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169: The Slippery Slope, Half-Truths, and Getting Back on The Path, with Jody Mitic.

2019-03-20 | 🔗

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0:01:51 – Jody Mitic: Slippery slope, half-truths, but back On The Path

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This is Jacko Podcast number one. Sixty nine Charles in me, Jack o willing good evening of good evening, and tonight we have a return guessed by the knee. Of Jody, so before listening to this podcast. If you have not listened to podcast twenty four, twenty five and one eleven then go. Back and listen to those podcast. First you can hear about, Jody he's lying growing up joining the creating an army trials and tribulations in the Canadian. Me his successes and his failures how he eventually became a sniper served overseas, eventual Afghanistan, where he was wounded badly, lost both of his legs but drove on became a successful politician in the city
of Ottawa and was carrying on with his life, but things were not is per we on the inside, as they might have appeared on the outside. When Jody came back on four podcast one, eleven. I had a suspicion that things might not being going That great there seem to be something lurking just beneath the surface and for whatever reason and there no good reason that I can give If I didn't say anything, Actually talk to a couple, my bodies, who thought the same thing who said man Jody, didn't quite sound right on that and It was the same thing that I thought it was the same thing that I could say in my God and my gut was right
was more going on behind the scenes and Jody. Is back today to explain where he's been. What happened how he slipped off the path and how he has gotten back on it. So Jody Java, welcome back beg your brother and I guess I mean that more ways than one young man so talk to me brow. Getting worse Getting wounded. Sacked and an you know you when I was your last January. On January twenty eighteen, I think Kelly and I rolled through Kelly. I wasn't there, but a of anybody can see or hear, but Kelly's fiance, my best friend she's present, these present launching on youtube- so is our dog Athena. But anyway yeah man I am, I said
two thousand and seven to two thousand. Seventeen pretending I had prosthetic feet they did get Braden Matter. I guess I did my feet, blown off and now Kelly saw what had like at some point after I was elected, supposition, Iraq's your city counselor. So I think I do know you call him aldermen down your mean something because I had just come off the amazing race, Canada, and I was second place on that. So I was popular in Canada, and so they help me when the election, but also raise my profile in Canada, and so they made me the sports Commissioner for the city- and I was the veterans liaison- things like that in My personal relationship was gone, that well. You know things I get so things in the background. Like you said, of life, What's it all, you look like the perfect family, but you know legates what else you can put on Facebook red area. That's what
for- and you know we're just going in different directions and that's fine, so I actually, we actually split up and moved out and fall of sixteen and I found the De Politics job frankly, as eager and as I was to serve because politics, despite what most people think is service, your country most politicians could probably made too how much money doing other things Just like like when my book came out unflinching, I had that deal in place before I campaigning and I was well well and so the amazing rakes rates. I was like one of these things will work turned I got I got I gotta when you know what colored craps re through and you get. The days are good in seven with every rule of the shown worked and then the book worked and then
and then the election. I want it. So I had all these things to juggle you know and and one about when I got elected- and I was like happy about it, because I would like medically retiring that in twenty fourteen I medically retired and I didn't want to forest? Like all soldiers ray we want to carry on oath, I want to train worse neighbour, even more troops, but anyway, service in my country. Awesome and you know people something like going out for the seals. That's not what you see on tv and it's this in that and you go Ok and of course you know that, but in two there there is really no way. No one can prepare you for re use, to actually live. Yeah like Cyprus school. You have to go like there's no way to repair. Unless you do it. So I apologise is the same in and I'm a street guy- and you know we are honourable men, for the most part, and we do our best to stick to our word. Indian and politics.
I'm not saying that it's not that but there's a whole lot of pretending. And by pretending I mean you, to say one thing and mean another they know it's not necessarily lying, but it's under sir, the truth and and the political brinkmanship that is with that job means always holding your cards very tight and when I know what I mean: I'm a combat, you know I'm I'm I'm action, we're getting things done in although that worked in a lot of ways for politics and in a lot of other ways, it it wasn't meshing. So I had no, I haven't, colleagues on council that I they liked and hung out with, but for was part, I didn't have any friends that makes sense, am I soldier, brothers and sisters they were around, but now I am this guy who's of a politician and a best selling off there, and I was an amazing re, so whenever I hung out it was leg: hey, let's talk about what you're doing me and I'm like
can we just talk about the last. You have sea or hey, what's going on at the unit or what's the latest equipment acquire acquired? That's cool people are inviting me places on the guest of honor here, and this is- and I would like I'm missing, just being Jody, Vietnam and, and God The point where I was and then on top of it my legs, we're not cooperating like they just Didn'T- want to take the beating of everyday life anymore and so to drink it again and Anna was drinking too the mask the pain, mostly, but also with a look like when you, first of all how How long did you stopped drinking for, or did complain ever stop drinking, but I was because I got addicted to the opiates purred me because it addicted to my oxy cotton. I didn't want to take payments XO. At the end of a day long day, so I'd show up at the office usually between six and eight
you know give depending on what was going on and what committees I was sitting on of council. What meetings and and politics- is all about being places to shake hands as well. And that's love that part meeting people talking to people its awesome. I have no do you mean, may I go on and I can I get along with the other two level The government and it was fine and go places in you represent veterans, and that's important thing for me, and you know the whole point again into politics has to be a better representative for my brothers and sisters at that are now veterans yeah cause. I'm gonna throw this out there were you talked about how when you're a politician year serving a country and unfortunately there is a lot of politicians that when their politicians there serving themselves- and I'm sure you must have seen that- and I know that's what makes people get that stereo, typical negative attitude towards politician. Tat is often
times, politicians are just looking out for their best interests, yeah, whether that means they're doing things inside their district beak They just want to get something for themselves like more money, but but often times there is doing what they need to do to get reelected. I was just stare self serving will that's that thing with politics? Is it your self serving? It's it's! It's a catch! Twenty two right? And you didn't you just pointed it out rate like five year reelected! I can still continued to do this for my community, but I to get reelected. Why do this to get reelected, and then I can do this from a community it's kind of a guide where the game yeah it's at your favor worthy dichotomy of of politics, so clear, often, though, I found myself There is one thing were my stuff: were, and it was in its in know the stupidest things I can can get you especially at city level, the hardest level of politics in ice.
In Canada anywhere about here, but is the city level, the municipal level because you are? You are plugin and ninety percent of most people's daily lives, flushing water, for our toil its flushing water running nine one one working the dog park, what you know of being cleaned up the grass in o snow ploughed if you're in Canada here again sir I'll. What are you guys storm drain that maybe get plug now and then potholes and models as part of the huge issue, and I will actually so you know what it's you're always on, so you go around. You meet people in end, so you know I love that part, but my legs started to just go, and so I didn't want to take the pills and and what causes that is it just rich and be down on your leg? Long everyday. It's like you know your your elbows are designed for a certain amount of wheat bearing rate and the skin. There can handle it, but try way bearing on your for, our unless you really work at it in all
and even then, the skin there will never take wait like your elbows will and that's what happens with with process eggs and with amputations, and so I was also wearing my legs and what called a section with a section system. Round me that I put over my leg before I put them into the socket? Has a gasket? Can it pushes the air out and its pushes the air out and it's a one way out and so then its liked and sort of action right- and so vacuum was constantly pulling on the leg and for me, people have no issue by for whatever reason and I looked around- and I realise that most double bologna amputees use a sleeve so now I use asleep, but at the time because every layer is that much more dexterity lost in the movement of unique right. And, unlike I'm gonna echo before the show like I
I've done things with prosthetics at most of the two guys that make them are like I've. Never seen anybody break it. This way like or I've, never seen this type of damage or, like you did, what lay you're not supposed to do these things as a double amputee, and so I just one of the most mobility possible. I was actually losing mobility because of the pain that I was putting myself through some I bought my skin just couldn't handle that constant suction. And so on. So I was drinking at United, our group, my teeth and at the end of the day we go to the public's. The city hall. Have a few drinks talk from politics and usually I'm the last one there an end like this. Did it did it escalate to that later, you, like oh yeah, I wouldn't have a couple drinks and then it's like oh yeah couple drinks and most people are gone. That's all I'm still find in it. So you look around like on the last person here all oh, it's been three weeks. It up been the last person here. It was like three months is six month so then like and I was no now you know and then in city count like the insight politics of of
the hall was Jody. You know if you want a party called Yoshi You know where, where where is Jodi at that's, where the fun is- and you know- and I'm not saying like it- was like crazy things that you see it on house of cards or anyone that but If there is an event I was there, you know lino again like fer a bit of it was avoiding going home. When dealing with that situation properly and then the more pain I was it and then you know and then the more pain I'm in the more I'm I'm drinking and then more I'm drinking, and then you just put you saw through more damage rate like you out later, but because you are feeling it you're out later, then you causing more damage, So I move out fall of sixteen and then a spring of seventeen. My legs are just there done. There just think like I I came back. I did this thing in Canada CALL Canada reads in its nationals thing where rooted, they give you read a book and then you try to get it to win the contest and it's a week Toronto and- and I did that,
gritted my way through it, and then I got home, and I was at my old house with with my acts of my kids and and and I took my legs off after I just I went there straight from the flight because I want to see the girls and I took my legs off and like she would like my axe. She was there than I was wounded, and she said that she'd never heard me in the ten year. She's no me make those types of paint sounds from pain, and I took my legs off and it was. It was just like torture. I because while you have the pressure on n and you're using them like a condom. Spain and ankle. Maybe you know when you go around on nomes for yeah that'd, but at the end of the day, when you get off, take the weight off, that's when it really hurts that's basely would happen and she was a while I've never heard you make those noises. You must be a real pain. So after that, just couldn't where my legs anymore, and that's like I mean no. I saw you almost a year later I was still in my wheelchair, how much of that is, I knew you were
going hard working hard, how much that is cause you're spending an extra three four hours based and around at the bar drinking. How much of that is because the at the damage that alcohol is doing to your system, yellow how much of it is self imposed? Good fifty percent I'd say yeah, I mean just getting out of bed and putting the legs on hurt, and then you know its aid gets like again when you five, I I always go to the ankle cause I used to sprain them. Allow when I had them, and that success in infantry guy, but I learned how to- them- and I did some exercises but by the like once getting into your boot once you're in there, though, in your place it up, and you usually good to go that rape. So that's what I was doing, every single morning for like a year, and then like it, and then you know I'm just gonna say it now. I started abusing cooking and to go because you know when you have a few drinks, you start the wobble and and Unfortunately, I picked up the habit after my first rotation, Afghanistan. It was like colleague of seeking
at thrill again I don't know I'm sure you ve had a lot of troops. Tell you this type of thing, but an and it goes at your system and a couple days and afterwards we'd is there for months at a time no, I didn't I didn't watched anything since my high school. When my buddies, hot mom sold hash me, my other body would hang out and buy I'd buy it. I never only smoke like three times, but anyway, there you're out even longer you still wearing your legs. Even longer, and you know and any and what was the what was the matter. You just do you gotta just said: oh, yes, drinking in the nose doing some poking yeah. For me, that's a big step like I mean well, we need the icon, here's the thing I won't be, will understand what open that door up where I you series yourself, you know what I'm a politician or I'm a wounded vat. I can do kind of whatever I want. All that was part of the ice,
because I had so much success and I was so much now. It was my name on the on the door you know, and and in and at first like I went in with full intentions of being doing the honourable thing in this and being being a stand, a guy in it. I think I will as for a lot apart, but where I started going down as when it was the booze. In the end, they Coke started to fill in the gaps where I should have been at home or in the or are things like I was seeking immediate reward. You know like, I would like say a powered through a week of pain and unlike drawing up early and going because I was right until I moved out of the house like, I was training for body building show eyes, looking good as feeling good, I was going here has gone there a kind of started, being arrogant. You know like like I Jody Medic and I were, my ass off, I'm gonna Party, my ass off this weekend, because I can and then and from the weekend to ok, it's Thursday
you know, and we had no meetings tomorrow at City Hall. So I'm going to sleep in tomorrow because Tonight, I'm gone and there is always events. There's always Vance written, go and eat and drink and meet people and look cool and and I was the guy who Did amazing race wrote a book got where governments have Afghanistan powered his way back? That did it I got elected. You know like I was always on display. It fell to know So when I was allowed to be myself, I kind of just let loose I'd like that the fuse on them on the rocket, with anyone advising you was anyone more polio, aside, gonna hate bro, you know tighten the cell because I was the man in my world. I was I who's in charge lake. My assistant, He tried his best bird. You know it's not something like leaving even Kehl like she was around for a little bit. Legacy has only just walk: go, hey, Jacko, fucking, sorry cut it hey juggle. Are you don't coke?
the less you of their relationship with someone. You can't just open that door very late, are you are you? Are you jacking needles up your arm? What are you doing, hair out, like you know what I mean like you can't just so, and, like I said I was the man in my life. My whole world ways like. I was so in charge I kind of drink my own Kool aid for a about you. Obviously, all the time and one of the things I say when I talk about egos, is when our believing your own Brian brought the worst put yourself in a position where No one even has the the balls, to come up to you and say hey. I think you could do this little bit differently. And even if they do or they turn hint at it. You kind of steamroller cause you're the man, and this is what that situation is where you are looking to yourself, thinkin, ok what what am I really doing right now? How does it work now? What in my view, for a law-
time. It all worked out, fine dear which all that does is solidify your beliefs. Twenty year on the show you come, and secondly, came in second with no legs that every eyes like ours, what ways rice sprinted passed a sprint that girl Selina. She was a splinter in high school and I sprinted pastor and I'm I'm getting older, and you know my kid I'm just I was what I just by which started being like it was. It was Saturday night and then it was began there, and then it was take a forty we get and then next thing I knew I was out because I didn't need to go home and I saw the kids on the weekends stuff. So I just I was well to manipulate, might and I'm the Bosman. Schedule your manipulating everything, including yourself, because your be rationalized so funny, because it's not like You dont see this play out over and over and over again with fraud with famous people right,
famous people that all the Sunday dig it up. They get a role in a movie or they they do something they do. They get recruited you're, a professional sports team next thing you, no one can tell me anything. They're gonna go and they're gonna go hard and the other thing happens is get surrounded with yes, men people just tell you oh yeah yeah, you do everyone and, in my opinion, a lot of times. Those yes men through there actually digging dirt. There actually possibly two other either try to hook onto you and get what they cannot. Do you and ride your coattail as at present or there's someone I just looking to make you fall down cause they're jealous a hundred percent. I was surrounded by both Annam, not and a view around me analysing this. I'm not saying that was you there are some people that might be listening. That know exactly what they were in my life at the time and looking back on its lake You know what I'm doing a map Ricky after the after them of the mission or something and you go-
How did I not see that there that object or that obstacle right there. How did I miss that? when it so obvious. So you know I spent so I think its impact. To like this pause for second, though, because people go into these situations all time and what you have to do is you have to be? You have to do a nap study like yours, and you have to do reconnaissance. You have to look around and say hey, maybe I don't exactly where I am. Maybe I need to look for some of these obstacles. Maybe I just need to look for some of these obvious pitfalls that I'm going to look back in five years and I'm going to say that person was a leech or oh, I was being an idiot or O. Everyone was fuelling the fires, they could get more out of me and well that's the way it is. If you are aware of that that you're gonna get yourself in that situation. The problem is. The problem is get in that situation you're supposed to be self aware, but you can't because
that situation right is that's twenty two and I gotta tell ya man when you doing the amount of drinking and then the amount of drugs, I was doing you it's impossible. Dear you're, Europe ability to think of of lions and self later theirs for dissolves and guys, like you and me, and aunt were supposed to you know it were warriors- were led this an hour's both avid altogether, but it's actually is for common and are in our inner and our community, and because we're so used to being on point. I think for me what happened was I was so used to be on point that I just never occurred to me. I was and it to occur, my kids, even my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, my assistants, my a cup good friends to Canada. Start to turn the ship and when I was here last time, the ship had joined barely started to turn. I had just before
you can't drove down here. I just quit drink and a new year's which was actually pretty easy and beyond I just I hadn't used since we turn to the road trip and we saw you like- I think in the last half of it so fell like oh, I dont. Obviously, I'm not addicted. I can go three weeks or whatever was and until two twenty seventeen was the down and then twenty thousand and eighteen was a bit of a levelling out and then I had a hard crash rape for New year's this year, yeah guess, whatever couple months ago, and that's when her Kelly, And everyone said: if you don't go to rehab, you're gonna lose at all, so I, after back
because I am sorry that you jump like you're like oh then levelled and crash, and because I because what for me, what I want to see is I want to be able to recognise warning signs better right, yeah. I know I'm trying, I'm I'm glossing beat me. Did you get in trouble? We your governmental job, with your political position yet did people eventually say because I remember at one point you a meeting. You miss him several meetings and in all this it turned into a what's this guy's problem. Yes, in politics. You know as much as your your own boss and offer for municipal level in Canada be grown on Terrio, because we don't have a party system at that level apparent you had your own party says I rise party, and I know that I was the party but the time when you are earning as when its budget time, and that
you're fighting for your. U year, community get the dollars that it deserves her. That programmes are me sorry the programmes that you believe in your eyes are there to say. I think that this needs more money here. This universe shift That's when you really make here, make your money or make in your pay as a politician, and so does so to speak in and I just shut up you can mess up the whole year, but if you're not therefore budget that some people, starting on hey man, what's goin on and a really good friend of mine who is one of the bigger is the biggest meetings of the year and are the most important things that you have to do. The most important things you have to do to represent the community that elected you and yours Jordan, I Erin for you, you know, and I get roof. A good friend of mine, who is also a big as I did. I can't keep covered for you, Oh and I get roof a good friend of mine who is also a big political reporter in Canada called me one day. He said you need meet me for lunch. Or are you just you
you gotta, say somethin or else you're going down, and I was like what and so I met him for lunch and I didn't Anon really did want to and and he's like. This is what gonna, be said. If you don't say anything any site I'm telling you this as a friend, I've known you since way before you, you were Jody Medic, I've known you for an irish at you and euro- you ve always been straight and you ve stopped you're not be straight anymore and you're not being honest, not answering questions and he's like this. World your it now dude like this is how you have to handle it and so, coming down in doing your show. Last time was kind of part of that come Jesus when you want you to do that. What did you do like a story that reporters I've been? You did sort of I'm guilty, but I only told half the story colleague like I was telling you only half extreme ownership Isaac half of the owners. Yes, I admitted to drinking, but I couldn't still didn't, have an immediate admit to the drugs
and it was the reaction of the public support, mostly a lot of them. I mean therein, politics. The best part of politics is no matter. How awesome you think you are. There is always someone even you are as awesome as you think you are someone out. There is going to say no you're, not an and so I had ninety percent of the public say. You know we understand and you ve been through a lot in this mad and and we said where'd. You were here for you and fight on and you're a fighter in, and it was love, and I and I took it in and and fuelled me honestly for a long time through twenty eighteen. I really is trying in an unknown bag and if you please stop drinking yeah, I beg of yeah. I could, bringing new, we quit drinking both of us quivering new year's eve, so in our view is December, odyssey, eight English, twenty seventeen, so new year's eve we stop drinking and there I spent the rest of the year. Try! to address a twenty eighteen aft, especially after the ice,
wearing your shirts, ray the good with the faces of those shirts I have of yours? I I couldn't like my in my mind, I didn't deserve it. I could, only a gear books are up on the shelf. I couldn't even look at it my book up on a shelf. I couldn't look at it. I too eighteen, I, like you I've drinking- and I admitted to my problem, but then I had to deal with the emotional in psychological effects of realising our complete loser. In my mind, right, like a cause, as a kid when you grew up what was somebody to drugs? A loser was someone that so could you draws cocaine at this time? I have both had a break. I do I managed to stop for a bit, but you know My relationship with my with my former partner wasn't was anything but but awesome and you know- and it's not saying batter good about me or her, but it's just like that's what happens in relation brings up. I'm on,
massive scrutiny by the public and the media. Now in Ottawa, I'm under I'm under a lot of just a lot of different stressors are coming in. You know me I just I just couldn't get anything together. Do I meant stop drinking and I was about my only success. So does it, Coke make you feel like Momentary like ok, I've got this order just covered up funny how It makes you think of other things. At first you just everything is awesome, but eventually it stops working and its staff starts being like it's an opposite, and it's just like they say it is essential. It starts to try to rewire your brain. I remember coming off Archie cotton and it was harder than getting wounded. Coming off, Coke isn't harder than getting wounded, but it's easier to get back on, doesn't make sense, I probably quit three times a week for while there
I gotta go to three he's doing good. Today I didn't get it and then the slightest lake push by that another don't think it's got care and pushing a water boil, see it right there, I'm pushing it the slightest push one half a degree off my access on the compass and now is it that was it April. And about it and get it? I didn't get a drink, but it was laid out while I need it, the slightest Strasser and I would add, I'd go off and I I stopped having the ability to deal with life. My life's problems, you know and on top of that, for a lot of that year, oh no. Well, twenty after I got back from the road trip where I saw you guys last I did. Legs back on, but just like nothing just everytime I felt like I was like up a couple runs and ladder at fall back a couple and I was making progress, but not the.
Progress. Some unlike got like me as used to. I'm used to like being in control. If I don't want to do something, I don't do it and I want to do something. I do it, and this is one of those ones, and I remember when I admitted to my psychologist, two thousand two hundred and two two thousand and nine ish cuz. I, like I said I picked up. I tried cocaine back in two thousand and three for after my first wrote it Afghanistan, and you know it was like- I- ok, that's cool whatever. I didn't really do you think about it. Long time after, but she said, that one that one could get. You view just be careful. Oh did she, actually said, watch out. But this is in two thousand and nine After a wounded, she said: what will you do to stretch to be released? unlike while you know on the weekend, they my girlfriend will drink and do little and and she's. I live coke
I know you have a real casual way of scientists and tat. Will Simon it's my life but its seat? Look. They admitted to work as I trust illegally. No matter what you need, someone you can talk to. I live. I believe that you know what do sometimes people develop, personalities that they gave me to figure out how to make things happen right so Frances some They just have a way of talk. Do you ever known some one that can like say something really horrible, but they then they say something else they kind of like. Can recover from you don't feel all that bad or you get it sounds like. Maybe you developed a technique of being like just talking about this in such a way that people that all you know he's if he's talking other such controlled way. It's not a big deal. You know s, probably not that big video converter you're talkin about it to me. That's all I talked about myself because I even had a military doctor, and I don't even know if this is the real thing tell me I have an anti addictive personality raises,
you getting the most, and this is what is called ray you're getting the biggest reinforcements for your bad behaviour out everything you do use you win and succeed. Even you can stuff raw. Imagine if I've done everything sober, but but yeah anyway. She said that in that and that a goat, and then you know what I I I didn't even realise the how do you know what word to use like the fact that I almost lost my career in the 90s, because I was with a friend who bought cocaine and you can read that in the in the book. If I think we talked about here regard wrote an idea, I'd never done it at that point, and I didn't want to do it, but I didn't want my friend to go alone into some sleazy Bart barn anyway, and here I am against all rationalization by the way and you're gonna, rational. That was a ninety seven here I M and twenty seventeen losing everything to cooking losing Everything and I thought ox Cart- was my problem right or the booze
and it turns out legged just I couldn't sleep this dragon. You know oh, we in all twenty eighteen was a lot of up and down up and down up and down and and I gloss over it be as its there's too much talk about podcast, but you I would message back every now and then and even the luxuries anyhow. I went through my you'd Texan and I saw you said the enemy of flayed me in this and that twenty nine eighteen was me. Figuring out how to regroup and reorganise and and I'm still and I realize to dude Lake- anyone has been wounded, inaction, action or hurt in life recovery. Is it takes to its gimme me twelve years and I'm not even recovered from get blown up. Yet All right for the show we are talking about We pride dogma, the first time measure, because I recognize this a long time ago. I was prepared to die get that awesome wound I can bring about at the barbecue when I'm old.
We sent a lotta bandages embody bags Afghanistan as as a force and I do you guys do at first? We did you think about all the career, ending injuries that are possible because we are draft easily, where the greatest to her. He should. Professional soldiers I saw myself retiring. Add I and know the ages year, but probably fifty five grizzled old, Urgent, are worn officer, I'll go and then teach the teach shooting at the canadian Army sniper school we and other as contractors contractor. I don't I just never saw myself not being a soldier, and- and you know what I realize this the other day, the pollack it was a band aid. The tv, shows the books, the podcast. These are all part of me. Finding a way, but I'm back in know I'm instructing shooting again, you know. What's friends on back to advocating for veterans again in all which I can have time worm on trying to work. I quit
I could run again for politics and one easily, even with all my troubles I could I didn't want to, I want to be like jock. Oh, I want to work for myself. Do listen we're out of order for myself, but when you were, I think in the first or deafening the second time you came down and you're telling me about all this all the stuff did you have. Put up with everyday all these you're dealing with, and I just bro Why don't you just not do that job? Bulgaria because the job? Satisfaction that you're getting out of it is none getting a little bit, but basically you're not getting any real job. Satisfaction, you're having to say things that you don't really feel like saying, you're having to talk people. Are you really don't feel like talking to? and meanwhile you're dealing with the fact that you lost your legs in Afghanistan. Every freakin day, as is, is as presents challenges anyways. Presenting yourself of challenges that, don't enjoy it's one thing to say: oh I'm gonna go! Do
jujitsu today and it's a challenge but its challenge. I enjoy or only go for IRAN today, but it's a challenge. I enjoyed nothing to say how many go do this challenge that I do not like, and I dont get anything out of. That's me was was, and is the first time remaining to me. It was the first time we met and we were at echoes brothers, Many were your hard cash was an you Your advice rang the Uno Kelly and I had a long talk before I announced I wouldn't run again and she said the same thing she says, remember, Jacko said: squeeze it worth the juice. That's the way she put it. That's why she was right. When I got home I told her what we talked about. Kelly America's friends back then and and stuff, but you know it's there. It was a big, my sister, my baby sister. Actually, she she said you know. I knew you wouldn't last and politics not big She- and I wasn't an insult- you said you just do not you not the right person, like your personality. Is it isn't the political side of things here?
and I want to work for myself and I love my podcast. His back up. We ve done a couple. Episodes in all were still figure. No Kelly and I want to do online. Coaching now for people like we ve got some hard, miles between us. We want to try and help people avoid some. We ve gone through and I'm or start and I'm just starting to like wander unbecoming lake guy and were could be orbic. We ices acres, we're a team. Were like the guy and confer we just wander, can a wanderer under the wonder the earthen and make our own soil gradual and but we know what we do more work in a day now like it, it doesn't seem like work but We we get more accomplished in a day or two now than we used to in two weeks, because it for ourselves- and it's just and it's fun- no, but I mean we're we're just starting, but I mean you know back to the story. I just dumb. I ask myself and I finally have come. I think close to full, Sir
back to who I was except on forty two and I, set that I lost my legs and I accept that my career ended and I accept that I'm a complete mess up If I let myself be, and I accept but I'm a human being because of it. Don't know anyone who doesn't have any flaws, but your book you're extreme ownership in the way at I've, always even before I the term extreme ownership, ask anyone who knows me, I might not tell you that all of the things about me or about my life, but I'm not gonna bullshit. You gonna lie about things I don't matter I know everything matters. If something can matter, if you're not lying about something, because it doesn't matter but there's some things that are none of your business but I even you don't anyone who knows me knows that I don't bullshit for the most part, as you know, sometimes our message that with just for fun, but
and that's just the way I want to live my life and and- and I was bullshitting myself- you you her my kids, the public all the people that supported me supported, for half truth. This is why I told you your listeners deserve to have Jody. Come back and then say: Hagen SK. As a lawyer, listeners Bro, like dude, I don't want to tear up or anything a man or whatever, but I get a message minimum one a week since the last show minimum. Often it's four five ten Hey man heard you on Jacko thanks for being so truthful abode problems and it helped me quit drinking. Your help me get back into Jim dissident eye for an eye. Had to come back and just say hey guys like you You're back in the Jim. I haven't been the gems October twenty sixteen, I not You can't believe it, but after
genetic genetics I mean I'm just saying like a fraud dude and I hated it and night. She would watch me like just I would get a message and I believe in like throw the phone and she be like, if you get another message from somebody heard you on Jaco and I'm like yeah and ike- pod gases order we found in the book. I gotta made twice as much money on that book. If I had been, together enough up here to tour with more too over the end? Extorted done my job, but I was compromising myself so much on on the on the front end that on the back- and I couldn't keep it up so had ever like. Do do politics, or do the book well, candy, both well. I being able to multi task in everything, and I did Pokemon, the show and say sorry to you guys and all the listeners and just say it, and I know a lot of mistakes. You don't know what that I owe you had for me. Please. You know, I owe you guys yeah. I supported me, but you deserve the true
and the truth is, I was doing a lot more than drinking and I did thirty days in rehab at the end of the latter. When did I go in right after Christmas, and I am back on a path of righteousness. If you want to call it that I am trying to a tone- I'm trying to rebuild some bridges I burned and I've had people not return call, and I don't blame. I was I was I was that guy, you see in the movies for good, solid three three months after the end of the year, I could add, went full I want to say that word by what I just. I went full full dummy and I realize and oxides area why I'm here zero point one. What led you to say that You are going to go to react. Hu I mean for the cliche. Is you know what was rock bottom at? What point is you looked yourself and say? Damn I gotta get my shit together now
my girls needed me. Kelly needed me. My mom needed me, my dad, my if, if everyone in your life is telling you there's a problem, there is a problem and they manage to get through the. Static? Those in my head and Kelly has had some serious what health issues that were being held. By my behaviour, to say the least, she suffered. Do you mind if I tell them so she had a hysterectomy right in twenty. Fed twenty seventeen, which is all part of the story, and she, He died on the Aubrey, he's got sepsis and then almost died, the time our relationship wasn't an open thing and I couldn't be therefore- and then my leg stop working and we couldn't be there for each other, even in private, and so that was twenty two contains or she's trying to,
look after me and herself in her in her own relationships but anyway, so she had. She had a cardiac moment from. Stress of watching me destroy myself so Kelly a cardiac moment, my daughter there were crying in all, whereas daddy, where are your always and then you're, always late to get us or, and then one were with you. You sleep and my mom for my mom and my dad to agree on something which is Jody needs, help was out, another light bulb and I was still in here somewhere like at still there and is best in being so self reflective and if you ever have to go in through anything like this its again. This is something you can't know: one condition right and everybody's is different and you're. Looking for the rock bottom, I had a couple and every one of them was in my end. My point of view,
My relationship with the people I love was on thin ice. If my best friend my soul, mate and my future wife, the person I want to marry is saying My health cannot sustain this. So, I will have to leave you because, from from my own health, never mind you you'd my health that's when I was like. Ok will. Obviously I say I got it. This isn't working. What is it look like data day when you're doing so much cocaine that its cause on all these issues, because I actually don't know good and probably never will know hopefully yeah and if you do I'll fly down here and we'll figure it out. But that's the thing is you Leslie believe everyone's against you honestly believe there is no right move. You can make except calling that guy, who has the stuff
then, and even though to a point where I knew exactly were doing the coke would lead and I didn't care I didn't care I'd waste another day. Are another usually was three days were, were completely wasted What what does it look like when you wait three days to buy a bunch of cocaine? You do a bunch and then you know you want. You can only do so much right before you feel. Like you just said you physically just can't do more than you can or are you the annual and because up of who I am and the way my mind works of always aware of ok, there's Oda, is possible. There's just your body can physically give out if you, like, your body, need sleep, Raillery greed train for that link, retrain like So I have all this information and also you know, I knew a guy who is canadian special operations, regiment, I didn't really known thou well, but
in his mind you may any would break you would say. I know what I'm gonna if I'm gonna die in a room full of cocaine hookers and he did he, to him, but he wanted to. I didn't die. I have no interesting die So you know I have all these factors and then it's weird, but at near the end of all and here's another rock bottom moment. I started buying booze again because booze and coke, like one brings you up and then the other one brings it down and they That's why they go together so well. If that's what you're looking for, but dont, kids, ok, So you do bunch of coke. Were you when you say Way street is what are you doing? There is no like hyper productive, hey I'm gonna go round your oral got, not when you're in. State of mind. I was at first YAP up a little bit. What take you through the weekend and you'd get it your email and box at empty. Am I not make some here
Pies might not make a lot of sense, but you get through them You might read that book. You been wanting to do and you might binge why like friends or something I've been washed a lot of mindless tv on Coke, like friends, how I met your mother, the mute the Show House scrubbs things it didn't matter. Couldn't watch I love documentaries, but I couldn't watch them because they made me too sad. I couldn't watch ones that were about people like success, is because I feel like a failure. So, All this meaningless tv that's what I would do she'd come by and I'd be watching. Like episode. Three hundred of how I met your mother, I have a piece of data, to box there with one slaves with one bite out of it and maybe I was drinking like a protein shaker something yet I had to hide your ivory brown hydrate, and so I am gate she job with a sick baggage, gator aid and alpha brain or like another generic new tropic
because I was a thing as a guideline is I got my new tropics abbot. And so that's three days, because I was wearing my legs, I literally sat on the couch like look at my posturing. Now this is from sitting on the couch fur like a year straight, like I gotTA lake work now. No, and I and Yemen you just some of your behavior is unexplainable and I'll tell you right now. I did some some behaviour that I'm just like you know. I don't know it's its island of all, and am I wasn't evil or anything. But I was not a good guy. A good guy, I'm lucky to have her next to me. I'm lucky tat. My kid still talk to me. I'm lucky my mom didn't disown me. You know and at the end of the day they all came together and I I suck by Mandeb I took ownership and I went to rehab and I threw it. I did what I did in my book. You know left that line where I say I went back to training
like a godsend moved as punishment. I got sent back they're out of school had a choice. I could be the asshole that I was the first time or August up in shape with my boots. Polish, my uniform ironed and be the best candidate. A soldier that I could be, and I did that and I went to rehab. I did that and then within thirty days- they they were offered me a job, one more question about that: the bottom so you you? Basically, this happens for fruit for three days. You bite of cocaine for three days. And then you're watching tv, written beads, you're sitting around you're just in a bad place than you, run out a cocaine and then when you are not high anymore from the cocaine. Are you like? ok, I just want to get more cocaine
Basically, what happens easily go through a period of self loathing? Ok, I was going to say only point when you were you when you sober up and you go gang Why am I doing this like, while I'm here a lot, but also it's a joke in the community are those that ensure that partake because it's called the cook. Blues because you're sick has been hijacked and hard wired and been its colleague when you trust, your engine right and you nature, say till a red lines eventually there's nothing left so that happens as soon as you lake. Let the nature out the the engine catlike. How goes it has no power for a while until cooled cools off at space. We will you go through and the only way to remedy it. If less you power through the three to three to three days or the weak. Depending on how long your binge was. Till your serotonin levels come back and it takes. It can take a night
At this point I was abusing fur year rate like steady, while action by the end of last year, it was two years steady. Twenty. Seventeen twenty eighteen are basically a right off for me as much as, God, certain things done a lot of it was a right off, but you go through as soon as its done. Your like. I'm never doing this again, oh my god, I can't coke I'd, call her handling. I'm sorry. I can't believe I do we, like you re, like I've, heard that before we know at first it was optimism. Ok good yet will work on this together and then Then you know what and then I go said you know remember what I said. An inch off as as myth or whatever, now it, a millimeter, and you like our it Fortunately the guy delivers. You know so dearly I have to get you, don't you have to get dressed? He just comes the Doorn Diagonal, an input and my tab and you know, and yet, and even when and when that guy says, are you sure
that's another indication like when the guy who's makes money of you being an idiot. Thanks, you're, an idiot you gotta start thinking. Life choices and you know I did it. I went through a man. I am again I'm here to tell the truth, you in listeners, because whether watch If there are new to lake, I can't hide it and to to pretend I just had some issues like a lot of people are you here in the media rate, are there there haven't some issues to say what it is managed was soon. As I went on the show in Ottawa, the same guy who, Who came to me and I and I did the and I went on a show, and I said it I said I did cocaine. I fell again a thousand pounds man off my shoulders and he's he's like I did not expect them I said I know man and that's how much of a bullshit artist I became an EU and I hated I hated acts even said once she said you weren't,
you weren't sneaky bullshitter before you know you got stop this and in all it's. The extreme ownership comes in here, because even when I you know when I first twenty years ago, when I first got sent back to training as punishment for being an idiot. I anyone who you to go, get arrested for going to be like. Why did had it, but by yeah yeah? That was me because we do not say no, yet oh Anne and I always try to live their way, and I lost myself to this stuff and others being honest with everyone, especially myself, and that saying that you gotta look at yourself before you. Look after anybody else's us is a hundred and fifty percent. True, you know even and Kelly's some lessons jirga? Should she didn't enough time to recover from a surgery? was killed her again, you know Species worry about that work and her kids in this yet are worried by yourself and
and again man among like a redemption, do her almost I feel like in and out and I love it love it like. We were we hurry. I figure we were, but you know somebody said summit. I went I just gotta rehab for cocaine and they went oh ok, so coffee, because I think they want to get a drink and I'm a guy's gonna rehab it's a great conversation starter or under. You're talking about rehab what what goes on there. You know it's it's a whole lot of just being told about how you're living your life it's more, usually fur cocaine, they want. Ninety days, I was only willing to commit the thirty, because I saw a little bit like that eagle, gone and stuff and I did the thirty and I did ok and, like I said there are offered me a job or like you know we were in town,
about maybe working there, but you know it's funny how lake once you, open your mind, possibilities that the way forward is is obvious. I have no business being in this town called Brok where the rehab place was but if I wasn't there kelly- and I wouldn't have found this building that one I was sending you wear it, inspired us to remind us that two years ago, when we first moved out of our how are three years, you know wholly crap, almost three years ago now, when we first moved out for our old relationships and we're trying to establish our own my goal before I collected was: I want open, Jim and I wanted to build community of positive people, and I wanted to live wake up every morning have a coffee lake,
but in my mind I have an image of me. In short, with a long sleeved t shirt, opening up the garage door and haven't like people come in with Jim. Eggs like hey Jody has gone morning, Sir I cannot say like hey, sir, but like because I'm like, unlike the leader like I'm, the on the paper, group, that's what he Kelly and I cars of Mama and Papa Bear and it won't even rehab. They started call me papa. Bear cuz. If you like, I was was twice as old as most of the people there. Most somewhere like late teens, the twenties, maybe thirty, we're three but- even the older people like there was like one woman there in her sixties and she be like a Papa bear, because that's just who we are like. I, like that you're the same you're like me, but like and Kelly's the same. We just we want to look after people. We can help it The reality would look at yourself, but anyway, Kelly comes a pick me up the well. I'm allowed given a day pass echo they let you go over the day if you're good, if you're good boy echo they let you go out on rehab,
and so we drive around. That's when I saw that building. I think I sent you picture. Do myself now Tino five. The thing was a windmill, beautiful, big, wouldn't beams like a beautiful building. Fortunately it would have been more to repair it than it would have been to buy a, but it put our minds on this path to what great area that is that we want to go back on this path of building this community, and so we want to build so are still doing it every end of it. And we should really should he killion. I drive a lot as we have our best meetings are business meetings are when were driving and and so we want open with called each q and its be a fitness wellness centre. And and it's gonna be a of a community than anything kind. You if you wanted to come chill, you can were now, I won't have a library whenever podcast POD to you, I won't have classrooms, and, and we're gonna just like be there to help. You live a better life and
and the best way for me live a good life is to help you ll have a good life, and I realize that now at even when I was in my military unit leg, even if I wasn't hungry, I grab extra food and bring it back to the boys. You know if I ve realized like there is some. Shining around two big had I'd like find a way to get my hands on it for the four further team and stuff you know I might, Obviously, when I'm looking for others, and I know, and at the same time of you know, they're looking out for you feels good to have friends and family and as an you know, a tribe around you rate agreement were tribal animal and I do not hate Fletcher was Oh Rogan, oh yeah, but he therefore sure why dont know personally brain so I met. I met Tate and twenty thirteen when I did a piece for vice at the universities, Southern California, about how they do virtual reality to tree PTSD. It's on. Their board. If you wanna, google it you'll at I mean I pretty cool in it, but anyway
TAT I was down here and I met Tate known as you did his podcast and in this house this has gone back six or seven years and I ve never met Rogan, but I mean eventually. I might I mean I know enough. People know him, but anyway the point is, he's driving, I Tate and were here and in California to do a course- a deuce german Ellie, which hate. Introduce me to the owner of this. Guy is just such a cool dude. He rents run such a nice, GM and the atmosphere, so we're gonna take a seminar and an eye I said man I wish I had what you have here in California, any and tape This is a mine chain, earn a life changing moment and I had to go. Through all this to get here. He said, build it, and I said what is it if you want to build it and I said, ok and taken me since twenty thirteen to get back to here and go through all these other things to realise like gotta build it, that's why not going into politics again means I can do whatever I want. I guess
Man will use re like it's tough legates does moment, great happiness in politics. But unless that's what you want to do like it's hard? It's very heard and guys like us, we're itself motivated to do things and waiting around for others to do their thing, just easier to do your own thing. You know, especially in a like what I know he was a german, but in Rome or to his is orders were, find an objective and kill it. That was his orders at all. I give you don't hear from me- find something and destroy it. That's the equally the mission statement that colleagues have put before us all is that we want to build this place build a community and live, are the good life, and I never be the guy was realized two years, and I am glad I was glad but it's an experience that I've learned a lot from that makes sense yeah does make sense. It does make sense, it's sort of like the thing I told
SAM Harris when he, when he was telling me that. A critical for me because I say War is horrible and awful, but I always say it's the best experience my life. And he has very hypocritical for the year and then well. They rightfully so you can't say something's, awesome and then say it's horrible, and I said well, it's like this and ask If he had ever known anyone that head had cast. And survived, and he said yes, myself along those people say I'm glad it happened. Because they get this different perspective of life and a different perspective of the web and different value of life and different value of the world and so even though you wouldn't wish it on somebody you're happy that you to go further, and so that sounds like a similar situation lower its. I always tell people, I had a great time at war right up to the last step, because it's a horrible thing to do, but it's what I trained, I volunteered to be there
you volunteered to be there like. I always say you don't, because people are people say, there's a story for me losing my feet. I say: do you know if I was a russian drafty and Afghanistan yeah piece or feel sorry for me, but I I was exactly where I want to be. You know what and the fact that one of my boys didn't die because I stepped on that, like the if the leg is out of the guy in front of you have done it I'd be dead. The guy habits that he be dead might be like. We don't know, I'm glad I was the one that stepped on it. Yeah. Like I love doing my job, it was a great gruesome. It was an amazing job been the people a year around are some of the great Human beings, you ever gonna, know on the planet. So that's what I want to rebuild. I want to rebuild this brotherhood and sisterhood this this community of of p of lake. My individuals in the saying, Sir, and yourselves with people that make you better
that's not what happens when your uncle game, so so at some point you went from this mindset of you could see where the future was. You could see, the cocaine is gonna ruin your future and you didn't care and its. Point during this you said yourself: ok, I see the future with cocaine is terrible and I'm not gonna. Go there. While it was ever life without Kelly, was lay for the kids of his life without real friends, yet all lake given peep I love you to death be around you because you know you're just not assist it's. What its heart You know, and I were I've had a few buddies go down and on an it, mostly booze like boozes, that most common one cause it's really available of their go down to the store and get it for gas, and yet all listen, I get a lot of flak, but I'm a fan of of the and I know safe injection site is like people agree with there's no such thing as safe injection. Ok, I get it, but the point is
for giving the option of a place at safer than a dumb stirred. It should have a heroine if it means we might save that life rate I am also leg redress in Canada, federally we'd legalise marijuana, was up to me. Anything people want would be regulated, taxed and taxed right, because if a boy of Jack Daniels hurts urge echo if he drinks it or hurt like if it hurts us. Someone who can be held accountable. We can trace that right down to the barrel that it was brewed in or made analogue. Whisky is fermented decision still there is the word and where If a guy shoots up behind a dumpster and dies, I don't know who to go after and who they like? Whose fault is it that has it was bad product or a good product which is usually what gives him an overdose? But you know they just the path to. You know like a is there because we can get booze at every corner. You know And so we have,
gambling sites, where you go into a casino you're, actually warned on the door like a pack of cigarettes as if you smoke this it'll be addictive and a good hurt you, I just think we need to start talking more about things, and so for me, like you know I don't like this I don't know man I just I saw that I wouldn't have the things in life because of this, saying that had taken over and I my cousin actually and twenty twenty seventy and twenty seventeen, my cousin, who I grew up with killed himself, not with that Don't mean, killed themselves in like committed suicide, he just drugged himself to death and he was addicted to it was addictive used to do it and we never. I never figure it out. I had to stop hang out with them. And I was always have an enemy to my son. We colors in or whether you think it's weird or food or whatever you want to call it. We do Kelly, I do believe or soulmate
yes, that's weird and fruitful, yes, but you can do it yet will. Thank you re not sitting so every year, if the person who you think You were put on the planet to be with says. I can't be with you the way you are that's payment, like you, gotta, take a serious look and, so sounds like that really was the critical fought in your head, that the person that you cared the most about at this moment in time is lit. We gonna walk away. She had yet- and I advise you to where I saw it I had to go to rehab to give her a break and my kids a break when you are going to have. You said yourself, I'm going there, go in there with that attitude, not Hollister boots, yet no longer a soldier. If I didn't finish that sorry ADHD, if he can tell but I went in there. Polished boots, pressed uniform I like I had my books, I made my bed. It was all a big, the basics get back there.
Six rate. We even talk about this a first time on your show ash. My head, I started and some else Eddie working out a little bit trying to get back into the little bit by started caring about what I ate again, I started taking my vitamins, I started. You know. I went in there and I know exactly what I'm like when I want to portray that tough guy attitude and that's what I did to keep people away at first, because the first ever been arrested. The us were you have we happy about it? No, yes, sir, kind of one in like I'd, been arrested leg I was the first time not the second time that is in the book, but the first anyway. I guess I'll put everything in the book. Bailey you're not very happy, and you don't need friends so I didn't go in there to make friends. So I was I was like a wall for the first week rate that let me concentrate on exactly what I was there to do. That makes sense, and so as that, as as
Was there to get better and do rehab got I it is easier, but I got better at it It's you know. It's a skill that you are actually taught. Rehab is how to be better as a rehab as are teaching you how to be better again. So what what kind of skills are they do to wake? one time. I know it sounds we buy lake. You know when you doesn't somewhere to me. I was like basic training. Almost make get up, make your bed you come to breakfast, on time. So if you were at breakfast, you lost your ability to make a phone call that night, and then, if you missed any classes during the day, you know you'd have privileges. You know given are taken as the day of the week went by now you're, you're at a place where you pay money to go as you'd. Think he'd be. How do you take privileges from someone, but they do they do I am a grown ass madame I would make a phone call a bill that I know you won't goddammit a sign that waiver, but I I
I've tried so hard that I got two like they were bringing me in. You know not. Irish presidency say too much but like within me, suddenly there thirty day, though within about I'd, say fifteen twenty days I was someone that was turned to buy the other clients and someone, that some of these staff would turn to delay for back up in a certain situation, or I guess I went Papa Beer and but when I first got there, some of the other clients told me like when I first got there. They were like this guy is a murderer, he's going to kill us all. I cuz I was just so focused and I had this look on. You know I don't you know we we we we it up in front of troops and tried. As you know, we gotta be the toughest looking. There is some of them in Ireland so I oughta do it, but I did that too, for myself more than anything else, I went account and basic training. I have to learn how to be a decent human being Look after I saw again,
a man and they took you to check checklist alot of allow my personality flaws stem from childhood I found out like what, like stuff We'll talk about frankly- and you know these things once you read the literature it. Oh, that is obvious, so you can you can see. This is a conversation that we ve been sorry, I didn't mean to be so abrupt, not anonymous. Fine boy, I mean, is I now understand that For me, understanding lay most guys Gus and girls. If I stand the cause. I can. I can deal with the action right So what if you don't understand, it's just chaos but of theirs explanation as to why my mind goes there, which then causes me. These actions are now. I can go back and deal with the cause of that behaviour is is that a better way of putting it? Nor does it does make sense, and this is something that I just talked to.
On another podcast, but the first time, I've got a recognized that there were these patterns and protocols forest. Like a logical issues. Is honestly win Jordan and I just figured that out from life right in I was explaining how the warrior kid book, how the kid get over the fear of the water, and he goes oh yeah. That's that's protocol all the exposure therapy in Sudan, psychological South works, and I just figured that out life right and then I realized that the debtor protocols for problems, and people have psychological problems. There is a proper and its just an and I was using the term brain mechanic, but somebody on Twitter said something better which his mind mechanic. So if I would and told a o the I in a psychologist there call to mind mechanic and they go in there and when there's problems they know fix those problems. I love that yeah wit, but when you're well, like me, you're
thinking, oh, that's just a bunch of what you say earlier or food, something Hippy Debbie, yet whatever it is, that the only know what's going on. But then you talk, you or or in talking to jordan- I heard him say: oh, and this is a problem that you would see, and this is how you'd fix that problem here is another problem here, two years I fix that problem. And the really strange thing is it all right, and up with just my natural instincts when somebody had this kind of problem would be ok, here's what you need to do in that area. I would just know that from dealing with a bunch of guys the past year, thirty years at we're having issues black, hey man. Oh you this problem, here's what you need to do that do this- do that and but a psychologist a mind, mechanic and look at go! Here's what's going on here with this ties into and here's how you stop this this cycle of the activity and how you move in a positive direction and that exactly what we have is its lead, and the cot like you a bad person for having these thoughts in
actions and reactions- because you know in an all here's? Why? Ok, here's where the pattern developed when you re like five or ten or than this habit buddy that we're tarnal before the show J Redmond. Yet honestly, love to talk to him because sadly him and I pray at very similar childhood and and then similar careers? You has definitely had similar, create a fact that you got sent. To whatever that that I'll school battle, school and J read me. Godsend arrange your school YO and then it's it's very because if we had some similar, I think I was a little hut more humble than him from the sound of it, but I don't know, but I, but I still out like prior close rambles guts animals got kicked at its neighbours for being arrogant? It's it's a close friend men. I said, and it was because I didn't say I said, Sir, to this major instead of calling a by his first name, because you like to be called by his first name by the snipers going to show you browser desert whatever
see my show my arrogance, maybe re. Now. Yes, yes, I know it its, but that's a things. J Redman. You know he went through all that. His book is phenomenal because I'd love to reduce comes right out and explains all these mistakes that EU aid and he did a great job redeem Nous often turn went hungry ass, great frogman. That's what I wanted and that's my job. My book, unflinching. It wasn't a let's make joy, look like on a hero. It was leg. Let's be honest clear about how you start once place and end up in another, but you have to you know, you have to realise that mistakes have happened and yelled be in force, you know, invited by forty two as a kid I thought I'd have it altogether, but now I'm still Larry, I'm so in all they got. I call myself a student, a student of the human condition cause I feel like I'm always learning and I will never know, no one's ever an expert on I dont think and a few clique think
why I you stop learning. In my opinion, I don't I know we're going a little off good idea. What are the withdraw? Who how bad as the withdraw from, because I know you know that the only thing that you're not supposed to withdraw. On your own is how could you can actually die if you're in alcohol addiction you'd stop called Turkey. You can already, if your eye, if your deep in doing you gonna I've, I quit Archie Cochrane called Turkey. I told my doctor, he said I could have had seizures and stuff could I died? but I wasn't on that higher dose then either so What when you drinking, that big video here that I'll call you that drink a lot to be announced that you were like these guys who were like drinking the whole by way of vodka every day again like to give you see the movie leaving LAS Vegas with a cage, no back there.
That guy, like he would go grocery shopping at his cut. The everyday in his cart was full of booze like this, which is actually more common than I thought I'll break its ordinary lazy. Some days get after with with a bug avant covers areas because they think you can't smell at year end, but I mean have you during enough. You can smell it, but but the withdrawals were, mostly psychological. The ads are big time. Psychological there's some physical at first is your butt. I went through a period where my body was like detoxified So let us get news Weird Zed son, in like weird places and stuff like that in and- This is from the cocaine yeah. There's nothing was from. Impurities that they get mixed with red. But then, as far as detox, you dogma deduction cookie. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry, yeah, but it I mean it's more, just like letting your brain re level re.
Self, so I went in there I stop taking any tylenol like I don't take trying to, and I kill in our work on this we're trying to get like we're. Almost sugars almost gone, I D take any pills. Are you going away from my Where were we baby we're West Virginia doing some training are not training we're who doing familiarization at a place built for three letter agencies. And my my leg we're just on fire because of the day we dad and she gave me to tell it all and to leave- and I I passed out like like that I could I didn't I know that was in the morning. Yes or I fell back to sleep because I woke up. The pain anyway. That's what I want I remember the first time I took a tall at all and I was in two after I join the army. Exercise, maybe a year later than I was in the woods. My back as little source of the meadow gave me two extra strength on all I just never.
Tunnel before, because I just by seventeen eighteen, I took it, My body felt like Amazon, unicorns and sunshine fur like three days, and I was to access, for example, when you blow blowing and drinking a Delilah. You dear that's breakfast, get over it, and- and I like that, if I one tylenol. Now my bodies, okay, now cause I'm a big guy. I need- and I usually go extra strength, I wanna take out of holding regular strengths member that airway took ass, regular string, anything you know, I have a coffee and I feel it scientists, Lake had ever anymore, So that's gonna what I'm on a bit of a mission to get back to really basic food and and then liquid intake like the cold brew that I was drinking and when we got here like there's nothing else in it s, just coffee at that had the nitrogen in it but there's no sugar noack open
oh cream, and my coffee now instead of extra large, is right, return on by a medium and small sore, turning just get get back down to a baseline of love of minimum, and working ok, but it's a daily. To my rehab guy by at least once a week still and am pictures of our travels and stuff, we got the dog. I got the service dog. Now. Does this lake in all their so busy she's such a she's, a german Shepherd Mountjoy mix there, busy dogs at lake- you just don't have time to turn to be hung over things sown and the you could drink on your own anyway. Re like here like a long time ago, well yeah. So what happened with me, as I just retired, from the Navy and in well while I was in the Navy, was pretty normal tis to drink Kelly, titled yeah, so, but when retired. I just looked up
a month later, and I haven't had anything to drink that I looked up three months later and I hadn't had anything to drink, and I looked up six months later and I'll. Let him out I have no desire to, and I must say you know you talk not having an addictive personality, and I think I truly do not have an addictive personality. I think that other than maybe like something like this Jitsu or some like that, which I definitely got pretty fanatic about, and I still have a hard time with withdrawals. If I do get to train for a certain amount of time what it is say, you're dickie oh yeah de MR One time said I was addicted to power. If it was a domination yeah, you know I was. I am jog little. I was given him a hard time about not training, hassling him and telling me you know you're you're, just addicted to that. No, and he said you're gonna get yearn attic too, and as one of my addicted to Nieces Europe, Europe
the power, but a if you can do it on the and then on the mats better than becoming like a dictator, but The point is for me is when I I, Never even like I would say, maybe in my mid twenties, I would get fired up like hey like we Michael too. They would be. The end will be a Friday and we just got done was marred training and some random city anyway, oh yeah we're gonna go and have a good time to night. It was more about like Hanover, now go and have a good time, but tonight then it was I. I really need a beer yeah me too, and so as I did, that that was just kind of normal and there was definitely the problem it With that attitude. Is there people have addictive personalities and alcohol is ruined, all kinds of guys in the symptoms and all kinds of guys. The military, because really is the slippery slope to go from all, and if s just normal to hey, it's
Tuesday night, I'm at home, I'm alone and ominous, the twelve back that's pretty slip, slippery slope that people people through, actually just haven't Jason gardener on an hee hee, was he quadrillion just like maybe a couple months ago, but you. So how much are you drinking? He goes you doin and come home and I'd crackle. Open and then I'd crackling open before dinner. That had happened during dinner. They have one after dinner and then we would have one before I go to bed with their six beers he's not a big guy. So six beers is, like you know, he's good is even said like, or I would feel you know not feel like you're here doing everything he asked do but he's not. Doing it. Optimal and now he said increasing. I feel just amazing dad dad and that's pretty much how Jason talk. So I feel amazing, now boys, one of those guys that you know
You could go down that slippery slope and he wasn't far down it, but he would look up every night and co. You know cause renewal is facing a six beers. You don't feel as good as if you had no beers, not something you talked about a Gulf Amber that years ago, during into advised girls as they actually the brain ass, the thing I you wake up and you feel foggy and like in all three days are wasted. If you'd do too much any of anything I'll- let you get who knows but to put in all I knew guys. I woke up and drink whisky with breakfast. But it was so accepted in our world as well that in our view, showed up for pity. Inured hung over was a joke
I now, what's the jury is still a badge of honor. You gotta Giovanni, like all the other guys trunk, while look at how well this guy can run, even though these animals will be admitted running even though, is like thrown up on the move that soldier ate their fears. There's no seo Massachusetts yielding one before I got their old Vietnam guy you win. Talk to a few more shots of tequila. That's how it was going to be like. Oh, it's nine in the morning cool, and I want to talk to me Rodger that we're doing shots and that's again but it took me a long time to figure that out and weird thing for me is when I was a kid growing up. I was and this is what I read. You thought myself broadly speaking, it made it makes no sense whatsoever to me now, as I look back what this makes no sense to me. This does absolutely nothing positive for me. Doesn't make me stronger, does make me smarter. In fact, it does the opposite: make weaker and make you're dumber, but
if we want to figure that out and weird thing for me when I was a kid growing up, I was into hard core music and, like the straight edge scene of neither the axes on you. I didn't actually have that, but but I definitely listen to that music and it was it had an influence will without a doubt, had an influence on me because it was it was a rebellion and account or to the kids that I knew them get drunk and acting student smoking pot and I'm over you're, Goin literally thinking you're weaken Armstrong, that's near, that is to say it, but that's as of as fourteen feet, Dean sixteen year old kid when you, can someone else? That's smokin, Paul and getting drunk in your thinking there, He can Armstrong that's kind of a positive thing. As far as I'm concerned. Am ever getting called week when I didn't drink and the police. Hundred percent out, but I grew both sides of the family have their fair share of alcoholics, even as a kid I was someone who you know you ve known, Katy and Nancy RAG and say no to drugs worked
like I said I smoke has a candle at times good my buddies, Mama's hot she sold it and and then I didn't, I didn't touch anything except booze and even then it was like As I view as lake ago three months, are not drink and display, I would have done for like three months in I quit cigarettes when we're deployment, because I couldn't run up the hill next to our camp. As I thought, if I care up the hill of easy these things- and I was just they picked up his because I am I watch lethal weapon too much gives and go and then Bruce Willis Bruce will, as a male gives and all they did with smoking. A ruling so smoke and movies are now ECHO Charles, a color way less waylay lesser. I was watching that movie Constantine with canneries last night, as one of my favorite movies are alike the demons and do I just liked outlines when he smokes a lot, but that's the character. You guys a lung cancer and right leg at a rather than relying curves react. He actually has. It actually has lung cancer and moving birthday.
Anyway. I just I, but I and I and the guy, You told me about this. Annie addictive personality like in my twenties so I can escape it on that. You felt like that was in war reinforcement for your personality. I just but also link. I quit smoking and drinking honestly. Dude leg, you. I said it was a problem because of the time it was, but it was because I was doing all the coke because it at levels YO and I quit drinking New year's eve at Cal like she was like. I don't want to drink anymore of it helps you not do coke and I was like all right awesome, so we quit drinking but that the cocaine just would like and again I'd go through like a week where I wouldn't do it and then we grow did it and you know, but eventually Like you said your buddy didn't hit like his bottom. Wasn't they gear bottom? You know what I was saying about your bottom is whatever you wanted to be: and and so I I saw the bottom coming from further wholly for lake the whole time pretty much.
Twenty seventeen? I didn't. For a lot of it, but near the end it was. It was clear that there is a problem, still didn't, really see the problem until I was doing those interviews and then rape for I saw you, but then twenty eighteen, it was trying to level out figure which way was up which area was down again. You know, and you know, Don't be afraid to call in reinforcements like we talked about last time like, no. No one is a rock no one's an island rate leg. You don't Rambo. That is a real right. As I schools a movie character- is he air support. He, as you know he has a fire team. He hasn't. He has a machine gun team on the flank. He's got, you know, he's got an indirect answer, by like No one is a one man army in you know I I I talked about this last time and I talked about it the first time I want to show- and I keep re learning these things, but indifferent contacts and
oh and I hope undone learning these these lessons you know, and I want to get back to his living positive clean. I am repeating myself now that dude, like, It was wrong and I honestly I question whether or not like me at all: people like you or people in Canada. The sum my friends like are they except when this honest, but I was prepared for their cause went to because that's I felt like what I deserved with my actions represents my ok and and- for the most part, like I said everyone's been understanding like Anna? It makes it easier for me to talk about one of the reasons I I've. I've talked to both my psychologist Why I didn't get PTSD from my injuries is cause. I talked about it so much so I'm hoping talking about this openly and if, if, if more
listeners to the show in all If you go to my showed a journeyman podcast that episode Thirty nine, I believe, is full disclosure. Where I tried to. Try to lay it all out, even more than we have here and it feels better everytime, you tell the story, you know and its glad to get into like an hour or two, it is really, but you know, Thus, it's almost like an evolution the first show we did get but you know even back, then I gave things were things get into? little daisy with politics and with their home life and stuff. But and a man I just- and you know I did go through period were losing. My legs became a real problem. There Kelly's nodding her head because she saw it all why can wear my legs? I couldn't drive my car. I know drovier last time, but I had with the hand controls when I first a the off that I didn't have that I was,
An apartment by myself in I'd anyway, I just in all here I am do you come up as you can feel we a little work debray now, how hard day to day. Are you thinking to yourself like. What's the temptation level daily, where you have you friend, that delivers array, right now. None so how hard is it on like a day to day basis. What's the temptation life at first it was massive like I would. You know that show narcos. I guess I have. I haven't all you. The sooner it about Pablo Escobar Ochre, so they just came out with season to which is now the mexican cartels. My haven't watched a single episode, we were watching pop fiction
and I had to turn it off when the witch name did a line, a coke beef when John Travolta was picking up like that is, I could I even now. I avoid anything that has drugs in it for the most part, and it been at. First, it was an even when I was using like if I was on a rule rise like two or three or four days I hadn't used put on a show lake scarface. As I call you can't scurvy sober we're a ball or would you know in a case of whisky, but you know as time has gone by and Kelly, and I are finding more positive things like Q is happening like I weep. Each country has its headquarters for everything that we are going to do for the future, and We re just started the we were trying to start a home business called fire team Alpha where we're fire team Alpha, I know how you guys designate in the seals, but for us,
in section JA, afar team, alpha. Bravo, Charlie Delta so we're fire team Alpha within the section and we want to help other couples in individuals, rape and our life coaching is: can some tactical flavour yells shooting you want things that, but so you know leg words and the closer we do it the more steps we take the exits, I lean last night, we were driving air from Alleyne. We were like we were both sky, like remember, like three months ago. It feels like forever ago like memories to be: indicative, cocaine and she's like what meaning used to be re like it's a bit of very minor, but is it for me. I don't even know that guy anymore, but now just me back in December. I like that. I like that I was in Riyadh with people that have this is their fifth time and that
scared the shit out of here I was like when I mean your first time, And this other guy in their own their twenties and they been to rehab three four five six times and like damp. I need to figure out a way to ever be here again and be help. You guys never come here. You can also were even setting up a system with the rehab place because of its it? It's a good place. If actually, too, It takes people for American Canada called thousand islands rehab its rate border. Where would the Saint Lawrence we're? working on a system where, as people as transitional housing from rehab to normal life is a bit of a problem so we are setting up once we have the headquarters built in everything by the end of the year. By now, dear, were hoping have like three or four bunk set up where we can bring in. Like minded people from real you already have a building for each year, where you were really were working on a very close. We think we have something I have we are,
I am moving to states will from Orleans in Ottawa. That means going from the Far EAST and to the Far West end we're very close. I don't wanna let the cat out of the bag. In case, like the guys that are helping me are really guys. I met in politics. Actually and a really great guys, and they see in all the they ve never held. Anything against me for what I have done and if anything there a forty to kind of socks to be starting over again, it's better than the alternative, but it's better than the alternative, and you know I could estate in politics and and in order hundred and ten thousand dollars do your job, which is great and stuff, but I quit a Jew in the nineties were aim, is making lakes sixty five grand a year in the nineties as an eighteen year old, putting things together, four Ford making way too much money stupid money for nineteen.
Because I want to join the army. I went from set eight hundred fifty bucks a week. Two five, twenty every two weeks and I loved it that's what Kelly and I are doing now. We are spiritually rich. And we are and we want more we're getting greedy. We want more and fulfilment enrichment and our lives. Are we just want to surround ourselves? A good people yeah, you know- and you said earlier and I held onto the thought you said hey, you know you got take care of yourself first, but you also and that's that there is a definite truth to that, because if you don't take her yourself, you're not going help anyone else, but I'm telling you and are you already know what you're talking about you can take it? self want you got yourself under control. There is no better award in life than helping other people and move people in the right direction and helping people find the path so MA. Am even through all these travellers, we talk about wait for the show
the recruiting depot for the cane armed forces. Call me, and, don't you think I was at a rehab? It was a big now and I guess that I wasn't shy about what was going on in and the top shot from every platoon. Now going through deep through recruitment depot is gonna, get the mask majority medic Topshop toward. There is no greater honour and I get to would give a speech now to these troopers young troops, as a leave recruit, beg leave their now soldiers. They finished basic training, get to go and tell them like hey. Look at me. Look at what I and I'm a complete fuck up, but you know It's who you are on the inside, it's how you would eat redeem yourself and it's look after those around you. That makes you who you are
that's what I think look in in here. I am giving you a speech less than three months after finishing rehab or just like three months after and you know what he has awesome as a congressional medal of honor. The Victoria Cross for for me is having they named after me that all the new troops see in some will point out. Go I fuck want that. I want to. I want that award. That's the best great must honour the military provocative bestowed on me. You know what to say you are someone we want. Our troops. Our youngest newest members too, to aspire to be like the man. I got a job, I got a job. My job is did like Peter to be that guy and an if, if it means you screw up a means, on it and you just yourself often and you carry on yet again. You find a way, and you and you know what and that's all I'm keep getting that's why I like friend, you and things like this podcasting
in our generation is, is how we have we do that in again. I I talking about it, I'm trying not to get emotional because there's a master corporal Jody Munich, Topshop award- and just act like some unit mess hall. You know like the when every new recruits going through the depot is gonna, see this thing and in its anyway I don't know what else SAM speeches about it. Frankly, Well, that's all some may! That is that's just that's! Just an awesome honour that that these young people, going to come in to get rid of every single recruit in the canadian Army is going to know who you are, and what you represent and part of what they're gonna see what you represent once issue once I know your story is going to realise that Europe, perfect and learning to realise it. No one's perfect and They're gonna realise that they can get control.
Over the things have gone out of control and they can move forward in a positive way and make the absolute best out of what they're doing with their life I don't know, but you better take something like that puts you in opposite, puts me in a position to be a mentor to these people over shirts, and the same with, like my my podcast, your pot people come you ve, I'm sure out of the blue with lots of things, and and it's you know sometimes I I stopped responding for, while because of where I was, but now I'm I'm getting I got where your t shirts again rural leg out I'll, see that do we say that only on the idea that I'm going, I want one of those before I leave because our discipline does equal freedom and it doesn't mean you govern every moment of your day, but it means that more somethin. You are yourself, the more free you are to be yourself self. Is I make more that's all I know is that what this Mohicans rhythm is Ben I've items were juggle. You know I feel like recommended.
Natural conclusion here, maybe I'm wrong, but thanks man, like the both of you like I just I. I need people like you that Hey guys! I look up to a man like I know. I know it's weird, which we should be the other way round. And now, when I do about this shot, award and you know you really really help me alive. You and- and I hope I can repay the favour one day and I I know you say I don't know you, but I I could Do I couldn't achieve what I'm doing now without the support of people like you in my life and echo. Well, you're right, you don't owe me anything in the only thing that I would like is for you to stay on the bath and Roger that moving forward a geek. Kick it ass, a stay clean and keep doing what you know capable of doing and what your destiny do good copy check. Right! I think there is a natural kind. Just Google it
picture to the word or, as is the word, all t shirt, I think it's called the dream. Catcher he's a veteran in Canada. Go ahead! Look I'm up in order. Some, his teacher top moat is a twenty. I think twenty percent of his proceeds go to charity for veterans. That's awesome warded off ward off the word. All you Gallagher Blogging hasn't cool cool swag dude is good dude there, let's play go. Looking teacher noticed it on with a lot. I haven't. Send you some check echo your speech. Of the path for and what not we say it is useless off the path from time to time. It is we want to get back on path. We wanna stay on the path commendations echo girls? I recommend you to so dear to as a strip so you're talking about I'm starting to judge you by the way I like that good. Yet
so relieving store, as you will have a good time what you did to you, I'm finally comfortable enough with my leg, stumps that I feel like I can roll with people, though, feeling inadequate I've rolled where there are quite a few people. With various stumps stunned, legs dampness, build arm, storms, MA hell. We got Jeffrey. I hear he's use, yeah, no hand any jokes, you would stop he's gotta, stop any choking with its eggs. Are right in your Adams, Apple, certain spider, the game. Yet out he's gonna use it the others. People no hands no legs. Both I'm I'm finally able to deal with, and Europe below the need to so you'd eve. You can do some others organs enough. Other things can go down, I'm so yeah, that's a good we stress relief. That's one! ones that it's probably one of the biggest stress relievers there is that I've had any way out of my life is very simple, even right when you begin,
he gets super stressed out. As we know, somebody got a dishwasher what'd. I saw his house bald spot or silver. That's a tough decisions. Stress that, luckily, can do the digital really bad anyway, I be stressed about this during the idea I did yesterday added to morning, judges who have turned into morning the evening. I'll get my distress. Novel was of birth. We allow our yes Stoke, but that's it yeah define yesterday and I went thought dang. Ok, avoidance. Well, links are less hush is available. Here is for a working doing very things less. Stress relief, Jujitsu right where that's like a dog or maybe even a triple, actually, maybe even like endless benefit situation, cheats dear, but as far as the stress mental stress relief. Yes here and it's
its soul, you Lloyd, unravel any EU, actually real good hated at First Julia choked and yet be prepared for that people. Little little hundred and twenty pound people are going to choke you, they're gonna, you're an arm. Lock you and you're gonna This is not fair, but it's not fair. They, Nigeria, I've been like a spectator of the community for so long here like before. I got wounded. I want I make my plan was to come home and actually like train and try and get up a one enemy flayed the cousin. Can they get. Wasn't that big, a thing or two thousand six and then you know they'll get blood nearly but an egg. Fully prepared for the humility there that's virginal! Who brings because I need it frankly. We all do if you look at it and since you're who you are and how you are you're gonna even have trouble, avoiding the part that it's like. Yes, this person is like beating me up in, can even though the small so you're gonna eat year,
you can build a void that element of one or two minutes every act? It's it's a common action reaction to what's happening if so, as long as I trained to prepare for that year, like if I train my mind rate yes, but it doesn't change that, if Kelly choked me out, I will feel inadequate. Fear lie. That's that's for those that part, but really, I feel a little bit more there's another in order at least to read border plus. Those of the other part of it is, if you look at it as a problem. Solving situations like it's like, ok he's not beat me up. He is by the way, but you don't think of it like that. You think. Ok, this issue. It is a problem, but I never saw yes, I gotta learn how to do the it'll take a while, but in eating puzzle, situation. You know. Ok, I'm not gonna. Learn! This thing over needs a huge five thousand this puzzle range infinite, but
still look at it in that sort away, and then you start to accept. Ok, you're, looking at something, I've really appeals to it appeal that what appeals about it to me is that even practitioners, like a viewer, guises, love like jocose level. Even what's his name, the guy knows every separated US jargon as an additive, an adversary leg twelve months ago, Gracie even he says he learns every day and that's what it by a PETE like I'd, appeals to me because it there's no true experts in their people letter kick your ass and every day, but even they ask someone. They can kick their eyes, always learning yes, so you. Do you do Jody Medic chuckle. You're gonna need a g. The Vienna Nokia Double, I think, with full. Stay in the path contribution both. So you need it You get origin gate. What can you do? I get now? You know origin, each other one. I just got bigger one for me.
We will work, it will go on for if you re out her size, do yeah. Ok, What results will rock origin days in the world straight up factually made in America? I know you're from Canada, but may Numeric actually means a lot. The April America where's, nor the media has also. You is that you can say Maiden North America, which is also true that an egg, a America means qualities it does. Except for eighty scars. That's these girls! Even then Riad. You put him back together yourself and it's just a piece of pride that you can have in the driveway. Good deed and visa fees are no exception. By the way we are their origin main dot com net shrieking get em. They get a lot of other stuff to do to end. This regular regular life stuff lifestyle- like means- yes, that's about it! This morning in June a big fat genes are fit right. Yeah there legit and you get your supplements there, which will keep in the game on the path hundred percent.
Mohammed, the recital hundred percent hundred percent, really use hundred brittle. I do but You want to say. Ninety nine, just in case no native land use a committed. That's going really. Normally, I would say maybe saying into the one percent wriggle room. I get it not not in this case actually proven to be the most important supplements ever take a better than jogs bear Jockers, Latelies area it so Jack, o K to bring real oil Jackal Joint warfare made in origin lapse, arrived and origin, so you nice reality rhythms yeah! I can see ok now at an icy, but nonetheless they are straight up. They'll. Keep you in the game ok, Sir Discipline GO, which is a little bit of a neutral, yeah, but Jason, Garner did is first echelon, front, gig, damn right in the game right in the game, and he was sent me a taxi. And he was like. I took this bizarre- took
Discipline go we two minutes out from the commencement tie, was formed and even text it suddenly at the taxi. I noticed the funny thing. Is he text earlier and he says: hey it's seven o clock in the morning I was at another gig and he says hate look me? Maybe some discipline go, and I said I'm not at my house, my wife can get you the supply nonsense, and this is sort of like the supply of Unilever breeder liver. Anyway, my house picked up a couple picked up enough discipline for his gig discipline. And then he hid it zone. It is a pity I feel like you might need a little something something too clarify your faults to ignore wait, a little bit of extra brain power. This get yourselves
discipline go. You can get the regular discipline powder drink. The thing if you're going to be doing something where, let's just We just call it what it is. If you have to go to the bathroom near, they don't want to go on stage and talk to people for two hours and it'll be good to go by the way. I've never done and whenever will do so, that's that You don't know anyone have done that I don't know I mean like might get here. I just had to like go to the bathroom soul, bad when the middle of a presentation yeah, but you don't No you don't know you don't lay white lily. Ninety four Limburg, ok Stu before going into field high, rate like crazy yeah and then you hydrate like crazy, and then you get on helicopter many european.
And then you got Lego forty eight minute and assume you're getting off the hook up. You know I didn't you should go right now and you dont caused something. I quite willing get in your room, so you get in and then you're fine and you have to go about from so bad a whole die the whole time, like her eyes, run off the Herc ADA heard right and just passed like because the whole right you just right. You just wait. Sometime are where that is really a problem, so dear go, get out now that he's you might also mark, but some adieu no protein going back in the gym or authority in the gym whenever more boom too, Another two pronged effect with the milk is well additional protein and desert the apple. Desert, tasted delicious. Don't a warrior kid mark which kid everywhere are basically, if you want your kid to be just a camp We destroyer,
on the mats. In school, in everything that they do get him we'll get more, and I'll be happier. I wish I were off Tell lab who was it Tyler no Tyler the kid from origin. He's doing like the bed. Go in New York City, little video, and I said I was going crazy kind like I just did and I was saying that if you don't give your kids warrior, It mark that child beauty that has now been real. If you have a kid, you Your kid strawberry, quick, which is, literally filled with sugar and crap, or you could give them a strawberry mark which taste just as good, if not better AIDS, a hundred per cent good for the kid. How is
nah child abuse? It is no sorry about your choices. We call the the child protective services when we're you were seen quick, didn't Barton, you go down, but you gotta get in trouble so clear. They might have some disabled chocolate answered, robbery, yeah, of course they do they're they're gonna pay. Someone and put more money into some politicians pocket to come after me cause we're trying to make it stronger, bring it on world laying it on. So that's that jacket is also Jacqueline, distorts called chocolate, or- and this is where we get- are gonna represent while you're on the path. Goodwin, that's new stuff on there lightweight goodies.
Would you would you say what did you really easy? Brady's vote? I've been notified and Brady's Brady Demons a heavyweight hoodies. He said standard hoodies, which I really want to stay in ITALY. I wanna Heavyweight, I wanna canadian level. Could I don't even like photos and ten normally standard it too easy to be average. Hindered well, ok, Brady our respective respect, his opinion that wasn't just his opinion, now's the opinion of a vote without twitter vote. All like I want those pole yeah. When I get a with sixty forty in favour of standard. If he would have had a heavy weight on, there could be a whole scenario. Curving unwieldy, well, good news is we already have standard, hoodies liquor and that's a good we have lightly hoodies duly Munich. What about you lightweight? Hoodies, yea, your neighbours in general. Don't know- and this has lightweight though, like that I don't- I want a hoodie nobody's hurting. Why are you getting a hoodie What have you not because people in the world exist with different
Russia is rational reasons. Different thresholds different takes on the hoodie situation rather than you and apparently gigantic. Now I Rocco DIN Laguna Thin Material, Hoodie Roca. That's all I'm ready to underneath my vast gears to our Europe with echo. Yet I know, but I have another. I have thicker, that's where he just Airways. I mean you just said: no, no signal, not what I'm saying I'm with myself here is this. I got evidence. I have several layers of ok, I'm saying I have very thick for cold extreme weather and I have very thin freely, like California, see duties with never call it late. We yours, you know what I think I d scholarly its like a shirt material. Maybe later they brutal azure light weight is a classification for warmth. So maybe call it temperate temperate chimeras embryos.
Eleven working title, you know right. They are arid areas whether you would like is for sure used to say this thing, one like in the Piper Incoming the ten year, incoming so lightweight temperate hood whichever incoming too little anyway, some other new stuff on there limits on chocolate, store dotcom. Also, you can get more rash guards, you really want to represent. So just about a legal layman. Grass guard is to avoid getting like dragged across the mats and other people's skin rating getting arrested. Ears gets part of all the harder. It is also your just wearing it, because if you and I are grappling my fingers and toes and hand regular caught your clothes and ok, it's a little bit of a pay Roger that it's better with the sweat situate like if you're wearing the shirt which is cool better. During that that shirt, and you sweat all in it, they obtain raw and you're sweating. All its that's, like
splashing everywhere interests its everything. The rational, like zig zag as a harmful, can become a very abrasive when it's when, as we knew near or, as some people were at underneath the geese. Some people right beside us if your training he twice a day for we so rash guards, are a must for training. Digital, I maybe once I did. I know what I'm doing do the other not amassed but they're a nice to their very good. I prefer a bit less. We have we have some represent the path become inured to do whatever else you doing cycling running whatever swim stuff. On there, hats on their both flexible and tougher hats Jody flexor trucker hat A big fan of the charter has no doubt because it gives me the installation. Yo writes me like that ECHO Yale,
The only offer that by the way, but it lacks a how winter as yet we have winter castle flex Fit keeps the heat in Turkey is a very human Ontario. While we have been used to be speaking winner out there, you go on many, a bunker oil and it took took, we call it, Canada is awarded to the north well. Yeah yeah are just anything that goes on your head. That looks and needed care and have called in the Army feel Grand Duke. Yet we have that because you're, ok, I'm impartial unaware. Nothing! We're hats anymore as much We are happy that beautiful perfectly round head. I'm I'm, I'm always hiding my hair. When they have her when I had their money. It gets curly, and then it gets like really hard to manage Very very young man at nice is a picture of my instagram. If you do followed Jody Honest RAM of me at sixteen looking
all kinds of roughneck with my hair somebody stick: and my hair is just a goddamn disaster, beautiful beautiful to see a wild may not only better care of my very reactor was Miss Gibson at the time. I was go, see that our spectre picked up. Unless it's off on their feet? Jacko stored dot com? This we get it. If you like something, get something. Also chuckle, weighty, chuckled, I yet to try. Jog await he's really Tibet, Because- that's some radio and of enshrining it all day, job Nonetheless, yes added some after the show. One of the many benefits, if you don't already- which I know you already do- you can't- did live eight thousand pounds. There was a guy just dead lifted. A bunch await their recently round the rope situation. Lotta people are worried if their competing in power lifting right red light and yet will you get tested for Jacobite T feel and their already automatically gonna, know you're, taking doorway dvd,
that was kind as a kind of the tests, so you gotta be careful. Keep it at seven. Seven thousand five hundred in the turnover gonna send back a little in the caribbean competition, but other The fates are certified. U S d, a organic thing about them, You could drink a normal energy drink and beaten less healthy or you can drink. A weighty become more healthy, is that's it. At hard choice to make. I don't think so. It's not even arduous to make drink. What's gonna make more healthy, also subscribe to the park asked if you haven't subscribed, broadcast. Yet, first of all you have issues because he's a hundred and sixty nine and I think that every had subscribed at this point, but it was actually echo Charles prove me wrong. Could somebody tweeted like no? I just subscribe for the first time self Remsen fractures got through Itunes,
waste at your whatever Leeson reviews I was reading reviews. I was really review. The reviews is what I do said: people itself he the healthy to review your view, the power don't forget about the warrior kid podcast as well. Asked kids podcast that has ever been. Is anyone disagree with that? I dont even other was a kids qualification, ercasts category or your kid Barak S, family and children and family, or something like that category that is under and I'm sorry I did not know you had the yacht held a warrior. Could finally flood Davy came from the world the war Your kid podcast, which I haven't put out as many as I should, but there reason for that. It's like. There's a lot that goes in and what might not seem like it, but there's a lot right, put into those I fought yeah, it's kind of my fault I feel,
I haven't done what all that I could have been doing in I'll make it up. I gotta work harder, that's what needs to happen so there's and don't forget about the warrior kid soap, which we have some good new samples you get Jack, also being the troopers. The trooper soap flight has the. Rope. You can hang it on soap on a rope, scotch irish irish friends, so Europa super useful idea- and I address you- owe their money is being used to make it in school. Why never knew about down quiet here it enough him on a rope and like us, a black hole that sounds cute, you know, and then one is all soap is actually honour. Robia. Also you useful having earls it's just kind of you. Never drama mar soap again, you're good to go so that's Aden, I'm a big problem. I'm always like jeered bars, so is reliant. In that way you can stating in Darfur Youtube. If you want to see, if you want to see echoes.
But he considers to be his legit video. I never consider using that word within increasing their cause. He thinks is. Videos are worth using. I should kind of agree with that kind of echo's got. Some is good at the editing either that or you just really does a lot of evading in and makes it so you notice it cause, wouldn't be, better editor. That would make it so like scene what's that you just not even realise just feel what you would notice it. If you say, you're actually eradicate lawyer right when I do make those videos, if they're good, not whatever. When I do make em, I may come from myself Fisher would like sound effects. I guess I should put sound effects while your talk
but you knew about it. I can see music because Musica enhancing throughout explosion boy. I will look crackling library, housing that it has the message. You know it ended handsome. My effects that I put anything so I made it even more interested in what you doing what you guys you see in the video. So yes, your correct psychological warfare. That's now that you can, two, if you help get a moment of weakness, it actually happiness. I must do a lot less three months I like to hear that hate back to your thing, where you re you're, saying earlier, where you could look at the shirt. I can very well aware- and I can look right now, as I mentioned this before- where I mention the opposite, though slick when you put it on, you can't skip work out, you can't slack in the same concept. You walk Strader, yet
you have handed out about it in the look in your eye, but, like I didn't wear jocose anywhere any the veteran teacher companies like I do I yet when you put it on, you got a like I've, gotta provide. I walked at a rehab wearing your shirt. I like that. And its history and its Gus Aloe corny, but its colleges weird having one of your friends pep talk you at a bed I gotta go and say that we are putting our psychological warfare. Psychological were very all but repeat, and it taken somebody. You hang with its discriminate. Get a job go on. I need to work harder. Ok, can I like city yesterday, like I get? at six is not Jokela driving, but it's the best. I give you re. You're really weird is when I have listened to psychological warfare myself. That would be the most we, that is the weirdest or the most normal, Emily Arts, the million amazing. Maybe you need a spouse situation. Actually, there is a good idea if you're a person, that's trying to do something good cut yourself,
while tracks to explain to yourself why you're trying to do this thing. So when the moment a weakness comes, listen to me sure, but you can actually listen to yourself. That's a great idea. I'm gonna do that will deal with ETA like it's this my presence or there's my future self. It's like I've heard of people doing them will be like ok. I know that I'm gonna be slacking on whatever in Africa, where exactly what its four but they'll be like, put a audio. No in I say this is your past. Alpha whatever their saying T future echo listen closely. Yes, exactly right, saying hey this: what you think you're right now, there's what you feel you re, not don't do it take. You know it's like you're talking to some I've heard of that. I am angry. That sounds like a problem for future Jody included, yeah yeah, exactly the opposite, can cut me energy eyes. It be like you dealt with that future Jody Kelly. Didn't you like that I'd job, we're gonna try that will let you know it works like I'll. Tell you right now. It sounds good in theory, but I'm all like,
disobey myself way quicker than all disobeyed. You rob had figured plan. I think a lot of people like there's only at the sides, the corn Yahoo, is eventually be like umbrellas in their jobs. Yeah good view is he's crazy right, Sir David telling you that no sky, It has even a goal that you set for yourself, my my god. It's gone you set for yourselves. True. My own worst critic, so I don't know. I think You're you're right bring your promise. You solve as we easier yak as you might be used to that are it's weird use. Both check out. A flip canvas dot com. This is Dakota Meyer from Podcast one fifteen. And he's selling basically bad, Ass prince is how would you go political spirits difference you get prince of what really Costa very artwork
You like movie scenes things are now like there's a couple him sit over there good get one he made. You know this. As he's making that study discipline was freedom. So yeah? If you wanna, does it work? I called a flip side, canvas dot com and actually the recent conflict sighted, because one of the last things one of his brows said doom before they went Battle was also on the flip side. That's the story is behind that off, so sport gotta, he's the man and check it out. You can also get these up these welder and a reminder to you, but you can hang up and get reminded because we need to get reminded whether psychological warfare, whether a print, keep yourself on the Whether to t shirt, keep herself on the path and things have an impact that in those reminders are actually way more like powerful but they're more powerful than you might think, because think about like even likely drinking or something like this, where
If you have like a plan day tomorrow, we're has no room for drinking that day, room no room for drinking the night before or that day. If you have it all planned out your price your drink the year likelihood to drink way less. But if you, oh yeah, it's almost like you sort of forget to stay focused on what you have to do. You know how much like your way of forgetting near winnings freedom. That's why The planned day, like you, get more done, read there because you you fall susceptible to like what do I feel like do you know you're led more with what you feel. The weird thing is when you are dealing with diction, that's when you screw up the most. The day that you have, the big presentation will be meeting the night before is when you will because I, like self sabotage two hundred percent self sabotage one of your colleagues, you know you're doing the wrong things. You know what a lot of what my behaviour over the last two for last year, it was like, I hope, someone I think psychology subconscious was like yeah. Somebody like could begin
My reaction became almost arrogant. Like my boldness we're done with all that list must finish. The Marinos are so that these are more like announcements turn to stay in the past. It is all the job willing pike ass. He can do in everyone's true, MR so home, a bright, we're going home Jim you gonna on it dot com this, where you get your kettlebells rings, All the monkey bells that they put out I'll go Maria S. I've got a little, and I hope that I got the mace the quad may acquire, lessening the highs on it. Do you have like a regular routine with the mace? I had one slide men. I actually I actually act, my elbows, because avant lay all the shooting I did as its neighbour. So I had to build up my inner like because Whitson the inside the golfers elbow rate
Ten us this is anyway. I had to build up the tenants and then I could swing them a yes, he another stage or do a little routine if you're not used to that brought your fuel all those little weirdo muscles. In utero ornamented body, sir, the house here and send a year ago- and he said we're taxis out of town. You know, isn't it Maybe needless hey man saw the House S group tomorrow it's done, a tyre there and some other like bumper plates whatever. If you want to go grab it, I'm not I'm not taken up, want to get it. Otherwise I gotta get it moved by someone. So was a little bit of a you know. Good deal for him good deal for me. It has been raining here on southern California. It was a up. The house in you know, precinct get attire. You know get a tire big tracker to a big tractor, but I was thinking like a big tracked, retire, that you know you could know easily
on a vehicle or something that is your master. Some they got. The big foot would be, has a huge Eugene at its absolutely huge. I barely got it and you know my giant van. I barely bet, literally barely got into the most are the biggest van outta here. I believe that it is in its work. It was all filled with water had who bore the one where my flip flotsam. It was a nightmare so to my body that than you know who you are. The tyre backyard on site now. First now I gotta call tire doing it I also echo those things at all. You know I've gotta call, unlike thirty in its drive over their grab. It real quick. I was out their deep, rarely make it back, but you ve seen it here, so Donna MR underestimate the tyre than the of your clarify the tire all attire. Yes, you needed a moving truck to move it. Gimme heads up near you figured tractor tyre track
you're, tired, so that there is clearly a little mood is taught us not to. This means not as taulas me, but it be the one here. No, no! That's what I was expecting orgy of here, your victory Jim Rio, we gotta night, we have sometimes we have three or four of this thing is bigger knowledge lot, Ega, Jim but you know hey. He helped me up nonetheless it is probably vague on purpose. Yeah? He knows I'm fired a brighter most frequently jog alone, I'm just tired. He was an estimation. Job jungle won't ask, and I know you won't ask everybody go get that nonetheless of tyres or otherwise, whom Jim boomed legacy cannibals rings. Jumper ope, that's a big one. Forget the jump, don't forget the jump logical stuff on there would work on her feet if your feet high enough, if you can jump, have you I'll drop the can you jump up now. I've tried.
That is a guy, though, on anonymous aground ankles and carry out these new mad mad on Instagram he's a double blow me at levies, american army. Anyway, he jumps row, but he s like some prosthetic. I haven't seen before us on a train, get my hands on some of the larger, Europe is awesome yeah unless you get them at on it. Dotcom slashed shock, got some books. Joey's got two books, the first book I covered on podcast. Twenty four is called unflinching. You can read, you should viewed. Definitely read it. It's an awesome book thanks. Yeah shows the path the journey that Europe has been on a now. You know the rest. The journey can hear them, the journey and he also wrote another book called everyday heroes, Would you know? That's about I've because in Canada the military book genre is not as well received. Let's say so my publisher realise there is an audience for my book had the best seller list.
In Canada, though I mean there's less people in Canada of candidates there in California. So it's like my kids are going. Ivy League schools are but so they want. So I wanted to do a book that would let other soldiers tell their story. And hoping to make a series out of it like it's a it's a it's a book that I think I could do every year and never run out of material go pick it up everyday heroes. It's available every Amazon and in anywhere some good old boys from world war, two in Korea right up to Afghanistan, one of my favorite stories as this guy Bruno He disarms a suicide bomber, while the guy has his fingers on the trigger dish, yeah but Balikh Balls, the size and lay kettlebells yeah like so anyway, and he's a break a cool duties here, dare somewhere doing during doing the good fight, but that's awesome yeah so pick those books up, you can ask at making the dragons best children's book in the world
making the dragons was making the dragons. You can pick out one up. You pick up way the warrior kid way. The word to which is called March mission Jody Does your daughter like where the warrior kid In her words it's the greatest book, she's ever read and she's ten. She's a girl and she's, Canadian and she's. My daughter and I can get her to do they even Jujitsu an argument. I'm like you're doing jujitsu when I start to say no, I don't want to for some reason that book. Sat in her shell for a couple months, but man When she read it, she said this is I didn't you tell me she's real, but she said friend wrote the greatest book ever read: Does your book report out for school area? That is awesome, yet I think it's one of those things you don't want to force you to read it. You just put it there put it out there and let them read it to set any leadership, positioning forced things down, someone's throw you just make a. Able to them. The path they see it, they get on it
you mean new or your kid book coming out in the spring I'll, let you know when it's available for pre order. The big pre order, the name of that. The subtitle that book is where there is a will. So yet I welcome you got the dispute was freedom field manual. If you need to it's another little reminder for life. To another thing, I will keep you wanna path, keeps me on the path does happen book sitting on one. Friends, Europe is at a hedge fund, can in their in there You know it's like a really cool. Looking hedge funds, there New York City, all cool all waffle. With his head stuff. What what's the yes sleek modern thing over sleek and he showed me a picture of like they're there when you were can you walk into hedge when you want? They want to live in peace, that they know what's up new. There's this big white table. What's on the white table,. Field feel better one book just sitting there
since everyone comes in picks it up. And what is this thing? Missus awesome self brats perfect to be the only book to aesthetically seems insufficient weight table or black goes with everything or with great table. I get it to go there so get their book for yourself for anyone that wants to get after it more or Continually extreme ownership. We talked about that a bit today. The lessons we learned in combat how you can apply them to your business, to your team, to your family, to your life? Also, economy, leadership which is now starting to creep out from its the brothers shadow because extreme ownership, everyone knows that everyone loves it. Sir, but they're like dichotomy. We don't know about you. Little brother and, like you, echo, eleven zero. He observed a you know. You can, like all jade, was kind of a guy right, came first
Can you just the echo arising Jane was layers J J whose bigger than you right vigour. That goes, you say so dichotomy. Leadership is like the echo Charles of Jean Charles Family, on that thread lake. Before my Jody Munich, as episode one, when we are going to meet you there, s going, we abated Lucan. I debated if echoed like eyes. I say I can't wait to find out what ECHO Charles is real name it and looks as I hope it's ECHO Charles, because I just thought it was rubber retired. With this author, groundwater early great men, and when I asked you know like no man in my name's echo and why
What strikes me in new like it's my last name, it adds less rises. Just re listening to the show Lisbon shows either data. Like I think I can. We talked echo about. That's how I thought for sure your real name was like we're like at like Ernie how'd, you echo, does its cooler the answer to that. We want no early ass to what kind of like I did with Tusky browser you decided, and maybe, if your name was like early I wouldn't worry its echo zounds cooler than Charles was late because, like maybe you're really was Charlie result. I don't know yet dig it with these books, good news by the way book speaking books, all these inking eking get every heroes. All these books on Jocapa, Gus, Doc, yeah, I got an organised here is a list of books. Oliver and you can get that. I leadership there as well and extreme. All these books item literary on a page. Every book leave current pack.
We got ever do here is on their you do now. I think, and I think I did for the original. Well, I'm glad my oars on your website. I think for in large and launching hasn't. Yeah unflinching is for sure is young man, I know is a every book. Tat we ve done is on is on thanks. Goodbye to lie episode, that's pretty white, still selling it still further. Good still showing that he remained where the weird thing you remember is that the lag time on the pod cast is there some there's there's there's a many. Any people that start with episode one today, your bro, that's right! When I say I get a message like weekly Minimum one a week its, I just heard you on Jacko there and then I go. I resist the urge to say. Oh, if you heard me on episode, was twenty four: twenty five, twenty five till one eleven are when you know, because I want them to discovered on their own them. No, that's one, of course things as people
and people. Ask me: where, should I start in the park ass, my say one and they deaf build on each other, but there so timeless. So it's not like you. Will there talking about some political thing that happened in two thousand fourteen, and I don't want to listen to that right now. The nordic moratorium on something that happened four hundred and eighty years ago- and you do want to hear about it so yeah, but I saw that dichotomy- leadership- someone the other day had had rode on twitter. This is about. Leadership book I've ever read, which is normally what I hear about extreme ownership, and now I see little little replacement their job Charles is being usurped. By his younger brother. Let's go on ass. I d better starts to keep written for extreme ownership year. You represent the data, relations, but we national, not leadership, consultancy Do as we solve problems through leadership, it's me leave Babbage. Beat in all day Burke, when Cochrane MIKE's really might biomass
and Jason gardener. Someone put up like to everyone. This company, a pipe hitter. No one can compete. I was like welcomes in people we'd have we have awesome guys on the team that's echelon, front dot com for details. There we got the Maastricht dominant two thousand, nineteen may twenty third twenty fourth in Chicago September, knighted twentieth in Denver December. Fourth and fifth in Sydney, Australia, that's right! extreme ownership, dot com every one of these events is sold out these are going to sell out there actually going faster than it ever sold before. When we look at our data, a Linux the maiden data they did. I think it's meadow, no workers, a waiter Meda made it so we made it data. Could you get caught work on the Canadian was after this year of the canadian dates, yeah for mine.
One of the reasons that we did this, because not everyone can come to the master and every time I post about the muster. There's some it's as when? Are you coming to Milwaukee? When are you coming to Detroit when he comes out of Ottawa, one young? They want? the bottom line is we can't go everywhere to do masters. That was one of the things that made us make this thing ef online. The other reason is we work with companies that have tens hundreds of thousands of employees, and they said Can can you just older Oliver and I say, will will sure and they have one hundred and thirty. Eight thousand boys too Actually it's your problem so how to solve! a problem we made, you have online, it is interactive training. Online that you can take. You have online dot com, we have also e over watch. If you want, if you want a combat, proven special operations leader, or combat aviation leader to come and work inside your company to make things happen, then vote
you have over watch dot com felt the information, whether your vat, that wants a position or you're a talent seeker that needs people your company that can lead and understand the principles that we talk about. An extreme ownership then check that out and if you wanna keep cruising with us All of us can be found on the entire webs on twitter and on instrument him and on the fish I love you off Facebook. No, you don't echo is adequate. Charles, I am at Java. Willing and jury is at Jody Medic echo anything else. I have nothing out. Thank you thank you, for nothing else. Jody else brother. Thank you jogger. Thank you, echo You do listeners and
We cannot be in the best Jody. I can be, then thanks for me there with for me and with Kelly. I It's good that you have like a new mission. Remember there what those of one of the best ways of ever hood heard it put in. Mission- man, if you don't have like an important mission like Now- really care that I mean a sure I got. I know what I'm gonna do tomorrow and the next moment also. But if it's not like that, employ detained by you gonna be like. I know, that's what happened, but why that politics getting end all it winning with Mission great mission, and then I won and I was like the dog caught caught. The car was like okay. What do I do now and I tried to learn and ice? I you know I had the deputy mayor and the mare my. They were all my cyanide logic like they all. We still talk, but my they could say that they could see at my heart. Was in it, you know like Kelly, would always say she really say: man You know when you get excited when you talk about like going here to see the troops are, go in there and shoot and going there there and like planet that business evil. I won't open Jim
since, before God, blown up in our now I'm back on, and I thought I could do both I thought being the council. Would let me lake The spot open like be there for meetings is, but it's just. The text does not does work not for me anyway, maybe my going like I might get political again in my fifties. After make a few bucks and it's a little less more to the bills and Arthur Lou Little last about paying the bills and Morbo getting things done so make sense. Yeah and so we know, but right now I need to be myself for awhile, and so that's it Ten year plan is to be Jody check, As ECHO said, that's new mission, the new mission with a place that you don't open and you know you I was alive unplugging for as long as they did. I didn't realize how much you doing in Berlin, the respect I for you actually just when appearing at its heart they go. It's not like. I had so much higher, don't get too eager is to go, but they all Let me think in your awesome, but am I point is everything you are doing is for the community
and I had a sit down actually shot, show two thousand and seventeen. One of the guys I taught on his basic sniper sat he's wanted one of the best snipers in Canada, one of our top commanders. He said you need to stop he was in other guy. You told me you can do more for the community as Jody Medic working for yourself, then for working for cold or demand or any these companies, and I was looking at and you know it and its being able to take take the reins of leadership you have an and start doing the things. Listen, you talkin like Kelly, and I think we have a five and ten year plan where we hope we can have an employment website where hope it can have a speaking bureau that can take A similar mindset in have us and who have a presence and put them out there, delivering a good message and and doing all that, in your being a bad example for for my kids, dude and like as an end, you know with takes it. Village to raise a kid, and I and I want my daughters to know all the
ass people in the world- and you know, you're, one of them in a year Did everything you're doing with the people around you Leggum. I have I Have someone that's leading the way for me, and I am glad it's not just me doing it either is that makes like I'm way be, I'm ten years behind you, but but down No, it's it's possible to ya, know it. Some there's there's play room, there's all kinds of people in the world that are down to move forward and move on and there's plenty a pie for everybody that solution wet right now in Hanover dealing with a little bit of lake too much petition, not enough collaboration and furs, the tactical ass. Army, world world banal and the reason I am kept, throwing in Ottawa and Canada there is cause they're hungry for Jocko in Canada. You then we should talk because we have a little area. We are vital where let it probably bigger than you realize. Okay, so
I just want to throw that in you said anything Nelson ICE we have just listening to you. Talk gives me hope that everything I want to do is achievable. There is no doubt about it- I mean an average. Do that I'm hard worker. I will say that, but now, special in any other way, and I just just And your orders, after an ended and good people, attract good people and you you know if you were hard to work with People would work with you. And that's one thing I've learned like you know: if you want good people around, you have to be a good person. You know its awesome to work with all the guys that I work with before and were all work? gather get, has actually reduce garner. We were just laughing because he got back for Did I got back from I didn't he laughing saying this? Is so ass, a man this is so often around all the people you around and uniform yeah. Now you can help each other again, that's what it's all about men, what it's all about, and speaking of, those people in uniform that allow us to Do this podcast people, like you Jody.
Of our military personnel and also the police and law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics and E M teasing, correctional officers and border patrol and all the first responders that are out there in you form All of you allow was the freedom and security that we have a net. We relish every single day that allow us these opportunities. So thanks to every single one of you for providing it, to everyone else. That is listening. We talk about the path and we talk about discipline. When we talk about living clean, but it is not an easy path is filled with temptations and pitfalls. And hazards and traps in its hard to stay on the phone and if you fall off Can seen even harder to get back on, but you can do it?
you gotta be honest with yourself: do not be slave. Don't be a slave, drugs or booze or emotion, or whatever weakness is trying to be your master. Don't allow it tell the truth All out your own weaknesses then impose dis. When impose your will and climb back up onto the path and set your self free and until next time MRS Joly Medic, an echo and Jacko out.
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