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171: Seek. Never Settle. Inspire. Never Complain. Rise. Never Stay Down. No Legs, No Vision, No Problem. With Matthew Bradford.

2019-04-03 | 🔗

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0:03:23 - Matthew Bradford. Life, service, and Inspiration.

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This. Is Jocko podcast number one? Seventy one with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. I do solemnly swear that I will say work and defend the constitution of the United States. Again, All enemies, foreign and domestic that I will be air, true faith and allegiance to the same, and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me according to the regulations and the uniform Code of military justice so help me, God and that is the oath of enlargement that is aid by Every- U S military. Member. And the other day, I was at a charity event for
America's mighty warriors, which is an organisation that was created by MRS Debbie Mamma. I the mother of Mark Lee from task in your who was the first seo killed in action in Iraq, and it was a great event and it was an honour to be, and I spent some time and During questions from some of the people that it, how to events in one of the individuals asked a question about Fact, dead. He had served in the Marines during the nineties during a time of peace. And he didn't go into combat needn't. Could a war any actually felt guilty about that? It felt that he hadn't on enough, and I told him the truth and the truth is
that he had done what his country had asked him to do, that's what he had done and if the country had needed him to give more than he would have given more. That is what the oath of investment is and it's one of. If not the most powerful oath, that person can give, because, when you take that off, if you take that oath, you are pudding your country, above all else above your family, above future above your life above yourself and with that oath. When you take that If your country need you to sacrifice, you will aquifers and if the country Your time, you will give it your time in it, it even more than that. Then you will give it even more and v good
oh sailor airman or marine the service, men and women who defend this nation. They will sacrifice and they will give until they have nothing left and it is my honour tonight, to have someone on the pod cast. That has sacrificed incredibly for our great nation and yet his attitude, food remains completely unwavering he drives on and sets an example for everyone, and example of pure fortitude and tenacity in one. That fully represents the motto of the hollow, brotherhood. He will always be a part of and ass the unite, states marine corps and their proud maxim, simple
Four, doubtless always faithful been working to make this podcast happen for a law. Time and tonight. I am grateful to have this hero with us, a man by the name of Matthew, Bradford, Matt, welcome to the ship. Things are heavily on Jack O this. Is it something to be set in front of you. Right now is a woloda remarkable people. That's been on this pike asked and it's a true honoured we here in front of you and echo and get a chance to meet you yeah, and I know we ve been working on making this happen for a while, some glad we. Finally we able to get you and your family on a plane flown out here where we can We can sit down and talk for little bit. Then you get back with your family gladsome good times some good times The porn spend spend a week at their head, place on her. Yes, indeed, and it sounds like you have good temperatures give you will heads up, it can be a little warm here in an if, if you're, not careful, come out,
the summertime You you you'll, get baked out there in the in the in the in the Disney land. Not my pc, white, skin and heart had a sort of like one sunscreen on. I learned the hard way: where are we I'll be alright, alright, so, let's Go let's go to the beginning, grown up what that was like grown up in in content. In Virginia was all about. Yes, when in Petersburg Virginia my dad he worked at. Fourthly, the defence. Monsieur agency and you're an early age, my parents go divorce or moodily with my Mama Kentucky were all my firm. From and even today people, ask me we're I'm from Kentucky. Theseus answer and rub. My childhood, like we move so much. I learned a lot because my mom she work paycheck to paycheck so on. I learned a lot about how to appreciate things into Bethink
for four things are not expect the bigger things and for this I learned just go outside and the Our friends in never expect you know big Christmas. Sir, but I knew one thing from from my mom and from my set dead and my family around me. The one thing they showed me in the rest of us was love, and It taught me a lot about love, for an early age- and you know its through all the moving around. But now in Kentucky the one thing, the Kentucky as they they have allotted their drug problems, it's getting out playing sports and getting away from that helped out alive and You know all of this happened in two thousand and one and that's when I realized as a ninth grade and as a freshman in high school is when I feel like asthma tear, even though a freshman ass cool said they're watching you know that watching. You know the of terror. The tax going to New York City and the Pentagon, and I felt like it
My time go home and nobody was on the streets. No by his play, basketball, our football or whatever the sport of the the Tom was thereby was inside watching the news and also through that. You know my what my mom and must have bad was going through some things as their own and Anna. That's when, thankfully, my dad stepped in and my dad sudden you're coming to live with me now and that was degree decision ever because, although I love Kentucky, I don't know Where are we at the day of fifty? If my dad and step in- and you know for me towards him in Virginia and were we to Virginia after my freshman year in high school and stand for three years in a living right next to Army base and Vision Army base daily. I get a chance to see what what what the willingness to serve the patriotism and all this stuff and it really kind of boost Sigma. My motive to serve more and more so. Would you When you were in Kentucky and you are freshmen where'd, you thought
about the military prior to Tumblr Eleventh grown up Turkey. The only thing that I wanted to do was play Basque. Offered university Kentucky, whereas the one thing- and you know you go out on the street or you'd. Video games and which then was the old school play station and you just wanted to play basketball for Kentucky. There was not the Nelson Two thousand won't happen and that's one kind of like that. It got him a man, that's why I wanted to do and then, during that time, block down come out as the movie and as watch said over and over again and has a going to be ranger. I want to serve, you know them and then and from the army to, I looked into therefore special forces in their theirs forces is way too long, as I wanted to deploy and I actually right into the marine corps recruiter at fourthly, plan basketball and he took us to hooter. An ancillary sullenly was a hooters, then that's good! I guess it doesn't it
doesn't take you know for me when, when the Marine corps recruiting is awesome, I'm I'm per distract a long time ago that the Marine Corps spends the least amount of money on recruiting, but has the best results because they just have their well. They have the marine corps. They have the marine corps persona behind him. The legend of the marine corps that I'm We know how to get there guy, that I knew, that was a droll instructor and you use old. Me. But you know occasion he'd come home and I would just say: well, obviously, that's what I'm gonna do. There's no doubt your mind. You know you to see these here being set up. Above and beyond anything you ve ever really seen before you go. That's when your ten years old and you see a marine corps drill instructor, that's if that's a damn impressed the site that is an impressive site so serious the dress blues walk into the cafeteria at school and with all the metals and ribbons and like this is what I want to be. An end is growing up like
On my mom said my grandpa served and my dad said a lot of. His family that family serve in the military and I never really the military was, you know my future, but looking back now because I ve been asked this question. If you ve ever, if you think it's you know was up for you to join the military and as as many people in my family, it serves a kind of to answer the question now I thought it was my time serve in I mean just the marine corps alone. It's was it first choice because I just wanted to sir, but that's what it's there was the greatest ever made my life as a eighteen year old, December of my senior year in high school, going to the Meps station and you know taking that that oath and getting the date to go to bootcamp, to recruit any, and all I had to do was to give my recruiter my diploma and the amount of us in their ago and is surprisingly first day of school, the next years when I was on a bus stepped on those elephant. Branson gettin screamed at,
so you decided you were join after September eleventh, and that was your freshman year. Then you go from Kentucky Virginia and but you're are. You focus all time now you just any yep, I'm going in the military as soon as I get done with high school. That's that's! What you're mindset was that was, I was my grades were bare minimum to average. Just to stay on sports team and because all anew was to my recruiter needed my diploma, that was it and believe me. There classes that I struggled with, and I didn't know if I was going to give him that diploma or not, but mainly english second semester, my senior year. That was what it was. It was my mind said. That's what I wanted to do. I didn't think anything about going to college. I just wanted to serve in the military. I don't know you I got. I got a bunch of teenage kids, I got two daughters and one sign that our teenagers all right now and then I got a little girl, but for
these days a lot of more programmed that what you do when you get done with high school? Is you go to college? this does not for everybody, it really is, and for me Certainly, wasn't it somehow I want he was like oh, I wish I could adjoining no at thirteen, because I would have just been such a much better person so all right. You, you struggle a little school in English, apparently definitely her, it was forced. Did you play football upload Basque while little bit, and I very much like us- Ports, not school related, but literally baseball, and then my wife likes me make about were high school tennis from sophomore to senior year, and I were, I went out there. The first practice mobility. That kind of like recruited me to complain,
the coaches. I want you to just go down there and play a bunch of sophomores to kind of get out of our way and I'll be home late. Then he got so mad. It was so funny like walking and walking and walking back to the other side. What's in here, the other players, like oh, my gosh- she just be made not then, and the guy had red hair and his face was just ass, red ass, his hair and on what you like our junior year. I, the one seed on both singleton, doubles and went pretty far in the dish. Diane senior year was the same and it was just something that enjoy to do in the spring time. There was a and honestly, it's very good. Run so much did you hear me, gotta be athletic, maybe in shape and that helped a lot to note, forlorn the fallen and Tennyson. Bring it in so what year did you graduate to dollar five? And
then you left in September. Two thousand five yearly for bookshop added, did graduated in June and left in September, so couple months and between them and that's that the one thing like in high school there was a couple Marines or couple guys that I graduated with we gradual fraud and they want to be kept on Monday and, though the the gun, I really cannot help me, cannot really realize at the Marine Corps, is what I wanted to do, even though it's kind of what was focused on When did you? When did you sign a contract, it maps December of two dozen for ok? So a little delayed entry delight in your programme announced his word about what you're gonna do after eyes, going you're, like I'm gonna party, all summer law on boards to regroup grip? How to a shock to your system. Was it when you got to Marine Corps boot Camp, the first much like was know, I mean it's
it was just so much like you know course you don't sleep at all on its use is constant yelling and your realising like what in the world did. I do as you can only watch it on videos and understands. I, ok, that's on a tv screen and it's not real life, but it something else. Getting you know guess. I arrange it up every every time a bus goes, through pair silence there, stand on the yellow footprints and mill? The night, and course so we got often ours is a twelve. Ask your vain and I was caught in the middle seat and had to go through the seat belt, to get out long, getting yelled at some like choking myself for the Sea bell, and you know we get to the other footprints in ITALY you're sending their own position of attention like your calf star, tightening up? And you sorry this, like? Oh, my god, what did I do wanted us on this paper were again The funniest thing was when we actually went onto parasol and how this, but this van, Virginia down a parasol and eight hours just joking and talk in the minute. We
again I just got someone lights, thereby, and there was in on and you go by like when out, because I turned eighteen months senior year in August and delayed into program or of what the maps December in one hour I'm home in December, and my dad was like. So would you do like that signed up for infantry in the Marine Corps and he is like no, it is, does writin psychotic and this is a timely, get my room. I had the Big Marine corps poster with the three Marines in their dress blues. I think it was the gap that female and it was like it- took up the whole wall and I was was dedicated to the core. Then, and I was so excited. The raise my hand and then go to school? The next day, when my MAPS Marine Corps t sure I was like This is it on partner, Recruit are walking around all the Marine corps, shirts I'd go to the mall and walk around my shoulders are caught by this. Is it
That's all I was trying to because there has been quite a few people have joined the military from listening podcast and now I talk about this- I always try and tell them that for at least the first two weeks, they're gonna hate me, they're gonna hate Terry their day, book airfares museum worse, as is never made. It was actually a speaking on the USS towards washed and in Japan in two thousand and and The sailor walked up to me as, like eyes, got fallen, maddened time Omri and was not the only speaker. I'm like oh gosh, you can give you my name. Did you check so you go to who camp and you get them and you knew you were going infantry the whole time right I did. I knew I was infantry and healed in two thousand and five, like We had about seventy. Seventy five recruits inopportune and majority of them were going infantry and finally, a sudden in our school Albanian,
our cereal instructor. He was, he was sent in front of us. Talking, upon the quarter deck and he's like? I will, or class after you on and when some one once I'm done, I'm goin hawaiian I'll, never see you little. Pukes again and you got it. Play blow that off, like okay cool he's going to lie, I'm more than likely at EAST Coast Marine. So I'm going to say at Camp Lejeune and item there and We never run into it. But then you experienced a small marine corps, gets a lot smaller and we got to Estralla gradual. From there and they told us that a select few of us from Alpha Company School of Infantry would be going to Hawaii beseeching with second time Third Marines and select few. This was our whole company in the company that next the Bravo Company Day, so they dropped us often hawaiian, through their and as a normal for, like a whole company from S allied go together too battalion somewhere. I didn't think so. I thought you know you in them
Courts like ISA, the Mississippi you're pretty much gonna stay altogether, but other there kind asperse you out through different battalions, and thankfully there but like a lot of the it I want the boot camp with was in the same boat it is me and why so like I create that friendship and brotherhood, on the start of the Marine corps and carry it. With me along the way and an hour because you're not gonna, think it took Virginia Wannabe Station and Laguna these coasts you know what they gave me slow wishlist, which it I don't think they even look at. I think they gave it to you, because a jack in the box yogurt picked up in Okinawa, can't Pendleton as my first two choices, and they pretty much put me right in the middle lies the difference. I always tell people a free government trip to Hawaii. I mean I can't complain about that at all. How is the school in Africa? cold in North Carolina. We were in that time. There were so many girls going through the Through infantry school and
a lot of guys we're just like, therefore a couple months, three months- and you know like You go the Chow Hall and you gotta like a and of twenty like a snake line, rose in rows of marine sculptures Tron each girl- and I was close, actually karma recruited to go on record resistance, because I didn't know how? its longer on beer and, thankfully my last they sort of the bee and January. I got selected for now for company in the first three exist kind of learning, the whole weapon systems and workin on going on humps and stuff, and an end of the next three weeks was basically out and filled the whole time doing, infantry work and clarity, learn how to clear rooms and do a lot about training this point you're dead. You guys all pretty much assume you're going to Iraq or Afghanistan Hunter percent. I meet a being an instrument in the marine corps. There's a war in two countries you must have all just realized you're gonna percent, going pretty
and that's the reason why I want to choose energy, examines the boy as quickly as I possibly could, and To my german structures were properly recipients from the battle Felicia, and so it's like Uganda going to hear from all the drill instructors when you're going through Recruit training that you know this is where you're going to end up. You know you go through your school, you go to your training, but more than likely, ninety percent of your going to our regret, Ghana were used, thinking about that, like you're on the range you're down in your weapon. Are you thinking yourself? I better pay. Attention right now, because I might be eating this skill in a couple more when I'm overseas think it over cross my cosmo monkeys. I just do what I was told it you know and I know when it was on the rifle range or if it was like patrolling you know, I try to taken, is suppose possibly could and learn as I went, and furthermore the more I learned I just you know I learned to not only teach me so but also teaches around me and stuff, because
You know you? Do you only see it on the news? You don't really know what to experience, and it's it's funny, because I tried to read the book. No true glory and I couldn't really understand what Iraq was like. You know from clearing rooms are patrolling down the streets urban terrain. I could understand that because I wasn't there and you know of course, now and I'll read his books. I understand because I can visualized it in my head you know, then I will just doing what I was told and I was learning as I went along and you know, I learned what I could through school them training. Once I got to the fleet it kind of change a lot because we had to learn what the what Italian and our squad platoon was doing there. At the School of infantry. Did you do but his the operations of the like clear since the villages and stuff like that, we did towards the end of of infantry. We had we had all the eleventh out there, and then we had the machine gunners in the mortar amendments set up and
we cannot of it, we would we would humvee in and you we going to clear a couple homes and stuff then, but it was more of a company level. It's hard tart remember back than what it was. It was the one thing, unlike North Carolina like where we were at training for schools, infantry of which is a lot of like machine gun fields and a lot of like pop up targets and those kind of ranges, and then the Mount town wasn't as extensive as it was once we get to the fleet went to tax and California, so there You would say at school of infantry. You are more working on your individuals, infinite skills more than like working together with a tune accompanies ized elements. I think because a lot of times at school them. True, we did a lot of fire team stuff, and you know we did a lot of heights. Every refers they once we back from field. But a lot of it was like this learn: weapons, learn how to shoot a pauper targets and like moving targets and just kind of like learn this kind of learn the whole weapons, weapons and systems and stuff
every marine is first and foremost a and that's where you become a riflemen, ok, now you get a signed two to three Marines and you're here, turn to Hawaii witches We from common for can jockey in Virginia and the North Carolina analysis and you wake up here. Hawaii. We were actually in the squad. They meet a guy from Georgia and Lila, got from Tennessee and we listen to Craig Morgan Redneck Yacht club, and this is what we're going to do when we get to Hawaii and of course, I think all three of us were in different company, so we never saw each other once we got to Hawaii, but you like you fly in and you get there, and it's like gosh we're in Hawaii and we would get on the bus. We get our gear and we had dropped off at the battalion. Office and we get in two of my seniors waiting on me in these light,
their basic like pull me to. The bare just sounds like you're all ours now gosh and then you know you are hearing stories from like other than the other guy's got there with me, and other their seniors are welcome, We demand that the poor to what what what month did you get their March March, two thousand six and so the assumes you get there so and those guys we're just come back from Afghanistan Right lay worthy. They were actually over there there an offer. She read wing and on the other, I think they get back February two and six, so they were just getting back from their posts, deployment leave and new ones. Once we get there was pretty much you gotta get right into another work up and, and then that work up is where you really start.
The grating everyone together working patterns, eyes, elements work in a company size elements, it was and then that's when we cannot. They told us first got there everything you learned in school them just like lose it because now the Euro Army, we teach you and you know from day from dislike clearing conference rooms in barracks. Worms too, you know workin, patrol and up the street in Hawaii, and I was the one bad thing about the insatiable why that is a great place to be stationed, but there was much to do in training and we Madam I mean lewd literally patrol down the streets at cavy kind they lie and they had a couple of. Eric said we work mounts. You know we do training with and with similar rounds, and them We do we, your bellows, which was like a little AIR force base that they were starting to create like amount town and We did a lot of our training and filled work, and now, at this point, are you Are you think- and you got guys that are just come back from Afghanistan
are you starting to think like okay? Now I really need to start paying attention to reason. I'm asking you! These questions is cuz, I'm trying to relate what we know when I joined the Navy. It was ninety. There was like Guess the Gulf WAR was kind of on horizon, but and it was gone so quick by the time I was in budget was over and so, even when I was doing work up some stuff like, I would always be thinking like ok, I need to be good at this. Because some day I might need this skill, but that's a big stretch remain, whereas once September eleventh happened every one of these young guys I was commented, it was like oh Probably wasn't like some day. I might need the skills like I'm probably gonna need this skill in the next couple months to save my life. For my friends lives did you feel like that kind, intensity from yourself and from the other guys we're just come back from overseas ethics. Open I feel like the way they were construct in us. Teaching us the stuff and they,
relay and that any it now there we could be called up and deploy and east given more serious about it, and I think attitude changed, and it wasn't more like joking around even like to joke a lot. But it was you, China. Be Series son be serious in its turn, the learn you know, and you know whatever weapons I was carrying around of his soul or the the rifle m16 You need to learn everything about that and you need to learn it to its tee and nothing. That's one thing that really paid more attention about and and its it was just like you could fill it from your seniors because they experience like casually they experience does. Over in Afghanistan. They knew what combat was like and he started understanding that this a serious now the same dino, this ain't, a video game or a joke- you get. Go to warn. You know five, six, seven months or even tomorrow. You never know when So everything that you need to learn here something that you may take serious, because this is, you could be had your
in the situation when you're in combat at what point to do no, where you would appoint you that you are deployed to Iraq. I felt like it. After tax? In July we weren't? We were in cats from June to July two thousand six, which is great, wants to be in a desert in California, would have really once we get back. There was pretty much like we're going to our action and now so we're still? It is as though fibre or sex, so six, ok, gotta, joint, join set but two thousand five and on stars on a plane September? Two thousand and six editor rack. So that's What are the things I want to do in the Marine corps, as I mentioned was just I wanted to deploy in. I was literally in the Marine corps a year, and I was a plain headed overseas and then Where will point did you know you were wearing Iraqi were gone that you had not to a decent? I think we'll. We knew we were going to the earlier born in north western part of our but we were never told what city I think, once got Al Assad and we were Sarno relief. Three three in here about like what they
through and where they were at is when we started really realising ok. This is where we're going, Sir, was when you actually got to you got in countries when you realized, ok, we're going to have you knew that you were gonna. Believe three three, you probably a bunch of stories, and I mean so. This is so I wasn't remedy this this time from the spring of our sex until the fall of our sex. So year we overlap, probably by about a month maybe a little bit more. Of when you arrived in Iraq food AL argues that flew now saw, and we were there basically a day and then, while we were now saw, three three was starting to pull some of their Marines out and that's when we start interact with them and they told us that they feel bad for more you're gonna get involved, they lost so May Marines, while they were over there and and it is kind of like you.
Your stories of other guys in our company, like basically in a firefly, just get on their farms and We left outside. We we took gum, we flew up to that either, and will the night and say overnight we started load nor mags and we're gonna become voice. We we drove into it either. And it was not made use leggy you here the stories of data from three three and then, when three one went through there than before, in and assist while our west and again. You ll see it on tv. You never expect we walk in the same streets, and you know this stuff going on, but other last time we went out on patrol it was. It was now cracking it was not really cuz. It's like you do this in training. So much and you feel like you, do it so well, but now that you're, in a situation where it's like, oh gosh, you know I got to look here. I got to look at it. Look up. I got to look down and what was your position in the platoon? That was a point man, and then lose it,
fine, you know as they gather the first firefight is when you are kind of like ok, I could, This is a good motivated now you know, and- and I was a gambler want one time we gonna fire fighting before we went on patrol eyes like highway, I'm ready to get some I'm ready to get a firefighter. You know when- and I didn't know my squad leader heard this, but after we got in like a two or three hour, long firefight, we're walking back onto the fob and he yells we Bradford. Unlike what he's like, I'm gonna kill you. What did I do now? You know like we all come back alive. You nothin like that was a good thing, but it was the United States. The first firefight we got into we were palm grows and we're walking along this compound law. On these these, trees there they're no bigger than there are no water than assault ball. And then there was war, no water than a baseball, and they open up from our left and so my team later, just behind the one, that's the size of a soft ball and he's like
better get over their own, actually like a bull criminal once more than this one. You know, and then Corpsman who was a use of is a junior corpsman. He had two shot gun for breaching and he laid off around and I don't I'm pretty sure didn't hit the gap, but the boom scared him and he took off and put it. And of course, the same day in the Marine Corps sister are coms, went out and so that the stuff we got, was kind of crap sounds like here: we are in the middle, the palm girls at their afar. Fine, we don't have. No cons were shooting up smoke in trying to get somebody to come down there and help us. You known, so what was where were you guys living it had either? There is a and a military that we were on say that that was our home. Now is right in the Rockies houses and was it Was it a protein size element in their company size element of their? There was a company. The way there dumb, arbitrary and was split up. The battalion commander in the headquarters was much more in the damn. Indeed, the dam and then her data were
the the main EO, because as well city, that's where our company was ECHO company and we had. We had of company to the south of us in Hockley and across the river and bar wanna was Fox company and and weapons and he would basically go from from from a audio and about three into their deployment arbiter commander in the headquarters detachment would come and they actually set up shop and data with once the iraqi police, iraqi Army left our father and, You know we ETA we, yet it was. It was a company element. We pretty much ran over the fourth platoon would more with iraqi Police iraqi Army and then the one point was basely set up for mobile and other platoons would rotate back and forth between posts and patrol was Africa. How days on we will be off on post duty and in these kind of rotate back and forth and When we were in the data, our mobile units got hit so hard that they headed
change out. Another platoon had to take over just because the snipers, the indirect ideas, we lost so many guys and throughout that, opponent, the whole battalion lost when three Marines and I think ECHO company lost non Marines and already, I think- and I got all of them were within the first two or three months, not to mention the purple heart recipients that we got from that deployment. And would you or will you guys doing most of you guys return almost off a patrol out of the five hours foot patrol every patrol and actually felt safer, walk in the streets, and I did and vehicle we get in the back of a seven times in their launch in grenades for the seventh time China below us up, then near them went time that we were in a patrol with the iraqi army. We were in the old old, green home. These with no of armour and me, and my friend was set in the back seat was like good luck.
Brother Gaza, because if this something happens right now, them were we're screwed yeah, old on these aren't gonna. Take our idea hit very well now not at all, and it was like. Allowed being over there. You know we'll talk serve in this country, and you know that One time that we're in a racket sake, we had one bit screen tv channel, although we were never shall we lived in iraqi House in which a star, platoon and you away from the news, your away from society, everything going on? It was just you and your brothers and that's thing like today- I miss more than anything just being around those guys and You you see, I'm open up and one year on year. In brother, you know, gets killed or wounded like you the motion that it's like yours for him, you know and he to you and what are two things that I miss more, but the marine corps and enforce eliminate Kentucky today.
It's like you're not around to Marine Corps base and your you know how I get to see my friends I don't know once it seems, like a lot of guys him up the I haven't seen since my injury, the the What how long would you guys go patrol for like what would you got for a couple hours? Would you go find an objective in the head? That way then check it out and come back? Did you have an objective? We just do presence patrols. What was that all about we were doing a lot of meeting greets present trolls idee patrols would go out for two or three hours. Sometimes we'd actually go out and set up a patrol bay. And we ll and just say therefore, couple knights and run patrols out of the troll base later on and appointment arm, are our company commander kind of made it a jack set up patrol bases throughout the town we had one in north and Ethan one in south and then went out and kind. I guess I'd be the though the western part of a deeper and
which would basically we have engineers come in and they build like little little fall down these houses and actually spent Christmas, two thousand six, The patrol base up in North Editha, and it was sitting there on the roof in the middle, the night eating cold, turkey and ham. You know and merry Christmas bro forty because, like they told us, is like all you're gonna have Christmas off now and last very long, because here we are on the troll doughnuts north at Eton, but it was. It was fine. I enjoyed it means one of the sum of the coal data did there, we were we had They really. There was a cachet and one of the islands, and there was no bridge nothing to get to the island and the only way to get there was to take river rafts and I'm not going to lie. That was the one time I felt like. I was a Navy seal Goin down Euphrates River on the river raft, and but it was in the middle of the night and they had a two hundred and forty on the front of it, and they would pick us and the bridge, and we would rather right to do that the island than we are
they dug in Dagestan and stay. Are overnight and I believe that was thanks given two dozen six. Oh hell is happy holiday, holiday ideas only looking back now on holidays on Thanksgiving Christmas. It's like I did look back on those two moments of my life. It's like slow on a cold Ireland, because people look at our rack and think it's more molotov with its bridge, called over there in the winter months and and then of course, Christmas. I'm set on the roof. How often do you get an indirect fire into year into your father with a you guys with mortars alot. We get Mordred about every every day about five o clock childhood and one of them like we had, I know it was he'll live like a big sand he'll when the middle or far we had a couple post up on top of it and actually we're on pose duty and there's like Bradford. Won't you bring these batteries up to post five, which is at the end of it, and so I take it to an I'm walking down and going down. This is very steep and warm
halfway down, they saw drop and mortars artisan. It's like I'm thinking to myself. It's like. Should I go back to the post or should our rural and and I got taken our separate down the hill. Thankfully, I didn't like role we down and and my team leader like when I'm running that isn't worth Bradford, I'm likes it nearly gasping for air. He let us like a spirited across the this down his big he'll, but we are we gotta, we get more, but every afternoon and and thankfully they their motors Hut, because they missed and one of the towns. We were actually very Lucky we were in our farm, we're our house and we're all kick back on earth beds and my mom mom Good friend my best friend actually was working on the hot air tanker whatever was outside and they motor, like thirty feet behind our house and when that thing we decided madly went to our gear because it sounded like it when right through the middle of our house, and he D. Take shrapnel one leg and for that? Was it when I realize that.
You know I had to have many friends got killed when I was over there, but I wasn't you know right there until I'm scream, as I return again on in when I realise that this is real. You know, and not only do they get this guy's like find put a turn it on and Lisbon. As for any was my roommate when I was in an hour, Hawaii and a really killed me, thankfully, that he didn't lose a leg? He come back in a couple weeks and usinor shown us piece of shrapnel until now said he down also has some ice cream and saying you know if we get the way I feel about it. You know, but but it's a lot of blood scary moments, bring together the the true brothers you know, and the fellowship and then how long it was it was January is when you got injured in writing today, seven and we were formed, into an appointment, will start a kind of
good start here and allows scuttle, but about the advance come in. You know we're getting ready now. You know that the other you come in and actually was speaking to my uncle on the phone that day, we rarely get the call home same as IKEA deployments gone well. Now, there's and talk about other guys come in. You know when and how farm phone because, where to go to a brief and the brief was the patrol and Fourthly, I don't remember this part right here. I remember all we have to like the last minute walking down the street and, as us in point I look out front of media were walking along a road. Alongside the paranoia rephrase River is called port place and we were coming up ass a compound wall into this opening with bunch palm trees and a seal bag, leaned up against a palm tree about thirty yards off to my right and as You know it look like as a suspicious idle and turn around my team there to my left days on our side, the road not turn around
behind me in the minutes like her, I look down and there was a stitched at ran perpendicular to the road and I see the wires go inside the pipe underneath the road and was standing right on top of the pipe and I mean in the matter, so I can sit exploded and sent right on both my eyes, and that was the last thing I ever saw was that white bag in those wires HUN is this. This lay in their conscious, like hearing everything going on around me Ma Squad leader com, and your f and you know just and actually have the litter kid Emma Pack, so I'd like that, a figure that out and then the whole time I was trying to stand. I do know had my left leg was blown off my getting have left leg, my right leg was severely damaged, and but it just felt If boys asked me like what refilling when this is all going on, and it went so quick that aren't they the chance to feel anything like
I literally went from like walking down the patrol seeing something suspicious to lay on the ground looking in darkness. No, that was it. If I didn't know, if I was dead and knowledge steering voices around me. They put me in the kitten they take me into a compound and you know as well wait knock. You are apt to get their bodies. Look there's an they're holding my hand talking to me, because you know our squad, we probably when's the most far out of our whole company. But was we left the fog which for Marines we had always come back hotel Marines. We let enemy know that everyone ass with us room. Give you a thing we got more and this the first time that we suffered a kind of casualty and lay in there are basically fighting for my life and hold on my hands talking to move that they didn't think I will. Make it out of there and as curious shows up. They put me in the back of a humvee and the like. Voice heard was
As I mentioned earlier, the small marine corps was from Monsieur Jones structure. Who is to sergeant in the same company said Bradford you'll be fine and then passed out. No? That was it If I was truly dead now I was then I felt like was only twenty years old and I felt like that was in my life and those are ass words I heard and woke up three weeks later and from a coma. And this is when I realise that what- truly loved to do that. My true purpose in life was to serve this country where in the uniform and it was taken from me, like here- I am in the United States, while my brothers are rare and erect fighting right now, I felt like a coward like they would they would call me when they could and I wouldn't want to talk to him on the phone. Like. I would always tell me what some kind of excuse that I'm sleeping or I'm doing something just so I don't have to talk to him because I felt like I let him down and that it it killed me, and then
Once my dad told me that I lost my legs. That was the first thing in the world. Then I just were to die like the guilt to depression I didn't want to live a life anymore and always always told him like when he told me that I was like felt like my legs. Relax lizards tell you, know it's like their grow back, like you see on the news all the time, but you never It happened to yourself and here. I am. I didn't care nothing about the vision as one of my legs back because it was. It was tough, those first, two or three weeks uttering it. Now I see you like, I will nothin? I was so skinny. I could barely with my head about the bed and the hospital ban that they gave me would go, must pass it pretty much bigger. I just wouldn't want to eat. I wanted to die, like the nurses hated me, like one or one of the nurses coming like two in the morning, I follow get some sleep and she kept ok me around with a needle and
literally Carter, stupid Idiot and, unlike in and she was a my nurse, no more n and I felt so bad, but you I just I felt like my whole life was taken from me. Just from seven that bomb you no one knew what could happen to me and my whole point being deployed- was I'm either going to come out with my brothers. I'm come home in a body bag. There's no in the middle and and here I am now down this whole dark path. This new road twenty year old, how in the world of mother lived my life now, like I got I know what a blonde gave no legs can do what point. Did you realize that you work and appeal to see any more? It was much more set. And I believe, was my last surgery that they try to kind of light give me some vision back and nothing can back from that- and you know that
march. Second got there. I was still positive, not being. I was moving around a lot more starting to gain weight and let you know what's they told me that they can do the surgery, but then they all told me that it's it's not a happy percentage that you're gonna get vision back at all. They started coming like talking about needs, live in life visually impaired. But it was, it was tough. Was it wasn't you no to me The vision didn't bother me much at all. Losing my legs and near them in core. You know: what's the join. The marine corps in two thousand for was the gray vision of my life. For the reasons like this right now, because it was the in core that was there each and every day in my hospital room talking to me and when we understand that this road that I'm being ready to go down but there is the light at the end of the tunnel and not
we're talking about, might appointment or talkin about the Marine corps, but just talking about life and coming joking around with me in because, Looking back on it now truly fort. Bless me here today, because the amount of blood I lost was a bodies worth a blood. My level it was taken from me. I have peace amongst small intestines, taken out you know shrapnel went through both lass and, and you know, truly a blessing. Now, that's obviously, a big transition of cod a blessing and called where you're at right now blessing from when you first, you didn't realize your situation, and you're saying, hey you you wanted to die. I mean that's arenas as bad as it gets What do you think it was there? I made you start to realize you know what
here's my new situation and I'm gonna, I'm gonna get after it, the Marines that would come in visit me. They Catch reiterating that I was a marine than nurses corpsman, even though I wish Why did they never gave up on me and they still pushing challenged me, and I think that was the one thing that made me realize that this is just a new challenge for me, one thing in the marine corps is to adapt overcome. I might learn to it. After these and injuries and overcome it, and It's one thing to help me realize it. There's like that sells hospital doors, because at that time, when I was going through depression and Gill, there was too I could have went down the self pity the drug, I'll call ISM suicide but I don't wanna go down that road. I didn't want to be another statistic. I want to go down the road of happiness and live in my life to the fullest, improving people wrong people tell me I can't do somethin. Then I'm gonna go and do it I want to be Blanca with no no legs proven people wrong. You know and
Well, always so people when I first got her as like anything you can do I can do. I might do differently, but he's gonna get done, and therein Tom with that marine coming in a that hospital room. This is when I realized in my mind. This is what I want to do I want to. I want to put self, in his position on help, others severely wounded warriors Marines your sailors, airman. Begin: creating these goals and these and you know, Ceylon won broad. The one Broadway was saying in the Marine corps and they know I realise that I need to these little goals. First I need to remind you get on my hospital bed. I need to go from Haswell Bet, my wheelchair, and I need to learn to eat and the war. I started realizing this in a sort of put my mind in the right direction. Then I saw- getting off medications, a sort of pain, pills and I started getting more wait on my body and ours. Entered on generating. I was as a general twenty first and by March twenty first I was headed to multiply. Traumas
Richmond Virginia worth our. Focus more on physical therapy, occupational therapy, so it's like You know I was young and I hear quicker When I go to my mind that I could do this then I didn't need, I don't want any by slowly down and and, as you know, went through toy trauma centre and I was there for two months by June twenty ninth, two thousand seven I've cinnabar prosthetic legs for the first time, and now you're one of the things that I talk about. When I talk to vets. I always tell em people say what how do we get through this and I will say, you gotta find a new mission and because, you ve had this mission would have. Let mission was whether whatever service branch wherein, wherever you are fighting, you had a mission and it it's your life very clear and simple, because what you do every day is you tried was the mission and when I, when I hear you talking about that, it's like it,
Zack we that you were in a situation. You had a mission boom, you get blown up Now you don't have a mission anymore and now, when you give you wake up in Bethesda your you're in this situation. You go. I don't I don't. I'm depressed, I don't want to live anymore. And then someone comes in and says: hey, you could help and then all of a sudden bomb. You have a new mission and sees you good that new mission you go, I can go and by the way you the gun, but to be able to walk you don't pick up and we'll defend for myself. Was this and licked? Looking back now, junior eighty two seven, I feel like that was the day that The Lord above looked down on me. He didn't want me, do you want me to go to Heaven? Yet he gave me. He put me on the and life, as you mentioned mission and that was to share my story inspired others,
by live in my life to the fullest and beyond, mound bear minimal, and I feel like that I feel that was my new mission in life that you know we're all brought on this earth to serve in some kind of purpose, served some mission and Your share, my story and go about doing things at I'm. Doing today is spider motivating others, not those who were injured and combat, but people. For eleven a civilian life today and it truly inspires and motivate me to continue doing wrong doing, because I know that I'm inspiring somebody along the way and always doping if I could do inspire motivate one person a day, then that's a job. On for me and that's what I'm left on this earth do, and I love it. You know it system. This is what I've been given and am I will accept it and move on. You know
reverse something that we're always learned in the marine corps. In do you know when I, when I do speaking engagements, that focus on a lot of things in the marine corps that I learned like adapt and overcome and you know that, when, as lead by example, which you know a lot about, I'm sure and then swans, never quit and through it all, those three attitude is everything you walk into any situation with positive attitude. That's the first steps you success! If you, about something negatively than you're, never going to accomplish anything. So one I was late and that hospital bed there was no negative thoughts. You know I had got one of the Marines who are actually was wounded too much. For me Lhasa, leg and data come in day and night and he would also cannot tell me, like oil what's gonna go on. You know, you're gonna get a prosthetic, that's gonna be alone. You know it's the Rio intense, but this you know, but but one and from the next, and that's what
live in life with and when I was trying to learn how to walk in two thousand seven hours, w B, T ten scissor walk one fallen from annex and pretty much trip of yourself. You look like an idiot but but with vision I was going from the right war to the left wall. Emma physical therapists start things like mad. Just start, this just walk, but one and for the next- and I back on that now that's how we live each and every day We never know what tomorrow's gonna hold or week. We Gotta worry about right now in the present and that's it lived my life right now and I never knew would that next steps gonna be, but I'm gonna take that step forward in Owen you know I might walk around with two. Ass the legs and look darkness in the face every day, but TAT one thing: my motto those are point of forward. My vision on life is twenty and that's what healthy, both today and it sir. I love it. I love it and that's No, it's the journal in the motivation to do things
can't see, hurt when you run into thanks day, so the attitude of just walk. That's that's that beautiful attitude to have just walk. Quit. Quit all this other stuff just get up walk. How hard the transition from the bed to the wheelchair, to the to the prosthetics. To walk into move on the it really fact getting used to the prosthetics was you know basely getting my legs used to wearing prosthetics and though there the hardest thing because, like I would go to therapy every day put him on a walk round therapy, but they not go right back to the wheelchair and I'm really never never wore them more than a couple hours a day, just because a woman therapy, until I went to the blonde school in Chicago and
this gave me the opportunity where I had no chance to go back to my room and take them off. So I had to world from seven in the morning to five at night and that's to be straightened up my legs and the council's on my legs get used the word prosthetics and ones. Get back from the the blonde school six months there. I was poor much all my legs from Sun or the sunset and and that was what you know through setting his goals early on in rehab in a real, listen: the Marine Corps was the one thing that I wanted to do and so learning how to walk a focused that more than mouth, my blood, because a new learning learning life, in the dark would be a lot easier with legs and that here doubt so much, because I try to maneuver around in a wheelchair, being blind and along Cain and all this stuff, and I just kept running more things Once I got on my legs and I started using along Cain and started walking around and you know
a really helped out alive solely that's like the old form of prioritizing execute. Yeah. You know what ok I can't see, but I can't walk the number one day will do exactly energy did so what they like. You know it's easy to get from the hospital better, the wheelchair to the proceedings and then go to the blind school, not that what about the blonde school on? Learn everything from computer to independent living and that's a six month school board of the blind school. The the first programme is six months and that's basely learning. To live beyond the visually impaired, and you go back for computers and There are so many different programmes now, but I would therefore nicely from July two December, just because I am corporate computers and with my programme as well and suspect, from July two December and and cargo, so expert
cold weather there, but you learn everything from NEO checking emails to Brazil to taking taking a subway and train all way, downtown Chicago and circling block and even builder house when I was in Chicago and I don't know about you- were a table- saw scare me when I had vision, China, China could cut a piece of board when no vision, that's little intimidating, thereby lose a finger. Thankfully yeah, you know that that's another thing wrong, I'm here and about what you're saying is like the way in something here all the time, but the way you're describing it is people oh, you know: you're gonna get your big goal here. You got your big goal in the future, but
have to do what you have to set up these little goals along the way to get you there that are point in the right direction. So your big goes. You wanted to stay in the marine corps, be able to reenlist in order to be able to do that, you had to be able to walk to build a function, and so you just had a fight through these little things, every single day to make progress, and it's funny because the way. I've honestly describes before his like it's like shooting when you're looking. You got your target as far off in the distance four hundred metres away. If you stay that thing, your visions, gonna get blurry and you'll lose track of it. So you have to focus on the front site. If this runs, I focused that's what you do and that the the in the background. You know what kind of feeds a little bit, but you know it's there and then what happens is occasionally it's the same thing with your goals. Right. You have your long term goal, but that thing so far away sometimes gets boring, and if you and so what you do. Is you folks on some little thing? That's right in front of you that you can do and then I bring you a little bit closer the goal, but occasionally those little thing
he's at our short term. You do to me after day after day, David Desert grind on you, you say you know what forget I don't want to do this today. That's when you have to look up once again at your long term goals, they wait a second a move in that direction. I'm trying to get there but to hear you describe these. All things and by the way you're throwing out there like it's, no big deal like I just was went from embed the wheelchair today to the to the prom. Eriksson went the blind, schooner next thing or making bird cages. Bird feeders and, like I mean the small effort or the small task that took immense effort along the way. But You know from my perspective what I see as you may, to each and every one of those things. A mission I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that. Okay, I can do that now. Cool imma do this, and these are small little progressive steps, but your make and you're making them every day every day you get up, you just walk, walk forward and let us know been in the Marine corps and has really help me
along this way, as you know, been organized and Gideon that routine, where you are you awake, each and every day is like. Ok, I'm gonna knock this out. This is a goal for the day and in better myself, as one of the goals because I knew that I couldn't, nothing done in this life of I didn't butter myself. First and no through the early days of my recovery, gainer painful was one of the first things that I wanted to do as well, and it's been two years. Since I last psycho paying pill and that's you know it's, so I don't want my life to you. No revert back to pain, pills and Just you fill it with a pain than then I'm gonna Go get take a pill and you know I reckon is that with stand busy Saint active going to the gym working out and it really helped out. I didn't just a
I got pain and I'm gonna go, give it some paying. You know and that's that the one thing in their sister new through through it all of learned along the way is like people told me. I couldn't do something. I can't do it. Why do you want to in the Marine corps you make so much more money outside go. I'm like a lot and join the Marine corps for money. You know and that's that lab use that as motivation- and it got me along this way and and you know I just pretty much like whatever he now. You think that for yourself, but I know what my mission in life is- and I kept apart of attitude and people saw that, and you don't want about four. The blonde school on two thousand nine are sorted it out. Do these events and the first event I actually did was something else my mouth to mouth, physical, therapists and forgot all about until like two months before was the Baton death March into as a non and he walked up. Mania like oh man, you can do it on eight march this year, right, you said last year and like all crap and walked out,
did ten miles and eight hours, and that was the first like our problem, do in ten miles and eight hours, but that was the first vent. First height they ever fell out of that kind. So for people who don't know the baton, death March is an event that they do out here and it's it's twenty six miles right. It is, and I gotta bring a Europe where rock some people here, on his work and will back they do it, Well explained: explain what it what the Baton Deaf marches. Obviously it's too commemorate or to do remember. The folks were actually on the real baton. Deaf March But what is one that they do here like this? you're actually was their thirtieth annual baton. Oil death, Martin White Sands do Mexico when I did in two thousand and nine. It's. A twenty six point two long mile along marathon, and then they also have a forty miles honorary and the
six point two miles actually of a mountain and down a mountain in its isn't it because you're walking through the sands and a part of it is this loose sand pit and its It's a good test, certainly for people prosthetics and you know, and your kind endurance and see how far you can go. When I signed up in two thousand and nine, I walk ten miles out of in eight hours, and I was like all right. That's pretty proud of you guys got her two years ago, but then again like that, quit Then that I've really bug me- and I use that as motivation and humbled made no one- that in a good runner before I never quit Any hikes like. I would always finish. And then I realized that ok, and I'm going for Marine Lisbon package, I gotta learn, learn this way now you know and not everything is as easy as it used to be, but once what's our finnish like I told the lady atonement their business like once, I'm done on put my medical board and
for Marine Lisbon package and in a way ten miles in, and that was in March of two dozen non in basely August, two thousand- and I got my you know my ratings back again hundred percent and add shows go through the EPA programming soon, but permanent limited duty and that took all wait till April two thousand within the March two thousand and ten and today. Proof Hurstwood then, the day that of those promote the corporal with a battalion commander that called me when I was in San Antonio was like a congratulations. Arrogant, broad corporal like serves as an April fool's Jehovah, green helmets and its Edward, but April. Seventy thousand ten Irene Licit sit and raise my right hand got chanced to stay in the marine corps for a few more years, and there are the greatest thing ever my there are. No that's that's the reason why I started off today, Red narrow, because for you
be doing that in the condition you were in. Having already sacrifice and saying you know what I got, To give- and I want to give it and that's the one like one as mentioned, lead by example, one of my therapist told me, go to therapy everyday, I put my legs on a sane up, I'll, walk out. You know Damone thing and he's like Matt, you don't ever you won't see. This of course and you will never realize this, but every day when you walk in here, you sit down and you put your prospects on a get up and walk out. People stare at you and people look at you and that's the right thing to lead by example. You know it's like. If you wake up each and every day you do it the right way than people will follow. You know, and- and learn. Now it's like from live in my life, it's just to wake up and can t doing the right thing and people will follow. No, it's it is something of a focus, a lot on its not being a tense yelling leader, but it is due the right way and that something I've done along away in a course in therapy
if you're on Marine in your army go on the ground and he looked at me at their walk ins origami to beat this guy. And then you also go to college right. I did I did and we're here. Did you start college? I started two thousand and eleven. Also Carolina vehicle Injectable North Carolina. Once a realistic date asked me what I wanted to go on we'll go to one where the tiniest Campbell Jane, because I realized my help out more there and I got there and it doesn't eleven our closure trip by direct and that's when I realized that I join the marine corps to deploy can't deploy now, but I can still share my story and the share must weigh rent a uniform the marine corps that take you on the closure trip, it was a non profit, nonprofit First Foundation and its and actually did the episode that. I went on. Sixty minutes aired in two thousand eleven votes on Youtube, but can I please watch it there. But it's
but I learned a lot about time in the marine corps in and the one thing with being a marinas you're, always a marine and that's a title. I get to take them graven one arm eighty five years old. I can look at my great, Kids and the like are certainly not say to Marine Corps, and so it's and during that time we were starting a family and I was generated college classes, so The one thing that I am very fortune about is everything through life like its each step each chapter. It comes right after the next one like I never have time to sit down and think about. What's next You know I gotta two thousand twelve and we moved robot Kentucky and I'm sorry. Taken college classes and known mob in an amazing wife, awhile trying to figure out where we want live she's like you, your dream school as Universal Kentucky. So let's move back to their in you school there in graduate there, and I started Lastly, there in two thousand fourteen and on seventeen out locked across a sage, reparation gamma,
former me media arts in history and and its you know our only for life or a wildcat for life filled. I feel I feel Strangely, in that you know the thirty year old, like kid Nino Party and the ten year old there when the basketball team warrant or such like that of the under said old creepy dude over there now and not have not the youngster anymore. But what it was was finally go back and take college classes and everything that I learned that should learn in high school, like I'm like love college now and I spoke at it child developments in a couple of months ago and the kids ass is like what you think a school. Unlike you know it's ours the greatest students in high school but That's what I loved college. I love going back in reading books. I love the red now and in it it just expands by mind and my knowledge on things, and it's you
had gone down set now people one and you could share stories on different things and not just something about the military. But you could talk about this in this and you know it, sir. It was fun you you're just gonna- to jump back to work out a little bit. And then are you posts. Are you work out sooner on waiter and stuff some little shop sometimes, and are you post one? The other day, if you put pushing the sled, said her person that persons that all we have Galva worrier legit? you work wake up every day is that the first thing you do is is trying to work out in a charter I'll up for work in the morning, but now with travelling- and you know me catching up hours at work. I had to do even work out which I hate it work somebody get home. Take my legs often, but those are the I work on the evening. I tried to get ominous bikes up,
ass. We can I love to work out and if not, then I was at home. I got some and curls curls there, and but You know throughout throughout the day on my console, my legs, walking around you know, did some cardio, but you know I love take what's that you they're Jacko and whether you know- and I think one of the tweets actually mentioned ideas like you- do squat now do the push in the sledge. You know it's like, even through even through training, much Rayner, it's funny. Joker, they Molotov alike, Josh and I'm like you just here to walk me from machine them. Shane, alright, I'll tell you what our work out today and and like if we get to the point where I get bored and pull ups put some chains on me and I'll do some pools with some chains on me and somebody already some push ups or I'll, get to the bench press and do some chains on press and it's like just the nails the challenges set a stick into the same old thing. You know every day thing and
and you know a person based on the bench press couple. We go up to sixty I'm proud of that and in court push the sled and when it's like you learned doing these adieu, spartan racism, marathons and I'm gonna marathon and a Marathon Africa what year was brought in work out or get back on the back for a whole year after doing the next marathon. I was so sore for like a week- and I realize like if I stay active in the german work out and I'm not a sore and like news, Flash nay the jam and it's so it's like. I work out as much support we can because it's like, I never know what what This delegation idealise events with sometimes This call me. Ok you into sport in recent weeks, as I am sure you know, and and you know, through the majority limits our drinking water now, but
through this. It's like each year try to find something new to do and for some weird reason this year, as like, I've got on the stationary bike, because my goal is to in July when a bike from Seattle Portland, it's like a two hundred three mile to day event and then mug ultimate GO in August. Is the bike across Kentucky on a tandem bike and so I cannot say snares bike in January. For the first time I got on any kind of bike in twenty years and I'm like, access is weird, it's like. My left leg like the above the knee sad like it, work so well on peddling sawdust took it often cited pedal peddling on my right leg and the most of them with seven point five miles and twenty six minutes, and I went my trainer- and I looked at my wife- I'm like this is the one thing that I feel like I'm doing. Normal fill a gap. Keep up with somebody with legs, and so I really enjoyed that. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm a glass climb out were near or half what
half a mountaineer, this year, I'm gonna go out and summit at home, in July, so They can do they really like challenged myself and always always my process them like any like. I got that ex three on my left leg, which is like the best of the best, and I'm like go on life, is to break his leg. It's like it. If I could break it, then that's that's a jack in the box and. The baton, death March you're back that then right attacked that two weeks ago, and I don't know if you know what it feels like to run into a train. But that's what I feel like Monday afternoon, but it was the two does not really like it humbled me motivated me you know for the next ten years, like everything on what do I want to focus on this right here? like, I went into the torn into as a non and then prosthetics wasn't as good in or advance as they are now
so when I went out there two weeks ago are not forty miles adopt at eight miles. In weeks we stepped off six hundred and fifty six in by one thousand one hundred and twenty I hit the eight mile marker they gave me what he found minute mile pace, and I was of around twenty five minutes and it was I don't know if it was my knee, was hurting or just the whole fact that I'm generics the finnish time what it was like I'll get emotional like, and this is really happen, and you know and to go out and walk this for onto prosthetics, and I tell you one thing: the miles or a lot longer when you can't see. That's for sure, and but on that was it was fine, no one at that. I was out of my legs for about a week. Actually list last Tuesday the personal put my legs on for the first time. So it's, but cause you just trash the skin model learn how to couple little red spots on it and so on. Life cheer
the picture and my process and then she become my nurse and what not Indus a Saturday. I just walk three point six five miles in like they call it on the Bluegrass Lexington and my wife? She mere texts and she's like I have think Walk in this, you can get your wheelchair now push you Michael I'm gonna get a metal set in a wheelchair. I am waiting to lock it or I'm not gonna, do it or gay and so we signed up for the three point six five miles, and we will finish that and, and on twenty three minutes and for some where'd reason I think walking might be my thing this year too, How get you do a race with us come and get it? I've been looking into the the Navy so ask course the low you mean the one, that's a corner of the actual obstacle course. Oh, no! No, not that one another lanceor now under her memory is it? Is it a boner, frog or bone from a bone, frog summit?
that so on long sure, those guys a hook up if you wanna go get after it and are not big on the waters up there. But what did everything that might not be a great combination if you don't like the water too much simpler, they put some water that is needed now was at war that closure trip. You know, speaking about emotional, about how to be most gone gone to Iraq again there was the whole when it was made and to me in two thousand eleven, the only image. In my mind, that kept popping up is like either a black hole. Go on down or see one thirty or something happened, does it's like. I walked away. Actually it was made of Acta that country knew no from from my injury, so it's like I had no good good of that country at all, and it was racking. It was even more nerve racking being around like the iraqi security forces. There are clear rules and do in Mount training and here we stand with no weapon
anything like one thousand erect Nora. He said rifles or a case so that that really kind of them. It may be worried a lot, but I think one of them was moments that that really helped me understand and it was we were meeting the iraqi security forces and they are all walking up, shaken our hands and in good uniforms and they had a pair and one of the gas took his patch off and put it on my flag, jacket and we're big hug and, unlike you know what this is this. Is it one team one fight here, you know when there's there's people all over the world, but there's a lot more good people we're all too in another really it made The trip, as we were flying back home, we were going over Iceland and the pilot brought by this little letter and he gave it. My body. My body read to me said: U S, forces of killed, Osama Bin Laden and like you know, that's the perfect closer to a closure trim cos
we all join the military assets, who does and one to go after him. You know to kill him and And no one that this happen of closure, trip its. I honestly like gay, meet it, got me emotional, I'll, just radio home with my family and that that kept it off pretty well and I will say when I was in a hack into a thousand six Saddam Hussein was killed so Saddam Hussein and Asylum a lot, and you know what it's like one eye, but you know like I get so much other closed trip. I learned a lot about my life and like what the next step in my life is, and like I mentioned earlier, like well about Afghanistan to us in seventeen, never I gave him for my life, but I feel, like I got more, that closure trip because gone too back into us eleven. I was still in the Marine corps, wherein the uniform every day Afghanistan of Aberdeen from one in five years and the put the uniform back on and
go around and speak to soldiers about marine corps. Career and the around the military again truly made me miss it more than anything in the world and the brothers that I met in the Marine corps, and, Terry alone like therefrom, we're gonna, be there. You know no matter where you live out in this country. There always gonna be there for you and no one that the EU the entire cross, your chest, United States of America, that that means more the new thing in this world and if devours called back this, this country again and again, no one the ring what could happen to me then I'll go I can do it all over again, because these twelve years have been truly amazing and I've done things things that I would never thought I could do and I've done it differently and through the journal. Women through the three adversity and is just
inspired and motivated me to come along the way and you in Owen it's it's it's a life. I loved the live and even the dark, but I know they will come in and there will be lighter my ass. You know and I'll be able to open my eyes and see every day, but for right now and will live my life to the fullest, the that sir, incredible: do you Do you ever you know I'll hear from people all the time? Oh, I don't feel like doing this today. I don't feel like doing. I don't want to work out today. I don't want to. I don't want to get up and do my job today. You know. Does that, Would you hear that kind of thing? What are your thoughts on that? I know me personally. When I wake up- and I don't feel like when something. Then I tried it or if I feel like I'm in a down mood, then I try to keep that in in the house, I don't want to go out in a public, because I don't want people see that like lag
on public, our warm, the sea, happy man knew no positive positive, but hearing people like just it's it's hard to hear people can fine about things these days you know and because, In order rack looked like than in others in afghanistan- and you know it what happened to me, and I know where I was twelve years ago and what I had to do to overcome that you know it's just some people just when they feel like they can't do it. They just get down and adopts, and they give up and really at stake yet learned about Through those adversities- and you know it, the day when you put your head down the pillow closure as you wake up to a new day. You know, and a new day with new challenges, but you gotta learned overcome those challenges because in life it's a mountain, you gonna, can you to climb up a mountain and it's never, the flat. Now your car sing and over any option, boulders whatever's. In your way and the only way to go over is the climate is not. The fund easier around or turn around and quit. You know
you gotta, learn to just overcome things and and honestly never give up never quit clearly you represent that to the forest. So what are you doing right now in terms under you got a job what's what's that all about so it's funny, I got this jobs my last year at UK was had to go for internship and the and turned ship enter, if that I was gone for was where I go hunting at an hour Ok we'll do that, but then, like people kept tagging me on Facebook, about this one warrior fellowship position that was opening up there's like Matt. You should try this out and a contact it. Our friends in and he is a catch children are office on this date and that in turn with us, and they will talk about the position and our show up on it, first to hear our office in areas like who are you like and then he here are getting caught in trouble for this. But what it was yeah. I in turn there and then.
Went to the interview in June and basically was hired on the spot, and I've been working with the congressional Office two years to veterans outreach. We do something work with veterans, but truly just get now the district and being around veterans and kind of letting them know what kind of legislative to bills are out there that could affect them positive and negatively. I mean there's so much out there that they need to know about, and it's been truly joy, you know general work, a lot of Vietnam veterans, These are some of the happiest gas that ever met my life for what they had to go through new, no and- and just here in them walk up to me and we like, because I've had them come just to our office in tears. Just would like to take my hand get a from me and stuff like that. Going through. You know problems or whatever, and there, like you know what just being here. And seeing you and what you ve gone through. That motivates made. Can you do? Wrongdoing treasure inspiring me and it is
thanks tears to my eyes, because it's like you know, what's as a veteran. You know, veterans urban veterans. We need look out for our own, it doesn't matter if its job or not, but the suicide rate right now, a sad and you know we have learned to reach out and be with each other, because were the only ones that trust and only ones I open up to each other and that's one thing that I've really you at which is very hard to keep my personal life from my work side. But you know these it's when you sit down, he talked to a veteran, and you share What you went through an and they share what they went through and kind of come together, and you talk about things and you, you know at the end of the day that you're helping them out just as much as they are helping you out. It truly me the world in its. It knows it very seven veterans when his city other others, there's no doubt and you're doing all that- and you are also raises three kids
three kids through amazing kids. Actually, I know my wife now we're April seventh, the beer seventh wedding adversary, so were, but you know it through it all the one thing that if I could teach any by alive at seeing those kids, that choice I'm just gonna come you find a way. Life is an easy life hard and if they could look at me and look at what I've gone through and what I continued to do today ay and use it as motivation to you know better, themselves and better lives and sand that. Yes, I might fail this task, but you know what I want to go home. I would get in a book, and I want to download it nay on this next one that's all that matters and knew it. About a little bit Nolan, whose fifteen he'll turn I see couple weeks couple years earlier, they party and aunt em there's a girl on his class earnest cool, then, had no arms and no legs and heeded her, but he went
tour and gave her a birthday he invited her to his birthday and it he come home and told me in a manner that and that truly brought here's, your eyes, because it's like they did they get it. You know when I was their age. If I saw it that was an especial had class. I didn't walk up and try to talk to him. Feel like they were different than me, and I stayed away from that. But you know no one, that he walked up to a girl with no arms and no legs and was invited her to his birthday party, truly dear sir, as because it's like again, he gets it. He's growin up he's a man right now. You know and Emma she, is just as mature as she is so helpful and carrying and compassionate and Leyla is the same thing. You know she seven years old right now. What is the key This thing in the world is a year her get around our friends and tell her stories about how I got hurt you know somehow the bad guys
blew. My legs often killed me and is she a teacher. Then I can well imagine where teacher tat when I walked in the classroom. You know, but what it's just you know they're always there. If a needle there are there to help out- and you know too tumor life? I mean she. Truly amazing. She has a job herself, but she's everything she can't get me to work me to an event. Me to a speaking engagement wherever get the three, kids to wherever they need to go? Are two girls are enforced by growing lessened right now and still she found to work out, twice a day, actually cheer nodded Nanda to job and it's you know, she's does dinner laundry everything and they ceased cross in bed by eight o clock at night. I mean you of there's motivation in my life and there is a true he wrote for me to look. To its her because truly amazing and I couldn't asked for a better life and a better your friend, that's for and role model mentor and
If there's any award out there to give to her than I mean it, I wouldn't I would be up for now, The first one sign onto it, last autumn it sounds like you were sounds like you found that the perfect for the perfect girl for you. She is. You know throughout all this sits in the hall, This thing is to sit back and, like appreciate it and the law. Thing that are truly don't like I cross if, across the finish line, always looked see what's next, I don't set back and enjoy it and she's there. To kind of like to almost honestly humble me a little bit and to set like. Let me remember what I went through get to where I am today and without her I don't know if I could live life right now. You know it's always, talk about it, some you know it tough road. You know I am blind, I have bad days some days. I dont want to wake up and go on, but every day you know
every night. I pray that, maybe one day I'll, wake up and I'll blow to see my wife and my kids and went away. But still look at darkness and then go through my morning routine and I still grow a prosthetic legs and I put a mind some constantly reminded of January eighteen, Doesn't seven and I use that motivation to go on and love my family and of my kids and go out and do these extraordinary things. Because I'm never let that guy who pushed said button and me up two feet me even though I don't know where he sat right now he's never. Get a sense of relief that he defeated me that day, and you know why gone through these bad moments. I mean nothing soon the soul and makes the heart feel so much better then here and your seven year old daughter, walk Indians hey daddy, I love you all right, man
I don't know why everything I'd say after that man, that's just stop at awesome. Think ethical good good. I think that's a good place to start man. It's just awesome too sit here and talk to you and you know hear your story and of ECHO's gotta, thanks to cover what you gotta go. I'll. Think about this to, like you know how I met your saying like you in choose to kind of go down to pass right. So in this picture starts to get painted in my head when a here like these cool story? So, like I don't know, you know like if you're gonna be a bad analogy but with we all know, we all know you're good at know now, good and so
say: you're, trying to legacy of an ant problem You mean like little bugs s ear you never go, my aunt one another. This. They have an EP problem right, so it's it's! You Hence the answer it. So, let's say oh camp set out these traps for the little mice might have you got a traps that wasn't amounts it up a little. You put a mousetrap Upper Europe mouse problem, and then you know someone or a mouse comes and gets caught in the trap. You don't kill it you're trying to kill the other. Might it you don't kill them ass, the most some of you mess it up the most its away. So not only did you not killed and then the mouth now goes recovers and now teachers or all other mice how to get past mouse traps, your mousetrap kind of worked against you,
Like, like one met, said oh yeah, they die, who pressed the button to to you, not a blog about me, he is the opposite of what he was trying to do, something more serious gettin out credit, for that would not say that matters a mouse. I'm not saying the same. Concern relates as the the will and fortitude and the lessons yeah most important so that I have made the bomb kind of screwed himself. You mean in this big where it's it's O Connor, it's hard to say these common miles, but it's a girl at in the days like you know, I look back it altogether, it's been a marine and never quit. Never we're on our brothers and reporting on the situations given to me and I'll use, amputations in the blindness and all this stuff act against me as motivation. You know, and every now and then it like steers its ugly head, but Nino, thankfully from our
if my family- and you know the mindset metallic- that I have right now and the friends at us around it myself with that? You know a kind of push it back and kick it but sir, indeed, speedier kick him. But yes, what are you up for a bath mats on the path has been the path manager, Reggie regret. Have you ever tried to do to get it it is a blind, no leg to get sued and I'm all four yet well. I've definite top line does digital and other ethnic taught guys with no legs jujitsu. What is put on the gathering? Guess what I think you might find it easier than the Baton death Margie Ass. Yet now man, you can definitely you can train digital all day. Long range you're one of my guys who is blinded agenda, I train with him and he wrestled do in ice also. He had some background, but yeah you can there's people, competitively data compete with with no vision
and the no legs thing mother. You just learned jitters adaptable so you can, you can adapt it. Will you, as you are quite good at we know my hashtag no legs or regional problem anyway evening out there actually some Julia to training. We used to do that. You know they say close your eyes train extra back to back, and if the thing is once you have have contact with the day the like being able to see I much of an I sometimes close my eyes, just the guys so disarray out the thing with grappling. Is you learn? Well, you learn to what the other person's doing by feel and you dont really, because you can't see what you can see anyway. She's like their armpit. Moreover, using earns very vigorous yeah. So get to see much anyways, the friend I told you about that. That's right known as a leg in Iraq. We got a video of him and I grabbed.
And it is a topic, is like a proven, a headlong. Would you know my legs can do much with that would have a video me like tat any mail because he's like brave, bright red like now a million people don't want to see the video here and it's a funny militarily mad. I mean that's what part you kind of message like the look of defeat on his ever, but you have to remember that part of the less the rest of the day in and also sent a picture to every night, and we certainly here it's out there, the euro right into the digits plus you're good ass. We ve got then tennis skills in the years. Now, as I love, you said that we are on the path very good, you do so when you doing you do on this path that we're all on by them in a neat again in a want agree, if you do get, which I recommend, or Genji is regret. Your keys at origin main dotcom com. Scarred those
fond there, but as far as geese that's, we get em all made in America by the way juggle yeah yeah, that's the big thing. So little town up in Maine and all the industry was taken away from this town and we're bringing back. We factory up there we got caught, but we got a bunch people working in the factory and there craftsmen, craftsmen and crafts women. Across the rest of the lot of more female area, they're they're, making all the stuff. So it's great to see that make American make again. Did you just say
just now I shot that T get my brother PETE. I was like hey we're gonna make America make again, because the idea and we're gonna make America make wise loudly happening to me. We got what Denham American Gonna need, not the kind that the plans for the future, which is good, but we would like the Future Plus, but that's not a future planets. We, likewise your parents, but we really like act. Worry. This is happening, ring India and think about american genes or may work. Created in America created here, invented and all of a sudden there get made overseas and these and there's no Americans are making minimise. While there are now there are now in a factory informing me via that's window, origin main dot com go there, d, rash guards, Denham joggers.
Nor has the council started laments of per year boy. So I'm back a man To send my knee outdoing digits like the kind it popped up back in May, do that the skinny? Yes, I remember such aimlessly. James, actually, my means are so Lou again with the knees I know, but My knees are so loose that I like sprained one time I went to the orthopedic surgeon you make check it out, he's a call. You blew you're a sale, since I really did Bob ACL ten to twelve, less likely ten years earlier, my another site I knew that my knees were loose because the guy in the doctor at that time was like hey. You have real, like I don't know, long ligaments, I don't know sounds one long illegitimate, but that's what he said anyway. So they came very distant, say you anyway, he said:
yeah. You have loose like ligaments or whatever, but, as you know, this one is blown out and this one is not as when you pull it, the one that's not blown out. Parliament has a tight like court at the end of it. Where it just stopped anyway, so my car orthopedic surgeon. I told him that he was like. Ok, that's good, that you told me that so we tried the other one. I let you go either the same like that, so it's probably not blown out but MRI anyway, MRI anyway, but my story, so they pop out right there their thing, monetarist along the pop up, some of your pop out so much better light. Can it make the cartilage swell on the outside? So it takes it? few days, so I can get until I can bend them all the way and a pretty slimes. By the way, once I did that doubled joint warfare and crude oil for dates. Back in again, that's quick,
that's great force. We had them mark yes, additional body of additional protein. Get the discipline go in discipline and we get the warrior kid mark. I gotta get you some more your kid mark for your kids, Matt Aroma pass out. What it is is is a duke your kids, like chalk, an oak. They do do you like do have have strawberry job. Well, was its strawberry mafia dimmer that one might might later seven year old. She lost strawberry, ok, so, unfortunately them the strawberry milk that you have to give your kids is horrible form. You know, delicious. I guess, while there is like on protein in it right to some nutritional value, does have some protesters as milk in it, but you also leading them with sugar, which is not good form, managed to so so we address addictive. So we solve this and we made warrior kid mark, it tastes delicious, I'm telling you it tastes like I don't know
This was to say this, but it tastes like the nepalese, quick strawberry milk interim targets may days like that, good, a marketing Leyla, we'll be all over this stuff. She will be still if they like strawberry, to gather really good. So we'll get you some of that and anyone else out there that wants to raise it your kids? They don't want to give your kid a bunch of actual poison sugar. Actual poison Oh yeah he's a thing: much sugar to end Try read a little thing about this, but I've noticed this, so you know how like come when you they're, like little babies, whatever yield, give him like annul Aachen cover and you give em formula but this kind of sweet in so it's like it sweet, and so they like it so they'll eat it. But if you I'll, give him any sweet stuff, even when they grow up no like only we eat normal startling on Sweden. Stuff saw or use myself as a small example.
We're pair either. Even like the fruit, not from punch like a orange juice, concentrate when you make orange juice, you put oranges cancer, and then you get water, yes what it all, how you do it is it's like a twelve hour concentrate there was, there will say things too about it, but the concentrate and then you feel that same twelve hours, container consonant with water for tat Little did. I know it was really three times. That's how much you're supposed that's the recommended by her mom always did the four times to China. Save money to we're yams under those amateur women. When I was six very less always used to us totally. Do it later on when I found out in ice go by the way that it was really three.
But I can't do that through its weight to sleep there, your mom Suzanne save money and made you more healthy girl where the right path see. You have really gonna write for her, so think about that, and when you think about that thing about this job, who has a story called chocolate store, when you're on the path we want to represent while being on the path? That's where you go, you can get t shirts discipline cause freedom, good good. Sure, no one on the new, the new good shirt with level. Simple s of my head out here that we, especially after awhile and like look in the mirror and is a good guy, get the message, but you gotta see jobless, face or whatever and innocent MP, and not in the mood for that. You just get dollar Do you sell your ten t, shirts anywhere man there on the website and where we are in the process of getting right now he's got the car insurance, but were working on work out and why and that's Matthew, Bradford Dotcom, Matthew Dash
that's right! Now I was minaret myself Matthew dash. Radford die when gathers thereon there as well, and you can also go on there and request. Speaking engagements is well on book me, but here the other shirts are there and on the front of home, and the hashtag on the phone is no vision old legs? No problem, no legs, innovation, a problem, a prioritize different! It's it's hilarious here before just after the hashtag. It's like no sign no legs, inhibition, no eyes, it's personal about one, zero, prosthetic boy. Yes, it's the southern. I come up with a global yours go like doing an event like you know what it is. Stock, and next thing you know here we go no legs, no regional problem and those the work usher to talking about what he was like a dry fit
and the situation and what can we could drop it, but then also display goes free, Don T shirt toward the material uselessly early. Naturally, like that material causa Philip, when I work at all get good numbers and I got to this political freedom teacher Just like the others like London lack little placebo, you know it's. One of those thinks rates like color memory? Now, let me ask you this: if the policy is worth, is it really a placebo? That's you know, We could debate that later. That's gonna break mats organisation. Argue we want to get somebody else in here for that one echoes me to start telling a story about right. Cool later Sunday how much water goes. Maybe maybe, anyway, you wanna represent on the path. Jackal store, dotcom pc You like get something. Has this house's yes lightweight hoodies
Oh therein, I know they're in their up there, representative of Quality- dash of all I'm going to say is the man you're, probably down so he's way, not led away from the average wage earners Livin in Kentucky. That clearly, more often you're gonna need that conducted a kind of my main in that light, waiting putty what I'm gonna be emerging, have on bring one, am unaware when I'm not that emerging camp emerging yeah emerged gave the origin of mercy. Can't we talk about that because almost all about good, that's been dying words. You may not come if you want to go to that. Did you to come if you're a cobbler about. Let me know it's an August, its it's fun. We did you get here four hours a day, a unit as last year's world area. We did it. We reacted as Greece good time. Jacques away, do you get that is well. If you can
had left eight thousand pounds you might want order quickly, because if you drink jock away, you there's a one. Two percent scientific guarantee that you build a dead lift a minimum does about some We were coming in Ireland that which is finding it not of a similar goes ahead of Brazil. Looking right, you can subscribe to this part cast because ECHO thinks that you ve listened to a hundred and seventy one pot gas, and maybe you haven't, had subscribe yet pooled our food, nor, I wouldn't know echoes Brunei, Kazanovitch people when I made fun of you for that most people rally to defend them and to the heavenly honest hollow group Alley Deirdre was, it can have a good point. Sometimes they go on strike. Also, talking about the word you kid podcast. We just released couple more episodes stories from Uncle Jake, yet those targets with an apology, but for those doors by the way I do not submit shocker
Don't worry the work itself from wish Oats Coax Ranch ACT is not for kids. It's so made by. Kid, but it's not fork. It re rates for humans in general that need to stay clean, green, yes also. You do if you are interests in the video version of this part gas. You want to see what Matt looks like a boy. You would jocular looks like the owls explaining to matter explained everyone. As everyone knows, ECHO does not sound like he looks like you know. We all know that echo sounds I was gonna, say it sounds skinny and weak a thank you. While I remember a bad way. You know hey no offense but echoes sounds like he was always make from about the hey, no offense but
random, say something here so, as explained to Matt might listen brow most PETE when they seem, go and meet him Nick article he's not what they think themselves. Only not doesn't look like leaves out. So I d say: Matt No, you can't see echo, but he doesn't work that way. He sounded as I gotta go tags. Otherwise no easy matter sets up, like you know, maybe Gonna put on wait, like maybe echo needs already. Your voice like you may need to do some squat rosin hospital had like a color there
Tom, I would make fun of somebody than they would be in the room, and I know that than they like blue boy. Like get my mind, I like what I was going to say and like off: ok, color. I now that's good. Yet it is actually to Serbia Youtube. Videos is also echoes. Enhanced Youtube, video, just the one up when she technically Yes, we're Monday Monday, it was a good check out foot. Side canvas dot com, that's a little company, but my brother Dakota Meyer he's making cool things to hang on your wall year of high quality Maiden America, he made one. This is good, That's a message that you that resonate, with you can do that I want to stress. This point was freedom and by the way I don't really know. Listen to the other day. I hate
you can do this because Dakota might get mad at me, but he kind it takes were West. So if you heard something Gaston, you said yourself dang. When we map Edward said this when mad add said, just walk, I mean it it does not become that gamblers like something you'd, gonna wanna put on your walk right, just walk, yellow. If something like that hit up the code on Twitter and say: hey Dakota, wouldn't it be cool if there was a king this that said, just walk use can be made. After put, like a request, like sections ran on this to filter out yet is true that this good stuff on there I went through it was like looking out this good man, I'm not really an hour.
See guys forest hanging out of the way you ve been in the hotel has like a picture of like a cabin. You know, and I see that they are doing they are trying to make you feel cosy. Both I propose a random pitcher of carrying it out enough, but yeah you get that that good one that we have, that he has only. I can kind of get down with this. Even just the looks a lot for sure and many that another layer, the goodies, aesthetically, pleasing yells, gland, there's layers and lay is exactly right. We'll talk what layers and quite sometimes use the mayor tired! You do, but you don't you probably by four, also psychological offer. You know what that is an album with tracks of joggled, getting you getting us getting all of us through our moments of weakness, whatever they may be so check out down. That's unlike Amazon, Mp3 spot Reagan, Mp3S, he understood Itunes, all that stuff, the three get it's really good. Also,
on it. So if you're expanding your home, Jim still, which we all are an ongoing! I understand, get your kettlebells rings. What these maces and clubs really good for your creative type worked out unless it, unless you want to keep a boring, like Jack, I mean that's hungry ever your work, I not I'd like to do the same thing you varied up all the time I got things like back to the goal of doom bench, press a non poems and dips, but do you like change of every now and then what are you talking big time about the change cell of chain? this kind of like jettisoned yeah. It's gonna dope like looking too, when one like, while you're working with them, but what that does it offers this kind of off setting like wait, ready you in to what you doing. Anthea skirt totally will change your my pull up to jeer hard, but he had loved love, making, work out even hotter than it really is.
So you go away. You look around Europe Johnson, but yeah, that's where you go on it dot, com after you know what your house, it's, the perfect mix morning, mix or pre workout mix like before Jiu Jitsu, be so on. It has these it's their minerals are electrolyte. Minerals makes that to school. The discipline water and, if you know I put our energy every once in everyone said I wouldn't want to like a boost. Do whatever, but all you need those minerals, the discipline, water and that's. When you take me Roy all that stuff bomb perfect makes interesting where trade round a guy, I got a bunch of books to making dragons. I got these books robot these up for your kids to making the dragons little kids book lessons for everyone, waves, kid and Marks mission. Those are for a light.
They want to be on the path and this new and come out. It's called where there is a will dot, dot dot. Does it's called this money goes, freedom feel manual if you the audio of that it's also on Amazon, probably Itunes, Mp3. From the extreme ownership first book, I wrote with my brother life bad and follow up to that is that economy, leadership we had echelon front, which is leadership. Ultimately, what we do is work with businesses to solve problems through leadership, grassland front dot, com for details, We get the muster coming up. May twenty. Third, twenty. Fourth in Chicago September, nineteenth and twentieth in Denver and December fourth and fifth and Sidney you gave the muster Matt. I did last year Numb Washington DC. I like it, I loved it. I love learned, thank you and lay for inviting me to to join? You are Ozma Happy there did you really or did you recognise the leadership lessons it's amazing like like
think about too much, but you know it's it's different, I'm a knowledge of what it all means the same and Love how like prioritize and execute and all the stuff you know the going back to the military side of it and it kind of keeps you back in the fight a little bit and thought I had to go back to work in This is how you should leave. No, it's weird do I. I was some. I always think about leadership is always my head and I always think about military stuff Actually, I was listening to you talk about getting blown up you're talking about how you guys had good dispersion and what means is your separate from each other that way, if something blows up or you get it with a mortar, miss even Machine gun fire, if ever to close together, then you get me: It's for wounded, so you have to you, have space now. Obviously, there's a dichotomy is. If you have too much spacing, then you can't see each other. You can help each other get get to each other
You can communicate with each other. So this dichotomy, but we still use this real, simple corrective statement and Israel simple dont want job. Don't bunch up don't want public, if you'd, see guys patrolling and they will One guy had a little bit of Moscow as it takes muscle a couple of seconds get over. You for that times, eight guys and all of a sudden there's five guys sit noise optical they're trying to get through it may guess where the enemy puts a landmine. They put it by that obstacles. They know you gonna get punished up. In a gunfight, and you see, got there's a little piece of cover. Or sometimes not even cover, but everyone. Just you get the instincts dad If we're closer were worth for safe- and so we I mean when I was running training, always be saying: don't bond job don't want job now how that apply to leadership economics, hit me the other day, as I was working out as a matter of fact, don't jump on leadership. What does that mean that means, if your leading echo, I need to let you
need. I don't need a common, their lead to get right up a bunch up on you, so winsome was set up and takes leadership dump on job mingled Gimme, some space. Let a move and follow me. There nothing wrong with that. So these things. It. I learned in the military that matter under in the military when you, when you look at him from a leadership perspective outside the notary. They still, apply. If you want to learn about some of that stuff comes muster issue worship knock out the details. F online it maybe you can come to muster maybe too busy. Maybe You don't have that much money right. Maybe kick it the time off. Maybe you can travel that far, there's a bunch of reasons. We know that, and we don't like that. We do so what what we did is we made e f online. It is online interactive leadership, training its debts me and the rest of the echelon front team. Showing you teach knew about the principles of leadership that we learn in combat and its available right now
You wanna go check it out. You have online dot com in we ve got ye, have over watch, which is us connecting leaders, from the military from so operations from combat aviation and were connecting them with companies in the civilian sector. That need leaders, and this is one thing I've seen to say, is when people people is asshole, I want to hire the right person. How do I do it higher the leader you want to hire somebody that has experience as a leader you just if someone is good at some technical thing doesn't mean that there can be no to leadership. It doesn't work that way. So you it's better to hire somebody that has leadership capability rather than anti, and then you take at present has the capability new teach them what they need to know about the industry that you're it. Could have somebody that was in the these, national forces and you say
oh I'm hired to run this, communications. Sales group- you don't know anything about communication salespeople day. What, though, you give him like a month and a half digging in deep you'll learn things got to know anything he's apply the leadership thing that he knows from his military service in That position. He's gonna win ease make it happen, you're in it. We what I realise that do it this not to be confused with boss, like the money saved people leadership, its range larger boss, not in their role in and be like, I'm the boss? Now, since I was that no special foreseen anomalies, that that is a humble, clear we have only bringing people in through E F for through the F overwrought. Only bringing people in that understand. Principles. We talk about an x, Ray Morgiana, which none of that has to do with being a boss. I am thing where I had no, my wife. I can understand what most annoying figs. If I could do to her, is our action
I'm not listening to anyone? No one can have any info is only whatsoever, and so she had some conference? but I suppose the girl said Anne. She sent me. These You know she sending me like hey we're supposed to be there at six o clock and lock up I'll show up when I want to end in my little daughter. She always takes my wife side because he has figured out my sense of humour yet, and so my toxic dad need to do a mom says you need to go when she said six o clock and I was like they're, not the boss, My little daughter is automatically for Lula materialised. I was joking. Now she was dead, not serious if it does not suit he's getting. Now, don't you far worth my clean your rooms? Are you just get a lot jokes and lean on you, so If you want to hang around with us a little bit more, you can find
all of us virtually on the inner so mad Is your heroes website Matthew? Matthew, Hyphen Bradford, I think that's Math, Matthew, oh there's, also to tease, is everything ways to spell Matthew or might is done well. Is it always have to teased that's the common way in all? I won't. I won't emphasised I thought I am surprised that there was duties nor fair, so Matthew, Hyphen, Bradford, dot com, where you can check out Matt for tee shirts, for keen him as a speaker foreseen. What he's up do he's also Bionic Matt I've number five bionic spelled wrong with a care with a K. I wanted a young and help when I created that's dreams, young and hit for sure.
I'm gonna turn age. I gotta keep beyond now yes and match person, or, if you, if you want to, if you're feeling, sorry for yourself at all check out in two and follow Bionic spoke the K Matt number five was the number five four of opponents and if you think about a graduate has gone off, so I lay writers there's those where there is also a my wife just created here recently to new Facebook, public paged, no legs, no vision, no problem to ok, we ve been kind of posts and stuff on what we're doing and also cover other, and you know I and like that, and also since you young and help you also have you Graham your answer. I had not forget about your instagram, what the the fighting with that is people, Those like, if you will use your no mother, need Instagram complex. I'm blind had only to look at the picture is ass. You like that, just like, ok, well, I'll run European Council. Would people yell at me in his leg? How could you
following its girls. Like would you to talk my virginity? Do the next ten post, you put an instagram, all black, hey! What are Radford here, can't you see what I'm talkin about. That's when I look at this beautiful view. The ocean, radio in California doesn't look nice, hey, get off your ass and go. Do some back in Kentucky. Look, it's me. It's the fall. The springtime here comes. The green grass is what it looks like to me. Ok, grip on reality. Get out there live your lives sir. You gotta do that out. Two Amanda, let's get her on board with the programme, should be offered a lottery. Awesome will make Eagle viral just learn that expression, which part the Lira the virus like make it go via ok and then that four year for Europe. Instagram page is- am honoured. Score Bradford under
score? U S, embassy! Let you get down here. I wrote it down when I found it. I was like cool. I want to put out the word and then I'm going to tell you to post a bunch of black pictures and then on that the public was a public facebook. Again, it's just no legs, no regional problem. Awesome and on all those forms, echo is a tackle Charles and I am at Jocko Willink ECHO. You got anything else, no, sir. Thank you Matt great to meet you. Thank you so much that goes nice meeting. You too any any, are closing thoughts. Matt, I just really appreciate Jacko. You will have me on your Pakistan. You know that the French, that we started last May Nina. I look forward to a continued in the future and stuff and you know, Yeah they're listenin knew no one when life gets tough remember that one day the time and you put your down close your eyes, and the next day will will be over
the old day will be over in the new day, will be there so pusher better yourself, go to the gym work out, love life and enjoy everything that we have to offer here in the states. The thanks everyone there, has served and is serving in our military, and I started off this podcast by reading the oath that you all. War to defend us Thank you all out there in our military for taking and keeping that oath and obviously Matt. Thank you so much for taking an oath, protection of twice for Keeping out oath, despite everything that had been put in front of you, thank you for your service and your sacrificing thanks for coming to talk to us
so police and law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, empties correctional officers, border patrol first responders, and that includes dispatchers that are stay calm? on the phone on the radio to get people to help that they need when they needed. Thanks to all of you for protecting us as well. We owe you all a debt of gratitude. To everyone else's, listen, I'm than minute take a quote from Matt Bradford Twitter, and it says this to war. This earth Blind is not the same as having no vision to walk by faith, changed by the hand, dealt is to live life. A visionary and to love life, as humans were meant, seek, never settle, inspire
ever complain rise, never stay down! No legs, no vision! No problem! Then, let's face it! If Matt Bradford can do what he does, if he can keep pushing and keep driving and keep finding new missions and successfully executing those missions. If he can wake up every day and say no legs, no vision, no problem. If he can have the vision, He has in the heart that he has. Then all of us can stop complaining and we can go get after it and until next time this is Matt. An echo and Jacko out.
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