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256: An Hour Lost Today is an Hour Lost Forever. Time is Running Out.Guidelines for the Leader and Commander Pt.6

2020-11-18 | 🔗

The final installment of "Guidelines for the Leader and Commander" by Gen Bruce Clarke

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This is Jack gas number two. Fifty six with ECHO rules, and me Jocker willing getting the act of good evening and joining us once again is day Burke even gave greatly and we are going to rap no instalment on guidelines for the leader and commander by General, Bruce Clark. This is the subject podcasts, plural, two hundred and fifty one two hundred and fifty two two hundred and fifty three two hundred and fifty four two hundred and fifty five pin now find me two hundred and fifty six, so much taller. Taking the lessons that were passed on to Colonel David Hack, worth preserve degree of Vietnam wrote a book about face, taught me any leadership lessons while he learn those lessons from this book, written by general, Bruce Clark who served in Korea, World war, two world war, one
Who led many soldiers trained even more, including one that he may know about me and we are trying to pass those lessons on. So for the final stolen. Let's get back to the book guidelines for the leader and Commander chapter eleven physical conditioning very go echo Charles, I'm sure your interests just got peaked here we go. I would like to pass on to you for such implementation as may be practicable within your several commands and within your various types of headquarters in units some thoughts on the problem of physical exercise, physical condition and physical training. This is a cop like subject it six ES depends on the programme. Each commander works out to fit he's
needs and facilities and then enthusiastically and energetically pushes, while many of our units and individuals are in fine physical shape, This is not universally true in many comments I believe, that can be made more nearly universally true by general concept as to its importance and too consideration of the implementation of practical steps that can be in this field without materially interfering with our other activities? What Greece Are you giving general court for some was the Armhole openly? I'll get him a great. Luckily you eagerness, you redeem himself in the end this book with some real soon. Clear, concise, so he thinks the simple stay. as people should be worked out, believe strongly that good physical condition is one of the evidences of spree in a unit as well as of morale in an individual, so it helps both your team and you, as a person,
Now here's where we have a serious beef serious beef? probably won a most serious beefs ever for me with General Clark, this top it is called calisthenics at end of day echo you're, probably gonna want to throw down with this one. Are you going away with him on one occasion I visited a unit in observed, counts than Ex being conducted during the first period of the morning. This being done in the normal way by a junior sergeant, conducting the exercises with the senior noncommissioned officers and officers, standing around to supervise and monitor. Possibly the ones who needed the exercise, the most were the ones observing. That's a good one right. You know that guy be that guided standing there with her small arms telling people they need to do more. Pull up right, they'll want to find yourself
its original Jacko Nelson. But then he says this. I do not think calisthenics Other physical training exercise in the first hour of the day is good course, as we know, I definitely think that working out the first hour of the day is good, if they are done strenuously enough to be of any value slid the men work up. Perspiration the men where the same wet closed throughout the day or until such clothing dries off them Similarly, if men performed exercise requiring them to sit on the ground or lie in the ground, they start off the with dirty and maybe wet clothing. Now for me, general court. All due respect I think we can just take a shower Jane close when we're done workin out, I think, Can overcome that in the modern era yeah, I gotta admit that kind of surprise me as being the first reason, then he stopped and why not to work out foreseen, warning dick we we could, just we could just shower seems
to solve that problem. I will say this, though I think he's coming from a time period where they have this fool like It was only an idea that was just coming to fruition rights. It wasn't a thing yet it wasn't. A thing to work out so people and have worked out close people that have worked out. whose people didn't have worked out bag. These people have a work out. Bag didn't have your the little frigid reebok or wherever the echo Charles takes a twenty four hour git, Girls on so they now that back them for these things yeah. You show up to work, and the first thing we do is build up a sweat and I'll. Give me what the clothes all day all right, we will give you full cut you some slack and then he says I believe far more reasonable to devote the last hour in the afternoon to physical, exercising and physical training, so that the men and go from it, to the showers and get into other clothing for supper. and the evening this
The time when the mind is tired and training requiring mental attention is least effective. Okay, so that Ok, so our where it is going to jump passed like all the whole thing about the twin, your work it out, because I think it's just, I think we're beyond that. Now, in the modern era, I don't think were, I think we can work out whenever it makes the most sense not based on our sweat and clothing. Can we put that can be said that one aside, I agree. So now. This is interesting This is the time when the mind is tired and training requiring mental attention is least effective. Doesn't it take a certain level of mental effort to do a hard work out? Don't don't you think it's Dave? Yes, I wonder if he's thinking like intellectual effort right, I get that and I get that too.
Like, for instance, this might sound stupid when I'm going to win I'm going to let s late at night and look tired and I've got some more reading to do red until I'm, just gonna fall asleep and then I'll get up brush my teeth. Whatever take my supplements, as echo likes to say so. I ll do my little evening, routine, floss, everything and then and then I have like your I stood up so now. I can read a little bit longer asking little bit longer and then I go to sleep. so when you do something, I guess That's what I'm saying is you get bored So maybe this is a good plan. Hey it's the end of the day. Your kind of Thai
You don't feel like focusing on this. Would you call it Dave intellectual work? Yet you don't you don't you ve spent your intellectual energy, but you can still go Jack. Some steel, possibly I don't agree think that that's the case for some of us, the Norman when you're mentally, exhausted and ensure there are some circumstances, but as a general books or the way, an approach to working out on an omen. I don't know if I can get there quite yet, but we'll see what do you want to have? You want to be mentally fresh for your workout. I back the book in two divisions and in a brigade and which I served, everyone stopped activities at four o clock on two days a week, with the exception of the necessary duty officer garden, everyone from the commanding general everyone from the commanding general on down, took physic who exercises this visit,
exercising consisted of activities that provided a real work out. None of this echo Charles, real accountability. Certain well organised selected games were allowed, provided that ever one played, organise calisthenics were allowed, but the bulk of the units engaged in a four miles trot and fast walk to come to be completed in fifty minutes, the ESA grower Talkin twelve million miles or whatever or not. This is not this is not a challenge and here's what he as I thought through its are to make a little bit more sense, combat with proper socks, worn by all personnel in order to get the men used to and prevent damage to their feet right above the top of the boots, Heaven was permitted to prescribe their own uniform within Iraq decency this gave met a feeling of freedom which added relaxation and benefit of exercise. Okay, so that's cool. I do not think this lack of uniformity, hurt Discipline of the unit it was a show mentor.
men, travelled the previously laid out format, courses as individuals being checked at the start and finish to record There are times in order to motivate the slow ones by false, so there's just this kind of prescribes, is weird bike, four mile walk that everyone can go on which tells me. earlier when I said they want that working out wasn't really like a thing. Yet it wasn't, because if they thinking fifty minutes in four miles, but the only thing I can say about that also is, if you're talking to a who vision or a whole brigade of people like these all frontline soldiers. Obviously these are, the strait of people wooden whatever the general self. So yeah, I don't know, by following the courses- individuals, instead of four formation, no one exercise so strenuously as to do himself damage, regardless of his physical condition or age care, sweetie
in starting such a programme to work to a reasonably so as not to increase the sick. All right, you. I think if you follow, if you imagine like a corporation like a giant corporation and divisions, eyes corporation with whatever ten or fifteen thousand people in and they're gonna start a physical training programme, this might be an ok program. You got fifty it's you gonna, go out! You gonna move for miles, go for a walk whenever I think, that's what I mean gets almost the perspective that he's comin from mother Good let me just say, a real work and there should be sweating. I mean I'm not sweating. After up after twelve minute miles for form
and I spent a lot as you know. Well, let's just be thankful that we are where we are where we ve learned so much about physical training, in which a changed a lot I mean. Did you see that picture I posted the other day I was like YO and at what am I and back in the day is due at cable cross. I couldn't live crazy. Do unjust, cable, crossovers earlier the hard core building opting nature, building the what the lower packs, leave it to you to try to yell at him. Well he's doing that exercise sunlike using Daedalus. I think we're just messing around actually physical exercise broken the sector, the army's written commanders, about the tendency to to move troops from barracks, to work and from barracks to training areas by vehicle instead of marching them when it is practicable to March
or not. That is very important at the troops, retain the ability to March, and especially, was and is especially important in mechanized and motorized armor units. So that's a great point: when you have the opportunity to march instead arena vehicle, you should Martians at arena vehicle. That's one thing: it's cool about butts in buds, you run too didn't you run to breakfast and back you run a lunch and back you run the dinner backed milder. It's me actually do in six miles a day before anything like before the day before you get credit for anything, you ran six miles as a pilot. Do you gazelles of watching videos of some pilots knew that I came across and do you guys, like kind of have to stand physical condition just to endure like flying a plain essentially mean the physics. Fitness standards are universal across the Marine corps and all the same, there is a
there's a unique level of fitness that is associated with flying and it kind of comes and goes with how much longer doing, but it's not like a separate type of aviation fit, other than there are things about aviation that will fatigue that you, you won't get the doing other things and an that's true, run things as well, but, like the pity in the Marine corps, doesn't they don't care waiter, Georgia This can you train for the like? Let's You did a disassociated tour and you weren't flying for eighteen months, and now you knew your own back to a squadron. Refined is very exercises that you could do to get ready for flying. You can't train for g tolerance of secularism, So that's like a perishable thing. You know there's theirs a robot anaerobic, there's certain muscles and our good due to be strengthened. But if you haven't phone, it's the jeez that will let you cannot trained for. You can't replicate those genes and you can't train for those trees.
At all. I mean ok. Let me challenge now. You can train for the technique and you can run into the muscles to do that, but you can't replicate the actual feeling of the Jews. But that being said, if you take someone, that's it really good shape versus someone. That's not really good shape. The personnel are really good shape. Gonna do better, maybe I'll, be ok I mean you have to use your muscles yeah you you do but like larger muscles. Don't you dont mean better GI tolerance, but whatever just conditioning no, absolutely yes air condition. Person is gonna, be in we need to be endured, the rigours of flying more than the other person, but that doesn't mean he's. Gonna have a higher g tolerance, tell me about my my body. What will, when my poor all went back seat in the everyday?
and so we went through the whatever training you go through. Seed get called to go the backseat seat. So we He showed up late, it's really miss them. whole briefing on how to what is called, how to force the blood to your brain, he missed all that and then whatever and they showed up. I think he was out. I think you would break it. I therefore, and so there's little covered move and like we knock em back into the class and put his name on the rostrum. It's all good will. Then he showed we eat up to Fallon and he didn't know what, He just got the plane is a cool. I know what you know whatever and he passed out the tired time just like wake up and then just pass out again because you didn't know too. Blood do his head. He I know to do that. So you just pass about video that make sense if they had video of a totally he was just here is a sphere.
For the round Mccormick cockpit, we were laughing and he had no idea. He didn't remember anything. He was just passing out broke and she get like hurt, like the likely. If you passed out a limp intention now, because you know those that media that you play at the muster up, they die in the. What would you call those centrifuge here and he he passes out, and this is probably still smashed from the forest there I don't think, there's any real risk of programmes. Recent! That's more just didn't you know, you're the actually, that's that's an event like diggers train. Do you guys have a specific like training routine, for that because men, it is you don't really realise that I mean. Maybe do maybe don't you know, but when you see guys flying plain to do it all the stuff, you don't really understand like what you're going through physically in there, right. Is there an ideal physical build for fighter pilot so man I mean just like
every marine, this all shapes and sizes? I'm not my my body type, who is drastically different than others in the end If you were gonna, be an F eighteen pilot or let's say enough, thirty five pilot: you the design and F. Thirty. Five pilot human health would that human beings six foot, how much? How much would they weigh hundred ninety pounds? So that's it does so there is no That's because if he six four he's cramped in the cockpit, if he six, these five five he can it's the pedals, left or right I mean there's issues. There are legitimate air through parametric issue That is a truth. You get measured, always odd measurements like ankles Erlich elbow to rest Ankle too need there's all sorts of fish, go measurements, the the windows pretty broad and even for me to say six, but one. Ninety, I'm just talking about like us, a lean, strong guy. Does that mean a fight?
with six hundred and twenty five pound person can be good, but not the total actual. We can absolutely again would that person may be shot a little bit with like looking over the shoulder they wouldn't their body type is if you're, sick sporting you're banging her head against the canopy, which gas squadron guys whose call signs were stretch because they were so tall at the end of the day. I don't think any would come back and say I'm better, because my build or my height, so that answers that the window- broad enough to say than anybody and there's pilots out there that pretty good pilot out there that aren't six foot one! Ninety! zero. Zero cut off high our minimum yeah. I idea, I think it's pretty small. I think it's it's very short, like five one. Five too, you know you can accommodate someone that short, and I think I ve known geyser, six, five, six, six fine fighter so day they get it, there's a big window in their do they call them pedals
do they have a collar house now they're adjustable, so the image of not being written out of his more frequently than but I'll. Tell you why, as this as a taller guy anyway taller dude in it, you know when you get into an airplane that somebody else has flown and there on the the shorter side you get in your your knee cuz, I be in the backseat of the car you'll, have to push those panels. All the way back, I stood in front of you is way shorter than you, so it's adjustable like had a lot. It insisted it's. The adjustment is not too far away from me. The cockpit temperature adjuster. That's right, you know just picture tat are going on. I do not wish to discourage anyone who gets exercise from golf tennis, bowling, hunting, fishing, gardening, walking, skiing, etc. In fact, I encourage such activities during off time when spring arrives and long daylight hours of the year with us in good time. To start physical training programme goes on
commander should have no objection to come to the closing of any headquarters at four o clock two days a week in order to devote this time to physical exercising, nor should subject to the stopping of other activities in most tea or we units at four o clock to afternoons a week for this purpose so he's talking about. You should always train today's week, which once again I mean in the marine corps. Yes, you pity everything obey right. Well, not aviation units all reliably? I mean when I was with granules. There was every single day and there was a time allocated to that the squadrons I would in I was in didn't, do find it wicked five day week pity I thought that was presented standard in the military Well, that's what he said he's only two days a week. Yeah I mean think what he sang is interesting. As you mentioned the common, this guy was YO steeped in war. One this is a guy, saying, Egypt.
Our time for pity. Now I mean to a week now looking back as in reflecting on that, but he was Prob. A pioneer saying: hey, Commander shut your unit down to go work out, and you should do that. Like that's, ok, as opposed to hey, we gotta get this paper honour this wherever the thing going on it, so he might have been out in front of the curve for all I know for the two per day, era that he was insane. It's ok from the general down the private is shut down. Normal ops did european. No, absolutely your hundred, I believe your hundred percent right. He was the guy that was spearheading working out. Look you got out there today is weak. so you don't even take minimum right cuz. That would be so like a minimum two days a week. He just saying three days a week, but you got to get out there. In connection with this physical exercise programme. I think we might well give thought to delaying the evening meal on Monday through Friday, in order to give the men more time to get cleaned up. Showered addressed today will not feel that were urged to rush right to work. Well,
from work to supper this Was this the reason I want to reduce such as this would have advantages other than physical conditioning by serving the evening meal in the enlisted message. As early as we do, we leave the soldier, if over six hours of time after supper beforehand scheduled to be in bed to do things that sometimes lead to trouble more exercise in a later meal hour in the afternoon, would tend to reduce free time in the evening and would absorb energies and would encourage the men to go to bed earlier. It has been found to be an overall vision to serve the heavy meal at night instead of a noon on duty days. I believe give enough time off to our food, Zurich people's? They can live with these changes in the feeding programme, so classic. alcohol, I've written before chapter three about the intention
use of alcohol and the end of the desirability of cutting down on the quantity of consumption of alcohol. One of the reasons for this is to help improve the physical condition of our officers and men. obesity. I would like to say a word about person being overweight. While there are not very many such personnel in most commands there are some who are eating more than their physical activity burns up the commander, bring this to the attention of such individuals with a view to we're, exercising or less eating or both other pro problems. the head is the last section other process just a broad statement. This is this. This is actually something the echo that you used to say all the time on this part cast other pro I believe that such a programme, as I suggested, will automatically help to solve the problem in those you which have one of men in garrison, changing out of fatigues first
evening, social activities. It should help reduce other unfavourable statistics as well. You used to say on this progress all the time echo that the most universally helpful thing a person can do, is exercise will help you in all aspects of what are you doing, which is point and what he said is hey. If you exercise every problem that you have is going to be improved, so ECHO is the time we're on that one there there. So you said I was thinking about it. Might, by contrast between aviation might my time in a fighter squadron where's. My time, an angle go it's kind of the biggest contract, contrast is anathema. how it is elsewhere, but the inference the ground units when I was with them, have a kind of pre regimented like their days and its cover typical working Whereas a fighter squadron offers twenty four hours a day, so there they are running in shifts
whole time so Stana Work week is there's always a third or half the unit there from Sunday night till Friday afternoon, so that psycho is a little is in. I was correct thinking my had just the the the you getting the who unit together in this in a squadron, almost never happens. You're at best, you can have like Yahoo, doing your work up. You run in that work of his work of his power, even because workshops Yo Yo the flies get shot a bunch. You can always different walls, but you I would routinely the better. Gonna get his half your squadron. There at any, given time most of the time not always like that, but I would say ninety percent of a typical fighter squadron cycle. Is you have you were three shifts and you'll never have more than happy squadron there at any, given time well before the war in the nineties at the team. We pity as a team five days a week as a team Maybe one day would be what they call the individual
to which guys would legitimately individual bt they go, do whatever what you do to jitsu or whatever they were gonna do, but the other days was like. Oh Monday's, IRAN too there's a swim, wednesdays, individual pity, There is course fridays Monster Mass that was kind of a typical step schedule at that in the back, What's the monster mash monster just oh course, boat paddle just come up some crazy sort of various. What would you call it It would be like one of those on yours. This tv, physical, competitions where they're doing all these are like you'd run, the obstacle course than you would do burn runs, but you to being a little team. So, just be some kind, our we call it a monster. Mash look american in Georgia american injure warrior, but as teams as it is the protein back of this is obviously pre war, but back and was the opportune together all the time yes or no
the tune was together, but the team wasn't so there be able tunes out in the desert there be up, though, that we want to know the data that we want: platoon up a foul and thereby another petunia jungle somewhere, but there's still be three patterns back at the team and all the support people from the visa, the petunias like that was the element that at the lowest level or to gather you didn't really break up platoon, very often, not very often that you go through your work up together, but you gotta member, a super tuna small right, a super tunas only sixteen guys. Sometimes in the past we bumped him up to eighteen, sometimes even bumped him up to twenty one depending on Manning now in mission, but the general seal opportune? Sixteen people and post postwar did that become the task unit was together, for the most part would be as it almost elevate up at the yes. They then they all the Sunday. They made the two ask unit which is to put tunes together with a headquarters unit over it
and they had the idea it took him a while to like actually make it happen. So there are some, vision on the bond behalf of Naples, Shall warfare, Manders to say, actually you know what we should probably put a bigger unit together because sixteen guises is very limiting right. What can you do with sixteen guys? I mean if you man up vehicles with sixteen guys, you men up whatever you man up three vehicles, may now there's six people in those vehicles driver Gunnar driver, Gunnar driver, Gunnar, you put the four guys in that. I give you ten assaulters. What can you take down? What tennis alters? The answer is not very many. So when who were task unit mode with now you had to pull tunes plus you had headquarters and then you get attached. If you d- and maybe you get us kind of a radio men to help you solve a sudden. You know you got thirty five forty Guy's, going out the door, so it turn. into a better future it is a really good call. I remember what one of that one of the first things
in a platoon, I was in an arc platoon, which meant we're going on a ship we had to do: hydrographic reconnaissance, which is old school, led line and slave labour. state, meaning you had a lead line. You have a piece of rope with open of land on the bottom and you tied little knots every six feet. Four: five You said you would go and swim in a line and dip that led line and see how deep the water was. Then you dive for obstacles before the Marines came in this world. or two straight up beauty, t underwear demolition team stuff well when you're in the art. But do you actually did not a lot because you are supporting marine corps landings so so we were. We had a sixteen mammal too, and I didn't argh with sixty guzzlers really hard, because you have you have a boat party of guys then you have like a radio man, so there's two or three guys and art in the water and somebody stained with the boats there's another two guys that are not the water solve a sudden. You ve got you ve only got,
seven guys to do the recap or nine guys who do the recon or whatever? So that's, that's not good so. I remember writing a point paper. I was like an e foreigner wrote a point. paper to my commanding officer that the art cartoons should have for more personnel in the platoon and think we actually got like they give us like two more guys critical. young. Have you who did? I think I was such is pretty. I looked back at the Danger naval letter format when I say Do I know I try I I know I tried The coffin was, you know my commanding officer. It's times like that makes sense. We can give you
but we give you to make it an eighteen amplitude. We had an eighty map to pressure. I can't even remember you it's weird. Is I can't remember what yeah I can't remember if you gave us to more people, maybe give us one. I think he gave us at least one more persons. I think I know exactly who was but anyways aright. So there's the physical conditioning thing. The next section is called chapter. of the creating of superior units for basic principles I, found that there are four basic principles which apply to the problem of creating army units which are considered superior first, the superior units must be created from the ordinary run of personnel. How awesome is that you're gonna make a superior unit, but
anybody. That's ever served in the military knows that you're gonna get what you get. yet we all know that there's units that are freakin awesome and there's units that are horrible and bow. The awesome units at the horrible units have run the mill people in them. They came from They come from the same pool of soldiers in this case they are the same people get to pick your little team of your superstar athletes. In this case, and it's the same thing in business right, it's the same thing, a business. You get businesses that are the same market. And one of them is crushing, and the was not well. Why is that? Why is that you, both getting too hired from the same group of human beings and in the country, whatever country or in The superior unit must be created from the ordinary run of personnel second class, if according to ability the men in a unit, fall naturally into three groupings upper me.
oh and lower the excellence of a unit depends, Upon the ability of the commander to bring the men of the lower group to a degree of proficiency which makes them and set to his unit team. This wording into some stuff from I'm not sure about. I'm not sure about. This is one of them. He talks about a little bit more me. He talks about your focus being making the people that are he's basically saying good, really good people middle people in bad people. He saying the focus is made the bad people better made the bad people applause for the unit. I don't necessarily agree with that. I agree with that should be ah focus a singular focus. I don't think it should be the four I would rather take my people in Europe the top and make. totally awesome and make my peace let her in the middle, like really really good a market focused my efforts on the Turks.
the reason I didn't say anything when you, when you read Bacchus, add alike is our model. From a general Clark has a say before I need them, but that, on its face that when you said that my first indeed was was ok, I don't think that's right, but it is easy to say something about it, but we we get. This question this is all the time is, leaders will devote, but our attention to their bottom performers. Like almost all attention. Why would you invest all of your time in the least productive people wanted? It invests most of your most of your time in your most productive people. They get you, don't you don't ignore those people, but if you're devoting again, he's gonna, say something I'm short year, but when you said that I had the reaction of well, it's like, if you let's say honour on a level of one to five you're, a five echoes a one. One being the worst five these bases. So if I take my efforts,
I am able to well to double your power, I can turn you into a ten. I can only turn echo with two or two. exponentially positive, returns on Dave Burke Kind and not on it with a similar next. Third, all men did is this: is this is such an interesting one. Third men desire to do what is wandered of them all men desire to do what is wanted of them? Ok, so that's that's! The first part select Let's absorb that, and then he goes on to Take some ownership here, win do not. It is because they have not adequately motivated and instructed so.
Have you ever had anybody nor squadron that straight up just didn't want to do what was what was wanted You know, I would say yes in the sense that the other p, that I've had my units that fit that bill, and we did something about that. His point I understand is point though, and the idea that that You're right. That person off is unwilling to do it is it was more like how much of my time, how much energy am I going to devote to try to find the way that get you to? I need to be so. While I don't agree with that comment. Yeah I've, people in my in my sphere, multiplies rub my career that simply we didn't get within into being, and could you say, hey that's, affordable, vault of leader. one hundred percent, but the leader also so ass- to make a little measurement of embarking devote a hundred per cent of my tongue.
Getting that guy from A1 to A2, hey man, this investment to you right now is going to take away from all the other stuff and I'm going to cut you loose by the way. What's what's what's ten I'm serious, if the persons is zero, will now so so listen Think all men. Is an overstatement. I think you throw percentage on their that's upwards of ninety seven percent. Ninety seven percent that want to do what they want to do a good job. They want to do a good job. An into his point as a leader your default should be is that they are not the problem you're dead, Ultimately, the percentage is so high that you might as well just go on the assumption that the problem is it with them. so that ninety seven percent is, is, I think, actually correct, not all, but a thick. Point two, as I gave you are in charge of people when they are not there two standards union. And most of your tie forget what you're doing wrong most people don't need to be They need to be led to think we wrote that annex
ship or in dichotomy, leadership and he's not which most people don't be fired. They need to be let most people all people now and you know you, don't you see this in a while? You don't get to see this cause. You were an officer, then you went through us. Yes, when you go through like Navy boot camp. You see some people that don't want to be there and there they do not want to be there there for fifty men like this aid for me and they're gonna do whatever they gotta do to get. They don't want to do. What is wanted of that re? Don't they want out forth, The best unit in an organization is always the one which is excellent or better in all things, grew these precepts. Let us analyzes of and apply them to the basic problem of a commander. Who is striving for a superior unit appetite into the units application of it what city is the problem
of polishing ordinary units until the emerges superior are primarily the problems of raising individual performance and capabilities to a superior level them truly outstanding units which have been produced in our army, given it give em, evidence that these problems can be solved based on the facts, that their per cent tile scores on the after tea, which is like the as vat, which is the it's a basic intelligence test that you take when you're coming in the military as endless catch you take, it becomes We have not only that Turkey has about bs obsolete. Ok, it's your you take them, basic test. It sort of Anne s sake in a city type test total. How smart are you is basically what it is, and then he ranks out the three groups and is the preferred the middle third, the lower third but
he's, got this little thing in here and increasing the scores listed and I'm not gonna go into those. But the upper third is eleven percent and thirty four. So the upper the top two groups combined make up forty five percent of forty, five percent of people are in the are in these sixty five percent dial and higher of that testing. Forty three percent are in the middle, so you're almost on and in the last twelve percent is people letter in not the lowest group, but the second lowest group. So if you get between zero and nine on the on the added value of these aren't, this is this is actually the F cutie which the old Ass Bab, so the scores correlate to what we know about since we didn't take the asthma nineteenth or we take here can t nine fifty eight. So what are you saying as you're gonna get mostly people that are either in the middle group or in the higher group, which is great.
Now I am sure that there are some people who think loud ass, the difference. You know all the civilian world and we get these people there there's no way start. Talking about people that are in the low scoring brackets of the of the as vat like these. I can't get in the military, but they're also not going to be applying for a job with that's going to take some some high level cognitive abilities that they're just not going to be there. So I've got a very interesting book in a couple on the podcast and it's it's really. It's I've been reading for a while and actual juncture showed it to several months ago, because I've been stewing on it. But it's the Vietnam WAR they they needed people they needed people to be in the military. They need people to be in the military
go to Vietnam, and so they started to lower the standards and that the main standard that they lowered was the the iq level or matter. If you want to call the iq level, but that's basically, what's the intellectual level, the the intelligence level and they started getting these these people in the military that were just they just didn't, have the mental capacity to to really any job. Even- and you know you don't you think about in the military there's some pretty there, some pretty some jobs that don't take a lot of intellectual horsepower. Right I mean you need people arrogant queen. The two lets you know you got, you got some. You know you gotta pee, let our gonna look. These are we'd this. What I did when I got an ultra right when I got the zeal teams are clean towards, but then you you're gonna move up and you're gonna move on, but at some place you need. Some people are to have some pretty fundamentally.
non high cognitive skill requirement, jobs While they started letting people in that this didn't have, the capabilities are really sad and he's got a lot of these guys want to Vietnam. They had obviously their higher casualty rate at a higher, but more of them got killed because they just didn't. They just didn't, understand things and the guy that wrote this book that I'm reading key what he's talking about going to boot camp and he basically gets paired up with one of these guys and all the drone shutters knew it. They call them Mcnamara's morons, that's what they call these guys when they come in. He got a signed one of these guys, basically to two to help. Get him through bouquet, and one of the most like one of the opening scenes is they're telling him hey. Right right, your address on this postcard and write a message to your family, and not only did he not know how to write, but he didn't even know what is that?
Was he even know what his what street he lived on it? Didn't he didn't know there. Did you not attire shoes and in they hadn t How to tie shoes, not just hey? This is how you do it no like they had to teach him for extended periods of time how to tie his shoes. So these are people that are really in a car. really in a low intellectual level, and we brought by think was about a hundred thousand of them into the military which has just announced just this horrible, this horrible? So am I pointed saying all that is we're talking about. You know you in in the civilian sector, you're, not getting that person either to apply for your job and accounting rights are dont. Think yourself! Well, you know my accounting department, there guys by people or their data. Had there not smart, even want to talk about that. We're not talking about that so
He goes on to say that those in the upper group are the best. Educating quickest learned can be well motivated, but need to be challenged to develop their full potential. The middle groupings are average of american use their easily controlled, take well the disk. When were easily respond to good leadership are usually capable of moral and they must be pushed the lower groupings are the ones that need special attention again. This, where you and I are gonna like the our group- are the ones who need special attention of disciplinary problem. This group is higher than average. I agree with that. The individual's requires. from motivation, instruction agree with that their attitude constitutes, special barometer of the esprit de corps of the unit. This group contains also many of the misfits who, if it not be assimilated. Assimilated must be eliminated so.
It's interesting that that he's calling for like special attention on this lower group, and then he says in a single squad, crew got justly I'm thinking my mind. As I'm hearing you talk with this things. Are would you say on this point: has things we ve talked about on your podcast and I'm I'm trying to connect, consider, what's in general parks head on hearing this, I to put myself in his position in a we ve talked about this before I think the way you said it was any buddy on your team has the potential. To undo your entire plan? You know I'm trying to make this connection. I have the things about why you why you devote so much effort to these people and I'm just trying to play some had why he sang at the way using it which there is if there are under team and you keep them under teen. These are people you get rid of, but there on your team and they are underperforming shallow performance. They still have the potential of undoing your plan and so on on China
peace, the things that he's thinking almost in it's, I don't know what he's going to say, but I do your stand that the flip side of that the other thing I've been thinking about we work companies that some of the companies work at how this philosophy is, he ordered a pay more and when attract a higher costs, higher bar a higher average level because we are a higher paying organization end. You know, there's a bunch I'm monsieur behind that, in their belief, is that there can attract track, better talent, ain't the end up with the exact same problems as well, other organisations. They still have a belcour they under performers, and this is then, you said to us. Even in the seal teams, and people create this image undermine of what a seal is in there. You know serpent superhuman and how many times have you said? No, their people, the exact same thing at top gun. Were people placed these guys on a pedestal up there, Some out, all of them, uniquely capable at we had a bottom twelve percent at top gun too we had under performers at
just like everywhere, also for me to think about it, and if you're, in a leadership role. the take away from this is that what is Wire from this is your leadership more than anything now all I do want to hear his thoughts on that, but you Performers, guilt can still under your plan and there's no like free ass of hay have a better screening process. We don't we weed out those people, we, that's not true. Those problems exist in the same bell, carbonated every organism. yeah and the other thing that affects the Bell curve is the bar that everyone has to be staying above so the bottom twelve percent at top gun there. The bottoms will tell presented top gun. they may be the top tier of some other organization somewhere, but I've got to the bottom, twelve percent end and they're, making the same kind of mistakes. Relative if you do their job, it's think this you'll teams, like oh yeah, that this year,
seems they haven't. We have a bottom part of the bell curve. Now those people be really good. If they some other job somewhere. You know. Task in a brutal, we we had to get rid of one guy was a great guy. He was hard work reads, didn't quite have the capacity to get the job done. I anti he went to his next unit in the Navy and was the best sailor they had. I can I can. I can guarantee that because was a hard worker. He wanted to do a good job, quite have that decision making process- and maybe I should have said the best sailor, but he's gonna- be a really good guy, a really good guy and And so, but the bar is is a is higher for what you're being required to do right this what you're like a top gun, you're being required to fly this jet at these at the jeez and make these decisions and maneuver and remember
What's happening, debriefing communicate and and pay attention and nine different things at the same as required to do all that stuff and people that are barely able to do it, there bottom of the Bell curve, you put them, you know, driving anew Bert and there he became ass redo bridge did oh well, in the top, let's say that's up five percent of the driver, because I've had some damn good or drivers before so so yes, that that Bell curve exists everywhere, you're not going to get away from it and you you have to lead- and I I agree with your point why Jerry heart might be saint hey! You got pay attention to that bottom, twelve percent, because no one in the top eighty eight percent is gonna. there is a much less sure, there's much less chance of them too. p doing your whole mission right, those not heads they there
Holding the free can trigger to the torpedo they could fire that big off at any moment, so you gotta pay attention to. That might be the. the the genesis of his of his folks, on these individuals. Pearly, where the what's the thing you're only as strong as its weakest link kind of the philosophy of the meanness where it came from its debts from that, definitely from that concept broad concept? If he goes on here, single squad, two or section will probably contain men of all three groupings. Certainly they will appear in any platoon or company that prevents a practical problem in the handling and instructing of men in perfecting the teamwork of the squad. Crew. Second book in the leader can afford to a Only one approach to handling is meant. He must assume that they are I want to do what he wants done when any new, but do not respond to this assumption. The fault is more.
probably his than theirs. So his assumption is everyone's. That's a great assumption to make the assumption That's what I like about this assumption that all men want to do what what is wanted them to do what we want them to do at a greater I want to make- is that means when they don't it's our full and that's exactly what I say he's taken: full owners and then he says this is like almost word for word for supper. I brief almost on a daily basis companies if they don't respond here. Your check, his procedures, instructions and supported leaders to determine where in lies, the trouble we, only one or two individuals are involved punitive action or elimination, maybe it in indicated. So if you got apple, tuner copy, a company of a hundred fifty people and everyone gets except you guys- okay. Well, maybe I needed checklist, guys, and maybe I need to get rid of him, but if you ve got whatever many people that don't understand what this most, we don't guess what is on you We arrived now at the fourth precept,
soon in the organization, always one which is excellent, but it all things which is based upon them is that no unit commander has enough time to make his unit superior in all things at all times. How, therefore, should he spread his efforts. It's obvious that is, units must be proficient in marksmanship, communication, supply, administration tactics, physical fitness techniques made its etc, etc, etc. If his youth is not proficient in any one of these things. His team is sound and will fail him when the test comes. How, then, what to manage. so he got always things, and you obviously can't be and he's bees making a difference or or making a make between superior, which means your awesome at this thing and being good at it. First, he should avoid putting too much stress on any one thing so as to all emphasise it in order to make a show of it. If he practices this method, he will do. Stew
the expense of other important things. This is a commoner, so you're, not you shouldn't be the master of anything. You should be the jack of all trades Second, he must stress adequately all of the many fast of the training job, even he is not an expert in each, he must direct a subordinate to be an expert, and the commander must then supervise and check his born its work. The latter is important. So you knock me expert. As the leader knock me expert, you got some. You got some nux under you. There can be the expert, nothing. Next sections called motivation woven to the entire pattern are the threads of motivation. This motivation is manifestly important because it comes from a spree, enthusiasm, morale effort, competition and accomplishment. The people in each of the two middle and lower groupings need to be motivated in different ways and in varying degrees, which is a little different than what he said earlier says. The leader can only afford to adopt one approach when handling his men. Little little dichotomy.
You got different people, they're gonna, get motivated in different ways. Courage and students to learn. We motivate them by one or more of the following one show a need to develop an interest both those are explaining. Why right? This is why the sport as what they need is Here's how you get somebody to develop an interest interesting. You explained to them how we can help them. Maintain the interested that's also explaining why and then he's got some things encouraging early success, giving recognition in credit using competition, giving rewards awarding punishments these same things may be used to incite a body of men or military unit into action. Out of the every commander sometime during his career after being assigned a difficult task has sued soon, there after considered how he will present this ass to his subordinates, how he would appear you'll them to get the job done in short on what he would base his efforts to motivate them to tat
all the job, with the will necessary to attain the goal sought You will probably use many factors to motivate his unit of them may be specifically mentioned, and some may be implied, for instance, set as a last resort. He would not. and punishment in this case of failure. His would know him well enough to know that he would not stand for failure. The real art and motivating a group of men to accomplish a common mission is to reach each man in such a way that all men in the union are incited to the extent of their several capabilities. Of course, the kind of to be performed by the men will beat will determine the motivating factors use, but there is one element that must be kept in mind and that is that no amount motivation willingly demand to undertake zealously that which he knows, is manifestly beyond his capabilities. So big chunk about
motivation there and your I was talking. I kept members a client Orpheus ear for mine the other day, but you know when you get told them the the proverbial you do you get tasked with something that doesn't make any sense at all. Austria says it was shut up and have your team do and what do you do out? You evaluate what what do you say, the troops in and unlike how will find a reason why, all day long that is all your, I will go in a bottle item. Imma, say: listen! Boston, trolls. This is how we're doing it- and you know we're going to do- want to knock this thing out of the park. That way, I'm going to build Trust with the boss he's going to realise that we get the job done when he realised that we can get the job done. He's gonna start list me once you start. Listen to me. I'm gonna get this changed so right now we're going to crush the snake and the guys go. Yes,. Former say: hey, look. No one else is able to do this, where the old people that can get this done. The boss knows it. We know it so we're gonna, knocking out of the park like
to figure out a reason, there's gotta be a reason why that makes sense to do this thing and believe me, if I can't find a reason to reasonable didn't told to do something that makes no sense whatsoever, is gonna get people. Unnecessarily, wounded or killed, or its on ethical or immoral. Or to legal, that's what's goin on otherwise can figure out a reason and I'm talking about a good I'm not talking about making something up the trick people I'm talking about. I will figure out a good rican reason to go forward to make this up and that's you need to do. Is Abbas? That's that's. Why Why is so important talks about awards army. We use freely a system of words and prize in order to motivate men. Too often these go to the man in the top of the upper group. They provide no incentive for improvement to those in the lower group and little for those
middle group, because the men know that the award is beyond their ability to achieve these prizes made good articles for the unit papers, but their overall effect on the unit is negligible. It is well to recognise the outstanding men, and we do this through proficiency, pay and promotion However, our system of words must go beyond this recognition of individual. This is a great point. It out Often we're sitting there rewarding the people that are kind of doing well, who actually probably don't need any additional motivation, Should we recognise an absolutely, but what do we do in further the middle group and even lower group, to make sure that their feeling, like they're moving forward in a positive way. You know when you're like in elementary school, and you have like the award for most improved. That's like can alleviate that issue.
Little bit cuz? Usually it's like someone in the middle baby, even the bottom, a lot of the times when you still get that cool like trophy or whatever could, because you've been through so much that rattle backhanded smack, though I guess you graffiti rack up the most improved I've gotta before you. I don't think it is. The other thing is that I'm candid thing, because it's true, like you know when you get like on envy of the football game- toys the same guy quarterback, whatever the game see depends largely on, but it's like, I that's what he's already training by the weight and he's already talented and gifted and he's working hard. These focus here in the Lord, the guys in the middle you do run. There this big time words like those animals like oil. I don't We have an expectation of the award, you know, but if you get you get most improved breaking it most, improve that's good.
You know specially for one respects it could ever typically does respect it. Out of your improving, I had there's something called a Navy achievement. Metal did you ever get may be achieved little pony vici pit metal is, like you know, it's a sort of like a it's. A it's. A strong pat on the back will say that you know you, you might get one with something happens. You know you're young and let the guy. I think I had six baby. It's you, battles, which is totally ridiculous. I would get those things all the time over like what's it, for Why would run a communications course when did these are often the nineties would be like petty, also willing, ran and outstanding. You know, patients course. He organised lead and develop the problem about name stone. I used to like laugh every time I put by my dress, uniform mark, as I had five Navy achievement. Those who, like the bigger rack of stars across my navy across my name's, get some yeah, but I feel like I know what I feel like. I was kind of that guy, like ours
working hard and they were just give me a wards and also call whatever I don't care. I didn't care at all. I wasn't like check out my neck Well then, ok, then I guess you trying to go into it. I mean in all kinds environments rate. Does all kinds of different words like that that are better you can get without being. top like producer whatever, like you got k yet more improve. Then you got like hardest workers on the like that. You know you, don't you ever get that one, I guess I was there his words like expectations of metal down those on an earlier, but the, but you get those man's do you have Dave? Want what did you get it? I got an end of tour NAM so really was this. Would you like it ends in our Samuel tenders to her first first tour squadron. So the azure thinking out laughing, as you know, when you type with even the way you're saying NAM like anybody in the Navy, the Marine corps knows the name is like this being the navy. Achieving Betelgeuse, like in Iraq,
five of breath, but you know something: that's something it's actually cool. It you said is theirs couple different ways to view like the award system in the military is it can be a little questionable. There's people can appeal that bag Amanda, that is, that legit or not we had to. Categories of the same award. We had we'll call an end due to reward which an ok. They also willing has been with us for three years he's leaving the disquiet or the union or whatever and he's going. We want to recognize his body of work, it's kind of like Dissipation award, it doesn't have a ton of meaning other than you survive after three years. We want to thank you in your way out there Something else we called was an impact now, or we had from colleagues strive by may we cover spot. May I say thank you to all the spot. Just the same. It's the same thing of wrapping up. Would you like to go around sky
there's no way to make. Is that made the serious at his pipe lambs? What the boy by that is that you can take a middle of the road dude middle row, guy who's, not you're, all star quarterback, not your top to your guy over there doing some good work so maybe Was made you yeah? Maybe they retired drives a bit ridiculous. I don't have five of any replied. There is a way to tat when you will win. recognize somebody for the work it's of a lot better to recognize it for something there doing what we call the impact of the spot as opposed to Well, you been with us for five years you gonna watch like that's our thing, so here's your closure, you been for five years, as opposed to hear that thing did that specific thing? If you could recognise people for that in this leadership little system your try to create. Is it the good, are recognised people for the work they do when they do it, as opposed to
Well, we just sort. I have this process that my these wickets are these little checkpoints you get recognition which time sort of undermines the value of it again and again, fives war, that's the way I do. The name is not. I mean you're talking straight up. Essentially a participation trophy Oh you mean your five year lie. Mohammed was a participation. I was leaving. Captains got names, and I don't care if you are the number one capital, the number twelve captain when you, whether you got an m. and the number one daddy guiding, do boy actually earn this one and the number twelve guy didn't think will this is garb It had no real meaner, the the impact. Would you call it spot this dynamic called spot? That's that's. There's a lot more legitimacy to that, then hey thanks for being Where did you get to work on your face? Molecular all fired up from my isn't things, but that's a perfect point there, because if there, but if a spot name in a regular protein
The patient trophy NAM is the same sort of thing. Then, as they go away, you gotta differentiated. because if Euro yourself about five, there is a differentiation on the name, as you can get a b, which is it when it becomes a combat award. So NAM with combat the aura commanding wishing device is what the council has to be on it. does a legit award and I a lot of guys and ask your browser got names with these. and those names with these guys gotten tasking abuser were hard earned. They weren't, like oh you're, just going to There were some gunfire nearby, no like these guys were in eighteen firefights, and I got a name with the yen and you know the sum: the guys in in tasks browser summits, donors guys they got. The are com which the. Army commendation metal with a view that was a huge deal, because those things are tough to record a ladder around those things, and that came from the up from the army. Recognising
you're doing which, which added that which added to that as well. You there's a couple of things there, you have a little bit of sanctity, the v, whether it's a man, a calm whatever it is, the that has there there's meet. You can't just get a visa. You gotta earned that combat distinguishing device, the other one in the marine corps that she didn't report, namely the Marine Corps, is what we call the car the combat acts ribbon. They don't like to just you, don't just that's all his patient order? You you gotta, earned that car and the sea I'll be in the army, which is that combat involving your badge, which means the Youtube you been in, combat ass, the other, and that's that's what that's? What hack worth called out the admiral for animal border? wearing a combat v on his name, it was actually a. I think this is a name with v on it, and he and hackers said this: Guy in Vietnam. He was use on a ship. He wasn't indirect combat with an admirable killed himself over this drama over.
that's crazy now that I'm yours it here, if you like all this, we can never get serious again. All we have to do is talk while Admiral Border and and and curled awkward called him out for wearing a combat v, any kills himself in the Navy yard back two year, five names. If some of those were like for some solid work, you did on this little thing that you thought Maybe wasn't that huge of a deal, but you did some good working. People saw what you did and you're like hey look, you didn't save the world, but you did really good with that little whatever you did that's different than a participation, trophy text, Bryson all fired up. I was stoked. You know I was trying to work hard trying to do a good job and people were giving me cool mission and I appreciated it. I'm just saying that you fast forward it from nineteen ninety five to like two thousand and nine and two
back from her body and I'm putting my dress, uniform on a stone or sees me at ease and were laughing, because I have five nance, which is really really it's. It's also, especially, we take a thousand or officer its officers. Europe after you got for me, Dave work. You know who is in the marine corps for twenty four years out of one now and there I was walk around with five, that's kind of it. This is often funding about, and this is so to the officers and Chiefs it gave me recognition as a young illicit guy. I appreciate it meant a lot to me, but over time. It did become a little bit funny and a little bit ridiculous that I was walking around with five names and after now posed to picture out that I have any of the stuff anymore. But I realized that I'm probably coming off. As NAM Obsessed at this point, you are a little bit but for sure say an mri. you up for this, so you ever get employee the month at Vienna.
I was the dietary by my bride, and now you are so Andy's I was never employ. The motto gave us. Isn't that the same thing employee the month? I would rather get a name that employ them on that Wendy's, but its thinking, it's just not in the military soothsaying to similar thick names, were harder to get that employ them out. There was no guarantee that was being issued. Raggedy Andy, it's gonna be a guy. They gotta choose somebody but still same deal as far as like the structure we soon saying where it's like you're getting awarded for something you did, even though, in your mind, it may not be that big of a deal but as an individual like process. It's kind of thing, it's something just not nothing easy, we'll go with it Oh that I back to the book summary in conclusion, the job of those of us who are privileged to command to create superior you're units from the run of the rock
from the ordinary run of manpower made available to us. This manpower falls into upper middle and lower groups about equal and strength that have different capabilities present different problems and needs. Handled differently. All of the men in a unit must be assumed to desire to do what is wanted and when they do not, they have not been paid, really handled and instructed- and I would add the word lead there. The best and most reliable unit is usually the one that is excellent in all things, even though it might not be superior in any way. So that's a different tb. He breaks out the hierarchy of acts Here is the highest adjective being superior and then below that is excellent and excellent is better to be it. On everything that period. One thing throughout Job runs the problem of motivation. This problem is not solved
steps are made to motivate the unit carefully thought out and applied in such a way that their effect is felt by all men than unit. Finally access. The unit is measured by the extent to which those of the lower third of the unit are developed to play their part of the unit team. You know still one hundred percent on board without one. As far as I'm concerned, motivations. I understand why you're doing what you're doing and giving people on ship Yonah motivate people tell. Why did you want to do and let them take ownership of it and run with it feel like motivation is like China or there's like short term and long term anyhow, I come I'll. Think of something very specific at the time were you know people get mad when they get angry at something that motivates and lakes.
Per hard core, but only short term, and then, if somebody someone's the opposite sums really happier wanna thank fuller whatever that, like keeps them sort of motivated long term, that's good. I would agree that unless they have like some sort of weird underlying fear of something now make sustainable long term yeah, you could get into details, but I think a broad statement that, like some kind of an anger, would be a short more of a short term motivation and a happiness, a satisfaction, a gratification, be more of a long term. I would, I would agree with that seems like that. I would tend to agree with that. right now we're going to get into man? I thought those were kind of like hey, we'll just burn through some of those chapters. I'm sorry cuz. I want to get to this chapter Called chapter thirteen mission type orders the problem of control. Or to those who served in armour divisions and probably in other units as well learn that mission type orders were requirement if the most was to be
came from a command. Since then we have had and mission tax or what mission types orders are. Just in a nutshell, is you tell him What needs to happen? You? Let them go figure, attitude, it's very deeds! it is the basis of decentralized comment, Then we ve had to consider consider the control of operations in the fluidity and unpredictability of nuclear battle as battle, because more complex and unpredictable responsibilities must be more and more decentralized, vote mission type orders often will be used at all echelons of command and probably will be the rule at the division and higher levels. This war require all commanders to exercise initiative. Research from this animal a operating with relative freedom of action, and this is what you he oscillate between these sort of, like everyone should be
Are we control the man and he literally says net earlier chopper the middle group is easier to control, and now he say, hey, you need to let them go and operate, and it's really scary but he's gonna start talking about nuclear. your war, what do you when you think about nuclear war? I think, centralized control. I want seventeen people to make sure that that is the Move before that freakin fire button gets. Those two keys get simultaneously darn ways. I know decentralized command. That's pretty scary! To me in our task to in our task forces we have built in organizational flexibility. We must recognise this and capitalize it in our orders to get maximum combat power, we must have plans flexible enough to meet rapidly changing situations, but careful It is not enough. This must be coupled with the red,
it is to change and adapt the situations as they are not as they are expected to be awesome. since this thing about that, as he says, we need to make plans flexible enough to meet rapidly changing situations in issues. But careful planning is not enough. When I think of careful planning, I think all this guy is going to sit there and plan every detail. I don't think of somebody. That's thinking, hey we're going to come up with a very flexible plan. Flexible plan to me is not careful planning. I guess I might be reading too much into them, but I always felt like I cheated all the time, because I came up with flexible plans, for things seemed seems like a carefully plan or a plan planned carefully is like you care Iep carefully planned for like contingencies. Yeah, I guess carefully. Planned, doesn't necessarily mean to be. Doesn't need to be overly detailed in fact, care we plan could be like. Hey we're gonna, be careful that we don't put too much detail in here.
and then yes being able to adapt to situate, as they are not as they were expected to be. That's a critical wait up, to train commanders and staff officers for operations in war, where mission type orders will be widely used. It is necessary to tackle courses in our schools, teach the use such orders and that way why we employ mission type orders in our peacetime operations, I love that so when you're gonna give people assignments to clean up the building you don't say you mop and you scrub and you clean, and you got no. You say what building clean this. What time it needs to be done by new, let go executed bomb in Command mission, Tiber Border and think about that Can a blue that half that's a real thing like if you don T in people. Would you don't live like this? Then you won't get good at it. You have to actually live like this. This
to be your way of life The way that you run your day to day operations is micromanagement. How can you backed anybody, do anything other than be micromanage when you get into a bad situation getting combat situation. really solid on your phone line was exposed? Do when you like a when you're in a meeting you're having a meeting or something and everyone's that there. their pan and paper waiting for you to say something to rights of them and then, when you start talking, then these already stuff down or whatever bats, aren't we the weather, but it even, but it feels good you'll get you. No one can do anything unless the mayor roles in and with the big ego in the plan horrible leader Thrall sitting. There waiting gratitude, two three questions already know what we do and we know where we're going were good ass. All this is beautiful scope, of a mission type order based
equally emission type order needs to cover only three important things: one It should clearly state what the commanding, what the commander issuing the order wants to have accomplished. That's number one. This is what this, what you need to accomplish number two. It should point out the limited or control factors that must be observed for coordinate factors. So ok you. go across this area. You can't fly this region, you you can enter into this zone. Here's the limitations and then, finally, It should delineate the resources made available through the subordinate commander and the support which he can't expect or count on from sources outside his command. That's all you need to know, tell me what to do tell me what the limitations are. Tell me what resources I have other than that, leave me alone, I'm gonna make it happen. That's that's, that might be the clearest
definition of emission type order of ever read in my life. That's all you need. I got asked one time I was in my first deployment to Iraq and my boss is like what information do you need and how much time do you need to launch on a mission and was like? I need to know what, where that the location of the target, the frequencies of the friendly forces, and I need fifteen minutes and we'll go Yes, confidence, insubordinate commanders, there is a strong reluctance at every headquarters to relinquish the authority to direct the details of an operation. This reluctance, Is clearly seen in the embarrassment added to an order as it threads its way down the company level. Careful judgment must be met. Did every echelon a command in stating the limiting and controlling factors of emission type order, com,
it must be placed in judgment and ability of the subordinate commander. Too often what starts off as a broad mission type order at the high echelon ends up with. Volumes of my new detailed and risk. Drifting instruction specifying how to get the job done when it finally gets down to company level. Many officers hearing this may think they would like to have a command functioning under such a since it system, meaning I would love it if people exactly what I told you do, what you don't want that others Who may say they would like to work under such system really are disturbed by thoughts of it there, some officers who require something in writing before the Make significant action. A mission. I bought requires the subordinate commander and his staff to make basic decisions and plans based upon a careful analysis of the situation. If the basic debate Your plans are not successful. There is no paper foxhole into which they can crawl me. can? Type orders require initiative. Promptness.
resourcefulness which are not always forthcoming- problems in service schools based upon orders bring forth. A variety of solutions which are difficult for the faculty too great, sometimes looms as a very important problem. When you got it that there is so much there. You you have this example of just cleaning. The building does not little example, cleaning the building Worse thing, I can do as a leader, is to tell you how to do that, because the did. I tell you how you know, you're gonna do exactly what I told you and obviously this this isn't this. What do the job as I get at all as leader you're a writer. So what you're actually get to do was what I told you to do, but I'm gonna Miss CUP, things and actually the outcome is not what we want: that had been isolated, Maeotid speck in Mogadishu. This medium do that and what happens as I trust you s, somebody micromanage even more, which means you the less initiative, the next time and the connection
from how to initiative an eye. What I wrote down was how, by meeting you how to do it. I want you to do and I am saying like teach you how to do something. I'm telling you how I wanted done, that's the how you're talking about, of course, want to teach us do a task for a job. I need to train. You he's talking about I want this is how I want you to do this task, which is totally different. That is the exact opposite of initiative. Because if I tell you how to do it, you're gonna do exactly how I told you to do it and then the things that I've missed, the things that I can't I don't know, but I'm farther away from the problem than you are able to trust. You aspect the outcome is it can be, though I want to micromanage more undermine or initiative you more and then, when you're out there doing an ongoing- and I actually can't get to you, which is there action from the training to the real worlders, why it delivers all the time. That's when teams and organisations fail, because I'm not gonna, be there to solve these problems for you. But I've read this issue the entire time, because I'm almost done yeah, I want you to do it and you like coop. who exactly you, don't do it and a market this amount to do that
you mean you know about this over here. I'm is even touch and that cause you didn't tell me about that at all. But if you go the exact Which was hey, how you want to get this done? That's all good when we need it That is my sixteen hundred a Wednesday, because what happens at seventeen hundred on Wednesday is this. Is this an backs? All that go make it happen. All. That is your initiative to go. Make that happen. Just the can. The connection with, We meet telling you how I want it done verses your initiative in the end, the inner, the inverse relation between those two and how often we see that general suit. You give your drive with a micro manager like direction giver, like you know, driving with you you're, just like what everything here, whatever kind of thing and that's a good move, even if I make wrong turns whatever you know, you'll help would occasionally you know and you'll help whatever, but you get in. But I was somebody was like hey Don T in this lane, slains like too slow or whatever and recycle kick make discern. It's got INA like my micromanage, you're Woody column, Phronsie dry
taxi driver. Whatever that can person would say it's your significant other, I'm not saying it's my significant, our friend, hypothetically hypothetically, yes, someone will you drive with a lot same, saw in every time. It's ok! You know you were gonna, go this round a get out, this legal endlessly! Ok, take the stern! Ok! It's coming in a like, really kind of micromanaging you're driving situation after what you, so you gonna get used to that. Yes, now I now all of a sudden you not paying attention, they always say you must think that turn you go. Why didn't you tell me, get it it's a weird subconscious on? What are you tell me? Sarah, Charles, it's a subconscious almost It's never showed what I think. That's a hundred percent water this year on a percentage of the initiative commented that connects do like I m gonna, take no initiatives, I'm I'm! You ve been trying to just wait to be told what to do exactly right, sewage. Just like a you're saying where
now, if, let's see dependent on you to give me directions. You don't eat them leader, but every doesn't always get it right or whatever. I make the wrong call or you don't gimme direction will see you don't gimme direction. I take no action and then, of course it's done wrong now- you trust me less in now. And around and around we girls, you know so I think might Did you more and I stifle even more of your initiative. Even what exactly you know, it's crazy about this and Davy on our talk about this before repressed record is like basically think in commanders intent, but I I the way my mind works. I think an end states and I am ever else to me as a sort of this almost like an annoyance, reality so for like what I what to do something, I'm so there that everything else is just sort of going to fall into place, and I'm not even thinking about it. You know whether it's like what
and I'm certain write a book like I'd know whether I know what that book is. I know the answer to know what it looks like and now I just have to get those words on my system when we're gonna lie something I already know. What gonna happen or even, if you think about something as stupid as this podcast of maybe like can you make a park ass? You like what what go you figure it out you for you not like. I dont, even K care, nothing, care zero. You show up with what you could have shown up with? If, with a tape. Recorder and out in the UK is overdue. Sounds good right! We're we're good, because I know what I know where this is gonna go. I know where we're going and so we're how we're going get there. It's like an annoyance to me and its its then annoyance of reality where my mind is what I'm thinking about where we're going and that's a positive thing, in for a couple reasons number one. If you working for me if you're making stuff happens? Could your dear good to go you can. Just you makes up happened were good. We're good were totally good
I'm never gonna bother you. Never Bobby you, so that's rad and then also the the. makin caught up in these details, which means that step that I take is gonna, be a big one. It's gonna be big step, Vladimir Lukin market, to take half measures year, we're going the distance, so I'm thing king and acting in kind of living in, like a commanders, intent, kind away, Kinder for those of us that our inside that spear the bypass Our view is a leader thinking in our and end states, if that's, how you're thinking and and leading your people, then natural reaction to the people around you is to fill in all those things to make sure that happens, and if you can take it a step further. If you can take it, step further as a leader and also be comparable with the other side of it, which is a phrase that you use all the time which I love, which is yet expect those things that happen,
then it's no factor of exactly how you have this picture in reminded you, gotta be too little roadblock little problem here. Those things are gonna happen and when we and we could solve those things to using the exact same approach, which is, if you that attitude as a leader when your people run into problems, then how can we panic cricket about what is the boss gonna, think because this is a text, those things happened. Those things can happen an ominous enough solving that is well, and so, if you connect the idea that thinking in any state run your people and also letting your people know you're, not gonna fly off the handle and jumping in their struggle micro manage them when gives little hiccups he's little deviations, because you actually in your mind, Jacko haven't thought about all the things between here and here you are what's going on in here, can we go up to cook? I expect those things that happen the minute. You lay that all out, like all these thirty step to get there and one doesn't go right and then you're involved in that what that to stifle your people makes it so much harder for them to get here and stay so just combined.
The two are thinking in those states and then letting you people solve those things along the way and not over reacting to the problems that occur. Aggregate anarchists things are messy. Those things are messy, but her by the way, everything about all those things it between you. Don't even you you're, not even then I figured I think about a bigger picture or you can. We think, like you. We need to move to this next riddling you're, not thinking about where you're gonna end up in two days on this operation or we're gonna end up strategically in three months. You're, like you know, I've been thinking about that you're thinking wait, a second there's an obstacle right in front of us? What are we going to do a meal? what care I literally cut is nineteen different ways to solve that problem pick one of them the role with it
oh yeah. Oh you owe it didn't work and you gotta try again call whatever I'm so over here and guess what I'm looking off in the distance. We're good! That's good point in in maybe maybe my experience, which is nothing but in my experience is like under appreciated or whatever like not flying off the handle. When things go wrong. if you don't you like commodities. True, though, like either, you people this misconception a you like, or what drugs marry you for making this doing now the reality is you don't really get mad at mistakes? You know I like it might tease me a little bit of whatever but yeah like you, don't get mad that, but what that does is, and what else can you do say that and some it it made me remember: yeah, that's true, like Otto, have a fear of making the wrong move. If we both know where we're sort of going in and guess what that means, you can move exactly that you. Can you can make two three four seven moves you can makes
Evan moves and you never had a talk to me and six of them more right, nine of them or write eleven out of twelve we're right. There was one wrong wanted, set you back a half a move and then you can sport and was no factor if I was concerned that Jack who's gonna get mad at me for an hour from the wrong decision on this lake. Should we do this, or should I do this, or should I not do this whatever, but I'd be, like you know, like brown work, we were vs. Somebody quoted you on Twitter was like Wait, wait and not waste. Your people's time is to not make that is every not me sure that you're, the one that's making all decision for not make them reliant you to make those. It certainly has a great way to not waste their time. Yes and the duty that is it they're gonna get you to where you want to go faster for sure, you're right for sure are so. This is how they close out the second. This is once again. This is such a theirs
economy with general clark- and this is part of that- took dichotomy right now and he talked about it before channel of suggestion. I have said many times that a commander has two channels within which to operate? He has the chair of command barking orders and channel of suggestion I believe that a good commander who has subordinate to our trained and have the confidence to use mission type orders can operate almost exclusive we using The channel of suggestion, reserving the channel of command for free use only when he wants to give special emphasis to in order to relieve so one audited supplementary action? Only time he's talking others, and that is a cool. How do you want to do? What do you think we should do this Only time he's gonna bark orders is when he's gotta fires on one
which is what grieve means by the way and in the military relieved someone means your firing them or oughta give good. the pony reactions every other time, most exclusively channel suggestion Eugene made, the leap by saying it was in my head as when, when I'm here Suggestion and I ve been hearing suggestion, I'm hearing questions hey. What do you think? How do you think would wish isn't even what is that in saying and work has suggested means like Heyward? Maybe we should do this you're taking you to set further, which is how do you think should do this and then the flip side of it that the hammer of real ill as a commander you have that hammer you can drop at hammer? I can fire someone. I can relieve somebody. I could reduce their reg, I could take their pay. There was a lot of authority in command. How often you gonna pull up at him, a man, the more you know? Well, you just pulled out the big, the big hair right, What about the little hammer Eve, the little hammers even worse, the little hammer like actually day? We need to do this way smack little. You actually do
on what your idea smack and we won you're gonna get not deemed up, and now you want to make any moves anymore? The subject suggestion is raised actually question. How should we do this channel of suggestion? here's, the final section in this is I breathe. you earlier Davis. It there's. No me some moment read that you say yes, so this is that section. Four the mission of the higher headquarters. I went to Leavenworth and people think Leavenworth. They think of going to prison because there is a military prisoner, but there's also college I went to Levin Worth over twenty years ago, so it is difficult for me to remember all the things which I must have learned then at the command of General Staff College, the one thing I have never forgotten and which has stood me in good stead. Was the tea king of General, Mcnair, then commandant when he stated quote.
When you receive in order or a directive from your next to hire commander, do everything you can and in the best way you can to further the mission which he wants to accomplish. End quote an officer who falls his advice and use it to interpret his instructions, will find that he can act wisely promptly and aggressive. We with conference. You will have no problem in operating in an environment with mission type borders. So when your boss tells you to do something freakin do it. I do it to the best here ability leader, your strategy and tactics. I was to go to this page. But it's it's! It's the things, is how to succeed as a new leader page one fifty seven and then on page, fifty eight it's as last week the job done, get the job done. That's what you're supposed to do
and that's what he's talking about when you get told to do something, do it people talk me I built a good relationship with my boss. Do the job and do it well kick ass? give your boss, credit you'll, be start building a good relationship with it chapter fourteen organization for performing tasks on the company in small unit level. The purpose of this chapter set forth, the concept of which I found from experience. Improved training uses time D. did to training more efficiently and increases responsibility, prestige and morale of the Non Commission officer, leader and platoon meter. Organizational use organizational units or teams even for work, details at a mock and read the section, but what he says where we were using this ample today of cleaning the building soon, as we can in the building due to simple too.
so use mission, tie borders and then do it is opportune and and that just helps them get used to how reading together what people are like what it's like for that leader when that leader, what what How that leader relates to the picture, the troops, how the troops relate back leader you try and how you operate. You work how you train. and then there's the last section in this part is let the leader led his men, which is the same thing under the Detailed procedure of performing necessary unit task, all training teams are represented at all scheduled training. This may mean a good showing in their training accomplish records, but does not necessarily mean that they have actually received as teams the training that is shown on record however, maintaining unit integrity, Walter forming daily tasks will also enhance real benefits, which we derive from our team training so every day,
You should leave. You should operate the way you going to within operate chapter fifteen wasting soldiers time the value of time we Americans have always been conscious of the value of time. Benjamin Franklin expressed this by saying that time is money in our country. Efficiency, expert, who comes in, examine ways of doing things to eliminate wasted motion is high. He paid for his services. He commands price, because he is a savour of time. in the army. We speak of resources in terms of the three m: is men, money and materials to these three we must add to I am, however, there is a distinct difference between time and the other three resources. If we do not use our money or materials today thereof, well tomorrow to a less degree. This is also true of men. It is not at all true of time, The time for time is a highly perishable commodity.
Our lost today is lost for ever echo. Charles true, I feel like these training. A lotta soldiers today answer they call several thousand dollars a year to maintain each soldier in the army. I consider that is probably across to five dollars per hour per man for the soldiers training time that is available to them be commander. Thus, when commander waste an hour of his companies time, he may be waste as much as one thousand dollars. We would not want to be embarrassed if some hcg became interested in investigating this, to feel that's an interesting way to think about it. Think about the oil companies, a hundred fifty men, but think about your company. Think about your business. Think about your team. You got people sitting and and you are prepared for the meeting or the meeting starts late or whatever, whatever it is, you think about what you're thrown away wasting people's time? We are engaged,
in a contest with the communists in which there is no civil matters in which no silver metal will be awarded for second place, I'm certain Is unnecessary for me to dwell on the importance of the role the? U S army in this context, our mission to be combat ready to my way of thinking. Combat readiness has no upper limit. A unit is never one hundred percent combat ready because there is always room for improvement in the development of military skills reaction time marksmanship. And the like combat readiness, is a goal towards which we are constantly moving but which we, You'd never feel we have hardly achieved our problem. it will depend on our use of the resources which I mentioned previously. I want to stress the importance of using time wisely. and then he goes through a bunch of how we.
waste time time is wasted, administration and paperwork and red tape, and He says this: you should consider it unforgivable. You should consider it unforgivable to remove a man from a scheduled formal period of instruction or practical work to take care of administrative matters. You cannot acquisition a replacement for a lost our of training. He also says here we waste time when we overcome it, our units- or perhaps I should say we do not make the best use of our time- that something we gotta pay attention torn and intervene. Your level, you over schedule yourself, you're, actually up wasting time The same wasted is presented on the individual level when the strength of a unit is filtered away to participate in contexts of non military skills to paint rocks or plant flower.
beds in a likeness of the units. Insignia, that's a shot right. There You go around military bases in America, there's some painted rocks out their people there, some white painted raw said a widens roads. Lemme tell you some privates painted those rocks. They finally got trouble. It's been a little bit of a punitive measures like punish there. It is training activities themselves which have the greatest potential for wasting a soldier's time. This comes about mainly because of inadequate planning, lack of foresight and lack of preparedness. Soldiers expect to be well trained. They feel. short changed if they're, not if you're in charge of training people which of your leadership, you are position, you are in charge to train people and you're wasting your time. You are completely wrong. Here's another section I gotta writ red worthy instead
since clear there is no end of time wasted when one who is to perform a mission or job is not fully and clearly instructed the instructions or misunderstood end result is not what was desired. It must be done over. In fact, if things go wrong, the leader, in fact, when things go wrong, the leadership first to see if his instructions were not because it is said that general grant assigned his adjutant, the mentally slowest officer. He could find grant. read his orders to his adjutant, and if the adjutant could not understand grant reward to his work, until he could ask yours Are your instructions and orders so clear that every man under. At every doesn't underlined much nearer, every man in your unit can understand them.
when you issue orders, you are instructing someone remember that as an instructor, you owe me teach when some one learns that's the way, I was sort of the lowest common denominator right, it's a matter fact it's it's in thinks it's in that! Well, hey, leaf and safe, I'm telling them hey? I want you to brief to the lowest. Can the nominated in the balloon who You think he's gonna have the hardest type b, to your machine, gunners, your the guy machine guns, I want them to fully understand the plant. I mean that is the entire second love combat brief almost verbatim that he just described about the planet's understandable, the weak communicated and then to the lowest common denominator and then to me in my mind that actually comes back to the comments made earlier, which was the effort,
expand, regular lowest people in the world that the the bottom of your folks to opt for them to understand that the committee made before by devoting time. Let them the time is talking about who takes his adjutant, who he considers to be of the lowest intellectual level? Is bottom third guy and I'll spend as much time as I need until that guy gets it and if he gets it, should I go you're good to go so even pulling that together that economies, and that is that is simple right there so good Do you fully as the last section here? Do you fully utilise your soldiers time? I am not optimistic as to believe that we can eliminate wasting of time as we have yellow fever, but we can improve our performance in this regard. We can control this problem by the exercise of our leadership techniques among which are planning good job management, issues of clear instructions and thorough, follow up them.
Valuable resource available to a commander in the army is the soldiers time as yours, we must use this resource to the best advantage. I know of no, had a reputation for an officer or Non commission officer to have with his men than that he is a good manager and does not waste his soldiers time. If he has reputation. You will probably not wasted men's lives about earlier that. That's powerful I've been doing a lot of talking about leadership capital on here Line in fact, I've been going kind of research argument, leadership, Catalonia for my- and I've been talking to how to leadership capital, how to lose leadership capital, and it is one that I haven't mentioned yet, and it's probably one- it's probably a little bit of a blind spot to me, because I am a freak when it comes to tie in wasting time, and so it's one of those things where I wouldn't it so important neither have never of
what you walked into a meeting two hours late tat, a bunch of people waiting around for me to shop agreed that, if that, as does not happening, but if you wanna expend leaders capital unnecessarily and lots of it make people wait around for you make them waste time, the phrase being late, is unacceptable reason is unacceptable as it because a wastes people's time, you could be the best pilot in the squadron and if you waste people's time, you're gonna lose leadership capital you could be, an average pilot, and if your reputation is that you don't we people's time. They don't care of your average pilot, you actually your leadership. Capital is is direct correlated to how you treat them and how you respect them in height respect their time time, wasted was always
the it was always the most frustrating in the most obvious thing. That would happen. I think I have said this on the package before everybody's had their time wasted by someone else knows exactly what that feels like. You can think about it right now, sitting around in the auditorium sitting around whatever this that time of yours, it's being wasted because of somebody else, I don't care how good somebody else's at their jobs, their task or anything else if they are a time waster you're, losing leadership, capital messages about Bingley Eureka requiring a major food. What, if it's, let's say Halloween Party and there lay hey how in party even this can be a hundred people. The peoples as our national be late scenario you're getting too or would have you know so those hundred people, invited or whatever hundred plus does bring me. You want it's not like a guess, less you're not invite it's, not that it's just we're having a party
starts at no wasting time? How long is this going to say is starts as five August say, I'll five pm goes all night in winter and year, like our aid and you get there, it's six. Thirty other people are there. You get there at six hundred and thirty is that wasting people say? Is that bad before it's getting late cuz? I send you an invitation to my Halloween Party, and I said the party starts at five and goes till midnight. I don't care when you show up if I say echo be thereby seven and you show up at seven thirty zero difference between those two. I think so. Yes But yes, my questions more about that first scenario would ever like it it's like AIDS. The party starts, it doesn't say the partied starts with or without you. Yes, yes, they were concerned about you yeah. I've, noticed around waiting for you to get back contrarily the podcast starts when Europe
here. So when you're, not here the forecast and start near the ones with the SD memory, cars that go in the little machines over there So you're not here at three o clock the pot, the parties not starting we're waiting. I understand your we'll talk. like you for real Algeria to fifty eight, what made it is legitimate. much hassled. I give you about hawaiian time in being late. You're, not late. Very often did you, You play with fire. You do a thing like tat, because not at times is a minute? Maybe maybe if you set your when those people, if you set your watch like five minutes fast, you pray be on time all the time
you must believe it or, if I didn't know, isn't that what you have done that before too well. You know I used to tell you like where I come from a long line of late winter Roma, deadly cracked. Up because I said, like you got your deal, you said you got your twenty three me is it. It came back again, the deal scarcer, but in We gotta look into it like. Why am I late or whatever? So I wouldn't go to work late one. Are you stood looking at that guy? I would be there late hours there late one minute, two minutes to five minutes, sometimes probably more time than I was on time effort. of the about finding, as our debate like Australia and the thing is technically, you are right, like I'm wasting people's time, especially by if people depend on me to get there at that time and again pay. You know the kind you got a clock in Sudan are getting paid if you're not there. So it's not that it's like you speak
depending on you to be there, but is there like a briefing to start to night? No independent, like clockwork the media would piss me off. You know the moors and unreliable person, yet I put no by put no value in as a human they'll, an idea, but why I like. Why am I like that cause? Even if I might need to be plate less just wouldn't you when will we should change the statement? I need to be late less not going to be late much or little bit the harder line in the sand. I understand in url broaching the thing is you are you're right, but when I went aid really be truthful. It's because I don't care about. What's going and there you know like why Mohammed prepare take thirty minutes to prepare this in prepare that for something, then I'll have to be there at the apt to be there at a certain time. So, of course, I'm running the risk it
if out of my way, I would never Billy at all, but never every early at all either for things I don't care about, like like that. I had one time in my life when I was going to college at and it was really hard to get parking and eventually I figured out a system, but I had a seal body that we use a cartoon. We would study together and we are, but we were both on time, all the time for everything, and eventually we made a deal where We gave ourselves like a waiver to be five minutes or eight minutes late, because if you were to be there at two o clock in order to be there, two o, you had to show up at one drop and so like you know what pay your five minutes later, Has it doesn't matter like care. I don't want you being here an our early. that you're not one minute late. So we made a little packed and you said I'll be there between one and one fifteen boom all good.
after I get there and wanted? Maybe I'll get there one hundred and eight? Maybe he get there at one hundred and twelve or whatever. I figured out, I just put my bike in the back of the car and just pockets opportunist bike, no factory figure out how to solve these problems so on the flip side in this is all in spirit of getting down to them. Late thing, because I agree with you at the end of the day and if you think, if you really be honest, like I'm, not late, no really anymore back in my way, you Earl of Late, what, I think a when I was late nor you were laid a little bit the beginning, but then, but then like it didn't I pray. Remember you being late three times total, and this is now not including of four minute grace period, which sometimes I think you do just a distant no wedding in Greece period, you know like sometimes, if you're supposed to be here at one you're here, one o four variously may as well
Yet the later I'll tell you Hamley, because this was the reason whatever, but that's already, but nonetheless like that is I agree with you, where you seeing other people. Some people are waiting for you like that. It's it's kind of inexcusable. In a way, but if you show up fifteen minutes early, aren't you wasting your own time a little bit noakes? What are you doing? You get buried in a trap, Well, that depends a gas depends on your sons, who told us twenty five hundred years ago that the one that shows up the battlefield first wins yeah. You know as far as battlefield go for sure, but certain circumstances. If you're there, let's say: ok, haven't I meet you for branch. You know it's in my bag Reno next book I'm ready on the park as when I shall appear early. If There's no one here till I get to read, I get to get ahead, oh yeah! Ok! So that's a good point. Yes, question answered because yet
if you show up fit and you got to be thinking, I guess at the end of the day. So if you show up fifteen minutes early you're not wasting your time, because you can still choose what to do you're, not forced to wait around for not waiting yeah. You should be proactively making something up. Yet you have that option. I mean technically agus viewing for someone. You have that option, but like beat their pudding, you in that position, rather than you making the decision. Putting yourself potential understand I've sent back to the book chapter sixteen, so I was super fired up when I read this chapter title and then be honest with you, I got a little less far out interpret because the chapter is: will you wait for it or will you go get it if it is the job Robert Waite before, but why They socket about his information, but I'm so
up for gathering information, and are you gonna wait for information to come to you where you gonna go, get it I'm, so I'm so fighting but a modest fired up, as I was just like, which can it make things happen, but he goes, and here there's more than one school of thought concerning how a commander can were acquire reliable information once contented to commander should analyze reports that come to him from his subordinate units and staff, the other advocated the commander. She go see for himself yet another. doors. A combination of these methods as Commander company to Army group and, as observer of holding such pullet positions in three wars. Let's go to feel a little bit call the right I have come to certain conclusions myself more over. Since my return from you, we have worked as a consult the research organisations, baking studies of command control, communication problems for the army, the result of this active and retired
France might be helpful to students and practitioners who should who would like to excel in the art and techniques of commander, ship and generalship, and then he goes here. Looking back, it seems to me more than ever that my best in for me turn on both our own forces and the enemies was obtained by visiting or observing subordinate commanders Sergio. I guess his aunt go, get it This is done either by jeep or fixed wing. You're playing barred from the artillery small radios he goes on. He says this: as a core commander in Korea with divisions, are on the line I offer left my headquarters by chapter by chopper. After morning staff briefing and I visited defied vision headquarters in turn from left to right, the divisions new own I was coming. The division commanders were told that they need not for me and that I would talk to the chiefs of Staff over a cup of coffee
Scots, the latest situations than we discussed the problems which had been presented by on the previous day. Then I noted what they wanted. I core headquarters to do to help them. So that's all good gathering information and then he said I told them the situation of the eighth army and of the eye corps as I knew it, so not only is the out their receiving information. He is telling them what is going on so, and he ends up saying that he did. He did that and it's funny I was. I was reading this minute. He says a generally than They repeated this. As a result, I was not only core commander, but the core commander liaison officer and, to a large extent, the core communicator. With the lower units- and I put it it sees it when I was reading, as it was a static war, because at this point Korea you know it was, it was almost trench warfare like they weren't moving and then what's interest
fast word? Would it be says this was in a static situation, but such command techniques are not unusual. Noble warfare so get out there and get that information he's got this sexton here. History is full of instances where the commander being at the critical point at the critical time, turn the tide of battle to victory or convert the commander not being on seeing his force was defeated. Few such examples have been related so dramatically as in the poem shared and dried by Thomas Buchanan, read so we're Talkin civil war, we're talking General Philip Sheridan Union General, who was five foot five, we're talking about higher level earlier while he was known as little Phil also noticed fighting fail and battle Cedar Creek October nineteenth Eighteen, sixty four when this went down, one will recall. that early in the morning, Sheraton was at Winchester Virtue
you're, twenty miles away from his command when news of a new battle arrives he mounted his horse and took off at full speed for the field of combat Reed's, stirring, verse, traces shared its progress through five stand is stanzas, giving equal credit to both him and his horse six stands a shows. What happens when the commander arrives at the critical point of battle and at a critical time quote the first the general saw were the groups of stragglers and then the retreating troops. What was done, what to do a glance told both then striking his spurs with a terrible oath. He dashed down the line in a storm of houses, which I had to look up. That's an old form of her re so that the people started and the wave of
treat, checked its course there, because the site of the master compelled it to pause. So the commander shows up in a battlefield, any turns this retreat into in advance, and they ended up kind of smashing the Confederates that battle. It is inconceivable that the same result could have been attained on an automated battlefield. Or could shared and have been brought could have nor could shared and have brought order chaos, while seated before this
play panel twenty miles away? Do you need to get there need to get there, and then he talks about why commanders should be forward and talks about the the like computer stuff and then again he's right in this? This originally came out. I think in nineteen sixty three and then this version was one thousand nine hundred and seventy three so he's talking about computers. God only knows consisted of a nineteen seventy three up like a mobile command computer. We need to get it. We need to do some research on that one, and he says these are fine until disorderly and confusing conditions occur so often a battle materialise. They do not realise the roles of judgment. We talk about all these key mutations, and these things They set up an ancient. Those are closer cool and everything's cool then once the mayhem happens, they do not real.
As the roles of the judgement inexperienced factors which must be used in handling tactical about a reports. Inevitably, these lead to a working principle such as, and so here here Here's what the commanders are using to judge their information, whether using computer based data disk by fifty percent, all very favourable or unfavourable operational reports which come into your headquarters from your support. but you did, I think, Second the remainder, is basically like this just junk it's just junk, and then he talks about the helicopter and using that to stay forward which is effective as well. He's got this ports this whole chapter. A in war will it work. Automatic data processing, so I'm not going to cover much of this and he sets up this sort of hyper.
the situation where he starts asking a bunch of questions about how well this eighty, how well it's gonna work to use. Eighty during work and a lot of this Oh he's too easily literally talking about like are they're gonna, be power. resources available. So it's really kind of nitty gritty stuff. But then he says I wouldn't would not be honest with you if I did not point out that comment, is that all echelons are apprehensive of the tendency to use eighty to facilitate centralisation of command and control. I can She disastrous effects from indiscriminate d from screw minutes centralisation. Over centralisation and loss of flexibility in modern fluid war, why is that because now all of a sudden, the leader can track everything that everyone's? Do it like days in his craft, music, wages and goal, but, furthermore, right goal for the left. We know exactly where you are wait, don't drop the bomb yet they drop in now and we're trying to micromanage,
will ATP cause the commander to be more command post bound and thus reduce his ability, be at critical points at critical times ended up being a yes, we its increased speed and capacity for information? Will eighty p in there hands of staff officers or of higher headquarters, tend to encourage them to put increase the burden of reporting on lower echelons who were off busily engaged in the vital conduct, a battle. How crazy is that Dave? It's not picturing what I saw you know from the talk and in the command centre. You know, picturing this being nineteen women's semi six were said. Yes, he answered the question is yes, it yeah. So that's what happened? The military, all Alderson. We have the ability to get information, so we're gonna require any information. We're gonna want more of it and you're gonna demanded at a time that is totally incompatible with when they should be.
The information I wanna know what's going on re. Well, the regional know what's going on is I'm in the middle of doing something about it was situation on training of young yeah? So that's that's how he explains the whole. Eighty p thing chapter eighteen making progress in improving a military organisation. It is the aim of anyone whose privilege to commit a company battalion brigade or division to leave in it is to leave it in much better shape than he found it and, to be sure, his superiors recognised. That fact. And he goes to this little plus his message method, which has gone through a form of earlier package which you're gonna make little little incremental changes to get better. He goes over the section about protecting your image as a commander a word about headlines, both commanders who have sought lines to establish their image and amusing. Those does is putting those end quote.
In the minds of their men and their superiors have sooner or later have been plagued by unfavourable headlines, produces superior, well rounded and solid unit, and your image as a commander will be secure, as will your military future, and then this is the. This is the last thing that we are going to cover the think on us, not not yet not clear that got us are itself Chapter nineteen techniques of troop orientation and informed education, one of the most important duties of a commander- is to keep his troops informed and oriented This is done in many different ways, with varying degrees of effectiveness. A technique I found very effective was to inform in order By posters, personal visits, three turning up posters, literally posters, that you hang on the wall This is why, when you were talking about simplicity earlier Dave, this is this is
knocking out of the park and when I said earlier on this podcast when I was giving him a grade of a de minus for his simplicity of language is opening. He makes up for it here with. he's posters in nineteen. Fifty six, I took command of the seventh: U S, army in Europe! at a time when the relationship of the troops with their german neighbours was at a low ebb due to a number of things, I think is also when aquifers Workin form After studying the situation, I concluded that the transition from an army of occupation to the status of guest army anyhow, nation had not been accomplished so there's the wrong culture. There's the wrong culture from from art patients status to like host to two guests to a whole station, is in Germany so we went in there were occupying force were enemies, and now the sun was right. That's not the deal anymore. Now there are the host nation to wear the guest.
Can you imagine trying to shift that culture? That's a tough cultural shift. I how to bring about this transition not only for the soldiers but for the dependence and U S civilian employees in Germany, and so it comes up with this poster that that the posters called soldier. And the soldier, the poster just has this picture of a soldier who looks bad ass and it says soldier. This is why your in Germany, in Scott Bullet points to play your part, on the NATO team to help maintain. In peace by being constantly combat ready to be a good neighbour to, german neighbours to fight if necessary, for the rights of free men in the World Simplicity Score Dave. Would he give him at this significant improvement over the zero shows that more time, most improved award, so so
very obvious, so that's what he did. He made this poster and. And then he did these visits. He did these visits where he would take the true and send them to check out what was happening at the Berlin Wall. So the send another way to make people understand why. and now we would send the troops, but he would if he could send up dependence there as well. So they understood why you go see Berlin Wall. He made- and this is the last thing we're going to cover again he's, making this so simple and so clear. So, along with that campaigning, get people to see the wall to understand what the purpose of being there was to understand. why we were there. He made this poster theirs apple pictures of the wall and is why and it says Have you ever wondered. Why must the communists build walls?
laws and fences to keep people from fleeing the land where they were born. Why must they charge their fences with electricity which can kill p, who try to escape? Why armed Arts along these walls and fences, shoot and kill their own. Boy who try to escape from their homes. Why, despite these walls and fences and gun, have over four million people left their homes, property and friends and risked their wives to escape in the fifteen years? Why the communists around themselves with walls and fences when his three shows that this has often been the first step in this self destruction of an empire, and then he says why. Why were these effective
these posters and operation look see which was actually travelling to the Berlin Wall were effective because they use the most efficient techniques. Of of informing oriented the soldier and of having his manned or tell him in basic and simple terms about situations which are close to him and effect or could affect him personally. He gets it across as simply as possible area. That is the line that wraps up our review of guidelines for the leader commander. Have initiated the publication through job. For publishing of this book, we are reaching out to try and figure out what what needs to happen there, but it's under way both Zack has it for action, so we'll get it out we'll get published. I'm sure that we will continue to refer to it
The so many good lessons here even that the lesson that these that these posters we're effective because they used the most simple terms to explain to the soldiers why they were doing what they're doing something I've been talking about for twenty years, explaining people why they're doing what they're doing and that is such an off that such and such a response. We use all the time in Islam from all the time. My people do this. My people keep my people, don't want to abort that tell them. Why they're doing what they're doing explain it to them in terms that they can understand, that's what he did! That's what he's telling us to do. Telling us to be more effective tool must be more efficient, telling us and not waste time. Telling us to be a good physical condition. and to strive always
remember what he said you never a hundred per cent combat effective you never get there. You always have to strive to be better. So thank you, General Clark. For that echo. as MR speaking of getting better or least always trying to get better striving to get better to do. We have any recommendations on you'll making that happened. Yes, we do. We do. I decide Dave, look at him watch. This is why I think right I know I have work to do you know you know it's funny. You know what I know. Dave has work to do have I was one person amassing, they dont have work to do, but they might have
less work to do. They might have a less of a stringent timeline to follow. Well, you did say: might you never do know, we'll get arguing that all the work I have to do tat. Part of the work I have to do is to inform my people are people. Let's do it on how to get through or should I say, move forward on this path, we're all on boom or work in our team. You did if we can were reading Bert word surrounding ourselves with good people. Sliding scale understand unless these are things were trying to do on this path. We need self limitation, dory, jugglers fuel, Scott Jacko fuel the implementation for your whole body, all the way up to your brain, the less so in your brain,
What will we at joint warfare- and we got time or if I tell you, my wife- has injury or feeding our joint warfare subterfuge pedestrians Arma everyday so don't wear for super krill oil. These offer your joints. Rebounds keep yourself in the. Don't even have to worry about him anymore. You take this stuff. Also, we have discipline just for your brain. If not just for your brain is what I'm saying through three body. Two souls When discipline go and didn't discipline go in the can fall. The same family will say that accurate wilfully, accurate strew, yeah little know on discipline, go in the Cannes. So look are. We are war, yes, I would say yes, I mean it from a business sense where a war we ve had we been it
We had an act, let's say the sediment: when we had an act of war against us, a nother very large energy, drink company has spotted and insurgency happening. They didn't like it. There trying to maneuver to shut down some of our manufacturing, but guess who had? contingency planning yes asked, but where war so right now, here we are in while Wat in Florida. We want to be all over the EAST coast and why? Why do we want to hit the restless of stores across the country if you're in Florida, go to Wawa get some girl. try some girl what flavors You recommend Dave, do all of them Let me ask you this. Are you how many
you are have you drank one flavour enough where you shifted to another favor like I've, done that with me, Bravo on Mark are goin mid Mark for three ex than all the sun alike will have strawberry, but right now, one that pumpkins Ramos smashing pumpkin publicans bodies as those crazy good. So have you have you got and you got you wrote a daily? Are you do a random out of the box when you don't? I I d go random out of the box or out of the fridge I gotta go random out of the fridge. I have not done that the last seven days because you just Sri dude. I am straight after an orange. That's what I'm right! So my my older two daughters, kind of speak their own language and one of the words that they ve been using a lot lately is if something is very good, then it's a fantasy and they say it in various funny ways, but then they ve shortened it
say fat or that's a faint and so the other day my middle daughter took a drink of afterburners orange and she said: oh, that's, a band like a fantasy. so little like orange frantic, rightly earlier, more or less agree with down the orange after Burner orange. That's the kind of the number one arena, it's good sure. I'm still this just Jacko Palmer all day you and I I've. I will have probably for every four Jackal Palmer. I will have one orange or one sour opera sniper, maybe savage, even Dax its people, like my wife's Dax average all day I could see. Sometimes I just want to get a little like Dakota Mire Mindset go get him back. Can adapt can is listening
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Have it? You know you have it in the it just goes on and on scared. Little subscription situation into a schoolteacher refund. Ok, so because you're kind of kind of just giving me a look when I said I come up with cold sure ideas, I'm gonna say one that will be available through the t shirt. When is it subscription sheriff jacket? Yet so here's one podcast number, fifty There's one part: this is the chosen revel reservoir, we're talking about the book colder than hell and there's one point where the Marines are fighting for their lives. There are sorting down the hill and there's a guy. guided writing the book. Is writing what he seeing any sees these guys getting up and charging in one of the Marines is holding a gun he's holding a freak. It acts in discharging at that.
chinese Communist and us ports, their position and so that's what I want to put it on a teacher, a silhouette somehow of Crazy picture where you until then. There is a marine with an ax running down assaulting a communist position and all can, I say, is on that is like coal do than hell, podcast, fifty three! That's it you know I want that teacher. I agree that is actually Dave. Impressively awesome. That's cool shirt! bogus you'll made of ruder agree, Amy Way, yes stuff, like that, I took it out. If you want it's, that's on Jacko store dot com as well, also subscribe with buckets given already you don't
I don't sky right, that's the thing you because you subscribe beleaguered listening to you, so we're making them we're, probably making fast fashion you can listen to, which is interesting. Yes, you are cause you have, We have talked about gas. The unravelling podcast, what assets on a different thread now either way someone move to a different throughout the air there like a year, you haven't unloaded unravelling. What have you know? You said you did his thing: it's a difference thread so eager to look for it. So it's called the unravelling is actually called the Jacko unravelling. Podcast search for Jacko, unravelling and you'll find it is Darrell Cooper and me- talking about me. I've been listening to the african Legit foods is awesome, so check out. We also the ground a package which we unrecorded wanted more, because we ve been on quarantine, so we haven't had a way we have recorded ground, grounded podcast Google knocking
and I know I all warrior kid- make our work for them. It's all get some work at once done as well. We are you to channel. If you wanna, see echoes videos, daddy, super proud of where he makes a bunch of stuff blow up in whatever or with their place, which ever good, also the video version or jackpot broadcast by the way, if you wanna see, would do deal, they work looks like yeah. Nonetheless, yes, you the general good you can submit our lay that yeah subscribed. It is what they were like official or whatever honour. Officially We owe a bit like verify what idea so either so you can tell- That's the real one! So thing it's a jackal, podcast dockworkers, you to turn all good boom. Also Working and refocused. Do we say oh yeah, we did ok, yes, Debrief bought gas. Jocund Dave Burke check us read my notes. Now I can see it. I see you write something tonight, we'll wait a SEC.
We had another park, aspirate comes out on this threat. We ve broken it out yet onto another threat. I don't know if we will, maybe maybe not, will see what happens when he was it's really. It's us talking about what we do at national front. Working with clients, as it is only is like one hundred percent leadership, It's a leadership. Injection indirectly intervenes. There's, no there's no books to be read their shorter than like half an hour. Forty five minutes. Would you call it like a case, and now this kind of situation of workers. Now, somebody's lessons learned few units like it's like some of those books that that I've covered actually been covered on recently. Those direct reports from combat from world war. Two there like this is an interview we want to get this information to the troops as quickly as possible. That's what the debrief it's a free can be brief. And I debriefing what we do,
daily basis to help companies and help leaders lead their companies. So that's Lieber font, Castest, also psychological warfare. It's an abnormal tracks, Jackal, getting helping. You pass your mom to weakness, data in whatever capacity that you might run into moments: weakness, Footsore, Canvas, Dakota, Myers companies, making cool stuff to hang on your walls. That will keep you on the path written a bunch of books and got a bunch books. We got a book called about face. I wrote the Ford for that its back this, a series of what have we just did six part cast about guidelines for leader commander. I found that through about face, which is my favorite book, which I wrote the for Turkey and check that out strategy tactics, field manual. We got the code, the evaluation. The protocols we got the new edition of the disciplinary freedom field. Maybe this is the Christmas New Year's gift book. This is what your people want wrong. Am I right you are correct. I let her
about a new material in their and something like forty new pages in there, and if someone you know wants to get on the path back on the path needs to get on the path If you want to stay on the path we get him that new version of the despotic was freedom field manual, got way of the warrior kid for field manual, common out how the kids, Today, my kids are so start on section. They really like you're all right on right on that's good, there's left to say, there's layers in the book layers layers for field manual. Young mark me to kid like last day of school. The kid wants to be a warrior kid, but he's leaving. He hasn't said anything. Cuz he's shy. He comes up with his homework. I really wanted to hang out with you and your friends being.
Your kid like you, but I'm leaving a moving and so marked, goes home last day a school now Uncle Jake's. There is, as I know, I met this Katy one to be warrior kid, but I can't help em and Uncle Jack of course. Yes, yes, you can write of a field manual. What's that instructions on how to be warrior kid. So that's what the book is. way to work for field manual, don't get about warrior, get where the work at one. Two and three don't forget about making the dragons and, of course, don't forget about extreme owners. and the dichotomy of leadership don't forget that I have a consulting company leadership, consultancy. We solve problems through leadership wherever problems you have in your organisation, its leadership problem, and what we do is we solve those problems through leadership, God s own front doc, could you just gotta eat phone line? If you want to ask me a question, if you want to ask Deva question live We will be sitting there answering your questions. If you wanna,
go deeper on the materials that we talk about. We have video courses on their so check. therefore, my dot com wheel have one muster in twenty twenty. It's in Dallas access December third and fourth go to extreme ownership dot com for details. This is our leadership conference. Where we get granular where we interact where we explain these principles, so you can them and make your business and your life better, we have ye have over watch dot com. If you need executive leadership inside your company, you need middle management. Are your company want people that understand a principle that we talk about you're gonna if over watch dot com and if you help service members. If you want to help act, duty people, you wanna help retired people you want to help their families want help gold, star families around the world. The check out more these moms charity organism
Molly. She has an organization called America's mighty warriors dot org. You can check that out. If you want to donate or if you want to get involved- and if you let's say you want more pain, you just want more pain we can deliver. You can give more of my distressing diet tribes. You can give more of echo's misplaced monologues and Obviously you can get some more of Dave's concentrated confabulation. You can find us on the webs on Twitter on Instagram, which echo will only refer to as the grim and on that basis, Dave is at David, Arbour echoes adequate Charles and I imagine willing and thanks to General Bruce Clark and Colonel David hack worth for passing. These lessons
onto to us and for your service, this great nation and to everyone out there and uniform. Thank you for standing the watch and for keeping a safe and also to police and law enforcement and fire fighters and pay Medics, Emts and dispatchers are correctional officers and border patrol and secret service. Thanks to all of you for standing the watch here at home and everyone else out there remember this. One thing from General Bruce see Clark on our loss today is an hour lost forever. Don't waste time is running out and with that till next time this Dave and ECHO and Jacko out.
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