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166: Trust and Be Wise. Psychology for the Fighting Man. Part Three.

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This is Jocapa gas number one sixty six with Uncle John and me Jocker willing good evening good evening. And we are rolling straight into part. Three podcast number three of these Apology for the fighting man. What you should know about yourself and others. So listen to the previous to broadcasts thereabout this same book and there's so much information that we support. It up because it was going long and this part Couple sections here are really what I was originally going to cover, but then I figured I'd covered all and next thing. You know this turned terminated, free, podcast series to end this section is called the soldiers, personal adjustment, and here we go back to the book in a dam in
democratic civilian Army, millions of men are suddenly abruptly thrown into a new way of life. It is in many ways a tough life men used to going Her own ways, choosing their own jobs associates neckties times for going to bed, now have to follow military orders about all these things. Men accustomed do a comfortable litter of belongs around them, find the bare neatness of policed barracks, hard to get used, those used to steam heat. Warm shower baths and breakfast eggs cooked just three and a half minutes at home, maybe pretty uncomfortable when they have to put up with a bed on the ground and cold water for shaves There is, moreover, no privacy in the army. If a man over sleeps and his corporal dumps amount of his bunk the whole Company knows about it. If you,
said his girls photograph alot. They know that too. The business of living in a gold fish bore and having to take, housing from his fellow soldiers is about the hardest thing for sensitive recruit to get used to that's a fact, so here we go. These are all just welcome to the military. You get it you're not gonna, get to eat what you want to eat. You not gonna get to sleep when you want to sleep. You're, not gonna, get to keep what you want to keep thinking. A personal freedoms that everybody cherishes they're all gone Even your privacy needed to when I wanted Navy Blue Camp- you go in there, forums, there's just stalls, there's no, I'm sorry, his toilet? There's no stalls, you just sit down next everyone out and do your business, the privacy is God not every man, of course meets hardships for the first time when he goes to the army, some of hunger and cold and hard work. Some,
ever saw flushed toilet or a shower bath before they got to camp someday. Had a good square meal well cooked for them. The army is providing luxuries. That's true to not pro- Definitely not as true now as it was in nineteen forty two, because nineteen forty two speed to live out the Bush here in America and there's a lot less people still live in the Bush in America. Now. They're still, though, but farmer, lawyer banker, In hand, college man or man of little schooling, they all must have just themselves to an entirely new way of living. Almost to learn new habits. Young men may find it easier to make the adjustment than older men because they are ordinarily a little more flexible with habits. Little less fixed! That's for sure! If you think you're gonna join the military at some point, join near as young as possible. No attack means- and I was so just dumb. I guess
proactive, better word. I just didn't care about anything when I came in to like you You were a shave, you had better take your suitcase, often look whatever take it away occur, but most men can fit themselves into the new life and work without too much friction. Those who do not. Those who do most easily are the ones who accept the new life. It wants throw off civilian habits with civilian clothes and put them his whole heartily into becoming soldiers. One of the heart adjustments come with a loss of contact with family and friends. The soldier who mrs friends at home is slow about me He knew friends at camp. So there you go if you or homesick. What you should do is make new friends The army is liberal with follows: is war permits for such homesick men when they ve go into service. But the real remedy is not in a hurried trips, home or long distance telephone calls. It is in building up of new interests and new
eyes in and around the camp. Yeah. When I left home I left Like I was gone and just that was that one of the fears that many men have to overcome, or just to when they first. With the army, is the feeling that they may lose their identity, their freedom of individual expression from red, leader taps. There is little if any opportunity for the new recruits do anything he's not told to do whether you two were not, he must get up at the sound of the bugle put on the prescribed. Uniformed March, when he is commanded standard attention when he is ordered and do so even more with a mosquito biting him no longer does he eat when he's hungrier go to sleep and he is tired, all conduct seems to be according to order. Is this really a fight for freedom and democracy? Of course it is but conform The and discipline are necessary for the efficient operation of an army and I will say this.
It's only that strict during boot camp, I mean, for the most part during boot camp that that's when you really are every movement that you make is based on what you being told to do once you get into the fleet or out into the into a battalion somewhere. It's definitely that's not easier, but more individual freedom. So you some people when I talk to get its sixteen in or whether they are worried about. We know I really like to have whatever I like to surf, and I want to give up surfing you left, I'm serve if your station somewhere during the coastguard, cause irritation near the water. You know there's an idea next us jurors worries. There is first, the fear of death is best met by accepting the possibility of death as a natural part of the job and by being careful not to lose a sensible
portion about it again. It's weird for me to read this book cassettes. If you would ask we before to do is be like the others, a chance I'm to It would be like the others, a chance I'm going to die and if you're scared that you should try and get over it and I think the sense of proportion that sing like listen, ok, the world's not and, if I die, no soldier is so important that he isn't justified in thinking the enemy is aiming every all that's what they're talking about this is that the sense of proportion is no soldiers in so important. That is justified in thing that the enemy is aiming every bullet bomb and shelter. Besides there great many men in the army and only a small proportion get hit in battle and the greater part of those who get hit will live and get El earned relief from straight to combat. After that there may be a purple heart decker
John and some glory Lisbon restart the lean a little bit towards propaganda like less, if you'll, probably not gonna die, which that is true and that the amount of people that are in a military coup compared to the amount of people are going to combat compared to the people than actually make contact with. Me compared with people and actually get hit. It's a very small percentage, and if you do- get hit, guess what you got some glory in a purple heart commoner. Waggle, don't worry about it! The like, I said sometimes is leaning a little bit towards propaganda in a positive, truth away, but you got it. You gonna, take it with grain assault, as they say back to, and soldiers who have been through the worst of warfare
inclined to say that only a fool wants to live forever. They usually add the warning, but if you must die, make your death count for something don't throw your life away by taking needless chances. So that's the old again, some some propaganda for you. There, hey, listen man, only full wants live forever. Let's go get some and, like I said there is some truth to that back to the book. Sensitive men may also worry or feel guilty over killing enemy soldiers, other men and action. Unless they understand this worry and face it squarely, they may head into trouble because killing is the main job of a combat soldier. Something people tend forget from time to time. The job of a soldier is to kill people
from the earliest childhood american boys are top and it is wrong the greatest wrong to kill. This principle is learned so early that it becomes part of them as boys grow up. They forget most what happened in infancy and early childhood. Few people in fact remember much of what happened in there first three years, yet they detained within themselves the attitudes formed during the their earliest years, they don't really but ever learning them. It seems as if They always felt that way if a man did not learn that it was wrong to kill until he was grown. He would learn it then, with it with his mind, and he would be easy to lay aside that rule when war or emergency, he makes it necessary for him to kill, but they don't learned in earliest childhood, become the voice of the conscience in the adult they see. To be absorbed rather than learned.
And even though his mind tells a grown man- that the execution of criminals is justified, his emotions Mirabel, then, if would forces him to kill. You may go. Do it, but afterwards you'll feel a vague uneasiness in exile d, his conscience, one rest men strictly brought up, maybe get sick at this sick at the stomach, at the sight of a limp, pathetic body of a rabbit that has been shot. The cure for the exact anxiety that results from this kind of conflict between conscience and reason is to understand it. Once a man realises that the feeling is natural in men brought up as an average American to respect human life. This particular worry won't haunt him so much, he may have a few bad dreams, but that won't interfere with doing the job ahead. Disagreeable though it may be, again. This is when her were words to let people know that hey
what you feel when you feel like. I don't feel like. I want to go, kill people, that's ok, we get it here as well you feel that way. You feel I wake. You been told it since you were little kid, but you to bring your reasoned into the problem and logically calculate that it's ok to kill people, This is this. Is this is trying to tell a generation of american kids. They are going to go and fight and kill the enemy. That's what this is doing. And even letting you know like listen, you may have a few bad dreams right and that is probably where the most minor ways of explaining the fact that you were gonna have freakin nightmares and cold sweat and there their downplay in that, but they're, letting them know that that's what's gonna happen, so this is. This is definitely a boy.
Called the psychology psychology for the fighting men and they're trying to use some psychology here to get the guy is in the right mindset where they can kill The healthy mind to be at his best. A soldier must keep his mind fit as well as his body. He must be mentally alert and clearly aware of his surroundings? He must shoulder responsibility willingly and accept the dictates of superior officers without resentment. That's interesting, the word resentment without question, but without resentment you must be able to get along with other men without undue friction and with mutual pleasure. That's important undue friction like this. We friction your work with other human beings. Oliver human beings are crazy
The marks of a man with healthy, mind or personality are that's one thing. This book continues to do well, as it makes these lists, so here's the marks of a man with a healthy mind or personality one He uses his abilities with enthusiasm and satisfaction, although not always with happiness or full contentment. Ok, So I might not be totally into this, but I'm gonna get it done in the best possible way to. He wants to do something worthwhile to pull. His load and not be carried by others. It's interesting. How a lot of this stuff is. In full alignment with some Jordan Petersen Activities, summits, Petersen statements right shoulder responsibility willingly. I think that's it. I think. Maybe Jordan read this It is a psychology balconies or maybe you read this concerted snatching, material from it we're onto you, J P,
but yeah, and even this thing man and to do something worthwhile. Jordan Petersen talks about that. All the time he gets along with other persons, including his superiors and those with whom he has a difference of opinion, very important, How often is it we see people that I don't know With your opinion, therefore, I dont like you and I can't get along with you so lame so lame. I actually welcome people that have differing opinions and make us. Maybe they can teach me something made. I can learn something from their viewpoint for. When he is disappointed or meets with deprivation or strain he faces, situation with constructive ideas and fighting spirit, not with fear ray. Age, hopelessness or so special, so then he does not suffer from in debt. Indigestion headache or pain, which, though not
at all voluntary may be produced by mental troubles. So that's how you meet like problems with good attitude, not with fear rage and hopelessness. Five. He perseveres in the effort to solve a problem or complete a task, in spite of the difficulty in disappointment, check, perseverance, six he likes to give as well as take check. Even though most kind of people that were they say that they can give, but they can't take yes yeah those people are fun to hang out with. They never recognize it. Either yeah and then, if you call someone on it like that, of course, its denial denounce denial in a defensive way, This is exactly what we are talking about you you are proving my point
continuing on some breakdown mentally because they are just not it for our me life they never should have been inducted in the first place. Physicians at induction centres watch carefully for the signs of beginning mental illness, but nevertheless, some slipped by an actually go for a pretty good chunk, explaining that just you're not gonna catch every person, debts that has a possibility. Of having some kind of mental illness of someone who can end up and you gotta be ready to deal with them and those of the people. They therefore doomed to develop a mental illness, but there's people beyond them, and here we go in addition to those men who seem for doomed to develop a mental illness other men who break in the army under battle conditions? These are real battle casualties just as much as if they lost a leg. So this is interesting because we hear all these people talking about PTSD and what not
as if its new and as if it was unrecognized. This book is written in nineteen. Forty, two and they're saying hey somebody that suffers kind of stress under battle conditions. That's a casualty just. Like losing the leg. So there you go yeah, that's the point that's kind of more scenes anyway. New. Is that its job, is dramatic. As the physical damage year like, unlike you said, it seems, new right it seems knew but this world war two and we just did We always have to learn the same, wasn't over and over again. Why is that why we have to learn the same lessons over and over and over again ass, its horrible reality back to the book. A man in battle may receive a blow on the head that will cause injury to the brain, That is serious, particularly if he is a leader responsible for the direction safety of his men. This is an interesting points.
The brain itself has no sense organs. A man does not feel pain when his brain is injured and may think he has not been badly hurt. Bizarre we end up with with TB, I with dramatic brain injury because they don't you bring it, walked around, but it doesnt it's not like a bruise. It's not it's not taking. I mean a headache watching of experience be classic the next day I went I got a little headache, there's a reason for that. Even what seems like a slight wound in the head must be looked after carefully. Usually the wounded man should be relieved from duty, if even a small, part of his brain is hurt off his head is received a hard blow which does not even crack the skull. Nevertheless, he's likely to be confused or to act in a peculiar way. Battle source. These from looking at a bullet didn't even crack your skull, that's their net, their assessment there. It's that can't be that bad, demeaning, cracker school, even they didn't graduate school needs to get checked out, needs a little break back to book. A direct
blow on the head is not only way a man's brain can be injured, the boy asked of Michel nearby can cause harm to the brain, modern. How That's, however, ever protector soldiers years in his brain very well, that's kind of rubbish. How the helmet protects your ears and our health obvious are even more modern than a world war. Two steel helmet that they were restart and made a cavern. That's not gonna protect your ears. What we do have them actors, though, as we were a lot of a lot of people where headphones for Europe, you and they have noise cancelling headphones so that that does protectors? Is it find that like go over each other inside, go over ears and if there are ones that go inside your ears to depending on what you like, but yeah most. Most people are wherein noise cancelling headphones that go over both ears and they pick up
noise from the outside, and then they mute down yeah, really loud noises now Then it's cool when you're wearing a headphones, those headphones on both ears. You lose there's something that you lose. There's a couple things that you lose you lose. The ability to tell distance how far away something is and where it's coming from and you lose the ability to tell where it's coming from your. So if you see pictures of like me of life of stoner most of the time, we have one of your on in one of your off hand, and sometimes people would ask You picked my boy, you here's, why you wanna be older here direction This someone's yelling for you and you want to the elder tell somewhat what the distances and those things are just gone.
You have the noise cancelling headphones on his their noise, cancelling kind that go in your ears and Aristotle knows there are interesting yet ones the ones I have for shooting do that unite, has little volume thing in and also I don't deserve to know exactly how they made him to work, but the When a gunshot goes off, it actually meets everything's of I'm tired. You and you know, gunshot goes off like that for the instant use you go off to the works. The end. The deal is true. You know where it's coming from say Aubrey literally on the opposite side, it was crazy yeah. So for guys that are in the military or in some kind of lawn judgment weird way where in those headsets just be advised- and I wouldn't go to the point where out cut that other headphone off I would keep it. I just push beyond my ear where it that way, time that way, If I needed to, I could put both headphones
aren't you can also run, and this is another thing is a challenge in a leadership- this is you can run too radio frequencies, one into each ear- hi, and so, when that's going on, then you got two voices common in at the same time talking about different things, and it takes a little bit of practice to get used to that and actually some that they say women are better at than meant a test of. You read that, yes, yes, I read some research bout it, but women can listen to conversations easier than men can listen to conversations, but can they draw bicycle well went through this before it was a risky at risk. We can't reuse the same study that or even some study of presentation is like a video with article is the same one that said about the during the bike thing as the current use conversations or multitask in certain ways where it requires concentration on the stuff there. Yet it's interesting, that's why, like me, wife can literally beyond the phone and like watch a tv show that you have to follow.
Do that kind of stuff, like the hot breath you can't watch this show be like shopping, curtains at the same time, you know like guinea watching the shell or wheat shopping for Kirkdale can, but they can do can do the destiny of a little advance skill there. So the modern helmets? They don't practice? They don't protect your head from Shell blasted all even are homeless. Today they don't. Back then, but besides these direct injuries to the brain men in battle can suffer shocks to the mind. Every month every man has his limit mentally as well. Was physically. There are strong, in which no man, however, tough maundered minded, can endure Modern battle has pushed closer and closer to these final limits of man's endurance. Gruelling hardships, great fatigue, prolonged loss of sleep blistering. He intense, called high altitudes great.
Pressures below the sea. These are, conditions that put a dangerous strain on the mind, as well as body when a man those through these things and then in addition, stuff the strain of seeing his friends killed of being in constant. Earl of his own life of dealing out, With his own hands, there may come a time when the strongest man's mind will second. Such a sufferer from war shock is not a weakling he's not a coward. He is a battle casualty. If given psyche, first aid promptly. He will probably recover to take his place again in the battle unit. If neglected, however, he may become permanently ill or may even seek relief of his mental wounds in death. So
again, this is nineteen. Forty two and we see oh here information about this nowadays, like it's a revelation and it's not and you people trying to seek relief committing suicide. That's what they're saying here! secretly from mental wounds in death. What is that that suicide, and also and I came to me: it's always Dick winners that always I always get reminded that the guy. That would say. Look if you got a guy that close your poem, if the battle mine and you let him recover and you'll be fine. If you don't pull If the battle line he's lawbreaking, give me no good the ray the engine is against the engine. The courage and run it and read the courage and is run in the red needed to a service station and get that thing serviced given little breather, and then it'll be fine. If you get him engine running in the red and you keep running it gets what's gonna happen, you can applaud, the agents can be done to be ruined. Me yes,
it's kind of like when you gonna go down that path. When you think about it, you know: PETE who commit suicide is in general in Canada is like kind of gotta. Think about that. Like the error probably in one or another injured rate in their brain, whether be you know for what little but one way or another, I think you'd, just you can't just when you say injured, we're not Talking about physical injury, we're talking about whatever stress you asked of amount of stress, deaf old, seeing all this may, I'm in chaos. Yes, so yeah they they have seen you gotta- assume that someone gets in. These cases has seen something that so bad or suffered through some so bad that this relief from the mental stresses in death, yes, or even like, like a non military person where you know like its common
People get all he easy way out: the coward kind of name right, committed suicide, kind of thing, but you do really hundred percent regard. As in injury, just like your arm we're leg or something like that like it, it seems like living more. Stand almost There then calling them a coward outright yeah. I'm not I'm not sure about that. I think that I think that the most important thing, is to recognise that if someone hurts their arm and they keep going, on the arm is not gonna, get better right, someone makes their lag and they keep running on it. There. It is not going to get better and if What's got a some massive amount of stress that causes a mental injury, physical,
mental injury or mental psychological mental injury, either one of those if they don't take a break and gets help me get some relief, then it. Going to not work, it's gonna break completely and then to a point where this is where we talk about. When we talk about being in a cloud and everywhere you look around there's nothing but cloud. Think you're stuck in Storm there's no way out. That's where you end up in your eye. Big purity opposed in an article about young woman who killed Herself- and I wrote some- being in response on social media, something like. That's horrible, to see a space we actually ever Europe, something along the lines of hey. That's our policy, especially with so many people that are fighting to live and rethink about people that have cancer whatever, and Someone wrote back to me.
You don't understand mental illness, you know, you don't understand oppression and, like I respect back in the end, car said you're not like that, and I think you're right I don't like I don't under. A modest psychologist. I dont fully understand what it's like to have this gonna and its anything when we, Coronel sound garden killed himself, and I happened to be on Jill Rogan Comcast the next day and we started off the progress we are talking about it and it was the same thing is, Europa donors and and and we're not psychologists, we're saying. It's got be hard dig out of that. You know, go, go swing, a Kettlebell bell, go decent reactive, which does got massive depression. That just sounds idiotic, but to the Joe Rogan and Hyde, get a lot of satisfaction out of swinging kettlebells and doing Jiu Jitsu, and it's like that like a decent idear. It sounds like relief, the and so a that's.
Of course you I should I caviar that statement with hey man. I'm not a psychologist. I don't really know I'd feel like I when I feel like theirs. Darkness in the world, I really like to do something physical TIM Ferris said the same thing get out, mind you in your body like the okay, so that you have those conversations and you think This is what I think I can change what I think you know why this is what I think someone could change my motives and what good educate me sure, but I'm just make us hey man that's horrible, to see. It's horrible to see especially when, there's people that have cancer or whatever and their fighting as hard as they can to stay alive and someone that doesn't have any diseases decides you know what I'm gonna take my own life, I'm gonna kill myself That's horrible! To see that that's my statement, and someone. You don't understand this, but now I dont get over that
My point is no. I dont understand this. And so I, I will say this. I've seen how fragile the mind can be and really I should. I should rephrase it how fragile the mind is, because Seeing people that seem to be going down a good path, in all of a sudden out of nowhere. That path is their God and an that's like shocking, so one I guess I the part that I understand that I don't understand it and it's hard for me to relate to that. It's hard for me to understand and say well I could have seen that common. No, actually, I concede that common at all at all so The interested the most interesting thing about this to me is this book is from nineteen forty two and talk about the same things that were apparently still discovering right now, like Sometimes you need a break from combat like that
you come home. You might be a little. But you might have some nightmares like that. If you break mentally ill mean that you're, a weak link made an end band. Brothers does a great job of that one characters a total bad ass through an almost needs. Can take any more and they ok no problem and dick winners. Talks about it. Missus yacht we know one lost any respect for that guy. The guide Iraq, his risks. He did a great job and then he couldn't do it anymore and David hack worth crimes it as pay. You people have a cup in a cup, gets build up in which filled up its filled up. You can't put any more than there. He can't putting more combat in there and it's not, people have a bigger cup in other people's no disrespect, it's not it's not a net, If state ministers that's the way it is so if someone gets in these bad situations, what
my opinion you have to do is take a break. Get someone help get some to talk to about it that can help you. Find your way out. That's what I realize from from the times we ve had speaking of of Jordan Peter. The times it with the first one. We had him on here. I'd, never really spent any time. Thinking about psychology as an actual all possible thing: earns you don't we just gotta seem like voodoo to me right in and when he was talking through some of the psychological pro recalls calls that they used to come over particular to overcome particular psychological issues like oh, ok, so this sickly is like up car mechanic right come in to me and you ve got this problem with your car cool this. What we're gonna do it to fix this problem with your car, and so Is it a certain amount of psychology that was revealed to me from Jordan? As I oh yeah? This is
when you have this situation. This is what you do to hear it, and so it's him We know that was kind of it that way: as a revelation to me not like revelation that changed my world, but it was for me Psychology, we just always gonna of voodoo. That's what it seem like to me looking at it from the outside and I'm an ignorant person right seriously, I'm an unkind of an ignorant person, a gradual. I ask my group in the Mill Agrippina military spending. All my time around a bunch of other knucklehead. Like me, it's like you I'm talking this vast with this vast experience of all these different data points of the world, it's like no, I'm just a guy who never really dealt with psychology before so. For me, I just looked at all it's just some weird people laying on the couch, but you know what what I learned from the movies. I didn't see the benefit of hay we actually have identifiable prob
that they can see, and then they have protocols to overcome those. So if someone is out and there are caught in this storm whatever that, Storm may be. If you go to one of these brain mechanics. If they would called a brain mechanics, I would understood it God, you re mechanic, psychologist brain mechanic and say hey. This is the problem that I'm having right now. Can you give me a tune up and the brains, the brain mechanic will say, here's the protocol? what you do this on, which it right down there. I want you to talk about this and that's what they do: mental danger signals back to the book. Mental first aid is just as important physical first aid for preventing casualties and losses to the service. If in nineteen. Forty two
if a man can be relieved duty for a time given arrest when he needs it urgently, he can usually be counted upon to come back to the combat presently with, fresh zest and vigour If, however, he is allowed to go on past his mental breaking point without let up if he is permitted to wait, so he collapses or until the urgency of his needs makes him go on sick call voluntarily. The chances are much smaller for his rapid recovery check out world war, one shall shock, and that's what you end up with guys that our mentally destroyed by the hall. That they see envy on remitting non. Stop presence of this horror. You have to give guys brakes if they need it. Next, the first thing to look for anything that makes a man stand out in an awkward way from the others in his unit. Anything that makes him look odd to the other. Men marks him as not belonging
Does he say, By himself too much does he go for long periods without speaking is he known to other man is having strange ideas? Does he find conditions intolerable than other men get along under all right? the problem in the outfit refusing certain foods wedding, the bed following stranger peculiar practices, does the sergeant. Regarding regarding his peculiar another thing, look for any sudden change in the soldiers own personality. If he is a man who has been in the outfit for a while. It's easy to its easy to note. A complete reversal of habits are attitudes when The ordinary cheerful man becomes moody and depressed when the king an orderly soldier becomes boisterous and noisy and a disciplinary problem. When the neat groomed man becomes dirty and dishevelled It's a shoot. Goin shined his uniform on buttoned, his hair on combed dependable mangoes AWOL and starts drinking hard. These
our signs to look for for mental trouble. They should be looked into. Our house may not be any help at all. Sometimes it makes things even worse. Worse, so, just because someone Let's get in trouble reforming the brig gonna make things any better. In fact, it could make things worse, the book when a man has been through a particularly trying experiencing combat without relief for a long period under steady bombing or gunfire without protection, cut off from other troops are lost at sea. More acute signs of war nerves may show up All men should know that these signs are the natural result of fear and war strain. They do not mean that man has gone insane, but I do mean that he needs care, rest, medical attention and mental first aid. Here's some signs of that here. Some signs of severe stress inability to sleep terrible
mayors in which the battles repeated over and over inability to eat buzzing or homing in his ears, shaking ass general weakness, weaknesses. Parts of his body as the knees or the rest dizziness peculiar feelings in the heart. Fluttering pounding skipping be difficult, breathing relent this combined. But let me listen, is combined with a feeling of being penned in an overwhelming desire to push people and walls out of the way. Rest is the principal cure for these indications of Warner's rest and the care of a medical man who understand such cases and in standing on the part of the soldier of what is wrong with him These feelings are natural enough for any one has gone through the difficult conditions of combat, but they are very frightening to a man who does not expect them even we're distressing than the shells or bombs or torpedoes themselves? This is when it's important to us. Stand what's happening. If you don't
Oh, why you're shaking if you dont know why you can't sleep at night if you dont know why you can't eat you feel weak, like each other Why there's ringing in your ears you don't understand why those things are happening. You, to be worse, for you, it's just unexpected its unknown and we're afraid of the unknown off. Says who understand these matters, can do a great deal to relieve the men. Fears of war nerves and to prevent them by their own com, recognition of the fact of and their costs. So hey officers came in looking got you been audiovisual to a little evil breeder how the mind protects itself. The body has mechanisms mechanism so has the might touch a piece of combat one instantly, you have withdrawn your hand before you know what you are doing, something fine words face it shut your eyes without stopping decided how to close them. These, natural means for self protection when the mind is attacked
unpleasant ideas, dangerous fears. It too has a way of withdrawing or of turning away in shutting out what cannot be endured. When you see a man of ordinary call, good common sense, Become strangely blind to facts refused I believe that has lost brother has really been killed or refuse to see these. He himself is to blame for a disastrous failure that man, Mine is automatically protecting itself from a truth, so bitter that he can't take it little bit delusional It might be dangerous, even were possible. The convention convince a man of the actual facts he might. If held to face them commit suicide, happen more than once in obstinate refusal to accept the truth on the part of a man of ordinary good judgment is a danger signal, just as a fever of a hundred three degrees is a signal the serious physical danger, don't try to argue with such a man. He should given a restaurant furlough from the duty and strain. It is apparent that the
Mind is hard hit when he is fit again, he will be able to see clearly once more here, rid himself and go back to normal, just as the fever patient patient does. When his temperature goes back down, but it is only when the minds, natural protective mechanisms. Are you to an excessive or unreasonable extent that they that they see that that they point to it sick or exhausted, mind every normal man uses them daily to some extent. This is the way they work and its goes through a bunch of things that we all do. On a daily basis, normal people to deal with things, one passing the buck, You see this every day when a man fails very or his humiliated, he could shrugged offer free. He is. It is his own fault if the failure is trivial and did not mean much to him, Orpheus strong character. If the failure is a great personal tragedy
all, but the man of an extraordinary strength of character will try to put the blame on someone or someone else. Someone or something else, man who thus fails will seize upon any plausible excuse. He blames the weather man who gave him wrong advice or the man who got in his way. Sometimes he may even imagine a plot against himself and precise. Read him that everybody is down on him. Humiliation and defeat are hard to bear instinctively. Every man wants to try. It wants to get out from under when blame hangs over him habits of good sports ship usually prevent him from doing so, but still his own mind or among friends, he will say, but it wasn't my fault that's amazing, Section Obviously the right
three related to the idea of extreme ownership, the fact that it's only a man of extraordinary strength of character. Who will take the blame. It is only that you only purse everyone else is going. That's. What I think is important about this is recognize that we all subconsciously notice. So when you screw something and you go well, you know we didn't get the supplies resource get that's what ponytail failed everybody knows that has little character fly. You got right there to shine through do What's going on, right is a little character for you here. All the time. It's so obvious to everyone when you're, making an excuse, what no one believes your excuse. You don't want your even if, late, there's a bunch of people in a room and we're all making exe
doesn't matter, still the subjects like everyone. Let lets me you later this month in a room and we're all making excuses it? seems like each individual guy would be like they're making x. Meanwhile, like they're, nothing, you know I'm making a year. Do you know it's a scary thing and what school is as soon as someone goes a you know what this actually my fault, other people, man. I need to say that to cuz I screwed. Yeah it's on, it's kind of like you're, worried ever been in like a big meeting and it kind of goes off the rails, a little mystical movies. You have a pickup, have you ever where's your big meeting with, like your wife utopias, believing that a huge meaning, the and you know little goes off the rails and people start like,
essentially raising their voice, maybe not yelling linen, and now everyone talking you can hear what he knew insane written, but our ones voicing their opinions. Essentially, just just the libyan more passionately but you can hear anybody when anyone say that happens alone So it's kind of the same concept because even when you are not saying anything Everyone else is talking, you're compelled to be be quiet, but all what you just do it there newness added to the noise with the thing, rather than like handling it kind of consciously and be like. Ok, I'm not add to the noise. I'm gonna be quiet, yes, taking ownership is contagious and making excuses is contagious, they're both contagious Both run rampant wild until you put a check on, the good thing, the Good NEWS about that is taken ownership. Is the stronger power of you. Someone in that group starts to take ownership that that
virus will spread stronger than the excuse making virus Look. The next thing that people do is the false front when a man is worried by the fear, perhaps only half, consciously but deep in his heart that he has serious that he has a serious fault. A weakness: what does he do? He puts up a great show of being just the opposite sort of person, if the man is stupid or ineffective, yet feels and need to be strong and sure he will overdue his efforts to impress people who will be loud and boisterous and coffee, timid person may do foolhardy stunts, seeking to prove his bit bravery, the man who is real. Courageous, strong and manly seldom knee feels any need to demonstrate it. He just takes himself for granted to the bunch Obviously we see is older. People are insecure about the
They do something they try and give the false front that their great at it, a member as young in a bleak. My hair blonde did a few times by the one. That's interesting. So maybe it wasn't like super long and disposition and ass a girl. You just do that for attention, and I was thinking to myself I don't. I cannot do it for attention and then he thought to yourself, or any other kind of snakes like am I doing different attention, I'm not realizing it being in the sum paid you go run around in here I ve been. Why did I do it? You know: do. Did I like how it specifically looked for the Dutch, stand out. I knew that from the beginning there, We're ages is twenty? Twenty twenty twenty one, maybe like twenty two books, so many toy failure.
So after you think about you like a cause. You know I like how it looked at the time and yeah, I want to people in a sort of look, you know, there's a then what did you do nothing you kept, I admitted it to myself reality. I kept darker and then there's a lot of us It has a lot of wrestlers like die school wrestlers that do that this whole teams. Whole teams everyone's got their air bleach blonde near There is a level of arrogance which, with rustling like, like a look of wealth. Yeah like self confidence. Ok, I'm we will make this happen in its debts. Psychological game right, I'm not scare, you Leumi, I'm I actually bleach blonde. My hair look at me, I'm about to stick you on the mat, ok or other than semantics. Is there a difference between the the expression. I
attention or I'm doing it for attention verses, I'm doing it to stand out some say same rate, but one kind of sounds more, like kind of superficial class. Yes, I give you my intention, you're not going. Stand out. You don't want to stand as a good thing, and I feel that that's not a great argument. We ve gotta beam yeah, because if you say I want to stand out cause you can like the possible way of saying I just want attention the which is what you are you act as if you I want to stand out cause you can like try to stand out or pursue standing out as a good. Thing for a good reason. You know like I want a stand out. I want my business to stand out. I want my Ex wife Z thing to stand out, so you know so. People voted no sign on whatever, but if
like I want to do it for attention. It just sounds like I just want the attention like that's what I want. That's the end goal of the attention. That's what it feels like when you say it, even though this sort of the same thing they're. On the same thing, I was playing soccer. When I was a kid and my dad, my parents are school teachers, not a lot of money in school teaching, and we my dad. I need a pair of cleats, so I'm probably eight years old. Dad goes to the sporting goods store digs into the the ban of leftovers. Hand whenever any gets end at the pair cleats it fit me is white Paper White Cleats, This is nineteen whatever seventy eight did no one with white cleats, but this is not, for everyone has black light, so I
got a soccer game. Unlike us anything with your white gloves, It's likely guys Jack's there, the cheaper when the but the bargain bed bright. It wasn't my dad on the school Teacher salary was like hey, which parity want is rack over here, no you're gettin. The new Buck, your that is now the fake lever, so you're the faith. Leather plastic leads the white whatever but I was out on the soccer pitch and I I want to say I scored a goal. I think, as I was running back, was so like a dad from the other team said something like you know, you gear, the big star. Now with those white cliffs, I don't know if he was being nice You, you might have been be nice, it didn't sound like it to me the time
I think that right there was the beginning of me thinking I dont want to be the guy die in their hair. Brightly want at twenty one years old, twenty four, You said, maybe you're gonna. You think you're gonna be the big star. Now he said some with those white cleats it something like that yeah. I can't remember very much from my childhood that member ruin your plane like that. This is not some big soccer linking only got kids playing soccer. Now they got, They're, looking like a professional saw no, this is you things you had when you were little kid: the Yellow sure that was like plastic around the bottle, and you just put it on over. Your other shirts was if the yellow team versus other tier was one of those that they were not talking. High level our target high level soccer player to we're Talkin yell.
Oh Jersey, yellows, against the regular kids when it cut interest in the early years of funds, and there I was with the white cliffs on remember thinking that guy thing I'm trying to make a speck, glad myself and didn't say nice goal. He said, oh, you think you got some nice clean yeah, we celebrating a harder somewhere, not running laughing. I was running back here. Eating I'm trying to think of. When I celebrated hard cassettes than that- that's somethin. I remember a couple times my life celebrating hard and be unlike man that was a bad move against probably same age group YA, like Weird man, that's that's kind of deep go. Where were that the cause of the opposing teams dad or you know somebody on the moon
yeah. I wonder rake this two things that could be. He was hating regardless new man. You know you saw the d go obviously, but was he like? Oh you think you're the big shot now like hating on that's when I heard your cool, or was he hating like on a deeper level areas like all you think, you're, a big shot, Bob look you're through sock kind of thing was saying that the way turkey is. It was he was saying you think you're special got those white. It's like. You know that I am the only real because my dad's are notoriously cheap guy. My dad. We could tell stories about my dad all all ten fifteen podcast worth of a penny pinching from the old man are you given these normal These are bargain bentleys. So that's what we're talking about this
number three taking it out on the dog. The man who suffers injury and is not strong enough to hit back, may literally take it out on the dog or may go around looking for trouble with someone else. You can talk back to a punch in the face in the nose if check. Here's one borrowed virtue, a more constructive helpful sort of mental protection mechanism is this action of a man who feels weak or inadequate by himself and who gained feeling of strengthened superiority by attaching himself to a stronger man or a strong group. It was is that since so many men to recruiting stations on the morning after Pearl Harbor as a man alone, you feel powerless in the face of threatening dangers. As you know, it states soldier. You know you can go anywhere in the world avenge wrongs and protect your treasured way of life. So there's a positive way that, with week we roll
five sick call when your mind is called upon to face something you dread terribly. Your body may come from please, to your rescue. The aviation student who really dreads to go up for his first solo for sure he's going to crack up is plain, may develop a convenient but real headache on that day. She had you see that happen right. I don't feel good to sleep happy with little kids to First Jiu Jitsu tournament, I'm sick first, whatever you know, first ball game view good shot up. You feel fine moving on the war with in the man. It might be much easier to defeat the enemy. If men could only win in some way the conflicts that very often go away and go on within themselves,
a man. So this is where we go dichotomy that new of dichotomy believing in right here, a man so often wants to do two opposite things at the same time, and he wants desperately to do both He wants to dominate other men and yet be liked by them. He wants to give vent to his anger, but he doesn't want to get not water. He was to gain promotion, but doesn't want to do all the hard work. Above all, he wants be brave and tree true soldier to keep the soldiers faith and yet he wants to live, how brave and safe. That is the green, this psychological problem for the soldier, most of the world, neurosis, mental illness in parentheses, result from the failure of men to find any sort of satisfactory way. Out of that dilemma, Every man is equipped with two kinds of the deep seated
fires or instincts often these to conflict. Once it has to do with his relations with other men, he wants to be. One of the gang appreciated. Ended fired by others. Even likes to sacrifice himself for the good of the group to which he belongs, whether it is his family church, army or nation, but he also another set of desires that cannot ever be entirely denied desires. Connect with himself his life, his comfort, his personal freedom, no amount of patriotic fervour can wholly kill or drown out the calls of the more personal instincts only a few rushed. We list with no misgivings most for most men there some concern or distress in making the decision to leave home, family and job in order to join the service of the country. Move to a war theater and an advanced to
Close contact with the enemy usually brings a crisis in the battle within the soldier, as well as in the back against the enemy when a man, finds himself close indeed to death that his instinct to self preservation, one it most or urges every normal man has makes em fiber of his being protest against facing the danger. It his comrades, his officers. His country, are all counting on him to do his bit a pretty big bit risk in his own life, yet they are counting on him. If the personal instincts win the struggle. The man when contact with the enemy forces is made, will run away or will surrender if the social instincts prevail than he is stuff of which all good soldiers, all heroes are made most who have travelled the hard path of army life up to the front lines, put up a good fight once they get there.
For a few, so there you go, you either have guys get we'll get. You know what a course I wanna stay alive, but I'm gonna be welcome to my country. My army, my team that I'm with and the guy to my left on my right and so guess what I'm going forward into the fry, the other that debt, the other decision are pulled. You know what I want to I've Zelman runaway. So there's two distinct types of Hey the time, its hey, where to put up a good fight. Occasionally it's a coward and then this is the interesting one for a few. However, this struggle ends in a stalemate, a compromise. That is what a war neurosis is a copper, eyes of this internal conflict. If a man goes on being torn by his conflicting desires if he could not bring himself to go forward yet conscientious to give up. He will suffer from the type of neurosis characterized by anxiety,
he finds he can no longer concentrate. He becomes confused. The expression on his face. His pulse rate is rapid. Breathing betray the fierce battle going on within within him. He aims. May not be fully aware of the cause of this terrible sense of fear and horror that to hang over him yet here in a way of solving his problem. He is, making himself to inefficient. To continue to fight. Giving himself so much suffering that is conscious cannot accuse him of taking the easy way out yet even so, he does not know that he is in all this. His nervous system does it for him the man who suffers in any of these ways not be blamed he's a coward if he were, he would have no conflict. That's an interesting point. So if you're, just a coward use ex about here, the guide it freezes up. Gifts nervous, he doesn't want to run, but he doesn't want to go fight. He can't solve that conflict in his it back If you were, you would have conflict. He would see to it that
he was not at the front but in the soft, safe job somewhere out a good distance in if necessary, he would deserve, but he does not desert and still does not fight he, compromises with a difficult, unpleasant alternative one way, he does not choose, but She's nervous system chooses for him. He cannot control it. The leader who lectures him balls amount or punishes him for neglect of duty is only two increases trouble on other hand. Coddling. Such man is a mistake too. So you can't go to you got a balance. If you can't go super hard on them, but you can't call them either. You need to once this dichotomy. What they need is understanding help the reinsurance reassurance that comes from a firm but friendly attitude on the part of those who deal with them. They need the encouraging of assurance that such things happen to the best of men, but that men make it over such difficulties with aid. They need to be told
they will be helped by a good night's. Sleep perhaps draw induced by the medical officer by a good meal and by rest, and that then. Will be expected to return to the fight and do their duty with the others. So that's a pretty interesting Way of looking at it- and I would say, as I thought about that, think about how many, how much, how much nervousness you feel think about the nervousness is actually in its internal war between two decisions that you could be making writer. What should I do? Should I by this new car or save the money right back. What which one should I, I'm really not the car, but no should save money. Read you get this interval internal it's like an that's? What the struggle is you're, not really actually nervous about buying the new car, not nervousness money. You know you can't make a decision based on the two things that you want to make happen, so we get those little ethical. If you
few frame things up. If you feeling stressed about some if you frame up what is actually stressing you out, there's a good cheer That was actually stressing you out as you're just trying to figure out which decision to make those too one thing that you can do is you can if you play your car, if your brain plays the game out, you can be so you cannot make a decision because eight years is not making a decision it like that it's crazy. How they have been that's the first ever even went articulate that little thick his brow get that in the most like stupid. Mundane pays saw ok, bear with me. Some awesome unloose of unloading that irish washer saw on this side of my kitchen, which is like it's kind of a longer gonna kitchen. Where so decides were Pasko and the bodies
this positive part, and then certain kind of little, these little soy sauce dishes and then on this site is like silverware and then there's like plates some I'm unloading, the dishwashing, I'm trying to be patient rushing, but I'm trying to be efficient, so grab I have like you know I guess like me before the issues of sorts at a time do in assault, but I look at what I grabbed and I this feeling like shoot. Where do I gotta go here? First, you know in would away the pot first that I have, in my hand, are doing over here, because if I go we're here, I can do that kind of thing and I met this little conundrum. But you know what I should do and in the just going ahead, the head it takes, maybe like for five seconds
damn thing's cattle. But I know why are you made it made myself about pots and pans glasses, soy sauce deserts who s voice ass? This is an actual thing. Is in its that, because this is really I'm not exaggerating. This literally goes in my head and it is this micro. Little almost anxiety is settings but flight there. It's something it's not like, I'm not just about making taking action and that do not, unlike literally standing there, not anything thinking about. This ought sunlike? Ok, why have you not the situation? We have to make actual decision rosy to them that we really are probably visiting the indicator. It will be a problem, so I'm lookin. And I'm like you: where should I decided? I said no do put. This whole site: the dishes they gone, this Eddie, I'm not, but those back and regrets that they all gone that time elite. Now I gotta take the time to put this back in searching in grab other once I'm losing time this less efficient. Given the point
that a matter I know I'm like man in the EU alone. Then, of course, I'll just be like out whenever this can go But the point is rather happens. Early accidents happen happening to you, ECHO, Charles, with the dishes I can imagine that other people feel it winners, actual decision we will just around the solving of, but I don't wanna talk about that ever buck if you were smart, you would just organizing kitchens and that everything is located. Co located all things that govern dishwasher go into this small area. Think about that one war, don't think about it for too long on. Why should a frigate strikes out? the anxiety, but that a lot of those like he he puts it in terms of like institute time kinds of instincts, narrow social, in social terms also day when human survival year is like,
a big when ill area the way to see it as they call you pointed out to me, like the long game you know like either european or even along himself kind like that, like this, like you, you had the example of the buying the car thing that the short term versus long term population most things are when you have that little conundrum. You know like you, knowing what even eat this pie. Brown or these pan brownies, but I want to does really for their delicious, but I don't want to get you know put on weight or whatever you know, it's kind of the same thing. I want both anything but an they are mostly time. I think, anyway, it's sort itself out to be a short term, versatile long term struggle- and I think the important thing here is that you can actually take this concept and apply it to meaningful decision release after medic. Not just soy sauce bodes well in round. If what diet is a bigger data's. It's not big one. When you compare to storming the beaches of GMO, just say it. I agree with that and speaking.
Which- and this is where this is. Obviously, this part here is probably written more directed at you back to the book. Men differ greatly her abilities to stand up under this internal personal conflict. Most men can come. Successfully through terrorizing experiences, building scenes and exposure to Deaf war, older than history in all nations and tribes have resorted to it, so even the terrorizing experience you have you with the soy sauce boys that wins girl, that's rough continuing. The average soldier has conflicts but settles them himself with no one else. The wiser so he finds himself free to fight with his whole strength on him. The average free soldier victory depends. Fortunately, The first contact with the enemy is the hardest in seasoned troops. Internal com
diminishes they have the worse in no way does not intolerable even soldiers who have to retreat are not defeated if they have learned to conquer their own fears. That's it then, one even soldiers who have to retreat are not defeated. If they have learned to conquer their own fears, they will advanced another time having one one, the fight with the inner man and having the reality of battle finding it finding in ITALY, terror and more opportunities for success in the green recruit could ever have believed. Possible So now we get to this section in the book and like us This is the second I actually want to cover, but we ended up covering this whole book on over the course of three part cast and this
it is called leadership. You can't boss a brick. You can't even boss a dog unless the dog has been trained to obey and has formed habits of responding to commence. For you can boss him. You must know what commands you will spark to the famous seeing eye dogs can do wonderful things to aid the blind, but both dog and master must first go through a period of training, so there you go and now we this authority is not power? That's an epic statement. Listen to this no amount of legal authority over the Grizzly Bears of British Columbia would enable you to get yourself obeyed by them out in the woods Men can be commanded only after they have acquired habits of obeying after an hour. Their leader, has learned to give them commands that make these habits work all six
for leadership thus depends on the habits of those who are to be led. The office Standing before his men is limited in the direct exercise of his authority by what the troops are able to get through their eyes and ears. So this interesting you're gonna see in this opening section here, it's really leaning towards that traditional military idea of leadership is look at your train correctly, and I give you an order. You're gonna, listen, and so that's that's where this kind of starts off with an as you probably can figure out. That's contrary to what I believe effective leadership to consist of, but its talking about it and even though I dont believe that the most effective form of leadership and about a fact, I know it's not the most effective form of leadership. That being said, it is a form of leadership, and it is, it can be effective. It does work in
Many situations where to take a look, I'm the boss, I'm the one, that's right in the paycheck, I'm the one that's got the rank and when I tell you to do something you know you're going to get it. And that is a normal a baseline, rudimentary form of leadership. So it does exist. Back to book. When a forty is not obeyed, the fault may lie in the manner of speech of the leader, or else it may be, at the men are in need of basic training, so it looks at say: look beyond listening to you. It could be that the way that you're talking to him and now it sarcey. But the reason I said this is starting off talking about type table leadership that I dont really find to be option. At all, but you going see that it start to lead towards the type of leadership that I do believe to be effective They actually believe it to be. The most effective do so continue on
often said that a good leader knows how to handle a man. Actually, however, it is not possible for any leader to handle his men. It is himself that he, those. Then the men react to his deportment and the way in which they react depends in term on their habits of thought and action. So that's a great statement being a leader. It's you handle your men, you handle yourself you're the one, you need to handle and If you handle yourself correctly, the team, Well, then, reacted away that you handle yourself so that now we're started lean towards what I believe to be good leadership. That's leading by example, section disappoint in an army. Much of this training on which leaders depends is established by discipline. Discipline is training in the house
bits of attention and obedience without such habits. We might have a crowd or a mob, but not an army. It is quite right. Will the a mob, yet leadership is uncertain, depending largely on the accidents of personal appearance and unfortunate time, in army. However, there have been many leaders of many ranks and they have been interchangeable. If, leaders killed. Another must be ready to take his place and lead men. So it's talking a discipline, and this is talking about the traditional form of military discipline. Hey there's a rank structure, you must be obedient and that is not optimal type of discipline that I believe it which is hey. We are a disciplined team. We have discipline standard operating procedures. We understand what the mission as we understand, what the goals are. You're, going to move in that direction with discipline, and the discipline is now
Impose discipline that I impose on my team is discipline that they impose on themselves because they realise that it makes them more effective and more efficient and more likely to be able to accomplish the mission. We They believe it. Now it talks a little bit about learning obedience and again. Obedience to me is not something that I'm looking for from my team. Not what I'm looking. Look, I'm not looking for obedience, I'm looking for people at know how You understand what the goal is. Not even a move towards equal, the first requisite of command is attention, so you gotta, get people too such new that makes sense what men do invariably and repeatedly is finally drilled into them becomes, m second nature. They learn to prefer from acts maneuvers in response to commands or orders, because The commander order has always been accompanied by the act and the act by the command me
your lecturing, never trains, men in action at best, makes them learn mere words sequences, except when the listeners already know enough about the required action to perform in imagination, learning something new, in other words, requires participation learn to swim by taking your correspondence course. So, yes, did your people, you have to make Second, nature that that is true, and we do that in red that the to me that the notary people know what to do. When they get shot out. They know what from a certain direction. Everyone knows what they're going to do and we drill it over and over and over again till you don't have to think about its second nature. Fortunately, bad habits as well as good can be learned if on sport In command, men do not respond than they are learning not to respond whenever they are all to do something, they cannot do, they are learning to disobey military animals embody. This fact, in a rule, never a command that you do not expect to be obeyed. Now, that's brilliant statement
and I don't necessarily think it's a brilliant statement for the same reason but actually pretty close. If you wait, if, if I'm looking at, you and you're working for me, and I say tat you need to get all the stuff move by by noon today, and I know there's no physical way for you to do it, I'm wasting it Adam. I'm diminishing my authority over you because you're thinking knows no can do that so now, you're, definitely not gonna. Do it and the next time. I say to get something done. You gotta, you gotta already a priest the notion that you don't really have to do it. So that's it, great statement. If you are in charge, gave a command that you don't expect to be obeyed. Don't do it keep your mouth shut, figure out, something that can be done. Thus a young leader when he finds himself so situated that is coming might be disregarded must refrain from giving it. He must first,
how to change the situation capture the attention. We must merely wait until he is reasonably certain that when he gives his order, it will indeed be obeyed. Self makes sense. And now we get into the section called leader and this is now where we start to come towards the of leadership or the the principles of leadership that I believe in back to the book, a good leader does not depend solely on the authority. The discipline gives him as an officer. Noncommissioned officer for good leadership, goes far beyond discipline, good exe, weary leader, inspires respect confidence, loyalty in his subordinates, all of which enable him to get from his mouth performance, far above what a new leader could command. So there you
all the stuff that we just talked about. You got to train him again of disappointing to make sure they're going to obey your orders. You got to teach me obedience. All that stuff is nothing here too, the power of respect of loyalty continuing on in this, the leader can rely on the generous cooperation of his men for men. Natural longing to respect and have affection for their leaders. They want to be proud of their officers and non commission officers just as they want to be proud of their unit in their branch of service. When the when the new army was first being formed, many of the officers had little experience in command. They had learned the words were capable of giving directions and instructions, but they had learned neither the action nor the manner that go with the command. A young officer would honour and order, but his manner would betray his lack of confidence this on certainty was in effect, a signal for not carrying the order out promptly and effectively. As me,
Terry orders must be carried out, all our lives. We have depend on the manner and behaviour of others as well as on their speech, to know what is in their minds, Army disciplined, cannot change human nature. What did Sarah Armstrong say that seventy percent of conveyed message in a conversation is from nonverbal Nonverbal queues at massive and if that includes like tone year or not, I don't get it hurts technically. Would it that's where we're so? We know them at whatever the number is it ass amount, ass were that is conveyed by what year faster is where delivery looks like what your countenance reads, all those things and then it include Tonia right, which the tone- should be in there somewhere. If you
giving orders and you look like you, don't know what you're doing in your sound. Like you don't know you re doing in your using a tunnel, That sounds like you, don't know what you're doing you're not gonna get a lotta jumpy known there to execute what you're down real power. That is not because we need them about it? I mean even saying that you start to think about what I would like all the little things. All of that you're doing while you're saying something return system like even blinking, even if blinked, one time verses, ten times, gentle blinking, that teeny teeny tiny thing when you, you know like you Brad you're saying something completely. Even if you even know like I'm talking to people, I will not, like you. I noticed that very early on in our relationship that you don't really believe when talking, but I will look I'd I ended. The weird thing is: is I'm not consciously do that kind of thing, but I do know that it's happening here, then
and when I went for start making videos, I noticed it a lot so because I noticed like villains and correct certain types: cortical types, the characters, so cells it so much just that alone, playing a villain Emmi seen something I did that evil or whatever and he's blinking bra. I don't buy it at all. In fact, you kind of can't really by it, but if the same something what if it's important in whatever way and they're, not blinking, it's almost like men that alone cell it's so much just that alone of courses of, but like yellow blinking, even like wrinkled your forehead. Coming all these little thing soul. Eco, so deep that you know you can take to people One guy does hand motions Alla time. Maybe just he moved his hands a lot when talks and the other guy does exist, opposite. He moved his hand so little that its noticeable. It's not that He lacks verbal communication, it's his ina! It's that his inaction.
Is his verbal communication seem sane. So it's not like he has less verbal communication than the guy who loses his hands. He has just watch he's just saying something completely different because he's still zoom sane sorts leg, just all these nonverbal things that are deeply calls and This is where self awareness this is, where role playing an most important good cause. Look you're, not gonna. U knocking! become an Academy award winning actor. So what actually need to do is believe in what you're saying That's what you need to do. So Billy Mortar saying your troops, looking at you, may again, he doesn't leave this. Why am I gonna go discharges? Machine gun nest, whereas guy doesn't even bleeding should be chosen, is pushing a nest and yet you truly believe that is what should go down yet people well see that you believe it and they are going to follow safer But this is my business still slightly set Broadcasting PETE,
people will give you the advice like you, you wanna, be won a confident. You wanna be confident when you do this stuff, even if you're not confident or what I saw it's kind of. People can smell when you're, not confident in your acting confidence. In way they can smell it when you're, trying to act, casual or add three lack, perhaps conceit mean ill. Everyone can see that, but if do it enough? Doesn't it started? Don't you get kind of good added? The advice that I give people isn't go be confident when you talk the people. What I say is when you talk to people may Sure you know what you're talking about because if you know what you're talking about you will, across as confident. Why will you come across as confident because We are confident sure there's some people have some natural ability to act? for even when they're, not yes, and also some people that can be very convincing in telling p do something that they don't actually leaving that's very
rare airy, rare and even if I feel like those people about this here, don't know, could then another be, but it seemed like those of you will there just used to doing it so used to telling tall tales with complete confidence year, but can see how people, if they repeat, heatedly talk about the same thing, certainly they better at it in Canada, too far, where they're just turning into a robot, that's up their reciting, something that averting people got all this guy just got this memorized cause. That's jacked up to write like if, just go all this goes just memorize this thing and he's. Not really into it. That's not a good sign either yeah who can see through that yeah yeah. If it's like a man, you faint manufactured enthusiasm or something like that. Yes, they can smell it for sure, but Cosette People like, though memorize that lives, if it's a speedy, obviously depends on the contacts and totally but enough it's a speech or a lecturer presentation of somebody's get giving that they always give in.
You know when they talk about this x Y, see it citing part or important part they ve done it literally ten thousand times, so they are not going to convey natural excitement, they out the sort of manufacture it for the crowd, kind of thing and yea. If that manufactured excitement comes off as manufacture to the little gem. Jemmy whole thing up there and I think that's why you have to be true. King about something that you know about is part one in part. Two. You have to be talking about something care about you don't care about you don't wanna, hear me, stand up and talk about some in some way ever you don't want you wanna hear me talk about candle making right. Cause. I don't care about candle, making infected, don't really like candles, no thank you did my point. Is I don't like candles? You don't need me, talk localhost, you don't you talk about
Why would you have candles? It's two thousand nineteen light right. Well, those many different reasons for but yet met mood lighting you know seconded my point, is I don't like him You don't need me, talk camels, you don't even talk about the construction of candles, Gretel care about it and I'm not to give a very passionate talk about candles, even if I studied the subject matter, if you can we talking about leadership you can Harness the enthusiasm that I have, for talking about leadership, you can't you can't hold it back its common out, unbridled its own bridled. It's coming up, because I really care about this. I'm talking to a bunch of people that are leaders, I want them to win that want them to. I want them to absorb. What I'm saying is. I know it can be helpful to them. I've seen it be helpful to thousands of people, so I want them to get the message, and so come out that way, I know what I'm talking about
believe what I'm talking about at what I am talking about, and I care about what I am talking. And if you're talking to people try and talk about things that you know about that. You care about that. You believe it and if you do that As a leader we giving direction and direction that you believe in its direction that you care about the outcome in its direction that you know one understand you are going to across like a confident leader and people, listen to you we are failing in those categories. It's gonna be harder for. You, This is interesting. Continuing on these when a little riff right there, but a leader is actually giving conflicting orders if his uncertain manner, hence that he does not expect obedience or that he thinks he may not be obeyed so if you stand up- and you say it- you can begin
conflicting orders views. Don't you just like your own sure what you're doing although it is possible for the new leader who has lacked experience to imitate the manner and tone of wiser leaders around him. Only practice in command develops the appropriate manner and tone. I would, further to say is not just about text. You don't have to become a good actor. What you want to do you want to believe what you think you want to care about you. They wouldn't know nobody. What you're saying the lack of a confident manner in there, interferes with command So also may a manner that betrays indecision for men risks to the signs of indecision by withholding or delaying the rule is that a leader should make up his mind and arrive at that decision before he gives orders. Very obvious, but not so obvious, cause people screw it up
He could France's man. He must be ready to commit himself to this course or that men will accept assurance for competence, and I do not want competence and they do want competence and leader. Now this is again. This is a situation where I, and will accept assurance for competence. That's not readily true, because, just because if you're sure yourself the only way, you can be sure yourself if you are competent unless you're one of these small fractions people that are convent right, a con man can be. This will do like that's You're man, if you're, really good at that economic line to people in terms of that, you don't believe in fine. It work, sometimes, if you're great at it my worth more often than not, if you're not a person- and you wanna be really good leader, you shouldn't be just using your confidence to overcome the fact that you're don't believe in what you don't ask really are to do that. It is really our deal we'll have really good lady.
Actors in their minds. This is a great section. What soldiers think of leaders. For the first time in the history of armies, the army, the United States, has undertaken to find out what its enlisted personnel think about a large number of things in poured into the army some thousands of soldiers have been interviewed at length and one of the subjects about which they were questioned is army leadership the soldiers said, makes it very clear that the quality of leadership in an army is the moon. Important single determinant of morale and performance, Did everyone just hear that what soldiers said make very clear that the quality of leadership in an army is The most important single determinant of morale and performance. What do we say now on front. We say leadership is the most important thing on the battlefield I love
golly don't have to pay? the writer of this book, to say because at the same thing, leader It is the most important thing on the battlefield. Is the single most important determinant of morale and performance continuing on the relationship between man and officers. Commissioned and noncommissioned determines the fighting spirit of an army quite as much the ability of the soldiers to take training does in fact it turns out that these human relations are much more important to morale than beef steak, warm socks, ball games and vaudeville shows or what the men believe about the war, What they think with a relationship that you have with your people is more important in all these other things. But, more importantly, their actual belief. In what they're doing. More important than their belief in the war continue on
a hundred and fifty so items covered in in the interview. Seventy seven proved to be definitely associated with morale and twenty most closely related morale. Sixteen have to do with man took officer relations what the men think of their leaders is then of utmost importance to the army and the successful prosecution of a war roughly in order of their association with good leadership in the minds of the enlisted men are the following points for here's. What makes a good leader one ability Competence comes first, the good officer must know his stuff for on this. Depends. The confidence in his leadership boom in an interesting there is proof of what I just said that you, don't believe in what you doing you don't know what you're doing
everyone's gonna sense it so complex. Number one number two next The ability next ability interest in the welfare of the soldier. The officer who can be trusted to help the soldier in time of need or who accessible for personal advice is a good officer to get it. You gotta, be caring about your men number three promptness in making decisions is next number or good teacher or instructor follows the leader who has the patients and the ability to make things clear to get men under him do to get to things clear to the men under him is valued. For that reason, we gotta be good teacher number five judgment. Common sense and the ability to get things done follow in next judgment and common sense is Interesting common sense. What do you know what we want to have some common sense
that horribly clean. Jade, saying of common sense, sometimes isn't very common J causing true. Yes,. How many times have been sitting in a big meeting: planning earlier be said something that was so obvious common sense and had people Jaw drop at this amazing statement, which was completely obvious. Sometimes common sense is to common. Yet it's Do you like red Do you know, like you know, that's why it's never like, since they never, but it's not that good about in idea generally seem to be like its common to and be like mad at someone for not known, couldn't come and yes, I know it's not good, and it's not good when you, when you make us when that is common sense to say it condescending. Like this is common sense. When you need to do this year, and then everyone already is mad at you. Yet there
sent for you. You're just the tone of the tunnel, and then, on top of that, you get your arms crossing the shaking Maggie rules. There are strong verbal q, millions yet get em answer, because common sense in California is different than common sense in Texas, some of it possibly let the contents in taxes is different in California. It at ass, good for your correct, seek India than was gonna, be on you and you start doing that stuff. The condescending deal Rio number six, the good leader does not boss you around when there is no good reason for it so, Yours dislike an officer who throws his rank around, who test his own authority continually. They sense but he is not sure of himself let down one sink in. If your boss, in people around,
using your rank to make things happen. You're people, don't like you yeah, and there's someone, that's it. I'm for my people, like like me, you're wrong trip. I don't like you. They will not perform as well as people to do like you near the leader number. Seven, the man who tells you when you have done a good job rates well as a good leader, fail in commendation is a common complete among men in the ranks. The bay incentive to good work, is the prospect that it will be noticed and remembered by the leader. Solid next, That's something I dont do a lot of knowledge: ok, good job, buddy, but I will say that when I do tell someone they did a good job, they know that I mean it. We pretty fired up that I said it off. I would agree with that. Number eight physical strength and good build come next.
Not in your head over their wolf. I agree bigger, Mean K, so at risk of sounding, like maybe disparaging any, one in particular rainy, tat person in particular, but I'm just saying this is like factually so you ever watch you like a self defense. Video, yes and no matter what? Yes, please, please, I'm I follow MIC, go your life, so many lister and Joe Rogan Repost, those migdol July things, Biagi ashore kind of weird self defense examine no we're going with us. Yes, yes, all physical of Self Defence guy who hasn't little lucky good. What make it up a flight of stairs yes and you thinkin brow, I'm not Wasn't anything that you say right which the technically here, physique does not prove the effectiveness of his his temperature. It doesn't but what about when he's got the sign hanging up in the back on that says, honor strengthen discipline.
An obvious when he has put in a way that pounders with cheese daily, that's the point you know Sonia. It's like bread is something and I again auto industry, genuine system or whatever. But Yemen, if I'm a soldier or a listener, a follower and first him russian ready come up to. You knew me something in your like a sloppy you're, sloppy person. I'll tell you that, at the very least that struck again as there is no doubt about it and just just even mean, body in tone. Oh my god, you aware squared away you to focus. First impressions mean something. If and so, Somebody shows up to be in charge you and they can't take charge of their own health its, indicator that maybe they got some other issues. Especially I mean that It clearly directed at people at her in the military, because military is a physical job, ridden pretty much
regardless of what you do military. You have to have some physical capability to put on a rucksack and go and walk for a long period of time to be able duty certain physical activities. If its apparent from looking at you that you can't do that, respect is going, and by the way, doesn't this me talking this. Isn't you talking? This is what these thanks. The soldiers that filled out this survey said hey physical strength and good build come next. That's what's respected it's definitely mandatory because Mean Napoleon was like a tiny guy right. So it's not. A mandatory thing, but dont be out of shape, I can tell you that get in shape, hey get in how's that if you're, not you get in shape, it'll be better for you as a leader, it'll, be better for you, as a human being it'll will help everything that you do it so do it nine good education, sense of humour and guts,
or courage? Number and impartiality is next. Leaders who do not save the dirty jobs for fellows they don't like, are valued the good beer fair to all in his command, so be fair, common sense which, as into legibly net next importance is industry leaders who do a little work as they can get away with, are not respected by the enlisted men. Don't standing around with your hands in your pockets. To do that. Wealth when an officer gives orders in such a way that you clearly know what to do. Is a market, merit as a leader, so there's also like an officer with a clear, strong voice. Their yo makes sense the remaining qualities which the soldiers mentioned came toward the bottom up,
where they are. Undoubtedly relate good leadership, but they are less important, not hot tempered. Not drive- you too hard keep pace. This is the case Two fellows you could have a good time with now too proud of their rank are all characteristics which some men want in their leaders, but there is no general agreement about them. Many leaders are considered good in spite of failures on these parts. The chief things a man wants from a leader are thus competence and interest in his welfare. The orders of the man who does not know his stuff cannot be dependent on their support. To change and counter man and in competent leader teaches caution and hesitation in following his lead. He becomes signal for lack of action on the part of the soldier The interesting thing about that is
fact on a soldier, as ignorance has no soldier, can follow a leader whose uncertain which way to turn quality of any leaders to take leading, show the direction quickly, clearly, emphatically and with enthusiasm without these bodies. A man is not even a good leader for his hunting dogs. Now the interesting thing about that is theirs. Theirs. Little dichotomy that reveals itself is Ok, you got to be decisive and give direction quickly. Www emphatically that that's great. That sounds good what happens if you're not sure what happened your truly not year which direction to go then you do, is you say, hold up former perimeter. We're we gotta get reception on the map that is so much better than say in artwork. Put a little further. You don't owe me mean, like I'm, not really sure where we are and hold on, and we use
Look we're going turned round around now. We need recovery sections were to check the gps. Whatever we going do when you find out exactly were on their way to move forward. Take five eleven, I'll call jockers got us under wraps were good guess technically, that is being decisive? It is being decisive. Yes, you can be decisive into interest. To anchor or what the next move is gonna, because you're not sure, but sometimes people try, and you know that ass their way through a scenario and that again you're you're you don't know what you're doing and your proving that The best be true forms. A look were turned around right now form the perimeter we're gonna cut. A reception were to find out where we are and where to move. You get ten minutes boom ever look echo the times. So those that is a great list of what what people look for from leaders ensure its directed at the military.
But almost every single one of those is equally applicable to any leadership position. Next, the role of the soldier part of what makes a man a good soldier is own, is his own adoption of the soldiers role. He comes to think and speak of himself ass, a soldier what and thinks of himself affects his behavior the rail straightened her, which is skilled worker, who runs the machine that straightens railroad rails. One man when he thinks of himself with pride as Rail sweetener. He becomes another when he, begins as he made to regard himself as a mere wage slave, the rail straight. Takes pride in his work. Does a good job is happy. The way slave, let's crooked rails bit by because he doesn't care
in the same way, the soldier who thinks proudly of himself ass a soldier is doing a service to both himself and the army. How smart is that that is very good. You say it's like you, introducing a sense of identity raid enabling their job like this, which you too and people do that mean only for themselves. Lawyer armor, whatever near our river sometime, I quite a while ago, somebody posted a picture of a very intricate plumbing job. It is like a million copperplate fervently spaced coming, and I was like this dude is deplorable and shows a jet. So yes, If you are in a job get in the job right in them So you this, if you're not into the job- and you want to get out job. The best way for you to get out of the job is by getting into the job you do something that you don't care about care about it, because otherwise
Look you are. Why would promote you? Even you can't even dig this ditch correctly if Europe digging that debts like you, like you mean it like you'd, make China make a perfect digital world. Do it. Certain forms of punishment published just public disgrace. Ridicule history of the role the soldier may lesson or destroy his usefulness to the army and his men ability to leadership The noncommissioned or commission officer who rides one of his men in such a manner ass to make him doubt his own values, a soldier's shattering. The man's best motive for good performance. The senior leader who reprimands a junior in the presence of his men reduces the juniors value to the army. Almost never good to the little someone in front of the team. Good leadership, on the other hand, causes men to build up each for himself a particular role, a specialty. It means a great deal to a man to take pride in being a soldier into being a sharpshooter, an aviation mechanical Turk,
driver cook, a radio operator, competently criticise a p. A poor piece of work condemn a mistake, but never take but TAT care to never make a soldier few. He is a failure at his job to you can criticise. The mistake that they made but don't criticised there their ability in that job When a soldier begins to regard himself as being part of his unit and when his job has become part of his role than teamwork, is enormously improved the soldier who thinks of himself as all your private Kimberly on this, or that assignment is a different man from the soldier who thinks of himself is unnecessary. Member of his outfit good for me She then here's how we get so action of leaders,
Rank is no guarantee of the ability to judge leadership in others, nor are good leaders necessarily competent to assess good leadership and others. The test of competent judge is his successful predictions in the past. So you might be the I recognise that doesn't mean you can necessarily figure who's. Gonna, be a good leader unless you show repetitively that you can select good leaders, the you itself is not a fair or accurate test of the soldier the man who would make a good leader- maybe a modest man who fails in an interview to exhibit those qualities that would make his men believe in him, trust him and admire him and the man who could ever secure. The loyalty of serve subordinates may nevertheless be by assurance and poise by voice and manner mislead, inexperienced judges as to his capacity to all the time I get asked which would how should I interview? What should I ask you only figure out so much for when I get asked that I would say
okay who in here thought they were hiring the best guy that they've ever hired and it turned out to be a loser and everyone raise their hand. How many times have you taking a chance on someone that you weren't sure if they're going to work out, they turned out to be a stud, raises their hand really hard to judge who's going to work well and who's, not I kind of goes for like friends to you know I, like them, young men that happens all the time where you meet someone you just met. You, don't really feel them that much, but the end up being your best friend or something like that like years later, or something like that, weird, like that, like CERT situations even certain impressions? You know that there are like indicate The long haul yeah, it's I will return to uncover what people real about really about. In many cases, I can tell you like, I feel pretty good about joining people probably like seven. Percent accurate. Yes, I do not agree, I feel pretty good about it, but I know that I'm only battened seventy percent year, which is like a sea but the
I wonder if in do you think this? Do you think that there's certain things that are maybe the subconscious about people there consorted tell after just talking on for a second, whether it be like solution being if they reactive asked to look at this just popped up my mind. I ask I was at a event and it was it was interesting about it- wasn't with a specific company which normally working with a company- and I was just at an event, Speaking to multiple different companies, and this woman stood up to ask a question, and I soon ass she stood up. I was like this is gonna be she she does not want to hear my answer. No matter what I say you stood up with just arrogance dripping: first and- and just I was now she's not going up. She's aka like this answer. Whenever the extra give whatever questions she asks, she is not she's, not listening, so that that thought
he hurried their waited my clothes correct, the ay. I was basically when she stood up and then reward doubtful mouthy hours dislike. Covers failure come yet here and it is also interesting because he or she just when you working with a single company, you're, all kind of on board and you're, ok like their made on board of what you're saying but their unified. As a group here I to move in a certain direction you so we ever a random group of people in the world. Stands up and I could tell right away up. She's got it, she does sheet and there's no answer. Many of her. That's gonna make her happy here. What did it feel like it was like subconscious like? Was it like, or were you like see that went on visual? Galileo is visually values, and then you know that the opening of the question that I can't remember what it was, but it was like most BS confirmed. Let me tell you it was one of those. It was one of those you know and so What I did was I pre empted my answer and I said you're
Your cousin, she asked the question, and I said, you're actually not gonna. Like my answer to this question I'm just gonna. Tell you what I've seen and I appreciate the question and the night answer the question. Of course she didn't like that. You knew I should like the answer is the answer was the leadership question and I'm with the people that you're having is not a problem with the people that you have a problem with you which is the way it is with all leadership problems. When you have a problem with your team, Europe, too isn't performing the way you want them to do it's. It's is it Go there lazy! Oh, they don't do the mission correctly or whose fault is it you're, the leader you're, the leader in charge of the people. So if there are, doing the mission that you want them executed or how you want them executed. You can't blame, then they literally work for you you're the boss of them. So let's listless do you wanna explained how you give them the direction you wanted talk to me about like what what sort of
reckon you give them how you communicate with them and we went down that road? You know, but at the end of the day she sat down with. No, she took nothing. I said onboard zero and- and this is a fairly rare occasion yeah. That's. Why remember? This is a couple years ago, when I wrote but because I thought dip, she didn't cheese which I set up she's, not listening to me, and then it is not. Like my answer and then what down ass, a job she's gonna walk out of here, I got a notice talkin about this is not my power is not my problem that my team is all jacked up So my protest, not my fault, that mightiness lazy, what one of her he components of her statement. Was there team was lazy and they weren't meeting the standards and the answer to that question? Isn't your beat them harder? because it doesn't work they answer that question is. You as a leader are not doing good. Of leading them all
There is a chance that your team is completely incompetent and you to train them or get rid of them, guess what both those things are yours, the boy you're, the leader We need to train them or you need to get rid of them. So, worse answer, Nora there is the best. It's the the answer in the world. It hurts your life talks about this. We ve talked about like when he was When he's writing. No, teams only bad leaders. He's literally thinking about things that he did where he was blaming his. Even though you just look at these looking back on here, I was leaving my team. In none of it was my fault, and that's that The revelation: did you have I've seen literally witness this like a bunch attempts to where people would stand out which, with what I thought, was sort of that sort of feel that tone like like they ve been there, just gonna stump Yahoo messenger. Put MR know it all you no kind of attitude in the
you tell them that answer. Legates they hated responsibility you know and then it I can see their mind, totally changing the enemy. Accepted it and actually going back to this point. When I was talking to this woman, I immediately tried to like frame it instead in the most humble way to not offend her eager you're. What I told when I told her you know you're, not. Unlike the answer I gave you, I didn't like that. I was like look. I'm gonna give you an answer that I got a feeling you're, probably not in your like this answer, but I just Gonna tell you kind of what I've seen you know, so I try to do my best to not hit her, you go in the face. A problem was her ego, was big and strong and dug in leading the way led now thought and so it was the EU and that always bondsmen doesn't happen very often like I said I mean this is two years ago or something like that, and I'm remembering this person ass in question. I think myself, Then she doesn't want to hear what a minute
what she wanted me to says: yeah you're right, your team is so horrible and Exception veto their problem We just hate, you know what world. They don't want to do like like a you know what it is they probably dont want to do a good job. They found don't want to get promoted. They probably dont want to make any extra money. They probably want to go home unsatisfied with your job. That's last there s the editorial right, I am sorry that you been burdened with this horrible team that feels that way, right. That's absolutely true! You don't have a whole. You might have one or two people on your team that are very Susie Attic generally a whole team that no one wants to do good job. No one wants to put any extra effort. No one wants to work hard. You have a whole team like that and by the way, if you do have a team like that, guess what it is your responsibility too
rate of those members that don't want to do what they need to do to win. Here a lot of times when it happens when it would, I lie, people down that question. It'll be ok nor got his department and also our Oki will deal apartment indignities the mid level managers in their harp. Unlike all that's that's who's in charge. Mid level manners are well this guy Oak who's in charge that guy other guy who's ensures that guy. Well, I'm ok! So whose fault is us yeah? It's your fault! yeah, it's truly your fault. It's funny you'll! Do this technique, which we find pretty impressive like as far as a little too, almost like it's, not a chess game. Can you against the massacre of the question, but there's an element to it? Would just like that like how you like make him answer their own questions, kind of thing where, but you go, you say
How'd. Do you do you think that they just want to do a bad job or not, or nothing like that, or do you think that, like that that they want your car we need a failure, the those questions that goes up and down the chain of command to kill someone that moment bosses into this summit. Could you think your boss wants to lower your profit bill here? Why do you think your boss want to do things that are less safe? Your boss wants you to have people leaving on a regular basis, giving boss once more turn over? Do you think you're bought you right down the less years as there are no, no, no, no and eventually realise oh, here is a miracle Anita getting well enough to explain to my boss on yes, good but it is good to also not only as like something fun to kind of watch or whatever, but you know it's a new wash them can gain understanding. That is cool for sure, but it helps because it helps even me or people listening like put it into perspective. You know like men, no one's against Debra, like you do just hate it makes right moves in season
things in mind, getting geeks get on the same page and by the way, most of the time when someone is against you cause there are times you you got that person, that's a just war, to get promoting their looking to step up. Do a good job. Do a great job, keep working hard make them look good. What do you talk with? No, you make them look good. It will come back they will come back back to the book. Only proof of leadership is leadership, and the best to do, is give it a chance to emerge and then have competent men judge whether it has appeared. So this is another. Hard to know what people like until you actually put him in the situation. Although young man can make excellent leaders, leadership develops with experience. No doubt about that. It is known, moreover, that the men of a opportune concerned
Each other up effectively can pick out men who deserve advancement more consistently than leaders. Can the men no competence when they see it. Thus, it appears that the officer who fails to find out quietly the opinions of his subordinates when he is selecting a man for promotion is over looking a valid source of information, one that is in the long run, far more accurate than his own judgment. Listen you, people, leader, next section very important or important, leadership can be learned there. No born leaders. All leadership is based on learning how to deal with men. Nearly all leaders improve after they have had some experience in command. Some, proof faster than others, and some continue to improve while others do not So there are no born leaders who ok
We know my debate on this. I actually disagree with that. Why should I this. Ok? There might not be borne leaders, but there are people that are born with certain aptitudes with for a variety of your ship qualities and somebody something on social media that said, there's a gene there. A gene that you have or don't have as a human being that late to you're our ability to articulate so guess what, if you are born with that dream, gene and you have a high level ability to articulate and communicate with other human beings. You are born with more aptitude to become Peter. Could you end up still being a terrible leader? Yes, cause there's some people that are very articulate, that are horrible leaders, but it is one tribute that you are born with, doesn't necessarily make you a leader to give you more
Did you to believe, or so maybe that is correction of border leader born of little more aptitude to be a leader back the book consider the quality which enlisted men believe important in leaders. The first is competency inability competence, based on learning the good leader I learned his job thoroughly. So there you go that makes sense. His men can trust him to know what he's doing. He knows not only what he learned in his training courses, but he kept up to date. If he is an hour to remain, he knows how the Germans use artillery and what guns they have. This the rule is a simple one, know your stuff, so that I agree with you learn to be competent. Second decoy, opponents is the officers interest in the soldier as a man, a diamond, interest that gives the soldier confidence that when he stands up to hardship or is in trouble the hardship a necessary part of the job, and his troubles give his officer concerns. We gotta care about your people and will act.
What's interesting about this whole section. If you remember this is this: is it There's no born meters, but whole section in the first part of this book that talks about people Men have different aptitudes and skills that they either have, or they don't have to hit. Some of that had to do with you know you were a truck driver in the civilian sector, so you can make a good truck driver in the military. Also talked about how some people are dont have the aptitude for certain jobs, so there being a little bit hypocritical here, a little bit ok we're talking, not caring about people, and here it says every man can buy can by practice improve his skill in human understanding and increases repertoire of actions that demonstrate interest in others. The rule here is little is less simple: it is no your men and show it no, the names, their history, their weaknesses, their good points, their morale begin. By studying their qualification cards, so
that's another skill that you can get better, decisiveness is a skill harder to acquire, but it and with attention be cultivated when you have hard choice. Remember you do not usually have to make a snap judgments care. For consideration weighing the merits of alternate courses is not indecision. Your men will respect your judgment even more. If you deserve review reserve decision until you, in possession of all the facts necessary for a wise choice. Do not set up a council of war to pass things by vote? You are the leader but seek advice when you need it and do not hesitate to on your subordinates for council if they are qualified to give it, but choose your course before you give the orders which we already heard sofas.
This is also a little bit contrary we're not contrary, but this is an addendum to what was being said earlier, that you gotta be decisive in here, say: look, you gotta be decisive, but you can take your time, no measure everything out. Another subject. Another suggestion to the leader is remember when your men do not understand you that it is your fault, you must talk their language plain language if you cannot express yourself clearly, maybe because you do not understand the subject yourself. Think things through carefully before you try to explain, say, go a little. Extreme, worship a little simplicity in their leader, and to be worthy in the eyes of his men, would do well to follow these commands number one be competent number two
be loyal to your men as well as to your country and army number three no your men understand them. Love them be proud of them. Number four accept responsibility. And give clear, decisive orders, number five teach your men by putting them through the necessary action number six give only necessary orders bought number seven get things done. Number eight be fair, number nine work, hard number ten remember that a leader is a symbol. Men need to respect and trust you don't let them down. So there you they rapid. All back into from everything we started
Started this thing talking about when we talk about discipline and obedience. This whole thing about. Being a leader has nothing to do with obedience. It has to do with being a good leader and that's how they wrap up that chapter. That's so solid information in there. Now this next section is about mobs and panic, and, what's interesting about this is as a human being in charge of other human beings. You have to understand how mobs and panic unfold going back, the book men in a mob act just as much in keeping with their past training in habits as they would if they were alone, but part of this training which men get from earliest childhood, is to follow the example of other individuals and also to respond to their gestures, facial expressions and tones voice as well as other as well spoken words about us. That's an inch in concept? Isn't it at any? It's a little trick statement because when it saying is hey
when you got a mob of people there, we are acting in accordance with how they ve been trained, but then you think yourself within the army than they would act that way, but it goes on to say they ve been trained since day, one to imitate other people, so you're actually fighting against the rest of their training when you're trying to get them to not do something that everyone. It is doing and by the way, it's it's important thing that usually is beneficial and goes in some of that here. When a soldier misunderstands a command, he starts to executed as he interpreted it suppose in the middle of a movement, he become suddenly aware that the other men in ranks are doing something very different immediately. He correct his action to do what others are doing, so, most of the time, its beneficial that little mob mentality In the same way, the sight of a leader running or galloping to the rear and combat area may start a whole company heading after him, on the double his example can be home as much a command as or order ass. His words, mostly
It is a good thing that men naturally follow the example of others. It makes the world run more smoothly, yet the good principle has vicious result when mobs form or panic starts. Why me jobs for mobs form, because some One event or condition has brought people together and captured. Tension of every person in the crowd using the mob is angry about something, and it is in its aim. The excitement makes it ready for action panic storm fear is something else so that differentiate between the mob is angry and the mob. That is afraid. That's panicking. Besides, common focus of attention. So that's one element is a common folks of attention. Emotion is characteristic of all mobs the mob is driven by powerful emotion. It isn't this necessarily crazy to do something. It wants action, so we only takes a cry of Lynch him or burn it to set the mob in motion mostly
get into a crowd. You join it. You do just what other people do site of others seizing stones or starting an attack, so grips the men watching them that they think of no other course of action. Mobs, therefore, are on critical, interesting statements about mobs. I'm sorry think when have you been a part of a mob before no mean in that regard? Now I've been at some shows, and by that I mean hard core strolled back in the day where the mob would start to get something, but you know like whether was breaking down a barrier in yeah you get swept up in that mob mentality. Its group think. This one's talk about panic soldiers do not often for mobs mob action among soldiers usually occurs when they are away from the usual reminders and circumstances of discipline when they are on leave and mingling with
and from other organizations without leadership, but panic can occur in the best RO the thoroughly season troops it can occur in the midst of combat some of the grid roots in history have been case, of panic, the panicked group, is much like a mob, but it acts from fear, not anger. Its attention is focused on the object of fear, its fought and its talk is of danger and disaster. Its aim is escape. Action becomes deaf, it s more, like only when obstacles to escape are encountered, it doesn't much to set off a panic among troops who are panic, ripe a single cry of gas or run or we are cut off, may start a mad flight and hear talks about panic. Rightness anything that makes men. Tents on air Jittery and oversensitive too slight noises,
hidden sites or sudden movements will make them easy victims of panic for this region. Prolonged anxiety makes me panic ripe, so over fatigue too much beer or corrupt or hangover. So does lack of proper food especially deficiency of bee vitamins and soda. Exhaustion, from lack of sleep prolonged explore you're too noise and alarm of modern battle may produce the jumpy state of mind from which panic arises, One main cause of panic is lack of training. Training must cover practice in defence and retreat as well as in attack. If panic is to be avoided, if the retreat is not to turn into a route the sight of one or several men running to the rear, the sight of others throwing away their gear weapons may cause a general scramble and discarding of arms
bad morale was another cause of panic or sometimes plays an important part in ready men for panic, poor leadership and make the ground ready for panic in peril the confidence in command necessary to hold troops to the performance of duty. How to stop a panic. This is very important. Once a panic has begun. The only way to halt it is to capture attention and then provide provide Positive, clear commands leaders must act with decision, firmness and courage. If no officer is present any self possessed, man can assume leadership and give this. Dared man what they need clear, confident direction. So I think that the importance to port import price, you gotta, get their attention and then you gotta give simple, clear, concise comments. Positive comments, and then it goes on to say, but the best way to stop a panic is never to have it at all times,
in all men thoroughly, so that they have confidence in themselves, their leaders, their weapons, train, their leaders and select the best of them. Let good leaders bill that's good morale, avoid hunger thirst and boredom as much as possible to do in war and all the conditions that lead to nervous tension and complaint. If you could not avoid them and war, is no bed of roses, fight them with good morale fight, the feeling of in Security tell the man all they need to know. Let them know all possible information about the enemy where he is. What he's like? How we, Ex what weapons use using last not least build up faith be sure the men know why they are fighting why it is cause, let them be sure that their officers are with them all the way, faith in an idea.
Deal plus faith in your leaders, plus faith in other fellows in your unit, can win victory against superior forces. So there you go, you watch out for that Next section, differences among races in people's minds total war has placed a new responsibility on the shore shoulders of the soldier. Once is only task- was to straw, the enemy but now Psychological warfare requires him to play a new rule. He must help in allies for Uncle SAM in many strange lance, and this is what we always think of World WAR Ii. What we think of world war, two for sure, as hey this is not a war. You not worried about hearts and minds which was the campaign It really in Vietnam, it was hearts and minds its where that kind of originated, and certainly in Iraq and Afghanistan, we all those guys didn't have to with his back in the day. If we deal with this now, we
We have to worry about the civilian populousness guess what were wrong team. Forty two they're talking about this it goes into. There are no infallible recipes for making friends the world around, but there are two basic rules for all soldiers. Manual psychological arms number one mb and your manners number two understand and respect the manners of strangers, especially strangers, who might help both you and the as for which you are fighting, see is pretty obvious and no one thinks that in world WAR two they had a watch their manners, but you do next. Talk about race color of the skin is often the basis for prejudice, because it is so clearly a badge of difference between peoples. A mark that sets one people apart as different as not
one of US Eric and whites have been prejudice not only against black skins, but also against, yellow and against copper skins of the american Indian, the United states excluded both Japs and chinese from immigration, when our western states became afraid of their cheap labour and the German Keyser, invented the slogan, the yellow peril. When he went to unite Europe against the asiatic. Sir What I find interesting about this whole thing is this: is nineteen forty two? So this? is pre civil rights Movement in America. And yet we find the military forward, leaning on, Civil rights and we'll get to that sometimes The prejudice against the negroes flared up in the army, it is not problem, however, in a camp where it is well understood that is so would in the United States uniform is a soldier, not
or a negro christian? Jus rich man or poor, but us Roger and as much worthy of respect and Everyone feels race prejudice. There are plenty of white men. Constantly meeting in working with black brown and yellow men of education, culture, brains, inability these Men know that skin color is not a sign of inferiority or spirit or periodically and they tend to forget about it or at least to regard it is our regarded as unimportant. These Men are numerous in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, where the races are mixed up in business and in politics. The american soldier will be on the right track, when he realizes that the differences are superficial. Other races, while different from his own, are not necessarily inferior, He will know that he cannot tell just from a man's color weather
Man will bind up his wounds guide him to a hospital when he has lost feed him if he is hungry or help him repel enemy. Invaders, will help him to remember that skin color in itself means nothing about the intelligence. Wisdom, honesty, break we or kindliness of a man? If he studies carefully, people of other races whom he meets. He can say- as for himself that this is true so again, night. Teen forty two priest, civil rights and military, saying, hey, guess what folks ray doesn't matter. And by the way, is still a segregated army. But they're moving in the right direction. How to when friends in foreign lands. Ever american soldier in a foreign land becomes an american diplomats. He has his role,
to play in making strange people into Americans America's friends here some rules. He will find helpful again this so interesting to read, because I'm telling you, when you're in the military think all these guys back the Nike World WAR. Two didn't have to worry about that. This went over there. Your task. Here they were getting the briefs the brief briefest, the big brief and hear some things that that will help you be a good diplomat. And this is applicable legacy, but when you don't work with a new company, guess what. You wanna you what you do want to win the hearts and minds: here's a couple tips, one! try! First of all the understand, strange customs habits and ways of thinkings number to respect that customs and habits of thought, even when you can't understand them, and even when they seem unpleasant or a feminist or crazy. Three
when you cannot respect foreign countries, then suppress your disapproval. Stifle your emotions, when you can respect foreign customs, show it you can win many friends for America in this simple way. Five when you associate with foreign people, try to adopt their manners. Do not ask them to adopt yours, sir ass, your own peculiarities, as far as possible, when they are contrary to the customs of the land, number seven, foreign costumes are none of your business than mind. Only your own business number, be friendly. After all, the only way to make other men like you is to like them a number. Ninety people as they come like them for what they are Not for the way they happened to measure up to your own standards, what you expected of them! So
really good guidance just in general for humans, those interesting never What would you say if it's like, if their customs or affair and it earlier so that remember what is learning spanish in high school and they are talking about this difference between Spanish in Spain in Mexico. And if you know it's different castilian, spanish verses, that's where they speak in Spain offer yeah in Mexico, the speaker of the God Mexican Spanish, fast so I remember you know that part of the you know the course talking about different customs and something so Wait. You know him in Spain they say the essence with less legatee or disease arises. Is this Libya, but there this one custom that I can remember
they're like all yet not uncommon, to see like men holding hands there for it. You know, like a you, have your honor but guys just holding hands. That's how you know- and I remember thinking him- that's interesting. You know, because that something that's really far from custom here but we will have our hands like our arm around. You know when you're Katy get your arm for on your boys. You have no you're, not you're, not just walking around like that again When you're, ok, you're a kid you're walking off the football. The old, after a good play sure you might have your own re area, you not walk, on the sidewalk radio movie with your body does not happening vs. So you right in that that custom of holding hands is really common throughout, like dude holding hands is a real common throughout the rest of the world, like lots of different places. Do that and it's definitely we they get some funny situations where the the seal. That's you know soon,
remarked YO at ease, wherever working with some in some foreign country and some guys communal David you're talking to him, they start to like him a worthy sergeant, long we're just our whole may have on our walk over the galley This isn T rise relate not out somebody needs to breathe you on our citizens. We don T know very well. According to the book, that's what I'm saying give delegation I gotta do you know just go ahead and anyway oh yeah, that's the kind of thing that that is rough for Americans, specially American do needs to get over we're just gonna walk round Hold man's or, like you know how in Europe delight kiss not necessarily on the lips necessarily right, but we have achieved great bright. He tried to kiss me on the cheek deadened boot doubt make be weird
for the day me out. They re really weird for if I suddenly ran yet no kissing his is no factor in much of the world. The arid forgot to kiss another guy later good to see you plant, one army, warm period. Americans, like a good to see you keep my personal space Yale by actually need to be honest, I don't care, people who actually so my friends? They eat awesome the italian mafia kind of thing like Bilbil you, you know and will do this on my friends, they kind of you we know what the new thing broke down my personal space more than anything else. Yes, they do. Yes, judges is the whole thing of like hugging, another dude. When you see him, I think that stemmed from Jujitsu Opera I don't remember ever doing that before digital my eyes think more, but it is, as cuz you just do so close. Anyways that you, you know you're just like that's the way it is so
jitsu once again spreading for the whisper customs around the world by writing their boundaries, Vicki Railway boundaries. It broke out loud, whose work for me in Hawaii there's a lot of kissing that goes on mostly between like, between settling in all girls, in guys like even like, if it's like your friends, wife, you kiss him on the cheek. That's how like it's! In fact, if don't its color else. Kurdistan irish kind of thing a huge deal, but it's like it's that normal in a way but rising guys. You know, I don't I don't we that that's initially someone kiss me on my cheek when they saw me- and it was a guy lovely bro whatever like that. Wouldn't that would move either way there be like we're fine, but I'm saying, if you did you, like a specific type of personality,
you. Like that's a new thing for Jacques. I guess it would be a new explorations again. There is a time when I think we're doing like Facebook live or something and we're done what cauliflower ear in Rome in I was like oil cited familiar by lay a few years are like softened than a wind, and you are right next minute in a like, like Flickr, here, something when I watch the live later. The look on your faces, like you, were genuinely not in a big we were genuinely slightly offended by other than your letter to my ear legacy. Room micro is out there. I was at my Jujitsu Academy, one thousand Virginia Beach, and there was buddy, mind, another seal and I'd God. Minden Jitsu, and he was a small guy like one forty one Eighty five scenario in, but you is like a white belt had been training and what not end dumb we were both so now we training and one night
I showed up the academy we both showed up at the same time like some. What time it in this academy was Gustavo, Machado and Google is his nickname great dude and so we in Goobers Academy at the time, was pre small and had one after in the bathroom, is where you would change so that put your Guiana whatever so my buddy goes in there and he's our changing and me being just like a team guy, I'm like whenever I'm gone into so and he's the law smaller than me and I'm a blue belt time seen others does that level of you know like key knows that the situation unfolds I can submit him that's the way it is, and so I asked in the bathroom and he's in there he's changing so he's you refuse complete naked, but he was pretty close and I come in and just drop my rip off. My shirt drop. My shorts and end can, I hear him go
those girls, a wrinkle by happy place. We will start eleven but yeah. Don't care about any of that stuff zone. There you go tryin, train except other people's customs, and don't Try impose your customs on them. Or you're not doing good for the diplomacy of the country Yeah, like even when you gonna, like France, not to keep the customs in going to long, but will it be France or wherever it's a hard one saw Lizzie you go to the beach where they can go topless there than each right. What, if you're with me, wife or whatever your wife, sick, all were in friends. I want to go topless, you know. How do you feel about that? Whatever all good, I don't think we're
onto a topless beach actually look at what he wanted together. She doesn't all right there you go and fix the way. I would see it that were so conservative right in that crazy. We're super conservative right, yeah, actually puritans are legit yeah, I'd like to pee since the men doing when there's a little thread of puritanism up in new england- and I was like that you- I can dig it at a topless- I would let totally let my wife go totally accept, If there is anyone there that we knew interesting. So like you for my brothers, friends or if my unless it was heard girlfriend though anchor but yeah, with any of our friends that we knew there were guys diy. That would bother me think my wife would just be. You should be wearing a swimsuit. This is no real big disk option.
It would you where you know how they were like the more work like the trunks that are like Speedo take trunks. That's how in you know it's the speed, oh yeah Yale. Would that be all you? Are we not reading with our sir shorts? I break books as at us in Brazil. You know it's gotta somehow, yet Dean Lister this the I'm good friends with the sure he went through a phase of wearing a son go a lot to train it Unlike that at all these basic, we were at a speed of beating me yeah. You go with no shirt to order so that some where that continues to do that other show all those thou there used to be pretty common. Definitely faded right now offers did that the idea of just wherein the tidy whitey some guy, yeah we grappling you, have drunk ravisher Assyria fully, but
beach though you gotTA, Blair, Brazil, Brazil, you're normal. That's that's the custom, but not you you're, not gonna die that custom American do I know about you when you go these foreign lands to american Foreign Affairs box me, I'm just saying the books it I did say the book said you know, and you just know, you're going to disobey that I would have liked, but yeah, I'm gonna stick to the shore dish we do a rear. Sir, you don't yes trying to frame me up rumor. Rumor is the most primitive way and spreading stories by passing on from mouth to mouth. It is just as inefficient, inaccurate and unaccountable as it is primitive Rumours are repeated by even by those who do not believe the tales. That's an interesting statement in its very true this is the this is an interesting state when you look at it from the viewpoint of fake news right now in russian lots room are repeated by even those who do not believe the tales there's a fascination about them. The reason is that
cleverly designed is that clear We design rumours, give expression to something deep in the hearts of the victims. The fears suspicions forbidden hopes or daydreams, which they hesitate to voice directly So if a commanding officer can keep track of the rumours that are going around among his men, he will learn a great deal about their current fears and hopes. You will have us. With barometer that registers the rises and falls of their morale, that's a good point. People are freaked out, we're gonna get attacked them, endeavouring was afraid that they're gonna get attacked or we're not going, you're not going home on time. Ok, everyone's concerned about that, so pay attention to those rumors, A rumor is not always a lie. Always a malicious story, and there are uses of rumour in war. You can use it for disarray. You can use it as a smokescreen. You can use it for discrediting new sources. This is a special technique in do not
dime. Now, different kinds of rumours. There's the pipe dream. Rumour I thought pipe dream was a modern turn. There's the pie, dream, rumour which depends on wishful thinking, his pleasure in believing in repeating what you hope is true the bogeyman, rumor is the opposite of the pipe dream. It expresses fear not a wish. Wedge driving. Rumour, perhaps them the dangers of all is the rumour that attempts to create hostility and distrust between allies or between particular groups within a country. So you have to watch out for that, What makes rumour work- and I think this is pretty most important part of a second rumours thrive on fertile soil- what soils fertile lack of information about important things. Favor
Rumours encourage by discontent, frustration, boredom and idleness expectation fosters rumors. Censorship, since it blocks in news favours rumor. And from those that you can get to how to control rumour one in you're good faith in official communications. If the public loses confidence in the reliability of the communications of the forces and of the press and radio, then room begin to spread fast. So you gotta tell the truth. To develop, faith and leaders. People can stand, people Stand censorship and lack of news when they feel they are sure that they are not being told falsehoods and that one because the people that leadership is not explaining why leaders for the president to the humblest school teacher from the general to the corporal.
Three present as many facts as possible. Let the press, radio give as full and circumstantial news as they can without giving too much aid the enemy, but the arms This is due say: men want facts when they kick it facts they take raiment, This is something that all the time it s front, we're going to accompany them, having problems with the rulers, the prisoner I'm promises. Rumours is because the people, the Leadership is not explaining what is happening. So there's for whatever reason they decide. They're gonna closed down of location. You know me it's because the rent do I look for different space? Maybe it's because the market had dropped down, there's so much that there was a museum losing money, but what's the rumour we you don't tell me what the rumours we're out of business of the regime down pleasant in whatever way down, find a new job. So when you don't explain to people what's going on it
I just out of a guy leader, who had to get rid of somebody and then it turned into a big e mail craziness, where the guy that got fired. Sent his closing emails. Everyone going to miss you guys I'm sorry that didn't work out. I hope this doesn't bowed. Bad for everyone else like one of those right, classy email. So in the guise Don't what you're willing to do this? I shouldn't have to like respond, and I said you don't have to respond but if you don't respond these people, to create they're gonna run with everything he said so craft and email and say: hey everyone sorry to see Billy go. Billy? We wish you luck, or maybe you don't include billion email, in fact, probably wouldn't. But
sorry to see Billy go here's. What happened! Here's! What unfolded here is our financial situation. We actually lose money in his division not for one month, not for three months, but for fourteen straight months I I had asked him repeatedly to conduct or you'd make these changes he had made any changes and, although I like, Billy. As a person. I couldn't sacrifice everyone at this company for one person, what we need is to be profitable. And with billion charge that division we're losing money and as the leader, I can't allow loyalty to one person to trump. My loyalty to everyone. Here, therefore had to let him go now. We ve got that rumour under control. Next keep men and women busy was. It was one That meter was told me this
We are endeavouring to do this before Tell everyone an email what's going on, but you never had an email right email, relatively new euro, and so not like somebody, you sending out en masse email throwing darts it Sir is it everyone, from their email for men and women, busy private- idleness and more monotony empty minds are easily filled with untruths and worries idle hands, make busy tongues fight rumour mongering campaign against, rumour expose it his enemy propaganda, discredit. Specific rumours is inaccurate and false. Caricature, rumour martyrs, and this section is called psychological warfare interesting. We enough death can be inflicted upon the bodies of an enemy destruction upon property, but defeat is a conquest of the Mai
in total war, economic, military and psychological action are all used to bring about submission in the enemy economic. Action deprives the enemy, vital materials. Military action destroys his armies by killing capturing scattering. The soldiers smashing were captured. The guns, tanks, planes, trucks and supplies, but it is six As for psychological action in the end, deprives the enemy of his will to resist and can spoil the individual soldier as a fighting machine by removing the one thing that makes him fight the hope of success the soldier, without hope, is like a tank without gas. When you come right now, to it all: warfare, military an economic to is psychological warfare. Since willingness to surrender is a state of mind, all these different means are used to bring about a change of mind to convert
determination to resist into willingness to accept defeat. Chief tool, psychological warfare, the one that is most peculiarly, particularly psychological, is propaganda, Since propaganda tries to change opinion. The people who plan propaganda have to know all the opinions of those they are trying to change. You camping How would you about changing anything unless you know what it is? You are trying to change. Good point: it's all about how you figure out what people's opinions are, you have. They gather that information and how pay for that information than it talks about a little bit about propaganda. The truth is the best propaganda, propaganda does not have to be dishonest or lying. Hitler said that a lie will be believed if it is big enough- and it may be, first, but the big lion.
Don't stand up eventually, the truth, catches them and on masks them the goal of propaganda. Is always a change in the state of mind. Good propaganda always starts from a fact there is, formula for victory and psychological warfare. One the enemy must be weary. He must be sick and tired. And discouraged to the second step, and psychological warfare is to turn disillusionment into despair, to convince the weary enemy. That victory is impossible. The third step is to promise something better. Show him away out the cornered beast fight to the death unless he sees a way of escape for or after the creation of despair. After the promise of something better, there is left, there is left still one further.
Step, four, psychological warfare. The enemy must be led to fix the blame on his own leaders. The soldier who surrenders when he could have fought on must have some excuse and he will find it if his discipline broken down by his conviction that his own leaders are responsible for unnecessary predicament. That last step may come of itself. The propaganda can help. It was a really important steps and, if you think about them, if you think about them from a leadership perspective, they're very, very powerful, if you think about them business perspective. They are very, very powerful and when you know the office, you also have to understand the defence against psychological warfare number one trust the enemy. Remember that broadcasting
What's don't necessarily come from the sources from which they claim to come from and by the way that also applies to emails. Articles tweets, social media posts, Russian Botz, because because, even though a story starts off with what you know to be true: don't trust the interpretation that is tat onto the truth and so dont, except for, interpretation, you hear about the reason a battle was won or lost, or the reason there isn't any more coffee wait. The first story is the best propaganda, because it has no other story to overcome, but it is not necessarily the best for you to believe but in general, don't trust the enemy, don't trust the end If he turns friendly fear him or better understand that he's up to no good. If you were captured. Just your name rank and serial number, nothing else just be
he seems friendly and well meaning dont spill things you think are unimportant wraps up with it. Trust only your own leaders there, for you trust them and be wise, that's it kind of an interesting waited to to finish up that book. Is that statement trust them You wise trust you leaders, but but at the same I'd, be you gonna pay attention that, because it's alive counter to trust right, it's in trust but be wise, and I actually agree with that question everything be wise question everything question leaders, don't All people blindly, you can put your trust in them sure, but at the same time you have to be wise, be wise to question,
wise to try and understand their decisions? be wise enough to disobey them. Should they choose to lead in a manner that is detrimental to the mission, to the strategy Dick objectives and to Common sense- and you know what you gotta be wise- not just about your leaders but about everyone, seek to understand and seek to understand people which you do by watching in by observed. In them and by listening them, and you know one thing that we do people do, spend a lot of time on output. We are sending all the time we are talking all the time. We are poor information out all the time,
beyond receive mode, a little bit more learned, listening at more learn to capture and absorb and utilise what other people reveal. And when you do that, you corner a better understanding of them of yourself of team of your enemy, the nature the battle itself and the nature of humans themselves. So listen and learn and understand. So that you can become wise, because if you become wise, then you can win in that pops up this incredible book. Psychology for the fighting man. What
you know about yourself and others are right so echo. I know you ve got some, hopefully some information to tell us how to become a little bit wiser near in our movement down the path in our movement towards winning in all aspects of life, in this total war that we are fighting on a daily basis in all directions. Yes, sir, I do we got, we got it, It is one of the many ways and now what can a gear we gonna get get when we do to forging geeky that answer Do people have not been asking me that recently that's that will hopefully it's good. That signifies they already know they know yeah. Of leaders signify that paper slowing down starting you did to actually which you know what I know from different input.
Receiving it about resigned on received Morena that people are starting did you. Jesus is still just finished. My first jujitsu class got the area just finish. Much reduced, Klesmer tire just finished: we're just gonna first strike on their white by oil, so people are getting on the path for sure and stayin cause. I'm hearing about blue belts, not the answer is that what we ve been that mode? Four, for, like maybe a year almost word, thus be pursuing the get bluebell to turn see bluebells emerge. Strides sir, you are the there were seen. Blue belts were three years little over three years deep in the pot aghast we should have our first we potential, Jacko, podcast black belt within seven years, is my prediction: yeah right. I would say every ten years now will it take. Maybe it took a few months before people started. Gonna camera start this digital stuff cause he's gasped won't stop talking yeah area. But I was going
addressing tournaments. This is this is awesome, going arresting tournaments and having kids that are freshman in high school, so there are thirteen fourteen years old guess what stardom grappling little duck all right now, little book away, the war, Uruguay and we're yeah yeah way the warrior kid got them on the path, and so they started that when they were eleven years old to three years ago and they read way the warrior kid you're, not a rustle and then come up to me, sir. My name's ready and I started wrestling because I got into Jujitsu. Thank you. So that's one of the best thing has happened a long time we. Why? Because I know that that kid is gonna- have a legitimate a better life because they know how to do. Did you two and Russell their life will be better, so if you're doing you you get, origin jpg Genji maiden
occur, designed specifically for I Kido, no four judo, no four hop Kido Nope design. For one thing: brazilian Jujitsu, that's what it made for you another Merrick with own philosophy by black belt. By Jujitsu black belt people made message, it is urgent you got some other close up their tee shirts, sweatshirts workin on boots. I can't talk about Yeah causing people be made from the next whatever, as we try and get we really do. We have the machinery in place. We got models being bill, I have apparently you don't have a pension are, quite you know, on the inner inner circle, yet You don't really despondent. When I said that's, ok anyway, ok, kiss you later,
You get all these things that origin main dot com, other stuff on there like supplements motion Britain supplements gal, live weight whatever and have always had, probably like maybe fifteen years, her voice had like this elbow like I wouldn't call attendant Ninus, although we have had ten the nightmare of something. That is an elbow thing yet and so when I first got, and joint warfare and the cruel oil going. I away complete when awakened So recently I got like heavy back into limb like man I can, you can go right, so sort of starts to come back, but now it's like this phase we're off like right. Now. If I try to do like a close grip push up or someone like like right now in this cold room, all feel it the amount of sets that I have the due to warm up are now reduced to one.
Usually have every single set of what it was like three slash, four at the warm up, and my first thought I could feel it, but I couldn't over. It was like that. So it's like a and I'm getting older, making younger. It seems obvious, but given the way, my elbow feels Pianola. Reviews on people for joint warfare are awesome. Yeah full are that they get that work he's been bother them for so long and they get on the warfare throw on Chris oil and you feel good. It's you what makes it, in my opinion, the most important, Parliament, every kind of sediment allows you to work here exactly where we are harder. So true joint worker boom get that super krill oil, some added antioxidants in there. And then discipline witches. It's a combination of do things. It's a little physical energy boost and a mental cognitive increase income. Ass need! Think that's discipline the drink,
discipline, go is that but It's in the form of a pill so or wait. The coroner capsule tops the capsule. I told Brian All these little hey man discipline, I'm addicted to drink, which I love it. Thank you for free helping me get this to the world. However, if open stage and talk for two hours? I can't pound two bottles of discipline. You know why it's a real simple reason It is what it is. It's a biological reason drink. Two leaders of water, even after the bathroom Ottawa, to have to stop a lot a minute. Crowd over seven hundred people, I'm going to go ahead. Real quick, that's not so took the day upon formula. We made it into a.
Capsule. Now I can just pop three discipline when I'm gonna need, when I'm gonna need that little the ledge you dont, as Jason Gardener- put it to me. Word searching gets reduced to zero. The word search anymore in your head. You know you're saying the so is Ok then, there's that energy during one version, ray the energy drink is coming, is not yet all the video J, yes or Jim boom. Clearly the energy drain is made. Rain is made but production yet and I'm gonna go into why, while the reason why not in production is because of the way we are producing it, away that? No one else is doing. The bottom line is there's all kinds of. Would you call energy? Is open energy drinks out the right now, they're, not good for you, because then you can get to an energy drink, that's good, for you is actually jock awake
that's the only thing you can get because it tastes good. It's gotten I've seen some antioxidants were taken that to the next level, with the discipline go ready. Drink and again here hasty wishes and is actually good for you. This is the difference, so that'll be out I'm guessing were probably not looking for another two months. So no reason to get all excited you I'll, let you know what it is all out there. In the meantime, the discipline powder is a good. Variant for now, but yeah. Despite gonna, can it's really it's gear nailed it dearly I that for pulls the air they're gone. I lay I mean I'm down, I don't drink energy drinks, but if there's like one there that, like, I knows, gonna taste good, I'm pennant them cannon like those you know so thou and was like. Are there they were gone and that's the thing is it it? It tastes. Good, which is awesome. It's actually good for you.
You know, there's no differently is just yeah, so go also got mark droning it on train. Yet for some additional protein, In addition to your rabbis stakes year, M: here's the thing like where's, your tomahawk rabbis dick, nothing! You need additional protein. If you're, get out either straight up, otherwise your body, what each itself we want that to happen in Ottawa, even if you dont need additional protein. You know too need dessert. Yeah so luckily Mark It's all right! What is Mark was this mean it means really tasty nectar he's gonna make you stronger and you can add for dessert done having dessert, you will get done within think all. I still want some ice cream. I know you like I'm done with em down. Another great were good you. What
ok, so I made this hugely knew new little dish in my little whatever near so I go! A great omelette, with like take like levy bilge risk in normal jerry. So you know, for example, on my wife made pot, roast radios lay a pot roses little garrison there. You know this potatoes in their yes, so I'll take some left over pot rose and I'll make an egg wait. Omelette with the pot rose rate, seems kind of what a, but whatever the leftovers is most part all make an omelette within made it in good. That's like good nutrients idea solid, like posts were now whatever oil is good too. In and you don't know sugar. No, you know it's like legit intentionally good, so I pound that. So Lastly, the net for work on like men, I'm so not only did I get a good healthy deletion
little meal that I made em like you know how you have had in the mood for some the and in a way in a week, mind in a manner of speaking we could, you can be like hey. I had such a healthy dinner. I can cut it off exercise, some freedom on the dessert little bit, but I mixed up the monk. Double win, win stain on the discipline path and your foot when you're gonna fall like that. Sometimes you need a giant stake when you're still, even though your pretty full You want to have a little dessert, yet yeah little ones scoop hitter. Yet my little ones group hitter yeah Maybe I will say, I've been mixing less milk and more mark a yes all. So girls, like a little it straight up, milkshake hitter as well brother Theo Van would say to also worry kid mock. That's for the kids in things,
Four kids strawberry ratings to without the good on this was strawberry. Chocolate is there, that's the only two right now ran right now and then the strawberry that's going go to the regular monk pretty soon common border on also jugglers Don't you on the path? Good, of course, stand the bath, but if you represent while you're on the have we got some shirts free if you want displaying whose freedom so good one these two versions of that by the way is looming over old and new You know yes in their both in the game for good ways to represent some who is on their also more rash guards. So you wanna, representing people, have been representing tournaments competitions. You know with get After it and on the rash guard these earlier when you see people straight rapid acting in the competition bigtime logical, so again, hats
Like sweet hats, United, we might discontinue the Eurocrats but words her fear that labelling will give it. I would we have contributed as euro credit for cell and that that was so. Will we have both truckers had and likes it at all. Hoodies. Oh, it already said he's anyway gone there, Jackal stored dot com. If you like something to get something represent, some wild supports True Salvador yourself, jock await t. Ok, Any can yes, ok little bitter caffeine in their antioxidants, deadly eight thousand pounds, that's good, it's good like my wife, did Lizzie thou more! four miles: taste compared to the energy drink. I know you mean energy drink in general. Know your just recently girl. She would not call it an energy drink. I wouldn't
I would call it something else. I would call a disciplined go here. No, I think all will the jury start amount cause it's kind of in energy drink a problem is energy journalism is not good for you want the stigma things are literally bad for you. All think about talent, unless decoy tee, not an energy drinks, actual tee sort of certified organic. U s d sort of organic, so yeah it in can or will you call it too loose? No less Leslie dry gesture on the bags or whatever so good on Charles also subscribe to the pond gas. If you dont subscribe to the park ass than echoes Mickey telling you, if I dont tell you as quickly as possible to subscribe to the park ass to do that and don't worry about the warrior. Our gas, because your kids need two should be the path
I hate to say this: not by you We well know in addition to you telling us, in addition to u turn him in some, because if you remember when you kid you do. One was near dad, you don't want it wasn't your mom. You cannot always thought will you may be just the I might look. I might only be eleven years old, but I think I know a little bit better than my dad for sharing at the very least it he don't understand. So Uncle James can talk to your kid, get him on the path. Let him know what's up the warrior kid so, but the Irish Oaks ranch dot com, young Aden, young. I make it so having its own business by material growing the material. Get some of that so that you can stay. Yeah Youtube subscribed to the Youtube Channel. So you can see echoes logic, videos, technically, you don't have to Well just check it outlined, but you have you want, subscribed it's a good subscribe like a comment,
anyway sailor. Who is she bore for those that don't know we do have you to turn off you if you're interested in the video version you lack of Charles, looks like If you wanted to comment that echo looks jacked or is Jack, there is yoked than you that their earlier don't forget about psychological warfare. It's an album to help. You, through moments of weakness by hearing pragmatic in for me. About why you should stay on the path that is it Itunes. Google play mp3, What films? It's true, also your home Jim, when you bending cause, we're always expanding. I know Many of you use the good on it so and not come slashed Jacko goods, but good equipment of all kinds. Jim, also information on their so yeah. When you get into kettlebells, could you gotta do kettlebells terrible's good? Yes, so you want some info on their boldness
we can get a lot of good stuff on there going on it dot com. Slash juggle! I wrote a bunch of books if you want to get the books go to juggle broadcaster com and then click on the various books. Making the dragon is a book that I wrote its were little kids, but everyone get something out of it in its own course story that rhymes delivered very eloquently if enough eloquent, the word eloquent is even compatible with with you, as a whole concept or whatever, but I will all use it very eloquent check. So making the dragons for kids. So for kids way the warrior kid and way the warrior kid too, which is called Marks mission and also of the warrior three
which is called where there is a will, and that book is coming out in the spring, get your kid these books, because they will point them in the right direction. On so many things. I wish I had these books when I was a kid so badly and I hope that the kids, you know, read these books and get themselves on the path If an adult you no need to get on the path given, the display was freedom feel manual which tells people how to get after it. Everybody needs to know how to get after it. In my opinion, a good little daily, read not a normal book. Different is very low. Subject, I went out and then of course, there is extreme ownership. The first book that I wrote with my brother leaf band and also weeds just released last year, dichotomy of leadership and I'm starting to think there's people start to comment that dyke
Maybe leadership is now starting to emerge from the shadow of his older brother and we're starting to think that dichotomy, leadership is going to be a little bit more yoked, more jacked and may usurped the older brother man being the one that people really dial into so check him out, also speaking a books. If you want this book psychology for them. Fighting man Morine the books it Jacko covers, got him on a page on Jocapa Guess: dot com on the top books from episodes citizen tat, many books were absorbed bomb. I got him by episode available right. There If you want to know my reading my reading list, I reckon did reading list. That's my recommended reading list. That's it it's Jocapa gas dot, com the little tablets, s books from the episodes, and then you can get them
So that's that that's a bunch of books, books in our written other books. You can be educated by books. It of educate me, that's front leadership insulting we solved. I'm sorry leadership! That's we do me We ve happened, J P to know they ve Burke, Flint, Cochrane, MIKE's really might. By my end, we are at echelon, front dot, com. Also the muster coming up. Two thousand nineteen may two thousand three hundred and twenty four in Chicago September, 19th, two thousand and eighteen Denver December. Fourth and fifth and Sydney. Go to extreme ownership, dot com to register every The event that we have done has sole about these absolutely going to start to, and I thought I just talk to or ops, director, Jamie and she's the we're ahead on sales and also cool guy. I'm glad we got so many more seats and she's at what can I go? Don't we have done? We have new
five hundred seats or some signal the biggest. We could get six are basically the same size of San Francisco, seven. Fifty So it's gonna sell out very quickly. So if you want to come, please just go in on the phone online. Active training leadership during the day? we did this because front is not big enough and cannot oh quickly enough to train everyone that requests training. So what we did to scale What we do is put it, what we do, into an online platform, interactive very engaging it's. What we do with companies, and now we can do it through the computer screen, so e f online go and check that out
And finally, the F over watches, where we take proven leaders from the battle held from special operations and combat aviation, and we embed them into companies where they can then help that company lead and why that's. It e f over watchdog com, if you're one of those veterans looking for follow on career or you're, one of those companies that needs people that understand the mindset that we talk about in the books and on this podcast gotta eat. Over watch dot com and thank you for listening, and if you haven't had enough of us in three hours straight and you want to communicate with us some more that's fine. We are available on the into webs on Twitter, on Instagram and on her face.
Echo is at ECHO Charles and I am at Java willing and of course, thanks to our military personnel for standing watch around the world. You protect our freedom and we are. Indebted to you. We are also indebted to our police law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, Auntie, em, tease, correctional officers, border patrol all first responders. You keep us safe and we thank you for your service and sacrifice as well and to everyone out. Listening, remember, How many lessons this book gives about the way we think about the way we act about the way we follow and about the way we lead and remember, That a good leader doesn't handle his man, a good leader handles himself, that's some of the best advice for leadership and life. I've heard in a long time so following handle yourself, keep yourself in check.
Keep yourself on the path led yourself, so that you become a person at others follow in, they will follow you on the path, the path of discipline, the path of righteousness and the path that leads to peace and freedom. So until next time this is ECHO and Jacko out.
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