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188: USMC TACTICS PT.2: Every Moment is of Utmost Importance and Other Lessons from War

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This is Jocker park. Ass number one. Eighty eight, but David Burke and me Jocker, willing good evening gave it evening. And on the U Ass podcast number one. Eighty seven David I dug into the first huge chapters we tried it three: we only made it too, of the marine corps, doctrinal publication, M C, DP, one tat, three tactics. So if you haven't listen to that, podcast that's wanted. He said then go there and start because now we are going back to the book, starting with chapter three, here we go chapter, three called gaining advantage and The other chapters it starts with a couple quotes. The first quote in war, the power
Or to use two fists is an incredible asset to fail. With one fist and strike with the other yields in it an advantage, but ACE Still greater advantage lies in being able to interchanged them to convert the faint, into the real blow, if the opponent uncovers himself and that's beach, Le Del heart s kind of a controversial figure a little bit but whose british officer the wounded in world war, one wounded nor one. You know last podcast we're talkin about how you made it through World WAR one and then you and then you the World WAR, two right crazy be H, Labelle hard to one of those guys who was wounded in world war. One took a couple years to recover and then went back, in a world where one battle, the song, wounded, again gassed, wounded
ass taken offline in his entire, but Dimas wiped out. So he ended up, no writer, a military theorist, I'm sure I'll cover some of his books on here. At some point, there really interesting books need a very interesting perspective, very, very say. Contrary in perspective on warfare, especially contrary in regards to world war. One hey. This doesn't seem like. It was a great idea when you're battalion gets wiped out the battle, the saw might think. That's might be a thing to walk away with it with an What this starts with is the channel just to identify and adopt a concept of war. Fighting consistent with our understanding of the nature and fury of war and the region These are the mouth modern battlefield, what exists, We did this require. It requires a concept of war fighting that will function effectively in an uncertain, chaotic and fluid environment one that will exploit these conditions to advantage to hear
they. They mentioned the uncertain chaotic, keep say that over and over again, I think to trying to tell us something, but isn't it interesting to look at those, certain chaotic thinks and say to yourself good work. We will exploit these things are happening yet that's all. Opportunity. Yes, the chaos is. What is our opportunity to overwhelm are important. That's what we want to take advantage of, and there are those of us that when we see that actually super excited. I'm saying those of us in a measured talk about myself. When I see chaos, I actually get excited and love it for some reason, so they we getting started gaining an event gaining advantage. A basic principle of martial arts is to use the opponent, strengthen momentum against him to gain more leverage than one's own muscles alone can generate, thereby gaining an advantage. The same
concept applies to tactics, we strive to gain advantage over adversary by exploiting every aspect of a situation to help us achieve victory not by, were powering him with our own strength. Chapter will discuss travelled for ways of generating leverage to gain advantage over the enemy. This is one of those things that, when I saw it, when I at this hour this! For the first time, I wasn't writing jujitsu. When I read it for the second time I was this had a whole mother, meaning he's had a whole. Nother, meaning when I read this and actually understood I was parking with one eye. As a train with traffic of who it was muttering, Gregg Trade when you when you learn move so If I show you move Dave, then you been training judges every year and a half year, gonna pick up twelve percent twenty percent of it may be the first time I show it to dean
one time he captures ninety percent of it, because he has like you, try and explain some maneuver. We could do this drill, like you, could explain to me the way that you would do a maneuver in a jet plain. And I would understand ten percent of it It may be four percent of an autonomous, whereas you explain it to one of your LT teammates from top gun and their external and understand ninety percent of them. Are you ok? I understand all that other stuff. Now you just tell me this little tiny detail that I didn't know called got it now It was like reading. That's what it's like reading this book. We would I read it later when I did you do to everything when you you when you know the way broadly seed in all things. Just had a conversation. The other day did. I went back to Look at this in my mind, oh my coming over the owner review this because I wanna habit fresh in my mind, because I've read it. I ran into action.
And in a few times I can't remember exactly the last time I read it, but it was well before anything. Any this. And when I read it, it wasn't a review it was it was it was, a whole new book. The way I was reading it because I was just seeing things in there that I couldn't make any connections to before that can make the connections now possible, It's so simple, straightforward, but because the things are they apply everywhere, and you can see what this is everywhere and true throughout from beginning to end, you, you see these things in their its awesome to see it. That way back to book. Consider the american indian ambush technique, a small number of warriors could withdraw superior force of pursuing cavalry into into a canyon or similar similar closed terrain. There are larger force of warriors lying in wait, would quickly surround an ambush the soldiers who thought that, been pursuing a retreating enemy by splitting? The cavalry is initial advantages of strike, the momentum
Can Indians were able to seize the initiative and gain advantage through the use of, classic ambush method. Fire sack- Are you familiar with that doctrinal ter? Yes, there Basically, what are the driving a working to surround you completely and shoot you yet I used to set up. Where I would capture thee if the friendly seals that were going through my training capture them fire Sacha, it would be a blood bath combined arms use of combined arms sick. He means of gaining advantage is based on the idea of presenting the enemy, not merely with a problem, but with a dilemma and they ve got that italicized. Yes, it's it's. It is based on the idea of presenting the enemy not merely with a problem but with dilemma, a no win situation. We combined supporting arms organ. Fires and
You were in such a way that action the enemy takes to avoid one threat makes him more able to another. This is what we do and you jitsu we got the triangle arm, lock sweep combination happening. No matter which way their cotton that dilemma. Which, where they gonna get tapped, outer, swept or end up in a worse position for position, but an entrenched enemy should discover that if he stays hunkered down in fighting halls, Renato arena and blast amount. If he comes out to attack Marine Infantry will cut him down and we trust Reed Marine Armor and air power presume to his destruction. That is combined arms, but combined norms, dilemma. A good example, of the use of combined arms at the squad level would be the squad leader, positioning, squat, automatic weapons and grenade launched to provide support by fire while Infantry with rifle assault position, the fire power
from the automatic weapons keeps the enemy in their fighting holes. Wall grenades, make those holes untenable. These supporting fires keep the enemy from reacting effectively to our maneuvering infantry force. The enemy forces are placed in it when situation. You know what I think of when I think of One of the best examples that I can think of when I of combined arms effectiveness being used effectively. Was when we were in remedy and the enemy. Would you as combined arms attacks. So, for example, you and iraqi forces for you, ass, an iraqi friendly forces had outposts, we had checkpoints and what the enemy would do would start off from a very clear what position? This is a low, a low threat for them way to attack as you get into Europe. What buildings away you can either with mortars or you
with machine gunfire, so there what say: there's an iraqi checkpoint there's a couple our can mostly iraqi checkpoint first thing: the enemy does his start lobby murders and what they do and mortar start. There Take it. Everyone takes cover because you have to take up. There's more is going off. You have to take over once take cover. Now the enemy gets up other machine guns. It gets good position when you start to reveal yourself there there with machine guns now that they got the machine guns. Rock n roll anew get your head down even deeper. Come the r p jeez and the Our policies are coming in and slamming direct fire into your position and wall that all is happening. Incomes, a vehicle born idea that rules all the way through the gates and detonate and blows up. So that is what that is a classic use of combined arms dilemma? You doesn't matter what two way you go? You're gonna be in trouble YAP for and having lived through that scenario repeatedly, and how often they would do that, I think
Distinction of a problem burst. The dilemma is: is there nickel thing, because, with a dilemma, you actually have to react your choices, can't just be here in a ride this thing out and let it play itself out, it's you actually have to react as have you do nothing, that initial move that they're making them by itself. If you don't act, indirect fire, you just stand there that could be performed at that, being effective for them, you actually have to respond in a way that allows them to move down the road and when the Marine Corps talks about doing this, they don't know if it's gotta be the aircraft or the fire or the machine. Does you dont know which one it's going to be, but the key creating a situation that The enemy has to do something and if they choose to do nothing good, then the first move is gonna, kill him doesn't terribly what happens, but it for them to do something? which is what you're looking at the adventure look unexploited, been on the receiving end that it sucks awful feeling? what that feels like a pay, we have to do something and then you started played out.
And you know my leg by do this, then this has an added the kick. It could be actually paralyzing. Have you not careful that it will paralyse you're doing nothing which is every bit as bad yeah? There's couple things number one. Obviously we see this in jujitsu and get stuck where the persons coming out reviewed, multiple attacks. Now to your point, if I do a if I attempt to sweep you but I don't actually attempt this review, I just faint sweeping you, you don't have to really defend exciting, really do so therefore, if I try and sweep you eat. If I want to get a reaction from you, I actually have to try and do it and, like you just said, if you don't defend it, you're getting swept so you have to actually do it can just be not that you, can't faint after me. Don't you don't look a little faint and and false moves to to set people up cuz you do that all the time to do it in combat, but if you really want to get a reaction from them, you got to commit to that move and it's got to be real.
And it's the same thing when you're dealing with human beings. You know when I say if deliver an ultimatum to you, because the project Wasn't dawn and I go Dave if you don't finish this project on time, you're fired, If I say that I have to actually do it Otherwise I arranged I lose all disrespect. I can't just make these idle threats. They need to be wheel. On the receiving end of that, for me, and I talk about the last podcast about that reckon him so junior. I'm so novice at this, and I remember talking to you about it early on out, like men? Why? My so tired? Why do I get so and one I was doing this sort of overweight. And every single thing and exerting myself one hundred percent over the time- and I remember one of the thinking about ok,
I'm not going to overreact to these? Things are happening in remember one of the first times, I'm constantly thinking about that on the mat and somebody was setting up and are more time. I was aware that he sending up an armored, I'm taking this very often cuz. I'm not going to overreact to this Armorama and guess what happened? I got you submitted in the honor was like it's like it's, like you said, is it has to be. The faint has to be real. That was made at complete novice move of I'm totally up maneuvering. This guy he's gone for that faint on work as what he really wants me to do is overcome it too, that we can set up a joke, and ignored the armor, and he taught me about seconds in an amber did no reaction to it in its unnaturally. That's what the dilemma is on the on the receiving end is recognising that faint. Could the death blow. If you actually don't respond to it, Rarely, if he's doing it just as a faint, is actually doing it to reveal your weakness, which is the key to that in the Marine corps, operates expecting
have some massive numeric advantage and rigorous and go to war thinking. They got five to one manpower advantage. They go to war The numerical disadvantage to create these points of friction, so the limited resources, criticism of that that enemies, respond to, and if they don't respond, they kill him anyway, you're that's important things are the other part partly mentioned. Was your ear in this dilemma, what what you gonna, do you say you got to do something? and that is true because the best case scenario. If I'm, if I'm attempting to catch you in the combined arms dilemma or in an unlock the best case, scenario for me as you dont react, and then you just get, you just get crossed by whatever that first initial salvo is that what what I would The worst thing for me is when you are We need to be straight up. I mean I'm not saying this works every time right, but I'm getting attacked one.
The boat most unexpected things that you can do back to me is. You are tat earlier so You start monsieur chewing, machine guns at me. Oh, I guess what you didn't know. I claymores. In this surrounding area area and assumes that machine gun fires apart I'm off claymores anyone. Second like the like guys, they would have their claim or set up and if they get a tie the first thing you're doing is igniting claymore so that that immediately there dig it fire superiority from the claymore going off so can we do and more important How can we set ourselves up preemptively so that when these things unfold, we have an immediate action drill that puts us. The defensive to the often very, very quickly when we learned, I mean action, drills and the systems we learn from the Vietnam guys we make eye contact in the jungle. The very first thing they did was to hit the ground and everyone, unloads magazine into their fire period and a story. That's what's gonna happen
this our guys. It was the same thing. Oh we get contact and there was a great story that tilt told was everyone on their mag and then their silence, because everyone dump their mag on both sides, the d, the envious and the SAR guys they all dump their mags and in their silence, and then it's who can get reloaded the quickest but look did in that moment is away the advantage of the enemy, because the enemy attacking them and their immediate reaction is. Oh you're, gonna shoot us you're gonna, try and get us in some kind of a combined armed dilemma. Ok, go watch! This cause they're waiting for to be forty rockets, their car, that's what their goals and there try maneuver, but guess what we're going to immediately fire back at. You were in a fire back at you hard and then we're gonna wanna, see wines that next that a race to who can get the net and even the idea of being event, spinning and being prepared for that expecting that to happen which actually in Romania we were, I wasn't we
which shocked that the enemy was attacking us. We actually did some preparation and some thought when into that in some things and the combined combined arms. I know this isn't aviator. The enemy doesn't, have an unlimited number of directions to attack us from all the time there actually places where they can't areas. We control areas, we have dominance over, and so, if you think about They actually had a limited number of things they could do and if we prepared enough, we can act pre plan responses into the most likely areas that immediately we can resume with, as we're ducking getting your heads down as opposed to, preparation, no expectation is happening and actually then we can't respond well, but the idea of being attacked in combat It's actually an eventuality. We weep. We should prepare for and there's things you can do tat. Fine. Just like you said, and we would do that- I mean we that's why we didn't get overwhelmed when they attacked us, because we had a plan for how to respond to that. Yes, back to them, Modern tactics is combined arm tactics that is
It combines the effects of various arms infantry, armor artillery and aviation to achieve the greatest possible effect against the enemy artillery in infantry, for example, are normally employed together because of their mutually reinforcing capabilities. The IMF we provide close support, the artillery protecting them from dismounted threats, while the artillery provides the infantry with timely, close accurate and continue fire support. The strength the arms compliment the strike of the arms compliment and reinforce each other at this in time. The way mrs and vulnerabilities of each arm are protected or offset by the capabilities of the other while the division commander, nineteen forty one general patent had the following comments regarding combined arms, there, the tendency in each separate unit, to be a one handed puncture. By that I mean that the rifleman wants to shoot the tanker to charge.
The artillery man to fire that is, not the way to win battles. If the ban played a piece first with the piccolo there, with the brass ward, then with the clarinet and then with the trumpet, there would be a hell of a lot of noise, but no music get harmony. Music, each instrument must support the others to get harmony in battle. Each weapon must support the other team play wins, cover move it. Yes, it's so huge is so important to think about that and look that's what the beautiful things about the Ether of the moon corn, why Tb S is so important is When we say every Marines riflemen, that's not just words. That's that's written out Does that mean every marine is as competent as an infantryman in the marine corps? No, it doesn't if you're an infantryman you're going to be more common in those things, but if the basic school former after I had.
Suppose you to virtually. Every single profession in the Marine corps and in business. We see this talk about eight if I'm on the sales team, do I need to be it sport in marketing no Do I need to have a hundred percent of? What's going on with I d? No, but actually what you need is a good understanding of that and a relationship strong enough to leverage what they are doing Just because its help, but actually that can be the difference maker in you being successful and the ones where would we see them while themselves often their silo, an end have any basic understanding. They can't leverage that capability when they needed the most and in the marine corps. I was not an sport and artillery? I was on expert I understood it enough to be able to communicate with them and understand what they ate could contribute and be, more importantly, can help them, which in turn then do the exact same thing. For me, and in business to eat the they wore themselves off. This is what I do you do that and they there on the opposite side of the fence inside the same company,
doesn't mean you have to be a hundred per cent of every they do, but you have to understand it and how it contributes to what you're doing cover, move you got a cover move. Do it for love combat cover move. Why is it first got love combat because that's what Timor just because you have to work. If, if you're not working together forever team, this working together, you don't none of the other many ghetto man. I can give you this great simple plan, the end, if you and I don't have a good relationship and when it doesn't matter it doesn't matter what private as next year over we're, not working together, deemed doesn't matter maneuver maneuver provides us a means to gain advantage over the enemy in too many battles, one or both sides have sought to gain advantage and combat through firepower nutrition. In World WAR one once I would rush across no man's land under murderous, fired attempt to push and opponent. Often fired terrain if the attack succeeded and few did,
it forces counter attacked in the same manner, usually re occupying the same terrain. They had before these battles were fire power and attrition contests, and the advantage lay with aside that had the most personnel and equipment to expend. To the tune of sixty thousand casualties in one day the cost in casualties and equipment was high and often produced no decisive result, we want to avoid this type of engagement We want to avoid this type of engagement, this type of engagement, ok from a combat situation. Obviously we understand what that is. We don't want it from an individual dealing with another individual from a leadership perspective. If what I get out of I confrontation with you is that I've expended a bunch of leadership capital, I've damage to our relationship. I've made you feel in. The cure or like untrue
stupid. But I got my way in the end I gained like up up up. I gained a little bit of authority over you got your ten yards of Andorra. My ten yards of authority eats it's a type engagement, that I see people do and they understand how negative it is all their due They win, and this is the sad thing like when you charge that german line and you take Four thousand casualties and you move fifty yards forward and you raise your hands. You say I want you're, actually standing up and saying I one you're standing on the backs of four thousand dead men you're holding up your arm saying I want so when you get an argument with one you're subordinates or with one you're bosses order. What are your peers? Are you
you? U inflict damage and you expand ammunition and you spend leadership capital and then you stand up and use. Did you come through the victory stand up new regime? He say I one look underneath feet and see what you're standing on cause you're standing upon your reputation, you're, standing on your dead or dying reputation, standing on your dear expended leadership, capital, you're standing on top of a of a wounded relationship. So don't you? back to the book traditionally maneuver his men moving in a way that gains positional advantage, for example, we may maneuver by enveloping by enveloping and exposed enemy flank or by denying enemy terrain critical to his goals. We may maneuver by threatening the enemies lines of communication and forcing them to withdraw. We wait, may maneuver by seizing a position which allows us to bring effective, fired, a bare against the enemy but which protests protects against enemy fires.
We may maneuver and other dimensions as well. For instance, we may also maneuver in time by increasing relative speed and operating in faster temple than the enemy, normally women nuver both. Time and space to gain advantage and ultimately victory at the least possible cos. There are so many other ways to move forward towards your strategic goal and people are just absolutely blind to these ways and the only way that they feel it's like They can't recognise Amy thing other van I'm going to attack you. If I, if I'm not attacking you, then then how can I win They don't understand that there are so many other different ways to win and again I'm talking about a leadership leadership. Up or down the chain of command peer relationship whatever, The only way I feel like I can be gave is by
imposing my will upon him and that's how I'm gonna win when the reality is that actually the worst away to win, if there is a tactic that is disk Take from the strategy its its work. Guaranteed to lose, and that's why there is a difference between being tactical and what the Tec. It gives the tactic might being you come in from the north, and I bring my forces up the middle and I use that might be the tactic to do that. But if there's on a connection to what the strategic outcome is its guaranteed to not have the impact that you want and what we, is all too often is. No understanding of why we're doing the thing that we're doing other than for the reason to do it. I was the company couple weeks ago, us we're looking at personnel the number people admin some feedback in a survey that a couple folks at the company? We want real happy. Really feel that they were well used in that they there can contribution was marginal, didn't feel like. There are big part of the team and
Those feedbacks was too You know what that is, and I asked it is a seal. I when I asked him he there's a guy. Permanent. This is some of the feedback, and is was a go well He was actually a defensive higher. We hired this guy Incas, I was afraid of our carpet- is competent guy, but I was afraid my competition would get him. First, so we brought him in like ok, there's there's a there, reason to do that So what are you doing with? Unlike not much, we really just didn't, want or competition to get him and thinking this person has met the threshold by which, if he goes to your competition, he could be damaging. That's how competent and cable this person is. So you made the mind in my said that I need to bring this gotta. My team cause he's too good. A third person gets him and then your answer was to do nothing with him. And that idea of of he was so stoked that they had got this guy before their campaign you're a goddamn, and so you know what
act obey they want, they want and not act. I've got this guy got Jack onto my team before my competition does what to do with the now nothin that that was move. That was the plan and just kind of missing of just you. Ve done nothing for the big picture. Nationalists person is gonna, be more motivated overtime when he Your company to bulldoze you, because What you did to him in doing that and you see that good man this is, and it's not our promise all you can eat. When you see from the outside with me inside it was we won. We got the win and pull this guy over The reason I reckon know why you were talking in its alone, It's a disconnected subject, but I'm gonna bring it up anyway, just to make sure doesn't slip away, one the things of dealing with another company we pay people money right and people talk about, Well, how do you? How do you very make someone happy right and what will be
what leavers can you pull right? You can pay a more. You can give em less work. You can if more rewarding you can give ownership of things right like that's, who so there's like the money and then there's everything else right. Everything else give borders of things, but any I wrote on the word fate because one of the best possible ways you can compensate a human being is by giving them more control over their own fate. And so often this is not used as a lever and it powerful. Even it's not like it's not like. Ok, you know what I'm gonna manipulate Dave into wanting good work by giving by by giving him this false sense that I'm gonna give him some control over its own fate? that's not what I'm talking. I'm talking actually giving the person control of their own fate. All of a sudden Dave looked up goes well. You don't have to do this day or I can If I do I'll be rewarded and things will go better for me, I control my destiny. I control my future. A good way to again
as the reason for this is it a manoeuvre that you can use as a leader its stead of me barking and crippling my relationship and wounding mice. Subordinate. Why not lift em up improve the relationship and get them to do what I want them to do by giving them more control over their own fate, what is really helpful as a leader to be able to understand to do. Those things is not not just a strategically is we talked about in the last part, cast witches actually care about them. We believe and care about them. Is one thing that guided to recognize that we so critical for them return on that would be that the loyalty and all the things that effort that you really what you really want is from the dude it anyway and that it's not a It's it's actually, believing in that persons,
livelihood and happiness things that make that person's life better? Is to believe it? That's what how you allow them to have that thing, which is is the return of that is I get. What I want is handled with great oil, as a play. I'm doing it because I care about you that much in the armies, the return of that is, I get. What I want is handled with great oil. Personally, that don't do anything. For me, it's one of the hardest things to explain about all this stuff is that work when you make a maneuver like that, when I say Dave, you know you take more control over their own fate. It works and the person will do do step up and do better. But and it will be much much much better for Dave, but what she would do, complete bonuses is that'll, be much much much better for me and I'm gonna win because Davis Happy women, Dave's, Happy Dave, does better work and when Dave does better work, we do better as a team and we do better steam. I win, meanwhile,
the contract converse of that is me thinking, nope this is me, I'm gonna take care of me and play Dave there for me to do what I say and now I guess what Dave doesn't do is go to work. He doesn't put out as much effort and Dave and the team doesn't do it well, and now I look back next. Exploiting the environment the use of the fish and the use of the environment offers tremendous opportunities to gain advantage over the enemy. We must understand the characteristics of any environment where we may have to operate. Jungle desert Mount Nordic Riverine Urban More importantly, we must understand how the effects of terrain, whether in periods of darkness or reduced visibility, impact our own and our adversaries ability to fight. So this is another one of those statements like we heard in the last part cast where new and think that somebody needs to tell you you mean understand. The characteristics of the environment. We're going to operate seems
that super real obvious and yet there it is. In plain, English broke, down for all of US idiots, because so often we overlook the fact that we are in a different environment or a new environment or environments is shifting or an environment that we never even took a good look at in the first place. Next terrain object. Is to employ tactics that make terrain and advantage to us and a disadvantage to our opponent terrain. Impact on our maneuver and influences our tactical dispositions. We must understand and to rein in camp comprehend its effects as it may limit our movement, reduce our visibility or restrict or fires. We must undertake to understand what effects it has on the end and on his ability to did to detect or engage us, we must be aware that the enemy also seeks advantage from terrain. We must honour and the terrain shapes the enemies maneuver and
positions as well as our own. This is for, do you know who I am I saying hey further business world. This is for the Business World Maths Day when you read young leader and you're going the ground, fighting army special operations Marine corps when it whenever unit you're with. The terrain is like the that brings you from sort of its it bring, to the next level. Understanding to rain brings you to the next level. If you don't understand to rain and how to use it now, the enemy. Can you use it? You are a baby. This is this brings you into your teenage years. Without in, and I believe me I met I've met. Commanders or leaders at every level that do for babies
came to train, they didn't understand these incredible you know what I'm saying it's like teenage, but at the same time its also like masters, if you are good at terrain, if you're good at understanding terrain, it's nice indeed the year in its actually helps solve so many other problems. If your deficient in resources and all the in combat or anywhere veto all the things that you think you need enough guns enough people whatever if you occupy The most critical terrain it actually is a huge head against not having all the things you wish. You had more gun In bonds and ok, we don't have thus, but you, had all the resources in the world and, if you're not in the right place, to utilise them, it isn't gonna work true and combat that's true, that's true anywhere, and it isn't just over the high ground, but the biggest here Not always it's actually being able to just see what the train looks like in recognising. That is the best place to be to recognise where the commenting event is can occur to bring me
forces to bear its here, and I see that and I've gotta get control that that, and now when it comes now, when we do translate it back to the business. I there's a couple big key points here. Ok for four like what they say about to counter insurgency right. The decide to rein in counterinsurgency is not of airfield. It's it's not a mountain Arizona, beachhead, it's the people will guess what the two right different. Decisive terrain is in an organization, learn in a business. It's the people all day, long that the decisive terrain, so what you have to do would you have to get those people on board with the programme? So when a counter insurgency, what you do is you have to get the local populist to support? What you're doing we have to do in a business? You have to get the local populist that people about work for you on board, with what you're doing that's the decisive terrain you gotta know. What that terrain consists of aid. It is equally important as the terrain, the high ground that you might see on the battlefield. The other part of this is the moral terrain. Where are you at morally, and
this conversation with a ceo that was complaining to me that there was bad exodus was to see you in a row. They were both complaining about competitors that were very good at lying about them in their products. So there's there's the others the company which is slightly better than ours, and they were every time we do something there there put now, but propaganda line about us into any good, but it gets traction, and then I saw the same another company same thing. Anyone you know it its brutal think it's boy no, you can watch the news new, go watch. Politicians on on the news and you You listen to what the two sides of of of the the two different parties are saying and their completely like. There is no possible way that that they that there's thither enclosed any middle ground right there saying completely opposite things and So that's what these companies
with companies do the same things. They will straight up, lie about one another companies doing and what's the defence against that. Well, the defence. That you have the time and if you have the truth- and you know weapon eyes at you- need a weapon as it is really time. Both is yours. You need to beneath the truth. You need to get the truth, other you need to go on the office with the truth. You have the high ground, but you're sitting there wait. Let some one drop drop lie bombs on you, the union. Sit there and you can be the combined our dilemma cause you come out looking looking bad, because your now back peddling, trying to explain things that you need to be explained in the first place, If you actually occupy that moral, if you actually do occupy the high ground there and you actually do have the truth. You can be transparent an honest about it, you don't have anything to hide because those things being those aren't those lies, and if you actually have that, then you are have the weapon, and you occupy that high ground, because you're
we need the right way. You're not lie you're, not you're, not doing those things and an end. If you actually covers, all those things up, if you actually are hiding some of that and you ve advocated that moral. Piece of this, Then you're gonna lose again this predicament yogurt journalists- you you not only have to have always. Second, you might not lose. You may not lose immediately you might win the big you might win the tactical bout you might win that with some lies in some cover up for sure you can win that way. The long term long gave that strategy beer euro lose strategically pressure gives all example. Here Lieutenant Harold Keyser, first battalion. Seventh marine regiment knew how to use terrain gaining advantage in November. Nineteen. Fifty his company was ordered to seize a key piece, a train at talk, talk, long pass during the March out of the chosen reservoir area Keyser had only when he Marines left in his bill too,. In the past was heavily defended by Chinese. Using up
linking rigidly rigidly to conceal his approach. Lieutenant it cause or skilfully enveloped the enemy from the rear and quickly routed the Chinese out of their well entrenched position today, As in Korea, the intelligent use of terrain has become a standard practice for Marines weather adverse weather he called reign in aids, combat operations actually about. I say this: we are we to say when it was raining, weeds, a good operating whether cause is because guess what, when it's cold? And it's raining guess what you're centuries are doing this trees that you're trying to Sneak by their inside their little guard hut, they got their hood pulled overhead. So in he'd combat operation, somebody do up. You can often use during your advantage. The military unit that is best prepared to operate in these conditions will gain advantage over its opponents during the break
open Trojan Reservoir November, one thousand nine hundred and fifty Marines demonstrated time and time again the ability to use harsh weather to their advantage over determined, determined enemy, the assault. Able company first Battalion First Marine Regiment on hill, one zero. Eight one in a blinding snow storm. Such an example. Despite visibility of only twenty five yards, the company was able to coordinated, combined arms attack and enveloped this key piece of terrain blocked the break out of the first marine regiment using a snowstorm Damascus Movement able company surprised and annihilated the chinese defenders, thereby opening a route for the rest of the division, If we are to use whether to our advantage, we must strain and prepare rigorously to operate in all climatic conditions? We must be able to operate, or, equipment and employ our weapons effectively in hot cold and wet environments literally in every climb and place
like about whether, when it comes to comparing these leadership principles, is that it's just unpredictable unpredictable and you can't control it and it's this random thing that you, which, which which hit every year, every company every business, every leadership situation, there's things that Youtube due to you to control, so How do you figure out how to mitigate you plan? You you I've contingencies. For these situations and you can see here you trained to be prepared, for I d of control, you talked about I've, heard talk about whether in the past. I use it as an example. A lot in April, can whether makes a massive impact in what you do on an airplane. The reality is that when it comes to something like weathers idea of a snowstorm, we're in one hundred percent have control of how we react to it. We're a hundred percent of controlled. What we choose to do, based on binding snowstorm, and the reality. As you know, most people do in a blinding snowstorm they
but now I come with that's what most people do and so, and I think he was right what you are making the very beginning is you know that the basically I am praying for a snow storm. I want the I want the worst possible environment, as I know more than likely that other guy, that other company they're, gonna whither in that and we're gonna go on the attack and end the idea of most Marie's. It's an I'm human being I know what it feels like to be called. I don't like being called it sucks, but to take that to you added to your advantage in actually welcome this income at whether this giant blinding snow, storm, That's what good leaders do is they people around them to to do those things. You know the guy you put on an orange go put on an orange vest innocent, storm her Lee. That's right! That's
if that's an amazing situation, to think about giving the environment where most feel like I'm just going to hold up- and I can't deal with this- it's too cold. It's too biting it's too hard and that's the vehicle use to actually what want the weather to be bad. To be able to recognize. You are a hundred percent control of how you react. That is is this is a huge differentiated that most people just completely overlooked. Kidney with There is something I can do anything about this. Actually you can. Oh, yes, you can periods of artists or reduce visibility. Units that can operate effectively during hours of darkness for periods of reduce visibility, often gained significant advantage over their opponent. Reduce visibility can make the simplest of tasks difficult to accomplish. This obvious disadvantage can be turned on its head and used to our advantage by a command Forces are trained, equipped, able and willing to operate at night night operations can produce great gains against where's it cannot or will not operate at night operating
periods of reduce visibility, creates temple by adding another ten twelve hours to the day for fighting The psychological impact of night fighting is also great and can produce significant rewards, So what does that translates to that transit to look at what is hard? for your competitor and what's hard for you and your competitor and then get good at it does get good at it. So get up and get good at it you're a good example tactical impact of night attacks was found in the battle for opening during World war to Marine forswear centrally stalemated by the presence of a strong, japanese defensive line in the coral ridges of southern Okinawa. After days of effective attacks by the seventh Marine regiment, the regimental commander, elected to attack under cover of darkness at zero, three hundred and thirty on 12th of June, one thousand nine hundred and forty five, first and second betimes, the seventh Marines advanced using a road that intersected the ridge
a guide, Colonel Edward W Snow Decker commanding officer of the seventh Marines. At the time noted two companies, one from each the first and second battalions got across the valley during the night indisposition on the ridge. During the early morning, when the Japanese came out to cook breakfast, they found themselves a little bit of a surprise. The japanese defenders were not used to: U S, forces attacking at night, the use of darkness allowed the Marines to occupy positions along the crest of connection. Ridge literally without firing a shot. These positions, the Marie dislodge the enemy from their entrenched positions and moved onward until japanese defenders were annihilated. Sir, you train to get good at something that the competitors not good at and then you execute on it or you just
up and execute on something that you do. You know what they're not gonna expect this one. So, let's bring it to an end, the the feeling that the the discomfort the pain and all the negative things at you associate with operating in those type environments, which is the reason people aren't doing it, the feeling of winning the satisfaction that comes from all that work and all that pain going into that when you are annihilating the enemy and they're, not even aware of it. Vast outweighs whatever discomfort you might be feeling when they hate we're, suck it up and operate in bad weather or want to do things. Competition doesn't want to do it sort of sucks, it does suck extra time as actual whatever it is, winning makes all that go away. All those, although it just goes away and you're, that feeling of of of being the Tories and environment makes all that worth it, and just we suggest do like, as it were,
gonna do the work that they are not willing to do, and that can be the difference. Complementary forces, complimentary forces. The idea fix and flank are an important way of gaining an advantage. The idea Complimentary forces us to use our forces as a nutcracker. We seek to crush the enemy. The tree if the case maneuvers and attempts to fire from behind the Vienna. If one marine fires from the front the enemy for men is protected by the tree. The marine maneuvers an attempt to fire from behind the The enemy rifleman merely moves to the other side of the tree. To maintain its protection, however, tumors can place our opponent in a dilemma. One fire from the front, while the others need surrounded, fired from the enemy for fires at the enemy. The flank career, the opponent, is now vulnerable to one or the other of the two Marines. He cannot use the tree for protection against both fuck fuck fuck fuck cover move.
Covered like the idea. The same idea applies to air to air tactics. Did you get like a little show up by the same idea applies to air their tactics upon detecting enemy aircraft, a flight of fighter afoot, fighters split into two or more elements beyond air to air missile rage. They approach the enemy as for multiple directions and varying altitudes, no matter how the enemy aircraft moves, dives, climbs turns or twists it is exposed. How often I always whenever I think of you and top gun. I always think of you one on one against one other person? That's not We the game is played occasionally play that where it is it's a small part of it, it's definitely a part of it in those skills are important, but the preponderance of the time is multiple forces. Large forces again. Large force smoke large being how many aircraft on ones, the smallest would, before the biggest would be maybe twenty five she's
you guys do drills with twenty five, the colony events up at fallen near. Electric sizes, above both top gun in the airline training, which is carrier training for war, would be twenty Would you guys be sitting up there? You see you guys every time the area carrier Erwin came through to do. Oh deployment then come through a fly. Since you guys every time they come up through fallen for three weeks and how What what? What cycle? Where they are? We getting one quarter one air wing a quarter. Yet that's about right, the average for months, sometimes little more or less, but about every three months, an airing. Every two to three months, an airing would come through the entire area. Did you guys psychologically? Let them start to do better at the end of which it is destroying the whole time they would get better they actually what an end, not not the game of them. They would. They would get better, Now we would also we would try to represent traditional enemy tactics, and so they were working through problem sets, but it got to the point that unerring against their wing they would get.
Pointed that, they'd executed the tactics correctly, they would be successful on on the earnings. I Fisher reviews Air wing against air wing yes, when they go against themselves, know that It would go against the trainers that would be representing an enemy airfares out to you guys, that's the top gun instructors, it's the top gun and the weak conflicting. It's actually called air wing training. That's the name up. It found so there's top gun in Erin training to separate. We would fight together to two in the minor points. At the same time, the same squadron against the actual American airlines. Come in from whatever carrier com do when they bring their jets from their squadrons writing to deploy against anybody. I was called airline training, so we would represent an enemy airway got it and So this is this is like the exact same thing, and I ran right: it's hey got some seals and we have some other role: players that are quite in trade at but they're, just whatever, never to come and help out, and it's it's
and we stimulate enemy tactics and the end exactly, as you just said, if the seals that were going through the training, if they did there's must do and executed tactics that would wind I'd be successfully. They would they would take our disagree hard, but they would win an if they were really good, they would dominate yeah. I gave you a rise of decentralized man and prioritizing Executant simple plans and people covered a move when they would actually did they would we dominate for sure, and we wouldn't just roll over to. Let them think as we wanted them to go home with a victory. That's not how it worked, it actually. What would happen by the end of their training they under stood. The fundamental prince they needed to utilise and in a fairly came through in the end, they want doing those things, Not only would they not win the sometimes wouldn't be qualified to go out to deploy, and I was there. Now that's a rare event, but there are times just like you did not actually
You didn't you guys reload him yeah, What then are? We would do that to reload lock, training again sorry, yet there actually get ready to go to war. This isn't just, How do you feel- and this is you actually have to demonstrate- that but if they did, which usually they did. These are smart guys. They saw applying the tactics and and understand what they're doing correctly and implement the principles. We thought there would be successful, it would work and it worked most of the time and you know you know what units which air Came through that didn't do that. Those who have the commanders said I've got this figure it out here I dont need those are the that would doubt struggle the most. What a shocker, what a surprise. So most of the air to air. Combat that you trained in was at least with, the wing man right yeah. It's interesting said that we would do these big, culminating exercise with his whole bunch of aeroplanes, but actually be
unable to maneuver twenty aeroplanes that actually lead flexibility where I could break off you and I could just break away from the entire wing of if, if required and you- and I would being solar was a bad idea. It's almost never a good. I did a b b by herself, but if you had just one other airplane Just like that story with the guy with the truth, you had just one other machine out there with you. You could maneuver in We should have to each other to put the in a position that, if they Iraq to one they get killed by the other and firstly, this is I'm sorry, I'm actually a little bit disappointed first time in a very different, Mr Lukas. This is like full on the covered move, as I like, as I say, When I talk about cover moving, I say well once the enemies killed. Partner what're. You gonna do me like it's bad from, If you and me at once, kill, you like it, that really sucks for you, but guess what it's going to be bad for me because they're coming for me and
Oh that's: covered move in the air is one hundred percent how you, after a hundred percent, if you were out there No, we called it a raging single there's day, if we have these giant screens and you can watch and all these computer screens a little icon in theirs day by himself down and and you'd, see it and what you can watch. The tv screen is all the me forces maneuvering on David there's Dave down their runnin by himself and you just such a watch because Dave's, but He had one other guy. And it's not always just one sometimes is more than one, but if he had just one other guy, you actually could maneuver with another person and create real problems for the enemy and assumes you're alone. Since you are raging, single people are sent their stopwatch is cause you're. Just you just gonna die you're, not gonna survive. Are you voluntarily is at a guy? The ghost I know what I can take this guy over here is we created a raging single now, typically, what is is a guy who lost awareness? It's pretty
on common, especially at that stage in your career to to think to volunteer eyes. Aragon boss got this. It's actually now Really realizing what's happening and what that person would do. He'd have his feet, buried in the radar screen. He'd get locked. This one guy. He thinks he's fighting against thinking. It's one and one and he loses the big picture. He goes down there. Path and he doesn't reckon he's actually getting maneuvered on in that one guy that he's looking to target is actually bathing in the moving in this place. Wasn't always another airplane. Sometimes it was established. We called it were put himself over train with servers, are missiles and there's a whole bunch of things going on there, but it Typically someone who lost situational awareness. Did you hear Jim Conquer talk about being his Peter, the eight He calls break break, which means hey. We gonna break often go attack. And there was the loss of coms or whatever serenest breaks by himself and sure enough. For me, he took out some bad guys, but then he got take.
Yes, he was, you know, got maneuvered yet for sure. You hold me like category, I can talk about now back books on Sue, described this concept as Ching, and she checked is the more direct obvious action. It since the enemy, the chief. Is the unexpected or extraordinary action. It is the bid for decision or, as we call it today, the main effort two actions work together against the enemy. The two actions are inseparable and can be interchangeable in battle the Cheng become that she, the concept, is basic, but it can but it can be implemented in a variety of combinations. It only by our imagination, Creative thought with Europe limited only by our doctrine, learning only by our standard operating procedures limited only by what
we're talking school, no limited by your actual imagination. Surprise, giving surprise can greatly increase lever in fact, surprise can often prove decisive. We try to achieve surprise through deception, stealth and ambiguity like that one, never really thought too much about that. The fact that an big unity and create. Surprise me we're not really sure we're going to do kind of ambiguous. War is based on deception, stated Sun, we use deception and mislead our opponents with regard to our real intentions. Capabilities by employers section. We try to cause our one is to act in ways that will eventually prove prejudicial, for them we may use, you know always awesome about these books- and this is very interesting- is like the ultimate, the ultimate in lack of Vigo. So you'll wrote this book.
The United States Marine Corps, some marina, but you know what there was probably for Seven Autonoe, there's somethin like that there was a guy. There was one of those guys that was really on. There was one of those guys that he was the old dog and he was I pay less and lily you you can write. The chap but let me tell you what you need to hit There was a guy that shark, that's for sure- and we'll, never know who he is. Because a marine corps, he was a marine. We know that and your opponents we act in ways. So a key wrote that line right there. This eminently qualified marine road. That's eventually than that, employing deception. We try to cause your opponents to act in ways that will eventually prove prejudicial for them. We may use deception to mislead the enemy, as too time and location of our pending attack. We may use deception to create the impression that our forces are larger than they really are. We may we hope,
The enemy will realise this deception only when it is too late for them to react. Of often relied on deception to mislead an enemy in regard. To station of amphibious landings. Marine use, this deception, to create the illusion of force where there was not an operation desert, storm, lieutenant General Boomer stated that said, the situation which necessitates it in an extensive descent. Deception operation where on eleven march Key divisions were to marine divisions, are for Stu Ratio, Mr ratios are our food. The ratio is our horrible. We Don't want him to know that the Marines created task force, Troy Four hundred and sixty Marines imitated the activities sixteen thousand men division using loudspeakers dummy tanks and artillery and helicopters conducting simulated resupply surprise to be generated through stealth stuff, used to advantage when manoeuvring against the enemy it provides less chance
detection by the enemy, leaving him vulnerable to surprise action for which he be unprepared Marie it may also employ stealth by lying in wait for an approaching enemy in ambush the Amber It is perhaps the most effective means of surprising opponents, especially at the lower tactical we are surprised through stealth is easier to achieve. We also can also achieve surprise you ambiguity. It is usually difficult to conceal all our movements from the enemy. But we can sometimes confuse him ass to the meaning of what he sees. Son Sue said the enemy must not know where I intend to give battle for it, he does not know where I intend to give battle. He must prepare in a great many places when he prayed there is in a great many places, those I have to in any one place will be few
ambiguity was central to the tactics of world war. Two german bullets Craig and attack and blitzkrieg involved. Multiple thrusts with reinforcements following watch ever thrust were most successful them all, due to thrust create, paralyzing uncertainty because the opponent could not determine which constitute the real attack. There was none. Things secret about the german attack, but it was an biggie ambiguous on a massive scale. That's like its starts off the opposite of the concentration of effort, which is sort of one of the fundamental principles of war. Concentration, Africa, we are in a mass or efforts, were in a constructive efforts were to focus our efforts. While what we do have boats Greg's were acting in a spread that out initially and then once we see a gap Yet to see where the gap is and then you're there absolutely than were common in hot and this idea you were talking about stealth. You're talking about ambiguity I got
live this in an airplane where I went from a regular airplane like enough eighteen and enough sixteen for those four years, and then I got to fly a stealth. Airplane have sort of finally have twenty two and has always attributes that the other place didn't have, but you know we never did, and they have twenty two, no matter how powerful invisible boasting, we still do the frontal assault, we still can heated maneuvers that could even more ambiguity and leverage. This thing it people think I'll give. If you get the advantage. That means you go straight at him and run the moors that that's not what it means it it disallowed but then you still look for those gaps: more ambiguous and what that means is the place and the opportunity recognize where the weakest is there's more of that, it gives you more opportunity to see where those gaps appear then. You still look for those gaps and you ve, even more advantage of what you're doing and that's how it credibly small number of stealth. Aeroplanes can wipe out a much bigger, so the force ratios or even less in an airplane,
in a cell there for rapprochement might need sixteen hornets, because I create either more ambiguity and the opportunity for those. Maybe you see one or two gaps and asking me for five or six at a creep basin. Exact same principle and what happens I'll. Do it without pole, and we feel that and we exploit them and wipe them out with a first a Rachel that in less than it was in an older machine and when you see the real action of an enemy who simply doesn't understand, what's happening, man, that's a good feeling, it, because in a hornet in in a legacy machine, it was still you against me. I always saw you. You always saw me if I outmaneuvered you, I would still women Rarely were you surprised by it. You might have had our time reacting to it. There are things I had that you couldn't do, but you saw it coming You are aware that it when you are having to react to something you don't understand and you dont night attacks
ambushes thing when you just simply dont know what's happening. The the force multiplier of that is significantly higher then, when they see you and you're just uses up out maneuver them, which is actually failed, rare in combat when they see what's going on, it's usually a kind of a stalemate dealt platoon to asking a browser, sandstone J, P, the crew, were they one of the early times that they did not like. Deception in in over watch and then a flanking watch. It was literally called like the flank over watch, so they had done. In over, watching they had like little flank her position. But I remember Seth call me up. He was so happy because what happened was they started killing. Guys the other back. Guys didn't, know what was happening there.
Didn't understand and they literally like put down their weapons in like just walked away, and then they just left cuz normally, as you know, when the guys would set up an overwatch position and start killing people, then the back. Would bring it, and you get up Not really a clandestine over watch position, but a reinforced fighting position is well at midnight, some of the overall. It is in the battle over Mahdi turned into, but but this one this one. I remember the first time that they did this and it was safe was all excited he was like they gave up, they didn't know what was happening to know where their good shot out from it was they just left the dead end bleed out and just got away, because they were totally overwhelmed yeah. As you just described, the they did, know what was happening in same thing with which Early did it to the first time. Well was are for the first time, but when they started using boats where we are all of a sudden in areas you know
to show up in areas where the enemy had no freakin idea that a man kids would be in these spots and be able to engage them yet when they ruled out this location as possible enemy. Advanced meaning for us when that was ruled out, and then it happened. What the psychological impact of that, as this cannot be, bidding, I simply do not understand what's happening. Allow me what can be happening yeah. Why are my friends getting killed right now? Yes, how is this possible rate its possible for the creative minds to you common agenda for members motives man that was now remember that I remember that here at first one region is awesome. Trapping the enemy. Modern tactics is based not on pushing the enemy, but on trapping in another a way of gaining advantage. Trapping is the desired result of the application of combined arms, fire, maneuver or complementary,
force tactics. Why We want a trap. The enemy, instead of just push him a pushing Contest is seldom decisive. The side is pushed out comes back. The next day still form the fight. We have to fight, again and again and forge. Unfortunately, in Vietnam, many of our battles were pushing battles. We were always able to push the enemy off the ground he held and to inflict casualties on him. He just withdrew regrouped, placed his losses. Places losses and came back to fight us again. There is was a series of decisive actions and a seemingly endless war, how If we can trapper enemy, we have a better opportunity when decisively. No, this is from a leadership perspective, what we're doing here. We're winning the tactical about illegal? I made Dave. Do it like you?
Damn right, Dave, you better do it. I told you do, and you like, five categories you anything, you go back, but you haven't you, you don't still understand why you don't want to do it and then, don't do it very well and you don't do it very well any of histories. Decisive battles have been trapping actions recur oh, how roman legions were trapped? Can I or the jury when divisions, Stalingrad, try, been gains advantage by disrupting the enemies mental process. While he attempts to think through the dilemma we have placed him in dropping allows us to gain and maintain or initiative. As the enemy is forced to react to our actions, it can also temporary, the undermined the enemies wheeled to resist when he is at his weaken weakest. While we continue to press the attack and our initiative.
So I would say this when it comes to because it cuz, obviously trapping in destroying it from a leadership perspective, has a bad connotation. So what am I trying to do by by trapping sir one in a conversation This is a very, very simple, very simple, tactic that I use all the time by wrapping, someone If you and I haven't conversation about something- and I trap you when I try you might purposes, and to prove that I'm right the way I Are you in the way that I win in leadership situation is one. Trap you what happens. Is I force you to come to the conclusion yourself and you see it and that's when I win so you the walking away from me said. You don't talk on this. The way we should do it and what you're telling me is what I wanted you to say. I I got you to come up with the idea that I wanted you to come up with an eye,
and if it's done correctly, I figured that out. Eirik. Ok, had this. While I recognise that yes and where that actually comes from, is you not wanting to win it's you wanted me to win. There comes from you not wanting to beat me as I guess you could beat me- I want and that's what shit. What you wanted you want to figure that out Then I walked Watch Rango Jocko beat me it's anything like. Oh, I see the differently. So next time. I do it the right way, it comes from. You actually wanted to be big to be success, also in we're going out our folks and we, if we have These conversations and really what we're trying to get them to do is recognise it themselves. It's not for this as faction of being right, it's for them to get, better and learn involving feel like they can do it better, which is what I really want their slender going, the right way and by the way, the way to approach that most effectively Easter go win with that.
Attitude you're, so I don't go in thinking. Will Dave got a bad plan? So I'm going to get him to believe in my plant, you actually I go in there thinking. Maybe I have a bad plan. Maybe Dave Plan is better. Let's find out you, We explore that guess. What if we can have a civilised ego, removed conversation. That plan will prove a good plan to correctly, will percolate to the surface and that is what we're looking for and think of the power of the times were. If you were in the leadership position where you actually have that conversation and then right in one. Your planet actually better than my, because what you don't have is Got a conversation with Jocko, I don't know what's going to happen, but eventually he's going to win, I'm going to be prove that he's smarter than me and and sooner or later it is actually not effective anymore either, because I've just come to realise this. Guy he's
We got some answer is always got some final thing. That makes him right and I almost color resign myself to that, but if, if every small, not not by design but because it actually, you actually are humble enough to single. Nor did I didn't. I didn't see that's really interesting. Let's do that goal go go down that road go down that road in all back you up and about how, often enough that I feel like these conversations aren't a contest overwrite. This come the conversations actually how we both get to the right place and look if you're more experience you ve done it more. Probably are going to be right more often, but not all the time, and you're not trying to break their will of your comes in Ankara. Guess what's gonna happen? If I do, I'm gonna lose again and all that that that idea of breaking someone's will when I try and break your will, the that my my I'm being driven by my own insecurities, I wanted to you, then I'm right that you're wrong, but my plan is better than your point. I am complete
we being driven by my own in securities person that is secure and his actually confident, and understands that there in a good spot and understands that it's ok like if If I make a mistake that I'm not as at the end of the world and on a human and I'm not trying portray the fact that I'm not a human saying. Ok, if we get fair, if I get there and guess what up the better placed than its awesome. I think your plan is better. Let's go with it here, the issue further leaders at their listen to this, the humility that it requires a do. That is actually here you that your book is tool, because more often than not these situations are a superior, This morning you know who knows who's the superior everybody in the conversation I write. Your performance review IRA
your paycheck, I do all I have all this organizational influence it I can exert over you. I know that and the support it if I'm leveraging that to be right in the conversation eventually, unless the support just wants to get fired, he's gonna he's gonna give in, but if I have all those positional advantages- and I still we note the humility and recognise, that's a really good idea. I didn't see that and I push that down you and we go wrong with your plan, the leader, capital, you the deposit into the Bank of leadership of its yeah, and if you think, if you think the back your head, that you back to cover up your insecurities to your subordinates through the measures and through eggs, building your authority over other human beings. If that's a fantasy in your head,
here so wrong, you're insecurities stand out in it in fluorescent collars colors. They stand out like Kurt Liese best, but a chosen reservoir battle, florescent orange and you might as well put a label on your forehead. That says, I'm sorry we're in secure vat Why, trying to force my will upon you, because scared Adam insecure. If you think that you can cover that up. You are so rod, so don't A good example of trapping from the Vietnam conflict occurred during operate Dewey Canyon, north vietnamese activity along the low wage, the location salary it means border increased dramatically in early January, nineteen sixty nine large
convoys, including armoured vehicles, regularly travelled from louse into south Vietnam threatening friendly units and saw boys work there track in it Robert H, borrow and his night Marines responded with operation. Dewey Canyon, free betimes of night regiment crossed the day die Chrome, river. On February, eleven and twelve. The third in first battalions moved South South EAST. Through the mountain, terrain towards louse second pertain to the West, swung South South West turning east astride the Vietnam Louse border. The north vietnamese forces moving along route, nine twenty two from louse into the Asia value, heard that before we're trapped between the three battalions, the North Vietnamese were mauled. As a result, there and losses were staggering. More importantly, opera,
Dewey Canyon, destroyed in north vietnamese base area so disrupted their logistics, that it forced them to a bend abandoned their planned spring. Offensive in I core area. Developing an ambush mentality, perhaps them common tackle tool for gaining advantage is the ambush. All Marines are familiar with an ambush as a type of combat patrol in maneuver warfare. Ambush takes on a much broader meaning in the development of ambush mentality is integral to maneuver warfare tactics. The wish mentality is not new to most of us, women, employed, the ambush mentality and sports in football. The trap bloc as an ambush, a player. Nonsense it boy Lyman offline leaving a whole when a defender comes through the whole, another Lyman suddenly blocks from the side, usually calm down the players have blindsided him, that is, they ambush mentality and in Basque,
People setting a pic is an ambush as won T member drive to the basket and other steps new defenders path for behind blocks. The path stops the defence and momentarily clears lane to the basket. For the other two member again that is the ambush mentality and combat we moved or reinforce squat into position along a well travelled trail. We position flank security, to protect ourselves and give identification of warning of the enemy movements down the trail. We position, our weapons so as to concentrate our fires into a kills owned. It and seal off exits, forcing the me to remain subject to our fires. The squad in this wait and position until signalled when they immediately respond with concentrated, sustained fires on any forces trapped in the kills off the enemy eyes into inaction. Entourage to do or where to move is annihilated. Fires are maintained until all the enemy are killed or until signal to stop the that is the ambush mentality, pretty
Ford unless you're a saw guy, and then you set your claymores up in such a method. You put up a block a sea, for that will stand the person right in the ambush because was it Lynn, black, ambiguous Lynn, black that blue himself up over and over again until he found a hundred fifty four it took to knock it now right. Do you get any religion? No, you don't ambush mentality, try to turn every situation into an ambush. I like that and women. Tony tries to turn every situation into an ambush in this book. Contacts in ambush has several distinct feet features for. In an ambush, we try to surprise the enemy think of a troll, the we ambush or any are walking through the woods when suddenly, I know where they are under fire from multiple directions: they are taking heavy casualties, the psychological impact, the surprise May paralyzed our thoughts and actions, leaving them incapable of reacting effectively
Have an ambush mentality means we always try to surprise the enemy. To do. The unexpected surprise is the rule rather than the exception. Rather, exception? and we want to draw our enemy unknowingly into a trap, this will often involve deceiving him. We make one course of action appear inviting when he takes that course of action. We are waiting for him through and ambushes invisible. If the ambushes not invisible, it ceases to be an ambush instead becomes a target for the enemy weather. We are defending, are attacking the enemy must not detect us until it is wait for him to react. Surprise often depends upon invisibility, Then visibility may be provided through stealth and movement or focusing the enemies attention elsewhere to allow forces to maneuver without detection you're, the big up coming from her body. What what I Why why brokers down? often subversive defensive mentality paid
we want to be in office and I wonder ass. His young junior officers are becoming through the officer training course that life is running at the time as a is it. Direct action mission on often submission. Of course. They also you and I Ok, it takes us- and this was done- Action commission takes us an hour to get to the target and the We spend twenty minutes on this? Aren't we blasted ornament started and they just now at the back of patrolman Humvee, nor back how much a time was offensive in the gastric about this. Ones would say three minutes and may be right. As one you're patrolling guess what you're waiting to get ambushed and and believe me. This is why, when we got to remedy, I did not like The idea of us waiting get ambushed and Of course you can avoid and you have to go on patrol you have to we have to move through the city, but I couldn't what I didn't like was the ratio of hay two hours of patrolling Threem
its of office. I didn't like that ratio I'll The ratio of an hour patrolling twin for hours on all fronts and then another hour, readily v that's what I like and that's kind of what we have to do it is the hour of patrolling, is you have to get there, so you have to do that that that amount of time to get where you're going whenever that amount of time, as you have to do that- and you are undeniably especially in almaty- your exposed, no matter how much fire, Are you bring your how much you bringing to that, and it requires very little of the enemy to disrupt and did do very little. It was easy for them when we're doing that, and if you're gonna make that investment in that time and that commits doing on spending much time as you possibly can taking advantage of whatever it is you ve created by going through that work in doing that, and it that all this from here in a stealthy all these things and I'm hearing in the
Bush should be the goal every time your goal should be to keep the enemy from. Not understanding was happening all the time, which is get why you ever do the frontal assault they see it's coming. Still may win on the frontal assault, but it gives the enemy every power. Simple thing: it could have to defend itself against these coming. They know it's coming through mass in their firepower, the frontal assault nine times out of ten is loser, even if you we win the engagement the loser anything like the mindset should always be outmaneuver them yes end and you it's. When you hear the sound so simple, and when you hear it in a business contacts and leadership contacts, It sounds It sounds people. Echo brings up this example of that the way I am a little and what I hear from from
he's off, you know, you'll do it, have a direct conversation with his personal homeless gonna. Look. I get it sometimes there's an occasional. Yet what most the time there is a way to maneuver. That's gonna make that whole situation infinitely better than Europe ACT, assault on their brain totally at an end, and probably the biggest thing that we need that that I talk about, and I try to explain and dispel the myth looking routine. About flanking your enemies in combat. You are actually talking about manoeuvring to destroy them and yet in a position to wipe them out and taken, the analogy of I have someone I work with. This is a p This is my boss. This is a this is somewhat on my team, the flanking and out maneuvering isn't to destroy them is to get to a place for them to recognise theirs. Better way for me to do it that actually helps him helps me helps a team into my life gets better and
that frontal assault. Even if it well intended, prevent that from happening cause the recipient can't actually here what you're trying to get across, which is the better wake us he's defensive and and you're putting him so even if the frontal assault makes sense in your mind, because you have this totally outside all information is right in these and it seems so clear you're still dealing with another human being, who most of the time simple he doesn't want to hear it and it's gonna get different and is going to it. You back, guest and or dig in harder and make expend ammunition. We get a worse relationship. There's two things are a kind of have to say, as I just said this before, but because I just got ass this. I was gonna talk through these accidents that we're talking through the company and veto, isn't that your the hand went up in the back of the room, isn't just manipulation and and its well, Let me tell you what I think: the difference between leadership and manipulate manipulation us, because they both use the same tools.
The population is when I'm doing what I'm doing to benefit. Me the ship is when I'm doing what I'm doing, I'm trying to get you to do what you're doing I'm trying to get you to do what I want you to do, because it's gonna benefit you and it's gonna benefit the team and you you through this out there you said it's gonna, be It's gonna make my life better What you really mean is it's gonna make our life better, the teams life better and most imports are actually want. When I'm manipulate you Dave Burke, I manipulating you and think that I'm doing every maneuvered that are making happened to you, I'm doing it and it's gonna benefit your line way overlay Fisher away over me. Would you look up you put me in my in my best, my best manipulation that I can do you don't even realize that it happened and you're looking up going like did a good job on that last. You know project that I had to do. I did a super job and own. I gotta fat, your paycheck in a bonus in and all that.
Ray, I did great. That's Actually, what I want you to be seen only be Saint. I did great and No, what's subconsciously in back of that little nugget of a brain you got there either. One Akerana help me out there. That Bosman two hundred percent and that's what we want, because then they re lies our team- realises that we care about the team. Why do we care about ourselves and then, when we have that? That's that's the trust in the relationship and that's what makes a team strong that the glue they make? the team strong you don't trust me, and I don't trust you. We don't have it berry, there's no loosen. The issue is that thing assumes that pressure comes along. We're infraction would have ballpark when we strong bond. We know that pressure does to us. It makes it even stronger, get some back to the book. The reverse slope. Defence is an example of using invisibility
spring an ambush the end. We did not know where you are until he comes over. The crest of a human is hit by or fires his vehicles are hit on there, soft under bellies. His troops works those two our weapons, because he could not see his into last moment. He could not call in artillery fire our position. The reverse slope, normally protects us from his direct fire taxes from his observation and thus his indirect fire. That is part of the ambush mentality. Do not let yourself be seen. Fourth, in an ambush, we want a shock. The enemy instead of taking under fire gradually with a few weapons at long range, we wait until these within easy range of us, with every weapon then open up suddenly, all at once with everything we have, he is paralyzed by the shocking, cannot react. Everything was going fine and studies in a firestorm with people falling all around him. Often we'll panic, making his problem worse as he reacts rather than acts
by norms may be used to ambush the enemy artillery raids. That region deeper into his vital areas than expected can produce the same desires. Shock effect as ground based ambush, we place them in a dilemma. The attempts to move from the effects of artillery Ngos to attack by their final in the ambush mentality, we always focus the enemy. The purpose of ambushes not to hold a piece of trained to destroy the enemy. We used terrain to effect for the ambush, but the terrain itself is not what we fighting for Our next section asymmetry: Fighting asymmetrically means gaining advantage through imbalance, applying strength against enemy weakness, fighting asymmetric he means using dissimilar techniques and capabilities to maximize our own strengths while exploiting enemy weaknesses, fighting
Asymmetrically means fighting the enemy on your own terms, rather than on his by far, in a symmetrically. We do not have to numerically superior to defeat the enemy we. Have to be able to exploit his vote bodies, for example, using tat to fight enemy, tanks, infantry defied enemy, infantry and air defied enemy or is symmetrical using it helicopters to fight tanks and close your support against enemy infantry are examples of fighting asymmetrically in these exempt, We gain advantage of the greater speed and mobility of the aircraft relative to the enemy the ambush with attack helicopters and train, which hampers tank maneuvers, provides an even more effective. More effective generates even more advantage. This is the so important for people to think about ok, digital. If going against a
were fighting. I should say: if we're going against a boxer do box. No, you taken down gonna get suppressor. What do you do you strike with her? I used to striking if you're gonna get Jujitsu person, when you do you punch pawnshop, stay standing. You don't go in the persons. What the person gonna you'd want to fight them in their own way, and if you watch the early you have seized. That's why everyone lost due to you. Take down You can see bracy standing in there and trading blows. No, he went on metrical, that's what you do obviously it's what you do on the battlefield when we get in you leadership and we get into relationships if I've not someone. That's got a strong, passionate idea, about something. I am not going to attack that idea with my passion and my strong feeling, because now we're all we're doing is creating conflict between US
with this is not improving. My position actually strengthening their position, because there Digging in deeper. So what do I do? I look for another thing that wagons our to manoeuvre, get them thinking. Often so so often so so many of my solutions for leadership. All I'm trying to do initially as creed is like us on the aid you ve heard me say this deficit: bob and now you ve started a conversation cause that's what I want rate because if I'm not in the conversation with someone, then there's no possible way. I can convince of anything right if all I'm doing is attacking them. They're not going to convince of anything. So I this, that the other thing I make a couple maneuvers and now I'm in a conversation and competition policy, has nothing to do with the subject that I'm eventually going to going to change their mind on
just try to build trust. You just get just trying to build a relationship and build some trust, and you could be hundred percent right and they be a hundred percent wrong and if you attack them prove that point you you get nothing you get. No trust. And if I admire you actually do get something you go backwards in your relationship. You go backwards, that's what's happening, but if you completely out mood of manoeuvre in a different direction, and I come to find that I can talk to you. Relations with you. I can communicate with you when you do eventually circle back to the thing that was The initiation of the conflict? I'm actually get away and that's what I'm ok I'll here you out and your job to say: An Ethiopian, like all conflict avoidance, there, conflict avoidance is what you really trying to do is Are you asking to be able to convince the person of what's what's the matter
thing in their world and the best outcome that you're trying to get you it's getting have come The point is more the idea of This person, you know, listen to me at any and if the personal but listen to me and I moved backwards, not Not only do I lose the values too they loose and you'd, and we talked about what what really, what a leader really wants us, they care about their people. They want their peoples that just what you want to live to be better so do I needed to take. Babies going can take longer than I'd like you to take. I'm not going to solve this today because I have nothing. No foundation to build on have to start with a conversation and go from there. Where do we end up tactically, when we engage in conflict, show where were beating dead horse? Sure we, when that conflict, but where do we? strategically because Don't do that conflict head on with her trust relationship? Don't do it
for that reason were beating the dead horse, though, is it happens all the time? Indeed, indeed Here's the conclusion to that chapter on bad as a test of wills, where the object is to win one way to win, is to gain and exploit every possible advantage. This means using maneuver in surprise whenever possible, it mean employing complimentary forces and combined arms. It means exporting the terrain whether in times of darkness, to our advantage, it means trapping our enemy by ambush or by some other means. It means fighting asymmetrically to gain added advantage. There, is what Sangsue meant when he wrote. Therefore, a scheme commander, seeks victory from the situation and does not demand it of his subordinates. Yes, and I know you ve heard me talk about dictating the situation as
is to letting the situation dictate, but what, kind of ownership, are you taking as a leader? If you say you know what I mean, I'm gonna set this situation up in such a way that that we will come not from not from me troops and what they do, but just by situation, I put them and they are going to win. That's that's how much ownership on taking up this situation, we are good, we need to win because of the situation I put you in will be guaranteed victory. That's a skilled command yes, chapter four were: moving right along almost two hours, deep chapter, Perforce called being faster hit quickly, hit hard
and keep right on, hitting give the enemy, no rest, no opportunity to consolidate his forces and hit back at you, that's HOLLAND. M Smith, howling, mad forced our general he's, the guy, that's called the Father of amphibious warfare. World war one and lead taskforce. Fifty six in the battle of little battle called you oh gmo. In an again what scary about reading quote cyclists hit quickly hit hard and keep right on hating, give the enemy rest no opportunity consolidate his forces hit back at you. What is say You someone that's predisposed to go The attack is the quote: they been weakened here, you dear you, were just talking about conflict avoidance and the person that that thinks
Hey you know what you're just trying to avoid conflict Dave, I'm going to roll with HOLLAND, Smith General Smith's outlook, which is I'm going to hit hard and hit quickly, and I'm going to keep right on hitting you got a knot be predisposed for that. It doesn't say the for it. It's it's not funny. Salt! That's not what I'm saying- for the infantry men to be truly effective. He will have to be as light of foot as he is quick of thought: Mobility, is needed most in all crash warmth, very there's the counter! There's the economy to HOLLAND, Smith's Mode billowy is needed. Most of all, a clash of arms, swift and agile movement, plus, pity and intelligent tactical flexibility or its true us. Jewels
coming from John H, English, who is a Canadian. I should Canadian Army that known for his military writings, studies, Here we go into the chapter, usually to think of weapons, means to think of a personal rifle or pistol the youth machine guns and mortars, or the aircraft's Missis Boncour guns alone, sticking may realise that weapons include trucks, bulldozers an x Leaders submarines overlook, one their most powerful weapons, one that creep. The advantage for infant, remain aviators and load. Petitions equally, that weapon is speed, speed in combat. How is speed a weapon? Think sports again, the breakaway hockey use a speed is a weapon by rail. Be passing the buck down the ice. One team denies the other the chance to get set upon defence speed. Certain.
And their opponents ability to respond in an organised manner. The fast breakin basketball seeks the same result in two or three passes. The balls down the court and the basket scored all for the opposition can react, there is to speak, often reach beyond the immediate goal times have we seen a score, a team score and a fast break. Steel abolish comes in bounds immediately score again and even a third time unable to regain their composure and composure. The victims of the fast break become the victims of a rally. The victims whose confidence passes go astray signals because crossed tempers where arguments ensue, the rally becomes a route. The belief players see certain defeat they virtually guy. Up, while still on the court are yours, I was thinking about that section when you, If you watch basketball, and my a fast breakin, then another fast breakwaters, the coach do The time we get yak a blue resolve as they now here right now. Well, this thing out
the same thing can happen in combat the battalion or fighter aircraft or load. The lower logistics train kin consistently move and act faster than its enemy has a powerful an advantage. The in June of nineteen forty three during the day of Cyprus, the aggressive hardening tactics of gin HOLLAND Smith proved to be singularly successful in defeating the japanese defenders. Generals tactical plan for sigh called for applying unremitting pressure on the enemy and bypassing strong points of resistance by mopping up by reserve elements in order to press the attack to better Ground there, we have it there. We are General Smith, who we just quoted General Psmith just quoted you do know those hard points: resistance bypassing gonna get around again he's bypass it up, long indoctrinated. Marine casualties, the British Royal AIR Force bested, the Germans during the battle of Britain in
these remaining in their fixed, his defences at an extreme tackle disadvantage. These tactics proof effective and isolating and reducing the japanese defence. General Smith use of speed served as a force multiplier and it also reduced marine casualties. The British Royal AIR Force bested, the Germans during the battle of Britain in World war. Two. Part, because they were able to speedily recoverable recover there pilots return them to base placed them in a new aircraft and have them fighting again in the afternoon. German pirates were less easy route easily recovered at Walter had fewer of the long range aircraft required for replacement, eventually pilot, aircraft losses forced the Germans to end daylight bombing in resort strictly to relatively ineffective night attacks. The other the Brits we're getting shot down, overwritten right or at least close to Britain
in speed doesn't just mean my plane is faster than yours in this case, it's their operational tempo speed of how quickly can I get my guys back into an airplane and and that was a huge advantage that they had, because every time your plane got shot down, there literally just got in the truck and drove back to base It's kind of crazy right, like you, shot down and then they're just bring you back to basics. You another aircraft, you know get some more Europe Brits a horror grace of people. Gillian man here been out there, island, yeah by the Nazi war machine, whatever bring it bring. It great leaders have repeatedly stated the value speeding combat Napoleon said: I'm Poland said I may lose in battle, but I shall never lose a minute I may lose about, but I shall never lose a minute.
In Bedford, Forest, told a secretive many victories get there. First with the most general patents at nineteen, forty three, when the great of battle comes. Remember Training and remember, above all else, that speed and violence of attack or the sure role to success history great commanded commanders effort in many ways, but why thing they shared was a sense of the importance of speed in operation urgent fury. Nineteen, eighty three, the battalion, the Marines, a battalion landing team to eight fast as their commander, Lieutenant Colonel Race Smith train them to do when captured the operations officer of the grenade. An army. He said to them. You appeared so swiftly in so many places where we didn't expect you that it was clear that resistance was hopeless. I recommended to mice appears that we lay down our arms and go into hiding. That is what speed used as a weapon can do for you. What is speed
What is speed would seem to have a simple answer. Speed is going fast. This is speed. Think of when driving a car more miles per hour. That's part of the answer, that is part of the answer in tactics as well. We, U speed, gain initiative an advantage over the enemy, like you just talked about police planes faster, for example, when it Take time to talk goes over ground as fast as again general Bulk asked whether the russian tanks ever used to rein in their attacks against him during world war. Two he replied that they had used on occasion, but more often they used speed. The question followed up, which was harder, defend against bulk answered speed Physical speed, moving more miles per hour is a powerful weapon in itself. To the enemy. Speed movement reduces react reaction time where we are through an around in a changed situation faster than he can react. We are passed him. It makes his reaction irrelevant in all three key, his speed impacts on the enemy
best. We his mind, causing fear, indecision and helplessness. Remember sacking the enemies. Mind is a central tenet of manoeuvre, warfare I might have caught the primary tenor. Speed in time. In a military sense, there is more to speed than simply going fast and there is a vital difference between acting rapidly and acting reckless There's a dichotomy. Gotta me: I live from marine corps. One tat, three, with time. We must always consider the closely related factor, timing, mean speeding I'm are closely related. In fact, speed is defined in terms of time miles or kilometers per hour in tactics. What this means is always of the utmost importance. Time cannot be spent in action must be spent thinking about how to
ACT effectively time that cannot be spent in actions. If you can't go what you need, Spend that time. Thinking about how you to act effectively. I wonder how much. Modern life has chewed up that idea. Because when we're not thinking when we can, we can do something. I see people orbit I'm there they're, not gonna, be proactive. Anything yet not do anything. Productive figure nothing about how to act when they cannot do not thinking about how to act effectively, know for sure, I see that all the time. I was on a flight coming home if I'd six hour flight from a climate Jersey back the same Diego and look sick On a plane for me as a godsend, because I got basically distraction. I got my laptop and hammer on our market, a lamp Craig it out I don't know, I guess I didn't see him but the seat over at up one
watch the movie on app on the plane, and I kind of thought, and I saw the movie. I don't know what the movie was it when the movie ended. The same movie again here and I'm thinkin man. I don't know what what he's doing Dig taken up or something can a refreshing than get to get back in the game, but I see my kids I'm in there shall state is to do nothing productive. You actually have to ratify the if you're not doing, if you're not we're doing something. You need to be mentally doing something right, then, to think about what is my next move? What am I gonna do after this? He and, like you just said because I'm sure, though we pushed back on that comment, sometimes you do have to talk, but before I've got on a plane and been like I'm done, I'm gonna under my brain is fried. I need to watch the dumbest movie. I can watch and ran out and in fact, I sleep on planes beautifully ice, and sleep on beautifully. If you see me on a plane, guess what I pray We got up at too.
In the morning to work out and before I got on that plane, I'm gonna go to sleep at come too. To me when we land, but yes, How much time so yeah you might need a little break here there for sure and by the way, how long does it take the mentally recover is this a five hour evolution it's like reset and take too intentionally take a little bit of a breather and then get back in the game back look even when we are engaged with the enemy. We are not always moving fast to some of the time. We are not moving it all. Nonetheless, every moment none, the less Every moment is still of the utmost importance, even one we're sitting still. A battalion staff that takes a data. Plan of action is obviously slower than one that takes an hour. A tank battalion that takes three hours to refuel is slower than one that takes two hours just as one that must refuel ever
hundred miles is slower than one that must refuel every two hundred accompany this down to eat once it has taken. The objective is lower than the company that presses on deeper into the enemy of fires. Watching the can fly. Only three stories, paragraph per day, is slower in terms effect on the enemy, the one two, five, six, a meanness reporting that can takes two days to fix damage vehicle and get it back and action is slow in terms effect on the enemy than one that can do it overnight. Every moment is still of utmost. Important. Making maximum use of every hour in every minute is as important a speed and combat as simply going fast when we are moving Important. Remember every in to every member of a military force, whether serving on staff in you its aviation, combat service, sport, ground everyone, a good tacticians, has eight constant sense of urgency. We
feel guilty if we are able we never waste time and we are never content with the pace at which things are happening we are always saying to ourselves and others faster faster. We know that if speed is a weapon, so is time That is so urgent. Think about a leader who can cultivate that mindset in all of his people. Think about how productive your people are if they all feel like every single thing, the they do, whether there that the most ah the person that seems like ok, where's sales based business or amend, sailed the people around them again the no publicity. Their work logistics are the administration to think about it, the leader, the kids, everybody in his organization to feel that same thing, that if wasting time than the guilt of hurting the team, you can call to be that from everyone, not just your your point of attack people,
but everybody think about what those organizations are able to do you and I were with a client, and we were too talking about this in one of the problems at this particular client had was they felt like they couldn't? create a sense of urgency in their organism. Sets of so so, like you're saying some people, The point is: how do we create a sense of urgency? So for those of you that are wondering how to create a sense of urgency with your people. The way that you, guy or by making sure they understand why stagnant doing what they're doing and why hundred important degree sample that I gave was. If you have a seal platoon and and then I would see this situation unfold and training exercise. You got a super tune and theyve. Got a perimeter set up, meaning there stagnate there, maybe they're doing a reorganization of ammunition, maybe they're getting a headcount. Maybe they are working
and a wounded guy or something like that, so that a stagnant position they ve got the three hundred sixty degree security set up, and all the sudden, some one sees enemy maneuvering on them, the leader. Why to create a sense of her. He wants to leave. So this is our neighbour when they were moving we're leaving in one minute pack Stuff leaving one minute and guides swung. As I came, and we just got here, I'm tired I'm trying to sort out my ammunition, someone else who got the tuna guys unstable. I need to get him stabilizing someone to Saint well what we were trying to get a full had gone over here. You know, let me let me just get it gave, handle my fire to that's what they're all thinking. And maybe some of those priorities are actually really really important. Certainly we have a wounded guy. Certainly we want to know where our people are, but then people, so they don't really do anything, they react. His one minute call gets blown off and you don't think this happens in the military always happens. I seed happen over and over and over and over again. That's you Do commander can understand why no one will move,
As we said it again, everyone will leave and will even have thirty seconds and what happens say. Everyone thinks the same thing they just stop thirty seconds ago, which is not going anywhere. I got the. I got my gear out sort ammunition, calm down lieutenant freaking out again. Why can't you create a sense of urgency? The Riis needs not effectively. Creating a sense of urgency, pcs, not explaining to his people, why they need to move so when he says when a good leader says: hey everyone, guess what I know where jumbled up right now we have enemy manoeuvring to the high ground on our flank there two hundred metres away, we, the move right now, we're gonna get slaughtered and you'll see. People move so when you want to create that sense of urgency XIV when you want to get people to your stand? The portance of time and that we never waste time in that we feel guilty, for there were a for idle and then
a constant sense of urgency. If you want to make that happen, explain to your people. Why they're doing what they're doing and why urgency and speed is important in that particular situation. Timing, we employ speeding use time to create temple. Temple was not merely a matter of acting fastest or acting at the earliest opportunity. It is also a matter of timing, acting at the right time, timing, requires an appreciation for the rhythm of combat, so we can exploit that rhythm to our advantage is physical. Impossible to always operate at Peak Temple like we just talk, Sometimes you gotta. Take a breather Sometimes you gonna watch the Lebowski for one hundred and seventy fourth time. So we can extend operating cycles through the echo. Comical use of resources? We cannot operate at top speed indefinitely. We must rest our people and replenish our supply.
The test of skill is to be able to generate and maintain a fast pace when the situation calls for an end to recover when it will not hurt us. Timing means knowing when to act and eat we important when not to you gotta know when you can take a little breather. Although speed is important tactical weapon for situations in which it is better to bide our time so here, go here. Is the dichotomy Here's the dichotomy speeds four intact the weapon there are situations in which it is better to bide our time. If our concept of operation involves a diversion, we need to allow time for the diversion to take effect if have laid an end, an ambush for the enemy we need give the enemy time to fall fully into the trap of the situation is still forming. We may not. We may want to develop it further before we commit to a course of action.
This is a big one night. This happen with young seals where. They would immediately make a decision before and we will actually say to say: hey you gotta, let the situation developing those are the words that we would use. Let the situation develop. And sometimes you have to do that and there's a dichotomy that you ve got to In one direction, yearning overrun for example, an error commonly made by defenders, is counterattacking too too soon, so that the enemy is merely push back rather than cut off encircled and destroyed. Decisive action is our goal must be time to correct the proper moment there Times to act in our times to set the stage and weight. So strategic. Yet another lie about that yeah. We talked at all the time that match your teacher pages of hate. You have to let the situation develops, you you actually get more Understand what's happening so the moon that you do make is the right move, when you're talking about your folks
not even run at the highest, tat all the time the inner space if we work as these younger company start ups that are growing in the EU folks are always gonna tell you, either there not going to sit here and I think we need to take a near or I think we need to revise. Sometimes there but their heads down and go and they're gonna go and go and go and and I share your job as a leader is to recognise when that is when they're not telling you that we need we are. I mean I was sad that problem by, We always had a problem, because no one wanted to tell me hey. We need a break like know how many times a leaf, Bab and came up to me and said: hey man, I could really use of reader or jeep. Generally, I came up to me and said: hey, Hey boss, a car get some downtime zero monetize GB set at me is zero zero, so and other times when he absolutely needs downtime, oh yeah, because you would the candle above, and he would you do it now Susan CARE. He's got.
Go get some. So yes, as or you need to be able to recognise those things. Could there not always gonna say it to you? and, if it from a decision not to act, is that it saves precious resources and energy for later commitment. Some leaders, this disease, eight their unit energy on constant on prioritized activity, not or not, all activity support the mission, a units energy is not easily. Repression should be treated as a precious resource to be expended only toward decisive goals. Relative speed, going fast, making efficient use of time are both parts of the answer to the question. What is speed, however, something else must be considered the enemy as with all things in war. Speed is relative. Speed is meaningful militarily only if we are acting faster than the enemy, we can do at either by slowing the enemy or by.
Creasy our own speed, the bow for the Falkland Islands. Nineteen eighty to the british Army move slowly. The train was difficult, the weather was abominable and the material had to be moved on the men's backs, all of which slowed down the British. Never as the British still had the advantage in speed because they moved faster than the Argentines who they had made. Their initial dispositions essentially did not move that superiority periodic relative speed allowed the bridge to maintain the initiative throughout the campaign covered. Doubtless the brutal continue. Speed to be consistent. Superiority in relative speed must continue over It is not enough to move faster, only fashion in the enemy only now, and then because we not move. Faster, the advantage. The initiative passively passes to him,
forces can manage an intermittent burst of speed, but must then hold for a considerable period to recover between burst during that hope. There likely to lose their advantage. We realized We cannot operate at full speed indefinitely and the challenges consistently faster than the enemy one way too, sustained speed is to use the effects of combined arms when the infantry are mounted. Troops must break contact temporarily to maneuver response or recover air and artillery can keep the pressure on Maneuver cannot be sustained indefinitely, but the momentum can be maintained through skilful plan combined artifacts keeping the enemy always at a disadvantage. Here, speed of logistics become critical, though physical exhaustion is a factor halt off are driven by logistics. Ground or aviation units must stop for equipment. Repair maintenance, resupply supporting force can minimize loss of speed if they deliver the supplies of performing its quickly. Thus they
able combat units to move before the enemy gains. The initiative I, paranoid about the enemy was thinking that they form moving they re on their maneuvering talk pressure, every company should think like that. Yes, it in Taking that sort of the differences between combat and dip. This between the private sector and in business. We with companies that are worn the challenges we are facing is they have competitors have said our competitors in their China carve out more market share or the enter a gm, a region that maybe they'll, have a foothold in they want to move into therein and to expand their business. We talk about what what they want in regard to the competition in the things they say, things like we want to annihilate them. I mean that their working in the car
petition in the private sector is aid is fierce and when they're talking about, they want to run you out this I mean it is legitimate competition that are talking about you're, not that we're gonna find enough when a shared they want or one you down, and I think the progress that they recognise that end if you do not maneuvering into that space, Competition is, and their goal is to bury you. That's really what their goal with and which, in the private sector, when we He companies that are slow anatomy. I want what weight and see how this and their enemies maneuvering into that space. Even if their first manoeuvring to that space is an ideal, therein there and they had a foothold and you're gonna, get back is almost zero. If they get out in front of you there and make no mistake, it combat it they're trying to kill you that her run you over, and that is hard core to recognize it. If you're not doing it are you earned in and we work with? Companies
It was interesting. What's cool? Is you know as american military people? We always were the biggest in the strongest and the most powerful right what's cool about echelon front, is that we work with like I'll, be work. With one company. That's the the insurgents yeah I've been will the next day I'll be working with a company that is the absolute powerhouse. Yes and guess what there's advantages and disadvantages of those that insurgent can manoeuvre quickly and make changes and disrupt the that the big person can. For power and destroy so you get, we get to see that all the tie on both sides, but on both sides. The war, That is paranoid. The one that is thinking. You know what ominous surgeon, if I dont give attack that big company they're good, put me under can, let it happen those who want to step up the big con,
that say? Oh you know what those insurgents right there they could take part of our business that could turn into a total route. For us, and I will not allow that to happen. We will destroy them. We get to work with both site and the ones that have that attitude or the one that end up winning a really big Billy, historically successful company that has done great work and Anne had year after year, good work as parents, Wade of that those companies are hard to take down, because they ve got all those tangible things and they had that mindset of what got us here doesn't guarantee we get it tomorrow and when you see a good company that wants to get better and they our paranoid, the insurgency that they used to be five, you those are to end it in that fight off the complacency that fight off the ego way we ve arrived with, accomplish our objective and when you get a big company that does that is parallel. Losing Nora man, it's it's
awesome to see that requires humble leadership of dna there are no guarantees tomorrow. These guys are out to get us. Yet it's legit yeah, that's a tough feeling. It's it's a tough you to live with and I say that speaking from personal experience like you don't have. No I've told you and the team this like pay. You guys want to know why I don't sleep because I'm paranoid of what's gonna happen. We need bring our a game every day, every day the day that we should take a step back the day that we're not putting putting putting forth absolute best. Is it someone else out there's gonna get a foothold. I will not allow that to happen. It will not happen because we're on the warpath over here Emma and forever leaked for every leader that has feeling about their team those little you want that first like me, to come and echelon front how Bout Dat works. The reason this company failed about
brought in this guy who didn't you didn't stay on the path the whole about Dave got complacent, and I start that a- if there is no way they contribute to this. But he not being successful and if you Yet those leaders have created something and build something, and they have that same feeling of ownership. All down to the bottom were the most junior person most renewed. The newest hires is paranoid and they are in the game. That's it that forces so powerful and its too, and the way to do that if Europe is to give then that same amount of that same ownership. You have of this is yours, and by the that means we are. We we can always here you have to feel that same feeling. I I I could be the reason we fail. Not going to let that happen and not to burden that debt. Is that that that's a bird near? That's it
feeling that stays with you in it it, and if you don't have that feeling for some did you get here in my view, in the wrong we're doing some wrong? Did you know that feeling in speeding change in order to act consistently faster. The consistently up faster than the enemy it is necessary to do more than move quickly. It is also necessary to make rapid transitions from one action to another. While there are many types of transitions in combat, it's important to remember that the transition transitions, produce friction reduction friction minimizes the loss of tempo that friction generates at the point of transition, a unit that can make transitions faster and more smoothly than another said to have greater relative speed in Jujitsu. I know that I learned one of the really powerful lessons that I learned. I learned from watching mild coach Fabio Santos was what
in his train. This is what I was. Probably a white delta bluebells watch him train with one of the one, his pipe well to one of our proposals that we had at the time and I was watching him and Blake instance as the guy mounted him as the guy mounted him, he was escaping, as the guy put him the guard, he was passing regard. So he didn't allow he was just a head on temper. He was just it just like we had like I'm not waiting for you to settle in position. No, it's not happening, I'm actually going right now. So that is a good attitude to have in everything In the eighteenth century, the importance of food transitions. Sometimes called agility was displayed when shifting column formation into line if an army could not rapidly deploy into line and consequently
When we was engaged, while still in column, it was often beaten. Much drill was devoted, a practising this difficult transition so could be accomplished rapidly in combat today. We develop proficiency in battle. Drills and immediate action shows that allow units to rapidly transition from one formation to another without pausing it is important It is important to be able to effect a rapid changes in organization as well being quick to affect, requires changes in task organization based on a rapidly changing battle. Situation, increases, agility and decreases reaction times. Battle, drills and rehearsals can be conducted to smooth out procedures for changing organization rapidly the faster these transitions can be made. The more effective the force becomes
place in time and space where transitions occur can be called. A friction. Point. Friction points commonly encountered in tactics include movement from an assembly area to attack from patrol movement formation, to ambush posture, from defensive posture, to attack from one maneuver to another and so forth. The transition involves simply positional changes and drills, but all no changes of attitude in the minds of Marines. We must shift our mental focus from one movement to another, so here's here's one of the things that I did with my voters with my task units that was super effective when it came time to do an assault. In in some guys would really set up a specialised assault formation. Ok, since we do not so lucky we can put the widow, they would make these changes to their formation and I would
minimize really minimize, if not completely, eliminate this a change in the where we're going for sore gonna do an assault. Ok, go Charlie between you're an assault- and you got when squadron delta. Everyone seems same, but foremost everything's. This aim, but you begin to do this all ok cool not saying ok we're to take these breaches- and we put these words- were set up a special over another now everything's the same and by the way, what happens when we get hit in you know things are falling apart, everyone's with the unit below element that are used to working with and where got. You need integrity, all the type that, Being said because you guarantee that I will always rehearse, and train like we ve got him beaten do round about jewels were I'd, call all these different maneuvers rapidly in succession. On top of another, even be all confused and all jumbled up and you gotta just figured out, make it happen, so we I'm about where we would never get it as jumbled up on the battles
as we would when I was running blender is what we call them blunder jewels on a on Michael Dunes. One blunder. Just no one may be just every, maybe every person being a different position, so arrogant used. Ok, what do you do? What? What's that the call that you do when you're all jumbled up, here's the protocol, you look around if you look around and there's no and make an called grab for guys, you're fighting meter make something happened, go so between those two things between being ready for the chaos and the disorganisation, because we train that way, and always to the best of the debate, I could possibly pull off. Hey we're gonna keep or normal formations like when this talks about patrol Commission ammo posture defensive posture. Those postures for me in my task in my soup turn. They were the same, we know, confusion like this is what happened occasion which, after would you have to take a little Cyprus and polarity? You'd have to do some? Occasionally, yes, but I
do that as little as possible, and I would try the point that they could handle it if it happened. But it have thing. Is it just wouldn't happen when you're that, when you're that used to being an opposition so that the good thing about this is: U might is this gave us all because we get us all from a totally different direction. I guess I owe you by the way that looks like it's a secure looks is a guard up. There took it, we're gonna, go and from the other Google from the south and nothing changes, everyone's everyone's fine, we're stolen, platoon integrity to suggest that did no changes. So that's a little trick that I used it was I'm trying to think imagine in my mind right now why the driving force that makes people want to special for a particular of an operation. The reason that I think we want to do. It is because it seems from a broad perspective, nano from the
it brought from granular perspective if we ve set up like this that party, operation will go smoother and there is a chance that their right in that Particular smooth operation were nothing goes wrong, but in any other thing, would anything go sideways? It's not the right answer. And if you actually take the mindset that nothing is ever going to help the way that you planned to happen. If you just accept that which I think was verbatim out at the beginning, is your plan, is not going to go. The way. Do you think. You mean we recognise it. That's that's not a good plan at any time. Everybody needs to be an expert in every single thing. The sombre means, but it means everybody at an talk about the transitions you? Everybody has have flexibility and then recognise you talk about a protocol. Ok, I can't answer, what we're going to do in all, but the protocol. This is what we're gonna do the foremost where'd you go. No attack that problem the problem will reveal itself as a move down it, but the hammer I don't do that mission,
this guy mission I'm really sorry that we have chosen to do this mission, because the enemy is now doing something totally different. So alternative is a seizure and do nothing or we can get up now. She transition out of this mindset near the defence to Athens. All those things. That's all minded people. You can get good at that, but through through doing it over and over again they can actually get get good at that. You remember you said earlier about the stealth fighter, but how you use, even though you had this tell fighter you analyse advantage. You still like did the fundamental things correctly and that's Exactly what I did so, I would have my guys trained up where it didn't matter. What person from tv you take for guys with you bruise or five guys with you. One of them is going to step up as a fireteam me to start making something happen. That's the way it was going to be. We had the capability really to mix people and set up a target assault. However, I wanted to, but
even though I had that step. We know that capability that that advanced capability, that it scramble everyone up. We can be effective, it didn't matter still used the fundamental principle to be as simple as possible, because simplicity is is paramount. Yes,. Back to the book. A modern example of the importance of fast transitions comes from aerial combat the deal Dave Work is in the house, In the korean WAR, American, aviators achieved. This is part of a book or use waiting. Your american ear evil, the achieved kill ratio of about ten to one over there. Now green and chinese opponents at first This is somewhat surprising. The main enemy fighter, the make fifteen, was superior to the american F. Eighty six in a number of key respects it could climb, and alright, faster and it had better sustained turn rate
the f. Eighty six, however, was superior to the Megan two critical, the less obvious respects. First, because it had high powered high raw that controls the f. Eighty six could shift from one maneuver to another faster than a Mig second, because bubble! Canopy, the f! Eighty six had better visibility: the F eighty six better field of view, divided better situational awareness and also contributed to the fast track. Emissions because it allowed its pilot to understand changing situations more quickly So the beauty of this example is its it's a literal example of those transitions. We're just talking about an and I brief. This and I shall use this korean WAR example of the eighty six in the neck fifteen. I had totally forgotten it was in this book. Completely forgotten this example, was use in the one three and it says Most the exact same thing. The connection.
Made from this story of my machine in your machine what your machine does well and what my machine might advantages and disadvantages all Often we see what people want to do with their advantages is here. We need another machine, machine doesn't do this as well. So I want more resources and I want more equipment and the answers we we can't do we, if we could, it's gonna, take us years to develop this and they spent. This time, thinking about my only had a machine that turn better and if only had a that clients, and they spent all this time. Thinking about what visit they can't do it recognizing Hey are at war, where our strengths, what are advantages here, and what do we need to do to build a plan leverages, though strength you can actually out. For people in a way that doesn't seem to be evident If they are the ones, I got a better machine. Why do we need to worry about my transitions? I do this better than you that's a huge disadvantage for them that they have been realised. Less time worrying about a one. What what's wrong with the things that happen to think that
my advantages? What small companies but the revenue we'll have them if we don't, but you know you have you got twenty five people. You know weekly. You can communicate our fast, you could get back and they ve got fifteen hundred people. They kick it they their communication. The strength of the story is a recognition of there were things of that airplane that you would pay attention to that were vastly better than that, then the enemy and the set of spreading almost time thinking about what we don't do well is built plan on the run, your strengths, and then outmaneuver them it meaning maneuver more quickly. Maybe I'm doing it Your turn is in his basher climate is vast, and why them, react therein into your first move when you're on number three, when there I can see second move your move, number, seven and all of a sudden, and tend one by the way just ten to one is Agora, armies. That is easy. It's really to think about what for every hunt,
air points, the enemy lost, we lost ten. Think about that. With an inferior machine harm that story. My isn't this is my favorite sortie tell because we are used to having right now, the american military are. Our stuff is better he's better. That's why, when that is now, why we went his matter of fact. If your planet just leverage the better equipment, you're gonna, who's. She nature enemies, doing right now. For you What you read this is how you never knew how to get a manoeuvre. That's right! That's exactly what they're doing another import Report of this can be because of its bubble. Canopy, the F eighty six pilot had better visibility. The better field of view, provided better situation awareness and contributed the fast transition. Because it allowed the pilot to understand changing situations more quickly. What the that translates when you're not in a cockpit, is it translates into detaching for
situation, taking a look at what's going on and actually being able to see what's happening. What do you see? What do you actually see and if you see what's happening, then you can react faster you can make those transitions happen quicker, that's this massive advantage that you can have and the amount people that I know that do a good job of detaching and taking a step back a very small number, two, a small number and every one that I know that can do it and do it well, they dominate they dominate the dominant when you are not detached. The only thing that is in focus is the one thing you're looking at everything else is blurry, it literally is, if you don't see those other things and those are all the things happening around you that you actually need to be reacting to another thing, so the other thing that you address these high powered hydraulic controls which Why'd you to transition quicker. You know what stops
people from transitioning mentally from one thing, to something else, it's it. What it is is its there. You go it's their ego. Thinking hey, I actually know what's happening it, I'm not looking at seeing anything else, because I, what I think is happening is what's happening, I have sought compromise myself and I think I'm right. So this is what hey I think the enemies coming in from over there. Ok, cool and thinking that I could be wrong. I'm not assessing what anyone else's input is about. Listening to what my support its are telling them. What my peers are telling me what my boss atomic, I think, I'm right so I'm not to change anything I'm doing right now Those are the two kind of advantages that we it have in the FBI, eighty six in our union cannot be a smart. Is your other someone else? You might not you might not have the cognitive capacity, you might not have the care charisma that someone else's has, but if you can do
such and you can actually be humble enough to us. Honestly, what's going on void of your own ego clouding your beer vision. You Do these two things you can want. You can see better and you can maneuver more quickly than idea of seeing better- and I spend a lot of my time. Thinking about what this means in the private sector now is, even how you measure success, you talk about being paranoid testament, go about what what a good leader and a good organisation, what their paranoid about. The way we as your successes revenue. A whole bunch of ways we have this objective measurement, we're making more money than we did were growing what a really good leaders actually doing is what what were we can be in three years. My vision isn't just the next quarter. My vision is, is the things I'm doing and you have to actually pay attention to what your competition it. Now you will spend all your two hundred percent your time in competition with Japan attention to, and your vision is actually the first
this down. Ranges can possibly be because if we think What are the and sometimes we we even sometimes think, ear to ear, and these big companies we work with, this long game. This long plan is recognising we're doing now. This. Isn't gonna work forever we're going to have to change. We have to see where we are where we are going in that managing to change all the time, and that requires as a leader to be looking up and out all the time you asked a question the muster. When should we be thinking strategically people? Well, maybe got asked that the area with the India and the answer is all the time all the time in the Ets vision of looking of, if you don't have it idea of where you're gonna be down the road you're, never gonna get to where you need to be and its story of hate, that the wind was We took this hill, but ok,
What did taking this he'll allow us to do and if you don't have a vision of where we needed to go, and why that it was important you should have just bypass they lock together, cuz, it's not getting you where you need to be, and a leader, a good leader, have to be able to do that, and that's that It isn't isn't always just literal visuals, it's actually where we're where this organization gonna go, because what inside in tactical guy, like most Employees are two intractable tactical things: they don't see that they don't see the vision and where you and, if you can't impart that on them and let them understand what the vision is there in a drive you in the wrong direction, not not because their careless, not because it because they simply don't see it for leader to be able to see it. Inarticulate, that's really very few leaders are able to do that really well and gather organizations and the direction he s that's. A tough combo come up with the personnel has the vision and then that can can import that division that vision,
but- and that means implicitly, that you have to translate that vision to vary These types of people that are inside your organization Stephanie Challenge and, of course the dichotomy to all of this is if the Eba. Strategically and jujitsu, we want to get the top position and we want to Domini the position that we want to submit the person if we defend the differentiate, the choke we're getting choked? If you don't make it through this quarter, you're right, you that's good you! You had a good strategic vision and you can you lose tactically and we strategically and doing so. Yes, you absolutely again: you absolutely can you can not pay attention. What's goin on right in front of you and you can, you can end up getting destroyed. Yes, there is the ten to one ratio, it wasn't a ten. Now she s right back
the book American pilot develop new tactics based on these two advantages. When they engage the migs, they sought to put them through a series of maneuvers, the F eighty six faster transitions between maneuvers the time advantage, the pilot transfer, into a position advantage. Often when the Mig pilots realised what was happening, they panicked and thereby me the Americans job even easier. These tactics illustrate fast. The way fast transitions contribute to overall speed into a time advantage importance the time in speed in a broader sense, has been brought out in the work of John Boy to formal former colonel in the. U S, Airforce Boyd studied a wide break historic battles, campaigns at wars. He noted that where, numerically inferior forces had defeated their opponents. They often did so by presenting the other side with us An unexpected change or series of changes disappear, forces fell victim because they could not adjust to the changes in a timely manner. Generally, defeat came at a relatively small costs to the victor,
this research led to the Boyd theory, which stated conflict- may be viewed as a time as time competitive cycles, observation orientation decision action the loop first each party to a conflict. Enters the fray by observing himself, his surroundings and his enemy intact. As is the the adaptation bid, so the hunting insect instinct, searching actively looking hunting for the enemy and seeing what is it? What do you do? we're about to do it also whose anticipating the enemies next move getting inside of his mind. Second, based upon these observations, the combatant orients to the situation. That is, produces a mental image of the situation and gain situation, awareness this awareness becomes and the foundation of which to erect a plan generally better the orientation. The better the plan next storm this orientation, the combatant, decides upon a course of action. The decision is developed into a plan that can be disseminated among subordinates, for
Planning an execution last the combatants acts or put the decision into effect and tactics. This is the execution phase where the decision or plan is implemented. Since this Action has changed the situation, but combatant again observes beginning the cycle anew. This is called the Youtube. Yet some there. It is they who gets on any in others. Came out of airplane again airplane, it's that Mig. If any story. The marine corps saw this and the entire Four warfare concept for the rigour came from this guy witches: credible to think about. But it said, Saint were numerically inferior force with relatively limited loss. Can our former one a massively inferior enemy, massively superior size enemy, which is which is an image just based on speed of maneuver.
The boys theory helps to define the word maneuver. It means being consistently faster than our opponent as our enemy observes warrants. On our initial action, we must be observing oriented deciding in acting upon our second action as we our third fourth and fifth mood by the time the budget gap between or actions at, our enemy actions increases increasingly widens the or enemy falls behind. In a panic game of catch up, he tries to respond to our penetration. We attack is reserves and his command and control. He can or attacks with mobile reserve. We bypass with helicopter born forces everything he does is too late that somebody like rolling with big with someone it's better than you exactly what it feels like the same thing, man the military answer to this question. What is speed is not simple. Nonetheless, it is central to every aspect of tactics as General George Patents that in small operations as enlarge speed is the essential element of success. We should all
so exercise caution, so do not confuse here? Comes the dichotomy. We should also exercise caution so as to not confuse speed. With haste general power made this observation, haste and speed. There is a great difference between these two words: haste. Exists when troops are committed without proper reconnaissance, without the arranged for proper, supporting fire and before every available man has been brought up. The result such an attack will be to get the true into early action, but to complete the action very slowly speed is acquired by making the necessary reconnaissance providing them proper artillery support, bring if every available man and then launching the attack with a predetermine plan, so that the time under fire will be reduced to a minimum.
So there's a dichotomy always there's a boycott of, while whenever they have to write a book about that, check becoming faster. Now we see clearly the importance of speed. We want to be fast. How do we do it? We see by recognising the importance of time. As leaders of Marines, we have a responsibility to make things happen fast. Our sense of the importance of time of urgency must direct our actions, we must work to create and build that sense within ourselves. The kind of thing you we yourself before you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning. We have a responsibility to make things happen fast. Once we have it. There are a number of things we can do to increase speed. First, we,
can keep everything simple. Whiskey, promotes speed com, City, slow things down simplicity. Should be central to our plans staffs! Large down, maybe one of words greatest consumers, the time our command and control and our own actions. So This is. Why you saw my task unit it going to assault on. They were in the same formation. They were always in or damn close to it said and speed is increased through decentralization de centralisation is important concept in the execution of manoeuvre. Warfare. How we achieve decentralization while still maintaining control we two main tools to provide that required to provide required control of the effort and the decentralization of its execution. These tools are mission
tactics and commanders intent mission, tactics is the assignment of a mission to a subordinate without spent a fine how the mission must be accomplished is a key tentative maneuver warfare in mission tactics. The higher commander describes the mission and wanes its purpose. The subordinate commander determines the tactics needed to accomplish this task basin, way. The mission, based on the mission and the higher commanders intent. In this way, each leader can act quickly as the situation changes without passing information up the chain of command and waiting for orders to come back down. Speed is greatly increased by this decentralization process? According to John, a English and his work on infantry decentralization has been one of the most significant features of modern war, English row in the confused and often chaotic battlefield
environment of today. Only the smallest groups are likely to keep together, particularly during critical moments. In such circumstances, individuals rally around their leader who on- the knowledge of the purpose or intent behind their task can be done. Toward success, and this is what we talk about all the time decentralized command? The fourth love combat, and I often described it. Even oats lasted certainly, not least you have the others in place to effectively execute decentralized command. To have to be a simple plan. Do you have to have a team that's going to cover move for each other? You have to know what the priorities are. You have to have decentralize command and the way you get this His command is not by explicitly giving Elizabeth there's a there's, a book And the Germans who, as we were as we were, implementing these
shall command in maneuver warfare in America, we started doing was we started ending adding the commanders intent the last slide of a brief and so commanders intent in gold, after the book in a rap back too, that the commission can provide an overall purpose for accomplishing the task assigned through mission tactics. Although the situation may change subordinate to clearly understand the purpose, that means why and act to accomplish that purpose. Down to a changing circumstance on their own, without risking diffusion or effort of of effort or loss of temple. Subordinate commanders will be able to carry on this mission on their own initiative and through lateral coordination. We Other subunits, rather than running every decision through the higher command for approval so in this, this German, was looking at the way that were planning And the Germans, you know they're the ones That kind of pushed forward with this idea of mission.
Mission tactics and commanders and really decentralized command, but he he would see the commanders and ten. At the end of a brief, there be a hundred slides hundred powerpoint slides into briefer than the last I would say, the commanders attempt of this operation is to Balboa than this. And said that law slide can actually replaced entire brief. What is it that you want me to do you just meant a hundred years, in an hour telling me all the different ways you want me to do. Something online, you know is what is it you want me to do? Why do you want me to do it and I'll go make? It happened when, when we're working the idea of decentralized command comes up all the time as you, my guess, and I know you- you know that cause you ve seen it over and over again initially when we are talking about some of the frustration of junior leaders in the organization MID level manders, maybe supervisors, they get really frustrated that there's no leadership,
and understand. What's going on and bit, they can't that do not haven't. They need to solve the problems, and I say, hey peculiar once their leader solving their problems. For them, they their your hand up initiatives in there. That's your misery ash, because you can do that. Frustratingly lemme go live, let's Think about that. For a second, do you want you, boss is coming down here to your world actually applying solutions, your problems and they started thinking. They look no No, I don't! I don't want that I dont you want them doing and in every with what they come down to. Is that, because you don't understand what I'm dealing with data dynamic. That's that's exactly right, because if they did come down your world. They dont have Every single minute of every single day of all the context you have the problem, you're dealing with and no matter what they do it's gonna be wrong, as they dont understand as well as you do, and on both sides. What people are the important is to tell me what you want me to accomplish.
And then leave me alone is. I can actually do that better and then, if you river Is that what the senior leaders like the same thing, is they don't want to be down there because it takes them away from all other things and really all is required is for the leader to have the vision and the subordinate to understand what We trying to get done their north. Conversely, that question when you ask the subordinates hey, you want your support. You want your boss to to to fix your problems where you and, of course they also yes another way. You could broach that question with an equally prob. Predictable answer if you say: to the leaders. Hey, do you want your folks just to do what you tell him to do and of course there are gonna say: oh yes, absolutely and it doesn't take very long into that conversation before you realize that they are no idea how to act.
Accomplish what it is that they envision. They have no idea how to operate that piece of equipment. They have no idea how to program that piece of software. They have no idea of any those things, and so you say. My answer is, yes, That seems like a good jens like what I want, but that's not what you want. What you want. His subordinates. You want decentralize command where everybody leads. Everyone solve problems. I was moving towards the unified vision that has been clearly stated by the boss of what the commanders intent is. That's what you That's how you run an organization you would think that that would be what everyone would be striving for, and you would think in striving for it, it would come to be clear. How you actually do it and how you actually give people
Decentralized command is by actually letting go letting go. Let people let leaf, Abbott go and run the operation. Let sat still go and make it happen in view, Do I train them to get ready for that? Absolutely do I build relationships. Are trust them? Yes, do they understand where I stand, what the parameters are wet? Do they know how much they're allowed to maneuver? Do they know what line they should never cross? Yes, they do. You and that allows me to say yeah go get some. You got, you what you need to get done, go make it happen. By the way is not just leaf and south there's augur L is Andrew Bob and won't go run operations. The other assistant, partook, mares, MIKE's, really go wrong, go make it happen, can't rough, how many neurons, I've operations. At the same time, I can. So that's what you do. That's decentralized command back to them
a third way to become fosters through experience. Experience breeds speed expert. Give units gives units advantages over less experienced units. This is why veteran units are usually much faster than green, untried units. If we, We are familiar with the situation or at least no generally what to expect. We can think act and move Astor little overlay in peacetime are Marines are not likely to be combat veterans. Still we can give them experience. Do tactical decision, games and San table exercises war, games, field exercises and rehearsals these the forms of training, help reduce the stress. And confusion of combat, another way in which sperience helps us become faster, is through the use of implicit commute, occasions, implicit indications are mutual you're that require little or no actual talking or writing
for example to could react, know each other. Well, they think because there were dying commanders established standards, in procedures and his schooled support, commanders in approach to war? This is ask. What are you talking about safe and leaf? Was guys know implicit communication me to ask me, They know. Thus, the company com, or of company B company. Bravo does not need to talk with the company commander of Company Charlie, very often inaction, because each knows from com past experiences, and Daily observations, how the other is likely to react in many different situations, if Bravo Companies commander, creates an opportunity. Charlie companies commander will take advantage of it. That is implicit communication. It is found and more reliable, it is more reliable than in the explicit communication. Password or messages back and forth and we're telephone greatest there are so many things that
I had that my guys knew the implies. The implicit was implied. They understood exactly what I was coming from. From the way that they behaved on the battlefield, the way they behaved on liberty. Everything it was like. Ok, well, there's a lot. Like what I just said, there's a line that you know nothing. They knew that line was they knew That line was what also goes to show and improve. Why you can't do DE central. You can't do this thing. This fourth combat it you don't have the beginning. If you it, implied communication that strength of your relationship with these people, it's how well they know you tell much. They trust, use, how much you understand them and in its how strong that first wool is. Is one allows you to do this thing that actually become think about in some some terms these. So I ask you could actually make an argument that it's the most important thing in combat in this particular case, because it so required as usual leader. Can the infection
from places, but no more what you do if you dont have the beginning don't have the foundation. If you don't have a good relationship, we can never do. This can never have implied communication because I'm never really understand what it means. If I haven't and in Egypt and you you can't skip that you can accelerate this again, I'm I'm decentralized man guys like well, that's great But if you don't have good information about your people, it won't work. We were at one of the masters we're done. It was the San Francisco muster. Maybe but he we're having our debrief and it was people heading. Oh, so was a smaller debrief. Not having was their Jamie, whose director operations. Who is the low gestation behind the muster who hand everything that's happening and its complete.
Be decentralized, but we know the muster and of course everything was just impeccably run for, You know if someone has to wait in line for fifteen seconds to register what we get that's a failure right right, so is we have done here in this room and I like I could see and give people. Coming up to me saying this? I've never been in and that was run smoothly, that their don't even talking about what they like they're just saying how is this thing run so smoothly? How is everything so professional and how every little thing that that occurs perfect. You know so much so we get in this debris from an annual. I am what I said was. I said two Jamie and Jan who and lend the kind of the powerhouse of the trio who run all these logistics. I said you know I should have said this before
if these monsters but everything that happens at the master is a complete road reflection of our company of echelon front. If we can't on a smooth check in then Who are we to be advising people you? as to how to run an organization end. The fact of the matter is so was I never said that to them, and yet they the team, the echelon fronting the volunteers, while everyone that shows up they go to the end degree to make sure that everything is moved to make sure that and that This is clear. Jamie never had ever hear those words come from my mouth, because Jamie knows me and Jamie knows that what we have I rule is like this will be the best thing that everyone anyone ever goes to. That is the standard. Now I never said that your shoes you you one hundred percent in her soul, that's how we will. If there was a question between hey, you know what weaken weak,
say we make this a Louisiana volunteers are we or on the on the other. Please weaken, weaken just this a little bit end and save a little more money here or hey doesn't matter if the. If the people attending might not be able to see the like whenever whatever the case may be, whatever. It was the the thing she knows that the team knows that the rest of it, which she implied, that right down to her whole team, faulty continuity, twenty people there that are working for, and they all I have the same mindset it, which is. We will do everything, to the ethnic pay. Will we will we make mistakes be absolutely where were we up the ball. Sometimes, yes, we will, but when we draw up Above all, we will pig up, we will recover it and we will run that thing for a touch down and and make it to the person that you, whoever was affected, so that a key ask example of implied communication I don't need to tell you
hey we're gonna show up early for the further people that were working with tomorrow. You don't need to hear the height like. This is just a known thing that's the way it is like. You said earlier, you're not showing up saying you know what I really have time. Prepare so I'm just gonna kind of wing it today. That's not happening, that's not we're doing, and so those kind of inviting and leave us great examples where he was making decisions and making calls it- and I never said too but you can come back as a day. This was happening this. What I did but I'd like yeah, and it yeah, I need me to call you and say hey: would you think we should do here is because the trust, the relationship than you write that does take time to build and really scary is when people. When the trust isn't there, when the relationship isn't there and people start trying to guess what the implied communication Was I thought you would have wanted me to do that and not something that I do
so sorry have guys it would come. Let's say role through one hour, to grant was a task in a commander, someone might role through and go out on an operation here there and vague they thought they knew me or they thought they knew leaf and always and they'd make a move out there on the battlefield, legal man, that was not a good move and clearly I did a failure. To let them know that that It was not what we're doing and because because my guys knew me and they they knew what the implied communication was they didn't. They did. Did it I didn't have to make it. I didn't have to be verbal with it, but That just shows up, for you know a week and all of a sudden there out an operation. They do something that dumb my fault. Our fault as leaders, because we didn't make it explicitly clear: hey here's what's going on here is how we here's why we don't do. That is why we don't,
a fire warning shots from from an sniper over watch. This seems like a this seems, like the obvious thing you know and leaf an inopportune brief, wouldn't say: hey guys, we're not taken warning shots. Its imply, it's a clandestine situation as long as we can keep it that way, and if we, when we have to when we have to go with us, are killing people not fine morning shots. You're, not rewarding people that dont know where their this doesn't make sense. But you know what happens and that particular think happened again We as leaders needed to under and hey. We don't have that for relationship. We don't people, don't understand things as well, so you have watch out when people start trying to guess what the implied communication is. I don't want you to guess. I dont want guess what I'm thinking. I want you if you don't, if you're not sure I wanted actually raise your hand and say hey Jacko, my guess is you're doing this, but I do not want to guess I want actually know so if you think it something,
my responsibilities, a leader to say: hey you if you're, not sure hit me up hit me up. Back to the book. Another way, speed gains. Experience is the development of lateral communications or coordination? If all communication is up and down the chain of command action will move slowly if commanders and leaders at every level level communicate laterally eve. We as leaders talk directly to other leaders. Action moves, much faster lateral Innovation is not a natural consequence of me. In orders. It must be practised in training. It results from the confidence of the higher commander. Who has, Past experiences found that subordinates can exercise initiative based on the assigned mission and commanders stated in ten, as you just said,
a good example of lateral communications comes from Aviation Dave work in the year The pilots of a flight of aircraft indicate laterally as a matter of course, a pilot who who needs to talk to another. Does so a message need not go through the mist commander and then be related to the other pilot events, would quickly outpace communication of pilots tried to talk that way. The can the same procedures may be employed by ground, combat and logistics as units as well. What win What parameters are you given words like? Ok, you do need to break future format. Is that, like hey, I'm going out of the OAU man yeah I'm gone leaving I'm I gotta depart the area, something like that. It's such a small whisk would reap really. It would really well down to deviation of what are mean practices, r, r,
overarching recipes that hey these are just some big foundational things. We do you to be something like I'm leaving a location that everybody I think I shouldn't, because I Something else is happening and if I don't have the big picture, maybe he look this? What happening. This is a critical decision. May be, then, but the reality is the question. I ask me: I'm thinkin, even though they have a good example where I would have to defer to the chain of command. Given how long my time and how, in August drawn minutes you have been so if I spend ten minutes China work. This answer out. That's point. All the time actually really had to go exe anyway. So the answer the question is, I got, but barely think of an example that I would have to stop we're doing, asked the boss, who somewhere else, can I go to this year and on the ground? It relieved, Israel, easy, hey, we're gonna. Across the line that this limit of it, ants. Do we have?
How can we do? How can we do there's something else go on out procreate risk about? How can you tell someone else there are moving into their ale a building that wasn't on the target list. Can I do it yet? Also it was interesting, is again life and sadly, they like they just knew what I don't think ever life did something where I came back and said you should ask yourself whether it hey, you should have told me what was going on you. She asked me what was going on those new again implicit communications Hey, I'm leaving you, I'm gonna crosses in advance on CALL John, just let him know or haven't had this building. I wanna go Wareham doing this, different for the first time on an operational, I'm in a check with Giacomo like That's never did I say to myself, you should have told me, and there was and there was not a lot of times where they were telling me something when like dude come on, of course go. Do it right the both those guys has such a good feel for
and they might air towards letting me no, of course, which I think is a good way to air. You know occasionally, maybe I be like em and no problem, of course, but I would never say do just do it what's wrong with you know, I'd? Rather, you lean towards letting you know what's going on and I think that's it. The huge distinction, the difference when asked for permission in informing your leadership does a very different thing. So in that same question I would like, them, no, whoever they all the time. Hey I'm moving here. I'm doing this end informative almond, at my leadership. No, almost as much as I can, but in terms of like I don't know. If I should this I'm gonna die. Think I, and stopping with the flow of this temple, to get permission because my leadership, it created this level of freedom that I couldn't make real time decisions the deference to the China commend that up and down any talk about. We in so far ass. If you were my squadron commander and I was a captain in Europe Conall and
on this particular mission, I was the flight lead and you were number two. You were my wing man, your rank didn't, go with you and the cock, but it didn't matter that you were the squadron comment. I wouldn't treat you like a squadron commander in the airplane I treated like a women and the expectation was it, you will treat me like a slightly and whatever the Croatia is there and that's a good one, because we often get asked well, you know you. Your chain of command is so higher hierarchy in the military and the example I was bring up is a preacher, a breach team, so you have a breach team leader, that's running the breach and when that breaching leader looks at me nor nine ranks above him in the motor whenever for ranks among five ring actually more that a lotta ranks about if he looks means as back up you never do a backup reaches me to get down. You don't get out, that's the way it works. She's got the time, control over that situation and he's the guy in charge. And also I'd say this.
We talk about asking me up like asking how often did leaf or south, or one of the other junior officers say hey What should I do? They almost never did that cause. I'd. Be doubt one out of merely a lot like that that weren't we're not doing this. You are not doing this. You come up with a solution. You tell me what you're gonna do so was almost always. They were telling me. Were giving me the opportunity to negate You know if they said hey, I will go to move across them. Every advance gives me budgetary? Do it or not there is already friendly forces in their building hold or whatever. So the other reason there were not a lot of asking me what to do and of this was their early. I'm sure the further all whom we got the less and less those guys ask me anything. I was just gonna concluded that same thing. Is Is that how I was a squander commenter day, one no
on day one. I wasn't like that, and it didn't. It took a little time to get to that evolution. That idea of decentralized command is built on those relationships in a day when you got to figure out those those things, and it does take a little bit of time. Have you got a new team, and you just got brought into an organization, wonder team that doesn't mean you just cut him loose on day. One, it doesn't mean you actually need to spend some time with little more close control than you might like? The sooner you get that the better but yeah, absolutely bill, those relations at the gate, so you can get to that point and if you cut him loose too soon, it's every as bad as micromanaging them when they don't need to be micromanage back. A fourth way to become faster is by the commanders positioning himself at the point of friction, this position may be with the main effort supporting effort here in the rear. Commander, who is forward, can in instantly influenced the battle
situation develops for the same reason, a commander may choose a position at a crucial crossroad during a knight movement or where the unit is pushing supplies for to wear counter tac force is in the defense may be cited. The key is to be where we can best influence the actions of our units as Marines. We believe in leading from the front since, that is where most friction points occur, but they may occur elsewhere. We must, choose our positions accordingly, throughout one or two and his career, Lieutenant General Louis, be Jesse. I believe that Marines had to lead from where the fighting was this end quote: post business This command post business will ruin the american Army and Marines. If it isn't watched, he said
add while he was the commanding officer of first battalion. Seventh Marines at Guadalcanal has a battalion commander. Puller, usually positioned himself directly behind the point element of his battalion and his headquarters element directly behind the lead company, so that he could best influence the actions of his unit. This location he was able to. His will and personally affect the outcome of the engagement depending on situation. He could also be founded, The points on the March or in his perimeter his Do you wish to be where he could best influence the action notice, even those leading from the front. He put himself behind the point element of his battalion. That's be not not in the point home cause then he's the guy shrewdness Freakin right right, not making decisions. It's the same thing, aviation and so there's a bit of inherent info? a billion babyish, because you can't take your aircraft and go semi five miles you. You can't just leave yourself as the mission commander. So actually, when you have a mission of
twenty four airplanes you ve got gazed at her dedicated his fighters to shoot a mere grafting. You know what that's sexy mission. Everybody wants a Mig kill. I want to show my missile issued on an airplane. As that sounds cool, not sounds like the most for an that's. What people want that reason we're out there. The mission were almost always doing is to do so the blow something up on the ground to affect some air ground influence to kill some target on the ground Senor them. Can, commissioner, is the guy in charge? The whole thing on every mission he's with the strike element he's with element that actually a full weight behind the leading element, which is the final element which clears everything out. And he is actually the strike or only because he s can see everything is out in front of them these actually with the elements that will be most of an amount of impact to the mission, at least that's the point and dropping bombs to oh, yes, I mean every airplane adventure. I mean from resources in Europe, there here we're up, there were more job and bombs. If he's gonna be at some point, he's gonna ruin and go he'll get tactical for a few minutes. He will he'll go right through the sort of straw in the park
it's exactly right in the pop, but the just like it. The amount of time that he's going to be doing? That? Is ninety seconds on an hour and a half mission, and he will we put himself behind that initial wave and be with what is most likely the point of friction The bottom line is this practical principle? that could apply to a marine lance Corporal a platoon commander, a battalion, it's. The same thing in aviation is its the same response. The mission commander, oh by the way, doesn't have to the Signor ranking guy, it doesn't have to be. Who was squawk. It's not always discussion commander he's not its debts. You gotta to go in here we're going here, and this is an once I caught you, listen, go you're thing and I was First, when we, Oh yes, you know we're in Afghanistan. This up. Shit, o Connor was his big mission. I was on night zero anaconda. As a captain, I was leading a formation and the guy I was leading was my operations officer. He outright me by two ranks. He was way more experience than they, but on that mission the squadron
We gave me the lead and He flew off my wings workload. Is it a workload? She why why? Why do they? Do it? That way In other words, if I plan every single mission. Eventually, I just can't don't have the capacity to plan of all. So instead You planned the next one. In that way, I can get some rest or I can you know, be ready so he can actually Gobi and operations offshore, because what he was doing for most of that day, rather than planning that mission, he was we're casting the next ninety six hours of sustained combat operations. I can't the also can afford an we got a flight, we'll have a certain reports or number airplanes, but the rag it wasn't, a matter is whose you maybe get that job in the Abruzzo squatter commander we're doing long range strategic stuff. I spent the entire day planning, and here and my wing and never Wednesday, take time taken that situation for me. You know from beginning to end. Gotta stay humble
back to the book. Finally, it is important not only to be faster, but to me maintains that speed through time, this Reference is made possible through physical and mental fitness, physical witness develops not only speed energy and agility to move faster, but it also develops the endurance to maintain that speed for longer durations with endurance. We not only our pace the enemy, but me Tina higher tempo longer than he can mental fitness builds the ability. To concentrate for longer, pier of time and to penetrate below the surface of a problem. For this reason, fitness plays an important part in the life of every marine. Patent once said, hi physical condition is vital to victory. And here's the conclusion of this chapter. We must be faster than our opponent
this means. We must move fast, but, more importantly, we must act faster than our enemy The aim is to tailor our tactics so that we can act faster than the enemy force can react, our ability, a plan decide and execute faster than our enemy creates advantage that we can exploit. We have just Scots Ways to improve our speed readers of Publication may think of additional ways to be fast when you find one that works. Tell your fellow Marines about it. So they can use it to anything works to make you faster is good, even if it is not yet in the box, well, a speed wise, we're not do and we'll get on this podcast right now, because we are now something like three hours deep.
And we only made it through another two chapters, so probably not exactly the fastest, but we are gone deep, we're getting into it. The fact that you know we were just Talking about the fact that we need to keep our mental and physical fitness up in the game. There's ways that weaken this waste, We can do that when a ways that we can do. That is a little thing that we liked. Kadijah too. How many times we talk about you just do today. I don't they an overwhelming number of times, but it's definitely there ask me how many times I thought about it. So did you brazilian jujitsu, if you're not training in it, isn't real good reason not to training.
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because he gave it to me because I actually could. If I Even if I go by a rash guard, I would I spend the money to get the rash, that I wanted I actually use this where the stuff, because it's the stuff that I like the most and is because I can call echo a me up which again and that anyone that's good to go Look you up. He he hooks me. ECHO is when unreported hook and not always he'll come up. Car has pill is causing call me up it's good stuff. And if you dont know this, if you support origin or you support, the store. That's actually what supports this podcast? If you, if you ever listen this casting, you said yourself that was pretty gonna, get something out of that. Then We appreciate cause us, that's how we make this spot gas through your support to this, just which everyone to subscribe to it. You can do so because, when you listen to subsist subscribe to it,
ECHO thinks it people dont subscribe to it is he pair Should I be more paranoid? Should I be freaking out, people aren't subscribing now there's a traffic. If you of gradual grab and also take other warrior kid bond. How often do you listen? The warrior had passed with your children. Dave Burke go Only when there with me in the car, which is retirement with an I'm driving them somewhere right. And are they you feel like the lessons are, are sinking and they are the two things one. I love the podcast, that my kids will learn things at the ages. They are when I didn't they good I've. I always either to younger they're, not gonna, get it they do because they reference it there. They will tell me things that they heard no. Jack who said this in he dreams dashing uncle Jake's for sure they say that
and then the other peace. And if you're not look if you're the bureau, Jocapa Cashless, another doesn't have kids in or not listen or it could be, I have learned thing: on the warrior. Kid pot gas as a parent, a ton of things, so it Just for them, as much as it is for them. I am, Fischer that as well, and it is good for them, and it is good for me to do My warrior kid podcast voice, so not it! I have been a guest on the worship. Keepeth cast an eye how to change my voice. The little bid to make it more appropriate for the kids. No doubt I didn't consciously do that Unconsciously say you know what I got a that's just like I was just like. Ok, I'm talking to kid, hey, kids! This is the way it's like that. Just came out of me. I didn't say: ok need to think about how to get into boy your kid podcast character. That's just what How can a trying to engage a bunch of kids? You gonna give it a little bit of that little bit of that absolutely will be that little bit
so yeah we're you're good I ask you to check that out and don't forget check out. Irish Oaks ranch dot com for young Aden, that's making soap. On his farm aids in the game yeah, so you can stay clean, Youtube Channel. The u to Channel is called Jacko, podcast and Theirs videos on it of this park ass. If you once you Dave, Burke, looks like you can see, you, wouldn't even guess, review and see what I look like. Did you go there and if you want to get small excerpts that ECHO Charles made that he thinks are legit. You can check out. You can subscribe to the Youtube Channel psychological warfare couple tracks so that you can overcome moments of weakness? And we also have website, canvas dot com, that's Dakota, Meyer, listen up ass, one fifteen, yes, list the podcast one, fifteen, just listen to podcast one. Fifty Dakota, my
here his story here what he has done. What he's been through his life I talked to Dakota on a fairly regular basis and just check out flip side, canvas dotcom. That's that's all you really need to say on it dot, com, Slash jock. If you need some work out, gear have word fitness there. He needs and work out dear, seek and Jackson Steel check out on it dot com slash, Jacko and get some gear for yourself it. We got some Dave, rethinking the box, yet some books same thing with the park ass, you get the the war UKIP, I guess you have the word get books where the the kid and Marks mission, I've gotta the third book. Now, where were you kid There is a will and we are talking a lot about it. Danny Reinhardt in my house, right now and
and how much mark can't stand Danny Rheinart, that boy that the stories in all three those looks just like with the pod gas. My kids are learning things that I didn't think they were able to learn at their age and they are in their lessons that are applying to them. Dollar zone in fifth grade its apply to her world and the people in the things that she's doing as apparent? I am dealing so much from those books to be able to better parent, my kids of what I know is working for them in his books of the Warder kids hears you gotta, get that serious and making the dragons to just because its. Sort of geared towards a younger kid Sammy's acting the story in that my kids get it. They understand that it is sold and then there's despite freedom field Manual, which is a book that I wrote and its,
answers a lot of questions that I got asked a lot about my own personal kind of operating system. I guess for lack of a better word. What they eat, how to rest work. Doubts and I guess the more impact full part is what I'm thinking about this because freedom field may know how to get after the audio is on Amazon disowned its own mp3, it's not on it. It's not on audible, dinner's extreme ownership and the dichotomy leadership which, written by me and my brother leaf ban. When did you read stream ownership. For the first time Dave I was at the first book release late give it to me? I am adamant DC and I we don't even know you can write a book. He say come out and join us using DC for that release him at primate twenty fifteen. I'm guessing October finucane some like that. Me a copy. That was that when you, when we were all together in an event, nor was it was just leaf
was in DC are on a zone. Was it for that think when you ok, It was before you and I actually met. Again we always garland following month. It was a month before that check, and I guess I wasn't going to school, and indeed he and he was out there and he's job I'd, see him in a while. He had me to copy the book and all new to me for all the other books on it. You gotta start We have to start with extreme ownership cause. That's really the thing that that makes all of it makes sense, as you have to understand. That of what that might really means- and you have to read everything we talk about today was a dichotomy. This entire one tax remain was a dichotomy and that's why you would have to have both those together and you read those for the rich. Some, even for the field manual. To really EC sense that mindset of of they went through membership means it underpins all you have to have. You have had both those books, you gotta freedom.
And then we are excellent front. Where Dave Burke goes in with the rest of the team and what we do is we. We talk about things that we talk about today, but more important. We give the actual price matic hands on instruction. And assessment to sure that leadership inside an organization is actually moving in the right direction if from a strategic perspective, and that everyone is on board and aligned and got that if you need, if you have a problem in your organization of any kind, is a leadership problem, and we can help you with your problems, all of them echelon. Dot com for details on that. We have uniform line which is a it's a tool. It's an interactive. Leadership. Training tool where you will not just
gets repetition on the information but more important yours two absorbed in a different way in a more comprehensive way. You'll be put in the leadership scenarios that you have to unfold and unwind and make decisions in by the way is an interactive online leadership. Turning yet make decisions For good, as is the face to face training, is as critical as at face to face. Training is with us. It's it simply not an occupation. It is not a one time thing in this EU of online resource because it actually its dynamic, even though its per is dynamic battle. It allows you to get additional reputations that isn't just the same thing over and over again, it allows you to think about what means to be a clear and how to actually problem solved in real time and a recognition that you gotta, think methods of everything all day year end the way technology is now I mean there's somebody advantages to it. For instance, you're in a classroom with d Britain, seventy people at your event and the euro,
can notes on something that Dave Burke just said and then all of a sudden you look up and you missed his next topic. Does not happening If I'm on your present pause, you re rewinding at your watch and again your submitting a question you know you, you got that goal, no you're going to and you're watching you you're, trying to make decisions based on what you just learned. When you don't make the right decision you're having it explain to you why that decision wasn't the best decision for you to make it that type. So yet it's it's a girl