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259: When the Call Comes, You Go. w/ South Vietnamese Kingbee Pilot, Capt Nguyen Quy An

2020-12-09 | 🔗

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This is Jacko Park. Ass number, two, fifty nine with me Jocko willing? they want to use arrived, just as the team started, taking incoming mortar fire Godwin quickly, calculated the coordinates for the mortars location in and the information was passed on to Covey who, in turn related to a one he's a locker whistling voice came back down the line its crew speak later time. So Ya'Ll keep your heads down. within seconds. The area in front of the team exploded into flame. The deadly napalm coating everything in its erupt in path. Flaming envious soldiers ran briefly toward the team before falling to the ground and agonizing death, throes the hand, grenades and ammunition they carried cooking off like firecrackers Unfortunately, the elephant grass was also set on fire. The napalm had definitely slowed the NBA advance, but it did not stop the car reported that extraction, chop extraction, choppers were five minutes out and the team needed to move fast,
two gunships from the seventh air cab, roared over the Elsie Watkins, put out too bright orange marker panels and the gunships confirmed they had the team in sight as a loop. make your first striving run. The gunships reported that a large enemy force was moving toward the Elsie and they were going to attempt to discourage it as they made the wrong pouring M, sixty machine gun fire and rockets into the enemy Rte line could see the air fill with green tracers hating the helicopters we're taking a vicious beating, but they hung in there and cap pouring fired down on the envious. It was an incredible show of raw guts and determination. Covey came on the radio to say the gunships had taken casualties and one leaking fuel oil, hydraulic fluid and just about everything else, so they were being forced to head home, but the extraction slicks were on station.
our key lime looked around and could see it salvation coming toward it on its nose although they were flying at a good clip, it appeared ass if they were moving at an agonising. We slow speed, as with the gunships before them, they were taking, are horrendous amount of fire. One sharper was hit badly and began. Losing fuel asked a brief confab. The rescue package suddenly broke off its approach and headed backed awaited, come leaving nothing but smoke and Rte. Lions hopes for rescue behind when Watkins asked Covey what this meant in terms of time on the ground, all hardness could do. We say that he contact the ps3 and ask for a new set of extraction assets asap. In the meantime, he promised to get more tackle air support over the team and do all it could to keep them alive while Watkins appreciated the sentiments. This did not do much to raise. His spirits
in his heart of hearts, he felt the teams position was precarious and likely to get much worse and quickly. The envious had literally thousands of men could throw at the team, while the team had only so much ammunition and not much by way of cover. What hold. His team members, however, was that there was going to be a slight delay and reminded them to keep vigilant and be ready for an attack what he didn't have the heart to tell them was it could be hours before another rescue attempt was made there day at Oscar eight was far from over one. Bruce suddenly signal that envy troops were crawling toward the team through the elephant grass. The news was passed on to cover who responded that he had to a one east ending by one loaded with sea be used and the other with rockets. Both aircraft had their due deadly twenty millimeter cannons. Locked, unloaded, Watkins, told Covey to bring in the sea, be you as fast as possible and to lay down as close to the team as they could get
in two minutes. The teams on a one e appear front in front of their position. Its twenty millimeter cannons, roaring away. it flew so low, they could see the pilot turned his head to locate the team as he released his ordnance Unfortunately, some of the many bombs exploded so close to our t lie in that to brew received light wounds. This was distressing, but walk is considered. One of the acceptable prices are recanted paid to keep them being overrun by a superior force as the aid one ease departed. A small group of NBA suddenly rose up out of the grass behind the team in charge them a k, forty seventh blazing on full automatic de Ceta Red Communist star facing forward rose up and open fire at near point. Blank range, the brute joined in as other groups of envy, popped up from the elephant grass and attempted assault after a soul,
what followed, with several hours of deadly cat and mouse with the mouse hunkered down in its little hole and the envy a cat making pos wipe after pos wiping attempt to claw it out or do it in Ronnie situation for the team to find itself in a while, r t lion, fend off attacks, Covey directed airstrike after air strike at the envious troops, the storage area, the anti aircraft guns. In anything else, he could draw bead on throughout the day. Primary and secondary explosions followed one another, as the strikes found their mark when, were the teams fate, whatever the team fate might turn out to be. The envious were panic, paying a fallacious price for messing with it with
light, ammunition and ideas running out. It was like a true message from God when Watkins heard Covey report that South vietnamese air force, two hundred nineteen special operation Squadron had one of its legendary king bees en route. For once. Walk in spirits actually rose not that he didn't love the living daylight out of the seventh air calf. The Vietnamese of the two hundred nineteenth had time after time after time proven themselves to be about the most daring, most imaginative, most aggressive and all around finest pilots on the face of the globe If our t lion had any chance of getting out of this hell hole a king pilot was the one who would find it and exploit it, no matter how slight the chance was, or how deadly the odds that simply what they were pledged and committed to doing day after day.
More good news, followed when Covey relieved that the loan king be would be escorted by marine gunships from H, M L, three sixty seven, a bad bunch of fires that went by the code name, Scarface. things were deftly going to rock and roll with them on station scarface enjoyed nothing more than kicking envy, but and taking names and coming back around a kick more, but just for good measure. On general principle and for the sheer fun of it however Covey Splashed, a healthy dose of cold water on walking by reminding him it was very nearly dark and that, despite all the bombs dropped, rockets fired and gun runs made. The enemy was still pumping out an enormous amount of fire and still moving forward pulling our t lie and out of Oscar eight was going to be difficult and dangerous and extraction, as could be imagined than they were.
We have just one chance to pull it off. If they must it Artie line would be spending the night and would most likely not see the next morning sobering information indeed, but walk and did not want to discourage his team. So he just gave them is best, grin and said: let's get ready to go. In the distance walk pins could hear the distinctive sound. old nine Piston circle ie. Eight Thirty four king be chugging its way along a steady base. Note to the higher walk, walk, walk of the Hughes Squinted into the twilight could finally make out their dim silhouettes here asked his strove through the barrel of an m. Seventy nine grenade marcher. So two mascot from enemy site there. Coppers acknowledged having Aren lions mark.
and the huge immediately divided and made a split run, one raking, the teams forward, perimeter with Rockets, a machine gun fire and the other working its rear. It was a beautiful show, walk and yelled over the noise to blow all the claymores. By setting off all the claymores at once, he hoped to avoid having any uninvited envious join the team. They went off in a deafening blast and blinding flash. The little mouse had roared As the scarface dual looped around to make their second final run, they confirm there were dozens of dead and dying envious scattered around within feet of the bomb greater. Unfortunately, they also saw more troops. Advancing Down to the short strokes. as the scarface gunships began, their last pass. The king, He talked itself in behind them and came roaring on
but rather than sat down outside the creator and have the team come to him as walk and fully expected, the pilot pulled up and hovered over the crater, as the team Looked up in disbelief, the old age. Thirty four war bird began gently settling itself down toward the team like a mother had about a cover. Her chicks, thus also discreet, decreasing the silhouette to enemy troops. by the light of the burning Elephant Grass Watkins was able to see into the king bees, cockpit was startled to find the co pilot seat empty, in the pilot, see was his much admired friend captain on a man who had saved, walk and bacon on many other occasions, but none quite like what he faced here at Oscar eight. Captain on lowered his king be toward the team with precision and steadiness that gave an entirely new meaning to the word. Cool.
His face was smooth and calm, but there was still in his eyes ass. He worked both feet and hands to manoeuvre. The choppers close to Archie line, as he could at one point. Watkins could have sworn that on nodded to him ass. If a casual greeting the whole scene bordered on surrealistic. What would the Elsie lit by a flickering brush fire? The sounds of gunfire explosions, the smell of cordite and burned human flesh, and this improbable savior, hovering above
walk into experience before the action took on a dream. Like quality sounds faded, as if someone turned down the volume the air thickened movement appeared to be in slow motion and the brain snapped individual frames that would never ever be forgotten. The looks of fear or pain on their faces bodies being blasted backward peace piece of someone on the ground, a scrap of cloth one's own hand, clutching a weapon or shaking wildly as it tries to execute some simple, well rehearsed, but now impossibly difficult task. This is what war looks like to a mind under stress, Walking could hear small arms fire thumping into the king bees body, as he fully expected that at any moment it would either pull up an exit or come crashing down on them. But it did neither it settled into a stationary hover its front wheels placed delicately inside the crater. And there it sat, Unbelievable vision are heroic
portrait of an old warrior, taking a pounding but refusing to falter. Watkins disorder Godwin begin heaving. The brew into the chopper Godwin followed, decided after taking an ancient anxious look at this team leader was next to the bright red star, pointed over his right ear, as if he wasn't quite sure whether he wanted to be going or staying. Finally, in accordance with that time, honored tradition, the one hundred and two feet with a last to leave the killing ground of Oscar eight. With the door Gunnar and team pouring small arms fired M, seventy nine rounds into the perimeter beyond its rim king be lifted up out of the greater as a last defiant. Gesture walk!
through a red smoke grenade onto the Elsie. This gesture was universally understood by everyone who supported saga to signal that the team was safely out, the Elsie, clear and everyone else was freed, a pound, the living daylights out of it. But our to line was not home free. Not yet At least anti aircraft rounds were bursting around them like a world war to act, fire, and on Wednesday, being an duking in an effort to judge the dodged the birth and make himself harder to track. He still look, com, cool and collected as if you were making a routine flight. For these guys fought auctions Maybe this was a routine flight when the king be touched down a case on disorder, Godwin and the grinning door Gunnar walked around poking their fingers into bullet holes and counting them but they soon gave up. There were too many
and besides it was just too on setting link on settling to contemplate What might have been. Watkins learned Later- that cap and on had chosen to fly so low in the Asker eight because he knew exactly how dangerous this mission was, He lost king bees there before determined not to risk more lives if necessary, figured if the gods ordained that his ship go down while trying to save Archie Lion it would, be him at the door Gunnar. Seem like a simple, a perfectly logical decision. No big deal feebly, everyone who participated in the mission was alive and well the men of Archie line? Were home seasoned veterans of Oscar rate. It had indeed been their time
After all, That is. That is a whole different kind of heroism. Cause look when you're on the ground In many cases you don't even have a choice. To be here. You either step up or you die. But for these pilots like captain on. They don't really have to do anything heroic. They could easily say that a landing zone to hotter they ve already been shot at a low on fuel or or whatever. But their safe in their aircraft
Then they see the hell that is going on and they see the hell that they are going into both It's an Rockets and anti aircraft and they go anyway. They go anyway. Men like captain new key on a pilot in the South vietnamese AIR force who flew less missions insane we dangerous missions In support of american and South the enemy, sob teams the recipient of the Silver STAR and the distinguished flying cross. and it is an absolute honour to have captain on with us here to talk. Bout, his experiencing fighting in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia Captain on it's an absolute honour to have you here it and I guess
also joining us. Once again, is John striker Meyer till special forces member of saw who has been on this park ass before a couple times one eighty, one hundred and eighty one one hundred and eighty two one hundred and eighty six with a Frenchman. Two hundred and forty seven, two hundred and forty eight and the last one with I got a couple two fifty eight again they are your much and and when you first came on after the four couple times peoples, asking almost immediately to if I could find a king be pilot, and I know as soon as you very quickly mentioned, cap, not always number one can be for sure. So so, tell us about what it was like growing up? Where did you grow up? I wish, at tat noise, not obviate now,
and I find it decides. Mood. Family too, was a Saturday night in future. For now after after the French got beat so did your father Carter recognise the bad things could happen, nation, and what it, what did your father do for a living jimmied before for the fifty five to four Ah, he has some good business to cut the lumber like a longer worker and heat people. Do it then, organize the office and, future for a week down to the south. and he was part one of the french company. He worked for a french company here, ok after four to fifty four. promoting south, ok
and what did you do? What? How old were you when you move to the south? I was fit eleven, eleven years here, and then they may I mean my father said my cell and my brother, a younger brother at tat time. He was to attend And to try to deal with one of the to the south, now did you have any understanding of what was happening with the communists in North Vietnam. Did you have any understanding of that yet, before we go to revert to the south, dinner I remember I at night My I sit next, the way my father, and he please people be deciding what you mean- with my habitat, brother was killed.
Forty five. when he was seventy broker. Communism, communists So once you got down to South Vietnam, now you're eleven years old, And what it? What did you did? You were you just going to school, yet again and since then, we move around the time from nine hundred and two. I found and then with South and I myself am. I brought my brother to me. We on try to MECCA too greatly. One you try to make what no one here too great we are doing here I'll get. We did nice. Those in the sixty sixty two,
it'll your eyes on the air force My brother, he Kadijah scholarship from you shop and when he had so nineteen sixty two is when you join the air force. And dumb. Once you join the air force Did you know you're gonna be a pilot? Yes, okay, slender, I didn't believe it. I will be brief because I could run the time. Couldn't you get your lane or even a birth? Every time I got in the Gatt mice delays didactic above them, my mom, you're Corsica TRAIN sit every year we get yeah, that's it that's not fun, but eventually you able to get over that. Yes, it is the first time my ip He demonstrated
as you quit or altered basin, and and I thought, feel my stomach the month of not how they can freely. but they live on. I get is with it wrote and I like it, I know that they have something for american pilots and out and off they made you do this. They have something where, if you get air sickness, have something I think it's in Texas, it's called spin and puke and they basically put you in this machine every day and expand you around and make you sick until you get used to it. Really. You are here, So I guess you didn't do that now, you didn't have to go to Spain and one or a rotation helped. How long were you in the air force before you started? Train you become a pilot. But it is only in the fourth. Ladies
is it all about. Formerly, it was then, first over sixty three and I was heavy busy tablets trading in the national fall. also the sale for six months. In. He knows rye sixty three days, I was sent here to get a tiny You came to America here and get the yes I'll again turning in narrow stranger in the center, when you so you go to San Antonio, two first to learn how to speak: English, in in Vietnam ogre. when I get the military military training entity, yes out, Englishmen in six months.
And I went to San Antonio TIGERS while another forwards. Yes, l in Greece after that I went too far. Waters in the Texas Broker, and what was funny waters for free finally, how local retraining OPEC is the a study, three, the as twenty three offer a charm ready smaller than that's like that's like them Double canopy right cemetery, the very air So how long did you spend in America training to fly from from the first threatening the advance any on a certain degree to today,
after I, it went to Burma to Cadiz training on a study for the king, be What was your first impression of the king, be it was big place, while the trees and When I finish the training, India is thirty. Four days I was What do you get the idea of turning on the highway at that time, nearly heavily at school day. Early India, a model is the way it is Small d Amato Huey here. What do you like it? What did you like, better the Huey or the king? They gave me today, that they may have about were at that, our one thousand and fifty hundred hospital poker.
but the EU, a movie Aymara, heavily nine hundred horsepower. But they're here is a lot smaller than the king. But yes, it is born, but you feel, like you, had more power in the king, be because it's the way we could agree to via, but that one Gaza, only a steady fall. I got Toro avowal powers, how many hours Hundred hundred hours, while total and but on the way I only thirty nine ninety hours hours occur. an idea pilot, a pilot love. We check my check me. He said I ll get used to this day of you don't need to find a more Is the obsolete can enable more time to tat other people grounded?
if you will learn as quickly as he did. I was awful one week in this round So then, as soon that that would you got trained in new completed all that training, and then it was gone back to Vietnam. Yes, in the city wall around, what I say so in sixty four America's there, but not super heavy engaged in combat operations as yet, not yet Was it like when you got back where you would do you start to? anticipate were used, will start to seem like there was gonna, be up a broader war being fought there don't forget June nineteen, sixty four Roger Darlin earned. First medal of honor, not agreeing break a sort of work, the work
major battles at the eight camps at that level, and so in the course of king bees, even there were supporting somebody who can so that at the beginning, of that war level and yes, the winning the american troops involved. I drank valley, but here again to build up new marine came into denying, is all part of that. What year did the Marines Covenant denying today Fourthly, for people here before you can always I drink in sixty five. That sort of, in my mind, marks the beginning of like heavy american combat operations. He has as a formal battle between American first carry any NBA so but, definitely prior to that it was advisors in their working by women through the locals right and an yeah. Sir. You are seeing all that happen. You're seeing that start to unfold, where you would at? What point did you start flying?
king bees in support of special operations. When I first came before the U S, tiny, I was there finally to seventeen swine And the two seventy one first station at sight on and in sixty lay the sixty five was move to counter in the south. and in February, nineteen sixty six I want I was assigned to the eighty terse group is easy, They walked, combine pursuing and helicopters idea, Mason And laid India and how to cover to become matured eighteen, but
group of the eighty idea had opponents in eighty two weeks ago. A body for her a cobbler but when we become became, to nineteen. We have, of course, already forward Did you know what you are getting into debt with those like, because he's very marked the first two years, basically from from but he went to the first two, seventeen, the commander that you didn't like. Vietnamese. So he was only a cop out, but he I call upon every board was more action safe. I guess you request. He goes against the action So once you once, you started doing that What was what was that like? What was it? What was it like to start going out on those operations where there was all this
the incredible intensity on the ground. I finish what I cited in their normal squad yeah I'd say it's probably more exciting a normal. What is it, what was the? What was the operational peace like how often where you get called to fly? What would happen? Would you be on stand by waiting to go extract people? would you sit and plan with the guys from saw, so you all were working together? How did all that? How did all that work? Everything look. That's right. There. We had an invitation like one week. They would be on Simon one they be training another. They will get ready and then, in one week or Saudi beyond aside, they could be a buffoon by then they go down a cartoon wherever the most work, bending on a whether what MRS Whereof so
would saga guy's going. You know what you sit down and say: ok, here's we're going to insert here David. You grew up border and they would be inferior briefing, practical watch. If I D Leland operated livelihood ripping a lot we are going to do to do and that we are willing to look. since I was twelve, so familiar with it in a whole lot of fun Same vow to pray, do my there were water rather under a landing, always what you mean trail, I'm so for me familiar. I use. I don't need to be met you are very familiar with it. Yeah here's another king door knows briefings when there. There is a one zero the king be. As we went further into the war. There briefing will say we found
If we might MIKE here thirty seven MIKE Mike Anti aircraft weaponry in those targets, so they would a covey and with their expertise would be another bonus that we had treasurer briefing we're not the fly as one of you. Briefing parcel as we hear what the mission was get that from history, but we always from them than a covey of today, Oh yeah! Sorry, you be flying basically, some kind of combat mission every day or two days three days at the most ocean in one day a three missing. Its mission, Lhasa, well, listen to our
Yes, that's what school about being a pilot right, two hours or two hours at your dog? If you live, they come home here. I have to go home, you're doing all right back Eden, good, shower drinking cold beer, indeed, so so How long did it take before you finally ended up getting shot down? They figure. Like when it y know, you ended up getting shot down how long we flying for before you got shot down for the first time over, for you see firstly, some new tie me. Fifty seventh or sickly sake. I don't remember it was, I was sort of one type. What times.
Andrews- I don't four times yeah. I don't believe me, I don't even remember we stay with him. I said last time I lost bad. Remember the first time you got shot. You don't really remember what happened the first, I'm irrational The first time I was, I doubt, was even south of the mobile mountain. And in the morning they are we supposed to take the but all committee, security line south the mountain marblemount marble at four Ethel before ones, citizen in country mission and picked up a bit. to put it on the south side of marble mound cause F, will be forwards on the north side by and they will have some issue. They put the battalion out there for security purposes, the working long with the Marines at that point, and so seven clock in the morning Sophia. Now he had shot down
I will now, six o clock. it, says the majority. Eighty two and when Second made their land. He said that he kept you gotta, learn Ralph high and I told him remember, which way an item I too am a mountain, pick up more people and then landed here again and ass, in which direction you there, he said I've got an idea, up and had to do to Uclaf, Brazil, dioxin. and I saw a line of the people movie with honey. Holly, woman and she got sugar, kids with the buy you remedy to buy Skype. If carry I
and I told her daddy Gucci Ali people a civilian people, don't know, don't shoot As soon as long as I feel it, I heard a a fire from that, laugh alone that people want other people, and the end in. and I, like I may express do new rice paddy and the detailed sharper didn't. I came down to pick me up and they an exit today, and at nine o clock equally well. Allow you to take the job back and we re told the that chocolate Leah mechanically, couldn't find under any around
so? We you ask me tell, and told her tell what happened. I really happen. Liquid and finally daily any rule, then speedy, a technical problem, Yes, I did. the dvd I totally the wrong did fire. And late in the afternoon, one of the macsharry chip, He opened eighty found off of the of the engine and He looked around suddenly here, He saw the idea the edited Lydia it lit of the Benito Desert. Edward, a Hoare and also that was it
He was wondering why the dishes it's a horny, and why they did people didn't change it, so he has called it a mechanic and opened it. My my bonnet was in their hands tied. It were so you would go back out and review. You went back out and recovered that aircraft. Would you I dropped out it and bring back or how to do it I will go out and without Saddam how to break a big data get down a combat bake. Would you bring back with another helicopter yeah. I oughta began accidents in on it, Did you feel Jenks to go back and aircraft again like Or they feel lucky
you're too got shot down. You you LEO Yoda winner Elinor. I am Class India Rice Betty I am I out of the chapel Edna. Davy damn Turley the only Lobo tube do that will let push it bring? I live cattle idea, I'm about and by Michael by he read aloud with me. When I- activity and maternity. I looked back and I saw Davy, you on the rice belly Sally daddy, because in the air but a panacea day, they were swimming funding relays? Oh yeah still have eleven to the bottom of the rice Betty and put again whether what seemed an arm and loaded- and I shouted- I had
Idiot, one gets a shoot one, one that I was six years old. His old thirty calendar we're not the most reliable effort after the first thirty years, a combat I know there's another another story where you got shot down again after and the day before can be had been shot down. You went into what what happened on that operation how operation the area the day by day the day before we learned
and, to my surprise and being wound one day when the team- an island and pick up some very surprising, but the second one that I doubt by D out busy and it was about five p m and when he saw it, I came back to were thought No, we will have to be at that time talking B on the previous day and decide. Nor how did you feel about going on? An operation were now was to king be shot down the day before and now have to go back in there. What did I feel like, I think,
will we need you to wear a big deal out of my friend by. when I learned to at ductile. They did a radio man from the cap. He went out. He said Otto from saying no to lend anymore. He lowered his voice, but last decision is yours and isolate oh gladly again groovy, Andy Tool and shit. Am I not literally number four can be. I'll go in again and. Well, have you worry about here at this I I tell him
This file And. When you were a mile five kilometres from the algae. and you people Schiphol operating, and I will go down by myself and. I wait until seven seven b doc and I say they skill. turn on my landlady light, given even the DAS War light, you turn them off turn law, very, very youth. I really be fate had to seek and Because any way for parliament Long time I a collision. did and how and know how much data it was. Ok.
And how much our? How many IBM is threatening emitted. when you were a bar of five hours with I turn out the light. Tell other people do our bit wait for me. Ass Nickleby. Do you see me- and he said it is too late. genes in and go down without to the top of the tree recovery. Ask him again. You will see me yes,. Ok, you got me. I say, lie live lg and and make the three sixty with ninety. an idea not go by making three sixty eight agreed to land under Elsie. So so the
were walking you in and Telecoms Covey rather use. We mean guiding you it at night at very top In the jungle is Andrews Mountains here now for flying in Cambodia was flat. He's flying over the hills to this, and this is part of another day with a king, be while at night for the lights any gotten everybody out, The next day I came again at ten, a m and when I was taking off- and I only big brush, an idea the chopper settled make up, because in the end it was ass. They are the best,
well up the above a broadly blew up the engine. We want let the engine The owner fiery it well, it was a hit by the I'll, be ok the very idea is making the right move to jumper will stick to this side of the hill and still endless stuff, a loner lowly left side now to show it on the other side of the hill and certainly the mouth, and I say that. the call by where they them out, and he called but Michael by heat. Who is on my left eye, as is run so silly next Friday, at this you're you're dead,
aircraft, get it with an hour. Peachy yeah the engine dies, the end game of alleged came off. It blew off in its others, while each up of nine zero. Now the chopper goes knows you're gonna crash land and you have to do it on a hillside. Yeah answer: you had a kind of manoeuvre, the helicopter to be at an angle. Cells aid want before little roll it out the ale and then Sir, you land. Basically, you are able crash landed. and then you look you're Copilot say rod everyone when appeal Ok, you signed it and they see. Then you join the desired team on the grass. the authority I'm still and thirty again for good luck now at that time we need him. Sixty
Ok, so you have you got the M sixty all familiar, but so then what happens when you joined up with the sardine you shall king legal order I'm sixteen and eighteen I already did this. As a One of them know yeah. I know one of them tried to shoot at away dvd oblique dumper he didn't work, because they should he shot out over there. Men yeah. I did it to do. Oh, the gun was to dry here, should anymore Ok, so now you're in a perimeter, I guess yeah with your team with the team, don't wounded initiative
the people you pick what on the shore, Khartoum, before my time, even like sixty seven, I think so. I went around and five M Self Denial again the grenade little sight of those, so I just you should meet now I ll be back to you. I thought I d to wake up out of the day. I should inform pity metres away from us to two hundred metres away. How long were you guys on the ground for before you got extracted when I am sure that I shall be already great quantity, coffee. an Asian you still alive yeah. I see what I heard. I found my rescue battle. It was,
I use was on his guy and he saw he said it did he saw TAT the frame. A framework law he and hit my age upper at might help the export refund knows a sport, And he thought it was done. But where he who would not be easy? still alive. But the winning the war we have to move Yes, he here, if that had been a they're dead every he's dead, but that's a king. the other you again. The Ark Energy hid. The engine A blue it out, which is a nine sold or world, were to enter from the be seventy bus blew about aircraft and still there will talk walk away from here. Crash land that atop an honest sideways on a hill.
So it's always the did the other aircraft, the other, can be then land and pick you guys up quickly or were you out there for a while? Now we have to Wilma, we had to run away on the Elsie, with data with the alma ten, a m to four p m before so much for the two, our misery for her figure out your hand, shot up by the envy of the holder. Yeah, maybe tat, and he learned how to Sudan. Seventy nine in between the of sixteen the of sixty wherever rounds he has The job training and lay us. So then you come back from that mission and then Take a shower get ready and go brief. Another mission, that's what you guys did now after them, and ambition that I was down. I want to their rubbed it back to that goal.
At a time on the Meda commanded by squad the men and the whole stop August. Squatted came out. Do that, though who see what happens I couldn't believe you're still alive and here and there, when I was first see them. I may ass well go man. I said it. Am I finally to table one week to be followed by the gate to relax, delivered to hear you say. Okay, so all you have to do is take our p D. His advent blown out crash land do a six hour gunfight with the envious to get a week's vacation. I don't know that seems like a rough door, but the previous day, one
a blue eyes caught him by the IPCC and CO pilot that kill the pilot and d and it became had they been pushing a burden but but for example, an idea before the next day, before I left the I I ran back to the UK study of the privileges of the chocolate that without book were yes, I will love the previous day and try to look for something. It good remain of the proprietor of the previous day, but I couldn't find then the whole deal with you
wide ass because it travels aluminum. Our swords burner is visible that wasn't your last time didn't shadow know it What about your taught tail wrote tail rotor getting shot off? Ok, cable. it was it allows, and I was taken up and suddenly I feel some What are you hit? The Medea on my am I put on my feet a bit of it, and I ask my push it what's happening with it. And he he check any shit. He got idea till boom.
Is it a cable or they can talk, cable or detailed? Little was shut, our eyes have shut up, and so because what I feel, ready it. He D D data there, somebody Submissive to hit banality pale, I did easy job when I was ten year is tablets down to two right because we haven't, we don't have the contour retail to move is likely to laugh and reduce the power and accept a sap to be sought with the other, but with other now, rather than press lending. So I did taken up its sixty enough and facing us elite beside way and making a lousy were, and I my my may, the auditing me.
Who had a dreadful bit by a body or the extreme askin goose. and because I have helped make it ass, they live bait, make love to beat traffic and land, make ready landing and detail will tell us now I told my go by the palate, and he got up your pal Edna. Do the job of cells solely slowly said now added you guess that Rodney that would mean a hazy break. I had to do to stop it, but but before the fight is vital. De my question time. Eighty eight and eighty nine, Let me name these helper tell it to where they slow. Now. These happen, was about nine men team tell them
don't do that now not to remain vigilant. We give mainly might make a class and and finally the chocolate to try and stop look down No, no. That amount is this. Do you deserve it? didn't ended any of the new members of the team, the wounded one guy was wounded. Now nobody is founded yet the shot, the Roeder they take, the cable to the road or any of its crimes and the aircraft between away and away. He did just a decisive stage, He flew back sideways and decrease the speed of light. I never heard Esther. This is another. Was oh, my God stories just another. Lifeline king bees.
At the non may know why we say never one pilot. I tell you one thing at a time. When did you yes to govern ourselves, then we can make a lot of three zero. because we have noted here when you go out this operation, the feeling and the thinking of the enemy, what they are that thinking we could guess, but here back and you could guess what they are doing what they are willing to do so you're saying that the American, the Americans we do random things The enemy you kind of new, what they really do. They followed patterns weaken yes, most of it
just go out and they receive no girl. I somewhere in his book, suppress it tried to suppress it, but for us we could guess where they are going to put a gun. I, what do you want to plan. The question tat we time able shot. I was thinking of the ASEAN media. I help Heavy heavy girl fire under I say they look like I saw earlier at VW. She D be idea, fifty accountable and surely
me less than while one hundred yeah so had arrived out with the bathwater, and that is exactly right, but I am I escaped, but do set of getting bigger mean him. They may be said to be such a shot down, sat down and apply. War is to growth, lesson learned it. Another one, not till tell me about was, you got something hit you got hit by something in almost knocked you out of your seat. and there was a a two inch hole in the back of the king, be what was that? finally, file I'll be good and finally around and I dont want, kind of.
What kind of gun would then be, the time I was thinking of homeopathy even out, and suddenly this like some but it hit me with a hammer in the back and hit me fall asleep. you may laugh have left a leper need to hold a visa collective and give rye is my left hand to check my bike. As I see it always do I admit I still kid: no blood, no bread, when they got home. I check their rules wrong and I saw the backup Betsy Breakaway, see the whole bigger than this one,
Finally, you guys was there any armoured all on the king be enough norm, just aluminum aluminium, can't stop anything. I shall The one that is, one, I'm afraid already has anything armourplate out a precise, maybe eighteen, teenagers wide wrap up on the size underneath the Best but the only armor, I'm aware here would you wear. did you wear a vaster anything out? No, no point. They really cool King Bee flight, just a flights over Us Heather, I keep being signals on and they have their holster honour hip, like a cowboy They very food really good. Looking uniforms, I like the black, was best.
How many operations do you think you flew? The Skype college I got flood has allows minus one house now lies in the other. How does he answered Three thousand thousand two thousand divide to two hours So after a hundred or so missions it you could take we'll take a hundred. These are also saw missions how often, how often would you have any contact on the ground when you went in. usually day. Where they can mean the two issues. The team and I saw something. What does
So, like one time when I learned to the I saw the telephone line the table. Getting I'll come back like to back the goodbye says what time is it? I saw it. I bought it, make the right away, but most of the time when we got shot when we take culpably Elsie, the team were tears for a strategy for the extraction gear. So, most of the time you could get in well you You just pull the team out almost immediately if you guys to cry out yet we are compromise and we just try to get it back go out. We could, What percentage you think you guys were compromise on the answer? probably a lot more than we realized could they have Elsie Watchers and they like the gives on underground first, particular body and sixty
Could they had sought Hunter your teams there. Their main mission was to find us the. I would think they would want to wait. Two you inside Russia. You insert let the helicopter, Jem and enroll Yup Derga. So the answer you do good work We go well on Lester days like we have time. In November we get shot out the primary secondary and the often Came these will go in being being being going? like they would refuse, have little lunch. the target, go back and do it again and often they would back a bullet holes, green lily, I shot out they deserve. activity. Here we wouldn't go, a compromise is released, go underground, get give gone with the mission. We had several days. I got back to back the back of a king. Peace got beat up but, firstly, nerves got shot down, and this of course he's just a beat that, just as all that
Mr Hasse of Aircraft, yet I had one door but had the windows so whenever it were extracted half to first and in the chop we go to the left window. The port side port as when and how we get the pork refusal, starved of drinking port and our your beer s as Norway, man right there indeed left side. Yes, it is, ok secure a bulky to secure meter, our baby and, though in then, But here we reject sometimes They would be in the air and there be a emergency call for any helicopter which he did, august. Nineteen sixty nine. I think what you were all, but this is that mission whiskey her face and. Car face? It was, making a gun run an era working in conjunction with the the hunter
first airborne Honor air mobile units, and There was a like a river stream and they were making a gun run. Soda, the first had gone down to cover their core bosom scarf, he came in with a regular gunship got hit. Went down flat over too the door to crew members came out a crane upside down Put out an emergency call on was there he responds to the car The conscious went down and they made a gun run on each side of the down upside down Scarface he followed or right in and he picked up the two to lay a crew members here,. The issue is either I didn't pick up. The aid is spot him, you spot them.
First, because I am, I felt I flew along the stream to see what the cafe I taken. If I'd Eddie beer people and I spoke to their standing on the big problem is tabled, and I caught him. Let him know, and so did I dig him down to pick them up and I get paid down the stream to local people and I couldn't find anymore. I can be conveyed to the down Healy subside down and I couldn't see they will get, will see inside a cabin or a copy. So I use my right will to turn it back, He slipped over the Huey while under enemy fire. I check entire still nobody in there. So I found him a good bye.
Any more than you have your crew chief hang out the door, and then he was able to say that he saw people in the pile in the Copa Inn This data is to those to only two our face Marine, Aviators dares to list. As am I a I think it was a pilot and any creature could cope I got out and they were able to rescue those too and in the bubble of the Front of the: U S where he put his nose struck put the wheel and lifted up the hill a cop? His creature goes and hangs out all while under enemy fire, so in August two thousand scarface honoured on at a ban. Wouldn't San Diego, the thing important, heroic mission, and they help. Get your award for admission, correct with that part of that nobody has not yet but that was one mission
where he was just fine, they had to call for help. He response. to help Scarface casino. Face. An hundred first had protected king bees, At a time, You got shot up or now until it was like we're just mother died, The part he said than the Marines try to find those aviators. And I'm not sure how many his he got, but just a fact to go down the stream trot underneath the front knows it's been knocked out lifted up to give them a status report. Just another day with the king. These amazing, the other. that. The reputation you guys had must have been tests. I mean that opening that I read from this. I guess ashes epic. You know to hear that, The relief from one kids we're here. So it is like ok how we got a chance yeah an That was always our golden golden moment
We are on the ground, you in a firefly. They say the king bees are common psych, thank God for the king, on that mission, when you decide hey, you know what I'm not bring a co pilot, a marketable coup chief, I'm just gonna bring me and the guy That's it That seems like that seems like a kind of crazy decision to make Where are we? well. I know that the situation was Dubai and we have to go without the as fast as you can see. We can bring them home. as fast as you can, media would have taken time to round up the the copilot. Now. At a time when we was they do put in Malta in the nectar and
I saw I saw the smoke came out on the again on the other side of the hill, and so I rented make up came up and I get and where is ticking haven't group go by the was late as its guidelines You didn't care vehicle biotechnology What is just like their mission later in a book with a chapter twenty one they had the night brightly. Where the hatchet force have been in. They had severe casualties they had all been actual traded out. The last helicopter went in was a girl. You idiot, when, in our strings, to pick up the team leader from the hatchet force, the sergeant stay back in the couple indigenous troops and the we got shot down, crashed that night.
They asked to go in this is October. Sixty nine sixty nine eleven black women and on took now again with no crew. It took him out at night found the Elsie thought they thought you got it reply, but somehow easier will find an being that they get the king being went down, limply got in picked up picked up. The team ever had a broken back and the other survivors, and then he came back. again at night picked up the team. I think the time amount of strings and then pull them out. Was there any one else? Second, that could fly at night like you could make some of them Was it your eyesight? Was it just the amount of ours that you had in the helicopter Oh, because, you don't At the time the thing be they we only have India as he D
see model that we left. The only have the eighty of the Asia and elsewhere But the d, Amato um yeah marine heavy taken away, sadly, is here. but she had to be taken and the various have we don't use of it. Almost never use and is too heavy and it was he started, till boom and they make as each other heavy too heavy a soul I remove one of them use always a little extra radios out here. We are the We needed it with Andy. This. And this leads me to quick sidebar as you are not, but we had and sixty eight the king bees had
The Marines want to raise the king bees to food by has means the race erase rates, they have you're only going backwards or no notice is just going from denying funnier base Kay Visa, will talking about adding these. What versus the marine corps? H there, for they still has some thirty. Fourth, also it's just keep its king be versus king, be yeah, but can't be versus Marine Corps, got it with all the values. So the Marines had to go around high van Pass and go to South China Sea King bees fly up an over being continued. The flu lied when a hundred dollars That was your love, but there was one of our favorite king. These stories of harassment always told our and then who's your maintenance crews. Was it was a vietnamese yes, air force that every day era in Evian Visa for Anna
later on. We that idea, What level get out all at here He is a man with so many our american company. the only a man. Job is already too to repress part I shall be. I suppose to tell the tale Taylor, author the whole? The whole set and put it up this tangier, who said But I don't trust him, because at one time after the Sandy Taylor Rosy an appetite everything serve to clear up. Shop in light of the engine and g
Please it's! That is a big up a bit now a window and ice the spread of the needle and cut up the engine These are listed by this, at least is tackled, denotes, come up as I go down and check out, check and check the tail. only not rise in only one or other three ready made here, What do you have the break wonder what was not there. Until we was Emma AIR out of echo, ruin your day year. We had a in Vietnam for the seals in Vietnam. They had of similar relationship that the saw guys had with the king bees with the with the sea wolves and they had a kind of
revised improvised and their maintenance. They were very proud of and in very proud of their maintenance crews, because their maintenance crews would keep those aircraft running than they would do whatever they had to do and robbed steel today or even to this day around. Here. That's right! That's right! They are already. You know, young birds that head They scrounge up the aircraft themselves from somewhere they're gonna left over aircraft and answer that there wasn't just the the pilots and the gunners and then on top of that, these incredibly hard work in the sailors in the Navy that we're making those birds able to fly on a moment's houses. But it's just that's a very similar relationship. For the saw guys in the king be pilots as it is for the seals and them I miss you guys are thereof, Logan absolutely here how standing in and just the it's a similar the attitude you know what you said: com on earlier. When I asked you, you know what
what are you thinking about when you need to go back into a spot where to king bees, have already shot down then shot down, and your response was out to get my friends out. That's it. That's That's that's the esprit de corps that is just unmatched. You know and have in our relationship with an that doubt Warrior Brotherhood is There is a very human side like this a few times yet the weaker pulled out right at last light We got to keep me pass, a hate, come on I'll, buy you a drink and in terms of I'm gone. To my family, her captain to all thank you but also go home. I fell back tomorrow. You Bobby drinks tomorrow they come At had time, can the club I'll have a drink before we go next mission just amazing, so he had this whole. Crazy. Lotta me they're whither to hold her family She's and they came for us they never.
we never had to say no for us and have our teams. Yeah. No, that's that's, definitely think about, because Americans, we are always fighting in someone else's country right. We don't go home while we go on deployment. Does it? Oh there's no family? What why were you? married during this timer. Will you did you have kids during this time? Did you have your your brought here? I mt I value identity night, and I remember if I was set down before it after I don't remember a safe. I sat there last night and you must remember I you know. going on a mission. Getting your aircraft shot up and then go home to your wife and saying hi, honey, I'm home yep.
every time I wish, but they didn't. I didn't was a global maritime leave me one time who buy from Paris. I met a clumsy. and the weather was the very best and we leave for love love about three, the cheap along the use I suddenly, this somebody fire love line of fire like it right on my at my im a year, and I I looked it up. A little uphill ever saw A lot of envy you know She will war they
his eyes the sheet second lighted. The editor lies the stairs just like that, and they were on the hill and so they gave me the. I told my goose it shoot your bank should I should like- and I saw the trail out yet do not drought to dig up. Did he do Hold me every in front of the front line of them. even the hidden, the heat than any of them or not because I was the last one in defy at that time as lasers, gay pride, late diplomacy and better quality. I count I found forty nine hose he's fly from case on very had ever will be three would pick up teams large for targets from case on course. We, you flew in a case on this. is door idea the offensive
So you know that wasn't so he hot zone flying to climb a tree, which is quote- Your base en route three lines of envy ages, practicing target hidden. Forty nine times, Yeah forty nine rounds, happened. The last time you got shot down last last time it was, I was in good up not by me twice. An incisive team at came back when they came back. I like it when you when you're, so this for a long time to come back for a long time for sum fairly legacies six fairly, and I feel something
Drawing on the well, not even a isolated from fifteen hundred feet would now be at about five allow private trees. They said to shoot at me and this is this: when you're trying to extract them or is this in uttering, the ins are on our health is coming back from an oil so after dry them off your half way home and you decide you gonna go look on the ground. And you ve got it gonna stick. I met a big visit This gives the line of fire and As I said, it is issued by right to carry out a fire. You got that should it so I got back and suit and I got hit again and shop a cafe.
The round hit the fuel tank. The fuel ignites afar comes turn the fuel tank into a cabin He's a five hundred feet trying to keep the air crew stable to land while on fire, and I was on top of the flame. Do frames coming from the came from the cabin do the carpet. I I left right at a or vital somewhere around there. They did but you'll be ok, but I don't to be a cup so acute five big, Would up so you are your plans on fear your help it was on fire on fire. You could crap, you could lands, I don't want to get caught now.
That's going to be hard I tried to avoid better boot up the frame to defame people, get burning and. One time it will show that ILO I left out of the door. He criteria and cycling. Elaborate. Keep my hand in my at my chest when I saw day when they left the USA, cycling and Egypt. A statue were lived out and I saw the router me up. I should I just tell my had had his on its own, but when it come goes to the tree top the instinct,
survival pushed me to draft a recycling poorly black and at each other with diving. There is certainly, but I poorly exactly big thoughts will have and it come up up up up up, I thought that the main road that with the mouth, but he needed I thought I saw it away lebanese helpers diving again, so it lie. I e the firelight seed line in this guy. and finally, I am liquor it last landing. In the open area, so the the in the handles, were so hot that you couldn't hold on to him, but then, at the last minute survival instinct, you knew what you had to do in order to get some kind of a landing. So you just grab those and
when I saw the Elsie. I was five eighty eighty nautical mile and they do by and a bull decisively to the right and pushed by right people all the way down the chaplain at that and he looked more like a tree. exceedingly so quickly. Rather I thought. Kennedy they tell book him off but he needed and they start of sand without, and thou Dost thou very smooth, and still will stop us. It's too readily. The tree and on the wheel get marketing the blade came off
they stole, pays them gravity, sheep, ill luck and I put it but instead but get bullet my finger open. And for tat reason I use my left hand have left elbow to hit buckle and The days editor luck, headache the handle of the window, because when I make it pass, it read They had a window red forward, move on and close So I can't the window for debate, but it happened like they are. The shit now aggravate but difficult open, but good majority handle her skin was burning, so I use my my soul to hit the window and abruptly window out
I am now they somehow I so from the dough. The idea of material which gave us a little wood with were out. I have the zipper remain and progress, still burning rode down on the grass web browser and to put it off and after it was off. I couldn't stand up and the right to cheap, read by an Be baby. Don't ride me to the rescue up between number three keeping. so then you get on the number three can be they get you out of there. Any Obviously you go straight to the hospital they leave. It me back
maybe the cop via spill. It was immediately hospital in silence. As I stated hidden until eleven a m to my small. They wanted the one thing we won a pilot scheme be pilot. I daresay freely, with a make an uprising abruptly to Turkey wants to do. That where I stay war statements and what was that process like those next eight months of the year amputated, Hand and maybe she's been where my life, because my life lately? I was in the hospital.
The day after the toughest bit. He undertake my had. I asked him how about my like each other over the idea. Now, until after the after day policing. Did they amputee both your hands at the same time, yes and then what was the? What was the plan from there, what would happen after that. bacon floor of fate of eight point nine of the treaty. And made to him- went about for violent. But after that I make the follow up to the US with food. but by the end of their duty to jacket and after that have already taken the salary back to deal with these. The hospital. And at some point I know you brother that was a
pilot write his one pilot and what happened with him. He was on the need mission, and it was missing. We know and ninety fibrous for across the fence. Also right now It was missing about around about thirty kilometers, not now martini. Ten in him. What was it like when the when the war started to kind of wind down for no America leaving in the communists are gonna take over what was that? What was out like for you? At the
and April a ninety five one would think they piled came to see me in. He made here with my call by MRS in April of nineteen. Ninety five, and I can only find out all night is everything ok, yeah. I got it and he asked me what we are going to do. I really don't know what to do now is everything myself. Did you I mean obviously did you feel like the when the communist took over, that you were just doomed because Clearly you were a veteran that had fought for South Vietnam. It seems like you would do you must have felt like you'd be doomed if they complete.
Did the take over of Vietnam Althesa, no faintly that we're. We weren't S college because we lost the war Andy See thirty April thoroughly nineteen, seventy five, I was on board of one of his ship. I still remember the day. Is she channels it and when I heard it was up above all for your on an american ship- I dont which is the same, the challenger. Yes, he challenged and I heard the announcement of a surrender unless you know me
Oh, my dear girl came out and I wouldn't do them all over the World WAR, but when I look back and they seem to get at least tell me, he stole me from the media So then what happened? I mean now. You ve got your two kids you're you're in Vietnam. This! has surrendered. What What happened then, go back to go back home and then wait for what happened in July is right. She's, seventy five I was in the air, they could. We re education camps.
re education camps was added. Parents like jewels leaders. Talk about propaganda of again dies on pan. The thing is that the people who they re, one literally one ass, the water tat every day and lived as every there they take time, but they die. Who tell at all to do tat level of knowledge by that likely. The past will greatly is only are being re. Educated by a third vary greatly legitimately advocate an honor I'm talking to save way this light. The machine Indoctrination of a nation- hello,
and how long were you at any education care before I was there to write and offer my position to work on this? And then, how did you get out? The re education can low one I was going out with my dear president, too. agreed up at the camp, and I would pulling the bubble? Why with them- and what number one of the guy there and we told me that there are you, people look it and we have these excellent teamwork on time to come to an end. I saw I that I don't know why I don't want them fully, I didn't never it in my. Why anymore? I just came out with my fire and
What never do that under one of the eye in these patenting? He came by my side and ask my name and Maya neatly idea after that he said: Hale gave that will give a java and he laughed if it were walking away at fifty meters away. He pulled out his notebook and stop right is something I don't know, but one week later the states will be far more love thou to surmount
And at the swim out there I stay there for another week. One day the car did, he announced Sunday delayed your dad. You people happy day below people pay out to be able to have a little bigger. You people back home so that was it then you run out of the camp here. and so now it's still one thousand nine hundred and seventy five one thousand nine hundred and seventy five. What happens in would you start doing then we leave that to live like that is up to seventy five. You know
after the Wendy caretaker Tickle overdid edge, South Eliza was reasonable. You know the people who were everything is stem. Footsteps, everything step and one month, maybe each of these people a league it be ended. Get me a hundred grams of meat. A model of a man may be some time limit, but his sheep meat, but inside it
the little bill Gregg even can give you were he to hide the fact everything. I still remember one time when one one of the working day dizzy, hee hee, hee, right bicycle to arrive. ST, thereby my house near my house. I say that the fiscal people will do by fees as life. My by myself, he was that the disease have defined, it would be safe. He was denied someone on night when he described the master had run to the better. We get you get hit by the refresh one, but you can make it reach their daddy Sally place.
There will be rotten, fish Ali only run fish, so. You lived in that regime for how many years, how many years did you have to live like this. Seventy five to eight and timely. Exactly with you, I do for you an you, try to escape a few times. I did it for salmon, type less giving myself and we got that we're. How is your first escape attempt? What did you do? I asked my deal. He see as he has some information from other people and we have a timely debate. The first time we,
that God and had not got ways out to get myself the other chemicals and we were in prison So they put you in your son in prison. You know that and in the gun, is a case of my way, it would have gazed about one point: five decide on this. They made no money from every twenty feet by twenty feet or something not even that You know the DDT and in the swamp, swarms the sharp here that it is a big like dislike gaze, just a kid this is, is it gave?
they cover the path with mobile. Why? How are you planning to escape? What was the plant region? by boat, we're gonna walk. The youth and locally by boat, Barbara four course like a lot of canal. water, much water? very few roads. How long were you in this cage for with your son may be governments at the latest for us. The tools such as such I live here you know the days you know none. Can there tat? There were a lot of whiskey. None was evil and every day we hear the other one You know the tiger beer.
Death here tomorrow, by this week, every day, one one bottle of water for one day for nobody everything for months you're like us, in a cage with barbed wire on top, and it must be both mosquito at about five o clock vip we have to see the OECD the mosquito that, if not a date but just ears, is us while the whisky you dislike to be, and after a month wait a minute we were motor somewhere, was it was it another prison? Another beer
How long were you in total prison foreign? What why they eventually let you out or how did you get out, eventually made my family and the other day the people who were organised escape we get in touch with local and every time they won. I sail and my son you release. We had to pay a lot of six or seven. Six or seven hours ago, such seven out of the gold, no doubt not out as the voices of seven thousand Where'd you find gold, they lack, flowed shithead, The time I was there in Duncan police,
Put his hand in my pocket and found a very low rate, as he says it thicket. Who did this. Ok, I had my bike I'll see he take it out and spout and put in his pocket That's when you got caught the second time valleys The first I lost you gold ring. You asked your pack a smoke, You try to escape a couple more times yet another time, but after breakfast time I started by my son, this guy get it be. I don't want him to do we're sorry. I took to be called tourists who visit by with the NBA, I let him go by himself. So your son escaped by himself. They make it immediately. Eighty seven, I mean he later timely was sixty sixty seventy
so you are facing either you get either your son escapes or your son is gonna, have to actually serve in the NBA who you had fought against. Firms were our long six years. after my son, however, have escaped I bought my maid May nodded to escape out another two time I got caught too and was a punishment, a severe the second two times. The second time we simply old gave, but that we have to weep, but we can get out of cup months up to repay about It says the opposite of a girl. Where do you find gold? Luckily that may my my sister,
I who passed away to the early this year. He shouted money to help my ear, my mom, Where was your sister, my sister you so shoes in France, so she was able to somehow send money to ya, though he she didn't, send money, Shan, menaces medicine at a salad, ogre gotta, you haven't it, there's no made. No man is, he really did now and they were not. To your father was killed right, finally lie in sixty two sixty three. Technically czar today, I wear eyes- are the efforts. The day you join the air force. How do I delete my father capacity? so? How did you find me? How did you finally get out of Vietnam and get to America?
hidden. Eighty eight. Then I heard a day all pull them, I'm not I'm not qualify for their approval h. Oh oh yeah, humanitarian organization, departure, and is the people who was in his service are, who was imprisoned in the cupboard phasing in three years, can come their pride to come here And how did you not qualify for that because of it The time I I spend please it is only too happy. We need to spend more time in pre. Can you imagine at all service Lord? so that may be. I really am I
be leaving the enough. I am so I prepare for my. What am I plan to what am I going to do to lead, but at that time the sort of message was associated with it The main cause of much water- he was the efforts we tackled. So this is an american Airforce, retired girl, ass outta. My shoulder and he was working with the San Jose he saw the enemies, airforce association- and he. the south with the visa process, which is asked me to over healthy, I seem to help me and
He went to the other and Sally. He asked me to be on time but if I am, I brought it to him and when he saw the idea she had, he seen When he saw the what the DMZ the FC, this fight cross, what's up American award or the dsl got it. Gotta got vs flying cars. Guy. Ok, you got here, you know I got I'd I'd. I misunderstood, listen, okay, so he saw the he saw that, but it is anything, but let me say that he told me that he had believe it. Usually you dear feasible to leave the world would be a word with the affected, as after all trying to pay my Paypal and they said that he will try leper said, but he's not guarantee under proceedings.
He gave to state here car one of the working a key measure that guy was It will be with you in it was gone out. That was the second. Let none of the coroner second. Secondly, noted that no accord, ok, we're gonna Colonel Little go. I certainly am. They looked at as they found the idea she found really see. Yeah and found. Are the writer
And people on that deputy, while they ban I stay here inquired the magazine National enquire about their daily day a day they ve leave out. The either a rescue. Ok and one pilot came to see me. It is as though line And his squad command is wasted. They get their national inquire, muddy, epileptic that it is again with the earlier this evening Then they set of that programme to get you back here. So what year did you finally get back here.
You get to America, Leslie! I came here in ninety four one, ninety nine hundred and what family did you leave back in Vietnam? my mom. I when I left my mom's do it, but I I told my nephew the descent of my my might be seen more brought it to the council took a more would leave with her till I can do, and I give me in I left them genuinely time. Ninety four and I came Travis here too, then we fifty ninety four. And then what happened? Did you have any family here? Did you know anybody
I live in the same house with. of the decided to be emphasised. As he said, the broker here I leave paw six men after thereby well and then you get a job. What did he do not yet The time my way will I myself my bonnet may suddenly Madonna woke Bobby occur, when you made it out, so you had a son, your daughter with you when you made it out my My my son came he about that's right, so he was already here, that's right, but that when night I give you an idea of what my daughter came with me. Got it for you So your son in your daughter, were here or your son was already here. Your daughter came with you and now their work in and starting a figure out life in America. How big of a shock was at EU level.
The time I was I was sadly goes: you stay home, they do nothing. Waiting for what is to happen? It was at that time the the day wore tries to caddy she didn't For me, Michilimackinac Data. They can keep me here and it's a lot of work, a petition, others that I agree with it had a bit of a decent citizens it is always in the seas. The night very sick. I gotta see this thousand ninety ninety six. You got your citizenship here in Amerika shoes, tenuous, said the clear far from it,
the father of no. After that I go to school, for the accounting ass an One idea: up in send it ratified it? Provided parliament. Almost three years at dinner, Ready ran out of the budget, I was day up their breakfasts Eastman and get up in the air as for you, work for the IRS yeah, ok well spent have to figure that out he's one of them. He goes my good guy, a hero geared to the IRA, and how long are you, the IRS for two thousand two thousand thirteen thirty me and that was after that you retired and what are you doing now.
Sleep and watch tv, no more prairie fire emergencies, but at first I was. It was really bodies. I advised Europa. The parties are recorded by the parties. So then, you just said is: do just pure retirement now and look for a part time jobs there wasn't anything Ok, what alone one was anything. It is believed that, while a six hours a day Your radio work near ready, work, sick of watching tv, and Europe, and in this area here in the San Jose areas here she's the deck because we might be able to find a job. Forty, somebody probably looking for someone of yeah but gonna, hear.
killed that I miss anything I mean well. Let me rephrase that I know we missed and others all kinds of stories of as anything else that you want to bring up, not Those are the major stories just documented once indeed cause. That's that's one thing I mean when you talk when we talk, we broke down here three thousand combat flight hours. I mean we could probably you get for you know three thousand hours explaining what happened on all those missions, so I mean It is unbelievable that you were able to through all that crazy. My friend. He he told me that they, they couldn't believe I still alive until today, you're for sure for sure. So tell breathing also know why a weed covered the major points there and you're, just like that one
with the Burmese need, help hearing causing this went there under fire and so many times is king be got shot up. I mean forty fifty rounds holes in this house just amazing stories and the men. Where does so many of our saw geyser live today. Thanks to the king be pass period and, of course, the other aviators, but an arc. We had a direct relationship with them. There are primary assets put us in the always in a poor sell the pathway this thing you let off with just a classic moment, captured the essence of that underground, intense firefight, here comes a king be now, come here cells into a bomb created, he get on a helicopter, go home, on anything else. You want to add. I guess that's it out well I'll? Tell you what
it has been an honour to talk to you an and thank you so much for coming on, and more important. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Its it some, we will forget it and you took so many risks you took so many risks and you paid such a price in order to save your comrades and your and brothers norms and too Be there for the for the guys on the ground and We appreciate that and we approve the fact that you stood the line to defend freedom in the world. So thank you. civil war. King bees were Another secret that nobody knew about, and so I think, you for doing this? To get the story about our heroic on. Other king, be paths of firstly, many of whom we ve lost, we bury the captain to on two months ago, three months ago, and the hour. A war had its secrets and one
the gems when the great assets working bees and waste. To every day the brothers in arms. So thank you for doing a jocko, its non repression. Thank you. And with that killed and on have left the building. And once again we are left with an example of what human beings can do. What human beings can face. What human beings can overcome pretty amazing, Pre humbling. Feel like we can do more here, I mean that's pretty much. The general can overall comes this is, I feel like we can do more yea like we.
do more feel like I need to do more anyways. I wanna, like Bring you over yet I got me in here. You won t my whole process of trying to do more good, I think from, and I think you feel, like maybe you're good with. Let you Sir Leon and maybe maybe not, but yes, I think so so you know. he mentioned, and we all know they lost both his hands. and then later on, you, the fire department. So well an account at the fire department, but yes, fire department with no answer. Yes, and by the way I'm in this is you asked his hands both hands and I asked him about it he's then I went to he has no like. There was no hesitation if they're going on with what he was going to do he's just going to whatever I guess, you're going to get hooked and you're going to carry on No one and then at the end which kind. It gives you an insight is like how he's thinking worries like yeah,
retired and I kind of just didn't even made a joke. Like I just sleep and watch tv is like bad, I'm kind of looking for a part time. Job like I got to go. Do some stuff. If somebody told you a story, were they said, listen! Here's! What's going on, I was in a helicopter us flying the helicopter and that the controls of the helicopter were burning and they were on fire, but I couldn't hold onto inside this. Let him go and then right as we about to crash I just grab onto my steered, the plane asked steered the aircraft, the helicopter and I got it to land and we lived, but those though controls were so hot. He was crazy. Okay. So if you heard that you
I think one level of the word hot right and there's no way that the level of hot that could be explained to you is so hot that you lose both of your hands from voluntarily grabbing the controls like that does and then, as you're trying to get your seatbelt off your hands are just ripping apart falling apart. So yeah that opening that opening that I read from on the ground with a book on the ground by John Striker Meyer issues. it's crazy to think. You know you guess what there's gimme too dangerous. So now not a take, a co pilot or accrue chief also brings a door Gunnar me. That's it that's what we're doing, as does another level, by the way you're sitting on a base like warm whenever I know cool, maybe you're in a sea. It has had a piece chicken or something that life is pretty good right
not to mention these guys in Vietnam. There there, like, have to go home at night like to listen Oklahoma to go now. Cause. I think when I was on deployment I've put all that family stuff. Out of my brain, I wasn't thinking about my wife. What is I was in just the deployment mode I think, you'll be really hard to go. Deployment mode, go well singing ballet recital with the child, daughter, yeah, you know they say: hey, don't bring you work home or what you know. What's that thing? That's another level right, there's another level chair So yes, we can do more, so yet I will keep yourself keep us we're keeping ourselves in the game for all getting old. We're not getting younger that maybe some of us are getting old location used going back.
will you let it Lydia there's this thing you can do that freezes the frame right, that's kind of what you do. You feel that your day, freedom, yeah, ok, well, when you workin out anyway, you need supplement nation. its undeniable. You could be delighted if you want to nonetheless supplemented by a mistake. I think you'd be a mistake. Yes, Sir Soft anyway, Douglas Supplements, called chuckle of these elements include banal limited to joint wherever free joints, super crude oil or free joints, general Health Omega threes, in their these importance, when a plain, also Discipline discipline go through, hence not three versions of this discipline powder teaching powder every day in the morning kind of yes more, speed. So I think that this morning I drink coffee, I'm a guy, my coffee, during
I don't know- maybe maybe not. I don't drink coffee every single morning, but that's like as far as morning, routines girl, coffees, not party here routine. I therefore not part of my report, but is the discipline? Could you get worked out right to take the discipline everyone it before the work? I know I take it back. I work work after them, when I wake up in the morning no drink anything Edgewater Waterborne go together. That is an I just now son got it when I'm going to the refugees. On the way their undertaking discipline, Frazier troops out there three sample. actually sometimes, actually or were you nonetheless, and then yes, oh, there is part of urgent, also capsule region called us when you're on the girl and then the energy drink, healthy energy, drink version see this is a good one saw in
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These questions, like I said, you're, doing a lot and a lot of these guys been demand. Alluringly dollar camel next question. Well, you'd want to eat a camel orange. Yes, if there is such a thing, if you get an orange that was camel and we call a camel, the seven orange. What just think of it like what, if my wife's they was camel, how will it be to bury their or whatever you call a simplified? The answer, of course, anyway by everybody, the world, all these things and jacques of you available in various locations, including or Jamaica, Spiderman shop So in a first discipline, go energy in Cannes. Why, yes, available straight up and by the way, also on em, I also speaking of origin or Jamaica com. You can get there, you can get why why
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doc store doc. Unless we can jump on that. If you want also understood how come you can get, the discipline equals freedom, good all these to all this stuff shirt patties. put stuff on their for if you want something, get something It makes sense to me of you can subscribe to this pod gas. Do if you haven't done that, where we use a tripartite S, house got some other part. Gas Jacko unravelling with Darrell Cooper, which We called the thread now. It's called Jacko unravelling also grounded broadcast. Also warrior Kid Park asked we also have a Youtube channel where who gets to manifest his little video advantage carefully. You will always say that inhuman good, but when you think about it to channel Utah, about enhance video videos. Are we at some? point started calling enhance, ok, maybe They did but either way. There are not that many other throughout
like the video version of the spot. Guess and some of this fight- Gaston so technically, the Youtube General is that more use than anything Saying you put me, let's just say the kind of both of us Sort of the outlet for your stuff, though, got enough. catch up by all those years. Duffy out you ever read any Berkshire. That's true deal you do have a park asked. I guess you have this punk asked technically year no that's true because, yes, if I want to express myself in any capacity to come creatively, yeah where's it gonna land is gonna. Let you do jack me. I'm overwrite, songs playing a tar areas are a painting on drawing on writing. looks out is all about yeah, that's your realm. you do that make a video or to everyone's while, which is good, which is providing
check out. Nonetheless, yes, ok, so I understand I understand we seen him in your correct and I am correct: did an engine. It fully accept that psychological warfare album You know you're talking to make music? Sometimes you just making albums vary, so this is one of whom he knew. It is not a music one, though it is shocking, helping you with each, track. Identify You overcome any weakness that might that you might encounter so thou. One is one of those things that's helpful, but its one hundred percent effective. Sure you have also we have a visual former that football Games- Stockholm, Dakota Meyer, making all kinds of cool stuff to hang on. Your walled got a bunch of books, the books. Today I read from on the ground. We also have across the fence saga, chronicles all those three by John Striker Meyer tilt.
And also whisky, tango Foxtrot by Lynn, black. These are some of the sword books that are just awesome about faced by Colonel David hack worth I wrote the Ford to that its available now leadership strategy intact as fuel manual, the code, the evaluation, the protocols, this pinnacles freedom field Manual, where the war Your kid for freedom feel men was out right now you can. Better order that asap, if you want it for Christmas, Making the dragon say Eric, actually anything you offer Christmas order it right now right now, that's my That's my encouragement to you cuz. Otherwise, I'm not going to be there by Christmas. You got all these everyone's ordering. Everything and delivery people and delivery planes and delivery trucks are short going to run out. So your package is, can we sit in a warehouse somewhere and your kids? He cried Why are they crying through reason? Number one? They don't have warrior kid number two, they don't have warrior, kick as if they did, they would be crying about due to they would
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in a bunch different ways and check out Mark Liese, mom, her name is Molly. She got a charity organization and if you want to donate- or you want to get involved, go to America's mighty warriors dot, Org Listen if you seek personal interest no agony, it's what you want. What you want is to cause paint yourself. We can deliver. You can get more of my lack lustre allocations. Your, if need more of this one's good. If you need more of echo's inexplicable explanations,. Like them set my explicable haven't leaving finals Anita WEBS Twitter, Instagram, which disruption. Don Loris AIDS Room- and you only refer to as the ram and on Facebook echoes
Ecuador's, I'm a job of work and most important. John striker Mire is on its rim at J, striker Meyer and thanks once again to captain on for taking the time. To share his experiences with us and, more importantly, for risking his life over and over and over again for his brothers on the ground and for freedom. but thanks to every one of you out there, in every branch, service, army, Navy AIR Force, Marines coastguard and to all over allies that have stood by us on the battlefield to protect them. Sacred ideal of freedom, thank you and thanks to those you in uniform on all fronts, police and law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, empties, dispatchers, correctional officers, border patrol secret service, in all the first responders.
thank you for keeping us safe here at home and everyone else out, their think of captain on. Wake up taking care of others. Think of recognising the risk of his mission. Going into an area where they had already lost helicopters and deciding the moment of truth, you just go with one other man. So as to save as many lives possible a decision which for him was perfectly logical As he said no big deal when the call came, he went And we all should do the same dough until next time. The zero, when Jacko out.
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