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247: W.T.F. What it Takes to Beat The Odds, with John Stryker Meyer. Wiskey Tango Foxtrot, by Lynne Black.

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0:05:14 - Lynne Black's "Wiskey Tango Foxtrot" with Tilt.

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3:22:10 - How to stay on THE PATH.

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This is Jacko podcast number, two, forty seven! Echo Charles and me Jocker willing good evening, ECHO bidding. Are you old enough to have a draft card? He says Yes, I'm old enough, I'm eighteen, we have to have one well, do you have one yeah, I say with them for mouth. Sorry about that splitting hairs browns across the table, then you're not to enlist Your duty out of the way you sure, you're old enough, you don't look eighteen skinny too, if you'd make it through the most basic of training here Least smiles, I in can prove it. You want, the card testing reaching for my wallet, spitting, a mouthful of eggs on the table, don't go sideways army boy. This is only conversation, not a food fight, the sergeant laughs the only thing I want you
to hand me is bill for this meal. My treat you're tryin real hard to get me to enlist smiling. I handed the bill. Your recruiter yes recruiter, staff sergeant king. What's your name, Lynn, Lynn, black well wind black, if you ve, when two year you get your choice of assignments and which country you want to serve, and how does that sound?. And behind door number two It's got a sound, a hell of a lot better than wandering the wondering where you're going to spend the night king cracks smile. My office is right down the street. We eat Afterwards, I am list and then spend the night. The, why am paid for by the? U S: Army. The next morning. On a Boeing. Seven o seven headed from
medical examination and basic training at Fort or California during basic gum selected for the advanced leadership school at Fort Knox. Kentucky before going on to the Armor School Fort Knox. The place. They keep all the gold. Staff sergeant king has signed me for three years active duty in the thirteenth my career group, Europe, Germany We're all have access to all the great european and the art work of the old masters, the army's going army is going to pay me to tour Europe. What a deal. Driving, passionate greatest ambition has always in to spend my life is a fine art. Painter. I've been working at the low Seattle Television Station ART Department, all the way through high school, the art director Roberts, Dinsmore- is decker World WAR, two veteran who
courage me to get my military duty out of the way the world nineteen. Sixty three is a peaceful place. Leave it to Beaver and I love Lucy or on television. So you might have caught that name, Lynn, Black, and it might sound familiar to you if it does its. Probably because you heard it here from on striker Meyer, a k, a tilt on product, one hundred and eighty one hundred and eighty one or one hundred and eighty two or maybe you heard it from Doug the Frenchman, Letourneau. Podcast cast one. Eighty six like John Striker Meyer and Like Douglas Turner, when black was Normie soldier. For Green Bray Vietnam. As a member of song, the studies Observation Group, a high reclassified group backing
admissions in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. They suffered over one percent casualties, meaning if you are a saga operator, you, going to get wounded or killed? That is how these men served and sacrificed for you listen to this podcast. If you haven't listen to one eighty, one you want one eighty to one, eighty six and additionally too, oh for two hundred five into six with Dick Thompson, goes into them. Go: listen to them and you'll see that the men of saga are true. Heroes, heroes that conducted complete insane missions missions that very few people ever knew about.
And win black code named Blackjack wrote a book about his experiences. Read from that book. The book is called whisky. Tango foxtrot w tariff, which we are going to dig into today now unfortunate for a variety of reasons. We could not make an appearance on the podcast today, but we were able to bring back Tilt John striker Meyer one of my heroes who served with lean on many operations to talk us through the book and provides details that only someone who was there would know and under stand with that two thanks for coming back on? Good things are good to be back ass behaviour, did you You actually sent me this book, remember centimetres, but absolutely
I guess the aims we did the Frenchman. Unless it lends book, was out Lynn Marie's black juniors with the man that I've always held the highest esteem ever since the first time we ran into each other. That will be one at FUBAR, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight sister character yeah well and in its I'm open at some point. We have the opportunity to get him on here, we'll see it plays out, but how This will provide some encouragement Suggested in do this section of the balkan man, it some. Just like every single time. I start reviewing what you guys did in Vietnam. I just I cannot believe what you guys did. I can't I can't believe, but level heroism and courage. That you guys had on all these operations, there, crazy
their freaking crazy operations. I told you last time I said hey. If I was in charge, I wouldn't have improved, was of right yeah, I'm unbelievable and end and believe me, I approve some pretty for some pretty catchy operations in my time, but you guys took it to a whole new level and Success guys out on the battlefield was awesome and um yeah every Every time I read through these books, it just blows my mom and it's an honor have you on, and pay some kind, a tribute to what you guys did and too Have you know what you guys did was You know that's that's my heritage and are even arm in the navy you're in the army, I mean just the special operations. What you guys did over there was just laid the groundwork in and set the bar.
So high for the rest of us forever. Lol. Thank you will end. You know and I'm glad you reading WTF, because Lynch is one of those characters that meaning of all the stories for sod for eight years. If you put down spending most heroin stories, the top five for eight years, link of your right near the top, if not the top, one, never gonna dig into the little bit today to pay homage to manage our respective from day one, and you guys did anyone They're going to go into this part today, but you got here, but when we covered across the fence and on the ground, you, you and lend worked together for
How long were you guys actually working together? Oh he ran. If he's, he came more team for a few measures as a strap, hangar right and then we went down CN in January. Sixty nine, then he came on team, published, Rolleth Link came on and then our little people love no, but they knew from October, and so, when I left, I just turn a team over him. Its new the team was in good here than ever word about it. I came back. Lynne was the one zero, those his one, one for a while and then we took turns, and then they fight to set a get to us, which brings here black and a yanked and put him in some special projects that there he went off. Didn't, I took over Idaho, went back to run the simple recon were limits. Dawson some classified staff are its well. Let's get a little bit less learn a little bit about Lynn Black there where he came from When I go to the book here
says this in the category of common things that go unnoticed in the world, while oh gee men was working for the O S, s saving allied lives, Lynn, Marie is black Junior was born to Lynn Senior and fight Black of Albany Oregon, Linda, you're. That's me This is where I come into the picture I was immediately given the name Bosco. When my mother found that by mixing a bit the chocolate drink into my baby milk. I don't write off in What is Bosco, what is it of some going old school chocolate dreamers on release like her? She shot. Nokia, never had boss camera. How that missed me, because I'm a chocolate, no kind of fiend, because here in Berlin, Germany, on the date and our of my birth at ten a m on April, twenty second Adolf Hitler declared to his general staff that Germany had lost the war, and that would commit suicide in nineteen and
Here's, the caviar or here's the warning, I'm skipping through this book, a mockery. The whole thing if it seems a little bit chop that's where you gotta get the book fast forward here in nineteen forty six, my mother was pregnant. With my brother, Hugh we than Salem Oregon. Where my father worked for the Post WAR State Employment Office, the war machine was winding down and unemployment was high. I was one year old age. Nineteen, forty seven on my second birthday we moved corner of one two: three bomb and four five: six detonator Ordinance Oregon. Which was a munitions depot town for World WAR. Two war supplies my father. Manage the payroll office for the depot, that's just pretty much the cool waste because address greater. Why has powerful men oh yeah yeah, no doubt about it blows. Things up earlier in nice
fifty I was five. When the korean WAR broke out, we had down the road to her. Oregon and our father taken a job with the Guy F Atkinson Construction Company, as the head of their payroll office or mother, had purchased a small roadhouse diner after that My brother's, Hugh Rome. I was we're on our own I was the little man Bosco. The baby sitter. That same year. The Soviet Union recognised hokey men's government. Even though Vietnam was recognised internationally as part of French Indo China Joseph STAR, am convinced, however, that the Soviet Union would bank role his fight against the French if he to allow chinese advisers to train sixty to seventy thousand the men HO bit her lip and read to China, support which now with him to escalate his fight against France.
One fifty three, the Korean WAR ended. I was eight years old in the. Third grade and in love with the Red headed freckled, face girl next door. On March thirteen nineteen, fifty four with the model- Harry backing of the Soviets and Chinese. Advisers. The main engage, the french Denby in view on March twenty third, the vehement captured the main airstrip, resulting in partial isolation of french Army units inclement, whether closed in on the area preventing airdrops of supplies, evacuation, the wounded or close, combat support, as the French ran ever lower on supplies and casualties mounted, the men took control, countryside were forced into could no longer patrol. They were forced into purely defensive positions, which were shelled big guns several times a day on,
April. Seventh, one thousand nine hundred and fifty four Dwight D Eisenhower gave his domino theory speech during a news conference to clearing. Finally, you have or considerations that might follow what you would call the falling domino principle you have a row of domino set up. You knock over the first one and what will happen until last. One is the certainty that it will go over very quickly. So you could have a beginning of disintegration that would the most profound influences ninety later Vice President Richard Nixon, announced that the United States may be Putting our own boys and Indo China, regardless of allied support it's! It's always important to me a role through kind of the way, these things unfold and and pay attention to history,
and we're living it right now. You know it and in talking to a friend of mine the other day and it seems like- maybe we're not always part of history. Maybe the nineties right. What's goin on the night of the Berlin Wall came down so that was kind of historical, but then it was down and there was cut some time where you like. How much are we really a part of history that people were right be reading about, and they things happen like? What's going on right now and nine eleven and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? start realize now know where we're unfortunately play we're gonna work and have our own history as well, and when you reed things like desert. It makes it Action for me that you better remember that what's happening this could this could always escalate. Things could always go in a direction that you didn't anticipate. The USA can be the mighty big trouble laid down a road crazy.
On May, seventy epic battle of dandy, GNP and through ended in a french defeat, The men shot the wounded and marched the ambulatory French to the coast where they were loaded on ships and sent packing back to France, french guy it did not want their citizens to know the defeat and refuse to allow their brave soldiers to disembark from the ships many brave friends Soldier citizens died in the halls of those ships. Gm again few was The first time a non european colonial independence movement had evolved through all the stages from guerrilla bands to a conventional organised and equipped army able to defeat a modern western occupier in pitched battle. On April twenty second nineteen, fifty seven I turned twelve,
and announced, I was no longer to be called Bosco my name is Lynn and I wanted to be called by my real name. Besides kids, my age were teasing the hell out of me He found out my real name. He's got worse. Lynn, what a sissy name. This begin a boy named sue era that never ended. Never, so he thought is Look Evans, making fun of my nickname Bosco, that's a mean. I'm just gonna go with my real name, Lynn. In June of nineteen sixty three, I graduated from Rainier Beach high School in Seattle, Washington. I was sleeping lay on Saturday morning when wake up What is my father shaking my shoulder? Alma barely what's goin on. Are you? back to work at the television station mom asks not to it's Saturday, I give them my best. Eighteen year old, smart, ass smile, I
the station six months before graduation, to pay attention to a sagging, great average. I think I'm going take the summer, and just Guph off do you plan on using either your scholarships. My father needles me, knowing I have no intention of going to college, I went to court. She tcheidze, maybe art school, but no college will be wasting my time and everybody's money I thought we already have this conversation. I reply yawning the smart ass, prompts mom you have enough money saved up to pay rent purchase your own food and transportation I thought I'd leave here during the summer and go back to work in the fall. Then a place in my own. How about that if you live here. Your pay rent, not the kind of, you pay now, but the kind of rent as if you, how'd your own place you'll, be out of money. Pretty fast you'll need a job. Understand you Your mother said Father insists
I don't have the savings to pay that kind of rent I gradually complain. I really could take a break. After graduation get. What you really want is to get me out of the house growing up. Both my parents worked, and I was responsible starting at the age of five for taking care of my two brothers, the little man called me better than my other name Bosco IP Working in save my money since our fifteen, All I want to do is take the summer off, go back to work and then get department. Can this one wait the summer sounds to me like we aren't you. At the same road map, mom says firmly both brothers are old enough to take care of themselves and your father is retired and at home this evening, Your last. Her free meal here understand yeah sure do stark naked. I jump out of bed and Bobby Head for the shower boy. This pisses me off why the hell can't they wait until the fall. When I
I'm out they're gone. I dress, walk a mile to the bus, stop and head for the Seattle Pike Place market to get something to eat and wander around the open air art galleries. What am I going to do so? at that point. You know this is when he goes any actually meets that recruiter. So that's why that recruiter can tell that he's kind of got nowhere to go and starts as starts journey. Sorting king gets a man The sergeant king man scored at the diner paid he and made recruiter quota. He goes continues on your wallet, armor school and airborne recruiter, dangles possibility of an extra fifty five dollars a month. In addition to my meagre monthly. Seventy nine dollar based bay- if I am me man enough to make three parachute jumps sounds easy, is falling out of an airplane. I volunteer a second time this violence.
Thing is going to be a habit hundred thirty four month before a Pfc clothes, along with three hats and caught. That's crazy that you guys got that much money for going to airborne school? Fifty five yeah. It might not seem like a big deal, except for that. I think I got a hundred and ten in Nineteen ninety, where I base pay was probably a thousand bucks you autumn Santer was one tenth of my base. Pay. Where you going in almost double your base, pay or my I case I'll get fifty dollars a week. Unless you're willing got that inflated salary cuz I was getting fifty in the jump. School was fifty five dollars. I was like hundred percent, plus a man so He goes to jump school for banning Georgia. Would you where I was lucky enough? Don't send Navy guys anymore. They already signed They go to you, my dear, they go somewhere else. Yeah, you more actually might be here in San Diego over the years.
We go Myrna, it's more of a gentleman's course lawyer and its faster and you go. You get more experience, really quick. Yes, Jeffrey waste can be consolidated. Oh yeah, but I had a great diameter board several that there was awesome. And then he goes to a heavy drop school learning. I guess out of how to get everything rigged up to throw out the back rare planes area, and then he says this. After several weeks of rigour training, I receive orders for delta company. Sixteen farmer, a hundred and seventy third airborne brigade in Okinawa Ok, now is not a city in Germany. This is not what I signed up for for an extra fifty five bucks a month. I blown away a european tour in our education but I can rig heavy supply loads and vehicles for such snatch out at high level drops now there something I can use the civilian life black. You dumb ass
Seventy third had had been activated in June Nineteen sixty three. The same month, I graduated from Rainier Beach, high schools here the one seventy. Third, has assumed the assets of the second airborne battle group. Then station on Okinawa to salvage. In the one. Seventy third, the once The mission is to quit we close with industry, the enemy forces using fire, maneuver and shock action in coordination with other armed forces. It was because of its many parachute exercises on taiwan- that the members of the hundred seventy third earned the response, an admiration of the nationalist chinese soldiers so impressed. The paratroopers the one. Seventy third were the Chinese that they nicknamed the men of the the gate, team being or sky soldiers, the name stuck
The Pentagon's public expectation of us is that we can be deployed within twenty four hours to any hot spot in the Pacific. Theatre engage with into turn enemy for seventy two hours, delaying suicidal action would allow time the boy real forces such as The Marines God. There aren't any hotspots to be deployed to thank God. This is, the peace time Army and having no enemy night. Let's go to the veil and get drunk we'll watch the strip shows life's good on the rock. That's what the jar heads call ok now and I'm fast forward and through some other stuff, but he's he's there, you know he's there, he's gonna do in peace, peacetime, army thing, I live in the dream March forward Nineteen sixty five is the nineteenth birthday of Hugh Robber Black one of my younger others that morning he arrives on Okinawa with the future.
Third party leader. First lieutenant Richard H goals, if Pfc Hugh is assigned to the one. Seventy third engineering company, I'm happy to see him all the through school. I admired Hughes, scholastic capability and, admittedly, envious of his high grade point average and seemingly in ASEAN learning style. Both of us. Having listed voluntarily, to do our duty and then returned to pursue life. Why the hell didn't. I just go to arts because you're doing their duty dim with shot up for your head we just get it done at stop. Talking yourself with thank, you belong here permanently the other ways written a book he's got all kinds of these italicized sections where he's kind of a given his own thoughts and and their there. There are some very rich mind: Evelyn, like it's fine on my way. You talk to him about, like the rest of their particular his self examination
and is commentaries just like yeah, and I am not going to get too much into it. But the way this book is written, a lot of it is written and I'll try to explain a lot of is written, as conversations that are, he briefs Debriefs official, debriefs or unofficial debriefs that you guys have in your in your team room, beers and play in nice and in between stream of consciousness right, he gets a hot street gaunt this year. Two keys gone. Don't take a break for beer back here, the atmosphere that he gives out of the team room of you guys is pretty awesome and you guys plan plain free, liars dice all the time and the little do. Does little debrief sessions, though he mentions it. That's how you were learning
That's that's where you were figure out what to do and what mistakes. This group main what these guys did write what they did wrong and those those those sessions we are giving each other buncher shit, but you're. Also pass and valley both information on I salute, particularly in our early time. F will be one, as we learned was from the senior s Yos and any other team members had been on the ground. We faithfully made a point to talk to him. Some wooden. Some could too must travel, but the ones who would talk. Emmi Pat walk, inspire parks, John Mc Governor, all men, and we just a fire, and it took time to talk to us who we could ask some questions and then make the flying cubby. We hear about the mission moment wrong. Always try.
To improve the tactics to see what we can do to improved. We get in a field. Where did when you did you say when you got to flying Covey well. Well, spare parts became Covey right, tat, walk as after time underground got it. There are best, copywriters got it, and so an egg and sixty ape tick. With the October fifth mission. They were both alternating on station that day of assistive part of that historic moment in time. The commissioner now so before, I'd like door in September in August Pat, have run a civil missions out. There will be three in a later we talk. You always learn stuff. We just sat there and just try to sponge it and bring it in your we'll get to some via Linz the experience prior to being in song and profitable special forces, but for someone like you- and we talked about person in across the fence I mean this is crazy-
that you were, how old were you on your first mission? Trying to yeah was over by sums to your hat. I act after two years and colleagues run, if not gap, but by August sixty eight. They that's when a funny, if that at the attack at the F will before they came up with the idea, put together what a one zero school, so they retrain but you're nothing place. So we got to food by May and June, and you just talk to the men who would talk to anybody had experience of all like John Want came back to it. We really big targets. We talked to him, who were both will use a high priority for our just load, private, but a body would talk. We talk ness where, while you're right that clubhouse was better than anything, we could get internally learning what with scorn on aground air assets, weather
and reality of the king bees will be worked with a time as what they talk about training helicopter come pick up. Well, is taken as other conditions there ran you know how I go see here, a crazy So now we get to nineteen sixty five and Lynn, says somewhere in the middle of April, one thousand nine hundred and sixty five cryptic rumors begin to spread rapidly from company company around the brigade age. You direct all training to cease and power. Dismount out be conducted, which is them basically gearing up to go where the company receives its basic load of live ammunition and begins we're all vehicles for a combat check. Man rounds or heavy planes. One of the new Loaders April twenty
in nineteen sixty five men. He nails these dates, and here I would make me wish I would have kept the journal, which I never did. He do. April, twenty second eighteen, sixty five, I celebrate my twentieth birthday may second! rumours begin to fly. As word spreads, a key personnel have received advance party orders to an unknown destination May third company Commander Joseph see Jordan Junior at asked, announces the destination, and he says I Just come from general williamsons morning briefing. What I'm about to tell you is a chronology, of events leading to a temporary offshore assignment on aid twenty. Fourth, the general seized a topsecret message from General Westmoreland to meet him inside Gown Saigon, South Vietnam, at MAC headquarters. Seems, there's a guerrilla war being waged in them South EAST asian country. The one. Seventy third is to be applied,
of what is called rolling funder being conducted by the? U S, air force out of bases in that country, what we heard this morning is that the army of the Republic of Vietnam, known as Arvin's are having difficulty, providing adequate security for the air bases and supporting rolling thunder rates, the Arvin, the orbit, are also having difficulty performing offensive operations against the guerrillas known as vehicle, or v c General Williamson also revealed that several U S, divisions are scheduled to arrive in South Vietnam within months the ones through its mission is to clear the incoming units proposed base camp sites of the visa fee The point will be a temporary one, probably not lasting more than sixty days its party will leave for bent being haha
Look a south Vietnam, the one seventy three to conduct a security action. The ceo announces that he thinks will be back on Oki for sure by Christmas. Our first mission is to secure Patrol and neutralize any threat to been Hola AIR Base, which is our his camp area. You all now know about as much about this assignment as I do so there you guys go from not even knowing that there was anything going on in Vienna was thinking how different that is now here, because when there's some kind of action taken place in the world, everybody knows about it instantly. You know about it instantly. Could you look your phone and there's the noose and weather Iraq or Afghanistan or Somalia or wherever everybody knows whether something happening in the world and here these guys they're. Not there
Many idea what's happening in Vietnam and there on the rocks, are not getting a New York Times or any other newspaper that by that time, had carried storage for a few years of pissed off President Kennedy pissed off L B J, but does so they missed that. So here's Lynn, like you're, gonna, go to Ben. Why Billy Billy fifty days not, he goes into this thing about how they had to die, either their underwear, green on May for the company receives word. We are to delete nine spats from our inventoried, replaced them with the M one one: free armor personnel carriers or APC. So this nineteen sixty five, No, what we use for kazakh vehicles in the battle of romanian two thousand six M loan, one and four one threes, which almost April is still pending,
yeah. My my commanding officer at one time in recent years is talking me through an operation that the guys we're going out on. He said what the cast of back planar. Today, the Cadillac kind of this will contact this company. They have one thousand one hundred and thirty come out, and he says what, if what, if that one. One three had subsurface idea so at the time Subsurface Idee, had it everybody. But that wasn't what it was with somebody: the enemy, bury the dead explosives. You know underneath the ground, and you couldn't see him. So he doesn't like out something sitting on the side of the road was under the ground and they would make a big and here what will happen if that one one three hits its surface idea and, I said, serve the I want three hits a sub service id everyone in that one hundred and thirteen is going to be dead, and that was the facts. You know that was a act. Gonna, be there casket. Really weird thing is most
time, including the one one, three, the Abrams, all older vehicles the You build those vehicles you build them is lower, stick to the ground, as you can at the lowest possible profile, so that you can't be seen if, like ducking right, you build of even a home. These but like that, you're home these wide, but its low sure, and an is is wide, but its low and a one one three is loaded, the grounds on which clearance, because You know you want to get shot out by another takes you can hide behind. You know little ridge line or a little no or something like that. The problem that's the worst possible vehicle behalf when it comes to getting blown up from the ground and so now you when you see the the mine resistant vehicles now their mass their tall, you gotta get a lot you that you get him to him with a ladder. You literally there's a ladder, there's like five hundred and forty five rungs on a ladder to get up into them. Cuz they're built really high, and you ask it with a pair of shoes that have a v shaped pole that deflects, The last is well aware.
One. Three has a complete flat bottom, its. Super low the ground, but they were just they weren't It was not the problem that they were coming up against at that time. Air. May fifth, the company gins feverishly working to prepare our vehicles for shipment, the following day May. Sixth, we IRAN, we drive to open our eyes to the oak, now, a port of Navarre, where the vehicles are loaded under the direction of Lieutenant Gilmore, the embarkation officer and again, I'm just jump and through this stuff it's so great to read. You gotta get this book because the data does that it gives high get away better memory than me right date, certainty are down names it for everyone. I mean who remembers the name of the dam embarkation officer. He must have written that has to what its It makes you feel like you're there you're right, dear perfect solution
the once every third airborne brigade is the first. U S. Army units sent to Vietnam came ass We talk about history, lawyer may twelve twelve sixteen hours, company B, sixteenth armor arrives and Saigon harbour the Paris of Southeast Asia. Company, these first combat assignment comes in the form of ambush patrols were ordered to attack, twelve in this a personnel each day to the first, the fibre third for a three day period, so much for riding on tracks. So they got all vehicles, but now they're, gonna patrols,. Needs the army. Do they needs of the army Ok in the Navy, that's like a kind of a joke. Someone will say what think you're jobs can a being technology needs in the Navy puts up whatever the Navy need you to do. You're gonna do even though they might not say that the army that's the way. It is because we don't care. If you been train of these tracks. Two to four
from armor you're gonna go out european for patrol May eighteen our vehicles arrive and the company turns to the task of prepping them. Thank God now, maybe we can start doing stop doing patrols with the grunts, I'm in armour guy, not aground powder one track. Crew member complains in years thoughts. I disagree with that. No one in their right mind wants to be walking this miserable place when you can be riding outside I agree with that. No one in their right mind once be walking this miserable place when you can be riding who the hell, what's to sleep on the sinking wet ground with bugs snakes? And God knows what else? God dammit to be in Europe. Is that so the orient may nineteenth, first petunias attached to the three thirty three three hundred nineteen are to refer security mission. The remainder of the month is spent training and seemingly endless improvement and the defence of perimeter. Here's the hairs.
Lynch thoughts dig endless trenches, trenches feel sandbags, build bunkers, string, concertina wire, up: tents, wind and rain: flood, the trenches and bankers and fraud. The tents put up ten, again gone patrol with ground powders, pull K. P Stand guard duty: how in the Can any of these lifers do this for a living, I'm so tired of pots and pans duty. I could kill somebody there's a thought, so that's how they psychologically prepare us pots and pans On the last day, a May General Williamson initiated a four day operation. Three, Actors were hit by our sky soldiers. These were few against light resistance, the our experience! no heavy fighting the operation. The first? U S offensive action invites out Vietnam greatly contributed to the conference of the hundred seventy third airborne brigade, the first operation of July is search and destroy in Congo
with elements of the first battalion. Five hundred third infantry. July sixteenth, the company, in conjunction with almost the first, the final third, an engineering company conduct, a search and destroy operation during not operation. My younger brother, Hugh, is critically wounded by an unseen enemy during a mortar attack. And several of his friends are killed. He's met that out of the ale and back to Congress. So you know where I kind of. Drifted through that part where his brother showed up an open our while his brother they're, both at the same unit. They end up the point of view on the first Americans in Vietnam and his brother ends get wounded by mortar, pretty bad. On the roads, while those bastards you're hiding in the bushes bushes, they can see us, but we can't see them where the hell are they so here? We are driving up and down the roads while those bastards are hiding in the bushes bushes, they can see us, but we can't see them where the hell are they. Somebody
I know where they are. I'm sorry, you I hope you can forgive me. I should been there with you I'll, find them they'll pay. I promise welcome to the jungle baby. That's one of the things that you know. When I was in Romania, are always read a book about face. You know, by by David Hack, Wirthin and one of the three That was so similar was what just happened right there. This is the beginning of the war. And you're fighting against an enemy that you can't see right it's so frustrating special for the conventional troops that are out there in an hour talk about this today with a client, the. The mentality and what it As to your mentality, being on often versus being on defence.
And when you got out- do an need. We know when, when the mission is go out and walk down this road. You might think you're being on all, but if you think about a little bit deeper you're on defence cause your watered down that road and they can have be traps and ideas and snipers and mortars. They got all that stuff and you are on defence, even though you're moving you're on defence- and I was definitely How I felt my first point is the same thing. I would ask like young junior officers at eight is this an offensive operation. I talk about a direct action mission in downtown Baghdad, a showman profile emission rights. It is often of operation, they go absolutely How long were you on all fronts for Because the whole mission takes an hour two hours right. So you drive from back dad to some other part of Baghdad. It takes you half an hour. Yet there and then hit the target to takes fifteen minutes, and then you draw back to another half an hour, so you are for an hour and fifty minutes. I would say how
Time will you want often for and then they thinking about. Sometimes they say the whole time, we're always on offense and I'd, say That sounds good, but it's not true. It's not true. When you on patrol you're moving through. Enemy territory, you on defence. Your target your target now once Get that targeting you set up. Believe me. We go on all fronts for a good, solid, three or four minutes. Then, even once we hit the target now all the bad guys know where their And now we're on defence again so that what that does to your mentality. Is it can be hard on It can be hard to be constantly paranoid and constantly on defence and thing in life right you're, someone who's, ask me: what are you doing? do you got all these things are happening in the markets? Changing and I said, look you can either be on defence and tried just keep. Together which doesn't feel good or we can look at the problem, go on office and attack the problem and that's it
actually the mentality that Linz haven't read here. He wants to go on the attack. Oh yeah, absolutely. Continued on the one? Seventy third, along with other american units and vietnamese troops, worked together to break the siege of special forces at camp. Do Duke Co. Minaret Duke Duco cabin Jordan D there. The company commander leads his company on foot patrols to exploit to exploit a suspected VC stronghold, as well as other armoured patrols and security details, Sir Captain Jordan Let me give you go with you on the patrols. No black, you aren't any shape to be going with us. I need soldiers, not revenge. Squad. There, Blocks get left behind, he wants to go get after. It bosses and you just need to tat. You need to slow your role, black
August sixth company de fairies, the royal Australian Regiment Infantry to their area of operations- August Seventeenth, the second third turpitudes, along with command, track leaf. Standard operation September nice. Nineteen sixty five cabin Joseph C Jordan relinquishes command for staff position with the great brigades Q, Captain John, a Dunlop Junior, formerly H, Q Company commander is recipient of the guide on. While on Patrol platoon sergeant Herman Trent Speck, I've Korea, pieties hen Ass Baker and Robert L atoms are all wounded when they come under heavy mortar fire. By this still unseen enemy ASP Respect for Craig is credited with saving two lives and later receives the soldiers metal commendation October eighth night.
Sixty five company DE departs are in Hawaii Base, For the iron triangle on a search and destroy operation far down the road round, the first Benda Command detonated mine, is set off by the vc, completely destroying the APC killing the dry. Repeal of Sea Michael in Kyoto and severely wounding staff sergeant Saint Clair, Western and Samson more. Son of a bitch is blue us up western later slurs, through his wired joys, he's trying to explain to me what happened blew the goddamned track off the pc and footing upside down, Kilburn Cotter, good kid goddammit On and on it, when war zone, c and d, the iron try triangle our plan new life and smash in December, certain destroying convoys security, along with blocking force missions that first
duty rolled on much the same way as it did the first six months until specialist fourth class Glyn, am black Junior got promoted. Then I went back to the world in July of nineteen. Sixty six later that year, I appeared on a television morning show hosted by a guy named Princeton pressed in price TV, Seattle, Washington,. So here is here with me. Why would communist on the other side, the world having Protester the door gunners mantra for the thirty minutes show is that the United States had no business being in Southeast Asia. I would communist on the other side of the world, have any effect on our American Freedom He believed that any young man of draft age had any responsibility to fight illegal war. We needed it the use of illegal or forward.
This is more than I can taken. I accuse the Gunnar of being a coward and a traitor to his country. I immediately launch into a duty honour country speech that would have shamed any man. It certainly did me. What I wanted to do was quickly unseen enemies, ass for whacking, Hugh, make a dent in the door: gunners resolve two of US morning show gas began to talk over the top of one another. As the lights were, switched off in the studio and station went into a prolonged set of live beer and appliance do or commercials in an adjacent studio. The unseen enemy killed several of my fellow soldiers and in Seville. Early wounded. Many more. My brother. My best friend had been crippled for life or grotesquely wounded. I say for sure I ever saw the face of the enemy. During that tour of duty sitting in my apartment in Hawaii watching the evening news, I felt guilty pissed off alone and completely consumed by feeling.
Of revenge, you s plane began bombing annoy we see you now you sons of bitches North no more nor Vietnam declares general mobilization, the Warsaw promises to support nor Vietnam, whisky, tango, Foxtrot, Omri, enlisting. If anyone haven't hasn't figured out what w Whiskey tango foxtrot stands for. It stands for what the fuck over So that's his first tour duty crazy to think he say: hey. I don't even think I ever saw the enemy during that and he's got his brother wounded. He's got
guys wounded and killed, never saw the enemy yes and they had a couple times. Would I forget how De Chile went first part, but whenever India, a pcs they got in the into the young rubber plantations, we're rose and rose trees. He figured you going, yearn hey man. We can figured out what aid in an acre hammered in her eye member lent. Talking about that both in both towards a duty. At some point we got to reflection thing: he will you go back was too long, but the rubber plantations and they between snipers under Control Farley's. Obviously they set things up a practice before the hundred seven thirty
there, and then they had to be careful not to damage any rubber trees had they did the plantation. Nor would they come back a scene. I stay to pay for the damage rubber trees vehicle. Well, you know I can't deal them but politics, and but that story and the APC that thin armor. Oh yes, my minister, I just can't imagine and as a traditional unit heroin and they learn lessons the hard way boy yeah. You know the. When I did dumb Louis Polar juniors book on here fortunate son, then he's got ease rotated between three areas and you'll, like one was bridge security, one of whom was camp security and in one of them was called the Riviere, I think, are the Rivera, but every time they go out there they get take, take casualties and they'd, never see the enemy, and they would do
Five with a fearful tune was had now, there's not opportune rotating back in every respect. Company, it is my Fingers platoon platoon size he be had now he'd high five and all the other two commander and veal. I'd say yeah we took to guarantees of recasting these, we can act, Mount did see the enemy nope. There's going out there and taken. It's an you, don't see the enemy. And that that's very similar to Iraq. You know very similar to Iraq where men much of the time guys be out today to get blown up by an id or get hit by mortar fire. You get hit by sniper fire and that's a that's the way That's the way: the gorillas fight against against the America absolutely and then the evening with the snipers they knew how to get back in the building, so they fired out to be no direct smoke or evidence. Sometime weird, around came from you really had to,
have a good ear detection or some kind of censor the attic sense of fear, Wertheimer outcome. I figured out six cents because you can't tell those routes are common from now that goes NBC Museum movies. You know, there's always a sniper in a window and his barrel stick and to feed our window, but you're right, the snipers are actually not even in that room there in a room deep one room, deep, maybe even more down the hallway, so their field of vision is tiny, but you there's no The way that you're seeing them but. Luckily, some people learn to adapt and take the fight to the enemy. Indeed, July nineteen sixty eight, and these are some. Lots during my first toward the one seventy third I watched them so forces and other recon men from the herd, which is the nickname one which the great Nick for the one seventy third, their herd
From the herd marine force shriek on the eighty second, in the hundred first airborne divisions, there's something different special about Recall man. I can't put my finger on it, but I sure, as Hell Wanna be one intense yet always joking around it was like they were fighting a different war than the rest of us. Everyone do they were the best of the best. We graduated from company be special forces training group for Brag North Carolina. At the beginning, the class had been five hundred of the finest physically fit soldiers ever produced in the United States Army? That may nineteen sixty eight graduating class contain less than seventy men standing attention probably waiting to be awarded the coveted green break. When did you, away from special for satanic December, sixty seven, so you're already you're already done and he's a new guy, yeah
I'm in camp a Minerva, be won't wait for Linda get there be an earned the right to work with the best of the best hell. We were the best any kind of This runs through some of the young special forces. Bring back then in the beginning phase one we signed the classroom for eight hours a day, listening to lectures and take notes. We were given homework assignments papers to write and participate in the small inclined and after class working teams have to was eliminated in phase one every day we heard phrase like if I want to sit on my ass off in a classroom. I joined the air force. This college press cool this college, that's cool nonsense. A lot nonsense, a lot of what it took to get through phase one was attitude of willingness being willing to adored the unexpected. I dont think any of us expected the classroom. Spend that much time in the classroom, oil,
What are you guys learning about while the day only indoctrination of history and an procedures then, like our common class, you sat down you know. Class are eight to ten hours there taken combo and land navigational cause a different things that you had to take notes. Member while pack and move now gone through, find a summit old notes back. That's like, oh, my god. I forgot about that. That's like I got it out of my mind when you find those notes to take a picture of them and send them to me. So we can talk about him at some point. That sounds freaking awesome. I got this that I wrote when I was a five and the seal teams and ass teaching quality and communications, and I found it as seal team, one communications and it basically on how to work through different radios button? In the back? I have a section called lessons learned, I'm gonna covered up. Particles, because it's legit there
We have to go back and compare notes. I did Gallo Morse Code training and I was one of the last guys that had to learn more code. Did he done them? Did you hear my? the guy that was teaching us to a business people. Our push back like we don't even learn. Morse code we have satellites now, and this guy says in the event of what was his phrase he said in the event of a nuclear war Only thing that's gonna be punching through the air, honest spheres, HF coms and moral code gonna learn it of course, are nine years old, I'm totally down like a coup. If there's a nuclear war, I'm ready to make gobs yeah, they don't teach you in basic seal training there is no major challenge, However, there is no Euro sit in a classroom. You don't sit in a classroom, probably f for more than like an hour when their trinity,
She died physics or hydrogen, ethnic reconnaissance. It's just told we. They don't do that with us. That's why you're nuts draggers teams we are on the spot. So forces guy. Just so you know they got they like that. They, like that kind of thing, like that kind They belong smarter. During face. You, your divided amongst our various specially groups, such as operation, intelligence, medical weapons and so on. I was the hands on portions. This is the hands on port and training. In my case, I was being trained as a weapons specialist. Which I imagine everybody wants to be. Oh yeah. We toys to demand. And how do we pick what you're gonna do they gave you tests and then disposes indicate what you're good at and then
needs what the army leads to the area and you end up coms yeah? I ended up comes too because I had the sum I stood watch at this your team one quarter deck like new guy you're gonna stay at watch, and some sand and watch em stained with this, this officer he's like a platoon commander, but he's no more experienced in me and here economy. We have to stay there, the whole might you know we're like sleeping a bunk bed or whatever to make sure? No, when attack seal teamwork and ninety ninety one and the guy for talking to me. He says you know what you know. He's asked me one was what you would you will you join the ceilings for one of these? Breyer Wanna go emissions right now. The morning. He says: hey, you know what what should do as you should go to the radio rum tomorrow, or when you, when we get off and go Tom, you wanna be a radio man, because the radio man always goes on operations as well,
is the only guy. That's going on. Every operation mean the medic com but the radio meant for sure have to and so I went up that you got off of watch- went right up banged on the radio. I won't be radioman. Why Go on every operation go I don't sign up. Here is partly the only person the history of Europe. We want to do that because what does everyone else want to? Do? They want to be a machine gun or in a sniper? Oh yeah. What are your weapons guy, so fast forward a little bit. He's home. In Seattle on leave. He's got some of this S. F bodies with em. Name, Bob and Steve, and here there we're going to hang out with you, and here we go Hugh. What am I to younger brothers has joined us during our laughed last afternoon out on our sister, Carlos Back DEC. This is our last day in the civilian world this before they go on the planet.
He's wearing a tank top and t shirt and a pair of shorts, which shows off the scar running from one knee up the length of his leg to his hip. After a couple of beers, he tells the story about the mortar attack. His leg wound, broken ribs arm and shrapnel filled, face and torso here. Can we hence the money spent recovering me again Army hospital Bob Steve, are visibly shaken the sight of wounds, and, more so by the story of inadequate medical treatment and dust Stayin from the hospital staff for anyone dome enough to get suckered into volunteering for norm. The mood of the afternoon darkens and alcohol consumption increases Ass day go at softly, drones, yup, Gimme, a beer and issues get in junkie. How do you say his name? You know angle, key inculcates. Even looking at the upper jaw, Those are two buddies: oh yeah
ok and guilty K; angle, key Engelke, I keep must not one angle. Key stick with Tee I bet Karla serves up an early dinner. We eat or last supper and hue bluntly ass. What the hell are you going to do back in that shit, hole. For a moment, I sit there surprise staring at him dumbfounded its pay back time. I quietly reply payback for what He looks surprised than it dawns on him. You, dumb ass. You are my be sooner my big brother anymore. I don't you to fight any battles on my behalf, I did my duty took my hits and now I'm going to college it's time for me to build my life, the government their three years, and you can bet your baby, There is no one in this country who gives a shit except those who went there and did it sometimes I'm not sure most them care either time to move on brother time to move on grab me one,
bears out the cooler. Will you stupid idiot and here's lawns thoughts on that now. That announcement certainly shoots the shit out of my public reason for going back. Telling everyone who ass it I'm going to extract a little hide from the Charlie's who nailed my Oh brother, now Telling me he's not little brother and grow up well, crap. Why the hell did he make that speech before I re last, I myself am a green Bahrain. I'm gonna be a recall man. That's why I'm going back find out what it's like to be the best at something for denying safehouse twenty two, the three of us. Anxiously await a tops. Good briefing in a small secured out building that once was carriage house a sergeant first, ass, ie seven is standing behind a long, wide, thick plank table behind him, a captain wearing
green beret, starched uniform, sits quietly watching with an off handed relax gesture, so typical of s men. The seven motions to us to sit. Using from his chair the captain, says during your training at brag. You men were selected as potential candidates for military assistance Command, Vietnam studies and observations, group studies and observations. What the hell is that? Damn it I came back to be a weak on man. Some bigger, make us into a bunch of clerks, I will give you a series of blood briefings, the first of which, requires you to make a decision as to whether you want to go on with the second. Before we continued what you are to hear is classified Topsecret, requiring you to sign the non disclosure form in full. Have you read the form if you choose not to sign, get up and leave the room? No questions asked reform. Ok sign the form and give it to you. Seven, this better, not be a clerks job. Topsecret color
I read the format scribble my signature at the bottom, handing it to the IE seven as he circulates among us. I noticed a lot about any goes through some history. That's all that's what's partly briefing is He says this four years ago April, nineteen sixty four, the government of South Vietnam, created this special exploitation service or s yes to replace the Vienne special Forces command concurrently. The CIA transferred its advisory role to the newly formed military assistance Command, Vietnam studies and observations group or more the song which is run by the? U S military joint services, Last year, the south Vietnamese rename the s he s, the strategic technical directorate clearings, wrote the captain takes up a glass of water taking along drink, and why do I need to know all that
questions. No ok to point you. Men will be assigned to an f o b forward operations base or f obese had been in existence, since nineteen sixty four they are ok and flew by case on com duke and denying. F. Obese conduct classified operations outside, South Vietnam Classical operations, doesn't sound like a corpse job to me. The skating, interesting operations and a louse commenced. September nineteen sixty five as part of operation. Shining brass, and recently we have been renamed Prairie fire out of country operations are conducted Recanted teams calls teams, hatchet forces and slammed companies break down force, rockwork, Smike teams forces, and
and is also like Artie, which is recon team. Well, in the early days, up until the end of sixty eight, it was spike team cuz, with top secret code for Recon team got it and then you had to hatch a force which could be anything for a platoon up to a company size operation like operation, tailwind and then the slam operations. That would be one or two hatchet force components depending on the size. They would go in and block the Ho Chi Minh Trail back it up, and then the air force it have air power. So anything that backed up on a trail they would hit it hit it hard and coarse. The Nva responded very quickly and the elements that were on the ground got hammered so slammed, operations. That's why, by target to tell one and seventy they changed the Emma a little bit, but does the breakdown drawn it yeah? This is captain continues on MAC. We saw the MAC Lee side. Is a joint service,
I commend unconventional warfare task force whose charters to conduct Topsecret. Abattoirs, psychological and special operations in earth and South Vietnam Louse Campbell and southern China has been given title studies, an observation group as a cover, the joint staff. Is, to be performing an analysis of the lessons learned up to this point. In the war, its obvious a special operations group. We saw is organized into two your commands command and south and North also called ccs and Ccs. I know this is a lot of German had I noticed a lot of material but What do you know? What you're volunteering for. To continue and he keeps the shoe out this this winter.
Actually lives as this I volunteered to be here, I volunteered for recap sounds like I'm getting exactly what I asked for. How will this limit this point? Thirty, five No, at this point or there he must be young, You didn't do, oh! No, he did an appointment with the Ariana's he's he's older, actually, yeah he's actually probably older, near probably out twenty two, I think limb would have been easier. Headed me, ok, yeah he's seventy five now, for there go but still damn that young, but You know I was of the reason I ask you. That is because, when I about what a young american male mind. Is like it's like this year's it near you, there's nothing more than anyone wants to hear. Then.
Joint service, high command, unconventional warfare, task forces, charters to conduct tops- good sabotage psychological special operations signing up there you airborne continuing on map. These mission is twofold: supports out Vietnam against communist aggression assistant. Development of the Southern Republic, the United States and our allies will succeed by winning the people depriving the enemy of safe havens. Havens rests and supplies, depriving the enemy and this is where Maxie saw comes into the picture. Sorry has five primary responsibilities and the capability to under additional special missions, as required, listen up soon, its primary responsibilities include. First border operations conducted to disrupt Khmer Rouge, perfect path that path at low path at LAO?
and envy yea in their own territories, so Cambodia, louse and and envy and North Vietnam. Secondly, keep track of all the imprisoned and missing Americans and conducting AIDS to assist in free them as part of the escape innovation mission for all captured. U S, ground personnel and downed airman mission through His training, dispatching agents in the north, Vietnam to run resistance operations called black psychological operations such as establishing false national envy broadcasting stations inside North Vietnam and yellow cycle of psychological operations as typified by the who the way Citadel propaganda transmitter mentioned earlier, for the captain holds up forefingers waving, then them at us Maxie sagas, also entrusted with specific tasks such as kidnapping assassination and insertion of rig mortar rounds into enemy. Ammunition, supply system which are set
to explode and destroy their crews upon use he paused to study our faces again, clearing his throat five, he coughed again, the retrieval of sensitive documents and equipment. If lost her captured through enemy action. He pauses any questions. Silence in the room, Lynde thanks to himself, is a hell of a lot more than just recon wow The next level of information reveals day we operational details. I will show you out of the country areas operations, talk in detail about the team makeup and the commitment. We hope you volunteer to make any of you who want to bail out now is the time he paused Looking around the room looks like we're all in this going be a hell of a lot of fun Jim to his left the cap and rolls back a black cloth covering a map of South EAST Asia
We saw a top secret organization operating the width and breadth of the DMZ West and allows and south through Cambodia, the shaded areas, you see, delineate the ale. Our area of operations. You will enter the eia with no personal identification. You things will not contain serial numbers. You and you gear we'll be why we called sterile, you will carry I think that identifies you is an American. You will not carry pictures of your loved ones or anything else that doesn't directly pertain to your mission Occasionally you will we use enemy weapons as well and dress like them. He pauses Arthur any questions. He picks up a glass of water. Are there any questions. The captain asked the second times the second I'm receiving no response other than stunned faces. He continues. Thing, this assignments Having this assignment means you be expected to run a minimum of three cross border missions to complete your tour of duty with sock,
after those missions, you can request to change of assignment to finish out your year in country. If wished to leave Zog. We will honour that request. If you to leave special forces. We will send you to another unit or you can stand, continue running missions now. Are there questions. Yes, sir, are we spies, asked one. Our party without hesitation, binary National law, yes, this is a covert operation. As I said, topsecret our job is to trail ouch peel w snatch wired ambush and just plain old enemy interdiction, you will be assigned to recall, teams are tease those teams led by three Americans who are supported by nine, mercenary commandos, which make up twelve man team american meter is designated a one zero. The assist team leader, is a one one. And finally, the radio operator has a designation of one too
The mercenaries are paid by us to work in the eight o. You see on this map. Additionally, there being Arvin Special Forces, T member whose job it is to handle the mercenary mercenaries. While you do your intelligence work, IE, seven Next form, please, please read carefully before accepting or rejecting it. If you sign you Come members of the most elite fighting forced the United States has ever put in the field against an enemy. We are fighting a secret war. As I said earlier, you can never divulge your participation wreck. Nice or give credence to anyone second or third party knowledge of our existence. Captain and IE seven move into a shadowed corner quietly talking. I read carefully through the non disclosure statements, threats of imprisonment disgrace loss of rights and freedoms. I sign talk about getting what you ask for.
The IE seven distributes another set of papers to each of us. Gentlemen. Welcome Mcafee sock smiles, the captain we now need to address this last little consideration. If you're lucky enough to be captured and wind up. Appear W. We have occurred, story along with an individual recognition procedure, share what you are about to write with anyone there, questions on this form. They are this questions for each of you, however, response will be individual and will become the key to recognising you and obtaining your releases as appear w. Please filmy answers make them simple and conversational put before into the attach Manila Envelope and seal. It had the envelope to me and no one else in this room. Do not Could each other's answers collecting the arm? Lopes and stuffing them into it? Canvas Attache, Rick and says men. Thank you for
volunteering, good luck and good bye. He. I forgot that part about Thea the last second document. He put your individual information down forgot about that Lynn be sharper as he is. He must have taken notes, he's got incredible information. Man walked the sequel war. Welcome to saga. Yes, indeed, did you, did you when you were gone through that moment, did you have any like hesitation. Oh you just so all later was ridiculous. Ridiculous! Slightly In my case, we ve got to our training for all those months has like this. This is the worn. Like you know, the Green Bahrain movie had been out. What would you do
and what's crazy, as you were told weren't, you were told, don't voice when two year for Sarkoja went training group there ok, listen yeah! I don't follow you're facade whatever you do, don't volunteer facade will, even if it wasn't, a directive would be like if we go get to a cabinet or about the country's people and there's projects dont volunteer, get because of people dying and it's a sixty eight. We had some eighteen have been wiped out, but I point DIA Briefer didn't tell me anything about that. The castle, by point oil, gearing up each individual aware or carry sterile fatigued or tiger suit flop. Brimmed hat with portion of panel sown inside the top jungle boots, pistol belt harnessed first aid packet pill, kit Heavy and sharp canteens with water purity,
Patient tablets smoke, grenades, compass, survival, kit, individually, we'll pistol, Sub machine gun and sought. M. Seventy nine weapon signal mere panel strobe light pen flare with flares. Ammo pouches rucksack with reinforce straps rations weapons, cleaning, kit maps, punch, and liner can opener. P, thirty, eight or knife with can opener waterproof matches insect and leech repellent jungle. Sweater are ten survival. Radio pen light six foot of nylon cord parachutes. Pension cord secrecy to- nap links, notebook and pencil to process bags, fragmentation, white, phosphorus and gas, grenades to cover bandages, gloves claymore serum the tea. We'll need to carry a camera and film by not and pure see twenty five radio or, as you call it a prick, twenty five with extra battery and fourteen
oh Papa minds: a booby traps, anti intrusion, device wiretaps and equipment for prisoners snatches. That's all what exactly is a wire tap go until you have to telephone lines so as to wire, and you tap into it, and then you were occasionally cellphone pull put the wires our wires onto their were tape it there can down a pole covered months over by body wouldn't see it and we have tied into a stay at that time. Stadia Cosette and we record, even if there is no by talking the CIA, had as do the actual recordings so that they could hear they would amplified it takes naked disobey amplifying her time they could hear
in the background caused the heavier phones when earned a cradle. There live like our farmers to day they shut off. Those are still alive to see a week. We give more takes a naval amplify it, so they got until those things. Yes, I hear people were talking in the background of a yes, of course see a week. We do they take and, with their dying, ever hear anything back at all. So when you say your, u wiretaps part of the list of stuff, they you guys have what is it like? A little Radice is something the actual Cosette recorder than a wire and, at the end, the wire to be too little things that tape onto it or do or go through so tied a wired. Look the double every year I between that you take her How great was the Cosette recorder, o box on picture? your box, it was the biggest issue box. No, no! No. This may be a lot at my side like decide by size evoke the auditing
books. I felt book. I, like the old school variable yeah, the one handle? Was it a tick? Was it if you were there tape cassettes in there or was it like some kind of reel to reel scenario? kids guys, we're highs because they teach sustained none of real stuff in the field, It sets in. I think to be had by then they had to our cassettes eagerly when our on each one side as opposed to sixty four thirty one inside someone sitting down their friggin flippin those damned cassettes over a higher outen, louse Cambodia keeps you suddenly virtue. Tat was material, swung the skeezers. So I mention that the way he sets this book up as your reading and it makes it very conversational, went away but that's a lot of it up as debriefing here and
and he also wrote this, and this is one of his thoughts. Have you ever seen yourself through the eyes or someone you ve become know? This isn't in extra central existential question, really have you and what that made me think about is when you're debriefing, your kind of you kind of forcing yourself to detaching, explain why you did it's almost like you're, seeing yourself Diana Ghana in a third person, situation so in particular set to set this up there in there, this isn't a week, not a little bit about you, guys Playin Liars Dyson, sitting around the bar and having drinks and debriefing amongst yourselves? While this one is set up, not like that. This is an official debriefing oil You guys always do official breed debriefing cuz, it doesn't sound like it sounds like this was a operation that was so significant that it required a like up?
I can on site special debriefing oil. We wouldn't right too, Two o k C has always did this aerosols? Doesn't ass Opie got it absolutely answers really hot? They would get the initial word down by radio transmission on our tv combat before the report. It sounds like this one is pretty significant So in fast for just a little bit- and here we go specialist black, please began, which again, this is crazy for yeah for Ukraine, specialist black. Please pretty! Please begin apprehensively. I'm. To move back in time recycling target list arrived and, as usual, the team leaders gathered in the tax cooperation centre to take we'll be assigned, their missions saw
have to be assigned because no one wants to run those targets. Why's that. Their known to be one way trips, I see response the sergeant Oscar which is known to be one of those one way. Trips is always assigned on a lottery system. Mind standing is that the last twelve teams attempting to run that mission have never been heard from again. Worse or were so shot up that they been disbanded so this one particular mission set was called the Oscar and this, great there's been of teams that have gone to execute this operation, and maybe you you're totally disappeared or they ve been. So so messed up that they disbanded the teams. Doyle is just a name.
Tatargets where the major roads came together. I forget the exact highways like ninety two is a couple other all came in the northern part of South Vietnam and we later learned they had a major headquarters. Are there and I feel like going to ground the first book, with Pat with first chapter of Pat Watkins Theranos Curating, when the Nva came up and says your turn for guard duty? That's what men's talk He says I heard one of them, one of them they, when we analyse specialist black, we're interested in the Intel gathered during the v. Are we know the history, the target tries lieutenant out and was so the guy's based on look. We know it's a bad target. We want to know about your visual reconnaissance, sir. That's and you he's shown a lot and restrict right. Now, sir, that's pretty The point I'm getting at please bear with me, as I stepped through this process. I dont forget any of the details, keep calm man, he does not have a clue
the edge of on calm down, got to get calm down. How long does it take to get over the after mission jitters be quick about specialist replies, lieutenant impatiently, yeah, a rough yes, Sir Alabama woman, the lottery Are one one I point two and guilty inculcate ankle key? I put Anglesey. Volunteered to lead us to a map study, picking primary secondary and all landing zones, reining in traction zones, we studied every bit of intelligence. We can lay hands on about the Their patterns in the EU area of operation, the known enemy and how they maneuver, sometimes you can pick up, more information in the club than in the report. Not in this case.
Are no surviving old hands to talk about the lottery. There was no intel in the target. Folder, that's the point, sir! So they are goin in Blind, no turnover Then he then fast mortal a bit the the analysed says You were provided no target intelligence. We. Told none was available armed with maps and care. Bull dog scheduled av, are two days before mission launch offers one one bolder. Whose code name is that it was there. Name of sergeant stride. The Alabama team leader are one zero. As you know, he was greased. Killed in action like one one said the same person sitting next to you the same one one are you to specialist Anglesey. Yes, sir recon our was one one. The assist team leader, like he said,
he was sick, so I ran the viewer with bull dog. We needed. In tell to be as fresh as possible for the mission it takes one day to develop film and study the pay, you're, so it was never. It was then or never. If we are going to launch on October. Fifth, one one wasn't feeling well that made me. The photographer bulldog and I squeeze side by side into the narrow rear seat of of, niece air Force, Eu Seventeen, the weather was clear. We too, Often, through by airfield circling out over the China Sea, we came in high taken should the entire a yo yelling at each other over the engine noise in order discuss what we could see and attempting to orient what we saw too. The maps with those windows- and this is a false with those those opening them were blowing all over the damn place until bulldog got them under control. We flew the clouds and over rivers of mist filled judges, plateaus and valleys, picking a primary and to alter Elsie's bulldog,
Ordered the pilot to make a photo pass over the primary Elsie two hundred feet. The pilot objected told us. He wanted to stay high and leave the area soon. Good thinking replies the sergeant bulldog slapped the pilot on the back of his head. So this is him. This is about. Do this very well, but this is This is Lynn Black kind of explaining Hey bulldog. Lord of the two pilots make another two to make another pass and the pilot said: no, I'm not going to do it and then the sergeant says good thinking and he said well: bulldog slap, the pile in the back of his helmet barking. You ordered again we drop down the teardrop to tree top level. And I manage one picture before the nose the ship rose and we began banking for another pass as we climbed are and was still with machine gun fire rounds, rip through the floor Exited the sealing the cabin was spread and flecked with blood, as the co pilot were struck under the chain is helmet slammed against the ceiling ricocheting into my lap. Still containing
part of his head. That picture will be in printed in my mind, forever forever, and he says he thinks it's it's Pain, I guess I'm sad sadness that groups, the soul of my very being. I like that co pilot before we took off from through by you, trying to tell me a joke in really bad English. I didn't get it but laughed anyways. You're, ok, specialist block. The Irish. You, ok, specialist basque Brac Ass, chief saw glancing at his medical team. Yes, was telling you about the incident. The image of the helmet and partial head popped into my mouth I've never seen anything like that. Before I was five a thousand emotions all at once, all flooding through me forcing my eyes to glistened. Those kind of images have a way of staying with us for the reminder of our lives. Each of us has
find a way to deal with them in order to go on continue with your story: orders the chief patiently. Yes, sir, I collect my thoughts. The pilot drop the says not back down tree top level. We got the hell out of Dodge in the wild West. You are you are you you may ramps. You know you said that this lieutenant Alice's Rumford for those people who don't know ramphias, as for rear echelon, mother fucker, and that the person that stay these the people that are not front lines not during the fighting. It's actually the genesis of the name of my consulting company echelon front, which is not rear echelon, hey I'm in the rear with gear, but hey frontline leadership. And and this whole scene. You know for whatever Hollywood director is listening to this right now or whatever producer were who'd, who makes movies echo trough
those more whoever's gonna make this into a movie. This is at the iconic scene of the rear echelon motherfuckers. Try the debrief this guy and we're gonna get into the mission, and once you once you realize what he just went through. You can see why this is such an intense seen, because sitting there just have Barely survived law, guys And they're asking these questions and it's just your classic iconic scene of a disconnect between People on the front lines and the rear echelon, Motherfuckers Ass October, third, to daisy forty actual mission, viewer, oh yeah, oh yeah, that's right! So, yes to debrief is after the mission, but the part that he's talking about they haven't even done the mission yeah yeah. This is their getting shot at, as are doing a visual reconnaissance. They lose a pilot while they're doing the visual reconnaissance Can you imagine this is why this until, if you It is we are an U K.
Act- means that hey Jocker. We did the visual reconnaissance. By the way we had a pilot shot. The plane got shot up. I gotta use how much you want to use it I'd, say: hey guess what we're not going into their rights. They words not happening. Ok, there's not we're not going to know. Go you guys, Freaking balls. Ah, we didn't have you crazy. The insertion. Covey was Captain Gregg Hardness. Copy to sixty five- would call sign. His rider was sergeant first class, Patrick Watkins Code Night Code, name mandolin, the second Covey pilot was colonel. DAWN born castle and his rider were staff sergeant Bob Parks. His code name is spider. Lieutenant George Miller Scarface. Fifty six was led gunship pilot who escorted the king bees into the insertion. So now
Now we're actually getting into the operation. If, if you sir- and they do you know, I'm Skip and Ford, you know and book. As I said before, to get the rest the details. Despite a book and read it and it's it's it's an incredible: the details. It captures r r d awesome so but I'm in a fast forward a little bit. So there the he covers the insertions and lieutenant says that the endless lieutenant says we expect you to take as long as you need on this portion, the debrief When you're finished, I'm sure your one one will felony missing details, gather your thoughts and begin when ready one one fill in the details, never mind that back across the fence we're moving through dense, foliage ridge, rising to a right, Kay here goes
Artie Alabama was ambushed at approximately zero eight hundred hours on October fifth, nineteen sixty eight x. In its Yankee, Charlie, five, six one six nine or to our point man haha hit multiple times in his chest and lower body in same instant three rounds penetrated our one zero teen leaders head cowboy. The interpreter was behind stride. And took an r p d round below is left shoulder. I was I'm cowboy when he went down the distant team leader. The one one went down at this in time, I thought he It is well. Are you hit a yell at the one one receive no response, damn he's dead too Only six of us left standing bring out the bodies, engage the enemy. Lock her, though zero one, vietnamese team leader, orders that reach
team Alabama to eight to five. A full magazine just off the ground level to suppress enemy fire at our right a slight rise. There's a line of envy, a firing down into our position, above us to the right over there, a yell over the dinner, the ambush forming the selector of my car fifteen to single shot. I begin picking them off one time. Twenty round expanded. I push the magazine extracted button on the receiver shredding, irritation, royals in the ear punctuated by green envy, tracers searching their targets fumbling for another magazine, canteen pouch on my web gear, IP Through the raging flora, storm in the direction of the tracer source and envy a shot a moment ago is getting up and pointing in my direction. Okay second magazine snaps into place slapping the left side, the receiver, the car fifteen bolt slams home. As I raise the weapon firing twice stayed down. Dammit we gotta breaking
act. I yell at the team continuing down the line, emptying magazine to the envious fall like targets and a shooting gallery, another line moves and behind them taking their place where in a low Spock we have to get out of this whole. I yell cab. Crouching, I reload surveying or sitting American interpreter queries the possibly Lieutenant AL analysed as he searches through his notes, ha What did you ask her cowboy, whose cowboy cowboys are vietnamese interpreter don't van cod one one inserts quit quickly continue, ordered orders lieutenant crouching I reload surveying or situation, then grabbed the radio handset off my web, Harness Covey black Jack. We three killed and two wounded over whose down copyright or pay. Jerk Watkins calmly demands point bull dog and one one over black jack you're, not a doktor, nor for that fact a medical. You can't determined who's dead or alive. You must have
to bring out all the bodies for Varick verification of death. Fresh water, automatic weapons fire. Up another foliage hurricane drowning out, Covey Communication. Finally, it settles down mandolin black jack we're, taking heavy automatic fire we'll be lucky. Get the living out They have a surrounded on three sides and are firing down into our position, move the team out of this whole over two Hoy translated, means surrender, yells, one of the Nva and a short load of the ambush. I don't think so. I yell back firing in his general direction. Alabama weapons on full auto drown. Now further two Hoy requests, one one is alive and praying. In the middle of a far enough in the middle of a gunfight? This is no I'm to pray, get up off your sorry ass in return fire. I yell one one looks at me with dewie shifting his body in an attempt to make him make it
form smaller. I kneel down next human finding as a Catholic rose repressed to his lips and is quietly chanting a prayer. I need you to a cat tact command. Why do my job directing airstrikes and get us a ride home? I dont What to do? I? I can't think I can't angle. Slips into himself. Well, whisky, tango foxtrot over leaves and twigs rain down on Alabama The ground a robs around us from automatic weapons fire. So his one one is locked up mentally. Yes, point gone body there, but no mind okay. And he actually thought he was dead when everyone got shot, not opening ambush Lynn which, by the way nickname. His code name is black, so that's that's route is blackjack, thinks he's dead, but We finally get to him and looked at him he's not even shot, but he's these
and he's having a meltdown he's, always rosaries. Back on the radio mandolin, so mandolin as the casino of the Covey Mandolin Black. Jack you're right. We don't have three dead. We only have to one one is alive. The envious now on all sides with snipers climbing into trees. I have to take action quickly or die. Jack Jack. Put your one one on the horn over so Here's the copyright or saint hey, put your put the guy in charge on the radio I to push the radio handset into one ones hands, but he wraps both hands around his rosary chanting. He dropped his head, drawing his form further inward How boy tell the team on the one, zero and locks loques in charge of B team if I had to tell them, looks already doing the job. Mandolin blackjack one one:
is unable to talk right at the moment on the one zero of Alabama stand by his freakin taken over black. Accurate earlier. No hesitation whatsoever. None your replies, mandolin cowboy. I have to have to men, stripped the bodies get all weapons ammunitions mass maps, anything the envious can use, distribute their geared to the team quickly. Now cobbler interpret the two immediately go to work on the bodies, while the rest of the grass continue returning fight cowboy come with me to local in command until we get back. I give local thumbs up, as the two of slowly crawl, advancing on hands and needs towards a cluster of bushes, Looking aside a large black beetle as do not crush it fully were able to move close enough to the envy the cowboy hears their commander yellowed US troops prepared a charge, their position.
At the periphery of my vision. Sets a small bird staring sitting below the normal human level of observation in an instant in a flickr. Of wings advantages into the undergrowth I wish I could do that must have been The beetle everybody seems to be after somebody kind, hearted reverence for life pushes its way into my thoughts? Get the claymore out a cowboys rock blasting cap from his rival best? That's it cowboy finishes out a hand grenade, and why sport hastily we rigged the claim more in the direction of those willing men from the north The loving husband and son in law who likes to grow his own vegetables, fuck em. All a clue out of shredded foliage rains down on cowboy and me as well our way back towards Alabama, laying the detonation. Why get out of the line of fire. My little friend I whisper after the bird, the assistant husbands, brothers and son in law, stampede towards our indefensible position with weapon blazing with their bulging veins frothing at the mouth, the whites
eyes wide cowboy dead needs. The claymore the air is filled with animal like howls gunfire the smell cordite, rotting vegetation and death. We have borne a bloody half right down through the middle of them claim we're smokes clearing. I yell Alabama up follow me. The team moves through the path of carnage with our weapons on Falada? Was we assist the wounded online? This is what you get four screwing, one of them with one of the black brothers. What's left, their ragged line, sporadically fires into our small band. Cowboy stumbles and falls having taken another round is left side. He comes ultimately to his feet, gives the giving the ok signal once seemingly, through the past envy a battle line once we through and pass the NBA battling. Look collapse collapses. Our online formation too, in line and orders the team to going on single shot.
Of cowboy shirt soaked with blood blocked by impact the train on one side and envy forces on the other. We work our way through the dense undergrowth back toward our plan. Of insertion, To our rear, and in parallel on both flanks, we can hear the envious regrouping gathering their strength, random enemy, shooting subsides, as they begin firing signal shots to indicate the path of our travel flame teams of two trackers for each enemy squad intimately push us along as they reveal themselves. We cut them down with single shots. Fired discipline is good gotta find it We can stop to patch up our wounded, don't fire randomly kill the enemy low quarters. We continue maneuvering honour away through the high thick underbrush, Toward the primary elsie, leaving behind a stripe district bodies of our point, man, hola and one zero Jim Stride, I now can you imagine
How any of them lived there it's amazing to see too I mean just the just to see someone step up both both blackjack and cowboy companies get shot, he's wounded and he just leading and an blends stepping up in leading when all this may have mistaken and and yeah, I say leadership is the most important thing on the battlefield right. If these guys didn't step up and need everyone's death penalties It is a guarantee. These guess step up. They take action, they lead, and at this point they're gonna looks we're gonna get some progress, yet his Euro one was sharp and fearless. Could he he rally them took care to other details. Well, then, in cowboy go wrong and poor cowboy get hit. Second, timely that, oh, my god,
These issues, a big vietnamese- he was tall, who'd micro on Cowboy Calibre Hughes. The interpreter does Europe one. I forget his name, you mentioned: dare I guarantee zero? One s are viewed in these car point Gastro, the American zero one he's had the experience because of Alabama four months earlier, the entire team was wiped out, suffered a one zero and he escaped and did it personally any back to the actual value him up. So sixty eight was a bed, your fellow them, but the does Europe. One did not go on a faithful mission, so they had. Is
Spirits rock over the fifth that between him and cowboy or you look yeah, that's it we're Talkin, a locust, the zero euro one and then the other guy honour is Don T Quang who later became. I do I stole mellow back up for years later he was great, but just a fearless absolute warrior, bad ass, a sort of true untrue. Yeah I mean what's crazies, you know these. It was the the bombers and in Europe the bombers in Europe, the american bombers that bombed Europe in World WAR. Two. I think they had to do twenty five missions. If they did twenty, five missions they were done sometimes subsided, push a little further, but yet that was at the rule, place was, and the rule that they gave you guys was three those bombers. Those guys we're taking mass casualties, you ass casualties, lazily, profound casualties
and yet they said, hey, irresolute twenty five missions and human they're, saying: hey, listen! Can you? Can we get three Out of you see now we never I'll. Remember that part of the brief if we ever had two men. Remember though deacons is why his toughest us so great vivid yeah, I'm no forget he taught the bombers remembered a Frenchman. His dad was the lady right on ask and I want squadron. Twenty three. Only one comes back out a thousand aeroplanes. So yes same cash traffic effect, buddy enemy, continuing on October fifth, black jack, Mandolin were returning with the king bees to free by for fuel, no Strachan is possible for at least two be three hours over another cup obvious Covey is on station. You, we talk in a spider.
The fastest possible manner then we're about to find out how much longer we can hold out. Don't panic blackjack find the path, don't let them ten. You down spider spider Bob Parks! one: zero Archie Idaho, just like and land spider blackjack over blackjack spider, keeping your cool buddy, keeping your call buddy he's there, are not alone man having you guys there with that direct relationship with your cubbies and they sat in the briefs and they knew what you were going to do, that the power whole thing that was a key having that rider and that's the epitome of at that moment in time right there, cuz Lynn's, like a walk, has gone to kings of gone with nobody's, going to come back with two or three You be cool new spider tat. The night before you feels ass and liar's dies at the club. Of your heard, the story, but Dave Burke Good, do appear here.
Who is in remedy. In he's anglican, supporting these important army units, and it's the first real closer support. That is actually calling- and you know, he's a former ever he's. Never team pilot and it just so happens by Coincidence and miracle another coincidence that keys up the MIKE and says this is lightning six and the guy that answers the guy- that's in the air about to give ordinance form is like one of his book. Nor any says I'm like hey chip, it. You know your age, If it's maverick, I read your rock and roll. He goes and all its like this so happened that relationship that you guys had with these copies man critical, so peace is keeping your cool body stem I spider their pushing us from all sides we're moving back towards the Elsie Perimeter and will be ready for extraction over grabbing.
Clay more from one of the rocks access set up a ten second fuse pointing to our rear. While low covers me, we can hear them screaming in agony as we move through the broad Bush back towards arse insertion. And you know what before we go on I just want to go back to this cause. It's it's a little, a point of contention in the book, If you remember, I read this part where he says we continue maneuvering our way through the high thick underbrush toward the primary, Elsie leave Behind the stripped bodies of our point man and are one zero Jim Stride, so he had to make a decision, the hardest part will decision that a person could, after make witches hey. These guys are dead. In a strip, their bodies and we're gonna leave em, because if we trying in and
anybody that hasn't ever carried a freaking, another human being through rough terrain. You have no idea, you have no idea, look, and you can say I'll pick up. My bob pick up echo right now and I'll run. You know across the parking lot or whatever run a hundred yards, that yeah it might not seem like that big of a deal, if you make echo actual dead weight, where he's not helping in any way not adjusting his weight on you not hold on to your neck or hold upon your shoulders. None that, if it's just. Dead weight to order and five, how'd. You do in ten pounds or whatever we two to twenty four to twenty ok two hundred twenty pounds: a dead weight one. Eighty five it's not a big deal to do. It is not when you pick up a body, you came across the field. The football field or the parking lot is not that big deal when they're dead weight. Is totally different when you're in terrain it's even more different and then, when you Freaking shot at an assault
good by a massive number of envy yea you make a decision, we can you are we going to survive or are we going to Paris to save our friends body, what would I want what would what would if I were shot if I was dead? What would I want you to do all day, I just bring my body. Hell. No, you get your ass out of their and and so Lynn had to make this decision and he made a quick and you know that's how you survive. It wasn't easy prey to derive yeah That's the that's! What you're gonna do it's not like, and by the way when you win, you leave that body you're not say now, we're never gonna do anything. Now you go do a bright light. You could do what it which gotta do to won't you Your forces assembled, and you can get more guys and you can get the right. Her covering all that stuff you're, not abandoning them, but at that moment in time you gotta make a decision.
For the survivability of the team, it just ass. What you have to do. Here's his thoughts wait a minute. We just marked our location. How stupid was that MRS F they blow after they blow up a claim more their lack. That was bad move. We is marked our location. Evades day contact as long as possible. Here right, the envy, you know we're heading toward the Elsie and are trying to push us onto it to where, we'll be easier targets they tend to use us as bait, so they can shoot down more how a coppers once we're dead and the health Others are down the lie in wait for the bright light rescue, choppers screwed, today, it's not gonna. Today, it's gonna end with us dead or alive. These bastards aren't gonna use me as bait bait. Maybe we and bade them out on the Elsie. Were our gunships can get at them. Hunt the hunters.
Those are just these airlines thoughts. Those will influence thoughts, quickly, working few cowboy Logan, I decide to turn back against the NBA. We employ fire maneuver. Eighty Firing, while B team is maneuvering searching, destroying clearing a path cover move, we turn my turn moving back through the claim more swapped So we encounter a larger enemy force all mind. Searching us out down, wait ready fire, red and green creep. Redding green tracers feel we're moving like rush hour traffic lights. We are able to Greece. A couple of platoon size forces up on me Alabama forms up, as I point southwest towards the Elsie. A new envying line is flooding in this behind searching us out there using grenades to clear the jungle as they move. Whistles are sounding on two sides indicating we are moving into a possible ambush their attempting
heard us together on the edge the Elsie, where there's a two thousand foot, sheer drop on the southern edge. Alabama online yells, look pointing to pointing our direction of travel boldly. We choose! large, pushing them back Boeing them down like weeds, bold move, we close to them women to the Elsie perimeter dont. Then forces out into the open a fact moving object? Andrews, my peripheral vision, whack, my head is snapped back by wooden handled grenade instantly, I'm looking into the jungle canopy seeing a muddled, green light stream through a haze of cordite, it's over saw it coming and couldn't get out of the way lower Below me, the concussion lift me from the ground pushing me through the air my feet or over my head, green tracers track, around me like lady finger firecrackers that treaty upside down and moving fast. This is all wrong focus. Your you miss the moment of your death.
I hear myself say I can't breathe. I feel like I'm drowning the team. They are frantically beating me back to consciousness pouring water over my head. Ok, ok, I'm back! I try to get up my legs. Don't work from he's down my fatigue, pants or shredded, and on bleeding one of the men quitting smearing Joe itemised rice on my legs, arms face and chest web gear and what is left of my survival vaster lying on the ground in a bloody tatters, along with the car fifteen. Its bent the barrel meets the receiver and the bolt can't be pulled back. Lower orders, a scowl to bury the car cowboy hands me strides weapon cowboy. What's wrong with your hand grenade shrapnel, he winces handing me the weapon, You have now officially pissed me off. I scream at the end. So at this point there they're doing fire maneuver there
to the edge of the LZ he gets hit in the head with a freaking grenade and then that its blows him up in the air, destroyed his carpet Destroys. Car fifteen is as through the envy, a rank they go through them like even in my birthday. I think I would have thought that it had to be somebody like Lynn. It's such a distinct, yeah, courageous movie. It isn't it's one of those things where that's the last thing that the enemies who thinks you're gonna do, and probably just it with them last thing. They would think and then, when it happens, are not ready for filling uncertain, what's happening as a brain, just a brilliant move. So he says you have now officially pissed me off. I screwed but the NBA damn my head- hurts when I do that scrabbling around my position. I finally find the radio handset Spider Black Jack. I'm declaring a prairie fire emergency,
a prairie fire emergency should drop enough. May palm on you suckers to ruin your day laughing jack seconds, laughing the reply comes blackjack, no kidding brother. Keep your cool above all else. Keep your cool. So that's awesome. I mean Spider had already said: hey this, we are removing assets into place. He can tell it this is a shit sandwich down here and then he gives us advice, notices, advice. We could all use. Keep your cool above all else, keep your cool and. Means so much cause its common from spider, whose whose a one, zero himself. He has been the ground that knows what's happening, and he said above all else, keep your cool. That's so then he set himself com, the hell down Blackjack B. So that, actually work the actually listened spider blackjack. So what's yours, asset status over all assets have been
Further to location, Covey will coordinate them as they arrive, and let you know what our it is available. You the decision what you want when where you want it, any questions who's up. First, I attempt to rise but fall flat on my face: God damn it, so gunships will prep the Elsie was gone and rocket runs amongst them. Will one attempt to land. If that's not possible, we'll trail a ladder improvised brother, Roger spider. I wrote over hugging the radio receiver. To my ear trying to get to my feet, the gunships Fire rockets and then make gun runs near our position: the rescue ship, hence to land twice twice we make our move to its lead in the air, on fires much too intense their hammering our pick up the pieces. Get it out of here. Spider. Do you copy over the rescue, ship limps off, while the law Marine Scarface ships expand their organs in covering fire, Blackjack spider,
flew by, is mounting a bright light rescued to us this too in the fight it's kind of crazy cause brought it bright light is as bad as it gets right. That means we either had people overrun or had people captured already launching we'll get ready, they talked about that were. Could we were scheduled for the next day that we, a bright light oser, you guys were the freak and bright light. Yeah. I'm your talent since was that like what do you hear it? S like this? Is this is not going to be good day. I just don't know. Can you hear of what what the aircraft
I know you can't hear what the guys on the ground or saying because there on the ground and it does not lie in a site. So you won't be. Could you guys here what the aircraft are saying back to the guys on the ground when you guys word up some spiders transmission and Pat walk as you can hear, some of it good dependent where they were hello? They were up so we picked up some. We just news a shit show because the whole camp is society. Everybody came to a pause and start a problem for them into. What are you guys so sore you there? Are you the ones you know Don Walk was the one zero back. Then I was the one one for idle and they talked about the bright light. Donna gone offered a brief and they said we Peter bright light. What you're? What are you doing when you're, when you might be the brain
you already have all your max are loaded year already over his nice and next day. You just will you take anything out? Does this all bolts and grenades and after bandages maybe couple body bags, and then we never even got through the lost sight they castle it because the this between the enemy, the Anti aircraft and then the weather, because a start a cloud over and then all the Gunsmoke the cord eye and then the clouds they fear Woolmer team. Whenever we do more casually sending in the king be like like what Linda's described, the first attempt to get him out of dislike get out here. You want to live and Sonya, which think about the mindset of Lynn, Black yeah, Savior Coming down there, ask you you and you say no go out here yeah. What honourable move, beyond the area
He says so he says so. Spider says: hey we're getting a bright light ready for you and then blackjack, spider black Jack. How would they get in here? We don't need more people on the ground or helicopter shot down. Don't The envy a useless as bait, we need to get off the ground and out of line of fire in them in time. When I really need is a resupply of ammo over black jack, you ok, I got nailed the grenade. Nothing serious over risks walk to animals on the way- and I agree with your assessment, where the bright light over spider, tell food by Alabama, not a sacrificial lamb, no bright light over so not only call off his the helicopters from common and he's call off the rescue mission himself. He sent hate, send a bright light on Glades edit
He is Roger Blackjack. By the way the assets are beginning to have difficulty with the weather and smoke hanging over the Elsie, your difficult to spot makes accurate, airstrikes, increasingly difficult over cowboys working on my legs voice? Telling me boy, who NBA on Elsie. We your gunships overhead and witness envied tracers riddling the lead ship the envy move across the grassy plain of the Elsie like a war. A party of ants ants track trampling down the two foot. Razor grass, which is the me concealment. We have suddenly one one panics shouting skyward guy save us. The envious swarm migrates in our direction. So the one one who's been free, out this whole time and hasn't done his job. Now yells out, God save us in the NBA hear it.
The enemies team members speaking through cowboy say we are going to kill one want if he doesn't shot up I'll pull the trigger on him myself. I agree cheerfully one, one whispers, whimpered, God forgive you. Sounds of an approaching king, be king, be and our diversion as the carrots of survival dangled in front of us again. Each king be We can hold for so we gotta get everyone out onto sure show they brought a dozen to this party, we ve meant. We ve got to get to the centre the EL. We help the wounded move. I screamin one once face fearful we confused one one takes hold of local who is it who brushes him off with disdain: blackjack, spider. First king be inbound gun Ships begin prepping the Elsie with rack rockets, forty MIKE Mike an M sixties, blackjack spider. I've got a fast mover on track. Key your hands that Sweden get a lock put your heads in the dirt over right,
Roger Spider, Handset keyed heads down. Look into the Haze street son, as full flapped phantom his glide path, ratio critical ignite? the tree line across the Elsie into sheets of white, yellow and orange flames. The ship bank sharply after burners crank on any powers into the valley below envy small arms open up on three sides: lazy wag, Tom TOMS of Green Tracer fire sweep the sky for miles heavy AAA Fire chased. The the afore Jesus of those guns are far from our location. How many these bastards farther the hell are we in the middle of king, my handset spider blackjack. Did you see that Anti aircraft fire on the fast mover over Roger Black Jack marking map coordinates now this mandolin back on station over, so they ve gone from spider as the Cubby
well from from everyone to spider. Now backed mandolin and by the I promise you that the four phantom here we had with we ve had a couple four phantom Vietnam pilots on here guys were? Those guys we're doing a freakin doom God's will got there, especially in a case like this drop. A napalm to save these guys. Among those shooting or several NBA about twenty feet from our perimeter, nay Palm tree, just the jungle forcing dozens of the enemy discovery onto the Elsie escaping the inferno. Engulfing your comrades. Just as another four roles in forgone run the envious, move? It move in close to us, making every possible attempt to avoid the firestorm firing on single shot. We begin to pick them off as they stream out of the fire drenched jungle, those close to us endeavour to suppress our fire attempting to protect their comrades, their friends, fathers, brothers, uncles, that onion eating Son in law, as they please
we put them down. Phantoms return with two cannon, and gone runs along offer, and I haven't really gone into this, but you can hear couple times that line has replied writ referred to the enemy, As fathers and sons in brothers and uncles, and so he just Does that to counter, let you know but he's thinking about and he's thinking like these are these or other men and women the kill him that's the way it goes he else out ammo check and then to nine cylinder. Radio engine king bees come chugging up the valley toward us. We, a green smoke marking our position, the envious ignite, identical smoke, markers at several locations, confusing Pilots bastards gets worse.
We rise moving toward the approaching ships killing everyone in our path, ammo, getting critical Each of the team has less than a full magazine, and those are twenty round mags, whoever invented the twenty round back. Instead of a thirty round bag, the m. Seventy nine men are down to the last bandoliers arm stumbling along working with browsing it cord pewing, the skin off the back of my burn neck, we watch in disbelief, as this first king be touches. Downright overrun, envious smoke marker taking me to pool our peachy rocket round hits on them deck so just to clarify that, so everyone can understand when your mom king for location, talk to get First of all, you understand that when you're gonna, when you the sky when you're in a helicopter than you looking down at the ground it huge, its massive and and I've.
At a time where I wasn't it in meaning operation, and there was a we'll copper coming to pick us up stand in their innocence. The desert, your panel and I was standing there with my panel and unwavering and unlike oh yeah, I'm right here and he goes. Where are you and I said I'm right here? This is where you and I said, I'm right friggin here and I'm on the hill top or whatever stupid thing. I said, because I was a younger guy, I'm on the hilltop well the island. I learned the lesson. You know how many hilltops you can see from his l a proper agency. Five hundred of them So I dont narrowed down at all. So what we do is we mark our position with something that's very obvious, like green smoke, in this situation, black jack gets the green smoke out, hey come land on the screen smoke, the the envious, see that and they go yet. We know what that is their marketing smoke April at the green smoke bone, so they started
green smoke. So now what does it look like a green smoke everywhere? Additionally, there are monitoring marginal radio, so they had already f as well as monitoring capabilities, as so when they heard a thick limb, we're say green deprives we're gonna Papa smoke than envy the guest with a good guess. You got. It pulse come so we go. We watch dismal belief as the first king be touches downright over and envious smoke marker taking multiple P D rocket rounds round hits on its flight dec. The force of the blast is so great: the ship, teeters and finally topples to its side. Each subsequent road blade smashing into the ground, whoop law pooping in our direction, narrow, led missing Alabama as well. Approach, we grab In view weapons, turning them on the enemy they're everywhere. Why don't we see them until now?
Without hesitation we charge the rocket position killing several NBA before a hail of fire drives us back to our starting point. These a case have a slower rate of cyclic fire secret fire. The ammunition were last longer. We don't need a resupply. We can keep doing. This, tell hell freezes over Second, so there they ran out. I am basically now taken up the enemy, a forty seventh and their shooting. Ok is definitely slower. Shooting then than a car fish in the second shift, hidden outcropping of rock on the western side of the nor after taking heavy gunfire and falls under the fat valley floor below Blackjack Mandolin try over screw. You man when I no longer want to be extracted. Gonna kill every one of these sons of mothers before this day ends. So there you,
My read that again I no longer want to be extracted. I'm going to kill every one of these sons and mothers before this day ends. Oh black You don't wanna piss off when black, no no even good day then cowboy says to the inn, sponsor that cowboy whose again this is the interpreter right, is interpreted. Yes, he says one want this: one one of the guys has been praying the whole time. He says one one, please pray for the team except black Jack he's on the devil side now black jack men, to win fast moving, have expended their ordinance are and are returning for resupply. Your Emma was on that second king be assets in twenty minutes. Good luck, brother mandolin, black jack, we don't need forget it.
Blackjack, mandolin, blackjack, mandolin. What's your status over dammit black jack Bugles are sounding way upon wave of envy, a truce carrying rifles with fixed bayonets is advancing. Online, where your feet away: we open fire using weapons. We have taken from their dead after the first the full automatic. The team fumbles with a forty seven selector switches to single shot, pushing them back. We move body to body using their weapons and their cadavers is shields. Crawling kneeling knee walking, standing scrambling online in line we defend each other and ourselves without a word. A look, a plan acting on training pure survival instinct, all of us, except one want or scampering around, dragging lugging bodies, placing them in a circle around Alabama Stew, king them high, we construct a cadaver garrison cowboy, breeding from grazing wound the back of his neck, tiny
army green leeches in each out of the trampled razor grass. Following the blood trails we ve created, dragging the dead focusing details, direct in front of me. I notice the vampire mosquitos and ravenous cannibalism. Course wise competing with the leeches to feed on the dead and the wounded and on the living, one of the Vietnamese flips me a plastic mosquito, repellent bottle. That stings. What the hell are. We doing worry about mosquitoes when people are trying to kill us snags which animal ammo is possible. I order back and forth Again, it's important remember that this is this is the line telling the story he's debriefing and awaits laid out. You can tell it is debriefing briefing the book on programme doing a great job of this is during the debrief, and what's interesting, all these things that he saying about the one one. The one one is in the debrief with him. He saying, like oh he's, not doing anything.
One ones in there and he just kind of his and he goes into a little but breeze kind of averting his eyes keeping his head down. Like you know he He knows he didn't do a good job can force between the envious. Recanted Alabama continues the back and forth between the envious and the recanted Alabama continues on and on and on. They just keep coming I don't know how much longer we can keep them up. Keep this up keep. I'm off ass, the man grass is saturated with slimy slippery blood and humor innerds smoke, cordite and the stench of death. Choke us, as thou, whether closes in mosquito course flies in the enemy, are all conspiring to nibble us to death to swallow asshole whole soon. Air support will be possible slowly. I come to the realisation that I have no physical strength left and I can barely move. I can't let eighteen down the team slips and slides stomachs over the cadaver garrison to retrieve ammo, while other members of the team provide covering fire
so these guys are in a small little for that they ve conduct Dave constructed with enemy bodies. When someone goes outside of that perimeter, they ve constructively perimeter when some goes outside that perimeter from the team. GO gather ammo. The other guys are laying down fire to protect. That guy is another thing to with at team
The one zero they had another one, zero on the team prior to strive being assigned to him and they worked really hard on their team emergency action reaction, drills and what they're doing there. I think some of that goes back to the training that ten tenshaw. He really worked him hard as you could one zero, but strides for reasons known only to the command. They pulled him off and puts Dryden target. Could he have more rank, but that team right there that moment, I would have teams doing a lot together. That's all that training if they had prior experience a cowboy with his years lock land from the hurt, Blackjack mandolin, jolly greens. Ten minutes out get ready to go home over that announcement lives a thousand pounds sandbag off my shoulders, we're go,
home, Mandolin black Jack. Do you have any idea? What size of the force is over blackjack mandolin? What Europe against is the regiment you were sent to track over that all only three thousand the bastards. Well, I think we made into debt I think we made a dent in them. Don't you just barely Brother B, Google, sound skies filled with grenades, we're hugging the ground as if as the export around us in its tilt, a little bit about the fact that the enemy They don't have radios. So They uses whistles and bugles to coordinate their attacks yeah they command levels, have some radios and the command consider to the commander, like you break it down for a platoon to squad leaders and then with the bugles, and it commands that's what they dare trained, how they are. An attack was withdrawn and doubled and came up against over and over again
yeah, they in the korean WAR, all those solve all those times when that that's like the most horrifying thing is all times when they are to get these up. Human assault, human wave assault towards their positions. It was all whistles lead here, the whistles near the bugles, and they would know what was about to happen, sometimes for I ask you to make a noise. Every time you hurt you note or common, Google sound, the Sky is filled with grenades, we're hugging the ground as they explode around us. Hey. These aren't you. Adaptation, your concussion Bunch of noise not sending out what shrapnel concussion stuff stuff like the ones they used in on me earlier your mind. Now you bastards stand back up. Catching some and begin throwing them immediately back. You should have seen the look on their faces, o crap. They come. Wouldn't grenade shrapnel severs the prick twenty I've radio antenna. I begin to rig and improve
two long wire area with the intention of laying it over the cliff behind us out harm's way, relentless the NBA continue their advance alongside the leeches mosquitos and horse flies Angel bloody inch, chew Hoy surrender, our yell at no one in particular, Mandl. Black jack, a large forces now yards away from our perimeter. We need help to Huey Haug attack helicopters, roads, up their way into the Elsie. First, with the m. Sixty chatter followed up by wash of rockets placed into the envy ranks black Jack judge over Go Judge and the judge is one of the call signs for for them incur. The marine corps addresses the EP, the muskets we'll go to the executioner, ok, so these are army units that came out of America and we scarface is that scarface I've recourse armoury inquiry s. So what can aircraft is judge and execution of saving
Also air. There also covers and know not did no cobras at this time. Oughta gunships old EU is like a guy, got off the ground, God and fair, they're so weighted down without Anders didn't, have the power that the layer models had effect. The law tottenhot took off the door guards would get out the trial of the hill. Carter headed a movie and was again before momentum. They jumped back in the helicopter and musk is even put little wheels in the front of the skids soda winner on asked, for they would be removed their without having skid bind fit a figure to wield role. Better no gun he's got to push these things That's like Fred Flintstone situation, trying to get the right it's over to his aside Braun on one of these on a muskets. There was a guy named Burke and buried, as is his very first mission with with the muskets on prairie fire for a sob mission. Welcome too soon,
often the Sars first. Mrs adore, Gunnar. These are two there's. Some epic call signs, though, judge and executioner. Oh yeah, so judge checks on the radio, and this is just Turkey also com. Try! So when you get that aircraft checking it it's like the best fuel in the world and he comes up blackjack judge over and the pilots are always a little bit more. You know just really smooth on the radio and so he's comin in this totally hot situation. Blackjack judge over says go judge. Anyone in particular or just kill em all he's laughing, Greece them all. I say with malevolent bloody grimace you're, just in I am for the party judges, Your gunners are working there, I'm sixties and long burst. My guns are gone: melt down exit sure is right behind me. The envious back off a few moments briefly licking their wounds far from discouraged new us all lines form before
they can open fire on us. Executioner confronts them head on. Both we're gunners blazing away. He is hovering inches off the Elsie skipping Rockets off the ground into their ranks. Exe commissioner lifts up his rotors chopping loudly at the mist, feel there they make it for the tree line ducking down the basin below remaining below anti aircraft capability, regaining airspeed, as they come up the executioner and his crew? Returning for another passed to protect our perimeter, the envious charge before we can celebrate fire fire, we add more. We had more of them to the cadaver garrison along the weapons and much needed ammo silence, no birds, chirping, no voices, mosquitoes flies, no sounds none. Even crafted phone far enough away, that their absence amplify the quiet after an almost continuous may lay of gunfire grenades and claymore explosions.
Air ordnance expenditures, including cluster bomb units, napalm and gun, runs twenty millimeter cannons silence. Have I gone deaf, complete silence you yeah, that's freakin crazy, in dead rest, each of us lays motionless and by the way, when you say I've been there- no I have not been in her freakin Can we change magazine is over mad change going on? Each of us rests each in dead rest, each of us lay motionless, barely breathing. My mind is focused Inward unaware of its physical surrounding mind and body or not one. One. One continues to quietly chant his prayer cowboy taken another hit during the last skirmish, along with to the others, comeback? Think me Summoning energy from where I dont know, I humble around in my medical gear, I'm giving you morphine will apply a com
rushed through that wound. Going to run out of bandages. If you keep getting shot, knock it off. Ok, it's a cowboy has been hit a couple times more than four or five or lost count. In so doing to ramble Glyn tells me gotta, run out of bed we're getting shot. Cowboys says where John Wayne, we need him Alabama laughs at the end, envying boisterously, yells, chew Hoy Duma Another NBA orders, the toy in English. I flip bird is a sniper shoots. Coup Quang are tail Gunnar in the crotch. I fled, My borrowed a k on full ATO and unloaded into a tree about a hundred yards away, resulting in the sniper falling through his limbs through its Linz. Brush below to the ground. With a thought. If I could, rip your heart out needed. I would call Quang what have we done Last week you got arrested by national police and away in a way whorehouse for carrying a pistol, the entire,
Alabama teen, put on their dear, went down and broke you out of jail, so you could go on this mission goddammit. I wish we left you in that place where you'd be safe right now, low cost call him look, sorry, lock marketable direct pressure to cop took long the time gunners wound seconds later and eighty one a one sky, raider lumbered into the AOL phone by a pilot code named Snoop, it roars in from the west, brushing tree tops full flaps working the throttle, the aircraft so close to the team, we can hear the distinctive metallic click. Click of the napalm canister being released from the Second World WAR aeroplane the sky raider appears to be falling, but actually it slipped down into the valley to escape gunfire as helicopter In fact, movers have maneuvered earlier
his wing man royals through the clouds cordite. We can hear not bolts, and God knows what creaking groaning as he solve. Salvos his ships rockets, three envying mortars, open fire dupe dupe boom dupe boom boom along the rounds fall into the valley at our rear. There's no way in how any of us can catch borders and throw from back time to go back to work. I order law an ice slide over the cadaver wall. Crouching crawling me walking. We move towards the mortars cautiously, making our way through the chair our bodies from previous airborne assaults. Quietly you around We travel into the jungle within a few yards, the force from first mortar tube locks, Ask me to draw plan in the dirt he will hit. Two tube. I will take to three wheel combined tube too damned suicide mission. I say under my breath, lock nods at me: keep Roy. He replies, we die
after the mortar after the mortar men launch the next set of three salvos, lock open fire on his target. Why attacks tube through discovering several nearby infantry he's in the middle of all this freakin crap and undergoing out assaulting these three mortar positions, which God I mean how far they had to be at least one hundred yards away at least threat on the football field, and this spirit for tree trying to kill me between And those are some motivational words we die and that sort of like fucking, let's go do this. He was attire, o crap There are more these bastards and I thought I d get moving low and fast. As the survivors chase me heading towards tube one, where lockers
turn down yelling as loud as possible, drawing their attention allowing lock to move out of the Killzone. I roll our last fragmentation grenade into their midst, killing several wounding the rest lock and I attacked the second two before returning to the team. Picking a from the dead, snipers dog us all the way back to our cadet, garrison the two. Press, our bloody bodies against the jungle floors, green tracers, sir, the around us one. One. Take a look at this. I say, while rolling over the blood dirt on me are forming a second skin Lee, and grasses it began to stick to my bear. Skin ants and beetle seem to be made. The home on my new crossed on building my own camouflage. It looks like I'm becoming part of this place if I down. I bet you, they won't tell me from the dead. Oh god, please, go crazy. You gotta get us out of here. I want to go home e pleads, we'll all be. He had long before I go crazy, through the clouds and hazy battle. We glimpse a jolly green J G. Twenty eight
starting its descent into the Elsie as it appears Jews, the radio crackles black jack. This too eight. On short, final, looking for an orange panel on the south side of the elderly over twenty years, Black Jack panels on the ground will attempt suppress enemy fire for your landing panel insight, adjusting approach preparing for touchdown black Jack people on board over negative negative, not southeast we're southwest you're in the wrong place. Get out of there. The envy raise rays up all around J G. Twenty eight firing everything they have the pilot keys. Is it yo. To answer back, I hear a crew member in the back ground. Calm yelling. We have fuel get everywhere get us out of here. We watch as the glass in the cockpit The co pilot side disappears with successive rocket explosions. The pilot struggles to left, while lift off maintaining control of his ship. Twenty eight is up. Twenty eight is
up or ride home is slipping sideways across the Elsie passing within touching distance above us over them They put a plateau down into the valley to escape the relentless enemy barrage. Alabama goes insane on Furlano burning up the majority of our m o on anything that moves. One word praise snooping his wing man move into the next move in next to the crippled J G twenty eight. Through the haze and darkening storm clouds. Covey is attempting to direct gunships across the Elsie to pick off targets of opportunity. There rotors are moving smokin clouds down across our cadaver strewn landscape. During everyone's view, twenty eight blackjack twenty eight black Jack? Are you guys? Ok, over black jack, we have a severed fuel line. The stuff sloshing all over the deck fuel fumes, our blinding my crew? We can't fire
our guns without going up in flames, Snoopy will escort us out of here good luck, blackjack out. Green tracer shift from horizontal grazing fire across the Elsie to vertical as job a green giant. Ten approaches the green. Furies playing a deafening tune through its skin J g g g ten black jack, the enemy under you right now over from our position. We can see and v rocket crew rise up in the grass take aim and fired directly into the underbelly of J G. Ten we're. We have a six inch hole through the floor. Both engine warning lights just came on. We can't make the pick up. Oh my god. Look at that. Both ends and drawn up the pilot, performs a one hundred eighty degree turn moving the day, Ms De aircraft away from the enemy fire away. From Alabama. We can see
struggling to keep his bore bird airborne as his crew. Continued firing. Time has run out. Traveling several hundred yards, the pilot, comes up on his survival frequency braced for crew landing, Can you firing, while the burning ship settles into the jungle, black jack mandolin over GO mandolin you want the lottery, then you maneuvered away into a prairie fire and now the bonus round? Saigon has ordered an arc light over. Bonus round? What do they think this is? The price is right, there's no way we can survive in arc light tat, So the NBA Mabel run my column. Leave us be what I dude. Will they be bombing from they'll? Be crews twenty five thousand feet for standard carpet bombing mission, not eggs. The act from that altitude. Saigon is assuming you won't be there or be alive by the time the beef tea two's get here over dams
great. I have to get back to Camp for Recon Company football game this evening. How long do we have over one of the pages outside the garrison, stealing it stealing a hey forty, seven magazines from the daddy's toss them into our garrison as the rest of us. Return. Fire blackjack man to win the arc light is Off the runway and heading your way over, so what will tell us about tell us about an Arclight B, fifty two and what's the weather like over twenty thousand pounds of bombs, and they should come more than one and you don't hear him. As you know, you don't hear anything until the first round impacts and it's better. That was the code for dark light and amazing firepower and they're going to basically carpet bomb
area right. That's the point was carpet bomb to poor bombs, every every like movie, I just lay down- I mean I don't how many aircraft there are in this particular mission, but it's probably motor aircraft with all those bombs and they get over the location and they did when their body your doors now come the brother, their bay doors. Now come the bombs. You don't you Pictures or videos where there's just all these aeroplanes, finders Bomb Valley, leaking out closely out as it s supposed to direct support, come in one or two bombs around gunning. This is like every like chalk of San. You may have for five planes and they fly over everything's. All bombs dropped carp overhand, at least here. Maybe I wish to fifty five hundred thousand dollars.
Black jack mandolin, I dont think I wanna be here- are some mandolin blackjack. I dont think I want to be here when they arrive over black mandolin. Well, you have one last option over. What is it over expected we are. Radio frequency is flooded with fast talking, vietnamese cat. You get a break, so the vietnamese figure out what radio frequency IRAN they start. Usenet unexpired to be our radio frequencies flooded with fast talk of enemies. Cowboy listened for a few seconds, it says, envious find our frequency. I switch to an alternate frequency as it is jammed and it is jammed as well. I think the pvc radio over the cliff and which the? U r C, ten survival, radio. Mandolin blackjack, over mandolin blackjack, over Blackjack Jpg Did you ever go J G thirty, two, your an air force survival Guard frequent to forty three covey, two
The five is busy on other channels, we'll get attention for you, I'm hovering in a draw to your west. We have twenty minutes of fuel left before I leave the fur. Person, we see better, be an american hurry, we're take heavy ground. Fire are armors not holding up this close to the source J G, thirty two can you help me with Covey Blackjack Mandolin over mandolin. Can you lay down covering fire between us and J G, thirty to give two minutes to line up assets then move out we're getting empty. The next wish you here will be spiders over your spider blackjack over turn. Yelled, the team Alabama discard everything. We don't need over the side, get ready to move out cowboy and I moved to the edge of the cliff while law demands commands the garrison the two cautiously peep over the edge fifteen feet below us. His alleged that moves in the direction we want to travel, move
the team to this location. I order cowboy Crosbie to the cadaver garrison while I make another attempt at contacting spider one or two time Alabama comes crawling over me. I begin lowering each of them to the ledge below one one scales, the rock face making his own way out. Making his own way immediately beginning to move along the ledge in the direction of the of J G. Thirty, two cowboy stop him from the ledge. We look up the face of the cliff. We can see tracers dancing across the lip of the rim. Copies d- acting Daisy chain, air strikes between Alabama and J G. Thirty, two blackjack spider were dropping cluster bomb unit c b on the path between you and J G. Thirty, two kill some and should temporarily drive the rest out of the zone so they want to get to where this helicopters located flying in this little draw and in
to get there. They dropped cluster bombs on their path, for good luck, Then the jolly Green settled into the jungle chopping down, smarter ease to settle so that way, it's brain move sums are protected so that way too, does not visible knife. Complete exposed, you're gonna shoot and they got that shoot religion to get to him. Yes, counter intuitive when you're in the air and how a yeah look after breakfast on on fast moves. Europe aircraft, as well you'd, think the closer you get to the ground, the more danger Urien, but the opposite is actually true, because when get down low enough people, kids You could therefore have an angle to shoot you, whether it's in a city or whether it's enough in a jungle like this people, just I can't see you anymore cause your love bright. So here too, helicopters in the jungle- and, unlike you said with the with the aim of sky rate, is the key
to their success was how low they made her gun runs. They would just comes screamin across the path dropped, orders beyond away be so any bias in the jungle Your common be against whom it'll have to wait here for a slow move like that, but are we love them. Continuing on thick choking smoke moves Hosty Elsie roiling over the ledge above obscuring our escape from the planet from the plane of death, we ensure way toward the last chance arc light coming jack. The cpu strike has created negative visibility were unable to provide support until we get a window over, looking for a window and I'm looking for a door, spider black Jack the Good NEWS is. It is also decreased. Visibility for the envious gunfire noticeably subside, keep up the smoke and move by ear, hugging the face
left making our way across the rubble of the ledge. We come to a dead end, We're gonna have to climb back up to the plateau, wait here. While I take a look, if it's ok I'll signal these climbing, with the aid of vines trailing over the ledge crawl over one side. And slide under low vegetation can later one what's head appears spotting me. He crawled to my location, up under a large broad leaf plant where's your Can I ask, I don't know, sheepishly replies. Take this ache, cover us. While I get there the team up here over. Can you do that? Aha lock the zero one is not why person to go over the rim joining the remainder of the team in the undergrowth, giving me to thumbs up as quickly the underbrush, will allow we move the small inclined under the protection of enormous broad leaf undergrowth shortly. We, on the periphery of a short ledge, where we stop, before us is a carnivorous half with clearing under jungle. Canopy. Look at this.
Hundreds of large huts built up on still stretch back into the low light everywhere. There are trails, campfires and cooking area. Cooking areas too, left is latrine in a shower facility smoke from cooking has fires spiral. Upward gently mingling with the battle Hayes. Ceiling drifting, just Oh, the canopy clothes hung over low plants and rope strong between towering hardwood trees. This must be our main camp. This is amazing. It's an entire town under the trees, no ones was to be home from the sound, but they must all be over there. I say pointing at the direction of James. Thirty two look over there, whose their crews that looks like it Eric and hey you kid and pointing a forty five caliber pistol in our direction. I stand up motioning him to us. He raises a forty five pistol to his lips, signalling us to be quiet. We cautiously move to his location, who were you? The J G, ten t J,
Dan CAS beer. Road ahead is over there under that caught talking to the thirty talking with thirty two whose wrote her head. I ask our pilot Colonel SAM Grenadier. I think he has a broken back, but he can still walk. The other members of your crew did they make it ten. Was burning, there was the time to get out veneer before it exploded hour, flight engineer, Gregg, Lawrence and CO pilot Dwayne westwards up inside. I didn't have time the p J P this J ten. Sport. Before I could get back to them. We ve been waiting for you guys here, hoping we would you would make before we had the EU. Grab wrote her head and fall in with the seven of us now. So these guys have now just miraculously ran into the pilot. The pair rescue guy that
that was inside that helicopter that got shot down and then exploded in the pilot got a broken back is still mobile Yes, sir, the NBA Air focused on J G. Thirty, two easing pressure on us. We need to move there as quickly as possible for Two doesn't have much time left on station. We have Go now orders drew. None of us have much time left form up we're going home. I demand cashmere help your colonel you can hear them moving through the jungle all around us. They seem to be travelling to the ship, paralleling us blackjack, spider against you, Buddy thirty, two, can't wait much longer and the arc light is closing fast. The beef you choose, have begun near count down thereon long final. You can't make this up the art lights common into draw bombs over everything in the area the aircraft
they're trying to get to that could possibly get them home. That's hid in the jungle is almost out of fuel and in here as they're, moving towards the helicopter, they can hear their being paralleled by the NBA On the move, spider arc lights on the way we intersected trail running down the middle of the ravine, I stopped the team Helical four gunships and sky raiders are making blind gun, runs up and down the narrow ravine and around. J G thirty to smoke from air strikes hangs over the plateau threading its way down the ravines into the depths. The murky chosen, Blackjack spider strikes to clear the way as impossible. We can no longer see the jungle, let alone you ride home, get a move on over I feel as though we were moving past mad dogs, guarding the gates of hell itself. Envy are pouring small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades into the hovering chopper well
door, gunners and pilots, intimately fire the gatling gone and am sixties death. But I move the team and aunt trail toward the hovering ship. Don't move, a trail. You dumb ass. Well, this is one of those times when jungle rules don't apply, amen, so they can see that our copper. They can see that it's taken fire, there's a trail and you, eyes and any one in Vietnam is costly, avoiding the trails, gazettes, we're ambushes and booby traps get set, but in this situation, there's no choice, no choice. We progress, hastily tail gonna begins violently, shaking in his turn to pasty white too Vietnamese assist in hiding him in thick bushes, so tail gunners your rear security guy and he's he's the one shot Nagoya, the groin is losing blood. He's pay a white through Give me hiding him in the thick bushes. Then they flee to the chopper. I stopped them taking lead at the attic
Christ. We see J G, thirty, two taking hits and doing out death. Its end Sixty a red hot summer, firing and out a report as we move to J G. Thirty to the intensive gunfire seems to me the play a hundredfold Jesus, the ears so full of lead. I can see it. I report to myself loudly fuel, bits of Metal Skinner following from the aircraft. As we approach on one side of the turbine Kelly is lying on the jungle for black. Jack spider, who Utah Could you, over guy Buddha. Anyone that'll, listen spot blackjacks sorry realize I held the. Radio keyed over the job. Go penetrator from J jeez winch smashes into the ground, and in raises a couple feet p, Dan Caspian scrambles, to put three team members on the first load. When you do the chopper man God and return fire protect us. I yell after them. Rotor impeach and p J, along with quivering a wounded
Alabama Vietnamese or on the second lift quaint comes entangled in jungle, vines, while being hoisted the Breyer has to stop the hoist lower it to give him time to untangle himself when the moves up toward the aircraft. Clang is now sitting in the seat, but hanging on with a system, from Beer Quang I return tracing. I returned I turn retracing our path back down the trail to the thicket, we're it left our tail. Gunnar half way back I realize I'm alone with no weapon for the the time paralyzing fear sweeps through me. I stop what am I doing? You couldn't pew when he was it, but you can and the bogeyman. Do your job asshole move, clung. Covered with bloated black leeches, mosquitos and giant flies, feeding, the last of his ebbing life mumbling, he wobbles his cold. Forty five at advancing envy a toy key. I die
The tale Gunnar motions to me to return the jolly Green. I turn shoots himself, you son, bitches. My cry is lost in the sounds of battle tears, secure my vision, as I scramble like a raving lunatic back in the direction of the waiting ship, smack rushing smack into two screaming enviers. There case pointed at me to Hoy. I surrender. Surrendering, stretching my arms continuing to move quickly in their direction within arms reach I yell in their faces to haul yourself. Mother fucker. The young soldiers are taken by surprise before they can respond. I grab a searing hot, a K. Forty seven beryl jerking the weapon from one of them, blistered skin roles off my hand, I bet can the one on my right and smashed the soldier on my left in the face with his own weapon, hot hot hot. I said able to the penetrator finding
praying one one on the ground, the rest the team have abandoned him and are on board firing any weapon they can get their hands on as a traitor lifts in what seems like slow motion, one one, and I look upward wondering what the hell is taking so long. We are showered with hot spend. Sixty and other weapons. Shell casing hop brass sticking to my bear skin, creating long water blister, similar, so ones at my hand. From the eight k I grabbed the air is filled with smoke, jet fuel and green tracers moving past us in slow motion like mad hornets. Never ending shell casings raining down along metal debris and a tornado of jungle vegetation. The pen Traitor, cables vibrating violently as Gigi thirty two takes hit after here. It's all coming apart, a yell at one one judge
Thirty two piloted by Lieutenant Colonel Jim Grady begins lifting out of the jungle ravine with the two of us hanging on below. Like a couple of crippled puppets quarter Inch steel wire. There are several great trees on both sides of the ship, all of them large enough to severely damaged the five six to foot rotors, causing it to crash ascending out of the jungle. We can feel the heat of be forty rocket motors. Is they pass by on the way to slamming into J G thirty play the under side, the ship being boosted upward with each explosion. I slump The penetrator begin sliding off, as my backside is spreading shrapnel. Hey that hurt one. One grabs hold wrapping his arms around me. Saving my life hope what's left of the armor holds, I I weekly, yell, grasping at them Had a trader cable for balance, the J G flight mechanic, reaches out pulling me the penetrator into the ship D.
Bring me on red hot shall cover deck with one one. On my heels, Para your specialist Aoun, Avery leaves gone position and begins tending to Alabin ban, was wounds once we are of the jungle hole, the ship gives its assent out of the valley. The flight mechanic sergeant, John. Not bomb removes his helmet and places it on my head. Co pilot major dawn. Olsen tells me we're on our way out of here partner, I'm cold Lieutenant analysed breaks the silence One one: do you have anything to add the jet black Jack story. No, sir. He softly mumbles with his head down. How many envied you think, we're in the area and how many do think were killed or wounded asks. Sorry, an analysis. I believe question was direct
to one one, but before he can muster with an answer, I jump in there the both those questions is more than we had time to count. However, estimate somewhere between three to five thousand NBA, Did we kill before we ran out of our ammo? We killed hundreds when we started using their weapons. We killed hundreds more between us and air support may be too three thousand the arc light followed. After we left, I hope they fit
off the rest of them? Crazy, oh yeah, and then that that Jolly green giant couldn't fly too far? It only one or two more mountaintops lands. Another one comes in picks up some of the guys, then Lynn and the one one had to go back and a cobra gunship could a cobra d, the aid, the weapon doors come down. They have seatbelts on him. Oh my god solve all away from lay us back to denying do with the young, just a just a top everything off for them and they froze your balls off. A cliff could dangling out there five thousand years gone at five thousand feet to get away from any yes enemy fire.
And the course. The model of the jolly means that others may live that day. They put him right on Maisie going in after you see, multiple birds shot down like a lumber, goes in get shot out. The next Burgos and get shot out. The expert goes and get shot down, and still common in Europe where here and one got shot so bad lit back to Base Billy got back. They continue on with his debriefing in one of the The list is tell us about the terrain again. One one you were closer the terrain than I was: why don't you answer that question one one breakdown, A medical aid gives him a sedative, too quiet. His nerves he's been through a lot. I sigh. Do you also need to sedative it the magic,
thanks, I don't handle any kind of drugs very well. If I take that I'll be asleep in ten minutes you mean understanding of where you are physically and psychologically asked one of the medics. Physically, today, I'm less than fifty percent. I took some hard hit and I'm still trying to recover cycle we who the hell knows and One doing this kind of work is probably crazy from the get go. You know what I mean. Combat soldier focuses on what they feel physically, what they see here and smell feeling fear sadness, boredom enjoy or suppressed as much as possible. So we can focus on the mission, our team staying alive, the site, logical stuff has to come later, or we won't make it does. That extend to you so they're, yours, classic thing or partner the staff like not worry, about a right. Now we got a job to do. The medic looks up from taking notes, it will do for Please continue with your train of thought.
As soon as my wounds, fully clothes and the stitches come out all begin training again. I hear fast and definitely have some ideas on me. Training for Alabama to be an effective team, don't you think that's up to the one zero to determine what training is needed for his team? One one perks up. I jumping ahead of him. Yes, sir, no sir, I mean. It's up to all of us to conduct training as Americans, The welfare of a special forces team responsibility of every man on that team. Designated leader can't led than its incumbent on any one of us to step forward and provide that leadership. That's what. I did and that's what I'll do again if needed scenario oh yeah, real leadership, Pierre. Leadership, fearless peerless,
So you're ready to go. Do it again, methinks himself? I've heard that several guys have hung up after the first mission. I think I know why It's these damn debriefs. Here they were a the ass sure did the analysed continues. Our best intelligence indicates. There's probably I think this is this. Is it the chief sock our best, and Origins indicates that there is approximately two thousand miles of trail and between twelve to fifteen. Been tram and those are like been tram is like these.
Organizations. What are they like? A battalion size on a trail to be a command and control element, as well as a hospital overnight rest facilities and then from there they run people out to keep trails open work with the local indigenous people to conscripts. Could they costly bomb and trim. So these these are organizations along the trail. The called been tramps thousands of anti aircraft guns, twenty to thirty, thirty thousand support soldiers all defended by forty to sixty thousand security troops. That's what we need in tell on. Are you ready? another whack at IT chief saga asks half grinning at the two of US whisky tank oh foxtrot, I'm not sure. I really wanted to know that I will be wants the wounds of yield when Better physical condition and we get the training that I talked about and after I have a couple more beers,
tell me about what you thought about up there: ass, a tall slender, gray, haired medical officer on the other side of the table. Behind him, sits too obvious assistance taking notes winter didn't. I just answer the question a few minutes ago, and these guys are not gonna, let up and then I say: do you mean me personally? Yes, you personally I went through your mind. What emotions did you feel Detail. Are you asking for God I hate that I hear and he thinks himself God. I hate How did you feel shit? Then? I have a question a few minutes ago we ve heard excellent, tore, guide level. Detail from the point of the initial ambush to your teams. Extraction. Tell us about the It is time for the point of insertion to the ambush. Take your time give me a tour of Europe. What were you thinking? I lean back in chair, pausing thinking, I'm a guy
I'm, a guy, not some woman, who wants to do nothing but talk about her feelings. I don't think about their feelings. This is just a thought. We were either happy sad, thirsty, horny or hungry. Ok com, the held down and give you an answer, and then he says I was on the second king, be we want bull, dog and the others disembark from the first ship. Just before our viral began door, Gunnar announced we go down now chuckles around the room. We assumed the get ready position with me sitting in the door. The lottery Elsie corkscrewed up to meet us several feet off touchdown I spotted and envious flag posted near the edge. I remember, making our rap sir of them laugh for quiet or quietly chuckle? What you'd spy Freaking envy a flag on the landing zone figure yours
Where did specialists black I've heard about the mission? I want to know about your feelings, what you, felt. Emotionally. Do you want stand. Well, Sir O K. To me, as a pretty strong feeling, However, when a soldiers in that situation that causes thoughts like oh crap or others, we usually don't have time to stop but consider our feelings as soon as king, be tyres bounced down, tracers pointed to the side of our ship. We got the hell out of their arms. Thinking what a mistake that was actually sir, was more like we're screwed blackjack, the sergeant major, objects. Yes, sergeant major in middle If off the green swarming gulf, the ship, like a disturbed nest, affords the king be hung in mid air laboring slip. To its left, the pilot wrestling with the stick, his corpse was slump in a seat down at went Nepal flames the two
scarface ships providing care provided covering fire. As I moved my portion of Alabama to link up with the one zero I yelled the bull dog that we needed to get off the Elsie. He ordered us to form up. We quickly move no low crouch through the knee high razor grass to log where bull dog and the others were. We were knee deep in came she and I knew it And there's a little bit of all of us a little bit of a tension between them between pulled off. Between bull dog and an black jack, and with that tension and unfair. Sport a little bit, he said Did it make the one the animal says: did it make you anger? How angry? How did it make you feel I didn't care. I came back here to do a job. Why did you come back? The medical officer insists
because the nail my brother and best friend, in several the guys in my one hundred seventy third unit, I came accurate, get even is that what you want to know? Am I mad? No, when I got out of the first, when I got out the first time and went home, but me that so many of us have been killed or wounded, and I couldn't really say I had seen the enemy. I felt. A failure, I'm gonna, a war, if only to fight a war. I want to see the enemy. I want to on their face when I pull the trigger or I have them roasted with napalm. Are you getting what you need with this answer. Stu himself donor swedish. She again, I'm here doing a job that mostly guys back home, don't want do just be satisfied. You can get people Like me, who want to be a peer and are qualified? Yes, thank you, the medical officer dead, pants black continue on with the narration instructs lieutenant analysed and with feeling he snorts
again, this whole scene is just a straight out of a freak in Hollywood. Movie of you know the the. Combat soldier fresh off the battlefield. Gettin interrogated by these ramps and even near, like the whole thing with the flag and experts, ones, Euro have was said no we're out here. They had a green one, zero and then try to South Africa because of the teacher yeah. You goes into a little bit, but he wouldn't listen. There was just a bit like that little bit of disagreement. You know what is sergeant stride make you, the radio operator, one slash two like the one one he goes? through this. You know yeah So he continued here. Yes, sir,
Covey asked for a sit Rep, at which time I reported that the second king be was shot down and we were waiting for bull dog to make a go. No, go Kurt decision Mandl and asked to talk with bull bars. Who said he was going to continue with the mission he then ocean to our point man. You move over to a well travelled trail across the Elsie into the jungle. Cowboy point The vietnamese team leader lock and I vigorously argued against walking a trail, especially when we have already made contact. To be honest, I thought the order was stupid there. I said it in his groups out there. I said if you know how I feel that So this is when he heard the attention that we were talking about lieutenant analysed. His face red eyes narrowed. You argued with your one: zero in the middle of making contact with the enemy and then Lindsey himself. Your asses in trouble now keep calm, has never been a combat situation, except maybe fighting with his older sister.
The first love of recon is never use trails, especially well travelled trails that trail, I said, destroyed, definitely Is that category he told me he was in command and then follow. Orders without questions. Did you yes, sir into really Gimme came. She continue. The chief orders, impatiently bolder angrily motioned to the team to move up on the trail. Leading the way with bull dog pushing from behind on his rucksack trail wound into dense jungle, foliage bending to the left, tried to move cautiously paralleling a small team, a small and twenty four rise to a right. Bolder hurried him along pushing pushing him to his death is. Statement necessary. The lieutenant analysed sarcastically cracks. I wasn't structure to tell you what I was personally thinking I was only american on the team with Vietnam experience with combat experience. I was the fourth
in line right behind cowboy, I think sergeant strides experience, went back to in a team in Korea and one one had never seen combat that's the necessary. I think so. Yes, right combat experience are not necessarily synonymous. Don't you agree and they say sometimes stay calm, stay calm, point taken How did you feel when taking fire on insertion asks? The dock when we took fire going it. I felt anxious. He thinks himself that's and understood meant scared. The shit out of me that anxiety, turned disbelief and bull dog made the decision to continue the mission, and then again when the decision was made to walk or trail. I remained on the state of higher lurk Kyler right up to the ambush. An interesting thing happened. They all laughed we can imagine people were killing your teammates newer, pinned down how much interesting, could get up.
Nerves sergeant analysed. They all nervously laugh again ice. Silent, expressionless, looking in each of their eyes met Go officers quietly. Observing me afterwards seems like a long time. I turn and look at the one one his head is down. His hands folded in his lap whisky. Tango foxtrot over, I think, to myself. Turning back to the debrief panel. You have been ambushed. I asked flatly saw in the command sergeant major both shift on. Comfortably in their chair. None of them have my impatience, My impatience with this process is giving way to temper. I'm tired remit brought Covey said: keep your cool all these questions have been covered in our initial, be brief and documented in the aid are wanted. Guys after give them what they want. And get the hell out of here. Then you start speaking
When the envious triggered the ambush. All that anxiety disappeared. I went to work Previous experience and training kicked in turn fire with the intent of suppressing the NBA attack and being able to maneuver out of a spot. We bull dog was bull, dog and one one was down like I said. Before I thought he was hit and took charge, I've The best defence is an aggressive offence as long as we had ammunition and could move, I took charge of our not so little, not no name battle moving out will causing as much confusion for the enemy is possible. Pressure I them from forming up a large forced to overrun us. That tactic worked Until we ran out of ammo the anxiety returned? No sir fear one one turns to face me with local disk disbelief. How did you deal with? It prompts the doktor
situation seemed impossible. The fact is, I was completely overcome with fear for an instant I could move any thanks to himself. I haven't thought about this until now. I don't know if I can express that feeling he continues. Thirdly, it seemed to be unconnected to the physical danger, the fear yes there, three things going on all at once. It was this. It was as if I had stepped outside myself, seeing all things feeling all emotions all the same time in there instant. I became completely demoralized methinks himself Every person in this room is fixed on what I am saying. I wish knew what I was saying or how to say. I'm talking. A woman or like the shrink. Demoralized. The dock gently urges What made the emotion so overpowering was
the realisation that I had violated every moral precept of my upbringing, my childhood cost sharply blending into the present. I couldn't. My mind around our deeds. I was alive. We were alive, hundreds of others were dead. Fathers, sons, husbands, you no more, would die. Maybe thousands I raised I had to hold off further questions as I stared down at the table to focus my Art and emotions, emotion, here. They are that he continues that entire fought process lasted a fraction of a second. Then the usual. If I can call it that the re emergence of our deadly danger? The possibility of a sudden assault and total annihilation was welcome and composure, in reality, pacified be our reality emerged in my mind, like a clap of thunder. My emotions were out prioritized by.
Mortality. You might Wanna talk with this about what would he might want to talk with one of our medical staff offers he thinks I just didn't nothing. Can do for me ignoring his comment, interesting to watch the changes in people who are on the spot, for instance, in Fraction of a second, when the caution grenade hit me, I became inches, think to myself what mean interested yourself. The medical officer is surprised, not interested in myself, but interesting to myself and active interest outside. Myself it's difficult to describe, However, all that serves no purpose in the moment. Distractions of that kind prevent us from witnessing our own death Dealing with the present someone on the team mentioned Surrendering
We all knew they would kill us good thinking offers the command sergeant major anyway, that to a conversation about breaking the team in the two main groups to escape and evade at that point in battle. We felt the terrain and enemy activity prevented us from. Indeed, that's when we decided to fight it out using, are using their weapons during daylight hours and then try to get some of the people out under the cover of darkness. We now options and resolve the Your was diminished and a new purpose and mission had gripped every man on the team, explain orders the lieutenant analysed. I thought I just did blackjack Tcheidze, the sergeant major, ok, ok, I hesitate. Looking for the words dirt daylight hours. We decided to fight them as hard as we could using their weapons and tactics.
I know from experience that when you use the enemies tactics against them, there will quickly become confused have you ever considered counter measures against your own tactics? Of course not! No one ever does you're not going to fight yourself right. That's why, so important for us to study their attack, its any tactics and use those tactics against them. In the field your report, Saigon, send out each month the basis for that knowledge. Along with what we learned directly in the field, practical experience you Waller here, making a major contribution to us staying alive and being successful one You ve told me about being trams. Today, adds that knowledge there smiling reading approval glances at one another. He thinks himself, black jack, you're being a kiss ass knock. Off. You specialist black, for the performance review of my staff replies the chiefs sod with a straight face. Please continue
instantly? They all get serious all. Had to do was hold out until dark. What about them fifty to strike that was on the way marks. The lieutenant analysed. My consideration thousands of enemy couldn't kill us twenty feet from turned twenty feet away? We could certainly live through, be fifty two's bombing from twentieth a thousand feet the Alps gives me, has narrowed I'd narrow I'd. I don't believe you look as the medical officer and others suppress their laughter. We be The pair up as the curtain of death fell around us, even though we were still acting as a team curtain of death ass, the medical officer quizzically. I remember that when the decision was made, I felt as if a black curtain were being lowered around me. It was thing I could see in my mind, we made every attempt to maneuver ourselves into an any launch position which turned out
to be the rule we took to the last Jolly green giant. We figured because we were small and they were so large at night. We would have they would have to set up fucking positions and not move on us. The reasoning was that if they try to move, they would wander shooting each other enlargement can groups, they would make noise revealing themselves and their positions. This would give us the opportunity try and move out between those positions and get out it's a good thing. We didn't have to any at night using that route. It would have let us directly into the heart of their camp. My job became getting as many of my team off the battlefield and out of the eight to safety as possible. Lock. Your Alabama team is very lucky. You didn't have to any, because the be fifty two strikes. Even if you survive them, the NBA would have taken too widely spurting its units, for instance it two thousand man envy Regiment might spread, might be spread across Five mile stretch your trail, dug in into each Ben,
in the road and hilltop this is by the way of explaining this by the way of explaining why some saga teams just vanish unwittingly landing amid such an overlapping concentration of envy forces. My gun is that no matter which way you would have turned every half mile, or so you would bumped into enemy, platoon or companies. Even five hundred men battalions looking directly at Chief Zog. Did you know they were all there at that place. We chosen as an Elsie with hesitation. He responds so so got Lindane. Wait a second bro! You knew that there was all these people on the freaking ground that we were gonna put in and LZ the chief song says no, not specifically the two of teams before Alabama we're tracking regiment down the trail that tracking mission, as you know, became known
the lottery. We believe you found that regiment. Been tram. Those these these organisations that protect the whole team and trail been tram. Six eleven at that same location, aren't agents lead us to believe. That your elsie was approximately five miles from that base. That Alabama might have a chance of gathering very important intel along the network of trail so prevalent in that area. The fat As we now know exactly where beam tramp in tramp six eleven was located and you have firms the type and number personnel on site. Rarely such a small team engage such a large force with so few casualties and lived to tell about it been tram six eleven you all encountered has been destroyed for now, along with the regiment that took twelve soggy teams. We hear all the all very proud to work with men like you and your Alabama team.
Black jack. Is there anything else you want to say asks sergeant, analysed anything at all. Yes, jolly green giants. The motto painted on the sides of their ships, so that others may live. Emotion, wells up, give me a minute, please, follow the G jeez, the vietnamese king bees and all the others who have committed their lives to saving Alabama emotionally. Indeed, my senses over powering my ability to stuff emotions back down my my eyes, flood with tears, you're alive today, due to all view. Thank you. Man.
Yeah and by the way, so that right, there's page sixty that that just got us to page sixty of this book of this three hundred page book. That's one mission, one historic sites, commissioner, one one mission, one historic mission, but a mission that represents another day and which is the same- you guys had yeah Many like that that was in a special category yeah, but the I mean the set up. That's what you guys did you know like the set up here like we're. Gonna go in. There were to find out where the bad guys are we'll take king bees in or call for fire sport if we get in trouble? That was your. That was your model. That was you. That was what you guys did have other. We saw a fly. We were deadly, try to get out of here. If we could post
raised about when you're taken massive fire on certain. What am I the only one that another three years it down a good idea? If more all want your answer, craft get shot down. You say we're in a continue. The mission. Can you imagine no well There's a ton of other missions to discuss this book. It's called whisky, tango Foxtrot by Lynn, Black Junior just get them. Work in points the other missions there I want to save some of them. So hopefully we can get. We can get the man himself on here, walk through some of these give us his experiences and its also cool, because we'll get both you guys on here, because you writes about some of the same missions. You guys wrong together. You guys both wrote about these missions so to give. If you in here to count to go through those,
do my job shot up into, let you guys talk which would be vacant awesome. To do more here. Hopefully we can get him on at some point and, if not then we'll if he does, if he can't make it on, then we'll we'll go through some of these other stories and and Sharon was an honor to pay homage to him. Just a quick. I feel this warrior in some of the things he did. That mission When you think about these times was it seem like this like a long time ago. Does it seem like yesterday or ask you this doesn't seem like both because for me, sometimes Experience seems like it was a long time ago, and sometimes it seems like it was yesterday. What does it seem likely of clearly both there absolutely because Just remember us standing there at the outside.
As three shop we could go further. Brightly could don already told us and weary switch in everything out, does nothing but ammo hand, grenades and bandages somebody bags and quite glad they changed a mile Lynn again he had this right tactical decision on the ground and we called a ripe, because if we try to go in the sight his though the helicopter shot down in his more people on the ground, more casualties, possibly and so yeah, so that day comes back every October. Fifth, we ever liberal email, loop, spider, Pat wagons and who is go. Hey, live is your day brother will I did it, but Everglades did the and the fact that you know he's he said at the beginning when they inserted like they should left immediately. You mean:
he's kind of looking to save his own ass right, you're sure God bless him, but then you fast forward whatever it is a few hours and now he's saying nope, I'm saving everyone else's s, don't come and get me. I mean that I don't like your birth. The calls off king bees get out of here, don't take off. We have this year, bright, light no, don't send them we're not going to be bait, and you know when you finally came back the face like a day or two big. They had to go patch him up, and then they had a little ceremony with the air force, guys we swapped praise for the pjs had their brazen. I think Lyn and Steve swapped out there's and we came back to base. He never talked about it. We we heard about what spider and Madeline are all saying about the mission, but no limb wouldn't talk about it. So you, when I did the book I had to go back in
physically go clung, then I wanna get the story into the books. I flew up to the night nineteen eighty ninety funny and of you. That's right, learn stuff that I never knew about the mission or some little details about the young. Finally, Pga Cook in the broken back guy, see just amazing, making a warrior quick eye and honours the top of it, and when you talk about the chief saw that were Steed Cavanaugh, who was a highly decorated world, were to vat and then, when creature he was in Germany, but then he was chief Soggy came in right after Jackson, love and his welcome to saw was August. Twenty third sixty eight everybody yeah, so he was a pretty good chief song. He really cared about man, men, but what was his rank as the chief sock bird so use our whole bird colonel. He argues in charge
and he's in charge of all sock Prostheses Ccs in Assisi and all of our operations and then see this again the regular army that, instead of having a job that he could do battle with other generals, beheading colonel par the in house, fight for the boys down Saigon. Fellow ass, my love, the book cuming us into this little exchanged back and forth Then he has lost his editorials on my comments with the hours eyes. It saw freaking classic crash, it's crazy cause. I know you the answer. I'm reading killed said this killed said that to throw it so ass to read, Friggin awesome he also he also breaks into the hole If you get a better, you get a very good feeling of the what kind of deployment when he's going into town and he
there's all kinds of shady kind of CIA stuff going on in there that he's wrapped up in oil at its free. It's like it's a jet. Even in the first sixty pages, there are segments there for what he did under fire that could be cut out and use any leadership. School offers anywheres, it's just incredible stuff, you're, not to mention any thing that he did multiple
over could be used to write an award citation of what Eddie. What did he received for? This is what he wants to put a silver star: ok, which should, in my opinion, the medal of honor and could in a book he goes into a spider and mandolin, or talk of a few days later and the S three officer, major who may nameless will say, he'd hidden, bring back strive. So he big lever, put me for a silver star and they all pat Walkest by reprinting Fagus, should a lot higher now and we could think about metal borders that had been awarded were nothing like what limbs up against get knocked out on Taiwan. Job patching up his own people, And a leading them out and then oh put discharge right through the envy erased, and I used to that. Oh my god. It's weird cause he's.
Definitely a surreal guys. You could hear from that last section, but damn he get aggressive I mean he's his whole he's pissed off that's kind of one of the reasons he realistic because he's pissed off that they wound his brother and wounded people from the one. Seventy third and kill people wants any third, so he's got this like pent up again but then he's our artist right sure he worked at the tv station doored high school, he so good, but I won T Rupert reaches, read it so and then years later I mean he comes back in his own way. That goes kiss a job. Boeing rises to the ranks distant incredible work. There is no work at all Oh yeah, one of our song legends to the MAX and humble Mars. He just like pulling teeth to get them to talk about it. That's why I love the book and everyone say.
Couple years saw poured out. We really do you know what what inspired him to write this book. That's a good question. I don't know these last fifteen years so between every unions and be a so far part. Just we, everybody was talked come on. They got to the book and at one point he told him he threw away for two five hundred pages I submit please tell me you just primitive a little folder somewhere given to me, give it to somebody business. It is done they worked on for a while. He really did and we chatted back and forth back when I still at the newspaper back in the day, Well, it's it's! It's a phenomenal book. I hope everybody goes to pick up of reading come on here and and
after some of, and if not that, then we can discuss shake his hand, wonder exit be an honor. Indeed, if I got the Seattle way What are you show shows yeah with that we been gone for three and a half hours, or something like that. Yeah yeah, I know this must be a jog, your pockets. Quit harassing but yeah and were winner, combat reducing, saw chronicles next year until then little bit speechless, but it's the obvious. It's an honor to share these stories. These socks stories, are always to have you until an honor know you and it's an honour for me to help get the word about The word out about you and your brother's inside your books.
That you ve written there we ve cover in the park, asked across the fence. I that's the first one year on the ground, and then saw chronicles volume. One you're also out there just. Gettin after the social media, little bit now I get the tent soon we will be moved nearer, will soon everything it really serious because tobacco for summer, for some skill set you? U hints your honour your on twitter, but you don't do much onto her minimal on twitter you're onto it you're at saga, John, does that one and then in theirs, outside chronicles, J, striker, ok, Meyer S, the other HALO Pesetas is twitter, and do you think I should really beyond either more advice, echo treat guns. What you do Agus Instagram has yet been made the end of that size. Can Sanjay Striker, Meyer, Graham, that's where you're at You also have fought Facebook Johns,
I for, and you have on the internet on the inner webs your or it's just saga, chronicles, dot, com, cracked and we're gonna, get it the buyer twentieth century websites, gourbi of greater here, to export, to look like you design that one on a tape recorder. It wasn't that advance jack. My door is around me in an Islamic to say we were lined up a gentleman, our any of you to come back in their redesign. Absolutely well, like I said. Thank you so much for common. My pleasure, and always an honor appreciated and assist every time. You send me a text message that says airborne. He gives me enough motivation to through, like six weeks of mayhem, thanks Until next time, airborne, indeed- and with that,
John striker Meyer Till has left the building and you know echo it's the inner we're sitting here and sometimes we feel like, maybe we're getting after it, and then you sit down with someone like the, and you hear the story of limb, black and the guys from saga and it makes me realize that we. Can do more, and we actually should do more with our lives to get after more. Took, what recommendations? Do you have to keep in the mode of getting out as we pursue. As we pursue yeah improvement. I want to say, as we improve as we as we pursue an unattainable standard. It's an unattainable standard, I'm not ever.
I need some would have to go completely haywire for me to get after it to the level of aid. On striker Meyer or of a little black or of a Dick Thomson There's sums gotta go major Iraq so and I don't know, look we hope that doesn't happen in the world. So what we in the pursuit. Of that level. We're not gonna get there, but we're trying. It's gonna sit back and do They got after more than me, I'm just gonna sit on the couch. No, no, we're not ruin that no, we're gonna get after it appropriate at the appropriate level to our world? anyway. We do allow the fellow you finally came yourself. Realisation of what you just said made no sense a little do that you don't get that self realisation very weak, since you just gotta, think that's not gonna think about it more anyway. So yes, we're working out or bodies
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in the California Eo Area operations, and I did you see I posted it. I mixed up. I took just: do you know all of us when it's hot out iced tea, Arnold, Mama scenarios are very nice staff, so You know those ever seen, one of those big. Basically, this is a big pitcher, Yonah Picturesqueness, it's a clear plastic sure, and there's only one true purpose. For that thing, and that is to mix up iced tea or on a Palmer, A hot hot day decided emptied my eyes thing into their put in the dock Oh Palmer discipline go what the camp none are now the powder discipline. Putting the disappoint powder was so nice. Yes, are you got the Arnold Palmer Jacko Palmer, yet the Arnold Palmer feel with a Jackal Palmer, feel he soon
dig it man idiosyncratic makes sense. Yes, even though it didn't make any sense, sets fever, in a way the lad to do is think about it. Hey look, I'm not this one up guy! You know you know. You in what a one sided? Not that and I'm not a curse not a grammar nazi and I'm not a corrector, all hope wreck. If you want me to record me how to get to Virgo but okay, whatever you have your weird, I know that I do. I gotta said it cause. I might came off like a character. Anna might come off like a little bit of a character it now, but technically up a pitcher hot summer time. Californy heatwave, We can that's kind of what it was you wanna clasp pitcher on now not a panacea. Ideally from an ideal standpoint. I don't know you know I agree with you. I don't purchase the pictures in miles Other people run that part of the machine no worries the get something
formal, sorted out all either way. Good luck, written just eat away again thing for immunity, vitamin d and cold war. These are two things different methodologies, but immune support. Yeah I get on that for sure cuz, you know. In these times immunity is always a good thing. It's never a bad thing in Munich. As far as Europe is getting deserve. This Then. How do you know you got a nice rabbi or nice piece? It EL? Can you like? I was so good, but there's still a little somethin in Europe, weird brain that wants dessert. Yeah you, which is why we make mark yes, we make dessert for you and you must have a dessert short guilty of ice cream. You'd have care a cake you could have. You could have chocolate pudding or you could have more
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Curiously, it's a cancer research centre seem saintly efforts because cancer Awareness month September, so we're donating one dollar per bar of soap sold. That's a real need, young, aiming at their megan that happened so there's a kid. I think he might be. Fourteen now, but started. This company started this. Company warrior kid out there getting after any wants to help out kids that have cancer, so good for him precede the support for that. Don't worry to subscribe to this part cast, don't forget that we have some other podcast, the Jackal unravelling Podcast, which used to be called the thread. We got it Quite a few episode come out of that we have the debrief podcast, which is on this threat on the Jackal podcast what is called feed for right now we have the grounding park, asked whether Warrior goodbye ass. We
so Youtube Channel, which which echo makes Youtube videos for Jacko, podcasting, Youtube Channel, also psychological warfare. It's an album with tracks or tracts, helping through moments of weakness. As they may arise, maybe not every day but they arise. Sometimes I think you might just reach your breaking point. The first is that repeated that thing that you didn't have any enthusiasm, we haven't you ever did you know you had some of these impotent was lower. Well, you know all the times, because, just by the way, my fuzzy hasn't for you saying that ended after about four times so now we're on whether we ought to hundreds of MILAN Caswell saying that the Argo out with track Babo right. So maybe will you think of something else to say to the world hopes
The world is hope. I'm searching my brain did did to connect the dots rare like I did. I don't feel like I'm any breaking point in any capacity I woke up here. Apparently I am, So maybe maybe I'm an assume that Europe there soon, maybe it's because Recently, I have it needed psychological warfare, help so it's not like fresh in my mind and also make drew him off like broke or listen to she would go unless the track. That's about doing things that you might not want to do. Ok is, apparently you think you can come in here and kind of slough off on your execution, but here on the psychological or for a part during this cut out what color ironic ironic superior are. So you get that if you want to use also off website, canvassed our camp. My brother Dakota Myers, my brother, my brother, Dakota, Myerst Company,
where he sells visual representation. Did you hear that have said that a bunch of times, but you still here some Spirit, my voice cause, I'm fired up, went on talking about Dakota, Meye