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161: Machiavellian Leadership: Myth VS Reality, with “The Prince”

2019-01-23 | 🔗

0:00:00 – Opening: Richard III

0:09:04 – The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli

2:07:05 – Final thoughts and take-aways.

2:14:24 – Support: How to stay on THE PATH.

2:40:46 – Closing Gratitude.

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This is Jacobite gas number one sixty one with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening, ECHO bidding. I do the wrong then first into brawl the secret mischiefs that I said a brooch. I may unto the grievous charge of others. Clarence whom I indeed have cast in darkness. I do but we're too many syn, goes mainly to derby, hast he's Buckingham and tell them to the queen, And her allies that stir the king against the Duke my brother now they believe it and with all wet need to be revenged on rivers, Dorset Gray, but then
I say, and with a piece of scripture, tell them God bids us, do good for evil, and thus I blows. My naked fill me with odd old stolen out of Holy writ and seem a saint. When most I play the devil. And that right there is a few lines from the play Richard the third written by good old, William Shakespeare. The barred and clearly Richard the third. Is made out.
In this play to be an evil like a hundred percent, evil political. Nuver. That's what he's made out to be sort of the ultimate archetype of the MAC Avelion Ikea avelion leader, and there's people at say and spreads. Actually. It's certainly seems that Shakespeare in, actually wrote him that way. There's a bunch of things, I guess at some point will go over the whole play Richard the third, but let's take a look: the lines that Iraq is because Machiavelian what with what we think when we hear it now is we think it means someone that it is completely devious incompletely dishonest incompletely deceitful in their quest for power right. That's what people think of when they think of
Jackie Valiant and the definitely, I think Richard. The third is made to be and was written to be sort of the the quintessential Mackey alien character. Leslie these lines a little bit as I said when we did Henry the fifth on Parker Number, fifteen you're not gonna, know exactly what Shakespeare's talkin about, because he's writing and almost in another language are quite you can still understand it doesn't take much, but there's some things going on in there. So it starts off. I do the wrong in first begin to brought so was and there I am the one that is doing something that is wrong: I'm the one that starting the fights that's what's goin on here, I'm starting fights- and this is the secret mischiefs- that I set a brooch. I lay on the grievous charge of others, so these bad avers daddy's undertaking that he's
secretly undertaking is blaming them on other people. He and goes on to say Clarence, whom I indeed have cast in darkness, and you wouldn't quite understand this, but unless you read it, but his brother clearance, he put his brother Clarence into prison. And then he says I do but weep too many simple goals, so he in front of other people, He cries and bemoans that oh poor Clarence, but he thinks he's people are fools, namely Derby beat hastens and Buckingham, which is what he says next lining, and then he says that he tells those same people He tells us people that it's the queen and her allies and tell them to the queen and her out as said, he said, like look lessons about me. It's about queen she's, the one Stu in all this,
she's, the one that stir the king against the Duke my brother. So it's not it's not my fault queen, and then he says now they believe it and with all wet me, meaning they believe, and then there s game on like you need you can't, but that's to imagine that the West rise there you're setting this up. But then you ve got this people actually egging you to take vengeance on the situation what their eggs maundered due back to the book to be revenged on rivers, Dorsett Gray, but and then here's where here's, what takes little by little switch. But then I sigh and with a piece of scripture, so he's gonna say, and these can quote the Bible and he says he tells them that God
bids us do could free evil. You know, hey the Bible says we should do good instead of evil. That's what's going on here, and then he says, and thus I closed my naked villainy at good line. The copy Shakespeare right that one right, clove my naked villainy This is how I dressed up my evil plans with odd old ends stolen out, holy writ. So he dresses up as naked villainy. He covers his evil plans with little parts of scripture from the Bible and he closes it and seem a saint. When most I play the devil so, like I said, that's that's Richard the third and
things don't really work out that well in the play for Richard the third and they dont. Will they work out for him in real life either he was actually hacked today. The after which we generally considerably about ending. He was half to death at the end of the battle of Bosworth. After he fell off this worse legit and there famous line, which I'm sure everyone's heard a horse a horse. My kingdom for horse, which is the he was losing everything, can be fell off his horse and needed one and, like I said, perhaps you know at some point, we'll woke up in the whole play. But today, when I wanted to dig into a little bit is this term of Machiavellian and we covered his art of war book, which I had an interesting things with a Youtube comment. Cuz, I said. Are the war Macchiavelli Nicola, Machiavelli and something TAT was written by Sun Tzu Eighty
I didn't listen. Some trooper came on was like actually he's not talking about that are two hundred and forty covered that one here in a couple disco this by the way, there's a bunch of different art awards and here's one of them that was indeed written by Machiavelli. So we covered that. But that's not really Machiavelli's, most famous work, is most famous work. Is this book which we mention their the prince and the prince was thought to have been written around one thousand five hundred and thirteen? Not really, why be published until one thousand five hundred and thirty two, which was five years after Machiavelli's death, and it's it's basically, the forerunner of kind of leadership, bunks, It is the forerunner of self improvement books and its telling leaders how to lead their principalities and it gets one thing I dont dive to a dont dive to many. These were not going
news, but it gives real world instructions, that's kind of extreme ownership of the dichotomy leadership. It gives real situations that happened. It gives the principal minutes. I hears a situation where this actually unfolded swear so its view thorough in that respect, Then it's considered to be one of the first works of modern political philosophy and it this is the thing it has the reputation of advising people to do whatever it takes to gain and hold, power, that sort of thee. That's where you here and in fact the word like I said the word has really negative connotations when someone says otherwise, I'm back of alien leader, you don't think all that's that's cool know you think. Oh he's underhanded and he's gonna stab people back to get get. What he wants. And there is definitely some parts and we'll get to it, but the it's not that
and the approach is much more balanced than people. Then people that he has than than people generally consider. It's just a much more balanced perspective and, like anything that talks about leadership and human nature, we can learn from it. So, let's go to the book. The prince by Macchiavelli, starts off here those who strive to This is this is an interesting he's doing He doesn't sales stuff, and here too getting in and out there's a couple times. I have to add to call Diana called out all of them, but he doesn't say Ali's sales e type stuff in here. So here is that we started off those who strive to obtain the good graces of a prince our custom, to come before him with such things as they hold most precious on which they see him to take most delight whence
one often sees horses, arms cloth of gold, precious stones and similar ornaments presented to princess worthy of their greatness. I said hey if you want to get in good graces with prince, you bring him stop horses and gold and whatever, Then he says desiring therefore present myself to your magnificent with some testimony of my devotion towards you. I have not and among my possessions anything which I hold more dear then or value so much as the knowledge of the actions of great men acquired by long experience in contemporary affairs and to continue- study of antiquity which being reflected upon and which, having reflect upon it with great and
prolonged diligence. I now send digested into a little volume to your magnificence. That's pretty ex pretty girl! These look. I could give you gold, but that's not really, what valuable to me what's label to the most valuable thing. I can give you as the knowledge that I have the knowledge that have had from studying and living these things, and he continues and although I may consider this work unworthy of your countenance. Nevertheless, I trust much to your benighted iii that it may be excessive double seeing that it is not possible for me to make a better gift than to offer you the opportunity, undersea of understanding in the shortest time. All that I have learned in so many years, and with so many troubles and dangers which work. I have not I watched with swelling her magnificent words nor stuffed with rounded periods. So it comes out of the gate.
Right. Is it really arrogant, dude these and listen? You are so lucky that I went through all the stuff and I'm still give it to the game. Little nice little volume very plain. We written, which is almost like an excuse, like there's. No longer no fancy words here, I'm gonna do straight I am no Shakespeare. Will Shakespeare waiting around yet, but he soon with very plainly written and then he goes into So I think that's a pretty sales. The opening, but hey good good on him. He tried to make it happen, starts off talking about the difficulties, occur in a new principality imprints values, use that word test of what the what the book is about when you take over land from people here, we go although one may be very strong and armed forces, yet in entering a province, one has always need of the goodwill of the natives. That's a great statement
You think about that statement. Think about it from a military perspective, think about it from a business perspective in this something that the? U S, military should always pay attention to. Her you can be strong in your force can be strong, but you need the goodwill of the natives bomb there go, let's think about less. Remember that one in the world you, and we know we do our best to do that. America does its best to do that, but we always do a good job the other thing is when you think about it from a business perspective, when you get and acquisition taking place like it, cool you go in there and you got all the money to buy. Some little company, but if they are, it's you if you dont, have the good will of the people that you just bought, you can have some issues. I promise you can have some issues, Next up. Those dominions which, when acquired, are added to an ancient state by him, who acquires them are either
of the same country and language or they are not so we say, look when you someone over there, either with the same language or they don't have the same language. They are. It is easier to hold them, especially when they have not been accustomed to self govern. So, if you take someone over, they speak your language and they ve. You know you took them, over from someone else that was controlling them. They'll be ok with because I used to controlling themselves anyways then he goes on, but when states acquired in a country differing language costs or laws there are difficulties and good for can and great energy are needed to hold them and one the greatest and most real helps would be that he who has acquired them should go reside there. So if they don't speak, the language of its two different culture. Guess what you gotta go there and you gotta stay there. Otherwise gonna be a problem, so they gonna move there.
Two, so they can gain more understanding, gain more resigning and learn the language and stuff like that, and also be there because you got you gotta, be able to pay attention when rebellion is gonna form again, did you not there and they speak a different which we have had our culture and you're, not in the game plan as misuse, yet your blindsided, so you gotta, go in there gotta get deep. You occupy that territory continuing on men on either to be well treated or crushed. We read that one again. Men ought either be to be well treated or cry because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries. Of more serious ones, they cannot therefore,
the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such kind. That one does not stand in fear of revenge, so there's kind of classic Machiavellian fought here. If you're gonna hurt someone to scan pleadingly annihilate them to the best, your ability it don't you The ability you come back at you again you and then, on the other hand, freedom Super good writer D, a treaty to your candidate freedom, good or you crush them. Where did its debts? It did get statement. Right you and it takes. This- is something that it takes. Some of you have the will to completely destroy. Someone takes a lot of Gaul right. You have to have the stomach to be able to do that in a lotta people. One of the stomach you do that.
So that's why I would say in most cases it's better to treat people well and have them come aboard and he had actually he says that too, but we'll get their backs. In maintaining armed men, their input, of colonies. One spends much more help to consume, on the garrison all of the income from the states that the whole acquisition turns into a loss and many more exasperated, because the whole state is injured. That's what he said and when you do have to go in and you have to smash, and you have to keep people there to keeps she? Yes, what you're spending all this money you're in resting all these people and it's so hard to keep it under control that it's not even worth it did the acquisition turns into a loss so from a from a business perspective, you going to accompany you, buy them, but then the rebellious. Are you going to fire everyone to get to bring people in and retraining when you got to retake territory to walk customers? Because you, because you didn't
during that time and to you asked all this money and guess what your acquisition ends up becoming a loss, whereas if you had a good relationship with these people in you went in there and you they were able to kind of come on board with your culture in the way you were doing thing I'll. Send you move into good scenario me. Keep it cheap, keep it friendly. If you can back the book, what all prudent princes ought to do, who have to regard not only present troubles but also future ones, for which they must prepare with every energy, because, when foreseen. It is easy to remedy them. But if you wait until the approach. The medicine is no longer in time because the maladies become incurable, theirs stuff in this book and is one of this kind obvious, but a you need to look to the future and when there's a problem coming
it offers the earlier you solve the problem, the easier it's gonna be. He continues for it happens in this. As the physicians say, it happens in hectic fever than in the big of the malady, it is easy to cure. But difficult to detect But in the course of time not having been either detected, retreating and in the beginning it becomes easier. Detect but difficult to cure. I didn't in our mock writers are coming to easy. You just move your shoulder. You move your helps a little bit whatever you're out the further. It goes down that path the worst situation gets. If and it's the same thing also, you know enough what about? Having hard conversations with people, earlier you, have that hard conversation, the easier the hard conversation is to have a longer you let it go. Not only is it your. But it's a conversation, that's gonna disrupting cause more problems. It's going to interfere!
if our relationship, if I'm, if I have to Our conversation, you are really are. Our relationship is getting better right. Worse so, ease the earlier, you solve these problems, the better off we're gonna, be it continues. This Happens in the affairs of state for when the rules that arise have been foreseen which it is only given to wise man to see they can be quickly redressed, but when, through not having been foreseen, and they have been permitted to grow in a way that everyone can see them. There is no longer a remedy. Keep your ears to the ground, You gonna hear what common. Therefore, The Romans foreseen troubles dealt with them at once and even to avoid a war would not let them come to a head for they knew that war is not to be avoided. But is only to be put off to vantage of others to area you delay in getting that price
solve you're, not helping yourself? That's a good way to think about that. I haven't really thought about that way before you. I talk about the conversation have earlier, can be easier. The only if you're putting those those wars off your only help near the person the other only put yourself in a worse situation. Ok, so the other person, meaning the enemy yeah. You're only helping the enemy self attack. Those problems look well. I think the first thing is attention right, you gotta pay attention to these problems could be arising hard to detect hard to dictators, Annie anyway. I like he says when everyone consume do I lit yeah, so you gotta be gathering intelligence can be paying attention. Back to the book, because one can easily entered there by gaining over some barren of the kingdom For one always finds malcontents and such
as desire a change to talk about when you're taken someone or when you taken over like a kingdom. You can always find some people in the kingdom that are not happy with situation were given going to accompany- and you can say, seemed occur, the way processes work is real hard on you guys seems like they're not really in, but you can always find some people are mad inside of a kingdom. That's what he said. He seemed to find them yeah we need, while he's here's. He goes on his as such men for the reasons given can open the into a state and render victory easy, but if you wish to hold it afterwards, you meet with infinite faculties. Both from those you have assisted and those you have crushed Nor is it enough for you to have exterminated the family of the prince, because the Lord's them remain make themselves heard. Heads of fresh movements against you, and as
or unable to either Satisfier exterminate them. The state is lost whenever the time brings the opportunity, what you're dealing with their if you're entering, if you find some people, are disloyal inside of a company and then you go and become friends with them, and then you go in and take the company over there's a chance and what he sing is like that disloyalty is, is a trait yeah you're gonna be disloyalty to you, so you need to and you can't you can't come Then you get to exterminate him because the EU develops our relationship with them and same time, you can't trust him. So what be careful with that back to the book. Whenever those states which have been Oc Abbot, acquired, as stated above, have been accustomed to live under their own laws and in freedom. There are three:
courses for those who wish to hold him. So obviously I am skipping big chunks, the book, but what he's talking about is when you ve taken over somewhere. That is you to having their own laws and used to living in freedom. There's three different three different methods or approaches you can take. If you want to hang onto Here we go. The first is to ruin them The next is to reside there in person, The third is to permit them to live under their own laws, drawing a tribute and establishing with it an oligarchy which will keep it friendly to you very clever, very clever. Very smart too, and I see the again. I keep going back to business lot, because when you, when you with a company that requires other companies like
This is a very real. If you got a company, let's say you acquire if you choir part. It let's say you acquire part of a company. That's been run by some senior company like a parent company. They're not used to making their own decisions when you come in and say hey now, where I can help you out when you know you're going to be kind of going along with us now you're under our command, There used to be commanded there, like ok, new boss, Brad deal with it, but if there, if they ve, been they they were their own company. They were, they were on their own and their tumult, everyone they were living in total freedom, and I when'd. You know, you're sort, listen to my role, Smith, gotta be a problem. Yes, yes, I don't agree with the fact that you have to crush them. I would further to inform our relationship with it, but what he said is that if you go in there, so let's say I took over echoes company and you're used to freedom and I'll. Just like I echo, here's was goin on here some broad guidance, but I really like what you doing keep doing it. Man
keep doing it, and then you know here's what you repay me cause I'm giving you some sport and you'd be like ok, what I will say what she doesn't go into his over time. I can start to get First of all build a relationship with you, one I build a relationship with you. Then I can start saying: hey echo. Have you thought about doing this little bit different over here and have already about this here? echo this other company, we own, does it this way. It's really efficient. You consider. Maybe see how that would work inside here with your team, and I would slowly moved, but for me to come and say: ok, echo. We just the deal: here's the new! That's when you go here go to your troops and Samuel. This is a good call and how are these guys think they know everything? And now it's when we get a rebellion on her hands you now, I might have to crush it the whole idea of crushing things pretty old school yeah well in and as he said, we want you crush them they will. Then you got invest all kinds of things in it too. I came
let's hear by your company, and then you, you know you held against me, so I fired you will now bring someone. I got to find someone that understands your business and the intricacies, your business and guess what that's not easy and guess what now I got to invest all this time in myself and I got to bring some some actors in there to help our next thing. You know I'm upside down where's. If I just dont a good deal, with you in your car. Let you run things for a while and let build relationships that you actually would want to. Listen to me. That's different! That's better! So, yes, the idea of crushing people generally, it's your it's! It's not the preferred method, not ideal! generally sometimes is required. Yes, some those people need to get destroyed, as does the weight as and when that's the way to a lot and load destroy he D. So what for or do you at football? I dont want money. Brawny lot is results. Go yes
I do think real sortie minors back in that year. I don't know if this is true, but it's a rumour was what I heard one of Jacques, where he would light he broke. His finger is pink years. One of us Is he broke it and you know you train, and you know, play replace professional football players can just be out because your fingers, so he play keep it up in a cat just getting jammed up. So it is cut it off here so it's kind of one of those deals. You know where you know yet you get rid of the finger, but you have a finger lot. If the thing is like you know, jamming you up too much by being there than either crash. I heard a store. Similar story about volleyed village is male. Digital glared, crazy, digital were grid. You did you break it, but he had crazy cauliflower ears, like they just look like two to have does it have baseball's side of his head, and I
story about him that he was just asking the Dockers cut him off, cut him off, just get rid of no use. Are they whose cause me problems does get rid of a year. It is advisable to hardcore kind of you. I am sure that will then get a guess. It depends on the problems, because that's what I am about, what you're using what dear yours do for you and I guess I guess they can some sound and bring it into your ears, but if you're not hunting right and you don't necessarily need to hear super well and by the way, what you have qualifiers and it starts interior at a little bit. That's that's not good, either freer for you. Here you are his hearing, might improve, does get rid of those things the egg? I ve been bad is come. You don't have any idea. What you're saying you are cutting off years is a lot more goes into that then a finger, I think, because
You know, I don't know I mean on a social level. You know you're, the guy. You cut off on purpose by the way, this guy, like ok, language with next level. Let's say your girl and you like hey MOM dead when he may never, for I have you never thought about like would if you re, confirm sometimes You get cauliflower ear at preventing you from training. There's there's! No! that. The song close you by, but do you want, may the game the all these things are duly much good. Let me just give it a these. Yes, I could see how that could be. I guess, but I can't get there now the ears? Maybe the fingers? I dig the fingers, I'm sure you to me, so you kid you're surveys. You can't do if you lose your fingers. I e play guitar idea problem and yes, I'd keep. I keep the fingers near. The ears measures eyebrows wearing this, I don T know what You you're more sense. If your appearance, I think that I am aesthetically kind.
Yeah yeah. I would agree with that, sir. Yes, I think so When you get your ears, I'm keeping my fingers at. So I can hammer on that gift box that deal well. That went off the rails a little bit going back to the book. A wise man ought always to follow the path beaten by great men and to imitate those who have been supreme. So that if his ability is not equal there's at least it will save rough. Let him act like the clever archers. Who is a good little statement? let him act like the clever archers who designed hit the mark which yet appears to far distant and knowing the limits to which the strength of their bow attains tank take aim much higher than the mark, not to reach them by their strength or arrow to so great a height, but to be able to with the aid of
oh hi and aim hit the mark they which they wish to reach that's a very clever way of putting it yeah, hey. Look if I don't think I can hit this mark, whose can aim a little bit, ere many in then, even though I might reach the high mark all at least hit the mark. I was a get what I want to begin, the deer Yeah fully, that's a good way go through life. Yet is a lot of that. I mean that even a tactic technique whatever in like a lot of things like negotiation. They say they do the same thing right. Ok, I want to get you know you go job interview. Whatever I wanna make hunted. Thousand. Someone asked for, like one hundred and twenty he's going to negotiate you down, and I get my hundred. No, that's that's true. Where this thing, I think some of people get this out of hand is we'll be like a sales organization and they'll say you know they want to bring in. They wanna do five million dollars worth of sales in the next month, and so they say. Ok, I swear
do ten million and there's an unrealistic goals. We an unrealistic all. That's not achievable. It's basically a meaningless call. You after you have to aim a little hi, but it's gotta be realistic here and I would think you know I M just going off how I felt right there when you say that if even Somerset is unrealistic, especially for you that includes you meter where, like the failure of reaching a goal, is kind of York, partly or failure, and I think it can decrease like enthusiasm, I ve known Samuel needed. That's why people need to be very careful in how they set their goals that they sent him high enough that it it's you, try and get to it, and maybe you don't why get there, because its face it? If you set a goin, you just easily make it, you should say: go over higher. You know if you. Said a goal as not even close. No one even tries
gonna set a realistic, go yet eyes. Noggin work well, yeah end like people be like salt, less work when people's start setting goals or create like raising that's what I'm stuck with ever. Ours is watching the movie major League member Thou o the mercy. When I try to remember what it was about and they relate ace ball. Is this thing where the vote, the owner was train alike, so the team or something, but for her to do that they had to like lose or something like that and if they didn't, Then she just replace the players with other players who who would lose? You look anything so it was so Everyone knows all down about it in the cars well there's only one thing to do when the whole thing you know like that, which is a dig it, but at like a regular job waves for the movie, you got it tat an inspirational storyline, but anyway your job, you know, let's say, there's numbers. We got our
and then is that ok, dang you're making me meet these crazy numbers and their unrealistic there above a normal good goal, their web sites like ok. What does this mean now Malik prodigal can spend time on my home. Ok, you're gonna Freaking drive us into the ground working and do all this therefore, whatever going against my interests, you know as a human being a field junk about them? On a lighter note, us, that's, my point is even no one likes them. World unknown lighted, a major league fit well. That's definitely did jack are moving on now, as the fact of becoming a prince from private station priests, poses either ability or fortune and use. The word forge a lot to mean like previous luck. It is clear that one or the
Other of these things will mitigate in some degree many difficulties. Nevertheless, he was relied least on. Fourchan is established, the strongest makes sense. So when you when it when you're in a leadership position, if you got their cause, you're lucky can be harder for you to maintain good position as a leader. You got there because your skill and woods the other thing. He says, because your ability to get their cause, your ability, people and respect you more just you just got, thereby luck. Those who buy valorous ways become princes acquire a principality with difficulty, but they keep it with ease. The difficulties they have in acquiring it rise in part from the new rules and method methods They are forced to introduce to establish their government and its security, so you have our time getting into power, and you do it by boldness. Once you're there
It's gonna be easier for you to do it because you had to make all these maneuvers new to figure things out in order to get their continue. And it ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult, this is a good one, theirs nothing more difficult to taken hand, more perilous to conduct or more uncertain in its success than today the lead in the introduction of a new order of things, nothin harder than trying to come in and introduce a new order of things nuffin harder than that and here's the reasons, because Innovator has four enemies all those who have done well under the old conditions and Luke warm defenders in those who may do well under the new to people. Better trench that like Ebay, will be doing. This requires a much engine it and he s say well, it could work better. That's like it's! It's not a good comparison is not half it's on a fair fight. The causes people
that are already know it works. They know it works, someone that I think the new thing a work. It's a mismatch. Continuing on this coolness arises partly from fear of the opponents who the laws on their side and partly from the incredulous credulity of men who do not readily believe in new things, till they have had long experience of them. So your people there In doing this forever, like I just said he got someone, that's hasn't really figured out of this new things. Work in its just a mismatch so sceptical Continuing those who, solely by good fortune, become princes from being private citizens have little trouble in rising but much trouble in keeping a top. They have not had any any gift
these on the way up, because they fly, they have many when they reached the summit was a good one. The people that kind of get lucky and end up in a Senior position in a leadership position, they got lucky there's no trouble getting there. They got lucky, they flew there, but then he says they have trouble when they reached the summit. Continue on such are those to whom some state is given either for money or by favouring of him who bestows it so that you know you see this going through buds, actually there's some people that were like incredible athletes and they never failed anything before no life and all of, and they show business are failing things in it. Break some new order, great athletes going through buds and its cause. If your great athlete Lombards kind of easy-
and they show, but a seal team things aren't easy, because not just athletics in this building is not an athletic game in the Sudan. As a matter of fact, I was just talking about this the other day, the athletic capability of of see or of a special operations that sure you get some great after dinner, but you put rucksack an hump. Ten kilometers, that's not an athletic Lee, gifted you as an athletic it's not an athletic skill test. You know it's. It's not like you gotta be in good shape for sure, but whether this guy played college football and this guy didn't, Will you put on that rocks actions to start humping? You can't tell whose you you know, Occasionally you might be able to you got to you. You can make some assumptions at the US that if a ballplayer, you know he's not like person but
it's not an athletic game. Where the same with like shooting look. Ok, you get someone with great hand. I coronation their problem can it be a pretty good shot? Not necessarily, though I do some guys were great athletes want good shots. And vice versa you some guys that were great athletes and a great shouted great hand. I coordination. So it's not really there's not really this athletic channels. So my point: is you get some? sales through buds, because they're a great african because Buzz is more of an athletic pursuit. I mean, is that okay, you got to run. You got to do pull ups, you got to do the obstacle course, there's more athleticism involved in getting through buds once you get through buds, then it's like! Oh you have to, think you ve got through hard things, while you're thinking, so there is some
guys that I went through a thick idle tripped up when they got to the teams, even if they did not have a hard time at all. When buds they got to the teams. They get tripped up on things because they just did just kind of got their own way. Unfortunately, good good guys, hard guys, but you just think man just you need to think a little bit more dealing with certain mental anguish. While you do other things the outer dealing with it. You going make decisions when you're tired, you gotta stay awake when you're, tired, you gotta yeah, I call six other stress going on and you're freaking out. Well, guess what you still got to decide that you gotta make something happened and you gotta go: do it near which easy to just go curl up in a ball, take a continuing search and he's talking about these people that we're gonna given locker or bought their way into the prison.
Such stand, simply elevated upon the good will and the fortune, of him who is elevated them to move inconsistent and unstable things. Neither have they the knowledge requisite for the position, because I'm they are men of great worth inability does not reasonable to expect that they should know how to command, having always lived in private condition to get somewhere that gets thrown into two leadership position and they haven't done anything to earn their business there. In my experience can be hard for the same thing with the immediate, maybe see it now, maybe dont but injured you to wear, you know that a young guy, whatever hill, de the or he'll have a certain body type her out and whatever he'll develop like this, certain move that'll be kind in new, terrible, No one's ever seen these this system, where this near move or whatever and they'll get got, get guys. In wind tournaments, instead
meaning tournaments, humble inlet, instructs dang. This goes kidneys. Tournament Elysium is Bilbil Brown. You know all the way up. He gets his light brown black because he wins tournaments day more so than because of, I kissed his well rounded yes, skills and knowledge, so which kind of me sense, random in shoot him. If he's winning. If he's tapping everyone in the tournament in you know all the lower belts pressing need is built makes sense, but later on, you know, as time goes on in one of the things is like. Ok, though, just figure out the move, Rather the answer to that move. What else is left? Nothing is crazy that if you know the move like isn't crazy. Did you first of all. If you know how to defend something, you can stop. If you don't know what you get tapped, if you know it, you can get out if that's so crazy and what's really crazy, is that the way life is that's. The way leadership is like when I talk to companies I'll be talking to somebody to like pay. Here's what you need to say
where's like this. It's it's like. They can now escape this position that there, because they can. Oh, oh yeah, here's what you should say and they say you can see, look in her eyes and a no call me and say I did that aid team turned around oh yeah, big shocker, there's moves that you can make their tactical maneuvers that you can make and if you know them, you you'll escape the position, dont know you'll get destroyed here, to where you go, this is sometimes somebody develop something where they get really good at something and it soon some people know it's coming. You begin to stop it and then I was in this hour loosen tournaments. They get a purple about. This are losing turn yes, because of an alchemist said going unrealistic, in my opinion, that someone would be really good at a move. And go all the way to black belt based on them. It's not realistic they'll get somebody will the people
figured out and they have to round out their game before they get Brown belt black belt. Razor mood getting a little crazy there, over the example. But there is this one, and I don't know the girls name produce is illegal in, but she was abroad, but she had been a brown built like she state took her like two years, something super fast to get around and get to Brandon because of a health? If I'm not mistaken, she do like a reverse triangle. Alla time, maybe regularly nature and then another- and I think it. I could be getting the names rotten, but I think is penny Thomas and she ended up fighting for been Thomson in terms of beer and euros The new harness the negro coming up or whatever and um. I think it was jaw who mentioned like this exactly that he's talking about where it's like you like to be a real brown belt, incomplete at the top level. You gotta have a well rounded game, essentially beheld, because you can just be kit
and just like what you said like you make it up the brown and black for reason, Brown, a blackout, you can't just do it with one yeah just now. What about you when you get someone that really good? They know about all the different YO. Is it always surprised me? Dean will be able to answer a question about moves that he doesn't actually do in a normal basis. Yeah there. He knows exactly how to do now is how to defend it. He has had to set it up, but he doesn't actually do that move in in that's that's how good, you gonna, be here. The other weird thing. Is you get you catch, someone like being in a position that totally new You do some random and he actually knows like a thing to do to get out of it right. You know, and you think, how do you know How do you know that some weird, like leg ride positioning ago, if you turn in the outward and then you pincher, ankles you'll, you they'll, make them a justly come up on the arm and you can get out new, like wit,
How do you know that I've never been to this position of a union of twenty five years and I ve never been near now. You tell me that this is just you You know that. That's how you- and he probably some of these positions- he's probably never been in its like co- is like writing code, where, if you, no, the certain, like general rules, things you can start figurated figuring it out again sullenly demons, I mean do the national food over there. That's the thing, there's a difference between what I am talking about, because what I'm talking about is, he actually knows specifically he's not hey here's? What would work based on the general rules of grappling? No here's what you do in this specific situation, that is weird, but that's just completely well, it is completely well what at some point, he eat his head that experience with that move. Yes, he one or another don it some way or another, and he said oh or he's done much narrower approach of what you're talking about like he is
maybe now that exacting, but it's so close at ease. I hears what happens when you know. What's going on it's like yes, similar, but not the same like was beyond just having the principles at stake principles coupled with experience yes area, coupled with knowledge near indeed, Dean mine, for that is yes, really it's crazy uncanny. You know with that. As far as I can see knowledge in what he can sort of figure out what Thomas like while you're doing what do during the day he's like in a room to stick you would think what you will say that you think he's sitting around with legs for screen, like Youtube screens and he's watching different things at once, and then he has some sort of like weird control where he can get view different angles and comprehend them. But no. He has a weird because No, he doesn't do that. He used to do it but he has a weird
got his mind just made. To do that. His mind is the size of a greater understanding of it. Then a normal person and even an abnormal person. But yeah other makes sense like with you know, if you're, if your thorough or thoroughly trainer. Lot of experience. You ve been through the pitfalls up down. You know you that that light is can on for you, but if you just sort of law How will you know we work with companies work with like start up companies where it's not that the people haven't scrap to get where they are. You know you get funded and you got twelve people. Team and then all of a sudden, you get a massive funding in your expecting to Roland. Reduction is something in and you look up and you got a hundred eighty people, you we have an experience as a leader in your expected the lead and that's you know a situation that echelon front gets involved in because they invest. Oh, come and say: look we got these guys, a rear, their awesome, guys their working hard guess what they got prepare
This position there awesome at their job they dont have led. Yet can you help us? Yes, that's what we do well and make it happen makes sense You can expect some one to know how to lead if they ve never been in a leadership position before, can some people polled Yes, it's not a big number, though not a big number continuing who this is a good one. He who has not first laid his foundations may be able with great ability to lay them afterwards, but they will be laid with trouble to the architect and danger to the building so A good foundation is another. Another thing, that's important when it comes to Egypt. Don't be learning the goat. Blogger day for, but they do so fun tat people want to learn that go, go Plata and they don't know, do a straight arm. Lock me that's a problem.
That's why the right I mean even like this: that's why, like people won't focus on the foundation, causes I d parts not as like fun short, and pay off types richer areas more fond, it's gonna go go, Plata is more phone. Would look at that? It looks. Fancy looks cool. It's they come. I think he was Dean's. These teaching class and Justina fall, or something that not for a long time, just a little bit, and then you seem like a position whenever this is actually while ago and then Towards the end user, I reiterate the tunnel like no one said anything like who, when are we going to learn bubble, but who knows anything? But dean said it as if People were saying wool: when are we gonna learn something Fun Kenneth, so that I had our aid I'll teach you submission gonna like he knew, you know like the submission old, is the fun part to learn injured. You too, I mean is for the spectrum. Assuming you said, are the s when you start
I am fully fully because he has used. You know you think, a war on in whites good for me delayed this way on someone. Yeah or across the room you like what the heck is, as that's link foundation as that is as sir, otherwise you gotta do it in its gonna be hard to do. The same thing with businesses when you start a business started with Good foundation sooner have to go back in their afterwards and perform surgery on somebody has already been constructed. All right now. This is machiavellian in a pretty serious way. The name of this one is called This is, I would say this is kind of what stems from the reputation concern those who have obtained a principality by wickedness
but- and I say this establishes, but this actually goes against sort of that standard. Machiavellian attitude, so here you are. This is one of the historical examples that he gives that I'm actually going to read, because it's pretty prego agafea squeeze the Sicilian became king of Syracuse now only from a private. But from a low and abject position Man, the son of a potter, through all changes in his fortunes always led an infamous life. Nevertheless, he accompanied his infamies with so much ability of mind and body having devoted self to the military profession. He rose through them its ranks to be pray. Of Syracuse, being established in that position and have deliberately resolved to make himself prince and to see
by violence, without obligation to others that which had been conceded to him by assent, he can to an understanding for this purpose, with the with em apart Carcinogen crew with his army was fighting in Sicily. One morning he assembled the people and the Senate of Syracuse, as if you to discuss with them. Things relating to the republic and at a given signal. The soldiers killed all the senators and the richest of the people these days, the key seized and held the prince them of that city without any civil commotion. And although he was I roused by the Carthaginians he ultimately and ultimately besieged yet Not only was he able to defend his city, but leave part of his men for its defence with others. Here, Africa and in a short time raised the siege of Syracuse the carpet.
Indians reduced to extreme necessity were compelled to come to terms with the gothic. Please and leaving Sicily to him had to be content with the possession of Africa, so this guy is, is just gets after it and destroys people and kills people in order to get into good position now you might think that Macchiavelli would say: hey that's great we actually says backed the book, yet it cannot be called I went to slay fellow citizens to deceive friends to be without faith without mercy without religion. Such methods may gain empire, but not glory. Still, if the courage of gas Greece, in entering into the end and x, you're kidding himself from the dangers be considered together with his greatness of mind in enduring in overcoming hardships it can
be see why he should be less esteemed than the most notable captain, although he is given all the credit. But then he goes back again. Nevertheless, his barbarous, cruelty and inhumanity with infinite wickedness. Do not per him to be celebrated among the most excellent man. What he had trees can. What are you doing, cannot be attributed to either fortune or genius. So and I'll go one step further, because this is I think I think that when you- behave in that manner, it will come back to you. But you know I am acting as can combat you- the comic way That's not what I'm saying comes in. When you inflict damage on PETE. They remember it and their will. Your time in some point when they were, Have the opportunity to rain down vengeance upon you? So if you act that way, you're gonna you're gonna get yours,
and so, if you treat people with respect and you treat people as you would like to be treated, then and when the opportunity arises for them to cross. You they'll remember how you treated them and you treat them well miss okay. You know what we're going to do this guy pass, who you screw people over there going to screw you back at some point. Continuing on it has to be remarked that in seizing a state, the usurper ought to examine closely all those injuries which it is necessary for him to inflict and do them all at one stroke so as to not have to repeat them daily and the by not unsettling men, he will be able to reassure them and win them to himself by benefits. This is a good one. If you gonna die, if you gotta cause damage, rip the bandit off. That's what he said all all at once, going into a business at York of you would have to eliminate some people. Don't eliminate two guys today and then two guys
a week in three days: three guys in a month in the three people and two weeks in and you just everyone. Now events walk around they're scared of getting destroyers scared of getting fired. They don't trust you you going ok, you're, sorry, some changes through some reductions we gotta make here it is, or twenty eight people they're going away. What's left we're gonna go forward owing to conquer, he who does otherwise, either from timidity or even Advice is always compelled to keep the knife in his hand, Neither can we rely on these subjects, nor can attach themselves to him a wink their continued and repeated wrongs. Do you keep stab people every once in a while every two three days I cut someone's head off, these guys are just your first we're gonna walk round my knife all the time in there. Oh, I see what is all about.
Continuing for injuries ought to be done all at one time, so that being taste did less, they offend, less benefits ought to be given little by little so that the flavors of them may last longer say, go and give everyone a yearly bonus at the beginning of the year. Eight years all this money. Now you go: hey, look who's, goose, good quarter or good month last month. At some point that taste, I reckon. That which, by the way, you ok, you know them say yes, given the big reward you make, em geek you're gonna earn it to get to earn it, keep it going keep going, genuine and, above all, things a prince, ought to live amongst his people in such a way that Oh unexpected circumstances, whether
Good or evil shall make him change. Because if the necessity for this comes in troubled times, you are too late for harsh measures and mild ones will not help you for or they will be considered as forced from you and no one will be under any obligation to you, for So then, over you saying, there's lean stay balanced. So if you things are going well in your company, like a bonus is all around and then Some things, get lean and you're a girl, no more bonuses or on the other hand, is like all things are going. Roughneck were not given any one may think what you need to do. Stay balanced, hey, here's! The budget years are projected budget. Here's what we're gonna do Now. Here's what we're planning to give out it may vary a little bit aunt, no upper down for depending on the market, depending on how we're doing it depending on what the future, like you, wanna, be balanced dont.
Hard core in one or the other. Next We're a leading citizen becomes the prince of his country, not by wickedness or any intolerable violence, but by the favor of his fellow citizens. This may be cool a civil principality, nor is genius, Fourchan altogether necessary to attain it, but rather a happy shrewdest This seems to be the most positive thing that he is happy shooters like oh you're, making good deceit, shrewd decisions and that's how you come into power and people are happy with it like that seems like the best possible way to take over According to this continuing one cannot buy fair dealing in without it three other satisfy the nobles, but if you can satisfy the people, for their object is more righteous than that of the nobles. The latter wishing to approve
the former only desire not to be oppressed so whose more important the nobles or the people the people also that a prince can never secure himself against a hostile people Machiavelian thing consideration, to be added also, a prince can never secure himself against a hostile people because of their being too many whilst from nobles he can secure himself, as they are few in number, make a connection with your people. Continuing worse than a prince may expect from a hostile people is to be abandoned by them, but from hostile nobles not only to fear abandonment, but also that they will rise against him for they being in these affairs. More far, seeing an astute, always come forward in time to save themselves and to obtain favours from him whom they expect to prevail, and he goes on about these nobles a little bit more nobles ought to be looked at mainly in two ways: they
either shape their course in such a way as binds them entirely to your fortune or they don't so the two to two different people you have with you, people just get on board or don't they get up there on board or they don't. And then he says we For their own ambitious ends, they shun binding themselves. It is a token that are giving more thought to themselves than to you and a prince to guard against such interfered them as if they were open enemies, because in adversity. They will always help to ruin. You. Someone that's not on board one, that's lookin out for themselves, someone! Look out for themselves and not looking out for you the problem, real problem as you treat them like an
open enemy or view them fear them as it don't open enemy, and then he continued but one who, in opposition to the people becomes a prince by the favor of nobles, ought above everything seek to win the people over to himself and this he may easily do if he takes him under his protection, because men when they receive good from him of whom they were expecting evil are more bound, are bound more closely than to their benefactor. Thus people quickly become more devoted to him. When he again he's all about connecting with the troops connecting with the troops, and if they think you're going to treat him like crap, and then you treat him well there like doubly devoted to feel better. That's the expectation thing ceiling and explain that t too, with the with comfort you looking all you can, if you're in bed in
even you here on an chicken outsider some day in early June, saw like a block away, or somebody like ya, can't relax for that noise or whatever, because we expect to be real come what you're your kind of think, but you go land some share. Her sit on a change in its surprisingly, your fall asleep real quick, so I can deal with it with the further with the people. The humanity billion Napster argued about baby with you. When you get Ojala, though this guy's can be a dick, you know, and then even even like just on a normal social level. You know, you know any. Are easy media new medium like us like movie stars right booty. They always play a bad guy or something like that- and this goes both ways to
and you know you meet the movie certain person in there all nice, you don't buy uses complained the bed. Does he have this weird subconscious expectation than you just love that guy, whenever and wherever they play there? That's how they are yeah lakes of conscious were, and by do you think that those people that play a bag Alla time when in real life they feel like Heaven views me like I'm a jerk someone to be super nice, maybe maybe, But actually you know what I actually hear more about the opposite. Well it's the good guy! You know he's always plain the good guy or maybe some show or something like that. As a joke. You know you meet him in your alive. It's not like that same deal. The expectations mean a lot is what you're getting at you kidding leadership. Perspective and napping perspective and meeting movie stars or whatever there we go a prince, who can command and is a man of courage, undismayed, an advert in inadvertently, who does not
fail in other qualifications and who, by his resolution and energy, keeps the whole people. Courage such a one, we'll, never find himself deceived in them, and it will be shown that he has laid his foundations. Well again, this is not what people think Mackey Machiavelli was talking about. No, they think he said Build relationship be strong, give to your people, Continuing a wise prince ought to adopt such a course that his citizens will always every sort and kind of circumstance have need of the state and of him, and then he will always find them faithful, That was a little bit. I was all, but hey more, you know you need. You need me here down a little bit. Give em tradition nodded earlier. Continuing
whoever shall fortify his town and Shall have managed the other concerns of his subjects well and to be often repeated, will never be attacked without great caution for men, are always adverse to enterprises, were difficulties can be seen and it be seen not to be an easy thing to attack one who, as is town well fortified and is not hated by his people. Again. Try and build relationships with your people. That's what he said. A prince who has a strong city and has not made himself odious, will not be attacked. Or if anyone should attack. You will only be driven off with disgrace. Saint same thing, like you got a good if your people support you, good attacked and you're gonna drive that person off that attacks. You drive, mafia discoveries,
quick when here that the arms with which a prince defences state are either his own They are mercenaries, auxiliaries or mixed. Says our is talking about how if you have an ally, you can use their true Sprites over you and I are allies and I'm like a combat attack or where career you can send me some troops. Those are my exemplary troops. Mercenaries on auxiliaries, are useless dangerous and if one holds a stir based on these arms, he will stand neither for farm nor safe for them disunited, ambushes, ambitious and without delay. Plan, unfaithful Valiant B we're friends, cowardly before enemies they have The fear of God nor fidelity to men and destruction is deferred only so long as the attack is for peace has robbed by them and in war by the enemy. The fact is, They have no other attraction or reason for keeping the field than a trifle
stipend, which is not sufficient to make them willing to die for you. They are already enough, They are ready enough to be your soldiers. Whilst you do not make war, but if war comes, they take themselves off or run from the foe. Here I got a friend that does like high level security and E. They were gonna use going through like a high level. Briefing plan if in in like a serious disaster scenario with a high paying client and he was Basically had incorporated into the plan his own family so what's echoes the high playing kite client. You come to me and to hear what, if there's a, if there's a complete catastrophe:
Talkin Camp, Bio, break out, zombie apocalypse! What's the plan and he goes ok, here's the plan. He came up with a plan, any put I said: ok, echo, here's the plan, here's this can happen here's where my family's gonna be equity mean equal. We, your family worried about your family, the security as Security. Guy said: hey, I'm not. Shortages. Yes, I will be bringing my family and the guy's a great I am why you bring in your family. He says cause if I'll bring my family. I'm not gonna, be there to help you survive then the guys is ok but fair, not right. We ve got a bunker to go to I'll, get you to the bunker, but I'm not gonna get I'm not gonna leave my family and then think, I'm going to defend your bunker when my family's out with his armies known the best thing you could possibly do is let bring my family in the bunker cause. Then I will do before I give up the book, or even just you, I love you, I shit, you're, giving me money, but I'm in you're, my family first so think about that
squared away plan right. You acts bed yourself inside my family, you're gonna be safe. Are you some of your money to to prepare for the situation? but then will be ready, we're all one team. So that turned someone from a mercenary into. You know the tv, continue on the mercenary captains, are either capable men or they are not if they are. You cannot trust them because they always aspired to their own greatness either by oppressing yoo hoo their master or others contrary to your intentions. But if the happen is not skilful. Your ruin, the usual way, does the usual were being ruined. You know what that is damaging get hacked to death on the battlefield, that's what it may lose lose with the marine areas. Mercenaries lose lose scenario,
in a prince ought to have no given the zone for this. Prince, ought to have no other aim or fought nor select anything else for his study, then war and its rules and discipline for This is the sole art that belongs to him. Who rules and it is of such force that it not only upholds those who are born princes, but often enables men to rise from a private station to that rank and on the contrary, it is in that when princes have thought more of ease- then of arms, they have lost their states in the first car. Because of your losing. It is to neglect this art.
And what enables you to acquire a state is to be the master of the art, so there That's general rules for everyone study nothing but war in this year yes, it is It is interesting, isn't it means you have to go back that far too? Where did the way things are going to be old by war on upsetting you could still say that's true today, municipal Missy fails you go to war. If that's the way it works. You and I could have a conversation that conversation fails. What's gonna happen, agree, disagree from agreeing to that. It turns into a scrap. These are better study,
now. If, if one of us knows that the other one is gonna win on the field of battle, that's gonna make that person a little bit more apt to agree right. Yes, you know enemy or agreed which, whichever no other one person might have to agree. Otherwise there getting choked all right, Now he talks about how you continuing on a prince who does not understand the art of war over and above the other misfortunes already mentioned cannot be respected by his soldiers, Norman rely on them. He, Never therefore, to have his thoughts this to have out of his thoughts, this subject of war and in peace. He should addict himself more to its exercise than in war. This he can do in two ways: the one by act,
nobody. So he saying that in peace time you can actually do yourself more to exercising war. Then you came in war itself. So when it's time to prepare, you prepare. Even though it will not work on that's when you get ready your weight on you're getting attacked to start training jujitsu. You start now. I've heard that argument. People is that it will do things takes really talked long time to get good. It did you When are you gonna be attacked? Well, I don't know talk tomorrow. That's a bummer, but you probably not gonna, get it actually getting attacked and so months, you you might get attacked near. You might get attack in four years we really good by that time, yeah yeah. There is an article I think even came across. It might even commented on it online and in the article is like some things that you shouldn't focus on or whatever is a man or something like this and
yeah. I thought it was a fake article, and so I still think I mean I don't know if it was real or not, but whatever to sail israel- and it was like fighting said fight ass, the most wrong thing ever yeah. I actually agree that. I actually think that this is so high up. I kind of agree that this with this statement- I guess you focus on this- is be really high in Europe, in your focus in and life, yet any really comes down to a safety thing, really look yet deafening comes under his eating. I'm not I'm not saying like hey just study. Jujitsu just study emanate. I'm not saying that right. His those shouldn't be a primary interest unless your fight right and theirs. People that are so into whatever they get. So did you do that? The rest of my falls apart not recommending that rain wants to have a good, well balanced life, but if you make Jujitsu a part of it, it's gonna be better. It's gonna be better, it's gonna die, to everything else? It's gonna teach you about other things yet, and that's not dimension
can fight. If you are not to mention Peter purity he's like he mentioned something about what was. It was something to do with off, like basically, he was saying you have to put all this for decades to frustrating, and I said, weighty tragedies. I didn't someone else and he said that's why I'm not doing it or something like that or is something like and then I said something like. Oh, no, someone else chimed in Hay Gulf does indeed you anything like Gulf hasn't what and verbal skills to life. Does golf have Hey I'm not hating on Gulf of you, like golf cool, more power to you as far as I'm concerned, but you're not going to be able to take the skills of a putt and bring them to now. Okay,
that's richer. I guess you will cause you know you can build a relaxing and learn how to get mental focused. So that's good food in that perspective will give credit but direct transferable physical techniques very limit. Limited, especially when you start comparing them to you to wear I'll give you some of the same things that that, like when I shooting like when you get good at shooting and give you the Gulf can give you some of those same things: cuz you're, going to pressure, you got focus. You got to put the last shot out of your mind. You got to focus on what you're actually doing can't worry about the next to the lot of things that can help there. The motor skills is an area where a diversion legit, but I cut you off or reason what was missing I was super hyped on- would arouse about all the article that from the well area so like fighting you shouldn't Nuno fighter whatever and work, it even worse, like a lot. Worse is the explanation as to why what was the reason why? So, if I remember correctly, it was because you shouldn't be fighting that
I feel like you're new unified. If you lose your temper, it I'll. Let you know you shown its be it in a nutshell. Is it because you shouldn't be fighting ass? He should it focuses on and learn how to fight a whatever here's. Here's, the the ultimate dichotomy this situation, the more the better you fight the less. You can have exactly right in my some of us in fact out out, I'm almost tempted to say all of us. Everybody Who is a train fighter unless you Toma competition, beautiful train to fight, so you can go get into fight, that's not the way. The reason not even like a little bit of the Rio and ok. I can't think of any one. That I've known in training. You jitsu that their goal Ok, I'm doing this, so I can go antagonize people and actually get into. Myself into fights, there's no one that you're right! There's no other judge! I haven't, I mean I'm sure, there's a couple complete
lyrics somewhere out there that have done that, but like Ireland and even thinking about that it be like. Isn't that thou be weird, see we're gonna, be different when someone psycho bouncer right or euro bouncer right like oh, I want to know how to handle myself if I get into a fight, but you'd rather just be polite people until it was with us, be polite right until be nice until it's time to not be nice, This is all about the way we used to do it right here. It is exactly right leg you in man even then by no means its literally the The direction it's not so I not a goop fight guys you it's more, so you know what do any of our fight. Now I will say this. I have to look at this from a perspective when I was younger, like before I join the military. There are times when we're getting it fights just to get into fights, and
If you did, you would have been a thing. I probably would have been doing it I was just young and stupid. So all my friends, it's so here and here's here's kind of what I call it a dichotomy, but I think it's more like a sure I'll call it at that. So I could catch twenty two. Like when you dont know how to fight like before you take Jujitsu earlier same thing, boat ban. Like getting in a fight, seems more appealing when you learn you did too and here's the proof by the way we learn. You don't really want to do it, maybe at first maybe a first, you White Bell to what a richer but think about this blue. Purple belt brown belt, and this goes up and up the the more you advance get your black belt. You been blocked off for like but thirteen fourteen years or something like this one, a brand new white welcomes it. Do you wanna, wrote him or you want or with any, and why and his good exactly right, so you were you, don't wanna go test
skills in sunder, weird on the street you wanna go. Practice and learn and improve that you're, like good with other good people Nero other people were trained. So slowly It makes no sense. One idea about we're. Gonna, that is when you're good or no like, let's say almond gold or how to fight your first, you judge across Europe. Ok, I'm not gonna get any invites. You know like that's worth Ireland, which is, I think, a very realistic thing and I think, If I was fifteen year olds, old, again and It's just another obstacle, learn how to fight out again one class and I I like I'm not any fights is enough because you never know who knows this stuff going. You gonna geographically, out by some one that is half years or maybe three quarters your size. That scary thing airy fairy cell sons are looking around gone way. Who knows this year? I'm not your confidence goes way down when you well clear of Europe
obviously it is it's actually true in Ireland, and I felt that is over one thousand liked legs than other bouncer. So even like You get your bluebell dislike, that's when you're kind of the most fiery, I think in certain ways of gear, and so I'm looking around in my care could do this. I could take that guy he's bigger, but I could take em like I know I can, but then you like wait. What about what you know? Who that guy is, you know, can anyone ressler, but what, if you caught years or you found yourself in a rear, naked choke in a real fight bro you, your kind of done man, you ve, been big money because trouble for that kind of yes, so things when you think about that. You, like many. I just agrees it Brown not getting into in fact There is that soldier. This goes even further. Sorry, this article that you're talking about that said you should learn how to fight, because you should be fighting shooting it
the actual. If you feel the earth to fight the best thing you can do to quell that urge to go, learn how to fight. I think he said the best thing is to go. Learn, meditation the same Harris where you are going, how they leave I'm not against meditation, but as a replacement for laying out a fight, NATO, sorry in, and you know what I've had TIM Ferris and Peter, and I don't have to talk about this with SAM, yet that they think they they they impose, meditation on demise, you jitsu for me right there like, that is a jock with the things that people are trying to get from meditation is what you get when you go and you do Jiu Jitsu, like your mind, gets emptied. You're focused, but not focus. There's all these things that I'm sure I'm the only people that are in the meditation will say no you're missing it and I'm fine, that's fine! I know I am whatever but what I'm saying is there are some similarities, some little There has to be because TIM
and SAM. You know they both digital, an do meditation in theirs. Cross over there somewhere Tim for sure has told me that TIM for sure it's amazing, even like weightlifting. You know, even when you're trying to do a movement right, you're trying to do a snatch you trying to do some movement that you have to focus on, that puts you you know it's like when you got it, you didn't come home, you feel so good, but you don't feel good because of the physical work. Are you feel good because your brain got emptied here? You know- and I think that's part of what meditation is. I don't know but I would think so too gets like an overlap. You bunch overlap there. Cause. Yes insert enter the sum this up, no notified learn of my hundreds of bread. Don't listen! now we are to article ninety eight. The thing is it there's a good chance that it was like a one of those parity. What I forget, what even on leaving their website.
But it was not like a parody website. I don't. I didn't He knows it is apparently rub website, but I remember the website to be on a city. I just saw these weird things to me. It was is the kind or all of the items on his little list were like were wrong fight was just the one that I felt. The ideas about was just wrong. Is a joke? Big joke tony with everything's? Ok, So, as I was wrapping up that last when he says that there you can study war, you can exercise its exercise yourself in a war too, Four ways: pieces, one by action, the other by study. Here we go, the action part as regards action he ought above all, to keep his men well organised and drilled too far. Incessantly the chase, which is like hunting in patrolling by which he
customs, his body to hardships and learn something of the nature of the localities and gets to find out how the mountains rise, how the valleys open out, how the planes lie to end to understand the nature of rivers and marshes and in all this, to take the greatest care which, knowledge is useful in two ways. Firstly, he learns to know his country and is better able to undertake its defence. Afterwards by means of knowledge and Provision of that locality understands the ease, and is understands with ease any other, which it may be necessary for him to study hereafter because, the hills, valleys and planes, and rivers and marshes that are, for instance, in Tuscany, have a certain resemblance to those of other countries, so that, with a knowledge of the aspect of one country one can, easily arrive at a knowledge of others and the prince that lacks this skill, the essential which is desirable: that a captain
should possess. For a teaches him, surprises enemy to select quarters to lead armies, to array the battle to besieged towns, to his advantage, so boom go out train train incessantly incessantly get out there. That's what you have to do and now so that the action part and the other partner here now we get to the study part, exercise. The intellect the prince should read histories and study, the actions of illustrious men to see how they have borne themselves in war examined the cause of their victories and defeat so as to avoid the latter in imitate the former listen to this package, this is what we're say read you ve got time to read press play boom, yet some
I wish I had this podcast I wish this progress to listen to when I was seventeen years old, when I was nineteen years old, when I was twenty three years old, when I was thirty three years old mouse, thirty, seven years old, we kidding me yet practice part is, It seems, like all other makes sense, you know, but I think that I'm not sure if you read the whole, thing, but it seems kind of even understated because, like even when you study something right, Ok, I know it's a whimper seems understood. The study part north, action action rapporteur here incessantly. He says I predict yourself to exercise of war. Are going off, that's unrelated or not you don't you read it. Well, none yeah! Maybe you know me. Maybe is me, maybe I think it's just so important that that should be look out an ok whatever, but either way you within, regardless of how
but training is so important to use or yours. I think that actually doing it is because without it you, just lose. I thank you. More than half, if you consider study action, man, you don't do that action part. I think action is more than that. We feel like it anyway, because like if you listen, you haven't energy in a long time are or anything More correct when it comes to sports, but he's talking about actual, go into war, and you can taken nation to war. You can't even take a balloon war. You can't take a company to war without going to war, so yeah you can do the training exercises in the field, but there is absolutely a massive benefit to studying what as happened in the past, not from a leadership perspective like it. If I was a business person, I'd be written about business business not so much business leadership books. That This is how to lead. But this is what happened in this situation and the perfect exam
for me of that from the war perspective is about. Face by hack worth that book is not a leadership book when you read it from a leadership. Through a leadership lens. It's all about leadership, it's all about leadership, and so you can take books that are about business. About like hey. This is a leadership instructional manual but hey. This is what happened in this as this company fell apart or this like you study those books read those books, then it gives you a little bit more of it. Advantage, but in both these, what you really should be looking for is the dynamics of human nature, and you can figure out like ok when people in this happen inside this company, or this happened in this battle. People act this way. People act that way, and now I understand them better if you're scene it for the first time, just like we target. You're about. If you see If you know what our mark is coming, if you, if you know how to defend Roma, were you, it's coming you at least no to pull your elbow in right. If you read a book that x wanes what happened in about
or in a business scenario, and you ok, here's what happened right here. I recognize it may be not exactly but its close enough, and I can expect this response from the enemy or from the competitor. From my people, I can make an adjustment at least not blind either in that's kind of the parties talking about where you were there that's right and I think that's right, even the b, the invoice. Swear. It's like. Ok, you ulitsa. You study this. I know this and I know that this is how it works, but never been in this situation, to recognise how it feels you know in in unison, training for war, whatever like little Nook S case, were how you would always you say you try your best to make the training as realistic as possible, so that the actual action kind of stuff, even something this is simple: Israel roleplaying words like you're trying to simulate you trying to introduce the action part of it more severe
its study sure on it. I just you know so, yes or when you find yourself in the real situation. Yes I'll, give you a case in point. You can read extreme ownership, read the dichotomy, leadership I'll, have someone it's red and read and studied both books, listen to every pod cast rolling and be like hey. Let's, RO play this rare envy, like You know put him in a scenario where, where the right answer would be to say, hey like that's, my fault is due to end the Dell say: well, the team needs to do this, and you just think yourself. So you are correct, you have to put people in the action as much as you can, because the observation of a situation is not as effective a learning tool as the being involved in this situation. I do actually with New York, has just like, in years,
that's an error you just kind of painted it usually- or I would imagine you could tell me- is it because there feelings, almost gonna blocked their knowledge at up. In a way ass, you, yes, yes or if you're in the situation. You are now kind of familiar with the feeling that some long in France's you have to learn how to do tat, yea, I dont know how did you catch and I throw something ass. You know how you got it. You know what the right answer is here, but you don't do get the? U dont do it. So that's that's in that problem so, yes put yourself put people put your team put yourself, not just study it. Ok, Is that here's the here's? What you do you study it, then, from the study you try and formulate a simulation that you can put yourself into the area. There's the answer. If there is the answer last section about this, a wise Prince ought now in peaceful times, stand idle, but
increases resources with industry in such a way that they may be available to him in adversity, selected for in chances it may find him prepared to resist her blows, he's really into in peacetime? You work harder and know what I'm gonna do agree with him now every prince ought to desire to be considered, Clement and not cool. That's again, this is not true dish. Mac the valley, but then he says nevertheless he ought to take care not to misuse this clemency so show mercy, but don't get crazy. Beat. There's a dichotomy, don't get crazy with mirth they're gonna be like be very merciful, but don't be overly merciful, generally balanced, Tempi, Softy Gary's off the
and so long as he keeps his subject. United in oil ought not to mind the reproach of cruelty. Because with a few examples we send if, if you're considered cool, sometimes that's ok, this is this is true. Dish Because, with a few examples you will be more merciful support than those who, through too much mercy allowed disorders to arise from which follow, murders or robberies for these are wont to injure the whole people. Whilst those executions which originate with the prince, offend the individual hold me so every once in a while. If somebody gets online, you gonna, u gotta, kill, executed, sir and That is actually to keep the people more under control. More so the discipline engage more freedom little disparate fear about one. I think that's the all making
an example Earthmen example, but what he said is the example. We heard one person: let's go here's famous section when I read a pretty big chunk of it upon the question arises, whether it be better to be loved than feared or feared than loved. It may be. Answered that one should wish to be both, but because it is different well to unite them. In one person it is safer to be feared than loved when of the two either must be dispensed with so easy, the best thing you could do is balanced or dichotomy. That's the best thing to do. This is to be asserted in general of men that they are ungrateful fickle false. Cowardly covetous, and as long as you succeed, they are yours entirely. So disabled people are dastardly, but as long as you're doing good desires, you're successful year, you'll be fine but
it is says when you, when you're being successfully says they will offer you their blood property, life and children, as is said above when the need is far distant. So as long as doing. Good echoes, ok, yeah of with I'll, be there for Euro bought wended approaches. They turn against you and that Prince, who rely entirely on their promises, has neglected. Other precautions is ruined because friendship that this is a big critical, differentiation because free ships that are obtained by payments and not by rate. Mr nobility of mind may indeed be earned, but they are not secured time of need. They cannot be relied upon and men have less scruple in offending one who is beloved and one who is feared for love preserved by the link of object obligation which, owing The baseness of man is broken at every opportunity for their advantage, but fear Prs or if you buy a dread of punishment which never fails. So I think one
differences, he's talking about that that when I, when I give you money when I treat you well when I you know, M M generous to you. You love me, but that's it! That's different! You know that's different! that's not like a respectful but then, and then he says this is well. Nevertheless, a prince ought to inspire fear in such a way. If he does not win love, he avoids hatred. As he can endure very well being feared. Whilst he is not hated, which will always be as long as he abstained from the property of its citizens and subjects from their women. So he said, look as he had just run roughshod over people, take the women and take their property. But when it is necessary for him to proceed against the life of someone, he must do it on proper justification. In for
manifest cause, but above things you must keep his hands off the property of others, because men more quickly forget the death of their father. The loss of their patrimony, achieve Surrey, firm, but fair, then Saint be firm, but for yeah yeah, overly firm insane firm when you have to be but fair, is just as Port needs, a dichotomy that you have to balance. That's what we say and he didn't write. It is cleverly when a prince with his army and under and has under his control a multitude of soldiers. Then it is quite necessary for him to disregard the reputation of cruelty again So he again he say we gotta be cool. We gotta be cool for without it he would never hold his army United RS disposed to its duties among the wonderful deeds Hannibal of Hannibal. This one is enumerated, numerator that having led an enormous army composed of various races of men to fight in foreign lands. No doubt,
engines arose either among them or against the prince, whether in his bed. Or in his good fortune. This role from nothing else than his inhuman cruelty, which will doubtless which, with his boundless, dollar made him very revered and terrible in the sight of his soldiers river weird and terrible, there's a dichotomy he was revered and terrible, but without back woody his virtues were not sufficient to produce this effect. Returning to question of being feared or loved I've come to the conclusion that men loving according to their own will and fearing, according to that of a prince, a wise prince should establish himself on that which is in his own control and not in that of others. He must endeavour to avoid hatred, as is noted, so be balanced,
and he said over and over again before this. That is having the connection with the p, one the people are loyal. Like that's the most important thing. Is they hate you? If they dont like you up there just afraid they don't have that think about when you're afraid somebody you have the chance to to rise up and smash him down the only live in live in fear. So next section, everyone admits how praiseworthy it is in a prince to keep faith and live with integrity and not with craft, and I use that word craft, meaning like Guy Owen, sort of yeah nevertheless are expected has been that those princes who have done great things have had good faith of little account and have known how to circumvent the intellect of men by craft in the end, overcome those who rely on their work must know. There are two ways of contesting one
by law, the other by force. The first met his proper demand, the second beasts, but because the first is free Will we not sufficient? It is necessary to have recourse to the second, so look. We want to do things that are nice way, but if we have You gotta get all savagery there, therefore, it is necessary for a prince to understand how to avail himself of the beast and the man again. This is a dichotomy. You gotta know that sometimes you gotta get great get knots and sometimes you got a knot. It is necessary for prince know how to make use of both natures, and that one would out. The other is not as durable a prince, therefore being compelled knowingly to adopt. The beast ought to choose the fox and the law. And because the lion cannot defend himself against snares and the fox cannot defend himself against wolves. Therefore,
it is necessary to be a fox to discover the snares and aligned to terrify the wolves. Those were lie simply on the lie and do not understand what they are about. He who has known best how to employ. The fox has succeeded the best no yo, you know just be the brig brute, I have little bit of that but it is necessary to know- and this is it this is where you get this go in. Traditional machiavelian attitude is, necessary to know how well wet to know well how to disguise this characteristic and to be a great pretend, and dissembler and men are so simple and so, object to present necessities that he who seeks to deceive will always find someone who allow myself to be deceived. Sucker born every three saying you gotta act these ways, but you gotta covered up which is going back to Richard. The third hey, I'm going to cover the stuff making up make. It look
I'm a saint really on the devil, Prince, especially a new one, cannot observe all those things for which men are esteemed being often first in order to maintain the state to act. Contrary to fidelity, friendship, humanity and religion. So he's a look. The good those nice waste act, but sometimes you can't you can't keep it Therefore, it is necessary for him to have a mind ready to turn itself accordingly, as the winds and variations of fortunes force it yet, as I have said above, do not deserve diverge from the good, if you can avoid doing so, but if compelled You know how to set it about so hey. If you can you gotta, be you maintain your fidelity and friendship and humanity in religion? If you can if you can't, you know how to get out after the other way. That's what he said and again my personal belief is, if you do that, it's going to come back,
can come back in about again like I'm not talking about a spiritual karma, that's gonna come back. I'm talking about real life will come. Back screw, someone over their time will come screw enough people over everyone's time going together here and then I mean, doesn't, maybe I got it wrong, but though Jordan Petersen, for example, he'll talk about this to write like or where you have to be a good person with the capability of union, a bad person, that's optimum, the art. One thing is hey you. You can get you can you can bring the thunder if you have to, but you shouldn't you shouldn't, have to it It is not quite that this insane sometimes do some underhand. As recent he said somebody I do some underhanded stuff and outdated back in these days, and we think about how more communication has today. You do something that out align everyone's gonna know watch out going to take a very long to know it. Yet weird men like when you see
now some people there just sort of like that, you in there you know it's almost, they can't see very far ahead of themselves or something of that like Bill Like? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, they're, just short sighted, and they just screw this guy over and screw that person over and next to? No, they look up and they wonder why they didn't get hired. They wonder why they don't get the contractor. They wonder why didn't get promoted? It's like a guess what you did yeah it's. So it's almost like a thought like war. Should I didn't like I didn't screw you ovary like. Why are you acting like this thing or why you treating me like this, like I'm some, you know Fox or clever what who craft person or whatever but meanwhile, when seen what you're doing noticed didn't do to me no well, we know what kind of person are one of the one of the hardest things for some people is they think that there are facts, think that they can get one over on you and
then they just they just it's so obvious, like you said it so obvious, you're lookin, I'm Goin, hey man! Everyone! just me. Everyone can too do What some most people is not everyone can see. What they're doing if you're and they think you're getting away with something you're. Looking at him, no man! I can see right through what you yeah, why are you doing this? I can see exactly what you're doing here, youth and the FAO that you're doing it, and I I you, don't think I can see that you're doing it. It proves to things number one. You don't think I'm very smart and number two, your underhand it neither one of those going to work out for you, because this is not my first rodeo. And I'm watching what you're doing in this is going to come back in a very hard way on you. You don't do that. Yeah Elizabeth,
this varying levels of that too, like he can be like real, devious stuff, and I can see that, but it can be like a harmful things too. In the end, the point there is set my heart you might say, harmless semi, harmless thing! Yes, MA am semi almost things, but there's, but also sometimes in I was trying to get people to pay attention. If you're underhanded with me. If you try and sneak one by me, it's a trust violation. That's a problem! that's a problem- and you know what I'm going to confront, you were, but I know you needs even worse, you, maybe it would better offer you fight his came and said: hey echo, you know you tried to slide this one under the expense account and you, you know whatever you took your family out for dinner on the company credit card and I saw that and you shouldn't do that that would be better It would be better for you yeah, for your little plans then mean not saying anything noting it, and now I'm tracking you
because it's like my knowledge of that kind. It gives me a foot to stand unslackened kind of maneuver soaking senior to maneuver, I didn't say anything doin. I won't say anything I'll. Let you I'll let you continue to reveal you're dark arts cards, reveal year review your nature majors cheating your nature, stealing from me, Are you looking at me like an act like actually did out anything shoe? Did I do there ain't nothin, the same think about it, but the point of waste Like whenever, which later this year on his evaluated right now that expense report your head boy when people can see you, but they against itself. You know you have even like small Starbucks us most another one
can see what you doing everyone can and in my point, is that not every not it's not always that everyone can see, sometimes not a vacancy and that actually encourages a person to continue their little crafty ways that they think they're so good and it's so When I see that happening, it's just so disappointing So disappointing, because you're not even in a situation where you're with me because, like oh you I bet you. I brought you to my house Equally, if someone's going we'll do at me, they're mouse leave your mouse and your turn it. You know still smoke from the drawer when I'm not looking should permit here, like you that thing in your bag, if you would ask me you dad you gotta case a mark, but you didn't ask what you thought of him to try and get this that's a whole different. The way things take out and allow me to say anything to you,
almost anything to the economic outlook that mark it was worth it because now I know your nature, so the Torah, It is clear, punishes nobody, ok, so about, though there won't be any punishment bread, but but but in a year You going look up and be like hey. I know that we got this opportunity and say I took the opportunity of the room for you, the opportunity does exactly that. What happens but when you're surprised, when I say people can do you and say more you always say harmless ways or semi harmless ways. Yet whenever it, of course, even like the teeny, teeny, tiny things- and we said this before like Named- dropping that's not, and that goes back. That's not going to devious, does not necessarily a devious color of crafty thing or nothin like that. But I'm just saying that the concept of so on doing something where we all see what you're doing candidate
So he deemed up. Someone is like all those who support the story of us by we'll see what you're doing it, but is, I think it's hard for so time like I just named drop that same Harrison timbers, No, I didn't feel like you did. Then again you did say there first names, so that's quite a symptom Maroni has, I think, the opposite about us. It will be no talking to ten million sam we're. Having a quick conversation. That's terrific! You told me that before to enumerate, it seems more. I guess it depends what yes, yes, then you're hoping in the back. You mean that asked him who so you get to say largest him Ferris. Knowing so may but the point is people see what you're doing, but some it's hard for us to see that they can see that in. Oh, yes, there, where stop it in the saddle, assume that people can see what you're doing, there's a good see for the day,
I assume that the little maneuvers that you think are all clandestine assume that people can actually see assume that people are little bit smarter than you think assume that year, maybe not a smart, as you think you are after moves. You think are fooling people, they don't and they review you, your nature as being underhanded. People don't like underhanded people, especially me, yeah alright moving on. For this reason, I again we're talking about how sometimes you have to u have to violate. We have two. According to this, sometimes people have to act a little on your head acme, vs or whatever, and here's what he said about that for this reason to print off to take care of that he never lets anything slip from his lips. That does not replete with the above named five qualities that he may,
peer to him who sees and hears him altogether merciful, faithful, humane, upright and religious. So again. This is Richard. The third and there's a whole backstory I'll give on which of the third on. Why Shakespeare wrote it that way, but he definitely road it that way in clearly from that opening he's later, We doing what it says in this book men judge generally more by the eye than by the hand, because it belongs to everybody to see you. Too few to come to touch with you. Everyone sees what you appear to be few really know what you are, and those few do not dare oppose themselves to the opinion of many. So how you look is, are you gonna be judged. The prince must consider how to avoid those things which will make him hated or contemptible. This is not traditional Machiavelian far It makes him contemptible to be considered fickle Frivolous feminine means,
spirited irresolute from all of which a prince should guard himself as from Iraq, and he should indeed ever to show his actions greatness, or show in his actions, greatness courage, gravity and fortitude, and in his private things with his subjects, led him show that his judgments are irrevocable and maintain himself in such reputation that no one can hope either to deceive or get around him good advice. I guess one of my points is everything so check this out. Everything that were saying about how People can see what you're doing. Is recommending that you act this way, but no one will know, and you just have to pretend, like you're, actually good person and what we're both is. It doesn't work, and I agree that doesn't work too the idea that you're gonna be all behind the scenes. You're gonna be you're, gonna be all, have behind the scenes and no one's gonna catch. You,
and you're just going to act with greatness, encouraging act with gravity in fortitude and that's how you're going to act but you're not really not. That way. My point is that doesn't work if people can see through it and they will see to it. They might not see through it today or tomorrow, but they'll see through it in a week or two weeks or a month or a year and then you're going to be going to be undone appoints ought to reckon conspiracies of little account when his people hold them in esteem, but when his high to him and bears hatred towards him. He ought to a fear the you're everything and everybody. So if you please will support. You don't worry about conspiracies. If you people are hostile towards you, you better, be you better take note.
In a well ordered states and wise princes have ever have taken every care to drive the nobles desperation and keep the people satisfied and contented for this is one of the most important objects of prince can have people keep your troops. The people game, there was never knew prince. Who is disarmed his subjects rather when he has found them disarmed he's always armed them, because arming them. Those are become yours. Those men who were distrusted become faithful and those who are faithful are kept so and your subjects become adherents. Now I think, where this really into from a leadership perspective is when you get you when you are in a leadership position and you empower people, you give them power, it builds faith, it builds trust, it builds end and the power that they that you give to them.
Becomes yours may, with a more powerful you make your subordinates. The more power you become, if you the ego that you can put in check so that your mind giving some that power way because it'll come back you ten fold and What happens on the other this, but when you disarm them once you offend them by showing that you distrust them either for cowardice or for want of loyalty, and either of these opinions breeds hatred against you and because you not remain on armed. It follows that you'd mercenaries, which our character, which are of a character already shown. So once again, if I take your power from you, then that's offensive me so be careful. Give try and give people power, don't take it away from. It takes a high level of legal security.
And confidence with your own leadership that you can give it away the more you more comfort, you are, the more you can give it away. The more paranoid you think people are can it be better than you, the hearted give it away the worst leader you are the worst we do become the word. Situation in less power. You have to try to hold. For yourself continuing the best possible fortress is not to be hated by the people, not to snow Machiavelian thought the best possible fortresses not to be heeded by the people. It seems like a good start, it's a great start because, although you may hold the fortress, yet they will not save you if the people
the fortresses and if people hate you the forces that can help don't even bother. Oh, you built up a great fortress cool, we're going to see you here, because we have no water, no food, hockin fire over them. Was continuing, nothing makes a prince so much esteemed as great enterprises and setting a fine example. Set a good example: not traditional Machiavelian thought good one, the choice of servants is of no little importance to Prince and they are good or not according to the discrimination of the prince and the first opinion. One forms of a prince and have it understanding is by observing the man he has around him and when they are capable and faithful him, always be considered wise because he has known how to recognize the capable and to keep them faithful. But when they
Otherwise one cannot form a good opinion of him for the prime error which he made wasn't choosing them so people, your team people, look at you and they judge you by what your team is, like and if you surround yourself with people at her incompetent and incapable that some people think EU so use caution. Next, when you see the servant When you see the servant, thinking more of his own interests than of yours and see in inwardly, his own profit and everything a man will never make a good servant, nor will you ever be able to trust him because He who has the state of another in his hands ought never think of himself, but always of his France and never pay any attention to matters in which the prince is not concerned soviet. Someone, that's thinking himself, you cannot trust them
on the other hand, to keep his servant. Honest, the prince to study him, honouring him reaching him doing kindness sharing with him, the honors and cares, and at the same time let him see that he can. Stand alone so that many honours may not make him desire more many riches, make him wish for more and that many cares may make him dread chances. So what's the best way to have loyalty with someone treat him really, really well you in rich. You, honourable you, share the honors that you get with that person, and he threw has to throw in a little dig, which is yet to make sure they understand that they're not gonna, get that by themselves. Those little digging in there a bit. He distrust people. You know he says it a bunch of times. People are countered space. Oh
important section how flatterers should be avoided. I do not wish to leave out an important branch of the subject, for it is danger for his danger from which princes are with difficulty preserved unless they are carefully unless they're, careful and discriminating. It is that of flatterers of those of courts are full because men are so self complacent in their own affairs way so deceived in them that they are preserved with difficulty from the past and if wish to defend themselves. They run the danger of falling into content. As there is no other way of guarding oneself from flatterers exit. Letting men understand that to tell you the truth does not offend you gotta make sure people understand that if you tell me the truth, I'm not gonna be offended When every one may tell you the truth, respect for you, a Bates throw them a little London little counter right here.
People talking smack to him. They want and tell the truth, for a wise prince, ought to hold a third course by choosing the wise men and state and giving them only the liberty of speaking the truth to him, and then only of those things which he inquires and of none others. So you can talk to As long as I ask you, but he ought to send them upon everything, but even though I say Hale you only to echo, you only tell me the truth. When I ask you, parliament, ask you everything and listen their opinions and afterwards form his own conclusions. He's councillors separately and collectively he ought to carry himself in such a way that each of them should know that the more freely he shall speak, the more he shall be preferred the More you tell me the truth, more, I'm gonna, like it norman you outside of these. He should listen to know what price the thing resolved on and be steadfast in its resolutions, he,
who does not otherwise is either overthrown by flatterers ears, so often changed by varying his opinions that he falls into contempt. He continues on the spot. A prince therefore, ought always to take council, but only when he wishes and not when others wish he ought to rather discourage everyone from offering advice unless he asks it, but, however, he ought to be a constant inquired afterwards, a patient listener concerning the things which he has incurred. Also on learning that any one or on any consideration has not told him the truth. He should his hangar is anger, be felt there is someone who think that a prince who conveys an impression of his wisdom is not through his own ability, but through advisers that he is around him beyond doubt. They are deceived,
This is an axiom which never fails that a prince, who is not wise himself will never take good advice. So if you look at someone and say- oh, oh, that that's you're, doing a good job that succeeds got these guys. What has actually wrong zeal got a good person within those good people brought him in and then listen store. They get credit. We give them credit for that, and you know it's funny. That's good salesmanship! Listen this! There for it must be inferred that good councils went so ever they come are born of the wisdom of the prince and not the wisdom of the prince from good counsel. So he said, if you listen to what I'm saying right now that makes you good. If you listen to this book, re, listen to the words I'm saying you will ban. That makes you great that you're not getting grabbed me your great. If you do me a lot like you're, smart you're so smart to listen to the earth, good stuff, the you taking this advice proves
your brilliant red you'd. It's like pay. You read this book. It proves that you're smart, just as only My personal vision with disgust, but only a small person would take the advice of someone else. That's how smart you that's a good salesmanship or the book do Let's do not let our princess accuse fortune for the loss of their principalities after so many years, possession. So send don't let don't blame luck, don't blame luck, will you who's! Your principality! Don't blame bad luck, but- either their own Slav, because in At times they never thought there could be a change. It is a common defect. Man not to make any provision in the com against the tempest, sets common people when things are going badly. Just kick back. Crews, the crews is that a working and win afterwards, the
At times, came they fought of flight and none of them ourselves, and they hope that the people disgusted with the insulin to the conquerors conquerors, would we call them. That's a good plan, a if I can move around on this hope that the conquerors are so bad that people rebelling bring me back in here. About what fortune in Ghent uses fortune like luck, what fortune can affect in human affairs and how to withstand her I will hold it to be true that fortune is the arbiter of about one half of our actions, but that he still leaves us to direct the other half, perhaps a little less. So you say, look luck as fifty percent fifty percent- that's a big number and you may go off its forty percent. My wife. Well, that's it leaves you fifty percent and control as actually a lot he goes on. I
compare her and his hers duties talking about his fortune. I compare heard one of those raging rivers which, when the in flood over flows planes sweeping away trees and buildings bearing away the soil from place to place everything flies before it all yield to its violence without being able in any way to withstand it and yet oh it's nature, be such it does not follow, therefore, that man, when the weather becomes fully I shall not make provision both with defences and barriers in such a manner that rising again the war. May pass away by canal and their force be neither so unrestrained nor so dangerous. Floods are real bad and they wipe you out, but When there's no flood, you can build walls, you can build barriers, you can build canals and then you can control that that danger. That flood.
Continuing on so what happens with fortune who shows her power, where valor has not paired to resist her and further sheet. Earns for forces where she knows that barriers and defenses have not been raised to constrain or so that bad luck, if you dont work, networks common at you! Do it's common at you kind of like the weather. Remember like her. You say yes, like a kind of like extreme ownership, almost situation where he's not It is the Strata Austria, like yeah, it'll Lesabre, a tv outside DE outside of it who does really rain much here, so it doesn't really need to put on a cover every day you no kind of thing and then sure enough one day earlier, rains and new tv witty seems, but if you had prepared properly-
yet, even though, as I saw need to keep the cover on anyway, you know just in case. You raise good work. Thus, to me, though, is the perfect example, I think there's a majority people will find that perfectly one last last little thing to close this out, and he goes into some some more cut historical documentation and examples, but this was a good one size, one close it out with this prince may be seen happy today and ruin tomorrow without having shown any change of disposition or character, and what that sad is normal face you just need to keep like regardless things are going rate. Things go bad guess, we're sticking with normal. That's our second indent,
wrap up the book again, a time to think about a tonne that. Does it there's a there's deftly parts of it that match kind of the traditional? You valley macchiavelli in common perception and there's plenty of it that goes against it and I believe the right answer is balance and its more balanced than people think it is. But speaking of no bolstering our defences against the whims of fortune or misfortune. Do have maybe suggestions on how we could share stir prepare for that yeah yeah few ways what backs the book. Real quick in Seoul
say to sort of some up with what is a way to sum up, Macchiavelli in ways we, like, I said the the traditional understanding and meaning of the word Machiavellian, is a negative. It means hey Persons underhanded Bergen deceived the Knocker care, what kind of destruction they leave in their path? That's what people think of if you like, If so, if you say hey persons are machiavellian leader, everything's, ok, there Gonna be merciless in a just run, roughshod over everyone Natal care who they step on to get to rise to power. That's the truth! That's that such nets with the war actually means, but we just gave laughter. Example: it's not that cut and dry, and he D, finally introduces many. Economies to to that idea. That you're just gonna do whatever it takes to get to the top. He talks a lot about the other more moderate and important things.
You need to do as a leader. Two did not know getting a position about to stay in position so being having good. Mason shift your people make sure they understand where you're coming from, like these things are not considered when you hear the word. We don't know any better. You just take the word for what the word has become too mean but the word means now machiavellian, isn't hey. I will stop at nothing to rise to the top. And that's one of the reasons why I want to cover this because even with that, even though he definitely leans in that direction and he he would seems like sometimes you gotta zoological established somebody in the back carefully in the UK covered up the best, your ability that says I dont believe I believe you when you stab someone in the back that person they may die, but they got him. They got a friend, they gotta. Other they got someone else. They got someone outside you don't know you don't recognize and at some point, they're going come and get you so you have to you know to try and balanced these dichotomy. Is you have to try
and it s bouncing dichotomy, that's just straight up like day you gonna take you got, treat people route yet respect people in, Gotta not always look out for your own good and when I will tell you and what I know the more you look out for your own good, and this is where this is probably the biggest. I caught him dichotomy with this machiavellian attitude the more you look out for your own good, the worse off you're gonna, be and the more you look out for the good of others and the more you look out for your team in the more you put the mission and you and your people ahead of yourself, the better off you'll end up in the long run. So that's in complete contrast to what the Macchiavelli in the common thought about being Machiavellian, is And I- and I will tell you when I work with companies the leaders that put their people ahead of them. The leaders that put their debt the mission ahead of themselves. There always respected there. Always there always gum. Loved by the troops. They always have
support of the troops and they always go forward and do a good job? The people that screw the people over screw the team over put themselves had their egos those people, those leaders, never end up doing well. In the long run. Sometimes you can do some short term stuff. They angry screw echo over me get promoted, kilometer veto, Phil report that he didn't eat random out on this thing, okay I read you out, but what I don't realize that you have another friend, that's with us. That's that you debts your peer and now he's watching me. And there's gonna, be opportunity for framed a rat MIA Mia. Cause I miss something there. I didn't do somethin you. So if you form good relationships. If you put your team and your mission and you others above yourself, you're gonna end up in a much position than you will stabbing people on the back and mapping on people to try and rise to the top and I know that when you get to the top, you will be met
more comfortable, not only when you look yourself in a mere, but also when you get to the top and you know that the people below you in the chain of command actually want you there and actually will do anything to defend your position up there s a lot more, comfortable than having to costly look behind your back and see you sneak up behind you. Do the right thing be good leader. He word is good. So tat in a way can a goes along really does go along with care. What you say where, like mad so ok, machiavellian way. Traditional whatever could be put simply, maybe over simply, but simply looking out for you. Sell totally you no kind of thing look out for my what you say and what he ends up saying is the best way to look out for yourself to look out for the media my always talking about the people, a people, the people, so man is kind of, brings it full circle.
In a way it does bring it full circle and the full circle answer is take care of your people. Take care of your team. Did look out for other people, don't put yourself first. If you do that, you're going to end up, you might like. I said you might end up stepping up for a moment. In the long run, things aren't going to go your way and even when you are on the top, you going to be waiting to get stabbed in the back, not fun yet always in the more more. I think you can turn me on to it that the whole idea of the long game in the more I cannot open my eyes to like look at things. It kind of seems like playing the short game. Isn't the smart game? That's Thirdly, ignorant yeah shortly. So when you figure- and you can see it to where it so obvious, when people are playing the short game, we have with everything Were they have everything here? In fact, if you,
identify any one of your failures or the failures of others whatever, but trade, your own. If you identify any one of you, probably trace it down to your plane, short came in regards to that men like islets, for your overweight or whatever plants, or get as far as like what you eat. What you're doing physically. Whatever you plain short bring, you got what this to pay off, rather than the league looked like yeah. So it's you can maintain that in your mind, I think play the long on game between some good stuff and it's it's a weird dichotomy that if you really want to do well yourself, investing do is take care of
You pay someone who's, not yourself, yeah, exactly it's an economy, but it's the reality is that it's a nice little blessing that you get at the end of the day. For for trying to take care of people they'll take care. You you take care of people, they'll, take error. You then, to go one step further. If you take care of yourself giddy yourself, the capability indicate take care. More people seem sandstones like this. Never ending! Well, if take care, if you looked business, is that now this is the opposite of what I just said, the opposite. What I just said is: if you take care of yourself as the primary, you will end up being in a worse position than if you try and take care of other people me, that's the stats, reality. So fine, if I'm always looking out for me, if I, if I act in the traditional, valiant way. Sure I'm like. Had right now and might step. What am I gonna be short term when here and there,
long term. I will not be in a better position. Long term, I will be in a worse position: that's the way it is yeah. I was thinking more oxygen mask in the plane. You know put on yourself before your kids kind of thing, but you know it's a thing. Nevermind but every once in a while every once in a while, you can find something that has both the short term and long term. Bath jujitsu is one of those things short term planter. Indeed, big tat are their sacrifices, Why? Wouldn't you take Jiu it and I'm not saying like or know you I'm just saying what it waters in general? I don't have time number one number to theirs: Then we want you want you pass that one is just a whole array of reasons I might get hurt. I don't lie, like I feel claustrophobic, which, by the way, is an even more reason to do it, because his return overcome that what what
The reactions uses general intimidation, you know like a normal relations or whatever I don't try something new, that's kind of like a big thing. Gary here riskier. I'm scared. Need to be like in the dragons, but go ahead when we see fit to start Jiu Jitsu. If we haven't started already you're going to need to get a rash guard. Maybe some other stuff Longinus s garden, worn school and then again or at least some mats and a friend or at least a friend is still better than nothing here sure, but when you get the key and people yes, people still ask what kind of geese should I get just started or can get origin gate Origin, origin main dot com this week and browse is meaning
Jesus you! I get more than one bessys factually the best made an Erica from beginning to end made. America, beginning to the end of the hall, ass, a designed by people that do jujitsu by random person that doesn't drain by post that looked an ip doggie yeah. And said, o your words no a key year a person that says ash. I do Jujitsu yeah daily and I need to make the best possible. I compete and you determined to make the best possible guy. That's where you get there as well. The origin give up all night, though you're welcome, tenth and then we're gonna make it in America. I wish. I knew that before I bought me from my first gee I bought from the academy. Did I buy from making about from the academy the Box and click the worst get around?
ever entered the think, and that's that's what these are like. Yes, I do, I didn't know I didn't know so then I bought like who I went and I saw one from a guy. And I had one on their school logo school even when I felt it also think feels beef, winning got mine. It was like it shrunk a little bit too much and it was like it didn't fit. That good use like There are some scenarios where it felt like a strait jacket and which, It depends on what you are whatever, but it was just so thick and maybe might have been too small on, but nonetheless no point. Hit me in the right direction and the boy letter. Yes now you're beetle. So now you are telling viewing telling me don't want any strait jacket. You don't wanna, be in very comfortable com, award. You are found highly skilled at assessing Keitel. Addressing is big data
but here's the thing in Jiu Jitsu. If the guy is comfortable, that's a good thing. I mean hey if you're a some weirdo savage was like. You know what that's going to be part of my training to put on a. Comfortable geek, Pardon my mind: those issues is to train with a wetsuit under his key whisper discomfort level D artagnan. He still judges yeah out there. He was like eggs when he hates his training partners Barker today, but he still out there. So is that kind of like these, the guy whether the the restrictive oxygen mass media. Whatever will you don't put on a Wednesday very often, but what's your name, ever. What suits are slightly especially this is this is twenty years ago that that this guy was put on a wet suit and training where did have come a long way there much more comfortable now and much more pliable. Back in the day we put on all three millimeter wetsuit it was, it was. It was restricting your mobility
Let us do that and train be hot in sweating. Uncomfortable, that's next level! Wetsuit on underneath your origin. He What more discovered there's your desire answer all right, if you train, if I say one hundred percent, don't do that! That's what I would recommend all. I know you wouldn't recommend, but it is kind of hard core. It is our goal. There is a certain legitimate lover, respect I have for Nardini Artagnan you're doing that thing: that's gonna out there, man they're doing Jujitsu strong as hell yes desert, no wetsuit a year later, there's other stuff at origin to like t certain Richardson and by the way where our genes we have genes right now, while we do well I do love so I looked. I don't know you don't you will get some soon but anyways. Just like the key is awesome.
Here's the problem with envy. You can't wear a key to the store Yeah we're a to the restaurant me you can't technically, but you wouldn't do that. So you know talking epidemic PETE. I love. I love my words and geese. Our were an orgy around the house may be a little bit right unless it be, I can't go out. I need I didn't any genes. I need some and genes guess what union genes worm to the restaurant, you can wear any where you can swing a hammer when you're wearing jeans. You can pour concrete when you're wearing jeans. You can go to a restaurant when you're wearing jeans or change its origins coming. Very soon We will have them available on the website. Through pre war, where I think really like a pre order thing? Yes, because we We know how may to make but yeah they want to start making this vast. We can stop maiden markka. Ah,
what the Denham without compromise made in America, the Latins american. We what ails things called, but you that you fastened at the top of the tree and its importance the buttons they will grass the brass are made in every minute and their sewn up in Maine by serious craftsmen, legit crafts, people, American Denham, thence great up bringing about bringing back origin mean order, may also supplements yes, I've been man. I've been to supplement on the programme of back on the programme are like I'm back and gypsy my arms healed, but it's like really susceptible to ten. The night ass, you know, like this kind of speech, with a twisting dear, I went off I'm ready for like income and legitimate g situation, but so after training staff, but his palm joint warfare crude oil. Whatever next day
my cool, but the day after that good to go there. It's like amazing, nonetheless, but yes, joy were first. Joint warfare is what it is for. Your joint keeps it together. Crude oil same deal, discipline, this I've been on the discipline you do you That's me like, because yesterday I drink and the hard enough to do- and you said You ask me what kind of Jujitsu training feels best and the you named couple times a couple- different types than one of em, you said was like a three scoop of discipline as unilateral like the highest level. That was the highest level of good. Did you today is industries gives a discipline which, by the way you can get in Tropic Thunder flavour. Now come on we're waiting for a cease and desist levels letter from Burma, Jack Black, who is in drop of Thunder Robert damaging in Robert Downy Junior and bends, still,
yeah man well until then Undine until until then we're just get an Tropic thunder skirt, actually like that flavour very much. And, unlike the earlier the cognitive enhancement sums terms, do the three material, Threem back on the programme and do three o through schemes. Business groups did school to scoop, said the skin like what they paid off Instead, it will last Sunday I guess, Sunday of evidence in this area, I sense a little bit of early. You made me move. I was pretty impressed, that's actually the best. I can hope for right now, but hey we're doing it one step at a time. You know who I'm moving forward. Also, if you want some additional protein,
listen to your steak steak for sushi. Whatever you're you know, whatever your big is drink milk drink it everyday. If you have to okay, I have I have talked about this before, but I stepped up. Ok, see you also get Warrior Denmark, which is four kids. It's got! Oh, it's! It's the best possible Then you can feed a kid they added this out winner tie was down during the week in the life of Jacko. Like I said something along the lines. Hey when your feet in your kids, when you're feeding your kids. A soda, that's child abuse, but so that's why I work working milk. Some warrior can moke cause. I have a bunch of kids myself and it's really hard to get kids to eat good food because it's either you have time to prepare it or you run in later you whatever or so. We may work.
Denmark using it is to us here's what you did yesterday. My daughter she was making her dessert. Strawberries I said here. Let me confuse you, take strawberries, you put some whip cream on it and then she sprinkles warrior kid Molk on the top like a little dusting. We had no whipped cream yesterday, so I say we got some heavy whipping cream and have done this before, but I actually got the tool the proper mixing tool that spends real fast here. What's it called I well there's a bunch of em, but the one that I am familiar with is called the MAGIC Wand ok, mine, wasn't any manager glowing or though this is like an oil electric. He wasn't power, but it just like the traditional thing that you saw in the fifties a little too little things that spend together in all the egg neater yeah, like an area. As I said, there were the egg beater, so I put in heavy
weeping cream and then I put two scoops of strawberry. Where were you could mark whipped? It do it's ridiculous, you it's completely ridiculous and in an input that, on stronger idiotic, a whipped cream, it's like with green with Molly with creamed another thing. This might sound whole mother, sort of cultural revolution in this nation from our children when they just are eating where you're kidding whipped, Mark Cream, it's amazing. So anyway, I give it a try sing that year, the egg beat it with them, you met the magic wand is its and it's it's like, maybe from the eighties. It's like us, It looks like you. Stick it in your door again make swifter you can make like male widow or whatever, but from what I understand. Nonetheless, it would have been interesting to imagine you one of those four. It is kind of a dainty
apparatus so get some of that? Get some of that mark for your self or your children get above all on origin, Mean Dotcom, also chuckle as Mr Karadzic Hostile. Jacko Store, DOT comes illusory, can get more rash guard room skirts that represent the path and put a new Russia Guard on their obvious. Once saying stand by to get some cause, it applies. Did you some new stuff. I was wearing a rascal whereas workin out this morning, when I was here, I do when I do it a ring work when I'm using the rings, sometimes you know you get the chief going on recognise, yelps gems, the straps so on sometimes on this particular day, did have rushed out on this morning. Good also tee shirts shirts on their represent truckers, hats inflicted by the way or beans.
Sure, Jack patches on there. I know we're out of patches. We were ok I should have done a better job of paying attention yeah. I know no end. It was my fault in and not enough completely my fault, and it is what I'm going to do to rectify. Ordered more patches without more patches in at this time, also some women stuff on there, some hoodies on their it's. Basically, if you want to represent path that IRAN that we're on both nothing you can do it. Clothing was jack, was stored up, as I see it like this, I see it as a whole, that's what it is and subtle representation of the path can also be done on that store. You can check it out for yourself and see some suddenly, duration of you yet deep. How she's a dealer representation
a key abducted or court dot com and Giacometti what up with it Taste oasis is completely good for you, weird, that people would make foods that are not completely good for you, but yet most people make foods that are not completely good for you, yes, John wait completely good for you. Good residents, haste, Delicious gonna, look I feel a little hitter is not going. You crazy! It's not a it's not entered Gee jury that makes you psychopath makes you addicted to caffeine. No, it's not that it's gives you a nice little hidden. Little caffeine, hater Theo, you oh yeah, I mean I would even say this. The caffeine is significant. Is that nothing? No its sixty milligrams, us? That's that's lower than a cup of coffee, two thirds coffee, that's! Suddenly! Today, it is clear that you feel it yeah yeah,
but it's actually good for you, So the thing going back to you know the short term and long term or in long game short game yeah. That's that in people sell food thanks whatever that are not good. Free, they're selling the short game. Players you're, the one that tee with honour. Sugars, and what not get on that path? No statement Napoleon play the game monopoly Nagy, minimise Jocker, weighty, you get it with bags or you can get it with in a can, have lots, accounts and I crack M open and get after it and several. Nor do knows if you get a thousand pounds left with that so check. It is well known, Amazon here and store also I subscribe to the pot gas blah blah up when he got to know waiting for you that also other warrior kid bog cast, you might bring about
Spock ask you listen. Do you don't know about the Warrior Goodbye gas Warrior could buy. Gas is awesome. I think I think so too. Check out. The work by gas also check out warrior kid soap and irish red dot com, your young aid news, a warrior get up there. King soap. Building business creating a brand but most of all milk and goats and turn it into something usable. That's what I like working hard right. That's what I'm talking about! Don't worry about you tube! We have a Youtube channel. It's called dark about gas. Yes called Jacko broadcast Where echo puts all these videos, he put some honour, including. These four and including excerpts and including enhanced excerpts that he goes oh Christ, with his old digital used up and make some explode sure, sometimes also psychological warfare.
Know what that is. I know we all know that is we're waiting for psychological warfare too, but in the unlikely event that you don't know what it is this. What is its a novel with tracks Jacko tracks Jack. I'm talking to you telling you telling us really how to get passees moments, a weakness in our journey on the pillow. Lifting awaken or whatever we got a deal give you a? Let you talk about that line. I need a lot. I just figured. I figure this out border. This is why you're like a like yeah, that's what is booming VON kind, it kind of attitude. You know why Why? Because you don't use that you're, not gonna, put urine gonna play the mp3 of yourself telling your son. No, maybe do, but I don't think you do you already that mp3 embedded in your brain or any fact that's what it is. Clearly what it is, but I do so. I now yeah, you know more than because we're weird. Sometimes I do and it sort of like it's sort of like the the disposal, real feelings
Yeah. I did write that book, but sometimes I have to refer to it yeah. Sometimes. I have to refer to another day what it's good yet, good to be able to refer to something that action states in no uncertain terms the direction of the path and where you need to walk, we only the move very ill. There's a lot of clarity in it and that's powerful to build referred. Something back like that. You yourself, We are fully in exile, psychological warfare. Same thing seemed I listen to it definitely has an impact, there's no doubt about it. Its psychological offer. You click it yeah It's gonna get through to you. It almost like try! Imagine this right now, like Ilidza, ok, you know the maybe, for you might have problem minor but look even- and I really like hey. I know you really don't actually
that's what I'm adieu to take her take her best some work out this time, this time, choosing undue them use and then tomorrow, coming I can in the mood for them, so I'm just gonna. I won't do that today. Our skip that opt out of that for the man in the moon or whatever. But what, if you? If you have like a audio file of yourself telling hey. This is why you should do this, would bring you back. I think, even if its yourself there, no interesting interesting little phenomena, never explored the nonetheless goods good logic warfare, it's called psychological warfare, time, Amazon, Itunes worthy get the artist. Is jungle willing to bet the artists philological worth? Warfare two is gonna, be released, two to be to be decided. The idea first track is gonna, be don't
the tea in making psychological offered to progress. I complained myself deal yeah anyway, also near path, path. We're working out boom, good on it, dotcom slashed, This is where you can get more, whether be work out equipment or any any that you might need to add to your capability and work out. Health knowledge on the path is where you go on. It. Doc comes lashed good stuff on the really good stuff, Scott sums, the other, speeding, stuff Mikey in the dragons book for kids all ages between three and three hundred, so you can get that You can get where the warrior kid and marks mission to books, teaching kids. Beyond the path you get, this freedom, which I just talked about, did
teaching adult how to go on the path to stay the path the audio that is on Itunes. I'm Amazon Visa Google play extreme ownership. The first book that a row with my brother leaf Balin? It's about leadership and that is followed up by the dichotomy of leadership which actually goes granular on the new wants, is of extreme ownership, so check that went out and real quick back to making the dragons this. What's good about this book, Nostoc a leaf tug of life about this morning, it applies to everything record cause kids have to think about it. When you were a kid what he will do in Europe, the kid facing the world, everything is hard. Everything is scary, All these fears to overcome and making the dragons lace leaf throws that at his son, says, hey
got facie dragons and fired up in that's what knew you'd, learning lessons in its life lesson so making the dragons gets on that what else echelon front speaking of life. Is our leadership, consultancy and what we do is solved. Arms. The leadership me Leaf Bab and J P D. Now Dave Berquin, Cochrane MIKE's really might buy em if you're having problems with your team with your company with your organization with your business and You want to turn those problems around. The problems are leadership, problems that they are Every problem you have is a leadership problem good to dot com. If you want to come and help you solve those problems, we solve problems to leadership. The muster speak leadership leadership conference event that we have two thousand. Nineteen May Twenty third, twenty fourth Chicago September, nineteenth and twentieth denver
December fourth and fifth: Sidney. Australia,. Extreme ownership dot com. If you want to come to one of those events, they have all sold out and the insulting the last one we did in San Francisco, they ve also out, but the one we just did in San Francisco. I had people call me Sundays out personal friends at my case wondering free people for my team, it, oh my god, it's called! No, you can't come. We. A fire code. We cannot bring you into the building, stop don't don't come there's. No, you know some people just figure you like all you can to squeeze me in their ear to stand, and I can't do that. They're all all have sold out there all going to sell out so go there and register as quick as you can t phone line, is live, is launched. What is that I'll? Tell you what, if you make it to a muster or you can afford to go to the master or you can afford to bring twelve people from your team to the muster you have all that's what,
therefore mine, is we that the original intent, Yeah phone line was to be able to track, people without having them, have to come to the muster. Given the same experience given the same knowledge about having to come to the muster, so we did it. And you have online dot com interactive. You get the briefs you get to go through scenarios, it's it's powerful is way more powerful than I thought it was going to be, and I thought it was going to be good, but it's better than I thought it was going to be. Yes, it's interesting to cuz I went through. I went through You know that guy, you know like cool. This is like just like when we talk about the matter. What? U s? Mother, must have listened and then it's cool, because at so that the end of the sections or whatever there's like a little quiz. I think the way the thing came out and will continue to work on a Edward continued, upload new modules, so, like oh and and the other who won one. The reasons that we made it was too was to help people that won't come
that couldn't come, the monster, whether they were overseas they couldn't afforded in, could get time off. The other major demand signal. Was we work with giant companies that have thousand employees and I've won predict. A company with over hundred thousand employees said to me? Hey what we want you to train every employee we have menaces two years ago and I didn't have a good reform, and I don't like having of not having a good answer later. Oh you with a travel globally for the next six months to all your different, accurate soon. It wasn't. Six months was praying to take three two half months or something like that. That's not feasible, I can't just go off the grid everywhere else not recorded park ass. We travel the world to training people right. That's not gonna happen So what are we gonna do ye have online and we gotta enterprise, where the two were you can have. Your whole company train is awesome, its awesome, so get your people a line that you have online and, of course one.
I think you have over watch. This is us connecting proven combat leaders from special operations and from combat aviation, bringing them into companies that need leadership, in their organization to get problem solved good, I e f over watchdog com. You want people that, oh and understand, extreme ownership know and understand the laws of combat, know and understand how to balance that economy of leadership go to. Of watchdog com, whether your person, on a higher or personal trying to get hired. If you're, one of those vets go inside, up there and if you have anything to eat communicate with us. We can be found on the entire webs on Twitter, on Instagram and on the fish. ECHO is at ECHO Charles and I am at Jocker willing
And finally, thanks to all of our military personnel out there for training hard and for holding the line. As always against evil around the globe and also thanks to our union, Personnel here on the home front, and that includes police and law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, any empties and correctional off there's an border patrol and all first responders, thank you and to everyone else out there like Macchiavelli, says in his book not the one that you ve heard about, but what he actually says guard yourself from flattery by demanding the truth, especially the truth from yourself and choose good P
will to be around you and set a good example by acting with courage and gravity and fortitude and study the art of war, its rules and its discipline and keep your body accustomed to the hardships. An exercise your intellect, with reading and last but not least, Even when the weather is fair, in fact, especially when the weather is fair, make provisions. Build defences and barriers and dams and canals and protection protections against the rising waters of misfortune. So easy
when things go wrong, you are ready to get out there and get after it until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko out.
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