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238: Shake the World with AWESOMENESS. Ancient Chinese Battle Philosophy. The Wuzi by Wu Chee.

2020-07-15 | 🔗

0:00:00 - Opening

0:05:35 - Wuzi, by Wu Chee

1:41:21 - Final thoughts and take-aways.

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This is jog Obama. Gas number, two. Thirty eight, with ECHO Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening echo that either sir, you may have heard me tell a story in the past, bout, a training tool that we used for young seal officers. This special training tool was a stick, not the hidden with, but to give them to hold in place of their weapon in place of their gun if they couldn't detached from their instinct to shoot and report
that instinct, with an instinct to lead the leader. Job is not to engage the enemy. The leaders job is to make technical decisions to direct the troops find the next move that we're gonna take. The leaders job is to actually lead There is a story, another story of an ancient chinese military leader Who, on the eve of battle, was offered a sword from his subordinate leaders, which he did not accept, no matter what your sword and want that because to him, banners, banners and drums, which is how you would signal back in the day. This is how you would direct troops
during this time period, those with the tools of a leader for him and he said to them to command the troops and direct their blades is the role of a commander to wield a single sword is not his role, act. This leader was named whew. She he lived from four forty two three. Eighty one b, C, a philosopher military philosopher politician, and military leader. He led troops in combat many battles. I wanna see the number was slick like sixty battles, sixty three battles or something like that during the period in history.
Called the warring states period. He ended up becoming the prime minister of the state of chew. In there. He was the He d, let a lotta reforms. It was kind of a user could be fault aggressively too little bit radical. He would make things happened. He would fire incompetent leaders. Spent. Bunch of money on the military trying to build it up. He eliminated these old hereditary privileges that they had back in the day
So you can imagine, that's gonna make some people angry and you did all the things that were good for the state but were, let's just say against the norm, made things happen on the battlefield and in the bureaucracy, and luckily he wrote down some of these military philosophies in something called the woozy w using I couldn't, we figure out what that word met other than what was it room like in Chinese. The word Woozy means room. I know that's not without war. We're talking about here So can I couldn't find any other information about, so it is called the woozy. I'm sure some people will give us some information
about that. But there's a lot of there's a lot of good information in this book once again written in Autonoe some time before three, eighty one b c, which is crazy to think. Well, that's crazy to think about let a lot of the time, even though, if you look at old pictures, like the other, old school, black and white pictures, you looking at me like dang, that's like me, you know you understand what a photograph is. It's a capture of real, it's basically capture of light coming through this thing in a record of it right there But what it says is this right here in this little frame right here. This actually happen. This was a actual point in time right here. There's the person there's that people whatever, and yet you trip out when you find out like how long was dear weird man in a figure that somebody this guy we achieve.
Wrote the woozy in three eighty one b c s crazy. The idea of your very existence was non existent yeah. Not even close to being examined can imagine trying to pull the string on your genealogy defined outwards. Are they ancestors were back, then? Is crazy yen compared to who country you are what you get, you can go deep rabbit hole. Let's go deep in the woozy first section jump and right in the need for strengthening domestic and external issues, and this is sort of set up like a story which is kind of weird cause. I don't know he wrote it this way or of people. Captured his words, but it's it's written not like too much of a story, but it says this move
She dressed in confusion. Attire had an audience of the Lord. When of way to discuss about military issues, This is one of those situations where I was one of those will be good, had read it aloud, like looked at it there's theirs. I thinks seven ancient chinese war, taxes, swarm sons It was one of a bright eyed glanced through this wonder I couldn't remember enough about it to think. Oh yeah, I gotta do this one hears the opening, So Lord, when of way said, I'm not interested in military affairs? Would she replied? This is whom say: wait a second. It might not be a good cause. My brother, he says, from the visible facts I can do Use the hidden from the past, I can discern the future.
How can your lordship say this topic does not accord with your thoughts he's come in now. After its barbed roads. Rope in the overall This is the opening from the visible facts. I can deduce the hidden from the past. I can discern the future. How can you not wanna know what I'm what I've got Interestingly, you know echelon front. Sometimes we'll get a client swell. You know, you're talking a lot about a military stuff. So what I want to tell him from now on Allow me to say wait a second from visible facts. I can deduce that hit so then he continues.
But this is some of these lines are really so then he says is throughout the four seasons. You have gathered, the skins of wild animals covered them with with lacquer painted them with colours and embellished them with glistening images of rhinoceros and elephants wearing them, and so he talk about making these guard this really fancy garments, and then he says this wearing them in winter does not keep one warm where bring them in summer does not make one cool, done. All this you make always fancy things. They have no real purpose. And he's kind of setting this up to say. Moreover, the Lord has ordered the making of twenty four feet and twelve feet long. How birds, which is like up You ve seen their spears that have, instead of having a just a point, to have like an ax looking thing on it. So the that's what that is, so you may he's he's ordered to make twenty. Fourth, one in twelve at once
leathers to cover the chariots. These chariots are not granted beautiful. All these charity not mobile enough for hunting meeting there, not beautiful so not made for show the not mobile enough for hunting. So there made for one thing he says I have no idea what you have what you should have for them if they are to be used for war, but your law, What does not seek capable people who are adept in using them? Such a situation is similar tune. Casting hen fighting against a fox or a bitch fighting a tiger. This guy's built up some cool? Looking things when you got is a paper tiger right, got nobody. That knows how to operate these things, although they have great fighting spirit, they will still die in the past
asked the Lord of Chang, saying clan focused on improving the culture in domestic issues, but neglected military affairs, thereby leading to the extinction of the state. The Lord of you who clan was belligerent. Thus he felt based military fares and neglected domestic affairs. He to lead the state to extinction, so he gives two examples. One guy focused on domestic and in care about the military they fell apart. One was just belligerent and making world a time, but not taken care of the domestic that fell apart, The enlightened ruler would have used such exe apples to remind him that he should tend to both domestic affairs and milk refers together when the enemy comes, and you do not fight them. Such does not count as righteousness. When the enemy comes in, you do not fight them. Such does not count as righteousness enemies. Common at you. You gotta fight him when you all this
a good one when you only start grieving the death of your soldiers after they have died. Such does not count as benevolence man, you gotta take carrier soldiers both for they die. And then it says thereupon, Lord, when personally later Matt Mat, for which he and his wife and presented we with the guy but of wine. The Lord later invited wooed to the ancestral temple and appointed him as a commander in chief for the defence of the Western reverses his anger. I guess I've got some. You gotta goods put him in charge. From then on which he altogether fought. Seventy six battles. Oh, I was wrong. He knocked out a couple: more winning sixty four of them decisively the other battles resulting draw the expanded ways, territory in all directions.
Broadening ways border by a thousand by by a thousand Lee which is about third of a mile of these were wooed cheese accomplishments. So, isn't it will that he just got a record flag. An him fighter he's like a seventy six bottles. Sixty four, sixty four winds and whatever the numbers dross. That's that's his record. This dues, gotta of of combat battle, record springing legit. All right now it goes into unity and people support. So that the opener and and this thing's pretty straightforward priest, pretty straightforward, it jumps goes through pretty succinct sections. This parts called unity and people support,
Ruth. She said in antiquity. The ruling who plan to run estate well would teach the light. Teach and enlightened people be close to the p. And understand their sufferings. Do I not talk about this all the time, you gotta understand where you people are coming from. You gotta understand their perspective. I know I used to fight you. Think it's ok or do you think that I have some kind of a subliminal problem with the word empathy, Would it surprised me, I don't know I guess maybe I did because I always say you gotta understand other people's perspective that whole word can be replaced with just that horse. Its can be just be say, empathy, yadda, yadda, so I guess I have some sort of a natural prejudice against that word.
You know, maybe it's something where in my mind it sounds too soft to software, not doing it. Yeah, like the word, like the word moist, I don't know why, but then that I don't like that word, Even when you know some words, I don't like it when I say it, but other people can say it was okay. That makes sense, and I don't care, but voice is one that anyone says one way and sounds or just the thoughts of gives you, but just all all of it the whole deal when someone else says it like or even like you know, you know, up here in the ground, and it was my property say something else. Manzi damp, I don't know actually damp damp, sounded drier than moist rate you see we cannot let out on opening the doors, Dante, moist and kissed him saying, and all refrain from saying. It is kind of that failure So that's what we're dealing with you. That's what he's talk about his empathy? What I say is perspective, but we're all saying the same thing you got understand
people. There are four disharmony the ruler should take note of. If there is disharmony in the state, you cannot start a military campaign. If there is disharmony disharmony with the army. They cannot be allowed to battle if there disharmony within the formation, they cannot be used to lead an attack if there is a lack. Cohesion during the conduct of battle. You cannot score a victory. What does that mean gotta, be unified as a group For this reason, the eminent ruler before he employs is people. He would unite them first before achieving great matters together. This is why, when you earn a team and you're doing anything that is pulling the team apart, you're not doing a good job as a leader The rules will not dare rely solely on his own plants. We will now formally at the air at the answer.
We'll Temple. I, when I was reading this house, like all this, could be decentralized compared, but has not really Iraqis in answer to your ancestral temple and then, and then sort of get the divine sword of approval from the Heavens. That's what it's talking about. Just feel cool like I'm, not down with that, but I was hoping you would be a little bit more focused on decentralized command rather than the higher power. But then he says people will then know that the ruler value their lives. We'll be sorrowed by their deaths and we to share with you. Whoa with them new word, W E, a l wheel and what it means is wealth, is take the th off gotcha he's a couple times you, but it's a great expression, got little elaboration ham, willing to share wheel and well so good or bad thickness and help. Where did you go?
you and well, I think we'll unwell might be better. I think its officers will then consider death while advancing is glorious and life gained through retreating is disgrace. So all these things with me and you got to build a tight team, you going to have good relationships up and down the chain of command. You got to suffer with your troops. You got a reward them when there's rewards be given. Good stuff, that's it that's on unity and people support next section, four virtues of a ruler, Would she said the way actually. Knowing is action? how things should be done, it means It is the means by which one can turn back to foundation and return to beginning righteousness is ethical behaviour. It is the means by which to achieve great accomplishments.
Strategizing is the means by which to harm distant, keep harm distant, game benefits, so you strategy, as you keep harm distant and you gain bet its prey. Suppose, or which, to preserve duty and keep achievements ones behaviour does not accord with the way and right business, but too well was in Magnifica magnificence and enjoy he's power, disaster will inevitably befall him. You gotta keep that ego and check. If you do well and magnificence, then he enjoy power. You got this your way. Thus the wide rule will run the state according to the way. My
if the state with righteousness, orders the order, the people with propriety and will the people with benevolence, cultivating these four virtues and the state will flourish neglecting them would be to decline, take care of your people, and your people will take care of you. I wrote that immediate leadership tactics, that's Expression in the seal teams was take care of your gear, and your gear will take care of you. It doesn't seem like a huge leap to say, take care of your people and your people take care of you, but man. That's a good thing too number and that's what my boy whoopee sitting right here take carrier p when you people go Jake Area righteousness. When the right things. Another thing I do the right things were reasons: death, bats, righteousness, next, section running the state and
victory. Would she said in general, govern the state and the army, you must instruct them with propriety, motivate them with justice and instil a sense of shame in when men have a sense of shame, one can to a large degree, wage war or to a lesser degree, preserve the state. What does that mean? It means it reminds me of World WAR, one in England. Have you were unaware? We talk round this back ass. They used to give the white flour till if you were a military aged mail and you weren't in uniform, meaning you weren't serving and everyone else was going oversee inviting? They would give you all white flour like a real white like a real white flour, and it was shame with shame, and you know that that's one of the things I just drove those men to go,
fighting that off work. Everyone is dying, every one being wounded. Everyone is being killed, it's a total nightmare. We know what was worse than that white flour. Shame and that's what you say and scarlet letter member bulgarian old school a single. Thus, it is said that, for all strong states, those that garner five victories will meet with disaster. So, if you five times, you're gonna meet with disaster for victory, you're, going to decline. Three victories you're gonna achieve hedge of money, which means Europe like kind of control. Those with two victories can to be kings and those with only one victory will become members. For this reason, those who have conquered through numerous victories are rare, while those that perished, because of it, are many. This reminds me that he's a victory. The more you win, the better chance you have followed
next reasons for a war and its counter strategies, which he said there are five reason why wars are started and they are to contend for fame to contain for benefits and advantages to seek revenge, internal strife and famine. The names of wars raised based on these reasons, are righteous, bully anger plundering, contrary The righteous armies raised to save people from chaos lying on strength or power to bully people such as a bully be mobilizing army out of anger, is an anger army. An army raised two greedily seek profit without consideration, for moral on ethics is called a plundering army, while the countries in turmoil and the people are exhausted,
Embarking on military campaigns and mobilizing masses is termed contrary. Interesting viewpoints, the bully Army next section Managing troops, selecting talents strengthening We got a little q, Nay from the Lord whoop. Lord. We said I would like to hear your thoughts on managing troop, selecting talents and strengthening nation will choose. Said from Antiquity- lightened. Rulers always make every effort to maintain propriety between themselves and the Ministers manifest the desk distinction of rank, allow the allow the officials and people to settle into their respective positions that accord with their customs selected Recruit In order to prepare for the unexpected, pretty straightforward
He says the ruler of a strong state must evaluate his people first and then he breaks down a little bit. Those who have urge and strength should be assembled into a unit. Those who take pleasure in advance. Sing into battle in exerting their strength, so as to man? ass. Their loyalty encourage, should be assembled into another unit, though who are nimble and fleet should be assembled into another unit officials. Of lost their position and are eager to make amends, should be assembled into a unit. Those who have lost in war and want to eradicate their disgrace should be assembled into a unit These five will serve to be the elite troops. With three thousand of such men? One can break any encirclement or break into any city. Is the lesser chrism go people are vague about right. You know we got to people that just love to fight we got people are proven, loyalty copy, put a quick where people
have lost their position on your mother died idea. Does the b we gotta watch out for right, yeah? Guess I mean on the surface anyway, it seems like he'd have to watch out for some sums but inviting scenario, maybe in some of those, but otherwise it's like you, send out your little elite what he saw Specialized forces. You know these guys they like to do this or listen them in under these circumstances, know its interest like weapons like tools. You know you know it it's interesting to think about from like what you should actually do his understand human nature know what you're dealing with right leg. You ve got somebody that gets defeated, somebody that, loses a client. How do they react to it? They might be ready, go boss. Put me in coach right, you might have some did. It gets defeated and gets broken down guns gotta pay attention that stuff
Next section strengthen off its indifference. Lord would further inquired. I would like to hear your views on making battle formation, stable defence impregnable. Victory in battle certain that's kind of a massive question: how do you make my defence impregnable and victory in battle certain? What would you say to that he replied which he replied. What I am saying is not only for hearing. Carrying them out would allow you to see immediate effect so easy. If you did what I said and to put those men together, you're gonna, get immediate effect, he's acts stepping up he's. Like all. That's your question: If you have worthy men hold high positions in relatively less worthy men occupy low position than your battle formations are stable. If peoples hold down into the respective positions, respect and local authorities than defences solid. When the people support the policies.
Of their government and not concerned about those of other states than in battle. You will already be victorious this is a very interesting concept. That picture you have a team. This is what happened? The suit him? Sometimes they put together these iconic Superbowl tunes where they take a bunch of really good guys and put him in and all of a sudden what you have is a bunch of office in the same platoon and you think that works out. Well, what your guess well, the fact he brought it up because I think I know, but why because everyone has a Roman? The simple answer is like everyone's trying to be the awful right and kind of thing, but yes like in it in a team like just like all those guys right, there's like different types of guys for different jobs in a team, this different jobs typically that's interesting that he would say, what he say and as you know, you put your houses in there, you put an alpha there, and then you puts invaders and there and every kind of goes into there now
true position is gonna, be the most positive thing now, here's what I'll tell you in life, you're not always gonna be put in that situation, and you might be the alpha and you get pudding with another alpha. So now, what are you gonna do If you're smart, what you'll do it Knit your support that other person, or maybe just enough. Maybe they do that, but what you don't want to do is fight with that person. You're ruining the team. There's a few things hold logical fallacies is like a book. Moreover, and that's one of them and their there is actually to have one that are kind of one, is one and then the others, the slick flipped around, and it's it's essentially that where take individuals like if in it videos, the level five and you get you put. Three of them in their. That makes it a level fifteenth not to its logically, it seems case, but it's like a fallacy for that reason, and then the invoices right to where it's like. If you have a team with
fifteen? If you just break em up, you got three five rolling around performing at five: that's not true either because they can function better together. For that exacting reason, butterfly an inverse fallacy. I ever yet what is called the you can have a leadership team that just completely complement each other and they can be unstoppable than you pull one personality people to people out of that team. They fall bar or. The very least level down you know so yeah I mean it makes sense when you think about it, but to so many it's weird like reading all these felt ass, a cat us through this whole gang and its cause. You automatically these things in all this, as a bunch of or by other makes sense, importance of seeking talent there once was there was once when Board will was planning state affairs none of his ministers could be equal to him after
missing the court. He wore a happy and satisfied look, so he very is run. The show he's like I'm, smarter and everybody is awesome What she saw that and said. There was once Lord. She shrank of chew was planning affairs with this minister's, he discovered that none of his ministers could equally Intelligence after he had dismissed the court, he looked very troubled official and asked him. Why does your lordship war such troubled, countenance twenty looks of armed out, and he said I am not I wanted yet none of my ministers are equal to me are state is in deep trouble and then what when he winner will Chelles the story, the guy stock and you get to burst Because what is that statement saying that statement says around your people, but peace surround yourself. People that are better than you smarter than you. That's what that says.
If you're smarter, if you're the smartest person the room Euro losing came, you should feel horrible national next section national alertness, Lord whew addressed we tree at present. Kin coercive us on the west, Chew encircles us in the south, chow collides with me in the north and key encroaches us from the east yeah cuts off a rear and Han occupies the front these six Bates around us, and we have to defend against them. Are jewishness precarious and worries me. What can be done about this? She said in general. Being alert of danger is true measure of good governance, ensuring security of the state you have now recognise the importance of being cautious. Disaster can be kept away, so the guys around and he's like. What can I do pay attention to it? two miraculous their next.
Section, providing opportunities for talent within the army there will be soldiers whose courage is that of a tiger has strength that he can live. Try pods easily and has the sweetness of a barbaric course. I tried to figure out there some reward to try parts. It's like a stool, a three legged desk. I could find that there were some ancient thing was really happy so Just go more of that You have to use our imaginations on that one to seize enemies, flag or kill enemies, generals you need such men. You should select them, One unit honour them in favour them. Because in their hands holds the fate of the whole army, those were experts and weapons strong and quick and cape born motives. To kill enemies. They should given rank and prominence. We should also try. The family, well, encourage them with rewards and warned them with punishment. This is because such people can see solid behold their position for a long time and exterminate enemies if the ruler
in discern and evaluate men described. You can attack double force, your strength board will exclaimed great people. You know you could ask that question a lot. You know what do you do when you get the hype Farmers on a team right, do you focus on them and clearly there So here is yes and that's usually the answer that I gave as well. You do have to keep a bench right. Yeah to have some other people, you have to continue to work to get your bench to become. I performers and ignore the bench when you get to operate, Gimme some playing time some winter, but definitely focus on those ones that definitely to get there and make things happen Enemies, you can attack next section, Would she said in general, when evaluating the enemy, there are eight conditions under which one engages battle without doing an assessment you have to think of
these these are no brainer. These are go criteria in winds and extreme clothes, they arise. Early and are on the march, while barely awaken breaking ice too Austrians for these guys are called their miserable and retired. Even his attack on next in the burning heed of summer, they arrived late and press forward with haste through hunger and thirst, concentrating on reaching far off objectives. You see them attack on the he's been out in the field for an extended period. Their food supplies are exhausted. The people resentful an angry, numerous bail for portents arise with the officers unable to squash from you see them attacker The army's resources have already been exhausted, firewood and hair scarce, whether frequently Howdy in ready and if the wander plunder for supplies. There's no way to do it cleared hot attack. Them
the troops that are mobilized are not large. The train of water not advantageous to men and horses are second worn out with those from rallies attack on the road Far off in the sun is setting the officers and men of labored long and our fearful. They are tired and not eaten staffing just cast aside their armour attack of the generals are weak. The official, irresponsible We officers and troops are not solved. The whole army is frequently in fear and the troops lack assistance attack Their formations are not yet formed their encampment, not yet finished, or they are passing through dangerous territory, only half their troops or out of it. In these conditions, you can attack without any doubts. Enemies. You cannot attack other end of the spectrum. There are six circumstances without performing too much assessment, you should avoid conflict. The land,
is broad and vast. The people are wealthy and numerous avoid conflict. The government loves the people, the ruler, the rulers, goodness extends and flows to all. Isn't that an interesting one when you have a ruler that takes care of his people, don't even attack and think about that thing about that as a leader, how you treat your team When you treat your team well, when you take care of your team, did you shouldn't even attack you cause they're, not gonna, have ought not to interrupt that. What so this you're reading from paper right now, when where'd you get that, like us The book I got it from the depths of the internet was like a pdf. Sit situation. No, are you know? I don't I c I a lot of times in my life,
when I'm browsing the internet. When I find a good document, I just download that document or a copy paste it, and I put it into this file, which is called books and p. Yes, so in this thing, books in PDF, sometimes all I'll go. I'll see something remind me of it or think of it and on go in and go in there and that's worth so. I forget where this actually came because it was just in my personal file that says books in PDF switch is filled with AIDS Military die said I have for you manuals and that's That's where it came from the young shriek go, google it and you'd find it on the internet somewhere there. Number, three rewards and punishments system is fair. And transparent and is implemented in a timely fashion. You shouldn't even
somebody that treats their people fairly and transparently. Think about that Number four people are rewarded according to their accomplishment and the talented or enable employed, gonna town to team we're not gonna play forces are massive and well equipped. I think that is pretty self evident. They assistance of all their neighbours and the support of a powerful state, ok cool, so those those were maybe both sexes sections little obvious, which makes you wonder why you have to say it, and I know the answer to the question that I just ass. The reason that have to say, people still don't even execute on things that seem really obvious. Like the paper. That forces are massive and well equipped. We we should not attack them. You're looking history as obvious as this people do it all by yourself,
one of those things where it's like. Okay, are you going to work hard or you going to work smart? Ideally both can I get it, but you know when people are faced, you know in in the mix and it's like to work hard work. Smart is kind of like okay, not a lot of people say I mean animals. They not a lot, but I'm just saying there are people would say a norm level quantity wise who were going to be like hey hard all day in turn their back on the smart part. You know, I guess it seems understandable, yeah, you know I mean detached it kind of like sure, I'm going to play this the smartest I possibly can. I have force for sure, but I'm afraid it's the smartest, given how much for that big, small whatever to follow. That makes sense. But I guess it's maybe not the most obvious. Here's the deal, it's so obvious from the outside right. It's watching a movie. It's watching his lame horror movie we are watching. The girl, you know, will secure a noise downstairs in the basement,
Everybody knows he goes on their barefoot like super. Obviously, ambiguities happens all the time, not just in movies. People do dumb stuff a lot. People do dump stuff a lot Jack, if in general if you are no match for the enemy in these areas, without a doubt avoid them is what I meant by sea, possibility and advanced, knowing difficulty and withdraw. So you see notary advance. If you see difficulty, withdraw pretty straightforward, next section detecting the enemy situation, Lord whew inquired from the extraordinary appearance I would love to be able to know their internal situations from their advance? I would know them objective from these. I am able to predict victory or defeat. What is Can you of this She replied if the enemy approaches in large numbers.
But in disarray their flags and formations are a mass in the troops frequently look about, but you by using one tenth of their strength, we can invariably caused them to be helpless. So if they're just looking ragtag no factor. If reinforcements, I've reinforcement has not arrive, there is disunity within the troops. Preparations for defence has not been completed. Orders rules have not been announced the rule the army shaken. They cannot advance retreat. You can defeat the enemy. With half of the strengthen, never lose da. What's interesting about this perception is win My first of all to Iraq, we run around in thin skinned, convene, meaning there no armor, it was a super sketch and one of them things, we did. We would actually brief.
Everyone was responsible for scanning targets. Looking and making are convoy. Look like a convoy there. You don't wanna, you don't want to upset the wee wee wee called the porcupine of death, because we had we had guys in the back of our home. These we had these. We had articulating weapons, so we have weapons mounted cruiser weapons mounted on articulating arms You got one of those on each side. You probably had another couple machine guns in the back any ways they ve got their weapons pointed out. You got every one got a weapon pointed out of that vehicle, divorced that you're gonna, except for the driver drivers only one, that's not putting weapon. So those were sums. If you were looking that you see five on these and you see six guns on each on me in some of them. Are you know heavy caliber weapons belt, FED machine guns, as I'm think
about it either. I now I'm thinking. If I was an insurgent, I would probably wait till the next convoy words all buttoned up. You know people sitting beside it. Looking straight at, we turned their seats on these. Could we now have doors, we turned the seats to face outwards for two reasons, wants that we could see and have a better angled but also because their chests plates of our body armor would be then facing the enemy post sitting where I you, the side, but just just imagine use we would ride. Like we're facing sideways, and are, are out of the vehicle and we're just scanning for targets, and so, when you seeking these these, you think you know what not mess with these guys gun barrels pointing at you, no matter where you no matter where you are, we call That was our posture. And we wanted to have an aggressive posture and we most certainly did. We also You're in those were the were the mad acts days, so we welded these bit crazy bumpers on
and we put tyres on France. We gotta get aggressive, get aggressive while driving and my point is we didn't. We are ambushed few times, but when you consider the amount of time we are on the road. I think there was probably quite a few insurgents or enemy. That decided me wait till the next gambling. Next up weaknesses you can attack. Are there circumstances where the We can invariably be attacked. Lord will inquired Wu Wu. She replied, in employing the army. You must retain the enemy, strengths and weaknesses. If you spotted. Opportunity to attack attack? Is weaknesses, or the situations you can attack an enemy when the enemy. Just arrived from afar and about a formations are not you're, probably formed into point again. This is get running through a list of things that seem really kind of obvious if they have just eat.
Not less yet established their encampment? They can be attack if they are on the move and the troops Innovation is disarray. They can be attack if they labour hard. They can be attack if they did not seize the advantages of the train. They can be attacked when they have not seen any critical, the critical timing they can be attacked when their fight banners move about chaotically, they can be attacked when they have traversed distance their supplies reinforcements just arrived in the whole troops have not rest, they can be attacked. It goes when river win crossing the reverend. Only half of them across they can be attacked on track, train on their roads. It can be attacked when formation trained, frequently change frequently they can be attacked. When a general was separated from his soldiers. They can be attacked when they are afraid they can be attacked in general. In such circumstances, select crack troops and make a swift. Back on them, divide remaining troops and continue the assault repeatedly.
Factors and using troops Lord who asked in using troops. What is primary? Would she replied? First, you need to be clear about the four principles of lightness, the two principles of heaviness and the one principle on integrity. Lord, who asked what are they will She said these are technical. The four principles of lightness me the terrain that the horses, the terrain, feels that the horses are light. The horses will feel that the chariot is light. The chariot will feel that the soldiers on it or light and the soldiers feel that the of war is light and breaks down a little bit more. The terrain feels The horses means that one should choose suitable terrain that would not hamper the movement of horses. Thus, the terrain would feel that the horses or light If the horses are properly fed, they will be strong, and thus, when they are points
rights, they would feel that the chariots or light the access of the chariots are well oiled, sturdy improperly maintained they moves soldiers easily. Thus, the chariots will feel that the soldiers are light. If the soldiers have sharp weapons and their armour are sturdy. They will confident about winning. Thus, the burden of war will be light for so there's the four lights. For the courageous that advance they should be rewarded heavily for them was that retreat. They should be punished heavily. So there's the two heavies. Therefore, lights to heavies The last one is integrity. There are to print, both these are the two principles of heaviness. As for integrity, it refers to the end.
Equity of rewards and punishments system. If the rulers to take note and implement these principles, the troops can achieve victory. It all comes starts with picking good terrain man. It was. That so much focus if you're, if you're in combat arms, so much focus should be on understanding terrain and then, as you MAC, that into the civilian sector and jobs and businesses? You need to understand what the her rain is the that, what's the market like what, where our people look at, where your competitors, what is encampment, like you, can translate this stuff and you can utilised for an that's. The thing terrain on the battlefield is. Is the best weapon right. It's like positioning in Jiu that when you get the right train, it's like you, have good position and Jiu
when you get good terrain and business. You have that massive advantage. Gaining control of the army. Lord whew asked what measures will ensure the soldiers will be victorious. The skies asking these questions. This is kind of like those questions that are hey. How to how you pass. The argument. Right was a good regulation. But which he has an answer which is not playing control is foremost Lord who again is it not a matter of numbers will choose he says, if the laws and orders are not clear, rewards and punishments not met me, it out when the sounding of the gongs will not cause them to hold the beating. The drums will not make them advance, even if you have a million men, what use are they controls
heaved by training and management at any time, discipline, strict and during war They move and attack with all their advance, withdraw stride is measured. The left and right look out for each other, even if we cover move. Even if can off from the main order they preserve. Therefore, decentralized comment, even if the scatter. They will reform lines The whole army is very united and share wheel and woe together when they are employed. They do not feel tired, no matter where you dispatch them. No one can withstand them. Such armies are called the Father and Son Army doesn't go into more detail the Father and Son Army, but that whole thing you know decentralized command discipline when they are employed. They do not feel tired. Think about that right
think about that thing, but that universal, like you, can be tired. It going into work out. I mean mentally tired man, I'm tired, I wanna go to sleep when you start working out and you're actually gauge, not tired anymore. I never feel tyrant, I'm actually doing something seriously. That's crazy right! This is great. I mean I have to stop doing something, and then I can get tired things about forty minutes. You actually makes it but it does depend on what can attired you're talking about. So you know how these like the three tired I don't know about the three die or not, but I know that one is obviously physically tired. So when you're working out and you're doing your third set of bourbon You can't hear you that's a different kind of time, so you can That's what I want is a type one. Tired. That's tape, tune three tardiness in keeping what I said the three times like it's, this known thing, the type three with three types, tired is that three types of tired the ira-
Nice knows it myself August the echo journey as a principle of the ancient principles and ECHO Charles there's, sleepy tired. You love that he is a general sleepy, tired sleep at their doctrinal name, for the reason tat so far. Yes, that's when you're done about where your little sleepy, tired but you're, not the other two two kinds of tired you can just one up a little bigger, the the blood flowing. You know, maybe some adrenaline in some capacity and Europe we are only you're gonna, go you stop. You gonna go back to sleep tight little better than there's that then there is lungs, tired, meaning, like my muscles, are working, but I'm breathing so hard that I that, like relief is like you just need. He need really from that What about the lovely, be tired, long started there we have muscular tar skill tied like food straight up, ask is kept this bar anymore. Yes, so in Jujitsu, like all those kind of come into play where three Picard
yeah, so you can see me tired before you get on the math, but once you start rolling, it goes away. That's how you recover from sleepy tired in Jiu Jitsu to sleepy tide, comes before the roll so now you do tat. You can have a guy real hath, fast pace. Guy and you'll be lungs, tired! you'll, be that discussion, but muscular you can still pushing but you're just breathing so hard, and he gets in some kind of closer phobic situation. Your big trouble depends on. You are, of course, but if you're muscular fatigue tied you're, not like breathing hard, you know I mean that I guess typically happens if you like, really not in shape, and you go like a few rounds, you know or if he or, if you just been rolling all day, while the new water ragged muscular tired, is like you, you either are giving or receiving a singular move for an extended period of time. I e you get my arm and I am defending for foreigners. Minutes muscular tat. You get any uv muscular too, by the way.
It happens to both of us yet fully in ITALY and she D been and how good shape certain muscles are. Musgroves. Whatever any can play. The individual muscles are part of your body, or your whole body, like you ever felt like from a body, is getting off, is like it's like your home. These muscular totally not breathing hard enough? Then you just like on dead in a kind of thing, the singular leafy rule for like a long time that tens tap into my experience, but yeah, that's three times through three types of tired, ancient ECHO Charles Doctrine do fully sleepy. That does my favorite everyone be tired because you that's the same word right. Well, Vienna depends on what you mean I deny, or you want only Eskimos have what were they will say? The Eskimos have a hundred words were snow or something like that, while the wines of two words for water. So it's like ok, when watchwords will actually there might be more, but these water like on a river- and this is the ocean water cause they're like different thing You know in their mind
even though there may be the same liquid, whatever each. I guess, sometimes the Sultan one of em, but less see how they can be differentiated from a certain approach seems a debate over to align words for water, the vine guy, which ones which via is river water. Word like lakes. You know like, what's what with you what is asked for a drink of water? What would toss out an all? That's that's enough. When that could be a whole different thing, my horse chestnut back with our people figure out what the deal is there and that's why like there's a letter like towns and even names, whatever they'll have Kai anymore or via its actually via, but its bulk, w w so high? kid. I is ocean water, that's their referring to the ocean, wandered lots of people named Kai too
great high something or it could be part of it in all like you can you can have names like kind nor- or you know pylon here this in that and Coloni roughly translates to beautiful ocean line, is like beautiful, loving, listen. You know it's there's a bunch of translations for where we're not put you on the spot in the Abbey Undine deep in my hometown point. It now? But nonetheless? Yes, I love you so much. I that's like a. Let us like a position, slash location where I mean towards the sword: zero Shia, if they malka them, insert the mountain, the mountain side mountainside exactly but anyway. Yes, three words retired to words for water in a wine, and you know where you go, all right, we're gonna go with that. I like it next one notes on marching armies,
would she said in general, the the commander, marching Army is not to Contra intervene, not contravene the pro your timing advancement and stopping not Miss appropriate times for eating and drinking, and not completely exhausted strength of men and horses. These three Are the means by which troops can undertake their orders from their superiors when the oars, members of this appears are followed controls achieved if advancing resting are not a proper timing, the drinking eating or not timely
the horses are tired and men are weary and not allowed relaxing encampment. Then they will be unable to carry out commuters order if their unable care they order. There can be defeated up. Dave Burke got asked good, didn't he s got asked a question today on ya, for mine and and this this one guy named Evan was asking you hey. My team right now needs to get after it big time and we can't take a break, but people are burned out and if we don't keep going right now, we're not gonna make it
Dave Burke Good Deal here he said well, do you really mean like really and then enemies in the guy said? You know it's like a marathon, you weren't a marathon which, if we stop, we won't finnish and indeed works like actually, you can be in America and you can stop and you can still finished factual right, even break and then, when he say MAX Q, oh yeah, so there's three modes of speed in a jet fighter, MAX Q is we're going faster, we boss began MAX are is pay. Our range is gonna, go as far as we can
which had a because, obviously, if your voice fast you can, you might not be able to go as far as your burning more fuel and the last one was MAX Ii, which was, I think, it's max efficiency, meaning we're just gonna stay flying as long as we can't gotcha, and so he sent you gonna known to push, and then you go back off you push for second than you back off. The east in a day were saying almost, never well would he said all the time they be costly. Going between MAX Q, Maxie are Maxie and going back and forth between these things, real quick one more q is half arc
far and the notion of MAX uses fast, we can possibly go MAX Van warms MAX yeah is MAX Q. Max arc is now is on the up, and the last one was max ie so are is as far as you can go straight out. Whatever speed you were just trying to get their, China's were trying to get as far as we can in the max is like basically as far as fast no max ie is Staying in the air like we want to be able to stay in the air got because there's an optimum time where we might be going slower, but were saving a lot of fuel. Ok We went faster, we could go further, but not as long. We want to stay in the air I understand now. Can I make sense: candlelight Jujitsu, right yeah, it's Yang you in your body of similar energy systems what is it hadn't, Roebuck Anaerobic, I roll out of it and then are Rebecca. Anaerobic, lacked a gas it and will be a Roebuck three sister
seems, and there a bland, it's not lay. I ain't gonna be blamed into each other. Canna thinks it's not like. Oh next one decisiveness, Would she said in general permitted changed, my voice will go little heavy on us in general on the battlefield, soon to become a land of corpses. If the soldiers are committed to fighting to death, they will live whereas if they seek to stay alive, they will die gonna, be aggressive. If you're, scared of dying your chances of dying increase, A general a good general act as if they are on a sinking boat or trapped in a burning building.
There is not enough time for the watch too, for the wise to make plans or the courageous to get angry only fought that one can have is to fight. Thus, it is said that the greatest harm can be fallen. Army is the result of hesitation, while the disasters that befall the whole army is a result of too much doubts leading to slowness, What did Patten say? A good plan executed now is better than anything perfect plan executed in two weeks it wants education and training of armies, which he said in war, men constantly perished from their in abilities and our defeated by unfamiliar. Thus when two point two, Training should be given the priority.
One man who has been trained in warfare can and struck ten men. Ten men can train a hundred men undermine, can train a thousand men; a thousand men can train ten thousand men. Ten thousand men can train. Whole army use the advantage of being near to counter enemies that comes from afar, used advantage being well rest, Decanter, an enemy, that's been labored use the advantage of being satiated counter the enemy that is having them from deploying in circular formations and change to square ones, have them set they get up and move and hope have them whole move left or right right to left his armor. How to train these people, how I've been divided, combined, unite them disperse them when all these changes from you're provide them with weapons. All these mentioned are great. I should do this with Dissolved, Take my soup tune dick and take my cell task in it. God on the beach
we will even have we'd, be wearing peachy, shorts and purse whenever sneakers and get in our patrol formation and then go contact front contact right contact left. So few people right peel, often call these random cause and people should have to figure it out. And you start, why? Don't you come with me a new car and people start taking ownership and people are making things happened. He starts II initiative inserts a decentralized. And by the time you we would get to let's say and warfare and we'd thrown all this chaos at all these guys and they got used to making things happen, it just seemed easy. Yet It almost seems like we were cheating. Do you run into like in the big? meaning of say that can exercise whatever like kind of a chaotic? the scenario for sure and then what you just sort of what give em guidelines or ignore through it like to? But you did you coach him like after I might but work through it. Because as you work through it you're getting better, we ve now we would have a deeper if you know maybe go hungry, eight or ten little
Many maneuvers- and this is the key sick one is you you call your first call and everyone knows what to do and then you let that start to be executed. Rises, getting executed. You call difficult, then once gets now, you got confusion times. One then you call different, then you get confusion times too now we're all split up here. You know used to be your fire team being Bill Fred and Joe and all of a sudden you not would bill friend, Joe and manufacture, junior guy and everyone in your farting that you randomly end up as all junior guys. Well, no one knows the need step up in charge fun. You look around and say I gotta all right? Now, if our team on me, We're gonna bound forward, ready move, and you guys listen to you. Why? Because they're starting to adapt to the situation, so they thought we all start off with, like pretty clear guidelines, super general, but pretty clear. Every seal knows what to do. When you say contact font got. Everybody knows what to do And then you say: centre peel. Everybody knows what to do. Evans done that drill at times
then, while they're doing the centre appeal, you say contact rear envy, so now there jumbled up, but then you call Another call amnesia contact rear and then you say the tactical call for we're going to flank them, and now people start to work the flight, but there were the different group and now, as that flank is happening you all contact front or contact rear again or contact left or contact rate, and now We ve got to start to orient to this new situation as you just keep. All these differ, causing it makes people think and, like I said it would, felt like I was cheating because by the time we would get to land warfare. They would throw the The problems that you, the problems would not be, risks we already. Where scramble our brains over and over again. Everyone knows how to look around and figure out who grab it.
From alone, or I'm no one's in charge, corner guys we're we're a fighting were move product so interesting that, like cause, ok, split football in breadth, the exact same and so what you know you heard of online screams owing to call an audible right, how basically means some change in the play. Because of the defence I see or whatever and then there's little maneuvers you can do you can be like. I know we know this team places, certain defence or whatever, so we're gonna line up a certain way. That means they're gonna in a certain way. Then we're gonna call audible on the line and broken scram, because we already know where we're going to shift to and then right when we shift we're going when we shift they have to shift to, but their reactive I think I make all these decisions right there, red birthplace, I so you catch him off guard like that. So now. Imagine if you do that three times in a row five times in a then they're gonna have real problems here, but that's crazy, like seal team practice in turn
whatever, like the parallels with like basically teams workers, well do something same exact thing you know it looks different on the field of services, transport, sport, but they do the same thing yeah, and I think for for the take away, is like to just being a leader in general will be putting Europe Putting your troops into situations that are not familiar with. They learn how The protocol they learn how to deal with those situations which I wrote about in Leap in in the code. I wrote about how do you handle a situation when you don't know what to do? What do you do well I'll just break outright because we're here, because it's a good programme, it's it's, it's a very. It anticipates a product all that you have to fall upon the most, because it's the unknown, the other. Because a straightforward,
The problem here is the solution. This is the unknown. What do I do, and I dont know what to do something bad happened? I don't even know where to start. This is this. This is the strategy. Protocol. Every scenario cannot be addressed. So this is the protocol, What to do when you don't know what to do? One start by taking a step back to tat. Take a breath, look around Actually, you assess everything, that's happening so this. What we do we, so this what's happening when you're in a sealed tune in there's three calls just got made and now you're in the unknown, you don't know what to do? Take a step back detached. Take a brief look around make sure your says, everything is happy. That's that's exactly what you should do. Next think about where your possibilities are indecision, you could make right now and walk. So now you look around, say: ok what we do we go to a perm over there. We go to that little ravine over there, send it here. I say: write it down, cuz we're in an administrator's situation, but then you look at okay. What what is a 6s look like? Does that get us where we want to be? Can I get there? Can I make that happen, and then you work the plan make a call.
And you want to make small sit, make a small step towards what you think a decision in that's what I read about in in leadership, trudging tactics which the inner of decision making process, which is making small steps in the direction you think is correct. Yeah, and then you assess, if that was a good called or not, and you saw the ravine, you started moving towards the ravine. There's doesn't seem like taking any further contact from that area, so you can keep moving there, so you can make the call that continues you pushing in that direction, but what but this everybody on the Teamsters to realise how did well to do those little steps so that new guy that when you walked out on the beach for the first time. This guy has no idea and watch who is it not the drill that you had to run every single day? run this drill like three or four times, and then people would just be good enough. Where you know you Ok, we got this and they are there. They are asking say ten times better and monotonous.
A thousand times better than that surrounds sounds unrealistic with, but the Actual number is when you walk out on the beach for the first time as a new gown. You never done this before your zero. Your zero. You win their first call when they know when call gets made. You oh cool, I know to do in the second. Gorgets made Europe as Euro. You have no idea what's happening, so when when you ve done this now for three hours one morning when you're done with those three hours, you're a whole new man a whole new man. Your ability to process what's happening, your ability to figure things out your ability to grab two or three other people. Putting your party, MR making making taking action to support whatever called being made, you're, totally different human being in three hours. We. Amazing that is, and by the way, the only training that the only equipment that you need is a pair shorts and stick, and you can say, bang, bang
next placing individuals inappropriate positions. Would she said the basic rule of warfare that should be taught is that men of short stature should carry spears and and Spear Tipp Halbert. But should carry boughs and crossbows. The strong should carry flags and banners. The courageous should carry bells and drums the week should serve and lodge Six, the one the wise should be involved in planning people from same village or district should be grouped together. They can look out for each other. I got a kind of a kick out of that. One: Its if you think about you know once you're carrying once you're carrying guns. A lot The physical differences between humans go away. You know nothing about. Completely. I was thinking about the zoning our text from one of my few friends. It did a guy that I grew up within the teams and he's just a game. Credible beast of aid Specimen of a human being right
and I remember I- was watching. We were when a training operation, we were down in the jungles of. Louisiana, and we were doing a raid, alive. Fire raids were using really real bullets, and I was in the base element, which is the cover element So we I was not going to move. I was lying there. This is generally the place for the radio men generally purse place for the platoon commander that you're gonna sit next to greener. And you usually would be looking at risk security and then he said, you put down, cover fire and then the assault element moves in a position and then through the target you ship fires they move through who is the point of all this? Is that had this kind of some. Cheesy targets set up for us. There was, you know some some couple, plywood buildings barrels and there was a picnic table random, like picnic tape, holes in there.
And I'm watching the silhouette of this assault happen. And I see my body and you he's like, six, four and just sort: just overall general beast of a dude and a great athlete, and I see him he's in M Sixty machine gun. This was before that the modern machine does it we have now the so. This is a big normally it's a crew server used to be a crew served weapon. Meaning you have a person to carry weapon in person. The ammunition and sometimes a personal, carry the tripod. We had him with by bodies. We had modifications to them, but in the seal teams. You carry those weapons by yourself. So he's got this big giant weapon and I'm watching him and he's he gets to this picnic table and he shooting shooting that's like fire, and we have now shifted far. We ve actually now ceased fire, so we're no longer shooting words is watching them for the target, and I see him.
It is carrying this giant M sixty and it looks like he's carrying a baby girl. Because he just big eddies, just laying down fire any steps up on this on this picnic table as if it was as if he were stepping over an ant hills am I day if this dude this dude, born to be doing is due in Vienna with that pig that pagan, so That's what I was thinking about what I thought of this section right here that you know You and you know what your point man a lot of times. Appointment of these small guys, hey Vietnam Point men. They were legend, those being the small seals right. A guys can be point man, the Bay damn new guys, you're gonna be a sixty, Gunnar rain
still kind of carry the stuff out and, of course it's not written in stone, and you can definitely be there plenty of guys that have been very small and cared and carried a heavy machine gun with plenty of big guys that have been point man, but We do here. There is a little bit of it doesn't make sense. They make sense when you say pig. What does that? What that does not mean the M sixty Does that mean does a big done without a means it used to mean the M sixty, but now it also means the mark. Forty eight, which is the new modern version at a big belt, FED machine gun to put it in clear terms, free who is the iconic Rambo weapon and commendable FED machine gun, I dont know about commander no kind of weapon used. Caring sixty welcomes, like shooting anybody from the hip carrying the the Let's write the belt, whatever his other hand, by machine gun by thing kind of did it before come and if I'm not mistaken yeah when he came back you shooting up the off oh yeah, so so picture that weapon I mean,
Well now you can picture with with sliced alone right now. Do now tall Sylvester Stone is not enough. But I know that he is not. His tall is like in your guy here Fourth, action: Arnold, picture my body just lay down. By the way having I think shouldered like shouldered like a rifle and just in it down as he's moving as his walk in for an obstacle, legged snow factor. I know I'm totally picturing it and yes, that's that's a glorious of vision for sure when I was young, we're watching ramble in command Elsie, I was young, we're doing. Assaults live fire in this was Lucy in your watch. Yes, it is completely different for sure, uniting us pretty words or less more or less is, and my dad commented on that. He said because he saw if I'm not mistaken or elsewhere
bigger in commando always was together and he had yeah, but shooting from the hip one hand holding the the battle. The other at another time and he's Lane they used more, not everybody right, little plantation, where everyone and my dad said he's like men like that, ass, if you see that gun that is caring right there s a gaze like that gun, it would take me you and then he named like our neighbour, whose work is that you take all three of us depict. I gonna think they are at their begun to meet our Arnold. Hornful nailed one hand, that's interesting. You say that that's what my dad said back in the day I mean you can do. You can definitely do what I was doing and guys would do that too. But the pig so yeah that heavy machine gun the heavy Belford Machine Gun is generally referred to as the pig and therefore the guy that's carrying the pig can be no can call it the pig Gunnar and then, if you, if you remember Ryan,
job and was a pig gunnar and usually guys have a nickname for their pig any and, as a matter of fact, the guy it was stepping over the the picnic table he his pig he had too much which one of them was called Frankenstein, but the other one was called road block. This is this. Is it you know this is the nineties when there's no work or on, but let's face it. Roadblock is allegedly yeah what does this array and jobs Ryan jobs, nickname was beagles and his his gun was called eagles so goes. Road block is from G age.
What is the name of a weapon of a guy block or no cops might be cops, but then our own, I don't know. I just know that my buddy hadn't had an m60 that was called roadblock. That's that's one of the most I'll. Tell you what so so. Every different military has their different schools right, you're different skill set, sniper, radioman medical there thou of their own lives was and we used to share schools. We know sometimes our radioman gotta go to the store oh forces, communication score. We ve, I went to the special forces Medic School, so we share some of those schools sniper school ism ring where's. My proposal, different schools- we are the seals- run really really good schools. Could you get guys their way way way into it?
way into it way into whatever the little thing is, but we would run that the machine gunners would go through a course. While we go through land warfare- and it was like this- the sixty comes course for the pig guns course, but man they would get some of the instructors. They, which everyone just so into it that in I know I would the Sir guys, like I want to re, do matter what I was mobster, we would get we leave to do so. A couple runs cuz, you got them, but these guys are out there, for you know three days just burning through ammunition and learning. Do everything and slap feed and push be in comp, feed, and you know it just the guys would get so good and you'd seen as another for another friend of mine. I had
was. This is almost the exact same situation. I think I was behind him. We were, I was walking on, so we resulting through a target. And he was out ahead of me. So I wasn't. I was like come As the radio men's arouse endless, as really mean you're, you're doing I'm on target you get like. The nerve Oh no, the stereotypical, so the stereotypical sixty Gunnar he's like a big jacked guy, right, even in every movie right, it's the way it is irritable radium. What does he look like yellow here nerdy guys got glasses. I cleaning up in the fields and ends like I was. I was not. I mean I wasn't small, but about the job that I had was that nerdy jobs, when your result in the target, your job would be to keep time on target. So you'd call out you want that at and Oh you're, while the assaults goin down, sometimes I would He tracking autonomy I would be a little bit more heads up. I feel a bit more, that's right. I got
three machine guns out of me, plus all the other guys with peace, shooters they're all laid down- and I might take a step back to be ok, I'm making coms, I'm making sure we're doing good work but I was watching one of my other bodies and like he was so there's a there's, a feed train. There's a boil bunch different ways that you can reload your m. Sixty just remember him he in the most smooth fashion, though could imagine with the particular he was, he was slap feeling its. We opens up the feed tray and he opens up the free trade Whips his hand, he whips his hand and what he does when he whips his hand. Is he it's the links, so the You bullets in the bell there held together by links That when you fire that last round, sometimes that link will sit there, it won't make it out of the gun, cause it just fired, and so that
will sit there right in that spot. So we opens up the feature you whips his hand and any hits that an end that link if you opens up link and why he's whipping it he he's like prepping, he whips it switch hand, grabs out is currently whips it. He grabs the belt puts the net belt in their boom. Sir, the feed cover home lip any starts like me, so what I'm saying is when you got people that are into what they're doing they're going to be good they're going to be good, you want it, that's why if you, we should have videoed those two guys do in those two moment. If I could capture those two moments and just poop propagate those too Moments to the world, people be a lot less apt to want to mess with America.
Because you think about what kind of humans are doing. This kind of humanist figured out how to open the feature cover slap that link out reached down. What kind of human is doing that made dad into a a beautiful thing. That's that's what you're dealing with not being with normal people. We're Goin Distance, like you know those guys who you know the daring to smoking Iraq fully. And out of me later to smoke. Lime said they're into smoking. So when they the cigarette they got. The old school classic go
pleaded later than they do the little many micro performance refreshing light the cigarette than the ito flip it like the butterfly knife, or some like that can link, but yeah is for a war fighter, go see you and then you just break down, and when I start thinking about all the little details are guys would do every little piece of gear, their honing at their peer prepping. It everything is taped. Everything is quiet. Everything is just and you get to see these guys tell you what I was out on put your way towards the end of the battle of Ramadi, something to wear like a I don't know. Maybe a few weeks or whatever from going home, and I run the some corner and uphold the corner. As you know, one of words Don Patrol and I'm watching as the guys are moving like
same thing, I'm thinking if I wasn't insurgent, I would this there's no way I would take a shot at these guys were now looks like a looks like just a machine, a machine, a machine that's alive new, like a cyborg cybernetic organism its debts, darting operations, with one far process that cannot be bargained with and cannot be reasoned with. Doesn't feel pity or remorse or feed. You're absolutely will not stop ever and as we all do. You are dead, like that's from a movie, but that's real think about it. That's it! That's a movie. Somebody wrote that for a move to make that is cool as possible, but that's a real thing. There's really really people like that. I know them and their groups like that
look, the only thing is you can tell that can't be killed, or whatever is do you say that where they can be stopped can be bargain with Campi bargaining, reason or reason with cool when they're? So it's just a good comforting feeling to know that there's guys out there like that they're, like that, I know J, p d, no known him for a while for surely he's always come off as like that. Good times to imps, while little fun fact, Michael Bein is the guy who played Kyle Reese. Who is the character who said that whole thing to zero Conor in Terminator one, and we might call this layers, we might call coincidence. We might call it parallels, but
His most played role is a Navy seal, interesting the abyss, the rock there others too, next section maintenance of horses was an interesting one. I am turn remember. Why highlighted as read that there must be some reason Lord, who asked: how do we take our horses? she replied. The stable should be cleaning up of all. That's. Why? Because it applies to everything the stables reclaiming comfortable. The horse should be fed with appropriate grass water feed should be until neither to hunger to four, oh, yes, this is like a dichotomy here, not to worry discipline, clean right, not to Hungary and then, Did the dichotomy continue in winter? They should have one stables and some recall stables. Little dichotomy there. There maiden we kept him the whose probably cared for yes see. These. Guys like pig gun, but with horses right they should be
and to be familiar with all sites and sounds so that they are easily startled practicing galloping pursued exit exercise can straighten about in holding the bomb during the horse, and men should be so strong before the horses can be employed to match the bond between a pig, Gunnar and his weapon right. It's like real thing. The equipment such as saddles, bridles bits and rains must be strong and durable. Normally, these horses are injured either towards the end of war or at the start. Similarly, there either injured by whom, Moreover, feeding. That's the same that thing that day's work said about crashes, plane crashes, finally happened in the first twenty percent of pilots Greer or the last twenty percent management troops would she said. Only people who have
military capabilities and civility can be commander of an army. He must be well Who is strict and flexible as well, thought I made up the dichotomy of leadership. I didn't get around four thousands of years strict but flexible as well. In general, when people appraise generalship, they usually folks on court courage. However, courage is but one of many required characteristics of a general being only courageous one would rash you. She into battle without any considerations for gaining loss. What do you need to be balanced? Such action is not acceptable. Now the affairs too, the general must manage are five. First, true seconds. Preparation third is commitment. Forth is caution. Fifth, is regulation control governing the masses. Just as one controls a few preparation is during the journey to the battleground always be prepared for enemy.
Commitment means entering combat without any concerns for one's life. Caution means that even after conquering one remain in the same control and attitude as if just entering a battle. Even after you win, you maintain control and you maintain the same attitude as if you just entered the. Regulation means laws and orders are to be kept to a Mom and not abrasive, you know, I've been saying lately lead with minimum force required, which is exactly what this says right here. Orders kept to a minimum. Not abrasive to accept command without declining to accept com. And without declining. So when you get put in charge, you do it destroy the enemy. Only afterward.
Destroy the enemy and only afterwards speak about returning is the proper form of behaviour for general use Look? You don't talk about gone home, don't even mention going home until you win. When the only goes forth, his only forest to die with glory. Rather than live with shame she said how sorry this is for areas to note and characteristics of good generals over two thousand years old, Gucci said in general, therefore vital points to note for warfare, and they are morale, terrain affairs and strength. Troll management of armies, movement blind? in the hand of one general, that is the vital point, four morale, when the road is narrow and perilous. At the vital point of the mountain route to point ten men, a general clause
on your thousands. That is a vital point of terrain. Making full use of spies using like cavalry to harass the enemy sewing discord between the ruler and officials and higher ranks and lower ranks. Reproaching each other is the vital point of affairs when chariots and strong have strong, axles and scorpions the boat had been suited with rudders. Nor is that officers are thoroughly familiar. The formations and the horses of trained in pursuit of maneuvers, such as the vital point of strength. One. Who knows these four is qualified to be a general moral raise reputation, virtues benevolence and courage must be. Respected by his subordinates and calm the masses. It's interesting that you think these guys back in the day of these rulers being Rina ruling with an iron fist, and it's the caste system and you're just dominating, and he talked about
Never once all the time and righteousness and how that's so if you know, if you got up you ve got a group of their leader. Don't even attack Furthermore, he must be a to scare his enemy with his reputation and decide. If this, when he issued orders, no one dared a bit disobeying whenever he may be Wherever he may be, rebels will not dared oppose him. Gaining such a personal, the state will grow strong, losing him the state will perish. That is what we call a good general characteristics and importance of good communications, which he said Now the different drums, gowns and bells are means to all the ear flag banners and patents are meant to. Ah, the I programme since orders, punishments and fines are meant to all the mind since air is awestruck by sounds. They must be loud and clear since the eye
strong awe struck by colors. The costs must be discriminating and bright since the mine awestruck by penalties, it has to be strict and on port impartial, If these three are not established Even though you may have the support of state, you would invariably be defeated by the enemy. Thus, it is said that wherever the generals, banners are, the whole truth will go and wherever the general points do, every will charge for without concern for their own lives as much We talk about communication into its under the it's under the law of combat simple, simple, clear, concise communication. If you're not doing that, if you're not giving clear, concise orders things fall apart, mooch knowing the enemy general. Knowing the enemy general, which said in general, an essential of wars to know who the enemy, general is and evaluate his talent
in accord with the situation you schemes and achieve a new scheme, to achieve results without much later labour, a commanding general, whose stupid and trusting can be deceived and entrapped one whose greedy and insensitive to honour can be given gifts and bribed one who changes his mind easily and lack real plans plot too late entire him out, that's a good one, yes that tries only different things. Go. Let him keep trying all was different. Banks you would break down. He gives about what kind of personality you're doing with him. Then how you attack that personality, it's so good if the upper ranks are wealthy and egg and arrogant, while the lower ranks are porn, resentful, so discord amongst them, if they're, advancing in withdrawing are often marked by doubt and the troops no one to rely on, they can be frightened off. They could find. Frightened and running off. If the officer, Despite their commanding general and have strong intend to return home Bach
the easy roads leaving the treacherous ones open and they can be attacked and captured if the terrain, over which they advance easy. But the rich retreat route is difficult. Wait for them to come forward. Testing the enemy general. More blue asked. If two armies are confronting each other and I do not know their general, if we'd like to know more about him. What methods can I employ? Whoopee Replied gather some lower ranks, men who are, just and have them lead some light shock troops to them when animals, your to attack they, the shock troops should run off any basically goes through how to do little probe to find out what kind of reactionary if they given organised offence or not, and you can judge from their next one chaos and communications?
Lord whew asked if the chariots our story, the horses are well bred, the generals are courageous and the soldiers are strong, but when you sell suddenly encounter the enemy and the troops are thrown into chaos and formations are broken. What can be done. This is exactly what I talked about doing these sand rattle battle, jewels on the beach whew, she replied in general. It is a rule of battle that during daylight, flags, banners and pennants to relate orders, while at night, gongs drums, horns and whistles can be used. Instead, when the flags and left they move left when the site flags and write them right with a dramas beaten in advance. Regarding sound. They retreat at the first round of the horn. They should advance at the seconds after the horn. They should gather if anyone disobeyed the order they should be executed. Where I started to say. Ok, we talked about eleven months now was on board. We talked about taking carrier people and I was on board people obey. Your order, execution might not be the best thing to do.
Only in this way. The army would submit to your awesomeness. The officers and soldiers will not dare disobey orders and combat no enemy will be stronger than you, nor will any differences remain impregnable to your attack when the when outnumbered by the enemy Lord, who asked what, if our troops are outnumbered, which replied avoid engaging them on flat, train instead attack and narrow quarters. Thus, it is said for to attack tat? Nothing is better than narrow passage, pretend to attack a hundred nothing's belgian, deeper view. These are pretty straightforward. How to attack a strong me. Lord whew asked if their forces are numerous well trained and courageous, behind them are dangerous. High grounds on the writer mountains on the left are river, their wealth, if have crossbows in position when they withdraw
or steady is mountains when the attack there, like torrential rain as their food stocks are plentiful, it will be difficult to defend against them for very long. What should be done with this is This is asking these totally insane situations right, but don't worry, have no fear, because whoopee replied a very good question. Such enemy cannot be overcome by force alone, but by the wisdom of siege If can prepare one thousand chariots in ten thousand cavalry support them with foot soldiers divide them into five grew each one traversing, a deferral nullified If gruesome move out different direction, simultaneous the enemy will certainly be confused and will not know what we are up to. So he basically goes through how to attack from five different directions. At this time, and then, when he says you basic want to isolate some of the groups, which is a smart and then he goes on to a whole section of when surrounded by the enemy, when cotton unfavourable to terrain
caught in a valley, fighting marine bout of battles, wet and dry weather, also known as moist dry weather. Fighting plunderers after this is a good one. After conquering cities would she said in general, there is a principle to follow when attacking the enemies city that is after conquering the city, enter their public building, control and use the former bureaucrats take over their supplies relay orders that troops are not supposed to cut down trees, destroy houses. Take the grain
water, animals or burn people supplies. This will show the populace that you do not have any fishes intentions, accepting those that accept those that surrender and settle them. This is very good advice, especially that bureaucratic idea you were going to take over going to try and maintain their society when I can rip it apart and be easier to control going to be more beneficial to you and them deposit to think it was just going back to the Iraq war and the disbanding of Saddam's military, which is pretty much now considered that that was a bad bad move. We talked about it on. We talk about it on the other part cast the new, the newly named podcast than podcast. Formerly known as the threat, which is now known as the Jackal unravelling pocket.
Which will be up soon next section in just a guy. Look. We all have to take us from a war scenarios when you acquire a business, your business, eyes their business. What do you do. Say. I worry here, get on board fire, all their leadership, no actually utilise their leadership. Take some of their culture, incorporate them into the game. You know what makes people not do what I just said cause they're ego, the likely to what echo we just by your company, you're fired or even like. Like you know, you can we work is my whatever you ain't gonna, take your authority with me now everybody's looking, you that should be working hard and they're going out man. Their treatment are boss, bat strew! You no good examples. That is, the movie invasion of the body. Snatchers saw the old school,
by the way my daddy's be super into it, but what is the aliens they come down and they take over your body rain. Now there it's a movie called invasion of the bodies, measures. So they come down and they take over your body. But you'll still look like you, you can't even act like you, but you have an alien agenda. Z seem same exact thing so, as opposed to my because the in the alien came invaded your body took over your body, your whole thing, but they didn't like ruin it? He kept your whole ensue settings by as far as that. That philosophy goes as opposed to like men in black everyone's men in black that one yeah, but I can't really remember too much is cockroach alien that came in like took over this farmer, guys body and jammed it up. So when this guy, the farmer in the Bailey and the cockroach alien, was walking down the street as the farmer
like his body was so jammed up his skins, all falling down or whatever anyone was like, like the he couldn't function in societies insane. So this agenda was, it was way hearted to execute some same ended up losing an end to by the way you carry a coincidence, nope. No, they can install that plot line from Gucci yeah. Obviously, our Lord whew asked, is making fishermen severe and were wards clear, adequate for victory would replied as to these matters of severity, and clearly I do not have all the answers. Even so, they cannot be totally relied on what issue, orders and the people willingly follow them. When you raised the army and mobilise the masses, the people take pleasure in going to bed winning gauging the enemy the people take on pleasure in fighting to the death then
These three are what the ruler of men can rely on. Those big asks Lord will inquired further? How does One attain such results. Rights is a bigger that your ask or how do you get there? Would she replied? you should identify men of accomplishment and honour them with a grand feast. Also. Those that have not accomplished anything. This would stimulate them. Thereupon, Lord, who had sitting on had sitting that set out in the ancestral Temple Hall arranged in three tears and help held a feast for officers and chief officials was distinguished by great achievement, sat in the first year and we're feasting and the finest fruit and cholera those ranked the next accomplishment sat in the middle tier and dine with find food and less lavish vessels. Those who had not accomplish anything new, worthy sat at last year feasting fine with food in ordinary utensils when the feast was over,
they came out. Lord will also honoured the parents and families of the meritorious outside the Temple gate again according to their accomplishments. He annually sent emissaries to call on the families of those who died in service for the country bestowing aid on their parents. So doing he showed that they would not be forgotten once again take carrier people and also like how he set up that little tiered structure of you want to move on to the next year. Gotta go make some stuff happens and also interesting to that third tier into is actually funds still pretty solid. You know worth lakes dying on the final food just in some or Mary cut in a kind of thing, but then you compare to like the lavish top dear. We all want to get their shack, and this is the last section from mood I read about your didn't. Read the whole thing you greeting go downloader yourself for the for the details, this the last section
and this terrible story, and now we get to this point the day before the battle which he spoke to the troops all aids and officers must confront and capture enemies, chariots cavalry in infantry. If the chair, we do not make prisoners the enemies. Chariots. The cap We do not make prisoners of the enemies Cavalry the Infantry make prisoners of the enemies infantry then, even if we forge an overwhelming victory, no one will be accredited with achievements. That was that was his message to the troops on the day of battle although his orders were not onerous. Many here if these massive, where she just said that right there. Basically on that day, his offer this shocked the world that is the last line,
of the woozy written by working on that day of battle is awesomeness shook the world, and I mean to say that that's probably a pretty positive outcome and you know look these principles. We read them, we have some level of understanding of them. We see the same advice coming from different people over a spread of Thousands of years we keep hearing the same type of advice, over again when we didn't do, is put that advice to work right for these points to work, not just for yourself but for your family, but for your people, but for your team, but for your employees, your bosses, your community in the world, and then what you do is you go out and you shake the world with
Echo, Charles, yes, speaking of shaking the world with awesomeness of yes, how can you help us do that? How can you help us shake the world with awesomeness? Well, you cannot shake the world with awesomeness if you are not yourself providing us ass seem sane understand, you're incapable of providing awesome this. How can you shake anything with that? Awesomeness something you're not shaken anything with pure lack of awesomeness yours you gonna large what's interesting is like even back. Then they say the word awesome. So you know, member! This is the translation at that's fair not actually saw awesome is so my friend Anthony right here. He is actually only has a first episode, the pot guess when you came up his amount, so
anyway. He used to always say the word awesome like just just inappropriate times in my opinion right, so that kind of turned me off to the word. Awesomeness he'd say yeah. I met this girl. She was just she was just so awesome. Anything, I you know, I don't know how like a girl. She this girl must be really something if you're in all of this girl seem Saint gives. Us really would awesome, is faded it all whatever they re, so it always use it so really turned me off side Yes M about its anytime he's around. I d be for using the word awesome then, after while it started using it normally that happens raided that look you're talkin earlier for worry, you start In a word just as a joke, you know, and then it slowly creeps into your normal vocabulary. That's what awesome is Tom rolling with it so apparently whew cheese will Rowan with it as well
Very nice, now really get a row with it. So well, we gotta keep ourselves in the game. You know this guy, you cannot be awesome, shake any worlds or anything with awesomeness, if you're, not in the game. To begin for not on the path is my opinion, with the level of arrogance. When you close out your book by saying you shut the world with Canada, Your actual the message a little bit well, humility meter is not get yet very high. When you're saying hey, you know what I'm gonna do no factor just now the almost were shaken the world with ass, much ass? If. Three, but I've never even heard a person make a statement that is, as that might be the strongest possible. What what? What? What stronger than that lead like what's a stronger way of seeing this person made a mark on the world right shake the world with us this three year
Lydia does sound like a like a canoe West, maybe statement or something like this guy, that's something he would SAM saying. Ok, I will take your word for it anyway. Beyond the path from Saint now, we're gonna do care. The path is like it's full of mechanical. You on this one is pull it's full of obsolete, rules and traps bath, strew soft those articles challenges or whatever I got something for you got some supplements. This is for your physical and mental ability to SAM, yet to state on the path in the game, etc. So, Jack off, you can hold line for you for any pretty much any ailment pretty much. Generally speaking, it covers at least a little bit of any ailment that may best be bestowed.
Basically, you just go up weirdest carrying the theme forward, but we could. We were shaken oral with us and is now we're just any ailment one. Do you we're going up into failure? Jacko fuel? Whenever is wrong with you, we got you This'Ll Amy ailment. This will help. This will help. So is this going to depend on what you mean by we just ito? We but you need to say anything else. You didn't get it. You say Look any the yeoman. Did you have any probably got dark of you, you're good? That's it. It'll have end of advertisement around of talking we're good, any ailment, we're good will. That is out of you will. Let me such specified in some of these elements. We simply don't have assumed. Name like if you don't need extra programme is just an example. If you dont need extra points protein in the form of a disease of a dessert, some people, they don't need that who doesn't need while a lot don't need it. But of course, of course we want that
as far as Potan goes. How can again and well then again stake seem same stake- is not in the form of a dessert but sort of the same desire. Anyway, I will let me start beginning joint work for the three joints. If, if when or at least to see if they start to a narrow down that distort here and now narrow down your tracking. Your statement that eighty eight whipped is gonna be cured. Touch Hocker fuel well taken they didn't make, that's the only. I said this will help Let me simply, but I miss ready, I totally cheated on that statement because look if you break your arm- and I give you a leg muscle that'll help. You will have your arm specifically, but makes a loose. Good to go. There will be benefits them even fort we any ailment, so you're actually speak before actually in one way or another,
So you know I don't work for a pursuit of crude oil is aunt and accidents and by the way skilled sentence, Anthea it's called ailment crusher supplement discipline. If you want some supplemental discipline bomb got? U discipline supplement in and powder form boom. Whatever delighted you sucralose, I did superhero super has re what it boils down to it not being on super girl and not being on joint warfare is not a good idea. No, you talk about the for some. Of light rate the year those the lions everything's going to be like you, gotta keep delightful he'd have to in my password. Listen to this, I think so that's what the distress of the super careless with joint warfare. That's the discipline to by the way, it's all part of that the whole circle of age. I must say I drink the powdered form of disparate go MIKE, basically, all day long, basically, retirement I'll. Do you wanna.
You wanna prevent some ailments, even ailment prevention, yeah, here's, what we're talk about vitamin D. Three get some of that gets him cold war and you can deny these threatening enemy, Beasts ailments lawyer better out, there doesn't get rid of him before they even show up oil immune system, like somebody walks of germ unionism, some enemy walks up your immune system. They the DE three: they see the cold war That's not the war, not attacking. They write another category of don't attack your correct. The ancient whoopee said: if you see a body filled with and a cold war. Do not attack is a losing battle. Yes. Got the argentine cans. You're gonna get some. You wanna get some Jackal Palmer. You do want to get some jocapa. This stuff is particularly good. It did. The the stuff is good. It's good
board you, which is crazy. It's crazy did you see Brian little field be little. Video on on the whole deal. Well, what makes a different- and I thought I was gonna- be local differences in the spirit or something you know something kind, ass tat and you can't really like put your feet, but he ran it. He went down the line Like all the stuff. You know like ok, proprietor but book apposite. Broadly speaking, we are talk about the the term propriety, Harry blend, which is a way of mask what you actually have in there in the quantities that you have in area, which means that you can sell people things they for a lot more, but even though even put very much of him in their yeah yeah which is sketch interesting and then, when he goes down the line you know of all the stuff, it's in there all transparent, You know all the ingredients are like on there and stuff any kind man. This is like this that doesn't that is different.
Like energy ultra. Thank you know which men I'm die like the energy drinks. What about men? We need to need ridiculous, but how can even drinking energy drink now you want, but here's the thing we're making something else for making up a ginger rail ginger. Is it ok? Well, there's gonna be caffeine, free ginger, ale, coming week long think we have a name for her. Yet we're kind of dragging on that. I was unaware that ginger ale have caffeine Well, no, this one won't can or cannot I mean you can have coughing free coffee. You can have calving free, tease or make engine without having the reason is the Rio is what was said in the region. I said that is because I told I told belittle like listen, this stuff taste freaking delicious. And I want to drink it all day. Oh yeah and I dont want to o d on caffeine there's. Ninety five milligrams of caffeine in every can go so Do you have a cannot go, maybe have
HU a day. The maximum. Your spoke, to do recommended is like four hundred milligrams of caffeine a day. That's gonna turn into a psychopath yeah yeah yeah, I dont need that. But here's the problem, love the taste so well, it's a little discipline task, you gotta online buyer. Also, the cool thing is when you, when you're, when it's your company, I want something without cafes. In order to make that already already had I just pray about six or seven, iteration of and we still keeping in all the positive stuff, all the good, neutral pics on a Thursday. Things that are in there. It's all still gotta be in there just knock. I have coffee I miss interpreted it like as if to say. Like now, more ginger ale has something but no yeah you're right, like there's caffeine in the Jackal Palmer when there's a little element of caffeine in there or a legitimate element. But this is not good
I do not see that way. I can drink this stuff all day. Long get the other benefits food product, one of those benefits being taste to fully Because I know someone that when they go out for dinner, they get coca colors, yes, Sir, which are not no sir they're, not the Freedom Party the last I'm going to taste like a mention before Mark an warrior kid moved by the wings of protein in the form of a dessert taste good. No, they create You were great bad off and you can get some Jacobite tee a candid about impounded left you do it's no big deal. I notice. Doesn't solidarity already guaranteed one up something anything at all things at origin, Mendes com- you can get him at the vitamin shop- is well in your local neighbourhood
also at or two main is due to start for we start you did too when we're end, you did so we want to get in newgate. We went to get a geek or escorts row whatever or demeanor com. They got that to all men in America by since you can't, unfortunately, is where a whenever, wherever you go unfortunate me, you can technically, but it's not recommended. You can also get other things there. Like genes, tee shirts boots Yes, blue to get booth and all everything that we just talked about everything without compromise made in America, American hands up they're, getting after it some kind of thinking of the booth spraying and some other stuff I get it the boots, would you say the boots, so you know how whew the no cheese which it is talking about. Like hey, you spend a lot of time. Making that thing beautiful, but not from I'm still trying to figure out the use for
but these boots are kind of like whoever made em peat and then was kind of doing both seem saying, but when they had the goal for boots, There were like going functional with beauty like handed hand. Almost kind of thing were as far as works of art goes down like I'm, not that much in depth. Action like you, but It seems like that be like some top ten artistic there There is a good balance between fashion and action between myself and a guide by the name of P Roberts nor her, let's face it pre. Well, let's face it on in in a vacuum environment with just P Robertson there. The all you have to do is look at rash guards from origin right
you can look at those needs. You were very good at it. We knew inject a little jock on their almost on things. Are you know we start going a little bit more towards the form, a little bit more towards the form, think peak and get wild men bra you know, like the way things look more than me more than me for quite a bit more than yes, sir we're quite a bit. But what school is you get that balance like the genes ban, let's face it there's some things about the genes are a little bit there functional. The pockets of slim, the backwards easier agrees, little things there legitimate and it just so happens. Let's face it, they look super little doubt. Brow went to Oregon just got back as you know, and on the plane, saint. Oh, I know I'm not gonna, like look, don't cuz the paparazzi is going to be at the airport waiting for me. When I arrive. That's not my situation, you know. So I wear. What's going to work
in the airport scenario, environment, origin genes, all day too, by the way. Are you if the paparazzi was waiting for you you'd, where something different? No, my concern would just lie elsewhere Saint. I might even where a mighty we're like you know those gold or diamond rimmed sunglasses nerves are where something not faith. It's a different pursue is what I'm saying. Nonetheless, those are the facts. Also, chocolate store, sculpture, store is wreaking, get other stuff. If you want to represent on this path, is a path. They were all on the path, the game. Whenever you want to call it the way, the way the will the will, we rank whew rate is way Again, I tried to find out if Woosey me mend anything and the I couldn't find that he meant anything that I could comprehend other than a room, and I know that this book is not called room
Yeah, but I don't know if I'm not mistaken is called is the way we go. I think I could be wrong, but I think we all by itself is Marshall, as in martial arts, as in Wooten Clam, ok, the clear to me now, unless dogmas stores called them, store, like I said, and if you want shirts, that's a discipline equals freedom, democracy. We want you to comment that says echo in courts like your middle name. Nonetheless, Charles, yes, have seen their payment. I cannot deny it and you know I guess I could technically, but you know you will be less accurate than maybe, if I didn't deny will say that unless, like said back to display
freedom, shirts and hoodie, then rash guards and hats some women stuff on there. Anyway, if you want to represent with March as it were only say the word word march that much, but if you like, apparently want to represent a August or dotcom subscribe to his podcast. If you want to echo, seems to think that's a big concern in the world, Firstly concerning so now is this park ass. We also have to give the name the the. Forecasts, formerly known as the thread which is now known as the Jackal unravelling Podcast. That's why actually recorded a couple more with Darrell. Yesterday, it'll be back, you'll be live we'll put em when put em on this feed and eventually move off to another feeds. Are we not confuse people grounded. Gas. We don't want to lose and, while that's probably negligent same with water
good progress, but they are there. We are more also speaking for your kids, we get that we get that were your kids of irish electorate, Stockholm or you can get it on the Jackal store, and this is made by a warrior kid whose putting his effort in life to create something so that people in the world can steak. We have you to channel where ECHO Charles makes very those who put this. This will be on their this whole scenario. Beyond their you. Can you can see what I look like Youtube. Echo looks like Echo then also makes these videos were ill in a three minute video by the way, he'll put nine hundred explosions, but in a three hour video you'll put none dichotomy that people are starting to wonder. I think,
that certain things. Why don't you do this once you start with like today, you talked about fourteen different eighties move, Why don't you put a little clip in put a little somethin maker, Terminator robot or something right put it in their sleep. It will go through only they will As I think explosions, Terminator, robots, etc are do have levels of oh Preakness give you have been in no limit to the appropriateness of explosions in given kind of video. It is so gonna. I'm gonna err on the side of broken. You at least try to put one a fact into a three hour. Podcast video. You know what the jury is still out, o now and whether that that's a good decision but we're gonna keep checking in and you don't- maybe maybe not, but you know
get away with it? We can move forward, no less! Yes, you do channel, it is their lot people, a lot of us will will play the part gas straight up displayed on our tv are smart TV in a letter thing now, and you know the display a comic book conversation coiner are going on in the room with you simply it does create that environment is one thing, the less tune into Thou and on the Youtube, that's the way to do it by other stuff, excerpts on there too. If you don't necessarily want to listen to the whole thing all at once or whatever you know, cuz, I lack discipline or whatever but no some people they'll just catch the like the Youtube excerpt and, like all show them. It has led to some place a good topic speed, but just as no one topic some say, that's good to very beneficial the bull, NATO, also psychological warfare. If you don't know what that is album with tracks, Jacko Tracks, chocolate telling you help me
Really helping you what you want help you know Nido, that's what you're saying now. That's not what you saying. Sometimes we will need a little bit out psychological or for will help you through those moments of weakness, big weakness, smugness whatever you will get help through it. Percent under it. I just saw you riff like a good idea, because you didn't repeat this- you know you- you stepped off your your standard, onawandah Ike as a script cause- is not a script cause you're, not reading. It is the same thing that you you know when I had a ban you from saying who There also reflects a canvas, Dotcom, Dakota, Myers Company, and he makes visual representations to keep you on the path we. I got a bunch of books, the code. Leadership strategy and tactics way of the warrior kid one. Two and three Mikey and the dragons discipline equals freedom field manual. Extreme ownership of that I got him a leadership if you like
talk about here. We wrote them down. We wrote this information down Every level of child of adult of human. You can start to get on the right path. Also, leadership consultant company, it's called echelon front. If you need help with your ship, inside your relations with national front dot com. We the phone line, which is where I've been investing a tone of time. Going online. Interacting with Do we re now we're doing three times a week? I'm there are you gonna, do and asked me a question, and you say me a twitter thing three months ago and I didn't respond cause. I was nineteen million of them, or you sent me a face book message and I didn't respond book. I apologize. I it's not possible for me to look at them all. If you talk to me, gotta youthful, mind com, only if a minor com you will be I will be in your living room with you on Zoom, the
call, I will be living off the you'll, be Gilbert will be amateur conversation. That's what's happening Could he my dot com is a bunch of other information on their there's, a bunch of other. We have. We got. Horses to go through, we ve got a quest, The day we ve got leadership, primers get all kinds of stuff so go check it out here for mine, dotcom. We really ramp up. We got into the covert scenario. You want to come to the muster, which is our leadership event? The next one is going to be the Arizona September, sixteenth and seventeenth, then Dallas. On December. Third and fourth go to extreme ownership. Dark company. Look, it's probably gonna, be a social distance situation, which means we have lasting the south, which means can sell out faster, so extreme ownership dot com. If you want to if over watch, if you are a military individual that is moving into the civilian sector or if you're civilian company that needs people understand the principles we talk about here. Goat
yep over watch dot com fill out the appropriate information and we will move you in the right direction. Both of you America's mighty warriors dot org. This is Mark Liese, mom Molly, and she is out on a daily basis, making it her mission to help service members, their families, the gold starfleet. Ways around the world. So if you want to get involved- or you just want to donate, go to America's mighty warriors dot, Org and you want some more. Of my inept interpretations, or you would like to hear more of echo is prolonged proclamations did you could find us on the internet, on Twitter, on Instagram and on Facebook echoes adequate Charles and I imagine, will again to all the folks out there and uniform, actually enacting and living these military principles to keep us safe and free. Thank you to all
of you, and to police and law enforcement and fire fighters and paramedics, empties and dispatchers correctional officers and border patrol at sea. Good service thanks all of you, for holding no one for us here on the home front, everyone out there listen She said that maybe we should try to shake. The world with us his butt, He also said stay balanced. No with that idea,
on the high road: don't do well in magnificence and power. That's your ego. Keep that thing in Czech instead follow the way how things should be done. Do things with righteousness? Do things with propriety? No means you hold the standard
I meet you conform. It actually means you conform to doing what is right, be benevolent, take care of people, and if you do those things and you do them humbly well, then you can get out there and shake the world with awesomeness, not for yourself, but for others, and that is leadership until next time. This is echo when Jacko out.
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