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157: When to Play The Game, When to Break The Rules. Ultimatums. Making Co-workers' Shape Up. Coping with Loss.

2018-12-26 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:09:48 - How to "play the game" but also break rules when needed.

0:22:00 - How to get better with taking smack talk among friends.

0:30:44 - Dealing with ultimatums.

0:38:18 - Dealing with family not being disciplined when you are.

0:50:08 - Expressing yourself vs. Normal Face.

0:57:15 - How to show co-workers they should have UNMITIGATED DISCIPLINE IN ALL THINGS.

1:09:24 - Seeking council with others while leading.

1:22:25 - How to deal with getting overwhelmed as a leader.

1:29:58 - How to deal with the loss of a child.

1:51:43 - Support: How to Stay On The Path.

2:10:29 - Closing Gratitude.

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This is joggled by gas number one. Fifty seven with Charles and me Java willing good evening good evening I was in a suit to serving as a system to commander in the late nineties know. That means no war going on. That's what it means. So we were training retraining hard, and this petition that I was at the time we are going through urban training urban combat training, and we're pretty far along in the training, and we were- starting to get our r c, which is like fake bullets. Or simulation paintball wars on four on forced training and we we're doing Multi Day operations so almost like a scenario like you. Ve got a full scenario going on like there's bad guys in the city
no, it's a concrete city, the fake city, with concrete buildings that are pretty much just the shells buildings and we're going against opt for seals. We gone up for that stands for opposing force, so the opposing force, their other seals, who are role, players, pretending to be bad guys. They know our tactics they nor techniques in our procedures. And on this particular day they had captured one of our seals from Europe, the bad guys, the rope there with that part of the scenario urge as a made it part of his gun. So whatever they did, they cause confusion. They cause. May him they end up with one of our ok just on their own. No, that was part of the overall training low. Is you know when I was running training? We always did that to so Just a long standing, kinda hey. If you can capture wanted to see you got gently, I know, is I never leave a man behind? Let's get it will leave a main railed happy about down so at this We're like I said they had. They had captured- and I don't remember- exists
Lee, but they'd capture, one Argos and they had him in a building and was a big, a pre building like a pretty big but rectangular type bill. Thing five stories, maybe maybe, was towards many ways they had. They haven't the top floor, but they had a man like the the floor below the top floor, so easy on the third for the fourth floor I forget, but they have the guy in there. And remember this is not there's no power in the city, and the cities out the middle of nowhere. It's a fake city, so you can hear everything right kind me pretty much here what's going on, so they have our guy and their like. Torturing him mock, torturing him and, of course there are certain Lex Green outer uneasy Ellen, and yet you know that their feeding him what to yell and try and get us all riled up there there He's screaming. They're gonna kill me they're gonna violate me stream.
So they're having a good time with it and so are standard. Britain procedures like oh you know what vocation is a building need to be clear. We gone we criminal labelling. We start on the ground floor we gladly Rome that we come to the next. What we gladly roaming up the next one. That means that there is no community bad guys that Ghip Git Indeed, your train monogamy guys in between your force, which can cause a blue on Blue, So when you going to clean up your room, that means you to move down these hallways and you can go from the bottom to the top and that's just kind of plan right sort of normal and, like I said we queen, worse. We immediately. Ok, we're off my. We are gradually they save our guy or offered up and as we were or doing this. You know that the standard plan come up. Looking Ernest S, door was clear, the first four or not, I'm seeing your comp listening to this ice. I just know with do this: instead less just
sneak out to the lake as you can get the buildings behind other buildings, you can find a little sneaky way to get there I'm going to let it speak with the dead space. Dead spaces areas where the enemy can't see you or you can see the enemy tourist areas where there's no vit line of sight. I said, but let's and it was external stairs like a fire escape on the outside world as less go straight to the to the fore he's on will get clear any of the other floors won't clear. Any of the rooms will just go right in the homo go directly to where he's at and that was planned. So we and you and the thing was it was it was we weren't that was a kind of a new idea right likely, let's just an empty. Believe me, I'm not saying on the first go that refunds I'm not I'm saying our mindset at that moment was hey this. What we're being trained to do will do will try to do so for anyone, this listening for any Martine Guy Brothers and, like you, didn't think, I'm not saying I thought I'm saying at that moment in time. We refer
Don't do it one way and I said, help: let's do something: a little bit different in and once I said it s once again yet cause there was a everyone. That was the right answer right, but you know had to have that different. Look at it for a moment, and so we did it. We went to the actual state when we went up really, quite as you think, we're like we're, not gonna say Huey and where we call a clear and you say next room in all the other stuff we weren't, anything we're just gonna stay quiet, so we went upstairs with quietly walk in and we can here here out the out the window, you better, you better, get him quick and all the stuff, and then we go into the room silently all their opt in the back. We killed him It was ever hostage and was one. There was one seal cadre who we gave them. And I'm not gonna give his actual nickname, but his nickname was along the lines of Semi Jimmy because ammunition was with similar. What we used and Semi Jimmy was really good at being about
Guy Eddie, he would laugh at you know we be moving through a building in. You could hear me if he shot you Can he be aiming for your neck Are you nuts legumes advantage in good time? And that's what you want? You want because guards or semi Jimmy, but we this moment with Semi Jimmy shot in the back. And they were you know they were stoked. You know they could see, even though they want to win and they want to beat us, but they're still stuck. He wasn't cackling. He was, you know he was stoked on it, so they die. So my point in this is that someday have to do things that the enemies knock and expect that people can expect that your competitors not respect. The hard part about doing that. It is actually doing the thing that they don't expect right. It's cuz like I said other. This is not what I when I said to do. Wasn't this. You know me
he Eureka moment of tactical genius. It wasn't that this Anyone that want to take a step back would have said, like that's a good colleagues, do that instead, but we're all wrapped up in that situation and so you want to learn how to do that. You want to learn how to in again it's about detaching, but a couple things that will help you with that. One be the person, that's planning everything. Don't be the person and in its hard issue, topic stream. Ownership and even wants to be a leader, and they want to step up. Don't try, not be the guy that comes up with every plant litter we try not to be that got now are there times when you're, a lower member. Where you want. I like step up and coupled plenty, I'm talking to you in an actual leadership position when junior and you're, You're trying to learning you're trying to bring forth ideas that man come up with some plans. You know pursued that idea, because you're, someone out good ideas that are gonna, get bounced off the boss, but when you're there
it's in charge, try not to be the guy that plans. Everything's gonna, be the guide. It makes every single call, let the subordinate plant or let the spurious plan. Let other people come because now ardor situations where but there's you because, of course there are, but there's a dichotomy right, but in that particular situation. I didn't feel the need to be the guy that came up the plant like. Let their people. Do that and you know if someone else had come up with that, come up with a standard plan and it was and I hadn't like detached. I'm. Ok, go us we're doing work in own for you know, but you You have to allow other people to come up with us. The other thing is recognise that the wave you know of doing something might not fit you. I do not know everything. It's a good thing to always think yourself. You might not know everything right. That's a good idea to have your might or is that,
What I know might not work. That's somethin else. What I know might not work. That's another really smart thing to constantly re play in had they what I know might not work. That's it then You know that that means you gotta have an open mind. And then you remember, of course, that rules sometimes after have walls- you have to be there judicious when you decide you're, gonna, break rules and there's some principles that that you cannot violate Without massive reason- without a massively heavy reason and a way to mitigate the risks of breaking whatever. Those fundamental is only cover move like there the cover move. You should never violet cover move ever. Except for win. It just makes sense that you need to violate so that
That story right. There can leads into the first question of Munich, which we have not given a culinary in a while and the first question, is forego had first question request: Recent you recently said Hepworth was a rule follower most of his career, but in about face the book He always talks about how he went against his commanders rules. How do you play the game, but also act happily the so. This is a classic example of the dichotomy. Leadership with regard to obeying rules and and heck worth absolutely obey the rules and he'll bade them to the two extremes of times. If you remember in the book, he he he worked situations where he they were like the strictest. In garrison, so like nine combat, just in garrison, would everything's perfect, uniform,
then, when General movie AMO was on- and we talk to me, came about meeting has for the first time and you what was he like was all he was high and tight hair cut Holy Squared away vat following the rules to anti and the the thing that he play. He definitely played the played the game. Hack worth played the game he developed with developed relationships with people that work senior to him, people that were influential Sl Marshall, who he went on tour with. If you remember, through Vietnam and a saline wash me, didn't relieving respect, but a marshal had such big influence that he said hey, you know what come brows with this guy. He played. The game because Marshal had inputs He even took some hits. You took a little frank fur from Sl Marshall
but at the same time, if his troops work getting the right treatment that aid, he would do what he needed to do. He would break also take care of them if he had to end The same time he would follow roles duty, if you remember, when you took over the tiny Vietnam, the hopeless and wanted to turn him into the hard core he brought their crap into the middle of things that we're inside out here no more reasonable, guitars known as other stuff gettin out, so that's it, following the rules to a t, but at the same if he needed to like steel food for their mistakes, not forget about your key. Would do that's enough, so is constantly balancing that economic on everything he did his hee hee these administrative jobs that he hated. In order to arise through the ranks in order to become to get get placed, to develop wasted. So still we could have more influence. He was assigned to the Pentagon. He in the book,
what, depending on being a working, the Pentagon being a claustrophobic whole no more. Twenty by twenty feet with fifteen. Other people please oxidize it. You did say you Paper? Ear in inbox would be filled when you showed up and you Immediately the phone be rang any be talking to people all over the world, the if other people in Vietnam they're calling you there there time zone, any region like this job, but guess what got the highest possible evaluations when he left why does he played the game? and he built these relationships with with all these colonels and all these gentlemen, all these people, let it enforces Glover Johnson Pearson and can't countless others by doing what, did you do and then, when he needed to he broke, he broke the rules, and sometimes he went a little too far with breaking the rules and win he when he got out when they kind of drove him out after
Did the big interview where he said: hey we're not gonna win, they went and drill down into his camp and looked at the things that he had gone on there. So you can do your allowing this to happen. You're allowing this to happen, we left himself a little bit vulnerable by breaking the rules a little bit too much, so the rule to learn from that is a job to do things that people can hold over you and for me, the things that people can hold over for you. Are things, were you can't stand up and say yes, that's what I did. Yes, that's what I did Hey my guys, didn't hadn't had a good meal in four weeks they in the field for three of them weeks and and they came out, guess what I I figured out a way to get some I took it from the rear and I had flown up using mill using our helicopters and I'd be added. Yet that's what I did and if you you and drop the hammer on me for that, got it now. If you do that, that's cool
but there's something we break the rules were, maybe you wouldn't be able to stand up tall and proud and say this is what I did in his. Why did it so you want to? be careful that you know do things that will allow people the whole things over your head and with your chest out and say, this is what I did in this. Why do I know it? Wasn't and say this is what I did in this. Why do I know it wasn't within the regulations? This is what I did. This is why do it and if I get fired because of that understood, check now here's where you get a little here too, we can weaken question hack Fisher. Let me ask you this: if that would have because workers we didn't play the game at the end. He didn't play the game. He went on their interview and today they not can win. The war but we were fighting were knocking when the war within a few
weeks. He was driven out of the army. He didn't play the game at that moment right. So let me ask you this. If he would have played the game, just a little bit just did look. We need to change our strategy, for even if you would have just and then he would have stayed in and then he would have perhaps got a remote got. Perhaps God into position re actually had influence over the way. The war is being fought. If he had done that. Would he have been better Roth would he have been able to better help the situation, because I don't know once they drove Mount. It's not like that. In our view, we ought to know. We'd have to check the check, the historical sort of results of that interview, it certainly started to sway public opinion. It may be that you know maybe in his mind any telephone what's going on so we can get out of here right. Maybe maybe that was the intention. Maybe that was the result may be that helped shut down.
The war eventually, but maybe if he would have played continue to play the game. He could have got into position where he had more even more influence and could change the way the war is being fought? I don't know or we could have a long debate about that. But then as a leader, something you are going to have to weigh out all the time and their situations, where an act breaking news today, general matters just put in his resignation for being second Mary Defence, so is That's it. I work we'll have to talk about that, went to get more information on is that him say look I it's gonna be better for me to make this statement by leaving or what he have been better off staying there, where he can at least still have a massive amount of influence. He's the secretary defence.
To drill down on that one? That's that's a good question, Those are good questions and the bottom line is, if you can read about face, read it and learn from a guy named Colonel David hack worth next question. Exquisite full answer. That question was sort of another question. I have a question to ask yourself. Yes, that's a question, and I talked about this where If I tell you echo, hey echo, I want you to do this mission. I want you, do this way, take your platoon and go do it and you disagree with what I'm telling you You just say: hey boss, I don't wanna, do it that way. I should hate you shut up and do it. I told you to do and you go you what you. Fire me what I'm doing? Ok, fine you're fired and I get go ahead over here, whose yes it comes in my town to go to the mission, went on, do it and he goes and doesn't get their own guilt would have been better off if it ok boss. I get it do it your way here, some things. I'd really like not do you. I should note shut up and then you too
You guys, you mitigate everything that you can actually is an example of this in Banda brothers, where major winners is being told, hey sender, reconnaissance element across the river again tonight and he doesn't want to do it the wars. Most over they had taken, have these, I think the night before when they did the same type of operation in Egypt, says, got it boss and then the guys go and they sit in a day They pretend to go out, but they really just sit in the basement of a building on their side of the river Later on this up, we went, we came back, we find anything, ok, cool there. Perfect example. If, if major winners, Dick winners was like, we are not doing it Are you get an ego contest with the colonel was like? Oh yes, you are no we're not you're fired, let me get in, I'll had over here who's gonna. Do what I told him to do, whose it totally yes, man and now we take that risk and guys get killed. So so, who is it there's a there's? Dick winners played the game
He played the games. We could still have that influence and power and still protectors guys can get complex it's it's very that's where leaderships heart news, it's it's weirdo, because when you say it's complex and say, leadership is hard at the same time like you, if you a principled human being, and you have principles, and you know what right and you're doing the right thing for right reason? The decisions are actually usually a little easier, clearly a clear. Yet it may not be easy, but their clear, like I know what I'm supposed to do. I got it I'm a month on the figure this one year and this this is, I think, a play. To most sinner, where, like you think of the big picture, where if you like, a I'm gonna consider myself after every things gonna be said and done it goes along with what you said like. Oh can you stand out an emperor you if you can
later, ok, look back, you gonna do cause he's gonna become a point where you can look back on this and you get it. Here. The way you gonna Florina, but later on, how are you gonna feel about like how you handled it? There are no. What decision you made in how you mean anything to tell kids too. Would you, if you're, if you're at a party or your way However, at some is going on would you be proud to stand up and be here? Is the situation This is what I did this. Why did it you can't Maybe you should really reconsider what your actions are gonna be. No man is because, lot of the time shoots wishes it kid as an adult level? mistake that little the opposite decision there, like so it's one of those I go along with the crowd. Kennison areas, you know where to go there you go on there and when you kissed region one involves drinking and still sometimes is there's really. No consequence. You know whatever you did something that no one gets d heard or dies enough like tat, but only once in a while. There is, but so it's like it makes it harder because Europe,
like when you could do something. I don't jump off a breach, something drink. DR whatever and no one dies or no one, nothing big happens. It's sort of reinforces that might be ok. Maybe the slide with his behaviour a little bit. You know, but end of the day. You know. Yes, you can clearly see that big picture were in the future. You're gonna be looking back on how you handled it there here is another thing same concept. I to tell I told my guys was you. Just might as well ACT like CNN is recording what you're doing if you want to act like an idiot guess what it's going to be on scenic at someone's got a camera somewhere around there, and you might as well be saying that today, as a kid as a teenager you might as well be sandy up. This is this. Is the next viral video this is my fifteen minutes of fame is gonna, be me doing whatever I'm doing very near to gonna watch out
learn from hack next question doctor I struggle with receiving banter from other guys. Enter ok, I'm naturally a sensitive gut which lead, myself to take normal smack talk from other guys. Personally, I'm trying to get out during a wake up earlier, worked out, eat healthy, were pretty hard but still seem to have some deep, seated insecurities which flare up when guys give me stick I have some bloody good mates and I want to get to the point where I can takes Acta for what it is and even give a bit of stick back to the guys. What can I do to help this? here's one thing that you can rye to get to your brain and is one of those things that's hard to get into your brain, it's even harder to actually get your brain and functionally use. This thought. Here's the thought.
The more ok you're if you're paranoid but something if your secure about something, the more you let things bother you the more in secure, you will appear area, the more you let things bother you, the more insecure you're going to peer and the worse, whatever that thing that you're worried about whatever that thing that makes you feel insecure. The worse, it's going to appear to everyone else,. So, if you got a big knows and your embarrassed because you got a big knows and time. Someone says something about your big knows you mad and you get offended that big knows it grows even vaguer. So think about that. If there's something that bothers you and you lead- be known you let it bother you the worse- it's gonna get in and also think about this another
that will help. These are things I'm trying to help help sort of smooth the edges of insecurity is not one people, even though you think you're going they are, and it's gonna egotistical to think this. But we all do it, people sitting around and thinking about you and your weaknesses of their not sitting around and thinking about you and your weaknesses. They're not like that. Your ego telling you that so dont sit there and think everyone's looking at your big knows all the time they don't care they get there. The problems they got their own life going on. You didn't care about your big knows Do you know what makes him care about it when they know if they say some, you, it bothers you as the first thing I think when they see again higher comes the goddamn, some funding and here's an opening. If you want a kind of mitigate that men they do to do mark, doesn't way the warrior kid when Uncle, takes as Hake If you get made fun of
He's an in where the work in complete face say: market got round this Guy Nathan, James, tell Marco you got round face you look plate complete face, that's his insofar as it is and all the time it bothers. You look in the mirror going right at the pray, let it bother and takes us hate go funny yourself and you find its chance. He does a there in a class they have to do a self portrait. He draws himself as a plate. A plate face an in the kid there's been making fun of its use, it he laughs and and guess what does make fun of me anymore, cousin. He realizes doesn't bother and they can upon. The little they kind of models accurately. What he's going for in this quest, that is yeah yeah, so you gotta any seeds this with this way. It's hard to do this, because we are secure about your big knows: you're you're, insecure about your big ears, or whatever you like people know that all meet you,
think it's in your brain. You think, if you say some onscreen remorse, they won't get worse. We might get worse for uptake for second right it might you may find yourself, you don't feel well, yeah. That's why I notice that you do look, I know No one really cares and that's why The teams in the teams. You never let anyone know that something bothers you or if they know it bothers you you gonna hear about it forever. That's gonna be out This is the way it's gonna. Be what that means, the polar opposite of that or the flip side of that is it fun to harass some. I found a harass someone about something that doesn't bother them is not even font right. Not funny. Why would you harassment and they don't get it? We only get arise out of out of not fund these Lee. That thing you look for something else. So a little fun. It yourself, these guys back off, because their board If you show no reaction and like you said that that kind of self
Their humor were formal about me and you can give little stick back to the guys given. Stick guys be ready to take a backdoor, yes escalate, in the minutes to sir I mean I do grow with two brothers one twin brother in that's like her, like that literally the foundation of our relationship. Is this teach the other guy about some lit everything like IE, he can come in with a new shirt on that's your per year. I gave the will be like here at all. You know, like president, even something to tease something the seal men shirts, where you bought the Hungarian, whatever its Lear. That's it it's so Add to the point where one arm, when, when I got with my current life from her, it started dating whatever, like it's just habit in only even you like the same thing like you, you'll give me grapple gillikin whatever but it's so common that I do it. Hurt, joy and
at like what like, where he, you teasing me so much the gear it cause. I know even before we're together nor for years actually- and the they can annoying. You know you like teases or whatever, and I did like real it passed adventure yet because that, because that is so so much of a power guys doing two hundred percent being told the story before when I got when I was going to college, I was mounting guys all Dana started. Doing the team guy thing with my wife, the after leaving she's out a I'm, not letting the teams who so you can be quiet now announcing while she's and I even realize it because I just you know all day long. You it up you shop and opportune space and verbal sparring, yes assumes you walk through the door is, who is going to say, is out and bring it in within this thing is how is the holes like? I want to get to the point where you Billy, he can spectre with things I would agree with this, probably even hundred ten percent, which is hard to agree.
Percent, but I feel this way sprawly for stronger than him like you, around someone who, like you, just can't really joke around with. Like me, I'm not I'm not that! Yes, I will tell tee someone in trade alike to mingle in. Fish about non good whatever, but the, but if you're someone who would like carefully take you get a little girl with a mistake. Men. A b there man was she. This was an inner, I'm the man, but I just don't hang around with that guy. You don't wanna, be that guy now saw, even if, like S, wishes first, like say: ok, I'm this guy spreading the word to someone that condition. Output can't take it here, but we believe that is the worse its idle. I would add the only reason I once a he's worth is: what is worse, if he's dishing it out and he can't take it, this kind of you get a pay off of teasing the guy
enter it. Listen you dont. Digital literacy is just a guy. You just can't joke around with his like men, you're making me uncomfortable thing. You know, but if this guy cause you to your point, if it's a year, if a load is annoying, when people can't take it and you make a joke and they get all fired up and they know like actually mad ass night, isn't that's all that's a uniform people that aren't really or from different is exactly right, sir, Yes, yes, I get there. Man hey, I forget there in at first, then you can it made it really clear to me how you want to make a change, something it's talkin we'll bomb young Europeans with the change going full speed? You know what he sued blow drag wisely load hospital, if not there like their at it for a special. This can stop if you, if you already know you're in secure, which is a big step ahead by the way some people there are millions, and meanwhile there he's remaining. They know it, but they do so this guy? He knows all, but you're gonna be men when they call you begin or whatever their calling you whatever
you gonna sort of feeling inside still, but just don't behave. You know in a way split, I don't know. What to do this plenty things do but yeah you do want to get there hundred percent next squash job, how do you deal with ultimatums from customers, bosses, etc? That are unreal MR, due to the nature of the situation and the ultimatum we will do with ultimate him. I am going to tell the truth. About the situation to them, but first I to tell the truth about the situation to myself, because You gonna, look at the situation said yourself. Is this truly on attainable like truly on attainable and sometimes
what seems truly true, but then, when you actually think about it, you realize how I could attain this. I can make this happen. I'm gonna The sacrifice whatever to make it happen. I'm gonna have to to it's gonna cost me or the team or the company so thing in order to make up like. Oh, you want that done, but you are that you want that project done by the fifteenth cool we'll get it on our but here's, what we're not compelled to do or here's? What am I going to do and I M also to make sure that I pressure test? The ultimatum against me, giving the absolute full measure of effort right like If I go a hundred and ten percent right, not even honours beyond you didn't give everything you can isn't achievable those people do not meet, can't make it as member of a team, I won't be
that would be like you know what we're gonna do it for you to get it done? No, no bill to do this, but we're gonna do a watch ass. I like saying that sometimes watch watch ISIS, they watch me work, yeah! I got it from some. So then! Ok, now you truly Tell yourself the truth about the situation. You figure out that there's only under no circumstances that possible. Then it's my time Tell them the truth, which is like listen and I'll, get my dad together. I'll get my information together, Alex explain to them what you know, what Why I can't I'm not, can build a physically get this done its physically, not possible. And then do what the shortfalls short
now? I don't want explained to me there if there completely unwavering cause, if you explain everything you put your data together, new say: look. The bottom line is to do too assemble this many pieces by our best to people on the team. It takes them on our region. You want us to symbol, fourteen of them three hours. It is not possible for us to do that. The immediate, if you gave me more people doesnt matter, they know how to do that. So you can't be I need at least whatever six hours with those whatever whenever it is. If there are unwilling Two to waver on the altar: item at all like no go. You need to get dont you need to get done what women I'm a drama hardest. I'm going buckle down, I'm gonna do my best. Homage, see how much how close I can get to achieving the goal. Armada have fun I'm gonna go so hard that its
They get knots like we're, gonna get it done and then, when, if we fall short, which we will because I figured out there's no physical, humanly possible way to make this happen. Then what I do is, I will go to them. And I'll explain the things that I am going to do differently next time and ordered There goes right, say: listen, you know what I I should have. Asked you earlier if this was a possible and I should have had a backup plan. So here's what I'm putting into place now to make sure this does not prevent or hate. I M, We need more manpower so that, if we run into this again, I've got the people, it's my fault for not having us up correctly or I need to pay more attention to what happening in the future, so that I can have a better aware, I have better awareness of when The situation will unfold. I can have my team prepared for or the
complexities that happened. I didn't explained to them that explain them to you well enough, and so, if you on stood if I do a better job of making understand the difficulties of making this happen. We all realise that there's that more time is needed, so I'm not gonna, go in there and throw my arms see. I told you so you were stupid. I was right. Because that's just sabotage to now Believe you anyways yeah now when you soon, we think we can get it on sea. Like I told you, I told you we need more time and the like, of course, you you know you you get into! It! Think you're gonna found getting a self fulfilling prophecy, good job, it good job. Proved yourself to be right, loser demoted and that's what I do up and down the chain. By the way you know ultimatums can come up and down the chain of command hold the line. Do your best that's what you do that that seems and tell the truth of it all started telling the truth. You self,
and then to your people that your turn customer in your client. I want this foundation, or by such and such a date a week we will do our best? Here's the shortfalls, whatever the waiters yeah, that's a big on Alex where learn this from you, where its conceited, like too To tell you like, oh hey, I can't do this can be done like he kind of you get to the point in your mind where you like, we both No, it can't be done. You know, given my current Redskins sleeps schedule, you know I got this shit I like to watch it on cutting. You know it's like that again is enjoying Hawaii five. They gonna miss that you actually so it can keeps up to be lay that whereas I prefer we both know- and I don't know you know like if there's a guy who's like just grinding someone into the ground. Ok, that's all different scenario, but yet the
the day like your truthful and it's like hey get this done or you're fired kind of thing and then used. The truth that you said you'd be like. Can I get it done and then you really think would say like you were going to die. If I don't know you can get it, allow the timeline unless the motive force, of course, the four times in my naval career was. When I was in the Navy that guy's said to me like we can't do I can remember tat cause guys you guys just like that, a guy, it would be like water, no jogo I'd like a look, there's gotta get done, think we can do it and if you like, because we're about them yet some year in all, obviously situation some situations or more like more serious. You know, like you not gonna finish, but that telling the truth thing tell the truth. I do.
Speak from a position of luxury, where I have the truth reflected at me pretty accurately on a pretty regular basis. So I'm not saying it's not that easy to tell the truth, but if you just try our trade Genuine, you gotta, be genuine red, genuinely be like yes, this is true about myself. Do check extortion course. Even that's this. Is your wife disciplined? How do you know a potential mismatch between you, two. What when family non discipline, Cassio unexpected time and energy taken from your goals family non discipline? What like my family's, not been disciplined here, not on board with other non born with the programme? My wife is, she runs, a tight ship and his disciplined in a little bit of it Different wave in me not the same as me, and if that were to cause some
of a conflict between us well that's my fault for not communicating with her and allowing her to understand my perspective and understanding her perspective. So. For instance, what are what the situation right o my wife wants me. You know she wants to spend time with me in the morning whenever right, where you wake up early work up before his wake. You Very, does not her fault, not her fault. It's my fault what what about when? Oh, I really want to eat, didn't with you at night, ok, cool Ali dinner, with you I'll stay up later at night, so that I can get my work done. Then that's fine! you go to bed. Does not that's not does not my response that's, not your responsibility. Does my responsibility. Your responsibility to mould your life around my whole life right. That's not that's! that's not the way it is and by the way, when the
family is doing something that is taken away. What do you see my energy taken away? energy and taken away my time than I fix that problem, and when I say that I fix the problem, I dont mean I fix them. Do I don't mean that I impose my discipline on them, I'm a might involve some adjustments or some attempts to get adjustments, but I'm not be this really I don't blame my family when things don't go right work out today, because my kid was sick, might order, spilled the milk and I was like a This is the same. This is just about ownership, but if you just want to blame your family when you're weak or you a mistake or you can organise or you to people correctly, then
that's the way, as I can see to your family is not you. Your family is not you they all on you. Programme does not. There does not their deal hey, if there are great that's cool, my Can we not all on my programme? That's not the way it works. The impose. Oh that's one. There was worth You owe you wanna, even impose you program on everyone in your family. What are they to do what is the same, happens with any team if you start imposing you're strict, The plan on them cool you can get him to do what you want. Do that moment, guess what they do as soon as they get the opportunity rebelled against you, thereabout you get a mutiny. You get a kid that's, rebellious, beyond the norm. The thing. It's actually gonna go
really reject you. So you don't blame your family fix. The problem You know we have control over you. You have control, have control over your nine year old kid. You might think you do, but you don't you gotta make control over your wife too. Make her you'll get in the game. Oh, you wanna do you want to stay in the programme you want to cook whatever. Fourteen chicken breasts on Sunday night, so you got to a day during the week. Honey make it happen on make it happen. If you are a good leader and you explain what your goals are, angry Get her on board with the programme. Then yeah guess what she's doing on Sunday night helping you cook some chicken breast for the weak, but this is just like anything else meant this. Like any other leadership situation. You want to blame the team and sums gone wrong. That's nice! Can I get you a solution
To take ownership of the problem, the problem solved and when I say that the problems of the Duke doesn't mean impose your will on the team That means you need the lead. The team, and there is a big difference, so gets up, yeah. I can only by the way, the better, just like any else just like hack worth the better relationship that you build with your wife and with your kids, guess what them flexibility you have the more the leeway they give. You the worse, released, Jeff. You build with your wife and kids, the less flexible and Leslie Way and the less chicken brass you're gonna have good for you. Do too. They're, not in the game with you, you to build a relationship, might sound like
well we're married too. We have launched a non us, build a relationship. Make them understand where you're coming from make them understand what the strategic goals are make them understand. Just like in the leadership situation, make sure they understand how the strategic goals that you're trying to achieve for yourself will then come all the way back down and impact them in a positive way, because by the way, if you're doing things strategically or to help you they're going to screw over the rest of the team or in this case family guess what you're not get support for those goals because they're not help and not the team. If you do for yourself in yourself only that problematic. So if you're hey, I want to work out I want to get you know, I want to work on what changes due to everyday. Ok, How do I benefit from that honey Ok! Well, let me tell you how here's my plan, six years? I know I'm a purple about right now it secures I'm gonna get my black belt and when I get my black where can open a school when I open a scoop, guess what we're gonna do all day when a teacher
you would hang out. Our Jim would have a good time. That's a strategic goal. I need you in the game with me right now. Totally different our trade I'm a man here to keep me here and they don't keep me from this year in that's too depending on your obviously, but I would even say that's even speak from my own experience that in over, say really like with each take jujitsu, are working out a whatever yea, like that. You know to do that, but I get it. I get the example for sure you're using something much more simple, an easier way. More, may I just say: hey this this this part of my life, even if its new its new, I nor families, chaotic email with kids and feeling but hey This sort of this means a lot to me and it makes me feel good makes me happy person. Whatever can mean you can we make this worry you know can uncle. We does what he heard from. You know how you like this other thank her eye. I support you doing that. Here's where I need support in a right as they,
put the smile on my face. You want me smile around here. You that's what Well, I'm sure someone's gonna bring up the fact that there were times when I was in the aims. And I would come home from work at seven thirty at night. I pay my Jim Beggar drop off my my work bag, and I just want to go ahead on I'm going to trade. And there was a few times where she did not want me to go. Train tears in her eyes. You got to be kidding me. You've been gone all week you been gone for two weeks. You come home at seven hundred and thirty and you're going to go train instead of eating dinner with us. Other yep, That is the reason I bring cuz up. I know something about. That's. Not good leadership does not me being cool, That's not me, building relationship, that's me, move and in the other direction. So That's not what I'm saying do but you come home, hey, look! Here's the deal! Here's it's gone on! Here's what you know what I've got I come home from work. I got a lot of stuff in my brain, I'm in a bad mood. When I come here.
Not want to be in a bad mood around you, don't be a bad mood round the kids, train for an hour. When I come back, I'm don't have a smile, my face watch. What bo and an that's? Actually, my wife eventually told me like. Oh when you dont, train you're, not nice to be around not their. Eventually going to drink. No, but you just have the? U dont that release here, yet that that is the real thing for sure I mean, miss manageable ever the different, I think obviously, but I wouldn't you can even say something even more sick that's a hard one does to sell sometimes to some people too. Like hey all, be up here you know, don't be lagging well or except for that all be happier Maine
we'll be happier yeah and you gotta you right, though you gotta bought you gotta, give and take right to say. Ok what what can I do for you exactly right. Does that's what it is we locate? This means a lot to me. You know too, in usually in a relationship dad they care is something mean something new. Has been a wife whatever, like that's not nothing, that's something! You look if you, if the viewer been- and you say this juice. It means a lot to me there for. You need to sacrifice your whole thing to accommodate it. We can do that, but it's not, they can. I like, as a leader, you can't have the tea sacrifice, everything if you being a year ago either I do a good job on this mission. I'm gonna get promoted or hey. If we do a good job of this product, we're on
Make more money asked a lot of its more from my bottom line. Inability for our shareholders, known cars from under the care of profitability for the general, does, must Anderson out release back to them, though Manly doesn't care about you training judges unless they realize. How can we come back to you? So what you do is you tell her like hey just kick: can we make you like, I said or more. What do you want to do something? Aren't you it's in the way of us. You know like whatever, like I want him, just in general, That up do some way you know like king. What can I do for you like, I said, or what do you want to do something I could list? Let's do this, so we can both can have some fun come with me. If you want, but am don't, don't is automatic speculate a lot judges a year loved it. Unfortunately unforeseen goes reverently animals. It's possible possible yeah yea, but I'm saying you know you, it's like you say, might make it make you accommodated in Australia if you're doing like a workout guillotine. It's your thing ran like ITALY to work out in this method
every year two things the differences in working out is like you can to do that whenever their budgets is like if you don't be so train every boy, so of Yemeni, if in cars, communication to by the way, but you you know after a while, so high and you took in new like dirt I need help with homework and him swarmed with this other families that you know kind of thing. But if you're constantly communicating and then she'll tell you hey, you might not goin on this day because of this and you're ok me going this specific areas that more important than though the help that they need with homework it or you can accurately can navigate your weight. The unique situation by talking on that one people they think. Oh, I can go to dinner and I want to say been alarmed rolling out under every circle. It'll work like that, some, don't don't be like me in us. If you don't you like talk you probably, My wife is very understanding, so this creature
I probably would have murdered me like, SL, I killed me crime nets wishing would look to hear your thoughts on the deck cotta me of honest self expression, verses, normal face and or passion versus discipline. If you are caught up, all the park. Ass normal faces a gaming supply with my kids, where they would have to keep in expressionless face or what I called them. More face could gain by any. I would line up my kids and they would have to keep their face and if they change their expression anywhere, would hit them in the head with they ripped the inside. Cardboard role of a thing of wrapping paper and or an adventure. I'd, like foam pieces for it they will about more durable and in you could hit really hard enough so anyway. I know it sounds like you should call trouser result me, but it's fun games to play because, as you hit one kid it makes
because laugh and then you end up in the mall, never was laughing at foreign. So There is also a pragmatic reasons to do it because teaches people to control their emotions and there, times there are many times where you have to learn to control your emotions and ass kids. If you learn to control your motions, it's going be beneficial for you in many ways: what does that mean that you should keep normal face all the time never show motions. No, it's not like that at all. There's like everything else, is dichotomy that you have to balance if your kid Windsor Wrestling match use. It be happy and great and smile and yeah. I five right. That's cool you bite into a amazing piece of prime rib that your wife cook, for you then you should raise your fist at her ass, my
if the first century overcoat primary sheen. Since we don't know this budget as a talent is you know she could try? Checking prime she'd Knox, another part, first time she ever cooked prime rib, and I too, my I smelled amazing I was like oh this is. I took my first by I looked at her and I looked up at her, and I said I want to read that We do our vows to renew the value of the renewed about. So yes, scenarios like that yeah, you wanna, show your motions in here's something if your team, slacks off. And you fail the mission. You fail the task of core you can own it, but you might you know you might want to show little anger about what happened. So everyone knows like, oh, whose job it is normally get mad at you mad nets and we really did something bad and in even though your brain ourself Kipling, for let us down
you know I mean like show little black people. Ok,. So there you are sure some of you. If you get back news that that you got a friend died. We know that's you gonna! Let those emotions out! There's all. I situations where emotions are not only acceptable but their needed and the required any fact if you dont have emotions in those situations. That's horrible You need to have not only as a person as a human being need to let out your motion. Sometimes but as a leader. If you dont show any motions at all, Can I you there's no connection between you and the people when your team that have you, Everything, if you just sit there and think about people you work for the didn't, show emotions. You look action with him. You don't care about! You leave you. Go the extra mile to get the job done, so you have to show emotions Of course. There are many times in life in the world.
But where showing your emotions are gonna have a negative impact on your situation. Here you get, you give up the tape Did you just to competition, and you shall wit in your face that person's things? I'd do write your show any emotion. Their boss tells getting stuck with the underperforming team. Showing the emotion right, don't don't be mad don't do that. But what about here there's a girl boss is giving you feedback that you don't agree with. Roll, your eyes in the heavy side, clenched teeth as you're trying to listen, but this perfuming respecting these Tony's. What's gonna get you not going to do any, then showing that negative emotion there. You need to keep normally That situation, your kids doing something that's annoying, is trying to test your patience and they're just
for piss, you off! Don't let him keep shown in check. Told to go to the other line in DMV after you been wait for our one, though, go, don't shown, emotions got it. Here's here's another one. We already talked about this one, friends or poking funding you because You missed a shot at the ranger. You got lost on a land navigation course or whatever to give frustrated? Don't show an emotion. You know they make your hair cut they make from your hacks and they make fun of whatever don't show motions, don't freak out. That's the other balance. Now there are also times where'd. You might have to force yourself to show some emotion just to get the point across Your kid hasn't, listen to you after five or six violations. You might have to show some anger or
door, they do something. That's gonna get her right. You gonna show some emotions that they realise that was real, but and after temper loot flying off the handle losing your tempers. Almost never does you any good, so yeah yeah to be balanced in order be bout, you have to be in control in order being control. You have two detached from your emotions. He control your motions and not let your emotions control you. I think we already talked about this one part before world. You know like with your kids. Whatever in here you fly the hand of nuts. I have to handle, but you? U show emotion, raise your voice and yell Adam, because this one is important less than that, I'm teaching you obviously didn't, get it before what you think he can. Do that every single time we know every single lesson like ok here is effective when it recently, but let me just raise my voice now right logically limb day, if that, if that is what induces their compliance, we just do that red
work that we did after I got battle. Just don't noise. Now, Sir that'd be like Norway, yeah or yet. Be like normal. Faced all things everything you then like that time. Is it it's like that if what he called a theirs is videogame EAST play? It's like Despite a button, you blow up everybody. A long story, but yeah going to o CS. After a graduate I work of food service job. I was trying to teach a seventeen year old at work. Why she shouldn't half ass cleaning friar, I said because of unmitigated and I'm working towards going to o c. After a graduate, I work a food service job. I was trying to teach. A seventeen year old at work. Why she shouldn't half ass cleaning of friar. I said because of unmitigated daily discipline. In all things that includes In the fire tea, she still didn't quite
get it. I didn't say to her that I make the I make the friar spy This because, if I can't manage it, in the friar. How can explain myself to lead people in the military ipso facto war, because I didn't think that. I don't think that was appropriate. Say too that a seventeen year old girl, I try to lead by example, but I'm not sure that, is enough. How can a des explain or show my younger coworkers why they should have admitted, mitigated daily discipline in all things when she, when the stakes are only a friar and not lives? Ok, let's see This is where do you come in the same vein on some stuff tonight, which good right, it's good for small? because unmitigated daily discipline in all things should be first and foremost applied to you, not not everyone else around. Let's start with yourself,
posing discipline on other people is not leadership it send offer authoritarian person barking orders. So to answer your question. What first of read? If you read the book, the dichotomy of leadership, you might want to check that one out there's a couple Perhaps you could focus on one of those called resolute, but not overbearing. One was called supplant, but not rigid. One was called people accountable, but don't hold their hands and- and this is much why we had to write dichotomy leadership because you're out their good on you try to take a dream, ownership and great but you're. Not you not paying attention to the dichotomy of leadership. So let me let me break it down, for you Clearly and then you go read the book as well, which will help you use say that the stakes are only
a clean friar and not lives and you're right, lies are not at stake, and neither really is the functionality of the irish itself. Does it doesn't have to be completely spotless any If you're trying to keep it completely spotless, it might actually waste time that she could be doing something, that's more important, like prep, the potatoes or washing her hands to key the food, sanitary, so You need to think about how true important like when you say on me when I say because I say this all die and I apologize for thrown you a little bit. To foreign one direction: unmitigated daily discipline in all thinks: there's no theirs. Departure from that that's what it is. There's no departure for that but here's the deal a few in the military and you got spun up about little things. I dont really matter. You are wasting your leadership capital
When something in actually importance what you're, just talking about echo when something actually important comes up your troops, zoning gonna, listen to you, because I don't know what anything with it what's important. What's not because you say that everything is important. Ok, why don't you stay a watch? Do why? Don't you stay awake during watch? that's not anymore important to you than whether I have stain on my shirt we cannot about everything, So how do I know? What's what Now here's the deal you can go too far in the other direction you can buy. People do whatever they want. Their completely lack discipline ended little things do matter the little. Things do matter, but you can remember they only matter a little and if you waste your time and you waste your leadership, innovation, energy, on things that matter, things that matter very little, then you won't be able to lead your team when it really counts. What happens? Is it's a slippery slope to slope? It's a it's a it's a slippery slope and if you let
things slide. Then you, let's the outside, then you let something outside eventually got no discipline so you have to be careful of that like gum. Here's a movie reference, ECHO Charles Animal House, have you seen it yells Young You impose unmitigated, daily discipline in all things, you're an end up like gum. Here's, a man reference, ECHO Charles Animal House, have you seen it yells young I guess you don't member Kneader Meyer needed them. Aren, ROTC Guy, That's a jolly good. Only warn you are worthless week. He's like he's a guy that risk barking and gone crazy, not a comical example, but I'll tell you what you want a real example. A real, a real good example that you can check out once again go watch, the first episode of the Bay the brother series in check out, captain so Bell: company commander of easy company,
he is hard core and he has imposed, is absolute unmitigated, discipline and all things on his whole company. Behold, the line oak durable no, no liberty for you. Pass revoked rest on your knife, past revoked uniform out uniform increases in your boots. Your creatures, in your bats, pass revoked. That guy student he's doing that unmitigated discipline in all things Guess what happened to him, he gets fired his troops hate him. His word about things that don't matter Dick winners totally score. Away worries about things that are important it and as a individual and if your memory enough, they they us a minute brothers but as an individual imposing
discipline on himself guess what he's doing during the battle the bolts battle, Malebolge Middle, the winter Snowden dont winner gear, their freezing their dying. What's when doing in the morning. Up any shaving he's getting up and his shame his battalion commander comes over borough. Are you we need a shave, he's a good just pull them more. So. That's why we wrote the dichotomy leadership, the stuff as a balance, and you have to learn to balance. You don't want to end up going in ending up like captain so well, and I hope everybody That's! Has that tendency to want to control things and they want to use this when they want to use unmitigated daily discipline nor things you want to use that as your slogan, to beat people down
go watch. The first episode abandoned brothers and get your act together you're. The first that reminded me of when you were talking about you Jim floor yeah, yeah I'm sure you don't want you dont want to be begging, your dirty clothes and socks and shoes all over the floor. I worked work out, but this is for a reason, the whole reason at a clean, the flowers or the friar fryer for reason you know so Isn't that is familiar with friars, but Worker Wendy's, like I did say that the external of the external cleanliness of the friar is not a big deal. One like you said you wanted to be cake to with Greece, where it's a fire hazard now but what it's a functional either but you're using all day, there's gonna be some spot on it and if I'm freaking out about
guess what I got some of this now washing their hands or even worse, I got someone that's intentionally sabotaging the foods. We get bad reviews now we're going out of business or whatever here sources actually like him and identify the use, the optimal use of the friar and lit target. That is like the bet. The right way to clean it kind of thing, sort of it like? Don't you don't have to sweep your gym floor and mop it and they're sure if you can see your face in the I'm getting more chalk on that thing in twenty three yet when it to our lay. It makes no difference to why I have a gym floor. The djinn floor, slackened, jointly can walk. That's the kind of thing not so you know I can be super discipline waste my time, mopping it any, and all this stuff because I'm unmitigated daily discipline in things functionality. To uphold and how many hours of my life I would have thrown away. If I was mopping cleaning sweeping and vacuuming my Jim floor
Every day when it would take as long as my work outward take- probably twenty minutes, I guess so. There's there's what two hours a week too little over two hours a week gone gone. Two hours a week think about what too Our two hours is like a massive amount of time the two hours is a huge amount of time last year that away you own, a commercial Jim, then you want a mob that floor. So the functional getting member zero you're gonna. Do you know that you're gonna get the force gonna be clean. But guess what you go to the extreme, Hey just clean. Therefore, don't walk on Jim is shut down, throw you know because we just mopped it now. You just if we're going to use it yeah so kind. At the end of the day, it's kinda like what unmitigated, daily discipline in all things that were that are functional. That are functional for sure that r r r,
for yourself for put that on yourself, You yourself and here's hears you really want to take the sudden exile. Yes, be disciplined in how you impose discipline. Don't just let it run. While you have to have discipline that's the way it is you can it does a pizza sure how years every time I get these questions, it's like I'm so happy we wrote the dichotomy. Leadership there's the answer. You that's the answer, answer? Is this all? This is a dichotomy. Everything is there and people don't want to be a dichotomy because its dichotomy, complex. Economies are heard dichotomy take they take. You ought to learn, Balancement takes a of the situation, its heart it somewhat users it up. You just impose this point to make em and each one. Do you can't do that? you'll end up with a mutiny life
second pollution. The wet when we had a mutiny, we work for a guy that made us do everything his way, my where thy way guess what didn't work uniqueness was I way, but not right for him and not a bad guy. Wasn't a bad guy, wouldn't have bad intentions, but that's what This guy is heading. He said Anne. Oh, she s an if he keeps with that attitude. He's gonna end up in those situations that beautiful. Somebody asked this question because I'm glad he s question, because it's not his fault, he's listening to what I said and I didn't communicate it well enough. So now he the great question, and now we can take up much more better approach, a much more balanced approach. In his leadership like plan a kite. Can your flock I had a phone, a kite, but what this has nothing to do with phenomena alone. I should bring it back here to be no but the phone.
Middle Principle right united you're, not well depending what kind of Kate I get it. Lino came with the two handled, the two strings: New Europe see I'm saying you had a kind of poor wan and let one go a little bit and then it depends on the wind. You know depends on our strong wind is neither poor girl? Let levels lock up from telling like. I just flew- unlike maybe like not by six seven weeks ago, skit Windy taken by the next question as the leader, do you ever confide in anyone or seek council from anyone or d just wrestle with issues within yourself and try to figure things out on your own. Another really good question, and I do both. Of course I try and figure out things in my own, but here's the little secret. Is it a secret? It's not only if you could come up to tell ever but it's something that I wouldn't really talk about, because something I don't it that we do when I'm figuring things out of my own. At the same time, am I I seek council
see, council from that. The trusted team It's that I have or peers superiors or or subordinates that I trust, but why I council then, when I, when I see council like ask for feedback awhile I'm trying to figure out things amount. I actually keep those thoughts to myself in the beginning. Right I've, let other people tell me what their ideas are. First, I want to hear what they come up with because of that, if someone come up a good plan, we're going with it its bearing you know what that's pretty good bye we'll go that because As I have said many times, I prefer to use one of my suborn its plans. What my son, in its plan over mine I would rather use my suborn its plan. Rather than mine, as long as it's tactically sound because then they they believe in their plan right
If it's not tack resounding up, I get a little nudge to make some. Actions and still use their plan b? I want them to use their solutions and therefore so that we would like us, they have ownership of the plan, when they're coming up with a plan? Guess what's gonna happen, they're gonna get too close to it. Going to do what I talked about in that opening story, which is they're going to they're going to be at low altitude during me, staring at it right in the face and gonna be allowed to remain detached, a remain it out to drive a better perspective, the overall plan, then they do and that ends up making me look like a tactical genius which is awesome so So I guess this is the secret. This is the trick. Whenever don't talk so much, don't talk so much don't feel the need don't,
feel the need to something you have to resist as leader as President wants to be a leader, the voices of about people aspiring leaders right, you're, an aspiring leader, don't feel like ear. The person has to always come up with a plan or come up with a solution, Even when you are the leader, don't feel like you're that guy, in fact it's better now at its best, just two to think and too, just listen to what people are saying and watch their plans come out and get shot down and get reformulated be improved and if you hadn't, so anything yet guess what, longer, you don't say anything: more people can listen when you actually open your mouth so kind of keep your mouth shut. Now here's the seller difference will turn out like a plan right strategy or something what, if it's something political within your team. You don't mean, then would you do what you say things like. I think I will listen
I will discuss things with people and gather intelligence from them. Ass comes probing. Questions But I'm not gonna divulge. What my position is because number one that will influence them. They will be them react in. I don't want to influence anyone or make them react until I'm gonna be able to influence them and get them to react at the way that I want them- that's gonna, benefit the team, so from an ask some some questions. Why would you think about many things going on with Jimmy? Is he he seems behalf is yoga I'll? Ask you ask him ass MIKE bill, asked Jennifer wealth I'll find out? What's going on, I won't Jennifer and bill. They say some a little bit different whole. Seeing in gather the political perspectives and listen
No, let things unfold, I'm going to observe and relax and detached and listen and think and calculate that's. Where do and dichotomy. If something needs to happen, and I have to be decisive make a decision we're to go with it. I'm put it out there Oddly enough as leader, don't talk so much? I know that seems crazy. The more you talk less people with what about in life. Everyday stuff. I guess maybe this wouldn't really apply to as a leader but made like the person you know like like you you know confide in how, like all have a proper come in. We like hey, let me hear it via its whatever about some thing that obviously in feel like appropriated, like
Just ask all my friends kind of thing. You know like giver, do that no It is mainly think about it, you well what I would do. Is you our eyes like I do what I just said. I would do I be like hey man what's going on with this, You know now. I guess, if you were you when you come and ask me something you're, give me something. You always ask me about something: I'm not a part of in railway. That's all it's different, so yeah. If it's like that of its something, I'm completely. If something, if there's someone it's completely outside the situation. Yeah, I'll, say hey this. What's going on, you know, what's going on here, we had this happen. I got there, situation, minced beef for sure I'll. Do that Yes, so let that is good, but but so within the team, then I generally just come out and ask like hey what do you know, I want to change. This is gonna, be hey. What would you would you Jane
You don't owe me to ask him what they think. First as you might have to make some adjustments competence like echo. Changing the way we record this thing. Now, here's what's happening and you're like ok, Then you listening first thing you say to me as I got that doesn't make any sense me now. Now I'm an idiot. You say: well, here's that there's. Why won't work? Jocker loan you lay out free things is that if I was a payment, would you about this issue that we're having what solutions do you think we could do to solve that involves a negative your ideas and by the way, when you come up with one of those ideas, and one of them sounds pretty good too may guess what we're doing that one? now who's got ownership of that idea. You now is our fired up to implementing you. Do and I don't waste any leadership. In fact, I gained leadership capital because now you're, like man jackals each of us may do you recall he's? Let me run this.
And, as speaking from person who doesn't necessarily well it didn't seem like a nest, really get that big of a payoff to have that attitude. Like I'm running this, you know, like I don't know for whatever reason tonight I didn't ever felt like. That was a big thing to me to be the guy running it, but I don't know maybe maybe my subconscious. Could I know that you do that to me and him that it's actually kind of funny because you'd. Do it in big with big things necessarily know? Maybe maybe you will whatever, but well sometimes just some little thing, you know just totally falling, not falling for I get. It needs a good tactic, but now how you just Philetus illustrated. And meanwhile should know this. I do know this really that you do there's anything is not a bad thing, not months phone, you over its half an hour figure, I'm actually and they actually beneficial to you you're. Actually, Actually are running things. No, if I come and say hey were you know, hey wheezing kind of table, we,
get them podcast. What we think we can be the best lighting system? You know like. I know what I think That's a see, that's the thing I dont really divulge is, I know what I mean anyone what, though, which year I know I understand, but by, where the table thing. Then I tried with on that one. Nor can I feel a little bit actually. I failed because I should have put much clearer parameters around the table scenario. If those you dont know we're Talkin, which is no one in the world except for us too, we had. We got a different table for before our recording studio, which is right at this moment being expanded in but women are still small, recording studio, every why we need a new tables Gazette unless you back nowhere adding another camera. Ok, and another camera and possible guess. So
who s aim annual, go across the table in the want. The table that I had gotten in the past face it. It was ledger legit. Echo goes and gets a table. I of that thing, cost forty eight dollars. It wasn't worth it big and small and weak and anyway, that's it? example where I didn't do a good job. And is also an example of occasionally year. Your vision is an online Like my vision? Normally you I have very line, vision about something you know well, comes to the technical nature of what the podcast the table. We weren't. I learned about that table every, I wonder about that table for, like a like. Rob to be used in a one single scenario that well
I saw I don't I told you this, but I'll admit that the thing is you problem. When you got your table, you probably went somewhere and was like yet at the table you felt it was like yeah. I can imagine in your eye by accident. I actually ordered online Biota. I I'd say I have more evenly. I know you worked for a moving company is nonetheless either I have more and more worldly when it comes to frighten. You might be rather some more thought on Amazon, say: hey, that's cool table that that's good! That's the dimension fit the damn when it came in at the old story, do you know if a boy looked good in the bids are relocating their one, it shows up is like asking the picture, and it's only thirty nine ran ass soon ass. The other table we had was over a thousand bucks, wasn't one extra and what a minimum price listen to insure valid rice to ensure some kind of quality.
Yeah. I know The point is yes: when you give someone you let it be their idea. You keep your ideas yourself. China be all secretive I'm not gonna, be all cigarettes are looking to tell this. Person is eventually mighty is, if it needs to come out of, comes out, hopefully doesn't about, hopefully never need to come up because my team, Up the great plan- and I can this be quiet and they execute my goal occasionally, they can't find a solution. As like, hey man, hey, hey guys and then maybe you'll? Do I want even divulged? My whole idea: Are they what about you? What about this? One idea like this all yeah, that's not bad! When you see someone get a good idea biggest lap It's a rewarding. And so you wanna given that gift
and the way you do that is by let him come up with ideas. If he's gonna make sure that they have our world the experience with furniture leave off their situation. Well, they got an idea and cuts in a way is not really even about the idea. It's more bulky. We need a solution to this problem. I care. What do you know that the major potential solutions kind of thing, and yeah. You might have one in your head, but you don't just our chamber does is only around as the one in also yes you're right. Also when you divulge idea, guess what happens to everyone else's ideas, especially in your leadership when you're ITALY, opposition and beautiful your idea. Everyone kind of gravitate towards that idea as being the best If you keep your idea to yourself, you let the true growth of ideas through things come out and people are just trying to say that a great idea, java, or even even, if you're not like a kiss ass, but you just you just an idea in their head and they can't see the different way you know, and even if they
you you put them in a position where now they have to shut down your idea, not a big deal, but it still in an element that you have you got it can put them in its further pollution goes yeah. Rather than you you'll, just kind of open up the floor is kind of like beckoned enough who well something to Kenneth Colonel of the atmosphere. We often through our own ideas and the person comes very good thanks. Brain men of table midsummer promised next question ready to graduate from college I appreciate your input on the following question. I've always, love to take part in a variety of of projects, and I have ended up in a leadership position in multiple organisations, be be it in student, VC, firm, the student body, more professional fraternity, etc. In a way this this was natural to me. It's about extreme ownership rights I love what I was doing just slough off that that phrase
extreme. Only right that such events, ok, it visit other stuff is about extreme ownership rights. In that high rate. Can it no way, of course, see motors right? Ok, I loved I was doing I had a vision where to take things, and I was chosen to lead, saw, I felt that I was doing the right thing recently them to feel overwhelmed and feel that my productivity has diminished. By being in a managerial position, it seems hard to see the direct output of my work, but it's easy. It is easy, as always to see what's not working and want to be. I go any projects because I still have to make love to take ownership. M noises. I wanna be liquids as I dont want to let go of any projects, because I still love to take ownership of. Oh, yes, yes, escape loved a year ago. I guess I got I'm identifying symptoms, Like the word ownership, that's like a blinkered rely. Definitely like the word ownership, and
you also know. I also like another word: hats dichotomy, take note of it guessing violations, welfare either either way you stay here, He doesn't want to let go of any projects, because I love to take ownership. Of them in lead these organizations, but I think I'm no longer able to handle this much honey balances, India. So there is a chance in the dichotomy, leadership called only it all, but that's not the veil. A chapter entitled trapper continues. It is the turn of the only at all comma, but empowered. Others and it sounds like this individual whose getting after Fisher props getting after me supposition mobile organizations go and hard taking ownership very cool, but it sounds like he needs to lean more towards decentralized command, because just because you take ownership of things does mean yours was to do everything that you
take ownership of. Doesn't it doesn't actually doesn't work? What this? What you need individual Is you need subordinate leaders, side these multiple organizations that you are in charge of that you trust and you gotta. Let them run with the broad guidance and the In addition, the broad guidelines of the mission and with your commanders intent that that's how you and workers so, for instance, when I was in charge of training on the West Coast, I was responsible for a lot of stuff for land warfare. For me, The time operations, dive operations, air operations, close cores, combat. Urban warfare, training, mobility, training, heavy weapons, defensive tactics, combat leadership. In every other bach. Four guys are getting ready to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Crop of those tactical things I'm in charge on actually also in charge of safety and actually also in charge of maintenance and actually also in charge of the administration of the command. That's a lot of stuff to be running right. I know that homes is in charge of you, know the dvd firm and stood by this that stuff too. This is a lot of stuff. Could I Personally, manage and conduct all of those things that I was in charge of Klaus, not even close not you you talk about feel overwhelmed. You wouldn't last fifteen minutes. If you tried to be the personal, Every decision and all those different divisions that were inside of drinking it, so I couldn't manage and run them all myself, but I had great leaders that I trusted that were going to make things happen and I gave them the broad
guidance of what we were trying to do. What their part of the mission was, the Paramo that they were allowed to work within and then go get some. The same thing to ask you to commander to our task. You have made her got to patents. What you got a squad of of augmenting post. You get sea basin, you gonna, Intel fusion, sell. You got interrogators new got radio. Indications crew and you got the Idee crew and you got you got the whole, practical operation centre that you run it it's the same thing, I can't run all that no no human can run So when you do, you have supported leaders that have the broad guidance understand what the mission is. They understand the commanders and ten they go forward and get after and they they know the parameters and sometimes they have issues and when they have issued step in and you give me a hand, Sometimes they get a raw box. You gonna put him back in the box, but
It's the same thing. You've been writing to the right. Now I got a salon front. I got the podcast. I got to the store, got the supplements, the apparel of online training. Coming out. We got the tea, the real the German get the list goes on and I can't I can't run all those things, but I can't Baden, those things and run on those things, and I could do same thing: it's ok, here's the guy, the mission, here's the commanders, intent the sanity check on somethin here's the parameters, we're trying to move with it and then go go and get some. So if you do well with dissension command. You can handle a lot now Could you possibly bite off more than you? Can you yeah? You can get involved in so many things that You don't even have time to monitor this situations at all and you don't have time to tell when people get now their zone where the parameters that they're allowed work within her. You don't have time to help when
something goes sideways so you could get there in that way. Happen, especially quickly, if You have failed to train and mentor, and give directions and give guidance to the leaders that you have that are actually on the front lines running things. So that's part of it now, the other part of it is you can't do any of this, your ego will not allow you to let things go immediately. You literally said I dont want to let go of any projects in I've. That is before if you want to be in charge of everything, you have to be in charge of nothing your goal should be in charge of nothing, If you are in charge of nothing, can you truly be in charge of everything We are in charge of every single thing, guess what you can handle nothing you're too saturated, it doesn't work. So that's what you need.
Get some good, solid leaders, subordinate leaders in power train them. Trust them. Make sure they understand where there go and make sure they understand what the mission is make sure they understand what the goals are. Sure they understand what things are outside the box that they need to come and talk to you about and then let them rock and roll boom take, do want more My wife and I suffered three weeks of turmoil. Which, including losing, which included, losing a child hideaway expert at that moment, when we pick up ourselves pick ourselves up in key,
moving forward, because I am done sulking and we need to move forward basically how to push through. So charming. Obviously, that's part breaking, and I can't even imagine the pain that you are going through, This situation means one those things we ve talked about this before the fact is. We don't really have a cultural protocol for what to do when we lose a loved one and the have to basically make up that protocol. I can't I. Dictate what that protocol is going to be for you
I can. Tell you some things from my perspective from some of the. Things that I've been through. I can tell you my perspective on loss. In the first thing is you already know, it's going to be wretched and you're not going to escape it. And that pain in this is this is something that I have identified the pain That's going to come, it's going to come in waves and at first you won't even notice that their waves, because all the waves are going to be so close together and there can be so continual and right on top of each other and the pain,
in and the sadness is gonna feel like it. So heavy it's gonna feel like you, are drowning in sorrow like your neck I'm gonna get in the air and like you're, not gonna, be able to escape that sadness That's what the waves feel like at first. And then at some point, there's gonna be a little break. Just a little break. This delay a bit of light in the darkness. Something is going to make Smile, something is gonna make you laugh. Thence. Gonna just show you just a little bit like. They don't know when that's going happen. And then you will see that little that little smile that little white and then the another wave of pain is gonna come again in its gonna be strong and you won't have any control over it.
You won't be able to know no armed and I'm in the right now or I'm smile and right now, I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna go back there. No you're, not gonna, go to control. That scary. It's scary, because we we get he's too, as adults, adultery, weeping, gonna, get control of things, and now the sun you're not gonna, have control. Gonna hit you and you're gonna feel it but again, a wave like a wave in the ocean that is gonna Eventually, subside again- and you see a little bit alight in your get a little bit of a smile and you'll feel ok for second and guess what another waves nature it may not be as strong as that. Other weighty wave then you might not even notice that it's not a strong, but you, control, your emotions. Then you'll find yourself. This is what I'm talking about factually. You re sitting there and all of a sudden, You're gonna be just crying uncontrolled.
That wave is gonna hit. You you're gonna go from normal too crying on control, be in being sad, that's what's gonna happen any again. You in your mind, when we think- and I can't control this- isn't it's a wave, your you're at the mercy of this ocean of sorrow, but don't let that scare you. Don't let that scare you cause I'm telling you that that we is going to subside again, and this is gonna go on, it's gonna go on and the waves they will become weaker. And what you need realises just because the waves are becoming weaker. This doesn't mean that you love your child less or you miss them less or that you aren't, I rushed their passing it means that you're starting to be able to deal with it, which is why.
You're supposed to do As the waves get weaker, which they will. They'll also appear less frequently and again, that's all It doesn't mean that you don't think your child of the time it just means that its being dealt with. And while this is happening, while you were when you can't, when you start two. When the weather, the storm waves start to com a little bit what you can do. Is you can row the boat. The boat when, in what I mean by that is start doing something productive. To get your mind moving forward, How long is this is this? Is you know
when you feel a little bit of a break. Then, let's do it a few days go by five days go by three days: go buy at some when you can't cry anymore, ok, let's do something productive. What's sort out the drawers in the bedroom. Let's back you, let's Vince, Duprat, let's do something productive and If there's something there distracts you that's fine. Do it led let there be some calm in the water and also as the calm comes off fine moments where it's like you can. You can have things that are gonna. Being on the waves
That's ok! To bring on the waves, go look at the pictures right down the memories. Read the letters red denotes, read the emails remember and then that standard service? You're gonna, do the memorial you gonna, do the burial. And when that's over, let a little bit more time go by give yourself another week of washing around a feeling that sorrow of letting the waves toss you around in the ocean.
But after another week, what you do is you go? When you write a letter, you write a letter to your child. Hang you explained to them. Explain to them how much they meant to you explained to them. How heart broken you are that they are gone and then explain to them why you are going to carry on. Why you are going to keep going with them in your heart. Explain to them why you're not going to dwell in their loss and expand,
to them how in losing them. You have learned without a shred of doubt how true We precious life is and that they are taught you. The immeasurable value of your own life and your wife's life and your family's life. And explain to them. That. You know that you know that they loved you and that you know
They would want more than anything for you to be happy and productive and impact for in the world and explain in that letter what you will do to make them proud of how you live your life and then take that letter and go to their grave and read it.
And cry and kiss their sole and tell them that you'll see them on the other side and then go
your life and those waves are still going to come and they're still going to be pain and they're still going to be sorrow. But you go and live your life and live it well and make them proud, and I think that's all I've got for tonight. So echo
Go ahead: what year like something like that is like it doesn't always have to be like with losing living a childish mean losing anyone, Fisher Slick. Oil feta. She, no, she lost someone that choose closer. So even or if you're, in a situation where someone close to you like, lost someone, it's good to keep like something like this in mind. You know that that's going to come and go, you know Because it's easy to be like, I am like higher there over in also it's kind of cool now, and then it comes back do you like wait, wait, I thought you were over at kind of thing like you can't yep, that's an unfortunate lesson. I've learned is this just that and you think it's it's a really great description.
Of what it feels like it feels like waves, if you, Sir, for you been in the ocean and and weaving didn't hit by waves and like there's nothing, you can do with them. If it's you you're gonna, do it that way, wants you do for a little while and sometime It's bad luck, you're getting hit with wave way where you re can barely even tell you come for breath, you're getting hit again and that's what it feels like music, and in the other weird thing is: you can be even go from one extreme emotion to another in a minute you can be laughing and that laughter can trigger thought. Does that, make you sad and you get hit with a wave and One thing I think this is important is that. The EU alone have talked about the person that no turmoil in their heads in a cloud of like a storm cloud and no matter where they look like they just can't see they don't see that there's where anyone that standing on the outside can see like no come on.
Just walk over here, just get away from that storm caught. You can do it When their stand in the middle, they don't even know it's way to walk, so they just stand there and then in the storm cloud and they think that you're never gonna get out and it's the end. You're feeling after losses like oh, this isn't gonna go away. And what I'm telling you is it going to and there's a certain level of guilt of like wait. A second How can I be not think but I just didn't think about you- know this person for five minutes, I'm I'm a horrible! No! After processes and no one wants you to dwell on this? No one they never want you to forget, but they don't want you to dwell as well. There's a dichotomy in that and that that's why Not obviously tar breaking up to get that? No, but Hopefully you know that that recognition,
those waved her going to subside eventually there soon. You're still gonna get hit with some of them, but they are It's ok that you're gonna to that they're, not gonna, be there rough Yemen. But you know when I, when I wrote making the dragons I I have the wheels. Dies new right, the king eat, you don't know him, but the king is dead and their certain people. We I figured if, if I actually thought myself like we'll. Do I really want to talk about death and there's also there's a couple lines with a dragon want to kill you you're the dragons want to kill. You it calls on crossing a well do you know this kid's book, but here's the deal there's little kids, that's parents dies that grandparents diamond
was the death is a real death. Is one hundred percent part of life and you got to learn. You got to learn how to deal with that or else you're going to be nobody and I'm not say Gonna dive into it with a little kid, but you have to at least they have to hear the word. They have to understand that that's a reality near so the skiff. At my I had this video like dsl the day before that my I took my son. He had a dragon costumer tomb by the way music or I'm gonna go kill. Daddy is of woe, kill like where did even can in its Edith the reasoning that cause it dragons that are ready to kill radio that are on the line makers and making the jury that's kind of how you feel you know, even though you don't know as a kid, however, old, whenever you no, what the man,
the tudors of that is, but you know you know like what. What are you scared of whatever the unknown cheer you, but you scared of the monster in the closet Scared of will not cause he's. Gonna bore you to death with bad jokes he's got kill you! That's why you're scared of you knock anything as even if your six years old kind of thing so you may make sense for sure, and it even think about you kill a bug right like little kid give the killer bug. Their eating a chicken, the chicken was alive. Now it's dead, you're eating it right. The death is a real thing and you have to? U have to? U have to deal with it You know and like I said, we don't have a great protocol. No, we don't We talked about making a protocol for breaking up with a girlfriend little more light hearted for this it's Sunday, but a day. What hey You talk about light hearted, breaking up with a girlfriend. Think about that too. Magic Situations you ve seen unfold from somebody breaking up with their girlfriend or break
their boyfriend. Now it's it's it's horrible! and there should be a protocol and should be a protocol for a lost, a loved one hears the protocol. Here's what I want to do, and you know what part of that protocol should be you write a letter to that person. You explain what I just said that is, real that will clear a lot out of you. It will bring you in much with that person again. It'll give you permission from them too, to go and what you're sports do you have to they want that. You know they want that yeah zone, like it kind of feels like hey, I'm a girl. Go I don't know I'm and to go back, school or something like that can make war. How can you think about going back to school when you're here, you know me you'd, when this disease, that kind of thing. That's what you feel like you know, but The other side is kind like nor yeas. Doubt that's that.
What they would want you to do kind of thing. It doesn't feel like that, but when you cut a step back like way, it does kind of feel like that. You know what, if you can see just see, fit to see that way, rough wealth to those out their stay. Strong live your life cool. Well talk about origin. You know it is a rough transition. There is there with me. Well what am I gonna living in living? Well, sir, we want to live well, the air we want to move forward here you so is Jujitsu Party, your life, that's a question. There's no way, there's no good waited in no way. I know ever saying: hey, ok, origin, look orgy main dot com. This is where you get you give. He still need to be, or if you want to Newgate, going to get it from origin, it's the bet there the best and their made in America? There are not
Is this really the best, because their made an angel, larger they're? Not until I am reminding myself. Why really like origin gazed at it is possible and not the other day as long as they can you really going for you like. Ok, and I was thinking as you do now, like hey I'm sitting here telling people at hey. Sometimes you got them here. You gotta move on and we were literally having our and moving all until I was just simply talking about this talk. About what was will loved ones and you're. Just like ok we'll get a move on. Well and you just laughed No, no! I'm saying that in a positive way, like you got two year well this the situation near him eat gamete, opportunity the strain yesterday's it's like you know, you can't give feel good about. Feel good about. Tat is true. Yes, which is what you did, it does by the way, and that's that Another thing is, you gotta, move on. You got it.
Going to go through a rough transition, but, like you said you got to look at your kid to be like okay, we you got to go back to school, but what about you know? bout, my sister. What about my brother? What about grandma, whatever whoever died? Yeah, that's part of life, is dead. And we got a move on we're gonna, go and then they're is a reference echo Charles trend this rough transition to talk about you may see this is highly remain as a positive thing is bringing me on that The reason we started doing that The long extended support with the kind of decompress there's some the first time. I think you might have been a pond cast number twelve. Now, no wasn't What podcast it was where I was like. I need a break lawyer. I just need
I like you, need to talk for a little while I was stupid, delight Arden. Her kid thinks. We know that that's a compliment sounded knows about them. We should are summed up, but that was the reason there's no way to rough, they have you transition near, The other thing you don't want to do is just but clothes on that note turn off and leave yea. It has not done so. There's theirs, Many people that say thank you for the good. We through the transition and then give when something a little more light, hearted at the end of the pot guest, so mix, and I support that we carry on with the tradition the tradition. The rough transition on board cool- so back to do to solid we're good, solid
train yesterday thought about origin. The whole time got after unless you, when you get your rushcard, go to origin main dot com, they have some other cool stuff on there as well joggers, if you're into it t shirts, if you're into it supplements that you need to get into this. Is why so cruel? oil. Could joints crude oil. Super cruel is what is called joint warfare. Discipline discipline, go discipline, go mark discipline, go I'll. Tell you too, It's not. What are you thirty seconds? Discipline, cognitive and physical and Hansard drink right eye really like it. I like the way it makes me feel I for living One of my jobs is to gather top
companies and talk about leadership and get in the game. Du cassock, I'm gonna get you MA de in the game is but going on top. To accompany. Well, maybe you know on stage for two hours, if, pounding, some drink beforehand, guess who's gonna happen. You know forty eight minutes. If I gotta use the restroom, I don't like you, tourism, as a sign of weakness, so I talk to people. I know that we need to take what's in discipline and put in a pill, slackened just eat it and and don't have to use the restroom forty eight minutes? After a start, talking took up: that's where discipline go Cambridge. At its awesome, we're too and not to mention you don't gotta do the whole, which I dont mind by the way I do like the ritual, but the whole euro, yet an open in the water in the mixing of whatever. In all that stuff, you, if you're on the girl
They have they got that's. Why did you spoke of the end and we actually speaking of mixing we're going it? We have a. We have discipline in can coming out here, which you won't have to mix use crack it open. And then more of course need additional broke in this way to get it best way to get it most. Flows both to the most delicious waiting, a Delicious away to get it in Sharm, lead, I think a rebate is an equally delicious, although its different content if this dismayed me mad when I'm on the road, and I go get a nice rabbi and I'm totally happy by them not totally happy now thirty six percent happy, but I want one little by little close. The deal palate, and I want to open new when they call it safe
hurry. My wife, you see, that's like saltier awards docked like some sweet You have the savory rib. I want to call was the deal with a little butter. Look don't worry if you re like hey, I want some additional protein. Go Ribby because River get additional protein additional, whatever else nutrients in them, which is cool, but if you just want additional protein isolated bone, get the monk fast, asleep pleasure, for the police and in kids in its hot look. We got a problem in America thrown out there. We are kids that it does not eaten correct, they're out of shape so. What do you want What do you want to get em, something that tastes good to eat? One case could eat candy bars what else tastes goody ice cream, what else taste good to eat? Chios? Guess what those are all bad for? You good guess what else taste good to eat
warrior kid more we're we're Denmark to drink. Secondly, does the eat drink the great, but I mean if you mix it thick, you got several jumping on the recent, basically through cocoanuts charge. You like, like our arguments, are Diego warrior. Kid bulk, also at orgy mean dot com at all this to ourselves. We do have a stairway of a store, Jacko Store darkest or not If you want to represent the path worsen, shirts more indicative directly to the path jock historic can't get after this one Eagles. As at twenty four, a fitness. I go there to lift, sometimes maybe once twice a week trainer there in the game happens. Fanaticism is justified by the firefighter up in San Bernardino check, lift up in your email.
The train assured on he lifted up get after a visit Rational chemicals are good evening. The shirt yeah there's. Sometimes people want to represent in a more Coburg over yeah or you I mean it will know what I'm saying is deaf corps. I like that, if you want a silly, sub, subtle way. This shirt that I'm wearing right now can only be can only be p idead positively identified. By someone. That's completely in the game. Yeah! That's true! Yes andor! You, as you were elected to reason, reason to turn away with her daughter
check, also plus truckers, hats, Smith or the other can out flex go equal, equal, don't don't discriminate against reflects their equal, also hoodies combining on their some women on their truly good. Yet, if you wanna represent taco stored outcome, good stuff also jock await tee. Is having some in the can preferred by me. But if you like to see, is a secret, The lamp steep we're sure about this is seep away. See the being legs exempt out of leaking there? Yes or no leaking or sleeping steep steep like a steep builders, multiple meaning same homeward. Unless, if you like the steep the would you go the dry, the bags are another terminology, but debates good teabag in the deal
we'll talk. What are anywhere and you deal with eight thousand pounds- is true, though it is that that is like a little thing, but it's a big deal also subscribe to the pot. Yes, if you have an already on Itunes and Stitching Google Plain where we listened and broadcast the lot lot options? yet the people don't know me. I don't have any money their of their nuke at Casta is April. Your podcast on our app does not happen automatically some near some apparently either using I dont know evidently not there. Give me to do it and don't worry about the warrior kid podcast of which we just released couple more twenty Twenty one are live here. Some questions for Uncle Jake Henderson stories from Uncle Jack him explaining how he got his values in life through stories also got Youtube. Don't read about Youtube. Youtube is where you can see this video,
of this podcast and then you can see cool videos from ECHO Charles that he makes on his computer thing. U F, F and you can check his style and give him feedback. If you went too far, I read those the some videos that violate good taste well is only one really worry us up. It is Christmas Christmas is coming to a minute release our reposted remind everyone, These deals are still lie. All its life been life. In fact, people have been contact me say they appreciated that war, a war path, critical, the war pattern, Christmas videos come warpath, you needed a junk and, with the other one called revised mean because he made it
good one one without borders. They won with different music flight variation anyway, thanks for saying that, nonetheless, that will that song is right up there. Your pod gas table noted just say Disney Way and in their psychological warfare, which is an album with tracks in it. Can I help you get through. Some were off moments of weakness, more than kind of popular percent, proven by echo, whose as long as we have momentarily fishery, overcomes yeah especially with the stuff you talking about. I mean not so much with the eating doughnuts thing, but like way He up more getting up. Like you know, that's all. I have a deep history.
Waking up. If I don't have to wait for some specific, like you know, you'll be like hey, I gotta get up because I got it. I can't even remember what it's like to have my wise open up in the morning and not the EU the the fire at your side, not talking about talking like a much an essay I wake up in the morning after each fire. About the heat from external sources of danger. I got you re out so you, the connoisseur of comfort, echo This often wake up so you good will allow half is. For helping me how about that and skipping work out too thanks for helping me with that, not skipping postponing that's the problem, postponing give it a worse going nuts cycles they understood
schemes? Can then not do it? You don't do work out that doesn't get postpone it. Just got scared now been at war. Yet nigh does get postpone cause. Look if I'm gonna do it acts movement, enough for me to do that and I'm a rather than having the same day. Ok, that did you lost it. It gets back, ok get it! Actually, you're right does look at my work. I was the one day to day three day. Forty five like in days is by day is what I'm saying. So, if I skipped we're, gonna make a book of your work out, as I have of all the area. Have I made it timing. Ice again into an aim of the book is going to be out get act with seven aids in the jack. Who's not gonna, buy that Jack landowners. Nobody! Here we apparently is
Nonetheless, Kettlebells Curls act through not avail curls sandbag. If you do day to day three you skip, they do for you at the date, three discos reformulated the movement and a three does didn't negate the fact he skipped it's who knows giving work and those given, where your duty more secular, to offer us speaking a workout improve their. Up your work with on its tough put on it that comes less Jack bells those on their. Yes do for us to know yesterday, Gotham Socks and some other key items. I need a rope, though dear one, if you're getting things, get a book called making the dragons how's it being reviewed in your family, bring viewed the aiming towards this. What's the old like as a good year will rise, daughter uses lines from making the dream. Jamie just sent me a video of her daughter. Getting ready, go, get
I saw that my watch, video with my daughter to both intermediate targets, can be if the ashes isn't gonna be pretty ran out of the mercy of how scared lesser, but by this time I'm gonna be brave. Pretty much What disease there I mean the story of how did she is but she's talking about Mikey in that area that you can understand this. You can understand how you can overcome your fears, making the dragons. Sorry was out of stock, but we in stock now boy. We got plenty of stock order one for you order one for be like Sarah. In order ten be like Andrew Paul and order twenty yeah, I didn't think it was Sarah was making fun of my math did. The Jackal math is like oh Andrews can order one Sir Gawaine ECHO order one
well. It's like a certain order, tat. You wonder why we went out of stock. Anyway, we are fully in stock. Now we will not be out of stock again so making the dragons get some and way the warrior. Both way? The work at one end to number two is called markets mission number three coming out in the spring. I wouldn't get it up for pre order, and believe me. I understand now why we pray order books. I kind of aid that mistake with making the dragons you all please pre order when I put it up so that I know how many I'm going to print, or at least a decent estimate and I'll I'll, take Sarah's order and multiplied times tendons. Upset aside ten for her twenty four Andrew Paul and everybody else. It ordered stacks of those books. So please despite this freedom feel manual how to get after. It me up new year's everyone's on their big
red with resolution revolution it both the new year's revolution mature, narrows the discipline, because you can't you see tomorrow, I'm going on January. First, I'm gonna change no yesterday the between now and then a minute keeps lackey whatever that kind of thing that is. Are you saying way slack into new? Did you just get in the game? Are now extreme ownership, obviously represented point today and get that item leadership so that you don't just get one. Perspective and forget about that. I caught dichotomy. You need the dichotomy in your world as a leader Echelon front. That's my leadership! solvency, we saw problems through leadership. We will come into your company, assess and align your team so that they dominate go to echelon, front dot, com for details, also them,
twenty nineteen masters I'll, say: penitent Cover, Denver and Sydney, Australia Jack will at all of a sudden. I will. I will be live They ve sold out something away, in August on wait and see They didn't work, we are doing a podcast live life in New York City. January nights. I will post the tickets as soon as their available. If you haven't seen him yet check my what is it social media platforms. Sir Instead, twitter Twitter, you said that data side it's a Wednesday night it's in your city. It's a nice cinema, nice, I theatre. Will it with, as the red velvet see right
the indicative tiresome has progressed aid like did you ever think you'd be a children's author or they'll say like hey? Did you ever think you'd be speaking to groups animals at whatever level? Now I like, maybe not like writing, but if they said Hale, generous thinking and we speaking Symphony Hall with red velvet seats. I'd, say you're getting us, but I am, and so are you go, whether you like it or not So there's that here's something new F online. Mine, so I guess I explained a little bit. We have the muster. We have, the echelon front where we go and work with companies at the muster. You travel in you, go and it is a pretty high nice point Some companies have a lot of people. Some people smaller budgets, as we recognize with some companies
asked us hey. We want you to train everyone in our company. We have a hundred three thousand employees and their globe DE dispersed around the globe. Can you get that done force? This is one of those things words like no way? I can't. We can't get two hundred fifty thousand people in Europe in a short enough. The time that it has the impact wanted liver. So with all that. We overcome this barrier. We go to technology, so we ve created all mine leadership training course it's called phone line it's gonna be available through direct consumer from you. I just want to be like, for instance, let's say you can't go to muster for whatever reason. This is a virtue I guess it's a virtual muster here or it's it's it's a simple assimilation of a that's worth
it that the original idea for me was you go to the monster without having to go. Where you get that information, you get that activity without actually having to go to the muster so there. Yes on line and we made it for individuals. We also habit for enterprise or were now getting it. We already have it with our clients, their stoked on it and the phone line, dot com- it's can be available to the masses New year's day there, anyway. First two thousand nineteen and, of course, there is the F over watch where we're connecting proven leaders from Speck ups in common evaluation to come he's in the civilian sector that need combat, proven and tested leaders experienced leaders to come in into their organisation, with the principles of extreme ownership, with the principles of the dichotomy of leadership and helping them
and when that e F over watch dot com, whether your talents eager a career seeker, We are there for you, You wanna continue communicating with us. We can be found and we can be communicated with on the into whips Twitter on Instagram, and Bash pace echoes adequate Charles in I am at Shaka willing and finally, thanks all our folks out there in uniform and includes, of course, our military that protects us from foreign threats and here at home, Our police and law enforcement fire fighters paramedics any and tease correctional officers, border patrol and all other first responders that keep us safe. From evil doers, and sometimes they keep us safe from the wrath of nature itself and
everyone else out. Their life can be hard in one of the hardest things that life can put. You through is deaf death of someone you care about. And when that happens, it is a reminder to all of us that the clock is ticking every day and every, day that we have here is pressed, so we, death visits upon your life and tries to rip you apart and drown you in those waves of sorrow. Don't let it dr on Dr On and live on for those that you have lost
and live your life to the utmost by getting out there every day in getting after it can. Until next time. Mrs Echo and Jacko out.
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