ship word spread that we are getting close to Japan, We do another month of training before landing in Korea, crowded along the rail. Looking the shore lights in the distance, the water, the lights from the city, look like stars Yokohama homer and were headed right for it. I heard a soldier say suddenly the ship started slowly. Turning to the starboard and running south parallel to the shore, I didn't think much of it. But the next morning we were informed that we were going straight to Korea. There you go. That's the way the military work, sometimes you're thinking, your train for next month and have a little bit more time to prepare for combat. Of Sunday times gone, going straight in straight
into the combat scenario. So that's why everyone out there in the military. Don't we till to Morrow to train. It's not gonna come or it may not come. So they Poland to this poor, Pisan back but the smell was unbearable. The water around the dock doc Pew Son was blue I can swim with oil and sewage to doc, up from where we were was a cow holding area with and when cleaned, the pens they just hosed everything into the water upon him. Or hate us as we approach the peer. Mostly. I stayed below out of the smell, but I stayed on the deck mesmerized by the port. The eighth army had stab wished a perimeter to hold off the Koreans: people the cream People's army Until enough troops could arrive and organise a counter offensive set up in August
Perimeters western bound boundary was formed mostly by not Tom River the North Koreans crossed the knocked on river. And then he says I know one thing if you're defending a river and the enemy is on your side. You're in trouble that evening. After another dinner of sea rations, I got there action together. This is his little section of troops. If he's running he's in charge of, I will will you tell them? I won't ever The check is gear. One more time we're having to an assembly area north of the taboo first thing in the morning and take The moment to write home, you never know when you'll get another chance, it's one of those things that that can be present pretty heavy statement when he saying that and I'll tell you when you're in that situation, if you speak, if your young, at least in my situation, if
who told me that when I was nineteen years old, I would have been fired up and not just the way it is yeah. I guess some people think it's crazy to think that way, but You there's a whole of human beings in the world that they have a little genetic, make up that may Some want to go to war it. So when you get told hey, You know right. You write your last letter home you're, actually pretty fired up about it again, I know that sounds completely crazy and thing is he was a little bit older, so I think for him, He had had more gravity for him than it did for his boys. The other thing is, I think it's for them to have recognised, even though they read news, I how bad it was, and we ve got is from other people too. We heard this from other people like you Think it's not gonna, be you re you're, not gonna, be me that gets DEC
killed, Zachary, that's not gonna happen to me. Do you have that We'll thing in your brain to we just think it won't happen to you you aren't that concerned about it. And the other thing is like you're. You know you got done. What do we just got done with world war? Two, where all this heavy combat, guess what we were back to back. World WAR Champions right. America was back to back World WAR champion, so how we can it a worse situation on this little random little Asia. Country look peninsula like this won't be a factor, so we had to have that in your head a little, but he had to I don't think they recognised how serious the situation was, even though they were saying. My point is that even though you're gettin told hey, this is a dire situation and were poor, holding a perimeter to try and wait for more troops derives. We can actually do a counter offensive, even though you hear that you like this, no big deal will have in mind.
And again, I'm trying I'm trying to transpose a nineteen year old brain on this situation? Are going back to the book the trains to Taegu left just afternoon, a few cheers as the train picked up momentum. So there you I'm right. Right. The train is heading to combat one of the boys doing their cheering the train lumbering down the track for a while and then stopped at a citing word, back, that we were near the assembly area, but had to make way for a hospital train had itself. The train during the wounded, stop for a few moments, We can see the soldiers inside Ivy Eggs hung next to litters men with by Dished arms legs and heads lined the cars, the few walking wounded. Stared out the windows. The wounded Americans had dark depressing eyes and vacant stare.
A few of our guys tried to pass them cigarettes and candy from the window, but they didn't react. They just stared into space. So there's a reality check. That's what we're headed for in that's a little wake up call. I doubt that the there was cheers when the plane. With a train rolled north again, go from trains? Eventually they get trains and next up is they're getting into some troop trance or trucks, and here we go back to the book of the trucks rumbled forward. We could see american troops moving south down the road they looked like ghosts. Frail torn and dirty uniforms their blue. They had the infant remains thousand yards stare. Infringe remains thousand yards stare. They were lost gone.
We were operating under Lieutenant General Wolden, H, walkers, standing order to stand or die Walker. The Army commander had issued the order in July before we arrived Here's here's a quote from from General Walker. We are fighting a battle against time. Their will, no more retreating withdrawal or we just of the lines or any other term you choose. There is no line behind us to which we can retreat. There will be no Dunkirk, there would be no baton, a retreat, to produce on would be one of the greatest butchery in history. We must fight until the end we will fight as a team. If some of us must die, we will die fighting together
I want everybody to understand. We are going to hold this line, we are going to win. Now: that's it that's a heavy statement and you know a little bit the background about this Walker, we're Walker was in World war, one and world war. Two and now he's in Korea and you had Macarthur, the time who is in Japan. Who was basically saying I look, I don't care would hold one year old right, even though Walker was thinking hey. I need no massive support. I don't know we can pull this off and the order came and he was okay, and your I mean I talk about this. If you're gettin that committee and you know you can't come down and say well, macarthur stillness and we gotta get out there. We don't know he's like. Ok, that's what we're gonna do our best to do now.
As you actually study what unfolded. Eventually he held it as long as a good, and then he started to tactically retreat to the best of its ability and so he sort of compromised. We didn't just stated, didn't stand against slaughter, so eventually made a more organ. The best organised, treat that he could, but still that the eight army was on the run. If you remember this times when the Marines were true hold the line as well. So it was a very hard situation going back to the book thick, black smoke rose and a steady stream on the other side of the horizon. I could see, only a few of the squat huts, but the valley and ridges had fixed scraggly bushes, which made it very difficult to see any movement. Suddenly artillery shells and mortar rounds crashed down around us. We drove into ditches that line the road and waited for the barrage to end. I to my section and got them together before we moved out toward the outskirts. The village Smokey haze with a punch smell of gunpowder hung over us as
started moving forward, I could feel My heart, beating and my breath came quickly. Almost like I was running, but it wasn't nerves, it was adrenaline. My body was on fire popping with energy back on the road a north korean machine gun to our right, open fire. I could see treasure rounds in almost slow motion dashing into the light of men ahead of me. The soldiers act in drove out of the way as the rounds bit into the dirt around them tat. It is a strange thing in combat Sometimes it moves so fast that you cannot believe it and other times it is. So slowly that you could scream we drove into the dirt and pressed ourselves flat against the ground, MCA be imagined, this time is the company commander started moving the other party toward the guns, while my section part of the weapons platoon provided for supporting fires, There you go, they set up a little cover, move This was real combat all
My fears seem so far away. Now I didn't have to I'm to worry about how I'd react. I just had to act. Turning back words: Walsh is gonna yelled framed, get imposition and start firing at the machine guns were nodded and started calling to his men veterans. They ignored the machine, gun fire and got the gun up and got ready put some fire on that Hale. I shouted pointing toward the north Ray gunners with my hand, Washbowl without the machine gun position and Gomes the assistant Gunnar loaded around and haul cited in the gun and fired my section fired Its first shot of the war, so a couple key things that I liked about this paragraph of the you he talks about time in the weird things at I'm do does during combat and that gap and during any really stressful situation, where you become hyper sensitive what's happening in it in with the way it appears. The way it feels is that time is actually slowing down
The first time that I ever experienced, that was in a car crash, not a bad car crash, but I was in a car crash. Seem like things were, moving in slow motion and I driving out. Just a passenger brows, that's the first time ever felt it. And then the other thing I'd say you can. You can be expecting be expecting going to combat that you might have that slow motion is actually awesome thing because you can feel like you can't to me. It didn't feel like I was moving slow. It always felt like things were, moving slow and I could still you gave me more time to react, it's out of your doing. Jujitsu in Europe, opponent was moving. And slow motion, but even though you weren't, even though you could move to them. You could see it and react to a properly that makes sense and then the other thing is, if you notice
fear is saying that he didn't find to be afraid. We just definitely come up that work like once rounds are being shot you're, not thinking. Oh I'm going to get shot, you're, saying: okay, we need to get them on mine when Depew right. We we need to make a call, as I wish to end what about that based on, in my opinion, is training, and if you try in properly, then you just react that just that's just what happens in this is why- and you heard me say this at the at the Must one is talking about like from a self defense perspective. For females that are doing. You did you for the first time, I'm like hey. If you ve, never done you before Europe. To see that this is about is intimate as a sport or this about his intimate as an activity. You can possibly engaging without actually. Take it to the next, the right, without actually aben, without getting married, we as without being married to the other person right. So and that's the thing. If you get used to that, you get used to somebody grinding on you, get used to someone grabbing you and,
once you get used to it, then you have to deal with that in the moment. As you are not deal that you can react, so does thing here, these guys drain really hard, and so now, once the situation is unfolding they're doing. This is reacting to it, as they should go out to dinner working in getting ginger, not that Everyone's gonna be like that, could you will have some people that will immediately get that fighter flight and they might rolled into the flight scenarios getting down in hiding, and so you have to do without a little bit, but be before any of those reactions, now. The first once they get through first big kind of fire fight going on now go back the book. The guys were digging in. I told them to set up the guns, but we'd be covering our section with rifles that night we're all wired after our first fire fighting. It was good that we had something to do. I obviously that everybody, everybody was digging with a sense of urgency. I was worried about, are open flank to the right
ordered the section, a dig in some positions face into right. In case we had to occupy them when we were done I told my guys to eat and rest while they got with Walsh Grey. Word is North Koreans were attacking that night. So. The most of the year throughout this book that the North Koreans and then eventually the Chinese. They do their tax during the night. That's when they do that's how they roll on environment, even T Fred Harvey was talking about and when he was doing. Island having Obligate Bain Day was american moving in the day and then at night the Japanese would attack so simple, situation here now, Actually, the opposite against the enemy, because we have you know we have now and capabilities. We have a huge advantage at nights and that's when we normally work in an and and she'll teams. That's the way for that's away. We always worked. We always worked at night now
when we got remodeling, it was alive daytime fighting. We had to fight in the day, but to put a preferred is to fight at night. Not goes back to the seals the, and if you remember Roger hate, and I think was Roger Hayden was saying. When they were going out at night. No one else was gone out at night. It was just like seals got at night other than that it was only the vehicle that we're going out at night in the NBA whose but friendly Yours is just just seals and am another's others there's other ones, but he was in early on. It was them so well now the attack comes here. We go back to the book. The attack started with a guttural scream, the north. Ryan's came out of the brush in waves, we could see them moving toward us, like shadows, muzzle flashes, exploded out of the darkness, was very little aimed fire. Instead, we were firing straight ahead in into their assigned zones. Soon
Dreams came from our wounded, joined the chorus, battle, cries, orders, and machine guns illuminating rounds for more mortar section, soon lit up the area like a ball park. Making the north korean soldiers look like silhouettes on a firing range. We dropped RO before the flare burned out. Since the rounds were in short supply. The mortars waited several minutes between rounds. During a lull. I could hear one of the engineers to our left, screaming in pain and call for his mother sobs and screams for help land. Harder than the north korean artillery shells finally Private Jones, one of my young, smart asses, had heard enough here ordered to yell and scream covered Walsh as you scrambled out to Jones, he was on the ball. Of holes. Whole crying
I tried to get him up, but he would move I climbed out, and two walls drag Jones is ass out of foxhole. You stay Paul, I told Walsh, snatching by his shirt collar. I stumbled with him back to my foxhole. He crawled in an huddled against the wall. Sobbing, he couldn't talk even I asked him a simple question, his body here. With every sob the engineer Finally stop screaming and now in an ever desperate voice pleaded for someone to come. Get him. Stay in your holes. I barked. I was sure the North Koreans were lying in wait, hoping some. Would try and get him I wish you would just die that fought. Sent a jolt through me, Jesus come I didn't really mean that that poor son of a bitch, my They thought now was, please, God bring the daylight soon.
The sun's rays. Finally, PETE over the horizon. We stop. We're getting the wounded off the hill, so there you go like I said there are some people that are not going to react well, and you got this kid Jones that can't handle this situation and he's done he's done. What is this night Two he's done, and I mean obviously doesn't help when you gonna wanna you're, wounded, guys out just ahead of you and he's screaming for help and cry for help, and you can't do anything and the, order from Richardson, which is no stay in your home. And again this is the same exact thing. The tea Fred Harvey talked about. When they cap one of his guys and these Japanese sat and tortured him. It's out of thirty forty metres away, they tortured this guy the whole night in the whole night.
Fred Harvey's. Leaders were saying stay in your home, Stain rolls were stay. What one of what a nightmare that is. Back to the book Walsh grabbed me in here Walter Sarge Black lost it. He's crying hugging a tree and will not respond to me. Black in knowing very well he's one of the company's problems. He'd gotten drunk after a unit picnic it for Devon and the military police had locked him up for being drunk and disorderly. This incident confirmed that, at all what I follow already lack was going to be a concert problem, I put him in washing squad and we both kept on his ass, making sure he was doing the right thing. When I got block black. He was wrapped around a tree like a vine. The time is, shall landed near by he began shaking and crying no talking was going to help
I just wanted to get him away from the rest of the men, the section, Fought well, but afterwards to the engineer. All might they had their own nerves to contain contend with. That made two men within twenty four hours. If this continued Would lose the whole section to fear instead of the enemy Yeah, so two guys gone. Two guys can any in his ends up sent him to the rear cause. He just can't. You can't do anything with this guy. That's a tough call to make hey. If I send this gallery, browser can affect everyone else on the team have an ultimate his grief, taken. You know o I need to do is cry and scream and I'll get all save my ass. So You know, in my opinion, this dismal. If you're In these situations, I think, if you're, dared to die, it's gonna be a problem.
Scared to die. It's gonna be a problem. If you basically accept the fact that you you could die and then you're. Ok with that, that's are you. That's up to me, that's a difference between these two guys and everyone else everyone else was like ok do they wanted, I know not say they want to die, but there recognize they can die and there okay with it, you know, maybe Kay was strong word. They accepted. I should say they accept, whereas these you guys are scared and if you're scared to die, then I think this is. This is the kind of thing that happens because, obviously of your, if you like, ok, you know what there's a chance I could die. And that's the way it is an willing to take that chance, and I will do my best like that one attitude the other dude is I don't On a die and here I am in a situation where death is everywhere around me and that closes in on your brain right there. Just close in your brain. I get like
I can't imagine. I can't imagine the how that one would affect psychologically. If you were scared of scared of dying and again I don't wanna, I'm not try to sound like pay I want to die or troops on the front line like you, we don't care if we die. No, I'm not talking about that, but to be the psychological say, hey look. I could die. That's one, the possible outcomes here and ok. I get it and I'm ok with that, that's different than being I don't want to die out. If you don't, if your beard main goal is to not die and you're in a combat situation, especially a really really violent hard combat situation like this. This is gonna work out good for you at all year It's like wanna work. When I used to work for them, it may fighters if they were scared of getting knocked out. If So they were scared of it's really hard did not be jumped to go into that cage with any level of confidence cause. You're scared about one thing that might happen. It's the same thing here of yours
so scared of that one thing happening, that's gonna possess your brain even yeah, Mme, even if, like you're with renewed boxing or something and you it's like, you haven't, accepted the fact that you're gonna get hit. So every time like some, even if they throw a faint for reacting to everything right if you're constantly under their cannon the dangerous. Yet the stress of like bullets and all this does like your, what we call yourself preservation Mick, mechanism in your brain is just firing, firing firing and then, after a while, that thing is just like gone haywire already gone into overdrive. That's what's happening. These guys merits horrible horrible to see or I backed the book. The smoking does still hung in the year when they attacked again. The first
waves, came with rifles behind them. More soldiers followed and picked up the weapons left by the dead, so that That's a better common battle plan. We're we're gonna here is We ve heard it before in in other books about the green war. Hey we're guest in the first wave, they're gonna have rifles and magazines, the next wave is gonna, come and pick up the dead guys here and use that so part of the plan is guys dying in a part of them to absolutely part of the place and not a small amount either, because you know when you win, win the military when the? U S military plan, a big operational plan for casualties and I can't say this about the seal teams as Europeans is an like. Ok, like we're dead, This amount of councillors distortions doesn't do that. We're not planted taken against these, but, like you, go with a big, a big division
going, infra airborne drop in world war, two they were like like get. Ten percent of these folks are gonna, be injured on the drop boom. That's it so yeah, And these guys are just saying: hey: we got over three hundred guys attacking we need about seventy guns. Or whatever. That number is back, The book on almost every attack the North Koreans tried to slip behind our lines and caught offer Avenue retreat once they did would pound or flags this time the north green soldiers charged uphill right into the teeth of our machine guns after this, attempt they quit and we settled in for a tense night. We waited all night, but they didn't attack again now Koreans instead went around us and cut off the road back to tab, dawn. As the fingers of the pink light shot up over the horizon. We were all to withdraw through the korean line. This was not go.
To be easy, so going back to their getting called back, hey, there's a korean line and they're getting told to fall back pass that line they get it. They basically they're kind of surrounded. Even at this point. And he really kind of expands on what it was like from his. Speck of uneasy talks a little bit about this, just General Walton Walkers Mobile Defence, which was hey. Basically use a thin line of people to sort of some sort. Up the enemy and then as like a screen, and then the bulk of the force would be ready for a counter attack and it was. It was kind of consider a few. Ray at this time. But this is what they were trying to do, and then he says for US ground troops. It was confusing Game of chess had become maddening. Ever had a map And seldom knew the number
the nation of the hills or objectives. Now, that's crazy! That's free! crazy- and you heard me say it is the most important piece of information you can have on the battlefield- is where you are if you don't even have a map, and he's a section leader in does have a map just Why I like? nowadays when we go out. Every single guy has a detailed battle map of the whole area of operations. To think that you have, a section leader that doesn't even have a map. That's that's crazy, and then the number designations you talked about when you know you hear about hills, three hundred and forty, eight or whatever he does even know what those are back to the book. We new to move attack. And defend unknown hills. That would stop the North Koreans from breaking through and capturing the city of Taegu.
This was our world following orders fighting for one another being successful and somehow surviving now there there serving a little low in the fighting and one of guys comes over. The guy's name is grey eyes. Feeling very good indeed, down. For a few minutes, Gray said his head was pounding. Any felt dizzy try to come over soon as you can. Are you to be alright yeah. Just give me a few minutes got to the other side of the ridge. I turned and looked a grey sitting on a tree stop. He had his head in his hands now No, we know what this is a symbol of right. This is symbol of like little, but a combat stress happening, but he just get it together. Grain wall should be great squad leaders, and I hope you it's ok. I knew Let do I needed him and his leadership idea get off my helmet to wait.
The waste and sweat gray and the stump suddenly disappeared in a fire, ball and artillery round landed right on him? I was stunned, and just stood on the ridge. Looking at the smoking crater, something happens to men who see, combat no matter how you try, you cannot make death invisible. It is there with you every moment that splits second, would be seared into my mind for the rest of my life. But at that time We didn't have time to mourn gray. We had to get dug in start digging that round has thus zeroed and the barrage becoming next. I said grabbing Walsh yet Hall over and take charge of gray squad, tome all be over there to talk to him later. For the rest of the day, I kept the men busy any thing to keep their minds off gray. So, let's think about that again.
You can see you can see that Richardson is he's legit and This is your classic situation where this horrible thing you witnesses are moving, everyone sees it what does he say, hey look, and this is horrifying. You say they have us zeroed in so where the rest next round, gonna hit they're gonna hit all around us So what we need do is digging and we need to do now and then he just immediately says Hall go take gray squad, look grace gaunt. We need to move on. Tell be over to talk to you later. Back to the book. What drove me more than anything was a positive outlook and the fact that my men were watching every thing I did I often wondered when we were moving down the road? What went through their minds It is something that every leader should be thinking about. All time is that everyone's watching you use your boys are watching
And their judging you as harsh That sounds, that's what's happening, so you know what gives example I'll tell you what when I see when I would see leaders in this teams that didn't act that way that didn't act as if they were being watched all the time, they usually slacked off, what is that like where a word I looked like, I mean yeah like pay, oh no one. I can be a little bit late, no one to watch him yeah, that's a big one without silky like I don't need this piece of gear. Oh I'll cut the coroner on this thing all those little tiny things and not to mention, but when you are in a situation like this one watching you, when you say hey, you know what they got a style. Then we need to get Dugan now all you got. That's great squad now get to it. There watching that too, And their seeing going, ok, judging whether they judging their judging positive the judge.
Richardson's, gotta, shit together and he's gonna take care of him back to the book. It had to be a lot tougher on them than on me, while they had only death dwell on. I dozens of other things that I must be thinking about and prepared for what was ahead would I be if I were a north korean, how would I react if we got hit from the right or left how's, our ammunition, water, the boar, citing the gun? Still all right. Where were the were the men taking care of their feet so he's. So in this correctly so, but this is a kind of a different twist is a lot of times you early to say what I was responsible for. These guys now was a heavy weight, but for him, he's thinking, I was busy with All these other things, all these other guys had. Do we think about the fact that they are about to die and how It's actually hoard around them these you, if you go into with the perspective
that everything's, for you is harder and for for everything you for me being overrun as opposed the leader, your attitude, attitude is fantastic, which is look, I'm I have the luxury of having other things to think about these ports. Eyes there just thinking about no them being overrun as opposed to. If your attitude was flipped and you were I think I have it so hard, but these guys have it so easy thing sense that new and that's not gonna end up net positive for you when you're in your leadership back to the next north korean assault started with screams and machine gun fire, but we beat back with mortars in our own machine gun fire, between holes, I made sure everybody is ready for the next wave Walsh had his section up and ready to fire hall was all also ready, which was impressive, impressive, since he had just taken over from gray. The second attack worse the North Koreans will and fifty yards from us as I
At the shadows, moving toward us, I heard a friend Dick Voice, come over the radio Roy Rogers three, the voice said in a deep southern draw. I needs more fire power. I needs more firepower. I'm about to get overrun. It was lieutenant brown from a bull tune that was on our left. I hoped to help more fire support We were all hanging by a thread Had north korean soldiers were stacking in front of our foxholes, but they kept coming wave after wave. I could hear, was screaming at the men to stay in their holes. I was free we changing the magazine in my car being as to the noise screens were within ten feet of me short haul saw them to an open fire. Cutting the north korean soldiers down. I saw another north korean to my right and fired he staggered back in dropped to the ground. Stayed low in my foxhole and kept fire. Straight ahead.
Paul and Wash kept firing to the rear, hitting them of Koreans, attempting to move through art, position. We in the crossfire and in minutes Our position was littered with north korean bodies slide fresh magazine in my car being, I put my head up. We for the next wave, but it never came alert. Some of them may still be alive if you If you see any movement, shoot them. We waited a few minutes and finally climbed out around your holes for life Koreans, and he goes on to say that. We drag the rest, the bodies away from our position and piled on the one side. I don't even look at their faces, I didn't care and he talks about the fact that his medics would try and take care of the north korean wounded soldiers, desperate impressive
Back the book as daylight, PETE over its head over the hills, a tall scrubby, looking infantrymen carrying a carbon approach me from out of the mist, your closer. I saw the small White Cross painted on his helmet Stuck out his hand ass, he approached chaplain coupon. He said giving me a firm handshake where you from Chaplain a meal coupon from Listen Kansas was a catholic Father who joined the army toward the end of world war. Two he served. Burma in India until May. Nineteen, forty six, he returned home and was assigned a parish in Kansas, but he felt his calling was with the troops or he rejoined the army and nineteen. Forty eight joined in Korea after spend a few months in Japan is uniformly. Dirty, and he like the rest of us needed a shave. It was clear, spent the night up close to the fighting not safely in the rear.
Was a peacefulness about him, though, that put me at ease a quiet confidence He seemed to care where I was from and eye watched him ass. He spoke to the rest of the section each time He asked the soldier where you're from gave him a firm handshake. It was not long before he had us all smiling when coupon fit making his rounds. He sat down near my Fox Owen, took out his pipe. It was missing most of its stem. What happened your pipe? I asked it he felt it a sniper said, shouted out of my mouth a few days ago. We both at a laugh. Notice, the carbon lay being laying across his lap. I thought Chaplin's couldn't carry weapons. He smiled and nodded if there, going to shoot me, I'm going to be ready to shoot back my section was down to eight men. We received two replacements they showed up with,
your gear and clean uniforms? One was named the one was Jackson, but I didn't catch the others name Jack's not allow. Questions about the north and where we were on the line, stay close your foxhole partner and listen to him. I said see them again until next morning, we'd been attacked but this time we were able to keep the North Koreans from our lines, but not without cost. Three men were gone. One missing into wounded, including both replacements we were taking, casualties night and soon could no longer hold our position later. That night we got orders to withdraw, withdrawing in the daylight was bad enough. Now we are going to attempted at night couple things. You're gonna hear a lot about this. This chaplain coupon and well not a lot as you should understand,
he's got his own story. That needs to be told and about what did in his service and then but I try to pull out a few sections about him and then the These guys, I mean they're losing guys all the time you get. Replacements and they're they're gone by the next morning. That's not a positive outlook on the situations they finally get the orders to withdraw, and it's funny now when he, but it's interesting that there actually not looking for- to withdrawing at night you're, whereas my instincts like I'd, rather go at night right me, of course, but you know what, if you haven't trained that way. Could you can train even without night vision, you can trained operate at night. You learn that Spain that you need to get. You learn your certain manner. For that. You do at night time that are easier at night time so night. Is not something to be scared of, but these guys,
as unless you haven't train that way. If you haven't train that way, man, I can't even imagine what it's like could train somewhat, The dark me when I first got the seal themes. We did everything in the dark would have my vision. Did we just patrolman dark how we do we had closer spacing you learn how to use person silhouette and funny you you're, you learn how to adapt. Your eyes too. Dark says: these things that you can do to make you a more formidable night fighter. But if you don't train that way. You you, dear you're, in big trouble So these guys are starting up their withdraw, backed the book. Let's go, I whispered, I was never someone to get going before. Another attack was standing by looked over me Sarge, that's Johnson, he's dead so used to you chicken, a guy on the ground, said hey, let's go he's, you know whilst Sars that's Johnson he's dead, I felt terrible it hurts you another one of my men dead in the mud. I didn't even know Johnson that well he was no replace. It replaced and I only just learned his name-
fact that I have little time to dwell saved me plus new that if I showed weakness my men might finally give in and feel sorry for themselves, and I couldn't have that we needed to stick together. I became stoic would remain that way for a long time can he recognizes that his guys are looking out of his two points, their number one. We recognise that Gaza look in Europe and if he be down? He's gonna cause breakdowns in number, two, the fact that he had a little time to dwell. So what does that mean? Transit that to your life. If something goes wrong and you decide, you gonna take a break to reflect on that thing. It don't do that. It's better, I get back on the horse know the old saying you gotta get back on the horse. That's No wonder that help you overcome the fear but it's better than sitting around a dwelling on it or even something not physical, that your physically afraid of still
Don't sit around and dwell. That's a bad! That's a bad thing! You, like you see, need ie gives you yeah. Like you, something happens, grow breaks out with you and you take the day off from work. We want you to sit down and look at the pillow. The pond. Jim JAM, you up way more, but you gotta work and you mine's occupied area all these tasks- and you know you don't have time to dwell in meanwhile I'll say this your mind- is still processing it right now like it's not like you, I work and so you're, not thinking It is in the back in its getting worked through your mind, is doing its job. Gonna get a grip on the situation, and then get home, unlike in sub just gone home, go trained good! You go directly to the Gm Europe actually kind of stoke you're not have that pressure of your girl, waitin on you at home too, like hurry up and get home like no sooner train, get some extra rounds and so bogus extra rounds in maybe stop by
will place on the way home, gravel little bite to eat. You know with one year bodies and then go home. And when you get home clean your room, You know when you get home, Let us put together the bit the bookcase or whatever do something, and then you're tired and I but meanwhile, like I said in the background, your binding processing. This in your start, realize I know what it's not actually big deal that she left year here. You know up there the I mean. I wonder why this shriek kind of figured out, but you know something like bad, Dramatic or whatever happened, and then the person essentially ignores it or whatever and focused on work folks than this, and then people or close to home or therapists. Whatever would be like hey, I'm sorry, I am concerned because you haven't lake yeah. I think there the dichotomy here, I'm not talking about burying it.
Ireland's argument, you still got to contend with it. You know at some point all right down like the that the protocol, the protocol should straight up to eight, but in the end, even like the death protocol and here's, what you're supposed to do now and in these situations. I don't have time to do any protocol right citric acid. So this to your point, this can be a problem, if you're in combat- and you lose someone you never have the time to set aside and contend with it. Then you get back. Get back to America now you're bring your family and I get a new job and you get now the military. You make an office of happened. You never contended with what had occurred. Yes, you are correct. If you don't ever contend with face it, then it can turn into a problem. Then it turns into. We talked about which envisages they tried to. If you tried to bury it, you didn't realize it.
It was a seed, so you got it. You got to make sure that it's not a seed. That's going to grow out of control in the darkness. Over there you got it. You got to put the shifting light on it how to write like a lot of the time. I call you you don't like it girl broke up with. I don't know whatever like something traumatic and then they'll be like hey. I don't want to think about it. I want to focus on these are the things I don't want to think about it and they kind of bury it. Seems like that. Could have you have and home that's what I'm saying, there's a balance that you have to do, there's about cause, you can't just bury it. You have to contend with it. But you want to do it you, what you don't want to do is go overboard and just focus is one hundred percent on. I can't believe that this person's gone whether they died when they broke up with you, when they would not get little notes when get little warrior kid questions for the work had pockets of my foot is moving away. How can I not be sad? it's like the same thing like people are going to come in and out of your life and you gotta learn to contend with it and
and what I'm saying is don't focus on it, a hundred percent. Remember it contend with it, but don't dwell on it because we know what that gets. You you just down the debt, the darkness, the spiral of darkness I don't want to go down. No, we don't want to avoid. It goes in a gross near behind. Your back the well he's situations kind of different, that's more of a small picture scenario where, where it's like, I don't have time to dwell on my I would write off rather than just happened and because right now is the important things going on and I again. This is where people get jammed up because they never content. They never morn properly. I never go through that process and they look up you six months later, and they go oh in on I'm sad, I miss my friend. It's like yeah, that's, ok, you know what you to take that's why you should be able to take the protocol and just enacted when there's no
You get home from the four minutes ago. Gay would alter the protocol. We want, we know, do you lose a friend car accident, whatever did you see what caused always gonna be there, and I, like it- comes type, do an act that protocol boom? You you, you press play on protocol and then go through the motions and that gets you get you through it or lists I'll get you through. It causes always gonna, be there Oh they always remember but dont. Well, don't work alright go back the book. It was another attack, and when I say that he's actually talk about, there told that they are going to attack again and this, coming from his boss, Mcafee, the entire battalion is going to attack hills. Five. Seventy three ridges go direct to the top of the hill Kay Connell
will be on the left. We will move in the centre and I company on the right. We will attack at a light with no artillery or air support. The my god, he let you the sex verbal tunes will attack abreast, so, and on the right. Third on the left. Rigidly follow the fifty seven in the centre. The first platoon will be in reserve. So there's your plan, but there it is. What is a breast mean side by side and now so they're they're sort of going through in and starting to enact this plan and asked doing this one. His boys says Sarge we're getting out of here by dark right I knew the other men would speak up, but I could look in her eyes and see they were scared. I just hope they could He fear in my eyes, were staying until we get orders. I said. Finally, answering wall should Hall
oh god loud enough for the whole section here farther down the hill marked mortar and artillery fire was heavy. We could see that with green positions and they could see US hoping we were out of grenade range and to close for there too. There mission for them to put more or fire on us. Dude walk this situation? Are you in when you what you're hoping for its head too far for grenade range and to close for mortars there, so that just put your machine gun range physically. Unless you get some gotta dead, Spacer cover, but not a good sign waste, but you know one that's what you're hoping for look. It's not good. That's your best option there, soon instead of borders, the north korean soldier started sending down taunts. We speak the language, but each word, had a charge, silence no one? Talks back I whispered and put my finger to my lips. Not the way what they were saying as
minutes and then our ticked off. I realized that slow but surely we were moving back afforded a time, a guy. Would reposition unrest. A whole section would go off of him at this. We might be off the hill by the end of the war, a new one thing: there was no way we were staying overnight. So situation happens. They start these are actually there's a fire firing starts, and these actually start running down the hill and then art receiving small arms fire and then he rules into another position and there's a guy in their name Valancourt, who was another experienced guy order and artillery fire. We lost to lieutenant, or one of the other elements, and he can and where's these accurate after asked Valancourt when I caught up with him He was killed along with one of the other party leaders. The company is real,
group and tried to come back up the hill, but it was ripped apart by heavy mortar and artillery fire. We lost lieutenant two tunes took heavy losses. So adds that continues and again you gotta get this book, so you can get these details and not in Malta did the detailed combat for anyone. That's it. Combat arms of any kind good order, this book, immediately because there's so much good information in that I'm not covering so these guys their retreating from that attack. They get to like an orchard situation and there's a colonel, that's in charge of the regiment this guy MCA be who's. That company commander. He comes up, and here we go Maccabees kind of talking with and brings Richardson overcharged originate sergeant.
And his men were the last ones off the hill MCA be told, Colonel Johnson how your men doing the colonel ass. Looking over my shoulder at them finishing up there or to Sears. There is little joke they made earlier, ok, but very tired. Johnson nodded and shook my hand trying its rest tonight, he started to walk away frustrated with the attack. This is my chance to speak my mind in the mind of my men I want to know how many times we are going to have to climb up a hill only Leave it and fight our way up. Another from my point of view we were just getting. Our asses kicked how we do it. It seems that we never make any headway. Johnson stopped. Sergeant Richardson. You tell your men, they did a great job again. Great odds. We have stopped them North Koreans main attack, I The way slowly walked back toward the men. I thought self, how great Walsh Hall
agree war. It was there urge and bravery that held us together. As I looked at them, It almost brought tears to my eyes. Nonsense news had an immediate impact on my section, we no longer dragged gas. Instead, we see hopefully even optimistic. So again, this is a good point that when you're in a leadership position Your little words have significant impact and you might not realizing. I experience at a lot with leaders not only combat or in the military but sorry. I see that with leaders in the civilian sector, where they don't realize the weight that they carry and this we would be like the ceo of a company will will say something. Maybe it's off the cuff and it's a negative thing. It has a negative impact, but they also realise how pause it can be when I say something positive of your leader supposition every swell every
while throw item loved you, people right, you I'm not saying you. Leaf likes. You used the word false cheerleading, which is definitely the that's it that's a good term, you know which is a you. Ve done a great job when you didn't do a great job here and cheer yours truly has cheer pretty much, no matter what it does is whether job it new egg job, even though job down forty seven zero, it ideal stop right, I don't beat it May I just keep cheap Cherokee tearing so guess you don't even have to say false cheerleader, you D say straight cheerily, well I guess when they are. When is winning the essence than its positive right? So, hey, let me ask you this about false cheerleading, Sylvan Kazakh him up and the muster by someone thought that it was just sit like focusing on the positives and not the negatives than they were like that false? Surely more the implied that debt and live no foster leading is when you're Ching for someone
even though they're not doing a good job that works or making statements that are factually untrue, hey ECHO, you did a great job, putting out a bunch of videos. This last year, though, that's actually factually untrue, and I wouldn't be able to say that to you put out a limited number of videos? But if you were say, those are real quality? Not quantity like that would be fact. Would you ve actually tutor actually technically s opinion, but ok, what about this is my question. So if will it say: ok, I'm doing like this in a sixty percent. My workload is great. Then, this forty that like hell, you gotta change this, and then I saw that just sort of sorted downplay. The forty unit, You, like my bow downplay the forty just to encourage me. Whatever reason, and you really play that sixty is that false cheerleading it is but a little bit more strategy behind this, because, as your leader I would
only talk to you one time right talking to you over a period of time. So what First comment to you might be something hey ECHO, that percent that you over there your cross did that you doing a great job. The super You know some of the other stuff doc, there yet but actually at first. I thought you might be like hey you, your crushing, you do an awesome. Am, I mean, dimension mention at forty percent, because They can hey. If this guy gets encouraged using black hand, would do a little bit more rights, and yet that use my pick up the slack anyways on your own cord cause you're just encouraged by the whole. The hopes the Tivoli them given you, that's cool right. Well, maybe it doesn't work cinematic. Just a little bit more direct right, hey. I notice that you, the sixty percent over here, that you're dominating and its awesome. What is something it with this. Forty percent over here that's different dead. You know that comes, because it seems to me like a different level and is now
up to sixty percent are some seven. Maybe if I learned something right, breaking mediocrity, say well, yeah, because this that whenever maybe we can correct it, and then If that doesn't work, then we have to so far or escalate a little bit more right in its payment. The sixty percent you're doing while awesome there's a there's also that forty percent that well looking around I'm actually wondered if it's the same guy for you to be able to do this over here, still kind it throw this in the next to him. Exactly it, doesn't make sense to me anymore. I'm again, my whole thing would be trying to figure out why your slacking in that area, we do in such a plenary wider forty further develop the let's hope, there's a reason behind that, and so once we find out what that Reasonest, like ok and I'm gonna slowly escalate and ends until I get to the point you know if we go to six months in I've done, have pulled out whatever obstacles reawake as it was some obstacles on the forty percent was. Will we
did not information. It. I'm ok, what's nice start genuine information into these a wide and have the resources? Ok with I throw you another person to help you and you're still slacken. Eventually, you Norman, after a couple of bit more direct, I'd be lessened man, the sixty percent I appreciate that It was and is actually start to hurt us anything. You need to step up, which is why, I'm hoping, as I see nothing but potential new or after bring someone else in that can kind of handle a hundred percent Degrasse when I'm coming from then it would even ask away from there so makes it so yeah there's, I don't think of things as black and white conversations like hey. I just need to go in and drop the hammer today. Cuz, I don't. I don't I'd rather I'd rather have you recognized right I'd rather, have you realize that that there is a problem with that? Forty percent now play, say something and just omit the forty percent like when I first talked to you and this man is sixty percent of the stuff over here that you're doing it
can you the benefit, rather you straighten out another forty percent yelled get out your ruler and get straight, sir, of course, the ruler, but folk S, technically the ass a your whole campaign. There is not false believing that are so. It's like the by let's say you just stuck literally thou tat first, one that step one right than yet living far off. I step so if you just stuck a more I'm scared for that that depends on the reason to rights. I, unlike a great this, sixty percent awesome and don't even mention the forty percent, because I don't want any conflict with that guy or I'm scared of confront all more. I'm scared for that that conversation, and why should be realistically scared of is if you're doing, if you're busting your ass to do that. Sixty percent great and all I come in do say like hey the sixty percent good, but the other forty percent sucks. I discourage you. Now you're like I can't do anything right. Rodolfo now you know you're sixty percent right, there's a good chance that you don't get the sixty percent. Now you're, not of fifty
and in forty percent good and sixty percent back. I don't want to. I want you to be on board with the programme. I want you to be like oh man. Work a little bit more work, a little bit harder discipline myself a little bit better and I could actually gets seventy percent and unless you were joggled comes in here and says, when he's all fired up that I did. Sixty billion wants this. So this is, Oh thank so thank you could say almost that false cheerleading, I guess I was can say you could almost say false. Trailing cheerleading actually has its little spot. Hide it. In a bigger cabin, he used in a campaign, but it gets technically if it it is by its very nature, if it's part of a big campaign, it's not false cheerleading, its justice may be strict he to deliver their strategic maneuver like jazz think of a little kid Miller break it down to
the fundamental realities of life, little kid. If you take a little kid that does something ok, let's say the kid tries to draw a rabbit, and what it looked like your mouth? Muzzle loading eleven miles, barely stick site So if you, Sir, it's ok, I can of reuse, false cheerleading, hey kid, you're that let us move a rabbit, losing a stick fail If I could get a drama, the rabbit does not want to know and once you, if you say, oh, I really like that, you tried, I can see where the eyes should Gulf Romania and they get a little bit now my pocket. Can I hang this up. Upon my refrigerator, What is I could want to do now, draw more reduce even does that translate directly to adults? Oh yes, it does. Oh, yes, it does. Does it always translate? Wasn't no, of course not doesn't rancid honour percent, but because there's some people better,
there's. Somebody registrar escaped into the meadow moment, if you say like Agar job like uncle thanks renounced you don't wanna be Tommy, but if you're in a budget again for x procedure, gonna campaign, which ought to make things happen its. I guess you know what hey echo Man, that stuff in future. The first on you ever made a video if I said you know I mean the decent work. You know not Actually I grabbing, though, would you been excited to make more various pro? yeah, I mean you'd, probably like or whatever I guess. Maybe this is for me, or maybe I don't make me used for this guy here for the scattered yet of, but if I was like a man I really liked with. That was some good affair. That was, you know, no mean. Then you go. I am like easing the game with me, resin, where team were not against each other, so I'm just trying to unify things and brings together the mighty me come back to you to improve myself more
Would you say we both had that yeah we're a team? Now, that's a good will do my best leaders that I had all I wanted to do as do better for them, and they never did you make me critique what it was like. The kind of critique makes you feel guilty about being alive. I would like a man like really like this. No, I wished If we could do this low, but more than that would be really nice like ours, better and then you have to also remember that people have different levels of sensitivities. Right here is free. Like She would have something that they were deeply care about. You when you critique em, there's an almost no one that takes a critique well knew right, o, tell me about. Oh, you are talking about whatever, I did this drawing like a little kid right. The kid tries do good, drawing Utah,
let the drawings, no good that breaks their heart evil. So yeah right is that forestry reading that's part of a campaign plan, good if the kid draws a stick. You like that's the most. Using drawing of ever seen, will now what's the last? If you the kid draws a stick and supposed to be a rabbit and you got that's the most amazing rabbit I've ever seen drawn now ask this. Is that kid gonna try and improve at all no and he'll probably not take criticism because they start used getting used to like never having everything. I knew his great and I think that one applies more to adults, because when you say that you don't like mass investing I've ever seen there like yeah. But more egotism, can't the elderly Maria little kids, like what kind of surprised if you do that
What really believe you the way they look, I'm only six, but that attack is borrowed. Humphrey observed I try to make a rabbit. I got. I got an ear, ordinarily ways. After that I don't know. I could see the two years so there you go meanwhile back in Korea, here's what's goin on their under another attack and, as you can see this little pattern developing it just we're getting attacked, we're getting attacked, we're getting attacked, we're getting attacked, that's what's goin on We could see the North Koreans poring over the hill, the north korean artillery fire followed K company down the hill. The ground shook like an earthquake as the rounds walk towards us. I hugged the bottom of the side of the whole. All I could Think about was around landing straight on top of me. If that happened, I'd never know, old, my helmet and good. My teeth. I starting to lose it.
Now again, this is just continue to continue to hammer and Ross comes over. Are we going to stake God dammit just saying these holes? Until I tell you differently, I raced back to my hole on the way young lieutenant ran by me. He was scared. He was so scared, his voice, cracked, when he screamed at me get out of here fallback who the hell are you I barked there were men he'll trying to get back and if we left they wouldn't have a chance in Hell. So he's his group has tried to provide cover fire for the groups that are now retreating edens, happen, I never got his name. He just I'll befall back you're full of shit. I yelled at him We can't leave here. We have to help these men yeah this. Did he's keeping order in this retreat. Several other members of a company pass me following the lieutenant I saw some of my men getting out of their holes. You sons of bitches, get back in your goddamn holes. I could I yelled get back they scrambled back. Round started crash around us again, I could hear the cat
compliments scream shrapnel showered them slicing into their skin larger pieces, punched holes in their chaster sheared off their limbs, their screams filled in the silence between the crash of artillery shells. I not going to be able to control this fucking situation, much longer walls stared at me with a vacant. Look, don't do it now. I fought another barrage landed near by I put my head down my ears The ringing smoke was down on the bottom of the whole. Again the jewellery fire finally stopped. The screaming for the medics began go check. Man, I told wall shaking amount of stupor I hated overhauls position. He had the same vacant. Look as Walsh. Men from K company were moving down, the ridge carrying the wounded, everybody was bleeding or bandaged. At my men focused on the hill? We, for the North Koreans to counter attack, but they never came. Neither did the artillery
it wasn't long and I was told to withdraw off the hill. He talks the korean augmentation, to the? U S, army or CAT Katyusha programme eighty you as a so Korean augmentation to the U S Army and this was like sold Does he describes it here? Catoosa soldiers were young men picked up in larger cities, given a couple weeks, training in such assigned to the american units. Despite the language barriers, the Koreans fell right in line with the rest of us. When we marched they kept up, we fought, they stood there ground too. Over the next few days we continued to attack to the west. It was knocked down, drag out slugfest nor greens attacked us with abandoned and try to overwhelm us with numbers. They were fanatical one regimen
commander, said after the war that the North Koreans had no consideration for the loss of life they have. Hesitancy and losing five hundred lives to gain a small piece of ground. It took us. Three more days to take two more north korean positions. We uncovered Large ammunition, caches and kills Seventy two and captured two hundred all great price? lost two more men and the company suffered a total of four killed, with thirteen wounded, the losses reduced our strength to round fifty three men. But the enemy was now on the run and we held the river river lined the morale. With sky high, so the carnage the tables a little bit they went on the attack and the counter offensive and then their continue to push it as their as
you're putting down a road all of a sudden north korean machine guns started sprang. The road they had us in the open North Koreans had us pinned down and honour The portion of the village, which is what the weather objective was I heard the rumbling first peeking over the dyke. I saw three Russian made t thirty four tanks I could tell they were to thirty four. Because the narrow turret that sat on top of the almost pyramid shaped body. Eggs had led the charge in Nazi Germany in World WAR to the tea, thirty or dominated the german tax, because the russian tanks could raised over the deep mud and snow of the eastern front after the war The Soviets sold them to their communist allies, the North Korea, invasion was beer, headed by tee thirty four tax. The north korean lead tat was almost on us. It stop and the main guns started the slowly turn in our direction. I looked at the wheel
road and saw bazooka Gunnar jump out of the rice Patty run to the middle. The road stop shoulder. Tube, aimed at the tank this? Guy must have nerves of steel. It was a modern day, David and Goliath. Wham. The rocket smashed into the taken bounced off the gods thing was a dud or the Gunnar was to close in the rock and did not have time to arm a burst The tanks machine gun opened up and quickly caught the amount can Gunnar down. I said down the muddy dykes screaming at he agreed to get there. Gone up machine gun round from the tanks Gunnar sprayed me with mud gulf. Treads, I screamed. Watch tv assistant, Gunnar aside around fifty seven on his shoulder and tap among the helmet ice. To stop and buried my head in my hands, I felt concussion. Before I heard the round race by and hit the tank, the armored hawk tried to shake off the blast, but when it
I watched the tread roll off the wheels It still worked, and I could see a move back and forth searching for targets staying out of north korean sites. I most the was to get his gun on. The second tank in me it's. I heard another blast from the fifty seven soon the two eggs unable to get there by their crippled, mate reversed and headed back to the village. Just taken out tax with bazookas. Unbelievable The next morning we started out toward the hill in the village a thick early, morning fog hung low over the rice, paddies visibility with zero. We were stiff, at and very anxious as we started moving toward the objective. Had. I saw soldiers walk through the north green positions and continue towards the village climbing Like the last dyke we re,
Upon a road covered in north korean bodies, they were in a heap torn apart by shrapnel mules and balkan broken equipment sat motionless near by Bob. Parts were strewn on both sides of the road I saw a man lying dead and still chained to the machine guns they were pulling. Has the fog lifted say, became even more gruesome. Our artillery had them trying to withdraw. The same seen played over and over again as we moved up the road into the village we didn't It's a fight taking this position. Every mile we moved north. My outlook changed. The whole section looks and acted more self, confident we got into a fight we enjoyed the killing was quick we becoming revenge rather than necessity, rather necessity to gain ground and drive the North Koreans out.
We were still being killed only now we were the aggressors and they were dying in their holes. I knew we were better fighters and had held them under tremendous odds. Now the tables were turned and they did not have the will or resolve to accomplish what we had in preuss on during the darkest days of summer. So The momentum is going to change. These guys are feeling feeling but the whole situation as they, and there's something good there's something I feel good about being on off its Brighton Beynon Offences is where we want to be. We will want to be on defence and this confidence Cain'T continues as they continue to advance early. The next morning we were back on foot advancing toward the North Koreans behind that three american tanks we are receiving Henry Heavy Artillery fire and try to close to the tanks, hoping the army would she'll us from the shrapnel flying through the air. What,
Second, I was looking back to make sure Walsh Squad was keeping up and the next I was stunned a shell landed on the tax sending shrapnel and fire into the air. The explosion was deafening, and I stumbled back dazed. Falling down in the tracks. Behind the tank, I saw the crew crawling out of the escape Hatch Machine Gun, fire was kicking up dirt. All around me, as I hope the ground I could see tankers lying under the tank. They were wounded and couldn't crawl away from the hulk Whilst I screamed help me get these guys a couple till rounds net landed on the road. I felt a sharp pop pain in my left. Shoulder you all right wash asked ass. He raised to my side yeah said shake my head trying to reassure him. I didn't have time to worry about it the machine gun round, pinged off the armor, as I crawled, underneath the tag grab, one of the takers by his collar pain she
through my arm in my shoulder- felt hot and weak, I'd go but hung on with my good hand, Wall grab the other tanker and we drag the parenthood near by ditch. Medic Medica screamed again, there's a psych heroism after heroism after heroism in this book, and I brought bring up some of them, but I dont, above and because we don't have, I can read the whole book you gotta by the book. Continuing I squatted down and try to take off my gear and jackets mimetic could get to the wound. You got hit my shoulder miles, tat shook, as I pulled off the shirt now, a few shades darker from the blood. The medication wash he wiped away the blood with a lot of gauze started, bandaged gash, it was on backside of my shoulder and I couldn't see the wound. A few pieces of shrapnel dramatic said you can move it right.
Really nothing torn or broken. So now he's His wounded not too severe, not exactly a good deal. If know you think about you, you think about your nose in an athletic competition, which is what this is and on Top of that. There is a massive amount of mental stress On top of that, you gotta make decisions. On top of that, you you gotta be gash in your shoulder. A couple days later we risk we sat overlooking the thirtyth parallel we'd push them. North Koreans back now and awaited orders to attack sitting in my foxhole, I watched as the full moon began to rise. I got the few yet there was something safe and secure as wash and gently over us, I felt, like God, was protect Ass were surely trying to help. At least he kept me alive, even though my shoulder throbbed If only we were back home, we could.
Go to sleep under the moons calming light and wake up safe to the warmth of the sun. Now that shoulder wound that he gonna blew off access is not all that good let's get a little law so get a little infection in it passes out from it. I woke up this time. They carried me back the battalions aid Station, the medics set structure on a dark floor D. Here comes in you're lucky Had you wait any longer the infection would spread, I'm goes by the next day. I felt fine, the dog, Dress had me on a jello diet, so in the dark Your came out came on his rounds. I told him I wanted to leave. I need to go back to my unit. I said. Full days later. He gets back with his unit and of course, what are you doing there go on attack Dough boy, the American grunt
they give wounded what they want to do. They want to go back, they want to go back with their team and that's exactly what he what he does and Four days later, he gets back with his unit course. What are they doing their going on attack as their going on attack backed the book. All of a sudden, there was a ponderous roar as an artillery barrage hit us. I was blown straight up in the air my feet, over my head. Came down on my shoulder and my head: the mud soften the blow. Grabbing my home a yield for my section to run forward out of a kill zone, three guys in front of me into behind me, were wounded. I could hear the moaning as they clutch their stomachs and legs checked myself, I escaped without a scratch medic hurried to the down men. I I looked I can answer he re standing dazed get moving. I yelled
give me with a funny expression on his face and look down at his waist. He had been hit by shrapnel in the stomach. I could see the blood soaking through his fatigues. I'm hit rich, get down I said, and I hollered medic he fell to his knees and raw Over onto his back, I was torn I wanted to run to him, but I had to keep as to the section moving. There was one of those choices that you never to make I saw medics coming and turn to join the other men. Good luck buddy see later I screamed over my shoulder. I couldn't look back, but I knew I'd probably never see me again a stomach wound. I thought Jesus Christ. I hope he makes it. I wanted to say Down and cry, but this is not the time replace for that.
Damn near lost a whole squad, There is only one way to go at the hills. Another try to take the hill there's only one way to go up the hill and it was straightforward. I looked across the in space we are going to cross. There was little cover. This is going to be tough There was no time to dwell on he Glee or are dwindling numbers. The longer we sat behind the real world and begged meant, but tougher would be to get started. Browser was waiting to get artillery sport. The same guys I had dinner with. I hope they remembered what I told them: income through mean back against the embankment. I saw Alan and the korean hosting across the field, each caring too, boards with ammo. Ready. Brahms, Sir said I gripped my I closed my eyes, My my new going forward was crazy, but I will
my legs to move soon. I was running and leading the rest of the section across the paddies mortar artillery fire crashed around me, but I didn't notice. I only saw the flashes of the north korean machine guns ahead of me. I stay close to MAC could hear him hollering to add his squire to move to my right, I saw that war was right beside us. He added squad Bovary. It all seemed almost normal, it was just The day, another attack. So you're getting mortar and artillery fire crashing all around you, but you're not paying attention that cuz. You really paying attention to the dam muzzle flashes from the korean machine guns that are right in front of you when they they demand a point off that attack and again get the books. You can get some of those details when the attack complete, I was not a religious person, but I felt like one that day
I gave thanks with was for our gift of life. After services that evening we turned in our basic load of ammunition. Another sure sign that it was over so to rehash that last little statement- turning in their ammunition they're getting up, I feel, like I've, been doing this good fighting they been alma pursuit kind of all the defensive in the beginning. Now they go back on the counter attack and now they're feeling pretty good, and now they they get hey. You know what you can turn in your ammunition. Think about that, but back to the book that night we got orders to move, but not home, we're north to the town of goose on. I was your when we arrived in Korea now less than sixty. Seven days later, I was going to the master sergeant, the army's highest noncommissioned officers rank. The promotions, couldn't have comedy
at a time with the war, winding down. I was sure this will be the last of the fast promotions so Is actually again, these guys think that their due good job and a kind of think that things are heading in their direction and gear in fifty. We know just from history that this war is not in closed over yet and deal but that's the weather fuel and you mentioned- I mean he's he's at the high seas of easing visa, a master sergeant right now. Sixty seven days ago promoted through all the ranks, that's guys at so many guys, wounded or killed that they needed him to be promoted. To run these units so they now get sent into position where they're holding a bridge and while their wholeness bridged, send a couple guys out our recon today, look around and they come back. And he says what the hell was that I asked him. It's just
old glove and a shovel, it's all wet partly been there for weeks. He said in a defiant tone and that's why, the guys that were on the recon talking that was on the recon talking they didn't like any glove. I had seen before it was large and padded what else you find a shot back. Just some positions nothing to worry about little concern now and continued to quit him on how many holes there were up there around five or six? The sergeant said was the dirt wet or dry. Goddamn it I don't know whose pitch black I'm telling you there's nothing up on that fuckin kill the smoke sergeant snapped at me. Yes, what's common, you find a shovel up their guess. It's gone on their digging in that's, what's goin on their digging in these gloves these kind of heavy gloves. You no problem. Resupply from the Chinese. That's why didn't recognize him so they had really encountered the Chinese yet that we're about.
Who attacked in massive numbers back to the book around four a am M the hill and four machine guns from a high heels on the south. End of the bridge opened up two guns com. Firing on each end of the bridge. The tracers from the machine gun were skipping off the concrete, like firecrackers, my guys wicked man, the fifty seven regardless rifle and got a few rounds. It did little immediately we started getting hit with mortar fire. My radio was shot up and I try to get the company on the landline, but it was out too My mind was on my men at all: two in the opening barrage and I had lost track of the two men on the south side of the bridge. This attack did makes sense too much fire power for a few stragglers. So is again looking back to the recon before they got
it looked like the fourth of July. Fireworks is tracer, skipped off the concrete, but I soon realise that some of the fire was coming from our left flank, Jesus, Christ. It was our own company firing at us. So we the little blue blue going down, which again for folks ever in the military. Do we want blue is a real thing, and if you don't attention and you don't plan, for it can absolutely happened to you. Your life was saying that the other day, if you were to ask him before he went on deployment, what are the chance is that you are involved in a blue blue situation, Unfortunately, unemployment like no chance, I would never happen ass enduring deployment you're there was. There was them I think we talk about three blue blue past bodies were one real in two possibilities in the extreme ownership And we want is the opening story of blue Blue. One is late with
Chris Kyle, whose git ray you take a shot in your life is basically getten asked hey, take that guy out leave put the brakes on it and it turned out in friendly: U S army soldiers and then one where I guys on the roof top of a building in there's a Bradley vehicle. That's one to engage with twenty five mm chain, Jane Gun and They're looking their reporting, that they're looking at one building, but there actually look at an all the indications are. Yes, you can engage. Those are enemy, snipers on that rooftop. Take him out, but on the same block a few bits things down, it was actually consider was actually probably a couple blocks away. Was my guys and that Gunnar in there, Bradley that was reporting it. He just got little bit a little bit off on which buildings which building so use actually pointing at one building and just thought he was when he he's looking through. They have really good imagery on
Billy, especially the firm oak. So you can see like white hot and he's looking at a building down this long street. Reporting on free with the buildings were, but the building here reporting bill Fifty I got enemy personnel on the rooftop and my guys rebuilding a hundred? he's asking. Does anyone have any tributary friendly troops in building fifty No, no one has any troops in building fifty over there, There's enemy with or without sculpt weapons are in error, they hey. This is sniper, that's been killing our guys by the way right. Let's take em out looking at the air and what I actually told them to you are like a before and- and the reason I I was heads up was because we had belonged blue. I knew that this was a possibility. So I said cow The buildings from Europe Intersection up to the target, building so it's were quiet for a little while and he comes
as explained by because it comes off I'll give? You can see on the bottom up? It's like ok, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and that's what wherever he gets to twelve he's like away I'm in the wrong spot, and he realized it is. I got you know so still down. But yeah you don't want to be on a rooftop getting hit with fifty or twenty five mm chain gun from a Bradley fighting vehicle. It's not going to be good situation at all and so the same things going on here. You got firefly going on now you got troops moving around and these guys are good lit up by their own men. All kinds of ways, tactically to d conflict, these things, but you have to pay attention to duty in one of the things you have to do. Is you have to have the. Humility to recognise is that it can actually happen. Back to the book, the greens were all over the place. Mac was hit, than his thought. I could feel his ass. It was drenched in blood. He started to choke. I talked him, but he didn't answer.
I laid him down and at the same time I'm haulage, the rest, the men to pull in tight around the road I had four men left are you, jeeps were shot up, one was on fire. I knew at this point, we could not hold the bridge, get the breach get them each block from the fifty seven and throw it in the river a yelled, my guys, so that sort of like that's like one of those when you make that call right there, which is disable your weapon permanently cause we're gonna, do not make it we want the enemy to build a uses when they capture it in a matter of minutes, that's what he said is you know get them, with block out and left. We leave the river. I Of course, the North Koreans attacked again and got within twenty feet before we stop them. I
to the other side of the road and got slammed the ground from an explosion confused, I stumbled into a nearby ditch. My head was ringing. I checked MAC, he was dead so where the other two men on his side of the road. Only two men left. We had to leave the bridge Shoved a grenade in the breach of the fifty seven, the grenade, splendid, destroying the gun, and we started pushing up the ditch away from the bridge. I couldn't see or hear anything. We have not gone very far. When the point man told me, someone was coming down the ditch toward us. I took a knee and re readied. My rifle hold your until they get closer. I whispered the point. Men yelled quickly Sarge their own guys to two of them. From Battalion come over what's going on, I barked them. The men looked. Crazed both what
Ok, a mile a minute, and I tried to settle them down. Look take it easy hold them slowly tell me what you know them Italian got hit. They were in the head where's before we knew it the whole damn was a mess. One of the soldier said. They were dead and wounded all over ring was shot up. It looked like an artillery barrage made a direct hit. It was told chaos. What are you trying to do? I asked they said they were trying to make contact with someone large on Taylor, one of Walter's men, the other guys from first battalion. Look. I didn't recognize him where's they're. All dead Sarge Taylor said so they make movement towards that battalion headquarters area.
And there are still some friend is there we stumbled into the battalion headquarters area. I introduce myself and asked Jones what the situation was. It was not good there were thirty or forty wounded or dead Doc, Andrews and the chaplain and are in the Man post trying to take care of the wounded Jones The battalion commander was dead. They just why in on them and shot up the whole damn place. So at this point. They kind of zig e out of their into a tree line, and we got Into the wood mine and through ourselves to the ground completely exhausted and from there. The chaplain moved on to their position, but before he left, he told me we were fighting the Chinese. We'd heard rumours about the chinese soldiers coming over the border. That problem,
Confirm what I had fought for last couple of hours Jones, based We told me when he in that their quilted uniform jackets, looked much different than the North Koreans. First can it fill Petersen and why Mayo had also scrambled into our perimeter. Officers were artillery forward observers but had lost their radios in the confusion. They'd gotten reports Hours before the attack that the Chinese were in the area, the Chinese Judy soldiers had come asked the Yalu to protect electrical generators along the river that night, Your had seen a chinese prisoner in his quilted jacket, but No idea the danger we worryin they'd been ordered by to the battalion, and and tried to escape when artillery unit tried to save their own howitzers. But the Chinese had already cut the road we were trapped for them. The day we set up our defences we
The Chinese would come for us that night, so that's it right now, they're, they're, surrounded and They set up a perimeter to the best of their ability and they got Bunch of wounded their low on ammunition, low on food law on water and So a perimeter is based. Glee. For those he don't know, you set up three hundred sixty degree security, permanent Dixon foxholes. You put machine guns pointing out that your bid, your last stand situation. Now that doesn't always last anchors when you're on a normal patrol you set up from any anytime, you stop. You set up three hundred sixty degree security. And in this situation, that's what they're doing their set up their perimeter to the best of their ability with what they ve got left and then there's a little command post in the center of the perimeter- and here we go back to the book inside the command post. I knew what the officers were talking about it Forbidden subject what we want
were we going to do with the wounded in the terrible final more moment that Everyone knew was coming. The battalion Sturgeon DA Anderson and the chaplain we're doing what they could for about forty wounded men, but we couldn't hold out for long without a relief column, meaning people coming back. And if we had to run the wounded officers were going to have to decide whether to leave themselves and the other wounded men behind to the mercies of the enemy, and once he kind of hears that inside the center of the perimeter during if it at the command posts there. He goes back out too his edge of the perimeter go back the book. I saw a group of twenty men running right at us. They were Americans and were hollering and waving in us. I prayed there. Were the lead element of relief column because
course, hearing rumors rumours that someone's gonna come there's. People friendly's on the way, that's what they're getting their kind and it I wasn't clear where they were getting those rumours from or whether they were just assuming like hey we're here. Americans are gonna to get us they ve gotta be Sentinel, leave the dying. We just need to hang on that's what he said. I pray that they were the lead element of a relief column, the other eyes, were cheering them on as they made the short dash to our trench They slid inside their chests chess keeping. What unit are you guys from? I asked Second of the eighth, an officer said between deep breaths, the stragglers pushed by us and color. In the center of the perimeter, everyone's morale sank, lower than whale shit. The energy and excitement seemed deflate from the men in the trench and all once their heads hung and shoulders dipped.
These guys warrant a relief column. They were just we're stragglers from the second battalion? I couldn't shake the thought that no one was coming for us. There's a soldier it. Talks about a polish guy mean american Guy, but of polish descent. Last names wallack later that day Weiss another in their perimeter. Later that day, Wallack sent for me, I walked the West side of the Primrose Zalm standing near a machine gun position. He look Concerned and started pointing out towards what looked like an open field. Look over there, he said watch where he was pointing. I didn't see anything. I looked at. Short my soldiers, no keep looking. He said Start staring intently, then I saw it
a faint shovelful of dirt flying right into the air the little bastards were digging a trench there were about. Half a dozen or so doing. A path right for us or machine guns had been keeping them at a distance, but when their trench was done, they can move undercover right up to the edge of our trenches. So that's a determined enemy you're, just gonna, spend all day digging towards you. As clandestine as they can, but they can. We keep it so clandestine and no one really only one soldier noticed, back to the book. Sunset was a bad time. It always meant another attack. It started with a probe, but few chinese soldiers would move up to the perimeter followed by a short and violent firefight shortly. The probe. The artillery and mortar fire would start followed by the demonic ball of brass,
Google's and whistles as the chinese Infantry attacked. Now we talk about whose guys the men looked at me with weary and tired eyes. All of us had scruffy beards and our skin was Kate with mud and blood. None of the soldiers could look at me. They knew that they wouldn't survive unless they got up and fought, but they just sat there. They were not our just frozen by fear for some who's there first taste of combat boys overnight were forced to become men, I can only imagine the terror they must have been through must have been going through you ve got two choices. I yelled get up. And get to the line or I'll shoot you that shocked them into action. I don't think they thought I would shoot them. I had no sooner finnish prodding the men out of there. Terrier holes than one hell of a fight took place at the Battalion Command post.
I knew there were mostly wounded soldiers there. I feared for Jones the loan man on the moon, gun, but I add my own problems. The bugles and whistles broke the silence and the chinese rush. The east side of our perimeter, came in waves straight into our fire as quick These. They fell more appeared they moved into our fire like they were possessed. I erased from trench trench moving men. Were the Chinese concentrated their attack when their attack. The east side slowed. They launch, the attack on the west side. Although we were dug in our casualties were mounting moving men to where the most Chinese were concentrated, the attacks, down, but it was not long before they began an assault on the west side of the perimeter. Now they did I, as he's attachment placed there's these tracks that word they're kind of abuse and in trucks- and they figure it's nighttime if they can set these shocks on fire, then allow them to see the enemy, and so that's what they do they
to want wants. One of these attacks starts, they still shot the gas takes and then shot tracers until all the vehicles were on fire When the chinese Infantry men ran past, we could see them silhouetted against the light. It was a shooting gallery. We cut down first wave only to watch the next ones climb over their comrades and keep coming we down the next wave, but they still kept com for the rest of the night. The Chinese came up at us like what gives to the shore, but each can we stop them? They never reach. The perimeter next more We took stock of our situation, water. Food were a problem but ammunition and the wounded were our biggest concern. We Eighty five able bodied men left out of about two hundred the rest were dead or wounded. We were also out of morphine, and this screams of the wounded were still
to have an impact on the rest of the men. I could see in their eyes a tired haggard look A relief com is calling for us they'll through today I told the man ass. I walked a line over and over again hoping to calm them. As I realized hindsight, probably hope convince myself, I hope, hell. I was right now This is just a little report again about chaplain coupon, any he gets report written in its report, and it says this: the dock said that when the Chinese got into the dugout chaplain coupon stop then from killing all the wounded by surrendering himself, the China took him and fifteen of the walking wounded, including mild company commander, Captain Mcafee. What coupon did was heroic
stopping the Chinese when he left. He was carrying sergeant Miller so Chap and upon this once again, heroic actions, saving the lives of these guys before they were slaughtered by the Chinese by surrendering himself When I got back, I organised about a dozen guys to follow me out of the perimeter and gather up some of the chinese weapons and ammunition we're out of almost everything lot but lying in front of us we're weapons and ammunition, including much needed grenades before we left. Told the men to be careful, because some of the Chinese might still be alive. Gruesome business. The only solution to our most pressing problem crawling over piles of dead Chinese. The smell was overpowering at time. I could your gas seek out of the decaying corpses, I could hear men behind me gag and throw up,
yes, this is like, and this is like you, you got a sit around. You gotta, you gotta. And what this is like that they are. The chinese attackers are literally stacked and piled on top of one another. And you're so low that you have to go out and gather weapons and ammunition from them and as you're doing that their bloated bodies, are giving off gases, and it's that smell, so horrible and the whole scene is so horrific that your men are dry heaving and throwing up as you're trying to do this back the book for the rest. The morning we passed out our new trove of ammunition and dug in deeper as we work I heard the faint buzz of an airplane overhead. The spot plain that had dropped bags of medical supplies was back. So I skipped over the Barbara there's a day. They got some medical supplies from a little plain and
Time is that are dropping supplies, it dropped the message and this time the pilot dropped on target grew. Grow opened the message at one that one of the other guys Guerrero, open, pronounced, Reggie, I r o you acts, grow open. The message. I saw the collar leave his face. Knew what the message said before he told me we were on our own. No relief column was on its way out. Order was simple: we needed to get back to friendly lines. The best way we could well RO got the officers together. I gather up a few, the sergeant and we had a meeting Well, we are on our own them. They told us to get back the best way. We can. I told the sergeants wallet, was the first one to speak up. We can't just leave the wounded. What the hell are we going to do a sergeant? I didn't recognize said
The meeting was tense. I realize that I've been telling them was went to happen, wasn't going to no relief, no rescue and if we state in this hellhole we would all die I think we can keep the Chinese out of the perimeter for one from more than one more night can even do that. I said there was silence. We were facing death But bravery is a funny thing. Comes in all shapes and sizes and appears in men. You would least expected from most of US no one another, but we fought hard together like we were. Blood brothers, What do you say about staying one more night maybe somehow they'll breakthrough to us tomorrow. I said tomorrow we talk about the wounded
walk nodded his head and looked at the others stay one more night, everyone quickly, reed. No one wanted to leave the wounded. I told grow way the men felt and after he meant Brahms, your mail Petersen, they all agreed known, was comfortable leaving our wounded or the wounded knee by in the battalion headquarters the Chinese that the chinese attack three times and times we held, but not without suffering more casualties after last attack. I literally fell into a whole near the center of the perimeter. I was fighting a loose, battle against sleep? I could feel myself slipping away. My boss, he felt norm damp and heavy. There was no noise, no sound. I was paralyzed and the hard right try to move the more. I felt the
for my body felt like stone. I tried to scream nothing. I tried I couldn't make a sound view those in the distance cleared my hazy mind. I could hear the birth of chinese sub machine guns, but the cop, but not the constant rattle of our own machine gun closest to me. I And we got a sick feeling, I bolted the trench and crawled toward the machine gun position and fell into the whole head. First, the Gunnar was wounded and the assistant Gunnar was trying to put the gun back into action. There was ammo, but the gun was jammed. I racked back nothing, there Space was screwed up. The Chinese were the worthy The Chinese were within twenty yards of us and I was sorry mean for them and keep firing. I pulled the on into the hole and started to take it apart. I, said the head space put bear one chamber in alignment and reassembled. It.
The aid Gunnar, the assistant Gunnar, laid the ammo belt in and slapped the cover down Iraq, the ball back and pulled the trigger the jumped back to life. The fire immediately had an impact and drove wedge into the advancing soldiers. The first book, the first book took out half a dozen some of the wounded and dead Chinese fell into our trenches. Other crumbled in a heap near the edge close enough that we could reach out and touch them. I looked down, and saw that the Gunnar was dead the aid Gunnar was hidden, the arms and I could see blood staining is fatigue jacket, but he kept firing his rifle and replacing ammo belts. When the machine gun when dry, Just as fast as it started, the attack ended. There were some sporadic firing from the other side of the perimeter. A couple of guys, close The gun position came over to me and took over as I headed back to my whole across
over several dead american Chinese, every Trojan horse seem to be filled with wounded men screaming and crying for their mothers. Always their mothers. We had an added problem now, since some of the wounded were chinese soldiers. The dead were not a problem. We just them out in front of the trench, but the wounded we had to help. If we could attics did their best, but Barely had enough for all men, the Chinese raw scared to death crying and moaning They were, the enemy but they were also soldiers just like us, and it was difficult to see them that way.
The next morning, browser and Guerrero called me. Over to them that artillery, lieutenants, Mayo and Petersen were also their grow said what we all knew. Stay here any longer there is no. My mind that the Chinese will overrun us tonight, he said need to find a way out. Will you leader patrol lieutenant, on Petersen have already volunteered to go. I looked at the lieutenant and nodded my head. Yes, so they're gonna try and find a way out of is perimeter and you're, going to do a little reconnaissance tonight or or now to try and figure out their route, so that then later they can get out of there and come up with a plan to get out of their backs. Because we greens other crawling gonna trends to try and look for the for the way out. Crawled down the trench,
The Hey word got out that we were going on patrol yours and crawled by a Babby wounded radio operator, Lieutenant Petersen, where you going looking for a way out. He said and a Petersen the radio operator pleaded. Please don't leave me here. Please don't leave me you can't leave me here for them to get me. Petersen, looked shaken and urged us forward. I heard him say he was sorry as we crawled off others reached out to us pattered us on the back, and we just good luck. As we move down the river bed, the chinese soldiers grab that us and how, bout cops begging for water. I took my nineteen and turned upside down to show them that we had no water, so there's the Me there also wounded lane in these trenches it just a total blood bath.
Chinese soldiers are asking these Americans Can you imagine what these guys look like at this point in fighting for x on end They have no water, they had no food. There out ammunition are covered in blood. I mean Richardson's. Actually wounded in a sorry state therein, the chinese soldiers that are even worse, state begging for water so you guys find a route in at, I want to make it sound like they found some easy escape route. That's going to work, they found a possible way of getting out of this perimeter and when they get back they they come back Inn The word like: ok, this, what we're gonna, try and do and talk any says we move at seventeen hundred before the chinese move in gross said
Word was passed to all able bodied men. They were too to make sure that they took what ammunition they had left. I got a bird gun and some ammo the wounded. Man knew what was happening. Some broke down cry I'd and begged us not to leave. Please, dear God, take us one soldier begged me grabbing my shirt. Don't leave us to the Chinese, others just watched in silence. They knew they'd slow us down. They also knew that they'd be dead soon. They We ask that we come back for them, but I you. We were leaving them to die or worse, get captured,
I knew my orders and agreed with them. But I couldn't shake the feeling that I was leaving so many good men men who fought well only to be left behind to die, I wasn't sure I could ever forget this. Miss was the hardest thing had done in my short lifetime. This is your classic scenario of nay. What do we do? We do? We We leave no man behind. So then what's gonna happen? If they do that is everyone is going to die and they make the decision now we could have theoretical debate. Well, maybe if they fought it out, maybe they stuck together. Maybe They could defeat that any setter surrounding it,
estimation. This is wrong and you can see these guys already stayed longer. They already done everything that they can they're out of ammunition their surrounded by Chinese. The Chinese have unlimited number of men that are literally being piles around them. And they know that if they going to. If anyone is going to survive. The name you make a break forth and again theoretical for us. It is inherits hypothetical. We could say all we'd, stayin FI, we could say whatever you want to say right now, you're, not position. Now they leave at around five o clock, making a move a few hours into the march. The rain turned into a downpour. In minutes we are soaked the skin. The temperature was dropping, it started and I started to shiver move was the only way to stay warm. I paused on trying to get as many miles as possible between us and the old perimeter. We were well behind chinese lines,
because the size of our group was likely that we'd be spotted soon now this is interesting. Trying to move with. I think they said they had eighty able bodied man. Maybe it sixty that's a massive number of people. You can I'd sixty people, it doesn't work, you can well. I should say care, it's very, very difficult to hide. Sixty people likeable tuna, You guys, like it it's hard. You know buildings. We have little tiny elements too little type the sixteen guys you can find some terrain that will that will hide you We work in squads with eight guys like ok, we can. We can find a place tat when you have Sixty year you guys behind enemy lines. That's gonna, be a challenge I mean just think about. Where can you hide, though, that many people like a person terrain feature a ravine know somethin, like that. That's a lot of For the put new ravine, just the noise disappoint Reno who's. Gonna Kauf you get sixty people,
I'm going to call. Let me just you and me sit in this room and we notice, when one of US costs, because or one one of US grants or whatever, because we're recording it but you think about what you know united in here for two hours for three hours. I would say: I've times during that One of us will coughed right and you got edit, it out so happening with two of us. You puts Eighty people into Ravine, where they trying to hide from the enemy and there's how he broke off it. You know when people are our sneezing right, and it's not it's not good odds and that's where these guys are say an easy is Richardson same. Look we have a massive group is locked, will be easy to work to hide back to book. We need to get moving to take advantage of the dark I left the house. They ve been little house speaking of hiding I'll
the house frustrated, sergeant mare from the battalions. Intelligent section called me over. Let's get out of here. He said you know, better chance to get back. This group is too large. We don't have to Our power to fight in their slowing it down, so here's a guy sailor, Bro let us make a run for he was right. I knew that we'd probably make it back to friendly lines together. Breaking down into smaller groups would be better. But I'd help shepherd these men too far to turn my back on them, even if it can ask me my life. Sorry, I can't do it. Mayor shrugged and disappeared into the darkness, so exact What I just said this guy made the decision. You know what now going alone. That's not a good idea either. You know August got no one to support. You got no one to watch your sex, I mean that's just a bad idea. You can, even need to sleep at some point. By yourself, what happens when you start snoring right.
But this guy figured. I got a better chance of doing this by myself. Saw me to break out now you could give order, like hey ever, there's something escape and invade evasion when you just everyone, basically every man for himself. You could do that. But at this point rigid is like hey. We made it this far, we're gonna to we're going, stick together. Back the book, my group climbed to the top of a no. I could see the rounds hitting a mountain no more than five miles away. We were close for the first time I felt hope. Then the the rapid with machine gun and mortar fire. I was flat on my face. I quickly got up and just as quickly got back down and the problem position, the Chinese were showing the hill my lower I felt wet and I could you're what I thought was sweat running down the crack of my ass. It wasn't sweat, there was blood, I was, but I didn't feel anything there was. What smoke Durden Dust that I could barely see. I stumbled
If the hill followed by three others do about it, thousand chinese soldiers chasing us. I prodded myself to think it move. We stop the head for a village on the other side of the road behind the village. I could see a massive rice patty that ran up to a hill. I figured we can escape it if we got over the hill first. The party had about three or four inches of water. In it we state the tops of the dikes and got a half way across the party. Before I turned to fire back, the chinese soldiers dough for cover when. Did we started running again As I was running, I saw round heeding the water in front of me, not good. When we got to the other side, we down behind a dyke. Instead did firing at the Chinese. Again, I didn't see anyone behind them. If we could take them out, we had a chance, but the others didn't have any ammunition left and I was
to a few rounds myself. Get going. I said I'll call them off. They to me for a second go. I screamed turned toward the chinese soldiers crossing the paddy a few shots and indulge behind a dyke. A few seconds later, I fired two more burst before I was out of ammunition. Green burst. My mind was searching for an escape route, That if I ran straight up the hill, I didn't stand a chance about thirty yards to my right. There was a house, when in a baby, were crying and wailing and dug out near the hill, went into the house. If I went into the house I was sure The woman would tell them, but I couldn't stay behind the dyke with no ammunition jumping up I and behind the house and started up the hill I tried to keep the house at my back hoping to mask my movement as far as I can go without the Chinese, seeing me and then drove into a large bush.
Rolling onto my stomach with my chinese bird gun. Underneath me, I waited. I had no ammo, but I had a death grip on the weapon. It was my security blanket But here the chinese soldiers climbing up the hill, they were yelling at one another. I was not to move, not even breathe A fly hovered around my face landing on my nose and mouth. I try, keep my mind closed to everything. Closed my eyes as they passed and took my first breath. As I heard their yelling behind me in a few minutes, I was sure they were gone, but every unit has won a straggler that can't keep up The chinese straggler was so slow than when he got close to the bush. He saw me, I never moved and just shut my eyes. He said
the hollow drove his bayonet into my, but I felt the Tipp hit the bone. When I open my eyes, I saw boots all around me. My mind went to the bird gun. If I rolled over holding it they'd shoot me for sure I shot my arms out. Along the ground and rolled over leaving the bird gun in the mud. They down and jerk me up the barrel of the pistol. Look like the business end of a hundred and five millimeter howitzer a Chinese officer with red piping down the side of his pants. Had the pistol pressed between my eyes, he was screaming, in Chinese and pointing up the hill I was Norman, couldn't speak. I live Did my shoulders and let them drop, I thought of this moment many times.
And I know that if he pulled the trigger, I would never have known it. That would have been the end. I've been captured now and I had no idea what to do. At least when I was on the run, I knew what I was going. Even fighting for my life was easier than giving up all control. I was now at the mercy of the chinese scenario Captured fought until these literally out of ammunition and nothing else to do enough, two can do they must have some other guys that God captured, they must remain together. Now we're going back book there about ten chinese guards they lined up us. They learned
beside us and moved us down the road. A couple hundred yards, suddenly, the one and only lead started yelling and the whole column stopped the grass the guards grabbed us and made us kneel down in front of a ditch. I could hear one of the soldiers barking. What sounded like orders in Chinese. My mind went on folder. They were going to execute us. I fell the guy next to me shaking and another. Started sobbing, my god this is, it This is one of those situations where you to see your life flash before your eyes. Ready to really really of scenes from my childhood good time. In Austria anything to take my mind from Korea, and this ditch the didn't happen to me. I just closed my eyes.
Instead of shots. I heard laughing. They motion for us to get up the guy. Next to me, was so emotionally drain that he couldn't get up. I tried to help but my hands were tied behind my back, get by yelled, don't let them after you get up. We get to like a little. Building and they'd been carrying captured rifles this whole time, so they get to it, A building in backed the book. The Chinese dropped the pile of rice on the ground and motioned for us to eat it. The prisoners rushed in started fighting over the greens, I stag back from the melee and really watched. We ve been turned into animals. After all, we been through. Why will why, with the others not helping one another. Instead, they pushed and fought
I refuse to join in winter, leadership and control. More than ever, and I was going to begin leading by example,. So they go to They get some initial interrogation, of course, Oh, that mark execution, horrible. And then the into the next chapter, which is called death March. We started north up the road at a good clip Our circled us like shorts sharks, pushing anguish with their rifles, hating and kicking anyone who stopped many in the Pooh Pooh wounded, one man had a massive chest wound. It was covered by bloodstained bandages. He we as he shuffled down the road, a shoulder was a little stiff and the shrapnel in my back was wet and sticky, but I felt luck.
It was nothing in comparison. So the next time you think you have a rough day about you're, a prisoner of war on a death more and you ve got a massive chest wound. So now one of these, The chinese guards could speak English, and here we go pick up the wounded. He kept saying in like a broken record guard started, pushing us back toward the bat. The formation ground were about twenty soldiers on Jerry rigged litters made out a burlap bags attached and stretched between poles ten more soldiers, stood around them, pick up the wounded, the officer barked again It took four of us to carry one letter. I grab clauses litter and hoisted up The soldier in the letter had our horribly mangled leg. His car muscle was long gone and his foot rested on the inner limp on the litter. Limp and lifeless.
None of the wounded man had seen a doctor since being captured. Someone say they had been in trucks but would dump on the road when the trucks were needed elsewhere. A whistle sounded and started to shuffle toward the men. None were strong enough to carry the structures very long, my shoulders burned. I try to focus on each step. Left right, left, right wing. Ever things got tough. My won't mind wandered back to the guy with the sucking chest wound where I saw a glance at the guy on the litter. With a mangled leg, I vowed to never quit, but soon My body started a breakdown. I tried to get another prisoner to relieve me, but everyone asked looked away or moved ahead. Stayed in the dark trying to stay as far away from the structures as they could you son. Bitch. I barked at one soldier who almost jerked away when I asked was disgusted. It reminded me of the soldiers that first night fighting over the rice wheat forget
in that the backbone of any military was the bomb of the soldiers we fought, the guy's to our left and right. That is why we fought to protect our bodies and we expected them to do the same, but on a death March. Every man was an island. There seemed be no place for anything else. I refuse to be that way. Heavy burden. Each night, the guards were getting tougher, they were COS, we pushing in hitting men with the rifles. If a man fell behind you shot and pushed off the mountain side, everyone was rapidly losing weight loss. Food wounds and distant dysentery we're taking their toll,
carrying the men on stretchers was becoming even more difficult. We look like skeletons are uniforms. Hung office like scarecrows quote coat. Each time we got topped each We top one of the mountains we faced another one ears knows Fingers and toes were coming numb. At times I felt like I was walking on my ankles. I was lucky that my legs had always been the strongest part of my body. Many the wounded men who were strong enough to walk earlier Were now when the need of stretchers, however, There were none and we found ourselves carrying them along between two of us in Cases we are practically dragging them. When I heard a single rifle shot back, down the road. I knew another man struggle was over. My heart Was aching for them, but this time my mind kept telling me to move. We had
choices March or die. My survival mode kicked in not allowing me to surrender to pain and fatigue. Lords shoved us into a cluster of hot. So after walking long time baggage, dig it too late. Little village we were jammed into the room so tightly that my legs rested on another soldier. The only thing good about sleeping this way was that we will no warmer. A cold front from the play of Manchuria came roaring down and slamming into the very mountains we were struggling through. We were facing the coldest winter in fifty years. As we are ready to move out, the commander of the guards told us to leave the stretchers. The wounded were pleading with us to take them.
I started to move toward one and got a rifle button: the gut others trying to grab the stretchers, but the guards push them away to a star. The move towards the helpless soldiers again, but couldn't risk another blow. I let my mind drift into a zombie state hoping to block out The screams of the wounded left, foot right, foot left, foot right, foot. Over and over again, I repeated it until I couldn't hear their screams yeah.
Absolutely horrible, just absolutely orbit for ten knights, we marched into a fairly good sized town, And this is when he decides that he gonna try to escape pretty early on and he's gotta for bodies and their some confusion and there's some chaos. If that happens as their turn of round up the prisoners He gotta jumps over with a couple of guys into a little ditch and they cover up with some branches and they said Talk in these three guys, don't say, look what you know a move. Well, let's you know: what's head south and then finally, one of them guy says that
Be suicide and our condition we make it over those mountains. We don't have one close and we will probably die of hypothermia. We knew he was right. It was smarter to wait until spring time. We need To try and survive and hope our forces liberated us. Now, they're starting to get into like a little bit of a routine. My goal is to bring back discipline to start acting like soldiers again, the scene, the first night with the rice dropped on the ground, was burned into my brain. The only way we could survive until spring was Antipas. Escape attempt was to start working together
the sick and wounded suffered. The most are frostbitten feet. It turned a trench, foot in open wounds were infected or gangrene and said in for those guys it was only a matter of time before they died, since we had no medicine to treat them in. Finally, from his little group he loses a guy who's. Last name is graves. Graves was the first to die. The we had turned into one of death and suffering soon. After graves, Deaf Chaplain coupon came to the house. We were surprised to see him I had last seen about use on, but when he walked. I barely recognized him. The man I'd met on a region. Tucson was gone, he lost a lot of weight and his uniform kind of hung on his frame tired and worn out eyes belied. Warm smile upon
holders who is dead or wounded before he left. He told us to get organised will needed a action when the troop show up, he said have a plan. When the true get close the North Korea is my truck, kill us all. Upon never came back to my house, but he continued to visit troops in the valley. I know you, Read for each one of us when he could brought food. The starving until became so weak that the guards took him to the hospital there weren't here about what that hospital system of he died of pneumonia and May of nineteen fifty one and was buried in a mass grave by the Yalu River and If you don't know the story about chaplain and he was awarded the medal of honor for his actions in the korean WAR, then I'm sure
will cover that more detail at some point on this broad gasped the meantime, you can look it up and read about my hero, of war and a hero of faith at one point Richard, and tries to steal some came she and again. Now, I'm I'm fast forwarding a bit too. Where to wear they a little bit more settled in and he kissed. Those like a bowler came she and they started. The guards go all knots and trying to find out who took the came. She who took the game she and they day threatened him with a no one's gonna be able to eat until we know who took the came. She and finally, he breaks down And says I did it only me. Now is the officers turned to shake his head? You lie more, do it? No only me the guards I said. The little son of a bitch looked at me and they nodded.
The guards grabbed me inside my arms behind my back. You learn lessons now, the off Sir said the girl, large through a rope over an open trusts and pulled me up My arms into my feet barely touched the dirt floor. The pay was excruciating. I could feel lightning jolts of pain in my left arm and shit. There were arrested, had shrapnel wounds, the pain quickly crept up. My I driving straight to the top of my head, I gasped for air. The pressure My chest, allow me to take only sharp short breaths I could hear myself moaning and once I ride out and pain before I passed out. I woke up on the dirt floor. I could barely fields guards pulling the ropes off my arms. I got here of a bitch rattle off a few. A few orders he said
far away, but I could see his boots knew. He was standing over me. The guards reach my feet, throwing up the door. They taught me on the floor of my room barely move. My legs and arms Stayed where I landed the rest of the night. Martin help me get comfortable, told me that the house had been fed earlier that might, he had no idea how long I've been strong up the next morning, I sat up and started making jokes some of them laughed with me. Others Just scared laughing hurt my ribs, but it is the first time I've done it. Since you son, I was detour We keep my sense of humor. I was tied. It was too I'd to my will to live. From that point on Iraq, with a laugh whenever I could well, I guess we, Be having came she anymore.
After two months in the valley, the guards marches out of the valley in back up the road in pew talk so in a different location. Now and in this location, the Chinese. Finally, for fully take over the operation of the camp opposed to the the career in the North Koreans. So now the like the Chinese, were a little bit nicer to the prisoners. The Chinese issued each of us, a small drinking cop, along with a ball for our millet. Maize nome eating out of a helmet liner. We are also allowed to start a cook house for each company. We are occasionally given soybeans wells were contaminated from aunt em. And human feces seeping through the ground and into the water. Well, so we didn't have fresh water.
There were about three thousand men in the camp. Conditions were about as bad as a human being could possibly live with. So again I put Now that the Chinese were little but nicer cost, gave him like a ball, but it's done. Get me wrong. This was It is closely you could get to Andersonville in the civil war which that was up a confederate prisoner, camp for union soldiers, About forty five thousand soldiers that were captured in that way in that programme about thirteen thousand of them died from scurvy and from four, diarrhea and dysentery, so you know it's twenty, we think of like diarrhea. First of all, we think of ass, a joke in than we think of, as I can inconvenience, but When you're in these situations. It kills you
back a book. We were full of lies. The farm boys told us we were, they were hog, lies growing larger every day on our blood, while Scott fat. We starved the guy cards brought us to balls of millet a day and one bowl of boiled water which barely kept us alive and even when we ate dysentery kept us weaken dehydrated huh you can do some strange strange things to your mind. I was the latrine, a slit trench, and I noticed that many of the soybeans were passed hole. I thought if I put them out of the feces and why them off, I could eat them then, dawned on me that I must be going crazy or turning into an animal you'd, be a few days before I was able to get over the fact that I had let myself sink to a disk
sitting fought like that next time you feel hungry, you're not feel hungry. You even know what that feels like. They ended up Like form and a little groupies mentions this, this one guy in this group name Vincent Doyle I became the leader of this little group in infantry men during World war. Two. He had a wife and son and fall River River Massachusetts. He received a battlefield commission in France and left the army's lieutenant healed. A frozen food store and fall river. A little ahead of its time. Not many families had freezers. He went on a business and reinvested is a master sergeant, not an officer using too short to be an officer of the army, told him
That's one of the reasons why I left it in there is like the geysers humble like our kick. It has an officer anymore. You know I got a battlefield commission in World WAR, two just about them list does not know factor. That's that's like humility, or if you see that kind of humility, anymore, no man or make a big deal the generational differences, but that's a pretty humble guy right there back to the book. Our biggest problem was our physical condition brought on by the March men with open wounds. Many with gangrene. Didn't survive long. Some were saved from gangrene by magic, eating their dead flesh, which only meant they suffered longer know we ve been through that or with a forgotten islander who they would actually put. Man to get rid of dead flesh to try to save themselves
some of the soldiers had Blackfeet from frostbite entrench foot. I watched while one man pulled rotted flesh off his toe bones. The soldiers from the second aim for division had at worst they'd, been issued, shoe packs rubber boots with felt liners and insults there would sweat and they were continuously wet while marching and freeze when they stopped marching, since they never too, off the shoe packs. The soldiers got trench foot its easily understood when men die of wounds or pneumonia. It is more difficult. Understand when men just lie down and quit. I've seen strong men seemingly just give up and die. Firstly, woods are beating and stare with blank eyes at the mud walls of the hut mines were gone and life just slipped away. Then, after a few days. You're in all
all too familiar death rattle were dying at a rate of about thirty day. Each morning we took out the dead stripped of their clothes actin like cord, wouldn't pile at first. We try to take the uniforms and coats and give them to other prisoners, but the chinese guards wouldn't allow it what they did The uniforms is still a mystery. I hated being part of the burial detail. The physical poor was bad enough, but the mental part was much worse faults. The families of the dead man and if they left children behind who might never know what happened to them. I knew from listening to men. Talk that what bother most of them was the thought they might be next, that's one! I never let my mind think about
and again he moves around a bit to various places and various camps and gets various jobs. And again you have to read this book to really comprehend this level of suffering That was in by these prisoners back to bed, can early spring one thousand nine hundred and fifty one. The Chinese were building small docks on the river, and I was unlucky enough to be put to work on the crew, a group, were carrying one of these timbers up a hill. When someone the centre, stumble stumbled and the timber fell, pinning me to the ground, and when that happens, is back gets jammed up. And even though he makes it through that day, it starts getting worse and worse throughout the day. Now, there's a hospital right, it's a hospital but
I actually called the hospital. It's just like every other prisoner camp that we've heard about. When you go to the hospital you're dead, dirty dishes to place. They put you to die two same thing here. So his guys are trying to prevent him from being taken too long to the hospital. Carrying him back and forth to their formations in front The Chinese realised that he can't walk. So the Chinese come to the door and back ok we're taking you to the hospital we called at the morgue. We had never seen anyone returned from there. I won the fight back, but I couldn't the guards closed the door to one the room, in the cluster of houses that served as the hospital and threw me and it was dark, and I not see anyone island on top of a wounded and sick. Lying on the dirt floor, they immediately started, kicking and cursing me this step from the wounds in the human feces was unimaginable. I started to gag.
So this is I mean this is just a daughter. You can't even imagine anything is proving to be worse than the situation is, and now this pudding, this giant room filled with shit and wounded people that are going to die and by the way it's They ve got dysentery, they ve got diarrhoea, so just a total nightmare and he's trying to maintain a little bit of dignity, and he asked one of the guys in Rome where's the where's, Latrine. He had to use the restroom The guy tells him out door go left at the end of the building left again in twenty five yards on a no you'll find latrine, but your was freezing, but I welcome the fresh air. I dragged myself out on my buttocks, pushing myself along with my hands. I reach the train, a treasure for The half wide and ten feet long, the trench sat just outside a strand of wire that separated our camp from the black prisoners.
The human waste was like putting an almost each to the top of the trench, I managed to get my pants down and had on my way to the edge when this I'd caved in Ireland one to the trench. Finally catching my shoulders on the edge the waste was at my soon, as I clodded the dirt trying to pull myself free? My lad eggs paralyzed, like an anchor pulled me too at the bottom. I yelled out and kept crawl plying, but every cent Can I slip deeper and deeper into the trench too lack prisoners on the other side heard me they crawled, The barbed wire grabbed me by my arms and pulled me out, Can Later- and I would have slipped under the surface, the guard heard all the commotion and were closing in my sleep your scrambled back through the fence, just as the guards arrived to this day I have no idea who saved me fear
I was trying to escape. They started to beat me with the rifle Botz. I covered my head to try and protect myself. As I lay there covered. Shit. I lost control of my bow was that was it I was done, but giving up meant death I lived with death every day since coming to Korea, the battle it was like a movie and fast forward. There wasn't so What's going on and I couldn't dwell on death very long Call for the medic pass, we hold the wounded man in my arms or say a word or two as he passed from life to death. It was different as a prisoner I, no way of defending myself other than using my mind and what physical capabilities I could muster.
I realized my mind had to be my strength for a split. Second, all of the pain and suffering could have ended. No. My mind screamed. I could not give up I'd come this far in that. Second, I set my mind to doing something. No one had done. I was We do come back from the morgue. As the chinese soldiers landed blow after blow. On my back and legs, I banished death from my mind. Never again did it enter into it,
many lost control of their minds and did things they would never have done under normal circumstances. I didn't know what to say. When I heard stories were saw, things were, men were mistreating one another. I thought, of the first night of captivity when the Chinese dump the rice on the ground. What and two men when they become prisoners? Why do they change from helping one another and becoming and I'm totally engrossed in themselves, with totally selfish outlook on life, dad. I'm not talking about all men. But many never come to grips with, losing their freedom, they feel abandoned by their country and are no longer longer with men, they trust in their minds. Their personal survival becomes paramount and group survival no longer matters So again I mean going back to that part of the latrine. That's a little. That's a little footnote
and putting your brain for the rest. Your life because we're all gonna have bad situations, I get it I mean, he's gonna, be horrible. Things are going to happen. I don't know if there's much I don't know if you can get much worse than the situation that he was right there and and realising that is mind. Was a strike realising that. He had no other way to defend, but. His mind had to be strong, and he had that little split second thought that he could give up and just let it go. Just let it I'll go, let that pain and suffering stop but then he realized. No, not gonna. Do that.
Not going to surrender not happening eventually, I mean he goes through more hell and eventually gets honour to crutches one crutch and eventually he makes it makes it out of the morgue and you get sent back with the rest of the world The team- and we get back there like completely may- is it. This is a guy that they deprive mourned, is death because they thought, when you go to the morgue you dead and when he gets back. With Doyle and smoke. These are his boys, Doyle and smoke. S m o a K. Well Back Doyle said since no one had ever back from the morgue, the guy's peppered me with questions about his treatment. What treatment? I Ed and they all laughed I told them! We never received any medicine got.
Food in the room smelled like assess, pool, I told them how it almost drowned in the trench and that two guys, from the black compound saved. My life. It was a shitty situation. I said had again, they all laughed So this guy does a great job in trying to teach keep track of humor. Continuing. Since I've been in the more the Chinese had started, putting a lot of pressure on us. We were required. To spend hours in lectures and discussion group supervised by chinese political officers is when their indoctrination is taken. Place. Doyle explained that the political she began by breaking down physically, so he started to agree with him and then just just to get them you're back. When this happened, they would be on you for first portion you to make a statement against the United States government or to make a statement as the next wonderful treatment that you're receiving next should be one of the turncoat standing up on stage giving a lecture
they're going through this even other gettin trying to get began to statements out of them they're still getting treated horribly, we were still die, in great numbers, been removed from our sight. They also try to improve our diet prisoners. Started to make steam bread by taking balls of dough and placing them on a bamboo rack over a pot of steaming water one of the yacht leaders. I just add a note this one. I wanted the irrigation propaganda, communist leader, said: I will leave a hundred men to die to save one progressive, meaning communist. And they smoking or says the words they used. The chinese interrogators I people spoke English, and he says we outwardly challenge the loss of individual freedom under their system. The Chinese became quite agitated like this part, so there
again I mean I want to save their getting the tree good by any stretch, but it's at least a little bit better and it's part of it is them trying to convince them to know be communists. They can make statements against American. Do that all thing the peers, here's this one part display working many hours building the long houses. We were still role our debt and work lectures and once a chinese Acting troop came to town It was their version of a U S, O show called the white haired girl The story line with simple a peasant family could not pay, the taxes demanded by the dastardly landowner, so he takes the past it's beautiful young black haired daughter as his car. You buy suffers terribly under his demented date, demands but eventually escaped to the mountains years later The people's Liberace Liberation Army. Freeze, the people, the girl returns to the village, but now her hair, his completely white.
The play was well done and the chinese officers and soldiers hung on every word. They saw the girl story as their own. They clapped when the people's Liberation Army arrived the play. Course omitted the fact that now it killed fowls And said correct: in their millions of people in its drive to take charge, Control of China and this is why I read this park. As he says, we laughed and cheered when the landlord dragged the young girl away. The chair these guards were not amused and four days there was an awkward silence coming out, a kick out of that bunch. Ram bumptious prisoner of war. Ruining your little play, What our warm enough, the Chinese, let us take out a baseball field near the river we didn't have any balls or bats, but we went through the motions we may teams and selected umpires. We call balls and strikes. It sounded weird, but we had a lot of fun. We say
hours out there. He goes on to tell this story late. One afternoon when I read that also that's kind of interesting and we could see redo something entertain yourself, but they had a little bit of a bigger plant, lay when afternoon alone, american fighter Jack came screaming down the river we were out on ball field at first it get the hell out of us. It would bias in a flash but doubled back and flew straight down the river. We could see the pilot looking and ass, he passed the pilot, waved and wiggled as wings at us. There were no words describe how that incident made us feel. God bless him probably never knew that's what that simple acted for us. It was very long time before we stop talking about it and we the our goal, with the ball field. The Chinese refuse to identify peel w camps, but the ball field did the trick
soon after wetter winner said, instead of going to another winter, I got sick started running a high fever was coughing up, green and yellow, Mucus Doyle and smoke move me near the stove and kept me hydrated with hot water. A medic told me. I had pneumonia, I thought graves and was grateful that I wasn't still in the morgue after a couple days the fate of the fever broken, I got better do smoke both said they were sure I'd make it yeah yeah rich, Some of us thought we might need to dip you in the shit house again to make matters. What smoked all them in early spring. My legs were finally in shape to begin thinking about escape again when I read that I just wrote the words the long game. Next to it I mean Bro, can you imagine you're three years deep in prison camp in the whole time you thinking? Well, if I can
take the next year to get my legs healed up enough, where I can walk than I can try escape again you anymore our countries agree. If I can just made to spring time we'll with stronger, let the weather to target play in the long game, there as it were planned in this state. They were gonna, take Doyle and smoke and they were talking about it and soon smoke was doubled over door. Try to the Chinese to do something, but they ignore displease soon smoke. Couldn't talk. He just lay in bed and mon when really bad. He screamed. Finally, passed out his face was locked in a torrent, tortured grimace and his skin turned ashen at noon. The medic that was helping him turn to us shook his head, he's dead, words land and honest, like mortar rounds. I just stood there staring at his face and shock dead
How could this have happened in such a short time? Only seven months ago, men were dying all around us. It was normal since we'd move to preserve, didn't die anymore. We were there. Survivors. This wasn't supposed to happen it anyone any more. The shock quickly boiled up into a rage and these guys caught him You don't cut a yell at the Chinese and make a little they. The causing some problems, not to drastic, but no, they weren't they scowling anymore back to book the winter of nineteen. Fifty two to fifty three was livable. Compared to the past to winters we were allowed to select their own leaders and organise committees to work on different facets of our daily life, sanity in committee, Athletic Committee, Daily Action Committee, all some semblance of order to our lives, food, Improved too, we got some bread, vegetables and rice once in a while,
some fish and meat, but it was you they just a scrap A change in diet was enough to let us gain some weight July 27th, one thousand nine hundred and fifty three, the Chinese, had us all in a formation when they announced that a peace agreement had been reached. We stood silently looking at one another, No one said anything. This news, It's been a long time coming. I just stood there. A smile plastered across my face. I looked down at my rail thin frame like a map. It showed my journey scars on my back from shrapnel a missing tooth night, Blue this from a lack of vitamins which luck the only lasted for a couple of weeks. I was one of the fortunate ones. I'd survived
it may not state like that. Just changes immediately now they still have to get out of here. To this day, I think of our movement south. I still get butterflies and my stomach. They were, moving us to the rail had MA. Am PO the Chinese gave one the prisoners, a lock and told him to close the gates after the trucks pulled out after we passed now. The lock shot. Closing some of the darkest opera is in my life. They continue. This trains planes and automobiles to try and get to freedom. Border that, finally, we get too. We boarded the trucks and proceeded Cross Freedom Bridge to freedom village. When we arrived, I didn't wait for the tailgate to drop. I jump right out onto the ground. There were too many. Escorts for each of us grab me and I thought holy shit. These guys were big and muscular
quickly realized. They were average guys. I was too little skinny and a woman he gets on a scale. You wait a hundred and eight pounds Our first stop was dead city, thousand yard, neutral circle. In the rice patties we stripped ship we stripped showered and louse. Having put on slippers and pajamas. We were checked by Looking nurses we day less than an hour before we moving to another building to get uniforms and our first meal to our meal, we are formed by helicopter to a replacement bone inch on it first helicopter flight and I sat near the door and watch career path in a blur below me. I felt like. Screaming singing and dancing. Instead, I remained subdued quiet and happy inside
Fifty seven years have passed and I can still remember how great it felt like being born again it's on the phone, and he says I reach my dad. I could hear the excitement, his voice, he bombarded me with questions. Are you all right when you come home? Don't worry about me I'll, be ok. It was some kind of calmness inside me that was difficult to describe it through so much the just being free. Headed home was enough after worrying about leaving day in and day out. I wondered, if anything would ever bother me in the future. The voice back to California, on the Brewster, which was the ship thereon, was great three meals a day, the small things mattered more now than before we were subjected to daily,
de briefings, which were more like interrogations by intelligence officers. He goes through answered a bunch of questions about what he saw. What he went through in there are actually trying to figure out if there were more like how many other prisoners warder other prisoners that were left behind he finished as those in doesn't it Allegations are those questioning or intel gathering situations and then for the rest of it wait. I stayed on the deck I sucked in the fresh sea air, and back in the warm breeze. Everything I could hear smell and see was so full of life. I looked over the rail, the ship I remembered three years ago, looking down at the sea and praying that I would have the strength to lead my men and combat. Now I was right Turning by myself, I had been born again to live for tomorrow. To make the most of every day and never look back,
five, the greatest laboratory of human behaviour, one that no education could ever equal weeks later, the guy Gate Bridge jotted out of a fog as the ship pulled into port. We had a few hours before our flight, so I left and walked around the post. My path took me to the post cemetery. It was very quiet. And my thoughts were on all of them and friends that will no longer with me Walsh grow smoke. I could feel them standing above me. I hope they were smiling and happy for me because it was my men, my section that it kept me motivated and alive I owed my freedom and survival to them. A number of us food assured
go where we changed planes when the plane left Chicago was the only returning prisoner of war aboard. The plane was full of people. I felt very lonely. I was free and, on my way home with mixed emotions, I realize that I just left men that I have lived with twenty four hours a day for thirty four months. It was said that with all the freedom surrounding me that there was an empty feeling, We are also faults of the once who would never return once whose lives have been lost, almost before they began, when we landed in Philadelphia. The stewardess active, who had remained seated for just a minute while especial passenger exited the plane. To my surprise, that special passenger was me. I will,
Down the stairs and onto the tarmac waiting there were my mother and father. They hugged and kissed me This time, unlike on the street before the war, I realized, the act of affection between father and son was a wonderful thing and I will never forget get the emotional my father's face as tears were. It in his eyes. And he goes on and A whole story within a story with a story in this about: A woman that one on Associated friend and and several others nearest there's a whole other realm to this, but he gets. Here he starts to get back on the life a little bit backed the book absorbing the sounds in sight of freedom. I was beginning to think about. My future
been given a second chance and was determined, and I was not going to blow it. Clare and I had become and inseparable, and I was falling in love with her. My only fear was at the feeling might not be mutual. We had before Christmas holiday in both realise that we are definitely meant to be together. During a new year's Eve Party. I gave clarity. Agent ring. She said, yes, we are now Haven't you regiment? That's fine, awesome just outstanding, and then he then he goes to special forces at four Brad to tell the story behind this statement would take another book, but five children and fifty six years later, we are still happily married and from there and this is this- is like As I was gonna researching this whole situation. This is so high it's done with us and I'm going to offer candidate school in the army,
assigned to the five hundred Fifth Airborne Infantry regiment. That's fine awesome, just outstanding and then he then he goes to special forces at Fort Bragg North Carolina, and so you don't becomes a green, brave, special forces guy and then- he goes to Vietnam and he is the two time commander of Project Delta in Vietnam, which is like the d, The deep reconnaissance, like the the the the The format like this is how we do deep reconnaissance based on product dealt in protein delta was also had back within Charlie back with who is now the founder of Delta force. So you'd Richardson just drives on and does deployments to Vietnam going into enemy territory. Charity, deepened enemy territory and ends up
doing thirty nine years in the army and end. You know, like you said, as you know, the wife and kids, and the incredible career, and after that, new additives has a civilian. He still life by the way then here's what I close it out with This is every day on this journey. I believed the men of the web spill tune and my close buddies imprison were watching me to see how I looked after my men and prepared them for whatever may have had to face try my best to make them proud of me. So Well, I think that the colonel Richardson
we can absolutely answer in the affirmative- that, yes, I think anyone would be proud of value, they handled yourself, how you lead in them. Top of that. How you lived your life that's just swell Self evident in every page, of this book, which, once again valleys of death. Unbelievable book should be handed out to people should be issued in the military as far as I'm concerned I mean I think in reading the book I mean it's like your actions, colonel Richardson's actions is behaviour. I mean. How can you not be? How can you not think to yourself that you can do a little bit better with the situation in Europe.
Then realize how much people are, how much human beings are capable of idle as don't I don't see how you could read this and not walk away and say you know what I'm gonna do better and whatever situation and look. I know people end up in the horrible situations, but no matter what that situation is no matter what it is you can you and move forward. You can move forward. You can Keep your mind positive. You can use your mind as your weapon. And also you can one of the parts in getting competition that is like. Oh, you can actually have have fun,
keep your sense of humor when you're going through these two terrible situations which people ask me that all time like don't you do you think it's important to have a sense of humour of like, of course, I do you. Of course, I do, but again got Richardson. If you ever hear this. Obviously there is. Wide open, invite for you to come and debrief us and teach us life lessons here and tell us about, that was more detail in the parts, and I know I missed didn't things that I messed up. I apologise, but thanks thanks for your service, thanks for your sacrifice and thanks for showing us showing us how to live properly.
Even in the most dire circumstances with that does love yeah. I was reading this book and I was just I could. I couldn't stop, stop I can stop it's one of those books. You don't need not see its debts, so hard to understand, like some that combat the beginning is crazy. It's crazy! Just. The situation that they were in mean your surrounded by the Chinese for three days and theirs, hammering your perimeter a night with waves, human waves, and then you get note drop from from a damn plain that says, no relief is coming, find your way out appreciate it here. And then you gotta leave you wounded?
that's what happens saying. Ok, we either all die, really need this. Just like it's incredible, it's incredible and he should read this. Are you get some sort, a semblance of maybe what your faults are. Gonna, be when you, if you get into a situation like that, whatever it is, so they are always learning always and for me again, I get done with this. I can't even sleep. Because I think to myself. I got so much opportunity as guess what oh I wake up and I can walk around and have shrapnel my back, you I get to eat food whatever you that yeah, whatever you want, whatever you want there a trout like we, like people, complain about working out the complete like. I don't feel like working. What are you talking about? I gotta get any want you just be quiet to stop. People complain that they got to go to work. Guess what your blast you lucky you get to
work you lucky pressing. Think about that. Yesterday, the working out thing like people complain Only cause my arm, you know you have you situations that keep you from working out a train each year and on the like did you check yourself when you get it well it was a moment of appreciation of it. It was you know when you get, you know you get injured or sick, and You feel yourself getting better like how should like a mark intellect today, I felt better than I've felt this water cannon Nicky. That's one of the ways of appreciation. Come back back there no, what do the thing is also for those people that you know when you get an injury, you think it's go last forever the sort of your own feeling like last forever, and then you realise, when you get back, you can forget that even happened here so yeah so the media and that's a big part. Every time he mentions eating or so
having heard all the we any lost in we on hundreds of eight pounds, yes, so that, for whatever reason those that affects me a lot when I hear it like all and If you picture your biceps would like to tell David to make your crushes. Your soul of questions are somewhat being hungry the whole time. You they're like what was always you fasted for twenty four hours. I got you need to get your seventy to one another. Enough, because you're thing for me because it is being hungry, goes away after I haven't done. I've done hunger for for months, We goes way like after, like seven hours, I think subsides like to me in my experience that events in New York sure, but at about four feet, hours. That's one that peak hunger and, in my experience, but either way so you know when he gets
I like to get Lena. They can't even believe it was just so everyone knows. We already know a stretch of the any sort of imagination trying to compare us. Asked for twenty four hours with thirty four months. Thirty four months and I mean look at look account. Long six years and annoy him eat no rice ball in the morning in a rice ball in the evening with filled with wood chips. What's up wood chips you know what you go to a restaurant right now. If you're Bryce is like slightly over cook, your complaining were heard this back. Never my bugs and wood chips in their knowledge to be cleaner. Yet some, yet it rough, to say the least. But now you know look I'm in a were living kind of this journey with them in a small way right and heat the peace in other they come to in a peace agreement. So his back of the public,
feeling a warm air meeting three times a day. Madame makes you think liked it now. Twenty eighteen bet there's like there's more than one too many, many apps on your phone, so you can be like
hey. I want a triple burger, goblet, trees, bacon, bake in other cattle, and you know what our old onions ruins and I'm gonna need that grass fed the earlier. I'm just saying candidate isn't quite good novelty over here I could read, and by the way can I get the with a special kind of man. Is that has something else in it will there's a few other nail elite, ailing elder some of that a year. Only man is that other normal man is in quite in you're gonna only to stab at all. We just don't want Dounia, we don't want. We want a good answer, so let me go in quickly spoiled and then it comes to you door, the about fifteen. Somebody brings there fifty minutes, Dr Seven educating, if its twenty two minute, your kind of mad kind of lead, like you know I was hungry. You know that and it'll save tended funny to me, I want that like people, people they get separated. Their phone. As a result out right,
I mean you met this guy you would even know you what what's happening anything in the world. You know nothing. You know nothing of what is happening in the world. Family, nothing here So with this, since other p, who have suffered through that may be in in our world you can you can try and get yourself on a little bit better of a path with a little bit more discipline in the world is what I'm saying you I know I need to step up harder. Do more trying to make more stuff happened, yet Could the opportunities it think about you and the crazy thing is rigid? in one of the people that survived, because there's thousands upon thousands that didn't that died of Are we now
dysentery that died of gain green and infections. So We got it made, so you know what we got it made so make something. How that sound we gotta made so make something of what you got, which is the thing which is everything by the way unless you're in us next to unless you're drowning in a trench full of shit. A hundred and eight pounds with no with your legs, not working with scars, and your back unless you're. In that situation, we about you step up and a distant restart move in the right direction, to a little wood new and our right, yeah and in the helpful or what makes it help voice like prospect. Different when you put into perspective, let's say: live in your life Everyday year: oh, you stood we're all used to it and you don't feel like doing something.
That's really what it what it comes down to in, of course, these different levels of not feeling like doing something like kind, not feeling like this or that this is I'm not going today kind of feel, if, if you like it, so You put it into perspective. I don't know if you can let you ride. I didn't like no, it's not our as a non argument. Exactly Raymond fighters hold zero water whatsoever exactly right, you can't get to a place. Can't you don't you realize you can convince me ever that whenever you're saying is, is even remotely ways and on the situation at all ever exactly right? That's why I don't want to know whatever Yet when you know it needs to get done and you don't feel. Let's say: oh man, I haven't slept in today's. Let's say, that's legitimate in everyday life like men get your rest row, but if it needs to be done after you read this book, let's eat and sleep because you read that booking of today's. You really don't feel like going to the gym. I'll. Tell you that
physically, but believing it back to you got golden doing a bicycle: workout whatever you know, but I hope peace law. I hope people as a bare minimum, I hope People use them the mindset you can pull from the from the. Spect. If you get from this, I hope at a bare minimum. You get your workers at the maximum. I hope you step up just take over the world because it sit there. Funny you you're not locked I'm barbed wire. No, you don't have your arms with strong up behind your back and hung from the ceiling so painful He passed out so painful that you pass out, which that's this was it even meet? It means you can do anything really when he went and put into perspective so so what are we doing? mean gave birth to good tilted. Yes, but you don't know What will receive use does reads a lot of books too, and he just like man, we didn't we just suck.
Register prophetic. I think I could hear a mighty. You can't even I wish I sent him a note as one know. No, today? You combat you to combat flights in Afghanistan and Iraq, and his eye He's right, come on. You know, that's just come on. What is a good idea tat? I did. I draw bombs in those countries. Yes, what were they consider combat operations and, like music, put come on these got two words for you: VE, woe, Jima Unhomelike! Aren't I get it? Oh yeah, that's that's! I feel and get on with it and then, by the way he's got up. Of one one. Half of the paragraph raising oh by the way, did thirty nine years new army and by the way I was in Vietnam and by the way I was in charge of project, dealt offered two times twice a year is there a place like a little sub this little by little son
Let me just a little sub note. The little p S postscript year, cheese talk about its own book, each one of those command tours is its own book about doing deep reconnaissance. Indeed be it now. Are you kidding me at any one may cod is particularly for the girl said. Norms area would have recently. I know I'd. I talked about, I put a prepared it half a paragraph yeah, so he'd Not only did he power through it, he went back dear cheese, heavy many do power through it by the way he didn't like not only have we Aguilar Howard through heeded, the part where he socket about don't let them laugh at you. Let him laughing, I like, underline that the highlighted it and put stars by cause. That's the kind of thing that you think about. Like
like to ignore the world sometimes seems like it's a joke with your legs. Panic, the joke is on you ever wake up. You with the joke is on the jobs on me in everyday laughing at me, ass everyday regrets, not a good feeling right now. Let that happen. No, you don't you saving, keeping a sense of humor all that I'm here laughing? There was a shitty situation who never next time you think about something means city. Now you know what the situation is. We all knew now. We all now have a new definition of what a shame situation is still. That's it that's the standard and that's it. That's the standard that's where Europe well. Yeah I saw were in the past, like disillusioned is unknown off the path anymore. Now I can't be. We can't you're. Not, alas, is not even allowed you're not alone on the path. So when you get when you start, you do too, if you haven't already, which most of us have the
only come whereas alive. Oh yeah, like everyone, that's thinking that still on the fence right, just get over the first, because every single person- I won't say a person there is a what percentage I've. Heard feedback, I think from a total feedback of three people, and it might only be too that actually just didn't like Jujitsu. Actually three one female to males the one the one male. I went back and forth with for a while. You know he was like hitting the upward toward. This is pretty early honest. I just like with profound riding on me and and finally, with that guy he just didn't want to do it. Man and also look, do you know you don't want to ruin. Your life you'll make this into a living. How could you do some huge? You fully hate it until the next guy that bitterly complained that I like listen, ok, here's the point: keep them until you submit someone wants you submit someone, you can stop. I didn't think,
that plan yet until the guy number two and the other was a female, but it was two things didn't really like it, but more important didn't have anywhere to train and kind of just got off the path, but so, but that's three out of many many many more I mean most people like IDA, I'm obsessed now I'm upset the winner lose. Sometimes people be like hey. I got beat up for for our now. Will everyone says just My first, you just to class, got choked twenty eight times by a fourteen year old kid, your I love it yet your ego and check you say I love it now gradually going jack you like, but no one for me. I could point you try punching frameworks that forty he'll. Do that triangle feels like that you, because it doesn't feel good. Yes, the hard rewrite The NGO hard on the triangle on you offensively get a triangle meeting, as you was just showing me something he locked that trying so tight I've.
That in my lower back that doesn't make sense. They move my spinal cord I don't doubt it for sure but are we doing jujitsu that that's kind of English? That's kind of a deal yes or what gave you get what s guard? Do you get hey? Look there's plenty geese, plenty, rash guards, Marilla, all from organic there's. Only one glass The good news is in us, talking to some folks at the muster about the few times are easily. He know hey what ye should I get still asking their course law. That's the thing they already know the origin or now it'll when you won t wish. Yet whenever one you got more advanced requests, she had because not the kind, even if you get that looking unhurried, there's like levels. If you want to call that will say price point, if you will like the more excellent, more expensive oil, it's not the kind of you get that and then you come in as anyway billion was like move all you ve got hard with that that
no like if you get not like an wrestling, if you were gold shoes in Russia s exactly as I do not like that, it's not like that or you die your hair or yes, that's a little statement. Statement, does not let a bright orange chair the good guys? Now I don't know there needs to be functional yeah, man, you know. Maybe you know, I don't obviously see I don't peat and Billy Curlew. Are we doing this sufficient partook, so I don't know, but I'm assuming maybe took more to make certain ones or whatever, but could get to. The point is get which everyone you want the straight up yeah Lightweight Heavyweight whatever, origin main dotcom. True true also, you got brass guards. If, if you want a rash guard, then you can get a little shit rash guard. You got tee shirts as well at from origin. So basic, like clothing,
yes, what will or making right now at this time, Denham you'd get you had your Mary. I know I'm getting my having on my period yeah we're making genes so just beyond standby. It's gonna take a while to get that wrapped up, but you look good picture here. Oh yeah, it's already boast yet so we will be, will be makers. You know why, because everyone needs every human where's genes goes there functional. So every human, needs genes and if everyone does than one idea genes that are made here made the highest quality thou thyself any so you have genes are common risk that some supplements Europe jocose supplements. So what joint warfare, grill oil discipline, monk and worry kid milk. So what are these cover
the most important elements, I think of slept supplement Haitian Shaw joints. Those you gonna go out. I knew that its. If you into lived in Evian Digital hard you into you, work heart. If you a manual labor take jobs moving company I know you remover, I was american announcer bouncer that that was a very harsh measures. Only sometimes I mean you know we're out all night. Yes, on your life Feet in these may be deepening, but I would say you know just one year I would say to work out the work outside the EU I think so. She overtime smash if you're going very often- and he is one things about the joint stuff, a big part of it, is you don't realize how much the how much benefit there is to it. Concrete oil and joint work on regular basis until you do it again to want to ordinary stop. Ah, I haven't stapi. I came in answer that question, but you ve taught us up if they are warfare. Crude oil
discipline which discipline like during the muster Edric a lotta discipline because, like you like it's, I go time the whole time so that's right now that we are on the outcome that we got disciplined in little pills, go pills and I'll. Tell you why he always pound a budget discipline. Drink before the same goes out to speak? I don't want after like hit the head in the middle of the speech, because I drugs like a bottle of water, right before I went out their service. I was a kid can we make these things in all pills? I can take they're gonna, get me in the rock and roll mode, real, quick, got, it was come, let us not to mention that makes it up in an area which is a big deal, but if you're on the good good girl, you know three, a discipline go, go pills, comments and they got a little bit a neutral beginning to get a little bit of caffeine in em. They had got a little bit of go in a minute that's the main ingredients, meaning greeted go dig. It hey, also, ok, so