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261: Learning Does Not Stop. Ever. Life and Leadership w SEAL Master Chief, Steve Ward

2020-12-23 | 🔗

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This is Jacko Podcast number two sixty one with a and me Jocker willing good evening. Echo did evening being in the teams, is the best job. The world probably heard me say that, before the best job in the world, Why do I say that I say that well, first of all, Bob itself, which consists of Shooting machine guns jumping out of aeroplanes, blowing things up but diving running around in the woods. It's just a freak, an awesome job. So so so you that, on top of that, you got this mission.
The mission that you're focused on you're on a mission to protect America, to protect democracy, to protect freedom, to protect people and in order to do that kill bad guys produce must do all that protecting an ordered you all that protecting you're gonna kill I'd guy switch, which, as a kid and really as a man for that matter, What me and my friends always wanted to do, and I'm sorry if that doesn't sit right with you or if you come some kind of a monster because of it, but that does the reality. So that's another reason.
By the job is awesome, but the last thing- and certainly not the least thing. In fact, the best thing about the job. By far is the boys. The boys the guys you get to work with their there awesome and contrary to popular belief, there's no Cotter format that represents a guy in the ceilings the guy's coming shapes and sizes. They come from all different back grounds. And it should be noted that not all of them are guys there are some knuckle heads for sure. There's some ego maniacs, there's some guys that really are part of a team there. Some guys look out for themselves, those guys how bout there's some guys don't care about the mission disguise it put themselves above the team. So there's do some of those types running around
That's true in any organization, but as a whole, the boys are pretty legit there hard working their talk. They put the team first, they get. The mission done now fond, while they're doing it in cable modem, which is under raided thing right. You can count on them and I was Lucky enough to work with a ton of those guys during my career I was leaving remedy so the end of my last appointment- and I was leaving remedy, and another task unit came in to take our place and they were coming in to a complete and utter firestorm.
Of sustained combat. Look, we had all been to point a bunch. Over the years since nine Lebanon. This was two thousand six sort of. The two thousand six so guys knew what it was like to go on, combat deployments but particular combat deployment. Without we had been on in the battle of was significant. We had a lot of casualties and, these guys that were come, replace us, I knew that they were common into something that seals hadn't deployed into in along look up, I'm not saying that seals more into dangerous places. They were, but a kind of unknown. Scenario like that: it's been awhile, and so
I felt portable, actually, I felt horrible the new task unit that was shown up to replace cause, I felt like He had learned so much there. We had gotten good at our jobs and we I like we were leaving this other tasks in a bad spot, and I was worried About them and worried how they would survive well, I knew a few other guys. A few other guys I knew in and that gave me level of comfort. One of the guys that I knew was the senior unlisted guy up the task unit, a guy named Steve Ward, one at one of the good guys, and I I kind of new and ten gently over the years preside. I
I turned over with him in Baghdad of a couple earlier. He'd been in the leadership position, inopportune, eighteen five and run a bunch of operations and done a job and I'd gone us turn over from him. So that was awesome edge is made my comfort I will go up that some one was comin in that was humble enough to listen and learn. Not just for me, not just from tasking a browser, but also from the army in the Marine corps and who is also smart enough and knowledgeable enough to mix in that now, ledge that experience with humility and makes sense in the whole crazy situation, which is what he did and Steve came back from that deployment which, which was a hard appointed for them. We ended up working together, actually Actually, truly working together for the first time at trade at
the training command. He took over the way Warfare training sell as the senior enlisted adviser in that trading bloc, and we need it spend, spend a lot of time together, training and preparing seals for combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and it was a. I I it's hard for me even say, was a challenging job. Here was a challenging job, but it was critical and it was so rewarding to be able to work with the young a man and pass on the lessons learned to the next generation so that they could go out there and take the fight to the enemy and keep themselves safe as safe as they possibly good. And I ve actually retired out of that job in sight.
Carried on in his career. You went on to more senior positions of leadership and continue deploy overnight again in support of a war on terror until a few months ago, when he finally retired- and since then we ve been working together. Again still still actually training leaders, this time for leadership and the business world, but we're back at it and it is an honour to be working with Steve again, and it is an honour to have Steve here on the podcast to tell us about his life. His experiences and his lessons learned Steve thanks for common all man, a fish round me up here,
ochako. You were one of the guys in the beginning when this podcast kind of kicked off. That was giving me reports from the field that you were in the game. Listening to it, yeah me and Gardner were going back and forth. You know some of the book you covered early on, like the last hundred yards, was like damn. How could you not get on the net? Listen to that, for you know couple hours, so Good- and here you are sitting in that sit in the chair- let's go please let's rock and roll. Let's talk about where Steve Word word came from Europe group in Sacramento, California, small town, my mom and dad divorce. So I go see my dad in the in the summer months, in my sister and my mom, and I we all group the other Sacramento my graduate school, ninety one which would slow your. Broke out endlessly covers demand some also. What did you want? Your mom? Would your mom do for a living, so she worked it Davis College. She was like an administrator there, What about your dad? What was your dad? So my dad? He was an air traffic controllers. We cannot bounced around the. U S has been a lot of time.
Lord, a porter Rico up in Washington Where did you see March your dad grown up? Yes,. Time. Brutality me my search, a godsend for anywhere from two weeks. To thirty days at a time so good well. So it could be so you just breeze through like went eyes. Gonna graduate you about the deck being. The navy were wounded, play sports, yes, so player baseball, sovereign football comin up any good. Sales and average athlete nothin special. I wasn't consistent. I had good, like four the boy had times- and I was the one good and then again slop and when do so good slump due to bad attitude, slop from I'm trying to figure out a good one. Were this here, some from not, I guess, being good enough. You know it you get saw was a pitcher of play This boy played, Petronelle played out, filled and I'd have some where I get up there, and you know my friends be crack and jokes, every human being, the first by
going to be the first battery going to be in the first batter first pitch at being. First out of my damn, you can't crack jokes up on the Mount. If you just hit somebody with a baseball, so it's about you know, didn't pan out too good for me, so my junior are kind of quit. Baseball my freshman year, I started playing football and I really enjoyed football contact. Sport hard like a lot of hard work, goes into that. So I enjoyed football finish that up my you know. Senior year I played all four years Sakharov, adequate plain that when I was probably like around thirteen fourteen years old what what will your friends do and when you won't play sports git trouble getting in trouble. So sports in I was paid. Like once a bad kid boughs tat. We have the path. Seventh, the ninth grade, not good thanks for me, and I got us picking up trash on the side roads as on probation, just doing stupid shit foot forward, just nothing
cared repeated just when they call at delinquent at legal, and I was the liquid and it wasn't my friends. It was me. I was a guy. There was like wondering when my friends came around. I was a guy instigating in Connally. Mature do it what kind of music realism into just whatever what country rap rocketed matter? Just did we all know from radios rainbow that's going on this, time. Yeah you! do what you can actually here with us. All town Yanks, our group actually in West Sacco was definitely a small town. Ok up! So yes, town, smaller high school highschool call River city, no small. They have wrestling match They had. They started a rustling programme. I think when I was about tenth grade there. I didn't I didn't Russell upload Forborne. I didn't. I stayed away from away house
grades and I'm dialect eventually knock. They were not good. Past high school by the Euro, barely past icicle, There was a good for me. Pay attention had good teachers always given to give advice. I was just not learning zoo you a little bit of a troublemaker right. Do you think when you being a troublemaker. Do you think you're doing retention. Do you think you're doing it for the thrill? Do you think you were doing it for adrenaline like? Why do you think you were doing it? I I think when I was at which I was I think of a lot of it. What I was doing this or to prove to myself, my friends that I was like tough, like type things like, I don't care, I'll do this like that kind of thing. When I think back, as to. Why did dumb shit, which Did plenty of. I think that's why a lot of it like to prove that I was a quote. An I'm big.
Quota year, tough, because that stuff I was doing was by no stretch of the imagination, a tough. I followed that same category trying to prove some just doing in an I got a journal, a journal, Russia doing those dumping And it took a long time to get out of my system, so said that was mostly sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth grade seventh, eighth and ninth year by tenth grade where you can go a little bit more squared away turn on the corner. Yes, you did you did you have run in with a law that kind of straightened you back out Prodi, She and picking up trash on the side of the road kind of scored me. Where will quickly here, where the looming warrant first, here in the van with all the rest, the delinquents your own road on Saturday and Sunday not act, not a good situation, gets a joy so then you graduate you barely agitate high school. What point did you? think about joining the Navy
or did you think about the during the Marine Corps, the army, what were where'd you? What was the situation with enlisting the military? So I'm one of my high school teachers told me how you got three choices when you get out of high school in these kind of mentoring? Us not. None of us know it at the time, but he's ok. You can go to college, which I highly recommend you can get a job or you can join the military or you do a combination of one and two and that can always with me. You know and then, as I started going to college like man, I just I don't want to learn. I was ready to wait a second, so you just skipped right to your in college. So you, when you were still in high school you, you didn't, join the Navy or join the military. While your high school correct, he gave you the three options: job college military. You chose college, yes, first, he thought art did you have.
Amy, freakin vision of any kind. Whatever you decide no sign of four wherever classes they saw me so I just signed up for the basic general education stuff. You don't want for a fall semester and then drove into the second some ashram. That's where, like a one point We know how the recruiter wound up at our door, but the recruiter wound up on our doorstep now start talking to him where's your doorstep of what your house of house. So you know you go through in Gaza, goddesses I think I might be an arose, could hear about your mom called the damn recruiter and sent him. Oh no. She was kicking a mother. Oh really was not having any other recruiter, she don't get outer Carl tourist Use your mama happier some though no she's a Fargo sugar on a farm. Yes, she just didn't she d want. We join the Walter, but you talk to him talk to him and was a Navy recruiter Navy, Gaia, neighbour recruiter. Did you have any inkling? Did you have any parents? imperence anything about the military. You have misunderstood. Yes, I am
her father was in the army and he was he never went. He was around the World war to her, but he never went in served. No, he got station out in Alaska somewhere in my dad was an airport So I had some small touch points. There was some cool stories of you know. Grandfather being demolished always talked about. Throne is courageous. Sergeant tell him that was the best throw ever Taipei and my dad was in the air force, your grandpa, the skin, told you gonna beam the batter with that whacked. So then, so the guide to the DE recruiter talks to you. And at this point you realize colleges like wasting your time. Yes, I've done with cool was. I didn't enjoy high school and I definitely wasn't a joint college. Point, which college was it out, just called Saxony Community College so you're endured so you're living at home. During this, not yes, yes, limited homework and part time go and call it. What was your part time jobs manner?
mode. It was, I have couple jobs grown up. I'd like I worked in a bunch of different around Crosbie busboy being Dishwasher Lou Furniture with a guide him Craig is grateful. Guy, and so we did on the road you were prowling furniture we ve truck on down dealt with furniture in the back of his big awaiting wheeler was acts your job is hard work, but I paid good money is paying ten bucks an hour back then that was that was good money. You'll kind of the man with ten bucks an hour is that man would ten bucks an hour, and that was a lot better pay than the Navy pay. You'll tell you that back then so how the Navy recruiter convince you he's just like a common and give this ago. Man- and you know some through that old, ass bab testing. He's like right. We can get you win in June timeframe. What job? Where you sign up for you didn't. Did you know about the seals at this? No, I didn't I never I didn't know seal was so I just I was, and up to go to the regular navy to go on a ship to figure life out little did, I know, is about to get after some bath cleaning, sir. So what it was like
OB. Did he sell you what he didn't sell me he's just like I mean so I'd. I grew up with some friends and they, you know a lot of people get in trouble, people drugs all that kind of dumb stops. I just knew I had the best option for me at that point. My life was to get out to Sacramento and go try some different, so the job. I, what? How do you know what I wanted to do that Did you go you d on designated? Yes, all your damn thousand so for people who don't know like in the navy. You have a job, it's called you rating and your job is You know you might be a welder, you might be a technician or an engine men. That's gonna work on engines or you might run a weapon systems. They have names for all these different jobs, but if you do I have a job. They call it and I remember this from book camp. There was a threat. They say you keep this up: you're gonna go to the fleet, you D,
on designated, which means you have no job, no skill. You just gotta, go in there, so that threat that, got told was actually what you got signed up for. Go to the fleet, you d designated side me up already. Role can get me out of here. Give me out rolled into boot. Camp Roland, aboot, can't finish up and say around, were timeframe, someone who can't when you go to boot, kept in July nineteen, ninety one, ok and then Download Orlando now here in Santiago, you to Santiago, that's right, West Coast, so you won't do it. Boot camp and you just went to boot camp eight. We use a week's better we soon to eight weeks, boo Camp and then to the fleet the aid which a bouquet Then I went to seamen. Training is also going to work on deck department. That was my own designated.
You seem so got train up for three weeks there and then showed up to a ship some time- and I think November December timeframe, of ninety- was burrow hey bourgeois, go it's not that far. That's crazy dude What are you must have done good on your ass vibes I didn't try and make you indeed like whatever some other rates we could get more. Now, that's crazy oh that's in. So that was probably my first lesson learned. My pay pay mention has school, so you score good on your ass, so you have option right aid when you're in high school. You know I didn't. I really thought about that agency and to make it through by a in life. You're gonna be given some test when you're gonna go Workin, afar Department, police Department, you're gonna, go in the military and so the better educated you are. The more options are and have available to us and I didn't do so good, so my options were limited yeah. That's it.
One thing I was trying to explain when public parents asked me about kids. Unlike what- and I think one of the biggest things you can do for a kid besides get them individually is making them realise that their action, today have impact on the rest of their life. We get a little kids and I'm gonna say little kids, I'm talkin me when I was twenty three right. What I'm doing right now he's gonna impact where I'm gonna be right, and so how can you expect a thirteen year old or a fifteen year old girls? I people but smarter than boys as possible It seems judging from my own children, always let me Let me rephrase x, I want a generalised in my personal family. It seems like my daughters are a little better connecting what they're doing right now with the future than my son, who just doesn't do as much so yeah. That's a good point when you realise that what I'm doing right now as a kid and is not just
what to do right now is a human is gonna impact way. My life goes and you might end up in the fleet. You D D. After so so you do eight weeks, a boot camp, three ex of perhaps men, prep, school and boom, you go to a ship at what was I wake up? Call like it wasn't bad was embarrassed by one of the most sacred arabin me. What in what way? just who was. There was a lot of hard work. You know when you Chopin decked apartment in Europe, I e to you're gettin every you know, you're, getting all the assignments that are not fun to do. You know, you're clean bathrooms, your paint, the shipyard chip in paying off the ship, you're you're, just doing all the things on ship maintenance, and so your eaten some humble pie for breakfast lunch and then why you're doing this gave me a to to kind grow up? Oh, but it was good. It was hard work, revolt work
RO the sleeves up and get dirty. You had your time to reflect yeah time to reflect. What were you thinking about when you reflecting? I was so when I'm reflecting on an arms like I meant to make them. Out of the situation, so I had one of my buddies that I went through boot camp with we wound up on the same ship Chris and me, and him just always have competition. We got put in the same deck department. In every summit they gave us we're like running up and down the stairway. Ladders do all day compete. You know completely I'm it's coming back like eight. What else you got for me like a eunuch words, are supposed to take you to lunch time or like we're. We're dont, give us more, that's awesome, so it was. It was found. We made the best of it. You know, and we had some good some good ship on the ship and some bad leadership you got up. Does my first exposure to kind of what right looks like what bad leadership looks like It was good and you're. Taking down all these data points in your stored it in your head. You know, I'm probably one of the biggest things I took out of that assignment.
Is we had guys were super knowledgeable, just very good, like a beam too, and he was super good, it being both him. He knew everything the ropes, aldermen, its. He knew everything and he was squared away hard worker looked offers Gaza, like that's a dude. I want to be like you always talk, their sovereignty modeling the correct behaviors tat do as well. Old right, behaviors busted, his ass did good things and he was getting promoted wiles on that ships. We like on data point, that's what right looks like something with a handful of chiefs around their ship, just good, solid duty, afraid of roller sleeves up, get in there with the guys and get to work like right, check mental note on that Seven, how long? How long was it when you, the fleet, until you heard about that, so we copper, guys it didn't make it through seal training. They showed up, came friends of those guys at some point. They told me all about. You know basic on water demolition. Still training now like damn that's somethin armenian resident
So I started train up atomic on all the vengeance. The due to be successful, we took me over. The optimal court course showed me all the tricks on had an we get that thing. Lotta technique in the meat. Almost application together in tibetan everything. So when I had the two, your mark, the ship I had my application back, I was approved. Go to to seal training in everything was down in his ties. It could no matter. What else can I do to yours on that ship. So you won't even close to your two years. Yet unused already had your application, and I thought I would say, I didn't write around boat, probably thirteen fourteen months cycle, are you owed whatever whatever the month were the other year? Something like that ten months left some like that Are they release you Yandah cool thing? Was you know we had to Maya division? Master chief was any nine. Obviously he was a good. Due to that. Our seem see. Our commander in chief of the ship was a good guy. Now, like a man,
you work hard you stay out of trouble will make some old phone calls will make sure that you get a shot at go into buds and they do not do that. You know that could have been like a pacts and Jackie you wanna get off the ship. Ship get out of a fleet go to some other programme. That's not helping us out. They didn't do that. They looked out for me. You know working hard staying out of trouble. Being a good person. All those three things were were were good, I'm so ghettos. Those reinforcing good behaviors tat always be. Thank all those guys then the guys that the guys that showed up that had been the buds. What kind of impression that give you did you call the thing that somehow We have to think that you can actually do it right or you know like for me. I was like I had and I can do this, which is a real arrogant thing to think right. It's arrogant think most people,
but I'm going to be able to do it. Yeah. I wouldn't sure, where I was going to shake out on the whole thing, be honest with you. I didn't like running long distance and grown up and we did a lot of sprinting football, but I wasn't good with bullets. That's so pull ups. I was, I definitely sucked and I was like her. I don't know it's going to be able to do the amount of pull ups attorney done sergeant. Working order. My pull ups got on a good running program, got on a good swimming program. Those guys tell me how to do the side stroke until you know I just get up early anymore, all this stuff out going either do a Weightlifting programme and then- do more cardio at lunch time, or vice versa, and every now and then those guys ignore me like a doll this and work on this. Look at that. So I was, I was mentally and physically prepared for first base on what to expect these guys. To give me information? Did those guys talk about what happened to them? Yet so one of its activities?
as one of the guys made a past how weak and other guy wasn't second phase and he got drop for full competence, the other guy he was. He got up right around the third week mark for weak mark. In first place we got injured, you got rolled out, Gaga drop. Pull up instead of Asia, and then what you see, the other one was the one guy made it passed: how weak in something happened when he was white and class per second phase in they dropped him and then the third guy he made it. I think d, like wheat, three or four and then got a queer. He get. I think he will. He said he got rare. I say no one ever quits known so who had a pretty good idea of what you're going into your cousin, I can tell you I didn't have anybody that I don't know anyone that went to see all train it all you know cause I was in the civilian world. So for me, I didn't What poor camp was. I didn't understand anything just a blank open, nothing and do nothing
you had a decent idea of what was going to be coming. Yep yep, I can do it. I was. I was physically and mentally prepared, for Did you get your pull poet squared away? I did actually want a little better with my polyps, and you know the deal when you show up and start class in up to your start from scratch. Again scenario from where I came in, I was coming back down what you know my work. Run times in twenty times and all that new and better shape than what was required. Yes is the way you freakin should try to get there. So he shoved buds. Did you get what you expected? Yes, yes, he was full benefit, those good times what class for you. I was in one ninety four. So we start we classed up. I want to say right around January of nineteen. Ninety four: would you have them? Do you have problems where we think in Bosnia,
oh yeah, yeah yeah. I saw your space it first place in third phase. Were those a lot more natural to me. I grew upon infection and shoot guns and do not let fun stuff. So third phase wasn't first phase, I was mentally prepared for second phase: I'd, never scuba, diving, did a diving in it. For me, that was our space, no actually failed or a couple of vents and there like a failed pool com. The first go round. You know them. I did my request. I passed in and like every little and you know you don't ditch when you're doing all these little things with Scooby tanks going down a doing stuff. I was Jack and it all up it for me, learning style, I really have to digest is I need to do and colleague visualize it and things wrong. A quick! both face it. Wasn't it wasn't good for you? did you feel like you're on the bubble, the whole time like it when I feel pull
pause. I got damn, I'm not going to make it through this man. You know you're on the wall of shame that doesn't help either you're. Looking at bright, like cheese, you know I filled pool too yeah. I had our ops guy from trading at our off sworn officer from trade. At put me through will come. Savage here! He what you know it's crazy with poor cop I'm going through in in my head, the procedures down, and I thought I did good. I come down their time- the of way not doing all this shit now MIKE, I'm cool comic, collect going through the procedures and instructor structure. Just yanks me up by the tank she's out, you failed get on the walls damn seriously like I'm going through trying to think of what I did wrong. I'm like a thought I was good in over, but I didn't playing games with me or what, but I went over on the walls like she don't know if I'm going to make it that that guy, that failed me who's a great guy, But when he for the same thing he had me down there, I was down their poor camp was thirty
That's when I went through- and I know they're showing it at some point to twenty minutes, but when I went through his thirty minutes and he just what he did as was he just ass? He read my mask off and then he just started doing like a bob, and he would Bob doubt you'd come down here, just knocked the regular out of my mouth and then you go back up grab the regular put it back in a clear and they knock it out again, and he did that for nineteen minutes. And then I just kept replacing it and every one of those breast was a nightmare cause you're trying to get them we'll get the water out of their small sum of the water. Then get a breath MC an unbroken knock it out again, and you can't defend yourself. You can't protect yourself and you can't panic. So I did Abdul it and then- ninety minutes. He just comes down. It gives me the thumbs up come to the surface and I come up and like I feel fine and he goes he was look comfortable under you. Fail knows, I'm ok! I guess that's that. Sure that yeah, what's a whammy not like they just tightness complex, not all it's like a boy
it will not, and milk is not like a specific lake. Methodology, or is it just like a generally speaking jam so that during this evolution called pool, competency, also known as poor cupful camp They want to make sure that you are beyond fully comfortable in the water You will not pass this if you're not comfortable, Nevada, zero percent chance, so what they do is they they cause problems. You have these old school scuba gear on like John who stole style stuff. Now you could not eat hoses. One hose goes into one whole comes out there, just like robber hoses and they start taking these things, and they first start off a knock off your mastery rip off your friends. They pull your regulator out and then they start pony regulator out and then like on doing your thing and eventually pull it out and put it behind. You pull your regulator behind you, a tie in a knot. You gonna take your gear
off pull rig over your back untie the not start, breathing again put everything back on in order following the procedures as soon as you back on two may hit you again, and so they keep doing this Eventually they give you called the whammy not which is not that you cannot get out. You won't come out so now what you have to do it in a ditch, your rig, which means you have to take it off. You have to lay it on the bottom of the pool. You have to take your weight belt off and place it on top of the tank, so they don't float and you have to kiss your regular or kiss your manifold if you'd kiss your manifold. Oh, no! You permission to go up. They give you permission, you know you get, you give them a thumbs up, they give you and I can ok thumbs up then kiss your manifold, and then you blown go to the surface and hits your man if you literally the the part of the Scooby tank, is called a manifolds where the regulator kind of comes out of you kiss that lakefront. Why and again
because those are the perceived other funds will deal. Ok, like you, gotta follow these directions can hear your Arafat right. Did you have to kiss your men, yes kiss your manifold and they, blow go, which means you're, not gonna, give yourself a an air ambulance them by their by the air, expand your lungs and go to the surface. You belong surface. When you get the surface you give a thumbs up, then you say I feel fine and they either say you don't good job, you past or they say you looked uncomfortable. You fail. Which for me they said you can cover. We failed and then proceed. They said you looked uncomfortably failed. I would say the one thing that's different about me was I did good on everything else. So when I failed poor, I was like God like this. Is it ok, I'm I'm gonna fail super sketched out and not me. I wasn't my first time, when so, so you like failed, like ditch, dawn and odd, I breathe. I was good Buddy breathed ditching dawn in what someone else
have your browser, like three things, nobody brief partner was a frigate Therefore my word he's a beast of a guy, but he was a total freaking. Pan in the water. This dude would take a freak. It buddy breed from me, Greece, and one set of Scooby tat. He would take it and just breathe off of it, like a long time, did I be like hey? You know like given sing single like hey Brad need that would give it back to me and it I took one. That's gonna give me the signal he needs. More but you, but you pass a second time passed. It made it out, made it made in the third phase and in third phase was audible easy. You know you just do a lot to run in swimming in shootin. Toes knows that was lot easier than ten base for me and running. You were good running good. I had all my run times down before I went into, but I wasn't so concerned about run I'll, just worried about gonna get him
swimming what about the open ocean? Swims could go. No factor! No factor. Did u you you r on UR man, yeah yeah. So I see and you were fire in the gut. Yes, so the way repressive, dude, they worked. It is, I think we voted the fire in the gut before the honor man. Results came out and you know the class bo2 that for me- and I was like alright- that's awesome it in there like eight or do you got on a man too, and I was like right Roger that, what's a war or the reason I say, that's impressive is Donner Man is usually somebody. That's like it does really well in all the events like Groanings Swimming O course and the fire in the gut is usually a guy that, like doesn't guy that had the kind of gruel through it and got through to pass like in my class Jeff Higgs, who had hypothermia mould times like five or six times, and he just here
he showed back up to bodies, even though they kicked mount. He showed up the classes. Dongle reason just kept me with it, so he got fired, got like, of course, and an honour man was Keith. Can there was a total start every, but for you get both those that's pretty freedom, How did you even get that? I don't know? I don't know man, didn't feel like it. You you one of the leading guys we're unity for at this point, so yeah me before off the ship before I went to buy, so I should hope the buzz, and I was a need for already the class leading petty officer daughter. Like a second class know, we had a second class and they're. Not think, eventually, do you know he's the guy original oil Pou got stress fractures and real bad shin splints we got rolled on another guy came in and now he took over the class hope Dlc Was he was hell week like real how weak Otto, How it wasn't it wasn't his as I thought and be it sucks for everyone. I had
of gas am my tank. I think I could went one more day, but you you know it was manageable. There was manageable we just had a guy on who ended up it, S F, but he went to buds and he didn't make it do buds, but he said It is really really hard in areas like it's, because if you think you're gonna go there to get what you ask for here, you have for me how weak was kind of cool, because I wasn't, That's runner wasn't a best women, and so we like hard for me, like I put out super hard to passes evolutions and I had the fear of failing in and how weak There's no time limit on there's no time on the evolution. Just keep going pretty good at keeping going. This has, as it is a good thing, I'm good at this key going, no matter what the one thing I'm about how it is you never do. It still appear. That was one of the coldest points. I've had my life in other home.
This off on that thing in it felt like Madam hit flexures we're gonna Papa Flutter, then the purpose of the ocean in the ocean had been around sixty degrees, but the ocean was way warrants are still so you're in there. You like old man. This is great, keep us in the ocean for a little longer known it poppy back up their back and forth and made. I could barely walk we got off her down there. They appear so the p evolution and how we could was horrible, and then the instructor just rent and down on that rope when you're carrying the boats tune from childhood it's up to you mean wrench down on the rope so that the thing is pulling down on your head on your head. Yes, your thumb, a little nap was gonna snap. Were they jumping from boat about when you're we had instructors and boat. I remember jump into another boat, but we are carrying around searches were jumping from boat to boat tat. Unlike I remember hearing my freakin neck bones, just grinding Nausicaa, this doesn't seem It's good for me, a well sir, honor man and fire,
I got Guyana course you checking the team five, and no one cares about any of that. I don't care if you're like a new guy who clean the shitters she like damn. I thought of that away from her follow me everywhere, in five children, a team five in August nineteen, eighty four than back, then you know go through std, easily poppy inopportune and you start doing your butt. Work up. He also got it. Detachment opportune govern, go through a seal, tactical training. Kid say. Okay, so, but your dear platoon work up started opportune work up we it was almost. We work a couple months before starting work up, but we were broken often and go under as TT in the petition. It just started some things when we had finished up and you went to the group S, TT didn't you know I think you know it's just a team. I just your team, ok distorting thought they'd combined because eventually they combined Europe, where every guy went direct
to a great while, not directly, but everyone with your s tt together for a while they still do now, but there was a time when they started. I thought they started around. That time. Is it with? You is just guys from team. Five was by team five. It was wrong by team vibrant training so that the same thing- and I did- and or did you have any idea what your job was gonna be? No, I got you know, put an opportune. Initially I was a a dub, a dog I now want to clear up the problem I had with data was, I was left handed we had one of our guys in training and he's like a man to do two left handed. Why do guys have a shooting in a dub cuz? You are all the trouser. The brass and link link going out to the right, which is going right across your field of fire and in your in your It's not so like a put em on we're scares who got on rear scary for their first return and worked in air dapple around at first a tenant, an ordinance. What kind of pollution
is the spec ops with you that cops petunia. You have to wear to point out to a little island out there on the bus. Did you are how was like you're putting leadership? The first between was not was not good, so I got to see hey what wrong looks like and it was kind of funny like our was a classic case of you know. Roic was it was a good dude, but I think he was too smart for his own good and he he was a little more concerned with PT and being a good shape and he was a phenomenal athlete, like the one of them triathlete guys, but it came at the cost of showing up to dive evolutions on time. She came at the cost of being a good tactical leader down on the ground, which is what everyone's hungry for. So I think you kind of lost. You know. A lot of respect any was kind of hard headed. You know that classic I'm smart and everyone else type thing so did go. We're gonna need it to you. It was weird
you know it was weird United realised how you know trying to find a good way to word this. It in an ideal potu? You don't realize until you get into a really good beer for you, you didn't know anything different closer for you. That's just the way opportune was yet and the scary. About that. Is you get such a big impression made on you by your first platoon that if you're, not careful, you can I think that our group will tunes are jacked up because they're not like your first put to use impressionable yeah, so it was. It was in arresting so that there is a huge difference between my first opportune and thirdly, to north. My the third between I did. We were like the best pattern of the team in like that Your ship was thou. Then they were balanced out. Harbour to chief was score. Away well respected. He was good, tactically use good administratively, like that's the dude I want to be like your third party. That was my third return. Might you know my son
between was was better than my first still a lot of room for improvement. Where were you rear security? Jim over two point matter? Some now moved up to a point man at some point that my second return interpreter now's run appoint runnin. You're tall for a point. I know how tall you six to yeah, you have written all over. You two left handed, And what will you do know just to give people a reminder that the nineties? So we don't have a lot of assets. Nope we do They have a lot of money. Nope we don't have. Not really do in any real missions. Barely you know, guys, a gardener went to Somalia, but that was a real. Recurrence, so What we would do is train get ready.
Dont want appointment, kind of party, it's gonna like what that what the scene was to Alice was kind of funny, because when I showed up to the tea garden was already under it had a coupled to his honest bone among the damn quarter, deck watch and not this it has a long and obesity still unsolved, say his name, but he had a long uneven, unlike tension of a team, five compound. Someone so in all parts of the quarter deck a butchered his name. What do you think's call on the day gardener, and he was a hard case. Pay we have the new guy see his name right because of your gardener. Ever this, it was now that the imo market, not compound, and I would argue, taped opened, thrown in a damn millville did so so this was ninety yak is at that time action yeah, and at those years you start to get a migration to team five from like, for instance, from team
one. If people want to leave team, why did they re like this dialogue? So there's a whole gang of guys that went down the team five? I remember that to just give. To have some freedom, no phone the library down the street. They are coming on down migrate, north garden. A gardener was always at team five, so he was, but he would just like. Why would I want no more like? Why would I want to be over there? What is a bunch of rules that chapter forty? Maybe you can always my garner out when you're doing work into the desert? Could you just look for some spoke, a look for fire refiners. Gardener he's lightness of should offer the gardener guy so you do your third platoon and then what You think it. What do you think about your life at that point? So that's what what years it so this
so I finished my third platoon in ninety nine. In so I was going through a divorce had a kid and I was like yeah. I got to hit the reset button, so I talked to our mass. Cheaper seems like a man, he's. Ok, we want to bring you in your be that training cell lp owners. I came back. I got a lot of baggage right now. Need a break contact here, go research, I got orders over to our special boating and the headquarters element and I got put partner training, so we were basically setting up operational this exercise which we used to run. So you went to describe understand. You went from a set of being a team training, sell what you're going to be gone. All the time doing, training trips, you go to a boat, and then the o r e, so you're gonna be home a lot more. Yes, yes and so at that point, I was ready to go back to school, so since I got there was already rode back in college on a lack of a one year, what you'd call, but either
They have military programmes. I was going to school Saturday and Sunday to knock out all my upper level units from my bachelors degree, and then I was working on my lower level units at the same time. So I did I wanted. I finished my degree in about three years and so on of their going into the training home away trips every now and then every now and again- and I owe it was good man leadership and their these in other special warfare, combating craft crewman them due to squared away. And so I got to learn a lot about the boats and in that play off, or it help shout later on- is really learnin. You know how far can these things go? Load capacity, all those key tactical things that matter when it comes into a mission planning process but meaning or for a mission and all good as you start to relate those two helicopters aircraft in vehicles and so gives you a better sense, because as a young Tina, I was really lucky. I was a kid. I was a communicator of Congress. So us all involved in the planning
more than my peers right, the point man, my plan, the the end. You know the rules but like I was ok, here's what we're gonna here's. What can I do for communications during the insert and then once we're on targets? Ride was more involved in planning which was super lucky and then I did arcs where I was working with the Marine corps and working with the big navy. So once again, what's the disk, said this helicopter can take us to absurd us. What's the distance that we can get with our boats. What's a distance and our ribs once again the boats? How far can they take us? What's her capacity so very lucky that I got that operate. Because once you realize how to plan with assets it big UK transfers to all different assets debate. You make your smarter across the board to all that, good, so why was there at the boat at the boat dead? I was like aid not much going on the nineties. I was gonna like ready to point out at the moment and so I started a put him obligation for the Sea Hp California highway patrol when enthralled
Have you process all the testing, my letter of acceptance, and I was kind of just on standby. I was going to transition out and then, in August of that year, in two thousand and one I'm a chief. Now that I'm a cheat that you know I wasn't expecting to put it on, it was like a total shocker. You know, and then it's September, two thousand and nine applause. I cried should abstain at my wooden wait, a long time to get a bit of a drain verve, whatever wetter din savages at your Serbia. So you know from there. I worked with the seams he'll routine, five get back there in his eye gay. I gotta potential slot open. If you want also Pelion Europe ready to opportune chief slot after September eleventh. Yes, so I went back to the team. I left like a few months early tea ready to go back to team five to my orders, could catch up and then got over there like think right. Around January February type we started form an opportune, get ready for four won't work asylum, so you called the c m C. Eighteen five instead ape barreaux yeah with eleven.
Oh say they broke the other mashed if I had with the boat debt, always my second platoon chief he's. Ok, I'm working with with Jimmy Aware team five. You wanted You got a spot open you want. I was. I tell you I wanted. My point is like a man build some good relationships, Oh yeah yeah build some good relationships with people cause that pays off. And that means you: how do you build good relationships, not by kissing ass, by working hard by doing a good job? That's how you build a good relationship when I checked into team seven after September, 11th is actually like, whatever two years after September. 11Th my the the sea, oh there, which first of the detail or who I was friends with sent me too next deploying team. So when I Have I had go to college for seamen, animal programme. When I left college, I went to the next deploying team? That's not luck! and then when I got,
the team, the commanding officer, who I'd also work for the past five here too platoon commander and put me in as opportune commander. Over three months before deployment. Damn that's that's just Have you that's based on my past performance, Enron, relationships for sure, but the relationships are built on the fact that I worked hard and was trustworthy to get the job done. So you never bullet, plus, you just never know who you're gonna be workin worth. No, you know, don't burn any bridges, man don't don't burn any bridges. Yeah inches combat what you're saying there that your credibility in the teams is everything your reputation, you no one ever, location of being a gas know a You don't want to be there and you reputation is, is I don't know what the word to describe? it is a heavy thing that sticks with you. It's just
They too sticky think sticky, think and if you good reputation it little with you. A bad reputation? It'll stick with it can take people years to overturn a bad reputation and interesting. We can also take for years to ruin a good reputation, like a person with a good reputation can make mistakes. And people at all. I don't worry about it. Fred universe, good girl or a person with a bad reputation can make one little slip up, and people like you, gotta, be kidding me get rid of this polish trying to get him out of here, and I hate to say that cuz I was right. That's like that's like what that's like political and all this stuff. What is the reality of the situation and there's there's a reason for that? human beings are gonna mess up. But if I guess the differences, you have a good for a good person with a good reputation. They earn that reputation by consistent, good performance and eventually that reputation stands on its own and therefore if they make a mistake,
which everyone's gonna make mistakes. When they make a mistake when they make a mistake which they will people go. Oh, you know like guess what you know what they ve done. They ve got a hundred good things. That's illegal The report now you're from the bad one hour I will carry on, whereas if you ve done a bunch of bad things, and now you do something bad huh, you're, you're, good uniformity leg to stand on your screwed. So that reputation thing it's. It's everywhere, it's everywhere, but man in the Teamsters. It's a big thing. It's a big its damn near every year, ever like its day, a mere everything your rep Sir. You roll in now, you're platoon, opportune chief at team drive you get ready the boy. Yes, you are point: do you realize you guys are going to Iraq? We didn't know it. Probably January. Two thousand and three.
A word on their. I get there in October, two thousand one January February, two thousand and two we start our twelve month long workup cycle and its through and it looks like we're going into Iraq. You know we one really understood the scale of that thing. How big it would want to be in how many years had wind up being you know, so when they told us how you're going over we're like Hell, yeah there. This is awesome, because you, like everybody else in the teams, was worried that there would be ray month. War and you'd miss the whole thing exactly exactly which is so hard to explain to people, especially now that we ve been a war for almost twenty years straight. It's hard to explain people how much it meant to go to war when the one the war going on yeah. It was everything I thought you were just like man. This is going to be awesome, you know, and it was getting prepped funeral looking like kind of expecting that chemical weapons you know, we ve gone through all kinds of mopped rules of earthly arguer and just don't do everything. Are you d gadget
narrowing tuned ups, we're doll. Then then you look at the frigate Bob uniforms in psychology elastic draw staring at the waist in, like you, thinkin wait a second. This is suppose. Keep me alive enhancement, whatever, let's rock and roll the driver there you will take that charcoal freaking light laden suit and be like how will wait. You're saying this things going to save me, he's got some elastic fostering around the ankles and that's supposed to keep me good to go here. That mobs, who didn't have a good reputation, sure it was it was lacking. I don't know what the U S, government paid for those mob suits, and why level of security. They provided us, but I don't have a lot account. I guarantee was a lie. Gas masks do like what are the chances
but that's what we're getting told we're gonna do and not one single guy said not because we added one up where we mopped up we thought we were hit, no target that had allegedly so whatever chemical weapons, and you know what everyone did. Anyone got jacked up everywhere gas mass on every put those stupid, freaking uniforms on I'll. Tell you what had quite a few missions when we go over Iraq where we were going well, some of those three letter agencies look and all over the place seen what was around we think we saw was was all those like a bender left. You know nothing new at all. You know as far as soon Br Cbs yeah shit, like all the facilities and everything, was like nothing better for along ass time, too. So. Our eye bullets, and so you get down to work up. You find out you're going to Iraq in January and you guys are goin on deployment in like April, or some people timeframe sought
team three was already over there. Just call back your relationships, peace! We had a cop guys, a tunes that were thou, then with some team, three guys, and they started sharing information in a back and forth. Hey here's what's goin on here is what it's back so that gave us a really good idea. What we needed a proper right. Around April timeframe, we deploy over to Kuwait, Edward Stage in Kuwait, wait and go into Iraq team threes. I think rapid things up at that point and we might already turned over with em in were actually in Kuwait. For of a handful of weeks, once he read around three weeks and we actually dinner first option Kuwait into Iraq. On fifty three, the hours that sound like a crazy up. It was good. It was a good I got nothing, nothing happened, but we plan for ninety. Two hours we went through all of our helicopter Ursula owned. It was a big, awfully it up. Those are teepees. Desmond vehicles and we will end with a big package
What was your mission to go? Take down the the dam, The cultural and control had Egypt kitten. It wasn't: a data was somewhere up North Bulgaria, a category of damn so were we went out there and it was a long ass flight in their world jacked up on the cat enemy you're going to get in the shit. You know when we're flying are we going to be in our plan? Lay down to the helicopter get shot down. We got our bob here with us and we Put down off fifty three on the damn with our sea. Be ordinary. Look like you know, Michelin, snow man, you messed up when you when you fast roped. We were not that the game plan was secure, the Damn good we think set up get everything could and then they had some tunneling systems in their cause. It was a damp they wanted to go inside. The tarmac system, see if there's any you no weapons of mass destruction or chemical weapons and their so the must be secure the day on which we took a little while cuz, you don't live there about how big a dam is on the inside there's a lot of shit going on in there
one or two not this is so. We have like a parting plaza. We had put two plus. We had opportune our mobility element and we also brought in summer as tv above us, which Good data has been there need clear, a ton of ships small, you know, look what he called the little boat out. Her douse thousand cleared a tonic down these guys. It already had some rupture about easily excited to work to get him on the operators, but everyone on clear check the tunnels nothin there now you know waited there. A couple days and we pulled out, but that that's that's like a big
that's a big mesh that we are planning for in the 90s. I can't type of fig like hey here. It is Hilo in this is a big mesh and plus that was your first combat operations. Yes, it was a big deal, feel good to get that underwear bill and then it was a good shake out for planning cuz. You know you always are going to the ninety six hour planning. So I go a lot of good lessons learned first time using fifty three zona on a mission like that. So it's good. You know in one of the things I jacked. Mean another guy or medical guy. Squared away duty stated the teams for a while, but we down in, we had our cpr gear strapped on our side, it's always were coming down on that day, Molly pack in one go you get in and out of there, the nylon I didn't weave mine. In and out like, I was supposed to so. I went through a couple, but I left like the bottom undone and I don't know if I hit the wii the skin and aircraft that thing that damn thinking pop off. Of course, I may be
in there. But he low you know in the back back, goes over side same thing with the other cat. There was with me. We think the world wash, you know, put it in the river and stuff Inevitably talked about AIDS, not a big deal. You can you are right. It offers a combat as a kind of hours. That's what I was talking about. You know like I can guess it's not a big deal combat last. Like do the skipper was not happy the combat last right off was not a thing with the well. What's really not a thing is trying to do a night clearance without nods, my vision, we white light it everything, then so back there coming up on the damper white lightning in an even the Clarence audience to your lucky. In that respect,. What do you mean it saying? If you easy, you said you lost your nods right: oh yeah, yeah yeah, I'm saying you're lucky that you didn't you
you won't have been made of the here. Well, yes, that is accurate. Does that would have friggin unit has been blind walking around waiting to go into a wall was most his along with somebody out. There was a good lesson learned from me, specially their chief. Did you that little Molly weave how many Molly weaves did you make like too. I think I heard about three in their victors around five. Did I just left out the last two and snapped the dance Napster Snuggery get her, don't she's good not so good. Skipper was pissed. Oh, he was hot man. I was on the mat with him. I guess you don't call me to task yeah. Let's, luckily, like I said you had a good reputation like it, a bad reputation at that point. That would really sucked yeah would really sucked so that was your first big mesh and then what button that was out of Kuwait. I was out of court yet and then what happened? Then? We moved up
Baghdad. Where look camps up about their out over called compose a you know. We had a european approach. Two more also, Vietnam, data who'd, like good salaries in the past, and we had another guy, we call them ranger and those to do came in. They helped build out you know. We took a ranger with this honour. What if he mentions good, do and then we just started operate, not opposing into Baghdad yeah right there at the Baghdad, International airport, What I was impressed with looking back what Salmon pasta at looking back is You guys were frequent super proactive in getting missions. Started, like you guys were super proactive, informing relationships and, Getting me intel that you needed from various sources and routes. Do a lot of operations. We set the foundation for you guys. You guys, yes came in a day like four times more, What we did, but we were definitely lay in that foundation and in one of the things we had our task unit senior unlisted leader he was now, then it came from them
it. So he had a lot of good relationships turn you know, damn was over there that boy. And so he was tied in with a lot of the three letter agencies which opened up the door with quite a few missions, cheered intelligence. So that really hope set that that foundation force from there we start to get. You know some good missions. Hell. Even if you get one mission, you like all right, we're good to go. You know, because you think we all think were to be out of her within six seven wants, I told thing shut down yet, but obviously it and yes or no Who's, your will you, those guns, gunfights. Do you What was the first Le Mike? What do you remember our first I was kind of funny you are dominant art, standard operating procedures for a shoot out which we had done. You know we went through. Training, training was good, but it was nowhere near the level that we provide guitar our guys. Once we got over and traded. It wasn't anywhere near that. So we.
If I had a few the gaps we had in, we went we developed, we brought an opportune. We brought in guys with experts, We developed our standard operating procedure for what we're gonna do in sight. A house we get gonna shoot up and it was basically suppress. Far cover crash maneuver using a cover move to poison crashes, someone's gonna be suppressant far, while all that's her so on this particular mission, we went in the house. The guy Mark Force was the wrong house. We don't know that want imagery everything looked out and tightening market it looks good. We when breach the door. So we got explosives now the neighbourhood start a wake up would clear the house. I kept everything on the clock would clear the ito too story house in under two minutes and we get the column a reset that happened actual target houses down the street. So we reset reconsider right. You want on the left. Who is on the right gear check? You know, sensitive equipment, everyone's good come. Out of the house. Grabber would ladders patrol back down the road and the right houses marked we go up there
It was right house it out a double security screen door. We go explosive on it. We got up a fail, breach, snouts turn it into a big construction project guys. Not to mention deserve Brunos like the after you the first House everybody in a tumor square radius knows what's happening it if you're in that neighbourhood, you know exactly what's happening. So if you're, a bad guy in that neighbourhood, you are now alert and ready to be attacked and your prepping so now, we gotta fail breach were on the outside of the structure. The preachers, working through get through that heavy security screen door work on a rake windows were to point crashes in there to keep people away from the front door. We finally get entry clear, the first where we things good were down, then impact in we wish pressed into our guys hate you make the call if you start
on the stairs or the number two guy you got three or four more guys behind you make the call and go up the stairs. We don't want to just have this lag period where you're waiting for me though, I see to make a decision. Tell you what to do decentralized man, so big guy on the stairs on right. There I just came out of the kitchen area. They start moving up the stairs and there's young kid upstairs and forty seven, so he's like ten feet away and he just full Otto gotta, nor guys on the stairs or trying to return fire, but the volley just all around our deeds. Man, I'm yeoman at the guy. Get back down here they come back down the stairs anyway, through our shoot out procedures which will pay dividends. They work, we couldn't you get at. The guy has a guys on the second decade now we're down alone. So is no way to get the director are. Our guys are exposing ourselves a little bit trying to get an angle here, geyser to point crash We deployed about five six crashes, there's no more
fire or, like all right check, we're going up. So you know we go up the stairs. The kid actually drop his gun with clear, the the second deck there's freaking smoke everywhere. So we just want me, you were gagging there. So much smoke in the house go up there, the guys not there were like where the hell this guy go and lights, go out on the on the on the deck patio and they're clearing, and now we're looking really are like. Where is this? Guy in the kit? Is a young kid hide behind curtains, and you know the guys are on the Boomer guys, muzzle strike, the guy get him out of the single room we come up, and that was that So anyone get hit by him by the bad guy in our cities. You know what are our guy had not the stairs. First, the first diet, he had a great over his energies. But actually kid is his mouth, but he didn't get hit. It was like I was a tall Pope fiction pulled fiction scenario boom boom yeah, like he had angels on his cause. I could have been a bad now get up to three guys hit now. One boy had not got it. We we were extremely low
How many? How many rounds you think the guy shot, one mag or to MAX? Did he get a reload donor? Rowena get a reload here. I think you got a full mag off somewhere between twenty five thirty rounds. Tapped yet from ten feet. Yeah yeah close is clearly not how we probably miss cause. He was awful Otto So you're, just bout an all round gone Falada in in the dude. You know the guy was just a total douche bag shadows. To me, like I love towards push, I love Coca COLA. You're, like you, just shut up So here we caught them up, and I was there. I was emotional when you're gettin charter, that close you're dealing with a bad. Do they just try to kill you. You know those emotions get jacked up pretty high. We had some good teammates how many hours I wanted to kill the dude, but you can't do that. You know as much as you want to miss me. You're going to
it's not going to be good, but we got a cocktail, took him over to Warroad detention facility, and you know what the guys did good that night and they did good because of the training. The talk through that we did going through the checklist go through multiple rehearsals every time these missions came up all that pan out. All that worked in our favour. That one of it for that once you doubt that all workforce having having contingency plans. Which is that? What you guys had at its what you know we have all France, contingency plans and in every eye, at every meeting Dracula we do as a contingency plan like we get shot out from over, there were renewed, could shouted from others will do so having those contingency plans makes it so that you don't really have to think decentralized command is worse. Every knows what to do. They know what the objective is. They make it happen, so you can make very little call very. Very you can give look very little direction and things still will percy waiter supposed to
What about? What about you What about your next gunfight? So our next one, I think, was our or helicopter. So gone in after this guide. He arm he chow and are being killed, an army guy, and so we are going and afterwards we came in what we do. Quite a bit. He'll worked out so we came in with our helicopters and our game plan was too. You know and on the x assault. The building and get you grab, Beguine go and he was out in this. Pygmies actually out. Influential reminds viewers and palm grows out there. So on it, Can we come in in in the helicopters went to the wrong house, you know what are any bee gees back then they're kind of they're not good, so we can see all the apps we we set down or like this is not the right House get back up. They get back up. Do one orbit. Come back into the Right House Landis, we dump off clear: the building, everything's gonna before we get the bad guy now is work. Home through all the sensitive exploitation, exploiters we're trying to grab as much as we can on this guy. You know we get
A report is we're breaking out that hey, there's two or three armed guys come. Your way through this palm grove, so the Compters were a ways out, but we gunship overhead it. So we set up a quick, hasty parameter. Little foot shook Werner, wait to see if these guys came into his will. They never came into his they sent. Some was wrong, Baghdad, so we get set up an upon palm, we'll call it in the helicopters. At this point to come pick us up in his were set, not the perimeter. You know some calls out over the radio, a man there's a tracer farther just one by and no one else is seen as one dude paying attention this fill the fire one round come in. And we calls it out. So we cannot go on Hyper Lord here. What we're waiting to watch and is the heroes are come in this dude. They were poem like three hundred yards from the start. Opening up a aaa far over our Elsie. Now, don't think protectionist that at Times we Palm Grove Males easy. The house is somewhere over here, so this tracer fires common over the palm growth and it,
the issue we had as like communicating this back up the chain. We had our task in a manner on the ground with us on this one in some people, just in, neither some people didn't see the trace of our common and picked picked it up. Pretty. Damn quick wants a guy called it out, and I call you shit. That's a good volley of fire. We're gonna get a helicopter shot down from our carefully, so he was delicate, comes the picks up the package grabs our. Course I want they bouts out and we just go over to our secondary elsie, which was in a pretty easy, but he was very uncomfortable knowing that you got AAA fire coming over the top of you and I want to tell Chelo's gift shut down this going to be a long night, especially out here in this world Larry. We need to be back up and then we'll drop Temple like,
It wasn't bad, it wasn't like we're going out to target every night, but we would we got a point there where we are going out at least twice a week. I'd say once or twice a week more like twice a week, but in between that we were doing other stuff and peculiar mobility, stuff you're going to do look at a sniper stuff here and there which, which was which was good and then just go back back on decentralized command. Other the other. Seek you see a close core combat shoot out. We had in our guys we're going up,
to this house in manners pricking telephone wires everywhere, and you know how it is you like, there's no rhyme Aris. Why are you guys live with this? Just wires, divers everywhere? You know- and we got a hop over this- Damn gate Ya- Know- to get to this house, so we literally like thirty or forty wires yet like you could be just total mayhem wires and weep. We plan for we actually picked it up on the imagery were going through our rehearsals. We're like either wires everywhere are common over at the spot. Right here, be careful, don't get your nods hit on em? Don't you know we gotta be quiet Do we start going up and over we get the entry team over and actually had a football full squad in the courtyard cuz. The distance from the gate to the Apple House was a lot in the state House, so we needed a salters up front, so we get up front and you know that the entry teams going through in our preacher, going through lay in the charge on the door going through all the procedures and the next new. He gives us whack, bang, Bang, Bang doors round to come through the door, and so in our preacher weed
him from another opportunity was doubt and good dude. You leave no, but silky he's lying. The charge is using his cover If he's in the center of the door, the due to get shot. No with forty five cow, pestle bizarre, The side using this covers like exposed, who sets the charge are guys are I hold in security, they go through. Our standard operating procedures drew their the windows there shootin in through the I to get the person away from it and their Dobbin crashes into keep the person away, check him out away from the doorway, so boom blow. It, of course, is a propane take there's so the holding of doorway catches on fires. Now we can't you Phil preacher. We can't get into the doors open, but there is massive propane fire going on gotta go to our secondary door. You get over the secondary to unleash the dude got a damn drop our on there, so we have made it took us, it was a shit show we get entry into the into the door and there's like a family of eight people sweeping in there now they're still sleeping like how was it So what we just blew in your door. There's gunshots
it's gone, aren't you or you all, are still like physically seeping. Like zombies, you know so I was gonna their clear. The building that sounds so unbelievable. If you haven't been new Iraq before, like you, can explain things like that, you can't you can explain things. I got no To give an explosive breach of fail, breach, shot guns, go off a fire in the team, the freaking family just racked out Morocco, their zombies mouth. Did you ever catch the guy or shoot through the door yeah? It was actually the. I think it was a one of the guys why she wasn't there and she's like I thought you thought you were looters you like coming in to rob our house more, like you know, we're not looters you know, but anyways. We got that situation all squared away that's a rough, but it won't. I say that's a rough one, that's the kind of mission where things can go really sideways like if you start franking that Rome, oh man, which you could easily due to say,
look, we just got shot at him, throwing some frag grenades into this world and actually know you got a family. Eight person family are getting blown apart by frag grenades, because woman was trying to defend our house from looters which again made like a crazy. So it could also be the absolute one hundred percent truth. Will I don't know, I'm not gonna try and be replaced. Wait a you lived through, but that could be legit and you have no idea there now, there are now two Bin Daoud abnormal the frigate nightmare when the other big missions that that you guys did you guys do like some, some, like essay, seven recovery, Algeria, so we I forgot about that. Once we're out, we went out there in work or some other until people out there and there like hey we're going after some of this sensitive stuff here, when you know anyways, so We went had this farm house with a good your covered over ahead of us no one's their places. It go tat, we start going through our sensitive side. Exploitation was like a gold mine. You know that
the perimeter around it was just this big, huge cash, and so we thought it a truck load of you know of as a seven it s. Fourteen vessels torn up or apologies rock repel, grenades and launchers insulting. I'm getting a little spicy around errors were pulling a little bit of a fire support and we act to turn that over to an army units who came in the next day during daylight they started going into the field manures like Great Minos, like radios as I cannot shit outfit, a damn army, you know half, so thousands those good ought not out, but we found a lot of stuff. So you really their film good about it, and that says a good thousand friggin great deployment for you guys, especially in life. Whatever two thousand and three that that deployment was pretty freakin, epic, oh may we left there
we're like where the man more never coming back. Here again, the excellent one, ethnic, no one ever thought he'd be backdoor, get no not made in. It was good, and so the one thing we do there was really good with our pattern. That. We learn from the team three guys what we relieve them is we shared information, and I was back with you- know: you're all your brother, their team communicate everything I had back to him eight years, what we're doing here's a worker was here's. What did work here. Some thanks think about with mobility, and you just try to show as much information as possible. Now we the next guys common it. They know what to expect and they can adjust training. Commentator high level ready to eat to rock and roll. I know when you guys came in you guys did for time for five times the amount of missions we did for that yeah. Well, you get, you guys were pushing a lot of information backed us under you, guys were feed. My platoon chief and my petunia was already like a mobility kind mobility. You did so he was just amp brow. We were doing free, gonna forget
Your change, drills, like NASCAR, Karla, compete crew. I mean it was just like it was on, but here's the funny thing we were we're all worry part of that so like! Maybe three before going on appointed we're on an overall. We did our o worry shipboard. We went and we were doing hydrographic reconnaissance of Red Beach up at can't battling with lead lighted slate dude like it was the world had caught up right. World had caught up yet thank God. You know like. After that, we will We found some home these. We Borg home from like the sea bees or something and started running Runnin Guenaud training, ops down it like the old. NTC the see the old naval training centre without a bunch old buildings are all potato? We started running little option there with our euro and art.
I ask you to commander, had actually been in Iraq on the push up, so he had some experience our task and it S. Yea had also been in Iraq on the push up. So he had some experience. Which was awesome and both great guys, so we were and we were just going off of the reports of how you guys were doing stuff and was like okay. This is what they're doing cool. This is what we're going to do. This is what they did this, how their regular vehicles- okay, this is how we're going to make our vehicles, so that's kind of what we did. And then I know you and I did a turn over that wasn't. We did Bahrain right? Are you up all right? That's why I was at. We had a platoon left up there in the morning our mobility on it was left up there. I came back a few weeks early out of Bahrain, because there was enough room to bring everyone into Yes, we sat down to the awesome turn over with you, guys with you and your oh. I see who effort great. Do that was awesome. Allison like I do, who you were just from I guess being around, but then that was that was when I was like that's when I first really remember getting a working
why are you don't want a senior appease or something, but the first time ever actually got a working. I think that was the first time ever. Did some gonna working again was of her my prosperity. There, though, the name out there I mean I was roommate with taco and taco had nightmare stores with you, Chris. Those ties man for any concrete beaten us. Unless we were I still the gang mentality for sure. For sure soon. Would you do when you got home from that upon so got back off that appointment? There was another between chief slot open, so that seems you like a man, you, the guy, gonna come doesn't legs, you come you wanted to do another one. I was like hell yeah. So then, you know started for another two got about a new guys. I knew I see and start another torment workup cycle day. That's the African to platoon chief slots. You I was, mass the best job and world the task unit spot is
good. Their chief saw its ally opportunity. If I mean I always say like ie, five unable to other talk in disguise the night. Our ethos, computer, like hey, you're, good, Mary, five of tools and all someplace be, and it is really is it's an awesome place to be in we. You reach a point where you go. I can take care of those awesome Gaza and that's what Go camera help you or I'm gonna, be a platoon chief, where I would be up. You go the officer route, you can try, go that offshore out, but at some point you realize the best I can do as it to be a good five to take care of the other. G5 five means I gotta get promote. I gotta take care of him, swear to do that is to increase my rank a little bit. Have a little bit more sway. We don't have you dumb shit, I'm complaining about my boss. You know you can only complaints so much before you got actually do something about it. Absolutely
and it's rare that someone gets to do the chiefs back to back like that, let me know it's rare that a guy you can get to do two hundred and forty two cheese slots, freaking rare, we'll get better at it. Now, that's one of the things it. I know what the headquarters level Really, looking at you know before there are on our rating really too Control over a you can only do one. You got to move out, another guy's gotta move in and he started looking at that cuz, you know we had. We were losing quite a few tactical leaders and, like their guys, are getting fired. Why are they getting fired a they need more seeds yeah, hey, let's grab, let's keep to three guys that are doing really good to keep. That was what I'm looking for new. Continuity at the team, and these are dial people, you know you can count on me now boot for till we ve got better with what that over the last ten years guy spits, call common offer your top two or three guys to stay the team. That they pick up senior chief Thursday in yeah levels and that's awesome answer.
Then you do not, work up, you must have been free dialed. Now you do this, simple tune. Chief work up, the second petition chief was wager than the fur Halley out of the first once why do a petition opium? I was sucking on farmers. Can you not upset you solar yeah, so you know setting up the balloon there's, just as you had never worked in train either. No, not a team I'll tell you, man. My whole you'll? That's probably you know my first read the dunes leaders of tragic tax retard about my first three buttons? I learn these certain things right and eroded. Leadership tragic tactics, but where was like where all these seeds got planet. But I'll tell you what you want to know where the fertilizer and the water came from almost seeds. It was working and train ourselves. He'll Timor, where I was a single enlisted. He five,
you know what trip I went on every freakin trip. There was, I taught everything I would volunteer for every course. As you know, we oh teach layer warfare than I teach diving, then I teach seek you see. I do and I was the main instructor on any of em, the guy that was out there like all gone that Europe and that's where those little seeds started. Come to fruition and the biggest thing was when you're in struck and you know this now that my working my warfare when you're running when you're watching I ads or your teaching I had you- are de facto attached so you're watching you can see, and you realize how easy it is when you're detached. Don't you realize how easy it is? We are detaching you go into. Second, if I'm in there, I just need to take a step back and see what the Hell's going on in that can make a good call. So that is I learned so much so- for you have not done that- definitely had to make your first platoon chief go around a little rough, it was hard I got lucky like the our sister opportune that between chief was now,
Then he done, although sayings users like seven platoon, I was doing my fourth and the time so I leaned on here might ask him honor Boeing questions on things and he always gave me good good guidance man. An ogre. Do you know oh yeah, yeah. So then you get down without one yeah now you're, going through to get and now you're gonna play online decency ideas or deal with the same issues. I got all my standard operating procedures in place so for every block, training we're doing a plus, you're freaking, combat that combat it out of the man braided get after its own way. Easier man will way easier. Knowing we can have the same personnel issues and now you know how to deal with what right looks like And then what was that? Then? You back to Iraq again yet so we wind up back over. You know you guys came in and late September, two thousand and three we went back in September. Two thousand and four place was just
disaster roads. I bombs all of your place, Jimmy you know the drill for fighters all over the place was a shit. You yeah that that was the the end of my deployment. Will when we went and got your cue, which were Saunders guy. That's the whole freakin thing into a distant total mayhem, and we saw that we saw them like was. It was a radical change because before that like it would be in March, two thousand for it was kind of like ok, we'll go do mission in April we were well. You could look out uneasy smoking Irish vehicles burning it like it was totally. It was a very different scenario in that one month period in April, two thousand and fourteen and not just got worse, and then went by the time you guys showed up. It was a disaster remember and we are doing the pianist emission, so we weren't don't go
direct action, but we got in there and in my power to we got split up so were in squads now boarding other patterns. Could you need x, number people to protect these guys in one of the good things at the headquarters, only it is they rotated guys out for sniper motion so I recall if I'd come on in and so we covered down within our european deodorants, guys go out and do snipers stuff? I was lucky. I got to get out there on Haifa Street a couple times. Were you a sniper? yeah yeah. I was not really a somewhat through went through snapper school at ninety. Eight now is back when I was out calling and when I got back over that deployment nine in our work for Mark, he was run in the snap course. Why did a couple instructor? You know courses, then so is. It was good that help me out, for you know the two thousand three deportment two thousand for the two thousand sect upon it. You know lemme get now? Don't Haifa Street knows a first time we're out and we did sniper Workin today.
The three, but there was nothing goin on everything was under control in our member going There were support an army units they're doing clearance, so we come in don't bother Bradley set up in the in the buildings we got all or sectors covered in, like theirs is moved in an apartment. Building with an r p e g. Launching p jeez at Apaches that are in the area like you know, to do that, you don't shoot it from a room. That's not good practice right jack yourself up measures in their gettin after two Duke, unlike other he's coming in or just like, they just take the dude Holyshit Mann. This place is not good. You totally different when you come out for Extract Brad, you're, coming into pole, sound like the round coming in a cheewee to deal with that. Two thousand and three two thousand and three: we had the upper hand. Do you operate at night time, but we had the upper hand with what we are doing
so it's just. It was different same at two thousand and two thousand forehead phantom fury out there for pollution. Goin off you don't yet good dude support, not thou Wishest, I'm overlooking founder the jock screen in the marine, going through declared nighttime there's like grenades, getting chalked out numb Ranger just going. Gettin after I mean carrying like twenty five mags in there and going building by building, like God, bless the Marine corps bandage, neither like but, as is that we all want to be like a switch of us may have come, do the Phd. They would be out there do what you're doing but so anyway, so evil Panem period just die downward if we want to send a sniper ailment up to Somalia and sold like life chosen to be. Oh, I seen outside Haven. Like to meet a commoner in there. With I call put our ten man Le Maire, team together, went up to speed,
without we're. Gonna get after you know is go time. It was go time. We were gonna get Solomon, it was out of a poor man enough an up and we set up damn near we're on the streets. Every damn days had not man, and it was just. You know that the guys we're goin after their real cages like civilians, you don't know what your enemy look like. They come in said an idea. You know, said it may be out of their. How many? How much did you spent so much time to spend on Haifa Street, not child say are probably got out there about six or seven times total, for that now is only in Iraq for ninety days. During that time period you rotated out to other Pacific Overpeer, Guam, India and the p S deed was a workers, are hard mission and everything, but relatively on eventful. That's what is possible at times you will provide security for the tops, seven somewhere authorities in Iraq and You are in charge, keep him safe and it didn't awesome job, but that
in doing it asked job mental? Wasn't action, thankfully cos Action pray would have been a giant two thousand Palm de beard that would kill everybody or something the crazy like that in in two thousand, for the first time we I really started seeing of you know, you know the truck bombs. A car bombs are building and mainly Belgium's you know, there's they may put so much explosives, animate the damned springs sharks would break on each binding, obeys amid alike does your her now good so about that, but there up another deployment for you you're an end then so, then, what then, would you do so stated team five I made a senior chief in two thousand five picked up attack you making up for going to the fleet. You d, I mean you're, making right quick comment. It knows what we making great quick fur on em. Above average, it seems like you are, yeah. So I would say, probably above average, up to chief
then you know I got passed over the first time for senior chief and then made it the second. I rightfully so you mean you don't want guys to make rank too fast. You want guys to really understand what they're doing and why they're doing which takes time, takes a lot of reading, takes repetitions, and I think, when I put on chief, I didn't I was under God. You know with my at my training in my experience, so it was good that I got passed over my first time for seeing your so anyway, albeit synergy in two thousand five and then pick up a task in it, and you know from there we started working up to relieve Yes did. When did you guys know that you wouldn't believe us It's a ride around March April timeframe of two thousand and six right. Europe's we know you got there right around the same time, if they're there, like you guys, come in by these guys room, replace them What point did you guys are tracking like what was happening and you can start get hot heavy and what may June timeframe
yeah April ten April, ivory like as soon as we are that there was getting crazy. It was right around then in, like we all of us, we're just gonna, think and heinous can be like a fallacious style. Clarence Influenza went pretty quick, you pretty quicker wit. You know, there's a lot of work, a lot of good work being done, not people being killed, you a soldier's, get injured. We thought I was gonna be like that. Would you know going to be what it was, and I went gone up against that type of a interview before yeah when we thought it was going to be a fool to type thing to that. We talked about this song on the unraveling, with Darryl Cooper. That. We were, we got told when we got there d, like hey, you guys, are gonna, win new aware like thank you because Fallujah. That point was a real high water mark for forges. Awesome, crushing kinetic operate
by the Marine Corps and it was using in their support and they did a great job. So we were thinking aka like it's on and it's gonna be Whatever it's gotta be two weeks three weeks may be a fighting or get clear through the city, but it not going. I waited then end up being that there's a smart move by the private, who was a sheer to recognise that, if the sheer army, which basically was she army, went in there and did this type of crushing kinetic. Sweep through remedy, which was most, which was Sunni. It would have Up Sunni versus sheer civil war, and so he said were not doing that You'll find another way to do it and the other way it was. Counter insurgency was going into the neighborhoods and trying to prefer preserve the infrastructure and trying to keep the civilian populous as safe as you can as you do it and yet same time. Do battle.
With these insurgents. So that's what that's where we ended up doing and I always wondered what was like for you guys once we started, Can a lotta casualties relaunch, we started losing guys. You guys must have been like a little a little nervous about common, oh hell, absolutely no, no one had been through. You know that of a combat like for us at that point, like heavy combat You know? We had our group, what or he was out there with us do and are you know
or you would have called the final battle problem and he's like a man. You guys are going to Ramadi standby there's a lot going on there and he was like. I mean a lot going on there and- and I think things really hit home for us like a member Kaui Kauhi coming back when he was shot like you look at these things, you, like. Okay, that's manageable, like he's coming in through it looks like he's going to be okay, and then it really hit the fan for us when Mark was killed or like holy shit. This is we're going something that we, like. You know we had been in before so we had like. We doubt in our training. You guys were given us information. Tell us everything you do what work and what's not working. We had some hard converse with our operators- hey man like some gonna get wounded, someone might get killed like there's somebody central can't control. What we can do is our rehearsals trained to this.
Good decisions on the battlefield to reduce or casually levels, but gonna be shot at someone's gonna. Get him that's in identity it's gonna be us stand here. That's gonna get us out of this shit, so we gotta, we gotta, run a tiger. Got to be tied with what we're doing in the guys understood that you know guys understood that, but it's different when you get on the ground and then you go A lot of around coming out, you know here you know it's turning, I'm trying to think of a way to explain the difference. The in my mind that you got like it seems like, but, prior to that point. Most of the times when guy go out. You guys go out and get wounded or guys will go out and notably my rack yet, but even in Afghanistan was like it was a mission right. It was like a mission. An isolated mission where Sir, Nothing had happened and then, once that isolated mission is over its lead
you reset the clock and now ok we're in a different with a different. Mission, and so it's almost like, like you, do get to reset the clock but nobody was like you in the same game in the clock. Was freaking taken the whole time and ends you guys knew that you were just going to come in and get in the game and it wasn't going to be one mission and it wasn't going to be three missions. It was going to be mission after after mission after mission after mission, and it was gonna be as many days. As you were there, yeah. I remember you guys shown up in and I remember actually briefing your task unit literally saying you guys are gonna: u guys you're gonna take casualties, which is the which was the it, was a thing I was thinking to myself. Do I say that that about Dude is at a negative attitude. Is that a self fulfilling prophecy, or is that just a fuckin truth about what's going on, and I would rather have you guys thinking, okay, this is
truth and if we can avoid a great, but we have to be ready and we need to do everything we can, but we gotta be ready for a moment. Guys your tone us! May we had we go back. Ready to some gets injured, are standard operating procedure in place with whose gone with the guy that's injured. Oliver passports, these everything went back somewhat gets injured, boom they're getting home, he will with the injured guy there push out you, don't police get him over to Germany, so we were definitely on the right mindset in order first about their. You guys help set that about their firecracker. Now was now with a wrinkle. Hurrah reset you guys firecracker for what so footstool. Ok,
you guys are going around race track of all just call. This will call this operation firecracker cause. There's gonna, be some shit go down there. It was. It was a good first shake out. You know in the Marine corps up there you know the colonel. There was warned them require, forget his NATO, it just a good out, stand and good leader, just good good dude man. So he set that open it in all our guys or snipers till the few guys on that, one which was good. You know next come just Marhaus home beyond the street niece Porn security down from us in the dude starts in or gets little, but an hour p d and, like them, Ranger dump and out of it now don't cover move jewels, get back in their ticket small arms, far worse position where we can't do you know the enemies and dead speech. What can you do anything to support him? Nick come back in there's a couple like smaller mortars. It came in TAT day. You know they need our building with their own farmers, heroin tube,
they were small, but it was good. It was a good shake out for us, like a little confidence builder, wax a couple. Bad guys, don't got injured. These are all good things and and then you guys start started rolling and we started rolling in our first. I was on that mission. The next mission we did I was not on in our guys- went up down the street. I think from five and now they're setting up overwatch positions- and you know I think, they're in the morning time and grenades come in and I think they had one or two grenades come in that you'll grenade the guys are diamond down the stairs and we had two guys get fragged from those. In from that point it was like right. You know we knew we were getting into. And it's like now- it's real, not you know now I gotta get injure. We knew we're gonna get wounded now, yet two guys wound with frogs and therein, more bad enough. They get married backed out, so they stated they stayed with us. You known it took about three weeks to deal up there,
rope, and that was like your second up. Your nose like her second one sure yeah yeah, and then you know throughout that. There is one of the things I realise this is further down the road, but we did this. This river, often we're gonna, set support, setting up a combat. Post and were used in marine. Reverie. Here, you'd bananas were also the other ass, but take out funny that is located. Eighty spoke to deliver the Marines freezer deliver enough and they were good. Do many without ever ass, their squared away. So they take us down river and we had all of our de conflicts not payers when we get this point. The water call up to the security armies, three checkpoint up ahead, makes ravening everything's in, went through all the procedures and there is obviously a disconnect. So we get close to where we're goin and we can see the security position off to the right and it's on a two story building and we get that
that's not good, not around common overhead from the security position and there were like strokes. Do your shit and then the boat start speeding up a little bit to get us to shore like now we're all Pisca you just got shot at then we get the Ghak now for control. Measures are coming over, get us to the shoreline man. So get to the shoreline of work dumping out. At that point, it's a full on dude. I just got chills, they can't take a joke. Is it cuz when your thoughts are talked about you receiving fire from Friendly's, it's gotten horrible and then it's a full on no we're not shooting back, but then it's full on. They think we're in boats coming ever and it's just gotta Tatarka were dump and often a tool is an african hot man dumping in the side of tools, and we learn from you guys, hate d conflict that, with your wife, STAR, left her so at all trusty right here, you don't I'm going to the shoreline upon this thing out my weapons flat all over the place and beyond it Oh I see I was, I reckon call back yard
to put it now, and I'm pissed I'm yet I'm yoletta music what they have to take up doing what they have to stay calm, doing I'm going back in order. And so were yelling back and forth on popping up the White STAR cluster in its course as soon as you get the White STAR cluster up hit, the ship stopped yet, but I couldn't get to that. Damn thing by the time I got it. I had it out and probably like less than thirty seconds, dude thirty A large proudly resume fire from american machine gunners we're all suck about vassals ill it. There was a good lesson learned at one of the essential to bodies when you go into a high stress environment. There's multiple units in the area, the likely But if you have in a blue blue, you just go up drastically. You know you ve done a lot of people, That's what the Vietnam shit. So when you're in apple marmots, you gotta, have you deacon fortune downy? Can't you can't do it enough really and you know another thing I've been thinking about is from a leadership perspective.
The thing that I've been talking about. All the time is is like it if you, if you work for me, come to talk to you. I don't understand what you're perspective as I understand that some in. Like ok, he's reacting like this because of that and I am even more in depth and that I got a kind of know what you're freaking stories. I can't just know your perspective. I gotta know, your stories like all this is Steve. He's he's here for twenty years, he's he's done a good job. He also known for having a bad temper. He also has some trouble at home right now, so I gotta know this stuff. So I can assess like ok, what approach I'm gonna take, what reaction we're gonna to get? Well guess what, when in a combat situation. You better think about the perspective of the people that you are working with, because guess what you take a kid. That's eighteen years old, he's scared shitless. He doesn't he
frequent sick of being on this post, he's afraid he's gonna get killed. You he's Being briefed by his seniors he's tired, he's pissed off he's got an trig trigger finger, and what do you think this guy's gonna? he's gonna shoot at you. If you don't make clear, what's happening here, so important to remember that you that when you, you have to understand other people's perspective and understand what their story is and then you need to account for that. Somehow wise bad things happen and, like that's a nightmare man like those those does no protection. Almost Cirque boats, though I mean here if that, if one one either no fire hit those sort, but you have three four guys dead wounded, whatever, maybe more?
We got ten guys in a boat. Damn it's a nightmare. It wasn't good. I mean just talk from our perspective on old army guys there were a couple units there that you know they'd been therefore like eight months once you like eight months and then they get the car hey you're gonna stay like three more Montoya an M due to war out man. I mean they're Poland, security out front there taken round archaeology round. They ve lost through their friends through other friends for their friends. They have seen Phoebe ideas. Go in. I've heard rumours about boats. I mean And looked the army guys and the Marines that were there, the most professional bad ass due ever ever, But there's a lot of hot air, you, if you have look, you can have opportune of forty guys and thirty. Nine of them can be the most squared away, guys you ve ever met. Can understand everything and become cool and collected, but there's any one person in there. That's not and and once one person start shooting bro the real problem to get it.
Your problem, if you think other people aren't gonna, start shooting as well. That's that's we'd literally get trained to do after the context. Our shooting help your body here, not not good, understandable, but not not a good situation. We definitely have done better job on that with us, wasn't overlooking, oh god, in on our dear, we had one of the below But I know about I'm condensers third become convinced was probably quite a few blue blue goin on you. Just don't you don't know There was because I was I was we talk about this with their brigade commander there was one. There was usually one blue on blue per day per day, but that debt get reported, and there was one blue on blue per week that actually got reported of like hey. We were taking fire from this unit at this time.
System was like a tough guy so far she fire friendly could just like that happened. All too happen once a day you want to usually at night, but the most Holloway example, that was there was a blue blue between hum these Like one humvee at saw another humvee and started shooting what no moves that had home these like at least a boat. The boat works. Common to be in the river in the marine corps. Both they weren't super to be in the river, so they rolled out some of those who wait a second. I don't know what this is. This might be moved both. Let you know what a humvee that's how Ici the trigger fingers can get. You gotta understand people's perspective. May we were so freakin paranoid about that stuff. You know it was a good feeling, that's for sure, she's nothing you catch like what're, you gonna do shoot back. No eg can't do that. Now. You ve grab that day White STAR Class, you fired off Boy day home. We had one of the book,
blue. We were out there we're down, thereby grant Grant Anna. We went to the unit de conflicted, everything in in our guys. One out there were again set upon a rooftop. Unlike tat. Come all meant what one good, but those high stress, level areas. People again, wouldn't you people see different thanks. Mom gets out her, it's real, you gotta, be careful, you would leave and I wrote extreme ownership like we didn't plan D right, there's three chapters in there that are just blue blue tractors out a twelve chapters. So a quarter of the chapters are about blue on Blue, like that Sweden, about that, but that's what the reality of the situation was businesses the scariest that you, north crazies, went back to trade and we incorporated art our laser gear earlier. People found out how easy it is to blue blue. Just to your point with perspectives like we do that
It was also to draw out and training but yeah. So so after you laugh those handful ops. We had a you know we had November 19th until this is putting us. You know right before Thanksgiving and we have the whole task in and out until we had in our crooked or guys are up in the Papa suckers are petunias down or down past, grant. Think we're going to pass around that area. We're about a block from those guys. One slash two mile miles maybe Juliet Juliet sector. Here I don't remember all the sectors but may were altered things are going good and, like eight o clock in the morning, were set up, we'll get mutually supportive positions with opportune. They got mutually sport supporting positions with their petition. Things are in honour of the first things like artists can be a shit you in here you know we're. Car going around with the hazards.
Also there signally Amira, hey man, you s troops from there, but they dont know where we are. We didn't have any no loopholes we pound out any any any brick or use explosive, so they had a hard time figure out where we were throughout the whole day, but has worsened. There are things start eaten up. You know either my arms over two streets over and all consulted consolidating one area. They got weapons and then you know it's common. We're gonna get we're going to get the mix here in like around eleven o clock, we started colony in for our car gamblers, guided multiple long drawn system in it in we started git, not ready, commends written coordinates, took to bring in rockets because it is different requirements that wasn't coming from off the rails from the air. So it was easier to get it approved, it's always we're doing that. You know get a call overload the radio. You know that you know are other unit from Corregidor hit know how bad there here, but you know that the OECD
chemours. I gave man titties and bad he's in bad shape, and so is Joe. You know and we're like horseshit man and you know they're taking him down to the cash and shit, Wasn't good we're, like everyone just got sick feeling to their stomach? You know we don't know what it out until after we got back, but we're like shit is you gonna make it has not been made. You know those guys want a position. They started taken light fire. It has taken light far. You know they had rooftop jumpers in remedy. They get as close it. Could they dump grenades right on top of your position? So the first name avenues, data grenade dumped on their position in illegal sliced and the damn risk pretty bad. So you know their culture. Some off down after rooftop. We had exposes up there, so the guy's clacking off explosives to you, no move the through jumpers away from from their guys, so as it could down into you know on the bottom, whoever thinks Colonna Control there's a light balls of fire, the call to the other, the other sniper support, only a were hit, we're gonna colony.
Extracted com extract. You know that the Iraqis come out in our unit comes out to get in the broad leaves and you know, They'Re- hit with some type of white phosphorus explosive device, and I did a lot of analysis on me. What there was a roadside bomb. What was it can never determine what it was, but you know what killed I think Iraqis wounded to our two guys are two seals were hit critically injured You know it's another, Poland, everyone back into the house, the browsers get out of cause. It's just a total shit show on the other. Its fight, no way down the street to get in a position to help these guys out by this. By this time, in long story short, I once in a bad position and in no way Such a is such a good dude. He sent her tongue duties. Cool comic, like he's, got shit burn in autumn, your pardon through his cameras in his talent, guys what to do to out a patch him up and do all this shit knees. Jacked up, you know Juliet his legs tunnel bone backwards on his lower extremities,
So it's a complex situation, YO outside still heated up, you guys on the inside dead, guys our own dead, guys iraqi troops out on the street guys fight the ways back down. It's like it is. Out of this situation is, is you can conjure up right? You know they give. How to control the common another quick reactionary force. They load these guys up, and you know that the call of the radio that those that those guys had been hit. Meanwhile, overrun our sector danger start in a heat up and so were spent up. Aircraft were trying to get our gamblers in position to start launch in and in our guys, are out there. You know leaned out two made of fire and lodge and a few called Gustaf rocket in its own positions down but it's just you know shitty day for us, you know the option: the whole tasks was here, was hit hard on that wasn't good Yan and I mean Elliot, is probably
one of the most severely wounded seals from the Iraq war. Yeas Emily's is freakin warrior, but he heat. He took a heavy hit that day yep, and you know what Elliot story you like. I never quit. He never gave up on life and you know he's going through physical therapy and him and his physical therapist fall in love and Elli Marriage or they get married, they have kids. What you just ask me: nineteen o eight of a handful of times over the years, no it bugs graduations and stuff like that. You know just socks that shit should abdomen yeah and lake was super. Good friends were value and you know, obviously we adjust all high five on the tarmac and said good, bye and, and then the next thing, please do when he's down at the bird Santer. You know trying to China gives support to Elliott in know that,
freaking rocket man that shit took the that took the wind out of herself for the whole time she ain't. You know you're just wondering like what the hell was going to have this cuz. I know we got two guys wounded with frags. You got Joan Elliott with what they got going on and they actually the first week. We were there and we have Jimmy left over from you guys because he got shot so yeah things are starting to stack up man Now it was on no wait. We share views, gonna, make it or not yet, and I left October twenty first and that was November nineteen see you guys only been on the ground without us for under a month you- and he had all this art of stacked up. We as not to mention in a way you are riding in all ready with the mental
of all of our casualties and our loss guys. You already know that this is just the way we had you know. So we get past November. Nineteen, What kind of rewarding and things are starting to to change at that point? A camera pose November December, but you know we had one of the two tribes out there. They had okay to come in and they killed a couple of their tribesmen and they're like Ok too, we want to come over there. You know U S side, and that was also a big tipping point out. Their corregidor forget the name of the tribe out there, but the guy's went out there in their meat knocked the shaken their local guys. Annals of it was a weird situation, because That point those guys were drop and mortars on Corregidor. So there's as friction like I frickin helping. These do doubt they want to join us now. They ve just you know, though the day their drop and mortars honest. So that was dealt with
was interesting and then not December timeframe. We set up a thing was right. Before Christmas, we were up there around racetrack in the Marine corps, in a big huge push it through to clear out that whole area battery was still pretty much contested when you guys were there, and I was an error- we operate in quite a bit. It's the worst we're out there for, like I don't know three four days in this is right before Christmas time. We think we're going to be out there past Christmas and a couple of events they're like the the moves. They were so good at using dead space and I'll, never wear on a two story. Building we got marine corps, snipers in position, we're in position we're spread out, and I go to use the bathroom and I'm looking out this window and there's a tank down in my corner in a dude slips out a dead space within our Fiji in like moose boom. He clock thing, often under three seconds melt back away like if I was on my gun, alpha gotta had enough time to to shoot a guy. We had a couple close calls in that area. You know the aim of snipers in vehicles.
Its own muffled sound, you couldn't tell where there are common from you know, and we in our I took a damn shot into our position right at the twelve o clock signal, a loophole set up and around seven sixty by fifty four big went punches all the way through the wall right at the twelve o clock position, so the guy's dead centre. Get into our whole were at an age when everything a day, a man tat, whoever shot that that's a good shot. That's not you know some Gavi dude Megan Edge hot in it as we go, tell us to have read about this one, but we had our country boy, all Charlie's out now sources. They wanted? Charlie were honour. This is all in this three four day period. Anna, we're on the roof top, and it's the same day that I take that round in through the twelve o clock position in theirs, moose doing a sinner people down the street, and so like I'm here, trolleys position is over here with his crew and we got a pilot.
Red he's. Ok, you got some. You got bad guys comedy on this towards you, and you know trousers girl, carnivores, Roger, let he's what friar gout he tops of fried in it. Like he'd know. How does he throws a frog in the boy those it down Three it hits and between where these moves you right in the pilot, were excited than any visa gets directed and director like talking. Try www these allowed was pop Montgomery and threw it out there. You know said Roger that As you guys we're getting aircraft overhead inside the city, yeah we no one day we got hit. We had over the fourteen or fifteen, Ass movers fast, you orchid heels, where you I don't, never have any kilos for over there to be to slowly get shot down. Videos wouldn't want to come in for us because of that reason they don't want a freaking black hawk down scenario cold,
which would have yet attaches came in one time and they left and then come back. We got bigger up like it was crazy. He was crazy amount of volume of fire, we were putting it in a combat outposts, they came and they say they want to sport. They flew in and it was like crazy for Ewe, freeway and then come back with me, a thing or so confusing over there remember being out there and positions in that we had no, these two young, ladies and they're, doing clothes for hanging clothes, and then this other one looks like a lady comes out there and she's like laying close out, but the third person that came out they're just looking everywhere for looking for us, and it was a do dressed like a woman, you only got the Garbo their heads, you can't even tell but he's costly look, look, look the girls- are giggling cuz. It's you know, it's kind of body of them was like took me long time to put that that picture together. What transpired and I couldn't do it while I was in the field, you know I was like he was
You don't like. I tat had been a dude trying to find our positions dressed as a woman harmonies due to adjust their cagey man, we're out there in the Papa Sect on another mission, its mean another dude and were set up and in a hole in a mirror, look Guys, look in it looking directly address, but he's got like a three or four year old girl right now, but he's looking in our direction like that. Shooting right, but he's got no gun he's like Three hundred yards away, I'm keeping my eye watch watch and watch and nothing happens mean meaning the guy rotate out of a whole. He gets in there shit five minutes after you get in the whole, we distorted yoga the whole man in my come young to rule out of their own rules out, but their shit flyin everywhere. You know anyone like damp down close look you're doing it. You know you, but that guy responding with his daughter yeah if it even was his daughter year oh yes, spotting with a child spotty grabbed out of my head
cover year by year in if the guy had a gun out of a couple taken sharply as an average nature, the site is this: just more weird shit going on over there somewhere thanks things decent all the weird inexplicable things that are happening. All the time happening in the all look freakin crazy, suspicious. I may we had a I s. Our ass at one time go flying overhead like the fast moving or something and he's ok, we got we can Capone operate. We gotta vehicle sooner everyone's. Looking at this vehicle on looking at this vehicle on eyesore screen and like all of its super sauce back their stopping looking around they get out opened the trunk. I owe their open in the trunk of a tree or labor was on this mode and then the region in that region are part of our proposal to pull out all the point out. An object right now not like everyone's all excited and thinking. This is like when you to drop a bomb on this thing and sure enough. They got out a jack out of
vague jacked, up their freaking car and change the tyre and put it all away left and like they track them that their data, they wore it wasn't like a set. You know in in man, so difficult to to decipher. What's got really happening you get better at it, but it's a tough war to fight if he had suffered a fight in Alike who turned over the edge always talk about the hay was a good shoot. Bad result, hey that's what they're doing his line up with the enemy procedures. Build the story and you make the best decision you can with what you're looking man and sometimes just your point. It's actually region But you know that you know well. That was something I learned and stole from. First, the five or six, because we had a debate that we we are when we first got there, we were of with them and they had some one of their guy shot and killed somebody in their work
the person was out. Did you forget what suspicious activity they were doing, but it was like they were digging a hole in the side of the road and they shot killed the guy and then they sent out there to inspect and he was whatever Bob you know here. He was plant in a play out of what he was doing, but it was something that was not the activity that the shooter thought it was an talking to rob sorceries. Ok, you know what this is it. This is a good shot, bad result, meaning that they got are soldier was following the proper rules of engagement, and it turns out that the result of that shot is bad, even though the shot was good. The result was bad in and you know it bothers me so much when I hear people talk about, you know these, the? U S military. You know cause noticed civilian casualties man. We go through such great lengths to prevent civilian casualties and import are soldiers sailors Airman Marine at such risk to prevent those care
so civilian casualties from happen happening, but it does happened. That's the reality! Look it's gonna happen in that's. Why you're gonna go to war, you better be ready for that. You can't go to we're thinking. Oh yeah, don't worry, we won't colony. Civilians didn't know. If you go to war, you're, killing civilians yeah, I'm trying to think. I know in the. Other deployment I did over there. We started doing a lot of collateral damage assessment and before we day that I don't remember doing that, we're in Ramadi, because we weren't really dropping bombs and there was mostly just ground ground units handling business. You know, but it was. Now became a factor later on picture very able to city here mean even even Even when I believed you in Baghdad, we started looking outcome. Admiral damage terms like breaching yeah. Ok, in a breach this building. What's the collateral damage get? What could we heard someone can we Are we gonna ruinous, do your homework
How many windshields are we get or how many windows in this neighborhood? Are we going blow out with this exposed breaching charge? And what good does that do for? our overall strategic mission here. If we're, Assholes that comment every night blob everyone's house and windows. Writer often we're not cool. So sometimes okay? Well, maybe we shouldn't explosively breach world, and how are you going to execute the mission at what risk does it put the troops at cuz the safest way to do a direct tax commissioner's to explosively breach this shit out of them everyone in the building and back ok, cool. So there's other tactics that we had to develop to to mitigate the risk. But why say it as we were taking risks for sure to try and mitigate and not just us every, and when I say we I mean the: U S: military at large. Mitigates risk of civilian casualties by risking our own casualties. That's what we do and an EU
as much as we mitigate them. We can't mitigate ammo and civilians are going to die, so you think about that? So how When you guys had that horrific incident with Elliot Joe, then what like how did the rest of the deployment in- and I know that you guys so one thing- that's really positive is this transition. Are you know if you knew this? So we doing everything we could we we that whole Sons of iron bar that whole thing started when we were there and and then what the other thing we are trying to do is. We are trying to get the iraqi police force built up and we just started to get it bill. As We left, and so you guys got the benefit of the iraqi police force. All of a sudden, the local iraqi police force was respected there were manned they had they. Understood the neighborhoods, they were tribal, most guys we're tribal guys.
All of a sudden over very quick peer to time. The I once went down a lot Joe, absolutely absolute member, the police became a huge backtracking. Was late January early February. For us they came in their set up their own police stations and Combat Alpo. But Madam Dusar targeted by a cue you may have had police chief they're they're, trying to carbon him and his entire family. They may eventually got em. It was it was rough and it definitely settled down everything out saying by the MID Mid January, two February somewhere in theirs worth things really settled in good. Where attach we're goin way down. You know we're I'll get the occasional idee datum own army civil affairs going down to four can cut falcon in We had an idea killed or for people that was that was Travis, Patrick Win and he's was freaking epic. Guy
and that was a major MC clung to the female Marine corps officer goes just because they were there. When I was there, they were both just freakin. Awesome awesome, peel, just awesome humbled, before that with such a friggin horrific consideration, absolute horrible, but thank you We die down there towards you know. January February, timeframe goes in a good place, then you redeploy, came back to America, came back to America and boom of going to work, Jocker Willie training. Roger, had betrayed at man, and that was those awesome,
Those are some did you did you volunteer to come there? What happened? How'd you get so before deployment unaware of working with our group seem C and they were doing team level detailing. So he came in his eye cave and we want to do as a boy. I wanna stay out, come and stay in the area of ease and what we think we're going to treat us like to keep me airing has again like how we shall do so Roger that man I was looking for. Do you know, and you know that the guy relieved over there be Jesus good dude smart in. I think he set up a good foundation with with what he had Why inherited a really good product, where you don't get you, you know it was it was it was lodged and never showed up. It was awesome, and then I mean why What was your experience of trade at like in turn, see now. This is interesting. I told you that, like the seeds of my periods and knowledge were watered heavily and fertilized heavily. But I was young
Now you get to experience this in a much. Much more powerful environment because the training we were conducting with so much more advanced, and also you were more advanced and you were a combat veteran of multiple combat tours and you were a senior enlisted guy, so mad at it was just. It was awesome. It was a good experience, but I'll tell you what I want in there and I'm like it's different when you're responsible for- the life, I arrange verses, you're, going through a live fire engine, there was. There was a lot to that. You know that the most stressful thing for me during land warfare was doing all the live fire training cuz. There was definitely a lot of opportunity for someone to get during our wounded. Yet, oh you know domain, and so it was good and get up there and teaching these. Thank you just learned so much more. The immediate the pipeline should be you guys an instructor positions, but you need a bug, you also need him over it. Our trade at them
if there is a way to split that where they do fifteen months, it buds fifteen months a trader the ideal just eat it. It's not practicable, you know but go into trade. It wasn't I open. When I really started you know, what's a round two thousand and three, I started two thousand and three two thousand and four started reading. Quite a bit started getting the last hundred yards. You know we have a portal with libraries, we didn't have guy's going around if you went a trend, so you might see it I really start to build up a good reading block and remember talking to you we're at trade it- and we read- I think I just went through the maneuver warfare- Hamburg and I was like manner Can these states and then you read in a reinforces what you were thinking so neck now your confidence just goes through the roof and I think one of the things we do good in Istanbul continues to do. This is developing our future leaders.
Think about when you and I came up where there was no portal, there was no, not the stuff. We ve got stuff hanging. Hey you, wanna, be a good tax believer leader. Go reader doctrine, go read these books here and that is gonna, be you up in the guise of Hungary, they're gonna go in there and read it. The guys are in a little bit lackadaisical. I want to do it. They're gonna meet the minimum standard. Will you do We need to have something out there to wear. You know your high performers are hungry, give tone so that they can become ito a better leader. I think we did that good, but just go back to land more, for I think you know that the stress levels they were hydrant lifelong training to fill training exercises we did or just bad ass. We build. You, know little wood huts all over the damn place on those ranges, and I think the guys I mean shit, we're through more camera out there, one point we're videotaping the guy's communist, so they come back and go to their debrief. We're going this
which all look like here's, what we're Tonia? Here's what you look like in the people see what they look like. Oh damn check, Roger that you are making some adjustments. But I thought it was good. I was definitely learned a lot while was I wish I had done that that assignment earlier on it in at least a team, five training cell would have could have boosted me up a lot. You know. Would you see what did you notice from the I mean the thing about it is you get? This is the best. Let I I've. I truly think this. I think that that land warfare training the best leadership laboratory in the world. I think that's it out, because a better leadership laboratory where you can see leadership in action. I really don't, because you get the all dynamic? Someone might say: will you know arena on business or in some you know beer,
tragic situation, nor some boardroom. You you get that Portuguese. You got the mission planning, that's taken place in there's no gunfire going on during the mission planning, but you get the stress and you get the picture after make decisions, you get the team arguing with each other and you get a different personalities that are coming out and so get to watch all this to learn and you can see how people react and you get to see human nature over and over and over again, When you get to see one platoon. Do it and then you see another to do the same thing the same and we had all those little LE pen baby for all the different maneuvers that we knew that are move was gonna do and so you see a opportune, go through to push you to be able to go through the quarter. A death threat you'd see the trail of tears, you'd get to see how they would react and see what a goodly would do
and you see how that would turn opportunity also may be able to get things together and survive and make it happen and do a good job and needs leadership and you go well. These guys are just go, it's gonna, be a suffer fast, Eddie That leadership laboratory was just on. A reasonably powerful and and really it was it was powerful for for us as instructor because we were detached and we got to watch it looked at troops, Abbe obviously get it on out of a two, but getting to see it over and over again, I was just ridiculous amount, alerting one of the things I I really respected about land warfare. You got to see people, was true character when our common, through their throw up late at night, you under law distress, whatever Thank you in your head. Whatever type attitude you have good or bad debts common out, it really get to see what you're working with with your pretend you know you and that's a good,
we cursor, because when you go to combat, if you end up going on appointing you end up getting real combat you're gonna, see that that's it we place. It's gonna come out. Even more is when you go to combat people start acting crazy, like animals, about eight gunfight. Their non talked about on a date. A basis. You start seeing what their characterised they do. They want to operate. Do they want to hide? Do they will let you get to see start to see all that stuff and you'll see it you'll see it? the desert in training. You'll see people start a than yours, see people step up and you see people start to lead and you see people that are tough and when you see Good leaders coming through and looked good leader could be any one in the petition from an e five to the to the platoon or the ask you to commander ain't gonna between I have one good leader to good leaders there and they're gonna do a good job can be countered by bad leadership. So you can have a good leader that gets caught. By someone? That's an ego jack asked at Bay.
Go Jack. S can actually ruin everything. Sometimes, if you just have one good leader, that's the EL peal of one platoon, but he's a really good saw bitter the whole task unit. Now, if you put a jack asked senior chief and there a jack, ass, chief or Jack Ass, lieutenant he can. He can override two or three squared away leaders, because you knucklehead doesn't want to listen and wants to everything his way and wants to be let his ego run the show the freakin disaster. We saw its funding, we saw quite a few good come through. Probably most rewarding thing haven't guys, come to trains or common through their just start now as a unit in the figure in some things out if they have been through another blot in they come in and growth that you see that you're provide as instructors. And you know as a contrary as a unit, and you seem start here by the time you finish after that three four weeks there there
your hundred percent growth is, is tremendous and guess what the heart of the trainer the hardly training, the more the guy's appreciate the more growth you have that right. That's what I'd physically saw happening with with our with our of yak as it was miserable, it was freaking misery. It was freaking hard when you're carrying out. I mean we. If, if a petition did a bad job, they'd have twelve down men, be carrying out twelve down mad for three or four kilometers before they can finally get a hell copper in there to pick up and take the wooded, then they still gonna walk the rest of gonna, walk out when you got your asking, you got your ass kicked. It would sometimes. You know that was another big difference will win a leader in the leadership in the task in it or in the petition, would say, would come back as a whole. You screwed up. We better fix, oh man, they would fix it if the cake they came back into it. Retreat at cheating or trade at this is
this training is unrealistic evasion They would improve and its, the part for, say, hey. We spent too much time on target, hey, weeding, cover move or we didn't the priorities correctly or weeded out when they came back and said that recognise it fix it. They'd come out and a good, ask unit by the our trade at guys couldn't Monday wraps like with they would get the trade it guys we get their asses kicked causest causes forty of the back. I mean forty of the of the petition guys, so they can, written, dig it when they would good cover move? You can't stop their unstoppable but always tell people he meant people who utilise the laws of combat did good cover, move kept. Simple good communications, cross border prioritizing executed stated, ass from what was going on. Utilise Decentralized, Meriwether Alound fire team leaders in squad leaders to make decisions that their level. Could you
be everywhere, is the boss making these decisions. You get a train, you got a train, your your leaders up put up some guard we'll get him to where they need to be, and then you you, let them making decisions you know and that that's probably like one of the most beautiful things with land warfare. You're goin out there, their learning these things in their slowly building confidence to or when they get to the field. Rennie exercise. We can start making some of these decisions. Then it's even that much more of a confidence builder. You know it's weird, because you can you can. I mean look. I would explain this stuff ad nauseam right at nausea. I mean I would explain it unexplained. I'd say: look, you can't do that you can do the youngest, but sometimes- a man it would just take like it happening to someone. And be an end in me. Sittin there, like literally running over to a fire team leader and saying hey
What are you doing? Those guys are freakin running right. Now you gotta get them now. You gotta put now cover five and then go on or wait a second. I get it then you'd see this like come on. We're I'd run up to a freak in task you to commander and be like. Where do you want everyone to go right now? What do you want everyone to do anything? to get out of here. Ok, what what direction I said: are you gonna build a move? Everyone out here? No, can you think you're fired teams can start moving? Yes tell them where you want them to move, just tell Adele, start making it happen. You could see the little like all of a sudden. The loop right would come on. But sometimes it would just take that, like you have to leave, you almost have to live through it so in some cases, some guys with you, I gotta cover move Jack, got it. Could you or cover move day, one or two day? One of the teams you cover move you better
can cover move. Sometimes it took a little while to figure out how to utilize the train correctly. You know cuz of the train was. It was a factor rocky's small wattys, uneven terrain, which was hard to maneuver and especially going to do there were some there too. Tureen terrain terrain is the is the next level right. The next level is oh, I don't just know how to cover move. I just don't know simple. I just don't know prioritizing execute. I dont just no decentralize command. I know to utilise the terrain to my advantage. That's the next level up fast next level up when you realise o attitude will high ground ochres a little dead space. Oh there's a ravine over your get because that's the next level and we to teach it in that method. You know your start off do and I am in a flat spot and then all was uncertain, get used to terrain.
But when the leadership who I when that will apply when that whole task unit, when your team leader knows how to use terrain and then all fire team leaders, not rain Alderson, we're at a whole different spot. Where all different spot. So, yes, the terrain is saw freakin, critical games but a high ground? Here we had goes down Micro, Terry, don't get things tough stuff on the body. Had we had rate we had rangers out their help, us all, which was awesome, do those guys they brought a lot in. The rangers we had out there. They had all kinds of both them came from leadership assignments within their the ranger unit and they had a lotta reps man. They brought a lot of it. Will they had all kinds of shameful that we were eaten it we're just I can't stand by keep calm, keep calm. You come in. It's always been one of the worst one of the bad thing.
One of the worst things about the the seal teams is we dont come from an infantry background. You know we're not. Soldiers were not infantry where, where so, we don't have that skillset and you can get lucky and you can get brushed up against it. I got I got at least brushed up against it. Doing orange, with the Marines and being like okay, I at least understand what a infantry platoon is because of you or regular seal, You got. You don't know about an inch jupiter. Is you have no idea, you think opportunist sixty guys, you know it'll do but but yes, oh, those so in the army. You have that in three back and in the Marine corps, you have that in three background, so helpful so haven't like rangers out there with us who freaking great guys by the way and they bring that that infantry background and always Edna. We're Stoke too they were they freakin what they they loved our training. They were awesome.
What those guys had a lotta reps in Afghanistan, a programmer right. I know we're though the one guy came in and he was really tiny. Opa are helicopter procedures. Just you know with you covered. So much like dampening think about tat. You know all might opponents were to Iraq that point. We are good. When did you read about face back then? Oh yeah? How ready when I got to work trade? It you had better Bible team. What was the guy's name? I had him in here. There was another colonel did he's got a page on four page for something and now on in about face. But the guy was just a piece o Glover John Stats, India to deck. I had so many nuggets on age and a half year. But remember through that page, four hundred and two net worth, and he just has some nuggets in there he's got like fifteen things that he covers no scribe to do small things. Well,
but you do or self starter. You know the one that that I waste kit with make it. I think it so true is what is at the two young order be good to good characteristics of a leaders. You ve gotta, be a good communicator. You ve gotta, be a good writer in in the writing. Peace comes into play as you start moving up in Europe, a level leadership in management positions, because your right knee vouch for the guys and are being traded in your car, like hey man, each you guys bring me in IE in the thing, choirs minor requires major surgery. I'm only gonna be able to do so much to to make it better. But you bring me any thou. That's doubted, Damtite, I'm going to get it over. The line is going to be a beautiful piece of work is going to be a piece of art and you were getting into people shit on it, not a happy camper cuz. There was like always evals, but it's so true when you think about it. We take care of people is into our evaluation system making sure the right people get promote,
and through awards those all require require some type of writing skill raw one freak series, one year of evaluations by the first year that you were there. Did you guys turned in and I had choice. I didn't get him till too late and I just had to decide to do nine days in my office is rewriting every single one of them and that's why the next year early I said: hey everyone write me evil for your best guy and then You guys you're this who brought a brain. You guys fail to her into the conference room. Posted him up on the screen. I made you guys read your said in this debate. Extra, just like, like the very first sentence that he's got just be like, blah blah, obviously shit sentiments and I'd like
that's not good, but that worked so well, because then everyone realized. Oh, I should actually read this stuff. I should actually read actually aloud to myself. I should actually see if these sentences makes sense in it, everybody's. So my help me because now you guys were alternative squared away stuff, which then I could what to wear which they turn into a piece of art? Quite go that far. I believe in quotation a piece of more talk? Only when we got an artist on an earlier Glover Johns from hack worth too and he wrote a book called the clay pigeons Saint low, which we covered on this park asked and it's written it. Or to tell, because he wrote in the third person talking about himself as if he was if a person, but it's about him, then as a great book. It gives all kinds of leadership lessons as well. A one of the things, I want to camp out real quick on on Hackworth one of the things as I was reading through that book, and it took me I think, six months to get through it today, but can't get the big book
but it really reinforced. You know when you're coming in is is a leader at any level. In your new do that leadership assignment you are always uncomfortable to you're. Trying to figure out. Am I making the right decision. When you're going through your written some nonfiction pertains to your field, your field craft, it just reinforces what you're thinking and I'm here after reading about face to maneuver warfare handbook. I came out as I damn a lot decisions? I was uncertain about it. Force it. I was making the right decision so how'd you become better. You read that stuff. Before you get those leadership positions and who responsible for progesterone distro out the leadership of you're, no leadership position out there. What do you do We need to develop your future leaders. You happy for that wanted wanna. Take during your job. Would you do develop them and you look across the world like we got covert everywhere you can get a car accident who's that ex person in line it's gonna. Take your job, who was a person and what are you doing to develop them
we better over the years in the military junta. Stubby doing this promise think about that's pretty ballpoint. Oh yeah do J P set because I gives I gave a J J P a copy At least. I think I gave it up anyway. You gotta copy the new edition of about faced with the board in everything, and so he's like sending me highlighted, pass it he's eddies, not happy and he's like brow. I cannot believe but you didn't make me read this when I was a do. You know when I was twenty three or twenty two an on line- I'm sorry, like I'm a horrible leader, because there's so much information and no man and I ripped off wholesale wholesale does ripped off in its eye Why do I share that at an What party was, I just didn't think team guys had any desire to read anything. You know because most guys didn't boasting guzzling beer. You know
do with my about face. When I got back over the when I got over the team servant, I gave it out to one of our younger too see that's like here he's like that's a big book, I'm like yes, you need to read that dignity and then, when you What you need to pass it on to someone else. Do you think you read it? I don't know man Cecil such a big book. I don't. We have good and here's the thing We talk about making hard calls. You look at those decisions he made in their those work, he was gonna, be hate. It he knew that go in it. He didn't care. He knew what the right thing to do was he made the wrong calls you know saving a lot of lies with those guys from here I'll see. There's a little knew. Then what you said. He had to make hard cos. He knew that he would be hated in the short term here that there would be resistance, but he knew in the end, he would be admired, and
beloved because he would be able to keep his guys alive and he knew that that what what what would shine through is the fact He cared about his men, that's what which I, and believe me when we had just Look I'm on I was so narrowly worry. But like going into here, I'm going to meet a guy that work for freak, a hack and well, and what is he gonna say magazine like? Well, you know, hack will made himself out to be a little bit more than he was or had talked a good game, but that really wasn't a guy. He was area. I do know what he's gonna say, but dude he was just a hundred per cent hundred per pack was the man again. He was accompany commander. We need when, when hackers botanic measurably. That's that's, though, that's the leadership, so he you know. What will you ask did. You know who I was he was everybody knew ACT was TAT, unlike that attitude that attitude it in said, you said: no, how did you? What was it?
maybe goes everything like the way EAST carried himself the way he looked the way He had his hair, you get his head shaved, be just look like this guy's just freezes squared away from day one so you're gonna make cause because one thing, don't like in late I have talked about this on the park asses the someone thinking you know I'm in charge, so I'm gonna be hated in that's, ok, I know that's actually not. Okay, if you're hated by your troops, that's a freak in problem. That means you're doing something wrong for your troops. For it to take over a unit or take it. We'll team or take opposition and say we're gonna start making some adjustments. Now one thing it's different to attacks case. When you took over the four thirty night this he took over a disaster, a known disaster. He had to come in there in kind of swing hammer a little bit here to bring out the flying through the air. He had long reduce barbecue had to do some barbecuing, but here
So eventually you know anyone would do anything. You know like talking to general Mugihewa. Those guys do absolutely anything for app anything, even the friggin, even the draft. These would do anything for acts like they loved what it is Like you said earlier, when people both in hard training, they appreciated and they love the training more. When you are discipline, Your troops, when your hard on your troops, they respect you and they risk back themselves and you start to get this camaraderie that you need. You know, I think a hack worth takeover. Like you said, a dude shown up right here could write uniform. Just everything he's communicator, lines up with his actions and the guy just had been like damn does this guy anything wrong. If you know what I mean, does he sleep what's going on with this dude anyway? You look at that you're, like hey. My margin of error is going to be small cuz this. This dude is doing everything he saying you know it's powerful. Leadership by example? That's all you got a role forty percent,
What are anything else from trade at nine thousand Chris in the desert Christmas in the Oh yeah, yeah yeah, I saw a member nine went, we we're wrap it up and we had to was a good run. The troop came through good energy levels and we're getting ready to go home and are you came, and you said that wasn't bad guys and I was like all right then put that through my enlisted decryption device What Jocko saying is good job have a good Christmas. He loves you all and you're. Like the fuck up cook, you gave a little chuckle out of there I got you kind of being hug. You bear their right before Christmas Spirit, said that wasn't bad! That's that's! Good of a compliment you gotta get out of here is how to translate form but must check, Maybe compliments work, my boy they were not.
I got some recordings of some of those debriefs. Do you remember these somebody's hug me up one of one of my bodies, he's AEGIS tax media companies going to get somebody gave me recordings EU debriefs his me you're gonna wanna, hear my child I'm being on target out there, and this unit was maneuvering. I forgive us Iphone whereat, but one, guys. Communication is so long. I need you to grab your guys in moved to the mountain like in black hawk down to like what the hell. What do you know? What are you talking about? Their just crazy thought The outer hit record on my voice recorded during those things in play. It back for people like listen to yourself I think you need to keep your stuff little clear. More, could simple, clear and concise. I was keep it simple, really, listen to this. Here's you telling your troops peel right, need everyone here, blah blah blah blah freaking, ridiculous, friggin, totally ridiculous, go crazy,
I've been where'd, you go so after that ETA back over two were or headed to team seven, and at that point it already made master chief cells, gonna, there's a OPS mass chiefs analysed guy, and then I got pegged to do sight more back there and what October twenty two thousand nine Two thousand and nine just finished up the senior enlisted Academy near like a this big one, they're trying to pump as many people as they can over in Afghanistan. So I got hit with a joint individual she handed out to a small out station on Afghanistan? I was a senior listed leader out there, which was a good experience, was the first time
at that point, where I really working a joint environment, so that my boss was a full bird colonel. He was SF dude good guys, aren't a lot from him. He'd been in, like thirty two years has prior enlisted and then what I lived through. The ranks just saw the old dog, and we had you know the Army AIR Force Marine Corps out there, everyone and then we had. You know quite a few military officers from different countries know we had Afghanistan and a few other surrounding countries and their in our primary goal was to fusion Intel and then you know we had some reconnaissant platforms up overhead, and they know they were doing they're doing their stuff and some other countries, but it was good, and that was the first time I really appreciated or special forces unit, and I was working with another senior enlisted leader. He was in another country and he's like a man, here's what we got going on at me and then would communicate back and forth. You know like once or twice
week he's like a I got. My s F were training up this he's. I here's our numbers. All hey wait a minute. You guys have this many, You know odious over there and you ve trained up you, man, training, equip two thousand of these soldiers. He's idea- and I was like holy shit. That's a big deal there. That's like our form. Should it has w inaction over there? You know that like by that, all of the West Coast Seal and all support yeah inaction. Yeah it's so these guys are turning up. These guys are going in and are fighting the Taliban in He's got his odious to announce was holy shit. That's pretty bad ass man, so good appointment. Not much going on outside the wire there I was I was actually like feels like cool. I just got. Turn island. Then I go over there and I'm like damn, I'm back at nine. When is there rain? Is it aqueous with there was some hubbub about us losing our desert training facility somewhere else going to take it over? And I made this- slide show, but I will show you that
I made a slideshow and it was pictures of Afghanistan and pictures our desert trading facility side by side- and you literally couldn't tell the difference, and I was you ve gotta, be kidding me if you think that this isn't the greatest training site for for us to have. So, anyways. I was a short appointment at that point. On the ops master cheapen on deployed come back six months late. Got home before July and then, as on back of the team, the teams going through unit level training and there were proponent for our deployment in March time. And that was a weird appointment like we wanted up some of his wound up back over and Iraq into. This is two thousand and ten, two thousand and eleven timeframe now and breaking down. I rack the US are also yet were waiting for. Our for petitions are still in San Diego to get over to Afghanistan. In their going over to do village stability operations,
so get over to Iraq, and that you know that deportment there was a long, whereas, like eight and a half months long a lot of the euro, the unit we're working without all the bells and was in a way it was good manners. It's a lot. Good things happen in our guys, wrapped up quite a few bad guys, and it was. It was a good long experience as a first first time I was in you, know, professional jock setting. We are actually seeing everything unfold in real time. All the assets you can imagine in owner guys did some good targeting forgot couple bad guys of Ben of her for five years, and so it is good that came back off. That deployment and took over the team, you know command, mash, chicks, are explain routine, a team command Master Jesus. Well, our primary job is to, initially to set up the patterns you working with the you know the top five of the team, the commanding officer, the echo your operations department,
no, the senior listed in there. In the end, the ops boss in your primary functions are manning Tree in equipping the seal team and you're the senior unlisted leader and tactical advisor to the commanding officer. Your primary goal is training up all these you're, not training, educating and training. You know: you're you're, Platoon chiefs in Tashkent sing. Illicit advisers can junior authors, and so you take over this position and we you start building platitudes, yeah And I always used to say about poor tunes, let's say: there's a magic number. Let's say the number number is twenty in your top four inopportune. So your lp, oh your system, to Commander Ubertin Commander in your platoon chief, that that gotta, equal, twenty, when you Adam altogether. So that means, if you have a platoon chief,
It's like I'm. Sixteen cause he's just a bad ass cool you can give more power. Platoon commander. That's I got to know EL peel. That's a one! If you have a platoon chief, that's like up you know. Maybe six We got to give him a platoon commander. That's maybe like a seven and you got to even it out. What you don't want to do is make sure. First of all, you got to make sure that the number gets to twenty don't get twenty you're gonna have issues then then you a compliment, strengths and weaknesses. You know, if you ve got a guy, that's gonna bunch attack. Will experience bodies, horrible paperwork, we'll call you know put him with a person. That's good good paperwork. So there's balancing in in there that you need to do absolutely can, I know, are twenty reform of the team and twenty tat we went with some heavy, but with the idea we're gonna go back in Afghanistan and in one of the things with r r
training and appointed schedules. It there's a lot of lag time in their, so things are always changing and I was like manner when we get back in the form of the team. How make sure just your point? All these petitions are balanced out, You know when you go heavy and some patterns. That means you're gonna be lightly others, and that comes that comes at a cost and in the really what I wanted was you got. How maybe two drivers seal team. You should be to pick up any one of those cartoons and snapped the men, no matter where you know where you're going, what the mission as they should all be pretty balanced out equally with spirits and opportune leadership? Your dear you That is another thing to be careful of me to watch out for you, you trying to get to twenty, don't build a protein with her leadership level. Forty year,
as it's probably not going to work the way you think it is what you're gonna end up with a bunch of big personalities. Like you take the strongest possible. Oh, I see the strongest possible chief, the strongest possible blue LP, a strong as well. You can end up its people that they all want to freakin stab each other. The back I want to be the guide I wanted. They have such be using just turns into a nightmare, so building The stacked platoon leadership is generally not a good girl and you even if it happened? If you actually had such exceptional individuals that the They did work well together that within Europe bad that you have more together because, like you said now, you not bounce now the rest of the teams costs, because you should take those exceptionally because for for a for a level twenty individual leader actually for for a level seventeen individual leader to work with us, their high performing leader that other Lee
needs to be a twenty year, because that the poorest That's a twenty and twenty. Instead of a seventeen, the difference between us seventeen and twenty is that seventeen can can subordinate their ego That's the difference, because when you take to people that are a their missing quality that they dont have is that they don't they don't know how to work with us. People and subordinate the regal. That's what did you do with freakin level? Twenty yourself, you had a balanced out patterns are Archy for their entire Kenya, its goodness, and you think about it- so far bring it in open tuning, We really spread out our guys with with two and three patterns, castles. Developing, Et Cetera leaders below them in order to achieve an appeal enables gotta developed the other guys to, but those guys have the most him
when the leadership's gone they're, the guys that are round and they're showing the right looks like so we crossed it. You know quite a few guys got everything balanced out. Good and overall, you know what the point was uneventful for that one went over to to CENTCOM. We're on standby to to stand by. You know that was after been gauzy. The happy so the new normal was hey beyond standby, there's or crisis in air of crisis comes up one of special, racial posture d go handle an embassy type event good. So for that opponent wanted up, you know in and out of the embassy, quite a bit, which was good Cosette goes. I call on our been an empty before so you're. Talkin directly the ambassador and whole new world yeah. You got to be professional, have your suit on, and you know you can't drop any F bombs out there. A whole new world you have. So it was
really, good learning experience, although nothing happened. I say this: we got potsherd, you know we had a unit over under a neighbouring country in that country was you know they were going withdraw process in our unit still stated position, but we were going to reinforce that unit, so we were staged. We had state, we brought in the aircraft, which you know we're going to a full rehearsal like where we think and we're going to launch our guys in you my biggest take away from that One was like eight these relationships. We have at the embassy, they because all we had to do was call up there, because we had a tight relationship and it tells a here's what's goin on the ambassador working with the prince and the prince in their going through this whole thing we want to launch out here: do we not watch out here. So it was good. You know it's boring, but it was ok. Learning experience yet and for people that don't no too much about this world there there can be and usually is, a lot of tension between
the State Department, which is the ambassadors and what not and the military go, because the State Department wants to solve things diplomatically, that's what their life is right. And the military, we think we all things militarily, so there's tension often tension between those two sites. But if you remember that pay we have the same goal. Right, we all have the goal of stability security and an overall peace, so we stand that we're working towards the same goal. Let's figure out the best way to go about it in those tensions. Hopefully we can overcome because they can caused if they can cause really bad things to happen. You know that betimes, where the military should be used. And if the relationship was good, the military would be used and their sometimes with a military shouldn't be used, and if the relationship is bad, the military use even no relation be used. So
once again forming good relationships is just freak uncritical now, absolutely specially that environment more so than than ever. A gold back into when we're forming up your one of the first things we did it is you know what grab dinner or go locker. You know our guard enlisted formation EAST, nine and we went through roles and responsibilities in but the same see I had at the time when I was my task in it when I was a task seals advisor. He'd went through our know how much you played the roles and responsibilities he developed or or if they crossed after wet, but he went through every position side already had something that I'd kept fur jeez. What is this for years now for five years later and I've got it now, go through an I'm, I'm tweaking the verbiage in there to fit. To you know, to art, to our time I've got ya and so go to roles and responsibilities, what the goat, locker attacked level leaders- hey here's my expected
Since, as a leader in in, we had your job reformer. So I had a little reading folder honour, DR here's. What's their reduced, it's going to make you a better leader and I think, for the most part our guys did like we don't have too many missteps for that for that work, upcycle and deployment. You know things were relatively contained. You know like no cookie shit. No big events, yes setting expectations deafness out any in the in the sea,. Version of the Jackal Brief there's aside, that was roles and responsibilities by person like task to commander here's what you're doing and it went right on down the line and assure you guys had to adjust it to. But the point is, and the reason I dont give it really in Seville civil. Could I don't give it and don't give rules, responsibilities? Part of the brief, because I don't know the it was me. Possibilities are in this construction company or in this manufactured company horn, this financial copyright? It changes the chips, but in the soup tune. It is your task.
I knew at the rules. Responsibilities were and listen there's something. I used to explain like. If you're the platoon chief. And you're supposed to be that person that handling the tactical situation. Ok, if the officer is supposed to be looking at the next move that we're going to take hey. And chief, if you're officers, not capable of doing that you better, get your LP trained up, so he can handle attacked situation, so you can go in and figure. What you're going to do next, so we have to be able to not just do like our specific job, our role and responsibility. But if we do inside of opportune. We I have to say: hey, you know what chief you handle this over here. If I get it if that's not super dynamic on target and I El Peel, that's about ass, Argo, hey a Alpo Euro You're. Gonna. U can be responsible for this stuff you to be responsible for the assault chief urine, responsible for the marshalling, ok cool, got it
That's ok! It doesn't matter now, look don't let your ego get. The way could achieve arms was viewed charge. You saw cool you're, not good at of course I do much Argento about it. What I would say is hey, you know. Well, the thing is, I want the appeal to get some experience. We let him handle some of these right now and see how he does it mean time you can just kind of handle the marshalling over here. We know with the with the ale. I see but yeah those roles responsibility. So the fact that you laid those out early. Let's everyone knows what the expectation is. Let's everybody know where you stand right: Let's everybody, no, like hey, I don't put up. I'm gonna put up with this a marketable with that, I'm not gonna put up with the other thing. Out of Cobb, you better, come and tell me what's going on. If I get blindsided, you can be problems, so all those all those things absolutely like. That's a great point said those expectations of what,
what what you need, what you want, what you're standards are you set those out a gate? It's gonna line people real quick to many model. You got a model, you gotta, do it oh yeah, I feel if you're, not you might as well do stricken just even put out the word if you're gonna say: hey everyone be squared away. You act like a jack ass. Just don't even put it out just click What else did he don't move and then what and then what so finish up that point come back in and I go and work in our headquarters, Ferrara Force, MASH Chief, which was an awesome Garth Tumblr truckload from have which I do what I feel to use for my next to positions and so the headquarters omit. You know what I have on air and we just go back. One were quick to headquarters. Element was was good. Cause first time outside of that that seal team, you know whether its training or just a single Euro mission,
Europe at the headquarters element. You know I was in the same this year you're, but I'm workin for the force, your workin for the admiral. So it's very similar Did you do I won't you work, therefore, right around less than a year and a half got it, but it was enough. We're ready to get out of here after twelve. But here's what I say wished. I would have done that position earlier on, probably like his chief or a synergy. But what is right, look like: where does it fitted? The training I think would have priority is asking to set you up tactically, but going up there you're like holy cow, your aperture just opens wide up with actually how things work. You know with would super too it's going over into Afghanistan into. I rack how all that stuff works too, that you want more gear. Here's the cures also to procure the gear in your going through all that one of the things the guy work for did ass. He was up there and he like He laid out initiatives, hey here's the initiatives I want to get over the line, and then I was the guy
when he's on travel back at the black palace trying to move these thanks forward as it always quickly as possible without Miss anything suppose it was good experience and in a guy were carried out over thirty years and he bounced around. It gives a good dude man. You learn a lot from the hour you're right. I did work. We worked in the exact same fraud, they call it the front office in and for sure when you to see. You start to see how small of a brawl right like theirs, well, there's like there's like the whole military. That's the first time you get a taste of the did you go to the Pentagon, Did you won't travel with your boss? I went back to work so com. I didn't travel out much of those guess. I was going to the panic brow the Pentagon I was I was I was You know sittin in in the back in the back of the meeting with so com, you know over and over again and and here in the word being put out and seeing them. Seeing that the hand
notes from the Secretary of Defence, you heard him say like all the son. You realize how big this machine is an answer put things in perspective for you and yes, you learn a lot about You know how to make things happen and how will not how to make things happen, but how things up and then you can at least provide some level of influence on trying to hopefully make things happen yourself. You to be understanding. It makes all the difference in the world is now. You know how to navigate you, and you also know, like I'm uh, there's no point getting frustrated about this thing over here, because I can at least explain to the troops hey. This is why this is happening, and I know it seems crazy, but guess what the man, that's getting spent for weapons right now was actually allocated five years ago and if you're gonna be mad about it. That's fine, but not gonna, help you that that was issued shall remember. We were getting gear three four years later, that was designed for
the previous three years and it was already obsolete. I can only I can't even use a study, and now you know. But it was good and I'm ever being up. There are twenty fifteen and I think that was when you leave sent your first published copy of extreme ownership of their approval. While there wasn't a published copy was probably like a manuscript, that's what it was. So I got me a copy of it. Oh really get the early. When I got there really that's. Why read through that? In order to expect you don't backed in everyone's gone man, people are that write books on my policy with chalk on labor right about here little courtesy, copy number picking up my room like damn? This is really good cuz. The way you guys translated into the business world was just you know it made sense. So you're plus you recognise that all yeah yeah rum from the. A brief word is, you know, Basically, we wonder how came from your guys it the way you wrote it the position on it was from a humility standpoint, which people appreciate that,
good man. You know that was that was a big obstacle to overcome mentally. You know like. For me was massive, you know, I can't speak for life, but, unlike for me, I mean we just talked open, holding up about talk about reputation in all this You know you can you can do draw your reputation by becoming fat guy. We all know that book and you know at an end, yes, it was horrible. That was horrible. Experience. Go for. It was like walking into the unknown and you can't look and you can't There's look when you write a book. It is not a humble act I d like there's. No there's an it's like saying: hey, I'm gonna go free, gonna start upon get a designer sue. You start a park ass. He Amity go, get a designer suit, but it's not
it's not for me, like it doesnt work or hey, I'm gonna start upon us and talk a bunch like we gotta talk. About yesterday so to say, you're gonna write a book or going start a park asked or you're gonna put spotlight on yourself is basically what you do in. That's that's what I'm saying right when you write a book you're putting a spotlight on yourself? Look at me, and there's no doesn't matter but that book says at least at the so impression. Like you, you you, you are putting a spotlight on yourself and I hated them and it was really whose hard overcome that. But then you think Here we are working with these civilian companies and they are being able to move forward and execute better. And it's like you know what the stuff tat we learned is probably still worth teaching the stuff tat. We learned is people here it and then one of the the admiral
You kind of had that kind of conversation with him and he says he said he goes. You know what Jacko we are quiet professionals. We are not silent, Professionals in some of the stories need to be told, and some of the lessons need to be taught in the way you're doing it is way it should be done, and that was real worm, obviously that is about as much reassurance I could get and then and then you just have not having friends that re read the book in the in the teams and were like bro legit, in the end, the same thing with park ass, I started road. I started by gas. Riddled with all my friends. Darted, like call me like do their part, Casper, sick and everyone like that's. When I was super stoked, you cause, you feel horrible and you feel it shouted a spotlight on yourself here and what I realized was that
people saw it. I was actually trying to start a spotlight not on me but like on the community, just our community by the army, the the marine corps to like EV every week. That is out there working hard is where, where the spotlight was trying to be shine, it's just that I am an old it and it's pretty sketchy detect that thing off bro you think about this think about. If there were podcast go. On in the nineties road we are coming up where we could learn and go and get information on books to read in lessons learned from people that work for in Vietnam. Better talk, talking, hey here's, some things we jacked up. We had a blue, although I wish I d done this. Here's what I did as a leader. There was jacked up. I wish I would have you know, came over time echo. On this day I mean better would be a bit we have we had and of add. We had nothing and an that's May I think about that. All I mean even when I, when MIKE Thornton came on an end, we did a fool debrief
I was in the seal teams for twenty years and I never got that debrief, never That debrief never sought, never did know all those lessons that he lurk and it's like waiter, Second, that's wrong. I felt horrible and so you know what now it's like, oh you can bring on Roger it, Roger Hayden taught me stuff how is a new guy gonna learn about Roger Hayden and his lessons you know Even just lessons about hey cover, move or hey but simple its lessons about hey when this happens. When you was a guy we you, get a guy Babby wounded with you, Somebody gets ghetto acting a certain way. When someone loosely combat, like all those lessons, will be enabled Two to learn them is freakin, so powerful it and help people on the future
good I mean what I had James Webb on the Naval Academy Marine Corps Navy Cross. You do sex trade, a navy when we got done- and I mean he he he wrote the book of fields of fire incredible book and it's sort of the book that all Vietnam movies are based on all or every movie about Vietnam is based on that book and one way or another based in that book is, is a thinly eyes autobiography. But when got on. We walked out and he was like. I never got debrief like that. No one ever debriefed anything anything that I did in Vietnam like that, while any goes, you know I wrote donor some stuff written down in some librarian that the twelfth floor of the Pentagon
You know Bro seventeen alpha, he was no one's ever going to read that an end to be able to debrief like that. It's Thank you in his son was infrequent robotic well. Well, so yeah. There's absolutely do believe me. I mean I mean I read Marines and army guys and team guys all diamond like oh yeah episode. Discipline is friggin awesome because Just what you just said. We didn't get that opportunity to be able to get the debriefs from people, and here, these lessons in his soul. Was lucky be able to do that. It's a powerful learning tool. You know a lot of things to do. Just your point. The military translate right over into is the business world for everyone to learn. You know
When would you get done? You got done with work on what happened so got done with the work on and went over, and at that time we were doing rotations with the combined joint special operations task Force task force that goes into Iraq, and then you know the deal with the siege of soda. You know. There are two though maneuver elements yet so, basically, this is a group that in charge of all the special operations in a area, in this case I rack yeah yeah yeah, so one up there and I think we had You work with all these other countries and their report, and you were Working together is one big team. One big you. I think we had him between eight hundred eleven other people with the sea to sort of geyser dispersed everyone. This is a point in Iraq were you know, ices has a foothold up and mobile and we ve got you know as a personal actually worked with a marsala, we had a deal and saw it's in there himself out there, along with the o five headquarters there up north, and we had
in its w unit. They were co located with us there in Baghdad, and so was. It was a good experience. You don't work figured out, how're we gonna take take down bozo Third spent several rotation perforce whereby just wait. One of the Iraq is going to want to do. One of the Rockies can want to do it in came to a head on article, which was good in so. Finally, we get Google guys come in there and know what year is this? This is two thousand and sixteen two thousand and sixteen, so you know guys going there and start clearing out my resume. You know when it's some point. You know one of our seal units rotated out and Jay and his formation rotated and which is awesome, Jj's team was was awesome. Having his commanding officer did a great job bill, not out you know they were. You know what the best seal teams
so good anyway, they come in and start clearing Moses me, my boss. We push up to or Beale and then added bill. We run in a small jock out there, so we were co located with gonna. Forget the siege. In the sea. Jock was the one who could clear air space to drop ordinance and we needed to be called located within Tell de conflict in case anything got snagged up, so anyways, there was a lot of connect, fighting and they're going on at that point, but a good experience working with, I think, seven or eight different countries. First time I've been inside a seed to sort of working like that in Europe in the upper leadership in management position, you know, taking on everything, that's going on provide. My my boss, with the the best advice I can on you, know what I recommend you know in the in the boss. I had back then he's an apple now, but he was just squared away.
Good, even tempered guy people loved him, the other countries, Lebanon. What I where'd you get this guy like Asthma I want more money style. Then he had great reputation, you know so is it was? It was a good upon you own. It probably the things it that way, the most on that point: Is I never really been a part of a rap ceremony to wear your like your leanness, nay Anna? We had one of our worn officers in this. Was our first ramps, her it's so we had a pilot that was shot down once it was two thousand six time period in his remains were never recovered and are worn offshore one office and he's working with a shake the shakes gone, hey. We got the remains. If you want them and they start doing negotiations and then shakes, I gave you this amount of money in our guys, go back and forth in in interest, appoint point pronoun,
just when you assign the right person. You know the right talent to that too. What you're trying to accomplish you can get a lot over finish line in obscene that approach, because there was other. Considered work with the shape to try to get the remains back. They could get her over the finish line, but here was a guy. Would never done this before the right temper, the right attitude, went in there and was playing a little our ball with this guy played a little softball over here and he got it over the finish line. No, we wanted up, you know it. You know and negotiate with a shake. We got remains back. We went through our a ramp ceremony back here in that we gotta, you know they were made. To the? U S who do you know that also can be properly buried? Any was it. He was a a pilot had been shot down, so it was powerful, felt good. You know for good and that we had a few other ramp ceremonies. We know we lost her. This is what I wanna Jijiu these barbarous, but he was hit. You know what they're in Mosul, with an idea
and he was killed, and so we did a ramp ceremony phone brought him back and we had one other guy, and I want it I'll, try this back in Ramadi, but the third guy. We had, he was in a week doing some stuff in another country. He was hit hard, he was killed and we brought him back to us and it was like the night we're thanksgiving back in the? U S and in Romani we're operate right before Christmas, and you know that just sort of commander pull this out? We were pissed off like what the hell man we're planet being here in through Christmas Eve and to Christmas he just sort of commander back two thousand six said he I don't want to report back to anyone's family that their son was wounded or killed. You know before Christmas, and here we are You know damn near ten years later in inner, guy gets killed right before Thanksgiving families over what the other family ear, his wife and kids are over with their family and they gotta get notified were come about.
You're going through all our procedures to make sure everything is tight and he's getting his a proper respect before we send them out, but those things like when you're putting an American on craft in a casket with the flag draped over man teaches it's a gut punch man. It sucks it sucks man, it's something! I never you no wish upon anyone, I'm in a really kids home do to you. You know not good. How long was at the appointment. That was a six month. Iraqis to massive casualties late before we left. They were like those special unit. We are working with and had trained up over the years that the S s actually train and well. I think we had a hand in the pie somewhere in there, but they were now than they were the best unit
The Iraqis had in these guys had a lot of pride, but they were like over eight hundred casualties when we left- and it was just it was- I mean ISIS was no joke over there, man, they were barbaric, brutal and you know, there's a there's, a fraction of the people where you think you're going to come in you're, going to talk some sense into some people like that you're, not you're, not talking to them. If they get ahold of you, it's not going to be good, for you can get your head chopped off and that's a typo that's good. That's what you're doing with over there. In those you know that unit that our guys will work with they laid it all out there. They are going in there for country for Iraq to secure them. City to make it a better place. Man, they took heavy casually something heavy casualties in other the truck bombs they built from two thousand and four to twenty. Sixteen, they up armoured him and twenty. Sixteen so undercover
are you there's no way? There's no, good waited to defeat em. You need some type of missile system, a rocket system coming in on top or you need some type of arresting devised where you can stop the vehicle from common at you. You know we had some good penetration with some of our heavy calibre weapons will stop and on, but it was hard. It was not easy, and in hide him underneath you know vehicle or or carport com entry points point genuine Beale tell what it is next. They know that big, huge it'll truck bomb is on moving, there's a farmer all over the place, there's just a small window that they can look out and guess what, if they come off, the sea were anything hands with a sweetener adjustment. The things rigged just blow so soon is hit, summon the whole things going up, can we just member watch and see tee issued its stamp things become you be trying to call it an air strike, but you got like a minute in thirty seconds to clear: airspace overhead to get bogged down on targets. Eads, like you, wouldn't gonna happen,
so? You had to be able to handle business as a tactical unit on the ground, Take this thing out. You know we give these guys rocketing in ship, but it they weren't effective so the super complex in frustrating environment you know, took a lot of cash. Yeah, no Jason was saying that the dinner at a certain point. They were thinking that the iraqi unit was doing the majority. The fighting was gonna Now the guys like you do just one day there were just going all be dead or already casualties which it, which was freaking scary, and I was brew, horrified. You know when he was told me that I was. I was hearing some of that, while, while you guys were actually over there. But at the same time you know what kind of horrified me at the same time. I also was the scheme sound wrong, but I was happy to hear it because what it told me was that the Iraqis were fighting and
when we were in Almaty the Iraqis they do some of the moon I would definitely wasn't they weren't looking to take massive casualties to try and take a city back like they didn't care that much in would run away. We had a whole battalion quit of hope, Battalion soldier, said yeah we're out. We had one entire company disappear like there was a strike on their on one of their checkpoints and they all day That was that so to hear how hard the Iraqis were fighting and they were taken it to ices and that they were state in the fight bows regional thousand it was awesome to hear that it was horrible to hear that they were taken casualties, but it was great to hear that they had found the will to fight you and that they were unified and in fighting, courageously to to liberate other IRA he's inside their country from these actual savages,
that are doing the most hate, committing the most heinous atrocities imaginable and was all he was asked to hear that they were that they were fight like that. In and it was also you know, win win so. I decided to you. Don't wear uniform and put up flags. It was like right on let's see how this works out for freedom, legit and then what then, what so finish up with without deployment get back off for that and then that's when I rolled over the group one- and so you know, started a good six six month of getting saturated with group level stuff, and you know what the group you're responsible for all you know. Four,
West Coast, seal teams in three other commands who got roughly right around one thousand. Eight hundred people are so your primary function, areas manning training and equipment. So I'm working directly with the team Command Master Chiefs, I'm on some occasions their commanding officers until you're in a position of a lot of them. To that point, you know not directly working with our common whereon on our initiatives and move in emission forward. And you're also dealing with, but whatever sort of you know quit men like trying to get equipment for the guy's, try to just the whole nine yards and an overall responsible for their training. You out to the desert or at a time when out there a couple times, damn brow and its weird, it's different when you're up at that level. When you come down in its never it's never clearly show for you you're the guy vanish, like hey, I'm comin. In order to see this new like when you might want to take,
shut up over her you know put on. It was good. You know damn whose their think J J was it traded at the time. So good to J was always urged right hand, man I'd out there and we had a good crew of Team Command Mass Chiefs and one of the things we started doing back in twenty four team with, though the force I was working with the forced Massif is he started implementing us a screening process, so we are based going through a hiring to make sure that we are getting the right leaders in at the the master chief level to take over some of these command positions, and it's not perfect, but it was a hell of a lot better than where we were they also. We also started implementing in you know: platoon chief and task unit, seamless advisor screening, and that was developing. So it's it's getting better than move for bottom line. Is you know things are getting better get moving things forward? That's what
for a better formation. You don't you just go back to work on Roquat, one of the things I realized when you're up there. You know when you're down in the troops you're just like Gimme MIKE I want to get going to war. Do all these things and people talk a lot. Should about airborne above them and here's the deal The people that are above you I'm here I'm! U. I was the five talk in that she had seen all those things. I guess what I moved up positions, but up a moved up, impositions to take care of people right in There's a lot of kooky things that come out your the guy behind the scenes. Squashing these things you do to make sure that are that are people are taken care of, and I wish I had a buddy that was, you know he was a hard case and he's like I won't you ever see this won't you. You need to stand up and say something about that. I'm, like a man, I'm handling measure behind closed doors market come here and open form, commander and disagree with them in front of all these people than that stuff. That's not smarten get nowhere, but of a come around. The world
side here do little flight plant some seeds. You can have a lot more influence our way so anyway, you're gonna get that shit with a heart. As you know what I'm talking about here and then how long was that tour, so that was a two year tour. I want to finish up my career there in an and towards the end. You're like I mean What what do you think it was on the horizon and what was your decision making process to decide? A punch part she s what points ride it like that twenty eight and a half year marks, I could have gone another year and half a man. I was out of use in one of the things We'll talk about it, hey. You know when it's time to go hit man I was in that position and we had some high profile cases out there and they just wear on you man. You know they just wear on you in even before that happened. I knew it was time for me to go on my god. I'm going to do this position, it's time for me to move out of here. I don't think I had anything left to add value to the mission in the organization. I was topped
my leadership capacity. We have twenty guys to go out there and do the the t saw to know the theater special operations command and that's a high level of influence. Those are action, arms in the operational areas, and I was like man- I just don't see myself going and working at that level, you working with general officers with admirals, and I was like man. I just know whatever warcomp kind of got a little bit of a taste of that know that it's just not me, and we need people to do those position until we had quite a few EAST Coast guys going in. T sock position. Did you need it because that's a huge, a high level influence that the that we have an inner? If you have your guy in there, he can open with some outcomes, which is super important, but Stephanie marched out how to gas time for me to pack up and go home in one of the things always comes to mind with me is in two.
Thousand and three you know we had Posey out there or Vietnam Guide good dude, Madge, good family guy, Vietnam, hadn't more stores and imagined, but he was like mad Steve. You guys are stronger, faster, smarter than than we ever were acting. What's he talking about and then look you know twenty eight, fifteen years later, whatever was now. Might these young guys geyser accommodate their Hungary? There smart there are stronger than I was there faster than I was meaning EVA communities and a good sport. We got our next generation commoner. To arrange doing good things you know one of the things one or had leaders for the Navy put out midpoint Stevens. He said ape or card stay out of trouble and be a good that's all I'm asking the formation to do the entire navy. That's that was his mantra. Work hard stay out of trouble, be a good and cute, be a good and decent human being be a good person, and I never knew what the hell he meant by stay out of trouble
You know if you start moved up in these positions and you have high profile cases and things going on. They can bring your entire community down to its knees. Meaning it's hard to move initiatives forward its harder to focus on what your actual job is because you're doing with you know in JP you're dealing with court marshals. All those things way on you and it's never good em up, in twenty fifteen or force he. He carried it home to me and it made sense. He said a Steve. We ve got a protective mission. We ve gotta protect our credibility. Credibility is built people's blood. There was spilled in other people's blood. We ve gotta, protect at all costs and he's like it. For us to protect the homeland. If we get, if our credibility is damaged- and we can't- employed overseas to wrap up bad guys like IKEA check that ship makes sense, so the outlets it's the same
has a reputation right, yeah community as reputation and you gotta do everything you can to protect their reputation. If you just did just what you have to do, and you do your best. You. Do everything you can to protect the reputation of what you gotta do you know But on the other, the echo you gonna think said something about a firecracker early, firecrackers scenario or whatever, and you were like. Oh you got the firecracker like right off. The bat is, unlike you as it like bellyful meeting nail. It was a nickname for an area in remedy that was north, root, Michigan and there was little Road that wrapped up and around is called firecracker and reason is called firecracker was cuz. There was a lot of bad shit going on chair. There is a lot of fire a lot of fire cracking off. I'm done, as you said, your first. Cows are first operation in the room.
Do that's a welcome to remedy the situation right there. Damn good! I was good freakin Craig anything else, Steve enclosing thoughts. Now, that's right! All man, well, thanks for common all man. Oh you know- and I say one more thing at one point: but you are like six months out. From retiring- and you said I have three courses of action for what I'm gonna do and I get out. Front echelon, fraught front axle on front right? All men are awesome which is a rip off from the Marie, that I covered the book on the pod guest. Where where he was getting ready to graduate from the basic school- and they had to fill out what they wanted to do, and this was in nineteen. Sixty seven dead fell out what they want to do in the Marine corps, and he put one
You, three infantry, platoon, commander of cheap to better, have kept him a matter like this Where do I brought that our? I guess that's on this thing, so It's really awesome thanks what you did to the teams for the teams, obviously, for America obviously, and an. And for freedom- and I know we had an awesome time working together in the past- I have I still I just, When I drive at night whenever I drive at night, especially out here in California Desert, I'm always thinking of driving back from from the desert from our training facility and just with just totally because I wouldn't be able to sleep because I'd be so fired up further teams and for the boys an ideal. I just amp driving back, no one that we made some freakin guys ready for war, so it was awesome working with you then, and possible. Working with you again right now met a religion,
hey, don't gotta beyond with without learn from its its awesome cachet. Wanting Roquat here, like thank my wife Alice she's, put up with me for all these years of cheese, prior military good southern from Arkansas in she runs a tight game. She keeps me- and she keeps me in lines. So I love with all my heart is an awesome person and my kids. I love you ran over awesome, well ECHO Welleco speaking of Getting a half through speakers, we gotta be awesome. What are you. We can do to become more awesome strive DR strive for awesomeness at the very least habitat straight or some pocket We didn't from some ancient warrior chicken. Shaking the world with your awesomeness. Well, that's it! That's a big steps,
striving to shaking the world something like that. This kind of a big step prefer. So, let's start with striving good well in your path to strive for Submiss more in the event that you just street of trying to shake the world with awesomeness, hey look, you might need some supplement patient when we are- and we start this by steam No, you listen the bark. How often do you listen to this part of the podcast? What percentage of time
probably fifty percent. Fifty percent you! You hang on hang on, or is it just can't hits stop on your frequent I've? Just after is, I rise, not naughty. There's somebody new priorities, comin out you ve, gotta, listen to category. Is there some new via common out here on the right track and its true? He makes a good so so he seen fifty percent. My guess is: he's kind rounding up to be nice, kids. You know he doesn't want to believe that cars to school already is one percent the falling under end of year at fifty she, the forty nine here's. What I know I just got attacks from Jp De Bourgh. They wouldn't over your talk about this. And go some sour apple sniper. You mean good, do they greedy all day of GDP, just just tracking honour by tracking Let's do use here I mean sending taken time, decided not to say hey make sure you talk about sour apples. Viper TAT day wants to make J P jealousy, get a mention. Dave's afterburners, no prob, we're on it fully
Marty geyser this broken in the game letter and I dig it either way before getting discipline or discipline go which you know they're kind of different, because the same we took with joy supplements the important Gesine one think about this can stuff, while we're turnip what shape the world with you, rip off stryver, whatever you don't think what you joint, you don't think about your immunity. Getting stakeholders can stuff. So I take these supplements. Joint warfare, joints, supercool oil joints, indeed three immunity and general health. By the way I have indeed, three is good for a lot of. All kinds specially at this moment in time input. Killer we're talking about factual information data about the glory of the vote. Be still. Finally, you offered a cold war. Immunity supplement, keep those in mind, so you don't have to keep
their stuff in my were yeah. You finally got through to me. It's only taken two hundred and sixty episodes of. Now I understand that you like, oh it's good to do not have to think about your joints, bothering you that's a good thing. That is a good thing to now. I understand you. We. Don't wake up and be like. I hope my joint hold up today and work out whatever simply yes, you want to go into the, warm up if you already done pleasant exactly right. Also with someone called discipline to supplement for your brain for you, ready for you hope thing really life. Your life man, life powder, take discipline powder instead of coffee, good come could be. Something was one thing for us a routine also, just GO which are and will or should, I say, were capsules to begin when they are capsules. Your on the go Susie. Yes, I did.
There out there very popular it at echelon, front, eighth, He suddenly display a go capitals, a sob using that stuff, and so when I'm goin in I'm doing a speaking gauge me, that's why they're so popular I take onto it. Here's the deal like when I'm indicating when I'm not taken that stuff. It's I'm going down the highway and I I really have to think hard about that I'm gonna, communicate sector with the words are in off the a shoot street when I'm on it, the point. Go. The words are right there along the road of going sixty miles an hour. You like boom boom boom, concise communications- and I don't know what's in it, but it definitely clears up your mind. It clears up your mind. It works you got to telling you is that you're, a boss, you got some things going on a meeting, a high speed, meeting you're talking to people. It helps. I promise you with I would even say yeah. I know that's why, That's why it s front where we get up and we have to now- we have to speak, but we got up to
questions interpret questions. We come up with answers and solutions, and so the team is always like yeah yeah I've got it want to bring the aid game right you. How do you tree bring me a game? Take little discipline go and then, if you have like a lot more time, or maybe you want to enjoy that a little bit more than you can get a can of discipline. Go yes, which is what you mentioned right. Many flavors now choose the flavor start getting big career. So most recently after Burner Orange Good Deal, Dave Burke Boom before that sour apple, sniper, J, P d know what are they compete with each other good letters, one authors and a competition before that Jacko Palmer they which, by the way which, by the way Jackal Palmer Jackal Farmer, is not Jacko Palmer. What it is is its fifty fifty iced tea lemonade? That's what it is some pizza
thinking. It was pomegranate because we all Jacko Pomegranate White Tee the witch which you probably remember, Steve cattle. About that's the origin story right there at night me Roland into those briefs with that big old plastic protein shaker with Regan with pomegranate tea from wherever, and then I just sit there in the front row and they give you a brief evening jacket to take a note. You give your points back. She, like you, know whatever. The frontline instructed to give their points. Then you'd give your points and then be like be begged, got anything Bosnia back, ah I feel there is this little bit the others lived. I don't think so, speedily caffeine and just a little bit yes Shockoe Palmer. That was the one before that and then before that was what who's the first signature of tax havens,
The first issue is that Savage Dakota, Tuesday value to which are voter, I, like the Dac savage the story behind deck Savage yeah dared he's a monster You can just get away. If you can have a little bit of mentality of Dakota, then you're you're, all your whole being is better not enough, no offense to J P Dave. I dont have a mentality still button. Let's face it Dax Abbot, Coda were caught in the game. Dakotas kind of it do. Did you drink, doktor, pepper? When you were a kid, I did not cause that's kind of the yeah, it's kind of the flavor, apparently its taste there has to be that's my that's my wife's favorite, which would you think that Dakota drachen tracking, No, my wife, Dakota about what kind of a sour apple snipers ominously. You have a little bit of a sweet tooth
probably sour apple, snipers, your go to true Jack O Palmer's is, if you like, iced tea and lemonade, yet that my favorite before them, the orange the oranges, your favorite. Currently my favorite sir, but amen you I'll teach our own and you know we're gonna move forward. So what this though discipline go. Anna. Can energy drink health energy during healthy energy, drink nor health drink in the form of energy it's been hard to figure out what to call it but whatever you just saying so was pretty legitimate after going down the road find it no longer it's not like yeah yeah. I know what you're feeling is. Yeah and that's what makes like the the can so good is not likely to face it. You just doing whatever during the day, whatever we do during the day old, gravel water or gremlin juice, grabber soda. Sometimes some of us know this this exactly.
Though this is like you can grab it. No, you don't get the bad part of soda. You know I mean yes, but for a water cool man do it. But if you got me like a red ball or I should say in particular brand you drive and soda or drink just saying, you're, gonna pay a price for that. Your pain, a price, is insane a price with your health jen and with this discipline go you afraid, you'd think that somebody would have already made an equivalent right You think you think that it's real obvious, hey, I'm going to make something that makes you enhance your performance, but actually good for you. You think somebody would have done that. Why didn't they do it number one cost too much and now they're now they're not making not maximizing profits at the cash register. Or to his heart? It was hard to because we had a instead of just thrown a bunch of chemicals in there. So I wouldn't go bad. We had passed rise, it which no one does so there you go but I knew not where that aid will, how you gonna make it tastes good. Well, we'll just
a bunch of chemicals in there that data for you, but they don't make people taste good and we don't care about the people that were serving this too. So we'll just let him drink poison, who does not drink voice. What did we do? We said no. I was like no we're not doing that. We're gonna Sweden, it with something real smug through. So that's why it. Doesn't. Even that doesn't seem like a lot of barriers to entry right like a hey, we're gonna, past riser we're or input organ of Sweden. Naturally, we can only put healthy ingredients in it. You think about those those bars to entry? Aren't that high? You think someone we're done it, but they didn't they do it. So we did like us, now. Everyone else can get in line with its first line goes for sure. Also spina tasting good mock superior protein in the form of a desert. So you know you know to good dessert. Yet very much so so
brought any one of us will say this, but brain since my son and me I'm more of a secondary thing but for some more bars, my another stone, the experimental stage in ever version that you're getting right now is pretty close to a done deal yeah. So it's like it's one of those things were Yemen. If you wanna dessert, like milk, is the dessert den its as far as I got, you know like sometimes you like I needed deserve, but on the past, women have a dessert substitute for some willingness. Maintain you have those out, I thought those were out already. Nosey bars, yells eaten some back in December last year we were, we were in the experimental phase where they were this event yeah, we ve gotten better while they ve gotten better. So it's been hard man. It's been really hard. There's enough! It's the same. It's the same kind of battles, you're fighting with the light
with with making the drink, and how do you actually keep it stable, there's more there's, there's, while not more, but there's different things in play, trying to make a bar? How do you keep a stable? How does it maintain its texture overtime? What happens when on signal shelf for two months is a bunch of things to deal with, so we find in the version that you're gettin right now echo we finally figured out how to become all that and do it naturally and make it tastes good and have the right flavor profile and stay stable on the shelf, so It's been a long road, it's been a road that we almost backed away from and you know me, I'm not one to deal Do you, sir? Yes but either way. Yes, more protein, formerly dessert, not a dessert substitute by the way. Please dessert straight. Where you get all the stuff origin, mean dot com, origin. We recently in many other places to get it, but before we go there? Ok, let's go here Jack, awake, You mention the pomegranate, weighty job quality.
That is available, we're not just talking about Jacko used to drink way t now he does it think even better, weighty, I had a joy to the middle of drink it in the big each aren't, bring the big joys bring even back in the day. Like a crazy person, nonetheless, Yes, that's available as well at or Jimmy Come also at the vitamin shop offline. Wouldn't call it like brick in retail, retailed or yeah bone, vitamin shop could get it also the discipline Go cans are Walla in Floor currently and by the If you live in florida- and you been and look I eyes, ask said: hey please. This is the mission we wanna. We want to go into the food chain of LA we needed go hard in Florida. We need to go in. There are clear shelves. Well you all that I've been clearance shelves. Thank you keep going where on the path to victory dont, let up breast
getting after it. Because with you like as people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and Maryland there there We are counting on flora, it's all eyes all floor. We gonna rock and roll flora, we're on path. Dont, let up its. In that the thing is again as it before for it's kind of a big deal, though, to go and get like energy drank or whatever and be legitimate, healthy free. This guy's a huge deal when you I, like you, really everything, but but what use women back then we are talking about that fifteen minutes ago, but we'll talk about it again on article, I don't think I'm a capital, lightner capital. I broke down the inheritors of lying about the bars of living. We gotta do it how hard it was, but that wasn't enough, but not about the price you pay when you were, when you take a drink energy, drink or solar. Some like this, that price Ebay versus the. I say: you don't pay. That's a big deal. I don't think I'm maximized to be the communication of that big deal. Check. Think I now also
at origin main dot com, is American made stuff. Jujitsu stuff keys, rash, Kurtz some, Let me ask you a question: you wear a when you go to the gross remark. A wealth is first grossly marks. Go yes sure I mean you could technically feasible. Well, you know I'm not gonna sit here and advise that, but man and you're gonna do it gonna. Do that? Ok, there's something that we could wear. That would be more acceptable. Sure, like what makes there. We go there maybe the otter amount but baby. Yes, where can you get American made Jeanne? You know it's very hard or how should, as far as options go. There are not many options, as one might hope, but thankfully, yes, I M here to tell you at origin, may dot com you can get American made Denham genes, you know what you probably or think
if you're at American you're, probably thinking about like iconic iconic, almost eight three words iconic. American genes and we all know, there's a few brands that fall into that category debate around long time, iconic american genes. I got news for you you're iconic american genes they're, not american they're, not american brutal, So if you want to get iconic american genes are day where you go you go to, in Maine dot com and you get yourself some iconic american genes are bringing a back sir good work to do some good work over there in origin. Speaking a good work, drug resistant Scald Jacko Store, obviously saw dog sort outcome that three in get your discipline, equals freedom, shirts, hoodies, hats bunch of stuff on there really cool stuff, in my opinion, see if it's your opinion to foster come also
we do have a t. Shirt club can create come up with something else to call this. Besides teacher club, yeah, ok pronouncedly, I bet capability, sure, Autonoe, T shirt, platoon, t shirt, brigade, sure gang we'll, just as you insane you rolled right into this is often that, like you know that My eleven year old daughter too, has an older skating club right go. This is hide yourself the working title. Alien we're doing our best severe nonetheless, is what it is subscription basis. Patient, where you get a shirt new shirt every month, creative designs anyway checked out to your interested bone. Do that good, forgive too by the way the darkest or dot com? Also substantial away. We have
Other pot cast- you didn't even mention this part Gaston more on this can ok, we do have other particles, yes, what the pipe Gus your listening to its upon guess it exists. We already know that would have intervention. Ok, so yeah, subscribed to all these different talk. Assets, Jocapa, Cast Jacko, unravelling part gas, grounded, podcast and warrior kid broadcasting check those out loud. The review clause. If you leave review, make it entertaining. Put some layers in it. Appreciated, yet passed reviews of Bin. Impressive. I haven't done for awhile, read, reviews like online. A poster I gotta do that those are awesome strove to some other, also also have you to jail video versions, podcast you'll, see the word looks like handsome guy, I would say for his handsome guys go. But nonetheless, if he wants you, it
Thank you. I am of course, but unless yes area some excerpts on their you, Wanna watch slashed, into those, are the three that we can get on b you to channel official. By the way we got it, you do bomb also psychological warfare. If you know what that is its an album, jocose album with tracks, not music album not yet now it will work in it. Yes, boy knew album tracks of Jacko helping he threw a moment. A weakness like we can escape the work out, there's a little track on their their help. You not skip the work up, put simply so that it is for canvas, dot, dot com. Speaking a decoder, mire he's gotta. A company where he Prince cool stuff. To hang on your wall. That's all you need to say check that out side Camus? Dotcom got a bunch of books, we
about one of them today we talked about a couple of today, but about face by Colonel David hack worth. Highly recommended there's, a new version that has a forward in its written by me Britain stoked, I was do that man, that's how it happened. They were so it started selling again kind of like when I started talking about an old time and so they eventually pulled the threat and try to figure out why it was selling and they eventually figured out was selling, because we are talking about all tat. The bar gas and dumb they wrote me and said: hey. Do you want to organ array release it. Do you want to. Blurb for the back, which is like a little cold. I gave us a great book and I wrote them and said all right. Can I write a forward? to it and maybe, like you, want to write afford. I said how ya yeah afford to it most forwards are about five hundred words. If you, Google, like how long should a book for be, should be about five hundred words, my Ford,
five thousand rigid, because I just went off plain how I found it, what it meant. You know all these are the lessons learned from it, and so yet been it's been awesome. So, if you want, to check out that book about face by Colonel David hack worth the glad check that out so leadership strategy and tactics field manual, so good, what you just said: a company that too do what they do said yeah we so they dirty. They read extreme ownership in their leadership team. Hasn't they have the dichotomy, leadership and also Katy guys have leadership, strategy and tactics, and they one of em purchased it you're, like you, therein, boundary gotta for the whole team out and beautiful thing with it is you got an issue you can find it in that book with a good solution and it might not be a hundred percent slew
for your situation, but you can take that formulated in and utilise it. That's the beauty of that thing that powerful! That's exactly that's what I had in mind when I wrote it was, can you look up in here? Ok, let me go Having a problem with my subordinate. What how do I do? What I do the problem with people get no border the new plan. What do I do and just be able to look it up in their final solution to the beautiful? think about it, is you don't even have the tablet, because the answer What brought you have an issue flip the despair in an income in one or two pages, you find your answer: Redruth digestive boom implemented so easy check. The code, the evaluations the protocol cute needs. I'd on where to go. Look at them Terry Wheat got told hey your slackened will hear you do little better here, but we go through life without an evaluation of ourselves. I expect to know where to go.
Get the code? The evaluation, a protocol get the despotic was freedom field manual, new version. Your picture of my head is therefore, you know, obviously better than other thirty, five or forty ages of writing in their ideal. I want to say it. I don't know to throw them out there but kind of an ideal gift book right. It's not just like all. I went to the bookstore ran. We found this book over here called whatever got something with little substance: a little beggar, the heavier looks good, looks, cool You can put it on a table. I just have to be there and if you read it, you do an even better Nessa. What up so I got the Sheik. Are you giving cycle a few years ago. I'm just trying to see what the differences- well the differences. There's about forty extra pages of where I wrote more stuff, gotcha, more information, so that and then also with theirs,
the war, your kid for field manual, which is what your kid wants for Christmas? That's what your kid wants for Christmas, because all these lessons that we talk about, look you can learn and when you're forty after you read. Freakin leadership, strategy, tactics or you can learn and when you're seven and you go through life understanding these things you can end up in a much better place. So what do you do with your kid? You gonna put On a path to media accuracy, media, Are you to put your kid on a path to be average? Are gonna, be Will you get on a path to blame? Other people would be a victim normal life or put him on the bath have to be a warrior kid and step up day. When I recommend we, working for field manual, go ahead Yet some of that also way, to warrior kid one: two and three making the dragons. Oh. You know what kids have to deal with being afraid and it's not kids. But why not learn at a young age? How to overcome fear, get my
in the dragons and also extreme ownership and the dichotomy leadership, the o books there. Yes, I did we also that's not front it's our leadership, consultancy, its steel, with us now on the team, how low, even until four March, officially March, up in yeah you ever since I got up a kind of shadow and Dave Summit. So if you wanna, if you, if you want to work with us, if you want help Aligning your leadership. If you want to learn the lessons that we learned, if you want us to come in and help you you should get a help find where the fridge points are help figure out where you can be more efficient as a team good echelon front. Calm. We solve problems through leadership We also have yes all line, which is where we saw problems through leadership online and we're, there. All the time.
So if you, if you want it, if you wanna come on there and you want to ask me a question, you asked me a question, you might think: how could I ever. Struck a question you visit. You gotta have a mind. You can ask me a question. I ll be sitting right there. You are asking a question. About how he handles certain situation, how he organized platoon, how he put teams together how he handled his leadership challenges, go on to EF, online dot com, and you can ask you a question. You could literally be sitting there so check that out therefore, my dot com. We have them foster we're scheduling the muster for twenty twenty one go, stream ownership, dot com for details. We have ye, have over watch. If you want people that understand these principles to come and work to your company or ye have over watched dot com and we have people we're transitioning from the military to civilian sector and they'll, come to your company work and if you want to help service members, active retired service members, their families Goldstein, families around the world check out market he's mom, Mark Liese, MA
organization, Molly, she's gotta, a group called America's mighty warriors and if you want to donate or get involved, they go to America's mighty warriors dot org and if you listen, just desire, anguish and pain in your life in your own life. We can give it to you if you want give it to you. If you want more of my mandate, discourse or you need more of echo's on Fathom Obol phraseology and you can find us on the interwebs on Twitter on Instagram, with Jack, only refers to as the and on Facebook ECHO Echo adequate Charles, and I am at Java willing, where you at Steve Omelette, Steve Ward, one. Ninety four Steve Grand One, ninety four on his
in the grass deep dot, ward, one. Ninety four that works had entered What do you don't know how you post anything? So I'll probably will here soon its hunting season. Have you posted? Have you posted anything? No I hope, before ducks right or its foreign and its good living to limit nodded Good eaten worthier virtue could yet, which you can get you a check, the Steve Man, thanks for coming back on their common on It's really awesome and appreciate everything, everything that everything and. Thanks to Oliver other more military personnel. Right now out in the world. All watch as Steve said you, you all- are smarter and stronger and faster
and more well equipped and better trained, and we ever were so thanks for us, the down true train up the people underneath you and for our police and law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, empties, dispatchers, correctional authors and border patrols, secret service in all first responders. Thanks for protecting us here at home, everyone else out there. You know You ve talked a lot today about setting a good example. Modeling the right Example. And you also notice that almost every phase of his life, he talked about learning how he learned. Well, I would say: that's part of a good example. Is don't ever stop learning? Don't ever
Bob growing, don't ever stop trying to improve. You can only do that if you stay humble, so stay humble, listen, learn and lead and also make sure that you keep getting after it and until next time, the Steve and ECHO and Jacko out.
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