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195: Take Everything Thrown Your Way. Keep Going and Keep Giving. w/ Rob Jones

2019-09-18 | 🔗

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This is Jacko Part gas number one. Ninety five with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing. We need New York good evening, how much? How much is enough? I mean: how much does a person have to Give before they can say that they have given enough. I think that answer is different, for different people there, some people that don't give very much at all? Maybe they give. Just enough to be called a participant at best and some people don't even get there, they are even in the game.
But then, if you go to the other end of the spectrum, there are other people who give and give and give an make sacrifice after sacrifice and that still wasn't enough. They remain ready And are willing to give even more to make more, sacrifices sacrifices. Then many of us can even comprehend. They look up and say what else can I do? These are rare people. Then it's an honor to have one of those people here us tonight. One of those people who has with honour deployed. Peter lead to war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.
A man who suffered devasted. The wounds lost. Both of his legs, but that didn't stop him. He never felt sorry for himself. Instead, he used the Pain to make himself stronger and tougher and better. Any represented America in the Paralympic Games bringing home the bronze metal for rowing. He wrote a bike across Amerika from Maine to California to raise money for better. Causes, but that still wasn't enough. So the rays even more money and raise more awareness for veterans charities. He ran thirty one marathons in thirty one days and yet You heard that correctly thirty one marathons in thirty one days.
But he decided that he still had given enough, and after is all this all these accomplishments, his service in the marine corps. He still wants to serve so now he's taken on another challenge: he's running for the tenth congressional seat in his home state of Virginia. Which they might not be the toughest battle that he's ever fought, but it will certainly or almost certainly could be the nastiest. But you know what this game. Of course, his name is Rob Jones he's a marine. He's a wounded warrior he's an olympian inspiration to everyone's ever met. Him he's been
this part gas twice before number. Ninety two, a number one! Sixteen! So if you haven't listen to those go back and do so, but if you have well here is once again my brother Rob Jones Rob Welcome back man, you know I would say that have been asked that several times haven't you given enough, and I say it has is not going to be enough until six Marines carry me in a coffin but mainly grounded Arlington, so many keep doing it. So what Lead you to make this decision to make this political run me what what what the hell happened, because Let's face it, signing up for politics that that is like, signing up for just Stream punishment, Secondly, Madam mental punishment of peace,
common after you all the time. People don't care about you, You know the way it affects you, the way to fix your family. I mean it gets crazy in politics. So what was it that made? You said yourself? Ok, you know what it's time for me to do this yeah, you know just noticed over the last few years. The deteriorating environment and in Congress and the federal government, and I just saw the we need leaders there and the only way gonna get leaders there is, if leaders step up and they put themselves internet arena, take the risk of being under fire from these people of color harking back to day. I talk about this
time when I taught I talked about proof, the lane Canna how I was near when you, when using certain varieties, you have to go out there and you have to step on the ground and make sure that there is not an eighty there. So you just gonna step on it and if it blows up well guess what there's ninety there. If it doesn't. To take another step, and what I learned from that is that in Afghanistan there is every every single day and Iraq to every single day there our time- countless times where somebody has to step forward and do the dangerous thing do the difficult thing for the good of everybody else and life is no different and you don't politics and no difference. Somebody has to step forward and take that risk and turn into the arena if we want to see meaningful change. So you know in with respect to what you said
try to continue my service in that way and have the best it back again. Yeah. Well, that's definitely a different kind of minefield, but it's behind feel been under your Stephanie too. I think, one of the things in you- and I were talking about this earlier. When I talk to people and I I do pretty good in talking to people from all different kind of political viewpoints, but one thing that I I've seen and I, this has a lot to do with kind of where we ve gotten. This completely divisive culture in politics is that people- lack humility, like the normal person that you ago what is set on well, you know, let me hear you now about person, a normal person. You can talk to them and they were there black humility to say you know what maybe this person has a viewpoint them makes some kind of sense. Maybe there's some portion. Instead, thinking you're. What
I am one hundred percent right. My I political viewpoint is one hundred percent right which means that year political viewpoint is one hundred percent. One hunt percent wrong, there's no value in anything that is you're one hundred percent wrong and I'm one hundred percent right, and that's that I'd is drawn its and it's not even like you, o of the line, gets drop. The line is drawn that and it starts with a I'm- Nineteen years old or six years old or thirty, eight years old and everything that I believe is a hundred percent right, and that means everyone else. Designers are wrong unless you agree with me, if you agree with me, a hundred percent you're, ok by the way, I seen on both sides. Somebody if somebody makes us step outside of the traditional view, of the laughter the traditional views of the right. These people that are on the left are on the right shredded by their own side, because
Everyone's attitude is, I am one hundred percent right, you don't know anything I mean end we have to remember. We have to be aware of what the humility peace is that nobody actually know for sure nobody does. We have, dance. We have theories, but we don't what's going to happen when we pass, you know some distillation and you can see that over the course of the entirety of our country's history we pass over like oh. This is this is what is going to do is going to do this, this nice past the bill and then that that it happens and I go unintended consequences. It there's no way to predict it. So We have to go in there with the best knowledge now we can and all the preparation we can, but we don't keep in mind that we don't actually know everything. And we also have to remember that that personally, This agrees with you. It is clear and is coming from a different perspective from you. You know they you have to
what it really boils down to. Is you both want the same thing? I think? Usually, if you disagree with somebody, both want. You know the american people. The best live. They can have the most meaningful lives. I can you just go about it in a different way, and so, as long as you can maintain that attitude, like this person, really they want the best for these people, and then you that's how you can kind of disagree with them in a similar manner. What was the who but the idea in your head. How did that that happens? some implied the seed. Did you sit there watching tv watching somebody's can you like now I gotta get in this game. Yeah you know, I was just popped in had like law, these other crazy ideas that I have just out one time and, as you know, a lot of it has to do with thought of the idea. Initially, when I was trained for the month. Marathons
So we can always trying to think ahead of me. I was the next thing. Gonna be was an ex thing, gonna be, and I did do the month. Marathons to prepare me for four. This is this kind of the idea that I had I maybe after the month, marathons is done. Maybe all you know take the next. I'm trying to do a little bit more and I'll try to run for Congress and, if so, I thought I'd the idea then, and then a kind of you know what I was doing. Other things are the month. Marathons came back still didn't really know why? to do or whether or not it was possible and then after the twenty eighteen election. I too, still, a body that I had from March from the hospital name. Brian Mass, is a double above an amputee and does he he ran in Florida for re election. I want to send a text saying, congratulations on winning and he said send me some back saying, love to have you up here. Let's talk and I was like you know what I actually am I have been thinking about going that route. Ah me into his office in kind of gave me a run down of mere what it takes,
so what you got to do a set me up with his consultants and they talk to me a little bit and let you know what maybe I I think I can do this so, He gave you gonna gave me the belief that it was gonna be possible. That's awesome, well. Let me do this let me dig into this little bit because from the outside, what it was like when we see people entering the political arena. It's like often they just kind of magically appear what actually happens known. You talk you from you talk these consultants and peoples are looking to you as a potential candidate. What is look like behind the scenes behind the wheel. Cover sausage maker yeah right use, Edith ass it, but you know, what's going on and see, what's going on behind the scenes there yes the way that our kind, a unique position where I'm frontal brian- and he already had some folks that you know, consult unlike his campaign that we're close friends of his and they had experienced ito. They worked on previous campaigns, the hell I've experienced, they got him alive.
But I think the vast majority of the time you you know you approach and saw: there's a system mean: oh, it's it's a position. You you do campaign, consulting that your best so that's how they finally make your money? They make their money through campaign, creating yeah so it's a business in Theirs Constantine others, consultants all over the place. Everything you want to do in the campaign will getting elected Oh you know in some cases it might just be the the consultant meal. They just want a paycheck. They think they can get a paycheck that they make and try and help you. But a lot of the cases and in the case here is, I think they look at you know whether or not you have a good story, There are not you, they think you can get elected and then they kind of believe in you as well, and so I think, when they saw me and I kind of talk about myself. They said: ok, here's a good story, that we think can get traction.
And then the guys, just going to be just seems, like he's, going to be a selfless individual when he be a good in Congress and so those two kind of things combined. I think in this particular case, but we know that being said, there's a dichotomy of course. By gas, just where there might be some people that their dissent it for the paycheck to the this is their consultants are just in a pretty picture Sometimes not yummy order can be ye, I think can be. I think, the vast majority, the time you know they they wanna get behind somewhere. They believe what kind of what kind of process that they put you through four vetting, you like you said: okay, the interview they know they have a good story, your stories kind of public such not really hard to figure out the date Did you are I we're gonna do a culinary with you were in a hammer. You with course did you all? I kind of thing I met with Brian and then be no sword. With Brian and then we know so it is he vast for me. So these two
eyes that are his friends and ran his campaigns day. I'm off there really needed a vet me too much more for that after Brian vouched for me, but we did meet up and we talked a little bit and I dont even honestly- I don't even know if they were going to help me or not. I thought they were just kind of answer. A few questions I had, but then after that date, they said TAT, we want, we want to help, you run your campaign and so the other users getting a fields getting to know somebody any of these. Like me, no hiring somebody for a job, you get to know who they are and they just decide if they want to work with you or not, and you know I'm lucky enough, so they did and solvent. So then, what what happens? Next? the ESA one had a big plan operational. Imagine they want the announcement to be a big deal right, yeah, so so how all that go down yes, so I think I decided I committed to it and we started setting things in motion. Probable in April or something like that earlier in the year, and I said,
Yes, we're gonna do an announcement, and so that's kind of a good way to get press and gives you name out there. It's all there, does get people knowing who you are and knowing your story so that they can decide whether or not they think that you're, a person that they can support. So part of that is making this inasmuch as you get a lot of press coverage when you announce officially so we kind of plan this out. You make a video and you prepare press and you do a little bit of practice with you know, answering some of the question and to get an announcement day, but mostly just about getting kind of the sausage making stuff place to you, gotta fight, you have to theirs I'll all sorts of rules about you know, but the Effie, the federal federal election committee or commissioner, what I'm some really crazy lol sorcerer also. Next thing you do? Is you cannot you hire
but compliance, he has no say a reality- must like somebody that knows how these things work and then you ve got to prepare the paperwork to file and then you get off, he's kind of get your apparatus is in place. A once you announce boom boom is like an assault So some of those rules that you have to be complied with like can only take a certain amount of donations right at me. What yes and would have to come from certain places, yeah so individuals can only donate twenty. Eight dollars per election, and then, if there's a primary and a general election, so as fifty six hundred dollars per election cycle. But if a person donates fifty six hundred dollars. Now I can only use twenty eight hundred that for the primary and then the other twenty eight hundred I can use in the
election, there's all sorts of will and then you can't take money from corporations. Unless there's you can take money from a pack of political action committee, they can only donate ten thousand and then there's things called super packs that our kind of their own entity. You can't talk with them. They can support you, but you can't talk to finally with them, so you can't live plan things out with them, but they can come to pick up on what you are doing in your commercials and you're advertisements and they can kind of into it what they should do to help your campaign. But you get work directly with them, so yeah there's also and then usually what Do as your fly me out, and Europe for a really really nice hotel you're. Talking about when you're talking about you you're saying Jocapa, Kenya, Jacques Alot affords ok yeah, we fly you are here and pay for your telling me real nice. Did you leaner, whatever, but since I'm coming and I'm talking about being a bullet, we'll candidate. If I want it,
If I wanted you to pay for the four of my travel out here, then you have to do some kind of in kind donation, paperwork and all sorts of stuff, so the others as all these different rules, a kind of have to have somebody that you can send an email to really couldn't. Can we can we do this and they say probably shouldn or they and they handled the filing of the paperwork and they do all then they handle. Donations that come in so there's somebody wrote donations. So all the donations, if it's a check they go down to this guy, where is he reviews that make sure you have all the stuff like over too, dollars? People have to report their employment information and that kind of thing, and then so he makes you have all the stuff. That's ok, this is a valid donation. We donate that and if one comes in without the right stuff, they say this is invalid and you can have, How big is the staff that you have I mean this sounds like a mean. Sized operation yeah. I mean it's in Britain
it's kind of a skeleton crew. For the most part, I have my consultants who have been with me. You know said, sir: before even announced we have the compliance. We have digital consultants that gonna do websites and they kind of handle some of the digital fundraising stuff. And then I have an individual person funds, these. So the somebody that knows has lots of personal connections as IX I am raising money, you know for political campaigns and other stuff, so I have her and then she kind of helps me crazy, the raising money, and then I also have the compliance guy and then eventually you kind of bring on more more people who campaign manager and, as time goes on, bs right now we have a skeleton grew and then we're just to keep building and building in there. Obviously, raising money is is, unfortunately, this it's gotta be a giant percentage.
In a way it's it's gotta, be a giant percentage of the mechanism. Package reacted, so if you don't If you know raise enough money, you don't even get the platform to say what for people to hear what it is that you're gonna do what you're gonna say at your what your beliefs are, so you can have to get this money raising machine moving. So it's me it's more more for some less for other people important. So. The better story. You have the less money you're going to need to get your story out there, and you know I kind of have an advantage where people have kind of heard of me. You know people aren't coming up to me everyday and you know I have. I am or anything, but when somebody here's the guy that ran through America's like oh yeah, I know that guy then too, I can come up with the face to that too. That name
but, yes so that the big part of it is people knowing that you're running knowing you exist, knowing and so you have to look at how will help you? How do you will get their information they go through watching tv so, you have to look at. How will help you? How do you will get their information they go through watching tv? They get it through doing in the paper, they go on online podcast. You know things of that nature. Facebook adds things like that, and so all those things cost money. So if you want to you, you're not gonna, go up to my district has eight hundred thousand people in it, and if I went to every single house for ten minutes, that's what eight million minutes This is not that Mohammed Nets, and so you have, you should run your thirty one- may have everyone around in circles. Hood yeah. So they, how do people get their information? And that's that's the way they do it all those things they cost money.
And in the DC area, especially the cost, a lot of money and then in order to get the face a name out there at the most optimum time, the most efficient time. Call siva more money. If you want to have your add on you know, during Fox NEWS or whatever in the morning that cost a lot more money, so Yet so, unfortunately, is one of those things that you have to raise the money in order to just to get your name out there. So people know you exist so what What is the process? here on out? What does it look like a mean? Take me all the wit wealth, as did to the best of your knowledge. What, happens next, so you're you're obviously spend the next hour many months raising money to get this thing on, for what is the rest of this time? Look like yes The yellow big milestones along the way, miss to election day victory. Her we have the money raising now so kind of your first quarter that you raise is kind of a bit of it.
Indicator like if you raise enough money in the first quarter or that a lot of people come to use that as gauge on how much of a chance you have and so that's kind of some, so you want to get you wanna gave a good raise in your first quarter. We wouldn't you, where's quarter Start July first, so it's kind of those on the fiscal quarters or gas of July First September, thirtieth or, I went up to it and then I'm kind of at a little bit of a disadvantage, because we did our announcement on the same day that I got wounded, which was July. Twenty second Canada will make the announcement of a more special wrote. And so we caught exhort you gave up, gave him. I really exist. And so this, one milestone and then Are you doing that Europe, in many ways of money, and then it has ignored the first quarter right now are you where want to be? it's been a little bit difficult because there's a lot of different factors it summertime. So people are. You know, Barbicane,
and there is also a local election and Virginia coming up. So a lot of people are gonna more focused on that and our way focusing on next year, yet understandably so and then at the same time I don't I'm a politician you know I have no political Apparatus before this and a lot of people that run for office at this level near they ran for county seat. Then they went for Stacy and they run and other states he S. So they have. You know people that of donated to them consistently over the years. So they can go back to these people over and over again every time they have a an election. So they have those but that already done as they can raise money gonna quit. I don't have that, so I gonna have to build that donor base from scratch. The we're the only thing that I must imagine is a little bit we're dislike learning how to ask for money yeah. I know I feel weird asking anyone for help at anything right, the guy
others do something myself that had to say: hey could help. Maybe that's an eagle thing. A little bit of Harry. You went up. Maybe an ego thing of hadn't want to give that person up the little one up on me. You know, I don't know, that's but also you know it's like being self sufficient radio and not wanting to ask for a handout. I mean, even when we started this podcast there was, the whole the whole? What is it like? Donation thing was out there right. It was out, there was kind of a thing and youth, and there is a lot, people that that's how they were running their part. Gas was by taking donations and We we actually still have like a little thing. Where you can you can We have something on the website. You can donate through Paypal or something like that that we gotta go. People like that have done that, but we protect but it twice what like barely ever, come to me if you're gonna, weird to say here, Hake
hey. Can I be the money right and honestly what when we first started. Try when we were was talking about how we would give him. Money to buy what were duped to support. What we're doing, I said you know Well, maybe just make some tee shirts. You know then you're like out. We can make use of all the court because that way were you don't? We We're not just saying give me something. I wasn't hey deep, by this thing, and it helps approach Go you had to overcome that the idea of I'm gonna ask people for money, yeah this extremely it's very, very William and yeah. So What you do first, is you go to friends and family? And you say: look thinking about that's another. Why the rules you can't say before you, and now you can't say you're actually money. I can only say I'm strongly considering
for Congress would you donate if I do decided, Even if you ve already, you know, decided that you're going to? U cant actually say it is a new technical. You have to fight. So you can say as mutually so you go to your mom, your dad, you're, close friends I am strongly considering right regard laugh because my family, those last people, you re outside their money. I don't ask by Euro, that's not happen. We didn't zero, derives urgently calls where my dad and then my mom so they were here. There's a poor have had only just kind of slow. We call three friends and family like every phone, every phone number having your phone like so I started with kind of people that I talk to you regularly ugly. What are you donating? I say yes and then you kind of just go. I have got a weird you guys now you're like asking the question. But not even close deserves a beggar. Your back. Yet you know that's the purpose of saying that with the purpose just to do go by,
you could say: let's not get up, I'm gettin a fifty percent feedback that people will donate yeah. Well, the thing about asking people for donations is I oughta I'd good Buddy named Frank I called him right. I text him or call him or whatever beforehand. I said I'm looking for running for Congress. Will you don't he's like? Oh yeah? Definitely I will definitely donate then say: ok, well we're trying to do I get everybody to donate on Monday. We want thereby donate on Monday, because we want to raise a bunch of money like on day one that's gonna. Thing in the political sphere. Sea, like I think recently a couple, the democratic central candidates, they announced, and they said, only raised one hundred thousand dollars on day, one. They think that's really cool and it's kind of a big deal, and so I say twenty hereby donate on Monday July. Twenty second, you know: if IRAN or whatever. So then my fun. I gave my countries are all the text message that I contacted she's
them all attacks on Monday, reminding him here's the link and then SK, I frankly didn't dawning and then so I call them again a week later, like I just wanted to remind you, you know, now raising money and he calls me a couple weeks later, and he says finally donated. I said he brought here How have you heard about subjects? and he runs the rolling programme for UV the men's rolling programme. He has to get a lot of donations. I saw you got any gonna tips for me on raising money, and I had asked for money, I'm not very good at it He said? Listen, you got remember, I'm a close friend and it took me three weeks. And three reminders to donate to you so you hit somebody up the first time and they want to do that. They want to support you, but you just hit them being when they're about to get in the car or you know, they're take dropping the kids off at school or something like that and they just forget. You know and she got to remind him again and then you so you kind of have to
Hit them at the right time, where they're, okay, I'm just sitting around watching tv or whatever I'm eating dinner. I can do it right now, so you kind of have to just keep following up with people. So. You are friends family first and then once you get through all that, then you start kind of calling people out of donated previous. So you got it, you can get these little sittin here, trying to think if you, if what you hit me I didn't make you nervous, evaluate you hit me up, I think you said hey, I'm gonna run or I'm thinking about a threat in Congress. Maybe to come back on the pod gas nose like oh, absolutely, F, B, I think I don't think you actually hit for the cash though I didn't hit. You offer the cash because friendship capital like, unlike leadership, capital Karoke, I figure you're kind of already helping me out. Some help me out of this. So much already have me on you know before the most marathons aftermath, marathons and all that stuff, and are you going to help me out again with this podcast and I just kind of figure you know I don't want to ask to
of you won't run on, but you're not getting anything. If you don't know the exact Zalm say dimension, I don't remember, do you have the apt ask even also uncomfortable. So yeah that you need our help. Product Can you sell a t, shirt and- and use that the profits? From that? I don't know. I don't I'm not sure after, I have to ask what asked personal money like you're, rich politicians are jasper, looking self and as much as you want, you can donate your campaign as much as as much as you want. But if you do- and I don't mean- I don't have enough money anyway- so wouldn't really be a drop in the bucket for me to say so, and carrots you half of his he's, done enough. Carest pay for this. It is start get nags, maybe that'll, be you know something that we can add to it, but Yes, quite simply just don't have enough money, but yeah there's some there's somebody will it take mortgages out on their homes and they kind of low
The campaign, two hundred three honey. Thousand dollars and they get paid back after they really start raising money. I can't do that either because I dont have a mortgage on my home because it was given to me by of wounded veteran charity. So there's some porridge and I can't take out a mortgage for five years as a part of our contract bs. Oh, yes, the people close to you, they donate and then you start kind of going through these lists of people that have donated campaigns before their politically active the times they have a little bit more cash to spare. You start calling them, but that's unpleasant tube, lot of the times it's cold calls and you go. You know you have this year. This is this, is the Edison may so my fundraiser
She does basely says Esme call sheets, so she guessed these lists of its says all publicly available. They they over certain amount. She's goes goes online and they they donate to this other republican candidate. For this other democratic, and so they might like you, so you discover and there's a bunch of phone numbers on there, while the times it doesnt work or it's like a main number to their business, and he can have to go in and go into the directory and call it. I am happy to go. You know, dear little, twenty second spiel, how many these, whom cause of you made My schedule as nine to eleven campaign. Fundraising phone calls work out of eleven eat lunch at twelve. One two three make phone calls. Would you do from four? thirty two morning until nine, four hundred and thirty, and more until nine, usually from four hundred and thirty to six hundred and thirty
saw logs and then seven is usually when I start I'll start reading there I'll start doing some writing kind of flashing out my thoughts on things and then between seven and nine good. You can copy before nine o clock. So so so. Ninety eleven you're making phone calls annually from one to three also making from if I have is hammering through a list yet so my fun Rachel Semi, twenty twenty five at a time, and these lessons need this kind of look workers, what's the contact group very love. You make a hundred calls how many people do you talk to I'd, say? Maybe ten like directly when I call ten percent the eye the chances of you have of me picking up a phone number, I don't recognize zero yeah, that's what it's zero and allows
to do as you call and the vast majority of the time you're calling their place of work, and so they have an assistant. So you have to kind of do you know that you have to? U have to kind of craft a little script almost hear that gets them too. That kind of intrigues them and it has to be short, gotta can't be too long know. When I first started out, I was doing that's it you're. Thirty second Ok, let's hear it saw ring ring ring of calico ring ring, ring hello, oh hi. This is Rob Jones coin. Calling for Mr Charles. This is it I, Mr Charles, my name's, Rob Jones Alma, wounded rain from Milburgh Virginia and upon today, because I'm running for Congress in his tent district in somebody might have a few minutes to speak with me about my campaign to see. If you might be one to support me. And that's what I did I personally there. So I kind of and it's been kind of and you're fundraiser they're kind of good at that. So they
can advise you on what to say, and so I, when I first started out, I kind had like this minute long monologue. Hello, I'm Rob jungle around thirty one hundred and thirty one days, and I did all the staff in the night by the end of it. You know they have spoken like a minute ass, well, see: gonna, bring them down. We will leave an hour extreme ownership than we did our first event that the book was that big, there's. Maybe the thousand fifteen hundred people there and we got done- we got off stage and they had a bunch of books us to and people were burnt by and then they could. We could sign up. And as soon as we got off stage, it was like mayhem I was really fired up and peers this book new book in the big mess- you just come from us and so the the at the two little tables for us, a sign on there's a stack of books for us too to give to the people and
The very first person- and you know let life like the joke- is that life is like a nice person and I'm not Enzo. First, in an immediately eyes. I looked at the line. This was one of the visit like one of the few things that I am naturally give that, like looking at a scenario and kind of figure, not really quick. What needs to happen to to get this done? So I see people lined up, and I say to myself or I need to be in these books as fast as humanly possible. So I immediately start signing the extreme ownership book just own it Jocker. That's that's all I'm right yeah! So I d like to free people, I don't ask me, Jim Jim own Jock of boom handed Lifebuoy next person I get through. Five or six people and all the sun. There's all there's a theirs there's a roadblock right next to me his name is life Babbage he's such a nice guy that
no uses a Jim. I dont worry about you from any other persons are gone from wherever from Maryland I want a naval carried me up there and I was made what a beautiful wouldn't would you do for live in any he's having logic, competition and then he's right. You know so good in another person that you know, grew up in the fine state of Maryland and appreciate the support that you gave us when I was up there go naval, cadmium, open everything. I was one of your business preceded leading ed man, it's ok It was like it took him by the time he Eyed handed him. You know seventy broken. He wasn't diamonds. First on disease are rightly it but yeah. You know it's like the the the ability to really be nice and a situation like that is a little bit tougher and also
real people that you want to waste people's time. You know what I mean. You know you got to get to the point. Like I said you got to get, you got to get your the initial message of hey. This is who I am, and this is what I'm doing an do. You want to talk about that a little bit and I Is it it's strange balance? Could I wanted? I wanna keep a short but also say something that makes them the benefit of the doubt. So it's gonna take oh, that is- and I decided saying, I'm wounded Marine run for Congress. That was kind of a good balance. That will that's a big statement. Right, that's it during the marine corps. You obviously, have served you made sacrifice for your country already and now you're willing to serve more. That's a pretty big. That's it that's a short statement, but it's also cares there's a lot of meaning behind it. There's a long way behind it. Yeah, ok, so I'm still sitting here. Thinking myself from efficiency perspective. You don't have some other three people that are diamond through and being like. Ok rob we gotta live one bullman handed you the phone, not really I mean. Sometimes
is. My mother fundraiser will have relationships some people and shall say I've already talked to the sky. To screen. It's got call him and talked him for a couple minutes in his private to donate. But I guess you know the way that it works as people probably aren't gonna talk to you. If you don't call him directly dear I'm until you what don't ever I don't need you give em, don't give my numbered any the less I want. Anyone else call me depending on how you don't have any ideology donates. I just what victories phone numbers put. Yeah what a phone number at some point and I'm gonna try and tell this do without without drop in any dimes on anyone. For anything but anyways their results an organization and it's not. The chair organization, but somehow, I had donated money to guess organs. Nation a long time ago would call me consistently all the time and when you
call my house, I would put one on speaker phone, so my whole family could be entertained by what I would say, but anyways they called one time and They say all. This we're. Looking for MR willing so yeah this is this is blah blah blah blah and we're. You know it's fundraising time again and were we're lookin to up the numbers. This year and I got about speaker, vote I've read the years it was, but the girl says looking at your records renown. It looks like the last time you don't. It was eight, years ago, you donated ten dollars and I was like yeah. I said why don't you call me in another eight years and will re up that big. Looking like that, you live my brother, I wouldn't, I would never give out anybody's phone number, but if they don't if they donate and they were
That is when there are some areas that are yet to be so that's it. That's that's kind of where people are coming from with they get donation calls all the time and on this, and other guys have to figure out how to make yourself unique and get through that kind of guardedness. In the very beginning that you know there are their automatic privateness egg. Now you know This is a fifty of call I've gone and I'm busy on common work in these people a lot of the times you know their low but wealthier so summit. They just got all their wealth. Sitting around, watching Netflix, They are working and working hard. So, you're gonna have to figure out a way and all other times it'll be I'll talk to an assistant and then shall They will know they're not available or they're, not here through working leave a message with her leave a voicemail on their phone, and then I give it up.
I have an email address for him, I'll, send him a follow up, email and you can be a little bit more verbose in an email. So I kind of like that, where I can kind of mentioned the thirty one marathons and be a little bit more verbose there send a follow up email if they don't reply to that, then I'll call him again and you just kind of have to have a spreadsheet people you like call them ok, I call this person ten days ago so today The was weird amuse. You could call a billionaire who oh. I absolutely want to spoil you got your back. Two percent I was in the marine corps I was wounded, is well in in Career Vietnam, and you got my sport and the all you from its way hundred locks. Yeah Sakhalin but in the end some other elections like and state elections of a billion are like to give you a billion dollars. If you want, but federal elections can do that. So yeah. That's it's and it's stuff that you got to call and call and call and call, and then you got to do.
How to get your name out there and at some point will it be? Will someone I'll start make calls for you not Really I mean so Brian who continues help help me a lot of ways go make calls like he has. He has donor that he goes to, and so lately he's been making a few calls to their donor to his donors and send you know, let me type of this guy Rob Jones. We consider talking to him and they say yes or have call me so that I can so in a way yeah and then, if you have- If somebody knows somebody did, they think would be interested in speaking to me and doing to my campaign, the column, but a lot of these people. Nobody knows and so a lot of time by fundraiser shall set me up with people that are more likely to she thinks are more likely and I like called several Marines there. You know other veterans and yet, and so they have that connects with me immediately because we're both veteran so
the more wanted to talk to me, it seems to me, like you, would be a good idea to get someone else to call for two reasons: number one efficiency of your time but number to its kind alike. It's easier for someone else to brag about you than it is for you to brag about yourself, yellow for sullenness, compensate hey. How you doing my name is John, a willing. Can I M actually not calling for myself and called for a great friend of mine, that is a former marine. He was wounded in Afghanistan and is actually not done serving yet he running for Congress here in the great state of Virginia, and I was wondering if you could maybe help out or are entrusted supporting what he's doing like. It seems like that one, the kind of a good way to do it, and I agree with you and you have to have your outside the box. Ideas like that. Canada has. The instinct is well look at my first instinct myths of that
and that you're doing it yourself, like that, really shows like if you pay and he called me I'd be more accurate than I thought about it. Well, maybe, but Someone else call me and say: hey this guy's run and he's a great guy, it's sort of a it seems like that would be helpful as well I'm not going manager. So the concern back off everyone, not mad at me. Right now know I'd really tell Rob not to do that, but you know. I think I think the main difference is probably that the fundraiser Razor Qana knows that these people might not go for that kind of thing But what you're talking about, I think, would work great on kind of a more of a grassroots level, where you trying to call a lot of people and get smaller donations and that's kind of important to you. When I get all the donations as well as ordinary born after the big hitters Korea. You kind of go like these. These calls or people that of donated. You know a thousand dollars in the past five thousand in that A thing he's all those kind of people usually wouldn't it
we're the way these mechanisms work. World like this is you? You set up a system in you. No idea like you know you said earlier, you you make laws which known actually know what they're going to. When they hit the oxen when they start getting enacting the world. This is things like ever made these laws, probably these rules. Or when these rules were made. People had no idea how it was gonna turn out what it actually work that actually translates to in the real world and more favorite example that is going through after candidate school in Austria it's cool. There were things that you'd do it also candidate school that had no there's no possible way that the intention of the drill instructors was to have you doing, what you're doing one of these animals you get a belt buckle. You get a belt buckle that
it has a coating on it. It's a shiny brass belt buckle, but it's gonna coating on the shiny brass built buckle that casino breast burns, green or whatever. We are quick. While you get this, Well, it's been treated in such a way that it never will it just stay shiny all the time and you can get thumbprint on it. If you stick a finger, though you're from but you can easily wiped off. Well, you, what you do. Is you have to clean these belt buckles with brass to that lining, com, off completely and then you end up with a thing that you have to costly polish. All time it it doesn't hold a shine Think yourself at some someone said hey, makes use. There's no fingerprints on your ass bout buckle and so people, cleaner and then they started cleaning it until the actual finnish was off now this thing has become become a tool We different game like the guy. It is no longer just keep your belt buckled clean its go completely psycho with them with with process.
Until the thing is, not even functionally more, and when you can download auctioneer its belief that thing awake has no purpose. They mean it. That way. At some point somewhere along the way. A drone structures it hey you print, makes thumbprint was no thumbprint. No on your on your belt buckle and went from that over our me. Thirty fifty years to you, please was all the finnish completely off that fake until it's just pure Brazzaville. All these weird things that happened like that here and that's what this is. You know is this environment, that's created and all of a sudden. You ve got these these potential candidate or candidates at a running that are jumping through these random hoops that have been built by random laws that were they seem to make sense to somebody at some thought, while they're not
entirely random, but they have. They have no proof purposes and theories behind them. They want to prevent corruption they want. Then what can you apologize to be bought off or anything like that? But then you never going to think of absolutely single contingency that possibly happen, and then so you have that these are the rules and then you know human beings. If these big old brains, now we can do too many people figure out, you know ways to maneuver. You know this is what you get an answer. I we can do this in his and and I they just do it a different what yeah so you can you know you ve created the best system you can, then you just have to let people off they always try and improve upon it. But I tell you this after live within that system. Do this do like analytics to see hey. How much are we getting from the callings filet toward the door? calling like is just as true
goes on its like less and less and less of a year. Well, yes, we keep track so like everybody that I call I put in a spreadsheet. I've taught in I put in their the result of call what number I called you know what day I called them. So I can kind of look back, and then you so we come to know, and so we can go analyze that but a kind as you as time goes on a lot of times? It'll get easier to raise money, because people see that you're raising money and success Brean success, so they'll chickens, they Otis guys already raised two hundred thousand dollars or whatever it may be, and then ok, so he's a viable cannon. Also managed to get the data and another reason that's gonna hard right now, because we have you know, there's gonna be a primary and a lot of people don't want to support and a primary, because these people have money. They want to invest in something that think is going to be fruitful, southern there's no way to know, and so where you gonna, get your story other you have out there convince them,
why you're a viable candidate and why they should support you, and it's not too not the most pleasant thing to have to do, and it's not the easiest thing to do, but the more you do it. The warm can I get you You are now and I'd rather ask a stranger for money than you know, ask a close friend for money for sure, So then was ok, so we get we get through this first quarter in September the what what what as the camping, often that you have the idea. Are you just kind of like on board for the ride? I have now I have an idea of words: gonna go but yeah, I'm not an expert is my first time so at the same time as your raising money in these early stages. You are getting just getting out talking to people going to events and like I've been, go into a republican committee meetings and introducing myself. Let us allow the times all I can do is to come up in the beginning and speak for a few minutes and facilitate no. I introduce myself
and then she kind of building that network of people that know who you are, and Ukraine craning low, but a buzz and meeting people and I go up, talk to the Board of supervisors on counties, and I just kind of mayors in that a thing. I d say I to sit down and what are the one of the issues that people are talking about here and nor the Virginia choice? Traffic is like number one and so it is they worked. So what are we with our man? I'm gonna get details on that because it people kind of know how they know people on a granular level, cuz their local representatives. So I can kind of tell me and then you can look at that and then you can kind of see you okay up most. The people are talking about this and this and this, and so you kind of get a feel that and then at the same time as you do that you do a lot of you, no research on policy,
to get a read up on. You know all these different issues that you're finding out the people care about. You got to figure out. We know what they are, what you can do to change them, what you can do to improve them, not going to think you're kind of doing all these things simultaneously. You just kind of go on that trajectory raise money meet. People learn policy, Windsor Primer for you, so Virginias kind of unique in that they every year. They can decide how there, two select candidates. The republican party does how they're going to select their candid, so they just recently decided that they're not going to do a primary. What they're going to do is call it invention and so they're going to have this convention in the tenth district sometime next year they haven't set a date for yet or privy springtime spring. Maybe early summer me at primates, brain and What they do is talk
Bring in all these delegates from all over the counties the county send a certain number of delegates in and what they'll do is all the candidates that won of try and be the the republican candidate I'll get up and I'll speak in front of the delegation, and then the delegates will go vote and then, if they don't have over fifty percent, if one person doesn't have over fifty percent I'll knock off the bottom one or the bottom to vote again, I'll keep doing, that you do not keep doing that and then at the end, they'll send white smoke out over the top no, but they had so eventually be one person verses, one person tomoka the majority, and then that's the presidency right there. And is how many other people are going in the ten district against. Did you know now there's one one other guy army, veteran but there's always rumours. I mean there's always other people that you know come in and
Well, there's rumours about other people that our thinking about come in, but until they file you dont know. It's just conjecture, so he now that this just got right to decide on the fifth. So now that we have that kind of a situation, that's good and bad for us. You know, I'm like we saw Shia, have no preference I'll just do whatever the system is. That's what it is. Ok, cool, we're gonna, adapt that, but it's good for us, because it requires less money, so you don't have to go out there and do commercials for the primary in that kind of stuff. Do you have to do a lot of advertising? You can save all your money for the general election and when you're running against an incumbent, they already have millions and millions and millions of dollars, so you going to be coming from from a from a deficit compared to them. So that's good. I can. A little bit of money, but it's also will be more difficult because now you have to go out and you have to conduct and we have to find out
the delegates are, and they make a list of it. But you have to conduct talked these delegates and you have to convince them. Why you're the you're, the best purse, if you dont, have make a good impression on this one person, while they may not that of the lost, and so there's only so many delegates you can talk to so yet it's kind of pros and cons with it, but that's what we're doing, and so that's what I'm adapting to this work. You're gonna make up and then that's not even we don't even know when that's gonna happen right now, so I really do want to bring to spring of twenty two year. Do you get what we making a speech that things straight up. Yeah laminae, I think so that's what I've been told anyway. I guess they did. They have to come up with all the rules and everything of how to know Well, I guess they have rules in place today. After like release them saying, no I'm sure
you know you have to file as a candidate in all the stuff. You know added at the convention, but I think what the with the guy told me that I talk to you said: is that they're gonna do it where each person gets up in gives stop speech before they start voting, but a lot of the work is gonna, be done before ideal. You will have all your votes before you have ever give that speech. You gonna do the legwork girl is kind of like you know the sexy some PAM says and she's a you know for time, world champion to Tom Paralympic Champion solely by listen to what. As about competing. She says the race is one not on the day, but in the months and years that you spent training before an so you gotta, put in the leg work talk to these delegates. And you can even convince friends of yours ago- try and be delegates they see a guy's lids you'll, get a dream together, like Maria it, a team
they go there in triumph, become delegates back there, you friend of the mafia, so you have to kind of, do that legwork an order to her They win the vote before you even give you stop speech This is what the things I was thinking about. As you know, when we start talking about politics and Your case, in particular one of the things that comes up the time in politics is gone control and all those issues, one of the things I was thinking about his you're you want Virginia tech April sixteenth, two thousand seven nurse, thirty two people killed in a mass shooting there. Were you on campus when that happened? No, I was I was in my warm or you are. You now is by MR my soon senior year. So I was there issue, but I was an apartment off compensated live there. And when we got the first reports, it was kind of like,
the sand that somebody was roman around campus. You know shoot people So, maybe it isn't your graduated from boot camp not too long before, so I like a media over there, so I ve walked over to canvass achieved without any kind of protection or anything to see. If I could find this guy or whatever walked around a little bit but united, see anybody because you know it was all happening in the building. It's all over by the time I ve been left my apartment. And yes, why wasn't I wasn't there? there. You know I was nowhere near the the the shooting, but I was there for the end of the aftermath of the just the pain that we felt as a community. After the fact was, though, what was the young atmosphere afterwards? I mean what they do. Students school, did you guys? Would you do with it? You know a test. You have on on Wednesday with little.
The basic life stuff. This is disbelief. You know you can't believe that happened at all and you can't believe that it happened to you. You know to your community and. Yes, it's one of those, I think They do you know they. They d have to give me time. They give you they give me up, gave her by the week off there. The school. I think that a really good job of supporting the students and, in my opinion, you know they said no pressure. They actually came and said, if you want to you, don't have to finish the semester. If you want to you can just cut your grades here and your teacher. Your professor wall, you now have a great for you, based on what you ve done to this point, and you don't have to
you don't have to finish the year if you don't want to, and so they gave them that option they had you no support available to to anybody that was, you know, was struggling with with dealing with the situation they made. That available. You know memorials. It's like. There's not a whole lot. You can. The only other thing that everyone wants you to do is go back in time and have somebody tackle that guy, you know before he ever did anything.
How to make about me, but the way I felt about I felt I felt guilty that I wasn't in the building. You know that's how I kind of felt about it like maybe I could have been in one of those rooms and ran out the guy, and I don't know if given getting people, sometimes you know like a lot of people did, and there was one professor that was a holocaust survivor, slam the door blocked it, and I think he had his students crawl out the window or something, and he gets me know he got killed by the by the shooter and so that's kind of how I felt at the time about it. I wish I'd been there to maybe do something. I suggest you just give. You can't believe it it's it's kind of indescribable, an interesting idea of giving it when you first said other they give people the option of of just taken their great right there. What what happened to be at that time. And then you don't. I don't have to finish this measure at first. I thought to myself yeah, that's two really good idea and then, as I thought about it
sitting here, as you were talking that, what what that does? What that could do to people is ok now. What are you gonna do so now, when you do yeah You sit there and you start to dwell on this and you that seems to me like a good idea that in practice, the best thing to do now the best thing to do, but I think it's the best thing to do is ok, we're gonna. We know we're gonna get a week off Riah. Maybe we're gonna get two weeks off brigade. We got off we hold ceremonies, we're gonna, morn and then we're gonna get back to work and we're gonna to carry on and beat because otherwise you're stuck with just faults of the loss they suffer and it's one of those weird things, and you know when you say when you say that you that you need to move on right. It sounds like the coldest
horrible thing that a person could say If you, if someone lose a loved one and you look at em, you say: well, you know you ve gotta, move on right and an that's like That seems like the most horrible and cold thing to say: hey you, ve lost of em, but guess what you gotta move on it. That sounds so horrible, but it's it's kind of what you need to do right, I mean you, it's what you need to do. You eat your love, one that you ve lost, that they don't wants you to sit around and mourn for seven months. While you wait for the semester to end for summer to end and then you'll, what do you do during that time period and that's a rough thing to think about, but I think it's It's definitely one of those hard things get you have to. Hard conversation that you have to have it's about? You have to have that conversation with yourself. When you said yourself, or you say to someone else, you gotta move on,
and it seems so cold and heartless, but at the same time it's what you actually do have to do I never actually thought about it from that perspective, in terms of you know them allowing people to to yell cut the semester short, but that's a really good point. You have to have something to do otherwise, you're just going to sit around and just think about it all day all the time, but at the same time you know they didn't want people's graze to be affected by been negatively. Active by four February, like that so new. What's he gonna see where they come from future decision to make tat, decision to make You know another thing that debts that I've definitely about. Since you you entered this Rina is sticking about, the thing about Louis Polar Junior, rare raw. In for real?
then for the House representatives in the first decade district of Virginia. He ran as a Democrat. He as we know, lost the election and he lost it to basically republic in kind of we're hawk here that had the draft I'm multiple times suits or didn't go to Vietnam, but was kind of you know a war hawk type guy And one thing that's really interesting. When you read fortunate son, is that It was all these opportunities that Louis Porridge your had to kind of start negative campaigning against his opponent, and he didn't do it. And he ran back campaign with as much dig. The and class as you as it as a person could run.
And any loss we lost by a big big margin to set you, but like twenty five percent, which is a race to think about. Are you thinking about right now what it looks like we're where your own personal I set out to win. I dont want to win by being somebody This is too far in American. Together, you have to maintain your more compass and you want. I want to win, but I want to when, in the way that I set out to I don't want to win by being somebody that I'm not. I want to win by being the person that I am and then, if people want That person to represent them in in Congress, then I'd be honoured to do that. But if the person I am, the people decide, They don't want that in Congress. You know fair enough. I understand no hard feelings I still love this area still love the district. This is where you get into a little slippery slope partiality, because
The question you can ask yourself is listen. I'm Rob Jones I know I want to do the right thing for the right reasons In order for me to have that possibility, I'm gonna have to have to get a little bit medieval on some people here right, and you think, ok as soon as this is over, though I'll go right back to you know, being on the moral high ground, but if I if I stay on the moral high ground this whole time, there's I might not even get there. The position that there's us a brief slope, their insane academic. Ass. I gotta run this negative. Am I gonna do this? I gotta make this statement about my opponent right that stuff or or I'm not gonna. Get the publicity that I need to win. That's a slippery! That's a slow! briefly I well, that's the that's the
the grey area that lot of elections or are one and lost in you. May we should write a book after this called the dichotomy of politics. You know, and it's just yet. You have you're Yokota socalled default aggressive type. Of opinion or position on that default, you no good guy or whatever it may be,. But then yeah, you have Constanta some some grey areas there, where yeah in the on bad. You feel like this person is really gonna, be bad for for the country and for the district than you might have to do, something that you wouldn't normally do, but you kind of maintain that moral compass, even with that, so you take it to a certain level and then you dial of backing, do it again and you dont let it cannot slip away and then keep doing it. She can have to take every situation as a to own unique situation and come to step out and then stepped back about out back has needed. I guess
I think that in the end, with situations like that, what it what you have to maintain, above all, as you have to maintain the truth, and if you maintain the truth about what's happening, I think in the end in the long run and oftentimes in the short run pay if you're telling me truth about, what's going on you, that's what, That's what you make you William, very true. You can kind of go name you can say something, that's bad about the other person behind us. All. This negative at is this person voted for this bill that did this and that Going negative, but it's not you not not only them as appropriate and you're telling the truth: you're not you're, making me that's good, that's good! That's a good way to approach it. I'll, let you know how it how it, because, when I start having to make those types of decisions, We had so obvious that I'm going to win that I won't even have to make those decisions, but
you know it and that's the other weird thing about politics is. You know I used to think of the officers that were in the military and, most of the time. Much of the time the officers that you wanted to work for where the kind of officers that didn't really. Care is not the right word, but I'm not sure how to explain it didn't really that they work all jazzed up. Because they were an officer. They were just up to work with the troops they were just up to serve the country they were, they were doing it for their own crew, You're right! It's the same thing with politics. If you think about the type of people that you would actually want to have in political power, of the main reasons why you would want them in that position, because they would never want to be there yet of the type of people that say well there there. People like you that say: hey, listen,
Not what I want to do, but this is kind of what I have to do. This is their void of leadership and and and someone needs to fill that void. So there another kind of dichotomy there that the person that you would actually want in that position is the person that, fundamentally in their own heart, doesn't really want that position. You end up with- and it's sort of like in in man search for meaning the book, the concentration camps. Any says that the best of us didn't make the best of us didn't survive because the best people in the constant Trish kept the poorest and most good. People were the people that said: hey you take this cross, the bread instead of me, hey, you, take all steps. Up it, do this labour, that's gonna, put you over the edge and make you sick all good you my blanket at night, because we only have one for four four of us
you're the one that needed the most, those good people they didn't survive and that's kind of. It's kind of what happens in politics or it could very well happens in many cases in politics where the person won't cross that line the person that doesn't look out for themselves. First, that's the person that doesn't win because they They didn't go negative. They didn't slang they in undermine and and and up not winning. So this is a five situation, but I think- it's good is, I think, there's more often Trinity now and I think, there's a lot of things out there that level the playing field. I think one of the social media Right Delia, just like this part, ok you're on here, you get to tell you to talk about people know your story. They hear it on broad basis, you know you, got your own social media, that you can talk directly to people and there's, no,
Filter doesn't cost any money to put up a social media post now does it money to advertise social media post. Yes, it does it does. So if we can do more money to that, but at least the playing field is more level than it used to be for you You get your voice out there and not have to do. I've in it something that's even worse than death, then sometimes you don't want to survive, and sometimes you can we find with with respect to what you're saying about you know, some people then survive you'll have to wonder whether or not out of the times are some of the times surviving, isn't always the best thing. So if you have to do something to justice, survive and something that's even worse than death, then sometimes you don't. Survive, and sometimes you can be fine with that, and so it's kind of the same thing with with political of after sling mud and and do all that stuff. Then, maybe that's maybe that's our that there are no, I I told,
agree. Are you wrote a little somethin about leadership in its? I was gonna kind of reeds chunks of it here. There's a void of true leadership in Congress is blatantly avid evident in all the modern forms of media print broadcast and social. It tat is patently obvious that the words and behaviors of many of our elected representatives at all levels and in all political parties, one needed look further than this void to identify the root of the rotten climate in politics that is sickening the american public theirs big chunk of the american public that our second by half there's a big chunk. Actually just full on participates to the extra it's. It's it's crazy, I'm not too I'm not an active participant in Facebook. I mean I have Facebook and I post on Facebook,
but I don't. I don't get involve much in NAM like the personal facebook right, yeah I hear stories about Facebook, people that are on it it it's like a crazy battleground where people, friend you, if you make a statement, are you like some one's political posts that they don't agree with its crazy people, crazy, Peter, but I like you, I believe a truly believe that those people are the minority, the vast minority. I agree you- and I said this: said this on upon casts interview someone's echoed there's. These extreme is out there now that you know what I travel the country all the time I work with businesses of all sizes. Oh yes, adventure perils park asked. I travel country of all over the place all the time I work with all these companies. I work with frontline troops. I work may lead MID levelled leaders. I work with Theo's. I work with every.
In the spectrum in an eye to meet people. Regularly that online I don't know who those people are better crazy on phasing out, don't meet him. I know they're out there, but yes you're right and I agree with you most people what are they trying to do with her life, although they they're trying to earn money they're. Turning is the family. The charter spend time with their family or trying to pay off their So that's what they're doing so. I agree that I think I will come to retract my statement a little bit In saying that you say it sickening to american public, I think most people in the american public are definitely sick of it. And that's what I said a bench, whereas it Ben I mean he is at he is at what is it called? he's at ground zero for. Let it go fire Yale
and any laws on another guiding brine. Compliments part Gaston he's, like the other end of the spectrum, and actually we talked about the fact that if you met- ed spirit, you'd like to a really nice guy, I break up. You know that it's cool the makes sense, but there there completely opposite ends of the of the political spectrum. But I think that those people The fourth far ends in both those guys can be a little bit of ground zero for real impact in people. Guilt going crazy if people like to just stir is a bright. I mean. There's people like to stir things most people alike, to stir things up in one way or another care, not us politically, specifically somebody politically, but in one way oil is fun not to do it, but to see it happen, some people they lead to take part. Moving on this, this peace
The legislative branch, the United States government, comprised of five hundred and thirty five legislators. Many of them have begun venturing down a path that can only be characterized as the opposite of true leadership, a path displays a lack of respect for anyone with a different world view from them? That involves deal dehumanizing and demonizing see people simply because they remember, an opposing party. Many of these- Legislators have stopped viewing both individuals and have instead applied a group identity and used it to apply group blame you have your Petersen line that I have asked all. I heard him say that one time I thought related line. Well, the the that is a true statement. And those, I said many, I didn't say ah all or anything like that, either because it over time. I just now,
we sometimes do you only think that the vast majority of people are doing because the the only here about the people there that are being kind of naughty or whatever so we are so it can be it. Maybe it can be said that maybe, is the minority of legislators that are no kind of a hundred go under this kind of behaviour. But I think it's there's a trend. Sorry to have more more and more and more it's happening use You also get. You also get the mob mentality straight up, mobbed mentality, where its What in the water in the sharks, are gonna, go crazy and who it was on beef Chapelle us I saw little clip of Dave chapels. New Netflix special and he's making this joke. He says he says guess who I am and if you do something wrong, ever in your life, and I find
out about it, I don't care fits in five years. Ten years, fifteen years, twenty years, if I find out about it, I'm gonna ruin everything. You have said that's why I'm and people are YO out different aims. Niggers! Ah you everyone ties, that's what everyone does notice we get. This mob mentality oh you made a mistake. You said something that was out of line or what The case may be cool, we're gonna, crucify, you now that's what I so that's what's gonna happen, and unfortunately in Congress anyway, there all kind of peers are all kind of equals, no one leader that can kind of come in like the meal. I massacre and put it up, put a stop to things Sylvia there isn't. There is no way that they can really stepped forward and do that yeah, I kind of employing, unless you just take the moral high ground and people start to see that that's the correct example yet sing on start leading laterally, and I think, like day, unquenchables doing a great job of that here. He is,
response is not emotional. He just kind of snow. Tis opinion recognise that there's other views tries to explain around it, doesn't get personal people he's just doing a great job. From that perspective it doesn't get fired up face still just keeps normal face all times, not getting crazy, and then you knows it's hard. I remember explaining this. We got home from remedy the others. Inside the show community, there are some people that were looking at the operation we did and what we did that fought a. Why were you guys going out the daytime? Why were you guys supporting dimensional operations? Do they're asking these questions and basically it's it's- my fault- that they were asking this question, because it means that I didn't do a good job of letting the commune Do you know why Actually, we were not position, what the strategic after those missions were and all those things, but I remember talking a leaf and south, because I mean common home from a body no, we suffered some significant capital
these and to hear someone say you know what were you guys even do? it's really easy to get emotional. I sat those guys down on like listen when you discuss this with people. If you get emotional you're, the ear argument goes out the window because now you're, just there looking you got. No, he supermodel ass only recently is it doesn't make any sense, We can't was nobody, thinks he's emotional and cited when you. When we talk about this with people we have to just get on emotional, just detached, and just Wayne hey. This is what we're doing here's, what was going on and see what the conventional forces were doing this with the strategy was here, is how we were able to help. You just have to do it like that. Cuz. If you go, what do you want? That's really to deduce worry but they're like really fired up, and we can't do that. So I think Dan is doing. A job that hopefully that ample will continue to spread, and I know you you'll be do not as well. I moved out.
The path leads to an end point of limited to no effective communication alike. Communication produces an environment. No meaningful work can get accomplished. A worker environment in Congress means that miracle will stagnate. The process. Systems on which our country runs, will not be able to improve. The result is that Americans will suffer yeah people can't even people can't even talk to each other in Congress. Yet if you can't buy the way, it's crazy, like you, kid the fact of the matter is that vast majority, the time is going to be close to fifty percent Democrat fifty percent Republican and you rely on these other people to pass legislation.
Do the job of Congress, which is to pass bills that can improve America, improve the lives of Americans. So if people can't communicate a so, I could have, I can go and a committee, or whatever, with the cure for cancer like this bill, will cure cancer guaranteed, even if it is the ally, but I said before we don't know. I know for sure this will cure cancer. But I don't like many that day of the week before you know preventative Charles. I went on Twitter, and I said what an idiot this guy stoop you know I just did a tweet like he's not here, the cancer not voting for all his friends are voting for it because there on his team, so cancer bill. It's even though it's gonna cure cancer can be the best thing ever. I can see the light, so it's like you might as well. Not even have it. Does anyone, but there is hope despite them getting next
no coverage in the media. There are true leaders in Congress. We can learn from their example. A true leader recognizes that every person comes for unique set of experiences, including there bringing education struggles and environment that forms their world view, including values, priorities and perspectives The leader also recognises that, even if an individual's an innovation persons worldview is wholly opposite. Than that of leaders. It is nevertheless equally valid and worthy of consideration. The leader knows that the world View and the person must be shown, respect The leader gives the other person the benefit of believing that they have good intention and thoughtful now, Fourthly, analyzes their ideas before coming to a conclusion as to their viability. I gave an answer because at the last muster so we ask big, crazy question about leadership automobile James? What are you doing this by and- and I said- we know you do without an end
one of the most under utilised tools in all of leadership is to listen actually listened to what other people are. So Actually listen to people blow you in the chain of command? Listen to people above you in the chain of command, listen to your! If you're in a family listen, listen to what your wife listen to, what you actually listened to, what people have to say and that what you're saying right here instead of it's in your mouth opens up, I already of judging what I thought you're gonna say and shutting down actually listen. I always when I'm listener people, I always think I don't. I don't make my first think when you Art saying something isn't wire: You wrong my instinct. Hey. What is this person know that I might not know what? What is it? What what about this person's perspective is correct, that that doesn't make sense to me that our understand. Continue on a true leader of Congress. Recognizes that
a relies on the team work of people with opposing viewpoints. The idea of a republic is not fifty one percent of the people Krim an idea around the throat of four nine percent of the people. Nor is it opposite find solutions that as many people as possible can be happy with when they go to bed at night The leader knows that the only way to achieve this is through working together and I think that's you think that that was a common sense statement. Hey somewhere, there's a happy medium that will work for a majority, the people right it's way over here, as not way over here, there's a little dichotomy between those that you have to balance as leader here anymore. It's, like everybody, neither says, don't move an inch don't give up on edge. Heads like this country has founded on something called the great compromise, the back in when they were right in the constitution, yeah it well that idea of that every site
Good thing is a slippery slope is something that's very hard to contend with right and I think the reason it's so hard to contend with. Is that Folks on the extremes are so ravenous there when they do get an inch, bagel cool. We got an inch. We need to take a foot and we What now will take yard, and so both sides have that attitude near instead of someone coming to the table, put there, you go check and say: ok, no, what we! We trust that you will do this and nor I, I think one of the things that makes America stable is that it's a tough, it's a big bureaucratic system that move right. It's a big bureaucratic and that's hard to move. No one person has a massive effect. They just don't I mean like you can steer some stuff. You can make some things happened. You can make some puts in law
and placed with those laws, might get repealed. Emily. It's a hard place to move around. And if people understood how hard it is to move around, and maybe they can start looking rather viewpoints a little bit more, let's go let's actually move forward some direction. Teamwork relies in turn on communication between these people. The leader knows: the leader knows how to effectively communicate with both people. That agree with that And those that don't they communicate directly with the person explain their side and genuinely attempt to understand the other persons with humility. With respect without insult They don't sling mud, Martin, the public space effectively forever alienating that person on whom they rely for teamwork. A true leader act selflessly in the performance of their duties. They may the decisions in implementing the actions that the truth, we think are the best in the
the interests of the people they represent and of America, do so, even if the result is damaging to their career. Don't care about notoriety and are happy happy in the simple knowledge that the people there, do you know them believe in them wholeheartedly and they are making a difference. The Good NEWS that we have leaders like this throughout our country summer in Congress- Proof America's going to continue to be the greatest concern. Earth Congress needs more pretty straightforward. I mean we need people to step up. That's when we talk about That's why I decided to do it? You somebody has to be the one to enter into the arena and it's better to have somebody that has this kind of attitude. I think then allow some, Also, I think, is something special,
with this attitude, are going to be able to need to prevail. And we need to move away from the extremists viewpoints that come out the even incomes? Or does it know it's it's it's a tough, question: no one by one, the when you say that you look the other people as if their intentions are good right. That you looked in some months ago? Hey, look. What they want is what's best for America, That's a very pure way to look at it. I I'll tell you that I've talked to some smart people that look at some people in politics and say they have enough of discussed this on a pocket traffic of with who? But people who think no, they don't actually want the best for America or there
vision of America is, is different and outside what what the constitution says. So they're. So that's another thing to think about, and I think that this this attitude of people going into Congress that will actually listen or this I think, will happen the people that will go into Congress that actually listen that actually can have meaningful conversations. I think that I or my hope is that that attitude will begin to rise to the surface, that people realise that their what you want is it the first podcast part interview ever did was comparison. He asked something about leadership, then I talked about humility and then I talked about being balanced and I think what people
hopefully in America will start to realise is that what we want is not are not people on the extremes, but people that are balanced and can communicate and listen, which is what you are bring to the table and the reason that a lot of times people get elected that have these kind of extreme views is because does a guest coverage get their name out there, people find out who they are and what they're saying kind of scares the person and the person is going to reacting and NEO from that fear, and so I think you know, that I have a little bit of an advantage here where I can be kind of way. This attitude, I can still get coverage because you know I am a wounded, veteran and I've. I've done somewhat service and I've done all these things that I've done so people are more likely to want to. You know tell my story, because you know it's a relatively compelling store That's a very compelling story. I Travis Mills the other day.
And, unfortunately, didn't have time, do a park ass, but we were talking about stuff and I was I call you know you have a great story and it's the same thing. I feel like it s any you like man, you, you got a good story right. You got a great story and you think well and I Halfway through this conversation with Travis, I'm like hey bro, I just want to let you know like I get that it's not exactly your great story that you know you got blown up and lost both your legs in both run. Same thing with you, like hey you're, saying to you like: hey, I've got a good story Kay. I just wanna let everyone now I get that lose above your legs to Afghanistan is not exactly a good story. However. Get on done with it. Has you ve taken what would be many cases, a horrible story here and you actually truly have turned it into a good story, which is exactly what we did exactly were. Travis does what's a good story overall, with a really bad, inciting incident.
And so that's what it is. You know the whole story. Isn't that one day it's what happens afterwards until that's the story, but there are the other, doesn't mean. There's bad, there's, not bad things in that story. But overall you know, I don't know how Travis feels. Maybe I'll ask him if I ever meet him. But if you ask me I went back in time and you asked me a week after I got hurt or a couple after I got her to whatever. Whenever I woke up, would you I can time in knots up on that idea say. Definitely I go. I d say even go through this area. Let's go around, but you know in my house now and we now here's a big announced We got a baby on the way me in Panama. Thank you so we have a baby come enters. The real announced me there's no real announcement. I should have said that a little boy do in February and others
nice house. I have a great life. You know I think about that and if somebody ask me right now, if you asked me if I would go back in time and not step in the id be like Hell, no, I would step on that. I a thousand times to be where I am today, and I think that's important remember about so. It is story of you can have that attitude at the end of a that's a good story. There is no doubt about that man day You know, as we were talking about leadership and answered, If you some other stuff you written, I could not help myself, but to risk back to the U I'd say: Marine Corps leadership traits, of course, and and these traits are originally. I think I think the first place that I saw is in the Marine Corps war. Fighting publication, six tack eleven, which is called leading Marines and it's an abyss of other big debate court. This all the time
quote this all the time particular comments that I have a round. A here came from the commanders leadership Handbook, which was came out. Some ring core publication is not an its non official publication, but it's something that they put out in two thousand sixteen and they made some comments around around the You Marine corps leadership traits J J did tie buckle right What's it called when you do that, you called the I think, I'm gonna adds an acronym, I guess, but is all Oh uneasy, waiter, remember things: are they got these? How they got these? Certain words that spells out spells out J J did tie buckle events, a buckle that has brass ring from doing this. The first one is justice practice being, Fair and consistent base rewards and punishments on merit, straightforward, fair and consistent judgment in this is that this is,
in, as I was thinking about these think about you figure, I will go and think about what your attitude is. Here's, what they say about judgment. Consider all sides of an issue before making a decision g water. What a shocking idea! that we would actually consider all sides of an issue. We'll make a decision as leader. Clearly that's somethin, It is interesting right, you think to yourself judgment means I make good decisions, that's what judgment means. I have good judgment, but what they're saying is judged you actually just consider the different angles before you make a decision that I how you come to that decision. Yeah any. How do you come to a decision by listening that, so you come to that decision, dependability. Here's a good one be on time, never make your Marines weight on you, what a stroke of, leadership, genius that never let you never make your Marines weight on you.
And that is something that you see with leaders as they did it's as they get promoted and all NATO think they need to be on time anymore. They think that everyone is they're waiting for them, and that is just a horrible example to set. Be dependable, meet deadlines? Ensure paperwork is processed efficiently and effectively in order to best care for your Marines, we're here to take care of armaments Can you take this new apply this to your attitude? Gordon What are you, therefore, to take here, your constituents and their depending on me to do that, so I have to be dependable to them if they, I had to double check my work all the time, you know that's kind of the whole purpose of a representative in a governmental system. Is that we're trusting or depending upon this one person to represent our you know our issues and what we need, and so, if they had to be double checking you all the time.
Then they might as well. Just they think there's got guy can have any time is a full time job to figure out all the different stuff about all these issues and figure out what to do and go into the boat the thing, so they would be able to work. They did everybody would just be a representative and nobody would ever get anything done. Besides running the government without not by the way have to depend letter have to depend on that person. Next up integrity, them important ingredient of leadership. Tell the truth to both your superiors and your Marines farrago. We would talked about truth already, always use your authority for mission accomplishment not for personal gain. That would be a big one to run across the entire United States government. How much? How many people do things for their personal gain
four year, you wonder the good of the country. You wonder how many people are just concerned about having a political career and I'll say right now, I'm willing to sacrifice any kind of political career. Do the right thing in all off something else. If that's what it takes around fifty marathons, metal, decisiveness, study, alternatives and and take the best possible course of action, no win not you know when not to step in and make a decision. That's an interesting one from leadership perspective. I got a new book coming out in January. Twenty twenty- and I talk a lot about. Not lop, there's a couple seconds in their where I talk about how to know when to step up and lead- and I got it- I wouldn't differs from pretty good detailed. It's really call for me to write the stuff, because I get to sit there from a detached perspective and think while these situations that I had been in how I would handle, but one of them is
when, when there's a little bit of a leadership vacuum, when do you step in and I went. Wouldn't this pretty big explanation of ok? Well, obviously, there's a leadership vacuum and there's like an emergency situation, and you see that vacuum you step in their immediately, but and this is, as I would think about how I would actually do this. If there's a leadership vacuum, but there's no medical emergency, my first into isn't just a step right in immediately because I'm going let that thing device. A little, but I want to see if somebody else, I'm actually hoping one of my subordinate steps into that leadership. Vacuum and then I get to, he detached, and I get to watch with the decisions are taken at sea with Russian. It's all good, and I talked about what happens if too, pull Stepan about leadership vacuum at the same time, What do you do? What, if I stepped leadership vacuum and so does echo Charles at the same time we step into that leadership vacuum? What do I do Can you guess what I do echo draws? Let me leave yes, I mean You have you and I will say I should go.
Left you say, go right right at that moment: go left to go right. I got, echo. Both your plan immediately gonna. Do that I mean consider that there is no major, catastrophic internet. If, if, if somebody step up and take me happy to follow, actually it's my subordinate, because now assume is echoes now going to take that problem is going wrong with. I can look around and see what else what's goin on look at the bigger picture, so Everyone else, felted and there's peep, there's gonna, be some and how you actually handled the other thing I talked about as us. This is getting detailed, but if we are in a situation that they would obtain an end, there's a leadership vacuum and I immediately trying Japan of leadership vacuum as soon as I see it guess what like everyone else. I saw that vacuum, not everyone else, felted and theirs There's gonna be some resistance to you changing course right now, if I let that situation develop for eight more seconds
Ex more seconds twenty more seconds, whatever whatever it is, where all the sudden people go. Wait. A second there's a leadership vacuum. Meanwhile, sitting detached I've got it as soon as I saw the moments right, I'm making a call and now everyone is waiting for the call their way to be led him by the way. The decision that I'm about to make I've already assessed that it's a good call. So all these little things to think about when it comes to being decisive and the usa- is bees Make your decisions is as as late as possible, which is a little bit weird right sounds counter. Intuitive notes make all immediately now, actually I'll make up, This is what I say. I will make the smallest decision? I need to make heading in the right direction of what I think. The broader decision that needs to be made is so I want to meet. You say: flank laughed now. The first thing I would say: ok get online puts an admission. Goes over the left. We think we're moving that way, both in our own area, so this idea of being decisive scandal.
A little new wants to it that you need to think about next. One tact talk with Marines, not at them. That's a good idea constituents are right. Treat others as you would like to be treated be steadfast during crisis, stay calm and steer your command and stormy weather. When react The bad news know that initial reports are nearly always wrong and then they throw this out. Listen first,. Then I had, I think I read a different one cause I have some quotes done here. Www date, there's all kinds of them linked to have all kinds of different and not just more, not just official Marines, but just people. Or the one, I read a picture of Chester Polar on it. So I think that's why the most official solid, the one of their course for tax that I liked from from the one that I read is this difference must be extended under all conditions, regardless of true feelings, yes,
So I could hate, I could sit around the table and hate physically hate, another legislator, repeat everything I say and write their soul, but Imma said that I'm going to listen to him and say: okay, that's a good point. I got to go on Twitter. The? U n you actually. I was thinking. I won't. You actually isn't just playing the game like ok, I'm gonna. Do you know it's like I'm actually, listening to what you're saying I actually want to prove myself wrong So what we do I wanna be wrong. I want I want you to be Rex how much, how much easier is my life? If you- and I want to get project, don't you have a way of doing it and I've way of doing it? How much easier and better is it for me? If your ways works better than mine, it makes my whole life Ok, what do you want? My sport hopes. Are you I know your voting for you. And is always a good blankets. What negative over you do and unhappy
opposed to me having to argue in trying to pursue your vote from you to meet to do the project the wise it that's already already wasted hours, if not days. If, if you come up with a decent enough plan, prominent order and uneven at the end. You can honestly consider what they said and then you're assessment is this person's? That's the dumbest idea. I've ever heard you don't say to Mr Divert is never work, you say: ok, right. Well, I don't know- maybe maybe that may not be the case would go with it. What can you consider this beyond dislike you? Actually, yes, hi Tech initiative take action, even in the absence of orders from a superior bs, starter plan. I hadn't have three hit pocket plans for contingencies. Always there, improve, learn from your mistakes, initiative, endurance, action,
was laughing when I read about it, must desultory right, I think, will be ok with insurance, maintain mental and physical stamina. No one recharge, most people quit, do not give up at the bottom of the mountains. They stop halfway up it so endurance, as I said, I don't think we need. Even I think you will. I think you will be the pre near indifference person in Congress period becomes I'm good at it. Bearing the example by maintaining high standards in appearance and personal conduct, avoid the user profanity. I like that echo Charles and finally, that at the end of the day be professional EL gentlemen and Ladys if uses have you heard this meant sum up some pretty high profile, politicians that have dropped some language, it gets like immediate press. Yes, he be dropped
you just go out. I'm on national television. You really get some coverage may not be good, may not be bad. I don't know you can only a year I think one of this general mad, as recently as a great, obviously he's a great example for all these issues, especially lately for this, because he came out with his book and is constantly being picked out by people that are doing interviews like, say something about trumps. No, I'm not jump and he's come out so many times. I am not going to comment about a sitting president. They just keep asking. Can they ask a different way to ask in a different way, and he just he maintains his bearing their he'd hee hee indeed on selfishness free Marines, above yourself boom once again, it goes back to our constituents taken Gary constituents. Not- and you just said yes not by you
what a core take. Every action provide for the welfare you Marines. They always come. First courage, take measure, risk and combat peace at com. Firmly stressful situation stand up for what is right regards what others think set personal responsibility for your orders and for your mistakes. I think they should actually call that something else like extreme owners. I will render even in the face of popular disfavour, what you're doing so. You have to do it even when, if you know listen if you believe that is the right thing to do, no matter how many people are telling you it's the wrong thing after you have to have the courage to stand out from the they put yourself out there and what makes that work. What makes that not extreme is the fact that has to be balanced with humility, to listen other people right because
if I'm just saying well be, nor does it when I believe and I'm sticking with it, but I'm not listen! You not that's a problem if I'm list, the people. But I'm coming up with my judgment in my judgement, is the same and listening to more people and people at home. No that's you should do that way. It's gonna lose your election you believe it's right thing to do you do it. That's courage. Correct Marines when required. That's that's a good one, because you would think you'd would think that's so easy and the military. You know you some steps out of line you use, create them out minutes? It's kind of interesting, because our initial teams, I know, that's hard, it's interesting that the Marine corps finds it hard as well, because the Marine corps more rank, sensitive right. The symptoms not rank sensitive. It's basically of open
almost complete, not not completely open, but it's definitely more open. The marine corps. Trust me but you'd, think then the marine corps, eight women Last corporal doing some stupid dear disgust Fraid amount immediately and true to some extent, but you get to hey you. You know you got somebody. Maybe that's your peer. That's doing something wrong! Are you gonna say something and it becomes a lot more challenging, allow subordinates to make decisions yeah that takes courage as well, knowledge works, work towards technical, tackle, administrative excellence reed, study think right and teach think about. That Red Study route think right and teach. Those things are so underrated red study think right and teach. Actually, I think I think you should go forth. No,
It should go last because all those other things allow you to think those things that make you think if you want, if you read something I think about if you studies on sea about it, when you right out your faults or even talk about your thought- that's gonna! That's gonna make you it's going to make you a home those thoughts and teaching them absolutely will do that. You learn that and you just do the more you teach those moves, the better you get out of loyalty. Faithfulness to your country, the core, to unit dear seniors, to your subordinates and to your peers, defend your Marines against unfair treatment. Display enthusiasm in carrying out an order. Even if you met privately disagree now. Here's where I got to be known, we could talk about that. One. A little bit Because if I privately disagree and its relatively minor cool, we're gonna carry
the more. It also says that you reached or put you you can reach a point where, if you're telling me to do, I think that makes no sense whatsoever. It's gonna get people killed or its immoral, illegal or on ethical. I'm not gonna, carry it out, And there's a whole there's a whole there's a whole. Just grey area around that one because Sometimes, if you dont carried out, you're gonna get fired, and now you don't have any influence anymore, which is not responsible, not a good outcome. So enthusiasm, I don't think I'll. Take this another one. I think it is a win that category Why won't you sit down, as I wrote on what my one known underneath? It was belief based on what I read and since you have to believe that what you're doing as possible, even if you'd think it may
there's, not a great likelihood. I believed that when I was going what danger? Are you looking for ideas that I would get to the other side? You know one injured and I had to have that belief. In order to be able to do it, I had to believe that there was at least a small chance that I could thirty one back to back marathons but in believe it at all. I would rather ran one and then decide I quit. So and then you know in Congress, To believe that you can make a difference. You have to believe that you can you not convince. This other person or learn something from that other person that will convince you. You have to actually believe that less kind, how I interpreted the enthusiasm one Yeah, like herself, I think your I think I figured It's an enthusiasm. I think anyone have a hard time so step up to the plate. With you in those respects. That that wrapped up you know these leadership traits
the Marine corps and there was probably. But a good place to wrap up? What were you doing this Parker, except for one more thing in this. That's we talked a lot about what you're doing right now: people want to support you because they listened podcast their patriot, they want to have reached The boy human beings run the government, not crazy people, so what's the best wage for everyone to support what you doing to get you the the the funds that you need, the support that you need. How do we do that yeah. Well, you know there's a lot of different ways. You can wear in a difficult. You know when our country- and we have what we were talking about with the the poison is slowly making its way into the government. Feeding out into the society and its kind of breaking apart,
You know the glue that holds us together and so We do need to make sure that, a lot of people are gonna. I know that a lot of thought of people to listen, this podcast, I'm not going to directly represent them in Virginia ten, which is NEO Bit Northern Virginia but we have Everybody knows that the word, the decisions that are made in the federal government they were, they affect everybody in some way, I do think that we all have a responsibility to make. Or that the correct people get elected in every office and in every location and I truly believe that I can be. I have the the J J D Tippit attributes to be. A person that can go to Congress in and have a positive effect
Do it all by myself my going to go in there and be the one person that saves the world or anything, but I do think that I can start taking back in that that other direction you know get what they Crenshaw get with Brian Mass form these. We know these coalitions are. We can start having a positive effect on, on the way things are going in Congress. So there's a couple. They four ways that people can help they can volunteering? If you'd do live in my district? You can. Volunteer and you can. We will need people to go out, knocking on doors and pass out stuff, and phone calls not gonna. Think eventually you can just people, spread the word, heard about. You know who I am and I'm running, but I think that the way People- can have the greatest impact is, will return but before, and it is the fund raising. You know if I Could I hate asking for money? I could fund this whole thing myself. If I had million dollars, then I would. But you know
from humble means I dont might simply don't have you know, I don't have the money you release almost your wife run the farm right now, right, yeah pans run in the farm, and so are you guys sellen far you're selling food or yours. Policemen goes down to farmers market every Saturday and she sells vegetables and shall be sellen egg. Soon, so yeah. You know how many chickens we gotta forty. We just started getting it start Elaine eggs so worst were starting to get like seven. It s only five every day, so I can't keep up with their us. We're gonna, start sellen eggs and then so yeah the farmers really taken offer pan and she. Snow, obviously she's, incredibly supportive of what I'm doing and I would be doing without her support. Yes, where were you aware, a humble family and enjoyed simply don't have the money? And we are talking?
my you know. The current representative she's raised over a million dollars already just this year because he has his apparatus in place and she's the incumbent. So she gets a lot of support. So we are talking about that kind of dollar sign, whereas it cost millions of dollars to buy the advertising on the tv Facebook on Instagram on Twitter and all these different places by the road signs by the flyers. You know by cards all these things. It takes millions and millions of dollars. So you know if every body that listens this podcast, You know a lot of people write and questions. So when is just one or jack, o gonna start run for office, You know everybody asked that and he listened the hard fact is: jocose not run for office. He leading in a different way in a just as important way. You know, leading in society and
Business do and so he's not running for office in life isn't run for office either, but is so what this is? your opportunity here, you ve heard what I think I've been on the public three times a read books I am, on board, with the extreme, ship mentality and the attitude. So this is an opportunity for people that one to see somebody that is bought into this in Congress. This is your opportunity to help make that happen, and so If you want to donate, you go to Rob Jones for Congress, Dotcom slashed donate and even if it's a dollar ten dollar, whatever you do, you still get around a million. Loads provide cast some light downward Dounia, so that say a million people donated dollar that a million box at its huge that puts me way way way far ad in the game in the Yeah, and so oh that's the best way, and you know do it now are you listening to this doesn't get on
phone and do it right now. It's it's pretty quick, don't make me they'd, be like my my friend, Frank we have to change them. Three times, Frank, don't be frank and Do it now and if you really can do it now said you know send yourself of notifications that you remember your call your wife syndrome voicemail say hey remind me to donate when I get home so take ownership of that as well, and so this is do so so that's best the best way in us. The way the people do not them ass. Something I noticed yesterday that you have So you had your facebook, your twitter, your Instagram and your Youtube, and your old one used to be called Rob, Rob Jones Journey right. Anyhow, that is gone now still there now you have robbed Jones for Congress and on Facebook you out at Rob Jones. Viewer onto it? and Rob Jones for Congress on the ground.
Grass arrows calls it so the reason that I hear her I'm trying to keep Rob Jones Journey and the political stuff separate, as I know that, that follow me and Rob Jones Journey, don't necessarily want to see political stuff all the time, some trying to keep those two things separate. So that's. Why have the different handles for enough for this project? and yeah emotional involves an interesting call I agree with it yeah if only you know it, to be a bonus to have the eight thousand neo instead followers that I have all getting my political stuff, but I'm gonna, do I can't to make sure that I maintain that that separation Yes, it has an oath existent. Follow rob don't follow me on all these things smash the follow, but Sir also man- well, that's that's like that's what gonna do we gotta give you some support and get you.
The funds that you need to make this happen. Yes and yes, I said I am asking for money, but it's the unfortunate, part of the way the system works right now and let you play the game works the way you play the game and we put a win. I echo but Rob we got rob here. Obviously he's gone on the path on multiple ways: is everything that we need to do come again, the path I bring up a few we're things. I like this couple funny things the end? Now there were no work, one supports modem is ok First thing: this is directed directly at echo trials. Are you guys we're Talkin we're doing the of the Marquis. In core in a great system for everybody knew what was the article: seventy one, seventy four
the call for an below that what was one below that doesn't? like the loser, I think this will anyway, a lot of people have this problem where we listened to the podcast cast and you gotta be taught Muslim and I wanted cut into the pit. Cats now get out here? Something funny that I could say so, I'm sure a lot People have that problem, and the vast majority the time on this into the biogas when I'm workin out or driving in the car some. So I can't write it down, but this one stuck in my my and so it was when ECHO trawls. You start your money said the expertly qualified Mario player. Is the model? Is them the man, the person that can go through the entire Super Mario game, with one guy
and I went out Werner by the way without Warpings, and I just wanted to bring up that. The eminently qualified Super Mario Brothers player would be the people that can do the whole game, one guy in, than four minutes, which is the world record. Yes, all that's a good thought, but when I look what you do is don't derive any body for the trigger triggering an echo to disagree all agree, but with additional stuff. So I wouldn't say that would be the standard because you can go I can go for time for sure or I could go for points and get all the coins insane. Then you did go. I can go for time and coins or and plants using soccer you just go for coins you're, not killing ever everybody feeling for time and coins NASA India, but if we went for a time in points you're going for coins, killing them,
We body as fast as you can see. I think TAT might be the well. Point this insane and they will let the listeners decide thing is. I know that because I've tried that for the time- and I remember neglect or can do, and I didn't do. I did not break the record, but I do remember hey. I didn't, kill anybody, I'd skipped so many coins which are usually get because they care about how many men sixteen hundred coins in an extra met I can say I dont really. I don't know how this ties in a hundred percent, but it does die in some percent. So when we be when I first got the teams who do shooting competitions and We'd have to run this spot shoot here. Should these number targets run two different Spock throw the the rucksack drag at whatever you do. This Daphne shoot more targets and If you miss the target was certain deduction right and there would be somebody that just go. You know what they would figure out in their head that the shoot, didn't. Really.
The person didn't set up the course correctly. I could just Through this thing just dump rounds and with that is a hundred percent annually. And then everyone would look at that guy. That did that in just think, lose right now, just not eat too just hey, I'm just gonna. Gonna win the technicality of this game. But without without really truly encompassing the spear or embracing the speed, of the game, so that would almost be like if you did that you were gonna, get shunned. Yeah from Group yeah! I can dig your brother- doesn't have that spirit of like killing everything you do is kind of cuz you have to or you know it helps you whatever. So I get the time thing and four minutes, I don't think you could do all
Eighty two loves informant another usually use glitches in the game, causing that's what is more, the feeding of dispirit dear. So yes, we're all what kind of on the level than right yeah we are fully, and so I guess- and I gotta get though, to like ok, you can run through the course throw rounds downrange and you dont care, but you're gonna, win right said the princess gave the prince annoy you can look at and say you know what hey I one, whatever the prince, but then we can. Actual we're talking about earlier. Are you really gonna throw your morals out the window just give get the record. My recommendation is no, don't do that. You have a moral obligation on came. You you'd play the game correctly. Yes, my recommendation Malka so are. As pointed out, will off point that point number one: ok, the next one is a story, and I found it to be interest Stop me if you ve already heard it- and
is a story about an african american boy when Washington was crossing the Delaware see. Why can't come up Delaware on Christmas day? And there were the in Africa Erika Mann and enough american son, and he the man wanted to join the army to help General Washington and the boy wanted to fight as well, but he was too young is about eleven in general. Washington's said you're you're too young, but what you can do for us, so you can stay back here on this side of the river and you can mind the horses and you can hold this way. You can make sure this lantern stays of light to to be a so that we know where we can go their guide us back after the left. We win the battle and that night they they went in they they won the battle and it was a freezing cold night and now Oh boy, they came back, he had frozen to death, but the lantern was stolen and that little boys name Jacko
So that's it you're that before well, you know I had not heard that before you know everything the little jockey yeah. That's where I saw that staff that I know that that guy's Jocker, that's the ledge, It came a little african american Leander, jockey, dude, etc. The general Washington this is all you know legend or whatever else it actually happened. But I know this sounds like there could be some urban layer to this powerful. So apparently we don't know if this is true, apparently General Washington, knowledge and he more memorial statue build. That's what the little jockey statue is and then those statues were supposedly use in the underground rail road to tell people for their sake, but ok, so that's thou and worker, and my last one it's kind of serious because actually have beef.
When I have beef will I know so, here's what happened. We need a simple it. Here's! What happened! moved into a nice still town called Milburgh, actually I was having a house built in little in This year was finally finished. And while this house is being built, I was living in Vienna Virginia and then these Bert Virginia, which are all kind of around Middle Bert Virginia and after I went on the Paca second time I was contact by a guy that I know, and then you know, I think ECHO trawls knows him. His name is Day Burke duties contacted by this. Woman and he said, let's make up some time. Ok, where do you live So I live in all d all the Virginia alone as they all that's like five miles from where I live.
Well I'm gonna be living a middle and then like all around I'm gonna have a friend got a name. Out Middlebury neighbour have built a neighbor, then we build the house about a move in, and I see a facebook posed by this Dave Burke says, but the books are moving I go. You guys are moving right. What I'm moving in and Dave. Ve says here what you know jocular this big opportunity for me out here in San Diego. So the beef is that Jacko stole my friends and neighbors stolen well, if it makes you feel better, which partly wall when he did announced to us or to me anyway, that he was calmly California was fired up to
how you weren't fired up our inverse? You fired opposites Vanni, move that it moves up the Carl's back. So it's like another one of those deals, mental thing, but we had as its name last night. I was here regionally me and day we're gonna meet up at fills the area and there was a possibility There is a possibility that you're gonNa Korea because fills as we know, is two hundred metres from victory. I'm a man fit as it is. It is possibly my favorite, both devil. My favorite barbecued out, I'm not going to play around all but we'd need leaf going well. What about There were no no lays out. The solid he's got another he's gotta cop least got a couple, but you before him be. From Texas to anything like to even consider the fact that a barbecue outside it, this could be your number one that is that is blasphemy for life?
one hundred percent blasphemy. So yes, those barbecue say what TIM Kennedy came up and he lives in Texas, and I took him to Phil'S- and I said: hey Bro just stand by and he had to cut weight for like a they follow sure something. You'd was all starving, and come over there? yeah, there's, no denying it. So when you you said to me, gonna go out for dinner were day burka. Can you and I was like, let's depends- it also eyes as possible, and I actually knew that it was probably not possible, but then I thought well. If you're gonna fills air and I get done training and I can go there and get to get at dawn. Thirty, five to forty minutes. I was thinking, maybe I'll just go for it. You make time for else was they wouldn't the net loss? Because it's going to take me it's gonna. Take me, you know ten minutes to eat anyways right, so what the net loss
is I probably what what around fifteen minutes total? I was out of order. For you, so that was right to hold right and they're gonna get that would have been a game changer, because now we're talkin like a twelve minutes scenario yeah. So I get in and Dave Bert call May he says? Oh hey, you know, the wife and KIDS Whitney and the kids a real one. I see you do online. Ok, it's fair, so bring them to fills yeah. He said why You can buy your house, ok, yeah, that without a right he said he was moving. A sandy egg didn't say so and I was like all applied to speak up in a few minutes. What you say: ok, maybe job, ok, so come to. That was lovely time. I got a cool, so maybe you can catch up to her and said come on and I look in the address that it gives minutes. Forty five minutes away like. Can you still common and was like nope Well, you don't forget. I pray you and it's gonna say fuel,
but it says Davis night, nice, to invite us overzealous Michael nope, have a good family. You said you up there. He offered up there and then Herbert home here you gave me a whole new slew, a donation system power that over a kind ass ourselves, some eggs or no, you can't use the data is those was speaking. Engagement are suddenly paragraph. The sell some egg exactly but to be fair. The evening was very pleasant and obviously date. Families, great and his wife made some great baked ziyadi that we thoroughly enjoyed, so is of a very fine evening with died. He did kind of trick me. Here's a crazy visa David is all fired up. You know: I'm fired up because Dave's they want the best people ever and he's Moon San, Diego ghetto and its I'm super stoked and then the camel's back
word comes a little. You know we're back. Why you know here's a funny thing! how many times I seen gave since he moved out here like three times are not even getting because He's on the road all the time working on the road all the time working, so it's cool We ve seen each other three times, but you know. Not that, hopefully improve over time. Oh that's a pretty good beef, any other other basic squash. Twenty years on weird, like one you tell me you have beef with kidding why you buddy theory in another, but like I was like like I mean I got into a from the pocket opened it I suddenly I have this later one over here. Did you see mass devolve after his fight in someone's like you?
a beef with this guy. He goes. He was not a beef if I'd be for them. I related formats. I was half a year that was legitimate mass demolish vitamin D. Ass good but I thought that was legit, but when he says no beef know if we had beef, I would be wait now. Of his house, that's what would be happening. So you and I don't have beef now. We well that just a funny thing that, because when you said we had beef, also organ in a knife, Jacques trigger she has all my comments. Now you get those those who those are good beefs. Those are good good. Hence I we're gonna. Do some research about Jack O the plaster lantern holder, I've, I'm not sure we think you think it's urban legend or real think there was a little black kid home, a lantern for George Washington that froze to death. Yes or no factor fiction
Yes, oh you're, going with yeah. Well, put it the same, even it might not be exactly that, but I think it's like something that is not nothing, but that is not just someone Meda. I think he's been out of that story. Really remember I've acts I have actually actually know this, and I cannot remember can't remember sooner because it saw going all realise nor like at some point I were, I sum told me that these little statues were called jock financing. I wonder why that is, and I figured where it came from can't remember what the story is, so it could be true. Could we not be true autonoe? Yet that is what I heard and research at year end so, I wouldn't be surprised. Most likely case scenario in my head right now is that that story overall, is true, maybe some details here and there may be- maybe not true at all and it all sort of ties in yes, so will both it in that regard, all yes without that was the one of them,
just one as yet. It is not just like. Oh here's, a statue. That means something else from other thing, but this will sound good if we make up this story based on really like some thin, veiled, like element that hearing what concerns me. I think if it was that, story that I had read when I researched in the past. It seems like that would make the connection in my neurons and be oh yeah. That's true! Not quite there, in knock feeling that, for I I remember but it, but I do know you you're subject here, power of your memory. A while ago that our research that nobody dress, Ok, so we got beefs settled, get Dave, Burke close still in a word. You know we're working through. Work. Maybe one is yet work, as you know how lame I am when oh yeah,
when you yet when you call me and you like, hey, you know the fighter on, you can watch the fights and you live. Seventeen minutes for me while? I do not want a big day this year, when you think in forty five so we try me Have we to allay, let's face it, migrants half way to me: that's what words earlier you. No one really horse. Where have you wanna go? We really are regular, dare say: oh you only we have half buried alive and it's free There was an old saturnine live skit that was just cause Often people talking and although you talk about was the traffic like all morning. How was the four or five is more? Oh, my god, it was a nightmare and then you know they destroy. That was with you, I'm the one that I was wondering when one got jammed up right around the exit, forty,
Oh I'm glad I got. You know that here. You are he half way too? giving out within fifty miles of eleven may arise the struggles real but hey liked, like you like. We are on these understand now. We're powering through it not much talk budget to this to this in its direct form in its indirect forty was everywhere. The spirit of Jujitsu is We were so that last time that we ve you came here that we trained first time. That was the first time. Did you like it? He did that's good, I actually have to get to lay legs made. So I'm in my new I've I've gone and taken a couple filipino colleague, lessons that was taken when I was living in SALT Lake City City. So now I'm making the transition to finding. You know the the scheduling time where I can go and find a good place to go and start using budgets legs.
Put like a on those jujitsu legs. He, like my butterfly, fully so being on the path boarding, others and ourselves we're doing you do too highly recommended required, will say required already. Let's go that go with it requires some point required to give. What can you get get in origin, be made in America hundred percent in America. The pot in the growing to make the fibres to make the material to make the gate. The more we debate, the different with one hundred percent maiden: No compromise, no common, how much compromise none zero? Is your hundred percent? No compromise born origin main dotcom this week and get your gave various levels of geese out even of their levels? Will just options not like what not necessarily better
they're, just ass, a matter of opinion. It's like one. You might like. You might like this Cadillac or you like that catalogue, Cadillac they're, both good soil, right hundred percent you, but you might want one certain reason said of another year lifestyle. But you cannot only get geese. There has, unfortunately, not Everyone does turns you do and unfortunately, these are not for we accepted as the guard. To be worn in all occasions. At all times here we shall have to wear, their clothes, sometimes and one because that we sometimes where most often is something called genes in origin- makes genes amiss can dental same deal same thing same thing from the time that the Adams
form that grow right. Atoms are american out of atoms grow? Will they be? They arose right Atlanta little american flags on about it what we do. You're right, ITALY and- and so yes, we're talking about, treat robs the patriot, Rob serve and guess what weird What we are doing is trying to bring manufacturing back to America. We we just hired more people by the way we are more people up at the factory up and made because we're making boots now cause Americans need boots. They need genes so yeah. If you want to support the United States of America, we want to bring us back to the leaders of manufacturing got origin. May not comp get genes, get these get rash guards get tee. Shirts
did joggers. If you are a jogger person. That is a good. The US is a very significant important disclaimer. This cause? I'm not a jogger per year, you're not allowed to her dog. I look really weird in joggers ear, so don't don't get those? for me, yeah yeah. But if you're in trusted in maximum comfort and functionality to list be honest, joggers you actually job in which I have like twice you they found Well, don't fly around ever ever ever jog in a pair ever used joys of the like, no matter what so none of conflict, ok, but also supplements reg, doubled support this like actual physical anatomical support to a Cecile, the
building the fibers that support building the atoms the atom has proved yet or Well, in this case on american sir, that too, but nonetheless these are we establish the fact that these are the most important kind of supplements writer. Could they keep you in the game? Like I said before, keep you in the game is not some you not. Is like watering the roots rather than watering the leaves you don't want to leave the unless you do utterly than you don't get a lot of them. The rule is exactly right, so you want those routes to be strong. That's what super krill oil joint warfare! That's what these things do me one of the root you grow Harvey, also got discipline, which Dave Burke is a big supporter of he takes discipline, go capsules,
you'll get it right, but guess where you get discipline in the power by by doing any Burke, has been tripling up his scoops erode with them last night again, luckily that one was not video, the video actually unity. Rolling like just reflect three minutes was like to end. The round is something the I was whatever's them around here that that was the actual uncanny uncannily accurate depiction of rolling with you, felt like super heavy, and I got spasm real heavy and just like her book, we should read the comments. We do a passwords red comments. I know that, but that has it funny comments here. Yet
You know you talk about political haters span. Harrison saw earlier hate, not me they're hate on Andy, their hate non jujitsu animals be worse at super cool, but the funny ones the ones that would be worth like comically reading ones. You know people that we're just that's our man, Marshall, One of those trigger events- you know, like martial arts, diet, raising kids Jim Solitaire, recently apparent wastes like how much you so you actually die nutritional sweeps. Even speaking of discipline, we got new discipline, it's an can, it's got. Discipline go, it is what I'm gonna call out clean energy you got those energy. That's that's not clean oil dirty energy. It's called. Drinks with a bunch of sugar in them and other chemicals this drink as not that it yeah? It's like you. It's
clean it like you can't even call it energy limited range of the ingredients must feel third carbonated water, natural flavour, citric acid monk, fruit. Both did you hear that Sadly, that is, as you can make a drink, and you know why you know what's revolutionary, which revolution the way we able to do that, because we are past arising this like what they do with milk. We are past rising. It were he to that certain level, killin all them SIRI, whatever that's in there, so we can stay on the shelf without putting a bunch of chemicals, which, whatever else does so discipline, go we're too flavors right now we got more common and their whole good. What is worse than other I'm, what the other Tropic thunder all day and nothing else and I'll tell you it's called Tropic Thunder, and sometimes you all that's cool name whatever. It was either that or had to call it what it is, and you want to know what it is P pinnacles, let's face a yellow, does emerge here, come out with something called pin
collateral out, and so we call the Tropic thunder the idea that discipline girl cans all that stuff from origin main dot com, protein, yes dessert enough or protein form of a dessert, and this work it more protein in the form of dessert. For you, kid at a snacks like a sweet snack will say for the right for you. It's actually using think even a minute. What are you, what are you drinking today? like my loathing earlier, some off track, a weighty and am I have never felt more majesty mental faculties, or does firing fires on urgent matters. T drinker, because your wife from England Big T drinker, I'm actually trying to create my own drink in a hollow Arnold,
Palmer there you're fat of the honourable you like put a little shot, avow eleven lonely anywhere. I see we have a little flavour coming out for powdered discipline and flavour come out for discipline. Go in the can, and the name of the flavor is go Palmer era. Bodies like yet, but let us say what it is, the one both of them. They are you John, you like on impoverished. So if you picture the ban Arnold Palmer that you ever had vat good these I was like when I we are with you, whatever eight samples and like Nolan, or this Morty, less- that more men find other when week, when I got good one. Where I got a final one. I told be little. MIKE hate, go manufacture both these things. Right now I want the stuff tomorrow it it's gonna be six weeks. My bra sent me more samples to Syria,
I'm trying to get my own drink made not made, but can make it a thing you know one of the first I'm out here. We when we had ice tease and I put a little half enough in their little hitter yeah yeah. So I am, I gonna get that from learning how to drink tea from PAM Seo see introduce me to the way the english people drink tea for milk and milk milk in there. So I came back. I'm american we'd like to do the ice tee. My thumb think outside the box. Outside the box thinkers. Sir. So, like you know what I'm have a nice team real haven't have to put that in their delicious most people think of growth, but what I want to start doing now and then a starts and I'll have robbed Jones. In a way Oh you know that he would have seen what has happened in there. I would have been way more support. If you were to set out his arm and bring back a little bit, so I put more in their vanilla, more cause, that's face it! That's an order. That's an option. I have tried that
vanillin. I haven't gotten bulk. I've tried protein powders liken, there were regular. Do you haven't tried any of that strategy in Leicester yeah? now you and I have found it this juncture, it wouldn't be that wise to do them old thing. Yet because half in half is going to be a little bit more widespread at this point Same strain, establishes role, is establishing the Rob Jones yeah half an hour bettering then everybody knows about so in a way is kind up to you, ass. To bolster the the availability mark in a general way make the monk Jones the next level. One that's a good idea was anymore. You know the discipline, the Arnold pop. There are no Palmer flavour, which is called Jacko Palmer. It's so good value of our. So that's that all job away tee all mark blah blah blah blah.
Jack origin may not come home, yet. What are we need? What have you like? Also Jacko as a store of culture coastal saw upon my story, if you want to represent you go Jacko stored, dot com is wreaking you're deaf core shirts, on its face. It see someone representing them. Good men, but this when it was freed on future hood, he's lightweight, heavyweight hoodies by trucker hat or flicks Fit Jones. What is a flex fit one that fits like the fitted caps. The honor did their fitted, but but the little stretch and their soldier truckers brought here. I have to go in runners, but not by a wide margin, apparently oil, you know, there's certain instances where the the flex might be better right around.
Think of any work it out of here. They outside sides gotta be sweat MILAN on our, but we're not against fast flex. Fit I like south If I had to choose one now is a very political answer to Congress, one, but here's the rest of my life. I got trucker there. We go guiding you're free does what he hadn't we're hats. Add or remove programs to speaking in this debate brokers, when I used to wear what made you stop I think you'd, like your heart in the sun, yes, Then you don't whereat uncertain. I gotcha because of ashen sense, the lack of hat lack of preparation for the hat The scenario Well, I don't think I'm going to have a hat with me everywhere I go. I don't wear it all the time cuz, I'm not one of those guys! guys, guys. We're gonna have to dig it out
think about it. If my head, is it hot? I don't think about it, for whatever reason: jerk but nonetheless Ok, we got both. That's that's the Good NEWS, rupture both literally and get a bit like sitting here and a single yes, sir. This is now, and you are one hundred percent wrong and I am one hundred percent only answer better. If you don't like charters, your evil you're, not diminished, Communist Joppa store dot com. This for you, communist or otherwise, whenever drunkenness, no communism now you're becoming assault represent like that anyway seem saying that you're gonna do nobody clothing, a squirrel school. Don't forget to subscribe to this part cast which apparently you haven't done yet, according to ECHO Charles, he listened to
hundred and their mother that whatever part gas and you didn't subscribe according to ECHO Charles, so he says you should subscribe if you act as if you wanna there, so it's like I mean you don't have to hurry. You have this optional. Really. At the end of the day, also worry, Git Butkus subscribed to thou and my daughter the question for Uncle Jack By the way they solar last night that Uncle Jake recommend it strongly that she just call him faced him on ever, since she has direct clash broken. I sent her video today by the way yeah yeah sent me a video first from Sarah Charles's, ok, cool she's, bringing where the, where your kid to school show Intel. Yes, she's nice, she'd, semi little video ambering in this book into school. They knew presented
and then she was telling me a little bit about the book in the Knesset hate, because you said she doesn't even a picture of you on the back and I informed her her dad took that picture. Echo controls this really became. The meat of that book is that that photograph yoke and I thought about, and I guess there's some cool lessened whatever. But, yes, you are right that picture picture. You're back ass, we are in the process of recording copyright out, which is good. I have a story My brain for the uncle Jake story. So we're getting there. It's a word or two August subscribed to that it also free about warrior kid soap. We got Aden up in Central California, speaking of farming lives on a farm- Are you in self its awesome weight is its. It is totally legitimate. So good irish oaks, ranch dot com in that way, You can stay clean. Also, you too, gentle. We do it. You do. John officially, a Rob Jones has robbed as a Rob Jones for Congress Youtube channels. While idea we don't forget about that. As you videos up there,
another way to say with or like what kind of you so far the only one who holds our legitimacy, a hacker, no explosion, don't worry, we'll talk. There is a real live explosion against you do not afterwards the actual explosion that you set off. Now it was we set it up and all that Lester I stopped people, say really which walls their cameras out during the year the duration, weird Abinger people out of their people, that add footage of everything. Like some sundays puts cameras on the rifle yeah camera rifles on their home authors, videos of everything out I mean win when we had wronged sure on here who do like a this hill and in here I live on the recipient. Almost the whole thing is on video on Youtube. You can watch it. It's and you watch it and is bad It sounds when you read about it as bad as the situation sounds. When you read about you like something right off man, the sounds absolutely horrible.
You watch the video you go. Oh my god I mean all laugh I was. I was Think about it with him. There has These guys go in the valley is not even a valley, it's just its it's a ravine. No, it's it's! It's a canyon! get out at the bottom, the canyon and assault up a hill, a friggin giant reinforce worst castle? It's like out of out of it. Prehistoric, a medieval movie, that's what they and like they didn't make it all the way up, because it wasn't an impossible task. So that there is real. That's why, when you said others extorting, I remembered what an avenue yesterday, but yet not the explosion of Lee the export. But what as far as like videos or whatever like I'm subscribe, must smash the light, but in all that stuff, what am I be watching here again, we watch the stuff like that you get the most The videos everyone be doing is getting people,
I know who I am what about so? There might be some personal stuff on there were I'm going around the district in kind of talking about? oh you know what this is why I went to elementary school. This is where I used to go hiking on the appalachian trail. You stuff like that to just getting people and know what I'm all about. As a purse, so you can be a lot of stuff video. If you need footage from the park ass, you partake little clips of your statements and stuff and let economic gap we could. What added some of those that would do that well, yes, we do have. Are you to challenge our policy to channel through it stating. What rob? Don't look like if you don't know already be sorely disappointed if you want in their psychological warfare. It's a bunch of me. Little short recordings about
How the decision that you're about to make, which is the wrong decision, that you know, and you need a little something to get you to make the right decision. Psychological warfare will get it done for you, just press play on your smartphone device and you will literally make the right decision yeah. What that does really, I know literally over use from saying you will very literally make the right decision and makes sense, because you talking about them. Almost sure thing that we covered on machete season when first thing the writ? When a revolution happens, they take over the radio stations they wanna get right into the faults of the people you're right. You after reading not interpret in it's going into your brain, its words. That's a psychological efforts right into your brain, but your words are saying: hey right now, you're about to make a short term play pledged to shuffle it that over to the long term,
it's all right. We're gonna do to make that decision, but instead of short term political locked him, that's all we can do right now, ending of almost all. That's what we're gonna do many go. Do it that's what it does by the way here. He asked me to do that. You can put a cure. The doll you're ever heard a cure, the dawn, a cure, the dung Algeria cause. You could just listen to a cure. The dawn tracks, eight minute tracks. What's a music in the back, What did you do? The talking is that weird, not people the I'd. I dig dig it I like music in the back of talking like that they will that's what the good video is. People love that idea. Andrew music, there, a lot of people think it's me what's get said, but the most people think it's just a video ass. They made demoniacal light. That's what you ve told me. Yeah when those people prefer, but in a more relaxed, is what's all right. If you want visual reminders of saying
I've got a flip side, canvas dot com, that's Dakota, where's company and he's making really cool graphic design, including, you just got released, which are way were you get what one's way the warrior kid? The rules for or your kid and then, and then also a picture like heading out of the forest, to face the dragons design John Bowser himself, drawn by John Balzac himself, so check this folks, I gave us now come also on it on it. Fitness bonnet, decamp flush of Your kettlebells, better ropes rings highly essential rings which had no before I know now. Twenty percent no rings me this deal Mesa Steel bills, other stuff, really good stuff on there really good on Dhaka, flesh gotta go to books, got leadership strategy intact. We feel manual. I talk a little bit today, even pre order right now. If you want to get a first, the dish, if you don't want to get first just wait. This way with everything that you do go down
Ass in your life, you just waiting for everything and nothing ever happens. Do that or order now get the first some also got way. The work had three. Where there is a will, that's also live. You can get that immediately and there's a way. The wicked and Marks mission goes wrong. Where women making the dragons that's the best kids book for ages. Under six sure yes, maybe even over six, sometimes yeah, sometimes things you forget about that stuff, then, and in it's kind of obvious, like being like afraid somebody many say, then some body will be like hey what he really afraid of the above thing. I don't really think about what really afraid just feel scarier. Whatever we had a little incident at the willing household two days ago, it was time to go for it We should swim with my youngest daughter. There was a time I'd scenario that was making get the only water.
Entry was a little cliff jump and my daughter, my daughter, was hesitant at the moment of truth, not at all depends where the waves were up and you had a tie. Well, there's a lot of, let's say: white water activity, in the zone we raise the fear lobbyists. In fact, I asked her. What are you afraid of, which is that it looks like it's crazy, but we are we'll talk. And I thought I did- I gotta admit you no way, but was it like the ten surprise, throw you in order like hey the overly after me, I'd ever. I gave her time to think about it actually part of the reason that I gave her time to think about it was I wanted. I wanted we experienced the fear for a longer amount of time right, not just like. No, we gotta do it right now. Let's go, I wonder, stand there and think about it. That's actually the worst part is, and so then as a lesson I said, she's accurately want to really looks. It looks like it could be really dangerous, looking to get sucked in those rocks- and I said you're not going to get stuck in the rocks you're going to be fine and
just so you know you are going to do this, so we can wait as long as you want, but this happening and when my kids know me life when I say that it's not there's no they're, not gonna happen. I said that to her and she kind of got the defeated, look on her face because she knew it was gonna happen and the biggest swelling up little bit. They don't come out when I could Assyrian and in my youngest daughter, shall these big big blue eyes and she real good with that whole play like my Aziz, good, she, my wife, which you break my wife down my just about per neurology and have no zero chance when those she got big eyes that it can be, can hold the text is poor, but there was an even worse right now. Isn't it a guy it so she started. Do that would make guess what it implies play that deals
here in the industry. We call those tears falling upon a heart of stone so she started work in that angle. I said: don't even don't work pettengill, it's happening where, one off this cliff, so we gets, are finally she's differently looked defeated. She knows it, when she walked the edge and that's ok and it was it's kind of a tight little promentory to train jump off just a little thing. Jutting out, it's actually not big enough for two people guts. I kind of put her a little bit in front of me and then I said: okay, we're gonna go on three and I knew I couldn't actually go with her cousin, sir under your watch out for so then I just gotta go get one too school drop grabber through a lot going back in your life. You know the best they can initiate. The water she starts moving away from the rocks ass, she could be safe and then
I got watched her and then and then she looked up and she had big smile interface call it for years and years and there we swim. You know whatever tobacco around the point to the to the to the beach one. That's a good though, and I told her I said, look that's what that was. That was making a dry That was that was you stood up in face your fears that was jumping off the bridge. Mark where the word kid you just did it that's what it's about, but in when you look at it big picture like that Pacific Centre, where you knew her like capability limitations, it whatever can sometimes like you get. Someone may be not comfort when the water or something that's an you throw me they're, not looking back, smiling trauma tat. Now they can ignore the water at all any more. I kind of did that with one of my friends, kids, like the dad's, a good friend of mine, was on employment. You not invited amounts. Usanga belong to check it out. He was on the planet into argues unemployment, who gets was responsible for like making sure that the sun is kind of. Like you know, legit, it's me and on it
give assume that much is, I was like working The point and all that stuff, so I finally saw him at the beach knows what's going on in the water and he's got a really want to go there, but what I did him up in a hockey out the serfs zone. You wasn't happy. The Mama's crying She cried. Patsy definitely was like you know: how sometimes things are unfolding and you can tell people there just doing their best just to like detached from it. If she, in that she's good rather biopsies kind. Like look, I know this guy's, probably but he handled or Is he like? I don't off, can even hang the jackal anymore. It was probably not the best. There is probably not the best move on my part, and I also did that, whatever the real little kid, where I picked this little kid up, and I said he also knows a boy right and I said something like
areas and it's area, it is always an acute hours ago and he needs to get used to ignore, things like machine gun, finally grew allowed in the historic crying, because this kid was like six months older. Given all of a young girl gave me so be careful that well this or how to is a? U essentially and I'm gonna gather like info, so I can actually use the real was so you can have your like on the on the Woody call it on the borderline of to rough right. Yes, no better! Now better! Now, here not to just only going to make one more little situation I was serving with my little daughter same one right and it was. We were done and nurses cliffs you a climb up, get out we're carrying your board, its cliffs, its trails, a whole nine yards. And so I did was. Ten years old, so I it's can be hard.
Parts, where you could possibly fall off right, probably not the most likely to be good, if you think about what you do so I get on and I got my board so I run up to the top of cliffs carry my board. I put it down and I turned around so I can go help her carry her board for and I thought to myself If this was my son, when my son that age there was zero chance of me going down in helping him zero. You figured out kid and so I stood there at the top and I just watched her and she made it up and when she got to the top, I said you know, I was gonna come help you I said, but if Thou, your brother there's no way. I would have ever helped him and I don't I would rather have you do it for yourself. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to give you special treatment, or do you want to be strong and she's like? I want to be strong, and I said cool we're good, so there you go, you can have a tendency to lean it
your baby kit right, the youngest coil spicy when they can make those tier think, big giant, you're sitting on his eyeballs Barnett You do run that risk, though of going like touch you knocked sticking one to over the border. Inevitably making one kid cross, you can traumatized the kid you can make em hate. The water has a lot of things. You can do so you gotta be careful. You had a lean towards actually the best policy, as you lean towards whatever you do with him, build their confidence doesn't break it. That's that's a lie. You say: oh, if I throw me the water and they get they get done within the act, did it that bills are confidence cool, Roman, the water and now it freaks him out, and you broke their confidence that. So the line that you should be going for his everything you're doing with your kids bills are confidence until they become overconfident, and then we have to start put him in Czech. That's when you taken for the poor competency, yeah, I did, I would listen, I did they will myself oh you're, good, ok, cool, I tied his feet. Tat is really
the tide his hands behind his back and how do we call drown proving the first time he did it? He did not pass what ages, if he's by seven states, that advance for seven these goodenough, but you know, First time I have had to go for the for the little rest right enough. That thing that you say to write where you're like hey parliamentary Aythur, like in a leadership situation at work or whatever right you're like a their they're overconfident, given something just beyond their logo and other you're, confident knock over. You give em something. Then I guess this is where my son was like starting to get into big waves, and you know you surf shark in over conflict with the ocean. You over the oceans, can and will do so let that happen. I backed you what we're doing here this morning, we can feel manual, that's available. Well, it's how you stay on the path as an adult or as a kid lotta. Kids are red netbook as Well the audio version is on Itunes, Amazon, music and Google play as an mp3 album with tracks.
Finally got extreme ownership and that I caught him. You have leadership books about leadership that we experienced in combat that Rob Jones is going to bring those principles to the government with your help, which is out standing huh, tweets. Do I get the day that says about whatever politician on either side that says this guy can use your book. These people can use. Your book is at all times, the Congress, they say I would say, will seldom do you mean address s front, that our leadership, consultancy. We solve problems through leadership, go to echelon, front dot, com for details, your phone line, which is leadership, training that you can do virtually its interactive there's choose your own adventures decision making drills in there for leaders. Every year for mine dot com to check that out. We got the muster
the next one is in Sydney Sidney December. Fourth and fifth, we'll be there, Who knows where we back in Australia in America, the twenty twenty days will be out soon, so go to extreme ownership, dot com to pay attention to that, and don't forget that all masters have sold out and monsters we'll sell out. So we actually rearrange the room in Denver, because all about so fast we like needed. We bought more space and made got more seats, but we can't do that every time every max it out. So if you want to come Country Mersham document, and you over watch where we are taking proven. There's I've got some really good talking of works really. We had some candidates now that we're not Canada got some people that were hired and that have just given the best experience but we'll get the best referrals and feedback on the phone
it were, placing these are special operations and combat aviation leaders that and off the battlefield and going into civilian companies and helping them with their leadership in helping them win communication. It's important. We talked about that decent mountain If you want to communicate with us, then you can find us on the inner webs on Twitter is and on deep and frozen book. Echo is adequate. Charles, I imagine work right Jones, okay, so Rob Jones for Congress dot com. Facebook is at Rob Jones for Congress. Twitter is out Rob Jones V, a right as in Virginia right, cracked. It was o pv in remedy and whose o pvc is Virginia. Ok,
but you could have thought it was the vizier we're exactly he wanted to make it rob jobs for Congress, but they don't allow it to be that long for twitter. So we had a shortened. It Instagram robbed Jones for Congress, Youtube Rob Jones for Congress, echo anything else. Thank you rubbed off for committing rob. None of us here. You know I've been lucky enough to have been. The three main influences in my life external influences Marine Corps Jim Jones, which may we can talk about some day as well big impact me at the right time. Finally, you know Tri Motor ship Jocko at Golden of the the podcast and everything and I've been lucky enough to not only interact with all three of those become a part of all three of those befriend. You know all three of those you know, I'm just I just remain and crew
grateful that have had these opportunities. So thanks for have me on again look afforded the next time already rural, as you. Imagine the door is always open any time you want to come on. You know this, knowing you hear your story. See the way that your operate now in the world, I throw out there all he's an inspiration, urine, inspiration, brow. I mean the fact of what you ve done. What you continue to do its awesome and it's all its might think it's call to be here. It's even cooler for us from me to have you here and hang out and get get to talk to you and hang out with you. So thank you for coming back more important thanks for the service and sacrifice that you ve made for our country. You continue to make and what Europe
owing to make in the future. You are a leader, you are a warrior and thank you and to the rest of our warriors out there that our face to face with the forces of darkness in the world, thanks to you all and to your families, for your service in your sacrificing here at home, thanks to our police. And our law enforcement and our fire fighters and our paramedics and our e m tease and our dispatchers enter correctional officers and on board patrol and ice agents and our secret service in the first responders out there. Thank you for protecting us here at home, and everyone else is out there. If you think you ve kinda you think you're gonna max doubt on what you can do, if you think me
it's time to back off the gas pedal little bit and relax. If you think, you ve, given every living thing that you can give right now. Well, while you're thinking that want you to take a moment and think about Rob Jones. Think about Rob Jones who said: go in, who still going strong despite everything that life his throne is way he's still going, no matter what he gets up and he gets after it, and I recommend that you all do the same till next time. This Rob Jones an echo in Jacko out.
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