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223: Be Skilled, Capable, and Prepared to Take Care of Yourself and the People Around You. With Pat McNamara.

2020-04-01 | 🔗

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This is joggled podcast Neuber to twenty three but ECHO Charles and me Java, willing good evening echo evening. Modern combat his case Dick, intense and shockingly destructive in your first battle you Sperience, the confusing and often terrifying sites sounds smells and dangers of the battlefield, but you must look to survive and win despite them one. You. Could face a fierce and relentless enemy to you could be surrounded by destruction and death. Three, Your leaders and fellow soldiers may shout urgent commands and warnings. Four rounds might impact near you. Five, the air could be Phil, with the smell of explosives and propellant, six, you might
here, the screams of a wounded comrade, however, even in all this confusion and fear member that you are not alone. You are part of a well trained team, backed by them powerful combined arms force and the most modern technology in the world. You must keep faith with your fellow soldiers. Remember your training and do your duty to the best of your ability. If you do and you uphold your warrior ethos. You can win and return home with honour. This is the sole. Jurors field manual? It tells the soldier how to perform. The combat skills needed to survive on the battlefield, all soldiers across branches and come Opponents must learn these basic skills.
Noncommissioned officers. To ensure that their soldiers receive training on and no these vital combat skills. So now right there is the opening introduction of the EU Army field Manual, three tack. Twenty one point: seven, five: the warrior ethos and soldier combat skills. And after that, intro old manual itself is just filled with these skills, vast skills that are the backbone of being a good soldier. Things like this things like combat casually care and care The evacuation: how to work in the desert in the jungle in article issues how to use cover, concealment and camouflage how to prepare for
eating positions, positions in urban environments, leading positions in rural environments, immediate actions fire and movement. Five, a room on foot and find me in vehicles things like Howdah move effectively through open areas, how to get asked windows had a manoeuvre around corners how to enter a building clear room, how to conduct reconnaissance missions. How to shoot a variety of weapons and not just but how do you battle zero? Those weapons? How do you use reflexive fire What are your immediate actions on failure of your weapon systems and, of course, communications? You gotta learn a bunch of
radios and radio force voice procedures, and on top of that, you got you got the classic survival evasion. Resistance escape in the event that you get captured. What about Camelot, Chemical, biological, radiological weapons? How'd you face those. How do you, the decontamination and treatment procedures for all those. What about minds? What about demolitions would bring? In procedures. What an idea? How do you identify them? How do you find him? How do you do destroy them. Those are some of the things you need to learn, and on top of all that, what about you? army values, what about the law of land warfare, the code of conduct,
The soldiers, Creed and the warrior ethos this manual is packed, and that is a lot to learn a lot to track. And, quite frankly, what that means covers the basics, the fundamentals, Like the starting point, because there are countless skills beyond those fundamentals. And the longer that soldier stays on task. The law restates operational, the more proficient he becomes at those. Fundamental skills and then move on to advance skills that have tighter standards in more detail and more modalities, and one thing about Bina a soldier is Never you never master it. There's too much
this to me things to know to me things to understand me things to practice. To me things to rehearse too many things to exercise to me, things to execute, to be truly good. At these and I'll. Tell you what these skills there not only applicable to soldiers there all applicable to life there all useful in life, and maybe it's because there's so much sometimes sometimes people sometimes drew sometimes service men and women. They let those skills slide as time goes on. They become softer, they weaken, but there are some soldiers and some people that continue to strive
They continue to push that continue to try, become faster and stronger and more skilled and more accurate and more lethal, and they never stop aspiring to be their best and and those. Those are the true sentinels of freedom who not only strive to be their best, but also pass on their knowledge to others. That's what they do with their lives It is an honour to have one of those sentinels with us here tonight, retired. Special forces soldier tactic. Shooting instructor in all round highly skilled and capable combat veteran tat. Mcnamara.
Pat brother. Thank you so much for having me really he had the Yemen thanks for common on its. I know we linked up, I forget how you sent me a message. I sent you a message or someone, and will it wit, but you, finally, where will come out here and You know, you said how can be random like I can make. It has yielded many of the inner webs right up yet some really great people. I meet outstanding people with great character and all positive attributes so and when I meet him like you, for example, on you knew through is through the Euro now we ve never met in person, but you could safely to the bullshit and tell whether not somebody's legit and whether there you know whether their honourable person, whether they got good work ethic and all that shit, so the people. I me I'm very fortunate to have met some great people because of you
the inner webs and you're one of himself. Thank you so much for making this happen. So we I got some things in common one of those we both gotten a military, pretty quick. We also both grew up renewing one year, so let's go Let's go right to the beginning to wear this started. You grew up in Connecticut Europe and What did we? U, r Sporty RAF, we You know what I am it out like my early Blake, twins years kind of bomb. I was a kid I ball, you know probably my dad was probably disappointed but supported all my oddball ship and I want to do I mean I had always sissy Hobbes through. I was not an athlete I was I was up. I was a kid who got picked out Yeah I mean I would rightly has. I could manage railways whether there was a reason for there was a time when I went through a metamorphosis and I
we like to swim type, a thing, but you know I would doubt I ride. Unicycle to school, I drew I watch birds, I pick flowers, all that stuff and yeah I was. I was a big time sissy and then I had a. I had a window of opportunity to get tough and I had some mentors in my neighborhood, who pointed me down a road in the window of opportunity was. It was a basically like survival because I had older brother tormented me I'm he was poor person and when he went to prison the first time I was bright at like fifteen years old, so
oh, you know is a teenage. You growing. You have the capacity to really grow would be somebody, and I had neighbours and said: hey man, what you gonna do with his time. You have this time and I don't even think of it, and that is that I had no idea what you're talking about you have this time too, to prepare for his reap the you know for him to come back home. You have time so? I started wrestling. There was a big thing, and the wrestling turn me around and my first two years I suck, but my second two years I was, I was bad asked at my senior. I could now be beaten because
I fell in love with it and I would go to the college during the summers and practice with the college students that kind of thing, and I was lifting weights and- and you know, running back and forth to work and stuff like that, so I was able to like self govern. I didn't need anybody to drive me because I saw the results. I saw this happen how the change gotten a couple street fight so that you know you learn You learn whether or not you could cut the mustard in the neighborhood based on you know, who's whose in a fight with you? How and what the results are, whether you're getting your ass beat humility or your kitchen. These ass either way You know you learn a lot about yourself. Would you do? Industry invites double leg slant? yeah exactly exactly doublet down to dump to a headlong couple punches Yep exactly goes with. No, they talk about like the good old days, you
They get on the good old days. We didn't use, guns and knives. Whatever aid Oh baby was just double leg headlong about that. That's what a street fight worms there wasn't any this juice It's you wore my tie. No double leg headlong pointed to the fore he's right, hey! You had a real advantage. If you a little bit of fight you neglected because look you know back then think fight, training was in Taiwan downward stuff like that it was karate yeah there was no like movie tie in June, sue and stuff so few wrestling. Yet you had a big advantage. The street. The other was a. There was a guy. When I a new guy silky one. There was like a guy that had the reputation of being a fighter cause. He was some kind of some kind. Karate guy or something like that- and this is that this is the nineties. Right is not long ago. But it's before you have see one so people kind of
bought. Well, you know if you d, karate man, I would mean that I mean you know and There was a little interpol to scrap between the Karate Kid and on kid that was a wrestling right and a good rest. There, like a state champ rationally prepared, westerner some. He always exactly what what happened in the fight to eradicate guns, Artie stance and Ressler did a double leg. Slam headlong punched raise any everyone's like Dave, eighty what's crazy is now that I'm thinking about it even back, then it was like well that must have just been. You don't owe a fluke that occur that the product, didn't do whatever Denmark kill em all spots. So so so wrestling was huge huge for you, tat, big yeah massive, so
that, really that changed that changed me in every every way, both physically and mentally, is in itself when it, because I talk a lot a lot. I talk about where different, special op guys and one of the big common denominators is most of whom were wrestlers in high school? You know our or a really big percentage of more restless in high school because I think it that's the one sport where you're, our team. You know you relying on a team bore you representing a team in your earning points, for your team and you have to be a team player, but you have to be self driven to you have. If you want to be the best you have to think. Well, I need to do thousand reps of this thing. I need to get my grip strength better. I need better balance. I need to do more sprints. I need you know too increased my shoulder, strict whatever it is. You got
You have to be very introspective, unlike Iraq, separate other sports and and there's some there's some common ground with him. But but with the wrestling you know your mamma, we motto with another dude for that six minutes time and that's a long for six minutes ago, such a you know what else is in dumb, there's another big a big psychological thing in my song just just wrapped up his ease in the end, you know what this isn't an end? How we want two Anthea and his coach, whose great guy came up to me, known in any in us to stand and their yoke husband out, but I'm not like super emotional about the thing, but his coat comes up and says, as it has a bad day, and he goes yet bad data. Have a bad day, and I said yeah he goes wrestling we rarely ends the way you want it to mere and if you think of
that you know you go into a sixty four man bracket. Does one person that that day ends the way they wanted it to work to date? and then guess what that must go into the next tournament right and what are the chances that really, when you get done one season, if you're the champion for the Seas and guess what that means, you got another season, come up and eventually. Eventually you're not gonna be happy with the outcome. Right. That's what's gonna happen. So, what's what I love about it is you know you, like your seigneur freshmen sophomore year, you're just getting down and how many kids I see in addressing programme they that first year, you know with there can be down, could never us before they can take the other co antiquated adequate, but people that are tough and if they look at themselves and say, while I Louisiana can get myself better how to work out when you brother, Google, it turned out really really well. He I was upstairs at the top of the stairwell, and I was in the bathroom has taken a dog
What was he in Juvy or with our noses, losing a bit you stay here. You wanted to the Penn state PEN, I think about the name. You remember you will know that the name of the town and everything it'll ITALY, kicked bathroom door open and I'm sit down now taken out. Thank our move humbly and goods like an old bullied and intimidated and am am now I'm embarrassed to collect them up updated and now I'm embarrassed to cuz. I got my pants are on my ankles and I could hate you don't get the hell out of here and he's be turned me. I can tell he's stoned out of his mind. It's pissed in my face. You know one of those say I won't say I won't and I pull my pants up and I said you won't deny freaking just straight just straight overhand, right back in a way almost through his face and he went down the stairs little by little and then what did I do? I followed of downstairs. He got up
when I take her block and pointed at my parents were sitting in the kitchen and they crossed her legs and just watch to happen like it's about time. This guy. This is up com. It's right here! You notice karma. They didn't do a thing. So I got you know those blinks in and told good bye and look at the door. I was going out and was that you senior year that will my junior year, at what point did you start looking at the at a military that year gap dying, I knew so it is junior year. One thousand six hundred and seventeen is when I knew I had to I had to do that. I had no idea what anything As with military, so it's fine, because when I went to the recruiters my dad and I went to all the recruiters. I had no pressure, I had no, I had. No preference wasn't like, I would add allegiance, because you know some he's dad.
Was in the marine corps forever or worthy we collars or anything like that. I don't care I want, and I want to be a tough guy So I went to each one of the crews and, and the voting process was who could fast track me. Who could put me out a road too bad sorry, the fastest habits. I want, the fast track, the bad ass we saw at the time. The army had the best answer because they had to programmes had rangers and then they had the ESA baby programme. Eighty x ray so I signed up for that and I went home. Call my dad. My dad was like he was a little put off cuz. I didn't tell him he said: hey we're going we're going back there, but I'm bringing my lawyer cuz. I don't want this guy to fuck you and cherish it. Man went out backed with a lawyer. He was doing some scramble and with the paperwork he was, he was change in some numbers of digits around
I'm so glad at my dad hook me up like that. You know because it could have gone really bad I've got it mostly dead set itself, its a funny because I look at that career and- and you have to be so lucky, you know with us and I too all they got all these guys, who you know contact me inner webs and stop. They say I want to be a sea. I want to be for three all the stuff in it. Hard to explain to them the amount, not only how, how tenacious you have to be, but the amount look involved in that road. You I say guys. This is it's it's! It's a good road, It's a bumpy road, there's, no short cuts, but well, it's a road were taken, but damn and I mean is the amount of times I failed throughout much wanted to your crew. I could write a book. Just not fail
as you know, an amount of shit that I failed and had to go back and do again the of injuries in the recoveries and surgeries? and another failure, another failure, another failure- and I mean in its easy it's pretty easy to go. Well, I failed that one, so I'm just not cut out for that thing, but most special ops, guys they don't stop at one thing. They don't like, for instance, become airborne Don't say a this is panicle on picking out here. Except this I mean it's great, career path, but more some say: what's the next step in a what's next step, let me go and see if I could have got a halo school, let me go to combat dives school. Let me go it s half course. Let me trial.
For such you to go to the unit. You know for most of em. They want to keep progressing in progressing in progressing so the opportunity, in the end, the not the opportunity, but the chain the chances of failure become greater and greater, because you know your volunteering over over So whenever I talk to young kids, they want to be, you know they have it. They have an inner mine. I want to be a sea on, like that but just understand you know. I'm all about and and you know if you ve got a good if you gotta go back, but it's hot. The hard part is for me is to tell em there's a lot of luck involved, I thought you were gonna, say: there's no short cuts and there is no guarantee that that's that's it to draws yeah just like that road, there's, no short cuts on that road. You that's why? thing that I'm a pretty I wanted to try not to do is, say: yup, you, should do right
because in all the worst thing about the Navy and seal teams is look That's the kind of lifestyle you want to live. Do you want to carry a machine gun? That's great right! If you don't make it in a sealed. Yes then you're not getting a machine gun right at all. Right, hey you, make it through Sf4, you don't make it as a ranger. You don't make me force recon, you can still be a grand which is awesome right and that's what you want to do. I want to be drunk since I was born, so so when I joined the Navy. I never thought about that. I didn't even know denies that I was too dumb, but it's it's oh guarantee, there's no short cut and man. Yet it takes luck. You you land wrong or a jump. You you'll get hurt for in the inner base, exceed training or something called Rock Portage, where there's big wager Lenin boats in these giant rocky area and its no fat isn't it's too easy. Just step off. Rock wave hits your being blown out. Yet do you
recovery, Newport, our way, you're fat, you re out of shape. You know you go back, get stress, fractured you're done. I don't get it happens all the time. It happens all the time I was, a toe jumper myself. Your house juniors alter its or a brilliant job. I get told all the way across four draft report. My bicep into my form broke my ribs dislocated shoulder concussion, I mean I was jacked up and I just joined That was my first failure. That was number one that set me back brow. That is in that airplane. Again, who was what number jump was out for your number. Two still have three left three or four. Whenever it is and jumped school, so toad jumper is that's, that's just a nightmare yeah and they briefing all time are. Nevertheless, I never seen one all time so talkers through talkers through being told jumper
well, for I mean for people who don't know you know when you started a jump career. That's how you start with a switch static line, so the static line is hooked to inborn cable inside the aircraft and when you jump out of airplane, you hit the the end of the static line in it deploys or should it be pause, a shoot out in subsequently being open to shoot, inflates and flew to the ground straight. And it's around shoot, there's not a lot of skill involved here and there parties that that once that static line pulls the shoot out it, let's go right there not connected, so it just pulls the shoot out. The shoot is now inflated and the static stays with the aircraft like sex work after and there were many to formulate a right that was supposed to have a there's a lot of different ways. You can become a toad jumper.
What is it? They took the fault of the rigour, so the rigour did something and there's a not somewhere with in the you know that the lines the canopy or what have you? so those are pretty rare. Another A more common one is a fall to the jumper it jumper does something wrong. You know he heaps doesn't hand to the to the up to the safety the right way, hysterical because azure as you're going down in the aircraft toward the door, you got the static line. You hand in the last step before you exit is to hand it to safety, the jump master and he collects it up and he you know, pushes them away from the jumper. So it's up its bits. Its very well rehearsed in its choreographed and it there's a lot of feed or two. It looks cool so
I must have just like shocked at item and got away from an event under my reserve and around my arm. So I not even half way. I'm at the beginning of the stick Double doors see one thirty, I'm at the beginning of the sitting. I go out and instant fire through my whole body, instant eye goat. I hit the end of the static line and I feel my whole body just jerk and go with the aircraft. I was lucky that the static line was under my reserve and not just around the arm,
Is that what you know murmured just come off bro, you know, but ass. It was under the reserve around the arm, so there was some friction marrow with the static lying around the equipment. The rest of it was around my arm and I remember I had the whereabouts to look up the length of the static line and I could see jumpers coming over the top of me, but this wasn't now don't get me wrong. This was not me beat. I was scared. Shitless. You now look go and oh my god, you know this is. I was horrified it was. You know how much of an over over over. I could see jumpers jumping over me and I'm going What in the hell, you know to training, said you know, put your hands on your reserve. To get poor Dan and all this stuff and and and am not remembering eight, because I can't do this
I can't put my cause: you're always choose arms up, yet always your armed, like tangled in the static line. Now in the most attentions rather reserve, but some and I keep hit me airplane. Thankfully, I just know everyone knows cause you're in a hundred and thirty hundred forty miles an hour wind up, that's what that's a toss in Europe. Some getten slime against the aircraft- and thankfully I get slant hard enough and it comes loose. So I fall ended the static lamp sure deploys have had that not happened. There's no way I would have had the whereabouts poor up my reserve, no frequent, because I was already you know shocking in other bodies, amaze. You know when you reach your pain level. Ten, the body would compensate. You know it says. Let's care of you and put you into some shock here. So you know seed or feel that
but but I remember being very, very uncomfortable under canopy and I was groaning and moaning just oh, you know just moaning and groaning, and I was all with prior house pushed me like way up at the leading edge. All the way. At the end, I mean right. I would like an I hit the ground and I land outside boom right on those ribs and all that soft shit right on it or not Add insult to injury, I'm lay in there and I'm going just a two Pompey kid Bro done happened, but based training. Eighty to add injury lay in there on the ground and a breeze comes in who plays and it starts dragging crossfire drop so
the drug boom boom, and I can hear the black hat city instructors out. There would sit with stand on these platforms with bull organs and they were being placed throughout this massive. What's fragile, sunlight, who minute drop sooner, something I can take its massive and I could hear one of these black hat instructors. Yon at me get up like you, where they are getting drug. Were these wanting you gotta be rules can be released, assemblies now leg. It I've got all I got a better. Do he says, Cosette many get in trouble so I do that. I reach up and pop pop one of my cable loop type, canopy, release assemblies and and I'm scared, scared. I think I'm gonna get in trouble healthcare because I'm her in- and I didn't get permission to get her is, of course not. I was ever injured, injured, injured in my life in a real injury, a pact all my shit up. You know a pact all that crap up into that kit bag
through it. On my back- and I remember, beans really really scared, because there was no signal from my head to my arm. You know there was no, transmission to make it move to make it work, and then I remember feeling my face and feed blood was superficial, but you know I hit the cut was superficial, but I hate whore, you know against aircraft boom boom boom over and over. Cats are skin in the crowd because they pack it up and bring. It saw the crowd now area and the black a skin, in the crowd, because they know it so it's fucked, I only they saw their scan. The crowd now go on my guard. Nobody comes up to my tomatoes hebrew. You look Bad because I was, I guess it's just I should wait. You know it he leaned stuff, and- and I looked- I look at my arm and he could see that there was the old school be to use
like genuine bead use, had roper around and I go man, I'm her really bad. I don't. I don't feel good and he said it. Let me help you with that of, but my blouse He looked and that's it I flew out because now looking at his own and living there wasn't open, but it was. I try Loosened the skin and there was no bicep and he kept point. I've. There wasn't my form so the black at sea that they come on over you, the guy yea, what men back or he took off with some do with a broken femur, the burglary golf so they had the blessed be back and when these bluebird school buses all the way to Martin Army half and then to add more insult to injury. This is nineteen eighty three. So there's a budget who did they would grenade injuries like real sharp injuries in the house. Fill with these dudes man with Rangers and gas from a second who have,
a real combat, jumping injuries, and I'm here with this toll, jumper forty five company, duffel bag, drag you? No injury outweigh com. I gotta sucks mad as Bulgaria I had, but but there was a lie times like that. You know it. My it might like, I said I could write a book and fun at how many times of I have failed. Therefore, is to try to make. If I try to make an interesting and funny did you just as we want a little bit. What did you do to get ready? What are you no about special forces training. And what did you do to get ready prior to go in well? I'd I didn't have had prior to go in. India are all right. I was wrestling lifting and us do not hiking like hampering insane you knew yeah. You never heard of it. Yet I knew that they were woodsman stuff, like that. I had. Body who was he was, I was boy scout
anybody who is Eagle scoundrel knew all the mountain. Instead, he was really good and we would go up do robes, hallooing and all that you know it also good for fear management. When your kid, you know repelling outside of a cliff, is great stuff to help companies carpet. Compartmentalize those fears of heights things like that, but I did a lot of woods running. You know it's just I think from it was therapeutic. It was more about that preparation than physical preparation physically I was pretty freakin strong, I was I was very fit. I was a very fit teenager. You know, in my my lad or ten years, seventeen eighteen years old has very self driven. I wanted to be fit saw that you know that I looked cool too. You know That's a figure motivator bro you for seventeen and eighteen and when you go
physique lanky up how many I needed by need work are more because there good jack. Now, when you got in what was a shock to your system like day two of boot camp, so regular boot camp, that was That was scary is how I love how. How'd, you know it's all theater, but you don't no. You have no idea, but here's the thing to day to it with actual day too they had the rules were in place. Yet in nineteen, eighty three, where there there there came a point where drill sardines. Couldn't
physically couldn't hit you yet that point had happened, and I want to draw certain right hook or a dude who you Meda, Adam information? You know one of my peers, private, nothing easier up ad, He was at prayed rest in the drill, servers, YO and Adam, and they were size size, you know they both looked like bad ass. I remember looking at this disparity kid in his Joseph. They both looked like bad asses the kid you know made a jump boom. Why modern? Nowhere I mean hook right to the african jaw timber drop, just dropped at our who leave that was scarcely ever saw. I never see let my liking, for you know like I'm sorry streak lights, but that On Monday we motto that that fearless guy in that book was so freakin fast and then seeing that guy just timber was
I was. I was pretty scared. I know it. I know that when people listen I guess we'll send me a message and be like hey. I just joined to an army. It joined marine Corps to join the Navy, and I would say, listen the first two weeks you're saying thank you right now, the first two weeks you're gonna, be like Haiti right. You're gonna wish never listened to this podcast because its shocked your system to have every freedom that you, as a human being, every sense of it. Duality and every privacy, which is like three the three primary things we value there all go sit on shake it up the way it's a great. I love the way they do it. You know I love it. It's the culture shock is, is real, you know, and if you're not used to it, you know just some punky kid who is bad ass on the wrestling team, and then you see you know, then your heads get shaved off and then you you look. Same as everybody else, and then you know yourself. Deprive sleep deprived. What is that you know
You have a time limit to e in all. You know that the constant rigid yelling and screaming in your face. I think they do They didn't well with every basic training. When I went in and as I could room recall now, I say kudos to those guys who were who were able to run it like that. I mean what's off theatre, you know when I look back at it. If I were to go right now through it and like yeah, whatever I'll play your game, but I know you're not going to do anything to me. Soft rats, all I'm thinking, no, eighty three to you in a bunch of Vietnam. Guy s or never mind still had we not only your native Yapped have you guys had gypped a lotta only. I had an arm nom guys in when I got into the teams, but you know We had been twenty years right so got their luggage retired at twenty largesse. It just got out after whatever they did two three tours in Vietnam, but for you in aid, the right manner, yeah com. They were the matter fact without, even when I was
as of course there were, they were thick, oh Harry, Vietnam, that's going through the S of course, all going through day. They were thick and then, when I to a team and first group, you know my team sort was a one. Seventy third guy Vietnam, and they were, they were diamond, does I mean you had all of the command we're Vietnam, there were Etsy owes you know they were Vietnam, as if they were ie. Seven said above they were gone. Vietnam that's So how long will it take you to recover from a toe jump? scenario. Jumper happened in October and finish jumped school a couple months later in and defend so you recover and then went back to jump school. No, no! That's when I ended jumps go yes. I recovered in Finnish jumped school end of February issues like tiny, quick, require and Europe bicep surgery. Right, add it was Mass because, with the by seven it wasn't like separated from
the guy. Who did it split? Bicycles? so they had to salvage so is about as big as the Dwayne experienced me is the biggest round as a pencil. So you imagine the amount of strength that you lose. You know you don't know how much you rely on a bicep when it's when it has to work in compound with other must, for instance, doing polyps. When I got to the queue course, so now you start all the frequent screaming and yelling and sleep deprivation and food deprivation all area all over you finished it now you're doing more. Now you back to be straight from jump, school, Yacu, courtship matter fact, but Europe right to it. I started the course of my night tenth birthday March, guess, there's my bookmarks fifth jug nineteen. Eighty four started the cucumbers and her march sport and.
In category four face when they weren't screaming and yell at you, you doing classes patrolling in land have and survival would all this stuff and you were able to get a hot, a one hot meal a day. If you could do ten, pull up with your kid on inclined the rope Europa, your kid I and most everybody was doing, Wasn't you doing it cuz? I have no. Now this hurt my pride because our fit. You know I mean I was a pull up master but I just finished always months in hospital to hadn't done any peaty, nothing you know so I had to get. I had to get back into shape, while I was getting back into shape your during the training process I had to, I had to get into shape cuz I was getting those hot rash, and so I did it took awhile, but I got those things and how long is the q course?
For me. It was a long time. It was this. It depends on what you eh is like your second phase and I don't know how they run it now, as far as like phases go so there's a first phase, which is all the basic skills, your land. Now your survival you're patrolling all your repelling, all all that stuff, you know and and getting yell dat- and you know the first page of sucks. Just big suck, fastness classes and between socket second bays depends on what your specialty earth
So you re all right. Why start as weapons guy Ochre the up, so I went to the queue courses, weapons I had later reclassified, echoes and then a third phase which, as you know, big field exercisable doing like your fits in your? U W, and all that the traditional special forces tasks so but yeah I I failed out a first phase and it was I failed first, I failed survival and first face now. I was a baby. Keep my end and senior guys did not dig that there were privates go into the queue course There was some animosity there; they they were digging that shit at all there, like keepers of the crept, you know, survival was cool and I don't think they run it,
the same way anymore, I'm not even sure they do it all. But back in six days you got no food. They send you they. They drop. You often area of like you or national forest, and they give you one rash for those six days at sea they're alive nor alive rabbit. Now we teach prior to you know you get your own veal craft, stuff and everything you know how to make fire how to kills all this stuff and then with Sixteen you have you have a list of twenty two things you have to account. And a lot of money. Do you know you got to build this massive signal? You got to build a shelter that keep a fire going. Twenty four slash: seven, you got to find water, get filtered You don't just a lot of things, but I may try to cut this one just a little short, but I was I was thriving. I'll kick your ass, because I did a lot of it as a kid run around the woods, fishing and stuff like that crushing and I found a pond that was within
confines of my blood because they told you you know here is where you or you can only move within this about this radius. Here you can't go, I forget what it was, but within the confines of my boundary I found a pond was right on the edge of it. Well, Withers pon people fish where people fish people throw trash, sure shut up. I'm ok, spot and about trash, and I was looking like yodel wrappers and snub little remnants of chocolate and about fishing line in the tree in the trees has got cast in which he knows I, climate, treasonable and meticulous. We pulled out all these scourges. These nicely strings of of good fishing wine, barber hooks all this stuff and as a look around this say I see a beer cans and upon a lock and I go over, I feel it. I go manners beard, there's something
so I cut the top. Often with my knife and sure enough. You know it's like two thirds full Beer in this bugs on it and I chug a log district, then I go fishing and I kids us during a load of these massive bluebells, stringer load. I mean like something it's like like I'm going to get full today. Now, when you can, when I went back to my campsite, you know priorities. Work start over again, get your fire doing, make sure you know everything squared away, because the tax or the instructors come by every night to check on you make sure you're alive and they read your log cuz. You got a log witch during the day and he's looking at my stringer fish, and I got some smoking. You know he's like. What in the hell aren't you know about all these version, but the Berne and- and I was a child I found that worms are when you're hungry. They are good
have you cook him? There's just food browser just add just food. You cook him in a little bit of water and you can you thirteen cup, there's nothing can gross about him and they are good. So I was, I was challenged out: the only other worms, but all this fish smoke in it. I haven't you Chicken day three chicken just walk, I gotta tied up with little piece of the good at five. Fifty walk guys. My body without part of the task. I had to kill him eventually, because that was why the checklist but I was saving for a rainy day, but the structures. Reading my log any what's this here about a beer and oh yeah, yeah as I founded by war and this chicken shit, Motherfuker pulls out his wallet and pulls out a card, and he goes. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say: can you read me my rights bro, because you know why cuz I was drinking beer,
Dewey do. This is survival brow. He was tat. I was surviving so you're, a private right Anna was a private, so that was that ten points, so you have it. There was a point system. Already lost a budget points is doing dumb ashes, but that was my last had points I had to go, I've read day lobby to recycle cause. I I The last thing you do in inverse. First, my socks, man, it's socks. Its socks, I've ever be knocked out patrolling being so cold and sleep deprived, deprived piss myself. You know that thirty. Three percent security I mean son. I have to do so. All over Europe. First base it about that. There was a story of my life in the military and that's it anything girl, like you were saying earlier. That's the kind of thing that gets people's heads all right because they are, you know I am not a day. This area
do and all the city- and I made it this far and I gotta tell you do all of you. I thought you guys are stupid. You wanna be a part of this group of people rather assholes narrow, lot Avenant your head, for she was very easy, when I left chemical and went back to Fort Bragg and got caught You know chow whole food and me in a shower to go yeah. This is this is comfort. This is where I want to stay You know either there's that point where you you could accept. You know being mediocre where I could see it and I was like no no fuckin way made. I want that so bad. I want that. Embrace so bad. I really want the mayor giving me the opportunity because they have to take you to sit back you. They give it to me. Hell yeah shit, man. The same thing with combat bicycle. When did you to combat dives go was already at a group. Yes, I will
first groups will before you dare sorry what, with the rest of you, know the queue Korea rescue course now. Did you have a new language back then? No back there, no language. We did that when we got to group got it so the estimate, just kind of its suck, because, because you need some experience, you needed to know how to write and operations order, and you need to know what you know. Five point Tennessee Plan pace report and oh Coca in all those acronyms you Know- is a private don't have any that you guys were common and they had no. Eighty. Second back a second airborne background rangers. I mean they are actually squared away squad. Beaters yeah, I did not have a minimum daily. The ranger handbook by heart inside out, I knew none of ash and none of it none of it. So thankfully, the staff sardines and he servants who saw me and went through something about you and they kind of two.
On the responsibilities mentor and I I jumped on it gee. I hung out with those guys. You know these guys were first range of Italian, you know. Eighty second era I they were hardened infantry spur, like six years already, and they knew all that shit all of it because with there's no way without them. There's no way. I made no freeway. You just don't have you don't have the frigate sets and you gotta know there comes a time when you go in future like that, where you got know inner, what who I go to align myself with who, The remedy align myself with an end. I can't look like a shit. Had I gotta make sure that I've never late light uniform, because otherwise you squared away soldiers they're, not gonna, want me to hang out with him if I'm just some peace shit whose
literally strap hanging onto them. I want them to want me to hang out with them, so I made that happened by you know, being work ethic you know was a thought volunteer for the shit duties out. The feel that kind of thing, because nobody wants about here- you know when you're out patrol nobody wants a volunteer when you're patrolling it to me hey. We need to build this sore this reconnaissance- but I could stay here in a patrol base, Slovakia for everyone, ethics- but you know you. I learned a lot on those two, because I'm with some every bad, ass, dude, some grunt and you know, he's teach me along the way just OJ. So did I mean I made by the skin of my teeth. I would say you know that training Not graduate is undergraduate early thing like that.
Go down the road I did. I did very well at different schools but work that thing where you know you get the kids in school that got held back a year. I you know, and they did they do a lot better. I mean it. Obviously you know you're that young and I want to say where endless arouse eighteen, but I look back now. Am I go on same thing like I'm glad I made it through Yorkers. There was is that where little older and you just many of these new more. They were physically, more, developed than I was, and you know you just just try and hang on man. You hang on yeah slimmest snap link to demand That's another thing is the base seal training. There's do you don't learn you basically don't learn anything Six months of just such as we have just discussed going to suck you don't real, you don't go. I mean like us.
Don't call me before you go on some patrols. You know you go through the land warfare phase, which is six weeks and you going to be leaving along HANS. You do these little mission, but it's not it's it's not any. If you don't do not actually learned anything you're, just Abner socket it's it's a good way. Trim the fat, though you have really wants to be here because s f. What now they have? You know like a selection assessment process back then it was caught, pre face So we just a couple weeks of just be Dounia. That's it with pity for, times a day. You know three hours sleep at night for back up energy and there was no Reimer reason too. There was not a. I don't think there was a single piece of his pocket training. No, no, it was just formation run, push upset ups, get up, get out roll over job, Clean this clean that pick up those pine cones Peter, again just here. Just
down, but it was a good way of the fat for guys like fuck. This, are you graduate you get through, and inward wait where'd. You go forward to our first group out of Fort Louis Washington, Artic Jungle, We used to go out there and right here, freckled, all snorted junk, really southward training area. You know that's like a jungle and if Bigfoot exists, where he lives hundred. That's what's wholly crap check into what would you do when you checked in to go to an atm right out of the outright right out of the gate? Right to an atm and man talk about being intimidated all over again, I'm going to deprive another steam. You know, teams Vietnam, VAT. I mean Team commander was bad ass to other
is another Vietnam and every one of these duties from rage protect not even eighty. Second, they were all rangers all and then me do We have made no ass. I have nothing to offer. What am I a cherry weapons, do not a frigate eighty just a chair, pity is ass. Tat was it. I can teach you My ass off aren't you for all should duties and make sure that every you know all my kid is squared away and that a minute you know them stay out of trouble zeal Human army for like two years at this point out: yeah yeah yeah, if that you're half a year, have any other guys been in the army for ten years, all right. Well, yes, yes, it you're a nine years, and you Only guy! That's it was, there now that's yes right! I was there,
you guys so many times, even when I was a huge fires on like that. No before this eighty four, when I went for eighty four, I got there and eighty four beginning, eighty five the cool thing to is opportunity just like that boom boom boom. Do you want to go to the school? That's cuz! I can tell ya, send me you know if you're, if you're asking me that yet the answer is yes, I want to do all things you have all model, wanted, just ride it out and accept mediocrity. You know and be just be another dude. I want to be top on that total pole. So my butt out our major was famous Vietnam, but, little but highly decorated. He saw me one morning and I was run through the battalion airy any goes private. My career
and he looked a member jack. We object Polanski actor, who kindly Jack o lantern you now that stolen his face. I do yes, our major. Why or snapped prayed rest. He was on having a surprise inspection at barracks smarting. It I want you to be. My recorder grow in my room is blocked Jack Jack, it's jet. While the day is like that morning, I got a call from greyhound because I ship oh my stuff greyhound because back then you know and it was like fish. Being dollars anywhere in the country. So I ship from Fort Bragg to Fort Lois oh my duffel bag and my team swords. Take your pick. It should have a grey out. I went and got brought it back to my room, did all over the freakin room and then right after accountability formation, it like zero, nine or whatever. That's when he grabbed me and I'm all my God
ruddiness or maybe, when you want story goes you got something to write on something right with yes, yes, let's start right now my route as we did. Three four we lived in the old was those are war to bear where were due to over the White Freakin raised, they get the mayor space are neither and I swear my my was, alas, room to be respected. Bloodline, building, classroom and he's ransack and shit, I mean dump drawers and knocking over beds. There is something you for with some Israel, human, just ransack and look for clues are poor booty hero like four paraphernalia. He got my open. That door there shit everywhere. They use who, in a and he looks at the name to adorn, he looks at me and he can't smiles
opens. I should you this clever, no wit, you know wit, I appreciate wit, would guys have wit, and this is how witty those deeds are. He opened up the first door, let it had the floor, PAM and ship just frequent jumps out and in that drawer. Three, seven sixty I couldn't have am, or the barracks and I had two hundred hours in cash you couldn't have backed by the cash in the barracks either. Eighty picks up money any picks up the bullets he walks over to me, and he looks at the money, goes as is ride for whoever fides, these any jobs, and he just pay pay, make a right of the bread basket or I double over, but wall to Wall Counselling back then I would much rather have that in article fifty four sure I may, but my she was wrapped so tight after that I may never ever ever fucked up again,
I mean I thought I was squared away before that. No I was I was on it like a bother you I was talking about this other day like the sounds like you're, going through the same thing. One thing that was awesome for me when I joined the Navy is what I wanted to do. What I want, I really just want to do is just like a b, a good seal yeah. Unlike what Reich due to try and be a good deal, and when that goal man It's like your whole life is pretty good because, like You're translate shape return. It gave your gear ready. China be squared away like that's what you're trying to be a good team. Major China volunteer for stuff. It's such a it's! It's you Here, there's a lot of people are run run now myself, including It seemed like a you. Gotta have a mission you gotta be yoga. Of course we have the meaning is found in responsibility. George Pearson right right right, for me. It's like oh get because lucky I was. I was a total knucklehead kid and- and I had an aim, my
Was this broadening of like a hammer to dry leaves you like? Did you try to do man it? Just it put it when a path right, you don't put you on a good package and it sounds like prison. More for you, but it's not a good path. Hey. I want to be a good special forces soldier when you screw sum up, heighten up even more gap in in, and you know it. They were always give me operating aid to improve myself and I never let one of those opportunities pass. I mean. Do you wanna get like combat I've got a hell, yeah, that's another one. I failed by the way. How do you feel combat nowhere? Now? Here's the thing about nothing. I had no idea what that's what I thought. I was gonna like by four conk shells, key west or something No idea not know we scuba, which is a prerequisite. Ok, I guess that a Pat MAC
private Magyar fit. Were you a water guy at all, yeah, I'm strong in the war, and I was on a water team, Scott Swim team with in four in the first group so a lot of surface swimming. You know just drag in Iraq, surface swim. I went to combat dive school and what once again You know everybody scream at you, your pity. Until you freakin give me you know I I umbilical hernia, replete with sheets bellicose earlier, but up water is the great equalizer it isn t. There is no doubt about, and so when, when they started to, Heaven is doing brought me like the pity thing. I was like our right to socks sucks, but that means you have a couple classes and then right to the poor in every way screw menagerie. You try to get your gear and as fast as possible, and you know it these twin eighties, on your back and to say
stages. Stuffed into your pc, not breathe, stoppages! All wait! Twenty per wait bout model- Donald Byrd and the water, air water and then terror. You know with crossovers. So. The crossover thing to me blew my mind. Talk about you know humility, how to make somebody humble you know how to suck them. Life right ADI laying crossover so this particular pool you know it was up. What's what else big swimming pool at the whip, fifty by two Finally, I very wide it's pretty yet its profits by twenty, or so it's like. Twenty five in this poor nations was eighteen feet to deem so you ve got guys on each side of the girl to sew on each side
the pool so and you're you're you're bad chest back, you're, just stacked up and you gotta mask on, and you got your boy to compensate or you get your twin aid you gotta twenty pound way bell? You got aeronauts thanks. You does not breathe in it that regulators stuffed in your BC. The instructor be out prepare to cross over crossover, so once bolts let's go under water and the objective is to make it to the other side were, inside I shallow once I goes deep and you come up and you get a few puffs before they say, prepare cross over cross over it ain't enough time, especially if you had no preschool but you had you haven't experience this and then you do it again and again and again and people start drop in like flies and what the window open is equating yeah,
some time with me, for example- it wasn't a I didn't say I quit. I refuse to get off the wall because it was a shock because I already have. Oliver Black out. So I already had a shallow water blackout date in with the shell. What a black it's basically once again, the human he's cool because you won't let you drowned. Unless you want drowned, unless you inhale water, you you're gonna pass out before that happens. So, you hold your breath, long enough, you just pass out there school that they should, they know, could be happens to people all time, so they go down they freak and bringing up, and you soon, as you come back up and they slap on the surface, you your revived you're, coming out of it, and then it takes a while. You know you're like holy Shit, that was scary, and then they ask you once you replied to give you some oxygen. Do you want to get back in the water danced for me was yes, I do, and then I had another one, and the next day during crossovers. It was I had the other one. They said you wanna get back into water. Yes, I do
another cross over and I couldn't get off the wall and the rules. They tell you three times near out, get out the wall. Mister, and there they want you to succeed. They want they want to. There's like I'm Tellin, you that's the first one. I'm gonna give you another. What MR get off my wall, it's not get off me. Get off my walk it up along. You know they want. They want you to want yet again, you're Europe Bureau, Fellow S, Africa, right yeah. They want you to want this so ends super super professional cadre. So they gave me the third one and it didn't happen. I was frozen out stuck to it, but that's it. The one that I avenged away back. I've got pre school, but I went out. Fuckin kill, that's good, not only that kill it, but I was volunteer for shit. For instance, I had a body. Who don't shit bottom search, so you you get tat, sets of scarce shit in our ship items,
because you're back is on the frequent deck man. You feel you're you're twin eighties, in in the muck. In that an end in your basic wanting with your hand, bottom others, both the ship, and you could feel that ship rising and sinking just a little bit just a little bit sues cup wages. But what happened to my body mine is: there was a type of select the right type of jellyfish that was on the ship itself and when he was washing basic, washing the ship, they went down his blouse into a short and he got a frequent yet like stone. By jellyfish all away from his chest, always Balzac. So it was medical variously about this. A funny thing when we gotta not sure he's going is burned up here, it's jellyfish, and so here A grown man- and this is one time where you don't question that shit we're a grown man.
It is written. His clothes open, he's got piss on my face. There's something like we're all driver. You know we were all wrong because we're froze and we get our Bixler hands like five. It is not one guy who is not While he had a really bad reaction, any sort of throwing up ad. He failed the next days subsurface swim, fifteen hundred subsurface when, but you get make it up our Saturday. We had that Saturday off and they also volunteers, somebody areas, swim, buddy, some we gotta be a swim body and African volunteered and this guy bad. He was wearing more bad asked and I was so I was a little nervous glided why slowing down and we we must
the garden when a bow. He or you know, get the surface goddess bearings. He gave me a written. You know the go down signal and we start fin and and struggling to keep up with ever now modest Heather. You know my car, he can't be. I can't I have to keep up with his dude and he is an absolute cyborg. And there was a horse. I've worked my life because now not working for me, I'm workin for somebody else, and I can't let you do down you now, as I, oh, my god, but he crushed crusty. Who is the time space between you failing dives gone and go back once you're? Ok, so It is so this is like six months that was the last six months. One year was for selection Were you guys? Were you guys? We just go? on employment. At this time Yes, ok, yeah, and where are you as the pointer for us
scoop of Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, those kind of things and it's cold war right up cold war Fit stuff peacetime army gap. Jude you have to learn the language at this point yeah I was pretty good at tie. I didn't do it condense court, like a three month, sailor of survival skills, and I It then, where did you go when you? How each day. Therefore, Howard regret First group well like three and a half years Then I got recruited by some dude. I got worse he had a list of ten of ten two names. On this honest she, this border and commissar major, told us we had to go to this meeting and he some dude he's civilian clothes and he's got long, hair. Ah Ernie's,
that is so vague. What he's explain to negotiate a cold war job in its in Europe I kind of like will Smith a man in black would go now. What are we doing here again where we're looking for a burst birstall? But you know I had no idea, but I knew something bigger than what I was doing currently so once again opportunity not breed jumped on that shit man? we are doing with that is. Are we were like billet networks or double agents working in in Berlin, so before that I went and got german language is welcome. That was a cool job because it was some real cloak dagger shit. You know, there's some books written about it. Now. That are pretty cool. Did you go over there like under cover no that one no ochres different times when I did we added like that it was soft. And you had to have for that when you have to have cover fraction of status,
Why are you here? He s country besides, you know, I'm just some military, not because we had you know track, suits leather jack it's more. It's you know all that freakin looking like eastern Euro trash body, odor smoking cigarettes I wasn't gonna lose your backing, for I did that for about a year and a half, and then I got Rico by some other dude he came and he was looking he had. One name on is less. That was mine. Why? Because I had there were certain things they were looking for. It was a very the skill set was very particular yet begun at the language had to be good at like driving and bad. Certain different motor skills, you know, are always tests anyway met the code. I met the dad that he was looking for
and now this guy's a uniform, but he's as that guy and I said, there's another s- half job here your job. He was were spying on the soviet Army and Soviet EAST Germany get the fuck out of here. I never heard of is not there's always seven slots, seven as a slot seven. So I jumped on that one so that was more schools. I had to go to whip it. Warsaw pact, Idee, School England, more drive, schools. Get my life which, because working in EAST Germany, their second language in English. You know what I'm talking about, and I mean you know- and I did that for about two years- that was cool Jane again you're going over there as an army dude on this one I was over as army. Do the cover for action? status and that one is we were liaison to the soviet army. They all knew. What, we are doing that
this paper thin man, the color was paper thin. And it was all tat mouse. They do it they issue will doing you in a back ass ever it back to us in West Germany, We were way more aggressive. I think the time ninety five percent of the intelligence when the soviet Army was coming from those units, so in EAST Germany, the? U S was doing at the French integrates and we would already sectors and it was scary. You scare gig because they were the Soviets reserved the right to kill you, they issue new maps and now these maps they had these yellow, marked, yellow areas near copyrights, permanently restricted areas, and you could go in this. Those areas will that's, rather good. Shit was in all the friggin cagey become was not the new stuff, so we'd probe those things and a man it was
they were so that cover was paper thing. How we were doing stuff was you know that you had you go and over which you guys at one of the guys. Was it s attitude. The other was a an officer who was so russian fail or something like that or an entire week. No, no tactical feels whatsoever I remember sitting down when you say you go overweight with them. We go from from West Burger end to end in Germany. It is Germany across the gleaming broker and we had a soviet credentials and- and we will go to the like the letter, what what was something like that and deliver mail. So that was how we got in and we did it all tat was several times a year and then went with sue you cross the bridge and deliver your mail. You are you,
stating countries for about three days, and you did your mission and you had a list of tat. Subject the ass. We had. You had your reset your task risks. You're already will be like a task that you want to would be there is because satellite foot it still existed, so what's going on in Cutlass, there's a big military exercise. What we need is just pictures of the vehicles? Unit affiliation see who's there. Unifil, H, satellites, Kekuit know we, but you know, post get off pictures of all vehicles and events unit we have another, one might have been. Railways were big one railways, you know, what's culminated from to check side poolside. What is common in two Falcon Burke into the world trade stay
I all know that she was tarps, but we we were experts and tarpology to. We can read a piece of acquit equipment under a Even a variant brow, I'm talking like beater eighty p b to a ragged through a beat or seventy it. Oh, how? Even though the variants under tarp it was there was, there was good. She at that was a fond ass, freakin job scary. His health scares because boost pretend Here's the other job yet because I'm an imaginary you're carrying a camera with your care, o Donnell curling was really telephoto. No, it was a clandestine kyoto to know we're trapped what an arab Mercedes Glinda bogged because we're not undercover travelling because we're a liaison aren't so we're Odin Green, Mercedes, collective August or, like a Mercedes, deepen its soup up. It's got. It was. Very, very high speech.
Low, speed world. You know we had a dashboard with toggle switches where you could contain for instance, assumes you went over? The bridge was recipe turnouts which number one Kazakh killed. The hoard Giovanni have corn eighty, there was like up ones which we now want. You turn off the brake lights, no, the up the license plate illuminated ochre hip, but you break late, this disable you had even disable one side so from a distance, Motorcycle in all that stuff, and then So the two cedar in the back was big she'd ethical with holes cut and each whole field an icon. At each lives was attached to it. Have one body, brow era, really water? you have to eat is reached back boom. Five hundred mere gauged eating just went to town, and then, when we add video cameras mounted, like basically word advisors are with the EU
remote dash. So brief, it was high speech here in a low speed world for sure I was far you help me out when, especially if you get a big hit was competition with the other. Two guys recalled tour targets. So you know who could get the biggest hit like I got. I gotta essay. Twenty four nuke as a twenty four new in town was called Peter routes We heard that it might become in it and you know so weak? We hung out and out. I was with a squared away officer type too. He was he had been the Ranger school we wasn't arranged, but he bent arrange your school and he was. He got a scholarship. West point culture for football, so he's a fit due to silence. With this do tell us, I was fired up Anna we're going after this. As I say, twenty four we
it up. It is it's a long story, I'm just gonna cut short. We hide behind a Hey bail, the land, What out he smashes the front of our vehicle because we're not were trust me Seeing we explain this is how I your you're. Copies bro you to all this shit, this is through the potato head, but He gets people he apologizes invites us to his house. Is houses right on the tracks report? The vehicle in the back yard orient the cameras check out the orientation and everything have a camera with set the ready, because I don't know what we're doing we're just fuck off in this field, and I was a member. They service, tea, coffee train comes, we get whole video footage. We get all the stairs we get all the frigate numbers are sitting in his deeds backyard. So,
there was a big there was a big hit, but yeah. That was a fine job, because I chased by all countries a t, eighty as high as twenty one and there the thing about SUI kids are so much of it. So big hero of age of massive, like there was just one called tune, troops or p, between three PDF pdf yeah. It's like a job attract pontoon. That takes time the Cross River God. You know just its massive. It's like the brought us where some of the kid world we have nothing that big. You know that moves that fast and it be ones are like the velociraptors of the kit world. You know just I mean it's, not it's horrible stated air. But if you got a shitload of it, gonna work, that's what you do in real Staffa aviators, most of the guy right- that time were during the hours,
You know what I was so fortunate. I never one of the things I M careful as are always. I always make sure I tell people that was very fortunate, does very lucky that I had the best men tours and I never ever rest on our laurels. You know I know the world bog back. There was a bad as an alibi tomorrow? I don't need a rest, my laurels, because I hate those guys here. No, this is what I did yesterday and in adult reflect upon a lot. But it's interesting there. It's interesting its it I had entered, it was interesting, career yeah and at like, as I read some of this stuff, you don't have kind together, not just what's like out there. You are kind of peace together. What I know about you know side a little bit more in depth. I can feel in some holes and that's what got me thinking about. You know what I was opened I about like soldier skills around just all the different didn't you didn't, have the variety and wreck rear and I know
when you I mean, I know you went to some kind of cameras school, you would have some identification all in field developing. That's all that's economic created all that I really did scuba and then you d, like everything that you ve done. It was asked about languages like that. Didn't I got tie you got your deal. It's skills yeah enough scratch. The surface the example I was lucky, you knows our because it started up that was you know, I'm not like. Stellar super soldier. I was very lucky and I always make sure that when opportunity knocked and answer the door and that man that paid off time and then, if I failed somethin, I wouldn't bucket man any for me. I'm like no. I gotta vein. Shit now will be defeated that if he be no there's no way, I'm going back and kick in that sector So what was next was towards an actual anger boys. I was there through reunification. Dad
be created with whom I was cool shit. I was there through reunification, so you know the walking eighty nine reunification. Ninety one saws there. Not all thing, but now my job is drying up. And I'm having a train. The point is not flourish. Deeds! It's like a German, the, I am pretty sure, got their rights in a long time since I access that data, but of so train them, and you know we're handing over that job because they just have to see the withdrawal now and all that- and I don't want any part of that. So the next step was to go to. You know, try to get my foot in the door and use the sock, and so I went got a slot to go to selection day freaking, one my ankle how'd, you break your ankle sewed other than the first day, there's a so no more yelling scream and there's no more. I hear you
negative starches chalkboard in your baggage are sure you're not late, lay out a uniform and you get food to it. Just now, It's all big boy rules yields a totally different gape toy different tests, totally completely different it. Oh it because it s resolve and whether or not you have heart and if you're capable of deductive reasoning and if you are resolute and if you have of besides doktor deductive reasoning, is another took term. I think your second but so day, one there's a our disclose too much of it, just because I don't want to ruin it for people who may go in the future, but there's a physical movement, you know it's a movement and its at night with rock God? It's not that hard and I think it's their kind of is a up like a litmus test. You know maybe too,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah you're on your own you're doing this thing on your own, but it's at night. Now you're not portray, you know you're onto roads, because you don't know it, they have given you any training yet you're on the roads and there's people periodically to guide you along the way and you have even have a flashlight. So it's nothin, you know it's nothing. Crazy is just there to trim the fat, does a good job at it, because eight, oh tell whether or not you are there for the right reasons, idle that'll tell the cadre, but I'm comin down hill, and whenever you have the up to you, you know you double time down. Hills just make a time and I ruined ankle, and I wrote so bad that I hear crack I do it was the eagle, you know the sprain cracking, but I felt bone in my shin to and man. You know it's worse feeling you no one for those of us who had spread out it's a it's horrible feeling and a sprays
was a break. I swear to God it's worse, nor it is no doubt about it. I've done so many of them I've I've I've porn somewhat shoot shit. My body that man, I'd rather be broken, then toward well of the day differences when you break a bone, be put it you, you put it back, if me put a cast on its heels up, it's actually strolled out of it. It was right. You tear ligament the thing is never the same, ever if it even heels for you hammer the shit out of your ankle, make it through this first movement, and I think just I just make the time I don't know what the time is and then I end up walking on it for another week and a half I'm going over these mountains in West Virginia but there came a point we're right where I say you know what this is a big boys game. They not hurt, because I went to see a doctor next day and my ankles you football, and they gave me some whatever some ranger candy,
gamma muffled aspirin, or something like that. Gave me an ace rap. That's but they do up jacked up, and I thought you know what these guys they forget retarded. Do you think of stupid, then up you know that, So I made it I made it. I was. I was making no ground. I was getting weaker by the day, so I sat by the rude waited for cadre car to come and I said hey, I am. I am voluntary bone. Withdrawing voluntarily. It was a hard pill to swallow, but the thing is I had to do that, The guy said hey as long as you're. Not cheat yourself, I said no, I am not and they advised me to come Well, as I do that, I was jacked up Europe if I've alter, if I was jacked up, there is no way you quit. Something like there's no way they knew that I was jacked up because I went. I actually went inside the dark and I said hey. Can you give me something for this?
what? What? What did you just don't make the times what they said? Are you failed you're out where I was one of those two is I didn't get to that point. Yet I didn't get the stress phase of this course. You know. So it was just all the training that train Dm Africa what it's called, but like the train, the drink we are going, it wasn't a graded portion yet so there was no. There was no maximum time rightly taken wherever hour. I would. I felt that I was getting weaker, weaker, weaker, everyday, so yeah they invited me to come back and I d I took every bit of year when I did too is made a huge gamble. I was in Germany a volunteer to go to wake special warfare centre into Mean instructor four year commitment, a thought
adhered to. Go that to get me to Fort Bragg to get me closer, and did you also figure like if on there and a mom dunes teaching again good? She rang sovereign yeah yeah, but if I did make selected out of stock its work before Easter, so I knew was a gamble, but I said it's gonna get me there and it's gonna get me strong. I'm not gonna have to go anywhere. I'm not gonna like yeah. It's very light duty and I worked out like a man possess. I took it. I had a new kind of up up up perspective and a new strategy with training. I went very low impact, so I did a lot of basically like in a tiny Spock lot of stare climbing stuff a lot of like forty repetition squats. That kind of thing we already under tasted word about like being able the hump, oh yeah yeah. Why did I helped, but I didn't
you a lot of it. I didn't do a lot of breakdown. When I did is I found em there's a man of Hilo Pad out for brag right by where I was working with the elevated chunk of ground and its elevated GINO? all sides at angle, and I would do labs around because now walking out atta traverse at an angle. So I all that friction. You don't work in my ankles and I would you let it was probably four hundred yards around and our everyday- I go over there and I would you laugh after lap, after laughter around lap after lap after lap after lap turnaround do the same thing and too much Burke I wanted strong ankles and I wanted of tough tough tough. Because I already had some blisters when I went the first time that good time, I don't have a pocket blister. I hadda, hot spot on the last exercise, I had one hot spot, for I was too I crushed it next time, every night destroyed Hudson,
days, but when we're back, may I forgot Really I tore into it. So what years? What years? This now that United going Back- and you may ninety roared nay to when I went back to her maybe too so so on things in Gulf WAR. Yes, it is very sad. I was still doing so, stuff, when people during the Gulf WAR was address when you crazy now, because yeah. I was working. You know when yeah I was happy. I was in boot camp there, or do I just after boot camp for in the fridge For in. I remember watching the news. They say they are expecting you s, forty thousand casualties in the first forty eight hours, and I was like always civil war
it's gotta be. So what am I gonna get fast tracked. Verona put me is rife rican door Gunnar later now replace man, that's what's gonna happen. So an answer now ura you there and everything's gonna levelled up your training freakin, just like all the guy. Well, you know up after selection, I had to go through six months about t see that you're the bubble. During that time I mean six months and there's no break in that six months I mean in your on the freak and mobile Bro man that I love it. The way they reserve the right to fire your stinking ass at any freaking. Second for anything and that that went my whole I was I was at the unit for thirteen years, and I mean they were stellar. Do it snow ten years in who little mistake boom, but it, but you want to work in a place like that. You know you why Do you want to be a poor that, where dude
However, there were guys who a great deal. Who would have like I had this one friend who had Andy. He was by himself and he went turn himself in and was at its gone yeah, but with Andy's. There are certain things that you were. They sent you pack it for you and you are. You are able to get a real certain end done negligent discharge Yeah yeah boobs, yeah, yeah yeah They didn't happen often, but when you're constantly around God's work constantly doing shit, all you need is a momentary lapse of reason and that's it. We are human beings. We are capable of momentary lapse of reason and they they happened to the best dudes. I knew mad. That best suits. I knew so you
de the anti Semitism. Yes in Uganda has assured us like that, an open decade and a half ago road accidents. Negligent or no there's some day, there has been a time from Irish. I never thought I never thought about have value I desire, I've been on the region of where I've seen where I've. No, that should actually does happen. I mean I've got. Some great stories are actual eighties like around cooking off, not like a guy drop in his backpack. And he's got like a less holster on key Corky. Goes into the holster at full comes up both. Drop in his backpack booze. No shit like that of a bunch of things, like that. I've seen guys with like in the summer time out in the desert critter off here and there like a guy member, will new guys and one of the guys with me here. In all of a sudden. You he's kind of weird.
We're. Gonna debriefing also crack you always held up his weapon used its example egg. There is Another funny story with Jason Garner, told me the story there debriefing this guy there to their deeper the do, kill how stuff there debrief. And also like did junior officers cracks off around at the feet of like to debrief group He said he like looked at the gun. Eddie looks at that pretty goes he was decoction. Yet Let's get out of body experience, it explain himself from personal experience. For example, like forty years I gotta have Jason Garlic is my body news matters even these minimum, I guess couple times when he, you always tells everything in like a monotone voice, saying to us. So we
rocks off around right at the feet of are of our group and shaking looks at everyone says he was decanting. Oh my God so, as you do on this one. One. Other skills. Are you I'll pick it up. I mean you art it's the least I gotta figure out a place where there is money right and there's time end a mission. Let me think about- for some more driving me. I've been through seven driving courses, one of em was the Gary Cynic Motor Cross. While we are thereby zero in an end up two great mode, already device, but you need training, I think so I was a team sword. Animal de I said I want the best training I wanted mode across super grad school but
I saw a driving training Gabby more water, some water, water, so riverine, stuff, oh, you know it's cool. I just thought about that. They are the dunk training like up in Morocco year. Groton thing I did that, but it wasn't me thank Here- he Dunker yeah yeah, oh, my god so frequent much! Oh up, so the devil was the big thing. When you hear depth, but special specializing in that, perhaps you were you we're like a preacher yeah, but everybody is a breach at some point. You know when you're an operator you're, all your breach or at some point you come onto a team, is insisting that you work up to a preacher, but then the of weapons to you know so, not just cruiser stop by like anti tank it you know crap because there's always something new emerging. He can't just look around.
Gustaf drug is more stuff is emerging, would have the courage to get just went on and on and on and on I mean it never the wheels of the boss wet round and freedom and the amount of healing stuff that we did. You know, and- and a lot of different environmental training, so You know what we did. Winter training is hard core wintry. Were we to desert hard core desert? We did mountains. How do you know all that stuff and then so a lot of environmental stuff bracket, I mean I wish I wish I was tasked with homework site priority, so I could have written those things down because it, but it's, because it's cool, because I I forget about how much shit I've learned the amount of sugar forgotten, probably you know feel volumes.
But everyone log out like Rebecca, I watch tv shrike I'll have to you, haven't done that trust done that and your shooting just lost in saint all, and then not only. But what was cause. We were encouraged to compete in our national level with the shooting stuff. So just talking action shooting like absurd, but I was did national match. You know like balls, I stuff yeah, repeated in the army, small arms championship two and two thousand and four reform retired. So is it he died. The unit set me down there as like a recording trip at best competition. I would now they did preps it with a you know. Gonna win this thing. You now know friggin J. It was not easy. I did but what The task. Could you you're, a fifty competitors and you got these? Are the Amy
are we weren't you guys the Argo marksmanship gas who do that right data? Do they really are you got Roger snipers. Eighty second snipers because when you show up to that, competition, you all with the same every same haircut, same uniform same empty the aid to our sights same sidearms same ammo day. Yeah same am everything's a start car racing exactly like so no mechanical of age with anything, nothing. And then you start this week, long competition. You know the first several day, it's all national batch rifle at five hundred yards Ironsides Grand you need a semi seven green Sieur match Black hills, use good ammo. So you You you really eight you're able to group with these with these with these rifles, but after that rifle portion, I was sitting good I'll. Have it your way out of tune? Fifty was probably like to her and twenty five.
I've, but why the pistol portion came up. I crushed everybody so that cause, thankfully, was a combined aggregate, so say yeah I was able to who who did not want to go back to you and say yes, came in for something like I gotta be by a plea for from division. Where were you we're not September eleventh kicked off, so I was at that time. I was only she had structure so opera changed course. Instructor I was on the range teaching are Otis, he student seek you be one guy had a piece of equipment go down I'll, go get it I'll, go get it for you just give me that and I'll go to the exit for you. So I drive back down to the main buildings go in and the The guy from supply is watching tv in one of the plains it already hit as a weapon
Those are some plain hit. One of the great work rule traitor towers out. Her was actually looks like it's me because at a time that what was plus people, you couldn't grass the gravity of how big those buildings are. You know they thought it was assessed. I completely thought yes, my dear said, we thought we could those police are giant chaotic, so both watch it, and then I saw lie the second one go in and we both just dude when you, when you watch at shitless. Happen dynasty loses repeat: I watched it live and I heard the news that the announcer all up- oh boy, open up our. I know this is no accident. You know our whole. He fucks yet this peace kit buggy down range, and we did Admin Hall brought everybody back into the chow big tvs odds. They get kind of updating and brought back to shoot us run sick. You be,
How long did it take from there before you before you gotta were to evaluate it out? You were bombed. Eyebrows you were at the trial was an instructor not only that, but they asked Did you another six months on top of my to your stay because a course that they are put together for somebody else. They want me to build this course. I've gone, oh my god, squatters or any other second deployment brow and yet it is the crazy their deployment. So it's funny when I get over there. I have member that for the first night, with this dude I put through selection oh see, he's a staff sergeant, eat eyed and he goes on MAC itself Will that do it hits with you here? I see Gambro. It's not your charge me these huh huh. Did you got continues
twenty five as a wagon. Zero brow do sake. So when you would over you and over you tell me earlier, like you and Oversight cup on ops position or somethin yeah. Initially I went over as a in an opposite position with the whip, in it. It's a funny thing. We didn't touch on this one. I went over to work with the units, supports sports clubs and saw I was working with all he's these guys with no training there go outside the green zone and all I had to get resupply you're, gonna God they're going to make it by abroad to getting out he's all you know going down. Roused irish eyebrow, Southgate Homers. You know because we were not. Nothing was up already. So I'm drive with them scared scarce urban, my life dawn with cooks to get free food. On one may insecurity. Detail, Coms Europe and bore mags add up about their flappin.
One man security detail for due to help zero training. They got guns studies, but I don't have that that that's day, scared the shit out of me the amount of frequent rounds that this The port guys were taken and I've got to go No because we really, mobility survived area like dude. First less, it's hard to shoot a moratorium. You were not these owed we're not drive fifty miles an hour fuck that is fast. These good to go change Lage, unabridged pseudo stack them all and all its you. I mean the that scared the hell out of me and then I would do we'll hit with their working squatter. But when I got back in between tween those, I built a course called CS e commerce skills course. So to a course for our support out,
and it was but a day loved it pursue they free love. They were because you start would be our basic rival marksmanship. You know that movement with a rifle and that security positions work, barricades driving and then you know, react brilliant ideas. You know all this stuff, so you re ration contact move to from all that stuff, so we did all just two weeks of non: stop both the wall, basic training, combat skills, trade at the fulfilment I got out of that was ridiculous. I've loved doing that so much of it was the jobs part as free as such, but you know, These cooks and law, guys, you know see in African River rounds, shoot eighty four and stuff, and then, when I go back to Iraq, RO. We gotta hit it's kind of vanilla but
one thing was to it when it no matter how vanilla the frequent hit was guys were treating it as if it were. You know a treaty in Highbury, tired out, like Haliae, but there was a couple: vanilla hits where go, get my cooks and guess what about a hit me there. I'd really see abbot and I put him out of you- no security position with it with a with us or or back fifty eight, but do dirt and combat Brown, one. The cooks even got the reason. Why many really? Can I get a letter rips? I hadda. I had my radioman my regiment from my tax cooperation centre right. And he was a gotta Conrad things and one night we're goin on others, pre prickles debate You know kind of a no brainer and I needed, but we had about people to coordinate with, and I said, hey man, you feel you did you come out would mean night and in the old man the radio?
gets the big eyes. There's no, let's face it, I mean, even though I'm saying is no big deal, manners guys get moon, represent today, so I thought it was no big deal his got real big at his ease. Yes, sir, and so we get out- and we did by this point- Israel sex- we had armoured armor home these and we get on target and You know, I'm out. We got multiple targets going down and on the gipsy, so I'm kind of conducting and see what's going on and- and I walked over he's in the hammer. I go over and I kindly cracked the door open our game and you want to come out and gear, like you know, I'll show you what what's going on good to go right here are safe and sound at all. The gates were still but he's a great guy archives, good work for me, but you don't
Do that with the with the support people, because its status, they dont dig a train right and, and so they are normally knots more comfortable. It rolled out Harris had a sea too. Who is a giant Dude awesome guy named baby and yeah biggie. He was he was awesome, but we took him on a couple where we had worked. Do we had worked for the sea bees to do at some locations and man no see heavy talk about big eater Biggie. A big eyes were also words I we got hit with hit with mortars in the camp and they blew up, are big water tank, and so he was just you know he was. A c b which see bees are known, for you know, acquiring thinks so he went out in the a few hours and acquired a brand new like giant water. Take we're talking.
You know how many, but as big as this worrying that we're sitting here, a giant Hebrew back another war on Green and Peter Sea ICE cream raise related, all Bilbil water and I said: hey man hate as I go hate, chief, that's ass. Man really appreciate it. I appreciate you know taking care of us? He goes do whatever I gotta do to help you guys. As long as there are no more Bobo may the camp is by the way begging mimic. I saw Biggie warming up with three fifteen. Batch warming up. Ten reps is legit when employing around and so so the second time we you went back and you can- doing these hits so now What years that all five yards vital thing has. Great later I wrote yeah yeah, you're things things ask await a lot between or for a five year,
I guess so Marvel for starting again, morally right, o five in or you guys are you guys are goin out hidden targets. Reload I mean yeah a lot of times like recall, right there on the on the spot and so battlefield Irrigation are disguised knows so, and so let's go fragance with force and go check these dudes out and then bam. Police them applauded Alot schoolboy police work. You know, snatching do ass. I tell people like people who don't know you know when you're trained and when you live in that kind of unit kicking Dude isn't very hard. Snatching up a dude requires requires a lot of frequent work. It out, especially with
like a plausible deniability or no trace. I kind of thing. So I love that kind of stuff there was to be that was there was a lot of foreigners interest. You know, snatching deeds are part of their beds and crap like that, but it was. The optimal was was really high and what I appreciated was be basically like a cherry I was a privately nine year old age the only place in the in the world in the military, where you have the opportunity to that being denied or kicker. I mean I had to this one night, because it was like my third night going into. Pollution, my own little bird, I was following ain't, a team and we're gonna, landed rooftops and that the third night in a road they had me on the planning boys task force
it would kill you didn't you know they do. They were there, give me an opportunity to make a ground because they had been given song and I've been left rican back. So they were like here. We're getting. You know Would you like a yak in high? I was cool shit, but seen all the level at which due to operate. See that cause. I was almost from like it outside perspective. Looking round go holy fuck man. This is pro. This is bad. Ass Well, I think the whole? U S military! Obviously minutes goes without saying, but the digits the map, the experts I mean I always tell people there always a little bit surprised, but the audience my weapon at the enemy? For thirteen years I initiated thirteen years of I think I locked might lock and loaded my weapon prior to that, like free,
times all on a stupid, like I was kind of fired up, because we do insecurity for something I got to lock in, though no weapon, I was gonna pop J right, yes, but then, but one thirteen years, but the amount of combat that we have had now? U S military repetition after repetition after repetition Then I notice is like will all my first point, which was o three? We use we were good at doing you know, building, take downs and yet room clearance, and we were, we were by the time I went back in o six men but he was too everyone. Can you ever look at just there was no factor, it was ok, oh you won't take those buildings. We got this. It was. He had brought every What are you up to a much better level and I would think about this now old time. Just the experience that we have now your mission. That would seem like a huge deal in eighteen, ninety, sick right.
You wouldn't even know, wouldn't even cracked bump on a radar like that was cool right right, right. Yeah very close, It was the amount of experience we gained in an end. You know even worse Watch Newport. And come in to relieve us and like Usually I've been that spot like looking at my task, look at what might tunes moving down the street and you just seen you go and these guys are so good. I mean everybody move and its weapons. And everywhere, it's so efficient and you see like a new troop common in and you look at dell created. I hated I because you can tell, but by his demeanor you know my is just a body language alone. You know you just the silhouette. You know guy offers little what pressure? when you are so now it's you do. You know, got a couple deployments.
What makes you decide to get? what makes you say to retire. I had up some of it was an item. I talk about this because it's good lesson learned a lot of it was because of domestic messages. I had little kids at home and they had a I won't be brought up right. I needed to be, therefore, I had already lock me. You start to think what is when you look when you lose bodies that are close to you start to reflect, and you start to be very objective and exercise introspection any dude man. If that's me, I don't really care. You know, I'm just a dude, but I'm going to leave my kids dry because they don't have
the other half sucks, you know they're there mom at the time really sucks. So I got out because I had little kids and they needed they needed me cause aided. Have you for half an hour and a half sucked bad it was that it was because of the problem stems from its big farmers shit. You know she met not drug problem. If its pseudo prescription bets african big farmer Brown, they dipshit pisses me off. But so what's the deterioration of the human being over? You know along type big farmer. She freedom just sucked so, but I had had to do it And you know initially, I thought this is a great idea, but man it wasn't long before I ran it, just a feeling, horrible by myself and miss the hell out of
What was the time span between you made the decision that you're gonna retire and like it when you retired I made a decision. The first time I pushed to Iraq as it out of bed the edit twenty two year mark because I was IE nine. I needed it stay in great for three years and complete the academy to keep an eye on my return retirement I d card chaotic. So I wanted to make sure that I retired with that stuff. So yeah I made that decision got the academy ripe for retired. I think I did the academy and retired two days later it and then you retire, did you? What was your retired I'd? Know? Retired thirty, zero check, but I got a fire job offers like yeah I got hired prior to retire at various cover to that becomes a plant yep,
and anything. Is that low hanging fruit? I don't recommend that people that low hanging fruit should you know, work for the man factor. In writing. But I have five live: silk contract: is still only a good money. Before the Marty returned to another shithole, yet the and I got out, was to be there for my kids side. It was a beautiful, make, a shit of money and deploy get driver frequent. Ninety days without the big green machine at my six Fisher, Now I lost embodies dude contracting stuff to add it was just kill me brows, kill me I got, sir, was the job that you got with, which it was basically do it, what I'm doing now is, but for a corporation I was doing the instruction thing and I was building this unit called ADA Biagi Asymmetric Warfare group,
I was building Bab. You sent some people over to me and remedy yeah. I would get a stranger about it. I was to the other thing I was doing was I built a course called cats cover application training course we were traded, big army, I requested a couple other guys couple guys, like me, retired unit guys, and we were train big army if five day course and I loved where we first started it. We are due to the first brigade, eighty second airport Fourthly, get forth again for game stood a formula. I love that these guys we're so bad ass. You know that there were, wars with two points. First read with combat wooed: yes, oh by the way to the points that were thirteen right very like a cigarette there is so bad ass. Their soldiers skills were so far surpassed then what I had seen and like the nineties research, so that was once again very fulfilling.
You know right of these guys hoard, get him really good training and make it a focus on the fundamental fundamentals. Fundamentals be an expert at the basic issue. That was that story. I think, but that was our thing: we're training the CATS Ii programme expert on the basics and fundamentals. So that was for I do that for a few years ago, I got up. I had laid off what factors me, you don't know what you have not what your career military. I did you workin for you know does government contracting shit is all retired military you're. Not a good job security, the start even. It's not a party or thought process, it'll go bed at night and say overloaded fire tomorrow. If you don't think that you don't think so laid off things now. Don't you see the writing on the wall because I'm down about corporate Amerika, Danone? That itself
so the company got bought out and they started to cut corners of the fat. Patch pennies all that stuff the girl. You gotta do it. You gotta get those cars, gotta pictures, pennies, always think about. The money and they lay Bianca oh call. Man found call Are you face to face the feeling, because I was already down. At that time I was really bombed out. I was I was in a dark dark place. I was going to depression House frigate drinking on the job that I condemn the range I would bring like a jack and hope to work in a kid, a big Coca cola, bottle and stuff like that. I'd hate life. I was miserable that's what you got your year. I guess he's your Ex wife now she's dragon.
Things down got no support whatsoever, disconnected from your former teammates that you spent your entire life with, has no cots about that stuff. Now only disconnected from that, but disconnected from reality because of like prescription medicines, stuff, so no connection between the Neuro receptors. Just our space every once in a while target of opportunity. You don't love a mode of clarity by now that should sought bad men get laid off and on top of it was a holy fuck and then the other half say it all just get a job with another company fuck that man our do something else. So called three guys were owned companies, all good friends. Might all x. You two guys and they all said the same thing you I'll get you back I'll, get you work if you needed, but do men do yourself? You can
you have. The ability to do is so they all gave me permission to be my own guy thing that could happen because I was ten years ago and I generated by company team acts in just four detonated away shit, I mean there's a close. It's scary running your business. You know there's a close now you know like, ripped off by a promoter out, Two of the secret straighten two thousand thirteen or deficit spending bullshit, where I had all government contracts for the year and that likes, which would only anywhere on no money. No, at the same time will go through divorce. You know, I'd do thou is hard hour, but I was going to be taken if so good those kind list. Learn. You know you really grow as a human being.
Based on how you how you come out of a bad situation like that in a hot. How how you for me was making lemonade limits. In trying to rekindle my past. Try to remember who I was what I'm here for what my purposes and then I had to give myself meaning you know I will need to be there need to be. Reason for me to get up every freakin day, a new mission yeah everyday new Mish, because that's what the especially special archives, not just military, special object. They need that purpose. They need that mission. So without meaning without purpose you you could falter. Short circuit yourself and you could, you know, start slipping into dark place and you are slipping dude. I almost capitulated. How close Robbie, I was dark hours at the bar
and then I was out into it, it will. Last for years I lived in a boat assume about my garage for five years. I lived in the borders through, but my garage, I wasn't a drunkard, but I was drinking all day, so nobody knew it. You know that I was there. I was medicated. Nobody knew it out just all day, long audio from Euro Eleven O clock in the morning, and I had no- I mean I would go to work. I would get jobs and I was fake. It was faking, though you know, did you so that you know more than just fake the man Joe just fake it, nobody knew where I was. Nobody had any idea because I had no. I wasn't like hang it. I had no close friends or it till I got. My kids were my close friends and they were my kind of my sanctuary of my,
escape you- know hanging out with them recent workin out at that time, not very much. I mean I'm gettin by because everything that I did my might buy now Ex thought it was before I was having an affair, so there is no ex other explanation for me: work it out other than what the fuck somebody you know, there's no explanation. Everything that I did was because it's an affair- and I had in her back, I mean it was bad when people wouldn't you know, when I say yeah by It's crazy thing. I know what you're talking about lawyer. I say: no man, I'm not talking pitcher cut, I'm talking, Luigi, crazy, I girlfriend- imagine girlfriend living in her closet for four years. With skater them I would call hold the council. Be at my house and she had taken all the lights, which panels off and show the cops there are blue washers, because a bug in the house like that, I would have hoped for
Lord Elmwood doing this won't poor up twenty forecast. Yes, young cctv as bad as tools for days, trade hours wiped out man our smoke. Tat I was coming back from a buyer MIKE knew so for me was like a five hour drive and I am a back in my driver, the truck and I'm looking to review mere and all my shoes and the driver all the drive, a cheese, sooner Stuart she's, going through. Like my tackle box, you know all my tools and it's all just everything she's looking for clues, or that was that was,
I remember that night I was started, broke the camel's back and she called the cops at night. Cops came, they said I can you stay somewhere else. I go. You absolutely vizir been a hotel that I've been going and was just a mile down the road next day. One. The cops calls cause me and he says. Can I talk to you? So I guess we're yet. Is it I'm at your house I drive buried was hey. I ran at your wife in the village he stricken doped out over mine. He's brother, that you know you know who I was working for mister, I got very nice guy goes. You need to take radical steps and you need to get the fuck out here. I know you're in it for the kids, kids or resilient, they will and they will be aware, a speedy and get the fuck out.
And I must go now was broke down because nobody at that until that nobody at the real I I felt that it was all over the world tat. I was going through the shit. You know that nobody has any idea. The cops scenic is a better many times, but that night I get jacked up again and with my sweet son, Jameson and I'm talkin to urban, and I remember telling how old is he is he's probably, and we see what it was so sudden, and he said I say James. I don't just love you. I am
in love with you and he started crying. You ve really meant something to to him. You know really meant something, and then I realized fuck man. This kid really dig me really frequent dating site, the fall asleep. I take him to bed and I go back up about bonus room and I realise that I need to make a change now. This has happened now so that whole that I was look it up. I was almost capitulated. You know at the bottom of the whole, it was like an epiphany where I I'm not letting this bitch bury me. I will not be defeated. I am not buried. I have a plan You know what it was. It was a moment of clarity. I had put up my running shoes and put my my ipod, Ip Ipod outlet headphones put out. Some shorts and, I said, are set alarm clock, Gopher, Runt no plan. Just let me go clear. My head,
got up for peace, vinegar, put issued on and I ran and I'm not a ground pounder. I like a sprint I like running, but I ran for about an hour and a half nonstop. I just kept running around town. You know got back in my dream: starving, and I look at the house now good. This is the house were dreams. Gonna die, I don't wanna go inside so soon my driveway. I work out for like another two hours just up and down I've done bells and pull a bar, and I just work out for like another two hours. I me to the point of light incapacitation but that was it. That was my that was my rebirth. Taken there's no way, I'm it'd be defeated by this is no way, and I am now buried. I have been planted, but that was the beginning of a whole and that with the cop come and the day before, saying get the fuck out. So that day I get the fuck out.
Grab your shit left tat was just five hundred yards away. I found a cod, is I don't wanna be far from my kid easier for sure. So it's like five hundred yards as the crow flies and just pick you know I didn't need things. I needed my guns and tools in that kind of stuff and packed up what I would I could just freakin, buoyed up and started that arduous process of domestic messages at last. For a long time with me, because Australia Custody to attack and try to do that in North Carolina like poured frequencies. Ladies, you need of their their got to a point where I was going. The cops had go, see the magistrate magistrate and went to the magistrate magic as the pleaded my case matters? It says you need to call my walls, her mobile mobile crisis, many
call bubble crisis management and they say you need to talk to a shrink. I go to the shrink, they will talk to me. They said, go tell the police, so Simeon big circle. So I finally checked mobile crisis management into they said we're out her. They have to voluntarily commit themselves, as can you least doktor, so they talk to her. They came out said yes, paranoid and delusion. No doubt I said so what it takes years. There has to be basically. In the state something horrible out has happened. First, like let me said the house I'll fire. Let me drowned a kid that kind of thing. Then. Ok, now it's ok! You get yeah, I said, are you fucking shit me this house,
I said your basic that's what those are my words. I said. Basically, what you're telling me is something horrible happens at the first visit you that's exactly what I'm telling you something horrible happened has to happen. First, as you as you look back at this, like from your perspective. Right now is a lot of guys that a lot of and scar guys it. I've got now. A lot of guys in Romania, the rough time with it. Is there vice straight up when, when a guys look into the abyss, when a guy's thinking everything socks when a guy's thinking that they lost their their wives acting crazy. What are all these things? Pile up is advice, you have four guys it get in that situation. What I always tell people is it: can you to find a new way gas measures needed. That's exactly what I mean. It offers a purpose or meaning you, so and meaning could be voluntary somewhere could be going to the gym. You know.
Say. It's also met, but you have to have purposive meeting. You have to find those things so, What do you think this is a funny this I've I volunteer every day. I have five guys I train at my Jim, its greatest. I do voluntary voluntarily, but there show up. So you get, they always say thanks. Brow may, because I'm changing their lives guys? I know they work in the community. The hurts my mechanic, my up the owner, my pop those kind of things but you know I'm changing their lives, but the other thing I told them is both. Thank you because you know you gave me here you you get in here. You keep me or my programming and you get me purpose me. I'm still gonna, probably freaking get some anyway, because that's who I am, but you know you're giving me a schedule, keep me our track that getting so thank you but yeah you got it
that you know new mission statement. Purposive MIDI gotta have those things. You guys. You bet it for a long time, Ed, Sometimes it is not because I have guys ass for advice and Elsie am in a dark spot in I've, loving wife and kids who loved me, and I want to tell broke fuck you You know what, because I do actually without that, with hate with disdain ed That's your reason right there, man, that's your mission. You get away for freedom, big. So how are you and supports the you? Do you know that you're queenborough lay out the red carpet matron your mission is to make her coffee cook for clean your house or whatever it is. I don't know make a lot of money, so she's comfortable and then what was it as your business grew like wisdom or some things that that kind of accelerate
your business, but I think the big thing is, I don't want it all. My eggs are in one basket: that's big! but because that business is good, but I bet hit before by like sequestration stuff like that it could be a ammo. Crisis or whatever, because basically, my businesses is Pino. Shooting combat marksmanship close core about all those kind of thing that works well that roads well, because I have my own brand of training methodology and you know, can be replicated world teach basically same thing, which is that? How do you deliver that? What is your delivery platform? How do you really? Because that
people are buying, I mean you could teach somebody did squeeze through the same way. I can but how'd you deliver that message and then you know what words do use and what demonstrations can you put together and how is this important or why so that business goes good men? I just I keep, puts JANET Shit, it's a pipeline aid. I still don't wanna and went up to you not like here pumps. That's not of do or that add an agent, but a double edged sword, because last couple years I've got really smoke. So there's your cut back at courses, I'm in to work more out of like home, do more mentoring, coaching, coaching, look online, stuff and air, so more product. That kind of thing what kind of products you sound. Well, you do. I get the bans that gets you saw by those are
everyone's while giving stock, and it's not something I have caused a constant flow of, because I have to order of their remit aid. I've got a slow, day you know: that's for a arts can like modular model Papa. I got books oh god, what kind of product to have Not a lot not at all, I have like a store. You don't need do that the case He wants to get yourself, that's what you get. You saw that one of em Did you realise our dialogue? Did you play is on you when you would you, like I've, seen some your stuff where you ve got like blaze, ops, you're, forty fives, rapid are those like garbage available, while those everyone's module collaboration. God with a guy, you know- and so I did one with because I know someone that needs a blaze now we also hear what he only twenty five of those are made. We got
do not run yeah yeah, well up, collaborating right now with another company to do a different one. So it's it's very fledgling right. Now, it's in its infancy but but I've gone up like a knife, you know a night by one company of done three different guns. Different God. Companies work it out. Another one right now, just good collaborative bill partnerships with company for sure of some time they work. Well, sometimes they do not. We are not everybody out there. Is there some there? Some slight me if there is indeed here I mean look beard, it's been, it's been over two hours but so all this stuff that you do you're gettin after you got, you got t max t MAX, ink dot, com, That's where people go to hook up with your training, which I looked at your schedule, you you're not doing as much Vieira you're calendars, yeah,
I'll be back not much more than courses of mud, though for the rate for the year, You do me different locations. Yes, people can go on there. You know What I was going to say what you like, hey, look your people can chew and enters. You know that isn't thousands of guys at a really good with pistol, and then you kind of but yours if at all, but also Look I instruct humanity's leadership. Alternatives do and there's a bunch people teach leadership, Theirs there's a communication skills said that you have great where what you can do is convey the message properly, so people actually absorb re. That's the important part. I like to say that you know the big thing about teaching his have to be. The right person gets hit the right thing to the right person at the right time. It's important to know what to say, but more important to know what not us and the messages we palatable to and then has the resonate with resonate, be relevant but yeah it's a love. Doing that allowed the teaching thing
and those courses are for everybody. Yes, I do open a course. Therefore, besides the poor gamut of people at that. I think most of them sold out this you're. The only one open. I have a woman's Corsica Beginners Course. I've never taught either where's ever gainers courses, ETA channels as signing up their boat they're, both in North Carolina if you're on a tour of Europe or bring my party makes around exactly so. We got through Yacht de MAX ink dont company also have combat strikes right. Trade can bid is combat straight training, the dot com which is where and you look out on, for the reasons I talk about about this because you got awesome, videos online. You talk about what you're doing you show what you're doing right. You got those courses. Clearly, Europe based on I hate to use the word functional because everyone you and more rational right, but if going
get your yet your stuff. What you're doing you can see? Clearly these are drills. Skills conditioning based on being able to function in I'd. Variety of environment, critical situations, yeah the functional thing is over used to be saith precise for the real world. Maybe I think that what we do or what I put together. It's all about life, saving, your asking. You know those are essentially I put a lot of free information out there are my institute Instagram, you know yet so that t max ink insecure and the work out stuff they put on their it's, not about hubris or gloating. It's it's about a dozen
power day example because geyser by my programming it if they run out of curriculum or ideas, they could just go back and Sarah Party strictly speed. Quickness aren't yeah, there's a good ideas, Jaso, it's it's a great frickin platform and that's what I use for information the. So those are the two team acting dot com. You got combat strike training You got a facebook which team axing you'll get your instagram. Yet would you say in the ship is overloaded. He calls it the greyer and even call it that you can't platinum capital G, the an end yours, if you do all kinds of the other thing you do. You talk about, there's, which is which is awesome. If you give people a heads up on you know, you are your own protection, yes Eric so said they settle sermons, yep, so deep teaching
but a things think about you and everybody could use those rights. The world is not a happy peaceful place. All the terrain and release EAST lose trackless echo. You got anything that I get out you'd my youth, channel to Pat MAC Youtube Channel, oh yeah, those are great shootings, realize you got area, it is me off every time. I see it because I know you're like a either at your GM at your house at your range and I live course living California rights in a city. Yes, so only real. Luckily, I get to shoot my bow, but I'm not I can offer ounds out my battery, or I should say that I see you live in a faster open crack enough rounds. I get syrup is like we're. Moving to North Carolina on free merit we gotta go your by simply what what's the status it's good- I mean you don't like you, look at me armed comparison, one smaller than the other and there's a big scar on Euro. Will you said it? It took
on them on. Lastly, I d give surgery that yesterday I was very frequent meatball perjury our army Bay at the Uruguay Round, your private. They gave that, like a dry, a doktor s there like one for it around ninety dollars, now darling, it's all key Lloyd. It's like that wide guides yeah, but Aiko Aiko towards world of his eat or each year that we have operator not here the the right, yeah yeah yeah. We were so you're way, I'll get all my surgeries, because I've got a bunch of their everything's good man, I'm not feeling pretty good, but I a tribute that too, how I train and attended her myself. So I work pretty frigate smart little more tentative now cause fifty five years old.
You know what to do when it comes to light mixing up gradually freedom. You know that kind of thing. I don't need to get jacked up. One training called fitness, not broken I got my all the I got my own podcast right. On a university, a bad at right, yeah struggle with our sea J in water James Deal the metal motivator, so he used to be a preacher, so we ve got a pretty good get dynamic. Is he's got a gift of oratory brow I mean I could jacket jaws, and he makes religion cool too, but he's like a metal had right, yea up here, moniker online is the metal motivator read on. For these help. We now can you guess, put out that podcast not often enough like once a month and a half something like that? But it's fine. It's all a be scared, positive messages.
Like that run, alma right on anything anything else. What did we miss anything Albert? I just really. I appreciate the opportunity be sitting here with you and, like I said, and the inner web is a cool place if you use right. You know if you use that thing right, it's it's it's a great platform that can help others, and then I get too. I get to me guys, like you, you know any new thinking subdued area You know you because in a way to save you, I get every time we met that common. On I came out the California right up thanks for your time when he two years on the grind cool dado taken that taken us as a nation from the Cold war, to the war on terror. You know if it wasn't for guys like you that that kept those skills
after all, that time that we would have been ready, for. We are what we faced on the battlefield. I'd say: you're servers, brother lockable, that's what I'm talkin about day is fragile and with that Pat MAC has left the building, and we are here be, hopefully, let's say enthusiastic about improving our skill sets in life. Agree in all aspects, yes, sometimes it might be hard to figure out of we skill sets. Where am I gonna put my focused? How do I prioritize and execute selecting proper skill set to improve on? What are you recommend ECHO Charles full? I recommend you by interestingly itself, Pat Matthews over here John jumping that jumping of all opportunities to improve his skill sets every
training scenario. He was offered jumped on it and then, when you wind up with a lot of skill, set good, so many skill set that you can forget. You have him until the moment behind, like all. I can do, that great. Did that strew. So let's what skill set you have until it's time to disarm a bulgarian land mine you, like our days for the MAC commented High, stood, don't You do not be one of those skills. Yes and say you, don't we didn't even talk about the fighting skills with Pat MAC for some reason causes you know he does stand up. He does the jujitsu he his joy is Jim is primarily an m major. Actually so anyways we, including including Pat MAC, agree
One skill shit set that you can utilise just about everywhere that shit strew. So when we train you did that we needed to do to me if we're doing gay, which we recommend doing visa, we are in fact doing gate salt in an orgy as the answer dusky factually in the world. Many options. Quality argue Billy luxury. Arguably oh, is that Canada is that it is not a problem for me A problem when I put on my latest geeky, am I kind of urine. Let me you're in the lap a luxury for sure it does feel that we will vote on a risky, very luxuries user. Nonetheless its functional as well to more importantly, yeah, just so happens to be made in America S, not just habits. They made the mirror miracle through the determination with the determination of the people.
America on purpose will not happenstance generate upon on purpose. He whispered it set, it couldn't be done by the way PETE Roberts told all those people really how's this back down and its call to make these in America. Unfortunately its, not cool it. You can't where you ve all the time. You know, I guess that's not. That's not true! I mean you. I guess you will, let me rephrase it, you could wear Yogi all the time, but you might get some funny looks at the supermarket source of? U everyone yogi outside the gym here, nausea, yes or one to actually make a one time. Where I was up later, then my lovely wife, I don't want to go in the room like disturber, maybe wake her up or something like that to go, get it. Jack is kind of cold, so I want to put I wondered how you gotta die. I needed
Accurate scenario was going on, but I don't wanna deserves. Unlike looking around for just I don't know anything. I want to put a blank. You know myself on the community can now and then I guess it could of, but it comes not functional. You know you don't get in the way when you type in you gotta region anyway, I find the risky appointed on it worked seem say so that their their Oser sitting there wearing my key top outside of the gym and what we wearing. We were in pants joggers, none I dont shorts. A party was not wearing shorts if he was called buttered pie, to be a good point video. I wear shorts ones, cobalt, but your legs don't get gold medals. Laser. The know how to I don't remember, but I think he was pants some sort. Nonetheless, yes, we're getting orgy, yes, and
because you can't wear worthy unless your echo, Charles in your house, you don't wake up. Your wife is most of the time you don't wanna worthy around. If you need pants guess where you can get genes origin genes, origin genes, which are also made one hundred percent in America, and we just released the second version of the genes, which are that the first version was called the factory genes very heavy weight. Heavier await legacy technically be medium weight, but we have now launched the Delta sixty eight genes, which are lightweight people ask: are they? What is the word flexible? That work stretch stretched. Yes, they are theirs. There's there may move. You can do a full, deep squat work out
your genes they're, not judging the image egging, Sir no Sir leggings, but genes. None of it is look like genes, but their leggings. Oh so they're, not jigging, Carol, violation of like humanity with the aid of honest the stretch. She said the word strength. I mean you, Unless we can clarify so delta, sixty eight genes have some give in on. Mr Sylla has been given. They allow geniality freedom of movement. You into a high kick like this fine right, you're, good, ok, pull out sixty genes are in house were also joggers comfortable job, for people at where job losses in the event of be wearing joggers boom orgy mean dot com. That three This stuff also supplements Jacko, are supplements. Imported, they are important. Ended
not to split and not to get puts too sharp of a point on it, but it depends what kind of supplements true true. I recommend that you put supplements that allow you to get after it at the top of your list. I e g warfare. Yes, I e crude oil. Super grill joints in the game, the other joins or in the game United Negate straight up the discipline, discipline, go discipline, go pills, discipline, go in and you're gonna need more protein. Guess what you might when a protein that tastes like dessert you have to punish yourself with protein. Remember those days back pattern. You are an extra protein removes a punishment is upon us. We have you wanted the good on like you could get the cat. You know how mega male mass five thousand, not enough
Read this only one who is doing as none of these five thousand a big like Norway Bag, a fugitive bright tasted pretty good, but I am fairly Sergio areas like shade of sugar and other stuff and maybe like technically, I might add some voting in their lives like five thousand calories or some like this year was dismissed. Him say so mark you need to drink that junk anymore. Now you can drink milk meant strawberry, meant strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter, butter, yeah, good stuff, then, who also got warrior could mark you can open up for your children? Why would you give your children poison Nor is the remark tat the reason that short term and long term everything everything can be broken down short term bristling tat. She can even kids poison as it were, for these
supremely unhealthy items for short term gain to keep quiet, to keep him from complaining to make to put a temporary smile on their face. You know why you don't use. I don't think, that's the case, man. I think you don't know you just don't know now. Yes, you're right, you go! Okay, hey! I got this strawberry drink beverage. It's going to keep my kid make him happy. You don't even know if there's an option that there's something that could keep quiet, make him happy and make them stronger and smarter and better. Yes, you know how like we'll or we whatever discussed that really most things pretty much. Everything in life can be broken down into short term and long term like battles most of the time by most out or no really what I mean by most would you say most of the time-
Usually, if you too short term, is at the expense of long term, usually there are exceptions every once in a while. You get something that fulfils both short term and long term sushi. In my opinion, where you get monk, that's another exception, short term gains short term. Long term, not only satisfaction, but long term gains and We get all the stuff, including Jocker Whitey at the vitamin shop, or you can get every If we just talked about at origin mean the state it may. I and ii dotcom strew, also fuel deploy grey support when you do Amazon shopping go to Jacques. In so gonna Amazon com go to juggle podcast dot com click through the section where the books are on the top is little menu item, says books from episode, quick
HU. There click through a book save that rate where it lands Amazon pages that it lends on say that your favorites, your bookmarks, use that bookmark too dear Amazon job. That's the way. So if you knew mood to deploy hard core support, that's that's a good waited do also Jack was door, skull, Jacko Store, and this is where you can get. Your very own, tee shirts, your very own, rash guard, more rash carts, more representative of this path that we're alone, hats, hoodies, opposite hoodies already, but they're on their from women stuff on there to real good stuff, good way to support and more importantly, good way, too, president near to good bone of feeding when you're out in the field of big ten years in the airport, your representing an oversight- some goes. They give you that not the nut, they give you the knot,
We know if some goes down. We know at least one person we can count on their mode of beasts to get it at you. Of course, you're. On your leg. With this guy's got my back from the game. He knows pudding, flag, fully, also, subscribe to podcast. If you haven't already on your Itunes stitcher, where we listen to it, it's a good benefit to subscribe right. You get the episode! Writing your! I don't know if you quality in box or what but you get it on your phone it also don't reared. We have the grounded, podcast, true and the warrior kid bog and often do if you
You, like the warrior kid idea, can support one warrior kid named aided who makes soap at Irish Oaks ranch dot com. Do we have in a bar site yet currently were finalizing some stuff, but I did get my sample of the killer soap and proved big time. Writers smells gonna, go to the where these flowery ones. I dig at the use of the unamended flowery soap. I am, I dig, it fully dig it, but I am not in fact everyone's while appreciate a little maybe not necessarily flowery, but you know like over longer who tell us, like the Irish, like a like a refreshing issuing thing unless the killer soap has sent to its mild, but in approved sent to it. Well, I guess it's tee free, but but the summer sent no.
While it is true, but what it actually smells like to me as Mint legged. It's just and its What about the visual effect? Yes, that's so It is also good. I note that soap is called killer. I'll kill you so help you get rid of little might nasty yeah that rolling on the island Think it have to do is just goes ahead and it will help view stay clean scared, that's a good thing to be helped with for sure. Also, where are you too gentle premature you the Youtube do not allow us to we you're on the Youtube to you. I wonder I, let's face it you're on the Youtube Channel through you to turn once arse among sometimes it's my Youtube channel than what is it called Jacko podcast keg ass, a kind of some sort of yours, and you know you can see the video
Another spike asked Phronsie without MAC, looks like you, you don't already face a lot of us. You're ready. We look like himself, but if you Didn'T- or you want to see more whatever, whatever can see it on the EU to channel also excellent excerpts on there. If you interested in that which is kind of cool, we ve talked about it before fire explosions, I'll get you psychological warfare. If you need or psychological meter. You can check that out on all mp3 platforms me giving you a little boost little spot nor psychological spot get over the moment. A weakness. Flip side, canvas darker, my brother, Dakota Meyer, got all eyes a cool graphical, presentation of the path we can check that out. If you want to hang something on a wall that says: discipline was freedom. We want to
up the warrior kid code, you can find it they're, gonna bunch, lunchbox. The latest called leadership strategy intact field manual, appreciative hooking there up and now what I see as people posts in that they bought fourteen of them for every person on their team. And I want to tell you get every personal, your team movement, direction. Your team is going to rock and roll so check out the kids out there, we got way the warrior kid one two and three, and we got for the little or kids making the dragons get those books get em for even if you, even if it your neighbor kid looking is, Life can be better if your neighbor kid turns out to be a loser, turns out to be a drug addict turns out to be a non contributing member of society. What that kid living next or no, you won't we can live next door, wide architecture neighbourhood, kids on a warrior. Good path gave him all the book
get a making the dragon, so they can overcome fear, let's change the culture of Amerika and make kids warriors and think. That's too, I don't think that's too much to ask discipline, whose freedom feel manual. There's a book. Did you get for yourself for people that you know that you want to help them help yourself to have more discipline, because if you have more disciplined guess what you're gonna end up with more freedom, hence discotheques reed? the old man you how to get after it and then there's extreme ownership and the dichotomy of leadership which our leadership books for you, your team, your business, your life check those out. We also echelon front, which leadership insolvency, where what we do solve problems through leadership. That's what we do. Good echelon front, dot, com for details, we ve
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the principles: leadership that we talk about all the time taken them and employing those leadership, principles in the civilian sector, sobering If over watchdog, com for executive go to E F Legion for front line leadership. And again, if you want to check out Pat MAC, he has t max dot com, and he also has combat strength, training, dot, com also on Facebook T max ink and interim t max ink. If you wanna check out someone, that's good fired up with. Please ops check that out
and if you wanna hear more from echo and me what were also on the inner webs on Twitter and on its room and on loss, Frost book echoes adequately I am at Jocker willing and thanks once again to Pat Mcnamara, for common on sharing his wisdom, journeys, experience and, more importantly than that, thanks to Pat MAC for his service and sacrifice. Holding the line, continuing to pass all knowledge to make people in every walk of life better than a say. Of course goes out to all fits in all of our uniformed swords, Prs sailors airman and Marines out their training and fighting to keep us safe and free into or police and law enforcement, firefighters and pay
medics and E M teasing, dispatchers and correctional officers in border patrols secret service. Thanks for your server as well, which also keeps us safe. Thank you for what you do and everyone else, their listen. Make yourself capable improve your skills, be ready, be prepared, b, be able to take care of yourself and the people around you and the way you do that is to go out there every single day and get after it and until next time. This is ECHO and Jacko out.
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