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193: Operational Excellence. The Last Vietnam SEAL to be on Active Duty, Kirby Horrell

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This is Jocapa gas number one. Ninety three with Uncle Charles and me Jocker willing good evening. Believe me, I, I often say that I was raised in the ceilings. And I was actually I mean. I didn't joined the navy until I was eighteen years old, but once I was in. The teams was the only thing I knew and when I got in what happened When you got your team, was you got in line you got on board with the program you got taught how to act. Not just out of fire maneuver, not just how to shoot, move and communicate. You got taught how to act. How to carry yourself. The attitude
you're supposed to have. You got turned into a frogman. Now there was no. There was Oh explicit course of instructions, no one's given classes on on men. Or toughness or anything like that. But you were you are in doctrine, aided in other ways. You were taught the old ways. Then you heard stories and you'd read stories about. The answer to use the naval combat demolition units and the underwater demolition teams you hear about there credibly brave work in world war, two You hear about the massive actual tease that they would suffer making the beaches say for amphibious landings and that
That frogman heritage certainly ran deep, but at its core, the lineage that we followed that emulated and that we worshiped. As young seals, the Vietnam seals. They were the standard without question and I was lucky because when I got to the teams There were still some Vietnam seals round sum of more on active duty. They were the teams they weren't training departments are, they were Master chiefs were worn. Officers are some of more senior officers, metaphor the admiral in charge of the community, when I got him with a Vietnam guy the warrant that many and when these
Ok, we listened in when they taught us something we took notes taught us the things that we needed to know: the tactics, the techniques, the immediate action, drills standard operating procedures, and they also kept us honest, because this is the eighties- and this is the nineties and there's no war going on, and there were some flare up around the globe. And seals got some flashes of combat action, but there was no sustained operations and we could a slack off. But the old breed new They knew that it was only a matter of time before war would come again. They wanted us to be ready and when the time I'm came, they were ready and we were ready because of them because those
Vietnam era seals that had continued to serve and continue to pass on the lessons and the knowledge to the younger generations, and because of them, we were ready to take the fight to the enemy and we did like our forefathers, that's what we did. And it is an absolute honour today, To have one of the longest serving seals com, in the next forty seven years. The last Vietnam seal to be on active duty. Let us tonight, Master Chief Kirby Hurrah, chief. Well assured, thanks for coming on man, hello, guys, how you do it I am honoured to be here and honour Two I had to talk to all of your supporting people out there. Let them know what my story is what a great
story. It is and what a wonderful life I've had. I told the vice president, the other day I said you know: I'd still be doing this job. If I, and I got all the cell, whom that's the only drawback. Now we all get all that's the John Wayne Theory and if you know what that is, what's the John Wayne Thier, none of us get out of here alive, shirk on that island. That's the deal, but what start! Let me let me gardener. You start, let's start with wherever you grew up grow up. I grew up in Missouri, farm boy move to the big city started, building hot rod, which big city say: lush worker, that's the only one in Missouri, they think other ones, our butts, not all wet year wet year. Was this that you were moved? It Saint Louis, all trolley around sixty two sixty three. You know
and Iiii that's why I went to high school because I was going to say so you're in high school and high school at the time- and I was a big thing in those days where you you go to. School in the morning get your mom. At the rhythmic, English and then go work at noontime adage at a job site right angle, Trade kind of something- they're coming back to now has kids need trades right today? So I the trade, but I worked at county speech up so it fit perfect with my county. What county speed chop? It was a beach around this. The bill drag cars builder, detract cars, everything else and I had a year. I had Fifty five chevy that I had built up had run norm
Or from dry counties to add to what counties when I was living in Arkansas had paid the bill, so that was good, and so, when I got back to Missouri, I started building bigger and faster motors, and I would take the car downturn and race for money down on the river flats right I got. One too many times, and the judge said young man. I have some options for you, Well, I just finished reading the book frogman and I said you your honor, I think that gonna be. The Navy thing is, he said, be a good deal. So he said, here is. My number, if you're recruiter, doesn't call me tomorrow, I'm puttin a bench worn out Faria Day, so I want to sign up for the navy. The next morning was on it
plain that evening, headed for Santiago, I'm the changed. My life right. This were kids, think it's gonna be like nowadays is not like that anymore. Not just met effective. You get in trouble, you're, not gettin in that even you, damn sure did initiatives. If you have any kind of record didn't want you have. The other thing that happens is guys. Think. Oh I'm just gonna joining there'll be gone the next day. I know you're gonna have six months. Eight months of waiting around before you go completely different world. You gotta remember the Vietnam WAR was so. How will you I was eighteen, when that happened in how close attention were you pain of Vietnam at the time I'm not really a lot. I was paying more attention to hot rods and building fast cars being over and then when this thing came up and I I had to kind of shift gears,
realized that I was in the Navy now cases, nineteen sixty seven sixty seven, so Vietnam's for I'm in Vienna on right now on its common. So the m- I got out here what the boot camp had anti see here in San Diego and indeed What days you had to go, do a ship tour West Pack tour before you could come to the teams. Wasn't common right out of Buddha. And go into butts right. So I had to do a west back, and you know my job on the West Bank was a fireman cause. I haven't the shortest sky and could crawl inside the boilers and outlined, while what a good deal with your way back there probably about one thirty one. Thirty, I am strong is
as both right, I could do thirty pull ups and not even bat, an eye and I'll. Tell you how that worked out for me when I was a training, so then they saw. I was on the ship and the the cool part about it is. I didn't stand the far room a long time, because the people that work and care of the captain's gig did know how to set the rack on a slant six diesel track? I know that so they got me other far room to come up and be the captain's gig saw engineer, or so that was a good deal for unity won t to ie to at the time Julia Big Man a big rate at a great solids, very goal. I got the job. The boat was running great, the first day the job right down there, and I was on the USS Piedmont. You had to run out on the big booms that that swing from the ship, so they tie up all the captain's gigs and Malo, the ostrich motor boats and stuff like that wallet
the day, I just taken my white tennis shoes out of the war. There were still pretty slippery, I'm running out and the boom slip dual back flip from about thirty feet in the air into the water swim over jump on the captain's gig and stand and worthy engineers stands out. The timing and Captain Davies, who dot that it was also a short captain, start applaud none of the quarter, deck Nicholas Cheese, it that was the man smack, and so we have this to say Heaven. I became great friends, great friends and now and that lesson for six months in and then when I got back did my on my buds training qualifications over the p. I did those over the p I, when I got back to San Diego, I was expecting to go right class right, not the key because my lieutenant had hidden the shit that pushed through, and I
Fortunately, I knew the captain said: Captain Davies kind of made that all right I still ran from thirty second street over buddy training many times trying to get all that started out. I was just good training then I got over tube to the training and captain naughty, whose over there goes manual, just made it just in time to start class. Forty nine right. Well, the pre training that we have now a days that kind of preparing for all that stuff. I wasn't there so light three days and training. My legs are like ready fall off and- and so was everybody else's right, class forty. I started harmonies what you checked in on what day like how was how long was before you actually classed up and went like ice started on? I, like I got there on a Thursday. Started training on a Monday, okay, so that that was the pre training. I got scared share as your end of the year. That was the whole thing. Man so was very cool.
Go all in all this stem from the fact that you had read the book to fragment absolute, and you said: that's what I'm gonna do yeah yeah! That's exactly what water guy did you not really the lakes or anything that really first, I'm as in the ocean was errand Sandy Eagle and I had a couple of surfers guys the class because I was trying to jump over the wage cuz only swimmin I'd ever done is rivers and lakes rang, and was okay with that body and doubtless surf before and the surface in the classical no kirby. You got a dive underneath the waves and am I thought she had got it so underneath the waves I went and it was great man. I think once I got my finns I felt like here I was a water baby, then cause I I could fly with the fence. I never go near the ocean without my friends were anyway, it's so whose very cool, so we so we got started, I mean there's two hundred and twenty twenty five of us had started class, forty, nine and
am I nemesis Was- was Oliver and this game on my retirement right, Oliver was this big hook knows indian guy that ran like a hundred miles, east strongest and oxen an ugly as an easier. An instructor was over student, total instructor, total instructor him and mother. My mother, my was also an instructor, our class. Forty nine was mother, moist first class rang, so we're all standing out in front. You know of the of the building over the old amphibious and dumb we're all lined up there. While Oliver comes out and starts looking up and down the line- and he goes say you're too, start to be here and I want. I'll, be here one year gone day, o that her lie: eight half the modern, the bottom of San, Diego man. It was wild, but Oliver and I we have- we grew a relationship while I go through training, so being the shortest sky dead. Ever. What the
but the training right out. I felt all at all you five four all the Sundays other days, I'm five three! Now that I'm getting older, I'm I'm polygon afresh five too, pretty soon I ve had some more stories about that but sell the so Oliver walks in the back of the of the main office and tells me the Mai, hey mother, my I thank you, the troll in this and other more goes now, your shit measures will go out there and look and- and there I was mad, it was wild that started the whole skate of of situation. We don't talk shit through instructor, that's oh yeah! I just want to advise people that could ok. You can also go terribly wrong because if you piss off an instructor, they will they will. They can crush you and destroy you. So that's. He obviously saw something new that he liked right. But if you want to see that you know that
each you alive. While I can only tell you that every day of training every day of training and they're, going to herself. So that may have been part of that. What you're saying he didn't like me, kind of thing cause, no matter where I was ass. If I was running in the middle of the pact, everybody from me back was in the universe, got off for the guys I was there cut off. I got one day we just said camera run in front of the pack right and everybody in the classical. Ok, that's great because with little declassed, our lot chosen the front of the pack, no shit the whole class recently given squatted Oliver, He was great. It was a hard hard man but and I'll tell the in it goes back to what I was saying earlier about pull us. We do pity, and I can I can run hard, do a lot of dna, but it came a pull up. I could not got thirty bullwhips with nothing while Mother Moye and Oliver used to make me hang on the pull apart and that hit
in the stomach and see how high they can make the swing and hacker everybody in the class I'll tell you that my thorn, my thought was in my class you'll tell you that you know some of the other. Some of the other tidbits about going through training MIKE Mike Thornton, Presidente name, is built for big eyes tall guys cuz. I'm short, I got big chest, the top log on the dirty name couldn't get over. Sometimes I just wouldn't couldn't do it, MIKE Thorn, would come up there and throw me over their talk log and the instructors and get pissed off and go far. You stop doing that, but where would he stared? Would you do that really stands down stand on the log? none of the Lord Login, though, will be over the top log whisker hypocrite and they and the days I couldn't do it. Then instructors made me, go through the weaver twice, but of all the rest, no problem, without any of the rest of the obstacles, but that was part of it. You know
personality. I think my personally kept me going cause. It was. It was a good thing in the instructors, even though I was based on a moth day. They enjoyed. Have me there does when it came to to be in I'll San cookies and and volcanoes and stuff well, if they got to close, they became part of the sugar coffee in the volcano her real. We hate you, that's so very cool Oliver, Oliver Bob mistake after after after graduation, so them must have meant something and mother boy paid today, but my best friends, he annoyed comes that every event he was the average retirement in all when I retired from the Navy I had done. I had like five speakers that all Martin and shared the her their comments about Kirby. As you went through training and mother, my was one of them, so it was classic. Fifteen hundred people are my retirement. Yeah yeah, huge huge, but anyway
after we got through buds, you know, then we went through mom. We went to worm beyond the guy's made it through class there were twenty, two to start we're, through twenty and you're under retorted, get probably ten percent, but I got roll back in a class. Fifty same kind of thing: that's weren't! You get rolled for big because there was a year, a chief chief rose, who is one of our instructors, good guy, but he had come. What this little thing called a little limping where you had to do the all these different exercise, like swim, yet to swim. Five hundred yards in your clothes, Yahoo, pushups, set ups, pull ups and run a half. My are a mile and a half in your clothes, and yet do that all in a thousand seconds right. So I missed it by like twelve seconds and he goes sorry. We're gonna have the role you back,
and I want a crab while I was in order when there were like five guys in the classic got rid of our long. Were you in training? We want through second phase, where to go through second phase dive face again and then go on to the third phase, but the third phase to me was: you know that was like a vacation causes. Land warfare greets greet shot good on the land, because the Hunter Universe Countryboys all I know about all that stuff it might Martin was in your buds classes, well get class if the rollback as you holding his grandma yeah, then I might thwart no might Martin yeah yeah, oh yeah, that's good! I never thought about that. Before from one might do the other and MIKE Mike and I were swim bunnies I may we did all the dives together everything else. He was a who'd want to came to do an ocean dives because it always get above me and I couldn't when you're, diving, you're looking for your swim, somebody to the sides right, not above you and Michael screw with me
all the time and hide up there in the Kelpie Michael, I just lost my swim body where the hell is he right where that was all we're out on the point Lama we given the Emerson rig O. Absolutely you mean the other one, that bubbled away, everything Yanza worse rather than they heard they called it green death. Yes, yes, that's not a good rig well, because all the bags, the bags that they had on it were built how to keep you know their hair, but be, of your rubbing on things and operating and everything else that always get it we're pattern and them so you're, always off gassing in those so he always had the charge him enough. You didn't make sure your bags were charge that they called it. The green death yeah. We we we, we drove those out locked away, but but we made it we made it through and that we all want to thank the many island which was another who not a great great time on its ankle, many idle blown up
up, shootin stuff Armenia. What's the dream? That's a during the agri totals during the coming across the beach at night. You know it was, it was definitely definitely a good thing and then and what graduated, but our graduations in those. These were certainly not what graduations are today we were out vine building formal one and they came by and gave us our certificates. Gus. Congratulations! You guys. You know we all felt ten foot doc as re graduated bugs, but at the same time there is no crowds. They heard, no, nothing. It was just us so different and you how did you not go? Do you d, cheating? I was good. The land warfare and not a great shot. So they kind of That's the way it worked in those days if you are good swimmer, if you're, robot, swimmer and you were kind trend towards that. Then you, go to unity, if you're good at land warfare, good at blowing up things and and shooting
then you'd go to shielding and that's how I got picked a gotta shooting one cause was much better on land, then I was in the water so it was the yeah, that's what brought us over their MIKE and I went there. We went through FBI together and now when you get to SBA on now, there's just one seal team on obviously shielding ones run in the FBI, which is the year. The training to get you she'll do make. It the actual the actual skills. Together, you see your cousin buddy, don't learn a lot o Brien run and whose run in that country the cadre Catherine I mean we damn Maki Martin, you know and he was there and we had a number of other excellent guys that we're had been to Vietnam several times they were our instructors. The M, and they took us out to our famous location, is nigh, lend you know when there was nothing there. We lived in no way trailers that old, thus stream?
silver stream trailers, austrian trailers. What we lived. There were no no windows, it was honoured twenty degrees. In a week. Up every morning and have our protein breakfast, which was fruit cocktail out of a can, because there is nobody cook in any day and then and there we go work in the desert all day and come back, and that heat and him We have our we'd, have dinner, It was through cocktail and can and Kippur snack what you said. Another good deal what's up and then they had the Then they had to irrigation ditches up a day in the desert, withered irrigate all the fields will that was our shower Gus. We have any running watch your step, would fill our we'd fill our canteens up the go train and in the desert, at the filling station in town and off, we go was the though it, but we have a lot of bullets and that's all that matters bullets, but the heat was unbearable. Amazed There are one hundred twenty two we saw gutters ready basically for Vietnam, cousin
get the Vietnam of sky like shit. This places all was the rest belie? How long was FBI behind was like six weeks worker six weeks and in that got us up this and then they got us into our patterns and then not somewhat. What year is this now? This nineteen sixty nine in sixteen idea and what platoon did you go into its yield? One foxtrot better thought I was pie, manufacture but squad wanted. Mikey was appointment, a squad to might foreigner. Might Martin MIKE Martin Mark Martin you're right MIKE Martin I mean MIKE Thorn had already been over with his other securities and cross border class, forty nine, the animal judgments we were kind of six weeks behind those guys. That's why we rolled but There was no, we didn't have the time lag. They have today about Goin when you finish SB, I you're goin, right now so I remember the day when they got ok geyser to plan and we want
or to North Island aerostation any kind of work up as reports as a I e couple weeks, couples. Are you finish SB and then its into platoon. You shouldn't a few weeks ago in the polluter alone, and that off off. Your guessed wasn't really because there's so many less seals was only what on the West Coast, where hundreds of years, eighty seals, ok, so everyone This kind of uniform, anyways out you're all learn from the exact same cod ray a and that's why, when, when I came back from Vietnam, that's what they put me right and training so because we had new guys that have to be trained up, and there was time like to get that gone right so that what they that's, what they were doing, the guys are really good and there in the field they would take them and put him right in the training department and get the guys that are ready to go in
who had not they go. So that's how long was it so how long we in Europe to do and fox opting for like a couple months than you did ass? It are you goin unemployment problem? Nine we were. We were in their three months prior to deployment in, supply, would be over their six months and come back and then they break the paternal pardon often go. Who is there? Any army was, many like this anti war stuff. That would do you even think about it. We were all we too busy to even think about that. I may wait. We saw it when we got home you and all because of the because of the Anti war stuff and all that kind of stuff, and you know, and we were too hardened to even character Riah with care. And now so that we just kind of blue right past that we never got into to anyone. I mean we got home. There was kind of a demonstration outside of of North island. You know about. That kind of thing we drove right by an imbecile was no no big deal
so the wars in Europe? So how will do you no right now? Are you like nineteen twenty years old? Yes, twenty years. All your first appointed to Vienna got young Hunter twenty one of what was your. What was your thoughts flying over to Vietnam had like see seventeen, which was like a whirlwind too plain that where fly men- and it seems like we ve flu for ever pen- you know on that, the cool thing about it is when you left North island. They give you a box lunch and when you landed in Hawaii, they give you a box lunch while the Euro, Box lunch was like an egg, an orange yellow butter and jelly sandwich and at a meeting, cheese sandwich? And some milk you. What's your we landed and tonsure off you. We man, we went out high style, you know, and we landed at tonsure, nude airport. We we landed there and they we hung up therefore, while had there the year even before we had to fly from thoughts
down to bend to egos. Are they special operations off her she'll take office, was at Ben doing so he flew there. I flew ended there because I was like the part of the Pre party to go to sea float and set up for the new baton run. The first ops stuff what the the opportune and stuff like that's all that was we flew there there, the a guy state in the Victoria hotel. You know, and I Saigon at the time, and we took off and flew down to bend to. We got ready to catch a burden, go on down a seat, and would you pretty much just completely ample to go and get some of which we all are you may favour with that's away? That's who we are right now we want to get with it. We won T get with the programme in and get there as soon as possible. We are breaking up. You know we went about older, guys, we're on there who, who in Europe will turn had been on my three four five deployments already, while the chief
that we had Chief Jones had been on it he'd been on a couple of points, radioman Lee Pitman, who had been there. We are another guy, I'll yachts. Who was our security guy? You know they're, all good guys are good I see and what was their attitude like going back what's wrong? What's wrong? Let's rock solid jeered lit leap it most it was was the best he was the best radio menu color Vermont right using call an omen. Just hey get over here. You know but they were all of the union. I think I think, probably the biggest guide the gun shy. One was the chief hee hee just had seen a lot of war, and I dont think that he really he knew to be their cause. He was the chief right, but some of the shit that we got into you know he just dumb hit. It was time for him to go home right, and so we did. We suffer because when the shit we got into man, I mean one night when
got ambushed on the damn joy and I might probably told you this, but we're goin in an eye you had done. I was gonna sampan. We had like four SAM pants on the bow of the of the seal light support craft, and I was asleep and they are in the sampan right. We hit this canal called the damn doin somethin woke me up. I think it's a guy upstairs you know I'd let the Lord was gone. Kirby stamper unique wake up, so I woke up and go holy shit and I jump. I start to jump in the boat and be forty rocket blows. The bow of the boat off I roll and come up pride behind. Right, I'm holding onto the fifty Cholera Machine gun, or the Miller, the kills on up an ambush everything We learned right if you're, in a kills on blast your way out of it, so that fish, swung around and it just started blast it, and I had upload guys on the floor, which the chief was one of them and they were
Lincoln that fifty cow ammo and at fifty cow was gone for everything. It was worth man, people on the on the banks, geyser shootin flares, and every time I saw a guy that fifty caliber took about Saul was like we were to doing damage, but by then the first boat that MIKE was on Miss Martin. They had called in the sea walls, so the sea walls were scrambling here. These I've come flying over many gun, Blair and door, gunners have got their White B be these on and flak jackets Erin took time to get dressed, and their blowing the shit out of this place over their right so the time we got all that settled the the m. I had bullet holes through my clothes that had burned my skin, but no through and through everybody the boat, which we had to scrap the boat has had so many bullet holes in it was unbelievable, MIKE's boat. The media support heading towards.
Line than we had to make a circle and come back out of the damned hell of a far fight hell of a far right for a long long time and a young, and when we get back see float. You know the boat that I was then was almost rate at Saint Great, so it was. It was very well stride, but nobody get shot. Nobody got killed. I got burned marks. That was the biggest. That was the biggest deal but the m. That was a wild time. In the end, the Cox in whose name was Willie Willow Williams, that guy was there. He was older, guy right and every time he got what this he needed to take a shot of whisky just just to keep themselves off with it, but the idea of an EU is like a little. He really was one crazy night for really but We all made at home, safe. You know and ready for the next day. So when you got there, what was that? What was a primary was a mission that you guys we're tasks we're doing. What are you guys doing? What we
you know when we got there animals. Zoom wall had told a bunch of charges up right. Thirteen barges, we called it, see flow. You go online and look at it to a bunch of the barges that supported all the riverine boats and all of them irish squadrons in South Vietnam. So it set they anchored at right in the middle of the Sancho on River, with these giant anchors ride. So it was probably about regards bono on each side of it on the river banks and tell the tides you don't want. When the tides changed over their cause, there were fourteen foot tied change, then you'd have mudbanks and stuff that so it worked out perfectly the problem with it and that's where we're all station the problem with it was at the Zaparos would use. The current anti explosives on a line. Let the explosion slow down with the current and hawk around your anger chain. And then these
explosives, would come in to the side of sea float and try to blow you up. So all of the guards that were posted, twenty four seven at the thing would have the watch out for that and shoot it out so you're a milliner when you try to get sleep and all of a sudden. This big George blows at me go all cool with the well that one didn't get us, and so that was the yeah that was life on seafloor coming every every now we're your birthing origin, everything everything everything yeah having showers food, everything, that's where our this is where at and all that kind of stuff, so it was. It was an experiment to do that. Very useful deployment on that thing. Yes well, except I was Workin Phoenix Programme with eyes work in Phoenix programme. Then I would go to different locations right, but they are, but we usually would launch offer their and some of the Phoenix stuff. We would do well to man, sampan, ops where myself LEO Roush rest his soul, him I would get sampan and take
Casey, yes scout with us, and we would pay old, ten clicks and a bad guy country and snatch The sky! Out of this huge and bring him back. Because he saw was a bad guy about began. I level BC where we're dead Intel come from from the kit, Carson Scouts from Navy intelligence. You know from more from a lot of different areas and we would bring in Ireland because we sent the lot we did. A lot of on our own intelligence gathering in the southern region down there complained about the next programme for people who don't know what it is all the fiend programme was dying designed by the agency and probably several other people, and what it was was to root out the the bad guys in villages that were working cut like double agents that were working for the south. Vietnamese government also working further Vietcong, so what we relied on. What this Phoenix Programme relied on was Intel from the locals that this guy
a double agent and then moment got that then he would send teams in the snatched the guy and bring him out and do further interrogation on by not only us bought by other groups, the euro, and that worked. It worked I'll until all the bad guys started, fingering good guys and now the intelligence was all mixed up so you know in the beginning of it, it worked fantastic because we got a lot of a lot of add guys you don't basically out of the jungle. And a bad psychological operations to be told these guys who thought that they were safe and thought they could get away with it all the same. They disappear in the middle of the night. Absolutely absolutely and put the fear got into the terrain. But the men in a green faces did was make them disappear. Had you running to man operation, so yeah given Ghana, sampan and,
were panel? How for how far? Would you guys paddle? I think the fathers we ever the deepest wherever one was probably ten clicks from a safe zone with gentle. Would you care for radio? Where would you carry radio? We care? radio for twenty five towards the only five yeah yeah and I carried I care today, when your dress, like of Vietnamese, call absolutely black pajamas. You know, though it does nighttime, so they can see that your white boy from Pats, that's exactly exactly right. Polio Harris opted. I tell everybody about this out because Leon and I went on undesirable. We captured this high level, vc we're paddling back ass, all our lives. If that's a good one, let's talk about it, so this is next programme, operation, Phoenix Programme, operation, and you get Intel on a bad guy right. They tell you ok now. How detailed was the intelligence that would you would get? Would date? A okay? Here's? The village would you get overhead the imagery of that village? No, not no stays
so you just would look at a map. We would look at a map. We would talk with our case. Yes and a case s were more kind of guys that we paid on our side too. That new, the local area, because we had captured on but we had switch them over, to our side. We were paying them We also had a village with their family that we support in it, so we made sure that they were going to go to the other side cause her family was saw visiting us right so now the whole thing, so they would help us this. Exactly where this where and they were guys on it. For the most part, they really wonderful, also opera, so you'd be looking at you ok, there's a village at this grid coordinate right. Whatever you, Look at it. You do a map study looking at the river, and you think, ok, when this river turns to whatever,
to eighty, then we have to go another two hundred m in the village will be on the left side of the back hatch little and I'm worked at tides. Cuz. Remember the tides are fourteen ft, so you got to move with the tide, There is nothing movement against the tide. You can move, it ebb but you got you gotta to move with flowed you try and time it so you're goin in with the tide and come out with the tide yeah that was, If you don't do that, you're gonna screw. Yes, while you are very slow one way or the other, and then you go into a little like this- is just your stereotypical vietnamese village elapsed to launch a little who just set up, and you would know hey third hooch from the water on the right hand, side it's gotta, whatever freakin. That's exactly right! That's exactly right! that's how we would targeted and then ok, so you go up you paddle Europe, and are using any night vision at all
I'm trying to do it with moon with half moon with Starlight. Did you want to completely dark what'd? You all idea all half moon would have been idea. Berlin! That's what we want it, but you do not always get the so that was the whole things that was a role that the dice, sometimes depending on what the moon coverage was, as you know, and tides what was gone, so you always had the work, those two, especially with the two men team to man team. You don't have a whole lot. There, man, you got everybody on standby caring for weapon, stoner man coming on I don't go anywhere that Betsy she was. She was with me all the time she was agreed, Equalizer Army rounds, would you carry thousand and one What like two canteens, a water in a k bar in your good, maybe some grenade, maybe one cantonal water K Bar a medical kit and for grenades, and I was could that it was my black but outfit
and so a body, armor body, a t, a t, shirt with balls I painted and you're in black pajamas, so you get so you paddle up and then you do you just beach the get coast right in. It's quite username, activity on the water at night and if there is any other VC activity, all absolutely absolutely I'll I'll. Tell you about coming out of one of the villages where there were. You know that mean they're moving the same way: you're moving they're moving with tides. Thing if they're moving at night or they vc. Yes, only people out there that were friendly were us and, and they the philosophy, was everything on this up everything every do this on the sobs common home, safe everything else is not right. So that's what So we slid into a village one night, so we slide n. We take the people, we want knock em out,
when the bottom knock em out. The hammer had about the whatever state operating procedure carried the sleeper slap are always works. Slap on the job you ll knock. It got accurately suppressed weapons. I did too any two's. That's all we had in those days when a heaven allow hush poppies, and we did those mostly far dogs them and keys that, were you know that were put out there, to act is Shootin Headshot Geese, that's impressive! Will ye had his but usually shot him in the fat body with it, when you do with a twenty two long ago, one. What was that but the young but Stoner one night were coming out, we met
some vc going in we were just kind of land, are waiting for the tide change and we were land in the weed tried, VC, sampan came by hand. Ah I put my stoner up. Have my stoner pointed at him followed on SAM pants and he reaches out to knock all the weeds away and touches the coal steel. Well his eyes were very big at that moment, but they weren't big for very long we eliminated those boys and cap on move him yeah once you get in the contact like that. Now everybody knows you're there, everybody scrap everything, gets scrambled everything, ok are you scream? You also absolutely, and they come out at night to drain help you out. We had a guy from we had a Dennis rally on here from the EU is a sea wolf pilot certainly just was,
awesome. Oh yes, I'm talking to you didn't care about anything they were going. There were! No. If you guys call them they were going to one hundred percent lower than they were. Full on, and if you haven't seen their new video they gotta see. We only briefly we put out the words groundless. You will see, as our embassy was you gotta do is a great great fell. Man talks about those guys and you can't say enough about those guys they're coming two are Vietnam. You know one parties get together is that we have, because they were so vital to our survival. You know saved our asses way more Then we can even count crazy, liberal regime. He told a story. They were they They stayed on station so long there. He goes local and run a fuel on trial. They run out of fuel. They land in the middle of a pet rice, Patty and their use in ammo cans to Detroit
poor view from those who decided to date they work all garage mechanics. Those guys were unbelievably now has a hot rod mechanic, so I understood the mechanism, but what they did to get those birds heroin, and in the beginning was phenomenal. I mean they took pieces and parts and peace and parts and and to see them. Do that and then you know, as the war carried on people at the army actually started copying what they were doing their goin out. How come those guys do that? We can't do that right. So now there's many guns on way more aircraft than they ever had before. Was because the sea wolves were the ones it started it and they put their rocket pods. I mean hey man, you know it was all good. It was a good start. You work this fee, see that touches the barrel of your weapon in others on a key area. You kill him now,
on its on, because it's been completely silent, the whole night all pull night and all of a sudden there's a first of five five six rounds and now everyone's awake so now do you get on the radio and you're hey. We just wearing contact the vc. That are our case. Yes, paddle, unlike a wild Leon, is on the radio, and I got the stoner of the front of the of the sampan onward. How far how far away or you from we picked up we were probably like three four clicks inside BC country so that sorry, you had to go four thousand yards to get off. Meme, everybody knew where we rat, so the launch was good It was Harry. The state is a good thing, as they don't have night vision. That was a good thing. How how we
We didn't digression easier, but I mean at that point. I take that trade because I don't want them to have my version of rivers and night scare, oh yeah, absolutely on the river in a combat only feel real naked low and if the enemy possibly has no vision, even they don't have an English. Will you running on the mere holding, at your whole, an instinctive reaction? His is heightened right here on the back your neck, everything's going. Right cause. You know they. They are feeling exactly the same thing. You're feeling like they're gone holy shit man worse this person at That was all thing we knock. I would the Lord was with the sat night. Can we got home safe right in sir? What you're, what so that was all thing we knock. I would the Lord, with this at night, we got home safe right in what you're, what you're extract point? Do you mean it in a main canal them
Can I make now there's asked there's a bunch of some kind of got. You look in about three those using at the embassy. We had light seal support craft, which is the one that we got ambush than we had medium she'll support graph, which were aluminum boats that had a step on the back alone had done too. Do twin four hundred and twenty seven Chevy motors on them with Holley Carburetors we tied with Holley Carburetors, and these things I mean they were fast and they would do fifty miles an hour plus on those river. So if once you one step get out the way there wasn't anything stopping and then we had swiftly. It's only a p b ours and we had the big junks there were down at sea. Floatin everything else other words? There was more than enough coverage to pick us up once we're the Big River, so you're paddling out you stay close to the edge of the river in the dark, oh sure, shadows choosing to translate the Shell Missy. I dont get in hurry when an rush, somethin right take your time. Romania just use it. You had a bird
nobody knows one that was, but they knew there's something right, because it is not. And they re learning it's hard for them to even triangulate by sound whereof toys. Yes top Is that true in the jungle to like in the city, goose hard to really hard to tell where a one burst it be hard to tell where it came from him came because you we the same situation, AIDS that sound is bouncing off of everything, so That's why they have the invented the when we were over in Bosnia. You know that Brits had the triangulation thing where, when a mortar would go off, if we can triangulate right where the noise was at and we can drop stuff right on that, that was an excellent thing. We didn't have that we're gonna go on. I think it's over their yeah yeah mellow, maybe over their frightened and as soon as you're I mean you scramble out of the immediate area, but you get two hundred metres away. Then it's ok, let's get quiet! Yes, yes, the edge saying same thing as you do: isn't insertion right, you move,
that noisy spot you move in your set. Your weight is anything movement is anything common at us? No, it's not! Ok! Let's move right, get going! That's where the word black came from. When you go block, go black came from guess who there was a Vietnam go black nobody knows what that word means only you write so when yours, all this shit Golan, everything else is gonna. Go black where does everybody? Nobody knows words all come in from. They suspect it, but they don't know, and are they brave enough to stick their face out there to find down not really so that was that was. That was one of many I mean we have to order. Was that the op I caught you off and then we kind of ran off and another store? Is that the one you said this is a story I always tell it was its programme it was in a village or one one of many gaps. One admits of that's the one area where you had that guy you're that contact what we,
grant and then I'll go to another one that was down south when we are uncertain because we had some vc, we had intelligence. The BC was comin up south. We had done all this answer planning two in the jungles to make sure we could pick up movement in the jungles and stuff like that and we got, Movement way down deep, but we had to score women set so how alphabetize avant Foxtrot we went down to set up on a river that we thought they were going to become an across, so we moved in late in the evening or setting up an ambush or setting up an when it's an ambush on a river on a river era. This is straight up the same thing that you guys taught us, rather than seemed lay in our aim, rehearse the same thing that its exit absolutely the same thing claymores on each flank, claymore in the rear. Let's why see what happens right so I'm on the left flank right, I wrote my play more I'll, come back Ganum! Seven!
right and all also not here movement right somewhat. And the tides, the tides you're goin down, and I see this arm bridge start bubbling up from the water, so they have a hidden bridge in it. So I see that the only saving grace is we're on high ground there on low ground. I see all these guys, there's like eighty guys down there that are trying to come across that bridge to do a ambush on sea float on the song cool on river. So I left the first guy right by Tove. Lo get the black ponies and the seawolves in the air. So he scrambles those guys right. So this guy comes Walker Cross and its appoint element come arrange from you, probably when I initiate probably five feet
so he's got a walk up like this up the bridge. Writing, while I'm right here so Theo Stoner comes or go. Can we light up right turn? Aids boom boom boom him up and overhead avi tents rife have won. The pilots lives right here, town Colbert, we call em, we saw the year, we had t arrow, which was kind of the early stages of Kim light juice, that we get throw the water that marked our line so. We see that in the water marked our line and the obvious tens come flying out of the sky and they're coming from like three thousand feet directly at the ground, Latins boosts the zoo me Rockets on. Well, why? What web and they're getting kind of close corn
oh, that claymores and get the hell out of here so were blown claymores and we'll get the hell out of their rights, and these guys you just turn up across the river. And so were taken off and all of a sudden we hear this gosh. Raw, so so were taken off well What was was are harder. Lieutenant had just pulled his life jack. Just enough, The frenzy were the Co2 Corfu was was just was weep and I'm going to get away from me. So we're hall of Ass were HOLLAND. Ass back up the canal was what a night that was wholly pan and then we down a a group of arms the next morning, the check it out and they there was like eighty dead bodies down there. So It was so one up like that. What what? How did you guys answer we enjoy boat up the river where there was a sort of men of how far we? How far away would you get her out of the polish Click,
so pretty close you patrolman Woody where'd, you learn are you weren't blue jeans item or blue jeans at night? I did where Blue Jeans, but the united and more bleaching come on how old barefoot? Oh, no, Jim Bird, is the only one that does not mean that we have no. I wore my boots and I'm glad I warn you that that always seem grazed me run or those guys who did it man. I knows I am. I know a guy said, did a too, but I will not move in a move away too fast. A word but step on some yak. It was saw that was a busy night and so for a night like that, since you're, not wearing black pajamas. Your word webs you got your stoner you're still care, two thousand rounds thousand round offensive operation. We bring bringing more grenades
all we would have. Probably you know what smoke I mean it since I was appointment. I would if I would have carried whatever the red or the green smoke and the radio and usually carry the red smoke. If we need to mark something, if we need to mark an lz, they would have Somebody else would have yellow and purple in all out through the out through the score, and then in the squad? How many sixties would you haven't squad? I too, two sixties and then would the rear security be Karen a stone or two you bet, and nothin like far superiority air. So anyone who wore what about which it would be so the reduced owners and two sixties, two stars to sixties have some sometimes three stones and two sixties. There. The lieutenant would carry m16 right I see, would probably carry and they would probably have you I'm seventeen, I am seventy nines are heavy tools, Gunnar. Neither of you know that sprawly. What would would have one on and we got in
seven or eight man spots, we're in eight yeah yeah, eight eight ignorant what right. So it was yeah. That was how long would always plan for these missions for all You know I mean we had our own intel, so I mean when we get something we could put together an up in a couple hours and ready to go, because Just as has every single knows, you know once Leah you get there and you get the routine down Everybody knows what their job is. That's what makes us what we are, and so we can together, not very very quickly. You know and numb you don't you, in Germany. When I was working in Germany, you know em two: that's what it meant man, when blush do we need the call. You got two hours to get the airport get on that airplane and get on, and that happened more than I want to. We can shift gears but the idea that was that was the Vietnam WAR, and then I came back, and so it would do. Hold on the Vietnam WAR. How was your
Temple like like how often we guys workin, we were and probably in this six month period of time, well over a hundred ops Shall I mean there were days when palm there would be three pops at day. No other days where there's two ups, one up did you do need as those parakeet ops flying in the daytime, like discounts and honour. I just wanted sure share. We did at an end, Are you a good story about that? We, we did one of those when cause. I was appointment as a guy the hung out the door and located the village right because we didn't have gps in those days, So? I was hanging out the door and I find the village where the bad guys were had not tell the bird set down so we're flying down This canal mean we're doing every maneuver following each bending that canal, I'm hanging the door and I go that's the village right there, so we flares we jump on hit it we're in a skirmish line. We start taken far from the village, not long per kilo.
Behind this error are the sea was so weak A skirmish lie. We start moving on this village right and taken and all the bad guys down his village, and we call on the sea walls or the sea was come in Polly ten feet over head with the many and just start rican the village Needless to say, we ll, like, while men running at the village- and that was because all the hot brass, but now the many guns were going down the back of our necks hearing, HOLLAND I thought I was gonna kill anybody that was in front of me. I care who fits we We all got back to see float and we are all of his head. By twenty first marks on her back where the hot brass? It follows that many gun? I went Probably last time, I'm gonna do that, but it wasn't, but it wasn't, but it worked out. That worked out fantastic, and that was like the same. What you'd call on Turkey to absolutely
We kind of opt stay behind ambushes, all that kind of stuff. We did all that we incorporated all that in her tactic. How often, would you guys get contact with the enemy on knobs? If you did a hundred operations? How often would you guys get contact with the enemy? You know, I want to say seventy percent of the time, because we did most of our own intelligence. So we always ha involved in contact. You know it wasn't there were a few times where we walked and walked Dry whole, what are our only chance that wasn't wasn't where it was supposed to be, but damages the time we had contact, which was which cap us all come in here. Jazz and ready to go pumped. That was all thing, but it but real, because we were all we knew we go out. We're gonna. Have contacts you better? Have your shit one bag did how hard you guys do for taking casualties.
Oh well. You know everybody and Fox Shop tune except forum, one of our officers who Have the left, because am I pointed out a booby trap to him and he turned around tell somebody put the booby trap and walked into the booby trap and it puts babies in this, but so he so he was a kid healthy. So we had to wear the fly him back to see, float and get them. Get the holes in his ass patched up. But what are the dad by everybody? I think I mean we all got hit, but nobody got hit so badly that they had to them. They had to be better backed off now are groupon? We were. There is when we had the biggest loss of life in in Vietnam. When the helo went down that we lost five guys. I we got off of that bird and that bird that operation,
was an operation that we had just come off because we had. We went after a russian advisor to the M to the Vietcong. We had him in a m in a village, He was able to run out that village and and run into the forest in all hum. That was at the over Rice Patty. So we decided to go after that, but going after that, we got met with like five hundred vc Cosette a whole company size element down there, so we kind of got it handed to us and a bit, but nobody, nobody lost their lies were able. This does get it. I'm contacts, get Brac, break contact, get honour birds and get home, but the bird took some took some hits. Right, so one landed at sea flow. We told them shut it down. Let's take a look at the army. Pilots have no. No, I all my gauges are good. It's good everything else. Why?
five guys Jack, Donley and Toby Tomlinson sparks, and rigour and Gore got on the bird to go up to bend to e ten. Unlike a thousand yards out from bend to the bird spinach rotors an inverted can the henna guys all of them were skydivers, so they all left the bird. You don't want tracking across the sky. But what happened? Is they come from? What I know is they hit the hit the rice, paddies and stuck in the mud and drowned in the in the rice, Paddy they couldn't get themselves loose from the from the mud, so that was a that was a crime. We all cried about that. That was their gall great great team guys it was a bad day bad day in our lives. What do you do with that? Platoon just back filled it back there you know, and the young man we talk upward. Because, while we got to see float, there was one but tune. Foxtrot was there when we left
to their cause, her so much action we had for patterns at had they're, trying to copper down on on everything. It was gone on right, so it was it. It was a very active active play, under the good up I'll tell you about that. Was a young Squire Bay Square Bay. Which was location right up from the entrance of the Sancho on River Canna was at night the sea would run supply trains down across score bay in San pans and deliver it to the BBC, which were on south of us that we were always hitting. So we found this out. So we decided to set up an upon on square Bay. So I we built a young. I built the twins, sixty Mount for the Boston whaler, which we had silent runnin. He had twenty five on and we took that up the shore bay and we parked in a little cove up there and just waited that night. We
night. Vision are great, big I'd, vision, glass and war, action. These SAM is our coming across swear bay. There was like twenty five up wow. This is the while wow West. So we on the boats. The boat driver was their got on the sixties and we hit it and we have cause them Square Bay, very shallow, probably ten for water and we come across their believes in them. Sixties, and all those guys in that in that wholesome, a pan stick out like dogs balls. So we just let him have it. Let him have it with one Boston, wherever one boss, sixties twinning, sixties, on while others how many SAM pants theirs. I think there was like forty right and when we had other team guys in the boats with less, and rightly so. We had these guys devasted
Devastating, but now we got now. I get forty SAM pans full of fish rice. You no guns, everything that the bad guys need down south the heap. We waited for daylight, which was probably about forty five minutes. So we just let us set their right waitin for any guys. That cannot pull blood that want to get up and shoot again. So we just set down. We, though, we approached once started Breakin daylight right, so they only person that was alive was this old woman that was to be not head like three teeth, gone so we so we made her drive. So she drove all the sand pans back. The sea flowed who was I know I know there was helos cuz there was he lives over the top of the somebody was taking a picture that, but it was. It was a magnificent thing right
and bring it all the campaigns back to see float and though we gave em to redistribute them them to the village that we had started, which was up wherever we had captured. So many people at sea float that we started a village. Upriver probably bar Polly by half a mile from she floated, and we just did. That was our village right. So we anything we would recover anything else from the vehicle we would give to. The village was efficient. Billy tried started with like five p or by the time we left country. It was like fifteen hundred people who are these people. They were just innocent fishermen and you know an innocent citizens that had gotten caught up in the grass right and they were trying to get out of the more zone. So we moved them of their great fishing, where it was at hand the, and you know they would go to market yet all which was up and lung towel and not from town. But I've been to weaken heads
all their fish and all that kind of stuff, so they were just trying to make a living. So we would take everything that those guys so that day they got all kinds of brain champagnes pans and everything else they loved us. I'd love those Americans. Salt was very that was very cool. Vertical the old lady. We took the old lady up there sit and you have a new home. Now she just kept court you and your beats not recur easy greasy math, but that was one that was one crazy up that made the history books. So it was. It was good, but here we all got home safe, which was a blessing general except far. Five guys, we lost varied, lost their lives, and now and then we had done the mighty mole got, got em It went down south we lost the Mikey got hit, then should have gotta purple heart didn't walks land, hum got hit in the eye with a piece of shit. Mental. What happened with that one,
whether the mighty mole was a big might boat. You know had all kinds of armor on everything else and what they were doing, which they should have done we're trying to punch away thought canal down to be she country the Vichy, had grenades and had fines and everything else on it. So when the boat would go down there and get would catch on cables right and in snag their prop, so they became in mobile. So there were certain docks when all these mine started going off and they got it from all sides by the VC. So the VC really shot the boat up again, see walls, gotta came in black ponies, got us either go, pull the boat out, but the guys that were on the boat, You know we're inside and the Rockets were gone inside. The hot corps was bautzen all over the place, so we lost, I think, two guys
that day and walks and got his I put out and then a lot of other people got tremor wounds and stuff. I doubted off of the offer the mighty but that was not not a good day and it damn it properly. Shouldn't have happened, but it did right. So a lot going on when Euro outer pushing. How'd you decide when your last stop was gonna, be dashed. I can't answer that question cuz. We are working so hard. You know I and everybody goes okay, we're going to we're not going to stop operating two weeks right before we take off. Well that didn't happen. Just operated by no, I I know that when I got home offer up, I got my gear and put it on a halo and flew off. That's what my last week we saw, and I know the rest- the guys were probably very close to the same. You know
cause, I was one of the last guys to take off. We did the turnover up with the new pattern. Come in. You know and that's when we moved off I'll phone. We moved off of farm of sea float, and moved and a solid anchored because they had built a base over on winds in all states eyes the situation and not for the she reached, could come in and build the base. You know over on the shore I was felt like it was a jinx to say. Ok, this is our last up, oh yeah. I never said that now address we just kept going and then one day was, I guess, what we're gonna go home, so we can do anymore so that track that last up that we just did. That was our last six and I feel exactly the same way by development. Jinx gay. You know, and you know, because our world its push push Bush, I mean we're all jacked up to do everything we can and you want to do that, in the time to sleep is on your way home. I know I can. For while one of the Africa ops that
did down in Sierra Leone Bright Anna Wid, say: probably three thousand people and on that particular thing and got him back safe and stuff, and when I joined on that sea, one forty fun to come home. Look all the guys that were there with a psycho man this, here. Oh shit is really hard and I went to sleep and I want to see a later who truth of his God, though we landed in stood Guard Germany. Yet while there was one but Vietnam was a great and just what you said earlier. Vietnam was a huge learning grown, a huge proving ground for seal team. If we would not Epps had a head Vietnam We would not be where we are at today that simple had sat sublime and You know the guys, the personalities they came from all walks of life, all walks fly fan and we have that same thing today get Naples
sure warfare. I mean, I see it in every young man that I see it, every one of them has got a different personality, but the fire in there the fire in their eyes, is there and they want to do that. And they want to do with the best they possibly can write with all the other crap. That's going on. I mean you, gotta, give it to the men them and were so fortunate to have the quality of men, both officers and enlisted that we have a naval special warfare because their professional lives, the job done every now, and then they dropped the ball, but for the most part they get it done here so so you come home from Vietnam Ike I come home from Vietnam. I I get on my harley, an eye sounds like a plan right there at once. It was a plan, a plan I well. I had a chopper shut up, so I came home. I had a chopper shop before I left to go to Vietnam And- and I am sure the chopper someone exile yoga
in peril. Behavior I bill I so I built I built a bike. I built MIKE's. First bike might took off and went back to her high. I said you know what I'm gonna build the by Economic Gopher right, so I built by toward around the United States met American again, which was a real eye opener her. You know a lot. I like today guys have a lot of mental problems adjusting from the war and stuff like that. Are you the travel around the country to adjust myself right a lot of money. I had a great, hardly and I would add, stopped but work get a job per day or to get some gas money get some food money put it in that I cannot hear it again. I made around the country and enjoyed How long are you on leave this point? Not a lot of the navy. Also, this is so you came home yet would you do just when you got home? When I checked, when I just got home from. I know I went back to the training, so I was I was on active duty for another two year or the year after
I got home. Where are you planning to get out when you got home, we like ok. What, when Vietnam ended, I you know I didn't know. I was therefore on you know. The whole thing was I got out. I was out for like ninety days, did this trip around the country and they came back and got back on active duty. You know, and I said well, you know it's the only thing I know and Germans thing I love so I'll. Do that and then I got off of active duty cleanly and went into the reserves in seventy five. And had seventy five. That's when we started this year Reserve unit in, in San, Diego and also on the West EAST Coast, and so I was in the reserve unit. You know, as a second third class second class, petty officer, made first class in the reserves and where's your civilian job. At this point I am couple civilian jobs. How do I have barbershop that work done. Did Navy repair ships over at that thirty second street, a long beach
and then I got this one island and do stuff up their cause, our repaired boilers? because it was easy mechanical staff, machinery stuff, and so did that had a company of probably about fifteen guys. We did that for a while I'll than I haven't got another company that did it and know that group about ninety people. You know and then ice and got rid of both those. I saw those and then up for Mine came to me and wanted to start enough company with the young men called them. Take off in estimating system company was called tax, sonic send and weak help with and devise a system where, if you put a m said, building plans on cited tongue, the top of a digitizing born. We had a guy that The algorithm that would could tell you if you'd touch that stuff listen to their four points. That would give you the dimension of the eight foot wall. Tell you all the pieces that you needed to build that. Tell you what your labour costs,
be everything else, so he sold about five thousand of those systems across the world and are- and we saw that company to a group of Canadian and that's one idea what too reserves and ninety ninety and they said hey, we need some volunteers to come back for desert storm desert shield that I went. I think, that's me supple. So that's what I reengaged that's when I re engaged with simply Babylon active duty. At that point at me. Have you had spent the whole time in the reserves at that fifteen years? I spent in a researchers one can a month to react, summers and real weakened in month, yeah weakened. Then nod two weeks earlier reserves and we we were. Very creative about that. We a you know you do call water training in the Colorado River in a big raft, the other was good and that we do call whether training in Numb and Mammoth have the name of the S yes drain, training,
it down the hill as fast as you possibly could. Yes, it was hell, but somebody had to do it, but we always got the shooting. We got to blow up things to a bar crawls out. We got the jump which is it in which was better in the reserves than it was on active duty cuz. You always had a sense, so that was very so for those fifteen years s pretty much what I did and then Ninety. Ninety, whenever I go while backed active duty, went to shielding three started. Work, numb training cell MIKE Martin and no Kabir in a couple of guys that were therein, were you a master achieve at this point known Eliza, first class: oh yeah, oh yeah, because in the old days right can never meant anything. I mean some others ops. I was talking about in Vienna, the we random a second class petty answers, you know I mean I saw it and show the rank was never a big deal and sole, not till I got on at ninety. Ninety did I realise that rank was a big deal and I went Jesus. I guess
better study fit the death itself, so achieves does come around. I took the chief us, we were injured and then not you know, and a source of everything I did know about instruments. Milk powder fired up how far it was MIKE Martin. Have you check back into Sylvie LAW is great while MIKE when, when might originally came back, he live with me. You know moved in the house. We so admirably. Some might got out What did he do? Lies good story or we absolutely like my God, my God, on the bike. I built him and rode back to that, were any met gale his wife right so might want the work at the steel, mills back and I'll work on the steel mills with is with his nutrient motorcycle right in writing there and he was workin there. That's where it learned a tattoo You know I ran into a guy back there. That was say also biker and and how to tattoo from the sky and and that became his new career. Well, the steel mill
after thirteen years, the sea, steel metals we're gonna closed down. So MIKE what to a reunion in Florida and saw Steve frisk? Who was one of our who MIKE work with within Vietnam, has won the two men. Ops rang him and Steve would do the two men ops together. And myself and Leah. What do the two men ops together we went down there saw Stephen in Frisk, was a commander, I think, in the teams at the time and steeples hey. If you want to come back again I'll help, you saw that's how it happened. Right got back in Kosovo, something that, like I m vat or something like that, I know what it was but a program they had whether trying to bring you don't vets on that had skills and stuff like that, oh my god. It fell into that category while and he calls me ghetto and I'm still in the corporate world do business stuff like dangle leads me might Martin I go. I know
Mike soon be you so he starts going off on me and I go all MIKE. I got it, I got it so he came hung around a game or my bedrooms and, and he live with his hastily- got back on his feet and got his family moved out here. Everything but what a wonderful deal for him right the steel malls were down. There is no job for him back there and he was able to get back on active duty and come back on active duty and everybody was what a stud he was. So that was just cool besides a wonderful personality, wonderful man, wonderful, wonderful from great brother, great great brother, So we had, we had tons of fun, you know rehash the thing and on all the new personalities had done. You know like at a team. Three rosy. You know like you know, and they were like a lot and I like the Chang were here, so it was that it would. It was a welcome. You know a thing for
meta come back into because being in the business world, you don't have that kind of camaraderie that you do the guy's rights of the guys are there and that's what it's all about Anyway, it's about the brotherhood, it's about the camaraderie. You have with one another come back and I know MIKE I miss molded and more. We came back together at you. Three, it was just happening, so we let it go from there he had done and approve the be fantastic sausage built in three from mom from the nineties. Until Ninety five, ninety five, I gotta orders, which I was chief now for to stoop our Germany to move unit to from macaroni scaling down to stoop art ride. I get over there and I'm gone wholly crap. Germany right am my wife was gone. Wow Germany cause she's starting to travel and she loves it right. So we got over there and then we go
and to the into of the world of moving from Macaroni Scotland. We have to go at all the stuff from the base at Macro Hany, Scotland, which is a story all its own Andrew. Even down to stood guard, They gave us the worst base in Stew Guard to fix up prime that Panzer cancer concerning which rambles. All yeah yeah, you know, and that's that goes a whole new there, but we the based, Have the cranes o absolutely? Is there to pull the engines out of the Panthers their honour in their there in the bathes? It's like part of the building. I know I know all those all those cages that you share. Guess who put those up option, can a nuclear, your head, you so who was wild, but I had the Ordnance Department training Department at the time when we are moving them, so that was that good thing, and then we got on to the east at team and the arrest t teams were
had to start one sector through your wife into the scenario there. Yes, yes, when did that all start. Oh yeah. Well, I probably should discuss this, but my wife was my biggest supporter right. So you know is as we were going through this and going back on active duty in the nineties, she had never been involved in the navy at all right, Sir Mikey and I are going out than island to train the guy's, an island and I'm Goin, hey honey. I'm gonna be gone for a couple weeks. While shoes The professional woman had her own career and stuff like that, and our sun was John, was old enough to kind of take care of himself. Okay, we'll just call me. Let me know what it is, so it wasn't that big of an unfair, so were gone and then she worked for San Diego gas Electric. So when I got orders to Germany, she retired from Seigneur Gas Electric, and this was a new adventure for her- so she was all excited about going to Germany and everything else, and so will it was great for her. I mean she absolutely love.
Go in there. Did you lose your son old enough to that he in Germany or not know he was. He turned into a college boy. Urca college boy, my I was paid for it s all my memories recall. We in Germany gone there reckon the house there reckon I'm gone, always corrupt. So, oh you left him here. Only knowledge in your house. He has had a big mistake, but you know what we live through. It that's a whole par would have thought so she was very excited about it. So it was. It was fun. It was a fun move because it was her first one as we go through the career she's going, this is not good, to be as much fun as I thought right. So you got there and we got moved on to Kelly Barracks right while because I was achieved I got the top floor right in the barracks wall there's four floors. Nine! These steps. Every time you got no elevators
so every time she would buy groceries, the grocers would be waiting at the bottom steps for guess who to carry up. When I got all right, laundry should bring the laundry down I'd. Take the laundry back up was like, oh my god, so now. I know why the Germans have such strong legs ass. You up and down those things courtesy, so that was it was a good move. We got it two a m. A real rhythm over there where- really justified a general Lambert was the general there and he loved you know the special warfare, so we justify by being on the e sat teams and being on these aren t teams. We justified her existence there and everybody when it is to be there, because any time we would go on an operation, the operation will work perfect that's where the Niels came in to how we started doing the negroes in Africa that's a non combatants evacuation operation where there,
going wrong in a country whether its civil unrest could even be disease could be disastrous, anything but there's a problem, and so he's gotta get back Equally, the Americans out there that you know and so you know you ve seen it happen all over the world and you did you one where Liberia or generally on Lebanon Liberia. We did one Liberia, we did one in Brazzaville. We did want in Sierra Leone and we used up coming, you used all methods and the reason they This is a reason why they won recycles. We were the marine peace to it, so if there was any landings that had com, I had to survey the beaches before the guy's got there had to make sure- they had access on an offer, the beach all that kind of stuff. I was secure. That was my, a go into the embassies find out what kind of supply They have what kind of food, what kind of medicine all those kind of thing so when they come. All us to go down and do this you can add, took control. You worked at
at the ambassadors, Hesse pretty much but the Miller guy could take over at any time because of these operations are so that in the responsibilities could you got security gently, but you got logistics. You got me ECHO Magala. You got food supplies, you got all these things ass fuel, they things. Will I mean it's everything yet I mean it's a massive undertaking, a thousand two thousand three thousand people rounded up a train marshalled into an area and then stranded from that area. Only that end and keep them comfortable the whole time and lethal. As someone coffee I wanted, you can hear about that too. Yes, you I'm going to call my representative, but that's it, but that's the whole thing is I mean we had to go out in town I'll break it down, just like the first, when the first one we want on, was into Liberia, Liberia was we landed in Sierra Leone, I? U, solely on as a safe haven,
That was the best place to do that, because we need to survey the airport and stuff like that. When you know in Sierra Leone is your safe Haven Youth who your court did through a rough neighbourhood seriously own than it did. I answer it: it's not the safest neighbourhood anyway, so the young man, so we flew in Liberia and the and the embassy was basically undersea. So we had to shut the siege down closed the gates up, take care of the bad guy, that were there and start Udall vetting people coming in to lick the compound the embassy cosy Vassar wanted to save as many people as possible said. That's great, but they're not bring in Irving they got especially people with american passports to come in. So we were, we, probably she flew ninety chow. Out there are people with the with thing. I mean where you're flying in your flying in low a rocket try due to take us out going in and the door Gunnar with the many gun
pointed in the right direction in that rocket team disappeared. So that was very core, and so we flew in. We had a chop trees down. We had to move light pole swear to do all this for this evacuation plus we headed till catalogue. Everybody coming take your medical stuff, common in and everything else. So our job was was big, was big, you bastard love this, but but it was a bit job. So we were on that siege, probably for about two and a half weeks. Right saw the young how we evacuated, I think close, while ninety chalk, so probably Polly close, took fifteen hundred p. But one that on that thing and get your mother and they're, all people with american passports are tied to an american passport, one of the other. So We turn that whole thing over to the Marines when the MAR got there that Sir John AWE and everything else. Everything was pretty well done. We had to go back in the end. The country flyin
We'd run security would pick up people in and bring him back way to recover the ambassadors he Diction daughter, the in Egypt in Bashers Darter the cat taken away by bad guys. So we had to go convince them that they didn't mean to keep her soul. We help them decision add than we are and then we got her back. So he was quite grateful and everything else, and then there and then a news media started showing up and they wanted to God, but but a barrier they heavy, a cannibal community. Subtle, we used to call on the streets. Reapers causes in during the day when the battles were raging and stuff. Like that all the dead people would be removed at night, because the cannibal should combat would be you wrote, a dinner heads edges, angrily, you may happen to be here at was classic that's a first. I've never seen anything like tat, but it was. Something I think, every human being should see and realise that its out there, but
was wild, so we were able to successfully closed that down and move on A lot of first came on that. That was the first time that a p three had a camera to dinner and was flying overhead and we could get the images from the city, so that was very, very cool. Not was ninety six saw it and you know how that's good own. Today, with all the drones and everything else that I saw you was it was. It was quite an operation, far shielding ceiling to be there. And a new states that you stayed in Germany. As you did the other thing you mentioned that we in order to prepare sort of logistically and just planning purposes. You guys would travel around and go to countries that okay, if we have to do this in this country, hear some contacts. Are some people here someplace if you're some week on check these things out and then this time. Bosnia was going on, but it hadn't kicked off here. Was still kind of kind of bubbling up.
You know in the nineties it was still gone. We would fly around. We did probably like eleven different embassies where we put together packages that had knew exactly what needed to be done if for some reason: the The Americans and those particular countries had to be evacuated. So that's somethin the standard type of operation they just goddess involved, because we did a good job with it and we had a team of army, guys air force, guys and everything else. You know and then I left arm and then I left arm. Germany and probably ninety eight, and I am trying to think I probably had my first. We were Bosnia, because we were going to Bonn steal all the time and I probably did like four months over there before I took off and had a backbone. When I came back, then I was the yeah. I want the group. One Adam was
our brothers, so we got that done and this should, as I got that often runnin and I started the manufacturing those. Then I got sent to Spain and and got those two weapons drugs. Unless you oh yeah, those who have weapons as much as we call them their fire. Breeders are far brothers, so we, goddamn it as soon as I got that often runnin and they started the manufacturing those. Then I got Spain and that's. When the year I took over the training department in Spain at unit ten and What was that two thousand tooth in two thousand and three, I what over there and we'd there when we started Runnin Bosnia. We still did a couple african gigs then, but Kosovo was there. Kosovo was still in Germany too, because we run an authentic and that was a you'd. Let me back up a little bit, but the Kosovo war, as well as as Bosnia, they were filthy
on the other. The guy that were there hum, they were just the servers fuck. You know there are horrible people, horrible horrible people, I dont know what possessed em to be the way that they are, but they were horrible people. They had no qualms about shooting innocence, none at all and we had no qualms about shooting people with guns. So was good the young, you always heard the story about the building where the worthy yeah one thirty, blue the corner, the building our cause. We couldn't find a sniper them, resent it ok. I was there when that happened, and I so was there when we we went there we re list it in the paper on the papers, building steps. There is like ten of assembly flippin off too snipers when we're doing our reinvestment whiskery. It was he
and so on, because we had our counter snipers up. All we want to see was a barrel, please let me see barrel, and so that was that is actually when sniper alley just lost all its support after we blew that that building down killer trying to kill that one guy there wasn't any other snipers that really were on cyber. Only after that, so it's kind of a kind of lost it, sir, its weight, because they knew that we weren't going to hesitate to take the buildings down. If we couldn't get the guy's some, they would ask us in in remedy. You know for good counter counters, I better technology and we did you guys- have the counters nanotechnology called them. One Abrams take a truck, that's the best counter sniper that I've seen it all. You want to shoot a snap, not building, or at least one of those buildings over their core watch. This rapid, that's losing one's. Where belongs lines I'll neighbors they they do. The trick is key,
overload and there's a reason for her hybrided, so cool so cool. But that was a good thing and we would fly back and forth the Bosnia. All the time in Kosovo was exactly the same. Thing would be in the woods, with Jason. Those guys down in the woods and it was some. You know that was our business and we did a good job of it. Everybody loved happiness there. All the United Nations people, so you were in Spain when September eleventh happened. I was whose in spain- One September eleventh happened and I had to come back from the range walked. To the training department, watching the sun on tv and I'm go what movies that but was no moving at really. Really sent us home and we had a move back base after him number low in move back on base and everyone. Started started going, how we get a proper where we gone. We had done couple b
combine talk to a sum that we were going to be doing different things and we did those different thinks right. But dumb none of us, I dont, think any of us at that time left to go to. I wrap, and I think it was more of a support of kind of thing that we had had can, because I was still doing Africa. Gigs go down to Africa. The time I think most of the Iraqi you don't have to be honest and kind of thing at the time was still happening from Easton West Coast. That's what they broke. It off Burleson came by and told us that it's going to be a slow crawl. We're not going to do this for the long term. We going to take our time. We got a plan, we got to make sure we don't burn out or guys so that was was good information, better information let's drink, he was thinking twenty years at that time. I think that these are smart enough. Guy worry was gone. Yes, I think so. Yeah yeah,
very smart guy, a little bit very great, All the senior officers, especially after dealer who I called said. I get me to your team, please right now he was likeness. There's your last a long, long time, piano and yeah right So then what were you going to get on with Spain? came back to Cosette was like two thousand three. I came back to trade, it that's. When running Cooper, Joe burn, all the boys we put together ha trade at one crowded, and I was the ops chief for trade at one might term. Cot was, if you know, might He was that he was the boss in the upshot shall so we started putting together that which was I
fascinating, and I did that from the inception of Trey debt to like two thousand and five and then I got a call from a good buddy of mine, Doug, Mcnutt or not, but he was in a few Taylor and he goes hey Cuz George Jung had gotten hit over when he was over in Iraq and he needed a place to kind of settle cuz. He was going to retire die. So will you take my shot, my spot here and I'll find someplace else to go? So that's when Doug Mcnutt, I thought I was going to stay cost right. He goes. I gonna hurt to feel billet. I go hey worse at Amazon, you goes Hawaii, I go home. Why are you feel billet and whole way? He goes yeah. I need a option. If over in Hawaii, I shall well, you know I'll go not knowing. I have to go to
Debbie school. Oh to go to this bill. It right so now My senior citizens are more than an end, dogs go anywhere. You gotta go to your master Julia. I made master chief. It s. Divisible hook, saw interestingly George was my third platoon chief right and then when I took over trade at was when he was the machine for so that our jungle Algonkin. Yes, that's probably his. What he did have wondered, what the hot took my job and then he became cause. I I think RON Cooper was the young master chief, a trader, he probably relief drawn clara- probably probably so anyway, off to two thousand five all nevertheless, Ds Ski School in Panama seed have all earlier. I was like fifty six Oh yeah rosy. They don't know what a nasty vs echo
seal delivery vehicle. It's him Miniature submarine, but it's not a submarine that keeps you dry its color, Let submarine so It's got a motor on it and it's in closed, but water comes in and out of it she were a scuba rig inside of this thing and because otherwise you know you have to worry about pressurize in this day and have to be at home. You have to get him out of it. Is that all that would make it too complicated so they just take a basically I shall put a motor in it and then you get inside the shell in you DR this small. Underwater summary- is that that, like real claustrophobic on your email, young european yucca is very clear reference to tell you about I, if you're a big guy at that. Yeah yeah, it's its. It takes a lot of skilled drive and the and when you have a driver, if you want to keep that driver, that's real good at it. I was not really good at driving the boat, because I need my glasses.
As if they were set in the fifty seven in Algeria and these rights. So anyway, how long is that school, the school? is three months. At least it's in Florida, oh yeah, but but still you do and what aid our dives, although I had all the touch the time taken, report. Put the boat back together, Dylan, it you're just your doing what you have to do their most, you gotta know, had your motor head. Oh yes, I could take the boats apart and put him back together, drive and was the and all other thing right and state capitol, pubertal level and all that kind of stuff they want your leader. Will you give me the numbers of deaths lights out, rapid? We get our Jemmy where's, my glasses! That's why I let somebody else drive. I would write the back garden, but it was, but it was interesting. It was interesting time itself that I kind of enjoyed. I wish I was better at it, but but I was but I still what does DV team in Hawaii, so I want to the team in Hawaii I became the yeah
combat systems officer over there, because Jim Morel at the time was retiring it. So I took for his job and that is where we started work in doing a whole lot of very, very cool things that they're Doin today Anna so it was, it was fun games I mean it was a fun tour over. There and then, when I left that I actually work to work on are dry submarine that was over there and it kind of burned up. So I kind of lost my job over there and which really pissed me off, because I was really getting good at paddle boarding and so be it so I saw I had become back to to work on and that's where I took the programme over in an eight and that kind of were I wrapped up. My career was run in that programme. Ah and running the palms and the FAO the guidelines and everything else that keep the new suvs, because now we have a new one
and on keeping that in keeping the boys trained and getting them the gear that they need and and its evolved a lot since I had that had that particular job So it's so. It's been very, very interesting. It's been a very interesting career so. Nineteen sixty seven, you in the Navy and now it's two thousand fourteen the two thousand fourteen is one when you finally retire after forty seven years. Oh yeah wild. I have an end just for took note. Who will do all in regard to all of your clients. I was, I was retired for six months, and then they stuck me back, and so I still Look over there yes, every day I go into do things out and now I'm Workin analysed stuff that saw for naval special warfare and its view exciting. I mean I think again and Jack. Tell you the same thing. I mean what you work for the boys and your work
for the boys and for their health and their benefit. You want to keep doing that because there there on the front lines they and they require people just like us to keep pushing keep doing the best we can do because work speaking for them? They ve got more than enough to do when you out there in the war zone there. When I was young, I was the animals aid for thirteen months, and one of the things at my boss would say in these big meetings. He say what is it, what does that do for us Yoke Tune strengthened and that's the always the reminder for all the guys who was at work We're comes really elevated there. Looking at things, your go to meeting may be talking about what kind of boat engine. Are we gonna have into them? twenty eight! Yet right in, and I do think it myself. How does this matter and that's what he would say he's a? How does it affect the soup? Two thousand can cause
you know what the Philippines are to be here in two thousand. Twenty you're gonna need a boat engine. Try, so we don't plan for it no figure out what the best one is right now, smart guys, look at it that have operational experience and that care. Yes, then d, with a piece of shit, but if you you do it right, that's how we got the the mark. Forty eight them are forty six rights, exactly someone like you say: okay, this is what we need its view. True and, if you dont, have people doing that and and pushing the future envelope than you please be behind the Parker all of our period. Your competitors are doing exactly that. And and some are doing a better job than were doing at it. So you we have that we have to push harder. That's it our job. So there's your retirement theirs fifteen hundred people, Shore Pre retirement right. There was more, but I couldn't get in it that the at the lows, hotel, yadda, resolve our people or pie, and from everywhere, Mary and I didn't know, I knew that many people, but
Dela idea who its self it was wild. Who is while the you'd five people speak? Oh yeah points, and they were all great. I mean they were Org, people that had a very simple, in part of my career as I went through naval, special wherever he and I mean the M, guys that were a fine with me that were not to start admirals. They spoke my I mean it. I think I'm one of the only guys it's had an instructor from their training class common speak at their retirement, You know I had to whose that mother, my no mother. My out I mean the Bessie I had Jamak tie was there he spoke at it. You know it was it. Fantastic. You know so I was. It was very cool very, very cool return or couldn't have asked for it to be any better. Forty seven years you
Europe without career, yes, job! No, that's what does with waivers yeah. I don't give a lotta waivers, lotta waivers lotta waivers end and then do you still our workin for naval special offer, but at some point You realize that there was another mission that you wanted to get out. You wanted to attack Absolutely. How did you? How did you get involved with with your next mission, but you got involved with. I will love he added We goin legal, to that. I had all team guy. It seems like it always happens with an old team guy Jeff Brimstone, who was? Who is a sky God ever Jeff came to me when I write after retired and says hey. I need your help with this, particular project that I'm am taken on an island, dwell what's the project, and He told me. I was child trafficking and I said well
good. I mean I've dealt with that all over the world and we ve saved thousands and thousands of kids all over the world because of you, don't assholes that that want to abuse, omen, use. Em, and I said you know you ve done that he said, but but This is american kids on merit, in soil, that kind of piqued my interest He had a young one of the Phds add dumb. You SD had written a white paper, Amy Carver part. She had written a white paper. I read the White Paper and I just want, while I had no idea that three thousand children a year in southern California or being either kidnapped, are put in to hear in trafficking in one form or another, and I said. You know I have to get involved in this, way, so I met Joseph Travers who's. The M is the co founder of aid than America,
saved in America is a nonprofit organization. We don't charge them parents, any money at all to go, locate their children the children? Half? Are the parents have to come to us? They give us the power of attorney of the child and then child becomes hours to locate, to find, locate and identify which they do, many of whom have we recovered over to our kids far. We will take that power of attorney We will find the child will locate the child, identify the child, and then we work with local law enforcement and have local law enforcement come in and recover the children give the children to us. So we can take that children, a medical care, get any dna evidence off of em. Then we will take them into account, selling type thing or a safe haven soda.
They can come down off the drugs. The majority of them have heroin. In them they have some type of drugs that people, You know in a varied lethargic state so that these pumps and predators can. Do whatever they want with them very very sad state and a heinous crime. When you, do you want with some these situations? Where are these children coming from, How does it happen they on They come from many different areas at the summit California, is one we ve, they come from all over the country. They come from poor families, they come from rich families, others not any demographics on exactly how they get there. That we ve been determined yet so we're only into it a little bit four, two hundred kids. So far we ve worked and in southern California. That's where our main location is that we get
A lot of support, philanthropic support from the community philanthropic support from the government. So it's saw the local government. Mean man, that's the m, that's kind of where we ve been focused tat. Now we ve gone all away to Florida to recover kids, we ve gone to you, talk to recover kids, we ve gone to Phoenix his to recover kids, and so that's what we're doing now is were expanding. Save them. From San Diego Moreover, in LAS Vegas at the end of the month, they had done recovering kids, we ve polygon for kids over there, that we ve got information and intel on that. We will go He can find call in local law enforcement and have them recover the children, just as I mentioned, local law enforcement loves us because we're a huge asset to them in helping them find. You know these kids because they
they don't have the time they're so overworked so over baron by you know, runaway kids are kids. That gets you get into trafficking. They don't have the didn't, have the resources to do as much as they would like to do so. It's it's very frustrating to law enforcement. So when law enforcement hears about us, they are totally in tune to say: hey come in and help us all of us are private investigators where all insured and licence we all are Cecy w carriers. We have a whole network of private investigators throughout the United States that we can call on that name. Me back p.
So, if we know that a child has been taken to another state, we will call a p. I in that particular state. He will volunteer his time to go see if he can locate that child at the particular address or where we kind of direct him. If he finds the child, then we will fly a team from San Diego here to go setup. Do the surveillance do the watching and everything that's required to identify that child and took all and local law enforcement? how we ve been working to date to recover these over two hundred kids. Now this is a heinous crime. It's a crime! half that Pask everybody in your audience. I have to ask every grandparent every parent, that's out there too. Please beyond the watch and be able to identify, what's happening what this child trafficking things these these pimps, these perverts are taken these kids,
have to take him in public every now and then just to keep on they keep on locked up most of the time and houses and If you see them out on the street, don't be afraid to go. Seek law enforcement, ass law enforcement that something is not right with this particular situation, because you may be saving that child's life and that's what we want to do. That's why we're here, that's all our whole organization is about the children. That's why We are all bound not to charge the parents for doing this. People have charge parents in the. Past thousands of dollars and never found their child parliament and how heart reaching is that to be apparent. You ve already lost your child and now you're paying thousands Adele there's two, some unscrupulous person and they're, not locating your child will located shall usually the day. It takes three to four days to locate a chair.
No matter whether at the United States we ve got. I've got great computer people. I've got great people that work behind the scenes to assist and how but even in Mexico sometimes, but we hardly ever go outside the United States Hum and because we worked so well with law enforcement and supporting them. So as is the word I wanna get out. We need your help. We need support he's got our website, which is saved in America, DOT, Org and it the whole story. Is there it's all about the teams we have were made up retired, special operation, skies and retired police officers. Some B. I guys some old age you guys that I've worked with in the past, and I a whole? Slew of I t guys that support us with chase seeing the internet cassettes where it all starts from. So there
that's restaurants can ask you when you see what are some warning signs for parents to look out for grandparents and look out for? Obviously, the internet has gotta be a huge one right now, I'll totally taught the the internet is the is the is the media that gets them started right and a lot of them, are we call it the Don Juan eyes, so you have an older guy that is pursuing a younger girl. Promising error, all these kind of things. That's one thing you gotta watch out for one year. If you daughter. Your son shows up with expensive purses are different gifts and things like that were they get net they're getting it from these pimps, because these guys are trying to lure them begin to what a good life that they can show them have that as long as they can possess stem in the dark ones, will keep on for two or three months you know has as a girlfriend or something like that than one
day they will sell her she'll be gone. Then, if she's gone They will seller on the weekends. Only the weakens Gazelle bring them home. So you can freedom all week, long and then on the weekend. You won't seal because the people have them out shelling. These girls anyhow I have to remind you that you know a one person that gives harm that these pimps do, that is worth and they seldom throughout that weekend and a year's particular time a hundred and fifty to two hundred thousand dollars a year. So that's just an idea, it's better than any drug that pimp or that drug dealer could put because they use em, they bring him back. They let him go back to either a community home during the week, because they don't have the freedom they don't have to keep on air. Are your house,
and then on the weakens they just call him up and off. They go it's yet on a yet. The kids off thirteen years old soul. You know you cannot say what does a fourteen year old, no, Fourteen year old doesn't know a whole lot right and they don't listen to their parents as well as they should so. It's kind of up to the parents to be able to be ready for the warning signs be ready to do something and if you have any questions at all, go to our website saved in America, DOT, Org and asked the question, and we can get you steered too. How to gets steered something! That's going on in the cities, they say a foreign. If one in the cities that were involved, then we have councillors. We have people that you could talk to those cities, man, said three thousand in southern California. Yes, shocking hats! that's why I got involved, that's what
imagine, if that's what you have in southern California a match. What you have nationwide, that is, its it's a crime and its a hand crime that nobody wants to talk about you. Are you? I mean they're talking about child trafficking, their talk about that immigrants, the problem in everything else, but nobody is talking about the child trafficking inside the United States of America, kids right and it's done by all kinds of unscrupulous. People- I mean the first ring we busted here in San Diego was run. I Russians on Pacific Coast, I way and will I I was blown away when I went there So these guys are they got a multiple girls under age girls. Somehow got them off wherever they pulled him out of the house and if they ve Lord the men? Somehow, yes, gotten them on drugs. Yes, so they ve got him in a flash state of mind. Were there, but not thinking straight and then
they're, just there. Stop selling their tool and you let me go back little bit, but in every middle school that we have here in San Diego, which is to be shocking to many of the people that are, thing is that they are recruited where's. The gangs have recruiters inside the middle schools that are trying to recruit these girls. Far the don wants so that the drug cartels and the gangs have the he's as income sources. So what You got the only I mean the schools have been real slow to recognise that this is happening. And they are still real slow to get programmes in place to teach these kids about These recruiters that are in the middle school mental schools as fourteen years old thirteen fourteen year old that these recruiters are trying to recruit. Girls and boys in to this.
Gang styled life style of life so that they can sell em on the weekend, bring him home the mom and let them be school girls during the week and then traffic among the weakens, so that is, That's something that's going on today, so everybody has to be a war that. That's why I asked parents and grandparents took Please keep your eyes open and be aware of these kind of things, because there is that evil out there and it is happening every day in our world. Kids these days what you're talking about is exactly what the I don't know. What the train, I guess called the trend of you know with social media. Oh I'm going to be rich, I'm going to be mature. I'm going to be have a cool car, though there's drugs cool, I'm going to be going to be going to be mature grow, even though I'm only fourteen years old and so they see that and they get offered that and that's
I could imagine, that's our girl gets lured into these horrible situations to exactly exactly right. I wanna be older than I am and I want more stop. My family can provide this for me, but my my honey over here come provided for He gets me new dresses, new purses, all that Conniston. Those are the kind of thing and those are kind of the red flags that every parent needs to be aware of. Man am so saved in America, DOT Org is, The website you, your team, on their bunch old team, guys to budge guys. I know oh yeah awesome and all guys that now have their private p I licence, so you guys are actually doing the recall of work if needed, absolutely whether we're doing all the room where the rubber meets the road where there we and that's that's how we find these get something. You know that the police department,
If they had the resources to do it. I know they on Jonah, but they don't have the resources and Why that's? Why we're holding a fundraiser? In now? member on November, seventh, at the Estonia, tell him lawyer Please go to our website. Everything is on their. If you can afford to come to the event. It's gonna be fantastic. We have only seats weep. We have about five hundred so what was the date on that November? the seventh cattle, at six p m Our website has all the information on it and you can buy tickets off our website. I have you got it. Questions about a please just go to the website. Send us a question will answer that. It's for corporate p all they combine tables of ten for all. Of the other people that they have our older employees are, they could donate they can
do that so many things that they can do to help sponsors and help support is awesome. Awesome well I'll. Tell you what we ve been going almost two hours right now think this may be a good time to wrap up I'll tell you right now, I'm gonna, listen to this moment have about a thousand more questions for you. Ok, that's good cause. I was just getting her own. We start talking. I mean the stuff about Vietnam. You know the fact that you did a hundred missions. You probably debriefed three of them forever, maybe here briefly I'm gonna start thinking about those and mister Can I come up with all kinds of new questions and would be awesome. If you could come back on cause, I guarantee everybody is listen. This is gonna wanna hear more and there is a unit wait a long time ago, a friend of mine put together buck a guy like twenty guys from Vietnam to Rahal write a story called the the book was the men behind the trident by Dennis comings and there's like,
Many different stories of you know the peoples, the first contact action that they had in Vietnam, one of my stories in there, but it's a it's a great reed. And it's out on Amazon there. So if you guys the chance Goad spent there then so interesting. I actually have that book. Oh god, I was looking at it today. What I'll do is well we'll do it next time you come on we'll go through your story, will talk about more stories and in that way. I seldom give out books that I'm gonna cover on the park ass prior to covering up how big an end it. Some those people get mad. Please tell us what books, you're gonna cover and eyed, and I dont do it because I dont know what books agriculture, so many books that are out I've been reading five six books at a time and I'll go? Ok, this one I like
sport now and I'll cover that books of a lot of books in the partnership with the US on our route has a heads up its men behind the trident men. Vine, thereby combings yeah, come and will cover that next time you come on I'll write. Beautiful would be awesome. You got anything else and then went out just I wanted before he jumped off. I want to thank all of you for your support to save than America. We definitely needed ten yourselves more aware of their human rights. Fucking that's going on in the United States of America of huge of? U S, children there not far kids, there: U S! Kids once again: asked her chief Kirby, Sir thanks for coming on. Thanks for what you did for the country, actual what you did to Navy thanks for what you did for, the teams. As I already said, it was your generation of seals that bill
foundation of the acts of the operational excellence and of the standard of will and perseverance that's, never going to be forgotten its. What Gave me my life right, not what gave me my life as you guys. So, thanks for doing that, come on in it's an honor to be part of a brother heard that you remember, of and thanks for having me and we love the brotherhood, long live the brotherhood indeed serve their right and master Chief Kirby Europe has left the building real, quick, He didn't mention this social media. Four saved in America is at saved in America on twitter at saved in America, Instagram and answered in America on Facebook, so there go check that out. Follow that support that situation.
And You know we started off I started off talking about learning how to act, learning how to get better echo Are you looking to get better? Yes, are you? trying to learn how to act better, trying to even worked out today. I feel like that I about that. I hope you did any other things that we can do to get better, yes, weaken our lives. Big time emerging camp coming up, I know sold out, but the point is you do jujitsu what you do highly recommend Bell. We were yeah just the other day when we're waiting before we require and we're sitting there? Gdp is going on your boys. There call his jujitsu other friends do indeed you too, and I'm sitting standing there. Looking at it, listening to you of course, and
watching, people did you there watching Jude people do Jujitsu. When you understand you do too is thinker feeling my heart filling it to the brim, and unlike talk me and then I even set us, do justice, oh good, I'm just watching people begin, whatever- high level guys whatever so good. Unless you do it than watching it. You'll know, some people do it. You know they'll tell you when you do it you're gonna need to, of course, what giving going get none other than the best ye unless you want I don't know but if the best one get the origin YE did. The best gay from origin, maned outcome made in Amerika from the dirt to the shirt. Yes from the sea to the Euro we got. We had a bunch of awesome craftsmen up and main craftsmen up and made me
These guys are also making geese. They make an rash guards for Novi, I meant to say the making shirts, tee shirts sweatshirts there also making genes right now, genes easier I mean genes are as american as Apple Apple pie, right, blue gene so get yourself. Some blue jeans! You want american genes mill right! Are there even any America mean perhaps the idle thereon either there are some and you know what they do. They make these hips American Jeans Jeans, and they sell them for two hundred and eighty dollars. That's what they do So you don't want those genes unless you do know by now you don't. These are not that so Origin may not come get yourself, some some clothing of all kinds, including clothing, for training, including clothing for working and for cruising
losing their I'll course. Also, you wanna keep your body intact as well. Why, training or a while, just cruising whatever, but covering up about that. Yes, you do. Yes, joint warfare, the you just go reader of using on GE, and I think it's because I can sit here and tell you that I take her with her three new morning free at night you take Four in the morning for three, I what I was doing that one out when I had like when you are injury, is now Acta him back on the I just do three: ok read the reviews, see what other people say. There's people that are like all my mom had bad Arthur or whatever arthritis problems. And they go on joint warfare which has if proven, things in it. Kirk Human right to mark two Merrick
although things so yeah joy warfare get the crude oil crew, a dishonourable rate has the combo minutes. That's the debts that dual hitter get tat. Do hitter oil victim the and here, and I'm not recommending to do this, but for the sake of this kind, it experiment for lack of water, If you already on joint working group to go off it I don't recommend yea, I dont really new, that's just a morbid dare than aiming but better go off it. I've dining out more out of complacency whenever ok, when you do legs, when you squat guess what you're gonna need a day. No protein mistaking and got it so when you squat, when you do cleaver, do heavy cleans, unlike the next day, your whole posterior chain is like so yeah, it needs its own, its ain't, you it's gone mark,
a dozen or so listen dear body. Your people say that listen to your body or your body say your body signals boy. So get yourselves. Are those monk get yourself? Are you gonna? Do Would I do when I do legs? I get done. I don't normally do this because it is pretty early in the morning, I'm using a more modern. I do legs a lot of times, I'll get done. I've low, for not being we're talk, seven o clock in the morning little handful of mixed knots, which people kick out, I have to say that yes and then I'll do a little one scoop hitter, ok news is right. This is like an hour Nancy them into the two hours after yes, for me, that's kind of so you don't believe in the anabolic window. You know that is yeah. I know what it is. I went SAM, not a believer, but it is not something that about I've, even amongst listen to my body, The body was more for years. A thing though I have, I thought it was to me in my mind, was proven. The animal
window right when you're done working out, probably is into recovery mode. Then I read like all this stuff or those no true european ones do this and that in growth hormone and others like good stuff. As far as you go, it's gone mad. I search. I missed out the things that I've been saying. Ok, look like said, I each take over time right, heads EC stakes people, and then all of a sudden. That's not that's an actual thing! Now the carnivore die like it's a real thing. Now that same thing, when we have your guide utterly breakfast, I don't like until the of ten eleven Caralmazan, it's called something it's called intermittent fasting right. This is justified. Just gonna live, live that way right So now the sudden same thing people saying, oh, ah, your beard, your disk, depletes throughout the deck wrong. It's actually wrongs now proven wrong. I was right well
anyways. What I'm saying is listened to your body. The people say this was your body, I'm say a bizarre that do stay in a right. Now, this new body nor your body, says your body, Saint Mark Life, my wife, mixed up, a strawberry milk with objective one of those nice blunders like the power blunders that has like off like a forty horsepower engine in it, my wife, stop a their age a moment. She sank. I the Jews, walking like almost in a sensual voice right. Can I oh ok and she goes. Some. She never says she goes. It was next the level which he never said that, and then she goes and she was in it.
The best thing I've ever tasted in my life. Doesn't she said those words line up it's out of the last thing: I've ever tasted in my life, this is a protein shake you re, he lets less rigorous inches adds something right. Nothing, that's not so yeah, I know really are warrior kid mock cause some of your body, you, you kids, you were there, their brain, their brain assain Gimme sugar is right there, Gimme, a Gimme, a chocolate chip right answer that call answer that call instead of giving the poison given something that answers the call but makes us stronger faster harder, better give him some Warrior kid mark, although I would not I recommend that you take is to listen to their body because they can be. Like hey, bodies telling me I want some fuckin candy. Well, make it known how that either you listen. Do you feed them the right to do so
yet as kid listen to their taste buds in us into their and Asano say yes, you're right turn your kids buds call out for that that little sweetness hit, but give him my words of the Slides railway lines right, an easy money good. So there you run on. And don't over my weighty, jock away to taste good. Did you notice when shown Porno was on the bank s? He's actors have passed somewhat caffeine in and, although no actually doesn't there's only sixty grams What you're feeling is the antioxidant kicker? a drink, the horrible that's insane and using I drink for them to before, and the caffeine sneak up on you, because you can't you just it's like a steady dose of caffeine. You, like they're so he's in a when you're in conversation and talked about stuff. Whatever soya he got hit with a double triple Emmi situation. Also shock was a store, scald Jacko Store.
And this is where we, we collectively rash guards there to get a new. Do we do ring work, using your rings. You need a new kind of me to wear rash guard. Yeah Could you give afraid you'll get like what is it rope birdie here s, a drought burn, chafing rather arms yeah, I got I don't do minds. Not is intense. Is yours the work out, but you know you do like and in some push up situations or whatever in a very things, and I felt the chafing my work. I wasn't long enough on the rings. It was long enough to actually get cheap, whereas instead chafing indicated earlier in the year reservoirs, you can also get tee shirts, the teachers that I wear J, P D. Nelson, a picture these clean and outs closet get rid of shirts and I was like that's why all measure to the same result, What is it yeah if you like the shares that I wear or,
because it's an echo worse bigness get the shirt their job restored, not com, just Linux. Freedom represent deaf, therefore represent those representing deaf cord the other day, and I had a little bit of sort of her of a little right now, because you gonna stepping up about an JP speaking GB, he pulls the picture of one of the two first representing big time, in the world, at the? U r C, o The charter is a guy at the. U have see I saw too. I tried to take a picture, didn't get their quick enough and my little daughter who was watching you have see with me. She she was like. Oh you didn't get a picture. I go someone's gonna posted wash and someone posted, even before J P at my little brother text me before a J p tax me with a technique is a someone. Was that the USA, where immediate sure he's someone's, ended gipsy, wherein the shirt that you designed echo terms. I didn't say that, but nonetheless? We get indicates so the point there is yeah
When you see when you see another person in the wild representing heart on the. U r C, o on the USA or otherwise to value, will you'll feel that chocolate I feel it to men in boulder what s. The idea connected that also you can also get a trucker hat or play for or you get a beanie winters coming hoodies heavy medium like heavy and light media Marilla, I think their heavy very third normal hoodies term same ever, life yellow could I get new design coming out. Didn't even tell you both its big surprise, but it's a unitary lame. Now aid I presented to you later wants to sell fifty fifty chance will no conspiracy, Two percent, the time when you show me someone like day: that's dope,
fifty percent. Summing up my delight that we're going to see about alan- and I predict that you like it better but which everyone you know it's it's out due to be yeah, it's a bigger role in we're job store dotcom there. It is also subscribe guess if you given already Google play, I didn't stitching unaware. We get your point. In every other way you could progress that as well. If you, if you kids or, if adult that just wants to get after it more go. The kid podcast. You can also support a warrior kid bygone irish oaks, wrenched outcome and getting smaller, getting Jack of soap made by aid from goat milk on his farm in America picked stately sticking. Big time, also wise thing clean. If you are, watch Youtube videos. Don't watch did junk feel videos, we have you to channel. We have excerpts,
they're from the bad guys like me, watch those excerpts because you know every once in a while, though, miss the ito, this new, no two we're pod gas about. You know something. Maybe they have the time or whatever maybe sap its it's happened before then, but Doncaster excerpts, so they can really get. Many of the lesson knew you'd make BT, have Tony compilation three minutes long of him to Saint awesome, stuff, belong in three minutes. Please I will I mean I'm saying just take the top highlights. Mademoiselle might be more treatments, and maybe if I believe that is a good idea, but unless the point is yes, we do have a Youtube general and logical. If you answer Kirby Hurrah looks like, then you can You can watch the whole part. This whole podcast will be on Youtube because you would look. Sexy is expressions, yes, a psychological warfare which is a little. Sonic boost for your brain. That will make you think the right thoughts that you know you're supposed to be thinking it,
psychological warfare, and it will yet you over the edge of weakness and into the room, strength the winners, yes, have a good way to put that's good explanation little bit esoteric little bit but this nonetheless ex folks, I canvassed outcome. If you want the jewel representation of the path that you can stare at every day, when you wake up in the morning count on your wall, my brother, Dakota Meyer, is making art. No he's making graphic representations of the path that you can get. Flip side canvas dot com. We'll get some of that also on it on it, calm. Granted that come Flash Jacko. This is where you can get your various other things
some good electrolyte magnesia nor the little minerals would have. But that's a to me, that's like a go to furs. Recovery performance, it's good a lot of stuff, but its that's a daily one is well anyway, but the kettlebells that I get under percent. I hundred percent artistic one's got. It Let us therefore means one another got: a bunch of books, right now. I have a new book, available for pre order, If you want to let my publisher know that should print a lot of these books then go and pre order leadership strategy intact as field manual, not to mention you know you. You don't want to get the second edition yields. How many kids do to get get too a first edition you're one shot don't blow it, don't blow it as soon as,
as soon as humanly possible have make a slight change. The cover second edition want to make a different just exist. Outlet, yes, TAT is just so I can tell p idee positive identification from a distance. Oh that's cool! I see you got the book, I sign it for you. But I realize where you were out when the window when the chips were on the table, you weren't there you're in the last few weeks, or that first, the dish, leadership, trudging taxes feel manual where the or your kid three that just came out where there is a will, it is life so Boston. And then, of course we are where the work at one end to end yo me. Bad reviews have gotten on those books whom in zero, yet
and will you did get a bad review from someone who did it not only didn't, read it but didn't even know what it was about. Oh yeah, along I called there when I called said: look like a bunch of toxic masculinity for children or something crazy like that is, I guess, reposted out about ten million people ordered the book is inefficient. Whenever idiots name was work, you know it in his defence. I mean he did speak too soon thought thousands mistake, he's too soon, like without looking into a key theme say may actually you know what I did. I of course just said, if you want I'll, send you once you can actually read it. Biotic make your judgment see that agenda done what what really happened. There's a lot of people jump on said, hey, I'm a woman. My daughter loves this Balkan than someone else. It hey this book teaches people how to be respectful, hey this person, teaching everyone and he finally relinquished his. He recanted yet
I apologize. I do, but his friends, like his own fans, were like a hero. I love your stuff you're wrong. You gotta make into people. Just came off, that's what twenty even my comical, of of that I've been at it. I didn't do that of course goes. You know do that, but that if I were to react it that way People to set a jackal, you know, you're being too aggressive. He'd know remain like I live in the bad guy sort on assignment I'll. Send you a copy if you want it You can read it, but then everyone else wasn't me that commissioners, everyone else if it was the the the it was the truth from the Commonwealth errors, troopers common Adam part can game in the one hard they were. All everyone just have one. I mean probably relatively little Steinem degree hardness and a lot of you bore just like hey, you should be deducted check it out, cause it's, it would help. You actually is a human being be better, so he essentially got that corrected by
people who actually read the book and I'll give him a little bit of credit. He wreak he recanted instead of coherent. I'm I'm wrong. I should have jumped converge. Ducking go so technically. Is that a bad review? Technically? No me the book could play a review, something in experience that is true. So there's that there's mighty in the dragons. This should be with every child. The book should be with every child, making the dragons get this book for every kid that you know get it for the library get it. The field manual, thinkers freedom field Manual, get that book, for any one that you know that you are, We care about as a human so that you can keep on the path and of course, as extreme ownership. There's the dichotomy leadership. The first books that I wrote. With my brother leaf Babel leadership, and how you can take leadership that we used on the battlefield and apply it to your life.
We had our front, which is my leadership: consultancy, where we can into organizations and solve or whatever the problems that they have through the one thing that matters and that's leadership,. Good echelon, front dot com for details on that, your phone line, that is, since leadership. Training is not an accusation. You need repair if training to get the skills down, so we made e all mine. He s online, dot, com, interactive training in leadership through inter webs we also have the muster. Chicago's done den So about sorry, Sidney Australia's next December. Fourth and fifth. So if you want to come to that red, MR now, so you not emailing Jamie and saying: hey we reading get to put our things and in time is earning more seats, cause there's not sold out means we sold it out. We're on
Well, you know we're whilst we'll sell it out, but we have a hundred more seats. No, it's literally sold out so If you want to go, then two to extreme. I'll come in register and then we have ye, have over watch where we're taking leaders from special operations and combat aviation and putting them into the civilian sector, so good. I e f over watch dot com if you're a company that these leadership which you are or if you're a Speck ops guide, combat aviation guy. That is looking to move onto their next mission in civilian sector goody, if over, Stockholm and if you feel, like you need more than that five hundred hours that we have spent Talking on the park asked, then you can find us on the webs on Twitter.
Scream and on do far mock. Echo is Add ECHO Charles, and I am at Jocker willing and, like I said, if you want to help out in Amerika you can fly, of them they are on the same platforms at saved in America. And thanks once again to Mass Chief Kirby around for his, ever since the teams and its literally. Like I told him, it's given me everything that I am right now. That's what these old Keen guys did for me and all so obviously thanks to Kirby for what him and his team is doing right now it saved in America, DOT org they are out there rescuing children, and I don't know if there is a more noble cause than that. So thank you master chief curry, around the rest of our military out there,
that also gives us everything that we have, you for doing what you do so that we can freely. Do what we do. And two are police, and to law enforcement and fire fighters and paramedics and E M tease, despatches correctional authors and border patrol and secret services to every other. First, ponder thanks For you do as well for being on call each today to protect us And two Everyone else out there when I, about someone like Master Chief, has given so much, but you know what just keeps on giving grass myself what what else can I give to the world ask yourself that same question. What else can you give the world?
whose life can you make better? How much more can you give let's find out? get up move forward and get after it and the till next time MRS Echo and Jacko out.
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