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245: Knowing What Leads to Victory. Critical Importance of The Fighting Spirit Combat Lessons Vol. 3 with Dave Berke

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This is Jocker podcast number two, forty five with Charles in me, Jocker willing good evening. Echo did even also joining tonight is Dave Burke, believing Dave good evening. Did you make it to the status of honour, yes now, when I am thinking, will get their people want to know what they call a good deal. Dave recognises the fact that even talking about that, this is why she asked again tonight was more combat lessons from the front The document called combat lessons document, written the rows of world war. Two, and what do. Miss interviewing line meters in front line troops, in fact subtitle is rank and file and combat what their due in how the doing it with cover to these so far and this
The third one and you know sometimes I think twice about you know I mean we kind of the idea right and I'll start thumbing as our stock. Coming through this once you know. Do we really need to cover another one of these? Our common through it and you start reading these things, and I can't put it down. And I'm still learning, and so I figure, if I'm learning, we can all learn. Why why China hold it back from the people? No reason we can get right, do it so here this combat lessons, volume three and we ve done to these so far. Actually I forget what number podcast they are, but we covered to these volumes. This is the third volume and This is what the all the volume start off with this quote. The paramount combat lesson learned from every operation is the vital importance of leadership, which is really an interesting thing that we say,
Every single time we talk to people are equipment are supplying, above our all men and, above all, our men are splendid aggressive. Determined leadership. Is the priceless factor which ensued: here's a command and upon which all success in battle. Depends it is responsible for success or failure, and that is July. Third. Nineteen forty four starts off just jumping right into leadership. Leadership command need for leadership, com, received from all active theatres, continue to emphasise the need for competent and aggressive leaders. This is especially true as regards junior officers and noncommissioned officers, Lieutenant General Corky. Each Hodges, who observed operations in North Africa and ITALY stated and before I get to that.
Why is it? Why is it just so awesome that they're just point now, over and over and over again and each one of these volumes leadership is the most important bordering on of on the battlefield, and yet we work with companies that do have no leadership training for their people. Until I shall have one shows up, and then I guess they do, but it's it's bizarre that it's a bizarre that it is so hard what makes it what? What day? What makes it so hard to see that leadership is the most important thing Think makes Sarkozy. I stopped good night there's a couple things at first. I dont think people. Realize how impact for leadership is almost convince themselves at eight, are what we, can do- is enough. We bring it
what these skills or are our software Sweden? They they get so wrapped up. In always other components, they lose sight of the fact that this thing, thing's intangible thing. I can't really track with the with the spreadsheet They lose sight of how important it is, and I think the other, that we see a lot hours People who cited how often you have to keep addressing leadership, and so they think it's some I was like eight know. I understand we're good leadership as I can and they think they are applying it, but they don't realize that I've got to keep addressing this over and over and over again and then lose sight of not to sound important is. Important is how hard it is to sustain it, and we can work with companies The more we work with them and the world work them the more they want to keep doing they really man had had no idea how long this journey was going to be, but the ones I figured out do they they they elevates. So quick They get so good so fast when they make it a priority here:
the first thing that you said you you you are de facto not detached when you're in If a company, your fire fighting data day, you're trying to figure out what the next quarter is gonna be you're, trying to figure out what's going on with the sale, seem so you're just in it, and so you ve, you start to lose track of the fact that this is. This is all about leadership, so that happens, and that's why, when we come in with a company. We can immediately see because we, Our detached that is part of it. The other the other cool thing analogy here, is when you started you get to. You you know you get through that point. Where you realize how much you dont know when you really, we ought to learn and of a leader here. You can read the book and be like you can read, the book can be like you can read extreme or should yeah. I got this, but that's like the first Two three moves that you learned and get you and you think you're good to go by,
you don't realize you need a drill Unita practicing. You see, there's so much more to learn so the things I think that you can can inhibit bull from recognising what we say all the time. What every freak in book that I read says leaderships most important accept getting What General Hodges had as a few division commanders are satisfied with the qualities of a major percentage of their platoon commanders. Ouch too. Many of them are lacking in aggressive leadership, self reliance and ability to meet emergencies, efficiency of officers in this group in carrying out order, strictly and in making accurate reports as two locations. Positions and information gained, was especially stressed by one division commander. So that's a horrible outlook,
and if you feel that way, what are you want to do about it? That's why you need it implement training for your support and leaders. That's exactly what this natural recommendation is course for an that's, not christian officers. Lack of leadership on the part of noncommissioned officers was also frequently reported in one division in reserve, a special court was designed to develop more aggressive leadership in noncommissioned officers and to make squad to make the sky a real fighting team train to use the fire power of its weapons to the maximum this week. Of course, consisted principally in what is termed a battle drill, while most comments on leadership deal mainly with leadership during actual contact with the enemy true leader acknowledging the responsibilities of his position must exercise leadership at all times. He must be
sparing in his efforts to take care of his units by providing for the company, of his personnel and, at the same time ensuring proper maintenance and safeguarding of their equipment. Exercise leadership at all times and isn't it interesting leadership, strategy and tactics. What's most more thing, take your people: what is this sparing in your efforts, even as you re, even as I read that the first time I read it, I read on sparing in his efforts, and you think it's gonna say to provide the discipline mandatory for combat, Operation, but no sparing in his efforts to take care of his units by providing the comfort and there's the dichotomy at the same time, ensuring proper mandates and safeguarding their equipment. But it should say there is their training right its arguments.
Safeguarding their main is undergoing that's cool, but you gotta make sure that their well trained and ready to rock n roll when the time comes. The responsibility in this action comment of Colonel Maurice, Barker fifth army, ITALY, is interesting. Younger, officer seem to lack a sense of responsibility for the men. Their care and for the equipment entrusted to them these we feel that there is an inexhaustible supply of equipment and that all they have to do is throw stuff away when they no longer lead. It needed, of course, the noncommissioned officer follow their the noncommissioned officers, follow their lead. This lack responsibilities tremendously important and something drastic must be done about it. Hey Colonel Maurice, embarked, you know should do something about it, you sure, because if your junior officers are lacking the sense of responsibility, guess why, whose does that? Yes, yours, that
in part. The other thing I underlined here is, of course, the noncommissioned officers follow their lead and that's a subconscious thing that happens, you get somebody in charge, you get somebody. That's me what in whatever their doing where their underperform or their treating things as they don't matter or their thrown equipment away to whatever their doing the junior people are gonna fallen. That's the way it works. Along the same lines. Lieutenant colonel P, W Gibson G to forty four division. New Georgia commented the chief fall of the inexperienced officer is that he does not realise his responsibilities with respect to looking out for his men find, them food and water checking their bivouac and seeing to their clothing. If
He will evidence his concern for their well for fair. He can forget about morale veil fight if he will evidence his concern for their welfare. He could forget it Out morale, veil fight would have fought, that if you actually take care of your people, they'll fight did it say hey if you our quarters at your people Del fight, I didn't say that did it, hey. If you impose hard core discipline on them. They'll fight, no, don't say that here it's what you to do is just show evidence of your concern for their welfare, and then they ll fight why
spread effect, junior officers and noncommissioned officer seldom realised the widespread effect on major operations of their failure to do their particular jobs properly being an excellent fighters, not enough unless the junior leader performs its other command functions in fishermen are the resulting. Failure of his personnel or equipment can imperil the whole action of a major unit. Once again, if my people don't recognize, that whose fault is it in the end, this one's this one in particular casting to blame, but we should say, makes you tell your junior officers and noncommissioned officers. What the widespread effect of their failure would be. The following comments from the division creator: thirty six division, italy- at Salerno. Carelessness was noted in the landing of communications equipment. Most communications failures are believed to be the result of careless handling of the equipment by personnel without can
Patients, even the best trained troops, are very often cannot be employed where desired so yeah didn't we proof your radio correctly, and everything falls apart. Through your radio to the bottom of the landing craft and got banged around and the tubes broke total failure. Why has no one emphasize the fact that hey your job as the radio man is the most important job of anyone? other and if we can't make communications, does matter what else happens if we can make communications we're gonna fall apart? next section practice and more practice commanding general third, Infantry Division, ITALY, the development, of leadership is largely a matter of practice practice? in leading these lieutenants actually led exercise their voice and issue commands.
Require high standards of physical condition, always gonna, throw that in their make. These lieutenants actually led having James web on when he went through the basic school and then got done with the basic school and then had twelve days of leave, and then he lay In Vietnam and they drove a mouth through the echo and imported at a red line and said, there's your platoon up there, ok, whom I replacing well replacing anyone the loot but that was there is no longer there is either dead or wounded so there's a sergeant, that's been run in the petition. Go take over walk up the hill he takes over that night. His call for fire total mayhem, and he was, I was Who are you ready for that, and he said yes, that's squared away
Were you ready for that action? Come about us yes or coming out of calm and other basic school. Dad I'm listening, you talk about this in the past thing- I'm thinking, is it so like somebody, read this and took some action because I was the beneficiary of by the time I got in the marine corps. The then the need the middle level enlisted Marines that on paper or subordinate to me, but really were way more experienced the me you didn't. Let me fail, so I can tell you, are not second lieutenant Burke when he had his first group of Marines was an eighty, but was lucky because, rather than my supported in listen following wherever stupidity, I might be, they were put in place are actually eight. Better way. Do might be there something, but I got really leadership up the chain. So that lesson Lesson somehow has taken hold from this nineteen forty forty now because Marines are taught from the get go.
Smart thing you can do. Is a young lieutenant is listen your staff and see us. Near gun? He's your staff sergeants, those Marines who, on paperwork for you, you're gonna, learn a lot from them and thank God, my junior unless it didn't listen at all. They orderly. They understood that they needed to eat up the chain and for me to look you they will be ready in no way. I was ready tat a tv s and I walked into whatever that first thing that I did Had I not had that leadership of the chain. I would a struggled much more than I did much more than I did beat the earthen. Take away from this is: is you need, this practice in leading right in, and there was. There's their situations in business right as we were mostly with businesses. Now what you have is an opportunity.
To train leaders all the time day in day out, there's always situation to where decisions need to get made where there is low level decisions that need to get made? What does medium level decisions that need to be made where there is high level decisions? When maybe you still need to make the decision, but at least you can allow them to attempt to make that decision and maybe get credit or maybe get maybe get a pat on the back for a good way to think through that issue. So This does happen if you think about the fact that every opportunity you get you say you know what a junior personnel once you run this project? Wouldn't you You organised that logistical movement that needs to take, Why don't you run that meeting every time and you get that opportunity take it, because that is what you doing your letting your suborned leaders practice leading and they need it and you let them do it in an environment where.
Look, I'm going. Let him run in house me with just our company so that way, if they screwed up, no one sees it. It's ok, we can be brief. It later I'm not going to. Let him go out and breathe the client on what we're going to do and have them dropped the ball on that, but after I see them, perform well three or four or five in house meetings, and they ve got controlling their confidence in their doing a good job, cool, hey one, brief. This part of this thing to the client, ok, yeah, and then we go from there. So as a leader every hour, that you get give yours the board nets. All the way down the front lines, the opportunity to practise leaving by actually leading. Delete some stuff yeah, and most decisions that we make in business at anyone, I most decisions aren't catastrophic most of the decisions. Even if we get him wrong, they aren't gonna. Do drawing our company or these catastrophic effects? The messages said: it's a free pass. You solely to have these Gore rules in place. You dont want people to drive the truck off the road,
but the truth of the matter is that giving European or opportunities. We'd. Isn't that hard, because even the things that you pushed down their level help them when they get it on which they will most of it. Will not undermine your company now be small. Like you said I might you're gonna cut loose my brain or geiger. Take this higher number one client, our biggest moneymaker, just go fitted I'll call you when you're done, the decisions that we make. There are so many opportunities to let other people even get along a little bit and get involved, have a small part of it and watch that grow and doesn't have confidence that the decision is most of decisions we make aren't gonna led to catastrophe there did that peace on here for mine hours, maybe a month or two ago but it was that it was like. Listen very few decisions that you make our final decisions, in fact almost none of them and furthermore, just about every rocks. You have is up for further negotiation, so of Dave, and I are arguing about something and Dave wants do ay, and I wanted to be
we can walk away, and it's not like that is what's gonna happen in most cases most times, gonna be further negotiation and if I may be border my ego and say I Dave: let's go with your plan, I can go back and look insert some of the things that I thought might be a little bit smoother. If we do it the way I was thinking and once we start to see, that's good, so we move forward, with a little bit more negotiation and and Those are the opportunities where you let people lead. You know what prevents us from doing that when I wanna be in charge made it it's gonna, be the man right feels good, be the man what's crazy about that, is it you when you're my boss, you're the guy in charge when you take something that the irresponsible in you give it to me. You don't look week, you action. Look even stronger than you are like that fear
hey, I want to be in charge. I look like I'm in charge when you give people on your team that work for the chance led and if you actually put yourself in a position to follow them. You look so much stronger. Then when you refuse to ever, do that something that I haven't quite figured out, yet I know it exists. I know it happens. I know it's a thing but it has to do with detachment. It has to do with perspective it has to do. Ego it's these three things are you have you have perspective, you have detachment and you have Ego so here's what happens, Dave, let's say I do something like a legit snare that you just gave right. If on the boss- and you work for me- and I walk in and say, hey Dave, you know what we got this project once you good to take ownership, this thing and run with it now. When we look at that point. We know we.
That from the outside that that that that increases, your respect for me right, But how often do we see someone that goes Here's what we're doing and here's how we're doing it, because in you, in the back my mind, we'll Dave doesn't want to think that We do indeed need to know that I have the planet any snow that actually on the boss. So even now when you, when you're, not in it you No, that it's a bad move, but you do it. Or sorry, when you're not in it, yet when you're, not an you know what the right thing or the wrong thing to do. Is we just their mistake all the time I see it I play this game with clients. Who would you hire? Who would you fire when we if echoes in charge of us and an echo walks in and in you, and I were in charge of a project? Are we working together in a project and ECHO says: hey, you guys, miss the deadline and I go up David and finishes partly project as he is late and
He gave walks in the offices in ECHO's says what happened. Dave's. As we know what I actually need to perform a couple things, Tucker done a better job here, I should have supported Jacko a little bit more, that we can complete the project ok, what are you gonna given product you you're gonna, give it a go took ownership all day long. Everybody knows that everybody knows that. Here's the thing that I haven't quite forgot: everybody knows that, and in winter in it they say always days fault, it's just the weight so horrible. Like a lesson that you try and teach to people over and over and over again. The lesson is detached. Take your ego out of it and understand from the bosses perspective or from this aboard its perspective did see it from the other persons, perspective and You'Ll- see it so obvious that you're making a bad call its obvious that you're making a bad call, but when you're in you do it so detached
take your ego out of the picture and the other person's perspective which, by the way When you tell someone a story, or you show someone example, that's exam hey what's happening there. Detached Their use. Article is not them and they they see. Better perspective because they're not in it, there's a look there's a little triangle of justice, a little triangle of of how to proceed. And assess what you're doing it, it's detachment its perspective and its ego If you can remember those three little things that triangle? decision making it's gonna be Put you in the right place. Way more often than if you lose either one any those three? You put your ego and there it doesn't matter and overrules em. You don't see the point.
Active love. Now you don't know what's happening, you're, not detached you're in it. You lose. Every infantry lieutenant should be Thirdly, train in firing all the drew weapons. He cannot know too much about them. He may have to fire directed fire of several happens. He any never knows what good good he next thing theory is not enough of thorough impact. Knowledge of his job is the basis for efficient leadership. This Knowledge must be gained in a practical way by. Exercising leadership under all conditions too much our leadership training has been theoretical in nature. There has been too much dependence on listening to lectures Opportunity must be given to the junior officer to put the theoretical knowledge to practice by actually leading criticisms of errors. Made must be so couch that
do not destroy the initiative and spirit of the individual. What do you think, like you know, you yeah? I really come up with this thing about how to debrief people, how to do it in a nice way of they actually receive receiving. This is night In what I say, forty four forty three scattered the already yet all this out theoretical. This is what's nice about roleplaying. This is what's nice about the FDA Ex Programme, and this is not nice about living in a business where you can actually put people in leadership positions where they can practise the theory. We're talking about because someone can you can explain to someone how to do a jump, shot. Basketball. You can explain that too. For two weeks, they'll have occurred, ceptin their mind, but they are your private, get on the line. Leadership on the beach fifth amphibious core Torah squad. And platoon leaders must expect that the mixing of units and an apparent state of confusion
our normal in an operation of this nature which have gained the beach and coordinated baton in company attacks are broken up by the enemy pill Box, defences leaders, whether lieutenant Corporal or private must take the initiative in push on with the men in the vicinity, whether of their own units or not. This is all was very successful, because men moved on in spite of heavy losses. So I was talking about something with narrow Cooper on the unravelling pod cast. We have something called an air box, when you're doing a dive, underwater and the air boxes when you're, diving, underwater, you're being impacted by the currents and the tide and your own physical.
Productivity as you do so. If, if I put you on a blindfolded put you under water in a pool right into dive, straight line. Did your blindfolded? You would not driving straight line you'd be a little bit off then. If I give Compass, you could maintain in a little bit better, but you'd still be off a little, but it wouldn't be perfect and then you put tied and current and now you're gonna be off. I assume its very similar flying plaint like Plain may drift a little bit to the left right, all! Ok! So it's the same thing: So what you have to do in your diving is you dive, so that you can you wanna, do what you're looking for is a reset, a reset point where you know exactly where you are so example, if you're good, dive in a bay or in harbor. You would aim the first thing you would do is aimed at a big quae wall. That's five hundred yards long you're, not
I miss that we would, if you had to die five hundred yards to get that way. Wale it's a massive target, but when you get to that target, you might have drifted twenty or thirty yards. To laugh twenty or thirty years right or even forty or fifty or sixty years left or right, depending on the type spending on the current. So when you actually that way. While you have no idea where you are what you ve done you ve, landed inside the error box. So then what Do you take a right hand turn when you hit that coil you take the right, her aunt turn! You go to the end of the queen wall till you get to the corner. Now, guess what you know exactly where you are Then you're next, you can swim your next leg, but you ve tightened up that error box. So what we need to do and were planning is we need to figure out if we can reset that error Box Eddie Point: how can we do it and if we can
do it and we need to pay attention to that, so what we are talking about actually with Syria and you go into Syria and you think, hey we're going to do this little thing and tearing it will have the same pack and we'll be good to go and you what you're saying is I'm going to hit with one I'm going to hit right where I'm aiming for? Will what are the chances that they're not really good? So what are you do owe you need to figure it out. You figure out. If, if it's the or boxes Amy might go to ten took, tended left and right now we know and by the way you'll get a reset. There are now leg is gonna have an even bigger era box. So when you look at something in a strategic, way like Syria, why you're assumption has to be you after you have to go through that whole thing, as if you're AIR Box forgot reset, and you missed every single time. And by the end of it, then you have to look at the total cost. Of what it would take to solve that out, that situation and that what you have to be willing to commit
and we don't do that What we say is well we'll go and do this, I have this impact and they from that perfect spy. That we know we'll do thing out. Will we be perfect again and so on, same thing happens in business. What people unfortunately, have a tendency to do is a plan with a positive attitude and we want a plan with a positive attitude. We don't want to say well you know Dave If we make drinks. We're gonna we're gonna. If we put, if week, we put put drinks and can hours option is the old every. It's gonna be perfect, though we know error well, there's gonna, be here. And then once we once they get to the stores, while they're getting shipped to stores nothing's going to happen, and even this enemy no damaged goods, and then, once there in store none of red stolen and then certain bought it
stored, not gonna, get returned right. So if you have that attitude, it's a mistake. So you have to plan with a negative attitude, at least to be able to cover whatever contingencies you have at the end of the day, which, as you know, what people buy right, that's the last thing you say is way once the cancer in the store people are defiling into biogas like the way this taste That's not necessarily true your taste buds different than everyone else in the world, so you can assume that this just gonna fly off the shelf. No What are you willing to invest if your error is calculated and exponentially increased every phase of your operation? Think about that? Keep yourself out of trouble orientation,
then this is ridiculous, ridiculously awesome the need for explanation. The american soldier always performs better if he knows the whys and wherefores of the problem confronting him so well, For us? This is a word. We're gonna bring back into usage because what wherefores means it's his for that cause or reason or for which reason you're doing something, that's what wherefore means. So you need to know the whyS and wherefores. You need to know the reason that you're doing something his willing, intelligent cooperation can be gained. If commanders will take the time and effort to explain the situation, the mission, the plan d, I too accomplishment the effect success. Will have on the general situation. In short,
everything concerning the operation that the time and available information will permit while crazy this way to eat. Me as a co host was all I wanna do is sit here to listen to you read this then I want to say anything is I'm with an arms like guy It is so good it's so good, and yet how? When do we run into account? me in the front lines you gonna talk to them and they never. Why the known something it's it's so straightforward! Thinking, Earl, yes, the question right, the beginning Sometimes we when we start working with companies, one the reasons why they reach out to us. Even in these, though, how these initial call Training, we only know what to do so, let's and one of the things they ll say is like listen. We really know how to do leadership. Training would only What to do so, that's why they their reach out us. That's why
book. That's why extreme ownership is so good. An that's my listening. This stuff is so good cause admit it is. Is complicated it's not complex, and we create these things in mind that it so different and it's so new one. Leadership is so simple, now application is ORD lobbies hard totally, but the reason the book, he's so good and the reason I will listen this like how much more treat forces that explain your people? Why they're doing what they're doing and they'll do better? And then we see those missteps at every single level in an hour job is to find out he. Why aren't you explaining it your people, so I'm just like you said, eight might, there Eagle gets in the way they want. They want to look weak and we pull them back and, given that detached from that perspective, it go hey Do you think, is a leader if you to spend but a time telling your people, why they're doing what you're doing? All that make you look worse, better as a leader they get the right every single time. It is because we're coming in from the outside, helping them seed in a way that they wouldn't see it before, but none of it.
Answers are complex and as I'm sitting here, and I am coming I want to listen to this book, be read aloud cause. There's simplicity to it, but he's talking about a word or two battlefield in my brain is like that fits everywhere. At every company we ve ever work with every problem. I've ever had it's all the same thing yeah for anyone as worried about what. What, if you don't have time yeah this can be done. We don't have time and guess what you ve done this time and time again and now you're making a call people got it he's fill me in later, but he's told me this for a reason and I'm a move forward back to them. Such explanations will do much to forestall rumours, anxiety and mass hysteria, all factors which contribute to incidents of war neurosis cases which, as you know, Rochelle Shocker- or I guess I just not PTSD if its during the conflict right but guys breaking out.
If people know why they're doing what they're doing, they will have much less of a chance of breaking down and we You talked about this slow late have talked about the fact that one thing there We could have done better is to explain the bigger picture of what happening big and the reason we sought. The reason this became so obvious is because the guys in tasking user that were involved in the planning and that were involved in taking targets that were involved, the figure out where we're gonna position over watches that we're going to battalion level breed briefs? And these were different guys throughout the chain of command. Whether was white man, whether was that the lead sniper weather the protein commander opportunities, but They ve all understood the. Why and the wherefores the guys that we were saying: hey get your gear on going on them. The mission, those the guys that had that that rougher time of it psychologically so
That's on us! That's on me and- and you know life, explains in the book when we got back and we put together The brief that I was briefing to the the name- special warfare community at large, what we have done and lay for the first time put together while we went and help the one one, a d win back the city. Even he didn't. We hadn't really assembled that in his head, so arms, in their visa that he's a man. We really had a big impact and, unlike ashamed, because if he didn't really see that how in God's name, could one of his frontline guy see? It now look part of it is because that trust them they did have a self same drink like we're gonna go get after? You know those guys, a Roger point me direction of bad guys and we will go and get after it, but not every
its fuel in that way, especially to my three months foremost, five months into deportment, whose fault is at one percent on me Harbison on me. So there you go there. It's plain his day explained to your people, the whyS and Wherefores, also makes them It also makes them more resilient. When things go wrong. So when we talk about losing somebody, you talk about just that. The devastating effect of losing someone on your team, those type of events that you can fully understand why people wanted to stamp out. They just want to keep going through this and we were gonna memorials. I think we're too. Stretch out are beginning with sixty k, I and thirty day something really bad, the more connected you or the more. You understand those things the easier it is freedom free. Look that it's no less. Still soul, crushing, but you can see
your power through that. If you understand, but if you don't understand, you are disconnected those type of critic, events those catastrophic events do too about all over the place, and so it also allows you to endure the hardest. Things are going to happen and the more that did you or the more. You can understand why you need to keep moving forward when those things happened. Yet A hundred per cent, and on top of that we're at what I initially thought, you're gonna say, was by the way, this is the foundation of Decentralized Command, because what what they are talking about, an autonomous regions be restarted. My willing intelligent cooperation, which I guess you know you, interpret as decentralized command, but if want somebody be to make decisions and lead on the battlefield. They need to know the whys and wherefores of what's happening this. The foundation of decentralized comment on top of that, what you said is absolute and by the way it doesnt work Why to combat. It applies to a business where guess
What we gotta lay off twenty eight people and One feels good about that and they don't understand that its power, we're gonna, keep them company, float power to move forward, and this is exact. What the numbers look like, and this is why we need to make this decision Just hey I'm a business. You know where business and we got to get rid of some people right now. So I can know why, next method of dissemination if possible. This orientation should be conducted by the leaders in immediate contact with the soldier the individual. He instinctively looks too for guidance during the stress and strain of combat. It should reach the private soldier through his squad leader, the squad or by means of the section opportune leader, but platoon meter from the company commander and so on. However, Each higher echelons of command must be certain that the information is carefully and accurately disseminated by those net.
The lower in the chain of command. This myth, of orientation also tends to enhance the poorest. Stage and influence of each echelon of leaders with those junior to them. So you want to utilise the chain of command to put this information out that elevates them now, there's a dichotomy, this man and shouted- the e f battlefield that we did out at Gettysburg. We had some clients out. There are talking about leadership principles and one of the leadership principles that I talked about was the horses mouth Because there are certain things and to ask you to prove that there are certain things that I had to tell the team. There was no. There was. I didn't want there to be any the of the misinterpretation of any kind, I am going to tell their load there's been a change in the hour we there's been a change in our overall mission set. That's
getting interpreted through the chain of command and I'm. I hope that the that the our team leader, raise the same message. No, it's come from me know so out there, the battlefield in other ways a ceo that were saying hey, I You like the messages and always getting to the front lines, and when it comes two important things that can be a problem like yes, absolutely if it's thing that is super important theirs legal change or a regulatory change and what's happening in the way we do business. I would be having a video teleconference in saying, hey everyone good to talk to you. I knew I know where y'all haven't talked to you in a few weeks, but here's what's going on, we got this major change. I wanted y'all to hear from me already briefed your leaders on it, but I want to make sure you now requested questions. So when it is a significant change, Sometimes gotta come from the horses mouth by the way, get to do that, an optimum way. What you do is you pre, briefly leaders you give them
opportunity to brief their troops, and then you say: hey everyone to get together, just to re emphasise what you heard boom little bit above. Next one tell the story: Colonel Earl, Maxwell, surgeon, New George, A soldier needs to know what is going on what is expected of him what he may expect to encounter. He must have a definite objective or goal. Without these in an a time with no personal interest in the efforts of his unit and entirely unprepared when the unexpected or on a explainable happens without the proper The intention he is more prone to absorb wild rumours, loose talk, misinformation all resulting in constant mental stress and strain evidenced by apprehension, fear, anxiety, incoherence and confusion. There you go there, you go
you don't look, we worry about hey people aren't gonna, do what I want to do, because I didn't tell him, but what about the fact that now they're scared, now I don't know what's happening now, there's increase stress because they think it. Get fired tomorrow. They think there lay off half the fort. All those things put things to rest next section, the after the fight conference every effort must be made to emphasise the important part each individual plays in a successful combat of his unit a method used by one infantry regiment to accomplish this and, at the same time provide information which would furnish ground orientation is described in the following comment: they eat it up this little sections called major Kermit Hansen, thirty, fourth, Infantry Division, ITALY While I was asked to of Infantry regiment, that's the intelligence guy I found
aided the efficiency of the regiment to have material assembled as the fight was going on when Italian, was pulled out for arrest, the men and officers were assembled in a group. First, I would use the color. Did material to give them the whole picture from the viewpoint of the army, whore and division, and then I would get down to more detail on just what the battalion had done, what german units they had fought and how casualties. They had caused the enemy. Such a conference keeps men abreast of the situation increase. Their morale and keeps up their fighting spirit. The men eat it up during this after the fire conference. I would emphasise how much Our information regarding the enemy was obtained from prisoner of war interrogation impressing upon them. How disastrous talking could be if they were captured. So
It is taking a debrief opposed operational debrief and taking it to the next level. Sliding in normal psychological warfare on the troops if Europe, if you're down at the bottom of the Org charge your frontline guy and not just a military nuclear private arrival, minutes same thing in business, you ve got your frontline sales. Folks are out there if you use a leader and look after them, Theo your key leader, you, you ve, got the big picture if your books on your team at that very front can picture in their minds had their that one little action they take goes all the way up and he's described viewpoint of the army like we're invading Europe. This is a big have ownership. Ownership they this, what they do matters and of you think they eat it up. The first thing I put my mind is: is there you like they have ownership they this. What they do matters
and if you think what you do matters and you can actually understand how what you do matters you see. CEO, you can count on you. Believe you don't need to be here anymore. You can pick it up and let your people go to their thing and a lot of like. I don't have time to explain. You have to make the time too when it, because if your people make that connection, it makes your life so much easier if they feel like they own this data, such a powerful thing. There who invest one dollar in effort. Splaining people what's happening and it pays dividends. Ten fold, there's a section here called battle old gallantry, which, by its very title, must be read, Here's the subtitle he didn't know when he was beaten. Seventh, army, Sicily, during one of the more fluid situations in the sicilian fighting and I love
Could you just know how completely crazy was, but this even more the more fluid situations The wire line running from a battalion command close to the rear, suddenly went out sergeant. Joseph Gore, less key with three men started back to check and repair the break After they had travelled about one half mile, they were ambushed by a patrol of thirty Germans. So that's for were against thirty. Who would mean to infiltrate our position. Sorry, Gillespie, two men were wounded, while the third man was killed so down to three. The german patrol leader called in perfect English give up Are you crazy, Americans. Although severely wounded and outnumber tend the one sergeant going ASCII ordered his men to open rapid fire. After during his rifle. The sorry
rushed the enemy with hand, grenades. The jury patrol surprised by the unexpected stubborn resistance was faded and driven off with the loss of a number of its men. There you go battlefield, gallantry, aggressive action. Cover and move getting after it sergeant girl, ASCII just just getting some next little section protected by valor. The Germans have a nasty habit at times of opening fire at extreme ranges and making you advance under it. This long range fires not particularly dangerous dangerous. It is very disconcerting, the platoon of which, private shall be are hoard, was a
Amber had been advanced. Under this long range fire. Until despite several casualties, they secure the position within three hundred yards of the gun, which had been harassing them. From here on. There was no cover. This did not deter private whore who suddenly sprang to his feet: race, two hundred fifty yards until he was within hand grenade throwing range with four. AIDS, he silence the gun and rushing in killed? of the remaining enemy and wounded three others with his carbine here turn the machine gun on. Other enemy elements in the vicinity. The success of his apparently suicidal rush demonstrates the fact that Valor can sometimes provide protection, Armor the enemy simply did not realise that any man would try such a thing and were not ready to put their fire on him. By the way I got him you gonna wing to cause. He got. There was three
yards away, he closed two hundred fifty yards and then he made grenade shots at fifty yards credit. General Douglas Macarthur, it should be constantly emphasised that there must be no fault of surrender as long as it is possible to do damage to the enemy. The man, but Han and Corregidor fulfilled? condition, however, In some cases we have not done so the Japanese soldiers always do unless all or individuals Also do it. We will suffer. Serious setbacks before Japan has conquered and in the world individuals is italicized, obviously size for reason. It's like hey at an individual level. You cannot surrender if you can still do
damage the enemy. You can not surrender next thing: reorganization. After the attack don't waste time demi, you could just to say don't waste time you gonna grow Murphy, Infantry, ITALY. When it directive is captured immediately. Push reconnaissance elements of the supporting weapons uniform behind the riflemen. Get rifle groups offer security soon, as the positions captured have the web returned immediately take position to be off counterattack, displace promptly at least one half of the heavy weapons company for to capture the objective or to the captured objective. Tillier observer up front in a hurry. We were, all these things, and they are still perfectly sound. So what are you- and this is my point for this? Is you get that advantageous moment and year.
The gravitational pull will be to take a breath to relax. Don't do that Continues on here, delay brings trouble where an outfit The trouble is, it is usually because they haven't push these point hard enough when they waste time just a little instead of getting set and moving stuff forward at once. You probably will have only a little time to dig in before the counter attack its. But if you set with, if you gets without delay. You will be all right, whether you plan to keep going or hold what you ve captured in football there's strategy common than no huddle no off at that literally exactly that is bringing on football run a play they blow, who is single time everybody the often goes back to the huddled to formulate their next play. They come to something defensive, hollow all this stuff right when it comes to the line they make. The call bullied run
you. Don't know how to often right No, you know the guy gets tackled. A whatever your backward boom right on. The line for tobacco play from the line in code real fast to you know it isn't that more fun, no stricken tiring super tiring. Will you gotta eke out a kind of you gotta be ready for you get a train for it for sure, but what it does The defence are used to that rhythm. You know that, where a sprint rest huddle He had sat me and all of you if you want to know how to office and they're, not ready for it. You get one to play. The head of unbridled you'll just rub: marched down the fugitives I'll, take it. So what does not just happen? All that it because tired, I know, so the way it was the other team airplane and they were, I forget if we beat them last time or or it was close out an. I feel what happened the lesson, but this we're gonna play again and the so the way man was the other team we're playing and they,
where I forget, if we beat them last time or or it was closer, I don't know. I forgot what happened the last time, but this we're going to play it again and the word on the street was there just gonna beat us like bad they're. Gonna beat us bad, and I always. Thinking like why. Why would they even say that you know where we're, even if they beat us we're like competitive? So doesn't it was Making sense it seem like they had something brewing sure enough. They come up. With no huddle unexpected, also branded as marched down the field permanent already do it too. If I don't remember, but until they scored- and they start any was all like quarterback keep in what that means. Now, like instead of light given into the running back or throwing it. The quarterback gets the ball from the centre and just runs it, but these are all formulate please where he just where he's running on the outside, when the left side right side middle like in there just come in, and I remember rousing, I was kind of a beast yeah, John was his, nor did he make it really make it to the NFL anything on not that I know, but you made it the often made it to the test.
So they lack. I remember just how like victory yeah, I remember thinking that men of whole- oh, I remember thinking practical go huddle like I can't I get. My given together here to tackle nobody. Because you're, just so on your toes the whole time. Here's the other thing. Ok, so so, there's that- and I said you haven't really answered my question, which is if you're a coach, were you just say: hey where'd, actually, gonna condition ourselves in a different way in a non traditional way and we're gonna be ready, just a new we're, never gonna huddle yeah you things it that's a huge undertaking. The things we do. That's a common conditioning method is acknowledged orphans for, like Miss twenty minutes or whatever, like this part of football condition in practice. Instead, because when you go no huddle, you better buckle up, there's no substitutions. I wonder if you just get guys that were different, like did all this and they be smaller and skinnier and have more have less power, and then you,
with a team that, even though they could run the know how the law fence on defence they would just get, they would get run through methodically yeah we really mean meaning. If everyone else The other team is just jacking steel and do in queens were three fifteen. You're gonna get sponsor guys that are weighing it out. One seventy, because they're doing this know how to laugh at all times you there, you can see it, you don't have a different physique, yes for sure in Um teams Bill Vulcan. Have that more in their strategy, or indeed sometimes they passed the ball more or they run the ball more Orson, some no huddle, that's like some others. Watermark keeps a lot as important as opposed to quarterback. Sneakers different tenue, not well, I would say the explanation for that is it can be risky.
You know I don't know how to huddle, and then the demons like, oh we're, ready for them, then is like men. You get shot down it is like art- is different and I understand Vienna you're laughing the omens wonder about footballers? Now you see like a trick play on Youtube here. How come everything just she could cause the risky dislike. Jujitsu like you. Do this trick move You did you get like a group of people figure out that trick rather going to shut up you they're, not gonna is not work and say that it becomes not attract play now. It's longer, triplane when people, nor so yeah end there their teams, who am that's actually kind of how the no huddled is to its cut. It is, I wouldn't call it in the realm of trick. Play but it's kind of one of those things that its unorthodox, the unorthodox of it is part of the advantage Juno. Those like there's another play called the reverse right. It's like a we'll call it a common trick, let Europe and others that go to the other side, they feel right. It's a damn sure my
Yes, sir, but it's ok You got a lot of things they want or reverse is like. Let's say: ok, so you get eleven guys essentially right at the quarterback behind centre, and they say set down whatever right. If it's a running play, negative You can read it the middle right, that's usually for short yardage situation thrill me three yards from its first navigated Howard. Whenever power through exactly right, jump might even job three, maybe Moreover, one yard half yards idiotic, but whatever re then there's like an hour side run, which is you, can either Give it to the running back in her run on the outside, but anyway, whatever are you running right, side, less I'd. Whatever is no like this? No We always run to the right side. We always there tend not to be that much of that going. But when you run when a play is going to the right side, will say you can see all eleven days start. Look if, if,
I say we go back to the other side now right, but this is this is how they do it, though, so I was right again, That's an ambiguous statement. Go to the other side, so I don't know. Maybe I was about to happen, so they either pretty there's plenty ways to do it, but they basically show that this play is running to the right. They re? The running back is running to the right with the ball. If I'm old line on the for the front in the front line, guys in you're going to step right because you got to get in front of the defense. This way, cuz they're running behind me, I'm saying so look at the office as a defender, you see the whole offices. Group. They flow to a certain site. You know that's where they're going there passed blade just going to stay in place as the quarterback and dropping back, and you got a past three series go right, so you can see all this stuff. When the defense boom. The whole often is flowing this once I had your natural tendencies to roll, that's right ass hard and then what happened? the one receiver, or maybe the tight Anderson like this, he goes or Britain. He steps once the only guy ones too.
Goes all the way around the quarterback or the runabout. Sometimes they give to run about that. When is it TIM Queen going the other side These are the other side, because Execrate Eurocrat PS. So that reads: ok, so that that's an unorthodox play overall, the sort of typical play, but it not like when you see you know I'll get it there. Remember it's it's our play. Yes, but it's unorthodox, but you get. Their teams that run a lot of those tight supplies, but once the defense, oh, they run these kinds of places like it. Doesnt work as good as arts like at all, like one leg locks. If people started getting our memory train with people that fact that leg locks, would you Totally the though they were the solution to judge it too, but we did. We didn't really like ox here. We need even more like locks thing, some guys that thought the leg, largely the sellers, do gypsies all of us and they try the leg. Locks leg rocks we're working. Yes, we were doing. Blocks more than the leg, lock people so
so then they had to trying to regular jujitsu and then it then, when you get it okay, so good examples of the way locks right and so remember endless gold scoring you'll see, but I think one or maybe to never yet, but it was, can someone can shamrock less greasy? Can shamrock new, some like glass at whatever eighty sat back from right. So this is that so example of what happens if someone knows you're trick play unorthodox play, but it's another Look for a reason, just like how you said. If it's like so effective, won't you just do it all the time while because it's probably has more risks and if everyone's on a reverse right in football. Everyone's blocking to the right and recent one guy back to them. Have you rely on them getting trick that everything's gonna write it basically reversal in this area. I see right but get ready for the reverse that loan guy running around to get creamed. You know that that situation with cancer moroccan ways that shows you. How really a little bit beyond
the the graces at that time were even more highly developed than you fought. They were because with you when you watch that sequence poised immediately. He added that Greece, Cyprus. I recommend a perfect like leg locked offences on top and now is on Rather, it is the perfect legwork defence. At a time where Bay, sickly, no one was doing leg lax in Jujitsu. So it's pretty awesome and it's pretty impressive that even at that time he had the defence for legwork. Now I don't know be there. Maybe they saw enough Vader, they knew that it was a possibility, could catch him was what was it having a should all shoot for? Yes, you fighting where they were doing leg locks, so they might watch enough to go. Oh, you know what. If he starts going for this you're gonna grab inaccurately on top. No, they they. He'd leg lock the alibi nature took so there is a little video there's, an old school video where it was
or in Hickson doing it essentially demonstration might have been pride or something tat looked like. Maybe in the middle of pride, maybe half time situation. Ok is so look like thoughts. Go for that some worlds golden you see too, Europe's might have been. So by the time they are teaching at pride yeah everyone's kind of doing leg works by, but you know like they do such hard core fundamental lakes Yes, this is this is really the feel you got and part of the demonstration was a leg. Lock. Submission is like the basic straight up. Straight and cooperate exactly right. So you know like when they those demonstrations hoary. And here in the winter when they do those demonstration, it's obvious, the basic, the fundamental Gracie journeys to fundamentally yet and now is in there it's not like Like ok, let's dazzled with some new aid stuff, it was, there is another guy, here's a stern ankle. This is Gracie Jujitsu yeah, exactly right and it was part of it. So you, figure yeah. Of course they did that stuff there with He too, by the way you and that's what I'm saying
I'm saying is its impressive If Europe is thinking like well, you know back their name and do for locks and actually know who did a lot of. You did a number of footmarks to finish people polar there. Lobbied, snagging, Bigfoot clear I mean now the whole will again as it is the whole united as another, but again go going back to us, easy. Can shamrock it's what its that's the example words like, oh, if legally foot locks back then, where such a cheat move like such an easy. Like short cut, you ran a move that you surprise me one by one, do more time and then can shamrock sorted camp was kind like all year. We do that's part of how we win. You just get one night, a figure out the little trick and beard exposed a lot of the time. That's why it's a trick move. Otherwise it just be fundamental move since our trick move that use all the time is not a trick at all. It's just another move
Mother move adhered to, think it over and it will not be another move if it has a giant pie, part or a high risk involved in it That's usually what trick blue eyes. What can shamrock our car with a high risk move that actually horse was able to capitalize he's on top and can travel from the bottom up? Thinking with a reverse thinking as a hail mare, not actually the trick move, but thinking like what you call it the the one we sweep into the running back, and then he throws the ball back back years in Algeria is like that. Move. You see guys kill with that, but brown basket, Furthermore, that such a high risk, no let the Corbett get make a catchy cream by one of the de BES now you're quarterbacks out, because you know you don't take as much punishments recognising the team that was all this risk. We're not dean, got Cocker echo in the absolute finals, with the what we called the cockeyed eco he'll look, which is now called fifty fifty
but you could see that cockerel. There was confusion and I mean obviously he's an incredible world champion himself, but there was not a new, as you can see like. He was not aware of what was happening in dean was obviously fully where he was always happen. But now we ve seen plenty of people. Oh you wanna go to fifty fifty one, the ok go up, there's defences yard! So now it's now not usually advantageous trick, move because just a normal move right and then that's a good idea. Was one of one of these things that you know when you a whole system are unlike foot locks, for example, that you started many other risk factors that come with it does what a system does eliminate lingering problems, but becomes like an actual effective system, If you can eliminate the risk brothers, not a system used over you're throwing risks out really Hopefully you won't you, then that's what
think some of the old foot lot guys or people, though Munich, honest, jumper, fuller, Oh yeah, sure I'm UNICEF and it's not based around like a system, systematic Whitlocke gateway code is like Dean had so early on in a little. I think you, sir, he's as effective, definitely very effective, will say, all right, let's go back to where we were out, so we are talking about not delaying when you get in certain situations, and It was talking about. You know, hey, won't you once you do an attack, you get this then you need to immediately Yourself up in and get your defence ready immediately, don't wait and then there's jump forward to section here we talk about. How do you do that, like? What's the methodology for making that happened, while here you go reorganization, aided by prior planning, Lieutenant Colonel Ahern in it.
From the battalion commanders point of view. The most vital feature of reorganization is prior planning. By that I deciding well in advance whether all machine guns are going to displace forward immediately only half of them deciding what are is. Eighty one mm motors are going to cover. What years is six millimeter mortars are going to cover the various companies cover This funding is vital so that the prompt issuing of orders for reorganization could be affected immediately. Following the capture of the objective, They got where you can use that in your way. Your entire world business life- everything that's going on hey when this happens. We're going us immediately afterwards. That is the deal because a comment here this from the editor all comment. Attack tactics against the Germans emphasised the importance of prompt and thorough reorganization of the attack unit when it reaches its objective. It is necessary that this be accomplished in order to oppose effectively the habitual german counter attack,
and it goes on reorganization of an attack unit- must begin at the elementary squad level and work to the top. Squad leaders, organizer squads, secondly, to supervising the work of all squab eaters, their commander system by the tune sergeant supervise the workers. Secondly, doesn't on genetic man. The company commander must be planning the defence of the position, checking the dispositions of his weapons and coordinating the fires of Mortars with his artillery sports was that's hd centralize command, so replanting. What you're gonna do when you win is a really important thing and then, once you win immediately execute the plan. When this happens with companies that they close the deal right there. Hey, I close the deal with you know whatever, with bill. The, if there smart they have a follow up plan its emails,
when two days later, hey biologist phone, I want to make sure you got the support that you needed and by the way I also want to let you know we ve got some other features that we are adding to our product and two weeks when comes out. I want to let you know that's happening and also. I know that you ve got some. Affiliate businesses that you also work with. I would like reach out to them and see if we can help, you know what I'm saying like you plan, the plan that Sir there's a slow and there's a slight difference between because as long as that plant isn't contingent on like the fact that you could just just a little while ago we're talking about. You know the idea that ok, MIKE comprehensive when every move like one the next is dependent on you executing the first move right Meanwhile, the latter will room and that first move these levels of success. You know Jack, so you literally can't go to the second plan. The future. The achieve of sort of thing, which is that that's a variable over there, however, does the show
you do not let his beard shocked and I'm saying, there's a difference there, I'm saying don't get confused in the meeting with the differences. This is important because you were you brought about totally valid point tact, echo, your gets that gets you how they get w, but it's about to get a little bit revoked. Here's the deal, so you right don't know exactly how it's going to turn out right. We do what that will actually looks like, but here's here's the deal The section that I just read. What did it say and lend your section leaders led. Let your squad leader said so what you say is listen folks. Once we secure the subject: we are going to immediately develop a defensive posture. That means this. You spell out what your intention and then you are subordinate. Leaders through centralized command step up and fulfil
your intent immediately based on the particulars any variables of the outcome of the victory One mission per patrol. A patrol should have a single and saw mission. There appears to be a general tendency upon the part of staff officers and idiot commanders to add a second mission just because the patrols to be in the vicinity of some point in which they are interested. I believe this is that this point of a Ngos mission is highly important. So will you when your people hey this, why won't go? Do these say by the way did us and by the way this doesn't help when you got it. Leg. Locks know nobody likes me. Whenever these lessons are everywhere, you didn't you you're, making that point about hey. We discuss The deal bill were not done announced cover
cover micro example. They jogged closely with bill, but I'm in re read rejected, go on money, we're gonna, keep looking, and I was in the context of this idea of hay when we accomplish the mission or we have a win whatever that success ends. That's true at that small tactical level that email to bill? It's all true with a strategic level at the highest level of will we work with them? one of these. We do at the senior executives levels. We help them build these big strategic plans the five year plan, but the five year plan, doesn't just map out five years and then at the end of those five years, we we are done that five year plan the five year cycle never ends its a we achieved these big victories in business? nothing really ends its just leads us to the next thing, so we can get bigger and bring more people in that's true. Sports. It's this. The idea that the
in that order. Looking for isn't the end of any of this, the when they were looking for what allows us to start to do more and bigger and other things of what that long range strategy is which actually businesses were there's no end for them. They're gonna get bigger, taking to get more die when it is going to be more successful in a branch out in other areas, and I am a big fan of echoes sports analogies, but the win, even if Like the team that win the Superbowl you know they want to do is seriously when the Superbowl themselves than ask. We know that they will win the next favourable because I'm not dead, the story of oh yeah? You guys want to see rule eighty. They make the playoffs next year these this idea of when you, when you have to plan, to have something to do right after that, which is you don't want arrest, and I want to take any and that's the worst thing. We can do That wine is fleeting email bill, you gonna, lose bill
I'm going to get in there and you don't get billed contact you're going to lose those contacts to and that wind is going to be meeting with in the long run unless you reckon The wind is just another step as removing port the actually that's that's their makes sense to read. Where it's like any mention. East super quick, barely mentioned this shit. You want a party right after eight after win the Superbowl, so kind Six story rang the gear certain champions right, whatever they were. Superbowl they when the heavy weight title whatever next day, their training already seems in. That's like the real champion of Dane. While, meanwhile, you get like the one time champion right who maybe like I don't know what Are you the one time champion? He goes, he wins and what's he doing, partying cruising I need to take a couple weeks off vacation and we go spend porn is money whatever you want. Why, whatever for a little bit, meanwhile, I assume Saint is lacking
make sense so the guy who can strategies that guy one, but you know like that. The real champions gonna get back to work immediately I know that you know it's a hundred percent that that's are these for these principles from combat apply to everything in life it we're not just out spent an hour bonus, I inquired necessarily poor map reading for rolling to provide security, was generally good, but patrolling to maintain contact and determine any positions, and movement was often slighted. Many patrol leaders lack the ability to read a map and locate themselves. This resulted in Incorrect information being brought back fail to reach the objective and an inability to call for fire support some patrols, no the situation and what to expect and what specific information was desired? They were not profit.
Properly briefed prior to starting. So once again, if we have a team who doesn't know where they are their useless, what does that mean? If you have a team that doesn't understand, what they're making, what how much there making how much producing what their rights materials where the what the level of the raw materials are. What's What level of all those things people know where they are their workforce. Infantry notes. I get to read books that have sections that are called Infantry notes. I'm happy here an inter unit liaison Major General Lucas, ITALY experience has shown that enemy offensive action is usually along the boundaries between units boom remedy
fact emphasizes the need for close liaison and constant contact between adjacent units from squads on up maximum benefit from coordinated actual will be realised if commanders will ensure that the following conditions are met, exchange of active liaison personnel between adjacent units, close contact, free frontline organizations and immunity agreement to ensure maximum combined protection along the boundary proper form to a jail units of any unusual had enemy activity early advice of plans for attack, counterattack or withdraw together. Requests for assistance desired from adjacent units commander should know at all times what units will be directly affected by their actually realise that is, their responsibility to keep those concerned informed? So look we work. We interact with all kinds of different groups: all candidates, departments, all kinds of different divisions, all kinds of different companies. We, we're companies all the time that all rely on other companies to get their job will be to be right. Business, too,
This, how do we What where it is, the weakness usually fall, whereas what has failed? your actions are usually, whereas failure often fall. It's in those seems between those two businesses. So what do you do here? Some suggestions, exchange, active liaison personnel right actually, trade, some people hey. Take this personal think that person, let him run that project when work through this project, close com, act between organisations, mute will agreement to two to work. Those problems that you're gonna have prompt reporting, hey echo of Europe? T shirt This can't supply my silk scream business. Can you please tell me right? That's what we want thinking that backwards, but you and I say if you're so scream bruising isn t shirt. Business cannot supply my silks green business, rising I backwards because usually, silk screen provide service for
t shirt business, I guess so. I could go on and led her to a street yeah you're right, you're right. So, like away aspect of my my part, my man threw away what we need to make sure that we're talking to each other maybe I'm running out of ink yeah and now I'm not going to be able to print your shirts made my sales are going down. I can supply you with that business, so don't depend on that anymore seem saying there we go! Vice of plans for TAT Counter attack or withdraw right, so if I'm gonna be print a tonic shirts. I tell echo, hey man, I got a big order from another company. I'm let you if you need some here's the weight time. Oh ok, let's plan through that, ok, great, commander should know at all times what units will be directly affected by their action and realise at me, responses. What I just said my response bill, for telling you hey, I'm gonna, go I've got a bunch of other stuff. We gotta print. If you need something, you better tell me asap S. Actually, use your rifle to another good heading.
Colonel Harry be Sherman commanding officer, Infantry ITALY. We have a heart. I'm getting riflemen to use their rifles? They depend too much on artillery and supporting weapons those cases it would be better if they fired, even if there is no visible target. A group of Instrument Infantry a group of riflemen may be stopped by german machine gun which they can't locate, but if they open fire in the general direction. The machine gun the Germans. Will you we pull out. I believe that we have placed too much emphasis on fire orders and fire control by unit leaders let me talk to open fire at once in the general direction of any target that is holding them up without waiting for a squad leader or any other individual to tell them to open fire. What is that decentralized command? And it's also going on the offense, and it's also covered move that can like in the UFC when a guy gets like hit real hard and starts with,
I like that when he gets hit. So if you punched me really hard in my reactions just to start swinging a little bit kinder in a kind of yeah a little bit yeah. Actually, I would say accurate. It's like in Jiu Jitsu, when some other team gets ugly. Position on an irish spaz defence near it's gonna like that, like he's starting, I'm just gonna spaz outside removing my crazy. It just like met him up. Yet throwing bullets done there here, you're, not picking your shots, tell you that there will not be not mix there's a connection there to to what you were just talking about a little while ago too, which is he doing something is usually better than doing nothing. And if you plan is he lives in a word difficult situation, let's assess a little bit. Let's reach out to work are supporting organisations well just sitting here doing nothing as oppose
two here. We ve got resource it right here that we can expand right now and I can't win the war with these resources, but I need to use these resource run. I hate this team get online sort, employing moving forward, jock already axiom colored farce, for we have corny with other agencies inside your organization, but tendency of ominous sit. Back and see what's happening or doing nothing. We are saying is hate. You given those resources, those tools you have so you can use them and yet are too. Always looks better. The aeroplanes look like a really cool Imagine when we are ever body if every time we went onto assault the each year as we wanted to wait for aircraft first, you're gonna sit there all day long and I at first hand as a amazingly a liaison, my job as an go, Marine AIR Naval gunfire, liaison company was to turn, bring that air support. But I the best thing I did was support them say: listen. We can't get air for all these hunt,
then I'm not gonna, provide you what you need. Let's come up with another way too. This and when they show there'll, be a great force. Malta to be awesome sit around waiting for that thing. We ve got all these other assets it we can use it. We need to use them because its it's real low risk right. If I start pushing forward right now with You gotta be a lot easier for dismay, calcium artillery over there, because what you have it right now, so what seems like less risk is actually more risk because action beats inaction. So I'm sitting here waiting for our tilbury or waiting for aircraft from overhead guess the enemy who Just knew that they were somewhere over there, they're moving their manoeuvring and now getting beat. So what seemed like less risk is actually more risk. Notes on training I would train accompany now. Captain Robert see Gates Infantry.
ITALY, if I had to train a rifle company again, I would stress the following basic discipline, which means: smart saluting alertness, a bearing cleanliness and neatness of person, clothing and equipment. Shoes, shined, hair cut, Et Cetera,. Get perfection in this early, as is the basics of much later, training. Combat firing on a course which include lot of surprise targets, proper distribution of small arms fire over suspected target area you of the rifle sling sniper training Ba are training, so the barriers, borderline heavy machine gun for them. Given that every man in the squad, until he has a thorough knowledge of the weapon, is one of our more effective weapons, but must be in the hands of a trained man to really be valuable A b, a your man in one of our companies got twenty Germans for sure
our during one of the their counter attacks. This is one half the casualties. His platoon inflicted credit, Scouting patrolling need plenty of emphasis so rain appreciation to tee. The men, advantages and disadvantages of terrain features teach them visualize. How the ground on which you are located looks from the enemies viewpoint. What can see and what he can't see where you can take positions unobserved saying the other day that I think terrain in combat is the difference. And about how to present your office is the difference between a white belt and Purple Bell when you know terrain, when you understand how you can use that Burma, how you can use that ravine or how you use that high ground when used to understand that? That's when you can just start tat people out by manoeuvring
and I'm not a hundred percent sure that we know the reason alarm censure about it? Is. Is because it's this massive thing: it's like it's like understanding the theory of grass playing itself so view. If you took fighting like ok, what's a fight, it's two people swinging punches in each other in China. Kick each other! If that's what we fighting is, Once you know terrain now tat, we understand that there is a whole another dimension. It's called grappling, so maybe the hotel thing really work better. Forest comprehensive understanding of how to fight we You understand terrain, all the son. You understand there is a third dimension in the game that makes the whole. I think I just talked myself through it. I s it. That's the big thing, betraying teach the young seal leaders is ok,
the minute you move over here, the enemy can't shoot at you anymore. You move, for me. If you can get your platoon too four metres as a whole to the east. You are free and clear from those guys and that means you can now run or you can move quickly yet even like Unlike the high ground right, where we see that in April, I probably don't understand the amount that there is to understand about it, but it's like in in fighting their positions. You can be in where you can hit them and they literally can't hit you like dispositions like that, but then If you don't know bottom, you ask somebody, ok, what's abolition and they don't know that, like grappling another thing so really hard to figure down. Second impossible, really, basically that I ground is being on top yeah. Let's say you mounted the low Brennan's punch you
really, if your mounted there and you know how to fight. Of course, let me give you just a kid mounted ermine, I wrote to you and that's a dominant high ground if you're in their guard, you're still in the high ground but you're not liking, maybe the best most dominant high ground? I think it's interesting. It's got to remember about high ground. Is the way your angle, if you're hiding in a foxhole, if I'm going to foxhole and you're in an elevated position above what good is my factor, if I'm in it? If that's enough, even if from a pretty deep foxhole, if I Above you, I can mean a shallow foxhole and I'm totally protected kind away mean depends on where you are a guess, but we have to be at a fox, will really don't got a barrier up a little. That's how good high ground us, whereas if you're on a low ground at foxhole, does leave and really do you any good, no factual not to mention gravity on your side, if you know, which is a powerful thing,
Also train appreciation of Europe. If you're happened to be a military individuals in your new to the game, start thinking about terrain, Next camouflaging camouflage discipline, particularly the discipline, pound into the men, the necessity of not making trials. Now, moving around with the enemy can observe your position and similar matters until each man always thinks about it. Did you leave you in I mean it's, I told him all the best about being here. I just get the listen to this stuff, We were just talking about terrain and I was thinking if you're you're in a competition whatever it is, our cameras jujitsu, the military, private. If you understand terrain and your opponent, doesn't you have this massive massive disparity It makes things so much he's your view understand how to use the training. Your fighting get someone who doesn't it. You can be undermanned
You can be under resourced under equipped and the same thing, private sector, you d, want to be the biggest come. If you understand how the environs around. You is working and your product Your interaction with the market does or worse entered upon his don't. You can be the smallest company out there and you're gonna end up dominating cause. You understand the terrain and then you just talking about the connection to camouflage and it you're saying that we were just talking. Give away your position and I love how listen into these things that we talk about the connections between all the other lessons that you keep talking it over and over again, and I'm just sitting over like jogger, just said that when the last time we're here and don't give away, position and camouflage allows you to not do that and he's made, the covers exists, especially the camel That point was making the the other thing. Well, when I talk to people about the importance of terrain and then you translate that
their leadership. What you is that human beings are the terrain. The people that you're dealing they are at various elevations- they have various micro terrain they are there personality to rain? That can be high in low and that's why we literally say take the high ground morally right. So if echo does something, if he's workin for me or where, where were working together, and he does something It is something that should not done. I need to maintain the moral high ground minute that I say hey. I know you took them. Money from that client. Give me ten percent of the total sum report you. What did I do? I can never.
I just gave up the high ground and I can never get it back. I can Get it back, everything is to be a struggle from here on out, so way that you view things and if you start to view the elevations that you're seeing the way people behave. The way people interact where the ravines are where the cover is. Who is cover and who is concealment, meaning by divine, Dave, will back me up in the debate like the deepest sense, the word but echo he'll, pre alike. It got for me a little bit, but then he's gonna to give down to whatever temptations are there. That means and it can recover echoes gonna. Get me a little concealment, but then he's got like those interactions. When you're dealing with people you're dead with terrain you're dealing with variations, in the surfaces of where you working. Organization of Squad leaders school
chain of leadership to the point, where, if there's only two men left in the squad, they will know automatically who, which one is the leader. The squad, organise this way, regardless of casualties and consequent replacements, some other information, very very tactical and selecting noncommissioned officers. I am convinced selecting Non commission officers, I am convinced that steadiness is the first asset. How talk about studies. We talk about the ability to detached knock at emotional. That's the first asset. Resourcefulness is the second How am I gonna get these problem solved to? What can I use with what I have to get these freakin problem solved? That's were to elect third
I've known some really smart people that were really ineffective flanking out machine guns, The battle indoctrination courses have given some troops. The idea that, if they attack machine guns by crawling towards machine guns on their bellies without a chance of hitting back there, Not so Let's go around and flank them out in this way. And in training a maneuvers. We should teach this flank. Me out by having our men go over the toughest and hardest hills available, as we had to do in Sicily in ITALY it just over and over again. Physical conditioning, too, is all important. Here in the so called rest period. All infantry men take a formal martian. Forty minutes each day. Precision and snap in all basic drill, including calisthenics, should be stressed, precision and snap at something: I'm not good
What snapping, precision and snap in my movements are she's I see some guys like doing exercises whatever a name and exercise. I dont have lost snap. I need to focus on that. More more precision and snap oh she's a little headline for you. The hard way is safer. Harry be Sherman commanding officer, seventy three ITALY stress, stress, night cross country movements and night attacks. Don't allow the units are individuals to use any road path trail or any other easy route of advance. In every case, they in every case. Have the move by only the most difficult and inaccessible to rein in the vicinity? Roads cereals and even just open ground that offers easy going or almost invariably mind or booby trapped, make the memory.
Are the most difficult ground as the natural route of advance, and it will save many casualties. The easy path leads downhill. My friends this kind of epic motors they they buy am I'm skipping through a bunch of this stuff because they go through each individual like Department of Combat right, but I read em all because there's always things that you can learn. So this one is like the motor for motors, need maintenance brigadier. General Vincent Meyer commanding eighteen feet field Tilbury Brigade, ITALY, it was my experience, that as soon as we moved out of the staging area and got within range of the enemies guns motor, it needs for some strange reason came to. A summary end. It was partly due to the vile whether and to the slimy mud.
First echelon maintenance was so utterly wanting that drivers were not even checking the water level in the radiators. The motor Canada were honestly trying to do proper, second law maintenance, but they were exposed to the weather with no overhead cover from the rain and worse, being in riding around in the mud that was inches deep. It finally got them down They just couldn't cope with. It So I read you all that wretched all that, for very specific reasons, are you got this p won't do and maintenance The drivers that are supposed to probably do some kind of a cursory check of vehicles are not objective the friggin radios refilled. Now we got vehicles overheat and then the secondary maenas. These guys are they doing out. So what is this guy's solution to the problem corrective measures? When I realized the gravity of the situation I placed in it energetic leader in charge. That's what did that's what he did. Place, an energetic leader in charge here,
meaning this energetic leader email. At least scouted around and got a place with overhead cover and hard standing using available buildings and got a couple of caves. We required that the drivers clean off modern drain old oil across the street from the shop. This helped to keep the shop in clean order, as the first echelon maintenance of my motive mark of The first line maintenance. My motor officer had to bear down in no uncertain terms, but in two or three days the drivers were back, to doing the things they had been trained to do for so many months prior to entering the combat. In addition, I required every officer already we got multiple get things right. You gotta problem, look out I'm not going to solve the problem of good leader in there the good leader start to figure things out o where friggin walk around about getting overhead cover, going to get some caves, and then scar, starts paid malign, hey you need to you can do your maintenance checks took him. We're three days to tighten them back up. Why that.
You hold the line. What are you holding the line on food Allow slack they're gonna take it broke, You think I want do vehicle maintenance, ECHO Charles, I don't think so don't want to do a vehicle, and you want to do is give my vehicle to you and let you worry about all that crap, That's what I want to do, I'm lazy, so I just give it to you and, if you except to guess what I'm never do in maintenance. Again if you say Gabriel, sorry, Jacko You can do your share. What, if I don't know my taking your vehicle, freedom legit that's awesome and then it gets this Didn't I required every officer prior to starting on a trip with a motor vehicle to check at least one item on the car in which he was travelling, for example tyres battery water. So then, He put another low level of checks in their freakin legit.
By the way, all the problems that you have, our leadership palms can go for your kids to read that thing that were that, that concept right there, It's right if they're, like hey, get throw away. My rubbish, like your kids, are doing their vehicle maintenance, yeah when they can, but he doing for vehicle maintenance, obviously, but their metaphorically. Human rights are not clean there making, thereby here's my misunderstood for by the way. So that's about the time you know give or take where they brought their own teeth, but, like you, expect a three now four year old kid to burst their teeth- good, maybe maybe not in the beginning, what it's like to. When they start getting teeth. You press the teeth for, but if you're like hey you're, trying to save time on bedtime scenarios and all the stuff Youtube Little Camaro brush your teeth. Can you brush them good or whatever cuz you're, an adult? You know how to brush teeth right, but as a kid there
be like turning three hundred and twenty four and if you keep brushing their teeth for him, they're just going to keep doing it just like. If you keep giving me your truck to change, the oil or whatever you're trying to do to me or whatever thing kind of think. But if you're like hey and actually you kind of taught me this, what the tiny shoes things and you know, I don't care if you're trying to save time, you learn how to tie your shoes, so if you like, I M not brushing your teeth. Your brushing your own t, you don't wanna, do twice after rather like a nurse mountain I don't want you I way rather to sit there as a kid an quite frankly as an adult and show my teeth. Have someone rational, way. Moreover, what message does not like the british? What you do each three You show your child the faces of math transitions where people are methamphetamines may get arrested over several years and their teeth ended up all, yellow and falling out, and you say hey, you wanna see faces of people that don't brush their teeth.
Yes, of course, that that's true, I don't know if I'd ever do that, you know twenty two thousand three hundred and forty nine. Maybe it was, I don't know, but I feel like that comes before. That's the why by the way, yeah why you brush your teeth? Yes or that's, why you get your your teeth have to be brought So now in these two already where it's like this They call you you're gonna, give me your truck to change the oil. You know the oil has to be changed. We already know that part seem saying it's just a matter will whether I'm gonna do it or you can do that thing. For me, you think what, if it's like? No, no slight, usually your own sincerely want to brush your teeth. I highly doubt well say: look I don't why what my t push habitat I don't want to. I don't want them not to be brush. But if someone else could bring ok movement upper stateless about what Do you clean your I'll? I do the did dishes. That's a big one. What someone like us we always does your dishes, you, Aouda sort like I made my wife when my wife is mad- that my kids didn't do the dishes.
And she'll. Tell me, like other kids, didn't do the dishes as she's cleaning the dishes the army times. I've clean the dishes because my children didn't clean them their zero times zero times. That's not a good way to train your kids fade into the dishes. Well, that's not. Actually a thing should be giving they do the dishes. It makes sense that the world live in my daughter's, my on the family group text through the the my oldest daughter posted, something that's all the group text, which was a screen shot of opposed that someone had made, and it said, like my dad talk, no like dad talks about hard value of hard work, hasn't done dishes in seven years veto, and that was the big hit on jobs. Or they do all yours we owed. So look.
You might do in your own dishes, they're doing your dishes you're on the inside of that's scenario, they're not holding a line on your discipline, they have their jobs. Ok, ok, we're talking about a bigger system, not the others. As I understand the system, I have. I have responsibilities in the house. You do yes, call. It's called pay right called provided, the roof. That's that's what I do understand. They have their responsibilities, things like doing the dishes, so there was a pretty good job. I gotta get out of it. My daughter, giving the hassle kid gets super technical and be like hey. I regard doing dishes as the benchmark for hard work. Nine. I mean they Fortunately, weren't trying to have a legitimate legitimate in it with me because they were not. They know not. That does not happen you down for that grass solution
Essentials of jungle, warfare, jungle, s, peace as soapy attack procedures combat patrol. Once again, if I've got to appoint my life, I'm reading a document that says s o b attack procedures, combat patrol happy about the world, one have a covered route of withdraw picked out in advance. In case enemy. Purse pressure becomes too great. Is this another little hint towards the value of pre planning. If but I have to leave telegram where you can leave by two key one squad back as a reserve and to provide a force to cover the forward elements of the patrol. If therefore switch. Why am I talking about this? What in God's name does this have to do with anything that we're doing here and in a leadership such work? Well, let me tell you when you're in a business, and I'm in businesses, you have a certain amount of capital,
Those are your resources. Every military, modern, every modern military book. Actually, no, it is not even just modern view. Go back, and you listen to this point cast every treatment we ve ever talked about, says you need to have a reserve. Why That's because you to come up against variables that you didn't expect so these people. When we sit here and talk about variables and I'm acting as if hey lose a real cool concept about the variables in the things that could go wrong. Ok, it's been talk for thousands of years, and now, They cover down on those variables that you cannot anticipate. You need to some level reserve. So when you are running a business and you have to place resources, indifferent things you by this much produce. You can buy this much. You know gear. You can buy this much
you spend money. Let's just go ass, you say money, that's a simple one. We have this much money. Is it smart to use, all over, to employ all of our money at the same time. No, it is not. Must keep a reserve back, because when echoes project goes sideways. So if I say only to give half my money too go and have my money today, if half of Europe half the money that we have half the echo and have today. If we get the project done quickly and then all of a sudden echo hits it it's a hiccup. What what can I do now? Nothing? I have nothing to give. So what I should do is give a third of my resource to echo a third today. If we start to move forward, you had a haircut back no problem. I your back little Reserve capital radio employ
Men should be designated to watch for snipers now. Lies that important. How does that relate to anything, what company are we talking to right now? That needs to have a person ignited watch for snipers. Let me explain when you are doing anything in you: give people important jobs as collateral duties. You can anticipate that those collateral duties will not be done with maximum effectiveness with collateral duties mean hey echo, I want you to navigate wants you to cut the brush, sets out in front of us. I want you, look for booby traps and I want you to look for snipers Here's a third thing, just look even of a sort of your for job, is to look for snipers how much time spending looking for snipers. The answer is very little, if any, so what I did you say I call you? These three jobs cool, but
one thing I really don't want to have happened is get hit by a sniper. So Dave It's gonna be in the middle of the patrol he's. Not cotton brush he's not looking for booby traps. What are you going to do is to move forward a little bit he's going stop and while the patrol moves he's gonna be looking for snipers, that's his job in what's the philosophy, there is it because, of course, and watch reserve is important, but you don't want compromise any of your jobs because you spread thin or is it because a certain job kind of kind of almost in a way requires less attention from time to time? Here's another example: we started getting Isla de Explosive ordinance disposal. Individuals tasked too, are tunes in the seal teams as it was happening, and we started getting these guys it this, isn't it beginning the war with the are you guys were common on board like they were dead and been through any common. Skills training they didn't really know what they were doing
of course, I don't really know any these guys at the time. So I'm just thinking. Why would we take a regular navy, Isla De Guy that used to being on an aircraft carrier in case an emergency with a bomb at strapped to have then to get disarmed. Why would we take that guy? try and make him basically into a seal way? It seems I can be a lot easier to me to take a seal, send him to an Eu De school. You learn skills and then some haven't you can't you can handle it. My commanding for the time said: hey Jock, oh here's the deal it's a collateral. Do you use these exact words, but he said the exact same thing wishes hey if the end he is going to be using booby traps which they are an idea. Yes, we want I'm somebody that that's the focus of their life and ice, since he said that I was like oh good point. Thank you. I will gladly train an EU de Individual so that they are focused on keeping us alive,
So if you have priority, but it's it's a form of priorities and execute mean I can't take something. That's important I deem something is important. I need to sign it to a person, as there Primary responsibility posts up outpost to cover, platoon it's as it organised the position play. Loaded, automatic weapons, nearby, incase enemy attacks during so cover your flanks selected difficult? position to attack, preferably on high ground. I'd have to say what it says. I round cover trail and other likely avenues of any approach with well dogging automatic weapons pits dig for man emplacement, so that they are mutually supporting and cover the area completely around the platoon. If the to have sufficient communication equipment. This sound power telephone net connection, the book command post with each squad should be provided to talk to each other booby trap, the complete. Completely around the perimeter clear light Brown,
fire lanes outside the perimeter for twenty to forty years. These are real tactical things around our and supporting fires place sharp pointed sticks. Ten to twenty five freed me goes goes through that used Renee. Freely when the enemy is seen or heard, Weapons fire until a definite target is observed, premature firing of weapons will, This close positions Davy talked earlier about not wanting to disclose our positions when you start shooting at night darling I happen must, Of the jungle soldier First Marine Corps, if he is to survive, it must be second nature for every jungle short soldier to keep his mouth shut. On the trail wreck, nice. Common jungle sounds keep his eyes off the ground. When, on the trail maintain a constant watch toward the head of the column and to a selected flank?
get off the trail at holds concealed himself and observe the flanks digging a protracted holts. No, the NAM boots lavishing Gunnar the Japanese by sound, because it is the framework of the Jap Jungle organization, and it is an guy aid to flanks and strong points that so good you gotta know What the japanese machine guns sounds like because, if you know, if you see where that companies meeting on as its on their flanks or it's in there are strong points, black his face and hands to and remove any shine from equipment could serve zone ammunition and pick up abandoned bandolier when he sees one memorizing invariably use the unit selected code word for leaders, various maneuvers, ammunition, corpsman, etc, be able to select a night position so that the jungle works to his advantage to the disadvantage of the inn. Treating Japs appreciate the fact that jobs do not have cats eyes that they are afraid of the dark and that at night, a moving,
as an easy victim for a silent marine who believes in his bayonet. Care for his equipment. Religiously weapons deteriorate with unbelievable rapidity in the jungle and must be cleaned at every opportunity. What what's good about that is in and the main reason why I thought it was important to say that. Is because, if you are in charge that The section right there shows you how important it is to convey to all the troops A baseline of actions that is going to help you win. Because it's really easy to sit back and think. Well, obviously, you should know what this machine gun feel sounds like an obviously
You should block in your face and, like all those things seem super obvious, but why are they written here? Because people failed to do them so as leader. What can you look out inside your team, where there might be some obvious things and by the way you know these things are robbing been talk a lot lately about values and and the fact that it you have the proper values, this sort of the ultimate form of decentralized command, because people can offer just based on the values. So these almost these are like these minor things that almost to become values, write to you Is your code words every single time to conserve your ammunition, every single those are those are almost like values that you have. Dig in at protracted holts. Forgive you did if you were a jungle fighter, and you did all these things all the time after way you operate yourself?
rebuild, he's gonna, be infinitely larger than someone that doesn't do these things So what is going on at your business inside your teams, where this stuff isn't happening every single time What do you need to tell people what needs to happen? You know These are the things you need to think about. Is there not obvious, as you think, There are also the things that your people need to know, because those are the things that they need to do so you can win pull the ones at all of washing their faces or or recognising. The sounds of this machine guns, Not only do they not know what they're supposed to be doing is more than likely nobody's ever explained it or taught it to them so to understand why it's important, what the significance of it. And if we do this as a team, we are going to win and if we don't we're going to lose there's a reason our enemies put out, Cyprus is same thing in business is your you are. If you,
and if you run a business right now, listen and this podcast and you own a company or lead a team Europe WAR, the competing with don't want to share space with you, have an equitable share the mark if they were one you into the ground and there, harass you, you they're gonna, probe you they're gonna watch you they're gonna, try to take you out there. Set up snipers and machines, and you have to know what you need to do to win and if your people on the front lines dont know this you're gonna lose and the reason and not doing it is because there's something wrong with them or their knots? It's because you haven't shown them why they need to do that for you as to win, And that's why this these lessons get repeated over and over and over again, and that's why it's so fun to listen to the stuff, patrolling jungle, crafts, lieutenant beam are infantry,
Bougainville. I think back now, one how I used to costs when scouting and patrolling came up on the schedule: disarmament training. I had the idea that, with all the lectures and field work we had, it would all come this second nature when we got the combat. But let me tell you something I have many veterans of Guadalcanal, my platoon, who have lots of combat experience in patrolling and they still plenty to learn, to give you an example of a four day patrol. We had an jap territory in those. Four days we moved about a thousand yards a day. Darting at seven in the morning and ours. For launching ending five figure out for self. How far we average per hour its prey. After move like a cat through the jungle hour after hour, one man. Using a little too much. Noise can cause the annihilation of a patrol. I sincerely
we mean it because it has happened. Teamwork Men must not try to fight the Japs individually, a soldier fighting on his own is a most uneconomical investment and unless he is lucky, he will accomplish very little. It is a rare occasion when a japanese machine gun is not covered by other weapons, including a sniper to no one man can move in on such a combination. Fighting must be done, by mutually supporting groups in order to. This system effective training? Must continuous and every effort must be made to keep the composition of the group's unchanged essential standards, the six as for an efficient intelligence and reconnaissance platoon should have the following standards. Like personnel mentally and physically better than average. Each member should be the equal of the air
Bridge Squad Leader, rigorous physical, hardening. Lots of here one mountain, climbing sperience in the jungle during training. They should stay out for eight or ten days at a time, use native guides and learn how to read signs from them. Have them show the men, the edible fruits and vegetables, strict water discipline, both the amount consumed in its purification. Ability to move rapidly and silently use arm in hand, signals to indicate the situation and the disease. Action, no talking or whispering constant me it's a visual contact, front and rear, left and right. Physical hardening here's some basic principles, travel light papers include a high percentage of automatic weapons and concentrate a large proportion of them. Well, Ford point should be heavily armed with I see here the Vietnam guys Talkin about they would move
machine gunners close to the point, because you expecting contact front was the kind of became the asap, often not all time, but it was. We use all diamond, remarked Jpg, must always at Mikey up there. Why GPS on point needs our cover fire approach streams gingerly the Japs, like streams best for their ambushes, make sure that the point has grenades in his hand when he stood to cross it, that's freaking fired up don't pause for any reason. Until both banks have been well scattered in both directions Successive reorganization points, as the patrol progresses down the trail to provide for swift reorganization maneuver swiftly on
first contact, jap ambushes, adapt ambush weapons are not normally cited to cover wide fields of fire, usually bear mainly on the trail. Likewise, the Japs react poorly to an attacker who makes and acts on his decisions quickly and yes, I obviously amusing, no termed jap here I know it's an offensive term, but this is the literature of this time period and they're. Not talking about the japanese people are talking about the imperial Japanese, Armor army and military who they were fighting to death, Infantry control is hard to maintain its wants balloons and companies when operating in the woods connecting groups. Are soon lost from sight and sound is necessary. That particular attention be directed by all combined from the squad leader on up that to me?
take control of their forces and contact with Jason units every individual must know the location of his immediate appear and his cp at all times- and this is the last from this particular volume fighting spirit. It was notable that until such time as the infantry got fighting mad, there was a carefree attitude among the troops. In training. This mad spirit can be developed to a certain degree the use of cover in advancing by being in crawling must be stressed. It is necessary to emphasise the impasse. Of the live soldier as computer as compared to the dead hero emphasis, The importance of allied soldiers compared the dead hero and that's all never die com, made between that and fight.
In mad and fighting mad and staying focused, and they call that fighting spirit. So. Very go lesson. Being learned overnight. Again, you think that you would think that things that we talk about the thing, that's the things that we teach, the things that we teach to the military, the things that we teach to the big we're the things that we teach to law enforcement. You'd. Think that the things that we teach which we are literally reading from the book, what whatever seventy years old. You would think that people will just be like hey bro. What are you trying to teach you? Where is? This is the most obvious things ever? We don't need you.
You think that we wouldn't have a business, but we do I'll be enough. There's something there's a there's a force draws people in the wrong direction and and. Bullshit, I say: there's forces his forces that draw you in the wrong direction: forces of Vigo, the forces lack of precise there's another force in a dish, to those forces that I talked about earlier. What ego per active in what emotion, ego, perceptive and detachment the other one, the other four things draws, people down is complacency in and just weakness, calling just taken easy bath. Those are the for those, the fort
things that mess up there's a fourth leg to the stool complacency, emotion our or emotion, slash detachment. These are the things that draw people don't eager you, and I have been talking about ego a bunch lately. It just so happens at that the topic of our most recent series of of conversations, whether its eve online or does you hear it egos, is bound to be in the forefront when I was as you're talking we're completely, which is ringing in my head and as thanking as you said it not that it's it's a separate thing, but your ego will get out of control when you're, complacent, absolutely and and if you're he was out of control, you'll get complacent totally and then,
If you just think you're, just gonna detached from emotion and just you get complacent about your ability to do that, you will get sucked in and if you want it actually see it from other people's points of younger. Look, if I say this, if you get can play, and understand it. It was just the way you put that that word under under all three. Those things that triangle is its complacency. That is why you don't apply those three things and we could John everyone just the way or say it in my mind was went when I don't keep my when my ego mechanism isn't working its gsm, I'm being complacent. I'm humble humble, humble guy, Dave's, humble lotta. Can we go and check in the minute I tell myself, I can do that. My ego gets out of control yeah complacency is an underlying symptom and cause of these three things
that keep us in business brow keep us in business right on our. I echo Charles. If we click kind of closer talking about fighting spirit, printer suggestion and how we can keep on fighting spirit up, keep the place. Yes, the path, that's what I'm talking about. Ok saw in our On our path- and we all have individual pass by the way- some overlapping elements, of course, fitness, mental and physical- if you're not but at the very least maintaining, but hopefully we are working to move to progress mentally physically. Politically, that's a big one. Once you get married Well, you know you got your career in order face it that complacency on them. On the physical Tom Front, by the way you dont have physical health
There is a real, real bad way in every way, yet by mentally spear actually emotionally its, although not so we want to maintain as much physical health as we can as it can work. We were rumours that is true, but I think that the kind of the perception is that that he'll you're talkin about, go downhill! That's a big hill! It's like it's! Like long! and when you're like younger, potentially at the top of the hill, but the hilly so long, you can let these things slide for so long that, on the way down, you kind of no yeah sure I'm letting my health kind of slight. But it's not like code red. It doesn't feel a code red for like a long time. Rome was not built in a day and it wasn't destroyed in a day either there you go and they go day by day. But then one point you look up in the infrastructures hurt hurting and unite the infrastructure might not be recoverable, that's worms and in that is kind of one of those. One of those points that I think
for some reason doesn't dawn upon us real. Obviously you know no, that's because it creeps in creeps a little bit at a time, but you kind of would think great, like on paper or ever that, like you could get to the point, oh you could at least predict. Ok, look I'm going downhill, I get it the seventeen every single day by the way I get it. But when I get to X Y see point I know that here not recoverable, or I'm in be super hot water or wherever. So, let's when it gets to here, let's slits really tightening up really, but we don't really do that when we hope we do it'll be, do the ten: let's not get it, let it! Let's not let it get to the point and some like second, that It allows us to move to. Let it slide more. Is you got some like your film a little dinged up right. Maybe this. Those joints are few fidgets, that's one of the peace and war, and actually that
that reminds me of what I was thinking like sure. Yes, we would like, if you work our hard work out hard tree by digs beating Jonesy meeting, but even like daily Doing like the same thing every day, sitting down every day, like all that kind of stuff, it gems up your joint as well. Did you know that if you sleep with you need together on your side, a kind of like puts weird pressure like on your hips in these do not found, anyone. Whatever joint stock of your rigour, we need supplementing we're in the game. We are working out if you not working out a sick man. Pray have somewhere to now have two Dudley unless your job is. Even then, even if you have the most physical job you can think of, we know what you have to do. Active, we do mobility stretch you norms and pro soccer plan. Will then
now, if you prefer that you are working out, there's your jam, so yeah, ok, Eurocrat, I grew though, and resent so worker can overcome out we're working out now And you will need during levels Implementation is start from the bottom. The foundational supplement nation joints keep that keep those in the game you're not getting any younger. I know you heard it before seems obvious, but will act like it. Sometimes I'm saying you get all your oil conversations with yourself, because I'm another thought that I also ones they come here not getting any younger by that literally applies to every single human being at any age. You could be just born, you still not getting younger you. Don't wanna know, though, brow So you are getting, some people are getting like. Don't you think, pay better and following nine aspects right now than I was last year. I think I'm getting younger not see you lost me at the last part. You might you beginning better for sure more mobile
more physical, whatever, but unless what I'm saying is sometimes these Clichy look I didn't say anything so I figured step, one or whatever, so that I see him, then I get explain what I mean by a museum. Think as they apply flimsy anyway, take joint life work answer super real oil. Keep your Jones in the game has weak. Joints is worse than weak strength and send them, because you need to have capabilities, Andrews hands, you didn't you ensure that unlimited they didn't say. Methinks I figure I was compelled to explain a little bit more. April, show that I nodded my head with, which is every bit the same as saying. I understand, Just you guys were not tells me that I fully understand trying to give tee. That's all you got your warfare. Crude oil discipline discipline, go vitamin d, three cold war. We have. Aren t you can drink? Ok, where you at Dave Burke could do what you're?
labour assessment. At the current time of the cans of despondency sorrowful sniper, that's it What number one characters came, no s jaws. Where you have to be honest, I, like the Jackal Palmer taste. The best You know how you like you going like routines among the sour upper sour apple snipe were, I think, maybe subconsciously it I'm still in the novel phase of slavery seem same, but I think taste, wise Jacques or Palmer edge. By a little bit: when is Europe signature flavour coming out good, be obey for her kids, its next man, so we have slapped the table. We are. We are official on the flavor. Did you did you get the flavor that you liked? We did. We did and now its production time It is time the cancer ordered declares artificial, be little. I had to talk last week and I think we're we're next.
I actually no, I saw the can design. Did you pose the candidate reposted from any airport like this is like PETE, drew, every time pig pickets to design a cool can't hear you I just That's it? That's you so happy. He was too you're fired up on the zigzag. Dude he's probably cause you were fired up. I was fired. You he sends me stuff? Like looks cool, I was. I was super excited when he's evidence that I was so still I knew I was so cool, eddies Braga taught wise jocose such a freak albert I'm feeling totally unknown, concealing you're fired up here. You know you artistic do you like Waltman this one really came together. You know there's layers in there. You show it to like your prime primary audience and they just hurt like cool bro. I don't even come to you sometimes hey warning order in warning onerous means. I K. We got an operation, that's gonna be coming up,
pretty soon in the southeast, store called why? Why Why are you doing they're gonna, be having discipline, go there, Little warning order that when it comes go, get some we're on a little mission mark protein. It tastes good or dessert that has protein young, I'm not sure which way you wanna scar, either good with me. Jacobite t good, good, good, good product. And this stuff is also available at the vitamin shop or at origin main dot com which, where you can also get jujitsu products, such as a key, such as a rash guard, and why do I just don't know not just ughi Candidate
but even gonna, get lucky that you want the most comfortable d ever made rift. Is there a more comfortable, even rift? there is not even the same. Ballpark is funny cause myself, he's for, like I mentioned before so he'll like just be ran like we're. Not training in any place in Amerika but he'll randomly be like hey it's time to yeah or, at the very least, put him put on leggy? I just want to put on the here and now. Help help help with an oblique. Remember, Pete goes where he met Peter claims upon it. Like he's the one that made this key, so noble cool and he'll be run around doing a thing whatever and then he'll say hey? Can you tell PETE thanks for making this key from you? Kid is now straight oil girls, workplace arts, studies we have boots american made boots. American May genes Blue jeans, right, you'd, think you're just thing
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also dogmas store, is called Jacko store. So we're on the path like I said likely, we always say so. If you want to represent, while on the path we got some shirts, some hats, some hoodies, some shorts board shorts, some other various aid on their jobs or dotcom legacy. It till you know this political freedom. Good kid these things representative of this crazy hard from time to time path that we're on reviewing the showed that I'm wearing right now, yes, hard Corey condos all day. You know I don't, introduce new shirt, into my line up very after the assets. It's it's a we move for sure. So here I am reporting aura. Condo slack work itself, not forgetting that at the Jackal store as well
sums some citizens as a base for children, some of it for adults, some of its called killer. So some it's called warrior gets up regardless of what kind of soap you get it will all allow you your family to stay ass and this the spark if you haven't yet you, which is this crazy. If so, the value subscribing to applaud. Women, real whatever, I'm just saying, because it's one of those things that on ongoing cut a question mark like oh, you like yeah, now how valuable insane subscribe to the park guess for most new new to the part. Also wealth given subscribe to another package, which is called the Jackal unravelling Podcast, can subscribe to that one myself and Darrell Cooper. We originally called it the thread see that's valuing yeah, but that's not
or I dare to be. Ok, you listen Jacobite gas. You probably know unless you're like brand new, the first will never listened to whatever think think. For some reason this is like a one off an individual episode things they approaches, but we're doesn't Jacobite guess, but there is in fact, like you said, unravelling, puck gets hold different pod gassing subscription to rail before subscribing also grounded podcast, which we are going to record another one with jig be, but we didn't turn out and work you park ass. I know I owe you those I apologize. I need to work harder. We have a Youtube channel where equitable, makes videos if their short, really compact videos, then they'll, have all kinds of excitement in them. If there are long video, the no no excitement in themselves be people talking which, in ECHO Jaws opinion, is the way to do it, everyone else doesn't think that, but its ECHO Charles Youtube Channel where he that's reads, hack,
I got a text from Brandon today me said: pay to pick were there and here he said something along the lines of you, no true person, day, one. If we don't have explosions. If that's not part of the programme, some things wrong Another vote I get they just do it one times. If anybody, you know it's mad whatever, so you to jail subscribe to it, psychological offer an album and a Jackal album with Jackal traps, helping through moments a weakness straight up when they come about bull. He listened to that form. No weakness no moment, and also we got psychological. We got footsore canvas, Sorry Footsore canvas dot com. To go to my are making cool things too for you to hang on your wall also got some books read book called the code Dave work. We are, of course, still using the code every day,
I am, I still get more direct messages and social media about that than anything else, because it was this idea like hate, We have this conversation, you have to look at it. You want to not be complacent, you wanna, do you have to do it every single day, every single day I thought were UNICEF. Is we also talked about you got nowhere? You are this book. Periods from the evaluation. Ten may actually allows you to assess where you are How can you move if you don't know where you are the answers? You can't decode the evaluation protocols written by Jocko. Willink Burke and Sarah Armstrong you funny, but that the code like elements from this book or now in my everyday life. Like my whole, you remember how it feels like back in the day, but let's face it kind of the current into how you'd like label you're experience from one to ten may give the score one to ten. Now, twenty five hour change your hope it the five
like the unattainable perfection ghetto for is, like your general perfection in gotta, be careful with that one though the force the academic year, if your wife is ok. How do I look tonight in this dress new? Like oh you're, a five what you mean is unattainable perfection. What you get is slapped Well, here's the thing When you get really used to this evaluation system, I'll get slapped, I got it. I gotta stay true to the cold, got a hundred percent. You kids doing somersaults or whatever their getting one, two three or four, maybe someday five, if it's perfect, but I'm just saying the whole rating system get shifted down to this one now and then standard is well like five, like you, in like they just threw up a for. If I get Dave, if I tell you, hedges threw up before you no exact What I'm talking about impressive seems in saying this curious life. Now
also of leadership. Charging taxis field manual way the work at one two and three Mikey in the dragons, despotic freely, freedom feel manual and extreme ownership and an economy leadership. We have a leadership, consultancy called Echelon front where we work with companies Dave. Would he spearheading right? Now? I think I'm we. We are working with like twenty different companies, along which programmes right now. I think everyone from different sector are different. Place in the market, and you said something a minute ago. It's the same exact thing with recent company, but ever thing is different costs. There are all different and not one single thing about it is boring. I ever I met my I could tell you that I repeat myself a thousand times a day. I have not once got tired of it and companies at work,
with us. The coolest thing about. It is just my all the stuff going on in the world right now and they are getting better and it is so awesome to be a part of that. Why you been waiting So if you want that, go to echelon, front dot com, you can check out are consultancy. We also have online training platform to make you a better leader not just through daddy training, which is there? You can get some fundamentals reinforced between also to sit here and ask me a question: you can come to a life interaction, I we sitting there on my computer you'll, be on your computer and you can ask me: hey Jackal, is the situation that I'm going through I will answer it. You can talk to Dave, you can talk to waive, you can talk to gps dot. Anyone on the echelon front deem so good. I e f. All mine com. If you want to hang out and talk We also have the most which is the leadership conference two out of three. In council this year. The next one is Dallas Texas December. Thirty. Fourth
Can it be social distancing, so we west seats and bull from Orlando and and Phoenix are coming to Dallas. So it's gonna sell out even quicker than normal extreme ownership. Our com. If you wanna come to that we e F over watch, you heard on, the last two and forty four MIKE's, really George Randall. This is a show on France, taking people from the military that have leadership, experience and placing them in two years, civilian organization to help you bring. Your team in to the winning category. And you know what, if you're already winning it will help you win harder and America's mighty warriors DOT, org That is my family, that is Mark Liese mom. If you want to support military personnel to want to support the family.
Of military personnel, including gold, star families around the world. You gotTa America's Eddie warriors DOT org, you can donate or you can get involved me Molly bless her heart. That is our mission and she is driving it and. If you need more, if you can't, Live without some more of my fought threatening theories are you'd like to hear some of echo's obtuse opinions or maybe you decide to hear one more of Dave's enthusiastic allegories, then you can find us on the inner webs on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Dave is at David. Are Burke e r k e echoes adequate rules- and I am at Java willing and all the troops that too these combat lessons and apply them to your present duty to protect our right to self determination.
The world. Thank you for service and to the police and law enforcement and fire fighters and paramedics and Mps dispatchers and correctional officers and border patrol. Secret service and all the other first responders out there. Thank you for doing what you do every day to keep us safe when we hit the most and everyone else out. There. You know you hear these stories and you hear these theories and to hear these principles and there's no rocket science to them there, mystery. It's the same thing. It's discipline, its action its communication, its follow through its planning unit,
what to do. You know what leads to victory in combat and therefore you know what leads to victory in business, and you know what leads to victory in life. Don't hesitate, don't wait. Now is the time to implement to go out there and get after it until next time. This is Dave and ECHO and Jocko out.
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