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215: You'll Never Be Free Unless You Tell Yourself The Truth. Taking Control Of Your Destiny At Work. Brown-nosing Team Members. Passed Over For Promotion.

2020-02-05 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening: Sun Tzu

0:02:37 - What to do if a team mate is brown-nosing and putting in extra work to get a promotion.

0:31:43 - What to do when you get passed over for a promotion.

1:02:07 - What to do when you think you're in a rut, or in a loop of failure.

1:10:23 - Know the difference. "Yes" Man VS Willing to smash all tasks., big or small.

1:13:43 - How to take control of your destiny at work.

1:17:51 - Are you happy where you are, REALLY?

1:23:46 - How to stay on THE PATH.

1:51:39 - Closing Gratitude.


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This is Jacko Podcast number two fifteen with ECHO Charles me, Jack, o willing good evening echo good evening. Guttural quote: kick things often the general who does not advance to seek glory or does not withdraw to avoid punished but cares for only the people's security and promotes the people's interests. Is the nations treasure that's a little son to come and fetch you and, of course, recovered Sangsue on Pike, s number twenty three and you can each is always interesting how you can find the same themes throughout time from a leadership perspective. I know I talk about this. This point a lot
in leadership, trudging tactics book, this statement on earth is twenty five hundred years old and He saying the same thing that I say leaderships trudging tactics that many of the problems that come about for leader are from their eager. And so we have to learn to keep our ego in czech analysis. We talk about it in extreme ownership. The very first book doesn't like hey. I just thought of this. Yesterday and it's not like. I just thought it anyway, psych asset somebody was jumping owner. Somebody was was making some comments on on social media platform that he said he's acting like he like me, I'm acting like I invented covered move in, of course, I said, hey no, it's! Actually.
All the time I didn't invent this Europe much of anything, so I didn't invent this idea. Vigo, I didn't just think of it whatever, but it is a theme that we see over and over again from people that pay attention not just from a leadership perspective either I mean no more talk of life problems, so this was interesting. So we'd is wrapped up the job alive door? It was awesome thanks, room came got some really good questions along the way and allow the times questions. Sometimes the questions are about ego, even though the person doesn't even know that the questions about Eagle born, you start to dig in you start to realise that its about your butt. The. So this first question is one of those questions and the question was Something along the lines of this was something like. What should I do if a peer of mine
working hard, putting an extra effort and try the shine so that they get promoted. Does the question and that's a good question right because right, what do you do and end the ins? Thanked is like yours and you can even feel at its dick. I could see the look on your face right now. If you have the look your face of like you can see that that's a little bit offensive right when you go. Oh this person's China Borchert trying to put that extra effort, trying to shine so that they can be promoted right. No one likes that person by the way right. No one likes the brown knows, or so we get it so then the question was: what should this person do? What you like at the guy asked me: what do I do when that's happening and the instinct? the instinct you had, which is the insect? My first instinct, even me, mister. Keep your ego in check
A very first instinct is a little bit of like a push back like that guy and I want to lash out bright, but that's not the answer, because it goes where three say she say they are look at what they believe so you're? That is that's making those attacks that you personally go about my only your my own go go without person just want to keep. So if you can take a second, you can take a step back. You can do tat. You can put your ego in check and if you do. That then you say to yourself: ok, here's what the situation. If we remove ego here's the situation, this person is working extra heart. Only this person to pierce we're on the same team. This person is working extra hardier, putting an extra effort. They are trying to shine,
all those things. All those things are actually good for your team, I got someone that's trying to do a great job. Working harder and actually happy. I'm actually happy if there's a person working hard on watching that's good. If there's a personage trying to our work me and do a better job than me that Actually awesome because now we're gonna be a better team, now mind you. Moment you let your ego slip into this. It's too it turns into a nightmare. It's not good! You don't like it. You are offended That's some was trying to work harder than you, but if you can keep your ego and check, then that's good. You realise that its good and I'll tell you something else in this work and what I answered this question I said for this person to outwork me he's gonna have a hard time.
He's gonna have a hard time out working because I'm here to win too, and that is a little bit my ego, but I've gotta egos being a positive that cause. I'm you're gonna step up your DNS barometer to step up my game not go under I knew that would be negative. That would, in my view, are causing problems. If I go, oh yours, echo. Stepping up his game. Echo shown up it at six o clock in the morning. Instead of instead of six ten out and I'm an uncommon in six or five guess what guess, what I'm comin anymore, no for thirty by you So I do I do to us about now we're both a little bit more prepared. Now we got some good competitiveness goin on that's good, it's good for the team. So you this other person, this other person, that's definitely game. Trying to do a good job is actually awesome. Because gonna make me step up my game and I'm going tell you right now that person is a hard time outworking me. They have hard time bring
I'm actually fired up. I'm actually getting fired up right now, like I'm I've got started figure by two He rang out just to see what's up so that good, now. Here's years where the second ego, scenario that you have to get going to control what, if that person steps up their game? I stepped up my game. They end up. They actually do end up out showing me they actually do end up getting the big promotion. Then what do I do? I do I get better. Do I get jealous? Do I get mad? Do I now start to undermine them, spread rumours about now. Actually, if somebody If somebody out worked me an outperformed me and then got promoted good for them, that is awesome credit. They get a credit. You're done good son.
You done good and there's nothing wrong with that, What I'm gonna do is, instead of being bitter and mad and jealous, and all those things instead of actually gonna put my ego out of the picture and say what actually happened. Where did this person perform better than me and how I How can I support them? How can I learn some lessons from this and how can I become better? so the next time? There is an opportunity I do get promoted you I think that that questions about your own person we got from the beginning. Now it's easy to see, look back but from reading it's ok. What do you do? Have you handle the situation which almost tried outwork? You now shine you and are trying to get promoting. That sounds like an interpersonal relationships. Question is not the question about ego. Witches. Which is something we always need to pay attention to some. So am I think again, once again, jock alive was kind of like you went to to juggle lives is correct. Yes,
they weren't really a they weren't, really a cue, nay they weren't They were just sort of em a little bit of everything right a little bit of a little bit of stories, a little bit of lessons a little bit of the little bit of everything. So I did get some questions. The first one was one of those general questions. And now, as I started, about the questions and how a lot of related eagle another question that I got. That was actually another important question the question was again something along the lines of, and I'm sure we go back and in Poland recording. But here's the other thing some of these questions that I got asked, I get asked the same similar questions on paraphrasing what this other question was, but this one the question was. Something along the lines of hey, listen, Jacko. I know that keeping the ego and jacket
important principle about an extreme ownership. We talk about all the time, gotta be humble, but at my comp ego is a huge problem. How do I get my company to start promote reading the ideal of humility and how do I get them to recognise that egos? Is such a big problem now? This is a really good question once again, because you can imagine what this individuals right like You know you're at accompany where there's a lot of eagles going on and all of a sudden. You have a little moment of enlightenment. You realize that ego is cost you a lot of problems so used are put your only go check having this working, I'm doing better on coordinating better. I'm working in my interpersonal relationships with other people and team are better. My relationships with people on other teams are better We're getting more done because our relationships are better ample. The team in the mission about myself. That means a team
mission are doing better. That's great, so you realize all the stuff, and then you say: ok, we'll. How do I start to spread the word? How do I get other people to do this, and this is a tricky question right, tricky thing because if some, if like let's say your team, has you see that was a problem and you sit down again: listen, guys, you're you're, all your got big egos and as a problem I mean you're gonna run into level nine. Fence, you're actually get. It is actually go beyond defensiveness they're gonna start attacking you grab. When you got always grace, He goes they're gonna gang up now likes you write. Pottery was aside for a split second that can unite against you, so you can confront them and once again are there certain relationships that you can have with someone where I go ahead and let's say you and me, and you had a big ego and put you and I were really tight as a man, you, let your ego get in the way of this.
Sure that kid, that that is a possibility as a very rare occurrence. Most of the people that you work with on a regular basis. You don't have that type of arrests. The other thing is when someone has a big ego, that's not the type of person, That's open to those kind of criticisms anyways. So it's like there's two two hurdles. You have to overcome number one. Your relationship isn't usually that good number two they have a big ego witches, part of the problem and that's what makes it from heart attack. So what are you going to do with that, and I got to fill this with one more little thing. When people talk about the you, don't have someone saved it? Be better if you could just talk to him, wouldn't be better if you just you, don't put down on some bullet eyes list and said: hey here's the things that your you go, there's a problem that you're going from causing
Look I get it. Isn't it great to have direct conversations in a great if I can just sit down if, if echo, if you'd, I have this mind, melt where you just know one a hundred percent lookin out for you and your opening like if we have that that ideal world. That's great. That's great Gulf clapped his great promise. It doesn't exist very often and confronting someone that has an eagle about three go can often just exacerbate the problem. So here's what you do instead of self identifying the problem and pointing the finger at other people. Which, by the way, is placing by which is a problem. So instead of doing that, what we're gonna do start pulling the thread on some of the problems that were having on the team. So, for instance, this
group over here need some help on their part of the project, but no one's helping them what's going on. If you start to pull the thread on that, you'll find at the end of that thread, though, hanging some egos, whether it's the ego, the person that doesn't want to ask for help the ego of the other person that doesn't want to give help, because they think they need to do that others are not cannot do that. So you pull the threatened the annual financial egos hanging and then what you do is you just exposed, and what do you think the root of the problem is new start poor that fed you get to point we're someone says you can finally have an open conversation. We say where someone finally says we know, I guess I I guess I could use some help. You just discovered it so that I could cover move situation, cover move, isn't happening and it isn't happening
because of eagles. If you pull the thread, you'll get to the end of the thread and will be attached to someone Eagle in most cases, is there a possibility that, like hey this group, does not get to grips with yeah, so those are, but those are easy problems to solve, because we can just pull the threat we find at the end or we need we need better cordon, between the two teams, called that it is when you pull the thread that comes out a little eagles dangling on the end of it, then you go Kayla to expose these and let's try and ask questions to figure out and get people to realize what they're looking at you want them to come to that conclusion, that's the trick that's the maneuver is to get them to come to a conclusion and they might never verb lies it, but they go in their minds early. I guess I didn't want ass, my egoism away. So there's one deal if, if you have people that are taking, aren't keeping
simple, just go through all combat simple make people are making the plans to complex, and yet they keep doing it and there when it. When you go into these plants in, like they're, really complex, and of course they say something like that, I don't think everyone understood the plan seemed getting kind of complex and a person's as people need to pay more attention went on briefing me and you pull on right. The frontline troops. They need more detail otherwise to screw up. That's white, so complex that ok, let's look what's really happen. What's really happening, is I've created a plan that I won't give up because my egos too big right when you pull that thread and you go listen either the frontline troops don't understand. What do it seems like that could be a real problem
and maybe and nothing you give him a little out you Gimme will outline made. We just need to back off a little bit so that they can understand. Maybe the smartest little Goma Zadig was you know what fine all simplify bone and in the meantime, you ve given them a little invocation. Look if you confront him some say for people, wanna play the long game here, because the shortly in Europe You think you're, so smart reports too complex and your sticking with, could you gotta be eager how's it going to work out. There's not going to work out good, can work out four percent of the time. Yes, the other, the other. Ninety six percent of the time you get a defensive person that now accusing other people. It's the indirect and play the longer taken indirect attack and live longer prioritize next you. Why is that? Failing? Because again, this question is, egos a problem, so where does
you go manifest as a problem. It can manifest as a prominent in prioritize next, you cause if someone's gotta, big ego. And you're, not getting things down illegal. I can get it done because their ego thinks it can do anything right or prioritized. Next, execute ego can be applied if you ever project, and I have a project and you need help. And your project is actually more important, I should give you resources, but it said about my my initiative. Just as important is echoes is which is just you go. I should look at it and say: ok, no, what you should be the priority and another good one is the world's just what I said, but I am not going to give up. Why should I have to give my resources to echo? Those are I know, actually, what some? What's the biggest priority? Ok, put my ego side echoes priorities, action bigger than mine, I'm gonna give him four of my people said he can get the job done.
So when you pull the thread on this new say well, I hate wise, Jocker wise. You dont want to give people the echo aliquot. You know what if something else comes up or something not comes up, you can get back well the vigour learn to respect the chain of command, won't work, freeloaders be loaned over echo. Woe should Jose Is it just ego ego eager eager, so these the problems of manifest themselves inside of a company wrapped around ego centralized command. You can have the same thing happened with decentralized commit. How does ego cause a problem with decentralized man. It's like this hey. I note Adam. You know you see me in all the decisions in the folks out the field. Don't really have the opportunity to make calls. Why is that? I'm? The only one that has experienced this
They don't have the skill that I have rights. It is all these reasons that that one of those are eager problems right in and by the way, if its, if it's not an eagle, problem. Then then, then I say: oh, you know what cause. I am really turned the guy's well enough and wondered if you know what you're right I've been making too many detailed decisions for the guys on the field. I need to get down there, make sure they know. What's going on train them better than I can back off course. That's person. That's got three go check the person it's like, I'm the only one that can do this like no. You can't give no you're not Are you wrong? Because, right now you got three people working for you happens when you have eight to go round the field in all these locations to make every single decision. No, you can't so get your ego under control.
I realise that you are not the only one that can do this job and train your people properly. Again. That's a direct assault, probably cause problems. Instead, if we just pull the thread on hey, what's goin, to take your ears folks and feel don't have a lot of affording well, you know that our experience, ok, you it's kind of cumbersome, though like them reaching back you all the time to make decisions. It is what you do on the one that really knows how to do it. I mean what what happens if you know your sector in someone's gotta, you. Don't have communications with them hope what? What do you think would be a good idea, your since you have so much knowledge and experience to maybe pass it on to some other people who yeah. Let's make that happen. And then obviously ego can absolutely manifested
when it comes to taking ownership. I mean all day long right. What about that object failed? What happened more much more its total step up oaks or civil war? What why are you subordinates? Taking ownership, you didn't even know what ownership is didn't want. Take ownership Vulcan. So it's not your fault, no! Ok. What can we do to help them pool the string and you at the bottom? The person will see its the real, they might not admit it, but they'll see it and then they consume. To make adjustments now look. Can any of these situations ask await Nepal we're indirect, indirect, indirect, indirect, doesn't work, and eventually you say no, what what
Grier sit echo down and say, listen, here's! What I think is the root of the problem. The root of the problem is, you think, you're, the only one that knows how to do this and in thinking that you're not trained me like, I might have to get that direct it does. We prefer to use. The minimum force require required when it comes to leadership, just like being a bouncer is right it's not hey. The guys will outline hate him in the head with a black jack. No, it's! I pay you answer. You know I think I ve had enough for night. Can you come with me that minimum forced regard the guys, it's ok cool it? comes up. If he's increases your mark on anywhere, ok, what we have to escalate, it's the same thing here, but don't start with the direct attack. Just like you, don't club the person out of the gate, think it's slap jack lecture, the dogma that deal as their thing we're a black jack you black too.
Like did you guys, not user. Those. That's really think those are go to that legal here, a slap Jagger one go ahead on, but three legal. So we don't want to escalate straight to the black or even a slap jack, even if anyone's using a slap jack. I think it's called slapdash much point remains a dig. It fairly conference you're wrong, but now hundred percent like unless you know someone you know when you're priest, confident about someone at somebody just throws a little randomness into the soup, and it makes you question. Yes, that's how I feel right now the real confidence
a little bit of questions, it makes you feel any better. That's my everyday life! So that's the answer this question. He is really pulling the thread on the problem to reveal the root of the problem which you're going to see if he go and then it's there for the people, hopefully to see it to recognize it possibly admitted, maybe not give them an out where they can actually make an adjustment without taking ownership. Legal. That's ok, we're trying to win right, we're trying to let the team when we're not try to not What my goal is not to make you admit it No, that is, as my ego
she has got a big get em to yet get him to me. That's not my god. My goal is to make you make better decisions as leaders that we win as a team. So that's that's. What we're trying to do here thrill interesting that how you lead that out used to do that to me. Bali still do let it less about the ego, I think anywhere. Maybe it's all the same, maybe at the end of its policy, spices- skating near or turn the dancers or explain to me how I would do this. Do you do with excuses? Ok so like, if something didn't get done or can't get done, think, it's too hard in really most of the time. If I'm remembering correctly it was, at the end of the day. This is what it was. He was like. I'm too lazy
whatever and I'm so it always be like this excuse like well. You know where that's at and then you'd have all these just like how you're saying in it and it it it made me remember this because of your tone, how you were like and the same those little pieces of all. That's us me, like most simple disciple, just here, he's a solution to that problem. Here cuz, it's all these little excuses that you make you know like. I didn't really have time cuz. I have to do this and be like okay, but then you just do that. So you know, and that will solve that particular problem this big comprehensive plan to solve my life problem. You're like ok for ever excuse us make you does have. The little saw No, the problem or the solution to it, like a man and meanwhile you're getting act into this corner or the string is just giving pulled like air, with every pulleys Larry to Central Asia. Lazy like I was too lazy, or I'm just like stuck in this routine or what
ever and then is so we could in a way be like. Ok, that's just my ego, this thinking that the way that's not the way. I do things kind of thing and I think if I were to use a different tone I think, if I would just said that's, could you lazy? yeah he's been lazy, echo clear you'd been like. Would you leave no? What it takes to make these the enemy and their eyes on. We wonder what is indeed our relationship, and one is that due to the final product yeah right now, you're doing something against your will steel and with a stain on it. We are fully yeah, you wouldn't just been like hey your lazy. This is My mind would I went to this belief is actually an end in a way it's true, but it doesn't like get anyone anywhere. Where have you Like your lazy, I would have thought and maybe even said that its that I'm lazy is just year, just this crazy, hard worker who have these standards that are unreasonable for a normal person and I'm just a normal person. Excuse me you no kind of an attitude
That's what I would go to rather than if you like the way how you always do it is like you pull the string or disorder. You don't know, what's interesting to us when I'm doing that, I'm not doing that. Like ok, here's my next move on echo, actually what a lunatic walk. You know you say where we can. I can't make a video, because it's gonna take me to long term through the the raw at it, and I go not like why you know if you want just did you know, we hire someone to do this right, it's very without you don't owe me now, I'm asking you a legitimate question, maybe a kind and know the instrument, I suspect I know the answer, but it's not it's not just hey I setting you up, I'm legitimately pulling the thread and the answer I'd be, it is impossible to get this project but when I say well, you can hire someone do those rights and then you go,
ok well, even if I hire someone, how am I gonna? Try for all this data- and I go won't be if you want we couldn't you get an extra hour, drive an interest physically, give it to an you'd say what these are actual situations. Verona, litter I've got another realm. Video well go down those roads, the me and though the one that I remember, the easiest is like with training like you'll. Be hey we're training at four thirty, but I trained in the day most none in the evening then you'll be like oil transport, thereby well and have all these reed and then you, like you, can it just chip away at his reasons, like all he's, a solution that is loosely resolution like, and I just I just like my route, I just got to admit it. You don't like I am, but I don't get to train if you guys off- and you know kind of thing, but it's like yeah
Expose you pull the string to expose just like the little the little excuses so pull. The thread reveal the problem don't confront. If you can help it and people will start to recognise what the problem is minutely This is assuming you're. Working with this old is want this one problem with this, and that is if the person has a giant ego did. This is the hardest thing for them to admit. Writer said, might not admit it, but the sea it they'll behave differently and by the way, one of the good ways to to you someone's to Eagle against themselves is when you say something along the lines of you. No man, it's gonna, look good. If this gets done. You know those even they think I'll go to do this. I want to make this adjustment just so it gets done just so. My ego can get just. Why can win
those who say that use the word wind very time like eastward win and any time what I'd be thinking like If I didn't win well, you know: what's left you lost no matter what You see making Lhasa, if you put, if you put the shed light on like you that word be like hey, this will make you win and you're like Hell, yeah, but at the same time, the vacuum like? Basically, if we don't solve these problems or whatever I lose, what I want that's like extra motivated The winning at all costs thing into the winning at all costs. I wrote like a little section and it was a part of a one of the special releases on Barnes and Nobles version of dichotomy of leadership. Was this thing winning it all? and if it is someone posted- and I had. I had said it before right and someone posted a clip of me saying this idea of winning at all costs and it's the way that I talk about it. It's kind of a trick, anyways
as I go through this thing about what is leadership and a leadership, is this leadership that, and I say what leadership is to me- is winning at all costs, and somebody put, I probably you put a clip up of me saying that and somebody said, of course, someone's like that's the kind of person that will run people over another. But more like a like gave a negative things right, but what they dont realizes, what the rest of that clip says and what the rest of that that whole idea of winning at all costs, is what I'll do want to win at all, costs is totally subordinate. My ego help other people support them, give them what they need and taught foot with the team and the mission above myself, because the moat that town gonna wait at all costs. So winning Cost me mere stepping on other people. It means of actually lifting People up that's what it means So if you can use that, if I say hey ECHO Man look, we need to win and if we're going to win,
the only way to win, if you can learn how to work with Jim, otherwise we lose ten. You like you want, because I'm a winner all work with GM courts, a first step, and this was kind of related to a question that I've got we haven't done acutely in a long time in this is kind of a partial kyoto. Just some topics, but then you as we are one of these questions hid it. Yes, Jackal what he tell someone who has been passed over for a military promotion they deserved. Could you address this? Yeah, so part of it is what we just talked about. What do you do you get passed over cope. Why did so? It's also covered in. I think, as though I know, there's up a literal chapter in leadership, strategy and tactics, which is what to do when your when you dont get promoted. That's that's the actual aim of chapter,
when you're not chosen page one? Sixty boom there, it is. When you are not chosen and we covered in the past, so You do you go you say: hey boss up given motor annoyed and give more another, must be some shortfalls it I have. Can you help me to indicate what those shortfalls, our cool. So that's that's. How does give a factual there's the officer commissioning programme that I got picked up, for It was called the seamen to Admiral programme. It was highly selective programme they took, if the sailors from the entire navy and there's one or two and fifty thousand something could sales in the Navy they took fifty and the first year that I put in for it. I did not get selected, I got actually I got selected
an alternate which was, as they say, almost worse because you don't you get nothing the smell it yeah you get the smell it. You don't get the touching you'll get to taste it. So it's not good. Well, it was gonna, get us. Ok, I'm I'm close, but so, but I didn't get it. I didn't get it and what did I do assessed and said? What can I do better and worked hard and the next year? I got it so if you don't get promoted because you'd served it. Maybe you didn't deserve it and if you did deserve it, you'll get it next time and instead of saying you deserved it, why not look at and say? Ok what did I not due to make myself the best absolute best candidate that they could not question needed to get this motion instead were saying: I deserved it somewhere else got what is it doing blaming the boss blaming the selection panel,
as blaming all these are the things that you cannot control, but if you take which above and say you know what you're I didn't you promote There must be some things that I can do better. Here's the answer own. It ask gifts, gimme some feedback, please what I need to make this happen and then implement. Now this isn't. There is this other topic that I can wander bring up. That was from once again it was from jock Eliven, and there was a young woman and again this this. Was to the kind of variety of different people that are common to the Jackal lives were all over the place. So this this young woman, that's a question. I was kind of like how do you and I, when you're at the live events there's light shining in your eyes. You you're not really a hundred percent sure you'll get it. It's not like that
not seeing the person face to face some kind of looking out into the white I'm seeing this frame of out of a young woman and she asked something along the lines of your How do you handle when there's people that are lying to pull, down and and and you pick you apart and I said well, what do you do and she's like I'm in school and I said what scope and she's in high school- and I said great, and she said I am a freshman- and I said, ok so you're getting bullied bag is essentially that's. That's what you say right, I'm getting put it picked on. I got people. Turning.
Drag me down what you know. That's called that's called Boeing as it so you're getting bullied and she said yes get bored, so I said I said you know I thought about per second, so I got some bad news and I've got some good news and I will start with the banners. The bad news is that people can be mean and they can be mean for a variety of reasons.
They can be mean because there and secure they can be mean cause they're bullied themselves. They can be mean cause they're unhappy. They can be mean because they're scared to be vulnerable, so they put up that front. They might be suffering and jealous and have no self esteem. It's the way. Some people are in there some people that are just evil that get joy out of pudding other people now, so that all those kind of people exist and they especially exist inside of immature people in high school plus the bad news, and then I said, but the Good NEWS is high. School is not
life, and when I said that it was actually funny when I said that, like people started clapping, because everyone in that room knew that it was true at that reminded me of another, conversation that I've been having with people lately about about some about ecosystems, something I've called the ecosystems, so little ecosystems in the world that people get caught up in and they get caught, trying to get to the top hierarchy of some little ecosystem somewhere and
look I get it you, I get it Jordan, right, Jordan Petersen, we're trying to ascend the top of our dominance hierarchy be the best you can. I totally get absolutely, but we there's there can be a problem with this from multiple angles. The world is filled with these little ecosystems and the high school is one of member the little house. Who ecosystem there's someone that popular? There's someone? That's? U others, all these little either this ecosystem there and high school. This is something I know you. You look at a high school kid, and you you try and explain to them that once you left high school, no really cares right. If you care about it, deeply you're actually uncle right? You know others running around saying when I was in high school this when I was in high school there, but here's the
and this is one reason why I wrote way: the warrior kid, the first one, one of the things that you Bring me to write it was you're here, I was at work war going on big, real blood you're, crazy problems and an end dynasties and die. Annex to figure out, like things are going on I come home and, like my one of my keys, it would be sad that they got called the name or sad that they got a low grade on a test or whatever, and I would be thinking like I I had a moment of clarity where I thought I can't believe you're a complete their sad about this. Who cares and then I realized oh yeah, Idiot Jacko. Fear that thing that's going on in their world is there, world it's good to see their entire. Their entire world is in that one ecosystem. So it's hard for people to realise that their ecosystem, that therein is not the whole
world. It's the same thing with when you start going to cause. I've got two kids in college now. You know this whole ecosystem around. Getting in the college and when you get to college what you where you gonna, get your mba, where you do your internship there's this whole thing right and once again, if you step outside that ecosystem into just the normal world, no one actually cares, about where you got your degree. Not no one could there's a little people as a group of people inside that ecosystem, that they legal where'd. You get your be aylward, you stay and his people care about that. There's other people. It literally do not care at all, and I am incredibly like from that perspective, I mean incredibly successful business leaders all the time that done have their mba? Would some state school in Iowa props here today from someone from Ireland said whenever you think of that state number guess from one, some state school and I whatever some little
community College in Nebraska and they go out world and dominate. So what that's not a port. We know that that acts look at this but I go, I believe, schools and they do great too, but what I'm saying is they goodness ecosystem, where, where what there actually trying to do with climbed to the top of the ecosystem, for the sake of climbing to the top of that ecosystem, not how it measures into the greater world. What kind of car do you have there's an ecosystem you can get wrapped up in you know I've got my Porsche is better than your Porsche. Right, there's people that are into that and there's other people that I do not care at all at all. What about our little ecosystems were right? Would you do to his own little ecosystem? Do you know them? and there's a little ecosystem who's? Who were the the power
I cast world has eco system, so all these that than those are just things that that you and I are actually actively in right. We do you too, and we have a park, asked. So we could Jumpy India, like where you add on the hierarchy of these ecosystems and the king of Jordan. I guess we're trying to we're trying to go up the hierarchy? I get it, but you have to build up that check, because why are you doing that? What is driving you? If it's what's driving you to ascend. The hierarchy is because it's gonna make you better and the people around you bet That's good if you're doing it for your own ego, though that's a problem, that's where it becomes a problem, guess what the job,
with accompanies the industry's they get created that sort of jobs created by companies in industries. They have thrown the ecosystem. Right about. I work here. I work there. I will I ran this region like you, can see it. It's an ecosystem that exists. The seal teams is a freak and ecosystem and errors in their going where you out on the ecosystem. Where do we know how we deplore if you dont, where did you deployed? You went what schools have you been to there's a little ecosystem, that people are trying to get up and its and get it there positive to that right? Could you try to do better internal work harder? That's good, then. There's this thing. The bar seen you I can relate to this better than me, sir. There's an ecosystem of the This is it who's the owner and whose the manager and whose the GM
and who's the head door guy who comes in near clerk who gonna let in the club music, seen re real estate? There's this ecosystems everywhere, and so this is the point that I I guess I'm I'm getting to and with wear ties back into this young female. That asked this question. When you do, what you have to do is realised that in most of these cases, when you step outside of that little ecosystem No one cares about that ecosystem. No one cares. No one cares, If I was to tell my mom, hey mom, I got my I bet you did you two thousand five hey Mama my blackberry, Jujitsu, she what you know Would you would you would you would say, oh congrats no she's thinking that I'm in a Strip mall doing karate somewhere. You know what I mean.
That's what she's thinking she doesn't care at all. He doesn't care at all your portion that you told me about. I can introduce you to many people that think, if you spent more than five thousand dollars on a vehicle you're, an idiot never mind a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, back. If you ever hear me brag about a vehicle, the Beagle thy brag about, probably the most my ninety ninety seven diagram, Kara, that's the one I brag about the most. So when you step outside the EU. System of cool cars, people literally don't do not care the the music scene, I know this recording artist. I know I'm I'm going to the studio set. No one cares. So my point in saying this is if you find yourself distraught about your failure in
side. Some random ecosystem. Then remember that if you can detaching you can step outside that ecosystem. You realize that that ecosystem. In most cases, doesn't even matter at all, it doesn't matter to detach. This is something that, once again at jock alive shows this came up and we'll talk about detachment. I talk about detachment, one of the things look, that is a great tool as a leader to have because it allows you to take a step back and see. What's gonna write, clearly, it's a powerful tool but you combine that aspect of detachment to this other aspect of detachment win win. We ve talked about people that get caught
in a bad mental head space, and I don't know if I want to use the word depression cause. I'm not a psychologist and I've never really had this depression. So I can't really speak about it from that angle. But to say that we'll get caught in a rut that happens and off talked about that idea. Like let's say: ok when you win, if you lose someone Someone that you know dies you get put into that run and the way I have described it before is like there's a storm crowded around your head. And no matter which direction you work. You see storm Klaus in do you want to tell me outside, and this is what I said- anyone from the outside looking in and you're just surrounded by the storm, if you, if you step over here, you're going to get away from that, the light at the end of the tunnel, but from herbs perspective you don't see it at all. If you can detached, if you can take a step back
from your own head. You can actually see the end of the storm clouds. You can see that you can get your way out of this rut that you rent now people ask me about how to detach- and I talked about it when she tried it in tactics, but I'm going to take a little bit further think about that. So here's a couple things and actually the reason that I I start I used to kind of look at it like eight Israel, simple right, hey, take a step back to take that back. Take a breath! Right: no look around in fact, relax look round. Mccall was what I wrote about extreme ownership and when it comes to the relax look around make cop that's detachment though, the first time I really broke it down to try and give people some more specific instructions was
on the warrior kid podcast, because you know a little kid would say I get mad. I start to lose my temper when I'm wrestling, I start to lose my temper when I'm in class and little Billy's keep poker the back of the head? How do I know lose my temper or what they need to do is to tat. So I said, listen take a step back so I thought about what I kind of do take a step back. And one of the things I said was lift your chin up, lift your chin up now. When you start to think that, why do I even do that? What what benefit is at hand well, if you think about when you take a step back and you actually lift up your chin thing about Does your vision of a sudden you and is elevated its elevated one inch, but its elevated and you now have a physical new perspective. You have
physically new perspective, what's goin on by taken setback, lifting Eugene up the other thing it makes you do is, if you put your head back it like makes you open up your chest and open up your lungs and make you take breath, which I used to tribute this two way when you're on the radio, let one that I would die like thought about, detaching and something that I got real. It was a good tours. You never want to sound panicked on radio and seal teams. So For you key up that microphone say somethin, you go these guys. We need to move towards that north building. Instead of No, you don't do that. So when you, when you left your chin up, you know you gonna, take a breath. It forces you to come to take a bath other. This is the cause thing than a kind of connected. This Jacques Alive and the region.
Did it cause. I was up like right now we're sitting down and we're kind of what kind of stuck in this position so a alive. I had that guy, like all a lovely, microphone solves up and move around and getting crazy. So, as was going through this. I was acting out the the process of detaching, so I take a step back alive My chin, and I made disconnection, was like think about the past. Stir that you have when you're getting ready to get into a fight? its literally the opposite. You live, up your hands, you doc, you talk your chin down. You roll your shoulders forward to protect yourself and you Getting in this defensive posture, which is not in open posture seeing? What's going on right? It's a focused posture when you take a step back, you stop using your actually making yourself physically vulnerable and what you're all
so doing is guess you're, so you're opening yourself up the threats, but you're opening up your mind to see a different perspective, so that is incredibly important. Incredibly important first step in training yourself how to Catch from all this chaos, that's going on four! May of leadership situation to detaching from your own. Ecosystem that your wrapped up in that you think, is important that no one cares about. No one cares about outside that stupid Club you're No one cares. No one cares outside the the thirty eight people that are involved in your glee club tat, they ve got you Lloyd in Freak out. No one cares it. So if you can take a step back and you can see that and finally, if you can take a step back from your
own brain and you can kind of assess that cloud that you're caught it? you'll see that that cloud he's not infinite and you'll see that there is a way out which is important, yeah that that in that can get more strong and powerful that that newer, that sucking, like keeping you in your ecosystem when it's like part of your routine, you know cuz it kind of feeds into your identity. A lot of times like in Jiu Jitsu super strong, like where you you know. If you get tapped, by a guy who never tabs you out. Some brandy follow you all the way home with your fair and family. You thinking, man like you can find, is destructive because counterparty identity whatever but yeah. If you can just stepped back, look around
detached from that you like Brown? No one cares Mary literally every other environment. They go in life. Nobody cares. I gotta have no one cares even due to its own unless it and got a spring into action of the zone, so there's. No. The aim was that we had, as we just worked Madge little sleep. Exactly is probably never gonna happen by the waves cars probability. I think, and I think when you're younger I mean, obviously, when you're younger you get you get caught up in his ecosystems are more at this. What scary is this can be the downfall of a kid. You get caught up in the drug ecosystem. You get caught up in them. Whose ecosystem you, in the end, what is it
delinquency, like hey! I'm Kasparov, hey, you know what do boys do boy? This notion it came out of Jacques Life, like boys, are trying to prove themselves to their friends and to themselves how tough they are, how cool they are, so when what whatever, whatever little equal system has their own little cool meters in right. Sometimes that cool meters you know get so I'm a drink. This fifth jack. Or I'm gonna smoke this whatever like that they want to move up in that ecosystem, and so they do stuff that outside outside that equals to be. Where hey, that's. Actually, one of the dumbest things I've ever heard yeah, but you can't see that yeah, the party scene the big one. I mean there's a difference between like getting caught in the ecosystem of the party scene and then going
down the spiral of like drugs and addiction collect them. Addiction is like that's just like a chemical pay off you get and then that chemical pay off. You you'd want some watch, it's just more of a payoff been literally anything else in life and you and then it just compounds are not the ecosystem. That introduces you to the payoff that ends up being a connection that end up ruining your life. Solely I like. The party seen, for example, is like yeah. Ok, did you get this. Party all you didn't: go there you're going less than kind of thing. You know I'm at all the parties here, the kind of being up there in that little ecosystem. Then you go to those parties in you. A function of the party right, so you can just because the particle economic drinking in one of their local lame you're not fitting in the party at all, fit in so you're going to do that. Yeah he's going to drink and then what, if they're doing some some other drugs? backroom, the cool room, the VIP room, the secret room or whatever? If you part of that year. Sorting EU that mean you you're, not one of the few ipc. Anyone of the Vips
a functioning as a whole peer pressure thing wrapped up inside the ecosystem. I that's like the primary driver illegal as I already less, because even the positive things that go where you, where you were you getting your mba like, so they got all these eighty nine, while the load nineteen, whenever twenty twenty one year old, college, kids and like trip, we any tribute we're going where you're playing, where you point where you find and if you're not applying, the whatever then you're a little bit down on ecosystem, and you know what no one cares what I can say, no one cares. Could there are people who are gone? Hey we want to get someone from the school could find. That's a little tiny subset of the same because system here end, but if you're talking about like yeah, if you talk about people outside the ecosystem, no they don't care didn't!
bull care. If your capable and then do a lot of time, if you like all you re MBA from here, ok, that's an established Kate. You know capable they're going to be put out some good students or some good of trained people which are then there's that. But it's not like you, don't care about what you care about Rina, nor the fact that you got it here too, I mean you're like awesome that's so hard for kids. Is they just can't see outside the ecosystem? Is their world ends? introducing people to this concept that there are in fact each random ecosystems that actually no one cares about is a positive thing. Don't get caught up in a trend, I guess there's not vague events, but yet what there's also people, take positive ecosystems and turn a negative because they start getting. The ego involve like I guess, you're right, you jitters totally powers ecosystem system- hey we're just here to train we're here to fund and often it turns into drama- we haven't talked too much rather Jujitsu drama and
we honest with you one of the reasons that we don't talk. A lot about the Jiu Jitsu drama is probably because we don't deal with it a lot, because we have a view the open door policy at our Jim and were this kind of cool and we want to change it to invite everyone else tragedy and I think San Diego at large is very similar to that, because they're just you two everywhere. So we all gotta know each other, and so I think that has something to do with it, and I also think there's less you jujitsu drama now than there was ten years ago no ten years ago, like that's my students, you into my that you would someone else's academy, CO, you're out of my academy, forever vanish banish you right there was that gonna drama. Is there still that kind of drama their produce some, but not as bad as it used to be, but they took part, if ecosystem and turned it into negative ecosystem. Yelled. Imagine that can everything like even ok, so my nephew get good grades really good grades. When he takes it, you know how, like certain students they,
their grades like superciliousness, they get one bag or their late. For school like brow. It is to me if, let's say my mom brought me to school but if you have to explain to me that you're worried about being late when your ten it is unnecessary to go on wildly unnecessary for them further before the people will lead. You explain how much you didn't care about leaping late, child go up, especially for school, What it is they evolve. Late had to get a party slip, bread, the connect. Between that. Unlike grades and success in life was literally nothing episode elites, they literally them positively. I would say: maybe that's how you ended up short of late, although Macgyver didn't ask, did your very possible. So if my parents, My mom data whatever, if their driving me to school and they were running late row, I carry
was literally at a zero. I don't care at all like a cool. I don't have to spend as much time you know at school and that there are bad. It's got anything to say like her. I don't care about this stuff anyway. My point is some people, the opposite, some I can be late for school. It's like school. Is that everything in the greatest impact that that's positive, that's really good. Actually, but he can get out ahead. The thing out a hand or you get kids frequent. You kids, cheating, tedious freak. Ricky now, looking we're drugs to light yard. He like a lotta, whatever all those things, all those things are bad and all the more riddle related to the fact that they think that Eco systems the whole world's everything. Let's be honest, I mean to how much that ecosystem affect you you didn't. You be homework. Video and right, well done here, take it apart. Gas ecosystem, echo, jobs, employer so
We should do that right, Gnomon, yeah, crazy yeah, if, if you take and not not run like the epitome of or the poster child for great parenting advice not link this, but I think, like the more Take your kids and see other stuff outside of school kind of their mind is going to not just be attached to like the school scenario. You know. Well, that's a whole! May you know that you can have like, but here's a real simple question does easier. Yet, if you kill goes, is your keys ten years older fifth grade, and they don't want to miss school, so they don't go with you to whatever. Quite go experience, something like gathered that I guarantee you that experience in Kuwait the way more beneficial educationally you're actually to Athens ethically, then heyday
three days of laugh, Bring the math book bring it here, but the real yeah Africa not just call either like you know, I mean, even go and see what You at work or whatever here like ice. Take my kid to you. No good training sites are you me best thing ever lawyer any and I'm not even the thoroughly thing have. Miss school to see this stuff necessarily saying that, but I'm just saying like everything and like ok, go home, do homer! It's like everything. If you, if you create this idea that school is everything in their head, then you know, they're gonna tend to think that I think. But you know, if you see him, let him see other places where you work or whatever, within the weekends or summertime. Whatever else you just see other things, they realize ok, school, isn't everything and what you really shown is this is one ecosystem in the world is called school. It's an important one.
There's no reason to get crazy, there's other ecosystems out there that are also cool and good sheep detached. Don't get stuck and ecosystems next question, I'm stuck, in a prolonged period of things, not going my way professionally or socially All that really is going on. Well is my time management? Still, even after having owned up to my part in getting here, I still seem stuck in a failure. Loop, ok, so
what's being addressed here? Is the prolonged period of things not going way, and- and we know that a key part of getting out of Iraq like this or a failure loop is taking ownership of those failures of those problems. That's very important, but guess what that alone doesn't solved at all just saying I didn't get promoted. Ok, it was my fault period, that doesn't solve the fact that you can get promoted, I'm knocking called back to do other contracting job. It's my fault doesn't mean you get caught. No, it doesn't mean anything taking ownership. Means that you actually have to identify the problem. You know you're responsible for it
you actually have to solve the problem that you have to do just taken ship of the promises made away if ticklish. If the problem you have taken care of A solution has yet to take ownership of implementing that solution. This is real straightforward. Now, there's one little tiny part that I want to point out, which you may or may not have noticed ECHO Charles and I'm going put it up so pay attention to this last sentence in the question. Still even after having owned up to my part in getting here, my still seem stuck in a failing failure what's noticed, but that echo as if there's another part, although much even parts right, there's multiple facets, the world better conspiring to keep you in this failure loop. Yet like that tone
one someone's like hey, I did my part. I did my job hands up, you know can think Oh, I do. My job is job the other parts that are more implied a guess another you can uncover sectors this other. Job that someone else assorted part. So this is the thing, and this is what this is. What makes this very challenging? Is this idea that like? But how could I possibly control this or that? How can I possibly take ownership of the fact now, there's a weak one? How can I possibly take ownership of the fact that bosses and eighty and fired me. How can that be my fault that he didn't see how good I was right. What we see what's going on there, You obviously are being introspective and take a look and see. Ok, this is obviously my fall. Here's what I need to change. Others things like that, where you go look you're just not say
Thing with relationships right she broke up with me. How can I own that? Well, maybe you look at yourself and you see how you acted as a partner in that ship, and if you just want to look at their persons that it was her fault, she was crazy and she would use here for she didn't understand how awesome I was that's. Not Thus did that you, you knew you take ownership of your own behaviour. Why did she think that now you do get to these things where you have no control, so got asked a question. A guy said my I lost my girlfriend to opiate overdose. She died
How do I take ownership of it, and so I expanded that question because that's one of those things were you look at you know when you look at you go, how can you take ownership of this person did so much drugs and it wasn't like I, like. Ok, I don't know their specific situation, but if you know I'm doing everything I can to help my girlfriend and then one day I come home and she's o deed. He kicked she's dead, ok,. How can I wasn't even their right and I'd? let's just say I dont everything take rehab to and all stuff. In far as I could tell He was clean and behind my back without any way, she did this right it's almost like. Ok, that's as much separation as I can get. How do you take worship situation like that, and so here's what I went on to say tat this guy,
I said this might seem like a unique situation, but it's not cause. There's things that occur in our lives that we actually dont have any control over, for instance, most horrible. You, your family member, someone, you know, gets cancer gets a horrible terminal disease how'd. You take ownership of that and the answer is in these cases when things that are truly beyond your control occur. What you take ownership of is how you respond to them. That's that's what you take ownership how'd you respond to you lose. Girlfriend to drugs? You kid gets cancer. You get cancer, something you get this horrible disease. How do you small, that that's what you can take ownership and that's it. You have to take ownership of. So, I give my point in saying that is yes, there are absolutely things that you cannot control and what you can.
Control. Is your reaction to them when they unfold? That makes sense, What scares me about this guy is he saying he's owned up to his part? But that means he's blame someone out and I can The amount of things that we have zero control over is very small. So many things? If we look at ourselves and say what could I do better? What could I do different? How can I make an adjustment here? How can I adapt to the way this bosses? How can I adapt to the way this girl is that I'm trying to have relationship and by the way it might not be the best relationship? Maybe that's part of what you need to do is take ownership of the that you're addicted to this? this. What he saying this guy hears any sort: socialism semi skimmed got some problems with his. Female friends right or or friends in general He didn't want to want to come. What you see not really-
I'm buying guys. It's ok for me to go to you know, watch it by myself. I can't Jack. You know what's wrong with everyone else. No actually, what's wrong with me. Now truth, told onawandah watching you see with anybody else generally want to sit alone and watch the fight commentary. Questions. We asked me a question: what was that move and watching the fight that since everyone? Just because you let them some of us, we like to demonstrate our professional knowledge of the subject. You know so answer
here, you need to look at that. The reason that you're, probably stuck in this loop continually, is because the things that you're blaming on other people take ownership of him get em fixed. Take ownership of men, get unfixed, take ownership of make some moves, take ownership and look what you can do different. That's what you have to do. Check next question: in your recent book: leadership strategy and tactics mention establishing trustworthy relationships with superiors. You speak of performance and compelling tasks. You pervading tasks are completing gaseous performance and completing test. You stated boss wants me to fill out some extra paperwork I'll. Do it boss needs me too.
Over a shift for someone else on the team. I've got it. Boss has a nasty, low reward mission that needs executing I'm all over it page, forty, nine fifty. How does this where are you from being a yes men, especially when being a yes, men is looked upon so negatively these days or your thoughts? Yes, it is actually a. Maybe he hasn't got there, but this whole section it's called the S man and why you I want to be a yes man, because of yes, man, you don't push back when a situation requires. Is there to be pushed back so so retreat a little bit more. But to make it quite simple: Beanie, yes, medicine, yes to everything, regardless of whether to good idea or not building relationships. Publishing a good medication and a good report, rapport with your superior is totally different, been Yasmine. Part of it is saying yes good. If you re
everything that this aid EU they don't really think either really value your opinions. They just know that you're, just a a no man, no, we can't no game there you're MR negative this yes, man, just gonna, do whatever. So what you do, as you say. Yes, when you can some menial, tacitly soundless, monsieur paperwork or I'll. Do it some some cover shift for some cool. I got it do those things doesn't. Does regional impact enmity we're good. Lastly, low reward project needs to get on core icon. Let's go bring it bring it I'm here to that, can help the team awesome Oh, you want me to do something. That's gonna negatively affect the team and put. Massive amounts of capital in jeopardy or put people in risk or put safety at rest, We do that pulled on boss, no boss, and I wouldn't be just no boss about doing it, but I go through the book how you act approach, those situations so You're, not a yes man. So when it rock winners-
Comes a situation that unfolds that you actually this. I know you, Say no and it gets listen to that's the difference, readership tragedy. I get some kind of you know, so many of the questions in leadership strategy and tactics for somebody, the answers that I gave in there are based on two questions. I asked all the time and so we so many of the questions that I'm hearing now I have answer and leadership Trojan tactics of China Did you say well refer to the doctor in ninety row referred the book page sixty four, I'm trying to do that, but just a fly. For anyone out there. It's in there read our next watch. I was hoping for some kind of a kind of a similar request to regard this as we enforce them.
The average cut you off again not noticed that for foreign dig it anyway. I was hoping for some guidance on how to play the game with a situation at work. I working in an aerospace machine shop from doing this apprenticeship to be machinist mechanism machines. Does this mean that I'm supposed to give specific types of on the job training, with a sudden set number of hours each with numbers of hours, each I go to school once and we're going to rebuild this figure that another rather than go home. I met at humble man discern what is happening at the end of the day anyway, the numbers are normally a little sensitive. You makes mistakes. Arms can take us from the top down my whole life. Isn't one big mistakes will come from expression? I go to school once a week to supplement it. The problem is they
Give me any work that feels those designations, I'm doing my best at the menial paperwork they ve had had me out for a while without complaint. It's a real problem, though, when I'm paying out of pocket for the tuition that comes with the programme every month spent not getting require, require training adds to the five years it to complete the o j t on adopting. How do I get them to move me where I'm supposed to be? Do I just continue to do the best at what they give me an example of time and money. Dear sir, you remember the book. The dichotomy of leadership, humble not passive, so this guy's been but playing the game. Hale do the menial paperwork all all worked. Extra hours I'll do these things that dont really help me he's playing these plain. Game and he's being humble right, but is also sounds like being passive, meaning he needs to. Is assertiveness to say: hey, listen, hey, hey boss, I want to let you know what I put together: the spreadsheet of one of actually gonna get accomplished, and here
I think I want to get done and I know I'm trying to knock out all the stuff in a peer support. The team, but I also need to get things done. Can you help me get these things scheduled? So I could be more value to you and the team. So yeah you build a relationship through plain the guy. You build a relationship by giving support where Or you can, but at the same time that doesn't mean that just roll over, never stand up for yourself. That's We're talking about here the difference you're not building relationships. Just so you can take care of yourself right, that's different! That means look out for me, building relationships so that you can move down the right path which, by the way, is gonna, make you more a bigger asset to the team, so It's a win win situation. Make sure though, the relationship and then talked him about what is you're, trying to get done. Why you're trying to get it done in that way? We move forward down there.
And by the way, if they're like shot up and just do this paperwork or shut up, we're not gonna help. You call me We need to find a place ass, a little but better opportunity for me and I'll start fault that out their humble, not passive. Remember blonde tangled need, say you you'd you'd! This use this word efficient, be more efficient. Rather than make it easier for me, you know like, even though their essentially same thing in certain circumstances, where, as I go out we'll make it easier for me to become an asset gotta thing, but for what ever reason, maybe like just the way that sounds Moliere sounds like you're looking for yourself, Andrea, but if you say it'll get to be more a valuable asset in a more efficient wave womb could say noted that regrettable, because what company doesn't want efficiency? No, we want to take the Hargrove How do things that don't make any sense we want to do things inefficient way. Now Yes, efficiency is important, not only in Jitsu
not only in judo but in businesses, life? Is there right! So there's one more little topic that I wanted to bring up and really it's it's another question that I got it add jock alive and I got this question or a version of this question a couple of different times and they all They all couple different version, this question, but the same question and the question is- is something like this thing along the lines of I've, been pretty successful at this point, my life, I'm having trouble finding the motivation to take it to the next level,
so you know it's like people. I said. Oh, so you know you make you some money up a couple. Y'all were doing really well and you're working out you up and healthy and good near your family. Taking care of you have a good time with my family, but you're not able to like get the extra work out you're, not in your skin. Some days, you're, not eating great you're, not making the calls that you need to make you're, not expanding your eyes. That's what's going on right, if that's what you're getting at, we get some of that sort of good spot kind of across the board right right across the board. It's kind of established that fact that there are two good spot across the board,
and then I'd say sounds like you're in a good spot across the board. Are you happy with that and are you comfortable with where you're at and the answer would be? No and then I'd say, are you sure, and then it'll yeah, I'm sure you know I want to do more and then I said a lie. That's a lie: that's a lie, because if you really want happy- and you really want to improve your health even more- and you really want to improve your financial situation more and you really wanted to just broadly improve your life than you wouldn't have any problem.
At all, finding the disks. The discipline would actually find you. That's. Why I'm at that that you want to know why people are go. You don't seem very much wanted to why, because this one finds me because no. I will I know I can do more and I want to do more. And I know not happy or amount uncomfortable Ramat. So if you're telling yourself? No I'm not happy worry we're at dinner, to tell you that, actually alike, you are comfortable you're comfortable. Could, if you weren't comfortable. Then it would drive you. The discipline would show up. Now. This is where I can. I I kind of have to go a little bit deeper. So what Just said, if you haven't yourself the truth,
you'll find discipline. The framework of discipline is the truth The framework of discipline is the truth and I have to add do a good job, and I ask this question: I didn't do a good job of connecting all the dots because it actually. One level deeper, it's one level deeper. Like this. If you are saying that you can't find discipline. And I'm telling you it's because that's because you are comfortable where Europe. That is also why that is also
my look telling yourself that you don't need to get out of bed in the morning. Tell you something you don't really need to work out or you don't need to go Harker or you don't need to do more in your job or be more discipline in the way that you live. If you tell yourself those things that actually I because the fact of the matter is think about this. The fact the matter is that you're comfortable you're not happy You're, not okay, with where Europe is that's. Why you're asking this question right now,
asking this question, because you know you could do more. You know you can be more and that's the truth, that's the truth and it eats you up and it makes you ask these questions asked the question to me and asked the question to yourself, and the answer is the truth. You know it, I know it. We all know it that the framework of discipline is the truth. If you help yourself the truth. The real truth be absolute had a unconditional unabated, odd merciful, truth, if you do that you will find disappoint. Greece equals freedom discipline
is rooted in the truth. The truth will set you free and what is that calculus work out to disappoint equals freedom and I think that's all I've got for tonight Echo Charles seems like we want the truth over here, yes, so that we can do more and we can be more people. Is there anything that you know of that helps reveal the truth to us. Yes, Jujitsu MAX, never lie that. No, they do not when used when when you make eye contact with that guy who's little bit better than you may be bigger, maybe we'll give you
scenario where you gonna put up more effort, then maybe you want to day when make eye contact and then you'd like look away. Brambles isa. Oh you mean free roll, pre roll out, there's like a scenario that could unfold, but we haven't connected. I contact for the wrong thing. It's like a since avoidance void. All everybody knows that's one of one of the many. Empty. Lies that we sort of trade of perpetual in ourselves, like I'm good right, that's what people Pena they want to be good at Jujitsu. I think you know, on the mats, knock bar sure we're sitting here. He's really sector due to many super like hard grow with just cause he's straw and weary, and athletic and fleet is gonna. Thousands thought office, but I have like an unwritten rule with him, no matter what one hundred percent, if if
either. One of us wants to railway wrong. He doesn't matter what's going on if one of us wants railway wrong and in most that type he wants role. I don't and I wrote them every guy. That's In that way Emily face it that you, like you, have mixed emotions about those kind it you see, I'm in here like Could you have it in your head, like you can't not role that person either with no, if he's there's like it's on and here is likes. I dont know if man he's been pennant working me, rest, the sourcing all men. I see a man like that. I know there's gonna be like a hard wrong, but I can't not row with them like downy feet and the whole purpose of my existence here. Right now, if I like don't grow with road, nor for sure
he's the same? When he's comin out you, the whole time is freezing awesome. Adieu. Jitsu is in good shape, be strong. He's got you just gotta disease gonna bring it he's. Gotta be used like that's await us, augmented, Earl, yes or no bar like these guys are to say: ok if they we're here it be. It would be an easier day regardless of what President yeah, but not it was like that. You know it. Actually, there can be guys who are like even actually better than you, but you row the minutes like it's. Not this huge like it's not that I heard of a row Nunez there's just different, but the lie that we care Tell ourselves, even though you the only one you learn to anyone arrogance which doing when you'd like to avoid that now there are, situations. That unfold, then, is the one that I do so, let's have an injury right, legitimate injury, I will
let's say a normal day for me as echo, camera do eight rounds. No eight six men rounds com normal, like that's good role for me, I had a good time, whatever takes an hour, whatever he's a minute rest really so, maybe not, but but anyways. If I'm if I'm injured, sometimes I gotta be. Ok, I can only four rounds, because then it just arts, yeah diameter reinsurer some stupid, and I just obligate I when I tried to tell people beforehand so that way not being that guy like if you want to go with me. Now is the time in four roles. Maybe five here, you know that I'm gonna, then I'm gonna call it. So it does happen. And I guess the reason that I am saying that is just to be Well, mineral, no matter what, if you're, injured and
like you know the deal like when you're injured, you haven't you, can you can you can get lucky for like three for all, like microcredit, tweak, anything we're good, they didn't get worse, that for fifth role, now your six role, you're, tired you're, giving a given a little bit more and all of a sudden. That's when you get hurt so just up just a little tail of caution, DS victim in a wouldn't it You know it's easy kind of like we were just sitting here, not in the situation you to build up, or are you just? Let you just work on the issue and if you gotta get, caught in the submission. That's how you know. No, it's not a submission that you're gonna get that's easy. You hope that someone, if you got a sore elbow, you hope that what hurts you is. Oh someone puts normal. Can you go all tat early right? That's what you hope. It is what you don't! but, as is your rolling and turning in your arm gets caught about spot, and now you re injured, there's no tapping from that. That's a janitor injury! Yes,
the way we were headed my head was like gum. Were you know your knee or or whatever, whenever rib when am you think I'm gonna go like kind. A little later right exists Euro one round, then you're all right one round with like nor something bad go like no way been, and it's you can consciously be going too late, but I really need to see how much you can remember to go light when you, you know, escaped compared it s. What I whatever surely will say to me like when you do good moved mean you say no sense, Jean Pierre uses, escalates that's a big victory my sense of urgency to increase in its biggest w. I act as you do so. I must say it to me too. Well. I'd say that it's a big w, but I do say my erect as was said earlier, a sense of urgency and that your anyway when you're in the moment whether you can control it
fully or not, or whatever. I would say you just decrease the chance of you staying safe as time goes on. Guess you just that's just like that. Birds lazy, just outside the odds are made it through four rounds imo. Hey, grow on walking off the map right now right. So that's like the opposite of a lie, you're, like being so so truthful. Yourself you're like a you know, and you in your doing the right thing, the law, comes when you're like you're, not injured you just maybe not feeling up to it may be hungover. I don't know, maybe that you put in a person and then you say well, you know I'm this or I'm sick from this in you say that, excuse you whatever to yourself and then, like you, avoid the hot roles the I had Wes, like through his train asp, deep into some rounds and west, West was on the other. Man becomes over and west of bees to like him. He just strongest jitters, awesome, Annie,
every time. It's gonna be a gacek and I'm likes against the warm done and he's like you wanna get one, and I was like As I said, no, you don't like now and then and then I was like brow either like thirty seconds whereby and also article does this week like it, because I wasn't done yet I knew I wasn't done, there's times where I've been like hey now, I can't I can't roll like I've got to know I'm done for the night. It's not smart for me to roll have discipline that more than anything else right did you know you when you're injured, you're there it's like You want to roll. So bad. You feel like a caged animal does want to get on the mats of justice reappear. Much in any time here there and you're not ruling injured, tsarist men working in my computer, filming whatever nominating China. Does this hell? But again, that's like the opposite of a lie. Like you hear your true
youth is, is very she say strong like you, don't like the lie like It's your heart! When you begin to lie to yourself, you know, but some people that they can do RO with everyone sees what you doing everybody or the Goldstein is Bell. Every ten seconds you like or in our basic food. Their train perpetuates, but the mats they don't lie. So that's why, with a gdp is a positive thing sure I think it does exist. Our truth or maintain our truth. The good ones doesn't radiance. I think so. Gotta be careful like ecosystems, but in that ecosystem, with is what we do care about or can give ear yeah. Come on, we all check it out, like would put it this way,
we do want to be walking around with a second rate gee that's made and where ever not here is no. We don't Would you want your data say? Look I trained jujitsu, I work hard and I support this country and its workers. Yes, that's what I want my Guinness near Only one gave it says that only one give it says and thus gorge and give it, and I think we all know that you know so. Yes, the question: what did what ye do I get one? I do gypsy. When I start you just do what I compete. Indeed, gingerly you get origin are you getting origin Rash Guard for the Novi scenarios said unfold, Then, since you can't wear a key and IRAN guard in public. Unless you John Daughter, diseases represent that right is represent. The rascal super hard core. As far as I know, it is definitely solar jet. We need to send him a rash courts, anyways
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also joggers, does or not the greatest things I put on my not, but we are not really for me about a joggers kind of guy. Does you don't well yeah? I mean you know fashionably speaking here: that's not you comfort! You know that's gonna down there on your list of priorities, so I get it right now. Those are just two things and have not rose super continue, although, oddly enough, the comfort of the Delta six Yeats is one of the things that make some very epic dear. Just like the cherry. On top give you came to juggle wives, wearing delta, Sixty aids if you see me in public and I'm wearing jeans, their delta, sixty it take it that you, the origin, mean dot com is where also supplements. These are important supplements joints for your joint supplements for your joint, that's important, so I left you can be the strongest going the world shoulders. Networking. Let me ask you this: is this jacked up? So guy hit me up on social media
and was like hey you're old How do you are you? How do you maintain like? How do you do this, and you know I is what those things was like. While do I just tell em like sir, up man. If you're not on your work, and crude oil. Europe is wrong. Like step number one get on joint warfare guerrilla seriously super krill joint warfare. That's what you want to do now. The thing I told him also is very consistent right. Am I don't I'm not one of those guys? It takes three weeks off from doing anything and then jumps back into the due to squat, like no I'm workin out for all practical purposes. I'm workin out every single day now is there regions, where life gets in the way, sure that's what it's called a day off. I don't take voluntary days off, but I'm tellin you, if you,
want to maintain like the activity at a high level and you're an older, listen, I mean I've. Only forty eight, I feel like I'm twenty one twenty two, maybe twenty seven hundred ensure but joint warfare and chrome. Those are the supplements at your specifically talk about right now, so I can't I commend them strongly enough and I should just hold back. I listen, be consistent. Work out, do good job warm up and take courage or more for, but then you feel Undisputed Sierra is selling this guy's deathlike brought this. Is it so? I actually did him a disservice year because that's true when you go like everyday inconsistent, your body, sorted Ino, for lack of a better way of putting it in for details, go be here by just used to it.
But at the same time, yeah you know, like your joints, had taken a meeting if you're pushing art, which I am, which yet mean why willing Pusher emanate, guess maybe under some circumstance that's ok, but for pushing hard. The agency can be like kinda, taking some of the brunt yeah sure so yeah refugees can see in the game, but it's like will no more What, if you join, can't stay in the game you're out of the game? Yes, that's the problem. That story hey, you can be big and strong. Eu joint work doesn't matter only strongly Weakest link make your weakest link your strongest link, joint warfare and gruel discipline. Go discipline powder form
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currently that's not as much of a thing, from what I'm Bro science has been learning and ninety nine most controversy, the Bro science world. I know man just suggest a shift really paradigm paradigm. She recited world just come from. When that has a doctorate in Brussels echoes girls. Here, I'm always Steinem somebody What is the point? we can drink mark any diamond there's another. I was really are more at night. Forty eight at night, when I'm like you know what I want deserve right now, all amounts mark. Basically yes, so it's more about out the protein rolling around in your system. Generally speaking- and you know, when your body needs protein to rebuild muscle bone, we got some protein already in there, whether you take it in twenty minutes after you left or if you know you disorder taken it in throughout the day
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if you're poss needs to hear this, don't do it like that saying if you sordid dish anyway, good stuff on there. I think enhanced stuff is well in sea Jacko and these things are exploring. Things are catching on fire. Sometimes it things are cracking open, any synchronize. It didn't synchronization with my words and music shallows and what not Yes, but love haven't, heard, echoes enhanced videos. You may not know it. Echo is a cello enthusiast. I You know everytime. You play me one of his videos when the cello Kirsten. I get him a luck, Anyway, videos on their yes there's got to. What's it called Jacko Podcast Jackal Blogging is called a thorn. We also something called psychological warfare, and I got a great power,
information on a great suggestion from someone some trooper out their dismay, the great suggestion, the suggestion was we talk about psychological warfare. You should describe it as a little psychological hitter Soon, as I said it, I, like you, get credit card. So yes, you know, or psychological hitter, to help you over some moment of weakness? We guess what we got some for you, psychological warfare is on Itunes. Google play other mp3 platforms. If you need a, visual hitter flip side canvas dot com where to go to my are speaking of his making visual representations of the path that you can hang on your wall on your ceiling in your doorway. Keep you on the path, that's what you need to do got some books.
Leadership strategy and tactics the most recent the answer to they are sure to every leadership. Question that I've been asked on this podcast. Then I get asked, time so leadership strategy intact field manual, everyone that got it! Thank you. Made it number one on a bunch of different with which was awesome, and I was super stoked. It was specially awesome if you're in, literary ecosystem, then you go home number one ever not doesn't care so I'm gonna get one foot in that dork. There's a bunch of people that I work with that are in the literary world, because that's what that's what it is right a book here in the literary world is so that ecosystems guys. Even though none of you care you all Propelled me too, the number one in that ecosystem that Well, that's outside a little were literary world. Doesn't care about people?
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ludicrously serious tone, and you haven't enough of echo's marginally marginally applicable metaphors view can't get enough of those two things. Well, guess what you can get more. We are available on the inner webs on Twitter Instagram and on deaf ears. Epoch echo his adequate Charles and I am at Java willing and two final word here. Thank you all for listing the park ass, a podcast that exists thanks to your supports. Thanks listening spreading telling your friends thanks are getting some deaf core or origin gear, all of which supports this podcast and, of course, thanks to all the service members out there in uniform who protect a very freedoms and make this podcast possible.
Also to our police and law enforcement. Fire fighters. Paramedics, E M, tease, dispatchers Correctional off is border patrol see service all the first responders, and I saw a boy a military members. I saw a bunch of first responders at all lives and I appreciate you come out and I want to say thank you for providing an environment where we can live our lives as we see fit and to everyone else out. There remember to tell yourself the truth. Remember to tell yourself the truth. You know what that means: the true Is you need to do more? The truth is you need to be more to reach your fullest maximum capacity and capable
Woody as a human being. And if you tell yourself that truth, you will find discipline and if you find discipline you will find freedom so do not lie to yourself and instead get out there and get after it and until next time this echo and Jacko out.
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