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154: How to Effectively Communicate. Advanced Extreme Ownership Tactics, and Other Winning Tips for Life. Q and A.

2018-12-05 | 🔗
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This is Jacobite gas number one. Fifty four with ECHO Charles and me doc, a willing good evening. I got good evening and we are going to go into some q, nay. Today we got a bunch of questions to go through. I asked if anyone on Twitter had questions and I got a ton of them. So we're going to try to answer some of them. Some people, if you listening and you asked a question like what time do I go to bed or what kind of work out do I do or something like that. Then I'm not an answer now because of answered it a bunch of other times. We there's a lot of fundamental things or its in the disk political freedom feel man
or you know, so these were some questions that had allowed some of them. The abbot referred Summum before May this different spent, but some of my try to pull back are pull out the fresher type questions for this and ones that are entirely fresh, I'll, try and cover, very briefly with whenever the new sort of angle is because there is, there is a fact that you know you got a class in you, learn to or three new moves into. Did you and that's good, but you also review distant disturb our mark and that is still beneficial, especially which from a new angle or new instructor, they tell you hey, you know, you move your hand a little bit further out on their rest, if you're goin for that thing, and it helps you sure, there's little little details. So, let's rock and ok cool
first question: can you describe how difficult or no factor leaving your family was before deployment? I hate leaving. Okay, let me just dance that sucks leave your family before deployment. That's the way it is I have always said: is you know two guys we're saying. Oh, I gotta leave my kids in its horrible to leave and it is and they worry about it from the kids prospect. A mockery around. You know here's the deal? Men have been leaving to go and fight wars and do what they gonna do for thousands of years. So your kids are gonna, be ok and what good is they will? see what you're doing see your service and your sacrifice and you stepping up and holding the line for the nation and that that will be a lesson that they will learn by
duration, and so even they'll be sad, but either learning their learning that there's things more important than yourself, and so it's a good lesson to be taught yes, it is hard to leave your family. It sure is, but it is a lesson for your kids and it is a sacrifice. You're making for your country, and there is, there are benefits to it. You know your kids, you get to come home and you'll, see you and you'll see your kids. You know you're all excited and it's good he's a good thing. So if that's what you want? It's harsh, but it's worth the it's a worthy. Ass? You can the second part of the question: did you cry when you learn that your childhood friend committed suicide? Why, while you were doing it's ok yeah, so I mention that on a couple podcast go that my friend Jeff killed himself
why was going through bards. He was a kid I grown up with bright eyed grown apart from him in this Later grades, sixth, seventh, eighth grade and through high school, we kind of grew apart. So I did not. You know, I was you, don't was sad by the situation, but our die. Didn't it. Why wasn't super I know about it because I wish we had kind of grown apart and had been. You know I'd now, as it was now the Navy. So now didn't cry, but was definitely sad about the situation. Is it I'm gonna back to the first part Bali? Is it like that like a healthy dose of that like good for the kids pressure, because it's like now, they know how to make do you know like it out if dead, therefore, every little thing can a fisher, and then you know that in the end terrible day come you're. Gonna go Unilever at the very least they gotta leave. You know you didn't have to depend on. Can a dead be they're kind of
trials and tribulations an end, those things adversity will make kids tougher, thus is the bottom line. So this is a adversity and it's never see that kids, you know they they it'll make em tougher. Making stronger. Yes, agree. Next, wish any good recommendations for cutting back, alcohol. You know just straight up. Why would why would you cut back not just stopped at this point? In my life I don't know, I don't drink anymore. And I know that some people have an alcohol problem. And so I think, trying to cut back. If you have an off all promising a realistic thing to do, because you'll take that slippery slope in and get drunk. So I what you have to do is just stop and I know and again I I'm not. I don't I don't have a good familiarization to know
What it's like to be addicted to alcohol, I didn't even I deem it really like consciously. Oh, I'm gonna stop drinking. Now I just stop doing because I was out of the Navy, I was working a bunch and carrying on and wasn't around Those are my brows anymore, where we gotta have a beer, and so, if that's not happening than not happening, and that's one thing all say, as I know that people that have alcohol issues addictions, They always say you got to change the people places and things that you do So the people you hang around with that like to drink you getting around them the play that you go wherever I strike. You can't go to those places. The things that you like to do that involve drinking. You can't do those things. So there you go I would say: stop drinking and a few I'll call you gotta get medical supervision cause. That's actually you can die if you're. Not all, can you stop drinking,
yes, are you after you have to let go and get help but stop yet let others terms as the p. Alcoholism where that far into alcoholism, where they die drinking and they die that's like usually they really want to stop drinking. Usually this is how I'm drinking usually, but I think I might have more experience in this area. But all those things I men, that's like a really concise in in It that's a good way to put to put it like the people, placing things their active, whoever on big part of it. Again I before, where a big part where I would stop drinking use, easier when I just understood what it was. You know like understood. Like what a. Why am I just wanting to drink, and why is it that when I start drinking like it, it's kind hearted, stop. You know that, maybe at another next scarlet ever and then when I once I understood,
like what's happening physiologically or whatever I came up? with my own little strategy in the be part of it was like. Oh yeah, I, like em. My brain is a tricky me into thinking like that. You want this thing or whatever those like a major one and the other one was kind has to do with a few places things it was where, if I had a reason not to drink like if I had a work out that I really took seriously next day or falconer record some indeed to do something where to be hung over whatever would really mess me up, you'd be way easier in also back like in high risk, but in college I can athletics. Like that. You never really drink during the week of the practice. The next day you wanna be hung over practice also be really. I am an educated, I kind of thing so, if you in going to set up a life where you have like something important, that you can kind of look forward to and really care about, the outcome of something that's not necessarily mundane in your in your mind, kilotons.
That'll kinda, it's a slippery slope when you're like he has important, but it's mundane in your life will be a good see how I can endure it kind of hungover kind of worth it I'll pay the price. Now you know kind of thing but yeah. If you can set up your life for you, you have something that you find like important to be functioning fully. That helps draft turned. You judge you on Saturdays yeah affected me when I was in the teams and we got drinking on Friday and then what? the changes to all the time I didn't want it, I want to be good to go for jitters or yap. I just like you started started to stop drinking on Friday night hard, I would say this with digital outside compete in Julia to then, because the and I don't know people are different in others spectrum, but to me she just airing of train homeward digits. In fact, you did it they hang over. If you can drag yourself out of the house, the witch actually isn't that hard once you dont once if you got your hungry
oh man. I really hope you are going to do it right now, but you just do it the first time you do it authorities time irrelevant me like. I did it for this easy, I'm not gonna be suffering. You Oh you know, depending on depending on the level of hang over suffrage, do or maybe not after you used to know, maybe when it am, I was training like at a higher level. I mean like surety, not trying to be like a jerk, but like I would this back an austrian train with Fabio. Sardine and demon. I were chosen. We train for like three hours straight and like hard and so commenting do four rounds, yeah you're long overdue, deal, but if you're can accommodate you, gonna train for fur in our work the class, then you gonna go hard core for, for two hours: you're, not gonna, trust me your and I want to be all hung over dehydrated in jacked up mentally the idea and if you're going train fat harder than yeah? Don't prelate is going to be hard to drink, That's it! That's typical person not entering that hard
I mean browser drinking too much if competitive, even people who don't drink, don't train that are typically in my experience I don't know, but if you're training for a is going take away more seriously. Just came in the back your mind. You know it's not just like. I did used to training I'm, not saying so. That's not gonna work if you're just practising so work. I'm not saying that clean paper different and if I use myself it as an example, I could I could train. I could hanging browser to oust training with like when I went, I'd, go train that, all those who, whatever these crazy, training sessions. Yo go slightly hung over Go Diener Friday. So, ok look of course, so I could probably train better if, if I didn't drink the night before Fisher, but I'm just saying as as a catalyst stopping drinking that didn't help. You didn't help me as much about his enemy, yeah, didn't even wasn't like a catalyst held me, stop drinking or just the
tenacity of life. Yes, was oh I've gotta do this in the morning cool I'm not gonna get all hammered tonight, so I can do better yeah as a human yeah and that's really the format right there that where you find so I mean to me, you know like you're, not like Jiu Jitsu, just raining if I wasn't, if ass competing odd, easily stop drinking easily, but just for the train, if I too have a competition or whatever it wasn't, he wasn't. It didn't help as much as one might think TAT. But if I had something like you know, if we're recording or something something who that you would think you might be able to even it just depends on how important it is for you to be functioning at the best of you. Can you know if I get tapped out a few more times, and you just do whatever so just depends on who you are
either way anything tat helps, but this can be hard either way. If you don't have some pen format, scaffolding in your brain, to like a plan, you know like a little strategy to be like I'm scared, drink, less just gonna, just don't drink Leslie, it's pretty rare separatism, that's gonna, ask and all were cut back. I said: don't cut back to stop jack next question. Communication is often used as an excuse, both under and over under communication and overcommitted, for why the direction isn't clear, any suggestions on balancing comms coming up and down with the right level of detail. Here's a jacked up answer the answer to this question of how to balance, is coms you're bound? In addition to have community ever understand, hey you guys,
What's on union Jack make sure you know what's going on. If they know it's gone, great if they dont know than you and communicate with them enough? If you spend too much time communicating in and now they're. Looking at you with a blank stare like a brow, we got this the new communicated too much so and ask him hate do you understand what's going on core and if not say: why were doing what we're doing cool, alright, good good? Let's go! Do it now! So the answer to making sure you're not communicating neither too much or too little is communication. To say that, but that's what it is there can be. Some of that can be. Nonverbal immunization. You know you observe if you, if you give it as a task and then you go out serve him and you see that they can execute a really well, then you know that you ve done a good job, communicating it to them. If you go, to observe them and they don't know what they're doing they don't know what's going on, then you realize how I didn't give them enough information. I need to communicate more, so you don't if the necessarily ask them you can tell through observation,
and checking on them and see whether out what they're doing if they act, understand what's going on so yeah, that's, that's it pretty straightforward digital feedback, loop going yet but it is kind of like an I use the word again dance. It is kind of like a dance, It's a dichotomy just Yes, you can communicate too much new could communicate you little and you have to find the balance think because of you, communicate too much people stop listening to and then is no longer communication at that point, because this kind, like you sleeping and I'm like hey. Ok, Jacko tone you what to do like you can't hear me: it's not going brain, a kind of has to go in your brain. What I'm saying is that it Keyser does. Will you gotta catch? What I'm throwing them? You know and vice versa. If we're quote unquote com, You're kidding so yet already put quotes around the world and the world. Are you guys? But if anything, if one of those, even one of those things isn't happening, were technically we're, not communicating so like the whole over communication thing. That's like! Yes, I'm talking too much. Another guy stops. Listen
are you over communicated somewhere in this body, has is likely at all. From the same, like you say, like feedback, you know like that. That's an important think, because if you like whereby an icy the blank stare communications, gaunt communication, not going to look at my face. Reality I like the ones I like that, which is good, see insane finance clear unclear that you want me to move it along soon as they'd be communication on your break. Here's the thing with you and your blank stare in my experience, which I have a lot by the way your blank stare communicates way more than just like a blank for real likes or Ellie would will tell you all about that. Like you, you have a whole conversation with me. In not even say one single word for it. I know exactly what you're saying sailor gray now I know exactly what Well, if that's exactly what I was saying, Attics Rick, I say when
Hagen ownership. How can you prevent your boss, thinking you're a complete screw up and stop it from escalating to point where, where he starts blaming you for things are not actually at fault, so this is one of those catch. Twenty two situations where you actually dont think Europe Fault soon. You actually dont think you're at fault, Then you're thinking, oh I'm just taking ownership so that that's like the cool thing to do. We that's what I'm trying to use this as to make to improve situation right, I'm gonna, I'm gonna call Encore take ownership, and when you quote One quote: take ownership, but you actually dont believe your fault, then you're not you're, not really taken ownership. So when you look around at your mission at your tacit? What you're being told to do- and you say, oh I've gotta, do this thing? Oh it! It didn't, go right, and I want to take ownership of it and get it fixed, if you're just saying that- and you know actually mean it. Then your boss starts blaming you for it. Won't you,
You. You should feel that way, because when your boss blames you for something, you know you should be saying the yellow I know I said that this was my responsibility, and this is what I'm going to do to fix it. Usually when you're bastards blaming for you for things, you shouldn't say one actually that's not my area of responsibilities. What you should say is: oh yes, boss, like I just said, it is my fault and here's where would do to fix it? That's what you do so you actually think about this. When you're, when you're the type of person that takes ownership of things, you actually can't get blamed for things. You can't blame me. Four things, because I'm already volunteering and saying That this is my responsibility, I'm in a fix it. So that's what you do that. Take ownership and you take real ownership at which means when there's a problem, you look at it and say this is hey. This is my fault. Here's what I'm going to do to fix it! when your boss says hey. Yeah. This is your fault.
You go, I know, boss. I know how to proceed. And if you want to do to fix it, I need to go fix it. The thing that I didn't know so I said this before two but I think it's easy to sort of forget way and especially, if you thinking like this, which is which a dignity is Who, or what am I gonna- do to fix it, because when you, when you like for real- Take ownership whatever its cause. Just like I say it's almost like what you just said were were used. Where you see you can't blame, me became Limerick Authority to our responsibility. Kind of it, because in a big way, is not necessarily about blame, it's more about fixing problems that are still in a coma. Nothing's. Perfect! You no, sir, not like it's more like a way of dealing with problems. Lesson a whole blaming tabling thing in culture in this as India is really for blame. Each of us will have to have, and if you're the person that says hey, you know what this is actually my fault, and this is what I'm gonna do to fix it there. In that blame. The exact
blame me, I'm the guy! metaphor, snake no factor, and then you can just focus on fixing the problem in a moment thing. Is the reserve bring it up is because it is easy to forget that part, because blame- was silver Robart, every six remoter ship. I mean up here, obviously, because it's ok, I took in extreme ownership like what why why didn't you do know wires and it's my fault. I regret that was not. The main part of me in part is like you gotta to fix it. I think so our next next wish. I have two war, your kids daughters, who are very much on the path with pretty much everything but snow. King. There sit there starting to put some weight on as a result, despite tons of physical activity and good eating at Milton. How can a coach them in this area without being overbearing
I would say, don't have an accurate in your house, that's junk, which you probably do don't and yeah. That's that's real simple, where they get it if there's no snack food now so snack. The answers there not because there's didn't go out and grass, if there, still hungry, but so, that's one thing. The other thing you gotta be careful with with kids, and also this with girls, especially dart throw in that like hey, you need to watch await. You can really messed with their body image, so you gotta be really careful about what you're doing with a kid with a with little girl cats. What little girls, little boys but they are when there were a little boy pudgy little creatures. You know sure they'll be some genetic kids that are have two percent body fat and twelve back of Arabs when their six years old, but most kids are like little bit: pudgy, that's part of their prepping for their growth spurt,
if you're off rigged out about it? You know just what reducing to put that in their head, they're gonna start look in the mirror, and you didn't want to do that to your kids, so dont have any junk food snacks in the house gives some mark right gives more can mark cause. It tasted It is like a snack, any good form and it'll be it'll, be satiating. I know you don't like that. Word echo, but it'll satiate domino make him feel full. So that's that's a good to cut a snack food to have in the house, and if you have other snack food and make it beef Jerky make it somehow feast oh some carrots, some some salary, you don't make it good, healthy stuff, but yeah like worry about your kids, starting to put on some weight when they're. I don't know how old they are in this particular case, but just be careful, you don't want to you, don't to freak your kids out and get them that will really paranoid body image, especially girls, they're, getting from million different. Directions and you gotta be careful with it.
Because that's a real beckoned to turn into a real problem. Anything that that actually eight, you clarified, really good to me one day where When you come to implement change, you know in a routine. Is explosive. Snacking is kind of like a routine, whether when implement change liked, it's good, there's gonna be some hiccups. There you know like where the b In this case, I complaining okay. Well, you know you, you say: hey, don't keeps next in the house. So now, there's no cover pretzels in our economic, hey. I remember the job of Brussels there right there in the Levant generator now they're gone like what I've seen him in days. You ok, when I do the chocolate covered principles anymore or whatever theirs. Be some blow back their stretching from the little kids. You know they believed that there might be some complaining, so I think we go in or when go in knowing those things that helps a lot, so you kind of prepared for you know you can kind of plan what you gonna, save her handle it wait to intensify their spoke. There's no chocolate cover, pretzels, guess what they inhabit
store, I'm gettin them their add for us. He added. I dig it, but a lot of times when you have you no two girls or whoever joys good. Given a la bar, you but they're, not geopolitical Paula bar train, you're not gonna, be like hey or well known, chocolate pretzels. All just do pull up said. It doesn't work like that with the little king got it that big a deal to tag to pull a sack of your house. Yes, I dont business. If you get some beef jerking Like all you know what that's us bad for us and I don't want to eat anymore, sockets beef, Turkey here through a good taste. It yes, but to give raises he we the dried we all my legs are eat that stuff like it was like they were damn octopus, but that's good bye. Yes, I like to address you yourself, pining for an ideology with both my kid. They like it, thought it anyway. What I'm? What I'm saying is? I'm not saying that's really make it a huge. Do you understand if you're ready for the blowback, you know cuz what, if you're not ready? You think that okay to remove this conversation want in order to prep for huge stop the chalk
covered puts us. You know your cause loud or really agree. You can come up with a plan of action, little a plan of action and immediate action drill when that six year old goes dad. Where are the chocolate covered pretzels? If you have a very well rehearsed response. You can do some roleplaying with your wife and you see if I may call man, I'm telling you this helps. This will Helga, because you know that, but the portuguese care, you know you care about the short term a little bit too, of course, a long term unit to Sweden. Think what you do is explained Hagen whatever not doing that anymore as it's not good for us. Ok, straight straight, go there. It is report, not a huge were well rehearsed, anyway role play with your wife mix question. Why
Why isn't? Mme or Digital bid bigger component of law enforcement training? You seem to be huge, missed opportunity. There certainly is a huge, missed opportunity. I I plead with law enforcement, personnel to train present you two Mme Wrestling Boxing my tie as much as you possibly can, and I plead with law enforcement agencies, of all types that I talk to you to get these types of programmes in your departments because there is no doubt that it will help you their help. Your officers be better and more prepared to handle situations on the street descent. Police officer come in here the other day. That was just sign up and You know she just got down to the police academy, and
so thankful that she's here, because I'm like yes, go and start training immediately, and it will be so beneficial for you in your career in your life and one thing about all these things and any form of martial arts for like self defence or self defense situations or because that's sometimes when it turns into for police officer there there no longer wants you things, things cry over from where there are often too, where their defence and for software is a great example like this was a female and hey could a female hundred in, eighteen pounds, female police officer take a guy that was drunk light be drunk or ressler, whose two hundred and forty pounds the answer is no she's, not gonna. Farewell in that situation but if she knows
Whatever she knows, if you know, if she's trained she might be able, to prolong that conflict long enough for her back up to arrive My people to stay alive, keep control were gone whatever you'll keep control the situation long enough that she She will get her back up there so that, right that same thing I tell theme how's that want self defense. It's like hey, look I'm not saying you can't cuz you look at some of our female jujitsu players. They will choke out a dude deflect straight up. They will arm Wacom like for real. And the two hundred pound Russell they'll, put a gate in autumn and choke him put him sleep. So that's that that can happen. That's why someone it's really skilled to make up for their lack of straw. The lack of size being a female, but if even if you're, not that good, but you can postpone You can prolong someone's trying to grab. You can take you somewhere someone's trying to do something to you
can prolong it because the longer you can delay v the offense, taking place the better, Yet you have of somebody else come along or somebody noticing or that person just giving up because most criminals are near weak minded they that kind of resistance. So yes totally, you're asking. Why isn't it there's a bunch of reason, reasons why it isn't? and one of them I talked about this before. But there was there's been cases where people that- not trained enough, they were trained enough to be dangerous, with choked guys to death and it has happened? You crushed someone's windpipe, you can be screwing around and you just what that's one round, but you you can't be, you can go round, you could near you and I could could start running around if you and I were white belts and wisdom goin out it really hard there. Chance, one of us could get the other wanted to chokehold had a couple links in us and next thing. You know I put you to sleep,
which is all Yamba put you sleep, because sometimes you choke your friend, you, like almoner, put you to sleep. Well, I'm drunk and you're drunk, and I put you to sleep and I don't really know that you're asleep yet and I'm squeezing extra hard cuz, I'm drunk next thing. You know I look up and all the sudden your hyoid bone is crushed your windpipe and you're not going to die. So, happened in law enforcement, they ve band chokes, which is a horrible thing because looking is a is one of the best and most minimal forces to use to subdue someone is to choke them. Even an arm walk, get a break their arm. It's gonna ruin their tendons. It's gonna hurt him. A choked, doesn't even hurt someone, you just put sums yes, we're additives. So but that's one of the reasons why they don't teaches much. The other reason is they don't give enough train the law enforcement officers and they need to day train
an absolutely pathetic amount of time in what they called defensive tactics. Generally, they police officers called defensive tactics, which is there fighting and maintaining weapon retention and all that they train of of, a very small number of hours a year. They met the time that they train and in in a year in hours, that's how little they trade, Oh my, my my campaign. I'd like to go forward with is, I think, that police officers to spend one fifth of their active duty time, training, one fifth of their time- should be training. That's the wage and I don't know how I'm gonna start that ground wave, but there's that such a solid idea that No one can argue against it. There is not one single argument against every police after spending one fifth of their time, training and, and if you want to
argue with me about that ended the argument as what we won't have enough police officers out on the beat then, and here's the question back at that. Would you rather have eight highly cos a fine, highly trained officers out on the beat or ten doctors that were barely traded. And the answer so easy that question. So that's it Bunch of things all continue to push that as much as I can- and I know a ton of law for some people. Listen to this and just you know, I think that great idea to start pushing from the ground from the grass roots. We want one fifth of our time: training. It's gonna, make us all better. It's gonna prevent think of all the time it's ours that are wasted in legal actions after there is a bad shooting or an injury, or something like that. Think of all the stuff that gets waste there, take the officers and train them properly. That's what that's what needs to happen, so we will know what would you suggest that cannot be what you say, but
suggest, like the police officers goin in getting training on their own. So, like you know yeah. You know if you have to go, get training on your own. Go get training on your own, because most you did to places, though, have a law enforcement authorities on or yes and I'm colonel. You actually did. This gave me no Craig rate now me the way police off their appeal and organ, if I'm not mistaken, always doing judges liked is uniform on and you can look look up on Instagram ass. You can see all the stuff he does. Will you do to any applies to law enforcement and in like manner at such a time. Demonstration of the benefits and the in you know whatever we everyone who trains like you know as like. And it becomes really after Jane for a while. All this dealing with other people and chaotic situation, rights ie is literally easier. These saw man you're gettin watch crew.
In his stuff in at an end and here's the thing I dont know how that works with like work in you know: hey you're, at risk of injury at an anonymous know. What the whole deal is, but men the where she had men, trains and craigs of their training, all attack trade, and so many had the strain on your own until you're situation arises with one force will hopefully will implement that sometime in the future. Next wishing bow or not injured candidacies. Three months in professor, not Boeing, I dont other practitioners bow. No one too me when in Rome verses I'm not in a herd, respect a professor mats and practitioners, this pretty simple question: some people bow when they go on the mat, some people by professor some people. Don't I don't I just gotta do whatever and it doesn't really matter
me and there's a little better paranoia in the question which I understand, which is like hey, hey when Rome do, as the Romans do, but at the same time you don't want me to hold the wine kind of on my personal value. So it's like. I don't I'm not powering right. That's not my gig or disrespect. You got about like There is both those extremes and both of them can be articulated in away. That's fine and to me, I'm just like whatever whoever would look like uncle in about another big video. I don't I don't forget about it of not deal. I think it's me to me the over all arching principle of my since Boeing or not Boeing is more based on my over all principle of not making a spectacle out of myself one way or the other like I'm not here, to like draw attention and be like a I dont, bow or hey. This is Jiu Jitsu. You need to respect them, unlike over here, just trying to train you you're not gonna, make it deal out of myself yet so
ruins, bow and echo what they know no big deal. I get it no one's Boeing and it's no big deal. I guess people might be disappointed better, have some hard stance right near, but I dont mean: isn't there something that dont worry about? That's one of his believe that you haven't. We just trade yeah agree and of that sort itself out anyway, because if you're at a school has some schools sort are required. That's the protein are here at the school no big deal. You can have the exact black coat. That's all knowing that for some people you bought on the mat you bought all the man at the beginning class to the to the picture, whatever at the end, the whole deal but seem deals a balance not hard to do. It isn't, like you know, affect your family life at home, or nothing like that. It's just bout simply would not Boeing does an effect. It is not hard to not. Now I guess, there's a lying in either direction right. There read, you know where you can. You know you could be telling me like. Ok when we bow you need.
Bow and you need to praise praise. Is doktor, whoever a bride, not gonna! Do that. You know like we're, we're not we're, not worshipping writer. What vowing is that ok loaded sign, respect cool. I got that, but we're not gonna turn respect into a worship, there's a line that that will not be crossed. The other reckon is like. Oh, you know someone each in a classroom is going to what you know run my my, and walk out on that, like it's, no big deal now like you're gonna, be respectful to the instructor of course. So I was gonna find a little they're about those two dichotomy so word. If you go as it yes, mam whatever in another place in their their protocol, is, in your opinion, like sorted crossed over to worship
I hardly then, if I haven't really been through an candia we're going out over the moors. Let's say I d just a little bit like: would you go as a guest d just go through the motions on respect for I am I. What I would probably do is go through the motions, but then do other actions that would indicate, everyone that I have a free mind and that I'm not down with what they just did. Typists scenario like I won't be of noxious about it, but I'd be like. Oh, you know: Bruce take off Maggie Incident on the mat right now. Oh, that's not allowed, ok, sorry, cool about low yea and obedience. But another guy you whatever discoloured Lizzie indicate, would you say at my academy, like we don't care about the small thinks maybe like I don't know. If I do that, cuz then you're just trying to trying to get make a spectacle not to make a spectacle, man, I'm just trying to go and just trying to trying to beat you know just try to get some training him and, to be honest with you
so don't make a spectacle and get in the way and let that spectacle get in the way of your training yeah. How often are we making? I mean, how often do people try and make spectacles our themselves? It's like people do that another, not cool like don't do that don't be a spectacle just be you know, I told a story before about the dead? When I went to University San Diego, and there was a professor there that was like. For she was an American, but she was a buddhist monk. Cried the associate at some point converted to Buddhism and, and You would Shaver head and walk around in the robes and stuff like that knows. We don't want to Evidence of be no being Buddhist is too like not make a spectacle of yourself yet here you are walking around a western campus in oh, you know in a uniform with a shave dead. That's not that's! Not that you or me the special resolve Zack. I would, I would think
would be more like the Buddha to just where you no apparent genes and a t, shirt and just have like whatever normal, just be a normal, just look as normal as possible. As a whole like there's a whole thing that sort of my that sort of I fall into a live fall back on that like a lot, so you'd think that she might argue world. This is how awesome Buddhists like minimal lies, our whole efforts have emerged duality or whatever, but at the end of the day you are agreement like when you're in Thailand, which is awesome like the Buddhist they're everywhere and that their that's, what they do and so there not making a spectacle of themselves at all and they come around to get. Ice in the morning. It's very cool. It's a very cool culture, but if you're in a culture of a Southern California University, there's no other buddhist monks than a walk in so you're gonna,
hey, maybe I'm wrong. You know I don't I'm not trying to disparage. You know this individual, I'm just saying from my perspective I was like, if you really want to have the the low profile and not bring attention to yourself and give up you don't give up the the trappings of ego right. You want to give up the trappings of ego. Then you don't want people to know, if you dont want people to notice you you dressed like a grey man. You justice, I kind of normal me. You know forget about their so anyway, my trying to get like deep into the religious aspect of digits you and robes, sir, but that's just kind of my parents. I dig it mix wish, did you ever have Assisi? Did you ever have
see see tee attached to your unit and if, yes, I was having them alongside and what advantages did they bring to the battlefield, so Cctv, Airforce, combat controller and their special operations. Guys there are some guys they go through really hard core training, and- and I didn't really- I work- Furthermore, occasionally of not very directly on a cop patients, they were great guys, but I I never worked with them enough to to be talking about em all I didn't have that experience. You know I don't talk about bull writers either, because I don't know many of you know so, they just its, if that, but their great eyes, I know they have an awesome reputation and my friends and work with them loved work with them. If there was a guy that was I've had a couple guys kind of you heard me
of sulphur is forthcoming on the broadcasting, of course, an informed on the progress of without question no problem and what we did. What we had was we had Anko, which was Dave Burke and his guys. They were the guys that were doing the Cctv type mission for us when we were Mahdi. So that's one of the reasons why we didn't work with very much on that deployment. The previous deployment we had my own jack and that we work with some just just Didn'T- have that opportunity. So there are some Gaza next wished juggle currently in a busy in stressed place in life and keep looking back at what could have been. How do you both back to doing you and not getting in your own, appreciate what you and I could do. Thank you both and God bless all right. You know we can look back all day long at what could have been and it doesn't matter will the only thing that matters from the past is what you learn from it. So, let's learn from it and look at the future,
and one thing I says, It's like this saying about wins a good time to planetary. You know this time. The planetary is right now either. Twenty two years ago or right now, right, like that's look, you didn't do then. So I guess what you can do you do it now when's the best to start a savings account. Do the same thing like deal twenty years ago or right now, so will if you said there and say, oh well, I could have done if I wish it would have done this year's go. I wish it well guess what you look up here and you don't have that little sapling now have a little sapling for hate you. So it's not that big with your day, hey. You you went through life. You made some you wasted, sometimes good! You didn't waste, Completely first, you learn from it. You got experience. She had found you did other things you you learned about you
learned about relationships, cause some girl dumped you and you realize that you can't overcome it due to a lot. You know you look, you learn these thinks right so that, just because things were negative experiences in the past and they didn't feel good to go through, doesn't mean that, were all bad. Could you still took something we in a word from it so that's part. One part is what you gonna do planetary today, that's what you're gonna do planetary today, I'd start to nourish such we take the lessons that you learned to sprinkle battery and feed that tree, so we can grow fast that tree that you, where today, should be up to grow faster than the one you were planned twenty years ago, as you have the knowledge on out a on how to nourish that tree and feed that tree so can grow quicker, so just get on the path. Don't play rounds what's going on the past, learn from it move on Yemen Niggers, along with her like that, do speech and was in a speech, but little talk you had with me about
You know you play the long game or whatever in cut in this case, seem deal worse. Can in more so than even play that you are playing lungs keep the long game in mind, cuz, that's being a little thoughts like thing I should have. I should have went to college. Where should it should know when to go ahead and whatever this whole? What could have been kind of deal that's like your mind, saying like right now, if I would have done that back then right now, I would have this and that's the part that kind of messes, like jams you up mentally right, where you like, then I could have had this right now. So when you think so you don't you so as a result, typically in my experience anyway, which is almost done but I think like wait. I because what I think of what could have been because of this thing that I kind of want right now. I don't want a seed right now. I want one
I could a hat, and that is what I want to have that software pursued yes, sir, but meant looking emotionally or mentally. That's where your mind is your mind, isn't like here can have that. I accept that a solid you think of the future, not your mind as new that it's more like hung up on on that right of what you do, have right now that empty void, though you have you not feel that void with a seed. The sea didn't do nothing for me that even a sapling that a few grown treat. That's what I want right now. That's what I could have had so how is a seed, the problem or or the solution to my problem. But if you look at the big picture the long game. Missy so eloquently put it The seed is nothing but a tree at a different time. That's really what it is seems aim. So that is opera. That is a solution to obtain and they're gonna. Be there most philosophically, bold and and unbounded statement you ve made on this. The seed is nothing but a tree at a different time
like hell, you did that job, that's all worth it the tenants for a day. Listening has right he bade good accoutrements. Thank you anyway. So yeah, I think, give like you can't you that long game in mind. That's helped me like a lot with just even like small little things. You know stuff like on come to want want to do this right now, but you know this exact thought, Many I'm I'm looking forward to the day that I'm not I'm thinking the opposite of what could have been something think now and then in short, I am so glad I planted that's it last year whatever, so we can look at the long game and it can fulfil all its next week. I talk of echo and he was bought by the way, but I dont want echo
what question I really get. I get really bad anxiety to an almost everything. For example, when talking to people I always feel like, as if I'm gonna say something stupid, and this makes me start to stutter and lose my train of thought. I'd just go blank heads on that one First of all, you gotta condition yourself. You know you got a practice. You gotta rehearse, actually first wide say: go get some speech therapy. I'm here to help you out, because that will that will be beneficial to you getting some that's a professional due to come in and Ok, here's the girls that we're gonna do my buddy that comes in my band. He there's drumming drill, that you can do so. You can get your left hand to do something different than your left foot and right handed you some there's drills that you can do to overcome because if you like me, you're, not a drummer, I my right hand and right. Are going to do the same thing at the same time
left hand in my left. What we're gonna do the same thing at Saint back, but there's drills that you can do to overcome that and there's drills you can do with speech, shriek and practice in your horse and you think about it then you'll get better at it and the thing is like once you start to build some confidence than you get more and more confident and you'll get better and better the other thing I would say, is talk about things that you know right. Don't try and explain things that you dont know don't train try and come up with some theory that you don't understand and try and just roll it out of the Tipp, your tongue, because you don't know it so just when that's happening, to sit back and kind of formulate your faults and think, ok of all the things I M thinking right now. What do I we kind of have a grip on. Maybe it's a question summit forming. Something in question will make it easier for you to state it because you say hey. I got a question and now you're not put pressure on yourself to come up with this perfectly of why that you guess theory, the drought is that you somebody s, question I'll! Take some pressure off you and talk.
Things that you know and if you don't know it then ask a question about it in that'll, get you more comfortable and you keep talking and keep trying and over time, you'll get better and better at it. But yet you have to: u have to not jump in like don't go in volunteer to give the speech at the local club right no volunteer? or to when people have conversation say hey. Can I ask a question about this start with that? That's, like the easiest entry point. No one expects you to say anything really. When you ask a question: there's expect nude ass crush so that big of a deal and then just build on that man, it's exposure therapy exposure therapy Nix was when you transition from a twin. Oh, how did your approach working with with men you previously served with as enlisted now that
you were an officer. This is such an easy question, because the bottom line is when I transferred from being it unless it's gotta be in an officer. I didn't change anything in the way that I treated everyone. I treated people the same and when I was a young enlisted, guy or senior and Mr Guy or more senior was never like? I would die only made it e five before when officer, but when I was in my third platoon with other guys that we're not in their third platoon. I treat people like a man with you know. Play. This is what we going to do this to her. To make it happen. Now I got a caveat that for the guys at Waynesville tunes with me when I was in the e v mod hey. I was a little crazy with the hazy and like you desire to be a new guy in one of my producers, and I get that. But, as you guys have told me,. You appreciated it? Won't you got little know what you saw the big picture. There was appreciation, but no from from an actual working relationship, hey talk about do stay humble your tree. People respects regardless
you're above them are a blow them in the chain of command there. This saying that I didn't talk about when we had Derek on and it's it's pulled from that speech by Jaclyn by Gunnar certain Jaclyn he says at the end of speech. He says not bother you not below you always beside you so think about that, for the leadership respected not above you not below you always beside you. So then see. If you have that attitude, look, I'm not a bug when I'm not above you and I'm not blow you like we're, equals now we're trying to figure out how to best solve this problem, and if you treat people like that, regardless, if you're above them or below them in the chain of command. You will treat me with respect and humility. You'll be fine and that's what I did. I didn't treat anybody any different. I mean I had. I had guys that work for that worked for me that had
in my peers, or that I had worked for before when I went, I went through the transition and was ignored after he was literally no factor because you guys were you know when we were friends we work together. We focused on getting the job done when they were above me that man! What do I do? I worked hard to focus our get the job done when they below me in the chain of command. Oh no! It's ok! They're working hard today come a less of a person. Did I become more of a person? No, no. I put a different rank on my sleeve. What does that mean? Nothing doesn't mean it means, and what does it mean? It means that I'm gonna be given this brief itself. Some other guy go no big deal. You know what once you give the brief, I'm fine with it. So yeah respect humility, and never above you never below you always beside. You had a good little thing to think about their. Did. You ever have the situations where you throwing darts at the guys back at the bar. You know for your hazing situation, now known
we did some pretty. We did some pretty rough hazing now for sure you know, like lots of the eye was it was not fun, it wasn't fun, it wasn't fund the own and it was part of the ritual back in the day. That's not as much as it any as it is not as much as that any more, but you know guess what got fighting a war now, so I'm not like, although guys don't have it, is our guess what that, when I got it when I was in a deems it when I first got two teams, like all cool you're in the teams, yeah you're gonna get haze to guess what these guys get. Nowadays, they're gonna get shot out there. Get good. You know it with ideas, so not that big of a deal with just a little of a culture change and thus the waiters next washed dichotomy of leadership has a great principles. What is an appropriate philosophy concerning time to train verses, manage out a direct report when they?
been in the role for over a year? The other changes from industry to industry, to spend, depending on a situation that you're in and times you dont. Have you ever really tight time want to get people up to speed and if they don't get up to speed get rid of Martha. What's gonna cost the team or gonna cost accompany money so how long you gonna give him you're gonna, give him, but as much time as you think you can give him before they start detracting from the team You're also want to make sure that you're not investing we started to one person to try and get them up that your ignoring everyone else now having a negative impact on the team, so you just gotta, look Let me again, I work with construction companies where, if they dont get a job them on done on time, it'll cost them sixty thousand dollars day they don't play around like leaving someone. That's gonna be able to get the job done. You get from sales organization, commission only and there's somebody taking a while to get a speed that are really cares, not costing accompany think so. You gotta, go out in your industry, how much time that looks like and then you gotta set the expectations clearly and once you done
that you say, okay, listen bud. I've been working, you fit for this amount of time. Here's what I want you to be at this date. If you don't get there, we can move you out man the way it is pretty straightforward the question I have to co exist at times with an individual who knows I'm Ex army. He purposely makes Taliban quips to piss me off, as I am in a position, I can do much about it. His intent to anger works, but Don't show it. What's some advice, the army in the skies just just die reduced completely, ignore their and actually it oh hell. That's funny
he's, obviously trying to get under your skin and does don't let him get on your skin. That's just all there is to it. This person is worthless and just ignore him I mean you can go to the extreme of taking like in Marks mission where Mark actually gets in on the joke you now and If you want to get out, but then you might be crossing again, I don't know the specifics of the situation because there's times where that's not like, I wouldn't do that in certain situations. I got back now I'll, ignore you but more complex, with this joke the way you're saying whether Sandra Bullock, oh yeah, guess what I might play along with a joke just to diffuse it again this might be a this- might be a guy that doesn't deserve that. But oh yeah ignore it. Man go, don't worry about the city, that's that's my advice year that ignore thing you do,
super good. Where it's literally, like you feel like you, don't you got no feedback from my little joke like if I make a joke to you or something, and it's almost like, he cannot hear my joke cuz. He just moved on a kind of thing, and it's really compelling me too, like not tell that joke anymore, you! Ok, thing, and I am assuming that works rude. Actually, And he actually did have an example like the guy would say: hey you're eating the Taliban. With this, the with the check this week like on and off the check is junk or this week's check anyway. Here it seems like you turn be funny. You know, like me, he's not trying to build to the guy low. He says: he's inshore purposely trying to pass him off, so for me, if you're purposely trying to piss me off pit meagre, pissed off. It is? U raining as the pay, I'm not gonna. Let that happen. Yeah gonna win. How M I gonna win by not getting piss off in your little inure, ignore tactic that you do in real life by the way
what saying like the ignore we're like like Katy hours now located Glee just ignored and they like to turn their back now. It's you noticed you dislike meaningless, like you're you're a little clip literally mean nothing unto me whatsoever is so whatever yeah, in that the skill to which apparently you over the years, because it is a: u gotta, you can't oversell it. You can't oversell ignoring thirty, otherwise you're like you're worried I gotta pay. I gotta sleeker oversell it and you know under selling ignoring means. I cannot really ignoring, I guess, but you can nail it if you can nail it like. Literally your joke or your comments or whatever are falling on deaf ears. You know, and they don't like affect me at all. If you can nail that
The eye out see that thou compel the normal person or this kind of personal ever to stop it were. I think that worked with everybody them even little kids. Once again, you don't I suspect glottal yourself a lead role, not making a spectacle of, like I'm ignoring you, write or major spectacle of like a shot up display the metal- and you just go through this, because because there's things in life that don't matter not saying that you get there that there's that there's things that you don't to cause. There certainly are not saying that you want to be this neutral person through for all things, but there's things that just don't matter, there's things that just they just don't matter in the zone on Skype doesn't matter once who is this? Guy is a matter so don't put any effort into just stay neutral. Owe him a smile and nodded keep doing
you don't another Tipp to for this, don't tell other people like Hanukkah. Often Diana then you forgot about the ever only to their got about never tell anyone when something piss you off ever that wake you do and then you're you're nailing they ignore tactic nailing. I deliberately currently league summit and then- and then you till you told your friend or whatever like hey. So that I know that always just ignoring me, but I really some off in a further just keep doing it and and who think about playing the game like come or going along with the joke. I call yeah that's funny you just is you kind of involve yourself in the game? Clarity is not getting the path that silly but he'll just changes tactic because you're still in the game. Where are you you, don't wanna you wanna get out of the game. That's why that's why in that particular situation, your mark enlargement was trying to befriend.
Yeah you're right it has offered. So that's a different situation, he's not just trying to defuse or he's trying to actually befriend him, and so then he needs to make a connection lets the clear difference. If this guy was, co worker or a boss or a subordinate trying to build a relationship with that. It might take a little step. You know and again I might get a joke about somebody being pro Taliban, I'm not probably joking about the Taliban. Very much really not. The next question is it better to remain single if you have a dangerous or demanding career in order to protect your family from an intended negative consequences or find a partner willing to embrace the risk and raise where kids together
Hey man, it's hard to live the life and it's a lot harder on your family than it is on you. Could you ll be over getting after it and your family will be at home, not knowing? What's going on with you so it's hard, but I mean obviously having kids and raising a little warrior. Kids with her with a partner, that's in the game is, is awesome. It's hard to find someone to get married. Do that's that good to go in the game, specially if the real young, so I got real lucky, I buried a girl that kind of got it will say, and and I said this when I was on Ben Shapiro- show that the key de that she had and still has that I think is, is the most important. Is emotional independence, and I don't even know. If that's the thing I don't know, I just made that up, but that's a trend described that.
You know my wife doesn't need the the hey honey from me just needed, like a hey how's. Everything going doesn't need that for me, she's, fine she's, emotionally, independent and Of course, he's independent the way that she can take care of whatever the kids in the puking, kids and kids diapers and the kids with, and the broken water heater in the flat tire. What you can handle all that stuff too, when I was gone a lot, but most important is she? Could she she didn't, need the constant, like emotional recharge from me, because she's, a independent, stable human being a grown. So I think that's the kind of thing you got to look for now. Unfortunately, a lot of time dude are attracted to the personal, mostly depended on, because it makes the AIDS illegal boost and makes them feel good. Like oh
she need me around, and it's like that's, so you got to watch out for that. You got to find some of that kind of has their own thing going on, which also have to be balanced, because if you find a female that is true has too much into since then guess what Jean around you come here to find somebody else, so you gotta find it that balance as well. But if you can find that right person don't rush into it, take your time and and then she's in a game. Then Yemen get after say that's a good question. Yet it's like any know a lot of times, guys guys and here's another like Jude. This is just an. It is an answer
that's not really an answer, and yet it's fully answer: hey, I'm married and I'm thinking about going the seal teams. What will this do to my marriage? It's like! Oh there's, a fifty percent chance. Your marriage he's going to get destroyed, cuz you're going to be gone all the time your wife is going to be jealous of the team's going to be jealous of the travel she's going to be pissed, that you're not home can be pissed that when you get home you're goin to the bar with your boys, instead of going to the recital four, the daughter like that that's a reality so yeah I can't recommended at the same time if you're squared away and you have a good relationship. The it'll be awesome, they'll be awesome, but it's It's a really hard like when guys when I meet a guy that nineteen years old twenty years old, and he says yeah, you know I'm I'm gonna buds and I'm getting married this summer. Before I go straight up, that's bad idea as a bad idea. Dont do
if you're not situation, don't do that because if you are, if you have a great relationship of that person, say, look, I'm gonna go through buds. I will be focused on that going to take me some time, I'm going to show up at a team I'm going to go on deployment, I'm going to come home, it's going to take three years for all this to happen. When we done without when I get done with all that, we'll get married because we are so strong and so tight that we can get through three years without you know being married. We call let'S What kind of response you get the picture non committal right. Showing the female hey! I'm noncommittal! when actually say. Listen, it's not that the middle, I don't even know what holds in the future under what the future holds. For me, it's gonna be crazy. I don't know. What's gonna happen, I want drag you through a bunch of crap, let's just pause on moving forward with the marriage part, and once we get done with that
Gimme Gimme two years can be three years and then you can save. You still want to be around you, you You want to be around right now. You haven't had a you have now to do. That's going on deployment. Fur seven months after he gets done, with a one year work up where I was gone in twelve months. I was gone nine months That's a whole mother think you, you may not want to be in that situation. You know MA am so. If you're, not situation, don't get married and don't do people polled off sometimes Flynn Cochrane got married, I think before buds,
And so that's that's one guy, but but it's a rare occasion and most of the time it doesn't work out as well as Flint, and it worked out for Flint. Why did it work for one of the reasons he married a girl that is emotionally independent and can do her own think and wasn't wait non. You know that that Dat emotional boost knew you know so very sent Sir it's and here's the the final answers. You know what the right answers. You actually know it. So many questions. You actually know the answer to want reinforcement of em and but but the only person. I can answer these questions Is you the person? You gotta listen to what I'm saying sure, but you gotta look at your future spouse and be like or pop potential spouse you're, the one that knows now what's hard is
guys specially guys. Go head over heels for females. They go crazy. They go not they don't even see street here you can't. I had guys in simple terms, rousing, Listen Ebro, this girl but you're involved with right now. Is to ruin your life. I want to you that, let me tell you she's done so far. You're, not me. Reed. Yet I know you want to get married in two weeks so far she stole your credit card she's. Called the command for times to request to talk to the mass chief about your orders, this girl's a nightmare. Please do not merrier guys like You don't and that's the way guys do and how do I know that because I was the same idiot wouldn't when your Fifteen years old mark
it's the only know. Take no, that's not the only girl, it's not there's more! So just calm down you. Can, if you, if the marriage is meant to be, let it be, but let it be in a year. Let it happen, you don't be gettin married in three months, don't be gettin married in two months time. Don't get married in six months, get married in a year. The american Year two half do me a favor yourself do us all a failure, they go someplace sound advice. Thank you next question. Could you talk about how you read a book to get so much? out of it, though you do the here's. What I do and I read a book- I read the book as a reading a book. I highlight the important parts of the book. Then I go back through and we read what I highlight and pull out the tweet. I e the criminal acts
of the information another small thick if you're reading a book which lauch characters right down the characters and can elect give my description you can refer back to when they show back up again because sometimes lose track of care for severe complex Balkans. When you just don't you just don't know so that's what I do. I read slowly, actually it's horrible! I wish I read faster. I read it. The speed that I talk just about I'd read a little bit faster, but it's just about the speed that I talk and I read every the word. I will. I will say this when I do read a book. Slowly and like I do read. I remember a lot from the book which is cool but read it slowly, highlight it. Take notes there you go next Macpherson. What was planned, If you rang the Bell, there was no. I was ring, bring bell. What's gonna happen, it seriously wasn't gonna happen and but here's what could happen injury you can get injured in boats and
Some injuries are more permit preventative like shit splints. If you train properly beforehand, you probably won't its principles, but if you're doing Iraq porridge and you there's big waves and you're bringing about a Zodiac boat or I b S boat up the rocks in big waves, UNESCO your knee broke like it can happen, so that won't happen. If I would have gotten out of you, don't gone to the fleet healed up come back, so nobody Danny and try again it's as one of the scariest things about buds from a guy that, like the guys that I know that would like you. I we're never gonna quit but day. There's a possible you're gonna get injured. Can you Rob they call it rolled ray. I know more about what about eat like, even if you get sick, re like a doctor can be like hey you can't you continue. That can happen. That can have that. This occurs and how we can get pneumonia, man they're just they can't like they're they're, not quitting but their coughing up blood
their speeding, ballade out of her mouth and earn like in the doctors a Are you ok for and are they just after they just have to get rolled back yet it happens is very few people who don't get rolled back up. That's a priest, Moldova that don't get rolled back at all, really yeah. Like for medical medical, any failure. If you fail something we need to have you fail run. I forget what an order right now when I went through. If you fail to run ok, you got up right up. If you build another run, you got rolled back figured in the offing and get your devolving yeah not just the run. You do everything again year, failure to night, so I failed or run a swim.
Obstacle course like it, you just freaked out with herself of her, but I think you could actually wherewith through. You could fail one per phase, so there was three phases. First phase. Second phase interface you'd feel like what of each thing per face. One which is rich, sounds really lenient, but dang you're doing cause you're doing a time run every week at a time drawn every week, And then you're doing a million pesetas coma conditioning. Runs, which is the most understated name run ever cause it. What they really it's just the most gruelling as fast as you could go through. The soft sand runs like you for our mouth. No, no! No! I know that you ran told you ran to breakfast and back then ran to lunch and back and read it in her back and he's one of those ones with one mile, So there's six miles before you ran anywhere before
conditioning run and your time drawn you're doing a six mile run every day. Just that's awesome that doesn't have a spread. Some of you have to run fast. Summed up, you run slow, but it's just like us a lot of times just a little. You know typical military shuffle, so yeah Norman. Expression. What actual strategy should a Jiu white belt, Roy during a role other than relax, Taberley tap off in a touch of others the key points. Pretty opening is, I would say, trying do moves you ve actually learned, instead of instead of doing something that you that you just like your surpassing out trying to do some random thing and actually do something. You know, and if you get situation that you don't know what to do. Remember the situation you weren't said you can ask uninstructed, hey
here's where I was, I didn't know what do you can you please help me simple, pretty straightforward question: if a co worker were attempting to bully, intimidate or making generally miserable, do you go with it? Would you make a mention of your jujitsu knowledge or keeping a surprise like rusted, oh yeah, I argued I'm! I keep everything a surprise right. The mighty just keep everything a surprise, because I'm not here, like you, know, Digital you better back off like what is that it's yours I gave em I'll get you know and then let that guy find out for himself that you know through the heart of the EU, the hardware somewhat I'll be there came an you know that guy they keep ass with a guy treasure to everyday his joke. You up put you to sleep and guess who is going to see the mouth because he's already
in he's already been testing unicycle he's kind of a wimp. So suddenly I mean, there's no, like isn't even a cool way. You can say I train judges to because, even if you, pull it off externally, like internally your lake, you know who said it gotta Jean Claude Vandam, toiler, Gracie, toiler, Gracie Digg. What was surfing- and I think kid pellagra Tommy the story but momentary that atomic this he was surfing in somebody wanted Tino give him some beef get not and wanted. Somebody wondered like NEO. Eighty do not tell me, and he was I you know he did what I would do it. It is kept surfing kind and thence. The persons are talking more and then he started running his mouth and then Hoyer said something like hey. You like to surf, I like to fight.
If you want to fight, we can do that and I thought those requesting it. He told that story. I think those Annette, unless it all another empty at brain, sergeants promotion to back up over there. I think he'd police route. I forget, but yes, he told me to very. Like the group Doyle it to me and I thought it over there right, yeah use I thought there is like a kind of more accidents that isn't cooler than they who than that he said it some way that was like yeah. Listen you like to fight you like to search for your life. I fear, for my lady S, that you, sir, for a living I fight for a living? It was something even more than what I said, but it is good that we can feel as it can, Sir for TAT, was the kind of thing where you're like. If you were that guy, you think maybe I'll not do this whole thing right now.
I remember thinking the same thing. Is you like thank those are really don't wait, said plus, like You know that that guy, obviously he didn't know who that was assuming it would be kind of crazy if you didn't or if he did know, he was butt and then what? If, hypothetically later, he found like you, that was occasionally I've had people say things like are like the kind of no use a lousy like oh yeah, let's go yes, I'm like that, the chemical and, as always, might possibly go you're gonna, and then there was. I will do not just an expression. What do you typically where, when you meet the bosses of companies and why oh of Damon, if you working with echelon front, then pretty much what we all, whereas the the e F Polo
you're, the echelon front, APOLLO shirt, and yet we called the what we where business tactical polish shirt and a pair of pants, and what the question is. Why? Well that's just because it sir to me it's the same kind of thing to talk about this sort of a normal thing to where re dont really travel as much as I travels, little sparsely came with a full suit me, and yes, so just comfort and functionality there's the answer you You know even usually people people know who we are now, and so, if we're gonna show up, they realize what they're getting which, as I say, these guys are
yeah I mean, and I still where will wear a suit. Sometimes, but usually not man, usually not. You know, even usually people people know who we are now and so, if we're gonna show up, they realize what they're getting which, as I keep these guys are. These guys are gonna, come in and talk and they need to know what the deal is years. All the footage of us on on the videos and stuff will wherein conduct e uniform, resolved, tat, business tactical, getting them next wishes- and I guess there is- there- is a small bit of like hey we're, not we're not standard biz people remain Thea makes it's ok
like you in a room with people with a bunch of suits on and they like, oh, whose presenting oh, it's that guy over their cause, he's wearing something different. Ok, we get it. You know to be just a little identifier, echelon front me on the shirt me all good get how'd. You grow better, faster, stronger with you romantic partner overtime without being a brute I this afternoon I guess what I had to put this question in her cause. It was I don't really understand. I mean just because you're, bigger and faster and stronger doesn't mean you're a balut right. What? What is that? I don't know. How do you overcome that be nice to your? You know your girlfriend or your wife, Euro man took part like what does that mean, though, like with your working out with your romantic partner or lay the relays like you're, getting bigger and faster and stronger, and therefore you start treating your girlfriend like her Acta, like no technology.
Actually, your pride be nicer, cause you're, bigger, Vestrymen, stronger, some kind of a non question. I guess, but I just thought it was funny you because you think you think happened. I'm gonna. Do squats today didn't Norman, bring about the being a brute part I can see. I could see that in a casino I would say, like you gained twenty three pounds, moods and it's like all muscle you super stronger and you know you come home you're just more of it like the stuff. You do. You know you vacuuming election just way more brutish. You are yet to do so
vacuum, a harder vacuum with more finesse, you're a focus on the finance part of it. Otherwise, gonna be all big, fast and strong that we- and I am, I think, I'm some question, but here's a here's, a tip been married forever but significantly long, here's what I found out like a lot of stuff like as a guy, you think like hey, I'm not really gonna. Do that because they that's not important enough. I e! U have a set of things that you think are important and are based on certain was a thing and the girls get out things she thinks is important and in my experience, which I too from what I understand and is very common that the things that some girls think are important. They can't really put their finger on it. Why they feel important or whatever, but they just do and the guy will be like he thus unimportant. You can't even explain why is important there.
For you know. I win the whole importance significance argument. At the end of the day that are going to do these things just little things. You know show me that you care, like these sensitive things, things that go against being faster, stronger, more brutish, but if you can keep in mind that little little things, even if you don't think they're significant, actually do make you're romantic. Partner happy and if you can consider consistently maintained that, regardless of how big, fast or strong you get that oil he's gonna, embrace your big bigness, fastness and stronger taken from the next question in cooperation in negotiation. Is there tell
To know when you're breaking your personal code and compromising too much is, is it a gut check or is it gotcha or logical? This is a weird one. Is a kind of a confusing question? Sort is gonna kind of answer it to the best of my ability. That is the biggest thing I notice when I'm when I'm interacting with other people, the biggest thing. That I pay attention to is, am I paying its am? Do I care about this particular thing because of me or because of its can help the team and if you can get through that, if you, if you really say yourself pay. I am I doing this because I'm gonna help the team- or my am I doing this because it's about me If you pay attention to those things that are not saying that every time that you say hey, you know what I need to take care of me a little bit, because he,
have to remember that you have your strategic goals to write, but most of the time Success of the team is gonna, help you strategic goals now So for me I might constant thing is pay. Why am I why? Why does this concern me? Does concern me It's basically disconcert because my ego or not new, EVA, doesn't turn because my ego that it concerns me because it's not gonna benefit the team. So let's help the team. So, that's that's what I that's what I look at the most one m negotiating went on wanna get it for nine, how much of it and you like! Ok, you know what Jacko I I got it on the lot fur for eighty eight hundred. Can you give me four hundred dollars over what I paid for it, I want to get it for nine, how much of it and you like. Ok, you know what Jacko I,
got it on the watch for for eighty eight hundred, can you give me four hundred dollars over that? What I paid for it Gimme ninety two hundred or whatever, and I'm like, No me I'll! Only how much of that is me just being through my ego. I just want to earn the eagle fight against you and how much of it is me like: hey, that's, actually pretty good deal and and why not take care of this guy casino? I don't really know you, but hey man, maybe we'll by some. Not in the future, may be all you'll. You know I mean so am I trying is? Is it my ego, ores? too bad you, if you like her nope is eleven thousand and, unlike ok, Nor am I going to pay that. So it's not it's not my go. That's just not a good deal at ten It's not a great deal at ninety. Two hundred. It's a pretty damn good deal for me. And its you're gonna make some money and unhappy that you're gonna make some money call. You know what led shake hands. Let's make a deal there's times where
That's the point: there's times were at my ego, I'll, be like no here I'll, give you only to make two hundred bucks, that's that's your problem. You should have paid so much when in my heart I know again, it's actually a good deal, I'm getting a really good deal, but my egos not letting me have closed close it. That can be a fact after a computer So when I'm negotiate with someone and it's not good deal they're, not gonna. Get me to do what they want me to do. It's not gonna happen. If it's a fair deal, hey will make it It is not a fair deal. It's gonna be problematic, knew you don't wanna presently with unfair deals, because I will not be accepting them also. Does it seem like this oral question. I guess tv, you kind of got a Blake be truthful to yourself. I consciously to rake when you could you give re like eyes, he could ask yourself. Is this is good for me and my ego, as is good for the team like ours may not come
amazing, my you know who not compromising or my personal code whenever and there's values that I will not compromise here right, values that I will not compromise, the would think that, before a very specific yes- and you know you know some people they'll be like I'm just not like that, but there are really no. While I came on all may make us my dad told me at one time when we're fishing aware the it so there's a difference is what I'm saying so here's the thing- and I say this is what all decent be like hey. You know this is more important because of know another. My hell or your rationalize yeah. You know and the essentially like tat the truth to myself to to kind of. Explain to myself again how important This is a further team in one of these. It effects
fourteen there's other? We don't do that. So that's so too, to your point. That's what I'm saying when I'm thinking about decisions, I'm asking myself pay. Is this my ego or is this oh, my doing the right thing for the route for the team Khazars desert? You should be checking on right, if you do it for yourself most ninety nine percent of time, if you do in some for yourself that hurts the team long term is not, can be beneficial to you long term is not going to be beneficial to you, because you're doing something for yourself, everybody sees that you don't think they see it, but they see it yeah. So you try and do things are going to benefit the team. And sometimes I'm ninety nine percent of the time when you do something that benefits team. You're gonna benefited from it as well, but you have to the long game, because sometimes the shore game. It's like all know. If I do this for the team. That means I'm gonna miss this this weekend in that socks. Well, guess what, in the long term, we need to work this weekend and cover for the
other guys that could make it in, for whatever reason a better relationship with em they're gonna come for you next, I reject its long terms, can be good, but you What about you and That'S- that's prom, plain the long game again at the always go play along them. A question best way to get your t git. You team, in the best way, to get your team to buy in to your vision, Let it be their vision. What division come from them right and more than this comes from them, the more the plan, from them the more they buy into the more you for the vision and forced the planned down their throats, the less buying that you're gonna get from it. Now you if your super persuasive, you can do a better job of coming up with a vision, but why Why not say hey guys, you know what we're going to put together the direction that this team is going. Give me some feedback. Give me some bullet points hit me now. They all come back with both points you or someone together.
Ok, this is what will you do? It blew everyone's onboard that easy our plan, yeah so much easier with our plan and if you're scared of that, and I think of all, if I give the team the opportunity to come up with a plan, they're gonna come up with a plan that socks we'll how well Did you train em? If they come up with a plan that socks you haven't, very well motions If you train them decently, they can come up with a plan. That's close enough to the a decent plan that they can go next to you. We can all executed together. That can be part of the vision. Let's go hey Jacqueline. What would be better verbal communication with concept of prioritize and execute how can to my wife, she oftentimes feels overwhelmed with how many decision she has to make she hates. When I use the words of prioritizing execute while the route problem there isn't that she hates the that the words prioritize next you do. The problem is that you're here
telling her. What to do? I ask that you know instead of being like hey, you know, hey if you just prior to his next year. If there's a lease today at least fifty percent chance that shit and even want to hear your suggestion she just telling you cause it's vetches, venting to you. So those are man knows our allotted decisions like that's hard If you were to say to her, how do you? How do you handle this because I know you do this every day, girl I'm impressed. How do you do that and then just as well, You know it's hard, but here's what I do so if it was just a matter of renaming it. It's ok, we'll call it ain't. No need to do is great and go more, which you need to do is rank and roll. To do is to reactions. Jack off, what you need to do, or or designate in due course there's a bunch of ways, you could phrase it, but that's not. What's making her respond in a negative
responding in a negative way, cause you're, saying, hey use! All you do is proud as next year this what, you need some sympathy with some Wesley, allowing to vent? And then you can say: hey you if you ve done that properly, you can say well, no, I did read the book in a kind of salmon is a bunch of crazy things going on you got going on? They say to do the same thing that I see you do, which is you pick them most important? One of the new kind of focus on that those British I do I'm pretty well by already that. Well, you do that really work, so just take a little coachman. Yet it's not just the words. The words are not what I hate to break. Due by the words not prisoner off you listen to her it's Some people may come, you probably don't want a solution. All happens. All the time.
They just want you to sit there and listen to yet my wife. Does that for sure is servers just you know, hey there's this problem. You do this. It's not that easy. For you just tell me more about the problems are reared. Listen, don't say that by the way you do that that far yeah yeah yeah it's almost like what it is like. It seems like the year that they don't mind so much the suffering of the problem suffering over using that word by they little more suffering, this one didn't want to suffer alone. So if, like oh yeah, I'm having like these issues. Wherever first is, like hey comes suffer with me, sympathise, empathize or whatever. We can suffer together that that's that's! Why I'm coming to you in the first place, so I can get closer to whatever, whatever another am totally wrong. And diminished. Remember I talk about that such a good tactic you in this? situation reflect the emotions back to them, but demand
from a little bit so they're all friggin mad about something you god. I can't believe that, but you don't be mad as them, but don't be Hey compound the payers, use just prioritize next, you actually, to be honest, like I felt that before, where I'd come to my brother's, typically the one I have come to him with like a problem and here's the thing I didn't want likes you but fear empathy primarily by one of the little bit you know, so you can just role sit there with your suit apple or whatever or cash and we're gonna do is proof of this. Like light colored like you're, so does it you get this feeling my favorite to win? If you want to know why your brother or you or whoever can look at that problem- and I come up with solutions because their detached their de facto detail,
The problem is when you're all wrapped up in the problem. You again, Lord Dukes, I got this. Doesn't this new political? Just, do that and you like you get mad. I was able to see what to do because he's on the outside you. So if you can learn to detach yourself, you won't have to rely on gagging other people to help you if you can't detaching all wrapped up in emotions, different situation, you're going to have to go. Someone help do don't get mad at them when they are. Tell you the solution the slight, but when you reverse the rules and you take ownership of trying to provide solutions. You gotta realise that it's your fault, that your solution is in being welcomed. Here, and that's kind of the point where, like I'm trying to gain an understanding, you Yorkers easy when you detachments person is like why you complaining about like I feel the frontier like where you complain about this. Well you to solve that problem and never complain about it ever again. You know that's the feeling, the other person have their detached person, the hut. You know, in this case the husband I saw. What I did
so imagine my situation that I'm on the other side, where I kind of like I know what it feels like the kind of want some sympathy. I don't want sympathy and that's it you know, but of course, but I want some of it. Imagine that feeling, then why imagine a feeling that I got from my brother at times when I come to him with a problem that that's bothering me whatever in? The part in the fact that its bothering me means nothing online. So the fact that the way he presents a solution with no empathy and sympathy almost says, actually it feels like it says, you're so dumb, like your dad You know like. Why are you wrapped up about this thing? You dumb kind of so from a leadership perspective. For his perspective, you should recognise that when he needs to do is a must. Make you feel good about? If you like, a man, that's a hell of a problem. You know one thing I can: maybe you could do. I don't know if you'd be able to. I don't know if I
Maybe you could produce YOLO, but better. This can only be described as do the deed. It he's back. That's a good tactic rate there when you say like what will you do? What you can do can alike you're like one of these individuals, one of the rare people who knows how to deal with it in its entirety and nothing that you do that. I can't really do those you prioritize was getting you I get asked, arrange some progress on all kinds of different things. At the same time, another problem is area data get some new question. My where your kids want too is where you kid number three in the works. Yes, where your kid three, as in the works, I am on chapter two. On forcing I've been on chapter ten for a couple days, not because it's taken a long time right opportune, but I didn't write
yesterday or the day before, because we're doing multiple progress, which is a bummer but be back on the path to do as a matter of fact. Well, technically, you're on the path. Your path is super why'd. You know you had to switch lanes for a little bit you miss the exit, but good new, born your back and on in that lane. On the same power, ya inward looking at we're looking at spring publication for that once again get it out there really Adam phone right in this book, the US, the characters develop more come like the M complexes and complexities that some situations that mark hasn't really had deal with yet the primary being Danny Reinhardt, so brace yourself with the impact of Danny Reinhardt let's wishing you, lifestyle is intense and in pensioners. How do I even get started living like that with this break this down real, easy, okay, number one if you want to live like more focused in your life choose to
Decide that you're gonna actually live like that. Do that. Write down whatever it is. You want to do. And then before you go to bed at night right down some things. You can do tomorrow, that gonna help you move towards the goals that you have your Lompoc for early in the morning, wake up and do the things you wrote down, stay on that path? That's it and do you think that you just saw grown accustomed to dealing with it. That way, city and the more you do it here. For this kind of the hard part right to get off, the ground should say to break the gravitational pull of of laziness and apathy. Yes, yes, of course, but I feel like that in this kind of situation like when you leave home intently, intense sure, but you can always been intense, but that intentional situation because pretty easy. If no go. It's pretty easy, but it's simple like,
to reach. That goal is really clear in a like. You have to fight the obstacles, offices but if you don't really have an intentional, I go it's hard to this kind of float. There be like I need to be an old vaguely successful. It's like its. It makes the whole deal harder and Salat times like a normal person. Would they don't specific goals for every aspect of their life. You know they'll have one in maybe with your career or something like that or fitness, or some like that, but everything else is just sort of hay on living day by day doing the best I can kind of think. But if you can whether we write it down and whatever. If you can have it in your brain, consciously that or remember essentially like what these goals are, it makes a lot more clear and then the more you kind of follow those goals for more becomes like habit like you. So anything check next question
How do the finest civilian leaders differ from the finest military leaders or in other words, what character traits do military leaders develop? That are more difficult or rare for for civilian leaders to develop really. The leadership is leadership and the good civilian leaders have the same good qualities that the good military leaders have, and vice versa and If life was talking about this, the other day that you know he tells people I came in. I wish you in the military. What should you you in good. You know you good, a good job for you, good, sealed polluter loud? That would, if you were deems because you're good leader in the Syrians actor your good leader in that you'd be good leader in the military. So there's no now There are strengths and weaknesses for leaders in both of those situations and melt. There's military leaders you take. Ten military leaders there's all kinds of strength, weaknesses different between all each one of those ten
all kinds. You take tentatively medicines, all kinds of different strengths, weaknesses amongst those ten and, if you put them, if you put them back and forth, does manifesto can be random strikes weakest. Some guys are good at present presented thing. Some guys are good at simplifying things. Some guys are good at articulating things and and those groups wash out regardless as great military leaders that are very articulate, but they figure out a way You done this great, my civilian measures that are very cheap labour. They figured where there is great military leaders that are really good at seven? buying things. There's grapes, great disintegrate, subversive people are not good at that, so they find, though solution, people are complement them. Leaders and move forward, but no huge difference, doktor, there's! No, there's no difference! There's there's just there's good leadership and his bad leadership. That's a Jackal love your book. M podcast when it comes down to the wire and you need to make a quick and technical decision admit amidst chaos. How do you keep your head?
three the suggests everyone knows answer this by now: detach take a step back, take a step back off line, take a step back from the tackled, situation? That's going on to turn your head look around see. What's going on, assess it properly on emotionally and then make a decision? That's it. You gotta, learn to detach easy money. Next question, jungles noddies. If people would ask me a question time towards it as implementing it is simple, word is simple, but it's definitely not easy. No, it's not and I'll. Tell you it's not only not easy. It's almost hard that you don't even like see it happening? It's like you're blind to it,
most people are blind to it. That's why such a huge advantage from a leadership perspective? You can be one inch above everyone else. You can see infinitely further than they can because, let's face it, they have a limited when, when you're, when you're at one level, when you're at six feet, you can see what you can see you go to eight feet, you can see things They can't see me they ve literally, can't see them. So therefore, you know things that they don't know. And almost the you seem brilliant cause, you can literally see things that they literally can't see. So take a step back turn your head look around detached from your emotions, detached from the chaos, that's it and the emotions. That's like one of the major things. That's making you blind. Sure, whether its emotions, whether its anger, whether frustration, whether its panic, whether its strong
all those emotions, will do have the same result on you and your decision making, which is you won't see, was actually happening. Jakob. How do you build a relationship with the boss that consistently loses his temper on the basis stay calm down overreact, let them vent to you and don't make a big deal out of them, losing their temper to just be just be like up just absorb it and be like hey. It's all good boss, vent and then, when they come down a little bit you just don't even don't go like mad. I'm glad you calm down, notes. You now say: ok, here's! What, with his decision phenomena brings the troops or whatever you noticed, just be calm, and then eventually
Hopefully you get a relationship that strong enough that you can actually say something to him. Like hey man, you know, I know you, I know things drive you crazy, but you know if you always a lot better when you're just kind of calm and everyone kind of have a lot of respect. For that, you know, but again, that's when you gotta be careful with because they might discover what are you trying to do? You know about respect email with his right there, so yeah I'm going to become not overreact, absorb that kind of thing inefficient and struggling to be ineffective leader, because I am told that I dont have the right tone I'm to direct in course,
to show how to fix it. I'd appreciate any and all help things if you can record yourself why you're talking to people like when you're on the phone, with someone to record it, took our your beer, your cell phone and record, and see what you sound like cause. You might be surprised at what you sound like a lot of times. People don't realize what they sound like you might have to overcompensate for a little while and be like overly play in a nice to people which which to them might sound like normal, but you sound like your being just totally over that. Nice because you like how are you today and their think at all? It's nice reserves. Having a conversation with your mind, you like these are just pleasantries. I don't think I should be. Do you not take? No just calm down, it's actually great feedback, its awesome that people have actually told you that you are to direct into horse. So what does that mean? your offending people, if your funding people, do they listen to you. The answer is no. So how do you not offend p
and in your mind, your vacant. I swear. I saw these people as direct Unita, which I just put the word out, didn't like no actual use, people off offend them, and now they don't listen to you so dont be that person. Let's try and build relationships made that your key goal make your goal not to get the your point across them, but to build a relationship will make that your goal and then the rest we'll start come together. Did you move in the right direction you in and sometimes in the same, this person is like this would sometimes people who were direct, in course, like they sort of take pride in it? No longer so, if you can search your mind and be like, am I taking pride in this little bit know that, like you're you're you're going full speed in the wrong direction there with that, you know if that's the case that monsieur Le Eureka affirmative next question, I served in the coastguard
and operate in high risk. Surfer, berry, genes. Where not only do I have victim than the water who gave a high risk who have high risk of dying, but also my people and myself have a high probability of being injured or killed. I enjoy my job thoroughly and perform on the job, but it's the waiting. That's brutal how'd, you manage stress it stress in the off time. So it's not overwhelming. Look you got to train hard. You got to be prepared. You got to rehearse. You got to drill worst case scenarios. You got to be an awesome physical condition. You got to do all those things you prepare as much as you can You can't worry about things that you can't control. So the things you
control. What can you control? You can be in good physical shape. You can prepare for your equipment, make sure you know how to operate your equipment. You can drill worst case scenarios to make sure your team understands the procedures that you're supposed to do so you take control of all the things that you can control. You do, those to the nth degree. The things you can't control. You just got a knot. About them, because that's what we are actually you're actually less prepared, because you're worried about other things. You can't sleep because, as a storm coming, you know, there's got to be some rescues. Psych pay! You ve, prepared you ve trained. You ve got your equipment already. You ve rehearsed with your teammates like that's what we do and there's some things it. I can't control and I'm ok with that and not to get too crazy but like worst case scenario and not to get too like dark worst case scenario. What happens worse? scenario. What happens you die
That's the worst case scenario. That happens. Ok, ok, so you you're, insurance taken care of you got your desk July set up. You know you ve written letters to your family to tell him what to do and that you ve had a great job and that you loved what you do and what you're doing and that that's the way it goes you no part of life is death. A hundred percent think about that a hundred percent. So if you can. Compartmentalize the things that you can control and say? Ok, these things are not control of, and then you look at the worst case scenario, which is the worst case scenario. I've been a guest commissioner was like like. If you could one you teammates, you know dies, that's. That seems to me to always be the worst thing or you die. What what are you gonna do so well to prevent my teammate from dying on a train prepare do every.
Go to my power and One of the things in my power to do is not be scared of things that I can't control or not worry about things that I can't can't control and then like hey, I could die doing this job. That could happen. What do you do about that? You prepare for it You you write your will. You make sure that your w w two or page too, I believe it's crawling page too, in the military service records that they know what to do with your finances, you fill Rest, your eye for you right, oh dear the letter to your friend, friends and family. That's what you do. And then you go out and you do your job, the fear, the fear of death. That you have in your mind, is more likely to cause a problem. It's more, you will more, if you're, afraid of death or more likely to die that if you say you know what, if this happens, God forbid guess what
I'm leaving the life I want to live and I'll. I'm gonna die doing this. It's like That, if you can get over that hurdle right there, that's a huge thing and the more comfortably you are with that the less chance of you actually dying. There is because you won't be scared of it. You won't be hesitant, you won't be paranoid, you won't lose sleep, you'll be like okay, so Just truly think about it, like man, you're, you're, doing of an important job try and save people's lives. There's inherent SK in that, but it's! What you want to do is what you chose to do. There's you deal with that and if you can get through that That's a huge step. Does this mean you want to die now? What does it mean that at all doesn't mean that at all. It doesn't mean that at all. But if you like, you know what I could die that's one of the possible outcomes here, its highly unlikely but
The possible outcome? If it happens, I've lived the best possible way again. I've. Prepared for my family friends to be taken care of to understand what happened and I'm I'm ok with that. That's that's my recommendation. Dhaka very goal. Oriented I'm very goal oriented my friends say that they want me to choose this in that, yet they still are vapor party being lazy and overall, don't walk the talk. I want to be an F special tactics. Airforce, therefore, special tactics officer, and I don't have time for those destruction. How do I get them on track, but this is pretty straightforward one for me, What I do is I walk the walk and keep walking out of this.
Guys want to walk the walk with me cool, but if they want a vapor and party and be lazy are the kind of guys you want around with your team anyways, you know so unless they get on the path that reach the right place Jimmy you can tell him hey man. Does income do there, but don't spend a bunch of time trying to pick up and drag people that don't want to drag themselves, not that you're going to an organization like a special tactics in the air force. You don't want to be carrying other people, don't have to motivate other people want people that want to do the job themselves. So don't spend a bunch of time with these people that don't want to get after it. Except Jacko when things start moving fast and feel our control, because you're really getting after it work family due to two in countless other things,
How do you slow it down and get the feeling back of being in What you do and the situations go harder you go harder? What you do is in this is, I think, of it, like just think of it as a sprint. You gettin bog as a budget stuff, go on gravel old of a bunch of them and sprint and get caught up. That's what you do you sprint you get caught up. I do that kind of right now and I didn't start doing that. I really started to having to do these little sprint's that I do sometimes
like maybe a year ago, where I just have to just just buckle down for three days and do nothing but work just that's it nothing but work, I'm I'm in the middle of one right now, like just what what I did over the last few days. I like work, work and more work. So it's a sprint, but then you get caught up. You get things under control and then you can. You can go back to a more sustainable pace because you can't sprint forever. You can. Sprint forever. Actually right that doesn't work. So if you think you're going to run alongside a vehicle, because you can sprint, that's not going to work eventually the vehicles going to help ace you and you're going to be left behind. After you have to choose a race that you can win but sometimes
just like in a running race. You got a sprint to get ahead. What you get ahead, you can, you know you can follow you. Can you can go back to a sustainable base, but that's that's what I do I go into it. Little period of mass production, I prefer slow and steady. Absolutely. I prefer just keep on the disciplined path every day doing what needs to be done. You know that we talk about plant in a tree earlier, like writing a book. Nothing feels better writing a book. Then, when you look up after after a month of writing- and you got thirty words because you wrote a thousand words a day to sit down and right? Thirty thousand words is gotcha. It's got check for me. It is, I don't enjoy doing that for long periods of time. I don't enjoy seeing their typing, as the boards are already pretty much in my head a manual labor but
not manual labor, we get move rocks. To manual labor of pecking into a keyboard. That's not fund. For me. There's no! Zero physical benefit, but to look up after a month and say I got thirty thousand words. That's almost a book right, so I prefer to do tat but sometimes because I've saddled myself with many different things going on right now. Sometimes I get behind and I have two sprint we have. To say: ok, you know what this gonna sock for three days, but I'm to get back on track, and here we go. So that's what I do.
When I start feel like other things, are gonna get angry by gay men. Maybe you have two for work have to sacrifice jujitsu for whatever two days ago, a mocking train, but that's the USA me a total of five hours in the next couple days, not get a lot of work done in five hours. I didn't do jujitsu yesterday. Did I want? Oh yes, I did, but I said: ok, I'm sprint right now. I gotta get this other stuff done and I had to prioritize. So that's that's what you have to do and guess what you know. Then you get through that sprint. I go back to your sustainable thing, which is due to everyday work out every day, which is no right, you're right everyday. Do you work every day So try that try just buckling I'll tell your family. Tell you jujitsu instructor, be ok, listen! I'm regard for three days. I got I gotta get caught up so stand by and loom. Tell your family look,
I'm sorry for the next three days, you here much for me. They work late to a bunch of stuff done and just sprint hard and give him a little reward at the end hey when I get back on Tuesday or when I get back on Friday, we can go out for dinner whenever good time, but I got to Sprint forgot to get caught up so there you go good little. Tactical is again after dinner a little reward. You like that, whole deal both of em like basically to make sure that you communicate with all these people that might be affected by your thing, even like in small ways like I saw him in a sprint Rina. You you'd be. Oh I'm sometimes, surprised, and how that just that little thing he saw effective, like you know like that, I'm going negotiator at a you know we're different. That may be my family's or they depending on me, not a big way, but just a little bit depending on me being right, I'm going to go to juice. Instead, if I say a one week before I do that I see here on this day. You know like
yeah. I understand he usually I'm here I did get but having to go this day. This training just kind of means a lot to me this day and time whenever a week before heads up, they love it. Love night in their trade. Do it the hour before versus the week before night and day what one situation I cast all we got your back, we'll do it and the other one is like the disdain desert. My wife thinks she thinks I'm on it, to every day- and I am just like so they don't uprising to her. If I'm ever like, oh, you know should be like. Leave yet I don't know I'm actually working is about. Ok, that's what you realize. I got some work to do, but that's a good, that's good to remember it. In August. Take it easy to get caught up in like hey. This is me and my sprint on the way I'm gonna have to buy.
Down. You know third thing, so it can. It maybe gets in the way you thinking like hey it's for other people too in arms and then that that additional one words I can't when I'm done you gotta, the reward them. If you communicate little need, the reward demean depends on who is, but typically you'd unmoved makes sense for them not to need the reward. They were all good word scenario. Don't do too much to expect, but that's a good two I think that's get put down into rotation exhibition, Hey Jacko Letter, respect for union work, I've question how do You draw the line between doing things you're uncomfortable with to develop and just torturing yourself unnecessarily, whose pretty is pretty straightforward. Question actually enterprise report answer. Does it benefit? You are not.
Does it benefit you Anne, and there is some level of torture that benefits you, because it just keeps you mentally and physically tougher. So there is benefit too to some level of torture right, there's also a level of torture that is not beneficial for you actually takes you backwards and it's gonna injure you it's gonna break. You die Going to break you down mentally is going to break you up a creek there's times. I got talk about this like there's times when I got on a plane when I get on a plane to see what I know, I'm just done training, which is I get on a plane and I cannot lie in a plane. I can like really hammer out some work. I can get a podcast. I can read a book. I can just really go hard because there's no, I don't sign up for Wi Fi on the plane. I just do and when I get on a plane and decide on the watch him. I'm gonna go this thing.
Watch and are none of the last summit. I watched zoo, lander him, which is a funny movie, but there's no zero positive benefit to my humanity by watching Z. That's that's it so so I just like ok mentally just need a damn break. You know and same thing with physical like there's times we are. Like there's times this is an interesting one when you're training to to. If I have an injury, that's recovering and it's a normally. I do eight rounds ten rounds. When I haven't injury, that's recovering! I have to have the discipline to say you know what I'm only doing four rounds today, because when you get to the fifth six round, I'm tired I'm making mistakes seventieth day. Now I'm,
Actually, to gonna get injured again, so I want to recover from the injury. So I take some I take let I have to have the discipline to say no, because the lack of discipline says I'm just gonna train, more obscure, train harder and some, You have to take a little a little bit of a breather, and so, if you're doing something, that's uncomfortable, but it's making you stronger or smarter or faster yeah, that's good! If you're doing something, that's uncomfortable and it's not beneficial to you, then that's not smart to do, except for the occasional gut check, which is why this is just going to suck. This is just going to suck and I'm going to do it anyways and that's fine. York and indifferent than people in by the concept that you're talking about. I think that's universal with good. Like INA, you talk about like going on the plane. Even
like the way you like that has no good for humanity were in your nose, like a jokingly has put in it, but the thing That is good for you and it's what is surrender who lander whatever you watch, or something that that's like not work cause. It's like you know compared to work, Rob Jones. Does this lot who compared to like lifting waits or work, which is good? I think a poem, mere perfect analogy. The work you don't think it's all its essentially just your rest between sets. That's all is so if you like, you don't get rest between sets. Oh yes, how much we do you can live, then, probably not that much, but there's a difference between dressing for like two minutes between you sets and then resting one day. I agree. Sometimes, though, sometimes you can say I need a respite, you don't really don't. Let me know when you gotta be careful that emerged. Gotta go! Oh, this is just torture straw to want to do it, but you really just being mentally week. So you have to be aware that we have to do things that suck sometimes yet sorcerer.
Some work out just sock and their awful and their torture, but they make us stronger. They ain't you better. They make you tougher, so you do it yet so perfect in then, if you Monday, the work on analogy rate where you're like ok, so this does those two Dakota means. If you saw us like ok rest between sets cool, I dig it. You do work in the nearest between sets. That's the whole thing format. But like ok, if I need two minutes arrests in between my sets for this specific work out for this specific outcome or results from the work of the book what am I doing the rest for two minutes, so there's differences in that case. There's a difference between Two minutes and then rescued arresting fifteen minutes, You don't need all that rest now. You just cruising now. Just avoiding the next set of putting it off for doing whatever is different, but on the other side, the more extreme inside of spectrum? The work out can be like not to mix up the work out the whole work. I could last two hours. Long, no rest between sets, that's the worker, but when we,
done. You still got to rest and recover from work up saw just as you dont have a ceremony sets in in your work, dated, still doesn't mean you you need that rests between sets or at the very you no respite to more thing that I got used to the military, and I see companies. All time like I could work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, never stop and never get everything done yet at something. Think about. So then you have to say yourself. Well how productive my gonna be in what's important. What's not important, you gotta make sure that you get your right. If you take no rest, you won't be able to function properly and for me, like I could write twenty four hours a day and not right all the books, and I want to write. I could do judges you twenty four hours a day and not get goods. They want to get a good work out one for us. They knock it restores only get. You have to figure out how to balance all those different items together to figure out like ok. What is an acceptable level of each one of these components? Yeah, it's gonna, take pennant identifying the results that you want that are acceptable tee.
You know so yeah like what he calls it does. The you don't like NASCAR, right, watch, streets of thunder on another war, Tom Cruise, that isn't asnore something of thunder days of thunder anyway. He's like racing and he's like hey, you gotta do a pit stop Everybody got to do a pit stop, but it seems weird. You know when you're like racing, your hey, I'm ahead of everybody, I'm not gonna, stop right now of word. You know, but bear your wielding a fall off by senior picked up. Sometimes to watch some cylinder whatever anyone, You done you be way more productive, cuz. Those tires are new now, but they can't fly around the track grip. Everything seemed same concur, so it's part of the game. So I'm saying next question: how does the introduction you gave to MIKE Equipment Room square with extreme ownership? No judgment? This
China lawyer, so MIKE's, really when MIKE's really came into tasking browser, because his other puts his other tasking had had some leadership issues and I was sort of the collateral damage in the whole thing, and so they moved him from that task in it, which was tasked unit Charlie into tasking abuser and when he came in brought him into the equipment Roma Jilting three, which is where I would counsel my junior officers because there was There was construction going on it's yielding through the time there's no ceiling, so everyone could hear you in your office. I would go into this equipment room and brief guys if, if need be, I just brought my trolling there and I had out a counselling lead. Are for him to sign and it said: there's no drama and tasking abuser don't bring any into it and that's it. It was really straightforward.
I'm not asking if you still has it, but I don't know why this person thinks that that doesn't square with the extreme ownership. As far as I'm concerned, that is, I hadn't a guy that was coming into a unit that had been together fur seven or eight months gone through work up and ready, getting wet, for deployment at an. I just had to take ownership of the fact. But I had a guy that was shown up that I didn't know I did get feedback, I got feedback from multiple people, multiple sources and my bro source was like hey solely he's. Fine, in good to galvanise like psychological. So I knew he was good to go, but still I want to set the the expectation right for him. So he knew like look like men. He might think that that was his first task in it. He was with you know, He might think this is the way it is acknowledged, sought the waiters so for me it was just hey. We're just words is taken ownership, but for me Amsterdam make sure he knows it's gone on. Make sure you understand the expectations
they were not family drama here, because we will have any drama. There's no drama like we have problems resolve. We don't back stabbing tell em each other and stabbed driven back now. We have a problem we get together. We solve the problem, that's how it is, and so that's all you know that wasn't bad. Think, that's a I'm I'm I'm not even quite sure, I'd have to get more Details on this question to figure out why that didn't seem like the right thing to do. For my perspectives, it's great when you, when you have somebody, come on board and they go home and here's the expectations that are going on the bone, maybe because that was before he did me things like you did something and then you're like Jake you're bringing drama. Don't do that here wasn't bad. Who is an aim? We don't have drama here. Don't bringing here. Do you agree with that? And mice really said Roger that Sir, if I may say that, of course, so at home, a drama brought it zero. Yet
So in a way, I don't I'm looking at it from the outside. It like that. Was you know that the ESA so the extreme only. I fear I use some areas abated problems owing to do everything to mitigate whatever all these things and go a pre empted price. Bloom solving mode tactfully. When your way you know them. I wasn't even like. I was like you better, not do you mean accuser that I actually are literally said. There is no doubt
My here don't bring any. I didn't say like you are. We know uniting point my finger now. I came up here because in my mind I'm thinkin. We noted thank you to my mind, Hager prior enlisted Marine. That's gonna be my task in it. I got another body and he's an experienced guy with you know tat I was I was king personality roused always dogma. Serbia no factor machinery as everyone sure you stay on the warpath when everything seems to be going wrong. I think that's a good question. Will here's here's? What I think is strange about that question. It's sort of like the questioner out his answer about like sprinting. It's easy to when things are all right, it's easy to stay on the warpath. Right! You don't even need to be on the warpath when things are going great
because everything's happy there's no war going on Europe. Peace people are, you know, delivering food to eat, then you're getting a massage there's! No there's! No You're not like already to be on the warpath right now, while I'm getting back massage while getting food delivered to me, that's not happening. When the actual time that you need to go on the warpath in you need to go harder on the warpath is when things are going wrong wrong. That's when you need to dig deeper. That's when you need a that's when the whole, like idea of saying good, that's when it happen When things are actually when you're getting tested by the world, that's when you want to do it so when you get tested by the world, that's when you had the opportunity to show the world what your made of. That's when you get to say bring it on.
Bring it on. All things are going wrong, bring it on. I actually, forward to that because this is when I get to exercise my discipline. This is when to show the dismal I get it put the discipline to work the moment I have been waiting for cause. Let's face it. If things were easy, then that I could just sit around and slack off right, that's what matter. When things are easy, when things are going right that when you actually can sack off a little bigger things corner I dont recommended. I recommend you were things go right, you go hard
but one thing is going wrong. You need to go even harbour, so if everything's going wrong, it doesn't matter to me because I'm on the path to stay on the path on the Warpath Amber to get my situation rectified. Stat gets a horrid. That's like two hours or something right now, so let some speaking of the war path, the path! Yes! Yes, how could we get people to you know? How could we assist with ample b on the worst have wanted you to listen, accurate, maybe step Yemen. That's the one straight up men who depends on where you are to begin with solid face of energy, it is all you need your yogi right, no need to ask him,
more get origin, EU origin main Dotcom hundred per hundred percent. Hundred percent made in America there are you gotta, get vague you to get, and also hundred percent made in America made in America from the dirt to get up straight up, face it from the top soil to the ghee top. So it's helpful to the top of the fully and for those who care about the aesthetics of biggie. These aesthetics are how should I say, made specifically for Jiu Jitsu for sure, but people by the people? Yes, but they're like the cut. You know how you'd like to do
Ford you to let him see and they lived up to file away. If you care about their can stuff alternately wanna make, let you don't care, but you care. No, I will. I am and always have been impressed by specifically dragon with come on. You are a dragon really. Are you not like a like ice I bet you. The thing is actually from nineteen. Thirty will have to ask PETE what year is, but that's the actual thing is the old school thing that you figure out, you thing. It's! It's impedes office and it's like a it's a lot of people, a picture of it, but it's so. It looks like a mechanical thing from due from eighteen. Ninety eight, how from nineteen thirty I bet you, the thing is actually from nineteen. Thirty will have to ask PETE what year is, but that's the actual thing
the old school thing that you figure out, you U Programme is the work, but it's no! That is not the digital about this programme. What the fabric!
like from this machine, it's written its core anyways. Yes, let's dragon, we ve also rash guards, also omnipresent main America tee shirts other things, some cool stuff here, sugar supplements as well yeah, yeah and supplements for your joints, a four year being being as a human and for your operational capabilities is so joint warfare for your joints, crude oil, for your being engines and joints, discipline for your operational capability, lift you lift your cognitive and if its capabilities,
And then, of course, we had them some additional protein for one at a big Mcshane put dark chocolate in it by the way you said that on the last point out yet, but his memory again, yes and it put dartle darted out standing with what flavour mark peanut butter chocolate, Zayigo Currently it is it was. The man is familiar. Yeah so the sooner rotation in its all. Based on, like I feel I'm going to tell you I'm! I probably have had peanut butter six times in a row which it used to be not happening. It would be Mint six times in a row and then right now, I'm just so down with that peanut butter down the on the part of her train situation. But yes, the end. These supplements aroused such of the joint once like markets. Easiest, like a kind of in me alone, with my thoughts on like this covered glamorous one
protein, hell yeah my muscles, The joint warfare they don't get like the glamour here, what you one of my was telling me yesterday. One of my brethren seals was: he is using vanilla guerrilla music. A me is I'm putting it in everything carrying. He makes coffee bump Noriega, Adona Teak book but his those coffees these putting in his car figure, and he said it's like a sweetener, but obviously it's not it's not add for you, yeah it is wheaten are coherent. That was either he was. He was you, you know when you talk to people when they get like the the like little the little kid looking eyes yeah he hurried, Isaac and output. I put the villagers: labored hid it with the. I could say he was getting farther, We said he hid it with the blood of the blunder,
one one year. So technical aid is in theory, but I put the coffee in its like a lower and especially whatever in the monk, also like a more Shake would like the God of the same deal, but I'm sure they're reaches a different reason like coffee. It is another thing it is so if you, if you like like coffee, ice cream, Languedoc itself, coffee. I swim Emmeline black Coffee. Those are two different experiences for sure. So, coffee ice cream, that's a delicious flavour, one. It's delicious, so Atkinson deal with milk. Speaking of Delicious strawberry and chocolate warrior kid mark for your children. I this this could get some kind of. Ah you know I.
And I put myself in for a Nobel Peace Prize, Sir, what like hey, we are helping the children of the world in a big way here, with strawberry and chocolate, you'll get mark biggest there's no other thing that you're just as a kid as a kid you're about that Little Snickers bar hid her right. Now, these bad snacks in the idea that your hitters right through the right yes logic with feel VON on that one? Could he understands hitters better than me, but if you can give your kid a strawberry or chalk, mark heater, they purchase the girl scout and they're gonna get stronger, literally healthier Billy, I told PETE. I sat on the warrior kid podcast that warrior kid mark will make you stronger these north. You can legally make
claim on like well, it's already been and leaving it up to you. How can you be? How can you not? How can they not be legally made? Because does protein rebuild your muscles answer? Yes, does work and mark have protein in it? Yes, I guess we gotta get kids Jack's deal to or just grow up as a kid healthy yoke and stronger as a kid grown up off. The Japanese is, are we are technically and legally authorized to say to the children of the world? Warrior kid mark will make you stronger. If I get the Nobel Prize for that you Nobel Prize for helping children around the world is then I deserve it there you go enough, not to go too deep into the whole thing about getting stronger like if you make the claimant something's gonna make you stronger. I think that is fine.
Like legally, because legally you can't like diagnose it, wasn't within their certain this list of things you can do you can't diagnose you can't o tree. We do in a deuce their specific item, the more medic man We base their ink, but well the only thing that we really. The only claim that we make, which is scientifically proven, is the is the dead, lift capabilities we drink driving away to his eight out of his answer, which I mean obviously terms guideline. No one's going to argue without new workers as just facts. So if you want somebody, if you want some Jacko White T, because you need a bigger dad left, which you probably do, then you get that from Amazon when the can
from Amazon, because rabbits He'S- U Getty Everywhere- were everywhere, meaning online school. My man, ok, decoy, T found the store. The rigour on what store Jocker Store, Jack was stored, skull, Jacko Store and the website is Jack was stored outcomes online. Did you see the way site for origin, or were they not non MIA lawyer fathers and the chuckle with joint warfare mark the Geese, the rash the origins of law at origin may not come in detail, but there's a little reminder, but jock await tee is everywhere, including jock restored calm. Also, local stirred outcome is where you can get your shirt when you representing on the path, seeing that's a big part of mean on the bath. Actually, that's a good psychological and physical experience I like, I don't know you can save it in order to say what he helps to stand. The path is well you're, not gonna eat Adona, while you're wearing it. There's no freedom, t shirt exactly iridescent,
it is physically impossible. How things will yet be like you, you're gonna, like the exorcist. You just won't be able to stop yourself from flow in the donor box in the garbage. You know it's weird and I'm being serious psych now let me say that, like I can't eat a donor, even if I may like I can't like it's. It's embedded already be like area those of the path is it prevents me. Equally from eating? The oily donor I could. He is one that is, is an actual piece of stake cut into a circle with a piece missing from the middle year. I might do that. Maybe I met you may, like years later, stake down at work to get some war that here the thing that there is such a thing is like little protein doughnuts, the air, but if you look at the ingredients and another really what it feels like. Paleo pro INA help we went through May paleo. Stuff is sadly what shape it like a big stick
really. I don't give up what I don't get it through a donor, Jesse scenarios, I think that's. The thing is like the fact that its adona kind- it is that's what kind of reads the little thing in my brain anyway, in a way back to the store doctor who do you on their shirts on their hats on their lot acoustic on their Fiona represent, represent in the wild jock restored outcome grab something punitive core path also gave a dogma juggle
t. Obviously, also you subscribe to the progress of you haven't already they're gonna. Keep you in tune, so to speak, seems obvious, I guess, but an unseemly smoking, but he could subscribe. Stay tuned stay in touch on Itunes. Did your Google play you anywhere where you listen to your passport subscribe? Also, the where you get bad gas is the warrior could park ASP better than Jocapa cast. I personally. I don't think so at the end of the day, what he said. Not only is it then that ever that expression net net My brother said that item anyway met net. I like the Jocapa, cast better here's the thing it's not like just caught in dry. Lawyers is a bit like legit competition here and whose if you were to observe them from a completely unbiased you, but don't like the warrior, you could broadcasters Not in it. I can't tell every can rely. My stuff
Maybe Here'S- maybe by later yourself, here's the here's, the here's, the part that can it can it. What is it like is like a rebuttal to my own opinion working Party S, every single one of those was was like ninety, like out to eighty five too two percent impacts like every little thing like it felt like applied to me, where I like your, whether it be in the United Kingdom on your daughter, not yours, I'm not applied to you. To meet or as a human laughing something's. Yes, or are you my six years old or whenever you're? Here yes, but am not seen, it doesn't I know my dad, I'm not saying that it applies to me directly whether be me in my life or me. How am I gonna do with my daughter now or my son whenever hunted like all of the things pretty much like this kind of it, so net net yeah Jocapa, yes, sure I like better, maybe because this kind of work more things
I don't know why, but that's my answer, but I will say that maybe the maid you may be right, but work may because they so there's not as many where your kid, maybe here, maybe I need more. I need more to shift over to to for that to be better. I don't know, maybe either way that's on Instead, you all you, that's that's podcast as well that you subscribe to also Youtube the work. You do too Well, it's worth. Yes, we Youtube. There's the Jocko podcast Channel on Youtube. There's warrior kid podcast on Youtube which we separated so that your child will be watching more. Your kid park asked and then all of a sudden have the rape of name King Podcast creep into their zone right, so we separated them but other both up there they're both available and also on the Jackal podcast. That's where echo puts up videos of with within handsome and to them and make them make the message more
The impact for, in his opinion will hopefully help. Like? I said, though, the the making the dragons video, which has moved to the top slot, in my opinion, for your videos, which is a bold statement, is a bold statement. People have got tears in their eyes from a two minute, video about kids book that pretty impressive year. Why do I have to say I I even had tourism as you think, that's a I've for real and I'm not going to be like all Humber what I don't think. It's necessarily because of me making a video because, like war on an I'm, only speak for myself where care, so With the the king dilute the story within a store, it's a story of a story in a story of his victory laser, but so the idea of the king dying and then the kid being like young and having this big responsibility heap on his shoulder in short shoulders in him being scared,
for some reason not to skip like all whatever about the zone of sensitive about that can stuff. So what it's like you explain in air and you say it like you're not been off tough Jacko, you seems like you doing like appropriately seem same and then so it's like that. That's really what kind of food- did me anything sure I laid out in a way where it's like kind of delivered in the appropriate labour is. Is it ours ask if it was more impact fault, because you and I know the whole story, but people that don't know lost or that didn't have the boy yet were like you, my god, you're workers no the whole story, it's cool, but then people it did story were just like you know what actually known other thing, because Jade said the same thing and he didn't repository heat and he actually had little tears in his eyes again of tourism. While I turn act, which is just so confusing, but meanwhile he's all like Dino Emotional, I saw it
so that's the best Youtube channel. You can subscribe to that that be cool, we'd, appreciate it and all that stuff that you can leave the big thing about. If you subscribe to the Youtube Channel, you need to comment about echo, because the only compensation that ECHO receives for participation, This bar is being able to read you two comments that say Echo is clear I want to Youtube subscribe and then right, echoes yoked. Echo is jacked. Echo is looking massive, all that kind of stuff cuz that way I'll be happy, so I can just pay him with that. That's what ya yeah. I've ever heard it's that bad nonetheless, but you do none, the less you pointed out. It is when you were like you, like others, always someone says. I never said that
anyway. I live anywhere psychological warfare worker. If you know what that is what it is, it's an album with acts. Some items at Amazon, music, us an album, retracts, Jacko, saying helping you us is helping us. That's what he's doing jock was helping us through moments of weakness when they arise and they'll rice. You can't sprint forever report a need you might instead of taking appropriate action. When you realize you kids Brent forever. Sometimes you might want to take a little bit more rest between sets you'll have to, but I wanted to too much. Rather, you might want to yes exactly right and you will not ever loved your activity between that's terrific
ecological, never die. Dunes, Google play mp3. Yes, yes, and you get past us those moments, Jackal just help. He threw it just by telling you that they like little spot when you're slacking little spot in reference to weightlifting. Yes, that's right cause, you someone's try left in there, quite get it answered the help he lifted a little better, even little spot, but you never gave weightlifting yes, but in this case I how you get jacked, didn't let's give instead of weights it's your slacker weakness that might come on nothing we're all week, but sometimes some of us, a lot of us, are implemented anyway. Jockers are free, born psychological warfare also through work out boring, even if it's not boring get more fitness gear soul. I incorporated ok, give from on it, but on it. Dotcom, Slash, Jocker fitness gear, rope battle, ropes,.
Rings, cattle bills. Of course, to me, if you don't have the kettlebells, I feel like there's like one little element- big small, I don't know depends on who your but is one element of life, as MR that's my opinion, but when I got the rings that change my whole worker, so so what I do, what I do not like you do about be cool, stuff wanderings. I only do handful of the economic, even ample like two things one of the main ones are like a mule nuke? I make em go super LE, like maybe waste may be handsome persons and no bre, I'm still begin at the rings, but soul. Hold them in front of me and then I'll do it's kind of like a roller gonna think, because one or two time above arms, both arms and then some time look alike, widen narrowed So do those I'll do like such a ten and you can adjust like how high so her heart and easier. It is whatever what! Although a meter off the ground, we gotta go full extension. You can't get there
the less between every exercise, action between every set you do a set at ten. That's like the work out cause is not super exhausting to do it. You know. So it's like an active rests, scud men, a finger it'll. Take you like work out too. Next of or to the thing people say that triggered the next, so that doesn't mean anything living on this, even if it doesn't take it if it takes. This will help you jack. Let me briefly explain what that means to the next level so like when you do, I don't know dead lives or are there no shoulder press or something like one year? Is crazy, recur rules of bitter curls entrance of extent when you do things you're like since you're like core, whatever is stronger and there's just what I might from what you feel when you call strongest feels like give way better balance, you have like way better control of of the weighty get stronger overall boom
just from rings Jura anyone on a dot com. That's that's where you get this. If you want to get your mind, smarter and tougher and get your brain more Jack your brain or jack, we got some books making the dragons that is out. There are more being printed. At this time, I'm printing as many as humanly possible order it immediately so that I know- and I can get it to you, it's coming so it's with we ve shipped out some. We got some more coming in right now, so you have you have an ordered. It ordered it yet than order it now. The feedback is awesome right now and thank you for posting,
reviews on Amazon, that's so cool to read and see little pictures of kids reading the book, and I'm just super that in that book you for that and where the warrior kid for the kids are maybe just a little bit older. That's a book about getting on the path for kids and it can help them in every possible element of their life that I can think of right. Now they will ill they. It will help them it'll make them smarter, it'll make them work harder. It'll make them understand, discipline will make them stronger. It'll just help him across the board. That's the warrior kid, and in the follow on mission of the follow on book to that's. Where we're good marks mission. The next is the dismal ankles field, the dissident equals Freedom field Manual, which is a book about how to get after it, though book it's the book about how to how to get it is, and it is not a throw away book by any stretch.
It is. How would you describe it? It's a manual, but I mean an instrument know: what's the word used earlier, aesthetically rickety aesthetically? Could you possibly look just look at the external part, just the cover of the field manual and think maybe I'll do a little extra work today. Yes, isn't I was ass Maria fully Amy was you know, what's in it, get after mature, the foot and mouth thing about this to not extensive thought but there's an audio version of this structure, which is cool, which is good, but it's kinda like one of the things where you can. I can. I want the physical book even if some far more of an audio books person I upon that physical book because of its aesthetics,
heavy, it's heavy, it has black pages, but let us put it, you doubtless start with that. Have you ever seen a bucket black raises? No no haven't now get to get the field. Men were right there. If you want the audio version than its on Itunes. Amazon use. Google play it's not on audible, because I wanted to build a use it as a alarm for some of those things. Little warnings yeah. Tracks, ready to be played a moment's notice and that's the thing to do where it's like a few times. If you time, if you set up a timer where, when you are going to launch new sugar coated, lies play Jack oil, the men perfectly people and because the thing is like some of these, like chapters are whatever you're gonna identify with more than the next chapter in especially like, if you like, doughnuts or ministries of sorts, the sugar cooled lies, one you're gonna be referencing, now a little bit more right source like ok, you see you have that option. That's good have put on the time. Ask
yeah. The the next book is one now talk about two books together: extreme ownership in dichotomy, leadership. These are two books about the lessons learned on the battlefield myself and Leif Bab and wrote the box. He was in task in a browser as the Charlie Potu Commander, and we took the lessons that we learned over there. We brought him back. We started teaching them to the feels that we're getting ready to deploy and we wrote extreme ownership when we got out and started work with companies and saw that all the blessings that we learned transferred to the civilian sector, and then we wrote the dichotomy of leadership as a follow on book, which the some people are saying is better. I don't know which one is better, but I do know that they will make you better. They will make you a better leader, so
check those out dream, ownership, dichotomy of leadership Mikey and the dragons way of the warrior kid MARC's mission and discipline equals freedom field manual. You can get your brain jacked, which is the word of the day at go. I shall on front that's a leadership consultancy. We solve problems through leadership. So if you have a team, if you have a company, if you have a business and you wanna get your leadership aligned and you want to get them functioning at the highest level, you can go to echelon, front dot com. We solve problems through leadership, that's what we do. We have the muster common in two thousand nineteen Chicago and Denver and were also do in Sydney so check out a stream ownership. Dot, convert detail,
On that all of the past masters have sold out these monsters we'll sell out as well so try and get it in on it early so that you can come. We actually turned people away. We turned a pretty good number of people away from mustards euros or seven in San Francisco and that that doesn't feel good. You feel kind of bad, so try
It is too early for that and their course e f over watch. This is where we are taking people from our old community, the speck ops, special operations community and combat aviation community, folks that war leaders and tested as leaders on the battlefield and now we are taking those tried and tested leaders and placing them into civilian organisations to help the leadership in those companies and teams. You can go to e f over watch dot com if you're either a vat that is looking for your next mission or your accompany looking for your next high level leader, and if you have more questions or you have answers for us, we are available on the inner webs on Twitter on Instagram
and on Facebook. Echo is at ECHO Charles, and I am at Java willing and thanks to all the military folks out there that are protecting us from evil around the globe. To police law enforcement, fire leaders, paramedics, empties correctional officers, border patrol and all first responders, thanks for holding the line twenty four hours a day here on the home front and to everyone, out there. Thank you for your questions. But, as I said earlier most of these questions, you already know the answers to you already know the right thing to do. You already know what you're supposed do you already know how to get on the warpath and stay on the warpath its by getting out there every
single day and getting after it until next time. This is echo in Jacko out.
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