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26: Omaha Beach and Beyond, Surfing, Relax during BJJ, Flanking, Manipulation

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This is Jack podcast number, twenty six with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing. Oh for a voice like thunder and tongue to join the throat of war. When the senses are shaken and the soul is driven madness. Who can stand. When the souls of the oppressed fight in the troubled air that rages? Who can stand. When the whirlwind of fury comes from throne of God, we the frowns of his countenance drive the nations together. Who can stand. When seen collapses, broad wings over the battle and sales rejoicing in the flood of death.
When souls are torn to ever lasting fire and feelings of hail, rejoice upon the slain. Oh, who can stand good evening, echo evening that right there is a little excerpt of a poem by a guy named William Blake any paints war as something so power so evil. Something is super human and the full poem is really a statement against warning as it goes on and it's not
that much longer, but it blames war on the politicians and on the kings and on the nobles and it brings war on the religious leaders. But he asked that question over and over again who can stand, and I can actually answer that question. I've seen who can stand? I've seen people break, but I have seen many brave men and women on the battlefield. Stand, stand against fear and death and stand against evil stand, as
Seen collapse his broad wings over the battle and sales rejoicing in the flood of death and that's William Blake, those are his words, but he's right in that in the late seventeen hundreds and early eighteen hundred, he had no idea how bad war would get. And I'm not saying war is worse in terms of individual horror, but in terms of scale we can't be denied. I mean World WAR, one in world war to the scale of horror.
It would be incomprehensible to man from Blake's time he couldn't understand it. So it's go to June. Sixth, one thousand nine hundred and forty four, as the demon spread his wings over the beaches of Normandy and men stood against his evil. The English Cox and tried to drop the ramp a couple hundred feet from the shore when the sergeant ordered take us all the way in just then machine
guns opened up and bullets tore through the wooden sides of a landing craft wounding for five men. Men beast began. Screening open the damn doors, just as the rampant down. There was a pause in the incoming fire. We exited asked diving into the water and holding on sergeant when I was lying next to me when you shot through the rest I crawled for him and gave him first aid. We just let the two I'd wash over the lower portion of our bodies, using our finger nails to push forward inch by inch to keep from drowning. I looked back at our assault craft Both english sailors were dead. They were heroes had paid the price for getting us in they risk their safety to get closer to shore private, Thomas Macarthur was the first phase howdy in our sector his
cries to me for help still hold me. Weighted down, possibly wounded. He frantically struggled in the water is he cried my name, but I couldn't get to him we strolled into us that we must push forward to the objective and to let the medics take care of the wounded. We were subjected to grazing fire from crisscrossing fire from machine guns. I believed at the time that it be better for me to push forward since Tom was quite far away. These machines, and kept firing until we got to do DE while Tom was my friend and I should have tried to save him. It took individual riflemen using grenades, satchel charges and bayonets to neutralize the almost impregnable concrete bonkers. I didn't see any Rangers until later. In my opinion,
The air force and Navy made it possible for us to hang on until reinforcements and more equipment arrived. They also kept the Germans from mounting armoured counter attack, but you know It boils down to the bloody foot soldier and his rifle to hold onto real estate, not right. There was private, first class Randolph, a gene men, company de hundred and sixteen infantry twenty seven years old deed. Twenty seven years old on D Day, a mortar, Gunnar, now we're gonna, hear from private first class George a copy
Company de hundreds, sixteenth Infantry six hundred yards from the shore, the English Cox, and lost his nerve and slowed the engine this Of the Germans opportunity hit our boat captain shillings, Looking through the vision, slit look back the sailor and said you're, not gonna drop that reappear, technical sergeant. That was standing next to the captain, suddenly eighty eight millimeter hit the ramp directly blowing the chilling Blackwood killing him instantly part of it constant, his left eye, knocking it out. With John Sappho VIC Ramon, Jeanne Adrian finally made it to the sea wall. How. Never know it was the worst fire I was ever subjected to in all of my combat.
Now, we ve got private first class, Robert L, sales, company b hundred and sixteen infantry join the Virginia National Guard at age. Fifteen. About one hundred yards from the shore, the English Cox and said he couldn't get us any closer as the ramp lowered, enemy machine guns opened up firing directly. Into our boat like great leaders. Captain Zap was the first off the boat and the first one to get hit. Staff sergeant dick right was second and also hit falling into the water. America's third and I did see what happened to him. I was forth. I caught my heel and rapid fell sideways out of the path of that mg. Forty two undoubtedly saving my life.
All of the men that followed were either killed by Germans or drowned no one for my craft. Ever found alive. The captain screamed, I'm hit try to get to him, but he was lost in the surf men were all around me in the war utter bleeding from wounds and screaming for help. I knew that it was the target, so I got away from it as fast as I could one of the first As I did was shed my s c. There are three hundred radio and my assault jacket, radio was heavy and, I suppose is still at the bottom of the channel. More we're and artillery shells were landing all around and one hit so was that it knocked me groggy. Luckily, a log floated by women unexploded, tell her mind still attached. I grabbed hold of it until my head cleared a bit.
I remain behind that log, pushing in front of me using it as a shield is I reached draw until I reach dry land. The first person I saw on the beach that I recognise with dick right. He hollered over to me that he was badly hit. I will, im trying to raise his arms but a sniper spotted him and shot him through the head. His face fell into the sand. Never move again. I didn't try to go to because I knew he was dead. While pinned down on that beach. I watched incoming landing graft being shot at one of them the battalion surgeon captain, Robert B, where a man I from my home town of Medicine Heights Virginia doktor had flaming red hair, I watched him, He disembark the landing craft. Machine gun opened up cutting him down what I
I'll. Never forget. We sing his helmet fly off his head and showing all that red hair although my belly, using the dead and wounded as a shield. Some time later, I saw MAC Smith from Shepherd, Shepherd Town, West, Virginia and some other be company men taking shelter behind to see, while some of them were badly wounded. A bandage Smith's. I that was lying out of his face, I kept crawling back to the water edge, dragging men out if they were still living. I didn't bother if they were dead. I pulled quite a few to safety, one of the medics help to give first, aid in comfort to the wounded. The first enemy soldier I saw was a prisoner Terry Gaiters had his had him on his knees and and we're locked behind his head. He didn't look so tough b, but those guys up on the cliffs were plenty tough. You
can imagine how helpless it was to be lying on that beach and those machine guns sniper, shooting anything that moved at. This We were not sure the invasion would succeed or companies shot up so badly that there was no organization or communication from other sectors to tell us how they were doing. If all the landing zones, whereas helpless as we were, the vision was in jeopardy. We felt helpless and alone. We had many acts of heroism from be company men with many of them, unreported Lieutenant William, be Williams, single handedly, with hand, grenades and a rifle charged in subdued appeal box urgent, William Pierce and O Dell Padgett survive of the landing better than we did and were able to take a few men up to those rocks and cliffs and fight it out with the Germans. It was
I can go for quite some time in our sector. Not until Saint Low fell in July. Did we know for sure that the invasion with Success D day was. Indeed the longest day, but there were many many long days after that day after bloody day It was jumping over those hedge rose and men getting killed. We lost some very good men every single day. Saint Low, was about twenty five miles from the beach Liberated on July Eighteenth, when Saint Low fell, we felt confident that you are in France to stay, Sir Having the war was another story, so those were some excerpts right there from a book by
John Robert Slaughter, the book is called Omaha Beach and beyond the long march of Sergeant Bob Slaughter, those sir, that I just read: they weren't Bob slaughter. There were various other people at work with him, but he went back and interviewed. This is another guy born Tennessee Upham Roanoke Virginia in stood in the army reserves at age. Fifteen. And analyses given an interest to the book here. This is what he says. I remember bodies with whom I spent passes to London men. I played cards with a couple, the days before the landing who sign their autograph. So my Eisenhower D day missive, who,
shook hands with me on the javelins deck young man, young men, as I was all killed during the largest air land and sea battle ever fought. Many more were maimed and never seen again. How could I forget this epoch event? Even if I failed to recall the proper names and faces Memoirs are not history, but history, is someone's recorded memory. Most of us remember, noble and heroic deeds, but conveniently forget or fail to record the less the noble. I am no different, many times. I did and saw things that are best forgotten or left on. Written war brings out the best and the worst and most of us
the Nazis were accused of killing raping pillaging and burning a few on our side were also guilty of these crimes. Soldiers Both sides looted for souvenirs as did I, and yet cruel treatment of the enemy was an unusual occurrence, I myself, am proud to say that I won't saved an enemy soldiers life. This boy will attempt to show that ordinary men and women can do extraordinary feats if they believe that causes great many, g g eyes have said They were merely fighting for each other. True. I maintain another factor played in a more important role and it can be some up with one word pride.
Regardless of their motives, I saw very few cowards in the hundred and sixteen infantry regiment. May God bless the many many more heroes, Yeah, this is one of those books where I don't have a lot to add in some of these situations. Now Bob Slaughter was as nickname Bob Slaughter and when he got to England, they actually took him in a bunch of other soldiers may form into a new unit on the twenty ninth Rangers and they. Trained these guys ultra hard. They did it all I just offer eleven months get ready for the invasion. These. These twenty ninth rangers dated marching in mountain climbing into of crazy obstacle course
They trained in unarmed, combat the law p d called by their training images. Gruelling training At the end of all that horse training for a number of reasons. They actually disbanded this group. And they sent them all back with their regular units. So they get a group of guys that gets trained super hard. You know like what we would consider a modern sort of special. Duration selection course. They went through that, but then, when they I've done with this training and they were getting ready for the actual invasion they took. Him dispersed him amongst the regular troops. And the guy that ran this training for the twenty ninth Rangers was a guy named major he'll HOLLAND, when he sent a letter to his daughter- and this is what he wrote in- and this is after these guys got disbanded.
He said every boy should be made to play football and box and participate in all kinds of athletics and, above all, the American should be taught discipline and decent living. Then he should be given a year of the toughest kind of military training, not the we know, but the kind? I guess my rangers God. I wish I had those boys. Now we would tear the Germans stringy I hear of the eye. Of those boys now and then though they are almost all gone now they have done unbelievable things and our spoken of almost in a tone of reverence by officer
the men alike, who have fought with them. They were men, train and train hard and learn about discipline. We parents out there get your kids training sports decent living. That's how you make men now fast falling. Does they went back to irregular
army units and dig T retrain and prepared for the invasion and Bob Slaughter is assigned to De Company hundred sixteenth infantry, twenty Ninth Infantry division and I'm fast forwarding right now, straight d D day straight to his perception of D Day and what it was like for him. You know this is all that training that these guys been through and none of them had been car back before. So this is it there. First operation is day day.
And this is what it's like back to the book about a hundred fifty yards from the shore. Despite the warning from someone behind me to keep your head down, I cautiously peeped up. I could see that craft that the craft about twenty five yards to a right and a couple of hundred yards ahead were targeted by small arms fiery. Tracy tracer bullets skipped off skipped. Bounced off the rampant does did zero. Then, before the ramps fell. I said, Anyone close enough to hear above the bed them men, we are going to catch hell, be ready. Then it began to happen enemy artillery and mortar shell, saint great plumes of water spouting skyward as they exploded in in the water, near, misses reigned us with sea water. I suddenly be
I very worried about what Jerry would do to us. How the hell did those sons of bitches survive? What we thought was a carpet bombing and shelling of the beach. At wrapped in sands. We train with live explosions, but these were far more frightening. This time they were shooting to kill every one of us. The craft slowed as we scraped submerged sandbar, which kept us from a dry landing Everyone wanted to get the hell off that rocking boat, but the Cox net trouble dropping the steel ramp. Finally, slammed in splash down the front of the boat begin a buck like a I'll stallion, raising Six or seven feet turning slightly sat sideways and then slamming down again. The first man went to exit off about mid ramp, the craft surged forward and crushed the full poor fellow to death.
So I jumped off and moved away from the crazy erratic landing craft. Luckily, I didn't see any one else get hit by the ramp. I was struggling in water up to my armpits. Luckily, for me at six foot five most the time my head was above water later They crossed the beach, my height would be a detriment making me larger target. Meanwhile, as I d get ashore shorter men grab my clothing to keep their heads above water. Suddenly, as dear replay seasickness. I was no longer cold. Most of all, but I would drown after being shot sniper hiding in the bluffs hit quite a few men, but most of it damage came from rapid firing automatic weapons, in every war, since gun powder was invented, soldiers. Experience the dreaded feeling of being under live enemy fire for the first time.
It was demoralising to hear good men scream as bullets, In the soft flesh and others scream as the fierce flooding tie dragged the non swimmers under. I remember helping private Earnest Mc Canvas who stood ring to get closer in. He still had one of the precious boxes of thirty caliber machine gun, ammo. I remember him shouting to me slaughter. Are we going to get through all this I didn't know how to answer him, so I didn't say anything to tell the truth. I thought we were all going to die body with its life preferred preserver inflated floated by the face. It turned already turned a dark purple at first, I but it was private Richard Gomes, who had a dark complexion, but I later found. How the Gomes had survived the day,
fellow I saw was just one of thousands who died. There is the way to be sure if I'd known him, many of our company, where in the water and drowned good swimmers or not. I came ashore surrounded by the screams of men who had been hit, we're drowning under their ponderous loads, All around me. Dead men float The water along with live man who acted as if they were dead, the german couldn't tell which was which the flooding tide washed. Everyone in lying at the edge of the high water mark. I watched a Jew. I'm trying to cross the beach he had. Our time running, I believe you from the craft to our right anatomy, gonna, cut him down and he staggered and fell to the sand. I can still hear the screaming away Marked medical corpsman move quickly to help him. He was
so shot out there. Forget seeing that medic lying next a dying soldier both screaming for help within minutes As I watched both fell silent and mercifully died. I saw men vomit at the sickening sites and others quite cry. Openly in on a shame. Italy. All of us had to find it within ourselves to get across that Sandy no man's land. This is where the army, strict discipline and rigorous training took over endeavour You will pride had a lot to do with it, to what an unbelievable first combat experience for these guys and on what you think about that that
image of you're in a boat you're? A couple hundred meters offshore may be two or three hundred meters offshore in your looking to utter Peters ahead of you are you're, starting She tracers impact on this boat. You know you're next, you know your next there, No turning back. There still dizzy only You can do there's nothing to stop it. Did you say. They ve been private Rayner. Yes, yes, so I mean to me: they they did. A good job in capturing them, no matter where everyone's like it's like Real Tenzin, can slowly start to hear the poor and the way it kind of build and builds and how chaotic it gets. Man said the most fish. At that time. Is one of the most real feeling movies. You know in yet more than they did in out standing job and they do not standing job. That opening say is just so crazy, like tea
The real account right and then Compare it in, you know, Watch, the movie electing that's crazy. That's cause you're kind of in involved in the movie, but when you More like dankness, this really happen. What really happened yet in and also yeah I mean. Obviously the actors do a good job of portraying what's going on in their minds, but what was going on? What was thinking seeing them? Steven Spielberg put those guys through who these harsh conditions during you know, so they can some little Hollywood book here, but even while their fill me in other kind of help capture, obviously it's dance. You can't come. Ere it to the real deal they do now that any job did and the first time I saw that scene I was, I was empty. Yeah I was, I was definitely impact it and I'm a member. I wasn't
with my guys remedy they were on and off they were really fallacious situation and they were not in a Bradley fighting vehicle and as they were going on to target they, they were here rounds. Hitler, outside of the broadly as they were get as the ramp was about to go down, and actually, I think I I can't remember this hundred percent but I'm pretty sure that the the young officer in the vehicle- I remember him, tell me I'm told me about you. He was like Dame but he said he was screaming, don't put the ramp down just leave it up. Don't we'll get shot at and the Vatican here, so they put the rabbit where's again when you do you just go you yeah, so back to the book after I fired my m one jammed
To clean it, I slipped out of my soul, jacket and spread. My raincoat only discover bullet holes in my pack and coat sudden overwhelmed with fear, I became weaken the knees. My And shook ass, I tried to wipe sand from my weapon. I had to catch my breath and composed myself by midmorning. We it worked out worked our way to the base of the hill and from other units began to gather the register. So Commander colonel Charles D, W Cannon appeared from down beach, this right arm in a sling and clutch clutching a coat Five semi automatic pistol in his bony left hand. Ganum did looks like a soldier, but he sirs hell was one he was tall and thin
war, wire, rimmed glasses and had a pencil thin mustache. He yelled for the certain non comes to help him get the men across the beaten up the hill. Get these men. The hell off this goddamn beach go kill some goddamn crowds in a nearby pill box Young, a lieutenant colonel taking refuge from the enemy mortar barrage, yelled out to Canada, Colonel you better they cover you're gonna, get killed, colonel candles screamed his reply. Get your ass out of there and help me get these men off this beach. The officer did what can am ordered. So now we got somebody leading the Sirius leader and in the book
Slaughter put the memorandum from Canada that can, I wrote to the troops priority day, so I'm going to read that twenty nine May nineteen, forty four- memorandum to the members of see tee one sixteen reinforced to be read by commander. All personnel prior to embarkation. One. The long awaited day is near and prior to embarkation. I want to wish each of you the best of luck in your forthcoming adventure. There is one certain way to get the enemy out of action and that is to kill him war. Not child's play and requires hatred for the enemy. At this time we don't have it. I hope you get it.
When you see your friends wounded and killed too to take care of yourself from the start remit the heart, a crafty, intelligent fighter and will not have mercy on you? Don't Have it on him, he will cried out with you, beyond the alert free Fighting a war is the same as any athletic event. Only wars for keeps It is you or the enemy. Teamwork is the end the success? We have the tools, the best in the world, and it is up to you to see that they are used properly for I remember when you run into the enemy- contain him with a minimum to stop him then move around him and strike him in the flank or the rear in all Your contacts with him be ruthless. Always DR hard, the hum
doesn't like Yankee Drive and guts. Showing that you have plenty. If you can those with him use your bayonet shown. You can take it and dish it out, don't be caught napping. Don't let your Yankee curiosity get you blown up by a booby trap or a mine five. Take care of your arms and equipment. Conserve your ammunition, make every shot count, keep you been cleaned and oiled their power. Four functioning at the right. Time may mean your life Soldier must realise the importance of supply discipline and see that he himself does his part in conserving supplies more. One battle has been lost because munitions and other supplies were not available. Six do not. You your k and De Rations prior to D Day deep plus one day
you won't get any more until deep was too. Seven. The navy and air will give us plenty. A support. General Montgomery, was very optimistic in his talk to the officers yesterday at this debt. At this time, I'm no one knows how much resistance we will meet on D day. We. May be able to walking without trouble. We may have to fight for your life to meet the worst and make up your minds now that you're going forward regardless And it is a one way ticket. We are not good being any ground at any time and we are now leaving until the job is done.
Each one of you happy landings and come off those craft fight like hell, Cannon phase it out, definitely lays it out. I think those guys, I think those guys have could have heard any better information keep clean keep, discipline, be ready flank the enemy always here that flank the enemy. So now. These guys are in kind of
in a holding position if they ve kind of secured chunks of the beach and a little bit of a high ground, and now go back to the book. We began to think about defending against them. Spected counter attack that we were told would take place in less than twenty four hours to bolster our defences we took Was making special trips back to this you'll, dangerous beach in order to find more automatic weapons, ammo and supplies when it was my turned to go down. I was horrified at what I saw the breeze Room beach was a disaster area, the incoming flooding tied brought with it the body hundreds of our proud regiment. Scores of our men with blood Spain, sure to rolled in the surf among helmets, assault jackets, gas mass and am one rifles at the edge of the water. I saw a burning landing craft that had been trying to deposit Sherman
take down its ramp. The tank was. Also burning and abandoned. From our perspective, the battle looked hopeless at something. Did he said that a couple times heating think they're gonna win? You notice like what cannabis said. They were not going to give up any ground, will guess what I don't know. If we're going to be able to hold this ground, we might all die here. And yet all these men pressed on here's a little here's a little look at the german Two right here I saw regimental intelligence officer armed with a car being interrogating german prisoner, the prince. Was on his knees with his hands behind his head. He was right there are small and frail looking I was rise to see who is not wearing the usual square, shaped battle helmet
steady, wore a grey build cap, the lieutenant the prisoner, among other things, where the minefields were. The soldier answer only really accept the Geneva Convention, requirement of name rank and serial number we ve been instructed not to take prisoners for the first two or three days. I expected the officer to eventually shoot the prisoner in the interrogator screamed where the damn minefields. Then he received the same reply: name rank and serial number the lieutenants carbon barked, but well. It was aimed at the ground between the prisoners, knees, the arrogant,
Herman, looked straight at the officer and said with a smirk need here not here, he pointed between his knees here he pointed to his head. This told me something about our adversary. So you had, I mean you, we will. We know that people will fight to the death. We know that they get brainwashing. When you look at a history. Is this sounds like a young kid probably raised. From the young, very young age as a Nazi as a loyal nazi. Just like the Japanese that fall to the deaf. That's what we have here in many cases back to the book combat debts are ugly and sickening.
A bullet or piece of red hot shrapnel tears, flesh, gristle and bone into gruesome wounds, a few hours in the sun causes a body to swell grotesquely and turn dark purple. The stench is unbearable such deaths, which magic insult to all those handsome young g eyes, just beginning their lives, who would not fulfil their dreams many of those killed were like me, barely teenagers when they enlisted just starting to grow to maturity in the army. Those comrades and I spent many happy weakens and furlough together, soaking up culture and drinking bidders, shared living quarters, ready, This male and more significantly shared misery of training in the most extreme of elements, the Hon
sixteenth infantry lost from eight hundred to one thousand men on D Day and DE company lost at least seventy two of the dead. Twenty of them were, from my home town of Roanoke, five of nine of our officers were killed, including captor Walter Shilling Lieutenant William gardener, Lieutenant Moral Cummings, Lieutenant Vincent Lava, wits and Lieutenant Alden Ashley. There were twelve non coms killed, include These Rowan Ochres sergeant James, open, shame
staff sergeant James L, right sergeant, Russell Jack, Ingram and Sergeant George De Johnson, Corporal Jack Sims, add to the list of the dead twenty three privates and another thirty two wounded, many of them severely, and yet our nightmare has just begun. Brutal, absolutely brutal, and I wanted to rattle off those names of all those people from the home town you when we see a soldier Marie, or a sailor, get killed now, museum
goes to a town, she out impacts, town, imagine twenty from one little home town, they move past the initial D day, and now they start to head to Saint Low, and this is where you ve heard about before. If you know anything about history, no, if you about this part of the war, this is when they get into hedgerow country and their fighting from hedgerow to hedge on these hedgerows. Or you know these ancient, I guess they're, not straw. Sure they're hedges, but there completely difficult to get through. You have to cut through drive through with tanks or whatever, and they hold up in every one of these hedgerows becomes like a mini battle. Then their brutal battles.
Back to the book, the sight of another terrible death that occurred at this time haunts my dreams. To this day. My squatted, I where did you machine gun, emplacement behind a scrubby, hedgerow we'd, just finished fixing the camouflage? What happens you junior officer with field glasses scanning the front I could tell he was a newly arrived replacement is uniform and equipment are relatively new and on warn the sharp report of an eighty, eight millimeter five, From some somewhere near by and sent me diving at the same time, the high explosives missile hit lieutenants upper. So The second squad- and I were splattered with Gore as the spotter- was blown backward minuses head number, two gun Private, first class Sal artery vomited, and I nearly did to the dreaded Germans
Paper was almost as highly respected as the eighty eight sharpshooters gave no warning, taking careful aim with sniper scope mouser, the receiving end would hear the sharp crack nay, instantaneous wine, the bullet. If you heard the reporter, we're leaving the muzzle it wasn't for you, german snipers. Nearly always aim for the head. If it was visible and in range most infantry men never removed their helmets, except when they shaved, and I can ass TAT. I slept in mind the eight millimeter bullock easily passed through the helmet through the head and out the other side. With enough energy left to do more damage, I saw a man get hit between the eyes or just above the years that would kill them instantly. If the bullet missed the helmet. The entry
who was usually neat and showed only a small trickle of blood. But after the steel jacket, bullet hit the helmet or the skull the bullet flat causing the wound shatter the other side of the head away, the star receive more fire. He jumps for cover. And then back to the book. I climbed back on the path shaken but unscathed within minutes add another surprise. As I approached an opening on the right side of the hedge, I heard someone moaning crawling carefully through the opening. I came. Face to face with a young german paratrooper, who had been hit by a large chunk of shrapnel. He had a very serious upper fi wound and is left trouser leg was bloody and torn. This is my
first encounter with the enemy up close, the german paratroopers, a fierce, fanatical warrior easily distinguish by his round helmet baggy smock. My first reaction was to put him out of his misery and keep going. I believe he knew what I was thinking. He begged tearfully, comrade bitter means friend, please. He was an impressive looking young soldier about nineteen years old, my age this filthy. As I was with long brown Stringy, hair and always Most german soldiers had short blonde hair. The add enough athletic build about five feet: ten inches tall about a hundred eighty pounds and a handsome face.
Suspended the promise I made at the beach about not taking any prison prisoners. I thought this that was then, and this is now. I just couldn't shoot a wounded human being at point. Blank range, I made sure he didn't have a weapon hidden on him. Then I tied his belt around his upper five, which stop the blood from gushing. I gently swab the dirt from his wound and applied sulphur powder. His wince turned to a forest. Grin he was in paints. I gave him a shot of morphine and a drink of water from my canteen. Then I let him have one of my lucky strike cigarettes and let it form as I left he smiled, weakly and setting guttural broken english dunker. God bless good luck that changed my thinking about tat.
Prisoners, I still hated the enemy, but I couldn't kill one at close range, especially if his hands were up I sent one of our medics to finish what I had started. I hope the German would recover and that is war was over. That's compassionate human being read their yea. Doesn't it can In a way put into perspective, but more shed light shed light on potentially the overall attitude. Where fighting a war and the enemy is more this entity of an enemy. You know it's not like harmonic kick this guy
I'm sure it's like they thought, not personal yeah yeah. I envy you s in the military. We still do this they're gonna be humanised the enemy as much as they can to make it easier for you to kill them. Yes, that's why you call em crowds, that's why you call em gangs, Why you called whatever the slang you know, which would I'll, be all be consider racial terms or or politically wreck, there's a reason there trying to human eyes. These other people. The training dehumanize the enemy, so that you can more easily kill them and when you come face to face with em all the suddenly become human? Isn't that crazy, though, like this all crazy thing hope is probably the craziest thing Imagine a war for this guy. He comes face to face with a guy that that you know
Can it in between the bullet so to speak in his face to face with his person and then really what the whole experience was reduced to in a moment, this one person help in another place and then even in its impact, both of them. Obviously, you know where the guy was like: hey, God bless almost Kay men were in this war, I dig almost like a football game or something like a man. I dig it was different team. Take good luck. He told him good luck in a war and its men that that whole human factor when, when you're exposed to it, even with the enemy Tang, there's gotta, be stronger, Yeah definitely deaf, we can't be any, would end in world war, one of those times where businesses really famous there were times where they got out of the trenches and play soccer on Chris,
day against each other and the next day go back to slaughter all crazy. That must feel in this weird way that must feel so good. You know to be like, like you don't like your gun, like when your kid, or even as an adult. When you get enough like an argument with someone real bad, maybe your friend or not whatever, get a real bad argument with them and no less a day. Two or we gotta know whatever its real bed in at the end you guys make up, and you guys you like back friends. Again, it's almost like Mary. It's such a good feeling, maybe because a contrast or no May, because it's late, it asked have like that kind of feed, when you're in this crazy warrior. Like I hate this, so much hatred in Didn't aggression in Galicia remember. This is there's plenty of guys. There's plenty. Germans got smoked right there without a second when he just add that moment. Maybe if that guy would have looked a little bit different, your act of love,
something happened more quick like faster or something you, ITALY, just slow down for that. Second, in in I can both radios what happened later, the next people came out. The medic might have gone over and said. Wait you sent me a readable from a German that could happen to you never know. Now we're gonna start getting crushed with some artillery back to the book. Jerry pounded, the hundred and sixteen all day and two nights with blockbuster hundred. Five millimeter. An odd and five millimeter artillery near misses cause enough concussion to make our ears ring and our heads ache, The pounding rounds of salvo after south of earth shag shaking artillery were relentless and frightening.
During the bombardment. I shared along shallow slit trance with one of my first DE company replacements, private Louis ass from Chevy Chace Maryland. We nicknamed him junior, Leon, because his boyish looks in demeanor June was from an affluent family and it volunteered into the army palm graduation from high school. He didn't look like I back last, very long in brutal combat are slit. Trench was covered with wooden sheathing at top with a roof of pile. Dirt, like thousands of other infantry soldiers subjected to such heavy bombardment, junior Nigh were a pitiful sight. Fine yellow dust sifted through the cracks in the roof and stocks where's, sweaty, scared and eyes. If the dusted it been black, we would have looked like very tired call minors The yellow does turned a mud around our swollen bloodshot eyes when nature,
all we had to answer in the safety of our slit trench lying down. All the training and experience in the world could not have prepared us for this kind of harassment. Those boxer box. Car size shells sounded like they were flip flopping end over ended, Screechin straight for our whole. This, we're on our after hour all day through the night, many good soldiers, cracked and who could blame them the long bouts of duty. Had been taking their toll. It was extremely rare for an instrument go unscathed for very long. Many Twenty Niners were wounded. Two three or four times fighting through the hedge rows of Normandy. All of us were praying for. The million dollar wound you missed vital organs, bone and nerves
but would give us a long stay in english hospital sleeping under clean white sheets and at least in fantasy, in the care of a beautiful nurse. Meanwhile, battle fatigue and selfish wicked wounds had become serious problems, at least once nearly all combat soldiers if they are honest, consider shooting themselves in order to get out of a hell of battle. Self inflicted wounds, however, are considered disgraceful and, if proven in a court, martial fence nevertheless many respectable k- I and wounded inaction were in reality, self inflicted or friendly fire accidents. So we have some mass
stress stress that driving men. They shoot themselves Yan. Another mention of the million dollar wound. Yes, like the ticket out into anything and at least once nearly all combat soldiers, if they are honest, consider shooting themselves in order to get out of the hell. A battle. Back to the book. Land mines and booby traps were also common ways to be wounded or killed. Hearing the news of who had gotten hit was always hard and every day new faces replaced, seasoned infantry men. It was easy the distinguishing new arrival from a veteran. The old timer could be eighteen and nineteen years old. But if he had survived a week on the front, he was considered old and we all looked it.
On a dive k rations, we all lost weight, are ribs shoulder blades, and Adams apples stuck out and are filthy ragged uniforms Home, like worn out drapes our eyes, were blood red and sunken and we had bleeding source on our expose skin. Ordinarily. Ordinarily, these would be too tail signs that a man needs a month's rest We all knew there would be no rest until Saint Low was taken. Knowing that there was no immediate end in sight, drove some fellows over the edge, a few good soldiers who couldn't take the pounding day after day. Committed suicide. This was the case of Stanley course Yak, a nineteen year old private born and raised in Chicago. He was a tough action.
Little soldier he made gay landings. It had fought well through the hedgerows, but everyone has a breaking point. His squad report Stan, who had seen many of his close friends killed or severely wounded, had begun to act strangely, strangely, he cried often especially during incoming artillery barrages and sometimes his crying reached. The point of hysteria. Instead of the usual disciplinary action for similar behaviour, he was sent back to the kitchen area. A break from the action. Many of us thought that a few days rest, a couple hop meals and a warm bath might rehabilitated But he was in more pain than anyone. Said, realized
I couldn't we see that he had reached its limit private course yet found a cooks, Springfield O three rife Removed issue, so he could pull the trigger and blew the top of his head off. One of the cooks heard the shot and ran to his tent Stanley course Yak had had enough of the constant fear, the filthy, grime, the ear shattering explosions putrid smells the extra cheating, pain and maiming and death of his close friends stay on course, Yak died on July. Second, the record book shows he was killed. A non battle casualty in my book, private course.
Died and american hero. So we gotta know that this demon that would deal with now has been around for a long time and veto. That's a classic situation where his death stay in Corsica death is reported as an on battle casualty needs. No one label them a suicide, which means how many people did that happened to end. It was never captured, it wasn't reported, and so now we never dealt with it.
And if you don't deal with things, you don't capture the lessons learned. If you don't recognize these things, how you going to fix them and as Bob Slaughter pointed out, it was almost impossible for one of these guys to go day after day after day and not get wounded and he ended up getting whooped. It got shrapnel frag and its back gets pulled off the battlefield luckily and sent to an english hospital. Then here's what he says about that. It is one thing to visit a wartime army hospital, but something quite different and much worse to be a patient in one.
Law makers, would consider armed conflict more carefully before rattling the proverbial sabre. If they were forced to visit an amputee abdominal burn, or plastic surgery Ward year, that law makers Before you send boys off to war, you need to go and spend some time in a hospital with wounded vets. And make damn sure your decision that you're making back to Book I recovered in a war dedicated to abdominal wound, abdominal, wound patients, a bullet or p the metal, shrapnel picturing, the stomach can cause a lifetime of embarrassment and misery. The aftermath of a gut wound is either death
Eternal marriage to a colossal me sack the stuff can that ward was predictable. It was tough, the sheer quarters with seriously wounded patients at night, the moaning and groaning It sometimes screaming maybe hard to sleep many of the men there died. I remember one particularly sad boss: swarthy Tony from Brooklyn was the third floor clown The shift nurses fell in love with him because he kept the ward laughing with his teasing and practical jokes. But one night is chairs. Laughter came to an awful end. On a Saturday night with a skeleton crew on duty Tony began to complain of a sharp pain to the gut a floor nurse, paged and after several tries she arrived by that time too.
It was screaming as to orderlies quickly wheeled and anti merging room. Two hours later Tony was dead of gangrene poisoning. Facial district facial disfigurement was arable and more devastating to the patient than any other kind of wound. A few men lost arms or legs either partly or completely and as a result, some of them became so called basket cases. Even so and, it's sad to say, I'm severely maimed men were actually happy about their condition because they were going home. Their combat days were over so the warrants and actually Bob Slaughter does go back. He recovers from his wounds. He goes back he's there for the ally.
Victory. Then that's about another, just fantastic story of how that all happens, and then he was out of them out of the army, and this is what that feels like that, The book on July 13th, one thousand nine hundred and forty five. I was supposedly separated from the service discharged at Fort Meade Maryland with a few dollars in my pocket and a khaki, on. My back, I was suffering mental as I was physical wounds, but there was no one to council me. I was a civilian again, but I was not comfortable. Socializing with other civilians. I was twenty years old with an eleventh great. Education and no skills who then soldiering. I was left.
Alone to find my way home to Roanoke Virginia there. Was no treatment for posts. Traumatic stress syndrome, you're, simply called battle, fatigue Those of us who had returned from the war were left to tough it out the years role. Why our hair greed and thin waistlines grew And many of our company associates developed health problems are generally, smoke cigarettes and drank hard liquor Many of our men who had hike halfway round. The world became sedentary, we to exercise. We travelled to the beach and went to. Women pools thinking that sunshine was good for the skin. Many words it will by wounds, drank and smoke too much and die
prematurely, the war still took its toll long after it was over. Rarely did anyone talk about the war, The media were silent. Our children on interested. And we ourselves sought to forget. I got married. These two sons and went to work for mid size newspaper in amidst sized community I found time to acquire a modicum of education, coach, little League baseball, grateful to live a normal american life. Too many of my army bodies failed to reach their twenty fifth birthday and many of
those who did we'll never the same after what they ve been through just couldn't adjust to the real world. Many of them fell Brady Alcohol, loose women, radical religion or isolation, anything to help them get through each day month and gear. Seven of our DE company men committed suicide compared to those and thousands more. I have been blessed. In some ways writing this book oppressed. It has taken me. Almost fifteen years has been the light, his leg of the journey. I realise that I speak for many who never had the chance to speak for themselves, and I have done my best to pay them tribute. My hope is that this memoir
however small away will perpetuate, Their memory and stand as a way this to their sacrifices. It saddens and worries that so much of the world, including America itself, refused to learn the hard lessons of the past. Now that I am in my aid, I am well aware that the long march that begin so many years ago is about to come to a halt. I am proud to say that my generation help save the world from tyranny, prevent the extension of an entire group of people and preserve the democratic freedoms. Of our wonderful american way of life. I wouldn't change. A thing accepted
Wish that my dear army bodies could be here too and John Robert Bob Slaughter died on, May twenty ninth two thousand, wealth and William Blake, the poet you asked who can stand, and I will tell you in his men, like Bob Slaughter that stand and its men like him
that encourage me and tell me in no uncertain terms that we are capable of more. We can do more, we can be more, we can stand. Not much to say after that one echo, no sir, not much to say he I could. Obviously I can't help it agree fully you in a lot of these can only go through these books. It man, it's crazy, how much it puts into perspective. You know we ever knows about well were to most people. We know about world. Where do we know about the wars? But that's.
We don't really know about the wars you know about. That The details, I wouldn't know about individual experiences, which really is that's that's what makes the wars and we don't know anything about that and what's in addressing this book was recommended to me from from twitter from one the troopers out there, and so we have banned brothers right in everybody knows band approach that not everybody but most people more people know Banda brothers because it was a book and then it was a big HBO movie and it was. It was awesome. This book is less well known, but what you? I do know is that there's thousands and thousands of stories that we don't know- and we will never know mean someone we'll try to know, but there are so many stories that we will never know that much with in combat win this
I tried to save that guy and they both did something completely heroic and they both died, and we never will know. So we have to cherish what we can find out we can learn, but there's just so much and so much sacrifice that was made. As I always say. What are we doing right now too, under that sacrifice more that we need to do more in with that make a let's make the hard transition will once again be
The rough transition to the web for some questions, speaking of inner at Inter webs on it, darker flushed Jacko, is where he can get ten percent off of the spectacular supplements, namely crude oil in from tech. What about alpha brainy? That's good that you remember that, must have been an alpha, very and also you. I want to just do yourself that favour and get some of those war where your horse, without some, if you're in the mood to support this broadcast,
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But this I know that this part gas can get over dark from time to time. Yak of inequality, Europe You're a region or one of the original things was, you know you go through life in certain people. All they see is is the good things, so they get Kenneth desensitized too, like the written that the just small little good things in life. You know someone you when you and that's really everything anyway, where you know when you there's no tall people if everyone's the same size, so you can, I gotta know both they are both short until now. I have said many times in the I figure there Originally. I think I originally set it on the TIM virtue. He said something along lines of like hey, Jacko: I've struggled with depression, How close did you get to the darkness re gonna talk some dark things and I said well to him. If you really want to know the light, then you got another
you so go made a t shirt about the darkness. This is another in here thing I can add another dimension to it. It's all black, its black on black sea, seek to those dark. You can kind of co funding of new sure new shirt up if you what they want. Third is: let's get some questions from the into webs. First question: Jacko: what does your relationship to surfing? Could you surf on active duty and what? surfing, do for you, ok, so my relationship with surfing number when I was lucky to have the guy that when I was a kid up in Maine. That said, I am, and at each year to serve this guy was a lifeguard. He was out standing surfer. He said Emma teach you how to surf and I'll tell you
nice, one, the freezing, cold water and Said yeah awesome, it's a game also afforded and put me out there Tommy surf when I was ten years old and it definitely vetoes Ran up and main is a little bit different because it's dark in its cold and you got do level are suffering if you want to joy, the benefits of it, you gotta know the darkness, and I know they say anything about the way the acquire you didn't have to do with that is so So that's how I got into surfing and surfing you. A lot of people will tell you when you do it. It's it's someone addictive could do very, very What kind of paradoxical things it's very relaxing at the same time, its very kind of exciting address is the word. You get a little adrenaline budget, a little mellowed out too. So it's a very fine thing to do good, for you, too good We're your brain is good for the soul and
When I was on active duty me? If you're not doing this you'll teams yeah, you could serve and identity served sometimes more more. I was more focused on serving than others when I got really win D, J, J, crazy. I wasn't doing anything else with any the time other than Jujitsu. So that's but the others guys disguising the seal themes that that actually monopoly Play their career around surfing, can you can get stationed in? You can go on trips to great surf spots and and all that some good there's, some pretty amazing servers in this buildings in the motors well, but I mean I only know about guys and tell them to go guy name Ivan Trent whose whose guy whose buzzy train a famous old pioneer surfer in Hawaii,
I've tried, where was a picture when I first got in the seal teams, are, was a picture of Ivan Trent drop in on a giant way? That would be a bay, the famous when the bay, so there's some great servers there. Definitely a little subculture inside the teams in and you could definitely give indefinitely What the german you you're living in San Diego Virginia Beach mean for any be at beach. Has waves. Sometimes San Diego has waves a lot of the times. And what does it do for me? Well, One thing is, it gets giddy outside gets me outside and get you out into nature and what I like about nature, What I like about nature is nature makes you feel small, that's what made to me. That's what's good about nature! That's what that's why nature puts things perspective, because nature makes you feel small makes you realize you know what look the ocean I'm nothing look. It did.
Giant wilderness, a man I'm nothing so just keeps you in check and key keeps you in perspective, as one it s actually want to think that the treaty only I don't like about. Jujitsu is pretty much the most part. It's inside Inside the GM on the map and so you know you can do it outside, but it's it's hard. Do. Ideas. Mascot super hot, it's not it's! Just thousand times more efficient inconvenience do inside its novel outside its a novel example, it's called a view sometimes and out. My old house, I had looked like a fool outdoor jujitsu area, which was cool and had a shade structure of Louis Good, whose good, but you have to have to that extent before it's not like you can just Did you two outside and you can do it it's, but its novel god what you should do in grass, you get the grass it is for some reason. I dont know what it is. When you did, you do to gradual ici yeah, but even that Canada,
in a hologram. This is more. When you're younger you know, when you first learned Jujitsu, oh yeah, can you move your doing you ever yet? The party in everything that, when you're a bluebell everything item that- and so I think I think, with other people some people, something of obvious you not by the ocean, but anything outside running, hiking, biking swimming even cleaner. Sports soccer and shoot basketball outside. Whatever do get outside just get outside get out in the air, feel it and one more thing about, jujitsu and surfing. There's a little connection. Yours the connection between digital serving, I don't know what it is. You know It is well balanced later well, for you do you got even Kelly's later lose. You know, nor does it eleven time, twelve time champion of the world in surfing,
He does Jujitsu your guys like Joe Suiter Jt J t. If you know Joe Tudor is ease Justin legendary, Long board surfer. And actually from San Diego, so we kick it with J T from time to time. And accuracy and on a regular basis at that long board. Surfing contest is both his kin. Mikey serve in the law on the long boards, but Joe Joe Tudor, whose whose literally one of the most the many We will consider to be the best long border for of all time, o day of all time. Yeah you do know use echo. Did you I knew he of all time. I didn't know that you, I believe- and I am not going to make that declaration cause than a million people say no to this guy, but there is more there are many people in the world who consider jewel tutor to be the best law. On board surfer of all time. I met a majority tutor in Digital they're. Just start come in you
JANET Mosaic, hey role within these good at Jujitsu, so that all coup he was like a brown built at the time, our role and is really good at Digital, ok, cool jaw- and I see him during the day like mellow and indeed come to their role with Jill Sometime Cordial, Tudor he's this can it guy, who smaller than me, and it is better to be cool Coon one day you know who told me jolted was about us onward who cake nuts, is that your tutor, near which only daughter again, you know your brother on parties so that as yet and and not, as so often surfing, he's judges secondary earth, so Jill Tutors one and then you get. Then they want you gold. Once you go brazilian in this scenario than theirs all kinds of servant go wrong because agriculture down there, you know I mean my first ensure profound Santos, you he's he's about asking for a Hickson. Even kid Palais grow he's here:
it's. So there is definitely an end when you just meet geyser. There's like a decent chance that they train the digits and do you said you know what the connection is. I know of some connections. Which major ones is subject so educate. Okay, so me it's the one of these things were kind of on the surface. It feels like you against this big wash of a challenge. Google, chrome, but really it's not. It's not like this challenge that you take on it's more of a challenge that you kind of right where you anything more, you yourself so in and on top of it, and that could be any that could be mountain climbing whatever, but this is due to an surfing. Is it always changes its not different image? same in one way or another same, but every single experiences differently, and it's not something you can just control of you know it's not one
this thing you it's a! U have to? U have to write the way. Yes, and they serving is literally in Jujitsu, it's you, to go with it. You can't fight it dislike. You can't find a way of you got it in its in the vote that you are so of Christianity balance, but those are just little small. America's others for do yeah, but yeah it's it's you. I mean it's kind of us, there, it eight thing to say it's you against herself, but that's really what it is like. You have to improve yourself, you know it's not about conquering this- you know maybe psychologically it is, but it still within yourself in it and its constantly changing. Let's get unphilosophical it's true, I, like it, Jack no good in my last comment on that was both of em, both surfing Andrea to empty, Brady empty my brain out there
de my brain out in the day giving a clean slate to do other things with just for the record, I come from quite but said answer, but Bryce DE shred body body and bodies spongers total splendor, oh and by the way, its white male. Not why MIA I'd? I'm not I'm correctly because you're, my friend, but I don't wanna, be a character, that no correct correct you,
polygamy, why me I guess, raises pronunciation the mere, but I'm not going to go. What can I say my mail? Why? Maybe, if he be a correct or too much you become the guy that people are tolerating, so you know want to be the guy at the party that people tolerating didn't wanna be back. I nonetheless smart. You want them to think you're or you disproved you your intelligence, Z, me permission era. Next question started: you did say this week in love, it I'm a former boxer and was thrilled that they. Let me spar on my first day sparring. The first day, too soon in your opinion, as repeatedly told to tone it down by the higher belts, I thought I was turning them is jujitsu more like a dance or ST tussle. Am I supposed to relax and let these green and Blue Bildt's destroy me? I'm confused
This is such a great question. Does you see this all the time and you and I know from the from the part gas in front Are there so many people are starting Jujitsu. Yes, because the pot gas and that's definitely, why wanted to answer this? One because it's zau, everybody feels when they start and you're always gonna get the scene their belts or the more experienced people telling game in yet relax. By the way, is rolling with green belt. That means he's running with people under the age of Sixteen years old yeah, you know actually had a little discussion. I've heard that there's some academies that give out green belts as an intermediate built between white and that there is a I've never heard of it, but I was told that the other day so that might have the situation where a dig and by the way, to go on record. As saying I disagree with it yeah don't have a green belt. As an adult you should
white belt and then Bluebell that's the way. I was that's the way it should remain. Yeah firing instructed the tiger woods. But to me him and do it. You dig in these. Do indeed you too, and he had a really about. Both, in fact, is an adult he's going to do to parent long. To get a green belt. There are no, no he's not me about right right, but always some guy in the event of this green belt. That he's mentioned being an adult, ok either way. I say I think of you so soon now that now the reason that people are telling you to relax they're trying to be helpful because you're gonna learn more. If you relax and you actually concentrate on the techniques that you ve been told, the couple techniques are you ve learned triumph? I'm not saying don't fight it because you you, you don't know what else to do so. Use Europe horrible instincts to try.
Just must allow the stuff and you get beat anyways and that's why it's your just be In your head against the wall, so they're trying to get you to relax and use the technique that you learn and pay attention to what the other person doing and think about. Where their positioning, their body and what they're doing how that's workings. You can actually ask men, say: hey when you were holding me here: I couldn't move my arm. How are you holding that you if all trying to do- is muscle out of it. You're, not thinking about what's happening in. That's, that's, not a good sign here. I think it's way relax. You know when you hear relax as well as a way out in a few, even remember when your web open. When they say relax more accurately put, they should say not, they should say, but there Her saying try to relax. We know everyone knows the guy
How can we lack goes very near rolling with a guy doesn't know anything, of course gazing out, which is like soup uncomfortable to being, of course, even be channel flip I'll try to get out of there. He doesn't know the moose, so he can't be like you know, I'm in a relapse into all the movie. Now he knows to move his its first day, whatever so the so yeah try to relax, and I think that's a good point where dont be going so hard and especially not so hard they nothing's going through you mine. As far as what position is this guy on me? You know, I remember not my first first day early on where side control, I barely even realise the difference between a site, control and in a half guard situation in that's what things ass time went on. I wish I would have known you know like ok, this aside control and if you would have been more aware and less fighting Brett, you said always he's got my leg trap. That's what feels
if we re exactly right, that's a game! You got it. You switch your game to this side controlling yup. And what's telling someone it am I supposed to let these green and belts destroy, you know, but you are a member. You can't look at it like a fight is not fight, it's not You know it is don't let them destroy you. Let them educate you. That's when you wrong with a higher bell, is You mean you, don't know me very much at all their educating you. You should be trying to pay attention and, let's just take this, off the mats and in the life, because, and you get into a situation- unknown situation, What are you gonna do? Are you gonna fight the struggle again when someone has more knowledge than you about some topic or even a fight against them. No just be quiet, it listen, inlet, when you're in new scenario:
then you ve never done before. Are you gonna train compete at? Will? then you ve never done before you gonna, try and learn to be educated. My Accommodation is alert to be educated, you're, not gonna, win lest it's a miracle, but most Situations don't allow for miracles. So when you're in life relax trying When you're on the mat, relax, try and learn Treader either try to relax gotta, try it's you wouldn't. Maybe this is me, but when I think of the whole spectrum, when I first started verses, each right now, of course- and I think it up, but when I kind of reflect on that whole learning process. I like the fact that I couldn't really relax at the beginning, because I could each start to realize all I see how I learned that right there
see, I see the difference now in the time more. Did it really know how to relax versus. Even like the time where I thought I knew how to relax. But after you know ten minutes dying versus zero? Now you can go ten twenty hard? You know in fine place, we can relax and build to basically control the scenarios where you can relax. I like that. I, like that, the beginning, can't relax just like in the beginning. You didn't know certain relaxing is yet another move, the Agora road with Dean Tonight Investor and he was on fire up keeping on a trip, and so he's a literal. So we rolled in an e g. Got them out position, and I just was down there. Relaxing speaking of relaxing houses down the relaxing in the end on relaxing I'm just doing a little bit of off balance,
give him, so he can't really relax honour presented, and it took me a few minutes like about Five, but I got out of the mouth that you another position got back to our, so it's your right, relaxing is actually a technique in Jujitsu, so in a big part of it, not all thing, but a big part of it is just being conscious of it. You know, maybe I'm spasm too much, as of course with everything is going to come with me she's gonna come with experience and stuff like that. By and by the way dean would tell you, and I would tend to agree with him down on these relaxing a technique surpassing is also tackled sometime. Yo Dean. We'll get some position on me and I was spaz to get out of it now not encouraging the person that wrote this question troops are working under such as technical, don't start working on that till later save
right now start with your relax technique. Next question: in regards to podcast number twenty three in the art of war, many the rules seem very simplistic in black and white. Take this one, for example, when the enemy occupies high ground did not confront him. If he attacks downhill, do not oppose him. Where does that leave us with battles like Normandy, where troops had to get up?
his glass. What about the idea of conquering the Golan Golan go alone high Golan Heights in the six day war? There are many other examples. I could give its obviously not ideal to do such things as fighting a well entrenched enemy uphill, but dealing with less than ideal situations is part of war. We should all be so lucky as to only be able to choose battles that fit the art of war, but from my experience it's off not an option in real life and yet somehow get it done anyway. So yeah, this is a pretty soon. Question with a pretty simple answer: to don't forget that The laws of the art of war. In the end, the laws in the art of war, the rule
who's. The simplistic back and white rules and in the art of war are governed by other rules that say to break the rules themselves, so so just blood, a couple closer mournful, these out Sangsue, says he. Who can modify his tactics in relation to his opponent and thereby succeed in winning may be called a Heaven born captain? So if you can adapt To the situation, then an adapter tactics and modify or tactics so attacking appeal as a modification of attacker right, yes, the next one I pulled out Sue says: do not repeat tactics that have gained you, one victory, but let your I be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances. That answers the question in its own right. Let your methods.
Be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances. And the last little quote, I pulled up from Sun Tzu. According as circumstances are favourable one. Modify ones plans, so there's three rules from out of war that tell you to change. The rules of the art of war. You when you have to do so told to avoid these situations, but sometimes you have to now is also important to remember that the follow up if he of the art of war generally. Espouses an indirect methodology of combat where oftentimes you're trying to keep yourself safe and inflict damage when
Can that implies that maybe I have less physical strength or size, then my opponents less soldiers or less equipment and my opponent and from that perspective, What let me ask his, would it be smart to attack Normandy? If you act we didn't have the the nuts. First to carry out the attack and you didn't have the overwhelming force that we had amassed on England to go in a soul, France wouldn't make sense, then would make sense to continue to obey the the the because in the art of war, which, as you know, what we're not going attack head on if we get out another way to do it so, like I said
these are rules, but these are rules like all rules that are meant to be broken when the time comes for so good question, but it's a bitter. The the art of war answers that question in itself, chuckle huddled seals reconcile themselves with the fact they face death on every operation. They undertake more so than the convention forces is this something that is learned well. First of all, let me make it perfectly clear that this is not true. What is it a welfare, while the part that you faced F on every operation he's already chance, but Furthermore, and more importantly, this idea that the seals or special operations unit face, more so than conventional forces. Not true, in fact, in
any cases seo are safer than the conventional forces. The conventional forces are out there doing very difficult operations that are often times more dangerous. I mean even just Something as simple as going on a logistics convoy you or even in Iraq and Afghanistan, your stream. The exposed in those situations you're on the defensive, you're in a convoy yards waiting, give blown up. And so that situation is your ear facing you're much you're. Much more exposed in that situation during a daytime convoy run down. I I need roads, then you would be, if you do a night patrol feel the same there's just ass just the way it is. I mean, there's other operation, Suliman presence patrols and sent this operation is all kinds of operations at that
national units do that are extremely dangerous. They also Often times have less support, so for it there's an aircraft an easy one. Thirty that is just a mirage. Iqs piece of equipment, just an incredible weapon system and its airplane. It flies around at ten thousand feet in you, The everything possesses credible. The incredible imagery systems They can see everything, that's happening, they can track vacant ended, they can shoot and destroy anything they want. So A lot of times a spell operations unit will have four something like an easy one. Thirty supporting them, you know, on top special operations that get really good training. So you ve got this this out in other the. The national forces often have great training is
but sometimes they don't have the best training in the world. You're, not yearn a super tuner you're in a special operations in order in a special This is a: U calves, good training! Under your bell. There you ve been going through for many many years of training makes you say for his well it in you know you can get oftentimes again. They get better gear and special operations because they have a big budget for a small number of people. The logistical! support the the flu, stability that Yemen special Operations is usually it usually better, and I M like the logistics in the army or the recourse awesome and an it definitely is better. In special operations but special operations, as usual is, is always supporting a much smaller unit. So even though the logistics people or systems, my not be as good. Therefore,
for welcoming! We good for the small number of people are in special operations. So let us go one step further a lot of times you in remedy the conventional guys they were living out in the city, they were living out in the city of remedy. After Rupert combat outposts in place, you know we seals would return to base after a few days out in the field. These stayed out there, we'd returned back and you don't get get a shower and get some good food and real. Actually, we had permanent guards that kind of guarding their base with a really big perimeter. So we were in a good spot to stand down for the most part where The commercial arise there other in remedy their stand and watch. You know only if we go back and can take a break and go on the internet when they take a break. Your born into a watch tower so. I just don't want to make sure. I make it perfectly clear that you know the the conventional.
Are by no means doing it thing less risky than those special operations. In fact, most of the time they're doing things that are more risky to formations higher risk, you know that's just the way. It is so that's why you know we I've just the utmost respect and admiration for the conventional use that we work with Romanian and I'll. Tell you the guys that how we feel. So now the question becomes: how do we any servicemen face death? Is the question And again, at any service member anybody, that's going to war has to realise that there is a possibility that they could get killed and so what he you get over that for me, it was acceptance It saying to myself, you know what ok I could get killed and
it could happen to night. It could happen tomorrow. It could happen the week. I dont know when it's gonna happen, but it could happen. And you know what I'm not afraid of it. So, if I'm afraid of it, that's can be hard to deal with every single day. The their piece of it is deal with it by mitigating as much risk as you possibly can? Ok, what can we do? How can I make sure of safe home and make sure I can say safe as possible? Train hard, I make sure my guys or training are, I make sure my guys, your diary, dialed and I made the day. No The plan is we go on the battlefield? That's that's what you do, you mitigate as much risk as you can and then there's air is when you can't mitigate risk? there's areas where you could catch him. You can. You can finding I d, you could find a bullet, you could find a bomb and that's it and
you can't. In my mind you can't worry about things that you can control so that things that you can control, accept them, Let's focus on mitigating what we came control and I think that's probably What I'd? That's what I did when I was in those situations, and I would tell you that that's what Most of the guys that I was with warheads Then, along those lines in their in their brains near that acceptance is such a powerful thing like you just except something I o k, I'm at risk of this, or am I like this meat terrible crude example comparatively speaking, compared to what comparative excepting, ok, the risk of death was here. Let's say you mess it along exactly you gotta work, the fair
wanted to say that as a good will work and right when you walk in when you cork has a man John, your boss is looking for you he's gonna, and you know you did something you mess it up, people after meeting at whatever messed up the kind he like him in the bus is looking for you so you're going to avoid the boss at all costs that could make wrong there. Yes, a little you avoid and one day the whole day boom. You clapped out you're out next day same think, she's, looking for even more even more, even more after awhile it's gonna way. I knew in once. You see, I'm get you doubt, let me just accept it and then you can go through. That stress is gone, yeah, really the analogy accepted or like four eggs of like a bully is looking for a yes vote we'll get him yeah. I like you,
Oh, I don't know if you ve been bullied in school but like it sums looking for either mad at you whenever you know they're, looking very the bully like man, you're waiting, a mere avoiding after I decide I accepted in us. Something's gonna have to go down and have to accept this confrontation, yeah remedies at its point would be to say you know what what's the worst thing that could happen, but, worse thing it have. He beat me up. I get a bloody knows. I dont care anymore, I'm gonna go get it yeah busy. What you're talking about really is facing the problem, which I also support. You know what you got a problem with its mediator boss. What you're gonna get bullied, I'm going to face that problem. That's one piece, but one thing that will help you to face. The problem is saying: It was the worst thing that happens. You know what I'm going to my boss. He might fire me, Davy fires me: I'm gonna have to go, get new job, that's the worst thing that can happen. What's the worst happens, vegan the fight with a bully worsening. It happens and I get a bloody knows. I'm gonna beat up, but you know what I can handle that so long ago,
based this issue and the same thing in combat. What's the worst thing that happens worsening Happens: harmony He killed. Ok, that happens it's over, I'm good with it. Lets me out and face it. Then you know honesty. I says the worsening barometer of the thing. The guys are usually most afraid of his having their friends get her. The other guys get her. That's that's the worst thing you so fully and then, even though you said that the training helps- and that seems obvious- but I think even that is- is that's like in kind of an under stated, and under appreciated the sugar. You know, like remember you ass, he came out and I remember looking being pro these guys not to go in there to do that, but once you learn even just some jujitsu does some digital Ethan that will you see like them,
in the USA and stuff like that. I could do that. Yet you are here and actually the only reason. Why sort I started you did to insert. Did you don't want to be a fighter for gene in Emma May, first in before training that I would have thought you're completely insane to do that, but you gotta be like ten, a crazy, person, but once you have the trainees, you ok, you know tell me: do you get a normal later? We see like, ok, see all this stuff. You have this just a vast understanding, rather an OECD, knuckles and blood army breaking next question Jackal good evening in a leadership position. Is it ok to take or ask for suggestions on solving a task, or is it ok to take suggestion that straight from my initial plan, yes
Yes, and I hope that this We made you decide to ask this question because you just like found out about the fog on the book or whatever, because this is This is something that absolutely anybody that kind of lessons were would say. Yes, absolutely EU leadership position, you should definitely ask for suggestions. Take suggestions, share the plan. Being let other people led many brains, beast martyr than year, one brain, that's what you want you wanna utilised, brain power of your team now the reason you're asking this question little scary little bit of a red flag. The reason you're asking this question you're afraid of what will look like. If you have to ask
guys, I'm not sure how to do this or you're afraid of of what it means that you're lucky that you're gonna look week, you're gonna, look like a weekly In that area and status of the european experience, that's your insecurity, that's making that happened, dont be insecure, dont be insecure, began the open mind and asking for suggestions and taking suggestions it actually makes you look like a beggar leader I That sounds crazy. It actually makes you look like a better leader when you say hey, you know what echo we got. This promise of not of censure. How to tackle this one. Can you give me a hand Can you give me some suggestions here? That does, make you say, oh Jack, who doesn't know, is game he's neither you nor a man, jackals humble he's. Looking for input, he wants to work Together as a team, so yes absolutely ask for suggestions. Take suggestions have an
open, mind disregard your plan. If your plan wasn't good, I'm not just gonna hold fast to plan, because I'm the one that thought of it, that's not good leadership at all. Don't do that open your mind, you're asking for asking for suggestions in this kind of Kennedy said already. Is it it here? swift making everyone feel even more involved? Oh you mean it spreads. The ownership throughout the team is certainly to echo Charles, and indeed that improves I know as like. If, if you delete or whatever in the leader, was asking me for my input and I gave it to him,
and you know any men out fuelled just that much more valuable in part of the team- I'd be more enthusiastic. No right now, who's gonna work, harder project. You when I come into Hake you can we hand? How do you think we should do this in the can come up with a suggestion and used are working on that plan? You go a lot harder than. If I come into hey here's what I want you to do follow my instructions as soon as you come up to an obstacle and of all told you do is following instructions assumes you come too Absolutely I guy you know what a needs this isn't working where's. If it was your plan, you come up to an obstacle. You tackle that thing you get after it. That's what happens in Iceland like them? where you know, as a leering might be reluctant tasked with suggestions which might come up like an experience or something like that. If you need a suggestion in Europe, bought. One is like that or whatever you say you know whatever. I'm just gonna go hit, move forward anyway. You know it
Not know the best way to do men, you can look down and then you know like we talked about this before, where If you don't know what you're doing but you're acting like you know, you're already, whereas transparent every way more transparent than you think, and that goes pretty much with everything it writes, like name dropper, as you know, and people like Maybe they don't really think that people want to pick up on it, but oh my gosh smell it think. For a moment, with a sound like tonight, I was like well, you know June list, it exactly suited he's been twenty six part gas and even talked about having done much name. Dropping J J, T Joe you, the first one they drop in. You should think to their cause. You could be talking about eighty Tory on autonomous yoga legitimate and I guess I drop Jeff. He gloves But I guess we drop Gregg trains. Name, do you know? I mean we drop, we drop
everybody like everything we train with. We, we drop their names, but does no one knows who they are ripe, yeah like a and B big Eric. I mean when we talk about these guys will technically that wouldn't be named. Dropping though technically, like named John, well then in, but what, if I said, Hale training with big eriksson- I write such and such yes, if it would have been action, will shrink De Mr tonight or depends on the contacts you train if you're trying to add into the story. The fact that I know this guy that therefore me here who later this guy or is that whatever or associated with them so uncle whatever that came dropping, but if you just trying to paint a more accurate picture of Europe, periods are? U story. A fact of the matter is like. I was training with Dean tonight Nino. Yes, he thought attic the text of the story, but yet dean and then you it you gotta rivers and came back to the dude loose, do Nonetheless, the point is: if you start
carrying on you know, you don't know that needs suggestions in you say in or whatever I'm just gonna move forward, rather than just now that I knew that your black, like that they're laughing certificate of name drop. It is true that the point there is your lot more chance, the new think like a lot of people and some people illegally went on controls and transparent in its in it's the way that the best community uses transparent right now they use a positive way. You're. Ok, look what's gonna, be completely transparent on our doing this, the you're using it in and in a little bit of negative way by I can see through your your crap here in and I tend to use it. But, like idea mooted in both by partisan kind, can it the odyssey, like that. I read that nonetheless see right through that if he needs its suggestions in that's on top to add to the fact that all this other stuff,
makes a team to more valuable marked. It's a better over away too to me, there is no doubt about it. No doubt we went away in case you wondering the best millet replanting units, whether its facilities or that the army that our work with all its marine corps, the more Open they are in their planning, taken suggestions from throughout the chain of command the better off they do period and a story. I should adjust answer with that and we gotta move. That's the way it works extortion. This is questions left clarification. Could you elaborate on flanking? My impression was that it meant to move around to attack from the side instead of head on, but as often as it comes up on your part, guess I get the impression there must be more to it, or at least some interesting nuances.
I guess there's not that much more to it. I mean a little piece of it was you wanted distract them a little bit to the front, and then you want, if I come back, about the. Only additional information. That's needed to understand what flag is flank. Is yes, you you tat you instead of it had on you attack from the side or sometimes the rear and I'll tell you to point this out for anyone out there that either the military and law enforcement and you're gonna, flank and you're gonna go to the right. Just remember that on a large scale, it works because you have distance where Europe weapon tree wont in active friendly lines, but if used around someone or you come from the rear of other, let's say a small target building, or a situation in it with open environment. But you're surrounding an enemy. Just don't for
yet the when you surrounding enemy, you now you're cutting off your own field to fire, so that's why you shouldn't do that. You should just stick with the flank where that way: can still keep shooting keep you feel to fire as open as possible. I didn't want to throw that in their, but that's that's what it is. Military terms. It means you, your attacking the sides attacking the weak point, which is generally the sides now it's the same thing. Obviously, and you get to you, don't attack what their defending you know. You attack the knack attack their negative, your neck. They forget about the neck and boom. You fly come and get their arm. Gregg trains had let me tonight he used all that was the flank. He says to me Greg Trade, so that name drop one if I said, Deed Lister said that it would be a knave drop. If you said, Gregg TRAIN told me while today, while I was hanging out within deem this relative
I won't do that so that never then you get to know your flank, and we spoke about this before when you were you dealing with people, then yes, You sure you don't want to attack where people are doggie, you you don't want to attack what they are. Bending. When someone has a strong point of view that they're married to don't attack that. If someone has a big giant ego dawn attack that Frank it me, maybe even just gave a little bit a massage too that he go to distract and then sneak in from the flag with your idea, you put it in their. If he's gonna plan that their defence Being hard core don't attack, the plan come up with a little way to augment the plan.
A little twist on the planned that they already have two year, except in their planned budget, produce spin on it. In that way, they accept it because it's part of what this part of their plan, so it works. So once again, don't beat you head against the wall, forty seven times just flank real simple. That's all This we're so and led him to thirty two figurative thing: yes, a while, obviously and enters like all these little things. He who flanks first wines and flank or be flanked. One more there's a million of them, but. When in doubt flank yeah there's all these little things does not gonna with great thing about. It is also just mentally. Ok, if we're trying to solve a problem and we're just thinking one wave the problem when you get
How can that weight flank when you come two up when you come up to enough scope, flank. When you get a resistance and you can't figure something out flank. That's all look at him out Always have that in your head, he's doing that emotionally dealing with relationships scenarios you got here. Your relationship, your wife, she's again on something, don't ask that thing flank. That kind of like you, wanna, go to change. You do too, but you'd gone like a bunch of none of you. Wanna go to tackle Tuesday or something I don't know where you go and you know it's Herbert. I gonna say Saturday, ethics added to think so you buy Your wife, flowers, the day or two days before right, instead of be like,
but I'm the man. I'm going nice, it's that you buy the her the flowers you like and then, when that day comes, you have the current code opportunity. We see some friends just a quick one. One nature to remember this: Or it could she's on the floor and on that in the direction of speak, you distractedly flight, if you or like an Jurassic park in those the raptors, you met using Jurassic Park. I have, quite some time ago. Ok, so I was about dinosaurs. Yea S, ability rank won. T rex can really see their good, so you just remains. Oh you mean real. Still, he carefully see you cause she's move it that the rapporteur is that their these, like the little meet many tier axes, The flank, though, don't they flanks of arms like messing with you like engaging in, and you think, ok, I'm not gonna move
we are moving what ever born and then the other. Can I get you, then they enjoy you as their meal, but the flank the preventing doubtful flank get that mindset. The good mindset of the flank next question at what point need turn off the manipulation tactics with people that you work with, or don't you so this picture this this question. I actually pulled this from a friend of mine, not a good, not not. Someone have known for a long time, but someone that's a guy that I know because know me well enough, but knows well enough to with this question right. Any actually every attacks, he's economic and think it after this near podcast, Are you just manipulate on people all the time we're and at its legit question right? I have even echo. Has that question
though I obviously have talked about leadership and influence as manipulation cause. That's what they are right If I'm trying to get you to do something. You could SAM leading you, but you can also manipulating he okay and the difference to me. An example pointed out this difference before the difference to me is that if I'm sure To do something, that's gonna benefit you or benefit the team, then that's leadership or that influence. If I'm trying to get you to do something- and it's gonna benefit me, then that's manipulation of talked about that, or so that being said, I I'm not running around in full manipulation mode, all the time, I'm not I'm not constantly sitting there trying to to plot in and make peace. We'll do things. I will say this, though I am generally conscious.
You are aware roared detached enough, I can see my interactions with other people from a good enough. Distance to see how I'm effect, the situation, so that is there you don't know where of it. I do have a couple friend not many were I'm decide completely unfiltered some of the times, some, maybe even more the time. But with more People like, I said, I'm at least aware of what I'm saying and what I'm doing and how its being received. The Eads Modulated, though like it There are not sitting there manipulating everyone that I meet in the fact of the matter is. The reason is most time I dont care, but don't care about them, but I dont have no reason. I am not trying to do something with this person, I'm just interacting if a person and I like to interact with different people and I have
I get along well with a lot of different types of people from straight laced like religious people too. Get out law bikers to serve first, here too, the whole works too too fitness freaks, Eminem friends, a bunch of different people and I'm definitely now sitting around trying to manipulate them. I'm trying to enjoy I enjoy Various. Personalities and sort of decisions in life. People had I learn from that February, marginal to learn from people most of the time not manipulate. But you know what I do get in a team setting Business setting or a relationship setting where now We're doing is on enter. Action of humans, then I
definitely will be thinking about how My actions and reactions are affecting the situation and I I'll tell you this generally only doing it for good I'm not trying to get things from people. I think you would be one disease. Like add I breach generous with water. Try to do with my life and and with helping people, not that I and myself to be like some some who or some benevolent person that's running around, not I'm not trying to say that, but am generally when I'm etc. We ve interacting with someone enough that I'm in this mood I am trying to help. I'm help us that's what I'm trying to do. So if.
This is manipulation to try it. People and trying to help or whatever it is I'm doing with other people to move in the right direction. If that's manipulation of guilty right yeah you, so you can imagine that to a year to year, using the word minute. Lesion kind of I use it where most people don't like to say right right. Most people say What I really liked to influence my friends and move in the right direction? Well, what is it doing? That's manipulating yeah! So if you look at the definitions to handle cunningly, that's a manipulation out. Nice is another definition in that, but I think that some more general broad yeah, but I think the generally accepted meaning of the word manipulate. It has a negative connotations for sure and in it it is rife LISA, because a generally, when you say it you're talking about, oh jocose really manipulating echo. So does that mean oh Jack was when I get stuff from echo internet you trying to do stuff for his own benefit,
Whereas if I were to say you know, Jacko he's been hanging out with echo. What he's really happened? A good influence on we'll guess That's cool o everyone's happy now. But what did I really do? I really manipulated you read I really made you act a certain way. I led you, I'm manipulated you. So again I mean. Maybe I need to stop using the word manipulation, but I was or the reason I like to you, because I know it. I know it makes people think I know people see leadership for what it is, with leadership, you're trying to get other human beings to do what you want them to do that and to do now in them the best form of leadership you're trying to get them to want to do what you want them to do anything. We need better form of leadership, you're trying to get them to do what they were. To do, and it happens to be what you want them to be too. To do to elect, The goal, but all of those mean I'm trying to get you to do something
and whether we want to call leadership. We want to call it influence through and accord inspirational. We want to call manipulation. It's the same thing. The only difference being in my mind when I nipples something I'm trying to help myself and don't do that I'm not trying to help myself yet through other people yet sounds like that. It's helping yourself at their spent. Exactly emulation and influence is even more brought, I think even goes outside of many good just as influx. You can pass the influence someone you just hang complacently, manipulate people too yes you can you get it. Suddenly passively manipulate people like enough now you're doing it can we'll know you can do it by not doing something. Ah, yes, passiveaggressive miniaturization, yes, but like
employed since they were just cruising, were hanging out you're, not telling me you're, asking me or whatever to do something you just being you and unlike Chukka, so cool man, Gimme gloomy role of myself, like Jack. That's you know like Lord City. I wouldn't call that many people would want to be manipulation. What if I intentionally was, I you know what I really am. I really need to get echo to do, acts and here's what you do on the shore lead. So in really is so. That being said, is in Believe me just seemingly being polite. Isn't that a low form of Absolutely good. If I say, if I say hey, would it be possible for you to give a grab that year for me when we would it be possible? We know that's possible, yes, go we not possible. I nor possible means. Why did you say if possible when I say that, because I want you to Feel glad I fancy you want, it
like you, I believe, is absolutely- is its interacting with other people rates they get to show some form of if we want to use the word manipulation which we do have this idea that you're always do so in a way he's pretty rare you're gonna turn out yearly, yeah, really and so, I guess to answer the question once again: do I ever turn it off? I really am I walking around trying to manipulate people and get them to fall under my spell of destruction? Hell no, is a normal guy that interacting with people on a regular way, and when I'm dealing with people in an interactive situation. I am whereof the way I'm acting and how it affects the situation. That's it. You happen to be pretty affected
The positive whither he turned out like it's for the goal of the collect right right, it's better than the malevolent less. It is not so really then. So. The question is not really I like to report that we got one or more yachts return from one more Jacko. How do you stay motivated in? How do you motivate people when they start to? lack now. Motivation is it's kind of a strange word, because it doesn't really mean what we think it means We think it means that were fired up to do something. We think that it means we're eager and passionate to make something up.
And we think that somehow we should just be able to turn on bad eagerness in turn. My passion, but we can't you just can't turn on passion. You can just turn on the desire to execute a task that doesn't work that way in I honestly that isn't even what motivate means motivate doesnt mean Gale and scream and encourage no to motivate actually means to provide a motive. A reason why.
So to motivate someone is to explain to them why they're doing what they're doing we will help them we're it'll, take em. Why they should continue to work in the struggle and fight. And when you need motivation yourself, oh look for someone screaming yell, nor look for someone else to give. You motivation. Look yourself, look at yourself and remind yourself why why you are doing what you are doing remind yourself that this struggle this temporary, paying this fight. This fight that you're in the
is what will make you stronger, faster and smarter and better, and then with that motivation, go forward. Into the fray into this storm. Into the heat of the battle we're victory is forged and I think that's all I've got for tonight So thanks to everyone for listening and supporting, and if you want to come
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You was agility, saying that he takes should take the yes. I think it was the kick nuts. I think already said this huge taxis had I want that show that he said ass. He didn't do not get me wrong tack on high intensity stuff from anywhere on it is the supplement company, so good on it that counts less jock. When you get ten percent of supplements, that's the only ones I would recommend really will ya nitrates and be before anyway and then before you do Amazon shopping. If you wanna click through the link on Jacko POD cast out, com can support that way or Jack was stored, not come right or Jacko, stirred up and speaking to juggle store before you shelf on Amazon, have you got to juggle story? Can shop on Jacko Store? If you like this, we are short revenue and out to you, but if you think those,
sure get do not know the darkness nodded see. No one's even know what these things mean. Unless you're one of us right, you're, not gonna, know, there's gonna be asking you: what are you doing? Why you aren't? I barely read it does it don't worry about it. Yeah any I'll, say this. We're we're vital issues before but like the ideas behind the shirts there, not just like random, who that looks, cool and assured it whenever they do have like inside meaning. You know like displeased with freedom rights so that those your thing like ITALY before even started, but guess you're like when you said that that, doesn't make any sense it and that's what you said you said first it doesn't make any sense and other get thinking in my head and but then, when you explained, is like Tang. That's that's Kennedy that's. The deal does make sense. The does makes it makes perfect sense to actually, but it is one of those things you know. That's gonna we're so ok, so that makes it If you don't know what it means, all it is as yet
Other shirt with a little saying on it. That's all it is. If you know what I mean the same thing with your head, that's is good and right, good is backward right, all the shirts or for you may not for, like hey everyone, look at my cool sure, even though their it can have that effect, but that's not what either every year. We call here so when you look in the minutes as good, then you can see the real it's backwards, saw the darkness sure if you look at its black on on a black sure, barely see it, but that's what darkness isn't really. Hey you know that that darkness there look at the delay and about which there, if you look leaves out of the back its would you say to dark scene is either, but black on black sea can she's gonna know, and you really look at it. You know if the shirt mean something here. You know when screaming See you're making sure that actually, you gonna be
european inside. You have that extra layer what's up but him and if you just think it just looks cool, do you mean you're, rigour, ethical or, if you want So, let's everyone that makes the bar happen in the actual people that make the pod- been you all. Listening to this, I guess you're, the ones that make it happen. Ass, the questions that right reviews that give us feedback- and let us know that your get something out of it. So thank you for listening and for Goin out into you. Part of the world and motivating yourself and those around you to get up and get after it.
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