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194: Costly Pitfalls to Avoid and Critical Maneuvers. How to Win in American Business. With Pete Roberts

2019-09-11 | 🔗

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This is Jack O Park as number one. Ninety four with ECHO Charles and me Jocker, willing bidding me good evening. As a leader, have to put others before yourself and that starts at the beginning, and it starts with everything that you do. You have to let the men eat. First, you have to make sure that they have the gear that they need You have to let them get rest before you do that's how it works. You have to make sure that they have what they need to accomplish the mission and then, on top of that, you have to make sure
that the mission, a lines with the good of the troops, and this is hard for some people to understand, but this applies to any organization. The military, a business, a sports team and you have to make sure that the troops understand that there may be short term of course. There may even be the ultimate sacrifice in war. Men may be killed for the cause. But that cause must be just and that cause must even in death. Benefit those. Who may have to give that last fall
measure and that that Mason impossible actually begin how can anyone benefit from their own death and the answer is action? quite simple when military personnel risk their lives, they do so to provide safety and security for their country. The country where their families live Individuals put their families above themselves and as a military leader? If you do that emission does not ultimately led to the If the security of the families of the people that you do lead, then it's your legation. To raise this up the chain of command and fix? It then the same thing: holds true in business as a leader, you must put the good of the troops
above yourself now. The thing that might seem impossible here is that the over arching measurement of the success business, is to be profitable and to maximize profit. One of the things that you do is you cut costs in one of the easiest places to cut costs in any business. These people. You minimize what you're paying people or you get rid of people and then, Maximum profit. So how can this leader principal work. How can you take care of people while at the same time max rising profitability, and the answer is that you have to look at the long game. You have to see that the stronger you build a business
the more long term stability you build and the more long term stability build the more ability you build for your employees and when you're stable, that allows you to grow and when you grow, your business employees have the opportunity for growth in the opportunities, improve the wives for everyone, for the employees for their family and thereby the whole community. That's what happens. But in what happens, when leaders don't put their people first in the military, it can result in Operations gone wrong: it can result in sense, strategies and in the military it can result in wasted, lives.
In a business you can see another kind of dust, Reduction in business, it can mean loss of growth for sure the commission loss of revenue, yes, it can mean loss of jobs, but eventually it can mean The collapsing of communities, the collapsing of cultures. Now, of course, a balance has to be found and profitability must be maintained, but the dollar must not trump the people, and it certainly must not. Regardless of your capitalistic goals, the dog, there must not trump the communities that built the businesses in the first place, the pursuit
of money must not jeopardize the very fabric of the country Gives us the promise for the on hindered pursuit of that money in the first place? And yet we ve seen that take place. We ve seen that take place in our own country, in cities and in towns and in states where saving a dollar closing a mill. Immense shutting down a factory in places where making more money in the next financial quarter
leadership, to forget the long term impact and sell the future of those people for cash in hand in the immediate and that disease that plague of greed can spread. Then it has heard various parts of Amerika at Bay yes times and
when that's happening, while the people at the top might build themselves a fortune, it's a fortune built on despair and it's a fortune built on destruction and in the end that will come back to haunt them, because it is not the right thing to do. Then. Does not have to be that way, because there are leaders who recognise the long term. Positive impact
Of growth and the long term positive impact of putting your people first, putting your community first putting your country first then one of those leaders, Happens to be a business partner of mine happened to be a friend of mine and his name is PETE Roberts. The founder of origin, USA, and once again, we are in the woods in the foot, those of means western mountains for our Immersion camp, which means it's time for us to record a podcast and if you dont, know PETE bingo back and listen to Pont gas. Ninety three and then listened
part gassed one, forty one and then you can rejoined us here, because once again we have PETE Roberts on the past PETE. Come back there, you have it. I was powerful. Oh Jesus either you get into that rhythm and I'm just my heads. I just catch myself going up and down like shit. The way you captured what you'd I said is try to say the same thing I say differently, but man, the impact you know and in how important community is. I know how when it was too new England towns, but it's not just New England towns. It's all towns! All people in the men actually right well with with the standard that were holding at Org. The standard is made in America right we see every single day every single day, a corner that could be cut. We could a compromise, and you know what the prophet mark and would increase the profit margin
would increase a little bit and in every day you and I get to see that you're in it. You know you're. Here you get to see it. You know five times a day, eight times a day, you see a decision that could be made. You know what hey we could just get this thing. Instead, in the profit margins go up a little bit and every day you hold, the line yeah, and I think if you need it like this statement, I like to make as well, if you, if you followed the truck back to the source you're going to end up in a cotton field in the Tennessee Delta region, so if you their fat, your standard, the supply chain is between here and there like legacy like oh yeah, we could at building the boots or the genes a little buttons, little brass buttons, the latter tags. All these things if you follow that supply chain back your touching, just your local community,
the thousands and thousands of hands and all the communities in between that supply chain, and I think that's the easiest place that you could get rid, Some of that, but it's also the most important if it, if your truly doing something more than trying to try. Earn your weight at the top right in I think that in the past, As you know, we thought we discussed this in depth in the past. You to look at all the free trade agreement that stop whatever's whatever you know the size you're on that thing it was greed, it was greed and the people, do the work in all the others minds at the top. You know in there's minds, crunch numbers in designing stuff, but the people do the work, when the beautiful thing that were doing is where we are. Resurrecting that heritage and I'll. Tell you why.
I mean we ve been together now three years and it has been about three years and going from what we started out like ten people I think, muscle eight people when I when, when I came when we merged it, was eight people. So maybe last year we had twenty five people, people now in the factory fifty people yeah. You know that and I was town convert crew this the day when we gave the tour. You know what sit here saying this stuff right in and I'm talking being greedy, immediately if you go ok. Will this guy's not greedy? There's like up there's like up we say, ok well, what does he believe it? And I actually in my mind I was thinking that deserves our hey. You can't be greedy, and there I said, listen. I am. I am an absolute hard core capitalist and I love deal make em in you. You get to see me now we business. No, I mean I love making deals. I love making things happen. I love
making money like it's great, it's it's it's! It's a great contests, integrate keep score, you know it's it's fun right and I'm out currently a capitalist but there's such an easy wine to draw. So I don't even think that hard drives not like it's a hard decision to make, and oh I don't know what I should do is like. No, you you make me but you do the right thing and you make sure that you're taking care of people you're, make sure you making the right decisions and that's what you do, and this is the Duke the thing about it and this, where people make the mistake, is in the long run in the long run. You'll do better. It's just, leadership, just like leadership. If you're taking carrier people in the long run, they're gonna take carry you and that's gonna, be the law term. Victory is gonna, be better! Then, looking for the short term. Hey, I bark. If you work for me and I barked you and you go and do it right now cause you to want to get in trouble, but you're can from other job, even got you to do what I want you to do. It doesn't matter, long term, I'm gonna lose and when I'm too
he investment away from the people that actually support community. Where we are then that's just a bad decision in long and again, short term, it looks, might look great long term. What does it look like? It's a bad deal, it's a bad deal for community, which makes it a bad deal for the country and if the, if our countries the hard time. Well, guess what what have we got sent, you ve got abandoned mills in factories fallen apart in these towns, Conor percent so you just talked about growth. Would you would have you seen from a leadership perspective? Youve? Doubled inside air in size and no, I said to you the other day as it hey PETE. It's gonna get to a point where you're not going, be able to really you know when you got twenty people react. Eight people, clearly you you, I mean prisoner families. Are eight people rise equity when you got twenty five people
now we're talking cousins and uncles. Announce, maybe he'll, know all that well and is probably that one weird you know couple you recruited all you can do yeah yeah like ear there and now, when you get to fifty people. Well, there's people that you know you do your dear just you're just not sure in and you don't seem everyday cause, you're busy, their busied their work in your work, and so you start to you start to rely on you to more on your leadership team. You carry the message through. The company has been for you, honestly, I'll tell you- and I don't want this sound like you know, this is this is the the only thing you should go by, but due to an old we did it when we like what I pushed it Ramona ship. I had a stack of books and all my leadership and anybody else interested. I just hold it to the leadership about any one interested in being this company long term. I want you to read this book.
Recommend you read this book had people say wide eyed, I dont red, never cool paper I'll pay free for dollar. Ninety four I'll give you cash, download it and as you know, it is like have time I will put the headphones on while you're sewing download it. You know- and I got I gotcha so that changed a lot a changed. It changed meal and we ve talked about in the past, but the biggest thing is how in and for me decentralized command, was the deep Andrew Command and decentralized command in the big. As part of that was, was telling you this the other day Seventy hundred, what do I mean well, you. Ve got allow people and empower people and your leaders to make decisions right. You can get him to a seventy percent decision, which I learned at the monster. Also at all what I took if you can get em they're men, that's that, a great thing. It's a great example we're sitting here in
pro shop at the immersion, kept to get everything here it took it took five or six trucks, I'm Talkin, a twenty export. You hall and eighteen foot trailer, another twenty four foot trailer and it took a team of twenty. People to get everything here, and I took my wife, a magnitude to muster in D C and my father in law, Joe and Brian, this party came and his wife magazine in in we went through and when you Scots to this date does always have to be a hundred percent, but I feel it coming to make a hundred percent. This is me, there's nobody ego talking you know, but I feel, like my decision is always going to be a hundred percent right and I that it was too young to dangerous to allow anything less. So what I used to do, as I used to flank p to buy in my dear you know to me like a flight,
by my dear until these until they could see it, but I had to get them to see it to buy and now it's it's different instead of setting up this, pro shop, I know we were it was early in the morning at least I made your team, you things going early right and I was like yeah. They were up at five. Get everything set up. Air right now, I'm I'm hang back. There's a few things, how to do here to prep and a man. His handling of my life is handling am I get to one thousand seven hundred and eighteen you like? What do you mean? I, like you, know the seventy percent hotter? Is that you liked it sheikh. She call me two hours later were good to go as Ike. I don't think I could have gotten that done in two hours, my hundred percent, I dont, think I would ve gotten done in two hours they may be. Been another seventy percent, maybe it would be sixty five. Maybe it would have been maybe buddy. Eighty maybe two been an eighty to the bottom line. Amy
That discussion argue men did you know, planning would have just wasted valuable time on both fence in it, but we did do that. We did because I was The night before I was like, but can you see logistically that coming this camp in the woods you can't get for trucks in, unlike you, gotta, be able to see that you need to this needs to happen. Matthias equally, you know so as this one's unloading and leaving the next ones coming in, so you say, You did waste time discussing, I did I did and then you let it go and then I'm going to go. I said I think you got a good plan. I think that's going to work. Let me know what you need. And I got behind supporting the plan- that's the way that the act so there's a good Example, decentralized, current, and so that's not what you ve had to do with everything, because you can manage it all because
This is no. We work with our own front. We work with all different companies but obvious you work with start up companies, and we see this kind of growth, and these are the kind of things that trip them up. They get the guy who's, a visionary like you're, the big visionary and then you start saying well, I real. I started this thing when I started seeing obeying every decision and now has a new look up and if you were trying to make every single decision I was born on the factory, it would be a total disaster, a thousand a thousand percent. What what has necessitated the deed, filling in size this year and is not just a doubling in people get people what else you need. You need space, so we got two more buildings here, man. The new the origin labs facility at the warehouse house? Supercharged dude? We add enough yet member on that the Instagram. I you saw that echo like ours, Sunday was flooded, you know,
we had the spray form cuz. You is in an extreme environment, right, extreme, hot, an extreme hold during the winter, but we're trying to get everything into the warehouse. It's not insulated. We gotta get it the heating system in and you know it just one of those things where you just grinding grinding grind, but we we negotiate great deal on that property in the next property is going to allow us to act banned a little more, When I think I think that I think we're have some challenges ahead of us because weave expanded relocations, but we ve almost created in Bermuda triangle of sorts. The way that we secured the locations the facilities it shit. It's like lean manufacturing of you know between the factories. You know that you can get from one point to the next to maximize maximize your time, but
The labs facility is awesome and why we fulfilments five hundred to a thousand package is a day out of there, for filling all leaned out from a shipping perspective there and in the net facility which will be moving into what next week next week, you want to hang out and do some of those machines for the hours I could actually be fat ass, we're all the other shoe manufacturing machinery will be going and screen printing and some raw materials, so twenty two thousand square feet there, seventeen thousand square feet and legs and, of course, were chewed up twenty one thousand square feet currently so growing quickly in yeah. Leadership has been essential in decentralized command, essential
and that growth is impossible without it and seeing your- and I noticed this from early, you know I'd come up and someone pulled me aside and say: hey you know in chapter for your talk about this. You don't ask me questions and I'll just be such a great fine, because when people don't recognize how important our job is and how important our leader? That's not that justice is not work, but when someone realises that there have been a huge impact with every part of their department and then their leadership, is the most important thing in that department. When they realise that and they start taking ownership of it. That has an impact and that's what good friend I saw that early on. I saw that early on. We did like a little Otto session and but people asking questions during the session, but afterwards you know people coming up. Am I want in one passes in front of everyone? But what do you think about this? How should I handle that and took the people
Where and that's that's one of the things that has been announced, there's not growing pains cause. I mean, of course, was growing pains, but most growing pains are, are like gum almost like physical growing pains showing like when your son grows four inches in six months and he's says you know my knees kind of her, that's just physical. Yes, it's gonna hurt your growing sorry, dude but, as far as I know, the psychological trauma of all the dinner brain damage about this, that everything is very limited right now, which is amazing yeah. It is a new we're talking about people who were leaders prior to origin. Nobody had a leadership position. We had him a management position. You know in though the leaders that we ve built there they're not entitled to it. It's weird because you you get people who go
through, let's say to go to college, to be business management or leadership, whatever there is so much potential and people who just want a work can be part of something there. So we find so much motivation in that I would rather have someone and wood. I do like job interviews, I say: hey, they're, gonna, first questions. Are you looking for a job a little for a career? kind of a loaded question when I I'm looking for a career, ok, we're gonna dig deeper into this conversation now I'd rather take someone who's. Looking for a career that has no leadership skills, give them the opportunity Because I know long term they're gonna be an increase, Last year the company theory that we have with if over watch with with hiring that's, would bring that that's an look, a veteran, my not have worked in whatever industry or in, but that person, is hungry, they got leadership skills and they are discipline, they
especially the group it we are. We at they study in training, extreme ownership and the principles so that they know how to lead and why get the feedback that we're getting is phenomenal because we hire somebody and they go what the inner they feel partaken or a little bit of a risk, because the person, it's you, this person that was any in the army, for twenty one years or this purse he's been in the whatever industry. The the the gas oil industry for twenty one years new think about we should, we just higher the guy that kind of has experience and we're find an over and over and over again, they guess what you take. It personally Hungary, that has good leadership skills they step and that role they learn the this in its industry, specific stuff and they and their rock and roll, and I guy cells? Kids, this all the time, not not kids, but you know: college kids, college graduates, college graduates if you're, that person that will work hard you
gimme, there's so many companies, because I work where so many companies they there's a drought of no one's like hey. Yet we got all the good I've. Never. I have never been new company. Where they set up. We got all the good people we need. We don't need any one else. We don't anyone other good people, I've, never hurt anyone say anything close that ever even please, where you know people are banging on the door to get in big tech companies that have have popcorn machines in the hallways within, but one thing I want to work there right. There's people, bang on the door to get there. You know those big tech company say they say: how do you think we could get better people that are willing to go hard? So it's exactly what you're saying feel. If you look for someone, if you look for somebody had the has that hunger as it is, I M actually have to add because believe me there like an interview, great Azalea, I'd love to grind what your biggest weakest
biggest. Weakness is sometimes I work too hard right that purse Adam you show up in their there and there in the friggin twinkie stash. So when I talk about. Happily, I sometimes I get the twig he's the one as I get in the donor stash today. Brow are you? Ok, a man I'm good now you had like insolence by your face was pale ass, Aggies way so as I am going to go down I mean I can literally never eat a donor again. If I do, I always think there's can be someone with it with I phone in the corner and that's gonna, be the virus the only viral video of Java won't be something that echo made. Maybe maybe we very honoured me down. I have made my video even though unawares out they'll be here that would be a major kind of situation that we have to discuss yes like tree, yeah yeah I've, I've
and betrayed very much effective only been betrayed one time, but I would consider that we'd have to. We have to but that it should be remembered. That would be a consideration of the trail near. I don't think so, Edith whereby somebody Adolf Smith to Germany, bottle of other thing is how many pieces to two pieces of news start. Hundreds you feed me did out just shove. Europe is and we have no you're taking. What is what is like the sweets like part the moist. I really like almost wet part. That's like that, the honey, don't care should but you're, not a special recipe here. You know we were we when we were Harry'S we are in New York, city and Harry steakhouses eaten with Harry, and there we sent him bottle of her in my mom? She she called me and she's like you, sent back lava to New York City, to a guy, autobiographical, yeah issues, you,
didn't send the recipe. Did you and then, as I know, no Yosemite rocket. She was upset jihadi like sent in the recipe to make the bottle of. Ah it is, it is lit. Git a secret recipe and there's one thing that she, is to make. It is good and I'll. Tell you what it is Apple pie cast gets. No one else. Does it it's an old spot and less very that's Piedmont, special recipe. Okay, so there's gotta be demand. There's gotta be something driving. This growth. Obviously you know- and it's been a it's been a continual kind of rapid rapid, can t, there's just continual problem, invention for lack of a better work there and in one of the things that you and I were talking this morning I was holding, I was putting on a getting another rift ghee
and I know not. Everyone does jujitsu, but the rift key is like it's like a complete. It's like a new product, it's like it doesn't exist until now. It's weird say about: I guess it be what's a good what clothing product at like completely Changed like it didn't just now it does it will. I would say that's easy that that would be the compression sure under armor came out with you. We boldly college football member. We had the grace the cottage culture, its mccartin short term and you wore that cotton t shirt entity for pop up ads. Then under armor came up with the full picture and it changed it changed again. Now. You would you're not gonna play with this anymore. Never wear anything else again right and that's what the rift as I can you not you, not going to what you're not going to go. Oh cool, I'm just going to wear another GE today, cuz. I have enough to know. I didn't understand where this key, the the whole thing
is engineered brand new yeah right. You I did you did was the Paul Jersey thing like was at a inspiration for coming up with a rift absolute, absolutely the because it the performance We develop this Polly since fibre we know what I like to say. As you know, we we didn't just me. New factual, we synthesized heteronomy, like synthesized in we I don't! I don't know if I told you how much money we spend on developing this environment, a cap that for me I probably just a girl you, but you know we had the attic, I told you. We had ordered a batch of yarn. We had an you, gonna set up the friggin loom and there's three thousand ends right in it and it takes sixty hours to set it up, and then we have have the yarn spot, and then we did it and would like it's not good enough. So you have all these prototypes.
We ve got to get rid of. Now we ve got to get the yarn again. There were like it's not twisted strong enough, it's pilling too much. We need to talk the ends in your talk in these little freakin fibres, individual fibers in oh and well it's abrasion resistance enough, and so you know it you take away the garment itself in the cotton. The spiral wrap in how it functional your body, and you go right back to the fibre. That's where we had to start had the start from that point and then develop the weave, the dragon we ve gentry, and it's hard to explain unless you put it on. Of course, you down there again, like King Arthur Rift folks, can you put it on? You know any other prow brow. This thing is just redeemed
by, and that was by the way fresh out of the any. When you take any piece of clothing, fresh package, it it well. In my opinion, it sucks coming coming out of the package when you take another package, you know this. Doesn't this thing is the package it's brand new and you put it feels like it feels like Spain is kinda, unicorn yeah. It was something like that. So so that's like an example of the product, moving forward making things, and this is the other kind of thing that is happening because of our support. Stuff has to be extremely durable, rightness or you're making something that just doesn't feel good cause. You can make submit, feels good. The house be durable and that's the tricky part right, because, if you look at the way they make things soft or to feel good again skin. Usually what that means is there, here, you rating the textile little bit right there breaking it.
So that those fibers touch your skin they feel ass, smooth, uncomfortable and we here couldn't deteriorate the strength of the garment, so we have find a way to do that with the yarn. That's the keys fight. The way to make the yarn comfortable and then the weave and then make the garment former ended. Body unaware explain is like if you took it, a baseball, lacrosse bawling. You took this piece of paper in Europe that around see if you can get a smooth Can you get a smooth now? You could have wrinkles all through it right and in that's what basically every on the planet is like now you take the same piece paper. You just strip it into straight strips then start wrapping those strips around that by what you gonna get getting it smooth surface. That's why we, the spiral wrap because its Less spiral around your body. In seven seven panels, and yet, innovative. I dont know if there's another it shouldn't exist. The guard Shouldn't exist yeah, so
coming offer that, while you're working on that, and I'm all. This is coming home from a trip and where I was up here and seeing the factory and being you know just kind of up in that be ritual high from seeing our people american people working hard like Derek it like passionate about doing good like just seeing everything and action, and I was finally and I remember I- was laid over somewhere and I'm sick the airport and looking at everyone, while I'm sitting there And I see that I called you and I set a peep man, music yeah how many people do you know that you that do Jiu, Jitsu and you're, like I, don't know a hundred nose like cool how many people do you know that wear jeans
and you said everyone- and I said, I'm in the airport right now in eight out of ten people are wearing jeans. Member that conversation we need to make genes, and you go. I've always wanted to be refunded he said I've always wanted to make genes, and that was the opening of a whole new game right, a whole new market, and a whole new world from conversation what was the next step from there. You know when we have a conversation, you might have told me this fact: others, three hundred million Americans, Johannaeum Americans, actually own genes, two hundred and ninety eight million two hundred and ninety eight million people own genes,
and there's two million communists that donor You know it was. I knew we could the product. You know in honestly, like I always wanted like I couldn't fit for nice genes as a kid it I'm ever going into like the banana republic or the gap, and basically looking at stake I've trying it on and oh for kids, my mom twenty four thousand dollars a year with four kids. She just didn't have on extra in. We would like one nice thing before the school year started, and of course school starts for our kids. My daughter started school today in Owen. Think about what she has and what you know the heart. What hard work has as allowed us to do, for the kids to start school with new person acres in some clothes now think about. Genes have always been important to me because we couldn't afford them It was. It was always there it was.
Just a style of it, but major feel alive. It made they made. You feel free you know, and they ve always represented that I mean in digging into Denham in on the globe? Nudged America, if you start connecting Adam, you see they represent like freedom, revolution, independence, empowerment right. They readily at these things in. I was so damn excited. You are on board with it. Just I guess I think ages. Yup. You just need a little. You like Frankenstein just needed a little spark yeah. You know whether covers life. Well, you know, as is exactly he exactly just turn it off, because you know managing you know all these people. Imagine you know the factory couple locations in the growth right push you to want to make mistakes. You still gotta be a little bit naive enough to think you can. You can do it down
and I knew we could do it. As we ve been making this stuff for calm mass imports, we ve been making products that p Poor yanking on ripping pulling wrapping around arms and heads with and I knew we had to set up to make durable goods and Denham to me. It was like well if we make this will be the most durable genes ever made, because we're gonna apply the same techniques and concepts we ve developed further, six years manufacture stuff for combat sports and and apply the same thing to this, in that what we did in Just did it man I mean I don't you to explain. I go I mean we got, leaves our patter maker in we just started having to work and I'd overnight. You say set of Iraq, where first one's work amazing they were, but honestly like got the textile right. You know american car
little bit of strategy knows modern, but still super durable. And then we started showing it together with those three needle like chain stitch machines which you just fine anymore. No, you know you just don't you don't find it's hard to with two needles than you caught your cost of thread by heard it on you don't get it if you go to the store and look at what they actually have, it's usually just one through here. The scene do not just want one machine so in it, It cut costs like that measures that will that's just not what we're doing so It was challenging. You know, I think it's not just developing the product because you can in this is across the board when you're starting something new even though we ve been making all these gps in an staffer jujitsu. It's still a different product and they're still style. You see, we have to have some type style, and color for right- will there's there's that genes.
And it's all all all form right and then you ve got that's just simply function in the ideas you ve got a balanced those two things out. You can't be too over the top to extreme Just like balancing out leadership by MRS is really the same thing. Format formed function about of those two things you know in we didn't get it right off. You don't you like here, well this yoke here back in other, arise or in the back just just not doing, He knows where do for me, because I never paid attention to it. Before Roger note. No you're, not you're tools such as yours. I got it. I was looking at all, genes that I had and Saint ok, here's what different. I remember. I'd, be unlike sending you pictures or here's. Aren't you what a yoke was, but I realized the sector part below the waistband, where it gives you a little sick. Duration between the legs of the pants, and I did never paid attention to before my life, but I looked at it.
This seems like it's a lot longer then mind right now. Is there a benefit to that? A new like? Well, here's a benefit and I said well, here's the negative, the negative us I, I got a pocket on my hamstring right now. Instead of on my ass cheek where it needs to be formed, form and function right. So then it's ok. We can take that up so that the the The thing it's weird about it that know that I definitely dont think about is when you make it, And you say: okay, this is what we are going to produce a you pull the trigger on that, like that's what you're gonna get, so it better be good. It's kind of like I do relate in fact when you published a book and you get a print a hundred thousand copies, and then you open it. And you find a mistake, that's that stings and that's dead stings and that's what happened.
You know the fur, those right behind you right there. Yet we went into production and they're, coming off line right, trained. Everybody in I thought we'd get to go and but they started coming off the line and we were used to working with your work. Used to working with like compression textile cause for the rash guards stuff we make, but not a woven were used to working with nets. We we ve never worked with. A woven, so all of our machines were set up for rigid right textiles, that don't stretch and like the first like few hundred pairs at came off, we started to look at them more intently and we found that we made some mistakes and the mistake was somehow it was the fabric. Starting to grow. A girl is growing because. And this is something machines will never be able to do here,
Machines aren't people they can't. They can't make adjustments on the fly you can only programme a machine to do a task, and it can do that. One task well, but I can't recognise when there's something wrong and then make an adjustment right, it's gonna do One thing: one speed one way: that's a beautiful thing about humans and in manufacturing to do it right, if they want to do it right and that's it. That's a key thing right there they ve got to want to do it right as it could just keep rolling. Even though there is a problem and just keep cranking- and this happens a lot This happens to unless it was growing. What does that mean that the textiles, the garment was growing because it was you you're being held too hot, hard or the tension The machine in what we found is a mixture of both ok, you know because we're u stop making these rule reality suffer digits. Holding it and in as as they were, holding it that the textiles. Growth is a little bit of like we're. In God it was grew up. The whole
was growing so that the thirty two zero km offline and they like thirty six, is so We had to make some adjustments, on the fly tat a chain, the patterns re caught a batch of Denham and we just and you know it was the right move. We just didn't really set, which is like no that's a big tuition payment at that's just gotta, be a tuition. Payment had Owen push forward. I mean in some of them had a dies. I will cause like the twisting seemed like too much My son has a pair like one of these original ones and hasty. You know I looked Look animals again over. The thing is, I got occur because school. You think I don't care about. What I look like Mozart is just like: don't care, rehab, that these ideas are the best genes, I'm swam anyway. So will the seem on the outside of the leg rules with words and action and different. We want on one leg. We found an
regarding your ear at old research paper from like the forties leg twist in genes was the title of it. No, it's a what what was the cause of that my old pattern maker, Liza she's, sixty three sixty four. She found the paper. She brought it into the factory. This is a whole research thing. Hiker college research leg twist in genes it is is that as the textiles being woven, it's called the twill and there is no dive aligns. If you look at the genes angle lines in order to cut genes effectively to not get like twist, you have to, how pears and those pairs have to be reversed opposite We found that out. After close to a thousand pairs yeah leg twist in genes, so you talk about manufacturing products is simple. Is genes in I mean what is it
Gus. Before we launched, I mean we did it fast man like what six months or years enemy, Paris pretty good. You large so we finally got a figured out when we got em launched in you know, if phenomenal. I don't want to say about the product itself, but man, those those ladys worked. I'm Saint Ladys cause our hope that whole floor where's all women between the ages of twenty and sixty sauce and see millennials work that want to work the needle tenable on that floor, cranking ranking and working together in just like a beehive man, just like african beehive walkin in that place the morning going to know if you want me to say that you're not, but what about to we're going to make another pair of jeans that's going to be lighter weight now echo Charles you'll, just for your fyi
the job of me. I requesting lightweight genes. Ok, they're kind of weird economy. Yet I got don't want a lightweight hoodie want the lightweight g, do you want to know why retailers. My legs had been called. You know me have been like. Oh I, I dont want to be outside anymore, because my legs are called. It's never happened I used to wear shorts. All that all year long beard snowing outside, I wear shorts, so lightly waging that'll be the next. Next thing we're gonna make an end. We ve got a little tie back to my heritage in the Navy in the seal teams, because in the in Vietnam, the issued fatigue weren't durable enough for the combat operations at the seals were doing and so may
of the seals in Vietnam WAR genes and to work to make some genes. We gotta cool name form that I will reveals a letter rebels, I'm way down town of that like us at the end, and we just the last pockets where'd you haven't heard yet that then we just did with a single mass chief named Kirby herself, who is just as completely legitimate as they come as frogmen and yeah. He knew use talking aware genes in non so yet we ve got that we ve got these lightweight genes come and I think that's gonna be an. I already have actually have prepared. Well, I have a pair I've been I've, been testing the goods myself, so I spent thirty days in Europe last month I put two hundred miles on the boots in. I think it was thousand miles on the genes as we traveled-
and men, those things are getting worn in fading in just the abrasion of movement in motion and life saw summed it freak, an awesome so your people? I why you so damn excited about genes? Well, hundred ninety eight million Americans own genes, because their cool, but it's really what they represent, you don't know. I learned something recently that you know after the great before the great fresh money. I go. Do an old, antiques thorn. You see the trunks, they get the stickers all over honour, the postcards. It will be. Poor travelling to Europe before the great depression. They were on vacation for legal for like a month or two at a time right, then the great depression happened in every. Everybody just kind of hunkered down and they didn't Beale confident enough to go on these voyages right ships these voyages? So they decided to do is, go and explore the American West, and what I've heard is that
The cowboys out there were wearing Denham Blue Jeans in in the idea and I'm digging into this through research is that that swear fashion in gene started in the? U S so City slickers from the east, now West saw the free range cowboys and said year an and took that free spirit, attitude back to the EAST Coast Amerika. I still get approval, but that's your theory this. Yes, now. I remember this Harold. Do you remember? Do you remember, like the Berlin Wall? Do member EAST Berlin as well as I do? from what I don't know you know about it now. Yes, I do I do, but I didn't get. It I remember watching the wall came down. It was eighty nine. I was ten years old, Levin years old, maybe
and I absolutely remember it. I remember. May I remember honestly feeling unsure Because I didn't understand why these men with his sledge hammers were slamming that wall with such anger and then elation did didn't register and I remember the conversation in the house of my parents talking about free in communism, and I had no idea what these concepts I didn't know anything about them? But then, when the wall came down and they were accepted into the into their free in family watching them come across our just like they ve been separated, I just remember that not What communism wandered was or separation or anything. I just remember that they were they were. They were present basically here and yeah. Of course, I was there last month so
cuz. What I remember when I was a kid you know at my school kids would go on like a school trip to wherever England or Spain, or something like that like the spam. This class there because it would go on a school trip and what people say that you cannot bring genes bring genes you, yes, Yes, you can sell em and there was like a black market to get those things into the Eastern Bloc countries. You could sell a pair of men, Can you know standard american genes that costs six. In dollars at their growth restore at the department store and you could bring over its own progress dollars. I remember here not a hundred dollars and I had like two pairs of genes or three pairs of genes and I'm thinkin hey. Can you take these key, trying it a hundred dollars for these things that were that to me has always said that those
people over there identified blue jeans like this, like your same east coast. To look the cowboys said: that's the Spirit of freedom right there and you know the thing is, is in When I get into something I go deep that's, why we're that are building a factory in my back yard boy, I needed need to understand more about why genes represented revolution, her dad was a spy and some research and I said Down with a woman who lived in EAST Germany her dad was a spy and you know they had. I hadn't realised this. They had access to the west in terms of the news in the media and everything it wasn't like. They were closed off.
That- and I think that might be a misconception. They could see it, but they could touch it right. So it's almost like like they're they're there in a cage they can see what's happening outside, but they can't they can't touch it, and so we sat down. We had dinner in this old russian restaurant and it was it was like this. This scene legged seed, a movie or something you know what a year the lights in all the pictures on the wall and we're sitting there intimate like this having dinner and she told me about growing up in the east. In, as she'd get got into the conversation she reached her die in her bag and pull out her diary from her childhood and she's like
let me show you something and she opened the diary and there was a tag in their a wrangler tag, and she said this was my from my first pair of genes in this tag was beat up and worn in and in her genes deteriorated, but she saved that tag, and then she flip the page in a diary. She was. She had a little better. This one's name was on your honor in in her friend had gone in New York City and she had written. You know in a girl's diary cheering and she has genes. Then she took the pen. She underlined that you took a highlight and she highlighted it. She's, like I didn't really understand how important it was to me until you and I started talking because we have talked the day before and she said the first time in my life, I ever feel empowered as an individual was one,
I got my first Para genes when I was thirteen and I put them on the burst I had only warn dresses what they gave us to wear, and I put those genes are for the first time and I felt free and if you want to distil this thing down, why it so important. Look at that. You know what I just realized, so I have a I have a ten year old daughter And she's been wearing. Your daughter might be too old for this trend, but a lot of girls right now that our younger, maybe six, seven, eight nine. They were basically a matching. Kind of whole polyester like dry, fit type outfit, that's the whole thing the inner matches, looks like We are tied, I looking thing and you, my daughter, must have had like three or four of them and you just rotate em like that's just what justice, what and her over friends. They look like some.
Old, Grannis everywhere then. Does the outlets coward? I think from a mobs perspective. You know it's really easy noticed there you go. You know he's where this and my other daughters. My other daughters took her shopping and when she came home she says dad I'm going to go put on some of the clothes I got and Archie had it. She was she came out and she was wearing a pair of jeans and it was her first pair of jeans, believe it or not, while cuz we live in California is, though we don't wear jeans out there, we work shorts or if you're a eight year old girl, you wear these outfits, these matching little nor it nylon is out what it is. What is this where those things yes, ok, he's like we did that around per year rubber bullets exact, put its all. It's a just outfit any every little girl workers will lose a lot of us. So my daughter comes out of the room and you know she's ten. You know and she's tall for a ten year old, but
all the son she had genes on, and I could see now that you're I'm connecting you. She so proud, and you no kind of like she was standing. Austria like she was now in you know in the big leagues kind of, and she You you elect time. You go through new life for your, like I'm a person. Yes, she looked like she had that kind of I'm a person, I'm an individual, I'm up, I'm a person. I got I'm here? Confident? Yes, I'm here, my mom was little girl and how much of that comes from my daughter's go and you need to get genes you know what I mean you need to get jeans, that's in my kids and my kids psyche that you can what you get jeans. And that's when you become an individual human ready to take the World S, bad, so cool in
crazy because it really does. It really does like it. Just. But when you, where something see that's important, it's a beautiful thing. Really. You know too that you can be empowered by something on your body. It open in people say all: that's, that's not it. Important. You know what you were well. It's really not important what you were, but it is important how you feel about yourself. It is important how you project yourself You know I mean if you, if your work of rational front going somewhere, you know, do you our teacher, if you want on Fox NEWS, will you put on the report also? Why? Because that's what you put on that's right right. I think that's enough. I think the next time I might be going on, I might be wearing them, or is this what I this is something else I just realized think about this. Ok, do you ever you get a Paris slacks right, get a purse what's another word for that pants trousers?
trousers or whatever you two pair of pants, though if he's gettin, all of her or whatever they veil change a little bit over time, but based We the change that they go through detour it's him in there. No longer usable, but genes are different. Genes where and they become comfortable and they do your body they like that, They were not. Yes, they were less. They wherein not out come here like you kid. If one If you have a nice pair of genes, it's broken things had for a while. If something happens to whom you have to, get another penny. Ethical food appeared of time. We were there, not quite your genes yet, and you know it's crazy is- is to those What do you want? I argue that woman I knew I was. I was with she's, you told me she's, like you know they, they tried to make genes because eventually- you didn't have to smuggle amend any more vengefully. You
If you knew somebody out outside it, they could ship you the genes if they could afford them right. So they became so popular that these Berlin four decided these Germany, decided. We gonna make genes and they did they may genes, and I picked up are those genes. I found someone who had a pair and they weren't genes They didn't know how to weave the textile and they couldn't figure it out. So where they were, they dislike some weird fat look like it was a weird fabric in it and it works. And even indigo died. So they would that's the kind of thing where you realize. That's why communism doesnt work, because the state can't figure it out but is. It was crazy, so it failed miserably and she said so that the governor imported Emily in pairs of American genes-
they sold out like that. Like the day they arrived. That's the kind of thing where you realize. That's why communism doesnt work, because the state can't figure it out, but individuals care so give him some genes and let him while now, ok genes. We got that we might look a little red, buddy org Now the other thing you said, as you put miles on boots, Now this is a little bit of a reversal role. Where I said you like: hey bro, everyone, where's genes, you said to me: hey man, we need to make boots and that made me that made me nervous because I look at boots. I said: hey man like these are everyone's feed different it's hard to make its you gotta the sizes I mean there you can have a pair of boots like boots are what size they are any in, and people's complain about
blisters and you know it Opportune everybody wants a different kind of boots, so I was definitely more hesitant. On the on the just the product itself. And then on the manufacturing. To me, it just seems like crazy thing and you you laughing. I don't know if you remember this, you laughing, you were like you allowed to be like Bro, so much easier to make boots and it is to make tutu weave fabric on a loop. Yeah, and I think some of their laughter was more like I'm ready for the child, you know what me like this is. Everything is, is you don't just sit in full transparency? You know what you and I had a private conversation at the end of last year in like okay. What are we going to do You know what are we gonna do to grow and we wanted to make the investment you know of our our prophet and put it talking into the company and and were we're buying where we want to grow right in, what's going on the biggest impact on the community, but also what the community can handle
right, and we know they can handle making Denham Blue Jeans- and I now The community could not only handle, but but if we could footwear again, I just need to click curve when you're talking about community. What you're talking about is the actual community within which you live. Yeah and which our factories within which we have a pool of people. That's the community that actually have this skill set in that's the part that I didn't appreciate and as soon as you, you were like hey cause, I'm thinking, how we gonna make shoes. You said we got the people and then I remembered grown up. Of course. Who is up here all these massive shoe manufactured we're up here and, as we have obviously ok check run exactly in I shit, I'm a new balances still in Maine doing some stuff Nike you to be in vain. You had your bash you right. You had done
her shoe, you had Hayden Shoe Alan Edmunds. When you had all these brands and in it our employees Christine she actually was the one who went to the Dominican when Free trade agreements went into play and trained them on. She was the best little waste stature in the country. Trained them how to use that machine so was part of. Let's call it a brain drain skills drain right, we're the skills needed to go away Mohammed when they go away she's the only one left with those skills right and I had identified a few people with those skills in these old. Sue dogs, one of whom was barred Hershey. You know in this Guy Roland Land, shoe dog is the name of that book is at a time anyways chewed off your dogs, yes it is it there's a book written yet by the gathered made Nike exactly he shoot, but that's a common term. He didn't call No, no that's what these guys are. He was Part of that God,
these guys help him get star This guy Roland is the one that help timberland start he's the one that had the machinery and the knowledge today timberland, so they could mould a soul onto a leather offer heat he developed that and so I had all these old timers who I just honestly. I didn't give an opportunity not to not to meet me like. I just go to their factory I'm on the phone. You know shown what we're doing get front. I get from him. Get front of em Finally, we started building relationships, this one guy Roland I would over there in and he had to get rid of the machinery and we, some kind of negotiating, and I was like what do you? What do you want? You know I got to figure out what somebody wants. You know negotiating he's like can you do a lobster bake from my staff, and I said, yeah idea goes. Take it all loaded up.
Tractor trailer of machinery, a small it. I can twenty foot you know and a couple weeks Joe my Father and I and a few other guys from the fact without it cooked his whole staff. A lobster big Lobster bake for old shoe machinery, but these shoe dogs so shoot is the term that is just used general term for some has been an issue for a long time, but. No as we're talking at last year and in a kind of Put your. I guess, concerns at ease a little there Fredo it's like. We can! make shoes. You know we don't have to reinvent anything, even though we need to build it from scratch. There's a difference there. In a few. If women likes try to figure it out and not have the knowledge. That would be one thing, but the knowledge is only been its. We been removed for twenty years right away
had been removed for fifty years. I'm not going to say it's impossible. I would have taken a lot larger effort at a lot bigger lot more costly tuition. A yes determination in ways ahead of it. I am in the effort right now has been great and and The expense has been great and we were in the month date and this week we're finally ready to really launch the edges. Are the factory the other day but you're talking about ok, Jocko, good job? blessing, you know the teams on board. What are we gonna do a hard one person, one Percy Henry, and he bent in the energy for forty years, and he our two January. First, I gave him a piece of paper with how I wanted the boot to look, and I said, this is what we want to build now. Just just so, you know
Everyone understands, I know you get it that we're talking about starting something from scratch: right. We don't have you machinery, we don't asses and seats, which is my way of saying human race, horses, we don't the work flow. We don't have the raw materials. We don't have the power, turns we'll happening at eyes, zero, nothing. I gave you a piece of paper with an illustrator drawing and said this is what we want to make. That's crazy, not really not really crazy, because if you it's a perfect for a russian values like a perfect flow. When you. When you see people work together, we, Each one has a skill set in and in. No, this is gonna seal teams, like I'm sure when you did operations and everything was. Moving. It's like a perfect for, like a russian values like a perfect flow of organization right
and I had seen it in the rest of the factory and how we did the wrestler factory. That's why I knew we could do it, but I am, but I also knew that the challenges of building something for a foot. You know that that a foot everyone's feet are different and then Nick HOT shave their asymmetrical. You know what the strange thing A new urban handouts rings asymmetrical, the other, not this They are not the same. I knew we were gonna have challenges I know I haven't told you about all the timid tuition payments, but I'm gonna tell you I'm entire couple that I may have escaped, but what has an all my money, so we we got into it in you know and we met. We made some boots. You know to start up, but it was all you know, Henry with an exact or knife like hand, cutting everything we ever and we started building the patterns. They weren't perfect so you can imagine, like eight months were now into this thing once ones
once we actually got a boon, of course started with a fourteen wrong in that, would bite us in the ass six months down the road that was, was the tuition payment. I want that to start with a fourteen, because I did to wear first. Not knowing that six months down the road, that would be amiss. Could you never grade? Grading is how you scale everything you never go. Aid from your largest size, you always greatly from a little from the middle sized. So I should have a precise asked me to do is to ask me that question I would have said. Oh yeah pray lose a little bit of the union, was literally that shape in the end the deal what's the word. Ray RE here. The ratios as you go up exactly that's what grating is so we needed all those things patterns to fit the foot leather. We needed the knowledge
Of course: Clicker dies to cut the material, but what we need. Shoemaking machinery, so which these are very specialised. Michel is incredibly specialised, Missouri stresses in it was feasible to just by new stuff. You know I mean it has been smartest by all new machinery, yes yes, it would have been interesting. It would been smartest. If we want Take that risk and dump that, a capital and outcome circus its it doesn't seem like that, would be real South Asia but you know what I knew. I knew that Henry used to be a mill right and that if we could just get Decent machinery, even old machinery that was running he could keep it running in our little proof of concept, called bringing back manufacturing and frankly county main if we could prove that concept. It would be only
matter of time to be invested in that new machinery. So that's it. We did talk about how much is gonna be below islet. Let's do it. So. I ended up calling this old timer MO he's the one that found our first loom. So I went back to the source. Now this is what I want to do and he's. Why do you know this guy? He he told me story you you have heard over Dexter Shoe, of course, there's if Many Harold Alphonse note here The owl built Dexter shoe. He built it. He was working at another shoe company. He built it by loading up machines that warrant being used like in the end it during the night time into his state. Wagon and driving them to a mill in Dexter. He basically the machines that were like the the abandoned machine without a factory and he started the factory and he built in empire right, Harold, Thou fund
He got bought out by Berkshire Hathaway they had track that when Harold Alphonse died, they could move Dexter Shoe automated. They are died a few years back. They shot the factory. Move it out of me. This shit, just a man, gets to me. It gets to me. More told me a story about about Harold Al Fund His most dad was nor shoe dog, and he made the parchment machine and he said PETE Limited something you're gonna need my help doing this. This is what I do this guy, Harold Alfonse. He started this factory and he couldn't he could, he wasn't getting. It was making any money, because my dad and he said: can you come up to the factory, and this is back when
it doesn't matter if this small time are trying to build this, the shoe company has it. You in three months. Full of employees, the skies most dad drives up to Dexter. Two hours sits in front a herald. Al Fond and Harold Alphonse says Can you buy these Box of parts back from me? A bite back from you in three months in his dad said, yeah I'll, take him back to the parts back gave him the money three months later held out on patent back disguise worth A billion dollars now, but this this thing sitting in front of somebody, hammer conversation and building relationships. What I found and in this shoe making thing is the most important thing, because these are old guys running it.
The same guys running it in the end in the dude These shoe dogs out of bed in the factory helping us combined age. Eighty eight ninety. And we probably had a does it in there and use see their freaking eyeballs when they walk in. They don't want to leave the honestly on occasion. Being tears to their eyes that This is what we're doing. Because they saw they were part of it and they saw it leave and joy. That's spark man like honestly just hit me. It's me right feels meant that spark they see motivation and I absolutely knew that with their support it was going to be possible. And so we ve been grinding this, the first pair of boots- that that I got that you sent me
the first barely beauty. Semi was better than the first hour. You semi me that that was a shocker to me like a I take out a ballot boxes like no way. This is ridiculous and No, you like haters, there's there. These aren't perfect from sent him to see, can look at him and I was like no I'm wearing a vibrant elsewhere out of the box comfortable crazy. That was crazy. I was I promise your genes, do it you gotta, like we had to figure out how to make the union, whereas we have the knowledge base to make the footwear like it Still here you know in man I mean these guys came in and they just like domned their knowledge on by Henry Henry being the key in the sky Mall in Seoul Unlike I need machinery, so found all the old machinery overseas. He brought it back over on his usually bringing machinery. That's been shipped overseas, along with the jobs, literally we're bringing it back to America actually happening.
Actually happening machines designed in New Hampshire. Genes designed in Massachusetts manufactured right there, but them back. These old machines, and MO refurbished em, and now there in the factory and it's bad ass, So, what's that where we have right now, I know we have the the leather for. Four hundred five hundred pairs yeah, you know we we, acted with the tanneries. That's forty five minutes away. That's nothing about supply chain right! There's, Montana laughed and main, and they just happen to me factual. All the leather for the military boots so we went out to them in their like willed, will help you guys have. We can so their tanning whether for us there tanning seven thousand leather and it took a while, to get it right. I mean it's. You gotta, remember like leather,
textiles. Depending on how it stand, it can be, it out can stretch more be more rigid and not form ride. It can wrinkle it Is this all sorts? It shit that can happen that's really bad, so any ways we have through all of that, and we have to get through that for the patterns were right in then. He ordered the die is and we started cutting in. It was wrong because we had graded them from the Keynes, so we may have lost ten or fifteen grand had dies, oh boy, but we re ordered the dies, and now we ve got them working, but but yes, so we have probably five hundred pairs cut ready, ready to go in relief. In fact out the line and were in the process of training the young now. We have a young girl, Nicky she's nineteen, another guy.
Who's in their Christine in Henry those too combine experience like eighty years. You know the little wasted eurozone about Henry it's gotta work their first, you gotta have approve a concept, worked out you and I have a conversation like hey that we shall we turn it on we'll just turn it on what turn it on and on we need to turn it on in the factory right now before we move it, you know to the new plan: cuz, it's got its got to work their first. You got to have a proof of concept worked out, but man I put I put miles on those boots in man there airing in nicely their nicely notes. It's a classic, though, what boots it's like boots, that's what they are their boots proofs were his they go well with genes. The fact that we, like we recall genes, legit, fit Now, what we're doing all this? Meanwhile out? getting Jackal publishing. Yes, I have
like a man by the way I've got you know whatever I going to be. I got a hundred thousand books that you know. I'm gonna need to get moved from place to place we have a fulfilment centre, you're like yes, we do and boom all of a sudden. Next, you know where we're gonna fall from a center. We got the warrior, could three weeks, I give the dragons there you're we just absorb that. It was like, It was one of those things that are like gave me the freedom to tell my publisher watch this wishing Rita Y gotTA publishing company. I watch this and to have- how what icing books you know why you're trying to write another book and do all that stuff Okay! Well, I can make this happen because- looking at it go and how the hell where, where you can assist weakness, store a hundred thousand books. How you gonna our ties books, who's, gonna. U we jocker, you mean a warehouse somewhere power timing books. You know why you're trying to write another book and do all the other stuff that you don't that's not gonna work, so they in their mind their Fagin, I'm an idiot. Yet I think it is impossible which
which is a common theme around here, people think things are possible, and yet we I would add another thing I was saying the other day and you you gotta, reminded me of this of wine you started down the path of Hamley to make easier and offers also they're telling you it. To you, it's impossible to do this sum is possible to do this and the reason is that that that that that proper Ganda is out. There is because the big corporations, the best answer that they can give to the mare people may say, hey why you should now miss Factory the best answer that they can give us, Oh it's impossible to manufacture here. That's what it is impossible. The manufacturer SIRI answer that way they can save an extra thirty, two cents per item by having it manufactured in China, where they were they, they start to pay shipping. They still have to pay customs, they have to pay to get it over with
kinds of. But it's not like there say it's not like all those labors only get a dollar a day. So therefore we're saving eighty or whatever twelve dollars an item no there? Actually, we all the other costs their savings thirty two sets of item by paying somebody over there a dollar a day and my taken a Jew from an American sending it overseas. So do you think you can give isn't where we want to make an extra effort to send some of the best answer They can give us this is impasse both do here? Get many. Action, America, any fractured America anymore. That's what that's what we are being told, we're being lied to America's being lied to honestly feel because of the podcast. I feel lucky you made what, do it and main the Tipp of his spear I mean in Maine, is shaped like the Tipp of his, which is even more as it is old school to England. It is always is even more mad ass, but
It's not impossible and like if you look like, were here at the immersion camp I was sit down with a woman she's in California, we're sit on the side of the mass she's from California, she's she's, a cop and Jesus talking to me about her struggles. About media and how they're making her out to be in her. It invokes and long. For but everything in and she said, you know I sick what happened, and I said clicked I'm sit here. Look at this matter full of a hundred two hundred people from all different creeds, skin colors backgrounds, jobs from farmers to huge business, and scientists to surgeons all on the mats, for a common goal to train and learn. Jujitsu. Isn't that what America is to get?
therefore a common goal. Isn't that how this country was built, Isn't that how New England was established when the migrants came in together for a common goal? its literally happening right in front of me, and I just I just connected into it and I'll just like what's missing? Well, I can see here that this is all about minds and hands right, Jujitsu learning Jujitsu is hard. It's hard on your mind, it's out of your body it's hard on your hands. You know in in manufacturing is, is the same thing. It's it's. It's the same thing in interest understanding like oh yeah, you know your four main and connected in New England, and we both iron, standing where we came from and what was sacrificed so that we could get here. I feel like we were banned in that
you know what I feel like Jujitsu is like us, the spark in looking at matches like the spark like whoa wait a second. I bet there's every type political affiliation on the matter, an area for sure of tat. We often unbelief verbal that these people are here smiling in just in dish, here enjoyment. Maybe jujitsu can solve the world's problems. I don't know, but, but I do feel like we ve banned in so much will. Also when you take a kid and your kids, says hey. I want to do this and you Tom, you can't do that. Was that do the kid? What does it do? The kids it's well! That's where we're out right now. You can't do this. You can't do this in America. In another thing is, like I want to build something you can't do it think about that. You can't do it.
And that is an attitude that used to not even remotely exist. America. We were busy potent man on the moon in building the best cars and the best ships and the best planes in the world and winning wars and getting after it and all of us it will look around going. Are you can't you keep them? What's fundamental for all that stuff built built, build something I you're being told you can't build something the oh, you have the manufacture overseas they may You fracture better! No! No! This is our blood. We build things and when you take that away from someone. What are they got this wrong? This is wrong. So I actually actually like a little bit of the propaganda
Just tell us what we're doing all we can to sneak up behind these folks in choked him out yeah the, and it doesn't stop there were got where we're in a war on all fronts. You know we got top of all this we got origin labs and we ve put out tons of new. Product at origin. Labs from but you know whatever me and talk about that all the time, the new powers but from a business perspective. I think- one of the biggest challenges has been the go ready to drink in a can again, It was one of these things where hey We want to make a drink. Gives you energy but is not freaking? horrible for you, which which may seem like that's impossible, that's impossible cause you needed
good, so it's gotta have sugar, you gotta! Have it not? refrigerated, so it's gotta be have a bunch of chemicals in it to keep it from going spoiled, and then you gotta put a billion grams of of caffeine in it, so it at least convinces a person. That's drinking ten billion grams of caffeine. That this is actually heading I'm. So it's all all these hey that won't work. No, no, no That was the first thing. How do we actually make something that I could look a person and be like you should drink, this is good for you to drink this. It will help you in your life, in your brain in your ass. Let it pursuits right now. That's step? It is enormous. Funny is like I member last conversation before we actually pulled the trigger on. Making a decision in Europe I'm not compromising weird. Changing the category like this is poison, you
that this category, the energy trade category, energy, richest street poison and were not confess coming to the standard and you you may like it. It's gonna be as far as the caffeine thing kind of set. That bar, like I would I was on board in oh it in I, you know. The thing is is like I'm, not a big caffeine drinker, but and I know you're not a big happy rigour, but literally that I would never ever, allow my kids to get an energy drinks. Are you kidding me yeah ever I think, if I gave my kid and energy drink there will be may have in the world mayhem. So you know I mean just just been able to make that decision, we're not gonna conform and we're not going to compromise You know I mean that that started the challenge there you know, but on the other big one was, was how do we make these things stay fresh rout, the normal
chemicals that they add to all these drinks. That keep them for Turkey. Spoiled and will say what let's do what they do with my with milk pasteurized pash rotation answered. How many other drinks are there, that you go into a store or you order Are you pop up and can and its pasteurized? What's the number of drinks, I got a thing the numbers, Europaea numbers zero again. What's that with the business decision, the business decision. Well, it's gonna cost a lot more, cost a lot more to pasteurized six! It's gonna cost, a lot more to use monk fruit, instead of whatever the region, cancer carcinogens, that they just pump into those things, no we're gonna use the best gradients. So all those little decisions along, we hate, we could be wrong. Actually we could be wrong it's worth the tuition payment. I was gonna say if we're wrong at least I'll be able to sleep at exactly, and I think that's what would you do still
down. That's what it that's. What you get right is No, you can cut corners in the way you started this. You can cut corners here there, the other place, but what the right thing to do. You know like with it What's the right thing to do well build a product, that's gonna! Last lifetime, that's actually the right thing to do that will never fall apart right into the same thing, with with all the nutritional stuff, because there's so much junk you don't my son. Sixteen who only let him take more for protein or work. Kid either. One of those I let him take our How do you know the shit? You soon be seventeen, my daughter's turn. Fourteen, you know it's like. There's things there exe both to and there's proper and in this industry, pushing this poison at kids and honestly they at the point where their mobile, you know, your sons mobile to wear there, They decisions stopping at the store grabbing things to drink. Having snacks and
I actually I'm on them all the time would you eat today? Would you pick up at the store? Would you drink today it on and on About it, because I know how important it is to me that they make good choices with the occasion you know Doc cheeseburger, which I may partaken taken once in a while, but yeah. There is a! U dont usually find that in in the categories and in this industry, in the nutritional value of fine people. Looking at those things- and I think that ultimately ultimate honesty without your podcast? I think it would be almost impossible. I figured, most impossible without without you explaining the people what's goin on here, well, inhuman,
sits is not really the pot gas to people who are listening to park. Cast George, not me, it's the people and listen upon ass. The girl, ok yup, where were on board? That's what it is, and so, thanks to everyone that listens to this package, because otherwise we will be doing much of what we're doing right now. No, absolutely I mean it. Did you get all these? You know these Netflix, specials and stuff. You know what like what makes you fat or like the truth about sugar, no word out. All these things is all these new, so there's there kind of awakening yes, I would call it an awakening about what you're putting in your body. It's happening, it's happening, and I think, you're part of that awakening? I think you're, a big part of that awakening, letting people know hey you gotta. That's what you're putting in your body but I'm, make something that I want to put in my body. It, oh and I think that's it. You know that value
opposition the Eads undeniable. It was but when we're not going to compromise on that, that's undeniable and if it doesn't work out at least we did the right thing. That's undeniably is like chasing the truck back to the cotton field. Are you going end up, so you argue in it that it gets things the right decision, my wife, the other day I came home and she says, do of light a mixed. Under or like a high speed blundered. You have those blendtec blend as it looks. One of those like big high speed blunders alike, the ninja I don't know, but it's a big like it's almost like an industrial blunder. So so I have one of those. And the other day, but I know we don't use it cause. I just use a shake up right when I'm making some mark of whatever flavour and everyone in my family just use shaker cup, occasionally some one decisive, kicking the divide, a mix, so I come home. The other day in my wife goes uses a high her. Then she says
I had strawberry mark in the vital max and then she said she said this. It's the best thing I've ever tasted in my life so my wife's it seriously and No, she just she said it was some coffee so frothy. What did you have any? She was just milk and milk strawberry mark When I saw it can my wife, you know she's she's a world a world. Person. I guess you know she likes to got out fine palate and she likes diff all different kinds with it. I'm not that right. For me to be like this taste good that has limited merit. I can I I share the was a sword thing wouldn't sorry I was woods or so I can. I can help assist paying the picture of Helen.
Glad with your like: hey. We need to build a wooden sword where the father of other did you like. We need to build the woods or do like an especial for Friday, The driver is little wooden, sordid and hunters order, wouldn't shield in the back and act in chalk. Oh that's barbaric! I live laugh believe that our bear, because I want a little kids to hear shields and swords wooden, which is an awesome. I would just like the only thing I played with until I figured out that there is a machine gun. Then I intimacies bishop right. What I think is a great idea, for we should do that this Christmas or some like build, wouldn't swords with them. Given the dragon she'll dear little dragging on it did badass dude files kidnap got that the ip chopping at everything- I don't know that books I mean we had wooden swords as kids, but and then they turn them into phone yeah, I say that's the thing is now they make em form, because then you can't hurt anybody which I get
I need to maybe need a parent, your kids and say: hey Billy, don't hit Jennifer in the head. When the sore, I don't do that. It's called parenting. Let's try it or you put a helmet on put forward by parliament, a pad in Rome, padded room, and now we don't have to worry savages anymore, so shit that stuff. Together, I mean it's its growth right now you look at the growth right now I mean, do you see any. Hesitation in the growth of zero. Do you see acceleration in the grove? Yes, they are Are you nervous, I think, I don't know nervous is right, word You know, I mean number and I love the process and I hope with the process, never stops. I don't I mean.
To think of something ending like what we're doing I just I say: will you you will have for decades of opportunity and I've. I've told you this before. You know what my rises John, why have to introduce you to next time are farmed in said, Hame a you got for decades of average D. You know your first twenty years, you're learning you you got forty years to do and then hopefully you enjoy the fruits of labour You know in and I'm in I'm in the second decade night, two thousand two hundred and thirty, three thousand two hundred and forty turn 14th February. Second decade like the process. Man. The process is what gives me excited being in the game. You know standing on the sidelines, not being former player watching you know the new blood play now I love being in the game. You know in it. I think that to be in the game. You're gonna be a little bit nervous. You're gonna have butterflies, because that's what being part of the team is that's why
being in the game means, and if you do- and if you don't have that, then that you, your arrogant or maybe you're complacent right, but if you're in the game you've got feel that thing that driving you get up every morning in open, and I love it. I love it. You know that That's truly my passion is being in the game, not what the What not not winning the game not win. The championship, not looking too to an end goal like if we achieve this, we won it. Oh it's it's just it's just! If we achieve this, what can we do next Zack. Where can we go from there exactly? I look at one thing that I like doing, and I like being a part of, and one thing that I like about working with you is, it doesn't seem like I can say
I think we need to do this, and I know that it it's gonna, be really really hard, but we can do it and you like, oh yes, we can. As opposed to. The nine reasons or the twelve reasons or the forty seven reasons why well, you know that This problem is that problem. There's this problem is that problem is idle. I never hear that from you I know, you don't hear from me, he also its hey This is where we're at this seems like it would be crazy to do. Let's do it. Yes, here's how we can make it happen, yeah in in to touch on that in the fact that there has, Ben this propaganda livered to our minds over the past twenty thirty years whenever its ban I could a woman recently in Is the one that saved that first loom when, when the
These came in and they purchased up this meal when loosed and main they pulled everything out she saved this loom had on my past, actually an name Rachel and the biggest thing that that built the infrastructure for the New England Mills, where the canal systems and If you pulled the stones out of like the canal system in Lewiston, you could build another great pyramid. If you pulled the group out of these canal systems. You could build another great pyramid, think about what they did. Hundred years ago, it Lewiston main they built a great pyramid in the foot. Form of a canal system in they do. It without technology. They couldn't look up leg twist in genes and solve the problem. We can sort. Say it can't be done. I'd never say that we ve got technology. We ve still got people that no we'd get jets that can
get us, you know you can jump and on a jet blue flight and get to Europe and eight hours or twelve hours. If you need to go see how something works or if I need to go to California, find it DR too low Massachusetts, I mean you have the opportunity to travel quickly, you not getting on and on about, on the ocean, then that's what they. We're doing. They were transport stop with the horse and buggy on rails across the ocean. Tell me it's impossible, you free King kidding me This is the easiest time we ve ever had to do this and that it's not crazy because of we do have were fortunate to be in a day, and age where we can get information like that? you know it's just a matter of pudding, hands and dirt. That's what people are scared of. You know they dont know how good callouses feel if they did man it be a different. It be a different world right now, so
again fortunate and in being in New England being in this part of of Maine knowing that that feeling, They have been abandoned or the people may have been abandoned and showing, no you haven't been abandoned. Actually this is cyclical and in we know that were still the best at this less just make it happen again. Let's get back in the game. Let's get back on the field. Let's make it happen again, just being part of that, let's get to work. Let's get to work. Awesome seems like a good place to wrap it up. Echo Charles is, has gone over there. Critical speaking of getting to work, we like to work in various various modalities. I'd have them. That work really mode down. Today it and I love expanding vocabulary, explain it to me different game modality.
Different hotel eyes, one modality might be. We want to get smarter right. We weren't in our brain right the train or are a robot capacity. Shore we want to trade, are defensive keeper. What is this? We want a trainer strength. We want a train, are reflexes. I mean we're just want to train and a bunch of odometers. Do you know anything that really helps across a broad spectrum? Spectrum of mortality like that echo, Charles, is, and what would well, one is judges where there is emerging cap, immersing, immersing, ourself rate, thus ordering mercy as errors ourselves but he's ripped off immersion cap. Now, oh really Oh yeah, I yeah all the the who's who have it's you were doing immersion can't sloka. Good flattery, that's awesome!
No miss, also morphine training. Yeah immersing themselves in you took us yes very useful as a modality of improvement for sure, of physical, we're here vocabulary. Capillary, Moat Medallic Isabel Cavalier modality well missing. We are apparently were improving our vocabulary tonight across the border using immersive modality, dig immersive modem again here So you know you talk but the new risky. I agree. One hundred percent every element that you brought up hundred per sacco- I want to interrupt- you even though this is your time, none did you see anybody else, get Blackie Jock Wealth, all the orange dropped, all the other black belts, If I know you know, you got a g when you got here. Yes, you know who else got those geese? Jog worry me what color
Did you see anybody else get Blackie, jock wealth. All the orange all the other black belt. You add periphery vision, which is known by the way you would have known was in what was about to happen. Ok, that's layers rate, their history. We gladly Louis PETE was concerned. He does. If I give echo this, do you think he's gonna know, and I was now. Others think that it's the camp or something Tell me something about his black out by the way for anyone. Listening that didn't hear this yet will do a whole podcast about that made visually bodies for the experts, the black about experts, you being one of them ass. The only thing come on. I believe we have political circle that any funny cause. It's like you doin. You know Jack the told me a few other things and others and is lacking like when you watch fight club. You know here,
we may live till I like you're like oh, I didn't want to look at you own early earlier in. At the end, the fight club. This is big, like you know what he called out West yeah right, then you want it again. You, like all eyes the startling enacting a thought I am experiencing right now, if you, unless it up at the risky black or otherwise That is a reinvented scenario. Right there really good and the thing is ideal: preferred Novi over ye. Shall then act? the other one, the other, the one that I could they got a rift in another one that looks. Did it looks different, problematic, different caught on its also it's the same material yea that with special we yeah special thing to do. Materially I was rightly made this year was a giant drag we drink generally reaches yeah. I guess The primary mover in that key feeling? So yeah. I guess it. The cod is also a factor, but the bigger factor is that material, the textiles ridiculous. Does it,
I'd say it like dries as you sweat, yeah. That's your Greece needs. We clearly in the in the even its draw its basically dry when you get older spin cycle final spent led her layers. When you get done with that, then it's almost right right, then beauty you could put on about. So that's it for any one that had the key before that in five years, people back, oh yeah, used to suck used after like dry. These things for minutes right now, every good, we're all doubtless been horrible, but there was no use at all. When I was a kid I used to have their view of the funds were attached to the wall dollars. Is it always to get my key in a dry or an hour, and a half to get a dry must be normal we contributing to the softening of society by make no more now, if you say we go more gas because even Power Yeats, its green rights etc.
You get a rift ye Yeltsin, sorry render idea, unless it makes me want one do more g. Just that little push, I think that's Jesus. What does that when you have someone that is, very focused on comfort. A little extra comfort goes along so if anyone's wondering which they aren't since they are not wondering what ye? Yet you get an origin, not just the rift the whole spell while you're here, ok gimme some sneers. I just started you not looking to compete, I'm gonna train. Three times a week. My budget is tight. What he should? I get I would go with a Comp Atlanta letter, ok, which is still gonna. U the performance or we have, that warrior lie which the lightweight YE, but it's more bill for warmer environments, the combat, let it really is the right g to go work out of here, I'm I'm.
Training six times a week, I'm gonna compete. I have a tight budget six times a week. The ata compete tight budget. I'd still go with combat letter. Ok, at what point do I step up and get a rift? at what point do you want to improve? I'm gonna tell you honestly right now. If my budget was tight, Would wait an extra two months, anger left the island there. Oh it's it's a game, changer product, you know it's not it's to explain man like you like it when your underneath somebody know it would like we're, told Keith, I'd, say you're going to need somebody inside control, you been sweating, the whole match your ten minutes in and you need to like, who or hip out in your arms inside the sleep because of the operation of the text.
What you're gonna feel is free. It also gives you an advantage in that regard. If you want to feel free on the mats, even when you're getting crushed and smothered get a rift right. It's an advantage. It's it's it's a way to cheat the system the whole comprehend it as a whole. Very year is actually like the reason you like Novi so much as you like the right to freedom of movement and everything and in the media has almost provides that for you, when you made your version of covering up his arms, is well worth considering you also, we are where we just talk about genes. Origin genes or those up, We get tee shirts, we got other closed and we got supplement it. Yeah all the different supplements yeah. So I had, I got the new which we have talked about yet cold,
or we can recall, as is our reason or would just now we're talking to one another. I got a bomb, so I got some that cold war, crude oil, joint warfare, good stack these. We like the the pre requisite supplements. This is like to keep you in the game I dolomite. Have. You can have huge strength all this stuff if you can't keep yourself in the game like if you're on the sidelines as injuries, whatever you're, not you not incorrectly, yet you sick, all this stuff, but I didn't even matter so anyway, at length. I d it dawned on me how the The most important supplements that there are, in my opinion, because without em you could possibly not be game boom, be the strongest garbage unanimity in the game. You you can't role. I guess what I your neck? Is that's what little? How do the almost ready to go to go through?
you know each to talk over tat. You had a cold now that the cold war came to be, as he was getting off the plain or something or you are travelling along just rival, like guys, there is, I almost got sick. I need like a hyper boost of you know the all the stuff that prevents you from getting sick and brains. I go when they play. We figured out, we ran it and then I tested it my ok, I've been traveling. Whatever was six weeks, no sickness, that's that's like when I say sick, you or you, When you travel in this is like your nose your site. Wake up your mouth tastes like crap. You feel like you're about to assess that. I don't like that. Its point- you, maybe not out of the game, but its infringing on the he's gonna German you're Algeria for infringements, So there's all that stuff? Also, what Mark Mark.
But to say you don't need mulct. Ok, maybe maybe that, but you kind and need to show that it is an act that is the greatest name ever more Yes, I mean it. You know, there's this border line. You know like just your we're talking the other day about this borderline genius- is the worst idea on the planet. The milk, in the gene you gotta go out. I mean you know, it's is genius yeah, it's it's fitting in it. It is inspired by Mark itself. Monk came first, in Denmark gave them over the drink game, and it was so good. I remember how you guys this is not approach, does not approach to swallow like up protein, yet this isn't a meal replacement. This
its own fish and in its taste me like mark, the influences in for me, where the monk route right Mama all right? I m kind of like Hulk Right cause. I knew meant green and then of course, motor head rain lot. Over the o cassettes just legit, and they asked let me why heap the Womb law over o in motor head and he's a closer look cool. Like that was his aunt. Has it there's the full story, as it falls on lots whom now, without so as not to emulate the different loud whom love and anyway, it's not like somebody where wear like a little thing
I thought that those crystal amulets limit. No one is not yet that's funny. There you'll like it. Would you do it put it, but not above but the two doesn't matter how to do that on the computer down. This cue from was more and more clearly a very important part of my texting than someone I, like my My phone, corrects like Emma, well K to M O, whom now ok, all cap specified in article I wrote my right milk. That actually does do that. You can change it and minors or the other thing I did when I write J J it turns into digital. Ah so, Where do I bout jujitsu with a hyphen in their every time? You know how to change the keyboard Niger did in such a future european. I didn't know. If you do that. Yes, you can decide it, probably the two that you actually need just
how can you do to type can alter so are most often irritably. Gypsies are often because even responding on Twitter. It works. James Agitator so you must get a lot of questions like what you need to be successful in life. You like more regional allocation. She continued supervising also the planned. By the way, I cannot say discipline, and I will say that. Is it cheating that today I'm going on how our sleep none! but he had not a lot, and I was tired colony where you when I said today I have planning. I was like ok tonight bitterly and I'm gonna go to sleep and wake up in a man feel great and I can shoot you a, for too long. You like we're not tonight. In my in my mind, I said to myself damn issue, but I wouldn't ever like reveal that one way to say no
I'm kind of tired, I'm too tired to record a podcast, no not so, but I will increase, You can tell us in kind attired come in, and then I drank some of the bee as ECHO Charles says it a job in coming along with me. You know we have them. Of course, read the in then what pills the powder pills. Drink the discipline girl- and I I wasn't gonna- have a go tonight and then I was like on Jocapa Carrier. I need a little aging homepage. You're a game again. Believe Burke Dave Work, good, we recorded as a matter of fact we recorded the two podcast back to back and then took a couple days off and record another two back to back any before each podcast. He was taking to discipline, go
he's just like the one percent is an unwritten. My again watch this. Did you know something that like feels real good? My son came in, he was meet with your with Doktor Luke author D learn a little bit about you know. Medicines is absent medicine and he he stayed for lunch at their mercy cap here and he went up and he saw the the go cans all out in ice or whatever and he's I caught dad. Can I have one of those- and I said sure have it now. That's the first time. That's ever happened because he's asked me the pass his guide, the heat up to the counter would like a red ball, narrowing a monster, some put that ship bag, It know, and I for Sherman Hap grab one and always is good. It felt good to be able to do that and feel confident about it. How do you like it yeah? He liked it Oh for Serbia, Afghan liturgy, anyways PS, one now odyssey. Sixteen earlier on
Do I always knew him in his friend would like, because they had hands off two weeks ago, before double session upon. They wanted to come out things so bad, and I almost college you I just didn't, know how crazy it was it was just like. I would have literally called you like: hey I'm, sending the kids out to California to go surfing with him. I should have my son would just take them there gave me would not be responsible for safety. Cassio use another sixty jumping off a cliff, wherever they would have done it yeah any a white teeth struggling to deliver what he always yes, we're good fortified organic by the way, Europe any candidly lift eight thousand pounds which is a vast, oh by the way double bind we ran out of Java Whitey second pay have can't we brought enough for the week I Mohammed All tat was we brought enough for the winter. The director here cognisant. We,
We have a case of Jocko away, T laughed, so they had not yet more deliver. It's nice to be up here. Having a giant warehouse with resupply Well, you know we figured how many kids a weird I give away. I was like I've. Everyone has one or two a day: five thousand cans, the article two five thousand Kansas weak on the house company merging camp get some free Jacobite too big. That also Jack was a store store of his own online store. Jacko store dot. Com is where you can get Discipline equals freedom represent. Why you're on the path is legal, Sweden shortly his head on its is good. Also short without is here, and this is good. If you don't, if you don't my head, I saw somebody she s like your head. Teacher said this
all. It said lovers, Jack walks. I was like us like his job. Store teacher s out of a job. As I know, that's custom It is not its not jobless door approve, but its approach. A hundred years at the ash, no fire that go looking jack. There was another guy out. There's never gonna had a good cheered on not approved, rip off the juicy have now, but that happen at field had, and it's got what you see on Amazon there's a bunch of robust and one of them said the whole good speak up, and it just good really big within everything else is really small, and it just now Amazon and get he's making tea spring or whatever near service in at I actually didn't, say: to us here is I'll. You I can't be like bro yeah, you got it
on approval but yeah watch out for the counterfeits yeah, but hey he's in a way, he is rapidly is action. His intentionally turned right. That's why I'm here, I'm not mad. His attention is good. I'm not mad at him right, I'm just mad that someone's Yes, M is urgent. Trinity Jane, it didn't happen to insurgents actually form until that happens to insurgents they get killed. We have got some lightweight hoodies, flatter proof of my life here in Maine by the way. Wherein main its summer exactly right. That's what I'm saying. I mean it's, not heavy heavy heavy function, hunks function, even the lightweight hoodies do have function, aesthetically and raw functionality in the same light lightweight hoodie show your biceps. Yes
I'd like that? You are a hundred percent, honest radiation. Yes to cause, it's like it's it's just that I I know anyone. I know you appreciate the lightweight Eddie do because it has fashion value, and I don't you where it as well as you yet, but I'm workin on my biceps again yeah, looking good by the way. Thank you, many people have approved that hoodie. While I had it on, I approve the lightweight city. They liked we need a lot like us, like the lake we lately there. I didn't lawyer veto, it plead the item. Pats hoodies, all kinds of good stuff, jock restored calm, the rash guards were rash guards made by the way oh American, made by none other than or origin me. Origin may origin, USA, just origin subscriber the pot also subscribe to Peat's part asked report has called hands daylight you talk about
various did. You Two things you talk about business things. You talk about history, things. Would you say, you're podcast kind of like my podcast minus war yea, would be more around like taking back America versus war, but the struggles of it from an industry angle yeah. I will say in its alot of storytelling there now and it's pretty it's pretty No, it's it's great pot gassed it's called hands in daylight. This punk ass is called Jocapa cast. Echo doesn't think you ve subscribed. Yet, if you haven't echo is disappointed, he would like you to subscribe right now. Well put strong but who there you subscribes cool, it's good to subscribe unseen.
That was a smash. This is gradually move Gazette. That's is like a joke. With everybody's. I was watching some Youtube video. It were test driving a car pretty good video like they were, they were entertaining eyes. They were funny and I was like all these guys are kind of cool like this. Is these guys are cool and its subject. You know you're like watching their given. I mean I like cars are everyone likes cars right, nor test drive your car, and I was I actually thinking of echo- and I were doing this- would be kind of fun. Like remember, just drove a car, I was just a car. You happen to be with me. This Kind of phone right yeah now if we there was cameras in there and we were just talking about how cool that car was right. Taking that also covers pretty colleagues and in the middle of it they just go in and by the way, if used smashed. The like button subscribed was right now and go check our patriotic out and out. I stopped the video because they can
at me like that, so we have a joke or we joked about, and then I I over used the joke. Where he was he said. Show me live like hey, that's not funny! The more I was just about to do to get invests constrained myself as the sailor comes. Poles are good and now it is still kind of finding a job then does work it Barchester. So don't worry about that for you yes and no freed about the Irish Oaks Ranch, dot com, young Aden, making soap, honest form with american hands, as God and American goats run it business, is now thirteen started it when he was like eleven Sokol. He makes that soap. So you can stay clean Youtube, Youtube, video version of the spot. Guess once you PETE looks like big tall strong.
Man masculine guy, I'm just saying you big handsome, whatever you know he, but That's. If you want to see what he looks like yeah, we have a Youtube channel, Jocko Podcast Youtube Channel, also some excerpts on they're going to cut up at five. I like what you ve been doing lately with everything I like that the content You know pornos asserts snippets. It's out, it's awesome. Do you prefer? If it's just like me talking You prefer, if I talk while things exploded the background I do like I do like both for me, I like, when you're talking, but for Oh I like when things explode like owner you're, like that's nice correct. Hopefully they don't like pull down your post on their posts on its grand, but like the other day, we like the idea that trigger warning on your warner. Yove when you do that stuff read on So I'm keep that up and the more
solutions, the more better. That's what someone told me the data like cool job losses, caused a get it, but in the I kind of kind of distilled it down as far as like the format is, have you seen something important it's kind of longer than one minute I will put in explosions on it. Go. Ok under one minute explosions and flames by the way we got psychological warfare little moments of weakness that you might experience during your day in your brain in here own little brain little debates that are happening. The weak voice worsens the strong, sometime, the weak voice gets stronger and it needs to catch. A beat down that new pet press play on your iphone that little psychological warfare track. That tells you know, you're not gonna, skip leg day. You're gonna go get it psychological warfare! That's mp3 Itunes. Google play all those mp3.
Forms the if you want a visual version of that that you can hang on a wall functional graphics, gotta to flips canvas dot com, Dakota Meyer, my brother he's making these campuses, whether made Maiden America, that's right what about what about our friend Dac yeah? So can we talk about special project. Is there any reason not to know? Let's do? no well Dakota call my news, However, the US he's like that's what he need is. I know your combat of taxes are common pick you up on like ah coup ethic, get your lackey since first
Mary Rooney, that's gonna helicopters. Now freaked me out the that kind, a helicopter when you go into it, I've been in before They seem like the euro. When you build a model. When you were a kid you give yea or to build a model air kid. It was a plastic pieces. They stuck together with test testers glue. It seems like this is one eleven. Above that just one. It seems like someone made this thing out of little erect set pieces. That's what it seem. That's what those helicopters feel like when you get in him and when you find that they feel like you, if you Don't like flying. You're, not gonna, be game for that. This very day Laura dry will declare your nuclei plus you wait. Nine hundred is quite lopsided He will use a savage yeah. We're action again it gonna do that age, drink form there we can cover the better name. Then,
you drink for that year ago, what he wishes will think about their, but but it's and be called back Savage Dac Savage Dac Savage. I like it So we know I know I didn't get this job approved, but the background is, is came home. Oh you know it's a lightweight cattle. I seen it. How can I send it to me are you? You repeated be little more, oh yeah. I guess I guess we're now looks awesome. It's going to production, pretty quick were for. How would you describe that flavour really likes doktor, pepper, interesting. So it's like I'm a where they got time? Contrary, like Dragonette Lecture in Algeria, awesome also on it for fitness gear, kettlebells bad ropes, rings maces
steel building, all this kind of. Would you call that new age worker is unknown address a direction observation is like old school rise backer funny, it's weird, especially like kettlebells, how they kind of came back with a vengeance. Neither did all year did, I will send you a leather medicine ball that we are making. No I'm afraid you are mistaken. But I saw one in the mountain training so long ago. Had a good work the other morning? He had. I did have a good work. We heard ordered revive. Isn't it a day that echo slept? I'm not gonna. Do you have the high you? Ok, so Echo was We we had a long. We we flew from California to Boston, we work or no cup podcast to Boston. Once we got done in Boston, we drove it was early late night early morning, joke to Maine
What what do we stayed up late at night for renew? Oh yeah? Then we went to your house. We hung out there. We were back we got to bed was not later than we had better legged, ten o clock, ten thirty. So I wake up in the morning I'm in Maine obstructed and I'm at the mountain training facility and I go downstairs you got. And it was one of those things I just had just figured out a good little work out with equipment agenda when you out in a bowl Bulgaria. Bag. Twenty Kilogram kennel Bell, which is which is in between. I have twenty four. I have thirty to cite a little media, little mix it up. I was going to up the wraps. You know to try some other movements. I tone down there getting after its four thirty. I get done with that asked Craig it up. The music was growing up in Iraq. All the other little playlists Danzig up low, some Danzig, some kindness and energy. Plain whenever I get done,
go upstairs shower. It done, and I have two documents I gotta at edit. So, edit these documents and it's you know it takes a while but to budget full documents and editing get done with that when I look at my watch, I was the morning we talked for like two hours. We talked for two hours after out, don't worker, I went for a run. I actual value would towards your old house for a nice long run. You don't want this stuff and I- I look at my watch and indeed and an echo are still asleep and I go that's where the distortions in its to its twelve forty. In the afternoon, and at first I know movement, I send what it s like. So I said about tax. I hear you guys alive, like kind of corner by air and then I think to myself wait a second. Maybe they it's been fourteen hours. They must,
These death, they must be better. I got like a little nervous, verified numbers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Slowly, like I did it. Ok, I sleep less right in a normal person cool. I got some weird genetics who I see five hours. This is three times that right, there is no way a person receives it on. I think, is carbon monoxide poisoning I'm going to buy cold body. I go in there and they're. Just like this is really tired. On your honour, us we'll get the cool stuff get above, they did come back. I do have a twenty eight pounds or kilogram coma. What sixty two I liked it man from oil, I kind of like having a little intermediary. The problem is I can go overboard with staff, as we know where you live he's just delete? None would not just get like I'll. Have every cattle imaginable. I do. I have the whole spectrum by man. It's worth it
like you, can modulate leg work, especially if you're doing kettlebells, which I highly recommend by the way to Cannibals PETE, I've just started recently. Just says it like swaying them. You should be swinging a nice lightweight. You got your back situation, what swing a nice lightweight and it is so good for you, man feels good. You know. The thing about cannabis means you will feel ask as you like, but you think to yourself out. Ever I got my forty kilogram kettlebells? No fact I'll swing this thing you know it's gonna be pretty easy and the first six of them. It is easy like what is this by the time you get to sixteen you're. Ok, you up, then you get twenty formula. Ok, as I know, it's gonna yeah yeah, it's it's it's kicks. You can get even the rolling machine you gotta differ gene but on a concept to Moreau machine. When you start you like I replacing out, and it takes a minute, freer,
Four year, energy system was at first energy system that you're using with the natives ATP that immediate Sprint one in Europe. Using that. But then it gets used up your aunt or over Gus where's. Your aunt aerobics system gets used up in the new just socking, but you think you're Superman for the first. You know a little boy meters? Do you usually well, it just depends. What I'm doing just depends. What I'm don't you know and I use it usually for spreading amusing, not in their guard. Twenty minutes, learning when I could run cause my knee, I was Rowan a little bit more and I was using minimum. I wasn't go full range, emotion, motion, but anyway, so Will you go? I got thirty minute. There's it's cool! I tried to eight thousand years. That's great just consistent, say I am I did when the other night, because that that the mountain retreat were you The great work out that was iron original factors are the big timbers, unstoppable stuff I been here.
The in the evenings and I did other the other night. It was a homeless really late and I just all the lights out and I rode in in the pitch. Could you see the monitor and even now, in ages, road until you fell? I rode and I actually wrote against my shadow because just a little bit light behind me casting a shadow on the wall, and I just liked chasing my shadow, and it was the best work out no idea how long had road I just knew like thirty minutes us at the time for in the pitch black and. A sprig of not allowed three did at the time of my phone timer, Just turn off went off booms and you had no idea system. Puddle, swam and, as we can spend spiritual, is exactly at getting earlier rain ass. Would you like to issue a? I got some books. I got a new book leadership strategy.
Jackets field manual that is available for pre order right now. If you want to get a first a dish, then you shorter right. Now, if you don't but doesn't matter, what you do is a hard copy. Your holidays, yeah yeah, it's hard cover book. It's not the same size as the original field menu it smaller, so that people can carry it. That's one of the things that, when you looked feel maybe like well What do we want to build a to, unlike yeah? Probably this one is to be used in the field ship. What are termed like led chapter names out. It's broken down like us. There's eighty chapters, polish shipyards the eighty chapters, but their short gotta heating chapters- were you and it's all about leadership? It's my boss, micromanage me. What do I do? How would this work for for some of my
my floor managers because their plugged into the training programme, the echelon front training programme, the online programme, which has been awesome. You know, but would be nice because they can't they can't like be on that well, their operating com operators while the operating, but if they did have like a book good, that it was like that, because what it is? That's what made it in? and another thing is I used to build a say? As someone said, hey, you know as flash practical application of these principles. We have. What do I do if. My am, I got a guy, that's if I gonna guide, it's got a lot of potential, but he's not doing what you should be doing. What should I do, and I you speak to discuss the goes in the park ass, an! U when there was funny podcasts gases, echo cool, you know you listen to podcast. Now. If I tell someone I the answers in the pot gassed, I'm basically assigning them over five hundred hours listening is inappropriate right. So I had to take all this.
Formation in, like distill accounts are eager to just look it up. It's highly indexed! Ok! So just look up! That's cool this subject, and boom girl so totally pragmatic. So would, if fur like our hour, managers are for managers, Would you say that the book places the online training or they serve to different purposes. They serve to different purposes. The here's, the facts you you you wanted, you dont get good at anything through one direction: of training, how much better you a judge, ouch barrier on work. If you learnt from four different instructors, oh yeah yeah realized asthma. How much better. Are you at any learning a subject if you learn three books about a subjects that are one infinitely better. It's not just better. It's it's exe! eventually better, because you're able to compare trust what you learn the first time with what you learn a second, I'm you see
from another angle so easy one dimensional. You see two dimensional on the third, I read a book about the same subject. You see it the third dimension, the time now using the fourth dimension of things, and that continues to go. So all these things so the Both all these things are an effort to give the different perspectives and different angles on these subjects, because the better you get at them, just like training Jiu. If, if you the more you. The more time you spend on bottom inside control, the better you get it handling it, the or time you spend dealing with different leadership problems, the better you get at it. The more different angles you can see the better you get at it. So that's the purpose. I would say the initial idea was like listen. People need to be able to apply these principles. They need because there's nothing people read extreme worship they they actually understand the principles. They can explain the principles back to you.
But as far as overlaying those principles and even overlaying the examples onto what their dealing with sometimes people, sometimes some people have a hard time making those things overlay properly- and so here it is instead of saying here is the principal overlaid on things. Here's what it will look like right now when you put it there. It's me it's more direct. You dont have tat. You can do less you can you can you? Can it's just a more direct? So that's the leadership strategy in tax fuel, NATO. I did just get a note from my publisher and they said this was soup. Herb her freak or you get your lunch boxes and what this book is. Superb, that's aspects from a published that reads books all day, and they don't have to send you that no like this is from someone at the publishing gum,
that doesn't doesn't just send out notes rights. Personae, probably read it and are applying the strategy's yeah yeah, probably like camera uses now totally I also share the work, had three where there is a will you get that right now, where the work at one March mission that the housekeeper what camp, how many books, how many working book subleasing beside a camp, all of the olive additives, is emblematic people after people after people, those books are having such an incredible impact. It so amazing to see I don't think, there's anything that makes me feel better at this point, my life than then getting showing us apparent, showing me a video of a little kid. Don't pull up? and look at the camera insane. I'm a warrior get mad. Just doesn't get any better than that. I've been signing were kids books, duped by the rest, some. I didn't write it by the then If you that's awesome, I took the pitcher in the back. This
something the automated contribution could make a movie work in. It will work in Europe and in this way- freedom field, men does another Romania, lessons directed at you, eventually how to get after it, audio version, is on Mp3S. It's not an audible extreme ownership, dichotomy leadership. The first two books, you learn the principles, you have to know that its most. If you don't know the principles applying them doesn't make any sense to you so extreme motor and then I leadership, get these principles into your head so that you can apply them at your business at your life they work. They work. That's another thing a here all the time from people they say you know I've been using. It works it works, I'll specific example of how it works. I this call I recall me they said Babo BAR, and I said you know what that's my fault and these
You know what I probably should to give you a better heads up. It works. It works. We got our leadership. Consultancy, which is called echelon front, go to a salon, fun, dot, com if you have problems in your organization of any kind of any kind. They are leadership problems and you need to help get your leadership. Squared away and the line, and that is what we do at a front at Sunfrog front. Our camp we have a phone line which do you do you do you. Share the size of clients. You work with like do you people know, like you guys, are on the road, I should say around the world, all the time helping companies you become better leaders, be companies like some thousand on the phone. You like your mom. I'm here I'm here, they're like do people.
Actually understand the impact you're just having on leadership in corporate Amerika America as a whole. But maybe I don't. Great job of explaining that we work with the largest companies in the world and we also work with smaller companies as well. And you're, so small that it, Out of the price range for you as a company, guess what we got, something called the muster. You can sign up and come to one of our masters. Where we teach these principles, you can bring for people, your leadership team, if you got a company of you know what twenty p. You can bring three four view: leaders and you kind of get that initiated, and then you can use They got here for my which you are using here. We use it my it's nice because before like that's always come come to me, come to me come to me, come to me, you know in helping helping are our leaders, but especially everybody in the factory become better leaders. Intolerant leadership
but now they can go online and then they come to me with questions that have right below honestly it doesn't take as much time we were sure wonderful, solely efficiencies are going up. You know I did There. They eat, You are the one stitching here, Jan and a few others like. When can we start? Can we do this on company? Time? Was the first question? Can we Of course, we will have computer set up and everything- and I was like yes, yes, you can cause, I wanted to know that I'm invested in their future and once I've, and so I was using the leadership techniques to teach leadership, the Essen and then once they saw that I was in then they went home and then they got online. But I would like now to do in their own time, because I was invested in them doing it on this on our time, of course, on company, one think of the cost Benefit and the are a why we get that origin you get at origin because of
leadership- is just the way. It is absolutely good. Awesome, awesome, stuff to yacht. We got so yeah if you can't come too, if you get, if you can't higher echelon front, go to the muster the next once taken place December. Fourth and fifth in city whereabouts, release the follow on dates for two thousand twenty. As soon as we can The thing is, here's the deal they also out. They also out one. Percent, it is not like hey it sold out, but we can fit in eight. More people know what it's all about and we'd. No one else will becoming. So when he's crazy statistic, Somebody said to me today how Americans are outside cats, three hundred million Americans they like in how many people at this immersion camp- and I said well, three hundred percent he's like a one in a million said yeah. We had to cut registration of three months early. How many people do you let in to the muster.
It looks like it depends on the size, the venue, but its anywhere. Between seven hundred and eight and fifty, but the australian one we have less, we have smaller, very which couldn't get the size venue that we need, so we have less, but so too in a millionaire letting something out of it. It's yeah, like it's Ah you added is ridiculous. Yeah debts. Check, out the monster and then, of course, we have if over watch, which we are to talk about on the spot cast taking people that have experience in leadership and putting them into companies. Two billion sectors of your company that needs leadership or your leader that needs to move on to your next mission in life. Go to e f over watch dot com- if you haven't heard enough of us if you haven't heard enough stories about Jujitsu. Shoes genes, whatever else. You can find on our inner webs we're on Twitter wanted scream
we're on dine fusion. Bach inclusion. Facebook is like a hundred devise, look Wilkins there you're. Like me, we really would we recently spoke. What was I know, it's PETE. Is on Instagram he's at. I was where to go on Instagram, but now that's your primary! No, I mean I've got enough what you mean by private? That's what you seem to do your most activity on you think. Where do you think you do most active yacht org Oh, no, I'm saying Instagram grandma Instagram is where you do most of your year. I have you, do your twitter
because I too, as I throw twitter your direction, people say you throw it out. I wonder the genes come out, I say as soon as or that origin be J J releases of Europe on annual general. I do most my activity on Instagram sows and those two hour at origin, USA and then also at PETE, Am Roberts Peat and Rob PETE Dot. Not Roberts pay the asses beer, somehow there's two people that got their names. One's name is adequate. Charles and one's name is at God willing and all the stuff that we're doing right now. We would not be doing any of it without our military out their protecting the freedoms that we have. So Thank you all for hold the line and also to our police and law enforcement and our fire fighters and our paramedics and r e m teasing dispatchers correctional officers in the border
role and the secret service and all the first responders that are out there. You are the ones that are protecting us here at home and protecting our way of life. So thank you for what you do, and to everyone else. It's out there. There is much to be done. And I'll tell you what no matter what you hear about, how much competition there is in the world. The fact of the matter is there are that many people that are actually willing to do the work. It's you so get up, get to work and get after it and until next time, the Speed Roberts, an echo and Java out.
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