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178: The Power and Cost of Extreme Obedience. The Code of The Kamikaze Pilot.

2019-05-22 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening: Letters from Kamikaze pilots / The Code.

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This is Jack, o part gas number one. Seventy eight echo Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo this evening Honourable mother and father the difficulty of the journey- made to see me was clearly evident in. De hair and in the hollows under your eyes. It made me want to bend my knees and worship before you, in the wrinkles on your browser was vivid testimony of the panes you took to raise me word, could not express my feelings and what little did say was superficial in the extreme. Yet, although acutely conscious of how little time we had. I saw your eyes and in your gaze all you
To say, but couldn't when you took my hand I experienced a sense of profound peacefulness online Anything I have experienced since joining up like being a baby again and longing for warmth of mothers love. It is because I bask in the beauty of your deep devotion that, I can martyr myself for you before in death. Was sleep in the world of your love. Honourable mother,. Even if I was never able to fully accept the love you gave me, I received So much wisdom from you and ff either you are silent, words are carved deep. The into my heart. With this, I
be able to fight together with both of you. Even if I should die it will be with a peaceful spirit. I mean this with all my heart. The war zone is where the His beautiful emotions are put to the test. If F means a return to this world of love There's no need for me to fear. There is nothing left to do, but press on then fulfil my duty, and that is the final letter written by a man named captain a dodgy too
Yeah was written obviously to his parents, and he was assigned to kamikaze special attack group number one and he did carry out his mission. A suicide attack on of the: U S: Navy vessels in the vicinity of open our on the twenty eighth of April nineteen, forty five was twenty three years old, which is actually pretty old. For a here's another last letter home this one's from some key Yoshi Gower father and mother. It has been decided that I also will make US sortie as a proud special attack core member. Looking back I think of your raising me in your honor, for more than twenty years. I am filled with a sense of gratitude
truly believe that no one else has lived a happier life than me and I am resolved to repay the emperor and my father for your kindness. Beyond those boundless white clouds. I will make my attack with a calm feeling not even further of life and death will come to my mind, A person dies once it will be. Honourable day to live for the EU, colonel cause. Father and mother. Please be glad for me. Above all,. Mother, please take care of your health, and I wish for everyone's prosperity, father and mother,
I always and forever will be living near you and will be praying. I will go smiling both on the day of my saudi and forever. Then Ensign, o Gower was the pilot pilot of the second plain Hit the: U S, S, Bunker Hill, and that from your cauzee attack, killed three hundred ninety three and wounded two hundred and sixty four and a key aircraft carrier out of commission for the duration of the war, most of the common causes were young. They were time, seventeen, but usually eighteen, nineteen, maybe twenty years old. There wrote final letters home the letter,
generally spoke of their commitment to the emperor, their commitment to the Japan, their commitment, parents and it's actually there's there's there's a lot of these letters, push thousands in its actually. When you sit there read them actually kind of sickening to read these letters. These young boys. There are there brainwashed, and I know some people find some. Some level of honour in the Mccarthy, pilots, you know they sacrificed for their country, they they put service above them self for their emperor our time with that these are kids right. These are ponds then in? Actually they weren't even that effective there
I hit ratio of about fourteen percent. They There was two thousand eight hundred kamikaze pilots that were killed and they killed about four thousand nine hundred sailors. U S Navy sailors and God bless all those brave sailors, every one of those. Losses and death the tragedy, and the U S, Navy in World WAR, two in the Navy in general in World war, too, was a nightmare. The kamikaze saint thirty four ships, which is which is horrible, but it actually wasn't a game changer. But these suicide bombers.
We gotta think about where they ended up in that situation, and I dont like suicide bombers at all, and I I guess, have a biased against suicide bombers. Fine It was a lot of suicide bombers in remedy Some people like us at some people, try glorify bus I'd bomber, whether its kamikaze or whether to modern day suicide bomber nature, glorify. If but there's no, that the modern suicide bombers are either. Words that are afraid to face. Their enemies in battle. And what's really sad, is dead. That's That's rare more than likely the modern suicide bomber that you're dealing with is an actual victim himself, who is you Know- usually a young kid Ben, belated and lied to an end. Or- or I should say
also co worst through. Threats, and that's that happened The time is okay, if you don't carry out the suicide mission, we're gonna, kill your family. And so you might as well you might as well do it so that's what you're dealing with but some of em. You know. Sometimes people just get straight up brainwashed and it's the same thing with the japanese comma causes, I would say a lot less on the coercion side. You know like, but it wasn't like holding your family, but they did a great job of. Ralph, brainwashing, this, these kids and yeah, I'm no expert. I should said that straight out the gate, I'm just given you my opinion, my my fault
about it. There's some japanese documents that I think paint a pretty clear picture. Further the foundation of what the japanese military was taught and it's why they work why they found the deaf and there's a lot of propaganda that you can look at two, the propaganda that you know Wanes Americans as these evil people where a common rape, their women and newest, better to die. So there's there, but there's theirs a more foundational thing. I think that that was printed in World WAR two and it was called the imperial. We script to soldiers and sailors, sailors and a risk represent an official guidance that this is the word from the boss.
And it included in it, something called the send you can which, which meant. Instructions for the battlefield and which heard about this document is it's got a lotta, really a lot of stuff on it that when you hear it sounds for life, better word, it sounds good. The kind of thing that you think. Oh wow, that's that's! That's, honourable! That's good, the very idealistic, And I think if this document this imperial rescript, two soldiers and sailors. If it actually would have been followed. The old the problems, a lot of the atrocities that were committed wouldn't happen because the doktor As you can hear, his a is a it's a fairer, We positive document,
and I think sometimes people take they hold up that attitude that kind of booze, shouto attitude and hold it on a pedestal and, like I said I, it because when you, when you look at it, on its own, you think This is. This is a good thing. This is a positive thing, but what you can't forget is at its this attitude of this attitude in this culture of extreme obedience right extreme obedience, I talk all the time. But you gotTa Cuesta, questioner leaders, right and I talk all the time how, if, if you older, do something that's on ethical or illegal or immoral. It is your location and your duty to disobey. So they they didn't. Have that attitude there
attitude was one hundred percent obedience. They also had the sea, wrong attitude of ethnic superiority, so they the Jap, People thought that their race and their ethnicity superior to everyone else's and that attitude add to things like these common kamikaze about pilots and it led to atrocities like the rape, king and like unit seven thirty one August, Horror, horror show atrocities with the darkest evil imaginable in podcast sixty ripening king podcast. On thirty, through one thirty three unit seven thirty, one.
If you listen to those you, don't you can't listen of those and feel normal when you're done listening to you can't. Their disturbing to listen to when you see how either human beings can be to other human beings so, like. I said when you hear this. Imperial rescript it. It sounds positive, allow what of it sounds good, but for Why wasn't followed because some of the positive parts. The code did d it they clear, we did not listen to and then Other parts, the code that our positive. Like anything, that's positive, if you let it go too far, then it becomes a negative, and that seems to me what happened
at least in some sense, an imperial Japan. So I think this down. Can, it can reveals how they framed their mindset and theirs, They set their lessons in here to learn and think about things you can take it. That you say that's a good policy but You can also see that one is taken to the extreme. It becomes the framework for Imperial Japan to become the sadistic evil that they originally believed. They were fighting. Against. So, let's get into it the imperial rescript two soldiers and sailors sailors. Here we go production. The battle is where the imperial army acting under the imperial command displaced. It's true character, conquering whenever it
tax winning whenever it engages in combat in order to spread Kyoto and so Kyoto is the imperial way. That's what it means, it literally means like us: What's interesting, is it literally means like a fragrance like a smell. So it's like the sent this this spirit, the harpy such codes. They want to spread the quota foreign wise so that the enemy may look up in awe to the August first virtue. Of his majesty. Those who marched to the battlefield, therefore, should endeavour to exalt throughout the world. The glories of the empire. By fully realising what the country stands for and firmly upholding the moral tenants of the imperial Army The imperial rescript too armed forces is explicit, well, regulations and manuals, clearly defined conduct and combat and methods of training conditions. The combat zone, however,
The cons cause soldiers to be swayed by immediate events and become forgetful of their duty. Indeed they should be wary. They should be wary their lest they run cow or to their duties as soldiers. The purpose of this code, eyes and providing concrete rules of conduct in the light of day experience so that those in the zone of combat may holy abide by the imperial rescript to enhance the moral virtues of the imperial Army tray. Combat, gonna, be tough and you they forget you're more sat there talking up moral virtues, And sir we're saying: hey combat going to be hard, it's to be chaotic- and will you
you're, not tough situation. You may forget your morals until this guy right here is going to help. You keep you on track. That's what it's going to do. That's the idea here, chapter one, the empire, Japan is the Kokoku, which means the empire the tunnel, which is the emperor of Japan rules over it everlastingly in a line unbroken through the ages, as the successor in the high and broad cause established by the imperial ancestor at the time of the founding of the empire Imperial never once is extended to all without favour, while imperial virtues enlighten the world the people sue, handing down from traditions of loyalty filial, eighty and and valor from generation to generation and handsome, thereby their moral cool year to the
empire, have assisted the throne, a perfect national unity under the throne, which has brought about the present national prosperity they they go that this. This goes back like a racial think right pay this. This is on. Broken on broken line of royalty for thousands of years and and Why were here and they ve been so benevolent. That's why we're living a good life right now? soldiers on the field should seek to achieve with unshakeable determination, their mission of depend of defending the empire by laying to heart the essential character of the national policy. The army under command of the emperor assist in furthering the puerile fortunes by enhancing the glories of the empire through the embodiment of the lofty spirit of valor.
This spirit is the basic factor in realising universal peace were orphaned for peace over here. That's what we're doing for this spirit of justice combined with valor and of valor tempered by Van Benevolence, in formerly with imperial wishes. So this is all good. Right? That's where we're at this is good. This is a benevolent leader. You ve got the that this speech of the army is actually just the reflection arm of this benevolence. That's gonna go out bring the spirit of peace the world valor, whether we get into a little bit that requires strictness while benevolence must be universal, should there be the enemy who dares oppose the imperial army. The army must resolutely resort to force of arms and deal him a crushing blow We took a little one. Eighty inherited way: hey we're all about getting our peace on, but if you
oppose. If you dare to oppose the Imperial Army Unita She blew that's. How were rowing, however, no force may compel the enemies to submit should a lot a virtue, should a lapse in virtue occur by the striking of those who do not resist or by failure to show kindness to those who surrender. It cannot be said. Such an army is perfect. So there we got. We got we're gonna, take care of the people that If you surrender your good, if you dont resist, you won't be harmed Rights were like a benevolent army. If you say not just going to crush you, but if not, it's cool to take area. Here's modest in its strength on us contagious in its kindness, the imperial Army, becomes an object of admiration when it quietly displays its valor and banana
what's so here we are, you know it saying here. Gotta be humble. I say that all don't gotta be humble. That's their said. You'd be modest,. You got out you gotta quietly display your strength right, just be modest. We agree with that the mission of the Imperial Army lies in making the imperial virtues the objects of universal admiration through the exercise of justice tempered with mercy. Obviously, the folks then king did not get this message. Discipline and actually the truly didn't because of distant. This was released when the ripening took place. This had come out yet so did they truly did not get the memo of this? At that time, discipline.
The essence of discipline in the imperial Army lies in the lofty spirit of complete obedience to his majesty. There you go the essence of discipline in the imperial Army lies in the lofty spirit of complete obedience to his majesty high and low must have deeply engraved in their minds the solemnly of the right of command. Those above crucial to exercise the right in all seriousness, while the below should obey the commands in utmost sincerity, essential the victory and was it for maintaining peace is the condition wherein the entire army, united in the bonds of absolute loyalty move as one in response to a command. So where this is where we get into it, you know even there, even thee in the U S military, you gotta will be the lawful orders of the people appointed above you.
The lawful orders, that's the that you swear that you will obey the lawful orders doesn't say: obey on the battlefield is the Most observance of the spirit of obedience necessary the spirit of the soldiers best Ex exemplified by those who silently do their duty, joyfully braving death in obedience to a command given at a time when they are under growing undergoing great hardships. With no more important time, though, he d, obey than on the battlefield, Next section unity, the army looks up in to his majesty as its August head, it will be united in compliance with the imperial will, as one in spirit and in body and in single hearted loyalty.
In keeping with the basic principles of command and army units should form a solid, yet genial, group with its commander, as its centre It is essential that each man, high and low dutifully Observing his place should be deterred always to sacrifice himself for the whole in accordance with intentions of the commander by repose in every confidence in his comrades and without you, when even the slightest thought to personal interest and to life or death, so hey, I'm a firm believer. In fact, think that's what makes a good team player is someone that puts the team above themselves. No doubt about that. What makes good leader someone it puts the
seems mission and the people on the team above themself. That's. I agree with that. I guess we're going a little next level here, maybe a little bit you you gotTA beaten, see, there's it is a different thing: is this word determined always to sacrifice for yourself for the whole, let's go next level right. It's not like. I am put the team first, it's like my goal This disaster sacrifice myself for the team. That's what I'm had. That's what I'm trying to make abbot that's a little different, though next level. Cooperation next section cooperation soldiers not only should be united in mind in carrying out their tasks, but should also display the spirit of cooperation by getting themselves for the sake of victory. Unit should carry out its mission with responsibility. Upholding its honour place confidence in others, and to one another.
Volunteering defaced hardships exerting all its Thanks in cooperation and fight valiantly to achieve its objective teamwork. That's what we're saying we're talking about teamwork we are going a little next level here, we're talking about forgetting yourselves for the sake of victory. That's it that's a little next level. Volunteering deface hardships, while everyone does that in the military exerting strength, cooperation- yes, everyone does that in the military, fighting valiantly to achieve its objective. Yes, everyone does that in the military, but. Forgetting yourself for the sake of victory, the eye and that's again, This is like hey on putting the team and the mission above me. I get that We're not gonna forget ourselves, the right we're not just one
Saint. Ok, I don't exist when our giving up our personal spirit for the collective spirit, not doing that always refers we're not doing that in America. That's not what we're doing We joined together the collective spirit or not given up arse. Section. Aggressiveness cannot you with aggressiveness aggressiveness should constantly prevail in combat, which must be carried out with every and determination when attacking be deterred. And positive, always taking the initiative fighting vigorously and stubbornly vowing not to cease until the enemy is crushed. I got no issues with that. In defence always retain the spirit of attack and always maintain freedom of action. Never do opposition, but
other die in pursuit, be thorough and inexhaustible. So yup never give up position it's better to die in think we talked about, but definite talked about that on the podcast when is it intelligent to make attacked, go retreat? There are times without question been times throughout history were tackle, retreats give not positions has caused victory. The imperial japanese armies not talking about that they're talking about it's better to die do not act boldly in and upon victory be fearless and calm meeting, situation courageously undergoing hardships, with indomitable perseverance so as to
Overcome all obstacles they good with that right. That's what you gotta do. Indomitable perseverance overcome all asked. Good. The next section conviction to win Faith is strength. He who has faith in combat is always the victor. The convey to win, grows from constant and rigorous training, develop the strain to conquer the enemy by every possible, effort and by improve Every moment, no issues with that better yak train hard, rigorous com. Rigorous training is good defiling. It gets you ready for tough situations. You have faith in what you're doing for sure
the destiny of the empire rests upon victory or defeat in battle to heavy weight to bear. Do Give up under any circumstances keeping your mind. Your responsibility to keep untarnished the glorious history of the Imperial Army, with its tradition of, of instability, here I want a stretch were taken hostage. Now go promise you that no man and no army is invincible through general stretch, their go a little too deep, next, section, chapter two and Part one is called piety the gods look upon us from above.
Be worthy of divine protection. By being pure and heart, just in action plan. Found and sincere in your piety com Still, mindful of the loyalty you owe, the emperor and of duty to your parents we're Talkin, that's the first. Most important thing is your devotion to the emperor? That's that's! That's the most important thing that we talk about in the gods. Look upon you! From from above, the gods are related to the emperor. The The next section is filial piety. So now we're talking about reverence of our parents, loyalty and filial, piety as one form the law from form the essence of our national morality, poison direct is always a dutiful son.
Endeavoured a manifest. The best traditions of our forefathers by bearing in mind the wishes of your parents, thereby fulfilling the sacred duty of a loyal subject on the battlefield. Hey respect your parents. I can get behind that. Nothing wrong with that. Trying to be a good kid picture sure no objections salutes manners. The salute is the expression of a sincere feeling of obedience. It is also a symbol of unity between those above and those below salutes must be strictly executed on the field if a soldier's filled with a sense of decorum and strict in Some good manners it shows that he is a strong warrior to meet it weird, is weird cause salutes
in a salute a definitely a time. Honoured military tradition throughout the world- and a: U S. Military dont salute a lot in the field for sure insulting. She did not say: I mean very rarely- is not a lot of saluting Goin on basically because you're not walking around with uniform all I'm so as not to saluting going on, but yeah. So there's a lot different ways to show respect and saluting a sort of the most visible. I guess way this is kind of interesting to me that there so into it. Let me put it this way this. This is You don't you see like a military movie, which I'm sure you ve seen some yes, when, Do you like the new guy officer, and he says You better give me a salute sergeant right near and everyone knows that that guy's, not a good leader immediately right and cause you don't get all freaked out somewhat, doesn't salute you the way they should
so now we have the whole military is acting like that. The whole japanese militaries. I got you better salute. That means little bit and I get it right. It's the military tradition. It is it's not a a be, and is I'm sure it's a respectful, think like hey, you know where your ears senior officer, whatever ble you git, you crack the salute. You all good. Isn't it like that symbol of it extreme discipline like no you're place. Like note your role know your place it does. I guess signify that, but really it's just about respect. As far as I'm concerned, you know you see someone, that's in your to you. Don't you crack salute all good right bullets. They, like the kind of the functional use of that respect, is like you, don't want to come, I'm going to
appear before you had a and its basically recognising hey, I'm beneath you, your above me, you know this is how we're functioning together. Right now years, my the owner of firm Woody colleague, Indonesia, is an area of that there is. There is a that's there, and it's a way to me. It's all about tradition of respect more than anything else here you know that's what it is about tradition and respect use. You know You see someone the senior officer, if officer, if you're in, unless the guys we all offers both get him up less wages. But it's. To me: it's not like this crazy thing, like I never yelled at anyone for not saluting me right, and I can find a lot of seals that would that have done that now? Could you say that oh this there's you, you could see some kid, that's being lost
intimately. Italy trying to be disrespectful right near an maybe that person could get tightened up but you're like a few good men. Member ok, whatever happens saluting enough through when he leaves the room and then to get put his hands in his pockets. Oh daisy, who do Put your the pocket. His name was Tony Doth. Doth Dawson does a year and who is he doing that to Tom Cruise O day Tom cruise wasn't getting the respect you got here there you good good example year, but you and say no: it's like, but what is that respect kind of o Connor reflecting no over a functionally it. It does seem like that. It's like! Ok, no, knowing your place, I'm here to add a wreck.
Nice that you're not just in the small, detailed way that that apparently would be unnecessary in certain scenarios, and I guess I guess, where you're actually armistice good order and discipline good evening to educate our weight. As you know, we just which have restrictions. As you know, this what's happened. Yes same thing with, like polish shoes or or you know, you uniform be awkward in good order and discipline, the all exactly right. So, like there's, no quest since this no wiggle room whatever like we're here to do the job like eight is, and I'm just saying you if you're freaking out about salutes DIN, didn't you probably need to look at other stuff that's going on around you, you might be friggin about out about the wrong thing. Is all I'm saying You're good, like if you good officer Starling You are trying to avoid saluting you mean They're down there, like you know, there's a salute was do it or I get back to them The way of comrades in arms, comrades in arms, united in life and death for the imperial cause should display full mutual trust,
should always endeavour to improve each other assist each other in distress and restrain each other against excesses in order that they may joint fully fulfil their duties as soldiers Sol, solid, hey trust each other. When it worked ways to improve each other, we're gonna, be each other if we had a problem. These are all fine all good to go, initiative next next, section initiative in exemplary conduct is interesting When I just I run into initiative, because initiative is good we want people to have initiative, but this initiative in exemplary conduct Leaders should be zealous in giving a worthy example in everything. If there is dead, order above those below will be unruly? Action is prized on.
Field, leaders should provide an example by acting more courageously than others. I mean Can't can't really argue with those you gotta have discipline. Gotta have order You gotta, set the example. Cat can argue with those responsibility duty is sacred. Ones. Responsibility is extremely heavy. Each and every Its task must be performed with the utmost care until all of veal available means are exhausted. Those who have a strong sense of responsibility are bravest of the brave on the field they duties acre. You got your responsible, you gotta be responsible. You gotta, take care with doing your thing.
Can't really argue with that one. Next, in view of life and death, lofty spirit of self sacrificing service to the state must prevail in life and death. Do your duty with heart and soul, regardless of life or death after exert All your powers, spiritually and physically com, face death rejoicing in the hope of living in the eternal cause for which you serve, you see little kamikaze activity creeping in right. There. Honor next section strong, are those who have a keen sense of honor media. Speculations of your family in homes. Unity by making effort upon effort. Always mindful of the honor of your name.
If alive, do not suffer the disgrace of becoming a prisoner in death. Do not leave behind a name soiled by misdeeds. No surrender I was reading some forgetting the facts off the top my head, but the number of the number of Japanese. Military that were taken prisoner was like this Jaime number. It was like an authority forty, fifty thousand something like that, It's a tiny number when you compare it to the amount of Germans and a way They didn't if those millions of Germany that were you, know, taken prison. One put another agenda. Well beyond the number, but it's the Parity is huge, and this is why they were not gonna be taken prisoner. Axed simplicity and fortitude, hey love, combat, keep things simple,
fortitude? Yes, you gotta have fortitude. Here we go. Let simplicity, guide your daily life on the battlefield, promote habits fortitude and high morale. Can argue that life field must be plain concern: privation. Your daily lot and endeavour to be thrifty luxury, saps valor? Oh I like that there, you go luxury saps, Valor Theo VON. Are you listening luxury can have those luxury days too often this is this idea of simplicity. Of course important, and even you know, I talk about simplicity from a former from communications viewpoint. In from a plant you, but in life simplicity, is a very positive thing: You gotta the modern day minimalist movement be familiar, that is Were you dont want open anything,
or as little as you can, though, the coup one of the cruellest things about going on deployment in the expert one of the cool things about it? Is you be everyone's. A minimalist, is you? go on deployment. You have like whatever five bags in the bags? You have three no three pairs of pants two pairs boots for tee shirts got your weapon. Got your body armor. Yet, like you it's so awesome, then it feels really good when you were able to. Get away from all. That's just that you piling up back in your big house with the bay closets new guidelines stuff in there and all that stuff ways down on you soon you get to do. You know Tony bt have Tony were used to joke about your new out. Like you,
problems going on in the home and then we'll just like bothering you- and you said you just get on a c one hundred and thirty, but everything's fine I agree with that. You would that feeling of everything's fine, you just Kate nothing we're all you have to worry about, is the bad guys. It's very easy, very focused you're, all those other stuff corn on, and you don't have all this other literal stuff, What you need you break, if you don't bring it if you don't need it, you'll bring it still want as other stuff right, sir, you you keep it simple is what you keep it and that's what they're saying here and you know of course I doubt I doubt that emperor was living. You know a simple life of privation in the palace. Right, but if we can convince all the people, we can convince everyone that they should just be living like in the door.
Call more for me. So there's a little bit of that goin on Turkey to people with deposit mindset, even though they don't have anything telling them that you don't want anything? It's gonna sap, your valor, you wanna, live it led right. Luxury saps, valor, true statement, though true statement, Right what happens a rock n roll bans? Their pallor gets? No, they come out with a good album right, good hard album. Nevertheless, yes, that's that That's it kick ass, album and then the next thing you know their living life a luxury in their music, its soft and weak. I mean its saps, their valor saps their grit. Next up integrity. Integrity is the foundation of the Spirit of the warrior.
How can a man who cannot conquer his worldly desires, devote his life to the country be off steer in your daily behaviour. Dealer deal with matters justly you will not be ashamed of your conduct in the sight of God or man, hey cool right act. You don't keep control over your desires, got it, but the sound good idea, you know, in such a way that you're dead people in others back to the hay. Imagine you're being someone's video you at all times and then how Do you really want to act? The way, If everyone was watching you all time, how would you act? You want to make right decision, so you can stand up before. Other man or God and be like the up on. My actions were fine. So that's what that's what this is safe.
Can we argue against that? Not really what was interesting. As you read some of those kamikaze letters, a lot of specifically say there no! I have no. I have no woman in my life. They specifically say that like read a bunch of those letters on how many, but a lot and there's a dead, sent percentage? Maybe ten percent which is a lot when you think about it, but a lot of let letters and who knows, on the actual person But if you read some of those letters, you'll see you'll see these young eighteen. Ninety in twenty years old brag. To their parents. I have no female in my life a policy that, upon the most positive possible way that I have no doubt say no. I have no need for money or women, they say these things so there. Actually tell your parents like I all I have. Is you they're more look
to honour their parents. Then they are looking to have a girlfriend which, to me is, is really jacked up if they were near, eighteen years old, girlfriend. Sir. I am I wrong. I teach their own. I guess come on you're a genius old, an eighteen year old needs a girlfriend. Now not if he's like committed to the cause. You know I always felt that like so. She had eighty if you're committed to like the one I want again to each their first, but it is not uncommon for an eighteen year old dedicated to a what the cause called whatever in whatever situations to gag jammed because they got some are alone. That's true, I'm not seeing the girlfriends won't jam you up. They will
So I ask you in your seventeen sixty eighteen, forty infernal. Let's face it: twenty liberty for it, even though at about thirty This related grip, three get a grip ma, probably because, because yourselves yourself be honest with you by which presented as he gets back to its evil. But yes, so you know like an eel eighteen one, would you do at eighteen, military or imagine? I know it. Football is like tat. The girl friend in us Did he mean ok, but no girls whatsoever? Are you talking, like oh yeah, abstinence from girls, I'm nothing actual out into the next low ECHO Geraldo A, but I am saying, if you're trying to demonstrate or illustrates your loyalty to Paris the cause whatever. Yes, you say like Brown, don't even girls, don't even like you know, waiver. My dedication, the cost of food? Ok, I get that I get that that's what this is saying, yes and the same,
think I necessarily agree with it: nineteen eighteen twenty year old, Male human having no female interaction, to me that this sounds like not the asked idea. Well, let's put it this way. I agree with you, but I agree with this because I feel like that's just what they're saying no reserve. We know I'd, thereby climbing. I agree with you yeah. I agree with you. It's and I think what What hit me weird was the the kamikaze violets birds so happy that they don't go for nothing, and are you really that they don't have a girlfriend, and if you are that happy that you have a girlfriend, they kept you in the lock down right. They kept you in a serious lockdown because you remember, I mean when you're a boy when ten years old.
Eleven years old, twelve years old, like you already looking at girls like, oh, I want to hang out with that that thing right we know that girl. I want to go like talk to that right to that Europe's I like it. I know it instinct that fully there as it as do right. But at them most cases. At that point I would Argue that in most cases, you're, not consciously thinking of a meaning for productive relief. Ship mess, Certainly, you just have a sort of a feeling in a sort of like attraction or draw towards this thing, and that attraction and draw towards this beer Get in the way or at the very least come you right. I guess you don't say I hear you. Yes, you gotta be indefinitely if you're seventeen years old, you gotta be careful that the girls don't pull you off track.
And by the way, I'm saying this in one direction same thing opposite direction. I guess issues at that, but putting Minos girls work it hold off track, bye, bye, boy. Oh, yes, so I guess we're we're talkin, given the relationship going. Ok, I agree with you. If you are fully committed to the cause? One thing that could fall away from your commitment would be look, I'm not even care about Ross. That's Roma! Ok, I guess I'll give it to actually because you were like that, even when you said when you were overseas, you didn't like you did it like. You didn't want to think about your family, whereas one at all right. So what would even made it better technically in this perceiving way do not even have a family not even have a grown man not even have a wife at commitment exactly right. So if yeah, so that's what they're going to Yeah! No, that's that's the ultimate commitment. You are correct:
don't agree with it, though. Ironically, I don't agree, If you just will you so you see their point and I see their and and that's why I can't live that way. When I was overseas hand, I want to look at pictures of my wife and kids. Why I'm here? I want to focus on the mission at hand, but that's a lot different in common home and in saying, oh, I don't wanna no one has any female in my life a lot different. Or if your female say look, I know it must be focused on. I guess I guess that happens. You know on the other way too, you know a female that's committed to her career, so she doesn't want to have kids doesn't want to get married because she's this time the career which is actually call, but it is an extreme waited and waited get down all well. I dont believe there is any conduct you'd be ashamed of. If you have a girlfriend, is what I'm saying all right chapter three!
council concerning field service alone, Negligence may result in an unexpected catastrophe. Because the on your guard do not despiser enemy or the natives, not negligent after a small success. Ok, let's just go through some ok, so a moment's negligent may negligee may result in an unexpected catastrophe. That's a great point: pay attention, because the on your guard great point, pay attention you not despise your enemy or the natives. Great point, right we're gonna go fight with honour and we're not gonna use the natives do not be negligent after a small success. Great point: That's when you're gonna get arrogant, your ego gets out of control. You get caught no that carelessness brings disaster. Great point
So there you up! That's just opening up here's how we role, I wondered, doc and was written like as a reaction to men, king own of that Lowood We let that happen. We gotta tighten up. I want if they actually did that the you military. Does that kind of thing? Something will go Prisoner abuse happened in in Abu Ghraib. They made all kinds of rules and regulations about what you do with prisoners. After that, I wonder the same kind of thing: they try to tighten them up century duty is important upon the century rest, the safety of an army. He all represents the discipline of an army. Those century, duty must devote their entire person to the task, which must be sternly, carried out accord that century. High respect, gonna be on guard. Extra ideological warfare is an important phase in modern conflict, destroy propaganda in fabrications of the enemy
by your unshakeable faith in the cause for which the empire, stance and endeavour to spread Kyoto, which again that's the Spirit of the empire, so there tell you watch out for the enemy propaganda and how you we're comedies by having unshakeable faith. Next up rumours arise from a lack of confidence. Be misled, do not be agitated by them firmly believe in the strength of the imperial Army and deeply trust. Your superiors depletion Your superiors, there's no be wise on the under that note likely american Manual said, said, trust her spirits, but be wise. Also Rumours arise from a lack of confidence. I disagree with that. I think Mozilla arise from lack of knowledge and lack of hearing the truth.
Is the way you overcome rumours itself, even richer. That's stop rumours. Stop me the truth. Ha, not numbers be mindful to protect enemy property in resources, requisition seizures and destruction of goods and similar actions must be executed in keeping with the regulations and always under the orders, we're commanding officer. This is incredible, they're literally saying hey! You know when you, when you defeat, someone got any property, you need to treat it well, you can't seize it. You can't destroy it. There you go. This is like guidance, seven be gentle and protect innocent inhabitants in the spirit of benevolence, in accordance with the true ideal of the Euro Army, like I said, maybe this is a reaction to what happened in Nanjing, There was no being gentleman no protecting the innocent there. Who is the complete opposite.
Number eight, those on the field must not indulge in wine and women or allow desire to be cloud their king. Instances, thereby damage the prestige of the employer army and causing the dissipation of a body dedicated to service, so that one is written form echo Charles. No y know women. Does it just gonna he's gonna jam you up, they will concur. They should exercise self control lest they were smooch. The pure character of warriors nine control, your anger good to go and suppressed. Grudges. The Jim, said. Consider anger. Your enemy, a moment of violence often leaves cause for long regret. Be its great advice, control your anger, control your emotions
The severity of military laws designed especially to uphold the good name of soldiers and to preserve the dignity of the imperial Army, always remember the oath that you made and the deep emotion that you felt when you left home. Call to mind how your parents, your wife and your children, think of you and avoid exposing yourself to crime. Good guidance. To achievement achievements of soldiers in service, foster the tradition of risk Acting Marshall attainments cultivate and train the warriors of virtues and arts Remit, that do not Allow yourself to become board, Is the saying of an ancient general. Some, a look we're tone, people to train. Train warrior arts train the virtue of the warriors. This is all stuff.
And remember that to do you don't allow yourself to become board ones. Last time you were born. Embryo yeah. Really one get bored over here on my side either. Next do not allow yourself to worry about the fate of those at home in the event of your death, but devote yourself wholly to service the always ready to meet death without regret by settling your affairs beforehand. A soldier's always prepared to expose his corpse on the battlefield but his family know that at times even his ashes may not reach them. So there's, no, and there's some kamikaze attitude sneaking in there that you, you may have to lay it all down. Next them there, nothing more to be regretted than to follow. Due to a disease on the field, be particularly mindful of health, so that you may not be on
Well, to serve because of excesses, keep track your health, don't get sick. Laid to heart the saying of an ancient warrior My sword is my soul. My horses, my fortune, always take care of your arm. And supplies, and give humane attention to animals on the field. Solid. Take care your gear and your girl take care. You have you heard that before yes, for me, ok, that's a good one. Yes, he gets a truer. It's true virtue in battle zone is the source of strength in combat, always consider the interests of other units and do not monopolize billets materials. Remember the saying a bird taking flight does not muddy the water, let the reputation of thee.
Valorous imperial army long remain the cause of fond recollections in an alien land. So there you go they're telling everyone to you. Don't have any virtuous in the in the combat zone. Bird in flight does not mighty the water. I think it just means, as you elevate, the you're. Not you know you don't need to get mad because not muddy water. It's good, you're moving forward could be wrong. Obscure a bird taken flight does not money the water, let the good reputation of the valorous Imperial Army long remain the cause of fond recollections in the land yeah. I think that's what it means like hey. This is where elevated were hey. We're in this land were here, we invaded not to muddy the waters where we're in flight.
Next. You not boast of one ones achievements, but give other credit, but to give This credit is one of the most respected traditions among warriors. Straight out of extreme ownership straight out the dichotomy leadership. No, you! Don't you don't boast of achievements. You your credit to your team. Do not begrudge others their promotion or cherish resentment, because your services are not recognized, but instead reflect upon your own shortcomings, emphasis This is solid. A solid advice right. Oh, you promoted. I didn't I'm not mad at you know Vince, and I should look at myself and say: okay, what did that go? Do that I didn't do. What can I do better? One of my shortcomings next be honest, always can bitter exaggerations and lies dishonourable cool, where, where a hundred percent on board with that
always bear yourself as a member of a great nation, treading the path of righteousness and seeking justice, so that you may enhance the prestige of the empire, totally positive. They the seal teams for a little while they were China. It was It was something along the lines of I will not dishonour, My unit, my Navy or my nation the same exact. They ve got rid right there you wanna. You want to make that the empire look good you're gonna damage the the reputation next Also, do not show a lack of consideration for International courtesies, vague about that hey where'd, you go to another country, hey, don't don't you
Taken consideration there, their customs and courtesy is a good thing to do and the last one for this section. Should you receive the order to return home alive after braving ten thousand deaths? Think of those brave souls who will not return beat it Herman to become an example to the people by being careful in word and deed, renewing your vows to serve the country, nothing wrong with that, and then this is how this thing ends the conclusions. The conclusion is, above all, the above a from an end in the imperial rescript. Let them serve as a guide in putting into practice this battlefield morality so that all may be perfect in obeying the imperial
commands soldiers and officers on the field lay heart later heart, the import of the above by fully realising the significance, of real service to the state in order You may carry out your duty as soldiers, thus responding to the boundless imperial benevolence. So like I said, there's report Its of that document that you can't really arguing that is, a powerful documents, a powerful code in that document. Obviously helped guide the actions of of the UN. Military in Japan and of the nation of Japan who were.
Highly committed to this cause: complete, committed to this cause, but one more letter from a kamikaze. Dear mother and Father now. It's been decided that I will participate in a story as a member of the Kamikaze special Attack, core squadron. I am deeply satisfied that nothing will surpass this as the law, cherished desire of a military man to die in attacking an enemy ship together with his aircraft. When I think of my twenty three years of life, I have not been in To repay anything for your kindness, however, with a smile, please forgive me from the beginning: offered myself for the country or is plunging into an increasingly critical period, but I believe in victory for the empire.
I believe others will follow after me, smiling. I will make a boy a crashing attack against an enemy ship. I am resolved that I will repay a tense ten thousands of the emperor's kindness. I have not been as thankful as today to be born a japanese person I thy humble subject: we have not in vain Having seen both heaven and earth prosper in this. Glorious age of vine. This is Old Palm and it is. A state of mind. Please give regards too much yours at elementary School Junior, high school and teachers in college, all of relatives and the villagers Finally, I am praying for the welfare of every one in the family bravely
I will fall knowing the way of samurai, for the emperor who gave blessings naval ensign should go Qaeda and at one thousand two hundred and forty five on April sixth, one thousand nine hundred and forty five and some Caillou DE took off from Cucchiara AIR Base and carried out his suicide attack off the. Cost of Okinawa when you hear this code,
When you hear these letters, you have to think yourself who could who could defeat? Anatomy, that is, that determine what what a warrior culture could have them I'll use and the courage to contend with and to actually defeat a people. Possessed with Sir willingness to make sacrifices willingness to die for their cause. That's really. Ask yourself. That's what I ask myself is what what people could oppose and fight
against this. This warrior breed in answer to that question, and this isn't this isn't a theoretical answer, but it's a factual answer. The warrior culture that faced and defeated this finance Ex society was United States of America. Then it was our own hardened breed of warriors from the army, Navy, air Force and Marines Thee american warrior culture, the american warrior culture is what went from island, island and beachhead too each head and pale box to peel box for eating ants. Revising.
Not me with a willingness to die which they certainly had, but with a stronger willingness to live. To live and not to live a life of subservience and obedience, but a life of something much more powerful than all of a life of freedom and that culture that american culture of individual freedom has proven out to be the most powerful force in the world. And for us to be able to protect that freedom. What we do
We voluntarily impose discipline on ourselves and we have the things that this book talk about. We have We have conviction to win, we believe and loyalty and responsibility. We live with honour and valor, and we work together to protect each other, but we don't do that. Because we're mandated to do that, we do it. So we can defend our way of life. We make sacrifices to preserve our culture, because
Our way of life offer something something that is the apex of human existence, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But that's why we and that's why we win. We don't fight for glory, we don't fight for personal gain. We don't fight to impose our will on to others.
But we fight for freedom, freedom itself. That is our ideal. That is our standard and we will never ever surrender that ideal. The ideal of freedom. Freedom is our code. And I think that's all I've got for tonight, ECHO Charles here we are trying to maintain our freedom, yes,
to do that, we all know that we have to be no impact Some discipline on ourselves means putting in the work means trying to get better You got some things that might help us, as we had down that path very much, but the the impure. The emperor kind of which seems like that's the part Kind of jammed everything up like this whole code, like the whole. What is this? manual will call rescript yeah for soldiers and sailors. Yet it's like man. This is all good, oh good into accept that one spot where they were like here. The emperor's like a line of Vienna as if to say, ok and but at the end. The day like you gotta, listen to this like one, whereas at the end of the day, what we do
is individual Freedom Yang for nobody else like we were collectively protecting this free that we have, and we do that together, but once we have that freedom, it's not about for some one else, this for it's for the individual for life liberty in the pursuit of happiness. That's what we're doing over here! That's what the that's! What west? turn culture is about and You know the fact that you have all this code written everything right. You have. These people raise the boost, mindset, mindset in all that, but, like the Marines are going on the Beach Guadalcanal, that's what's gonna happen, and in an going into of fortified Ireland you're, not a cop Disadvantage, no, don't do let any one forget that
when you're going again when you're on the often against a defensive position, you are at a complete disadvantage. That's the way it is, and so so this this or your culture that sometimes we put up on a pedestal because it sounds cool. It's. Sounds cool. The imperial rescript sounds cool when you put this code out right, but what you What you just said is correct: when that code is not based and not that the foundation of it isn't. Freedom doesn't turn out good and its essentially like it sounds cool because you know how you can it into a worry okay, so dislike eagles freedom will say right will start with back and say that all outlined sounds cool and eat
the freedom that whole think sounds cool whatever, so this Bhutto thing kindness to seem like just the discipline part, so of course, that part of it school born. You look a big picture, you know, cool that is like specially like to have. Bowed down to like some group of peace, What does he waited Emily yeah saw. You stepped back, you look that you, like men, this isn't coup. Actually, this is like kind of bad specially when you get corruption for sure witches kind. It is one of the the saying, but it's like power is absent. Absolute power corrupts absolutely yea, so the men, so you can consider that and that's that's a big, picture thing you cuz, no one knows all about it. I mean I wasn't saying: don't comes out of the gate, correct, but that's not true either, but One you can have something like this was the hay the emperor there did you know their benevolent defined You know all this stuff or whatever I like. Ok, that sounds cool but men after while big patriot,
damn! Well, you know, divine you just a person in absolute power corrupts us absolutely I think that the very high likelihood in other stuff so Given that the they can do say whatever they want. They can be like hey eighteen year old kid not a high school, whatever all yeah we need. We need to use you as a bullet. That's really what they're doing special. The numbers the numbers are like Bro, you killed one japanese person for, like every one point something the other person like an enemy. So bad, two bullets, are worth more than you really in a way you know, and some like person can just sort of make that determination with your whole life, but an omen that doesn't sound good year in this ask why this whole this whole thing is, it just boils down to it. Just lost down to in such an over use. Word man. It boils down to freedom, that's what it boils down to like when you are a man in your from Iowa
and you're in the marine corps. You're goin on that beach, you will, as a free man stronger. The will of the sky over on the other side. That is not truly free and that that right there that's the that's it. That's the crazy thing about this. Is you can take this this entire warrior culture where these people are born and raised and taught this and using You know, there's, there's training videos for the kamikaze spoke, even just them, just a militant life that these the militaristic life that they lead. And meanwhile you too, someone that was a shoe Oblong in boston- and you- take another guy that was a farmer in Iowa you take another guy. That worked on the railroad in California, and you put them
together in a foxhole and their will fight as free men. Is stronger than some that was raised since birth to be a warrior Freedom and the B Int visual human will too, what you want to do with your life is such a is the most powerful force and it gets left. Is left behind and if you leave behind you, might win for a little while, but you're not gonna, win in the long run and that's it That's the force, if you take that to a personal level the force that You can use to drive discipline in your life because you want you, you don't whose discipline on yourself for, for the sake of discipline, that's gonna, be you can you can do that, didn't do that today. You can you that's more. You can do that next week, but you can't do that for.
Two years three years. You need it needs to be the foundation of the discipline- needs to be The desire for freedom- that's what it has to be rooted in, at least that's for me for That's what it's rooted, unlike Kay discipline for the sake of discipline, that sounds cool, Sounds awesome. Dig into it a little bit right, not dig into it a little bit and what are you find? It's gotta be discipline for freedom and it its functional on the battlefield and. Its functional in your life. No, it's the same thing with the same. With the Nazis. The knot These were a Marshall a Marshall culture. You know that's what they were, but they were
subservient to the fear and guess what happens when you take. Guess what happens when you take a kid from north? Carolina You take another kid from Florida and you take another kid from Tennessee and you take them. Was kids they're, not professional soldiers, they're gonna go to boot camp there going trained in whatever they can get trained in or not. Hitler youth raised? the fight. You ever seen little little Hitler training with weapons when their twelve years old, like means This kid was in Tennessee working on it, this other kid was in Brooklyn Working, a pizza shop working in a restaurant whatever. So you take these. Folks that are fighting for the future,
put them up against someone that a group of people that are fighting for freedom and freedoms, gonna win you're right about it's interesting Like the freedom to do jujitsu by the way and the freedom to get any kind of giving why you're gonna get them gives what had always qualified as a rough transition are well, I'm just saying that the first thing that came to light at that point when you said that nonetheless, anyway, one path- yes, diesel, the path is the path of discipline that ends in not end in but results in freedom near so, this path, many activities, many things to do and to not do by the way. You know what you you're talking about earlier with like to salute. Look at that for second right, if
I'm a guy! That's like has an attitude local not salute in any one year. I'm I'm not disciplining myself! Well, guess what? Then, I'm not gonna do anything in the an altar. Many, download manager. Actually, I'm gonna lose the freedom to serve. Where's, if you, if you discipline yourself like a I'm, going to show respect to the people that are above me, the chain of command, I'm going to do a good job, get a disciplined myself guess what its rebate, was this gonna sound, so ridiculous for the most part pretty much do whatever I wanted to. When I was in the military. Crazy? As that sounds crazy sets out. My bosses, gave me what I wanted. My I just how did you do what I wanted to do it crazy. Was crazy. When I look back on it now, any
in my bosses would give me what I want and help me and support me. Why did they do that? They didn't do it because I was manipulating. They did because I was Workin harden supporting what they want to get done in ITALY a positive thing, it's not negative at all. It was awesome You, and if you have that attitude in life, like hey, I'm gonna work hard, I'm gonna, I'm gonna supply myself, I'm gonna, submit in situations that require it. I'm gonna subordinate my ego in situations that require it now, so that in the long run I can get the freedom. So often people. They don't want to do the freedom right now your freedom, isn't gonna come right. Now you get it. You have to work, for you have to fight for it, You have to impose discipline on your life so that you can end up with it. You have to work hard
You know you have to work hard to get to a point when you get the freedom. But if you don't work hard. Do you want an up with it gives won't you'll, always being a slave to true your paycheck you'll be a slave to Europe, jacked up friends. Be a slave to the manipulative partner, you, chose you you'll be a slave. If you don't put Support in your world fleet to dry, Bugsy be out later drugs be a slave to alcohol. You can be a slave to food. You can be asleep the doctors yet give me slave to all these things. So. It's just you gotta think about freedom. You gotta have that in the back your mind, but you can't you, live your life, think that is going to be given to you, ah free no, not freedom isn't free, as they say. Is this free? free in a country
and freedom certainly isn't free in your own personal life. It's not free yeah, like we do. We talked about this early on where you gonna have to pee the price you know when you no pain copy later would have so the the whole pay now that's the way to go paying now's deafening the way to go where you always get a bit and the constant thing that parking card be intimidating. You no words like a like little bill. The rule obvious ones like eating correctly in exercising re, like that's blowitz, about those date, the their physical activities that physical, visible manner. Stations right if you eat like cry, you gonna feel like crap, you gonna, look like rapid and to perform my grasp if you are inactive, you're gonna move like crap, you gonna be sick, so
Others are real, clear examples, it's like so clear where you can be like. Ok, I'm gonna pay. Now, how I'm going to pay now and what price am I going to pay now and that's whip like he had not eating things, so physically compelled to near for the most part exercising, which can be a pain literally in nor most of the time you don't like want too exit like that's. Not a natural thing, a thing too: I would say: that's jerks, I would say actually you're right. I would say that you're right to the point where a normal human being is genetically programmed if they can conserve energy than you want to conserve energy, because otherwise, if you can Have that instinct you'd waste, all your energy as a cave man and you die right. Could you starve to death? So no, I we're genetically programmed to do lean towards less activity. Energy conservation is what were problem
we genetically programme to do here yet genetic idea, if you sit in an office all day and then ok we'll go for runs right, yeah? Of course he s enough Saudi, so there's got to be some instinct to do that as well, but yeah, but most him too? You're gonna go for run the live to something like you're already familiar with, like that, the pay off of that dear. You know, I mean it's pretty rare. Maybe you wanna go point plan the poor somethin, I guess, but that's different, like notes, Just geometrically yearning to go do met Connor. Something run like a mirror. Something like that and will that's. Why can through that out there a little bit could sometimes, if you for me like some other, you know but rate for real writing. Let's say you clear: you could work out for two days Do you have like a little like thing that smack he would get their jerks yet, bigtime purgatives, others right, but
for someone who are you calling that hey off? Ok, I got it and it's like an eagle soon. We talked about this. To wear the that's kind, doesn't mean I'm sure you do don't you just like to just go. Get some yes but only for the pay off somebody. To get some just gets. I know because we're you feel offer writ and that's like a lousy legs and say that that's like one of the benefits of war. And this is the way to start my working up in schools for can everything where, if you familiar, your eyes yourself over the years of the pay off like your body, accommodate that your buddies like it, you don't get it and orphans and you get addicted to yet rare and that any kind of time knocking about yet become tell you works. But let's say like ok, let's say I'm not an authority. Five years old who say, I've never really worked out ever read live a normal life. What I just never really work down every liked lifted waits never went for real. I would lessen the desire than someone has been, whereas other electrical work out for the first time a hard one. Do my job was work up. You Billy Battle
do this, I don't want to do this. You can. We think that, while you're doing it and the next day, when you're also elaborate on, do that ever again, actually so it's different but if you're, u or someone who's like you know an we'd, all their life or some like does someone who reap the benefits. They know their familiar with with the pay off. Yes, when you die worked out for one day to these. Wouldn't you know, however, many raise yea your body is gonna, be like a need that work out. No kind of thing. For short, herb short term pay off. We need that worker, so the again benefit of getting to work it on a regular basis. You get short term and long term path and that's all is beside anyway sending for you to use a big one. If you take off you guys, like you been
You did too for a little because you're the area you're hurting Raina hating it yeah menu, it yeah yeah. I just walked out the Gemma collect the matter. All excitement he slowly back that and you ll back in a week, Well, no start, two weeks back on the matter of justice, but there it is so why you don't you just didn't started Jitsu. If you have it like, because you know There's a number of people who are like here here. The phase, I'm on the fence. You know they just haven't made the plunge. They haven't taken this step to even Try, because usually, why don't you go, though, give you it's free, try for five free. Yet that's which tells you that you budgets is good, because, they'll to hate. Try this for free, didn't, try and get your money as it come on in years and given way free crack at the school year, but is not enough. We acts have fritz cracked. That makes you like a better human b
that's crazy, we will judge you. Is it it's like an addictive drug that makes you better stronger, smarter, faster, more calm, more play. Just a better persevere brings more to your perspective. That's for sure opens up your perspective, big to the so there's people. If what you're saying is correct and there's someone right now, that's on the fence, should I or should I not? Maybe I should maybe I won't like it. I don't know it's sweaty dude Otto Disco train goal for free the echo for try the one day you and I would even say, go by the one day with it would never recommend. Having a defensive attitude towards it. Oh never recommend that, but bread
Why do they not only myself an attitude of the cave? You don't like it go, prove that it sucks. Yes, ochre exactly right, prove prove that its success exactly, but when you fail to prove that it sucks, and you realize that it is awesome, it is also mean we like dang. Where am I need a g and Bessys not only in America. In the world you factually worldwide, they are made at America are, for they are from origin, so origin mean Dotcom his where you can get you geese, there's other stuff on. There you ask are done there for no ease rash card for the digital also when you're not a legitimate, and you still want to have the comfort glory of american made products talk a lot about freedom today. Why not get a pair of genes that were made the umbrella freedom right here in the United States of America up in there its data Maine, around here in Amerika right. Why would
not do that so check out gene. Check out tee shirts check out all that clothing and then also, if you want some supplements for your body nutritional supplements, if you if you're, working on all the time you gonna need some joint warfare. Joy warfare help joints, oil also help your joints and actually both Was things also help you're, just overall life miss get on those, discipline and discipline. Go discipline is for me to pre mission situation. It's not, but don't get to confuse with the traditional pre work out. Stimulant that gets you all. Amped up by some eyes was reading. Someone saying I don't wanna takes pre work out before Jujitsu. You work out and I don't recommend taking a pre work out before Jujitsu this. This has
ten milligrams of caffeine, but people worry about my arch enemy pumping right. No, this! It's gonna get you objectively and physically ready to rock what is being applied in a disciplined go, which is the pill form when you need, when you imagine ok, you know you feel like when you're in his own right. Just imagine you get in the zone like based he on demand. Sure that's what's happening here with this bunco can feel it in get you in his own. Its you know trips me out is I'll. Take this warehouse, going to speak, company I mean we sit down, there's twenty like smart. Leaders in a room from a company. They are a lot of stuff go on big company, can I go in I've got I gotta be awesome. I do stop on like three discipline: Gopro
you ready to array rokuro, but I get in there and I'm I'm I'm just feeling great. Right and we get out of there and I might think myself you I should recall but that is no I'm not kidding their signs were goaded. I work with a client man. I should recorded that. Have you phone call, sometimes Clinton about actually useful recorded. My end, sir, because I'm tone people really important things out planning about leadership, about decision making and stimulate all twenty people. What about everyone else? Something yourself and I come out of there. I think myself, I'm like man like Just in this own. I wonder what happened my girl higher. I took three discipline goes and I'm right a rock and roll. That's what happened. Anyway sets for that sounds like you're, like all freakin like proud yourself,
the area also good at what I do, and I felt like I cheated me- actually make sense, though you know like what you say when you're in the zone right, you know like. I don't even like, in my case, like you're from my friend, who asked me like a question in little Blake Way and all kind of covering all the aspects that question, like all fluidly and, unlike tat kind of said, that kind of good rate there, not that I'm a great speaking, nothing like that, but I'm to sing. Given the question he asked at a certain time and Louisa answered, I really feel good about. It really feel good about it. That's kind of like you get into tat. You know like take the display. Psychology just need is kind of flow with it. I like our fingers and I started to get alone like is it possible to become addicted? To that feeling? Well depends on what kind of talking and lack psychological aditya. Like that's a thing, you anywhere you that at the last one and as a discipline go and then
We got. We got some milk and your Marcus sure yeah its mark, happens to have twenty two rooms approaching the arrival and by the way, men. My favorite kind of flavour overall in the world, and I have I had meant, since I got strawberry at my eyes, I gotta be straight up now I'll get over it, while you know to mean, but right now this is the height striving to sell raw strawberry chamber strawberries Slayer How good is it anyways yeah? That's that get the mark. Did the warrior more kid for your kids? Were your kid mark, it's that comes as Robert Chocolate. Once again the strawberries unreal the chocolate fine. It's good, your kids, like it, the straw like be hundred back for more every single dessert, Then, of course you got Jacobite tea, which is good for you. It tastes good and
Osborne thing: gives you an eight thousand pound dead left, which is not Jappy. It is a hundred percent guaranteed like a hundred percent. Like every single person I've ever had, it has got to date Macedonia suited there, get that a trifle more data. All that stuff that we just talk about Is an origin may not come here. If you want it, the tea we offer the tea is well where on earth oh, I don't know how to store Jocker. You do have George called little store anyway, so yeah jockers dork, all Jacko store dot com. Where you can get about the rash guards tee shirts hats stickers, pretty much anything that you want stickers near it. Now we have sticker bumper sticker Coca. They couldn't of everyone knows that who could be sold down. We don't know they'll, Jesse, Jes you'll get him in the game, not all the details of the difference between bumper stickers and details. We have details
like more legitimate stickers. Ok, that's the ones. I like the asked me too. On that level. Yet pretty much anything if you want to represent. You know the discipline equals freedom, like concept and this is just you should know this there is. I was speaking an in there talking about like other that we got some guys that I've been aware. Your t, shirt, oh that's, awesome and Socrates kind of outer? No, he said oh look on his face. Like like I was like saying: oh it's so awesome that geyser, wherein you know the teacher So I said to myself its awesome: because, like that's, how the August is supported. It's like when you, a t shirt. That's Park gases support it. So it is cool,
and its appreciated. If you get a t, shirt or a hat or a rash guard or whatever from the Jackal store, because then we can have the broadcast and the good to good good some points, support, yeah, big tat, good news about this too, though, it's not like the shirts- and I said this from the beginning. I think this was kind of legal when you know when you make sure to produce sure it's It seems obvious to be like oh yeah, let's just get some short notice, the point to get like literally the shirts that, like that, I wear wear that in Witcher or approving cuz. I make sure it's before. In the past, I've been making sure, since I was like six years old to be on Tuesday so I find well where you making chosen your six years old, but me like. We explain that a little
better he gets it well. Can I wasn't like you are running up silk screen operation. No, but manassa gives all yes Mamma. Is your mom was making sure to me or six years on? Well, it can a filter down to us too. So they did airbrush. They did so screen, they do hurrying. I want to see some kid pictures of you with an air brush teacher unicorn, Rainbow Jack, maybe there and made a lot of flowers. It was quite so that there is that she worked at a place called tropical shirts, Yes, why, in LE, why ready they shared building with like a cannon pineapple cannery mean make sure your real interest in this formula. Unless the point is, I mean get some just random. Cheat just keep be sure that wearable shirts, as many people
the many I mean more than I can. I can't recollect like MILAN. Five people actually looks a lot of people yeah, presenting a lot of people. Don't minister year that it's the most like their favorite shirt, do where because it fits so good. It's like the softer material. It's not just like some rigid thing. You know they're good. If polity stuff is what I'm saying so you know better than official in export as John restored dot com. Hey also speaking the passages subscribe to this pod gas. If you have an already, if you will subscribe to it than use click, a button. It says, subscribing you did it. You achieve the goal of the day subscribed to the podcast. The more subscribers. We get that now. Whenever scribe the podcast get in the game, the warrior kid Bach asked as well that would come up a little bit infrequently right. Now or getting them out another one right now
plenty lessons in there for everyone from Uncle Jake and then you can also gets more. Your kid soap from Irish Oaks ranch dot com, although we have a Youtube channel good channel. I think, if you're interested in the video version- mainly what it's for also act, there's some excerpts on there that we put out. So you don't have necessarily listen to the whole thing. Every single time using never meet someone that has a commute more then forty minutes to work and framework there completely caught up in the pot aghast I meet someone has commute. That's like ten minutes. Can I call you put out this by casting fast and I say: listen Org you know you could answer on some apsley can delay at five or whatever to to tend to speed. I don't know that I would recommend that I've accidently Somebody accident press, a button and it it'll go fast
it's kind of weird, but if you're trying to Russia in January imploding get used to it to yeah used to anything is with me a lot of times. Obviously I speak really slow with big giant pauses. I'm sorry, that's just the way I talk, but then also sometimes I speak really quickly and put my worst together in the kind of flow out. If you listen to this right now at two point: zero speed, you being of world. Her turn understand when I talk about some: that's when you gonna build a get back that bud hammer it down, get you to slow back down to a normal speed of one point, one percent, but either way you tube. Yes, you too, we do have Youtube tunnel, so yeah check that are very interested in our also psychological or for you to know what that is which acts chocolate checks getting us all through our moments, a weakness if they become prevalent, they do from time to time. We do less now by the way, but you know that where, whenever you get an mp3, you can get the psychological or for album
that's an audio audio reminder reminds you visual reminder: you not to flip side, canvas dot com run by my brother, Dakota Meyer. He was on this podcast gas number. One fifteen he's makes things that you can look at just say, good things on them to remind you of what you say, be doing. He just made a new one. That says all your excuses are lies a sailor There's no Not all fancy nothing fancy about alleged users arise it simpler for the simplicity element. Yes, yes, sir. You check out for Amazon COM gets himself to hang on your walls and also made under the umbrella of freedom here in Amerika. You, Sir picked up. Also on it. I d camps lashed Jack. This is where you can get work out gear.
Some warrior, bars he's a thing, I'm Talkin bout, the worry of bars does worry bars, are like key third thorough. There are good to have on the stand by scenario, oil, and even like that. The Gaza. My daily put a semi do that every other day semi daily, not necessarily need working year my dear boy, my frequency, with these warrior bars of protein pact food. There not like like in our power bar the early, not like that, it's like a protein meat anyway. It's called a worry about anyway. That's every other day out say it's like. I don't even like these words snack, because I didn't feel like us, I cite is like a hybrid snacks lush meal protein fish. Nonetheless, this latter cool stuff on there kettlebells on there are you use the artistic
bells, even though they are artistic, but I did I feel like it doesn't capture the glory of the kettlebells. Nonetheless, primal bills, Leginn bills swear again, What do they call us our worst bells? They call space. The bells are, I don't think they have a name for the group yet, but yeah I just got the Darth Vader one didn't Camelia storm Trooper Vader, there's a Bobo fat one which is dope, get all three are report back unless, anyway, on it doc, arms livestock industry get this. Good. Let it get stuff got a bunch of books. The book to order right. Now, is way the warrior kid three. Where there is a will that book comes out, may twenty Eightth so we're talkin,
you better order. It now cuz, it's probably going to sell out and I'll have to print more, yet don't forget about the first two, but in the first two the way of the warrior: kid from wimpy the warrior. The ABC away you got marks mission, in March mission is your daughter's favorite correct is He sleeps with it strange year, not a stuffed animals by the way book the hard cover book and not the most physically cosy, not opposed to physically, but yes, sleeps with her favorite books data. That's all so that's way the work it and marks mission, teaching good things to children and they needed these days and also making the dragons that one is for
little bit younger crowd and then on top of that, of course, we have the despotic was freedom field manual for which is for everyone, teaches you how to get after it the audio on Itunes in Google, Plain Amazon music, an extreme ownership dichotomy leadership which arose in the rather live baron. You can get these books to learn about leadership, and even you also get these books and given to the people that for you or the people that you work. For that you all on better leaders on top of that, we have echelon front, that's my leadership, consultancy and what we do is we solve problems through leadership? If you got a company, if you got a business, you ve got a teen, then you got problems at that team. The problems are due to one thing and one thing only and that's leaderships. If you want to get those problems fixed at you, seem good echelon front dot com. We had the muster
The cargo sold out already vacuum might be. On during this polo were listening right now so Chicago and we ve got Denver September nineteenth and twentieth? We got Sidney December, fourth and fifth, its remoter should com. If you want to come, there are gonna, sell out, so try and sign up early, otherwise you're gonna. Miss it the one in Sydney. By the way, I think we I think the place. We got down there. I want to say it. Less than four hundred people so that play, is going to sell out quick, but since our first time going to Australia for a monster, so it's going to get crazy quick. So if you want to come, try it on a brother, therefore mine, this is online training. If you can't come here comes the muster if you give them the muster, or let's say- and this is the reason we created it is because we worked with companies that have six two thousand employees and they say a job
who can you train over employs there around the world, and I say no, I can't know I actually say stand by. Let me talk to you in a month and then its hey, we created the deck Martha took a lot longer month, took us better to use by nine months to get it out, but it's all mine, interactive leadership, train get your whole organisation on the same page, if you're an individual, you want, you can get a t, F online dot com. They got e f over watch where we're taking special. Operations and combat aviation leaders off the battle and putting them into companies so that they can help those companies lead in one of those people, think what would assume What is so much special forces. Guy gonna know about me. You factoring trust me, you put in their start about manufacturing, he'll learn about manufacturing. But what is needed what he knows. How to do right now is knows how to lead and he's gonna
turn that organization around. So that's. F over watch dot com, where we can get your leadership also we're on the internet inter webs, which is also called the internet by the way, twitter Instagram Facebook, I medical tourism last one face: blocky, both Olaf, I medical Charles Job the Jackal willing and thanks everyone out there that people out there? That has fought and does for our freedom standing up against these. Evil regimes in the world and put your life. Why to defend friend are ideal, which is freedom and here at home,
thanks to police and law enforcement and fire fighters and paramedics and E M tease and dispatchers, and correctional officers and border patrols, secret service and all the other first responders. Thanks to you, as well for keeping us safe here at home, and everyone else out their rooms We discovered that we talked about remember what it meant to people and remember the will that it instilled in those p, a will so strong that they face death without fear then remember the will the wheel that all For a that code was the will freedom, the Will that says I will bowed down to no man. The wheel
to stand up, no matter what and of evil death. Coal, there was that attacked and tried to enslave the world that evil was over. Come by the strength of freedom. The will to get up and no matter what get after it then until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko out.
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