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174: Set Standards. Aspire to Achieve Them. Become an Eminently Qualified Human

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This is Jocko podcast gas number one. Seventy four with ECHO Charles and me Java willing good evening did evening. So I was the commander of the training detachment, which runs attacked or kind of advanced training for the West Coast Seal teams, and when I was in that position, one of the things that you have to do when you're gonna be should position is you have to give evaluations for every one that works for you? If the basically right down in a valley, how good they are and how well they do their job. This is normal revelling in the Navy than ever in the military really and in the Navy. It's a five point, o system that you're getting great and also when I was the best and one point. Zero is the worst. I don't know you go right lower in that you probably can. But there
And there are rules about many people you can put at the top. You have two four. It's called forced ranking. Remember that forced ranking means you have to actually rank we would have your ten people working for you. You have to rank as my number one guy this minority all the way down through number ten and it's what you cannot do, as you can't just say, hey everyone's great everyone's, a five point. Oh that's! That's. You're not allowed to do that. It and believing out that's what people would do most people would just they have to evaluate someone gets what they say. Hey your great ever you do everything great and you wouldn't think that them military role the military, would have a high time telling me like a yours and areas where you need to improve. You wouldn't think that the milk, especially like the seal teams, you're the big, tough seal He's gonna have a hard time telling some some
hey. This is where you performances could be better right, but actually no one likes having a hard competitions are should say just about no one likes avenues. Conversations in, in fact this is completely didn't in the fact that there was old evaluation system when I first got into the navy and there you didn't have to force rank. You could just make everyone perfect. Basically, on paper and that's actually, what happened that system, where Four point systems: it was four point was the highest that you could get and everyone was four point- no guy- every one got Four point owes in everything and accepted back- and I think I might have talked about this before, but my first evaluation that I got out of seal team. Why wasn't even in a platoon yet, but I was going through
the initial training that you used to do to you, LL team. When you got this building, you did something called std which was stood for seal, tackle training in it basically taught you, though, little bit more advanced skills than you learned in buds. I got a four point, one everything, but I actually got a three point. Eight in a cat recalled human relations, and I was I guess you I'd talk, my friends, the view we have four point on everything and everybody for point out, except for me three point eight, then your support to get a counselling right from, and the officer that had written my the author, that written my evaluation and give me all four point. Four point: Owen tactics for point on this for point on the other thing and then a three point: eight, human relations and The council makes that you have to do. We have to go through and make sure that no one objects and he,
Looked at me tonight I give you a three point: eight in inhuman relations, because well because I think you're too hard on people better. On SAT and I can t In that case, I will at that time I wasn't really playing the game. Will I kind of was thinking to myself yeah? I I that's right. You know if you're on sat, I'm gonna be hard on you and you can probably guess of the group that I was in which, The video I was harder on than any one else was actually that guy, so that was kind of funny, but after that, after I got into a soup tuned in all you know everything was four point. No all the time in I'm not bragging at all about that, because every single guy, we all had four point- owes across the board. Everything and everyone is the best seal seal teams ever in history of ever. That's what it was like everyone was does just that Where was. I was about soap.
The navy to this Basically, the Navy realise that all the leaders were cowards and when it came to telling the truth to the troops about where they stood and where they improved so they made they made a change. They made this drastic change to the evaluation and they changed. This thing called forced ranking. Worry me what where there is percentages on how many p what could be ranked at the highest level but was attend None of your people can be ranked at the highest level, and then percent of the next year and when, on down the line you didn't actually have to rank. Someone is bad, but you couldn't rake a bunch of people at the top and. It was it actually made up and made a big difference. All of a sudden good. Now, all of a sudden you had do if you were leadership that you had to give your some of your people, some lower rankings, and you actually had to figure out who is better and- eventually what they did is again. People not wanting to have hard conversations eventual. What they did is cause
how you advance in the Navy is based on your evaluations, which is what we're talking about. But it's also based on how much time you have in grade. So you can't. If you make your knee for you can't big e five for three Are there some some random number that you cannot make five for three years and what they started doing is just one Can you based on how long you were therefore, and so that That's what they started doing so, basically didn't really help, because you still ended up just saying a well, you know you're just new, and that's why you didn't get promoter widely understand that when the first when the very first of the forced right king of came out. I had just maybe five and because, just maybe five. I got ranked at the bottom of the e fives in my power to and-
I said at the time I wasn't really playing the game really fully. So I was gonna went to my chief and my and my lieutenant with Why am I? Why am I at the bottom? How can I be the lowest ranking of the e fives cause? That's just wrong! about this guy here you know When this guy rear, you tell me that this guy is doing a better job than I am cause. I was workin really hard and doing a good job and they did disagree with me, what they said: Yes, John! You you, We need a better job than that guy in that guy. But here's the deal thereof. For promotion and you're, not Europe. Motions will be at the top and shorter and again I was really play the game source. I all I get it, Why don't you just tell me that work communists is wanted? Was wroth? Scotland and you know, there's no we're not communist is just deal. This is just the way that the system workers Duncan. So what you're telling his is. The communist system is what is what
happening thanks, comrade of course they did their best to explain it to me, and I didn't really lesson cause like us. It don't wasn't. I played the game at this time of young. You know ye five getting after it, but eventually it was me that was either you waiting people and force, ranking them, and then it was me that was explaining the rules of why people got ranked where they got ranked and why I gave him the grades, gave him of they did this bunch from when I was in a system between commander and commander and attacks Commander side had done this bunch, and now I was the author in charge of the training attachment I had one of the guys that didn't like where he got wrecked. He was he didn't like it. He thought he deserved higher and he thought he deserved a bunch of five votes that the highest possible grid.
And you know, maybe not on all the criteria, but on some of them and he actually requested on off call with me meaning he wants to come and talk to me, which was kind of weird, because at this time, people literally we're just? walk in my office all time and needles ay. What's up, I gotta get. If they were talking about something I was super casual boat people coming. See me, no, no fact right so, when this guy went and actually organised an official meeting with me. I don't. Historical with it, but it was weird. And he came in and he had his evaluation with him and he put it on my desk he said something along the lines of you. I got ranked in the middle the pack and how did this happen and I should be at the top or or at least I should be near it. I should have five hours and in view of this category, category in this other category and the guy himself. He wasn't slacker by any stretch. Imagination was what goods really solid zeal. But he wasn't.
Like an over the top out. Standing front runner, but he was really really solid, which You only allowed to have a very small number of guys that your ranking as front runners and evil and therein, I was better at this point playing the game, you know up and down the chain of command, and so what I do is I sat down. I listen to him and I listened to his perspective and as is doing that as I was listening this guy in our thinking, myself feel this guy's a hard working seal he thinks he should have higher grades across the board. He thinks he should be a top rank guy with FF if point knows and I am sitting there listening to him. I'm thinking Why does he actually think that? Why does he think what what is going on in his head that he thinks that he should be a point out. And, of course, something myself? This is somehow my fault. This is gonna, be my fault, because I'm the leader and I have a guy, I'm a guy
Its concerned enough about his, rankings that isn't talking to me. He actually set an appointment to come and talk to me about this, so Obviously I have not done a good job at this point of explaining fixed here and if I'm, if he doesn't get it obviously can be more people that. That think the same way that you do not the only one when someone comes you, the problems are not the only ones on. That's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking, that he's thinking he's a five point out? That's what he's thinking here? thinking he's a five point and he's not an he thinks he should be, and then I'm trying to figure out and thinking to myself. Ok, how do I explained to him ere he is missing the mark. How can I Spain to him. That is not quite a I've point all five point: no is outstanding
And then the answer kinder jumped out at me, the answer was: The evaluation form itself. That's that's what it was because the evaluation form itself actually gives definition of what a five point o sailor is what a five point leader is and really when you break down what a five point no human being is the evaluation actually spells it out in plain English, so I picked up the evaluation for that he had brought in and I started to read chunks of to him. So The first little chunk better read to read them There's a section called professional knowledge and- and if you are a five point, in professional knowledge. It gives you a list of what you aren't. Here's what it says if you're a five point on professional knowledge is what it says right.
He acknowledged expert sought out by all for technical, now which uses knowledge to solve complex technical problems, meets vanishment requirements early and with the snakes. So you know I looked at it. Ok, recognised experts are you recognised experts. How often are you getting called by the EAST Coast or by this you'll team, to count them solve the problem the answer was he's not here. Good, solid guy, really good instructor. These not a he's not, recognized expert and he knew it. And then I read the the three point, which is a middle great, like the aid. This is your average situation. I said. Maybe this is U S. It listen strong working knowledge of rating specialty and job reliably
plies knowledge to accomplish tasks meets advancement, requirements on time a solid human being right! This is solid. That's that's it three point all right there and again as on reading this this guy, yet he had strong working knowledge for sure he was. Why not knowledge to his job for sure he was doing that. So that's cool at three point: zero. We're not quality of work, another section quality work years, five point: four quality of work needs, no supervision always produces exceptional work. Oh rework required maxim, eyes, resources. So Needs no resources, the thing about that in this guy working another department, he was definitely being managed and then always produces exceptional work?
again, this is as good. You can't getting better than exceptional, so I said, is that you. Do you not need any supervision. And he knew I mean- I know I worked in the apartments- I know what's going on these- not gonna? U can't lie to me and I said how bout this needs. Supervision produced quality work. Few errors uses resources efficiently. You know that is that three point up, I could give you a four point out somewhere between those two on actually being kind of generous. What what do you think. How about military, bearing an character with, let's see what that looks like here's what here's, what here's, what the definition for military bearing and characterise? U S? Navy! Five point: no evaluation, exemplary personal appeal, its model of conduct, conduct on and off duty, a leader in full Physical readiness, exemplifies, nay,
core values, honour courage, commitment now This guy's sitting in my office he's in sloppy peaty gear. His hair is a little bit long and he's not he's not gonna be super studs seals. That's an awesome. Physical shape, he's kind of a guy that, like to party a bit and use a hard work into a great guy, but I'm saying he was exactly model of conduct on and off duty think about It means a model of conduct. Five point, then I said: listen, let me tell you what I know, but we tabled We point always exe. Personal appearance, excellent conduct, conscientiously complies with regulations complies with Physical readiness programme live up to eighty core values on her courage commit, but that to me You're, pretty squared away guy but how'd. Do you wanna last pity test, because you you knock it out of the park and know that right, so you
Are you telling him? Yes, you're right, I'm really go. I'm doing what we're right here, I'm straight up. Reading I'm too cause cause It was really of the idea that these standards are very, very high and also here's the bottom of the barrel. Ok, you there's one point now one point: no four for values. Or for military bearing and character is one point all consists. We unsatisfactory appearance, poor self control conduct resulting in disciplinary action unable to meet one or more physical readiness requirements fail to live up to one or more navy core values on her courage, commitment so so there. Occurs not of a one point out. That's it! That's a whore! You know: that's that's a bad sailor, but this guy's solid he's in the mill. I think I had him with a four point. I said I'd. I we go with the fora You gonna tell me that you crushed that you or the leader of the pack on the last
pity test that we did. You know What will you tell me where you are were you the five point out no couldn't honestly say it by now. He kind of he kind of the message that he's no one point: nobody definitely wasn't a five point either in Clearly, what I realized he never actually read through what those standards were and declared that was my fault for now making sure that this guy and the rest of the people at my command understood what the grating criteria wasn't. I started to I knew that I started to realize that the degrading criteria was actually solid and was a good guide to being a really good seal, a really good sailor. A really good person. And ass, you re through some of these five point, o qualities. Here's the one for comment,
and organizational climate slash equal opportunity, to view this year. If your five o in this category measurably contributes to the Navy's increased retention and reduced attrition objective pro active leader, eggs. Plenary mentor. Invite old and support its personal development, leading to factional growth and sustained commitment initiate support programmes for military civilian in families to achieve exceptional command and organizational climate. The model of achievement Olaf's unit cohesion by valuing differences as strengths, so Think about that! That's that's a massive who's gonna, five o in that in a sealed, seems not to many people cause in the seal, whose initiating support programmes means your blog actively starting a program to help support right. There's, not a lot of guys are gonna hit. Five point, two The way it should be Here's. What five point out looks like for personal job. Accomplishment and initiative energy.
Eric Self Starker completes tat. Or qualifications early far better than expected do not just doing you're doing it early and it still even better. No one else, plans and prioritizes wisely and with exceptional foresight, seeks exe responsibility and takes on the hardest jobs. That's five porno. Here's this here's, the fibers. Oh for teamwork, teen builder, inspires operation and progress focuses goals and makes for teams the best accepting and offering team direction. That's a team. That's teamwork and hears this. Here's how you get a five point. Owen leadership, not think about this. You think you're, good seal you think you're good sailor and you think I'm good leader, right, here's what you have to do to get it. Five point out in? spiralling motivator and trainer subordinates reach highest level of growth and development are now since I bought you anymore.
But you being a leader and you not just which you do, but Your support is your subordinates. Half the reach, the highest level of growth and development. It goes on superb organizer, rate foresight, develop, process improvements, inefficiencies, leadership, achievements during leadership, a treatment drama, likely further command mission envision. You do as a leader dramatically furthers the mission, severe the toughest challenges and instead there's other others exceptional communicator, we people, you know that are exceptional communicators, there's not a lot of people that are exceptional meters. That's a hard thing. That's not only being born with some communication skills is actively working and honing those skills through your life, time before someone tells you're an exceptional communicator. Make subordinate safety conscience maintains? hop safety record constantly
proves the personal and professional lives of others. So is it is barely about you anymore to how well well. Does your team do so. You ve be a hundred per cent squared away. If you're gonna get a five point, one leadership, that's just the way it is and in like us, I'm just getting judged on your success, but on the success just of the mission but of the actual individual people that work for you, and so this this granular. Look at these descriptions. Kind of changed Skies perspective and it now we actually saw what he was supposed to be doing the actually knew what he was aiming at and he didn't oh that before and you know whose fault is it he did know it's my fault, I'm the guy in charge. I thought everyone knew, or I thought at least every one was aiming as high as they possibly good at everything. But that's actually naive
its naive for a couple reasons. Not only is not everyone aiming to be the best they can know some people don't care about some things, but sometimes people do actually understand what it is that they're supposed to be aiming at. They don't understand what the men Turkey is how there being measured and clearly you have to. Have something to eat MAC, and if you don't have anything to eat, then you're never going to get anywhere. You never going to you're never going to hit the target. That's you're, not aiming at. You have to aim at the target to hit it You have to know what you are trying to be, or you won't be that an Navy, I think, with this evaluation form, does a decent, job, if you kind of, can take a step back and one problems with the with the Navy evaluation system in all the evaluation systems in the military. Is there We administrative.
It turns into more much more of a paper work drill. Then it is an actual. An actual attempt to make people improve themselves right is there, but people are going to put this where I fell out cool. I'm up for promotion card that didn't read it right. They don't it's not it's not a true counselling up to the objective. Isn't really truly improve those people. That's one of the problems with this with the with the system inside the Navy, and it happens in the other branches well. But but if you re, that sheet new. You kind of take a look at it. Then you realize ok, there's some things I can aim at now. And the Navy does a decent job. That I'll tell you that Marine Corps does and even better job the United States Marine Corps evaluation system is more detailed and its more descriptive.
It's more complete the navy system than of the whole navy evaluations, two pages on the marine corps. Theirs is six pages long. And one thing this interesting rather wrinkle you in the Navy, one they list, ok, you're, a one point all this is what your like as a one point, no unrecorded and give description for the low and spectrum they they did. They don't even didn't even exist, Moroccan away, time describing a loser. Marie They may have a higher minimum standard basically, but this is one thing that struck me that the first in a kind of notice, the Marine corps evaluation some cause, it's an administrative think. So it's not like, I would see it on a regular basis, when I was in remote areas in the brigade Tactical Operations Centre, and was by there for meeting with the brigade commander whatever, and was therefore, whenever reason in one of the marine officers, was in there who I knew and we're gonna talkin.
And he was filling out one of an evaluation for one of his guys and he was on the back page of his evaluation, as you know, being no Yeah, I guess looking at looking at what it was like looking at what their system was like. Comparing our system, the form Ass page, the page you is actually working on their whereas egg a graphic. Representation of of Marines and of how they rank Marines in a kind of look like a Christmas tree. So have you picture Christmas tree and whole Christmas trees made up of little ego global anchors, which is the symbol of the marine corps. Answer, there's a bunch of little Eagle when and they're all possessed and on this piece of paper, and it looks like a Christmas tree and so the bottom actually the the bottom of this graphic. The bottom. This Christmas tree is just an empty space. There's nothing there and
line is represented, there's a little indicator that shows what that line represents. That line represents the unqualified marine, so there should me no unqualified Marines in your unit and then it goes up one level and now ve just got one single. Eager urban acre representing one, marine and and this this is- they looks like the trunk of the Christmas tree and that that line is labelled a quorum. Five marine and I ve got one guy. You know were percentage wise, one person that is simply just a qualified Marie Louise qualify. But there's not. There should be that many of them and then they go now if it three above the trunk now too big wide area and that's where they go to the next level, which, has the most it's like them. Third of the Christmas tree and that area
They label that area one of the many highly qualified professionals who form a majority of this great so that the biggest chunk of people is sort of in the middle third of this MR him, that's what it is hidden that's what most that's of most of the guys are theirs. Holly Pike, if I'd people they make, the most of this group of data that I'm evaluating and there they are. And then above that. Third, on this Christmas tree is a it now the Christmas trees get smaller right now. We're getting into a narrow group in this narrow group is labelled. And it's called sir you're in this group, you're being labelled as one these few exe apparently qualified Marines and that that's a much smaller number than that middle group, and then you get to the top of the Christmas tree. Where there is
a single eagle globe and anchor representing the very best of this group and up there alone at the pinnacle, of performance and there's a label for this, singular marine at the top of his group. And the label says the eminently qualified marine. I remember when I read that when I read those words: the eminently qualified marine. I thought to myself. That is the ultimate praise. Can that's pretty much how
the marine corps. Evaluation ends and it ends in this epoch way because it is, it is- and I it's weird to say this is an epic document. It's an epic epic document and I want to talk about this document today and I want to start off by by the way that the door you mean it starts off. So this is the Marine Corps Fitness Report, The great Marines start off with a common guidance to the first. It gives guidance from the most senior marine in the Marine corps in the car, not guidance, says the complete. Fitness report is the most important information component in manpower, management, the primary means of evaluating the Marines performance and the common dance primary tool for the selection of personnel for promotion, augmentation resident schooling, command and duty assignments. Therefore, the complete
This report is one of an officers, most crude critical responsibilities in Aaron in this duty is the commitment of each reporting senior and reviewing officer to ensure the integrity of the system by giving close attention to accurate marking and timely reporting Every officer serves a role in the scrupulous maintenance of this evaluation system. Ultimately important to both the individual and the Marine corps. Reviewing officers will not concur with inflated reports, so outlet viewing officers will not concur with inflated reports so outlook we're didn't put in check and do not come here. Tell it everyone their great. That's, not that's, not gonna fly Where'd. You were rejecting that out right from the start. Now we start
the evaluation again. This is set up a little bit similar to the navy and they breaking out what your performance is. Based on the first in that its based on his mission accomplishment and mission accomplished rent they break into two things: the first things performance. So here's what it says about performed. A mission. Accomplished accomplishment results even during the reporting period, How well those duties inherent to Marines, billet, plus all additional duties, formally and informally assigned work carried out. Flexible arena aptitude competence. And commitment to the unit success above personal reward. Indicators. Time and resource management, task, pie were decision and tenacity to achieve positive ends, consistently. So the low end it says, meets
requirements of billet and additional duties. Aptitude, commitment and competence meet expectations. Results maintain said the squirrel. So that's as I e you're doing your job and if you're at the high end of the spectrum results far surpass expectations recognised and exploits new resources, creates opportunities, emulated, sought, after as an expert with influence beyond unit impact. Significant innovative approaches to problems, produce significant gains in quality and efficiency just take that single bullet and that's To try and achieve your smoking your crushing you I want to You have someone like that work for you and your heaven, because this guy's gonna make things happen.
Next up proficiency demonstrates technical knowledge, impractical skill in the execution of the Marines overall duties. And training education and experience translate skills in the actions, contribute to accomplishing asks and missions imports, two others think about translate skills and actions as it s kind of a big deal Many people have skills, but they can't translated and actions in the above. That's your life. Have you got some yes, but you dont, use em. You can't put him anywhere. You can't put him into effect. Here's. The middle grade for proficiency demonstrate mastery of all required skills. So if you ve mastered your skills, you're still just like in the middle expert, education and experienced consistently enhance mission accomplishment, innovative troubleshooter and problem solver effectively in, hard skills to support its these the kind of things where, if you know that you're supposed to imports
your life, here's what it sounds like you start expert but you might not recognize it. S party view job this party, your life, here's what like if your expert, true expert in feed, lt knowledge and skills impact far beyond those of peers transit. Its broad based education experience into forward. Thinking, innovate Actions may Immeasurable impact on mission accomplishment, peerless teacher selflessly imparts expertise to subordinates peers and seniors thing about it, that is a high bar, that is a high bar. You could work, you could work diligently every single day and fall short of that both material For that you know that you should be working towards next section: the visual character is neatly,
yet, when you're gonna grade someone on their character. This is outstanding this is outstanding, how many people are thinking about what their characters coming. People not actively minding the way that their actions reflect your character, happens all the time if we thinking about. If you knew you didn't great on it, maybe wouldn't take those those base, actions? You can I go along with that so the one time liquid imagine someone's videotaping either they're going to do the play back. Safe man. If you go that in the back you mind, dear dear, that's the first step, though, because the actual that's the first step is, you might think, on being videoed, but this is what I'm expected to see. You might be doing something: that's not correct, you might be off are, you might be aiming at the wrong thing: I'm acting like a tough guy whenever you know that I'm tough, you realize that actually stupid you can be. You can have in your mind that I want to keep my character, but you're wrong, because
Might be aiming at the wrong thing? gives you some pretty specific things to aim at topic. Number one core courage, moral or physical strength to overcome, danger, fear, difficulty or anxiety, personal acceptance of responsibility and accountability, placing conscience over competing interests, regardless of consequences. Conscious overriding decision to risk bodily harm or death to accomplish the mission, or so if others the will to persevere despite uncertainty, one If you're thinking about the fact that you're getting grated on your will to persevere despite uncertainty, you think about that. Every day you don't know what your future but you're gonna persevere regardless think you're getting grated on, that every day here: what the bottom end of the spectrum is dead
streets, inner strength, so at the minimum, your demonstrating in strength, seconds of responsibility commensurate with the scope, duties, inexperienced willing to face moral or physical danger in pursuit of mission accomplishment. Even at the lower end of the spectrum, you're still willing to face danger, merely or physical change. Here's the middle guided conscious in all actions, prove inability proven Forty two come danger, fear, difficulty or anxiety exhibits bravery in the face of adversity. Uncertainty, not heard by moral, difficult situations, Morley difficult situations or hazardous responsibilities,. How often people deterred by differ Called situations They leave morally Morley difficult situations. Here's at the top, the top of the spectrum for
I urge, on common bravery and capacity, to overcome obstacles and inspire others in the face of moral dilemma or life threatening danger now is not just about you. You have to actually take its level. We are inspiring, others do stated under the most adverse conditions, selfless always places conscience over competing interests, regardless of fiscal or personal consequences. That's a competition we talked about the competition between? Oh I'm, going to take care of myself and I'm going to take care of the team them take care of the mission between what you doing with right to do. Instead of what is easy to do, the next section that you degraded on your individual character is effective this under stress he's just outstanding- does not fit
you, don't even see this in the in business. I don't see this in when people evaluate your other other in the business world, but there's dressing business, world, the different kind of stress, but it stress here, effectiveness under stress. Here's what you're doing thinking functioning and leading effectively under conditions of physical and or mental pressure me containing composure appropriate for the situation while playing steady purpose of action enabling one to its inspire others, while continuing to lead under adverse conditions. Legal and emotional strength, resilience and indeed Hence our elements, Low end of the spectrum exam discipline, stability under pressure judgment enough the problem. Solving skills are evident. Low end of the spectrum by the way, how many? people. Do you think you know that? Don't you if any, discipline or stability under pressure, there's all kinds of people, you there's all kinds of people
we know we when's the last time you you, you didn't, do a good job under pressure, probably this morning, it happens right fully, rightly climates, especially when you're not thinking about, especially when you not aimed at the correct response to pressure. Especially when you haven't put a standard in your mind, memo used to kind of freak out in digital when you got claustrophobic right, sir right sure you'd get you get in a usually side control right. You didn't like that. The pressure on the neck than the pressure on the chest. There were more circumstances surrounding those: the Uno scenarios, Delia Mental, the moral prob see I would have to be ok. Yes, I do remember that at some point you said yourself or I cannot act that way anymore. You may a you set up, or for yourself. Mr that's, the getting of solving the problem. That's all right,
I love about this. It's actually setting a bar when you're under stress this is how you got act if you're if you're a little above average for effective under stress. Here's where you rat consistently demonstrates maturity. Mental agility and willpower during periods of adversity provides or to chaos through the air location of intuition problem, solving skills and leadership. Compose reassures. Other Imagine you re. A team envisages the average guy. This is just impressive, but point is, unless you tell your guys what averages they were No, what they, understand. Here's the high and so this is. When you look at your troop, you say this is what I want should do when we come under massive amounts of stress here is the model I want you to try and perform. As debt
streets seldom matched presence of mind under the most demanding circumstances. Stabilizes any situation through the resolute and timely application of direction, focus and personal presence Now what I was doing this, I was actually get to read the high end when I was thinkin others, but then I realized each one of these bills, and that set the high end already has the other two, but there's other elements in there that that are mentioned in the high end. You going to mention me and you assumed when some is on the high end. They got those. Obviously they got the lower end things wrapped up. Combine all these three together. The low grade the middle great- and I agree. We want people to show initiative talk about the time. This is the essence of decentralized command. Is that people show initiative, Do they say about an issue of action absence of specific direction.
Seeing what needs to be done and acting without prompting I'm listening to all these this whole thing and at first cells like all at school. That's how the Navy Kennedy evaluates people in chairing Union's top, but the means and stuff, but maybe like the second little part Easter, The greeting I just started apply Note to myself! That's what I'm saying like my life doll like okay, so you know where it where I farted like, if you have a family, if you're at the dad or something right or your whatever, if your, if your family unit, you're part of a team right there and you know your goals change from time to time, but you sorted no the goals, so like? Thank you to my mind, every little like element that you're talking about I'm like ok, limit value it myself for sure, with this carbon and Europe, man so a lot of the electrons like ok so performing under under stress
does all these little things you're going to the beach in trying to make it known automatically beach. We have a high stress. Le here was a little seed, the kids need their water and they need their change. Clothes made coldly near the Jackie in all the stuff. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking when we know daylight asked Miss sunset. So how are you dinner perform under that stress. Yet all end up, I get funny for his letter you're bringing up this. You bring that's it. I'm actually completely making fun of you for bringing up that stress. How often are you at a public place? and you see a family in their running later whatever and you see, leader of the family, mother or father freaking out losing her composure over the stress that we Actually, joking about your little bits, ears on joke about it, music, people lose their minds because of dumb things? Oil,
and there's a little bit of stress in their world and they dropped Baltic Free Gaffer exactly so, my question is: do that People has anyone ever sat them down and explain to them what the standard is. Sir and that's my point here, a lot of times: people don't even Recognize you don't even know very well understand what what the eminent qualified human being, is how they are going to act in these situations. It totally holy exactly hundred percent right there. So you like, ok, so you know how every I have a guy who, like loses temper, and engine, like you say, you, gonna, lasted there, and then he goes back to how he felt like almost like the way he felt justifiably. So you just understand here's the thing Brad's, we look. We know you felt like that. You daily demonstrates that you'll have to explain that idea. You were feeling this and you be this certainly, but if that day,
that he was being evaluated on his behavior, regardless of how he feels but he'd be. Aiming oh you poor, attacking him or her. It's not it's not just the grating part. It's you have to know what this standard is because in that guy, might not even understand a vital- my tempered Haggerty easier, I think, was J. P J P really took it up, heart when he heard me say losing your tempers, a weakness. Before that. He just didn't you know, because you see other people in your life. You other team, guys using your dad. You see your uncle and fly off, they handle. You almost have respect for rights, be definite respect your when your dad lose your temper, you kind of think, while that's powerful, how can I have some of that power while you just do that right is alert mechanism and then, eventually, you realize or someone tells you hey when you lose your, but you're not control might affect you not control.
And whatever made you lose, your temper is controlling you lose your temper is, is weakness, and so that's the difference. It's not just hey, you're, being graded you're being watched, which is definitely a great mindset to have, but you have to understand what the parameters are, that you're being measured by that you're being grated on and that's where vis comes into play. The next session I just started with an initiative, and we want subordinates to take an initiative. On everyone to take initiatives right of your kids. What your kids to take initiative. You want people. You we want everyone to take initiative. I used to say to the young seal two commanders and task here. When I would say imagine if everyone here, everyone you're fighting leaders just was doing something smart grids. Look initiative and made it happened, your job becomes so easy. Because you have to control everything Evans, making things happen, that's initiative.
So here's what it says about an issue of action in the absence of specific direction, seeing what needs to be done and acting without prompting the insight to begin a task and follow through energetically on one's own accord being creative proactive and decisive transforming opportunity into action. So that's really if you're on the low end, you demonstrate willingness to take action. The absence of absence of specific direction, acts commensurate with raid training and experience. So we expect of you little bit little bit better. The Middle self motivated and action oriented for site and energy consistently trend? form opportunity into action develops, and pursues creative initiative solutions are sought innovative solutions acts without prompting self stark. That's what we want and then here we
The high and highly motivated and proactive displays exe optional awareness of surroundings and environment, uncanny ability to anticipate mission requirements and We formulate original far reaching solutions, always takes decisive, effective action. With definitions like that is no wonder, there's only one marina at the top Christmas tree because that is a squared away, individual right. There far You know what's crazy about this, have put so many people through training myself. Even though there is only one allotted space of their. There are so many people that are capable of this kind of behaviour, its way more than one percent, it's way more than ten percent. If you have people that understand what the parameters are in, really aimed whom you can get a lot closer than most people would think yeah and if I mean I'd, obviously
I don't know, but it seems like where you sway your talk about it beat like a lot of people. Just don't know you know they don't know. We don't know the standard and that you know they don't know. They don't know and made clear to them. The next section leadership and Isabel It is a multiple sections obvious, because leadership is the most important thing on the battlefield. So this is their big Section leadership, sex number one leading subordinates the inseparable relationship between leader and lead, the applicant of leadership principles to provide direction and motivate subordinates using Forty persuasion and personality to influence, subordinate to accomplish assigned tasks, staining motivation and morale, while men smiling subordinates performance. So there you go you can do- is leader low end engaged provides instructions and directs execution seeks to complex mission in ways that sustain motivation and morale actions
Contribute to unit effectiveness cool, so you your acceptable middle ground, Achieves a highly effective balance between direction and delegation, we're talking all dichotomy affair, did we task subordinates and clearly delineated extent, standards expected and here- this performance through constructive supervision Austria's motivation enhances morale buildings the stains teams that successfully meet mission requirements in Jeez initiative and candy. Among subordinates. So you can see that the low end your kind of just telling people what to do a little bit right now. Started to ask for feedback your start to build that bond. Here's the highest number one
think for the high and promote creativity and energy among subordinate by striking at the ideal balance of direction. An delegation achieves highest levels of performance from subordinates by encouraging individual initiative, that's decent, I can't I'm gonna, let you guys run and that's going to maximize performance. Is an incredible term, in genders, willing subordination loyalty and trust that allows the borders to overcome their perceived limitations. Wailings bored. When your team actually wants to follow. You. Personal leadership fosters highest level of motivation and morale. Ensuring mission accomplishment even in the most difficult circumstances. Next section: developing subordinates commitment to train edge
eight and challenge all Marines, regardless of race, religion, ethnic background or gender mentorship cultivating professional and personal development of subordinates hoping teen players and esprit de corps. Ability to by teaching and coaching creed, an atmosphere tolerant of mistakes in the course of learning you're here you think about that? Very often the record Heyward, tolerant of mistakes? That's how you learn low. End of the spectrum maintains an environment that allows personal professional development, ensure support its participate in all mandated development programmes. Middle ground, develops and institutes innovative programmes. Your pro, actively trying to bring up and raise your support its make them better to come. P M, which professional melter education emphasise personal and
fashion, development of subordinates challenges subordinate to exceed their perceived potential, thereby enhancing unit. Morale and effectiveness creates environment where all Marines are competent to learn through trial and error as a man, door, prepare subordinates for increased responsibilities and duties. By the way. This is the number to item the leadership. The first one is leading. The second one is developing your subordinates the top end of the spectrum. Why be recognised and, and emulated. As a teacher, coach and leader Any marine would desire to serve with this marine because they know they will grow personally and professionally sub Wouldn't it and unit performance far surpasses expected results due to to ship and team Building talents attitude toward Subordinate development is infectious extending beyond the unit,
its bold now your training, your people so well that other people in other units are started, train their people ears. Think about that impact right there That's how you develop you develop your supported so much that some other leader in a different company in it from putting in a day battalion says we're gonna start following that programme, restart stepping up Hats leadership right there such number three setting the example them visible, faster of leadership. How well a marine serves as a role model for all others. Purse action demonstrates the highest standards of conduct, ethical behaviour, fitness and Europe's bearing demeanor and self discipline or elements low end, maintains record standards for appearance weight and uniform where system
The required level of physical fitness adheres The tenets of the marine corps. Values might be accepted, middle great Small conduct on and off duty reflects highest rank or standards of integrity, bearing an appearance. Character is exceptional, Actively seek self improvement in wide ranging areas. Dedication to duty and professional example encourage others self improvement efforts as the middle great. Them in the middle grade. You fuck, the highest marine corps, standards of integrity, bearing an appearance. You know that mean by means twenty four hours a day, you're in the game. That's what that means. It means your active actively. Seeking self improvement in wide ranging areas retraining. Everywhere? That's middle ground, by the way, high ground
Model Marine free, Lee, emulated eggs, employee conduct, behaviour and actions are tomes. Setting in inspiration to subordinates peers and seniors remit. Couple dedication to improving self and others. What are you trying to do to get better. May I say that said that on this podcast since day, one we're trying to get better. What do you do we actually what's with the activity. Doesn't know. Another word you see here. A lot in this is action. Action action, words into action, ideas and actions, skills into action? I was going back and forth with a guy that I did so work with for us on front and I work
Quite a few years ago overseas- and we still tax back and forth from time to time and He ass. He was telling me some of the notes he had taken message sent me some of the notes, one of notably for the first note he sent me was you can't think things better It's it's it's a solid piece of advice because he's one of these guys that that was a thinker right, big thinking, and in a more about thinking you don't. Let's boats develop our brain develop our mind power. Let's think about things. Let's be thoughtful, that's fine, but you can't think things better for not going to get better unless you actually apply the skills, skills and action false into action.
Next insuring well being of subordinates. Genuine interest in the well being of Marines enhances subordinates ability to concentrate focus on mission accomplishment, search for family readiness is inherent. The importance play on welfare of subordinates is based on the belief that Marines take care of their own law when of the spectrum, deals confidently with issues pertinent to subordinate welfare and recognise a suitable courses of action that support subordinates well being applies. It Will resources allowing subordinate to effectively concentrate on the mission.
At a minimum, you're, absolutely taken carrier people middle grade, instills and or reinforces the sense of responsibility among junior marines for themselves and their subordinates actively fosters the development of and uses support system source for subordinates, which improve their ability to contribute to unit mission accomplishment fritz to enhance born at welfare, improve the units ability to accomplish their mission. People don't think about that fact. The people that are actually accomplishing the mission or people people are ready to perform as even neglected them. You knock and building opposite mission. High grade, noticeably enhances, subordinates well being resulting in measurable, increasing unit effectiveness. Exercises unit and base resources to provide support to the best support available, proactive approach. Serves to energize unit members to take care of their own, thereby
directing potential problems before they can hinder suborned its effectiveness, widely recognised for techniques and policies that produce results and build. Morale builds strong family atmosphere, its motto: Mission First Marines always into action, though last section for leadership. Communication skills, the efficient transmission and receipt of thoughts and ideas that enable and enhance leadership. Equal importance given to listening speaking writing and crew nickel, reading skills, interactive allowing one to perceive problems in situations, provide concise guidance and expects express complex ideas in a form easily understood by everyone.
Allows subordinate to ask questions, raised issues and concerns and venture opinions, contributes to a leaders ability to motivate as well council minimum. Skilled in receiving in conveying information communicates effectively in performance of duties, that's a minimum above average me grade clearly articulates faults, ideas verbally and in writing. Let's think about that. Middle ground do now hard. It is for people to clearly articulate thoughts and ideas verbally and in writing. It is a skill you need to work on all the time, by the way this get your middle great here
Communication, All forms is accurate, intelligent, concise and timely those standards, accurate Intel it concise and timely. Communicate with clarity and verve ensuring understanding of intent or purpose currencies and considers the contributions of others high grade here, we go highly developed facility, invert, communication adept composing, written documents of the highest quality combined. His presence and verbal skills, which indent engender confidence, achieve understanding, irrespective of setting situation or size of group addressed displays
An intuitive sense of when and how to listen, so read, write speak, listen and do it all the time. If your leadership position- or you want to be in one that the the reading part people ask me what I learned in college: One of the most important things that I learned in college was. I wasn't this major. This is why I was an english major by the way big, I recognised when I was at US Your team as a young officer that The most important things I was gonna be dealing with was communicating with other humans. And I needed to have good command of the english language and of reading and writing the english language. But When I had to decipher Shakespeare and I took a lot of Shakespeare.
And you realize that you don't know what words mean and you realize that you don't understand the sentence, construction and you. What you realize is that you have to break them down and go through them and figure it out. So when I would get the rules of engagement from up the chain of command five years later didn't understand them because they were using words. I didn't know, I said: ok what I need to do, but these up read it find out some substance- words make sense of it. Look up the definition of what their specifically talking about and go from there because when you first, if you just open up shakespeare- and you don't understand something, what do you say stupid when somebody rights rules of engagement, this ordinary jerk, you don't understand if you don't understand how to parse things apart in block up definitions and can't Be humble enough to recognise that some things you don't know well, All you do is go. This is stupid, check, communications, the next thing. No one really probably
thinks that this is gonna be in here for the marine corps. The next section you're getting great on as grated on as a marine is intellect and wisdom. There are things people, the military's, bunch knuckle draggers. Think it's all about broad, but there you go in electing whispered intellect and wisdom Professional military education pm me committed to The actual growth in ways an official to the Marine corps, increases breadth. And depth of war, fighting and leadership aptitude. Resources include resident schools, profession, qualifications and certification processes non resident and other extension courses. Civilian, educational, institutional, coursework personal reading program. That includes, but is not limited to selections from the combat ants reading list
the patient in discussion groups and military societies and involvement in learning through new technologies. You gotta get in the car Fraid they're gonna get educated, here's Lois maintains currency and required military skills and related developments has complete, oars enrolled in appropriate level of pm me grade and level of experience recognizes and understands. New and creative approaches to service issues remains abreast of contemporary concepts and issues. Middle great pm me outlook, expand expanse beyond Emma Wes and required education. So you don't even worry about your own job. You ve got that govern. I go outside of what your job is developed it follows a comprehensive personal programme which includes broadened professional reading and or academic coursework advances new concepts and ideas,
Here's your high and dedicated to lifelong learning, as a result of active and continuous efforts, widely recognised as an end actual leader in professionally related topics, makes time for study and takes advantage of all resources and programmes introduced. Is new and creative approaches to service issues engages in a broad spectrum of forums and dialogues. So this is never gonna. Stop you gotta keep in your brain axing, you're, getting grated on intellect and wisdom decision making ability, viable and timely Prob solution, contributing elements are judgment and decisiveness. Decisions reflect the balance between an optimal solution and a satisfactory, workable solution that generates temper. So there's a good dichotomy for you
optimal decision on on one side were couple decision that can keep moving. On the other side, you gonna balance that dichotomy Decisions are made within the context of the commanders established intent and the goal of mission accomplishment so, of course, you're trying to support Manderson ten anticipation mental agility, intuition and success are inherent, not the first time brought up intuition in here. Are you develop into intuition experience, wisdom, reading, low end low end makes sound decisions leading to mission accomplishment as the minimum minimum, was to make sound decisions, actively, collects and evaluates information, a ways alternative alternatives to it. Eve, timely results, competently approaches, problems, accept responsibility for outcomes middle great guy in streets? Mental agility
fact if and solves multiple complex problems. This prioritize next execute. Analytical abilities, enhanced by experience, education and intuition into debates, problems and into implements viable long term solutions, solutions, steadfast willing to make difficult decisions that that's a I bore for middle grade high grade, widely recognised and sought after to resolve the most critical, complex problems seldom matched analytical and intuitive abilities accurately foresees unexpected problems and arrives at Well time decisions despite fog and friction completely confident approach to all problems may
Esther Flee, strikes a balance between the desire for perfect knowledge and greater tempo. Widely recognised of problems this one? This little line here act only four seas, unexpected problems and arrives at well time. Decisions despite fogging friction pad the big ass. Great they're going to be in the game you got to be in the game to get to that level, lasting you're, getting great on for election wisdom is judgment. The discretionary aspect of decision making draws core values, knowledge and personal experience to make wise choices. Comprehends. The consequences of contemplated courses of action, minimum great majority of judgments, are measured circumspect. Relative
and correct minimum middle grade decisions are constant or scar, consistent and uniformly correct tempered by consideration of their consequences. Able to ident Aye isolate and said relevant factors in the decision making process opinion sought by others suborn its personally, Personal interest in favour of impartiality, hi and decisions flecked exceptional, exceptional insight and wisdom beyond this Marines experience, council sought by all often an arbiter, consistent superior. Judgment inspires the confidence of seniors. So that's how you get graded. On intellect and wisdom, and actually the last thing that they grade you want, is They actually grade you on how well you
evaluate your other Marines the extent which this officer serving as reported official conducted or required others to conduct accurate on inflated, and timely evaluation is the last thing you great at all, go through. You have a low end, like you did a good job. By end? Is you do standing job at their grading. You on how well you great, and then you get to the last page which, where this is, where you have the Christmas tree, the Eagle Globe and Acre Christmas tree Comparative assessment provide a complete Assessment of potential, by placing an axe in the appropriate box in marking comparison. Consider all the Marines of this great whose professional abilities are known to you personally, and then you go through that tree. The unqualified
on satisfactory, a qualified marine one of the many highly qualified professionals who form the majority of this grade, one of the few exceptional qualified Marines, and then you get to the top, the singular marine at the top. Who is the eminently qualified marine? The eminently qualified marine and that's. What I think makes this makes. This interesting is too to consider that statement eminently qualified. And think about where you rat in you you're, not a dogma of top. None of us are at the top boots
B. But what are we striving to being? What we striving to be? Are we striving to be, most eminently qualified human being that we can be. Do you even know what that means even have those thoughts in your head, I'm guessing you don't I barely do. I know I've had vague thoughts. I know I had definitions that floated around my head of what I was trying to be what I am trying to be today, but. Why are those solid weren t I was? I was thinking about this. I was talking to Dave Burke Duty here
Good deal Dave, and I was like paper. We need to build this. Amazingly. An evaluation system for humans to become eminently qualified as a human. What is that look like not only the grave yourself but two actually know what you are trying to be so David. I work on that sustained by to get some. And until until we do get that out, then think about think about Are there areas Did you know. What the goal is that your walk around thinking that you deserve a five point? Zero. But you really actually here.
Actually deserve to know? I do that is right. You some I'm thinking, I'm good, I'm walking around I'm thinking of modern everything right, I'm thinking on the guide correct you, But the reality is, I don't know, and the reality is you have that little moving goal posts in your head? You moved around the little bit right. You give yourself a little bit more slack one day, the new tightened up. Could you feeling good the next day the new slackened offload a morbid exposure cancer? That's a five all regular there you're in there. And the reality is. I dont measure up the way, I should be measuring up A daily basis, hourly basis. Whose grading me. Whose lying to me you're with me, you me, but until
We clarify what the aim is, what the goal is and what those standards are. How much was to hold myself accountable to those standards when they don't even exist. Somebody. Come exist. I want to put him in I'm gonna put em on paper when to come up with that, eminently qualified human being? What that looks like cause? We all got ideas floating around up there I'm gonna, bring it apply that put it into action. Put it into action right. Are we doing everything? we could be doing everything that we should be doing. Are we cutting corners? Are we slacking off? Would given us, five point one. We should be at best crack in a two daily. How much are we leaving on table everyday? That's a question for you How much are we leave it on the table? How much you You know what I can sleep there, it's fine, how much, how many
things. Just do you accept this collateral damage. Like some goes wrong. One thing goes wrong is theirs. Collateral damage? Other things are gonna fall by within your goodwill that you're good with you You know I hurt my knee uncle guess what I'm going to eat a donut right is that, where we're at Is that where we're at collateral damage. Oh was hard. Therefore, I'm going you don't treat. Family, not gonna, knock. You have good family quality time tonight, collateral damage, because we would expect from me. Where where's the collateral damage wide, we allowing this collateral damage, part of the reason I'm telling you that we allow this collateral damage because we're not effectively grading ourselves an even worse than that. We don't even know what standard were trying to achieve. No one, Even told us, the minimum standard, ok
So why is your life going marginal? I know why you doing know. Why am I doing ok right now? What because I have some vague idea. I have I kind of no one heading in the right general direction. That's not Good enough to get max it's not good enough to be eminently qualified. Does doesn't work. You have to step up. You have to you have to have the unmitigated daily discipline in all things That's hard. It's hard for one day, never mind every single day so whom they make this evaluation David. I gotta make it I'll, get it out to you. And until then and I'll try and get it turned around quick as possible at least. Kind of her what is called an early version, a beta test, is out its Cobb.
Sure. I think not likely technology rewrite raider, yeah sure related to Made a test which I get something up their quick and until and start look at yourself as usual, your strength you weaknesses in start trying to see where you can improve start moving towards the goal of becoming the eminently qualified human being and I think that is all I've got for tonight, so echo Charles. We got I got my we're trying to step up. We fought war years. Will you and you actually mention it in like bright there at the end there, where all these little either not a little? But all these evaluations are like you know you do this consistently in August, it's so this
Who can a parts to that? One thing you you have to do all these good things right to be the minimum or to be the you, don't you you? Can it really be in the group if you're not the minimal, but you can do things every day like you have essentially be known for these things, so so how we get jammed up. I think when we do when we are conscious of like how good am I doing in X Y see area my life forever and if it something that you're working on a love him. So you don't get the accurate evaluation to ourselves because will do will do good one day and will do good two days and implementing I'm pretty good at this. I'm gonna go get myself like a for whatever, but meanwhile you only did it twice, meaning you know in the hole
you did it twice, you so happy, because it's this big change because he usually do zero times. So you, like my guy it is your minimum bar- was set so low. If you think your crushing oil oil can times a nervous cutting your mind, you kind of are comparatively comparatively lying is like. If you have a standard instantly, and you can act more accurately, but centred. So in your mind, it feels like all I got this or that I gotta let them I'm I'm a foreigner in all you. To be a one. I'm a fort now so Meanwhile, you're not a four year, actually still at one really really yeah, you think you're cute and there's also there's also. This is also night, and I I talk to Dave about this little bit. There's a there's a short term grade and, as a long term, great cause check this out. Let's say you let's say you never worked out before and you ve been video games and eaten in and just you know, in bad physical shape Your grade you're over
all grade for physical fitness is It is a one point up it's a lowest, it can go but daily. If you get up, ok, look, look! I can only run one mile and it's gonna. Take me twenty minutes. Twenty two minutes, I'm gonna! Do it. I'm gonna do as many pushups ups as I can, which is twenty three. By the way If I did a one by one and twenty two minutes and did too three pushups Dat would. I would get a one point over the day, but this individual that's been on the couch little living a sedentary lifestyle. If he does that, guess what he's gonna get him it's gonna, get a high. Greece go your four point, eight for the day oh, then, he's leading himself in the right direction, so Not only is the we do have. This is one of the problems and again this is something I told Dave, I'm like listen, a once, a bi annual
Wise a year, every six months, you're getting a great that doesn't help you what you need look at yourself every day you to look at yourself everyday and say did I truly believe that sway lived the way I should be living today. And then those standards need to be clear, and then you need to apply to your life. Even say like they did the that that simply just gave saw the guy who is sitting on the couch all time more whenever or everyday and now he's doing he's working out everyday, but his physical fitness standard technically still love still very. Let him be it away. I know maybe Other area of evaluation is, like you know, improvement. Are you know how it was easy or back when you are young? You know they give you that most improved kind of India that could be. Part of it. I think it will be covered by the daily track, the daily track
like. Ok, you got a few gonna four point out today what your average right now my average for the last man running average for thirty days, is I'm hidden. A three point: nine physical fitness levies when something every day and pushed now on improving. Now my overall score is me: from a one to one went to their cause, I'm I'm a little bit better shape, but it still not. Where needs to be, I that can crush them, people right, If someone goes only one point, you never can improve its oxygen in three months. No guess what would you get today which do today same thing opposite right, the can happen, where someone thinks well, I did some I did today's on good meant, no no and the other collateral damages. I did good physical fitness today, so many take tomorrow off or I'm gonna eat. You know A crappy meal may and we get that peace it together. Right. We don't want that. We, and when I say we I mean me.
In that way. Is that because we weave We ve created this this this plan your standard in our head, We move around based on our little feelings, you, but I, but this does. This won't allow for it. We need to keep yourself in check. You need to keep yourself and check it out, And the reason you need to keep your check self in check at all times. You need to impose disk. When on your life, because you will end up in a better situation that and up in a better situation, you wanna put more freedom. Is we end up? You know people, He talked about regret right. Oh you, talk to people in their when their dying bed and their very regret things. They didn't do theirs, nothing. I can imagine you're gonna regret more than when you look back life and second, I didn't achieve what I could have achieved
only one way to maximize your achievement and that's good did daily discipline daily discipline, again, we're we're talking of treatment. What are we talking about are not just talking about. I worked more than you. I made more money than you. I promise the more I sold more cars and that's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about. What is it? What is your team it? What is it you're? Trying to? I say a bunch of time with my family and raised great kid. Ok, that's what you want to do put that on. A person. You know what that looks like. Maybe there is a financial. There should be a financial aspect to be you need to pay. You need to have a roof over your head. You need be able to feed your kids so use. We should have job of vocation aspects two grading yourself. Are you doing what you should be doing network, because it
working hard at work. Guess what you're going to get promoted, eventually we're going to find that you can improve your skills to a point where you be more valuable and you can go find a different job somewhere else, so that's got to be in there. Because if we allow ourselves to do a shop at work every day and just do what we need to do to get by guess what you never leave in that job? You be that thing forever. So its physical fitness? It's what? eating your fuel systems that you're putting into your body it's family that the the effort, what you doing to improve the skill Sets of your children? What are you doing. What are you doing to improve the skill sets of your children? Are you spend twenty minutes. Them new vocabulary words, so they can articulate better, so they can become a better leader when they get older. Are you doing that? Is that a ask as a dad as a mom? Are you doing it? Have you?
show them? How to escape guillotine. Have Maybe you should. Could you can get negative. That's a street fight right street by gay are common, so Have you does your kid know how to escape a getting in a street fight How much is it? How long will it take you gonna teach him today that, fifteen minutes, but you gotta drill it, Joe and everyday, into a kind of understanding What have you invested in your kids today? What's the minimum standard? Now you could think yourself, well, you know, I got my kid, an Ipad for Christmas. That was an awesome gifts on pretty much good to go as dad right. Did you kid care about that Ipad compared to real fast for three years? We were kids, get an incredible vocabulary and can found guilty is created,
which of you invested in your family So these are the kind of things that we can set a moving goalpost where consider moving goalpost, it says I buy a if you get, you can ipad with some apps on your good dat. Let's move, Elbows Asia Haven. But you can Ipad Nick and gets medication. Stuffy feel pretty good about good job. Is that a moving goalpost? Yes, it is What they really need to know is how At a vocabulary, they really need is interact, with you as a human being? so they can interact with other human beings in in a more complete way. That's what we're doing so. You got your physical. You got your ok mental. What are you? How much have you read today and I'm not about reading somebody's freakin, Instagram post. It doesn't count, get negative credit for that you're getting Dahmer. When you do that. So what? What are you? What are you doing homework did you learn today? and by the way this is brain maintenance do because we
not trying to learn new things. Then Europe is deteriorating. Just like your body will. So you got that aspect. What about your creative output. What have you done in that capacity did you write us? Did you draw a picture? Did you write a story? Did you come up with the tall risk that kind of rocks right used. Because you may or may not have, My guess, is you didn't? So what What have you done that today and where and by the way, if you I took a cool picture for Instagram and I'm kind of getting myself artistic credit for output right there. You know. No, so and then you start looking at all the stuff, and you start it together. Your time that you'd vested in your work and your family, new friends and you're, trying to trying to teach
kid something you're trying to read something- and I wasn't looking so I don't have much time and then you look at yourself into witnessing what awaited my time good day, what great Do I get today for time management to be gone because did I spend time doing things that got negative value. Nevermind break even actually negative value. Dont have a grating system. We don't know what we're aiming at. We don't know what the potential is, because ass we go about this new. You read these definitions. The high end that the standing the eminently qualified marine. That is an honest. On achievable human not achievable, read you, not be that good. You cannot hold all those categories, but let tell you something that is no reason to not aspire to become the most eminently qualified human being that you can become just because it's impossible path? Just because it
path with no end to it. Just because you'll never reach the top of the mountain ever you will not. You cannot guess what That is no reason to stop. Guess what you jujitsu you're gonna, get tat: thou There's always gonna be someone that debt can tap you out always or how to pursue the type that guys know world get tapped out. The best guys in the world get TAT: Thou boot, hot how'd, your Gracie which is the best kind of world. What happens here Indeed, and loses tajik racy tapped out submitted. Why that costs somebody's always and what happened Roger greatly. By the way we fought him Kennedy, he got beat down. So there's always you're never gonna get to the top mountain, but that is not theirs it is not a reason to not to stop climate. Just because you're not gonna reached the top of the mountain, doesn't mean you stop climbing no action.
You climb hugger, you see where you can get, but a few don't know what you're climbing, if you don't understand the mountain, if you can't see the summit, you don't know where to climb, and then you just look around again while by Muslim slide down, because it it it it's it takes: physical and mental exertion to move up the mountain, and if I don't even know where the top ism scan of I can't tell where I am, I can tell from the halfway up the mountain accord with the mountain. I can often causes outbound some kinda, so there enough reason for me just sit around and do nothing break the doughnuts, not the case or the we started. This was was with your navy experience. Realise evaluations go in it, Ok, so this essentially what it what it can to travel to me what it was in the navy. The one that you are talking about was like everyone expected,
get the height the touch, the perfect score rain, and now we started a standard and then in the Marine Corps one it's kind of the opposite: well know them! The navy once started out when I first got the navy. Basically ever was a four point, only two things, and then they changed it because you need to force rank and ought to know when the marine corps or if they made that change, but it, but they did cassettes way. It is now therefore shrank for sure, yeah. Ok, so the end point is just the two different standards: like common, like standards right where everyone, because you get in other places too, where it's like going, you know it's just a just dear here's, your quarterly values in- and I just put force, do you know cause. I don't have any complaints about you kind of it doesn't necessarily reflect. How dealt be really are it's. I don't horn, how dope you could be? Yes exactly right. So it's just me like okay, so the ceiling is pretty low, is what it is by like common like perception. As far as the standard goes thing have the opposite words. Like all we all know known, gonna get a five like yield. Just know that so were
We're just kind of doing the best we can kind of thing and in that way is better up for obvious reasons, but The end of the day is like when you say that you can literally be like your top it out, because, as you get better and better harder to get better and better sooner saw but you won't even get to those upper levels. If that ceiling was so low in Europe, been four is all day you're all year whatever. So still on this came supermarket your brothers further? Super I have heard of it, but I've learned I mean I don't think I've ever played one single second of that particular video game. Ok, I played a halo one time for Three minutes with some of the guys that wasn't my c opportune and just think was after thought. It was They were really good at it. They murdered me a bunch of different ways and then I said well. This is stupid. It's a video game and I don't care who wants to go grapple
That part is. I would say that that's true, but this is the point still is consistent, so super brothers. It's ok, supermarket, there's a bunch of Mario brothers. This is what is your business. This one is called Super Mario Brothers, Inter Regional Nintendo, entertainment system, say nineteen understood or from the old school so so my brother's head for worlds. Bizarre, eight worlds for levels twelve thirty, two levels, and You have an opportunity at various points in some levels to hit the warp like the warped zones so good on a pipe in its skips like all these levels right, so you can see you could essentially get through the game in maybe got an of six or eight levels. If you warped by If you chose not to work, you have to go through all thirty two level, so I used to able to go through all thirty two levels never dying one single time.
I got really really good at that year for those either just listening and not seeing this on the echo looks super proud and happy statement I mean I was a little bit, bears political anyway levels near dying or even arise out of his way that significant, those for us worry Berlusconi, because you in easily pass the game. Save the princess by just warping. And it still real hard by you you to eat on. You only go through a few levels compared difficult to all the levels voluntarily. So we want to see the princess by working is like cool, nay, gotta, go through all the levels, but if you can do that without dying, that's like that's super high level. That's for my rather goes. Basically silken with your points will go back to the two standards is to go back to the two standards. If you go for the stands like Austria, one gets a kind of a four point, no kind of thing. That's like past. In passing the game by warping. It's true like men
ass, the game in one man, them that's good, that's good by any standard really. You know. I can't complain about that, but you got open standard little bit more, go through all thirty two levels: men without dying, then you do. This, is, you can kind of thing and if that stuff, you can allows for all that, where you can reach the top of the list. The standard isn't even the princess standard is Something way greater is insane So it allows you to get better be evaluated on that on that elevation, while still not like happy now that a certain level seems in switch gonna do for as the evaluation process goes Cabra. I'm telling you tell me look the supermarket there. Is this thing they? sk covered. It was like a glitch in the game where you could like go to this one level inducing with a turtle shell and keep jumping on it and get like a thousand men just kind of a step backwards in a way but say no
day. Ok, how much time heavy spent playing video games. Well, I did what you gonna do with your life here. Welcome my guitar. You can play you know in Governments master chess you could have spoken. Another language is the euro. You're talking about did thirty two levels in one May. By way, did you are really low grade wound up with the system? You great is going to meet a love. Yes, as far as achievements goes yes very low, but as far as any valuation process, Did that lady highly respect you, the G jars did he go. So there you go with it that you finally got that respect. You want for design Oreo, both in fifth grade by the way, so in a little bit different without a humble brag like I, it don't know if it gives more of an agent. Actually there wasn't a break it algorithm to greed,
You gotta be learning language, sir, don't pull up extra was doing pollutant fifth grade dislodging victor, I thought check. Well. Ok, here's the bottom line, we are looking to step up. We are looking at two to become, better, truly better. So what you got force have you? How can you help us give it yeah we today on the passage and actually them beat. That brings good point. Goods were The path quote: unclothed rate you, whatever on the patent saying we're even sane, were in the past straight up training but like what is the path, though make sure there's some things? I don't you don't we can go through as you get to, of course is the heart of it, but you don't have any valuation kind of standards we safely. I think that'll be lacks. I'm really looking forward to it. To be honest with you, unless you just do that's on the path. Here's ok
this will help us prep that at the very least, prepare to be officially on the path and be evaluated yet again, the step one yet again, step, one be get a rash guard. So where do we get our geese and get from origin or demain dot pompous? he's in the world factually? Actually, the new risk is at our lives, our right and is live three. This is like when you put at risk e on and then go back to your old gaed May, I said, has already aims the non starter. You get me you're ok, you can betray your old, he you're gonna want. Why Anyone ever made a key like they used to make em but then again, then you then, if you choose, you can read, is it or you can visit that video that peat put out about life You know your age, and that is the basic. Ok, that's! Why didn't make it, because what they went through to make it
but not everyone's willing to do that. As usual, we are standing on the shoulders of giants. Could you always look at the way things have evolved and you have to take those a turd of steps? No one thinks of. The Iphone read write and somebody had to make a bunch of other people. Before that I and then even consider Iphone like right now like what is the newest one on an ax or something something ten out of the acts of the ten Romano. Mostly guess I didn't know that anyway, the one in. Six years from now, is gonna make this x ten one. He like all old school. You know like non evolved, neanderthal one that it was if you like that, That's it you're old key will feel like yes, a non evolved neanderthal GDP in the air on the rift oh so yeah you can get the you can get the geese. You can get the rash guards. You can get other clothing diagnosed,
supplements, which, right now I am taking talk of joint work, Germany, money which is not that big deal cause us face it. Walking around. You know that can it be fight is not that we were want people to feel like what happened? Don't worry everything is fine. Did, however, up the joint warfare and you can he knew the krill oil path, but the Given that the joint warfare, you can feel it in there can feel it like little Micro Nan robots in repairing stuff. Now After you know, I know happened with your bicep, but the last time I heard my other me. It was a disaster and this one is already so Get your joy. Moreover, I remember you well and of course I remember it is used as recent as today, where your look around.
Moreover, even I like yeah well, I do it's probably the joint warfare em, then you remember how you something to do with it, but so there's some there's definite. Definitely have been blessed with some sort of our ability to do you up a little quicker near Mount Etna. Right. We knock onward. That's what seems like to live. Well, also we have mark, which is additional protein that happens to be delicious and tastes like a dessert straight up. Sway goes with that. Also, where you can then deal just for the kills enabling the ideal, but they have strawberry, where you could mark, which is literally the best tasting thing in the world diaspora if it, because men is still my favorite and we do have strawberry, adult mark coming out. I t need that and it is ridiculous
t any testing evaluate now forget the package in the mail, and it was so good. So get that you know also discipline and discipline. Go so discipline if you we're going to train jujitsu or your and to do so thing. That's gonna require physical output. And at the same time mental alertness. So that's for me it was always about hey pre mission because it when you're on a mission you- to be physically ready and you have to be mentally ready. You need a both aspects. And so that's why we made discipline sir you're ready for those things and then also we have discipline go which is which is a capsule unreason I made this is because sometimes I'm going to speak or I'm going to work with a company. I'm gonna be in a board room all day, and I want to bring my a game.
And I don't wanna have to drink a whole beverage, because I don't don't, needed time. So I talked be. We took the the elements from discipline. Drink put him into the cap, so we, if you need to bring your again, you get your discipline go and that will get you across the board, and some will a little bit of Jacques awaiting the original. The original tee, the chuckle, was into their just kind of a white He it's you know at first, but not sort of a stable like synonymous jock whitey, dear Its is synonymous with good taste, is synonymous with a thousand pounds had left sums that figure Also the tea is available at Jackal Store Cause yes, Jacko has said,
which we already know, but that's a good place to visit, to stay in the game to represent, while you're in the game show if you won T shirts that's a lightweight hoodies, rolling, rocking enrolling Good evaluations are now no common. As you have, but one on. Yet because you gimme one a lot well, let's face it can ensure thou and it's also changing minds of people who originally works really find their way into a special forces like so do you know aid the didn't? It's true till they came out really good. Just even like this the desire to leave out on the other night- yes, sir, it is one of them. Stewart this to us is tat. You can get truckers hats.
Patches on their much other stuff? You bunch, Kosovo, if you are just or dot com, if you wanna represent, while you're on the path, while you're being evaluated. That might be one of the evaluation scenarios, while you're for uniform come on yeah. I guess if someone's is a complete slob here, then maybe they do need to step up somebody yeah, ok, maybe uniform will be judged, but I well, ok, well, don't be wearing stinky, though that's that's a uniform violation, big time. Yes, sir, oh you wanna, wash your geese. Now we all have to suffer the you're gonna get punished. One of don't do that hated the rift gate. The cool You can watch with your normal close because its end, it does not is not like. You put a regular g in- and it's like you through.
Did you have forty bound, wait, wash and receive a clear here, the idea of an and that's all Nine hours to drive, none the riff, the rift rise with your normal that quick, dried, tee shirts, just about Did you see the video Pete had when he's like going into the fibers like eating fibre, breaking it it's hard to break. He puts the to educate him and break it. Doggie is that yes, Goodman real good, also subscribed about gas given already, that is, for black of a better term, its import, it's something so that nothing like to sit versus. If you didn't subscribe, don't forget about also the warrior kid podcast, so this is one where your kids can actually be edge. Hated. This is quality time with your kids. You sit there unless, nor could progress is at a driving your car you're playing some
lame, music for them or you're having them listen to some dumb podcast. Now I must know where you could podcast they're gonna learn from it. You're gonna learn from it. Just Jim I doubt it'll it'll help you two will help. Your kids got a text this morning from a buddy who said he had a this going into the book, but he had a nephew who had been through. You know a rough time. And ten years old gun the warrior could book Boom Warrior kid Liza this. That book completely changed the trajectory of my nephews life and it doesn't get much better than that but the Warrior KIT podcast, has the same messages in a format so check that out, nor also, while you there, you can check out some that Irish Oaks ranch dot. Com where we have a warrior kid that is making soap started.
Business, making soap on his farm from goat milk. In that goat milk will help you stately snakily might the question for projects and well send it to his own it all. Taking that sordid might also answer you. Do we have to general if you're stood in the very video version of this pot cast you a jockey looks like while he gives it teach straight three. The there's also of echo's legit videos on their that he calls legit videos while he was gonna, be if you're really good about it and just like you feel good about getting through, did levels dined here somewhere you'll get psychological warfare feeling a little If you ever and it looks for an alarm, says: oh really be great. Have an alarm jackal make an alarm. Thus the alarm psychological warfare, it's on Itunes, Google play mp3 platforms,
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expand year. Your work out horizons good on it, dot, com, slash, Jocosely, that some good work out gear on their? Let a good following that stuff on their overall, it's like too optimize your whole situation, but yet really good stuff on there on its darker flashed up some books I just talked about way the warrior kid! That's one! That's Book one, the next book same series called Marks mission and then there's the third book in the series, which is called way the work, your kid, where there's a will so that is now live for pre order at this time. If want it or now that way Prince enough copies for everyone. That's called the big problem, that are used to make fun of my publisher, but guess who the publishers now me so hacking after know how many to print so you want. It all It now and can I come out, may twenty Eightth, so there. You also
Mikey in the dragons. This is a book to help keep to figure out how to overcome fear. Sure you kid it led read some buck where you could read some book to your little kid. That's about things that don't matter in the world or you could read him about it, helps him actually learn how to overcome their fears. That's making the dragons great story, awesome, art materials. The despondingly Freedom Field Manual, give the gift of discipline. If that's that's all there is to say it's the book. That's gonna show people that you, it's gonna, show will the path. If you want that on audio form than that's not on audible, is on Itunes, Amazon Use, Google play and other mp3 platforms. Then you got stream ownership, which I wrote with my brother Leaf Bab, and where we took the leadership lessons we learned on a battlefield can splain how those can be applied to your business and life in one of those lessons in that book
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Your problem, that's what we do. We solve problems through leadership, echelon, front, dot, com, we have the muster coming up Chicago twenty third, twenty. Fourth, we haven't What's this all about switch yet, but we're going to its almost sold out September night, heat and twentieth. That's that may twenty four thirty twenty fourth in Chicago September, nineteenth and when even Denver and in December fourth, and fifth and Sydney extreme worship, our com. If you want to register, do it quickly because all of them are going to sell out. The phone line. This is for those you can't make it to muster, or you can bring your whole company to muster because its expensive that's where we made the online. This is online Interactive leadership training it's me and its everyone on the echelon front, team training, Leadership through technology it's available direct them, you just one person you want to get in the game or you gotta company- you can get it through
enterprise. But if you want to check it out good E F online dot com- it of course Top of that we have e f over watch. Where were taken leaders Proven leaders from speck ops combat aviation, putting them placing them into companies in the civilian sector, don't always you're, someone based just as they have experience in a field actually higher them for their leadership, capable because it is a lot easier to teach someone an inn. History Then it is too someone leadership so get yourself a qualified prove leader, go to if over watch dot com? If that's what you need You want to hang out with us a little bit more big you're just not satisfied with five hunt. Hours of us on this podcast well, then we
or on the inner webs. We are on Twitter, we on Instagram and of course we are on dad. They book the boy, Echo is out ECHO Charles, and I am at Java willing and thanks to all the people, make this podcast possible, and by that I mean not some big corporate sponsor. By that I mean our police or military our law enforcement or fire fighters. Paramedics E M, tease, dispatchers correctional officers, border patrol and yes secret service, all you first responders uniform your service in your sacrifice. Allow us to live to live a life of Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which is what we are doing here and everyone else out. There check yourself.
Evaluate yourself honestly. Are you doing what you can do to be better for you working as hard as you can in it, this doesn't mean work as in your vacation or your job argue working to be a better father or mother or daughter or sun, argue maximizing opportunities in again not just professional opportunities but opportunities to help someone the teach someone? caught. Some want to make some one else better. Are you maximizing the opportunity to spend time with your family to strengthen the relationships you have. Are you maximizing the opportunities to make the members of your family better
Are you every day doing everything you can to live the most eminent we worthy? life, you can live. Ask yourself those questions. And when you realise that you fall short, that we all fall short when you realise that, then, yourself on the path to correct those shortfalls by going out there in getting after it and until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko out.
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