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254: Discipline is The Supreme Thing That All Victory is Built on. Guidelines for the Leader and Commander pt. 4

2020-11-04 | 🔗

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0:01:00 - Guidelines for the Leader and the Commander, by Gen. Bruce Clarke

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This is Jocapa gas number two, fifty four with culture Send me jocker willing good evening echo good evening in joining us again is Dave Burke good evening gave good evening last view podcast two hundred and fifty one Woodlake Ave in two hundred and fifty two two hundred and fifty three also with Dave Burke, we've been making our way through the book guidelines for the leader in commander would have brought my actual sacred real, Not the photocopies Dave could lay eyes on it. and were approaching the half way point we you get to the half way point today: no promises because there's this book is dense, there's all kinds of stuff to unpack. This is the root of the book that taught me the most about leadership about face by colonel. They attack worth hack worth references this book.
multiple times in about face. So the book is guidelines for the leader and commander by General, Bruce car Bruce Claw. world war, one world war to Korea, distinguish service ass, three silver stars at forty five years of service as a leader and a trainer in the army the lessons to learn and we're learning. We are learning. So, let's get into a chapter eight. Philosophies and principles of training in overseas areas the whole section on. How do you trade? We deployed section one the training task, the missions. the primary mission of all? U S. Military forces is to deter com, aggression and if deterrents fails to defeat aggression win where it occurs. So sometimes I work with companies and they want to have a mission statement. There's a good example of a mission statement. That's what you're trying to do
This is what you can make so many decisions based on that kind of mission statement. What what your job is? Why do we exist? You ever thought about that one. Why do I exist? What am I here for you ever think about that uncle? Charles? Yes, you think yourself, I'm here to come up with answers were working. It makes video press recurrent, apparently check the mission of the United States Army and oversee in over. areas stem. Logically from this brought. U S. Forces mission are the commission is to ensure the readiness of U S. Army forces, to defeat communist aggression in overseas theatres, in doing so we contribute most effectively to the accomplished? of our deterrents mission differently. We have the mission to support you S. Contingency operations in peripheral areas, The Lebanon and Congo operations are examples in of such contended
these. These missions require that, all? U S, army, personnel and units instantly be ready to undertake combat operations. This requirement provides basis for all overseas training objectives which are presented and discussed in the following paragraph so here's. What I think you find in organizations that really nice gotta, clean thing gets put out to the troops and then the troops to do their job and I start to live their lives, they lose track of this. It can happen to an organization. It can happen to you as a human being you kind of forget where you're going you forget what you're trying to do. You forget what the team is here for you forget what the mission is can't. Let that happen. gotta think about that stuff, so easy to fear off course, so easy. Just have tested, get off course, a little
have you ever seen, you must have seen this Gulf WAR, one Gulf WAR, one I'm almost positive Helicopters are holding station there there holy station in Istanbul on Blue and they end up shooting a APC pc. Was it wasn't a Bradley I noakes? I know what you're talking about it's a friendly position. I thought it might the marine Ellie these made, maybe a little bit, and only one but its yanza lightly, homeward american vehicle, and you can hear it it's one of the most horrific things to listen to what happens. Is these helicopters are in position and there's just a little bit of across breeze? Just a little bit of across breeze, and so they know really recognize it cause they're just slowly getting blown off of their where their spouse to be and guess what there's multiple helicopters there all getting born after the relative to the other helicopters their position and is the open desert
It's hard to tell where you are in the open desert. There's no real often times no real clean reference point. Oh there's the the mountain: if the little peak next to it or there's, is ever that, whatever that those things don't exist, just big fat open, So these guys drift and the next thing. You know that Hey we soon armoured vehicle, should be no armoured vehicles in your area well. Are you sure yeah we're sure you should engage that anomaly do they enjoy? age of the vehicle. Some of the guys get out of the vehicle may engage the guide to get out. It's it's absolutely it's a it's a it's, a it's a complete nightmare and here's the really crazy thing when once that call goes down and the pilot, realizes what he did and he says something like it. You can hear news why she's gonna throw up he's just absolutely sick to his stomach and he says, you cook. Who can we return to base we just we just should we just engage our, are freely chosen and whoever's them air mission commanders Birthright term?
I guess the urgent matters as the negative go back station and hold for you: no enemy enemies that's what you do you start your job, but what example of little slow drift off course with catastrophic results that can happen when we lose sight of what our missions back to book objectives of training. To ensure effective accomplishments of assigned combat operational contingency of peacetime operation missions, the train, goal of: U S forces overseas, to maintain all units and headquarters of the high command in a state of combat readiness. This goal, equally applicable to combat, combat support technical administrative type units and is attained through careful attention to. following seven specific training objectives, so You know you're in an organization and we all
Think of whatever that, whatever the critical mode. Take piece of that organization is whether it's the frontline sales person, whether the Frontline Infantry men. Whoever is making the actual hand to hand combat was doing the work we always focus on them and he's lay out. Everybody else combat support technical administrative type units everyone's important and they all have to be trained with this mission in mine, so here's the objectives one maintain the proficiency of the individual soldier. That's number one proficiency of the individual soldiers number one number to develop a high degree of spots, ability and resourcefulness in the commanders and keep what personnel but officers and non commission officers of all units. In one thing,
You know, as I continue to read through this book, you can you since there is, there are thread there is there is remaining dna of World war, one of central command of like obedience, and you can feel You can feel some of that in there and you can also feel the rejection of that, and so That's why would he says things like hey its responsibility and resourcefulness right? You This is the only way we need our support at units to take ownership. We need our support officers to take ownership and figure out how to do things. That's what happened or to work. We want our soldiers to be profession, number two. We want our leaders to be resourceful and to take ownership. Three achieve on a continuing progressive basis, the effective
integration of new weapons equipment, new organization and new techniques at all levels, command learning is what the Marine Corps came out with that manual. How how luxuriate was that is basically saying you need Fear that unit evaded adapt Unita figure. This out. To figure this out and by the way continuing progressive basis. When does that end, all that's right! Doesn't it continuing progressive basis? Doesn't it to maintain an effective fighting team of the combined arms and supporting units. maintain an effective, integrated team of the branches and services we need to work together and and is so so combined arms. What is combined arms combined arms is the use of multiple different weapons platforms, all in conjunction to support each other. It's the sort of the highest form of cover move right
Can we get aircraft in the sky that are covering the tanks as they move in the tanks are covering four infantry the infantry so covering the tanks actually are too we covering all people. So this is bind arms all these elements covering and moving for each other. What I miss on the peace it to you, gotta right is: is the had their sooner or later, the enemies. You knew how to respond to something and when they were the tanks that frees up the infantry. They responded in aircraft that freeze of attacks whatever it is, and the beauty. That is that all these different things are bringing to bear. I dont care, which one is the one that ends up, closing the deal. I don't care if it's the tanks to take the final shouted Erika we dont care, worn, we're together or not critter promptly. And me that they cannot handle they gotta pick one in there. due to the other and care which one of us in this Forces brings forth of one of my favorite doctrinal terms of all time, which is
the equivalent of checkmate, which is we are going to capture the enemy in the combined arms, lemme meetings. There is no escape here: you're gonna, get killed by the infantry by the air by the tilbury by armor, we have you you're in czech meat. That is the combined arms dilemma. Where we have you when my favorite doctrinal terms, The poorest smile, my face for the day Also talks about artists as this one but maintain effective, integrated team of the branches and services of yes Army, maybe Marine Corps AIR Force only to work together to develop a hidell We have competence in combined in joint operations at once. Again, it's it's interesting, More teamwork. Team are all last through. These are all about working together. And was the last one devolved coordination techniques for the effective accomplishment of, inter allied operations, so it's teamwork
out of the seven four of them are about teamwork. We have to learn how to work together understanding the cycles of training costs readiness is the joint joining of well trained men with properly maintained equipment in an organisation or in organised unit of high. spree before requirement is that the men of this unit be trained as individuals and as a team to carry out their combat jobs with thoroughness and speed. This task surpasses all others for the commander overseas that type of clarity once again, if you're a commander on the ground and you looking at way? What's my priority very go this Tasks are all all others. Four commanders overseas. is to make sure that guy's are trained individuals at work as a team to carry out their jobs decimal support,
the radius training is therefore the first priority task of every such unit commander within the count active readiness training each commander will be required to plan cycles, are phases of training to meet very situations and requirements. The most concerned, bit curious of which is annual loss of approximately fifty percent of its personnel, who will be replaced by soldiers of varying levels of training and service. And look at the whole time, I'm reading this book and you and I had a funny conversation when I started sending you pictures of texts of like little sections of the book and you have actually the attack, suggests just cover the whole thing and, unlike I will, but I do know there's parts of the world. I you know, that's not Rihanna percent up, like a boar, I'm not really sure how that ties in and sometimes there are some important points we get to a level of detail. What found so interesting. Why wanted to read? This is theirs not too many the ito.
when you hear when you talk to building companies, they're thinking- oh well, you know when the army you've got these guys and they're trained in their selected and that you know everyone's got this. This baseline of training. Well guess what you're also lose fifty percent your people anyway, there just cycling out there either get now, and this isn't even talk in wartime is just like life. people move on, so your constantly in this struggle to train and maintain efficiency and every time you trained someone every for every person train. One of those one these people are you trained, leaves one or two would you be laid train leaves, which is which makes it a hard job, but he got I've already coming back to the very first thing you said, which, as you With clarity, I think a couple times now and just hearing that mission statement of what we do now clarity. In his first comment here is our mission, we're here
to turn enemy if we don't want to fight them and kill them, that's our mission. and the very next thing he says is everybody else's role is to train. He prepared to do that. that actually sounds really simple, but it's really hard to create a message that that clear, so why which the infantry man, the person who's running administration who seemed like a bullet different, have clarity in how what they you contributes to the overall mission. That is not easy to do, and this de of communicating in a simple, clear, concise, but no to talk all the time. it's really hard, but from the very beginning he's like paid. This is the mission here, seven things are we're going to do to allow that to happen. So what granted your job is to make it happen, so his time all these things together, and it sounds so simple when I'm hearing him say, but I'm analysing how or that actually is an organization to get everyone. To understand what it is they do to contribute if you can make your Administrative folks feel like they are we're fighters, you
have a clear mission statement. Imagine I have no idea how many troops he's talking to its overseas to american troops, this millions of yeah, maybe not millions, but this is hundreds and hundreds of thousands of troops this continual turn over? A person precludes commanders from programming, a single training cycle common to all men as employment in a basic training centre. It requires the programming of a number of successive cycles, which may overlap to some degree and at times may operate concurrently during any twelvemonth. The commander will need to place emphasis on the following cycles of training, so again just emphasised the fact you lose people, you lose em all time and that's gonna make your job hard. Here's the things that you need it focused on advance individual train to approve the proficiency minimum service soldiers or to provide refresher training for men of longer service, so you got just train individuals basic. Training to improve the proficiency of crews teams squads advanced
in a train to integrate teams, crews squads into small units combined arms training to integrate infantry armor artillery engineer and other sporting units into company a battalion group exercises and in combat mission training to include readiness, tests, rehearsals of operational plans and joint combined training. So that's what you're doing here You say in that same thing: over and over again you gotta train the individual. Then you got a train that that net level team that you gonna write, integrate them with the other teams, and you gotta get all those teams working together, very good way to think about how you train in any organisation or in next the need to maintain a high level combat readiness without peaks and valleys proficiency prevent commander from concentrate for long on any cycle before going into the next. This is not to imply that a unit must perform all five cycles at one time it does mean at the commander must elevate continually the level of pay. the urgency of his men and unit in each of these five phases of training. Based on this,
evaluation? He plans is training programme. Ideally, the commander says the proficiency of each soldier in all five cycles and organise this training, so that individuals and the union as a whole progressed systematically few all cycles, and he goes on to explain this. And what I like about this is how often with whatever organization you're in or whatever organization your leading. Do you actually think in a holistic way comprehensively about the methodology that you use and retrain your people. The answer is probably not great. So if we don't have even a goal of what good looks like if we haven't down what good looks how will we possibly going to get there going ahead? little bit based balancing unit and activities. The training for combat readiness is not the We mission of the commander him
also make adequate provisions for the supply and maintenance of the unit equipment, administration and discipline community relations programme troop morale, welfare programmes and the all these to be demand. Their share of resources. Time emphasis, So not only the train, people combat that's great. That's our number. One priority already said that you also All these other things that you need to handle by the way is the same in any organization in any organisation that your guess, what you got it, you gotta take your the families. You gotta make sure that your geyser healthy you gotta, they ve got something to destroy their mind and keep them occupied. continuing on the immediate data day. Pressures of these additional functions result in a tendency to emphasise them at the expense of combat readiness needs so all of a sudden. He just went from like look. You gotta, take care of those other things you gotta get it's like the young, it's like when you it's. When someone goes, you know I just read you are,
I read that fitness magazine that you arrested even more important, in working out One of them and all this that becomes the thing the prevailing mood is rest. Yes, you you know what I'm talking about. I only know eater can gather chuckle yeah we're we're. Looking at me kindly you. I said, however, caught yourself and that combined arms dilemma. you were gonna like well, you know, rest is important important dear. Yes, in a way, but in this way, which might even can apply to this inn in this, for the concept goes, do you use that as the example if I'm working out or if I don't feel like working out and I'm like- why did work out pretty hard yesterday and rest is important
nationalizing- maybe you should rest- is not like this rest today will hurt me if anything, you to help me a little bit complicated kind of question or statement. I get it, but name. It's kind of the same thing, we're yeah that starts to become the cause for them. when it was the prevailing thing, got it. So we have to make sure that we provide ample room for rest and recovery, but we can't let that become the prevailing mode of operating which, let's face it. What do people gravitate towards people liked gravitate towards that couch the comfort. The unit commander must recognise that, even after the elimination of nice to have activities necessary phone, and remain, which cannot be fully executed in the resources available to him.
His only recourse is to do first things. First, that I got a question like that today talking your client. What what are you doing? What resource constraint when we didn't? We don't have Antarctic cocoa Yo R to talk about the EU. Is our priorities actually earlier yeah, that's good! That's it we're dogma, that's what it Spyware ties execute it's interesting to I used to use this quote and when I was talking to clients, There's no organization in the world that has unlimited resources. We work with some companies now that come pretty, damn close to unlimited at least financial resources. They they have for all, practical purposes, unlimited resources. The problem is the problem, becomes human capital right, you can only get you there's only so many people in existence that have a certain job scale have a certain capability, and so that becomes a limiting factor, even with a company that has more
money then they can spend they throw all kinds of money at whatever problem they have, but their limited by their limited by human resources, and you can, even when you say look we can pay, we can pay, you know, however, many people a million dollars a year. Those people just do not exist So so there is, I've had to modify that a little bit, but did the state. The statement remains true: theirs, there's no organization in the world that has a limited resource. Everyone has limited resources, everyone every company, biggest companies in the world have limited resources. That's all there is to it what are you always have to do? You always have prioritize next cute, you always, after prioritizing execute. He must go out what was
he's, there's a part that I think he's also getting at two's. If you understand what that, what that number one priority is those other. he talked about any kind of did the classic DEC this is important, but yeah He also understands that all those things as morale, welfare, recreation, type things. What there actually designed to do is when we need it. come back to that priority when we need to search for that? Most important thing in that is actually the best way, the have your guys have the energy to to exert themselves even more, like a kind of thinking about like surge operations are thinking about out in what I wanted to point that were supposed to go for six months, and we get that we get the notification four and a half months into it you're getting extended for six weeks in this six month, a poem is going to be closer to eight months. If you mean that investment in your family and they are all Incas. You ve damages that you care about them can do those six extra six weeks. It's no factor, but when you you for sake. All these are the things and don't recognize that there are. Those things are important, it's real,
hard to get anything extra out of your guys, and this is a guy who's. Oversee has experience with organ Have to exert ourselves some point and when that, I'm comes hey weakens at home with a family. Those things aren't gonna happen and the way for that and is to invest in that when you can, when you have the time resources, do it, knowing that can actually come back the thing that matters, the most witches you going to do your job, your it's, it's a great correlation to the rest and recovery that words are for physical working out, if you got time you did to rest because there's gonna be a time was not we rest and you're gonna get going to catch a beat down just away. It's gonna happen, continue on. He must analyze his mission and determine the relative priority and degree of interdependent of the functions essential the mission accomplishment based on considerations. He must develop a programme of unit activities which provides a balanced distribution of resources amongst these functions. So, yes, you gotta, take your people to play
such a balanced programme. A commander must first survey his many tasks in Toto Tee, o t o. You think I look that word up there. I think you sure did yeah and its work Toto near everything means just what it sounds like a means, everything completely so yet look at everything, and then you can do little priorities. Excuse and then having made a complete list listing of appropriate to, his command. The commander should analyzed the proportion of ours and manpower and given each activity, one methods to calculate the man hours devoted each activity as a percentage of total man. I was available to the units a continuous real mystic appraisal of the units. Man, ours is an essential part of command The commander feels that it an imbalance exists and that the accomplishment of his mission is thereby threatened him take positive, aggressive action to rectify the situation when he is exhausted.
All means at its disposal without correcting the imbalance that he should seek assistance from his hire commander that little trick. I called a trick of man ours that little trick of when people say we can get this done and you go oh, how many men hours will it take to get this done it you get ask that question does not affect the they ve. Just looked at the task and made of made a good decision but the problem with that got decision as they could be right, but it doesn't help because you have no, you have nowhere to go because if echo, If I say hey echo, how long is going to do you too poor to build this block wall and you say I can't get it done it terms of its content. we talk ok, well, how long is gonna take What would it take one man to do it? But just u buy yourself a duke a week? Ok so that's forty hours. What, if I give you three more people, can you don't say himself
reading in a little bit and figuring out how long it takes to do something. That's data, that the data that you need he's. Also tell you, don't go back your boss complaint Maybe you better resource. Show me information, hey boss, hey, let's, you need to get this down to tax x amount of tax when people understand that can get this done on time. That's a totally different thing than John I can't do this. Man is too hard. It's too much work. Don't your bossing appoint penal originate factor. We can address but we can only dressed and if you have to come back to me with something that solvable other them. This is too big of a problem for me, that that is really what it is like. It's it's too big a problem, then I'm in the mood for its like that kind of situation. As you do this all the time you ve been on a small level, you start asking those questions like bore. You know and then we will, we were and are you re read, I know, but I can't. I can't really think of anything that just gave me that feeling great when you wouldn't, when you said hey. How long is this country all gonna take Elsie paying
like? I know that freely with it. I see what you doing cause you're like hey. We like this is a problem that needs to be solved to me and you put some Ask me bet it's like brothers, just your idea, like prelates, think so. Instead, instead of like ok, let's think through the Whole thing really understand what it takes to do it. You know that that process exists no matter how big an how small me to see how big it is or estimate how big it is. Unlike am really not in the mood for this right now and then you just to the bottom of it. So it's kind like undeniably global, like I got it, the early there's theirs our first level way of looking at things. just seeing like what's wrong, surface and gone hey here you see the tip of an iceberg. Can you go look bad icebergs huge? I can. I can handle that whole iceberg. The stupid Subic. Well, let's go
Snorkel mask in go underwater and see what ices down there that we got a chip away that can be done, I gotta boxed you at the time. Even that analyses the iceberg like I see it. You're like ok, the tip of the iceberg. We know that iceberg is big to me. I'm like I don't deal with big iceberg next, like no one in your leg. Ok, it's big around there's more to it than that I mean like men, are not in the mood for all that we can already see it's like. That is the difference you know, but at the end, it's kind of like That's how we all are naturally right, where, if you see a big task- or let's say you see like a goal right or something like this and you're like yeah man, I want that goal. I want that element of success or whatever, and then you start like in, for it Would the moment you realize that man, this is gonna, take a lot more than I'm in the mood for whether be things get boring. We realize more work. Are you really shit? I gotta learn this new skill team, get to step to an idea,
You really account for that one. I wanted that thing to begin with. You start to be like well, it's too it's too much. You know so used to, or even if it gets boring or some, that rather than analyzing, be there ok in what would it take to do that, and I can learn this ok, let's learn that in their list, Ribaut Udall, step by step by step in the time in the beginning. It is not in the mood for other steps. Man, you know You just revealed the pattern of thought that I have that I realise that I do all the time and I think it's actually very important never really talked about it before directive, but I think what it boils down to. I look at things and I see them or I will look at them until I understand that they are finite. Better may disappear. that the things are finite. There's whenever there thing is I will I can get to the end of it.
I think the end of internet. I can pull that string and I will get to the end that that thing is finite. There is nothing there's nothing that I'm going to find on earth to to attack. That's infinite right. There's no infinite thing! but I can think of with that. I would look at as it is with a view of like ok, here's something I want to do. Oh it's an infinite task know: doesn't it there's nothing. I can do it in infinite task. Look at we could. We said its infinite that we want to continue to learn. Yes, that's an infinite thing. Is it in not that we want to train. The improve our selves and get better yeah? That's an infinite thing is there any particular task that we can come across where its infinite no you get a scoop of ask you get in the water you dive and you will find the bottom of the iceberg, and maybe have to come back up and get scuba tax. To go down there. Maybe you ve gotta, get many sub.
But you can find the bottom of that same and guess what you get it back up. You grab a little little pick. Action can start chip in a way that thing yeah in then and at that point really at the end of day like. If you be honest with yourself, you can come to a point and determine whether or not it's worth it like. If you go down there like we're trying to move this iceberg, because we want to do this and do that and whatever right and then you go there and you're like dang. This is this iceberg is way bigger than we thought it's kind of not worth it. Our end goal isn't worth all that what we're going to spend. You know think about your difference in mentality, though, when you see that something is fun, then that totally changes were attitude from thinking this and I could go on forever, because now you're you're, your efforts are futile, literally futile.
but once you know that their this thing is finite, this job has and guess what I'm minister chip it can. I can, I can be persistent, and I want to make progress in what I don't know. If this like to the same thing, but you have this thing where you know, Why do like doing something, even though you don't feel like doing it? Yes, like you're, really have that, like you, don't You. Don't have the opposite. You like you, don't have that thing. That tells you hate like. Don't do it like, if you don't feel like doing it, don't do it if you think it needs to be done so having that quality helps that kind of situation so, like okay, I'll play until I can You know where we would so the thing that I quote: don't I dont have like your behavior changing, because you don't feel like doing something got. It may still be like all of you like it, but that has nothing to do with what what I'm doing you like you hear about,
worked out, and you like man. I got this hard work out. I've got twenty five sets till failure today. That's my work up with all these exercises on stuff. if I don't know, if I only got one hour sleep like that's just not doable for me you the fact the fact is it doable you're gonna sock, but if that's not a factor in your thinking Then you just going to do it. You just going to the sucking part, is just going to be part of the work kind of thing and it's gonna sorted get done. So, if start thinking like that in the beginning, like start asking yourself well, we know that it can be done. What will it take to get it done? The and then you, like Kind of the same stuff, it always like. That's the truth, the same stuff. It took last time it'll just suck lesson then booming. You have that finite thing, like I see exactly, was making me not want to do it in the need, sorted out, admit that you, so you ever have like honourable work out, and then you think yourself. Well, ok!
sometimes I'll be staring at whatever work, I an oath, gonna suck. You know what you know right. I just realized. I do I got well I'll start now. It will be over in one hour and twenty minutes I started out its. The overdue I know what I have to do our discharge, my brain its, but it becomes a finite thing. Therefore I make it. I use time to put it to put a end on it, in my mind I won't say office Borg Out give succour to all this work. Look it's gonna, be over now in twenty minutes have done so in his ear, the exact aiming essentially it's another version of that were ok when I first saw it started out I'd time. My rest and I still do, but I can time it in my head now way- better come so use due to an error, but if I'm like, really not feeling like work. It up all set the timer right. There are like the work. That's gonna be done regardless very little. If I don't set the timer I'll, take a little ten twenty make it more rests and then it extended I'm wearing become sort of listing. But if,
the timers rolling right there you're going to do it, whether you feel like cuz, that's part of the workout. You know that and then you're done and you're just done. If I'd actually was quicker, the the hardest moves to make when the hardest movements to making the Jim is presence, On the other hand, I do that's all right it like it already on social media I'll, be like him penned in hard hesitated, waited a stretch, some more get a little more warmed. I kissed her kid. It's usually phase. It is usually squats where you're like ok, we know. Maybe I should just do a little bit more stretching. Maybe I should do a little bit more overhead squat form with the pvc just to make sure I'm good and you do all these things and all you do is just put it off, and if I may, I go ok, no, what shut up and when I got this thing only ends. When I start It can only end. If I start this thing can only end if I started getting to return. If it starts yes,
but I'll do stuff like to organise little thing. I commend this kind. Macerated, organizing ITALY, a good stuff, you're clean everything about that. That's good. I've never goes out battered by doing extra couple, sets a warm but has started a vacuum sketch bad shack, aright getting back to them. look, everything that I have said about. The balancing of unit activities is doubly valid for the training programme itself. The most valuable resource available to the commander is his men's time and time once lost never be regained. That's fitting. time once lost, can never be regained poorly poorly prepared on a map. give or unnecessary instructions waste soldiers times worse. It is boring
and soon results and ineffective, poorly trained individuals with no initiative or a spree. The skill commander is the one who adopts the philosophy of gainful employment for each man and one who takes maximum advantage of every training our to ensure value received man? Member all that dumb training you did in the military. I do like do when they started there. You just do some training use, go man. This is just horrible horrible. What are we doing to waste in this respect, prior preparation and effective supervision, a central price. preparation muscle, be limited to determining merely what is material is to be risk merely what material is to be presented and gathering appropriate training AIDS meeting
and rehearsals should be held for appropriate officers and Non Commission officer sufficiently in advance to ensure that the training preparation me the desired standards, hey prep, for your training. If you're an instructor, you owe it to the students Nevertheless, a commander must realise that the instructor is his most important training tool and that any time quiet, including duty ours too, prepared that two affords job is time well spent the hours given to preparation. Rehearsal of instruction, we'll be repaid many fold in the hundreds, man, ours that are safer, not wasting soldiers, time with poorly presented training toilet. Don't waste. Your people sign Andy, you actually want to apply. Decentralized command. The best thing you with your time, is train your people.
this thing you can do we weapon targeted, alas podcast about how you learn when you teach we're talking about on the very last thing, just how we You become an instructor, that's when you the most men when you have guys on your team that can train. You're, not like liberating yourself to do other things and people talk about, how horde of his a trainer struck regarding how hard it is to get your people were. The need to be that is time well spent is training your trainers and I'm gonna get everything I know he's where he pulls almost from the experience this guy had in anybody, and you asked me, and I sat there and Discover got depressed here with any. Did it ever had their time wasted by a bad instructor. I don't care of its in school or anywhere else. We all know that feeling of this is a waste of my time is like the most corrosive thing you can do to somebody else's waste their time you,
instructors, your men look instructors, cinnamon synonym mental teachers, leaders, whatever that's what an instructor is those of the people that matter the motion organization, because they're the ones actually responsible for other people's time. I would I took over trade at and I had a meeting and I rolled into the meeting in ahead like like we'll book or whenever little note book, and I had like four bullet points of things. Are you to tell the guys and I walk in there, and I told the guys what are they the tone and then I walked out and like one of my bros, what was like dude? You can prepare this stuff right and also easy
are you compared to the stuff, and I was thinking to myself yeah I mean what what's the alternative alternative to walk in there and really not know what the hell you're going to say. That's crazy! That's crazy! That's that you know what that is. That's disrespectful, which I have a problem with, there's a chunk of here about safety, obviously always important. We work with a lot of industries. That safety is, is absolutely paramount. We're lives are at risk, so there's a section there about safety, The success of any safety programme is dependent on the quality of support and leadership rendered by all unit commanders. You know it's like. Oh, we have a safety officer, great, that's great, that you have a safety officer and guess Well, it is responsible for safety everyone!
training under tactical conditions. To me it is basic that all field training should be conducted under tactical conditions, set up, an administrative bivouac is the easy way out, but it is bad practice, has no place in the field training of today's soldier. Each soldier participating attack, training will learn to think and act in a manner fitting for combat he'll make mistakes at first It will be easier for him to overcome them in a tactical environment. Then every year for easier for him to overcome them in a tackle environment than an administrative one, realistic, combat habits, developed and training will be second nature to soldiers, combat poorly trained soldier. The We train soldier taken by surprise, without a weapon in his rare in his hand, really gets a second chance to amend its habits. So look obvious This is the connection of an order. Here is obvious. We
you're gonna, go to the range or you got range time, don't bring out, you know. are we to sit around and play video games while you're not shooting, go and set up tat? glide sites and spent the field and make the most of that? The same in the business world right? If we're in a train people for a certain scenario, the dude the most realistic way that you maximize the training, after entering combat commanders will find it's too late to teach dispersion first aid more Psmith ship camouflage care, maidens of equipment and the thousand and one other things that go to make up the well trained soldier in unit is all a little late to furnish him and adequate training background of information. So if you wait, it's gonna be a problem,
it's the similar thing of people that think. Well, you know if I get new, a fight, global fight, red blogs, go for rage, you up I'll, go full rage and they feel but that's gonna make up for eighteen years of digits, wrestling Moika boxing right is not happening. You you You lose there's, no there's you it's too late, have to train. You have to prepare before it actually happens from a leadership perspective. Isn't it crazy? Isn't it crazy to think that hey. I can just rolled into a leadership situation, without any training without All playing without thinking gruesome contingencies my mind and things are just gonna go I'll, just know what to do. Why would you think that's? Why You think that's. Why would you Get that idea had. Why would you
the idea in your head that, if you gotta go talk to, You don't want your subordinates that had an outburst an Is upset about something? Why would you that just rolling in there. You just know what to do. Why would you not think through that would you not train? Why would you not prepared, if you, subordinate leaders that are working for you, why would you assume that, if there's a contingency that unfolds that they're just going to figure it out. Why would you assume that they're going to know how to handle when somebody flies off the off the handle? Why would you assume that they're going to know how to handle with it why it comes in and is having having an outburst. Why would you Don't know what to do if they know what to do. Why would you assume that there actually be able to do it? Cuz Next level right is: you can do Moves all day of my tie. Wrestling, but until you're, going against someone until you spar with someone until you role play with someone you're not actually able to do it
why would you assume that the answer is you assume that if you were dumb, don't assume that train, Train for those leadership situations train for those hand to hand combat situations. Next section, training for good habits and discipline in battle, the habits and Discipline that have been instilled in training are of Supreme Importance first, because men in combat will do instinctively what they have been in the habit of doing in training and second, because only the extra drive of discipline will enable the soldier to overcome the fear that all men experience in battle.
There young supreme importance by the way, This guy's not he's not throwing words round Joe because they sound good or just trying to emphasise something. A little bit he's using this word Be the only time uses it. Habits and discipline are of supreme importance. Men will do in combat what they have been in the habit of doing in training. Every experience commander knows this, but too often he failed To appreciate the absolute necessity of practising only correct procedures, it is essential that good habits be so deep. We ingrained in each individual soldier through correct teaching and intensive practice there. even under the stress of battle, he will do the right thing, both immediate
and instinctively. Conversely, because practice makes perfect a commander must never under any circumstances, permit training errors to be repeated their young too. Question of discipline. I would ask you to consider this more in the light of self discipline, because All too often the word discipline takes the connotation of restriction, overbearing authority and blind obedience, we do not want an automaton. We want an effective combat ready soldier who has keen sense of duty and who feels and obligation to its commander to the men around him and to his unit anybody, that's questioning you know even What I'm saying hey? Look you get some dna coming from World war, one you get some of that. You get some of that feeling that he's sort of it listen, you're the ranks, drugs
port. You better. Do it yourself there. It is blind obedience, know not what we want. Overbearing authority, not what we want risk rich and on what we will do, not what we want. What we want is self discipline impartially. enjoying patron you reading that and the reaction you had- is really that in general court. But for the first time the order rode down. I wrote them for he said this is the good news in all. This is talking about the child of making real, difficult, realistic training, but like hard training, they like hard training. They spawned hard training and for whatever pushes you away from not wanting to make things difficult. It's actually what your people want when I look back in all the things that I did part is things I did the things I enjoyed the most so whatever you're feeling like the harder it is the better. It is because he talked about the insight
So, what's gonna keep her people live and war for sure hard training is actually what your people want. funny. You should say that. Let me read the next paragraph Instilling discipline in troops is actually not as difficult as it may appear. As a matter of fact, the answer to instilling discipline can be given in one word: training. Good training overcomes resistance to obedience and resentment of authority so that I wrote about this and leaders of charging tactics or you want to build morale in a team. You got do hard things or things go through suffering to that will bring you that will bring your unit together. That will increase you're real morale. It will also increase your discipline yet that car the tangible things it makes them better at this scale, whatever skill your training for, but the intangible things like morale, the discipline you talked about the esprit de corps. The willingness to take and make sacrifices that
intangible qualities that also come from that as well, which is every bit as important as. In really good at your job, like this guy One of the keys to success will trainees developing our men into the proper attitude toward training. generally. Are men want to do what we want them to do and when they don't its use? because we have failed to instruct them, probably not our fault, hiding principle that applies to all units and organizations, is that a man must understand. Clearly what is expected of him merely telling him is not enough. He must be instructed proper train were also foster pride and confidence in the individual, a pride in confidence that will be extended to his leaders and units as well. When that pride and competence have been nurtured to a point that obedience becomes a habit.
response becomes natural and willing. You have gone a long way towards your goal of combat readiness, as you can see, habit and disk. Go hand in hand. A poorly discipline unit is evidence that its commander has failed to instil proper habits through his training programme, irregular verbs start Now again, now you, you feel a little bit lean back right, little bit of lean back to obedience becoming a habit and response becomes battles? you get a little bit of a lean back towards rights. Are now didn't somebody, it's gonna, be like obedience. sort of part of that discipline even though he said earlier. Look we don't want automatons. We do not An automaton does now what we're looking for that we're trying to not we're trying to train. That's the last thing that I want. decentralization of responsibility. Once he had set his goals and started, is training programme in motion. A commander must rely upon the initial.
but his subordinates g. Properly delegating responsibility and the related authority. A commander will foster this initiative and will enhance the development of all support its officers, not commission officers alike. I must emphasise here that this principle cannot be restricted merely to the training programme, but should extend to all you did activities this visit decentralized matters. The fourth mov combat decent, rise command did doesn't, we applied a training, it doesn't only apply to planning it and only apply to operation, that applies. To everything. Decentralized command is how you need to operate. how many officers are doing the jobs of their noncommissioned officers. We speak of it hands, the prestige of our noncommissioned officers, but the best possible way of doing this is by giving them responsibility to do the jobs themselves. Why also insisting insisting that they accomplish them properly. What's
giving people ownership. Let them do it that, with your kids, make dinner make Tyrone shoes clean your own room. Do your own laundry make them. Sponsible. Decentralized community, guess what you can do that, then you can focus on getting them better training This is not to say that the commander should abdicate his own responsibility But a one man shop of is a woman shop is evidence of poor leadership. There you go so you're run in everything. Bad leadership A good commander will patiently and carefully instruct his subordinates to ensure they know what is expected. He may even have his subordinates return and present their plans, for how the tasks, but he will then insist that they get the jobs done without detailed guidance. So again
our back to like this leaning back towards hey are marketed. Tell you exactly what do I look like? I want to obedience, but you go figure out what you want to do so he's balancing this dichotomy of leadership between Hey need to put some structure in place, so people know what to do, but I still want you to go and figure out. How do you, how you're going to get it done? It's almost like you had to take the word obedience and change. What that natural reaction you have excited or it'll, be I don't like that work cuz! I don't like that word and just like you describe, I actually don't. I don't want my people to feel like they have to be Obd. To me, and so it almost as if the obedient is- and I say to do something- and you do it it's- the obedience is It's the natural. Almost spoken reaction that what we need to get done is gonna get done as opposed to you will do what I say because that, if that's the obedient, you're lookin, for you actually you're, just hurting yourself in so many different ways, but there
there's language here when I hear you say it might get that little unlike that. But as he explains it and can appeals that back You beatings his referring to isn't. I demand you to be obedient to my orders. Its I want Tosh! What decentralization I will The european space we are going to resolve this we're gonna, get whatever needs to get done, Palmer, can have you figured out half the time. Yeah, I think, to take what you just said it to take one step further: what obeyed it is in any it's you eat. Everything he is saying is is leading to towards the result of what o b Aids is, if you, obedient you're driving towards accomplishing the mission. That's it that's what that's me. billions. We automation and nominal. Accomplish it, that's what I want to do. because he's literally saying without detailed guidance, and I can tell you how to do it- here's the mission go accommodate, that's obedience.
By giving them responsibility and authority, and by under writing their honest mistakes. He will encourage them to, precise initiative and accept responsibility. He will help them to develop into more effective individuals and hence in a more effective soldiers officers. This in turn will result in a better unit that sentence right there Giving respond, giving responsibility and giving authority and under writing their mistakes are came into. I got no problem Supra Year, you're you're, encouraging them. That's how you He ate leaders that are gonna take initiative which is ignored. Play what you want, if you're good leader, A problem arises when individuals are given the authority to make decisions on various types of actions and then fail. to use it
time is wasted by passing the buck to the next level, even though authority existed to make a decision on the spot, training supervision. Proposition supervision of training still remains, primarily the commanders responsibility. A good man bear in mind. Is an organisation does well only things the boss taxis. He goes over that over and over again he talks about it. sections again here we covered that on one of the earlier podcast. One thing you it does say and I'll just re emphasise at a word of caution is an order. Inspections that are poorly scheduled or executed will harass the troops and if you are harassed and the troops with your little freakin inspection you're wrong, you're wrong. That's not what inspections or for training
Methods, proper methods of training will produce better soldiers in less time and hence speed the building of combat ready units. action. Training methods invariably includes the question of the committees. Damn versus the unit method of training, which is better, The combination of the two methods at the lowest A level of command the best answer: decentralized command. Small unit commander should be responsible for the bulk of training specialized subject, or those involving small segment of several units often lend themselves to centralize instruction by committees. So that's all good stuff. Got some universe. scale that everyone needs to learn hate, send people to a school house for that. We get that you know he goes in These things that talks about some bad practices as well for bad practices. such as having been waiting.
To run a lane on the assault course we're having been weight behind the ready line to fire on, arrange you gotta limb. those things he says, and he says cannot be emphasised too often that a man learns best by doing in every appropriate subject realm into training. Practical application must be stressed, gotta do sometimes I get these instructors, I've never specially going through close quarters, combat training No so clearing rooms and in the beginning, when you're taken a task unit through the destruction of Clarence, as you know, you started a very fundamental the level and guys you're doing one in two men were that's the worst sort. Two men were matters, and so
like, I would get me basically maybe take pupil tunes due to different sections. The killers and one of the instructors would be a guy that would focus on really explaining things a lot going into a lot of detail. Maybe maybe like to himself talk a little bit the a person may be a guy that sings here's. What you gonna do artless start running lights are doing it in by the end of the day, have to switch the pollutants, because but that was doing would be way ahead of the balloon that was listening. You have to freak and do stuff. You have two freakin do stuff, which directive I mean you got remember to I'm sitting here, listening as you're talking about it, I'm hearing it from you threw him for the first time connecting into the things that are experts and I'm hearing all these little theirs is common things. He keeps coming back to talk about not wasting people's time. You talk about pushing decision making now he's talking, giving your people
authority and responsibility and then taking ownership of their honest mistakes, a great way to waste your people's time, it's not they'll, be relying on you to make decisions for them and, as you, where's. That decision making down your support at leaders get closer and closer to the problem and ability to solve this problem and do things in a constructive and useful for their people? Is them now being reliant on you and why What does he asked a question beginning? He said how many officers are doing the jobs of their non commission officers, many leaders are making decisions and doing things on your team in organization right now that you really shouldn't be doing- and the answer is probably almost all of you, and if you can just have a mental exercise of, let me just think format it of any task that I do that. I really shouldn't be doing. If you're doing that, you are wasted,
your people's time. Your hindering their development find a task that you shouldn't be doing and put it down to them and then, when they screwed up, take responsibility in irish airports, train them better resource them better. but as you push those decision making pushing decisionmaking down, you waste less of their time, And just unjust hearing him connecting all these things together and how crazy How simple it sounds when he says it, but how often we don't do that the very thing he's describing in a strange this, the guy that spent forty five years in the military edited well. forty five years in the military whatever fifty years ago, and actually a hundred years ago, Kijiji you is got in a night, in seventeen, so A hundred three years ago and he spent his whole life in the army, multiple wars, but what? What talking about you and I we do We apply it to we reflect Our time in the military knew we reflect on businesses right now in every single industry that we work with all the time, weeds
two on a daily, but how many companies do talk today? Three, four: five different companies a day everyone me too and purse. Now at different levels inside those companies All these things apply all All these things supply universal There are universal truths to leadership really are universal trousseau leadership, improvement through ideas, research and development. The army is constantly seeking ways and means to improve the training of the individual as well as to develop and improve equipment in procedures. Research into new and more modern methods and ideas is a continuing process. Various organisations, both military and civilian, devote all their energies too, proud to projects a research nature, and he goes on talking about that. Applying
was not established scientific principles to military problems. These groups observe the test, individuals and units over a period of time to determine the best method. performing a specific operation or the advisability of adopting a specific item being studied so he's he looks at things now saying hey, I got the answer. that's insane! Look. We gotta you gotta, bring and experts that actually can study and see what the right answer is. Commander should always encourage imagination and ingenuity seeking better ways to solve their training, maintenance and management problems. Next, chapter nine training, the individual adjusting the soldier to his new career, the individual begin his military career, in an army, training centre or in a selected unit
to the new soldier. This is the front door to the army. Here he gets his first taste a military life. This is where he is indoctrinated in the fundamentals of military service and where he forms the faults, ideas and habits that stay with him throughout his service and that go with him when his services terminated from the starting point in his we're the soldier would develop in proportion to the efforts made to put him on the right track and to the application of sound training praxis during this vital period of adjustment. This something that I absolutely saw all the time, and I wonder if you would, I don't know would apply to while fine jets, but what learn what guys learn in this first year platoon they always our bias towards that as being the right thing, doesn't matter if he is right or wrong archaic or not new old. They were. They learn that first platoon they always.
I know I always was my. I had a fight against that unnatural, I saw a natural biased I would have towards haywire This is what I learned this the way you do it. I guess that First thing: you learn, leave the deepest the deepest scars, the deepest trail. Does that happen with flying jets? Totally man you show up in your first squadron and and the things that that the more experienced guys are saying is gospel. probably not a lot different, for you feel most guys did what I did. We spent a whole lives dreaming about doing it by the time you finally got your first watch and which was the guitar MT. You been climbing your whole life. Everything there is. What is everything that said? There is gospel cause you made it to where you want it to be in these guys. It I've been, there are telling you that of asserting your brain and the truth. Is it's not all right? A lot of it is, is not right and it's really hard to undo those bad
habits and saving after me, I got there first question. People are talking that is burned into my brain, Is there anything you earned in your first question that later you are like. While I learn that the wrong way yeah a lot, you We do this a lot when you when you, tell stories about what was unique about tasking unit and the uniqueness of that was was a lot. about the tactics in the maneuvers that you executed at an end the weapons and things like that it was so much more about the culture. The mindset in the end, the reckon. of ownership and leadership. Being the thing that's gonna make you unique what I learned or look back on in my might the lessons First Quadrant certainly learn from these. Ok, that's not the best way to run the system are the best way to maneuver your aircraft, What I learned the most in retrospect was the leadership that was either good or bad, and it's really hard to diagnose bad leadership winner or really young guy, at least. Initially, you show up in
whatever's going on there like okay. This is how it is cool and you kind of get on board, and it's actually connected to it. To a note that I wrote when you were talking about people walking in the front door, we may think we ve got a lot of time with those new folks. They start to form those opinions very quickly. You know the first couple days, you're, just on a clue listed is gonna, get on board, but very cool we they're gonna start to take note of what's going on around them and they're gonna act, made to whatever type a leadership you give them and if it's good leadership there they're, gonna wind with that, and if its not they're gonna want I too, and so the clock that you're running with these new folks. They start to move to whatever direction. You push them very very quickly and my when I look back on. Is The lessons that I learn. I looked back like man. I thought that's why she was really good and really was We didn't do a lot of these things that we should have been doing in its most most send around the things you vote talk about about hey, you know what, when we
guard squadron up the fallen for for three weeks were big found. Air wing that you know noon on Friday, night everybody's going out to the bars on Friday night and that's what we did and when squatters units that Vader do, those things, because they knew that they had limited window for training in they're, going stay and and and get better. That's when the contrast became much more clear about the things that I drawn up with weren't, nearly as good as I thought they were at the time and look man, when you're on the other side- and you tell restores about trade at when you ve seen ten. thousand runs of the same clearance, literally just thousands upon thousands it becomes very easy to see what good and bad looks like the other the key idea, the positive identification of good and bad man. I don't know why I was paying attention to that stuff when I was a young frogman and it was
You know we showed up in the nineties, man we showed up in the nineties, and the nineties was after the eighties- and I know that might sound funny. But it's important because the eightys there was basically no war. I mean it. To the seventies so think about that. You don't like the last seal. Opportune early seventy one, seventy two, seventy three something like the last soup tune. There's a couple more stragglers over there then you go. Seventy, then you go all the way to nineteen eighty than you all. The way from eighty to ninety- and you had looked- had Grenada handful guys. You had Panama handful, a guy's by handful euro, fifty guys, whenever number is, but it's a very tiny many of the community and then you roll into the nineties, but I'm coming. of the eighties, so
understanding what it meant to be. Combat ready was a faded picture. There was a fake picture, and there were some guys that new or the thank God. Thank you some of those old Vietnam guys we're there. Thank God, some of the second the people that had learned first hand from the Vietnam guys they were there to to to hold that line. there was also guys it will show. You know. Ring on war weighing on war, you work on drink, you know that's what the end, even if we are going trick- and you know what we're we're not going to we're not going to war we're going bang elder fairly family we're gonna, go run some side business. We're gonna go, do things besides, just be a team guy and that's a weird place to come from, your place. A roll into the teams when you have these expectations are guided. I had the dumbest expert.
Nations now thought I was gonna now thought I was called nothing I d by the thousand ready to Greek deployed denying. You still think. I still the debate that bear right talked the those guys, I'm asking till like wasn't hard to vote maybe was to Thompson was like. Was heart can evolve for this volunteered for that, and I suppose it's hard to volunteering is not there I owe you wanna go to special forces school right over here. Oh you wanna go to sock cool right over here. You want to be an obstacle right over here you step right. Oh yeah, we got openings man, we got openings why do we got openings? We got over, who have more than one hundred percent casualty rating. more than one hundred percent casually rating, If you show up here, you'll, be wounded or killed, how's it goin, you've, you there's is alive and those till Frenchman,
Dick TOP just Rowan and just be a good? Let's do it. What do you got? We can't are you about it, cool or sign up? What I put my name, don't do the titles for the saga episodes of this progress dead man walking dough. Still go to saga. That's what The word that was the gouged. You use that term Macao Jack totally that's the guy was the couch, don't go. so go to Sargon these guys, you like, Why wouldn't go to suck? Everyone gets wounded. Her cook, killed or co signed me up here, So I thought I was gonna now so what I did to the deep and- and you and I had to do with Vietnam. I got Vietnam issue. Vietnam era h gear canals left we're from now I got by you couldn't the difference. When you saw me going through askew tee, my black,
the gear that I used with Vietnam Gear, like that's the same year, this canteens, the same man, how is everything was the same, so I've kind of what's going on. But that impression that you get in that first platoon man, it leaves a mark, it leaves a mark and so that's why? If you're in a leadership position- and you got people check and on board, you gotta recognised that you're, making a mark don't play around with that Essential to the smooth and orderly transformation of the individual from a citizen to a soldier is the organization and caliber of the training establishment. The commander This training activity must be given the tools to work within, but enough priority. To ensure a sign of the most common in officers and men? Personnel should be carefully selected highly motivated and imbued with the standards prescribed for basic com, training, a pre wrecked
it for later command has its foundation in this criteria until an officer, noncommissioned officer has served. These capacities he's handicap the art of training units, what that's powerful, how If is it that we actually invest our best people into being instructors, not often enough, not often enough, you guys do it did the top gun. Does it yeah? Well, I was Can you guys doing as well? I mean the parallels between what you did read it- and this is the thing when got into the teams. No one wants to go to training. There was name out I want to go over. There are one or two points that I want to go to now. I want you want appointed as everyone do part of the reason because one ways that you got cried street year was by doing deployments right pay. I did three points I did for reports. I did five points. Do you
pecking order, there's a pecking order, so nobody wants to get out of that cycle. They want to go on deployment deployment woman. Could you wanna? Go you wanna? Go that hierarchy. You wanna be five platitudes. you wanna be seven. Do you wanna? Do many petitions you can as fast as you can? California has win the year. You be a new guy in your first platoon, but then I was soft knew now guy and he was like you're a new guy until you going to combat. So all you motherfuckers cherries, saying Roger that whose do that there were six deployment under Bell, but they never went to war. Sir, is, I guess, cherries, whatever yeah Jerry boys, whatever keep, keep it up, what life
trainer personnel will face many problems with their new soldiers. Trainees come from every aspect of life, so this is what I think. The reason I wanted to cover this part is cause. We work with companies all the time they hire people off Time, what's your indoctrination programme? How are you ok, them aboard. What do you do which train them out of the gate. Oh you. You're so critical to get them in the role that you can't spare four days to set aside and get them trained up and familiarize and meet them with the right people, you can do that. It's me, important. Are you just get them told blind rolling into their role. That doesn't. Can he sent men set aside some time Trainees come from every walk of life, all kinds of others, spirits, multitude of aptitude beliefs, skills from this complex mix. of raw material. The training unit commander has turned out in soldiers, were rigour, undergo further training and ultimately become combat ready fighters in the armies, combat ready units.
During this period of train, its new soldier will have to learn how to live as a soldier with other soldiers. He will learn to accept discipline to keep him physically fit to development, habits of eating sleeping recreation and sanitation and live her? when you see with his fellow soldiers? These things will not. I am equally to all trainees. Maybe we'll need lots of help and lots of guidance overcome their troubles, their commanders, the ones who can and should give this assistance net. Weird to think about this is where you're gonna develop these people that have just there they're just random. I know I never. I was joke about the fact that I I never flossy my teeth until I join the Navy and boot camp. The like you you ve your teeth, every night overlooker, whatever I've, never I've lost my deep every night since then I was just a savage that didn't flaws. my death
but that's one of the many habits where they in this. What you do this, what you're supposed to do cool or not, do that? I'm that kid course I can fly some of my teeth would like a piece of rope. although new soldiers, are being trained as replacements for other units, all training commanders will do well to look at their trainees. This way, these my men. I will train them as if I'm gonna fight alongside them, as if my life will someday be in their hands. That's its debts It is one cool thing that you hear from God, guys that work is buds instructors is the attitude like hey this. I do. I want there's gonna platoon with make great that's a great place to start the criteria is, is is so important that mean yeah talkin, we talked voluminous, maybe a difference there was. There was a key in emphasis, put on track
in my community Italian, was obviously a place that resembled reflected that that apex of that training. The seventy. If you want to call that, but really what it was, there was a chance to two to pass on information to teach guys and the criteria for finishing that programme was If you is an instructor who was gonna vomited put that top gun patch on yours, the criteria was what I go to war with you. That was the criteria. Is this guy? I would go to work as his women and again you ve talked about it. It may be a little bit more evident in them. Terry example, because we're talking about literal warm we're talking about a guy who's written something based on his experiences in war, but translation to anyone. The private sector, even your own family. Isn't that hoard? If you think about
The criteria that really matters you, what you'd be willing to do with or for this person it doesn't have to be war as the outcome and talk him up near the investment you're. Making in your people up front, you can you spare, can use a week to put this person on the right path. So his is a bit we need to be successful in the organization is two hundred times greater than if you just shoved them out there because we're understood after we gotta get the job done. You'll get their personal YAP got invent. Make that the investment that you make up front will be tenfold then not making it next section is entitled, the army is built on discipline when it comes into the army, he usually leaves home for the first time he leaves behind his parents is friends. The ambitions he has built up from being around those who have been close to him. Without these the streaming influence of these inhibitions and in the quick temper,
his new life is a trainee. He is likely to slip in morals in neatness and in energy. The one thing that Keep him on the right track is discipline. Development of discipline is the best way to re institute the design Terrible inhibitions he may have lost. How in commanders and still disciplining their trainees. The answer can be given to one more training. This is a rehash right, good training becomes resistant, resistance, obedience and resentment of authority when obedience becomes abbot and his natural unwilling training is paid off in terms of discipline. Soldiers, development of discipline can be part of. Every period of training during basic training commanders have many returning to stress the importance of these things, which take which make a discipline soldier, obedience, alertness, neatness of dress and physical fitness, The treaty will also develop a respect for commanders and renewed devotion to his country in battle
discipline is of supreme importance. This is the only time you used the word supreme Most men are afraid in battle, but discipline produces the Kurds to overcome this fear. Discipline is us in a soldier implies a sense of duty and obligation to his unit with this leaders of a unit shared that obligation that unit Has gone a long way towards the goal of combat effectiveness only One kind of discipline is acceptable. It is perfect discipline. Retraining show evidence of poor discipline in general because their commanders have failed to insist on perfect discipline from the start and that's patent. That's a patio only one kind of discipline. That's perfect discipline. He talks about getting to an overseas environment. the new arrivals should be doctorate in the customs of the new country in which he said
and he should be encouraged to meet his new neighbours, learn their ways study their language become familiar with their history, and then he talk some skip forward a little bit too well This was one of them, a section simultaneously with his it with his new geographical environment, must come adjustment to new situational environment. The transformation is one of attitude in which the new rights must be made to realize he is no longer in a basic training or garrison situation. He must now apply. The training principles in garrison experience he has gained. He must be me aware of the seriousness of the situation that he is in the front line of defence against aggression. While there are many educational and recreational diversions overseas, the commander must keep the new arrival, constantly alert them
says of keeping herself combat ready. The astute commander must be not only a leader and trainer of men, but a student. Of psychology and human nature as well. He must be able when stillness men, the feeling that they can enjoy their tours of duty overseas, benefit from the experience and, at the same time, be prepared to assume more serious endeavours when called upon. So there you go, you gotta understand human nature. You gotta understand little psychology motivation for performance. It has been said that man, the army's most valuable asset? Even the greatest asset, however, becomes a liability if improperly used american soldier must be properly motivated before he will efficiently and willing perform his assign tasks from this. Innovation develop esprit,
enthusiasm, morale effort, competition and accomplishment. when Bobby Motivation of the american soldier overseas is best accomplished when he number one knows why he is there s a For one thing, the number way number one way to make sure someone's motivated make sure they know why they don't want to do same. I give nine times a dick is made. They feel that he belongs is performing primarily a job for which he has been trained. Knows where his efforts fit into the big picture is recognised and rewarded for success the one of those that I would was a was
new thought. My mind was the is performing primarily in a job for which has been trained to ask. I, like that's a good point. That's a good point. Think about when you're, when you're doing something like I asked Swept the swineherd you don't you gets its real clear right learn this escape and you use it. That's just a total reward. However, when you learn some new technical skill on the film making, and then you get to apply it somewhere You got my horse it in there in many cases year. It's like you do it. yeah, just because you're pursuing that very eyeing right there, you Talkin about yeah, so Naturally, when it naturally occurs, it's a super positive thing: beaten down, How long were you in the marine corps for before you dropped a bomb on Target F, eighty six years, six years
Did that feel good? It did. Did I give you motivations crazy, how to do the math, throbs thinking man? How long was it? It was six years what you did you get Commission ninety four and then you drop bombs Bob you singular huge bomb, two thousand in two thousand. listen like you said, men remember, this is by always has up. You are straight up, like top gun, experiencing the mic right. Like Mavriky, Mavrikyevitch, enclosed flyby, with the big with the that because saying that, because because in two thousand laws, I look like I don't know if it's fat, but if it's In fact, it's really close. I was like the first guy in the world to drop a J d him because I had
My swan on employment was firstly, a large and that their verdict is coming into hot, but it at the time and billions of dollars developing this weapon system you're the guy gets to drop it again. Ok, we're gonna, do member the date No, because of the month of April of twenty fifty, that's ok, so of two thousand we're going out there just just canvassing the world there is anyone out there that knows, anyone that drop the J Damn before April of two thousand. Please let us now so I can put this guy over here. Good you'll be out of our shared habitats, hidden jack! It's like you said, though, Madame in first of all at the time for me, that was, it do or die check in the block. I can. I can die happy man, it's because of what you said. There wasn't anything going on I mean you look back now your posts, nine eleven, its meaning it is. Embarrassing? I don't even like we talk about this autumn,
like bringing it up, but at the time that was it and and you get back to your ear, more serious point of do what I stoked aim. I never felt more. useful in what I was doing then that night I can picture it hit that pickles, urging that bomb come off. My jet blowing up that that, three launcher in Iraq that was like the most important thing at ever dynamite. How many people did that after you drop yours? things start to escalate. Well know we were just the one who deal. There were good man. It was kind of a cooperative, a diver really what this and yet, if, if I'm, if I'm, if I'm out of turn, let me know there's just not that many people out there that that is that it had the better. you're doing it, given the systems that required when the bomb hit the fleet- everything it was a cop a lot of things that just went my way. So You're saying that in the whole fleet did did you damn had just kind of arrived it first.
The G8 Emma just arrived and what was required is a gps aircraft. my carrier, There was one squadron that had GPS on board which was that I will address in your aircraft here, got the other aircraft either for squadrons. Couldn't eve carry the weapon This was the first time yes and Marine Corps gotta before Navy. Now is for the record got it just so happens at my deployment, the three that the Navy squadron of fighters. They didn't have GPS aircraft, which is gonna crazy, but we did her so. again. So you drop the first ever J. Damn like I said it. Wasn't the first. It was really close. was deafening. The first on that run about what about what about Bosnia, What about Syria EVA? That's I'm almost posit that predates GPS gotta weapons. That's always regarded some other other guidance systems. That's not gps! Gotta weapons, you're going out on a limb. I am look.
If I'm wrong violin, send a message, will be I jams hit your brain when there's some guys that flew in Do Siri able drop bombs. Well, I mean look. I can definitely be wrong at the time Wasn't like do belong to add this. To like your bio, when I talk about your Kirshner, I got well. You know here he was this. He was that no one said he also dropped the first ever J, damn the fur ever GPS, guided munitions was dropped by Colonel David Byrne. Two thousand pound J M and teeth in the year. Two thousand was this brand new incredible thing that we just got trained on which it was kind of the circumstances that got you cleared hot The circumstances were in a during the day. I was scheduled. Good night mission, just a pre scheduled mission that problem involved, you know handful airplanes doing,
recent southern watch just kind of monitoring the airspace which we did. I was on deployment right on. I was on deployment, point I was about to head home what aircraft carrier you coming off status was J F K did you replaced the javert placed the J. I was on the J F K. So I guess I missed you, that's it as well, and that's the other carrier that would have had the potential There is only one squadron on that carrier. The other marine Horny Squadron might have had the chance to their. If it's gonna happen is gonna, be out that carrier, but between the jail. in us during that meeting spring the summer of two thousand, which was just monitoring the no fly zone. What happened was in the middle of the day, on a day that I happened to be already hard scheduled, we, captured it? What's called an auto response option, which means Saddam something that met some criteria that we had a pre planned responds to and what happen to do in this case was took the same.
Roger South of you know that the parallel the wine that we were that we were responsible for so intense hate. They moved the same side down south of working they're, not allowed to be here below this time. They can't be here, and the big debate was We got this information intelligence. The debate was, he went. I'm can to let the brand new guy go on this mission. This isn't a response option that manage we're. Gonna go below the thing up and my squadron commander was like negative. That's the schedule he's going fine and if it wasn't, for you are a new guy. I was monsieur maneuvers born again my first crews. My first point- and the only reason in those other is, as you know, every fourth or fifth night. You just ended up on the schedule. I was you know dash Whatever of this of this mission, it turns out that my flight led do I'll. Tell you I've, look, I'm I'm! I'm all about be inferred. Everything if, the squatted commander or the squatter exo
the opt out, Sir or one of the other or anyone else in this body would like that new guy just broke is left he'll hear what we have been too, but I'm taking place duty was one of those things that they, their wing pad scatter responsible to cover the no fly zone. I was on this schedule. It was gonna, be a totally boring night mission, which would done all the time just covering the no fly zone middle. This happened: we knew that that package that was going and was going to go from a a a monitoring. mission to wait targeting mission, the The mission load up required PS, guided weapon. There happen to be one aircraft in that formation from one squadron that had the GPS aircraft and GPS gotta weapon, I was there. I was scheduled for that. There was a common body This conversation, I was not part of over whether this new guy chip was gonna, get to go as this is garbage because he's brand new the score The commander was like I'm, not building a habit pattern by which, because of the mission Armitage,
reformation he's a young guy. He'd go do it, I went did it I launched I join on the wing of of some other squadron air. After we flew nor for two and a half hours. I blew them, hang up in a case where, were you nervous? I was exe. yeah but not like I was doing. But not like we're. U super confident! I knew that. I was nervous up GPS Bomb areas is a hard job. No, it is not a hard thing to do as much. fact. The beauty of this mission to support things in context is that before I even got into my airplane, I was handed The precise latitude and longitude, which I pre programmed into it up a basically a disk that I downloaded the airplane so before even took from the carrier. I my air craft and the bomb all knew exactly where to go. it, was literally I'm just carrying this thing on my wing. My only job was to arm it up and and pressed the button. Do you You did you fly flat domino.
Happy like of certain altitude you come on, you can like hey broke. I would love to tell you the coolest storing the world. It's not a cool story, like I told you telling. The story now is almost embarrassing, because but listening now, when they think about what we have done since two thousand and one this story? Is the least exciting combat story you ever hear and combat should be in quotes. in two thousand, it was the coolest thing I have ever done. We did. We did a bunch of ship mornings. In the on that deployment yourself in the millennium deployment between two thousand and ninety nine and two thousand, we did like ship boardings overseas and one of the ship warnings that we happened to do was of big russian oil tanker It was on CNN and all this kind of stuff, so was kinda big mesh kind of the same thing to put it in perspective, when we got back We were on the carrier and then there was another platoon from team to that was on the Ark and we,
back. We d, like brief, the ceo and Commodore about like what we did on deployment, and so we got two brief. You know that we do thing, which was kind of you know The time was pretty cool. I just put it in perspective. What the Platoon commander briefed was that they did in the extremists Laura Clearance for the arch ship like something got tangled in the propeller. They, like anger, the ship and they drove down and like cut the thing off they kind of like helped. That was what But if that's what you see A did in your own night, indeed for two thousand, and that was the highest level thing that they did with the most visibility that it could be brief. Was we did a maintenance die on the ship. We were on on board so that this tells you how
What it was like the ties were different back then man, my iron, I'm a hundred percent. I totally imagine what you're feeling gone into this coming out of it. It was the EU is awesome at the time and liquid, came back the whole ship knew about it either there is press release that I have a copy of somewhere that that the Iraqi media put out that you know I honestly think he was like straight up. A baby milk factory had been attacking the standard propaganda. You know, sir I'm civilians were killed. The whole story I got into the into utter keynote hate check this out in the report from our attack. I've got stuff someone at your mom totally s absolutely so. Who is? It was an interesting time. It was a time that Obviously, none of us knew what was common. You don't know the following your help? How much things will change and I actually thought at that time- that was probably
the only chance I was ever really. Gonna have to do something that country we did to. The mission was exactly how I felt I felt I finally did my job after a lifetime agreement about it in six years. Training for little did I know that So if you are now, if you're in at nine. on the status or appearing kg to on the J K, which was to fifty one was the marine horrid Squadron Let me know if I got my facts, not street, but at that time there just now I M not a lot going on, gave kid it's and work. The ship you're onto the drops bomb stated, but maybe not GPS, guided handling so like it really matters bag call me out of here I'm going to those did at the time. So I can tell you did at the time logic He goes through looking at these. These these items to chew,
debate. Keep someone motivated. First of all, a man. Any task better when he thoroughly understands the reasons for performing that task Surely you have heard the question? What am I doing here What have you the commander done to answer this question? Have you, aid. Your troop information programme merely a corner bulletin board in the day room, have you explain to your men, the role of allied forces in your overseas area as part of the United States Army and in one place that role have you Scott with them. The threat of communism. Have you show them how an alert well trained, strong force in peacetime becomes a deterrent to aggression in armed conflict so that, the. Why and that's the? Why that we talk about all the time you did he go
do they understand how what they're doing contributes to the mission. It's as simple as that, And when you're working on the front lines of a factory look If you understand how that contributes to everything that is happening in and what were trying to do, that that makes a difference. only way there ever gonna know that isn't if their leadership makes it a priority, though, or else they going to get stuck down there and their prospects, rolled him, get smaller and smaller than I feel more and more disconnected and they're not can understand it. You have to make that happen. That will not happen on its own. That's one thing: that's cool up at origin be known that the troops at all phone line. They see what's happening right down to the fact that they can see people competing in their keys right there he people working in the genes that they may they get thank yous. They get. You know a picture. Of the genes being ward in North Dakota being born in.
access be in Reno being used and its awesome. And they know that that they can feel what that means, because its bringing back the community and to everyone, He understands that. Why did some porn peat as a great job, making that clear second item. I wonder who, as motivation force, is a sense belonging very few drives of a man are stronger than his desire for identification with a group. We He knows what that he is wanted. He has a definite niece, a specific job and that his efforts, tribute to the achievement of comical. Then it becomes proud of himself his unit and his superiors develop Your men, developing your men, this feeling of identification and your task will be lighter. Then The chips are down and they are called upon to do battle. They will perform as members of an integrated team not as individuals this,
the utilization of man and this. What this the desert, the story of Dave Burke thousands of dollars, were spent. train each man. First, the basic soldier than a specific Emma, less each man in the unit doing being used in the job for which he was trained. I realize only too well. The commanders must occasionally put men off their jobs to meet temper requirements. The men ray eyes. The necessity for this too too often, however, commander forgets to put them back in the job for which is trained. The men do not understand this and such actions often demoralising and result in the loss of unit effectiveness when it becomes necessary to assign an individual to position other than the one for which, been trained. The commander will rise in stature if proper accounting is given Wayne why the temporary assignment has been made and let them no as soon as possible, here be reassigned to duties commensurate with hers, Emily S. One thing should be kept in mind, however.
No amount of motivation will make a man tackle his job. He knows is too big for him. That's the infinite thing. where a man fits into the big picture. Obviously important and then goes into that a little. Finally, there is a great deal of vanity and each of us in few things are more motivating the recognition for a warm and reward for a job. Well done. He then jump forward. A little bit he's got a whole section on physical fitness, which I always like to cover the vision of a push button war suggest that the very Pickle rigours of the battlefield belong to the past, and I crazy one thousand nine hundred and sixty three Lincoln. I just think of that. Nothing could be for from the true physical fitness in today's army is even more important and has been in the past, and this is especially true in overseas theatres, where to meet any Communist bloc aggression, the fighting men on the ground as the ultimate weapon, the fundamental fact
or of the decision. The soldier overseas must be combat ready, not only in terms of equipment, training, a conviction, but also in terms of ability to withstand the rugged demands of physical combat. The time begin? Is the day a new physical on new replacement arrives in your command? In many cases you will be fresh from basic or advanced individual training, and it will merely be a matter of maintaining his high state of physical fitness that he brings with it cases you may well have to start from scratch and bring a man up to the desired standard in both instances, your solution as a commander is a physical fitness programme that will provide for progressive and continuous physical conditioning of your men it can and should be integrated into a phase of pro of phases of training in your programme as an asset to you to commander, is the highly developed sports programme. Many talks about how important that is how important it is to to have these
programmes, where you're running he talks about care of equipment. Gonna, take your your gear uses couldn't Hiram. Remember the rhyme random with the rhyme about for want of a nail- and I had never heard of that point, so I had to look it up for want of a nailed. The shoe was lost for one of the shoe the horse was lost for one The horse the writer was lost for want of a right of the battle was lost for one of the battle the kingdom has lost all for the want of a horse. You now Does that little thing just that little just that little think talks about That is because, in the like, this is where I started kind of reason. Through some stuff you talk about he's gettin the weeds a little bit about. How do you people to take care of their vehicles. He saw it goes through some execution charts proficiency weapons, testing, billions of soldiers. He runs into this ultimate performance testing and talks about how you
to continue. We test people that you know that they can do their job schooling. You talks about schooling, the individuals and again this is. He starts getting into some of the weeds. gets into professionalism and prefer listen to me his arm in a word, in all talk about your first experience in the military, how that leaves a mark well in nineteen, ninety one when I Acting to seal team one, there was an underlying theme of professionalism with pay. You professionalism, Someone will dig. The nickname facility was monoliths dialogue team one because we had hair curtains, actions every two weeks. We are yet again uniform inspections. I think the first Monday of every month, scylding five date
We can. We can confirm this adjacent gardner, but I don't think they had uniform inspections in the decade. So still, everyone looked team, one Stalin team one- and it was this the underlying tone was professionalism back to them in today's army. We can afford to keep only worthwhile individual in our ranks. Every effort must be made to strive for professionalism in all things. Retention of the desirable and dedicated individual is the goal. Counts. supervision by officers and not commission officers is necessary to raise standards of performance. A great deal can be accomplished by each individual by sea. the example and being a professional himself, more than any other thing demonstrated competence, ability efficiency. I e professionalism will incur new officers and enlisted men to make the army their profession.
What is real professionalism, forty career army officer, many do not understand what is meant by professionalism. I submit that professionalism to the young, soldier to the career. Noncommissioned officer to the Young Reserve officer on limited active duty and to the reserve officer on extended. Active duty is different from that applicable to the career regular army officer with twenty years of service. I will explain this. As I see it. If you are enumerate. If you enumerate the various things that have to be done in order to produce a com, ready army to meet the demands of our country in case of emergency. I believe you will find that these necessary operations pretty well cobble cover the field in creating an army? So here's the list of things that you have to do in order to create an army raising an army. Organizing the army equipping the arm. Training the army supplying the army leading
commanding your army, administering the army moving the army, communicating within the army, employing the army career, regular army off. Who wants to prepare himself to be a professional should learn the general requirements, techniques and principles of each one of these necessary operations. In addition, he should become a master of one and have at least one other as a strong minor. That's probably a pretty good place. Stop right now. Would you go all day with us, but what's interesting I find interesting about that is. If you got ten broad operational fields, the army and you can only be a master in one of them-
because we just don't have the ability to be more than that. You could be a minor another. Then, how can you be a professional cause, I was kind of expecting, so you need to learn all these things. He says you can go. Matter. What and you can become a miner in the lawn mower. So I'm thinking, how do you become a professional? And I think the answer is humility to actually know that you're, not a master of everything, to actually know that you have shortfalls and you have deficiencies and then what do as you surround yourself with people that are masters in those areas. You build that team, you build a team, and that starts with humility. It starts with knowing your weaknesses, so you can turn those weaknesses in two strengths by bringing the right people into your organization,
your uncle, Charles speaking of turning weaknesses, industry, makes sure that, anything that can help us, maybe turn weaknesses, industry technically, factually. Do you know you're known for saying the word factually I didn't area some people were occasionally just throw. I just a fact: Lee like a man steer. Apparently my daughter gives me shit, why couldn't you normally you anyway? So yes, ok we're on the path right turning weaknesses in into strength Something we don't want to worry about is our joint, so chuckle says you have comments. Maybe we should just asked the question. You are gone for two podcast. Is this whole sort of support section. It was like I don't know, three minutes. Seventy six on, like your weight to shore, maybe people could put in the comments. You know what you know, how their food about that. Maybe they
Yes, well would you say technically this? the port side, admission factually, is well yeah. This support section and all these fine products and services are infused into the sex. as a whole, since, if so, the second is an only about supports its how to stand the pass straight up. That's what the second section is joining, get old name me naming things for sections, anyway. Thank you, dont want to worry about. Is your joints when you're on this path? There were alone deftly no Where do I you're doing so, Sir Self Juggler supplements overall, a bunch of supplements. All Jacko supplements called chuckle fuel. The joint supplements Turkey joins in the game. Don't have to worry about the think about em, don't have to consider them when you doing individual specific things
unlike renew paid yourself into a corner and you gotta cattle working without ever believe, yeah yeah, it's funny has done individual specific things like that of the near nonetheless joint when I worry bottom we're doing deep squats. When I worried about joints, you know why cause rod. This joint warfare super crude oil. You can you go on that consistently? You don't worry about. None of that stuff, you're worried about your games, so speaking of games boom bulk landscaping around, don't worry about it. More protein in the former dessert, that's which take after you're working out to boom breakdown, build backup or good. Ok, So here's what we do want to discipline and discipline go way. Guy add something on the monk. Are you sure, cuz. There is a something to talk about. It's a little something called smashing pumpkin, oh yeah, it's a new flavor. If you tried it
know. If you literally came in when I was leaving right now it is, it is at the top of my list what you got it yet their negatives. It just is at the top of the list right now, speed. Everything now part of that is because its new and I'm sure there's some level of pay just like that idea, taste good to have something different, but I am, I already European Branwell, you know it's a seasonal thing like now stouter. This is not a seasonal thing. There's no! This is. This is a new. This is in the game. This is this with. This is part of jack off your smashing pumpkin, I don't. I don't even really understand what pumpkin have. You were eaten pumpkin before like when you were little. He had carbon produce ate some cause. You are now what not the raw pumpkin idea now writing, but to this day, Dantes, like anything right, basically slimy since I'm thinking what is what is pumpkin. Flavoured mark gonna tastes like slime sure, because that's what pump
Pumpkin have no taste kind of sort of slimy yeah. So I was a hundred percent sure, but you know these guys are all fired up, and they send me the sample and I mixed signals like good Lord, I don't even so it's it's a poem. guinea spice flavour case There is a cinnamon situation, but what it I don't know, look does it tastes like pumpkin spice? Maybe I've never really eaten anything that tasted like pumpkin spice, when we do this It tastes, freaking good. It is real good. It tastes shockingly good yeah, I understand you know, what's pump pumpkin spaces, I dont know kind of ugly face a thing yet a thing: it's a flavor! I get my waiver get pumpkin spice drink. We write some latte suckers lying beyond it, also yeah. That's why twenty one,
like. I'm never eaten anything report, because that's not what parking space tenants parking space tends to be like drinks and ostler trendy drinks, that's what he gets like the rap for whatever it's a fall Being to seasonal thing, it's kind of softly, softly kind of baby, that's where he was all like seasonal, do say: beside sees not softly softly with far it's a fall all they? Could you please, by Europe towards you know like that oil rig? I dig? we get a balance. You get about four issues. Unless we wonder if please listen to these parts task- and I can tell you does or does not cause Always busting is chops here, whether he listens or not, he's kind of miss now and he can't defend himself, listen or you can defend yourself. Your call PETE, but we know that you're leaving tour, would you say comfy comfy?
softly softly softly. I didn't ass if he had never tried pumpkin spice, yet he would even tried smashing prompted today. Although I told him- and I support this stuff is so good. This stuff is so good. He was. I haven't even try to yet I go because he's got a sweet tooth like that guy main lines, Bach Laval, like it's cool style. People deserve that got usually send him like cookies in doughnuts and stuff. Just a distant torment, him can spice anyways smashing pumpkin mark wait, not anyways. We're into the bar space, they I thought or we're not going to. Let him I'm not an ogre. Had no no we'd have to get to the bottom. I want to know. I thought it was a food, the illegal Secondly, it is a kind of my point right, so you know you're, saying: ok, my what the ito my way Gets it. It's a trendy thing got right, so PETE, in seasonal,
It is how are we not the pumpkin thing to do just that at that? I do not ok, pumpkin spice, think about pumpkin by your pumpkin by before yeah and again to me what about you? Yes, I've had it look, it's like consider lake because they can get it get to. It is like a sea a man added to the pumpkin pie, flavouring out, he's insane and then bore mark or good but so seasonal. Is it because a false season, or is it because the whole in season not jack, lanterns and one word pumpkins Halloween, just you think not. The father has pumpkin spaces for that fall thing. It's insane. But, as the seasonal I quit my ass. He knew about the mark. Is it seasonal? Ours are not seed or can't look in January or March or sprang or whatever. We all keep it in the log happening languages to freakin good smashing, pumpkin
believe it. Actually, when you mentioned it feels like dang, that's a whoever came up with that kind of idea. For more, like that's pretty that's good. That's all It's really good, I'm not sure they might have been my daughter who came up with the at my door. I say we go. My daughter is into nutrition and stuff and she's in the Moluccas and she's in a sign recipes. Will you I wonder how texting whether Knesset hey you know what flavour do you want. and one of the things that she said she wanted was pumpkin pumpkin space, which I did even really know was a fake. The thing hey man, you down for it? As you like, pumpkin spice parent, we, you know, you know, and I dont like pockets. My son, I like smashing popular well there you go the way? Yes, ok, so twenty other flavors too, by the way, so all good more protein from the other, deserve an informal from pumpkin spice boom. Dago monk is good
So ok, I skipped around little bit. We usually talk about the vitamin d. That's important too. The seasons, changes can be outside that much getting son seems in so boom. You want to be sure you got that kind of also cold war, free immune system, vitamin d, good freemen system, too bump in combo, seemed same deal. You gotta worry about your sickness. Let's face it s an area one should be open european system at this point in the world. I think in time. Yes, It is my there's plenty of reasons is one big reason did that immune system kickin? Yes, sir Strew also Giacometti get that in bags and in Cannes. What's up at the camp.
well what's going on right now, as we may have initiated a little bit of a war in the drink world in the in the can't drink world, so we there might be a delay in getting jock away back in the game that we ve been we ve been drawn into a there's, been there's been a declaration of war against Jacko disparate GO cans. Yes, so we're it's! It's on my talk too much detail. But let me just say we are at war and and look it's one thing when you're kind of down there in your scrap it. In your view, no, but whatever its having a good time
but then I will send you realize you you're at war, and so we had some events unfold, that some some big actors have taken. Action to attempt to suppress are people. So what have to fight for the hearing more about that want to plans. What not you did mention discipline, go so discipline, joggled discipline and this window discipline is the powder this when go. Is they can and pills in capitals by the way, but which are the Cannes Rte, Dean already to drink right. This is for the region to drink, deploy, a health held in actual healthy energy drink?
San actually helped either, not the guy like no. Actually, I actually healthy good, no preservative, nothing, ok available in Walla Vitamin shop and online. It's a little speaking of war, so check this out. Part of this war is driving and crushing the enemy. So we're not all war was yet we want to and by the way. Why was just the beginning, but we crash The that was right now we're only in Florida The floor was we have like a battle map, especially now that we're War, river bottom up, if you're in it checks out, if you want to support the cause, gonna walk in Florida, ingest clean out just get yourself? Some discipline go the edges
this would go and help us win the war prescience also out of a job yet their fear, while one near you also origin main dot com, Let's face it. Also, Amazon, yes available before I'm, you mention orchard, Mean Dotcom, other stuff on or Jamaica Jujitsu stuff. Yes, we'll say everyday stuff too, where Jean specifically American Dental so big deal. American dental also boots on their real good stuff. You're gonna get something. Then, if you want something american made stuff, it's not like, not a big deal near by the way you may have been looking for delta. Sixty eight genes. They were unaware, before a while they're back work, work
catching up right now and therefore freaking awesome and I have a confession to make you know how more like you know. I mean I literally have written books about, put your people out of you and take you it's very nervous confess so, they're doing kind of reengineer, the delta genes of little bit, we re engineered the fabric a little bit. We re engineered the cut and so PETE sent me like that we went back and forth, like three generations finally sent the adoration like recently the he sent me like. Ok, this. Should be it. I put him on a set of attacks on like execute Send me two pairs immediately but be above everyone else's waiting jackets. I got a virus, I have I. All my other genes are in the garbage is now just delta delta. Sixty eight,
does things ever yeah totally gotta go? So if you want those, you can get those he is like now, you're, not dramatic PETE, for his teeth. Fashion and its functional design. Functional fashion, can we say functional unless the job he may keep buttons, keep being you PETE great guy anyway also we have, as doctors stores called Jacko Store, got some network. Represent you and discipline eagles freedom, shirts, hats, hoodies, bored shirts, on their bomb all that stuff about. I remember now, by the way, I'm by heavy rotation oil can flush end back once the mother one on their to some good software. Does it will have other went on there? You will have other once on holiday.
I look to furnish centralized commander. Men were doing the best we can over there anyway, yet some good stuff on their Christmas is coming up, maybe not this month, but soon seem saying the same. There's there are good gift items on their. Yes, jock restore dot com. You want something, Something don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, because ECHO Charles things, you should dont for, We have some other park ass, once called Jacko unravelling, which echo should be putting out some episodes. It has the thumb, read it has its own right now need certain feed feed. So if you want to get the unravelling park, assets on its own feed did that one you can search. I you to make sure you're getting them when they come out. There's We have some in the bank, let's get him out, talking to everyone else. Echo chosen just talking to you right now, visitor isn't like this is the kind of a universal statement to the people where it is most aiming for one person we have that
in the bank. We don't want them in the back. We want to spend them we're gonna, get them out to the people and fully is out. What's the matter ours that it takes a rough leave. What point two hours or maybe something we could make happen. This very Well, yes, here's the thing about that the whole gates over the unravelling, but guess used to be called. The threat needs to be reviewed so scribe to the threat. If you were in it's in your like lie: Browed among the different sections, and I'm talking about like items. outlawed gas and I'm not sure prestige, I'm measure might very well, but it'll, be in your library still, but you'll win, Click on their evil indicate that you're subscript leaders can click it again for
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a little precursor of that. And then he have over watch. If you need executive leadership inside your company go to F over watch dot com. We have military veterans at understand these principles that are ready to go to work. If you're a company that needs veterans, If a watchdog up, if you help service members, active and retired their families, gold, star families around the world and check out Mark Liese, mom, she's got a charity organization. Mama Lee, it's called America's Heidi warriors and if you want to donate- or you want to get involved and go to America's mighty warriors dot org and if you find yourself thirsty, for more pain. And you want more of my droning drudgery or you want more of echo's farcical folklore or
maybe you just want some more of Dave's overzealous singers, then you could find us on the webs on Twitter Instagram, which echo will only referred to as the Graham and or Facebook D is that David, our Burke echoes adequate Charles and I Georgia will again thanks to General Bruce Clark and Colonel David hack worth from leading our nations best income, bad for passing. On those lessons to us and thanks to all the people. uniform out there right now, putting those less still use keeping democracy and freedom safe in the world
and to police and law enforcement to fire fighters. Paramedics, aunt, em, tease, dispatchers Correctional authors, border patrol secret service in other first responders. Thank you for keeping us safe here at home in every one else out. There remember what you have heard from general cork member what he said that it all starts with discipline. The army is built on discipline, so sore us so are we as individuals, general cork, said that the one thing that will keep a trainee on the right track is discipline. That's the one thing the supreme thing, so maybe we should be more disciplined and maybe we should stay on the right track. Maybe we should stay on the path every single day.
By getting after it and until next time, this Dave and ECHO and Jacko out.
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