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262: The Winning Lessons and How to Apply Them, from The Manual, "Fighting On Guadalcanal"

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This is Jacko Podcast, never to sixty two with ECHO Charles and me Jocker willing good evening echo good evening. The president of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the medal of honor to Colonel merit, a Edson United States Marine Corps for service as set forth in the following citation for the ordinary heroism and conspicuous intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty, as commanding officer of the first marine raider battalion with parachute but attached during action against me japanese forces in the Solomon Islands on the night of thirteen. For in September nineteen forty two. after the airfield on Guadalcanal had been see he's from the enemy on August. Eighth, Edson with a four,
of eight hundred men was a to the occupation and defence of a ridge dominating the jungle on either side of the airport facing a formidable japanese it which, augmented by filtration, had crashed through our front lines. He by Gill for handling of his troops success. We withdrew his forward units to a reserve line with minimum casualties. When the enemy in a subsequent series of violent assaults. Engaged or force in desperate hand to hand combat with bayonets rifles, pistols, grenades and knives colonel Edson. Although continuously exposed a hostile fire throughout the night personally direct, defence of the region position against a fanatical foe of greatly superior numbers by his. Stu leadership and gallant device. The duty. He now
both his men despite severe losses to clean tenaciously our position on the vital ridge, thereby retaining command not only the Guadalcanal airfield, but also of the first debate and entire offensive, relations in the surrounding area signed Franklin D, Roosevelt, and that is an example of the level of heroism that was required to achieve victory in the battle of Guadalcanal, Which lasted from August seventh, one thousand nine hundred and forty two until February- ninth, one thousand nine hundred and forty three six months and two days of just absolutely brutal and savage fighting than weave
covered some of that in several books on the pot cast and we ve had Dean lad on the pod cast who receive the Battlefield Commission on Guadalcanal and went on to fight that tar sigh pan intention, but I recently received a copy of a book. may pod gas listener by the name of David. I guess I'm a little it about giving out full names cause. I know you know, don't know the background. So a guy named David He sent me a book was actually not a book. Technically, it's a wheat Marine Force Reference publication, FM, FM, F, R, p, twelve, tat one one, zero. The title is fighting on Guadalcanal, so thank you David for sending back to me. and in the book, is filled with all kinds of layers.
One of them being built the medal of Honor citation that I started withers, theirs dismal layer in there, which is that this that this marine Force reference publication was put together by a guy named Colonel red reader. Who was West Point clasp. Nineteen, twenty six, who led the twelfth infantry regiment, wind degree and he eventually we won't get it. He received the distinguished service cross and Silver STAR in the legion of merit in the bronze star and purple heart tired of nineteen forty six than he worked as the athletic director back at West Point and eventually became an author. Can you wrote a book? the box, including a memoir which is called born at revelry, so I'm sure, in point. We will cover that book on this podcast, but for tonight I wanted to. I want to go to this book which
She's, what I'm guessing a sort of the beginning of colonel readers writing career was to put together. Is this manual fighting on glottal canal and its direct lessons learnt and let's get right into it. So here's the forward to secure the point of view of the fighting men in the Solomon Islands, Lieutenant colonel Russell P reader junior nuts, who I just mentioned the operations division of the war department. General staff was designated as my personal representative. He reported Major General Van De Griff, United States Marine Corps and Major Jim Patch: U S Army on Guadalcanal and discussed with many officers and soldiers. There expire It is in jungle, fighting against the Japanese, the story these men as told the colonel reader have been printed for your information. American Marines and Dough boys show us that the
app is no Superman, he's a tricky view. Yes and fanatical fighter, but they are beating him day after day. there's a priceless record of Gallantry and resourcefulness of the american fighting man at his best soldier. and officers alike should reach these notes and seek to apply their lessons. We might Cash in on the experience which these and other brave men have paid for in blood. So that's what this book is. There's an opening note from major General Grant Van De Grief, just it very famous commanding general, the first Marine division, he says I I too think General Marshall for the message which he has just sent me I this message of congratulations onto my men, my message
to the troops of general marshals in training, for this type of warfare is to go back to the tactics of the french and indian days. This is not meant for she study their tactics and fit in our modern weapons. We have a solution. I refer to the town dicks and leadership of the days of Rogers Rangers so very already we're talking about. We gotta make some things a little bit different. We got out, we look at the way we use to fight and if you think about that, Attitude of fighting with the Rangers with Rogers Rangers with a french anymore. You know this is a big difference between You know the way the British wanted to fight, which was we're all lined up, we're standing in ranks and we we're gonna shoot and then you shoot and we should back at you we're not doing. No, that's that's! How when the revolutionary war was where we're in a fight a different way. The early form of maneuver warfare so that through this
Yes, this is a bunch of just short. Anecdotal quotes from a bunch Marines, mainly about what their experiences are on Guadalcanal bunch. A great information, gunnery sergeant, H, L, Beardsley. company g. Fifth, marine I've been in the Marine six. I've been in the marine sixteen years and I've been in three expeditions to China in five engagement. Since I've been in the solomons, I will say that this one thousand nine hundred and forty two model recruit. We are getting, can drink more water than six old timers. We have to stress or discipline all the time seem to realise what real water discipline is. We too many Ngos in the Marines, your name, pamby and beat around the bush or end are gradually tossing toughening up and are seeing reasons why they must meet their responsibilities? Respectfully speaking, sir, I think,
when officers, make and see. Oh they go over their minds. What kind of end seo will he making the field water discipline? There's some you don't hear very often you gotta go deep into the field before you start talking about wandered husband because guess what and when the wounded, the word hydrate, during a pre the word hydrated right. Hydrate was a new thing, it's a relatively new thing. Yet, as far as the expression, a dream, I think even the idea here, because when the kid we didn't unwilling Have the word hydrate cause hydrate seems like a proactive thing, really go like like you're gonna get ahead of the curve right your gets. You need a hydra, stay hydrated hydrate or die, I never heard that by die. That was that that was the camel back member came back. I was Expression, hydro,
die like the camel backs. The things you go home commoner, oh those, the camel back, the brand, their karabakh, the brand had the expression, hydrate or die school, resulting, but let's face it. What we're saying here- and you never hear this- he sent don't hydrate, drink too much you're gonna, docks, gonna run out of water. You need our water discipline dusk. That's a totally different mindset Now I will tell you, when you're going out on a long like a desert patrol or you're, not going to get a water resupply, you got to have some water disappointed that make sense. You know these guys fought when they need to have water discipline. Big but it is interesting to hear that attitude. You don't you you don't hear that anymore. Everyone's all hydrate hydrate, it's a different mindset. Maybe maybe there's some up doctors that will approach us in trying to give us the real deal on that.
yeah well, it makes sense. Could we have two different scenarios like if you have the luxury to be able to adjust hydrate at will, then oh yeah hydrate or die for sure, but water discipline. That idea kind of seems like it would be under maybe two specific circumstance where you don't have a lot of water. Just though heavy have you ever not had water Yet in by her, where you are almost gonna, go down. Driedup dehydrating happen. Well, it was heat, exhaustion, okay, so thing is I had water, but I didn't get enough water. what was the scenario football, but brass, and it was like Everything on the automatic here I was not out of water Ergo, my body was, like below one water. Can you get? Can you get heat whatever we carry. You can't get a he carefully wire drinking water, yes, sir, so
You're saying you are kind of close to that. I guess that's different from just strap dehydration while dehydration is like levels right leg here they say: you're, two percent dehydrated, if you're even thirsty for water, that's what they say but solely I you know it depends on what you're trying to say- and I never even your feedback on this one I can tell you now makes sense, but the euro in the field you're talking about a situation where this, too, elements were limited water. You don't have unlimited water can carry unlimited modern and then you still have to function in the event of unlimited water or not, and let's face it. So There's been, there's been a lot of times where I was thirsty right in the field there's one time where I was in like a little a bad situation where I could start feeling like. Oh this could be a problem and we were out we're out me Ozarks in Arkansas.
Doing this big land warfare problem and we we were expecting. You know we had plan that you never streams. You could see on the map and there was a couple. So we Okay, we'll be able to go this far and we'll be able to get water from the streams and purify it and then we'll go another distance and get some more while the first like two or three streams that we came across or empty, they were dried up. Until I was running day, Close on water and I'll tell you not having water to me as the second, the second worst feeling in the world, the Boers view in order that don't don't have air but the thing is we don't have air, that's only a bad feeling for like thirty seconds, in your past and then you're done not have waters, it takes a while. So in
Detroit. When you go to deep in the red zone there, it's not like you can just drink water and get out like are a lot of times like when you're like, let's say you're in the Red zone are, but you can still recover. You just take a huge breath you on the road to every but water. You get like a. He'd, exhaustion or aura heats joke is death, but I have like for real one and you drink water you'll, just throw it up. Cuz. Your body can't really take you in that kind of water. Yet you had to do the IV thing and I do this big processing. That's all ya! No water sorry, I'm sure someone will contact us and tell us like what the mid there's gotta be some minimum protocol, because everything that I have you know you You got some kind of minimum protocol like what's the minimum onawandah you need. I hate being first, I would carry a lot of water: the Out carry a lot of water. When you know you, don't you Maybe think of you know you're, not trying or something to you. negating and you get out in like how good it reveals a girl feel so good
I guess it's really triangle triangles are hard to brief, but like a giddy unions and engage yoke, you like having a hard time reading cause. It's like a good we're naked. You know, you're, not it's a different, you don't fuel panicky, whereas you still taking breaths good good, you read over the guillotine. There is, I think, these two elements in the guillotine defence that makes you not breathe. So, like one, it's pressing against your windpipe. Generally be but another when you're trying to tents your neck to resist like then that torque. So when you tents your neck, it's like harder to actually take it. Take a deep breath. You things like this I've been training with Dean Deem List be, MR for a long time. Twenty five years, You show me some guillotine defence day, and I was like you. twenty five years to throw me this gaiety defence. Couldn't
eating him and then he couldn't getting show these events on the coup where what war? What why? Wouldn't you show me that? Why would you not show me that role as preliminary has so many in Europe You know what he has so many things we also he just links that everybody knows everything So if you don't ask him about it, and the only reason he was showing some one else and, unlike what's at defending what are we to do this year and put his hand here knows I never show me. Oh, oh yeah, real obvious. If you like an idiot aright, so there you water, discipline, next, I have just been promoted from first sergeant. This is sergeant major, be Metzger Fifth Marines. I have just been promoted from First Sarge in the fire. Fighting the Marie first sergeant helps the company commander. He checks up on the com, we as a whole, even down to checking on the evacuation of the wounded I was able. I was available,
but a commander for any emergency orders during the fire fight your soldiers, Sir when a man is hit in the US to leave him there too many of our men suddenly become first aid men. Your men will have to be rugged and rough, when they must learn to disregard politeness and must kill her. So a couple things are, first of all, where the fuck, I'm too, I'm going deepen this. So first of all, this is what I used to wear ice teacher. When I teach young seals about leadership, we teach roles in responsibility for every individual person inside of a bull dune from a leadership perspective. Far team leader Squad Leader, platoon leader, Caskey leader, accompanied measured level and the senior enlisted guy, which is that which is what he's? U his ease the company first sergeant
and what you want to do and the way I used to explain it guys in this exact same thing and hissing. If you want to be the action arm for the leader for the commander right, so the committee so basically you're the guy with all this experience, but if, but if the If something is going wrong, like you got a problem, you gotta be guy that complex manner can look at a goat says, go solve that problem and you have the cops: It had to do a cause. You not assign any specific role, so you actually do your best to keep your company to keep your company first sergeant like free from direct responsibility so that he can he can be your action on. we'll make things happen, that's that's we're one number to prioritize execute right. Everyone wants to help. The wounded guy. You can't you gotta First, you can't, you can't do that and then. I mean, let's face it, this is total war.
and these guys are just at a different level. You, you got a disregard politeness and you gotta just kill people. That's where we're out. That's! What's so interesting about about with the old breed by Eugene Sledge. And in the inner HBO Series the Pacific lay portrayed Jeanne Sledge, he's kind of like this very nice, very polite guy, that's how they portrayal, and then you see videos of the real guy, the real Eugene such that's. Exactly what he's like you know, he's kind of like a southern gentlemen. Young very! Nice very kind- and you know those guys we're getting going into this savagery and and that's what this battle that's who this message is for you, gotta disregard politeness and kill now Eugene Sledge wish pride. We should by do that book again. Jeanne Sledge. No, he had two. He had put some things in Czech himself and he watched guys.
In japanese soldiers, tee thou that were gold and, like it all passing on of enemies? He saw a crazed. Often he had like a line that heating cross over, but here so understood it. So even That is. nice and in a good of a person which Eugene Sledge apparently was even he realize like this is this is next level. This is Other situation, as is normal, put you sergeant. Hr strong company April brings some of my men fought their hand, grenades were too heavy they too Ask them aside when no one was looking later. They would have given six months pay for one hand grenade very go short term. versus long term care the next wave of the hand grenade protrude sergeant, F, Tee, o fairer company beef Marines.
to the Japs had been located. My platoon has gained the element of surprise by moving in fast with bayonets, a hand grenades in turn, they have surprised us by being in a day- Hence a position on the reverse slope of a ridge. I think the snipers look for Barn Ba our men and then Colonel Edson, said no doubt about this and want to meant in one platoon, every br color was hit so. This idea that you can locate them. This is sort of like it You're too, when you get, let's get them out You mean we go for the unlocking, sometimes that's enough to do it right, whereas if you get Mount and you I got them out that person is going to do its position now, they're gonna set up for it and so what he seen as if they are located companies immediately they they they go out and with grenades and bayonets which do you think about grenades, and is now your. They can't really locate you cost of your because of your mom Flash is and where you shooting you're just getting
in there with grenades and bayonets, which is you know you think about modern warfare. You dont think of the tactic of hay when we make contact organ immediately. hack with bayonets and grenades. That's what kind of war this was June. Sergeant. Are a zone company see fit? Reed's, sir, I would like to tell you that that a man keenness or don't of. I may determine whether or not he will live. Ten men in my platoon were killed because they walked up on a job, thirty, seven millimeter gun. I went up or after the gun have been put out by our mortars to help bring back the dead, the Jap his gun was so well camouflage that I got within four feet of the gun before I saw it.
Corporal W a Mccluskey company, Deef Marines, Sir, the day on Bloody ridge rifleman. Protecting our light machine guns pulled out and left us we were doing. ok at the time, but they're pulling out caused our whole outfit to withdraw. Men in these rifle company should receive some training in the work and in the mission of the machine company. They should be able to act more intelligently. What does that mean? You shall have your team cross trade. No matter what business you're in no matter continue as your prostrate interesting thing about that. We read that we read about this before when P, we'll see other people running away. You ve got a point. Good chance that those people can run away to this suggestion, mentality, second lieutenant Andrew she sick, fifth Marines. I think
that in the regimental supply there should be extra canteen, so win out when an outfit gets in a place like the table. Otto, where there is no water and extra canteen of water, can be issued service be really. This would really help. Are met stay in there. And what's interesting, result like done like an interview. So that's why they keep saying things like surrender talking directly to this guy and he just put the quota there we're talking to colonel reader. Bring Gunnar S, rust fifth Marines. I hate to admit it, but it's the truth. We got here. A lot of our young men were confused at night. There were not used to the jungle at night; they could not use compasses at night. And we did not have enough compasses. We have learned that when we get off, beaten trails, it seems to confuse the jobs and we have better success. So was I mean you got a train at night. Put sergeant J C L, Hollings worth company H, Fifth Marines
we moved around on these jungle trails, we have learned to have men at the rear of each platoon who carry light load, so they can quickly, so they can get weapons into action quickly to help overcome ambush fire from the rear. That's so. what you want to do as a human as a human that strategizing in the world is you want to have an element, that's flexible and can move quickly help you overcome situations, so what they're, your business, whether you, what what situation you're it you want to have a specific Elam that is designed to move quickly and give support where its needed could go. Left could right, could go North could go south, could go EAST could go ask. Why do you? Why do you need that? Because you can predict the future.
So you should design your plans so that the design of the plant is inherently flexible. The big rugged men into the heavy weapons company thrown out there for all the young men going in the military there Saddle you up that pig gonna you're gonna carry your problem, some New men were so scared of our hand, grenades when they first when they were first issued that they jammed the down the Carter, pin later inaction. They could not pull the pin I noticed, as I get- and I pointed out pointed to my platoon that window, gets hit, the men close by it Helen Corpsman, Corpsman Corpsman they get sucks sometimes that they actually forget to use their own first aid packets in first aid, trade teach. Correct use of injecting morphine and procedure of tagging
Because what are you gonna do in the corner and get it. I give seventy five dollars for a pair of ten issues to rest my feet. For use on night work classic. I have only been in the marine corps for years, but I have learned that you ve got to develop a sense of responsibility in the men wearing chevrons bright got it. You ve got a developed that responsibility. inaction, we have had on authorize persons, yelling cease, firing or comments firing. This caused confusion, platoon sergeant, George, a ho ho many fifth company have fifth Marines, I put five years in the: U S: Army, Joining the Marine corps, Sir, I like them means better than the army, because the average marine officers closer to his men than the average army officer whom I observed. We have Brad ship in the marine corps. Also,
the marine enlisted men are more spartan, like, I believe, sir. We baby our soldiers too much in peacetime. We are not doing this now and then here's here's a comment from from our colonel reader. Here I asked Colonel Edson what an answer Edson is the guy that we read the medal of honor I'm citation rob. I asked Colonel Edson. What kind of a sergeant a whole was He told me that he was where the outstanding men, in his regiment and He was a very rugged individual acts that, like I can picture this dude. He gets to describe it you're in Guadalcanal with Marines and used in that environment. The toughest bastards in the world you get you get described, as a quote very, get individual. You know, George, a whole platoon sergeant company, a fifth Rees doesn't play around
He continues on in our training for this jungle warfare. We had a great deal of work in hand to hand into. Will combat youth. knife Jujitsu et Cetera, let's face it when I read that I got very very We were feeling good about it. It was the year of nineteen forty three near that's, that's the tradition. Jujitsu! Not the procedure and care where maybe it is actually cause many twenty five year beneath this is pre Judah No, it's not for you, though, so it's you just take it for what it's worth anyways. So your excitement going to go down just like mine did cuz. He says that's with the exception of bayonet fighting. We have not used this work, had been many battles since I had the island and I've never seen anyone use it so did some hand to hand training whom I think, maybe just animals or JP. I would have found a way
might bring the jets every man should have a watch. That's a good one, just kind of let you know the main theme of uranium morning. I'm aware such arbitrary commander, major Walt once every last man in our battalion to know as much as he does about the situation. It pays think that you're in a leadership position, you should try and get every last ban in your team to know as much as you do about the situation it will pay off. He also says this get rid of gold. Bricks it's better to be short, handed, have
good men around than having a lot of undependable, sir, you familiar with the term gold brick that in this context, in what context are you familiar with it in a regular gold? Brick which is a gold bar? Ok, gotta gotta got it so that's a difference of gold bar is made of gold, a gold Bric, a Brac painted like gold of using the big labelling, yeah, but like once on a time a good service heavily usinor record. The so called break is now it looks like good. Just you four showcase looks on its unity and you also know go exactly man. I got a book. I just read for this park has all becoming in the future, but there's a guy that shows up in the korean WAR and he's all squared away. He saw he's all right and tight everything's gonna go
the older combat vet. So I can, I don't think so and then one younger guy, that's kind of death, a badass! That's actually writing the book. He just all you guys going to be good to go insurance up the older veterans, but I will look in on him. He was so He was so they were suspects. He was like everything was kind of perfect collect that conversation we had the other day about. You know music and everything. Being perfect limits to perfect is not real. Well, that's kind of the impression these guys got all this guy's totally perfect. Well, guess what happened when the board started flight? He had, he had a trick me and all of sudden you couldn't get after it. So to me that right there go back gotcha, corporal J S stank us company. fifth Marines on this
very firing gives your position away and when you give your position away here, you have to pay for me and I went on like the crazy I've gone crazy candid about giving way your position. Unnecessary firing and I'm not on common, I'm talkin about in conversations in leadership situations. where you give away your position. You take shots at ECHO echoes- and you know it but uses point over here- and I got a point- does make any sense, and now was- and you know where I stand. Why would you do that Why would I say well explained to me more about your plans and then Ask you a question about it, because if I give my position away all of a sudden. You you're not even you're. Already defensive, I'm, causing problems. Why do that? and by the way you might now. Attack makers and edges gave my position. We now you might start throwing shots at me.
so you say, here's my plan and I think your plan doesn't make any sense. I just gave my position way. I don't think your plan makes us there's my position, if you set here's my plan. I say why do you want? guys over here, or why do you want a move this over here and you start instrument? I haven't get my position away. You're, not defensive, you're tryin. Explain it to me, Maybe your plan makes sense, but I just don't understand it we'll give your position away nodding little canal, and not in the media, with your with your team. The men in my squad fire low at the base of trees, there's too much high firing going on. I have. I have served Jack, often get short of ammunition. They cut bamboo. And crack it together, Dissimulate rifle fire to draw our fire. They ain't Superman there, the tricky, bastards, second, lieutenant aid
Am Davis fifth moraines in parentheses, promoted on the field of battle? Do you understand means thinks. Okay, so You understand that there's enlisted guys in the military there's officers knew so basically enlist guys have not gone to college officers? Well, I guess the enlisted guys may have gone a college, especially nowadays is a lot of endless guys it about a college but the in these days, likely than listed. I hadn't gone a college, so they went to a regular training pipeline in your sort of the workforce of the military. The officers they ve been to college I ve been through some kind of a training programme to make put them into a leadership position. Is that kind of like a company, the difference between a guy who has a great resume degree? But what comes in Edison had position versus the guy who worked his way up through like the male role, so so a little
but let's say a construction site. You ve got to guide. It went to college for civil engineering and he's he's overseeing the whole project right and he's got his degree three years ago. But then you ve got a guide been working constructions into is for Ten years old and now he's been doing it for twenty eight years and he's the foreman or he's any those people between that's that's kind of breakdown so to get promoted, field. About a battlefield. Promotion to be commissioned is it's pretty powerful That means that when all this may have was going on, they skipped shoot through, like entire an entire spectrum of promotions to the next completely different level. Attack warfare. gun got battlefield promoted like yours, so good we're gonna take. You were to put you in charge, so would be like if it be like, if you showed up as the brook the brick
carrier. You did such a good job and then dates edible. You can put our point where you did, that need did something, often annexing they promoted you to do the guy. That was a civil engineer. Put your job, The project So that's so when you hear about second lieutenant H, M Davis, fifteen promoted on the field of battle, we're talkin about full legit he says, travel light for able to Hell with all the mess equipment we used are cup and spoon for the first fifteen days here and enjoyed our chow You don't have to live like a gentleman in jungle warfare, our mess equipment to bulky for this type of warfare makes noise there go, and then he says this not every man can lead a battalion find out who can lead your battalions before you go into bad areas and incur Edson the imprint.
remark by coalescences. I would like to concur in that state. So the medal of Honor recipient death. The commander that battalion Daily- and this is with that something that so pure and just unmercifully beautiful about combat. When it comes to like hey, we can we don't. We can't afford to play around it's gonna go out when I was in in Sri Lanka, which we covered on like podcast three or something working with those soldiers that we're fine, against the Tamil TIGERS and if they had some one that was good. They be like your promoted during the charge events, I'm about to give your not charge anymore. They don't care about anything. There was no HR department. There was no hey. We gonna document what mistakes you made. Where accounts you they're like no, you may like five Add calls Neuro. You're done you young,
that's been doing great you're you're in the game you will put you in charge, was vertical Anne and that's what happens in war? Doesn't some which happened in peacetime? advanced any in an advance in the jungle, it's hard for equal tune leader to keep control of his men. Core pools, and their men must be taught to act individually, the little something that we liked. Decentralized command. You are not going to be with everyone you can't control and it doesn't work tune sergeant, see em Fagin Company. I fifth Marines I haven't been fired at many times by snipers now haven't seen one yet. I feel that there is a lot skip over some days, but there's a lot of people complaining about Cyprus. The sabres
which the japanese officers carry have proved to be worthless. I killed two jobs who came out me with savers and I got them first by shooting them seen in Indiana Jones. as you know all scenes ways at which were guy comes out and he swinging disorder. I kind of a real sealed, my hey. I got sword and work to fight and in Indiana Jones, like shrugged his shoulders pause, a pistol attitudes and that's what I thought I heard does all like. Well, yeah you gotta go: These make a statement. A gun is better than a sabre. Well, thank you. We agree, but this is a new ask. An obvious are now the that seem Indiana Jones, you asked for it, so he got the seen in real life. They were gonna have or or
the original script, wherever they are going to have a epoch kind of battle, sword battle, but in the end it or tears and Ford had these a bathroom brew bad. So he pulled that out as little improv. It is kept it good to know me, never mind the bottled water canal, opulent the bathroom battles on the set of Indiana Jones Different Super, then he says, is bought I wish. I had in reserve a good jungle knife. I don't mean dont mean Bolo, which we should have for cutting trails, but a knife with a twelve. which played a good steel. We could use this against the these jobs, as well as cutting vines that catches at night and then says no many men expressed therein.
for a jungle knife such as described here. This desire is being omitted in further remarks to avoid repetition. So everybody is like give us a big ass knife. Corporal Fred Carter Company. I fifth Marines on the river. We got two firing at each other because of care leadership by the junior officers. We had a little blue on blue situation. We curing ourselves of promiscuous firing, but I should think new units would get training to make the men careful there. You go Let's get out of the blue blue situation, and he saying I Sync think new units will get training to make them more careful yeah! That's what I did. When I had a blue blue friendly fire situation came back and said, I am going to train people, so does nap adieu
you're, not a fire, or must we had something to shoot at doing otherwise, disclosure position, waste ammunition, as I have been charged twice by the Japs in bayonet charge, our Marines Albania, not fight them, and I know our army men will do the same, and the note by Colonel Hudson Incidentally, in the last push we executed, we executed three bayonet charges, sergeant o J Marian Company, L, Fifth Marines, platoon guide. You crawl in the advance, unless you are to charge and make it the reason for this is that all men hit are hit from the knees up, except for ricocheted. We have crawled Two within twenty five yards of a machine gun firing over our backs the Japs dope,
Press there, machine gun man, get killed, rushing to help a wounded man, if the wounded and would crawl about. Ten yards to his Frankie can generally be aided in safety, as the Jap seem too our down lanes in the jungle Conway We have taught our men that in the best way to aid, the wounded man is to push ahead said the wounded man can be cared for by the Corbett. The men have been the men, half Be trained individually for when the fire starts, the corporal can't see all this man, men and further when the oars for attack is given any number of men are unable to see the man on his right or left so you see, sir. It takes guts for the men to get up. And move forward when the signal was given. have to depend on on one another and have confidence in each other. So again,
you can see these guys. If you ve been typical, I guess you haven't triple canopy jungle like real fact: jungle yeah! Obviously it really. You can take five steps and you can see that another person, you know and that's what these guys are seen for the first time was the first time but their seeing hey. Somebody gets five feet away from. I can see many more. They have to know how to act on their own. They have to be ready to utilise decentralized command. He says I was in one advance when the Japs, let us come through and rose up out of, covered foxholes and shot in the back. The best cure for that is rearguard. Looking toward the rear, corporal ev, Corporal F R, Mcallen. company elfish reads: sometimes the information doesn't get down to us and then we are really in the dark when we get there. Orders and information we can get in there and pitch better again
make sure you keep your people informed. My balloon is the best one in the company, because we are all like a base. all team are lieutenant is like the capture, the team. He is close with us and we like him and yet respect him. We have wonderful tune alma bragging, that's a fact. Here's, the note, in parentheses, when I read this to Colonel Edson at the end of the day, was so delighted that he sent a run or to find out who corporal Mcgowan's platoon leader was give that guy promotion and here's the interview with Colonel Merit Edson himself and again. This is the this. The guy who received the medal of honor that I read at the beginning.
Past he says. If I had to train my regiment over again, I would stress small group training and the training of the individual, even more than we did when we were in training. so there you. Everyone is stressing that people need to be able to think for themselves and make things happen there. Must be training in difficult observation which is needed for the offence is my, observation that only five percent of the men can really see while observing he what what what's crazy about that as they did. You drove especially human sniper school where they put like stuff out in a field like a canteen and a knife and a note book. They put all this stuff in a field and then they give you than a dna, bring you out to the field
can you get the position you got to look at you got to see you got to be for having a good kind of hidden, partially hidden solo, put ten items out there and you can sit there with your notebook and kind of got to write down all the items that you can see. Your weather location is, and somebody really and there's different people have different levels of skill. Had actually observing thanks to some some people get no, they get nine, they get eight, they get ten. Some people see like three or four thinks so too. Actually train for that is important. The other crazy thing about this is some others. Only if, on the other day, it's hard, it's hard to see, and sometimes things that you think are so obvious- other people phronsie sometimes, if you think what you're doing no one can see, they can all see that we think you're Megan, some little tactical move that no one saying you're wrong. You make it
Megan some little maneuver to get ocean or whatever you think that it's all good, no one can see it euro. Everybody can see it, everybody You know, you can't see it. You, see that they can see. The offensive is the most difficult to support. As you cannot tell exactly where you troops are so whether the Japs will continue to fight as they do now. I dont know they defend on the low ground in the jungle. They dig standing. Trenches extremely well camouflage- and he goes into some really like tactical level staff talking about the need for a rifle grade, the need for new mortar. Why that one? b good skip the platoon commander kind of at hand weapons. He says I suggest that you have maneuver with ball ammunition, which is basically do maneuver
with real bullets, and then he says, even if you get a few casualties outside dang, wait now in this you'll teams. We do live fire training all the time, and not only that we do incredibly complex maneuvers with live fire and it it's so beneficial that you're just used to it. You know you're used to you really learn about paying attention and safety in the how to keep your distance and all those really important things. But if you do the other thing I will say we got when I first came in the teams. That's all we did was life are and it was sort of like a VA. Thank you, no sort of like that's as good as it gets a he would do live fire. It was one of those things
and it was you know you go out with life, and we do you do so much of it that it became so wasn't really is just do just normal right now, Fire was just totally normal, tell you operate, but once got simulation and like that, but the high speed laser tax systems. That's when you got you have to do both, but that's when you got good it actually combat, because when you ve gone, lie fire you're not going against anyone, but paper targets remove, but you have to do it. The three goes in a more details about the kind of boots that they have then he says the same thing that everyone's been saying in your training put your time, an emphasis on the squad and platoon rather than on the company. Behind a regiment, so at the lowest levels. Your principle of command post up into the front is certainly true. Here. your scouting and patrolling and your training impatience.
Which you should have have the men work against each other, so You say the same thing you have to do something where you're actually going against other humans, not just against paper targets, same thing for us, simple tunes in their Brahms. Develop better snipers goes onto a bunch of things. Smokey lamp was smoking. Lamp goes out it in and it gets dark. You have to be a year. He was not a success. In the raiders we adopted the custom of dropping all rank and titles. We is Nick for officers. All ranks use these Nick as for us. We did this because the new cod onto the names of the officers and would yellower speak at night, this Captain Joe Smith. Talking a company withdraw the next ill, so we adopt the nicknames of code words, Captain Wall became silent Lou. My nickname was Red MIKE example of the
Use of these nicknames is called words is one night the Japs put down smoke, and they yelled gas. We were to green at the time and two of our companies withdrew, leaving a company exposed onto flanks. His as a value of night training is that it lets men learn the normal noises the woods at night. Words are not silent night. He says the Japanese is no Superman, has the same limitations that we have. They have the advantage of experience with opera trading. Are Americans are better, as our people can think better as individuals encourage your individuals and bring them out? So this is any team right. You either train your team to think or you train them to obey, and certainly the Japanese leaned toward,
what they wanted was obedience both are riflemen. Machine guns must be taught the shoe low. Why can t you that's? What I got should talk to shew low. this leadership. Business resolves itself down to being hard boiled By that I mean getting rid of the or leader. Even if you like Kim. Personally, because this is a life and death affair. This goes right on down to the non coms you can see. They just did. There's no snig. You can allow no slack for poor leadership like an old peacetime. I can tell you when, when I first got to the to the Tears Parliament
the amount of seal officers that got fired when they were in a sealed. Platoon was very, very small, very small number of seal off that would get fired and then, after the war started, it would happen this. It would happen if I could happen often, but it happens. A lot more happen, a lot more because you'd be looking on they. This isn't just unemployment over to you know, train some wonder you know this is gonna, be we're gonna war, so that was that was coverlet Now we get to major Lou Walt commanding officer second attained fifth marine and there's no for Colonel Edson. Colonel lesson told me that major wall was one of his best leaders and one of the best men he has ever seen in action major while the young man of about thirty.
Five years of age, he is extremely rugged and looks like a full back on a football team. I talked to him over twenty minutes, but I was able to make a single original. No, as his ideas seem to echo Colonel Adsense, Sir, that's pretty cool you got that than the diagram or saint all the same stuff. The regimental Joanna Resent here's a little report that major be what gives at six thirty p m, they smoked are to write companies and when the smoke had envelop these two companies they broke out. They came out mass formation twenty abreast. Yelling bayonets, fixed automatic weapons, working rear ranks. Going hand grenades. They were to escape to the sand pit at the mouth of the river in order to cross the river to get back. Our right front company had just completed a double apron barbed wire
a fence when the Japanese hit the left flank of the right company, they can nine of the first ten men, nine other, eleven men may hit. Then they hit barbed wire to vote heavy machine guns, opened up shooting down along this barbed wire fence and dispersed their attack. It got dark quickly like it does here. There was look jobs and Marines all mixed up three jap officers were swinging there to hand swords there was hand to hand fighting all night long. We mop them up at daybreak. We killed seventy eight Japs, they killed twelve Marines and wounded twenty six of us. The Jap has a great your of respect for our hand grenade and is a valuable weapon to us. Do you ever practice, throwing it in wooded country, scary, thrown grenades in the woods
because you can hit a tree and had a ranch. He says this is always a common theme about the Japanese. The job is not an individual fighter. He won't fight with the bayonet unless backed up with a dozen other Japs. Here's where we get. It is pure leadership, as in the basic field manual. Each man should know the objective. I make my to meet her designated objective, every one hundred yards in the jungle and they work to it and reorganise the don't push off for the next objective until they get word from accompany commander method we found ensures control. I control Michael It is exactly the same way I set up objectives for each company when the company's reach there, active they report after the reorganization. We go ahead
think reserves in the attack should be kept up closely can be committed immediately. Platoon, sergeant c c ardent and there's a no. Here it says when, when Colonel Edson sent for his best fighters, he did not include platoon sergeant ardent after I got talking to these men to them came up to me and said Sir, did did not see certain ardent Arden? He has more. Patrols and does more scouting than any man in the regiment. Could we go? for you, sir, and so he regards cc ardent and he seems like the kind of guy well sweetness like. I know this kind of dude. So here's this this dude, I pray. This walking quietly over rocks twigs grass leaves through vines, etc. I practice this around the bivouac area. I receive instructions and scouting and patrolling in court
go, but I still practises around here in the Beaver Whack area. I believe, because I practice this is the reason I am still alive, some of the other and seals laughed at me because I'm always seeing how quietly I can walk around, because I go out practice on my own, but they have stopped laughing because I have been on more patrols than any man in the regiment and I am still alive when I am scouting and come to an end bring in the jungle and have to cross it a generally run across it quickly. Quietly going slow here make caustic a scout. His life different types of terrain calls for different methods, so I told we know that guy just obsessed- and I love it got nerve- is nothing like that, like you getting us to do that, to you guys they stand up and they d like a technical standing
they are doing to keep it a real or when they give. You hardly like fish running like they're, always doing that thing. Yeah yeah, but I this- is the guy that's like stand. You know not just that this is the guy. That's an end you when I, when I first got in the whole time I was it was like. Ok, I gotta do this again I need do is better, I guess but I I did that kind of in a Broadway right like I want to get like. I kind of wanted to be good in everything you know where, as maybe like someone, whereas there's some guys that we get really into one thing
would be like someone that just works on you know. Deep safeguard makes good obsessed with deep halfhearted. That's what they're working on like that's all their drilling. That's all there doing. This is colonel. A more l are sims commanding officer Seventh Marines, First Marine division Is the army stripping down to central in equipment? Teach not. Waste ammunition, learn to me, every shot count try to get Japs on the move, keep them bouncing around, don't let them get set when you let them get set hard to get out. This is such a good philosophy to have we ever in a competitive moment against another person, Org not a business or get another team. Don't let them settled, don't let them your what
dark model. You get amount of Rio Mock, look, sometimes you think well get there and established position. I get it. I get that philosophy but if you can and you can get there and you can go for it, you can catch him off guard, don't let them prepare. Go he says, our battalion commanders in the seventh Marines know that in reporting information at once and if they need help to ask for and not just try to pull things through that they neebling regiments to act as a team in the right manner in the right direction, so he say listen. The battalion commanders knew that they need to get the information. The correct information up the chain of command is quickly could so that they too, that the chain of command the senior lead could support them. And if you needed help, you need to ask for it.
a regimental commander cannot be impatient. Don't push Europe tying commanders unless you feel there is reluctant c on their part, are greatly. general Van Adrift gives me a job, and let me handle this situation with a regiment in my own way, he's not impatient with me impatient. would ruin the best plants, a mapped plan. May turn out to be feasible, so we have learned I'm here not to be impatient, and then he says it has been impressed upon us hear that the logistics have to be correctly planned. The science of logistics turns out to be your life, would just explain the war Here's a fund I would like to leave you with the regimental commanders pick your officers. for common sense base.
Field manual. Knowledge is fine, but it is useless without common sense. Common sense is of greater value than all the words in the book. I am too So that's a statement right there right common sense is not amazing, promote, and put in leadership positions. People have common sense, then he says I am to do. In my betimes or regret guard to battalion Manning officers. That is each one of my battalion executive officers is a potential battalion commander. The reason for this is it Battalion commander gets killed or sick. I won't be caught On a limb, I make my staff officers get out of this c p, not to snoop so that the Gulf The commission proposed to go to the front lines and he does. That quote, not snoop on the troops, but to help the battalions and equate themselves with the general situation in system,
night training but dont train day and if I were training my regiment again working seventies week, our train three nights and four days. Our orders to our Marines on the perimeter defence are this. Is this is gonna epic? Are there's two hour Marines on the perimeter defence are used. stay on your position and do not pull back if they bust through. You will pluck up the whole, but you stay there. And then he says this regiment can out yell the Japs out fight them out, bayonet them and out shoot them. This year as in hand to hand. Action is important. It's like a football In that talks it up. The apps yell at Us Marines we're gonna, kill you. more blood for the emperor, the Marie he back you blank.
I agree. Blank blank legacy is ass black ass little unless you black bigamy Blake Blank, we'll kill you jobs, more blood for Franklin D, Jesse yelling at each other. You know I was like when we had cowboy on and cowboy could hear the north, the Enemies Army commander. Yelling, hey get ready to get raided assault and he's telling tell Em Lynn Black here they come, he just gave the order to assault. Sometimes that's how I, like your close, I think you'll leave who said when they are like a gunfight and they are so closely They were yelling at me tell where you could definitely here, people talking yeah yeah,
We have to ask leave like what particular instance out was year. He I saw video online of some fire. Some army has, I think, in Afghanistan there look like a kind of a jungle. There's parts of Afghanistan over a four year like not thick but like use like trees in there we're a gunfight and they were, you could hear them yelling at me in, I think you'd there isn't a different language and stuff in there. This same deal blankly Blake, crazy, because in football yeah, that's how to take its all talking, dress the whole time even the referee using may be quite because no further every is no factor is getting. Nothing free is talking in air was yelling at each other in depends. Certain teams are more hostile than others. Whatever depends on the personnel your team, yeah that goes on, but it's all like it's all within like sports,
men like you, don't some of it's funny, some some of it's like kind of meat. You do so there's. This is so it's kind of the culture you know, but it's crazy to understand that, like straight up, kill you and you're trying to kill them so that blankety blank blank is like they're real deal. You know damn The next section is about the commanding officer of the first battalion: seventh Regiment: U S, Marines First Marine Division, you might know who that is its lieutenant Colonel Louis, be poor from podcast one when he won. We went through his book, which is called marine in progress, one twenty two we talked about his son, Louis Puller Junior, so If you want to check out those park ass, there is acts upon cast that we'll stay with you put it that way,
So what he says this is one of the most. This is the. Iconic marine of all time, justly polar and he says- and this was kind of critical goes like this- it's cool, because the way this is written, you can tell that this guy was taken. Notes like there was someone there sit there right now word for word. What these guys were sense of this is just a poor talking and he says in handling my companies. I take the company commanders word for what is going on. You have to it is to get anywhere in order to get it picture of what is going on in this heavy country? I take my staff. I make my staff to where the fighting is this command. most business will ruin the american Army and Marines. If it isn't watched hell, output, In squads would like a command posting, the attack if they are not watched
As soon as you set up a command post all forward movement stops? That's a good one to good want to think about mentally. For you for US For me, but you and since you set up a command post like ok, I'm good were I'm good in this spot for progress stops, don't do it he says the walkie talkie the Japs have operates. Why Can we have a similar one says this to Hell with the telephone wire, advancing with the troops. We can't enough wire we received in order this advance the France will stop until the wire gets in this is afterwards, so you know, because you don't have good radio communications. They there run a wire of inaction, the wire, so they could talk, each other on these little field, telephones
well. Obviously, it's not easy to run that wire out therein. You'd see you ever seen fit. You know, movies of guys. They got the wire real Iranian out, avoiding getting shot. I mean it's a nightmare, but then you get this commander, Saint, hey, don't advance any more until you get the wire position injustice, but we know where we're going. Let us go He said the staff are twice as large. They should be. The regimental staff is too large. I have five staff officers in the battalion and I could get along with less The officers have to dress and look like the men I'm, the combination of the Marine Corps asked me: why are patrols failed in Haiti? I reply. Because the officers bedding role in Haiti, that time the officer had to pack mules and the list Men saw the officers lying around it. Luxury the patrol rashly held up for this pact. Mule You're leaders have to be up for those at one
get up there and are not in physical shape. To keep up with the men will cause plans to fail. It's ok to say that an outfit cannot be surprised, but it is happened in this type of warfare. So therefore your outfits must know what to do ambushed, so he seemed like a lot. You can say we're not gonna get surprised, but guess what you are. So you better know what to do. These is calling back commanding officers to Battalion Regimental see is to say how are things going is awful. That's statement, that's complete statement. If you call me back from the front line. Is they how's it going? It's awful. Each company is responsible for its flank. This is a time tested, improving formation which worked, if attacked from the flank, face and adjust the good little good. Little thing to think about.
In marching order camp. I just noticed like now that I'm reading chest he bore I'm getting more fired up. going chested in urging worn camp doing what I think he sounded margin. Camp we ve learned that you must have an all round defence. There you go, but these just make statements he's not even his desk rattling things off. We need entrenching shovels, give shovels to the men who have wire cutters. You need both wire cutter, an shovels. I was we had had the M one rifle and when we it. Relieved from Guadalcanal, I'm gonna make every effort to get it. I consider it. My imperative that the army and Marines be equipped with knee mortars and only carry one type grenade have grenade, fit in the knee mortar and be
use as a hand grenade and also as a rifle grenade. You need a rifle grenadier. Any squad for use again any machine gun ass. I, In some of the other guys, I kind of skip through some of their when it gets research get real granular, but I wasn't gonna skiff Jesse poor cause justly Jesse the following is the result, and so that's it. That's that's what we get from, but then the following is the result of a conference with five of the best and seals in the first battalion to the seventh Marines. These answers were selected by Lieutenant Colonel Polar. There's some comments from them. The japanese fire is not always aimed at his harassing fire and scares recruits get the recruits they are used to overhead fire japs who have info raided signal to each other with there falls by the number of shots we get. These birds,
constantly patrolling says if one guy say if you their officers. They mill around talked about the Japanese. If you shoot their officers they mill around their end. Seals are poor. you can tell their officers by their sabres and their letter, leather put, which is some kind of lagging. I've looked at word up, patties Pew Tt S, sick, begging, but this is again. This is something that you hear a lot about. The Japanese is at once, their officers are dead day cause they're very July's command Micro managed. So if you killed her If you kill the rosters of sudden the rest, the two just gonna milligram. I don't know what to do. Bhutan, Shepherd seventh Marines also promoted on the field of battle. We salute you Lieutenant Shepherd
I would stress in training teamwork between the leaders in all units liaison between support plans and all leaders liaison between artillery in the infantry retraining my unit again, I would really have some high class patrol training. I would do We think that these patrols, I could possibly think of to include losing them and making them go across country without maps are accomplices. Japanese do a lot of yelling at times and at other times they are dead, be silent. One night japanese gardener, marching column. We decide we're them and bayoneted them. At another time I her. I myself heard a Japanese yell in good English K company forward the jail don't like our men, yelling back at them,. Connect next get to master gunnery sergeant are an foul. Seventh Marines need twenty four years of service.
He said we were not to get excited or go off: half cocked, where there's noise, the Japanese make noise to mislead us. They shot off since firecrackers at the start But we have learned that, where The noise is, he ate You never hear a move, he sleeps in the day, How does it work at night. officers and aunts. Use during shelling should move around and talk to the men them down. If you do this: some of them or walk around with their fingers. their triggers and they get to imagining things and along this line, we learned to post double sentinels one may the quiet. Another. Imagine that you got to you got to put two people on watch. Can you got? One of them is going to freak out All my time in the Marines I've seen men bunch up and I've taught
about this and make my ensues talk about this all the time the men seemed to fear. Britain I talked about that leadership, trudging Jack, it's got a whole section called don't bug job and I dont didn't just talk about it from the ban. Field perspective? But what happens in the region where the reason I have to talk about it in there is because yes, people bunch up on the battlefield, may do cause they're they're afraid and because you want to hear you want because, like I want, to you to hear what you have what was going on. But what happened and from a leadership perspective is people bunch up mentally ill from the late, so echo you have. Ninety I like to crowded with your idea, put my ideas in there. We bought we're gonna, get to go on talking and give our import man give that person some space. Let that plan develop a little bit bunch up, don't crowded Distant one says the Japs, our man monkeys, and they run around considerable in order to come
with these man monkeys from Japan. You gotta be excellent shape and you ve gotta be tough, we can lick their, we are doing all time, sir. So yeah you say there are like in great shape and are able to move around through the jungle very quickly. Well, I suppose it's like winner, when Joe Rogan calls some I'd like a gorilla whatever right yet or a monster monster animal we're the animal check. Man monkeys, Lieutenant colonel Frisbie, executive officer, seventh marines- I hope your is being toughened up. We toughened up by bivouacking, not camping at the combat rain, we lived at these combat ranges in order to teach buttons to keep off the road we made
Itunes March in the field alongside the road when they moved from one combat area to another Hayworth Bivouacking sleeping in the woods not camping, but you know setting up a small area to sleep in you're not like put pigeon attend. It's like up just a makeshift sort of working to sleep here like not even a camp legless, so just kind of firstly been for rest. Yes, not like a bad where necessarily good way more just like you, ll get sleep by K, we ve been withdrawn or I went to export hey we're gonna bivouac here for the night. Ok, you know, half guy,
security, other half guys get you put your head down, get some sleep, it's probably a good, defensible position. Here's is Lieutenant Colonel Nh Hand Con second battalion, seventh Marines and by the way, nor Vano from Haiti. It pays in the attack in the jungle to use the heavy machine guns. There is a difference opinion. Has you ve noticed on this matter? It's hard work yes, but dont overlooked, devalue morale and otherwise and don't forget, the high rate of fire if you do the heavy machine guns and substitute the lights their place. You must remember that you will be up against the japanese machine guns, as we all know, a huge fan of machine guns and an apparent
so is lieutenant. Colonel girl be careful about withdrawing the men unless all the men know what it's about You don't do this your level to make men panicky. We already talked about that mob. Mentality can happen. You must realise that there is such a thing as not attacking when ordered do so. We ve got it, to a point where the men go ahead. When ordered and damn the Hindmost corporal must be indoctrinated with. leadership to overcome this, and all ranks have got to have the hate. Like I said, is a different. I bet you're gonna get different enemy, we're we're talking about, you have to hate the enemy, that's where we're out there France with three second lieutenant and five old and ceos of second battalions. Seventh reads: the basic
principle of leadership in the? U S marine corps is that the individual is told of his responsibility in different situation. and is held to it. you gotta have confidence in each other, when Sir was to move forward are given. You must have confidence that the men next you will move forward, even if you can, not see them. We have that kind of confidence in this battalion courtier, which I am in full agreement with. It says we love the heavy machine gun period. We have two american Indians. We use his talkers on the telephone or voice radio when we want to transmit secret or important messages. Dawson. be mean and kill them kill him dead are platoon.
Our motto in this protein is no prisoners. Second lieutenant d, a Clark Seventh Marines. Promoted on the field of battle this, officer was interviewed in the hospital where hears recuperating from wounds. We a lot of trouble in my opportune with water discipline. We also have trouble with me. bunching up in order to talk to each other. They seem to do this, even though it means death, major use, assistant G3 on the gender on General Vander staff, we have had to multiply our unit of fire in hand grenades by fire If the yellow color on hand, grenades is poor. Why can't they just be painted black as the young, color enables the japs to throw them back. You ve seen that combination,
it's in a very tight common in the military, second, all of drab, but then the writing in yellow near him, like even the grades. No one, listen to this guy is a grenade, so I'd like a yellow band around them. It's but it's not like a bright yellow, but it's definitely real weight why's. That was it you that's how they mark. I mean there's that there's no particular reason I almost actually leadership strategy and tactics almost when, in fact, the reason I go, causes olive drab. The reason I didn't go that same exact yellow is because you couldn't really read it clearly enough, that's kind of a bummer. I should adjust stuck with it like claymore, my declaimer mines are there big words as front towards enemy, actually yeah, yellow Mauritania. Yes, it's very good, the common thick, it's the car stenzel color? Is this olive dragon
and it's a faded yellow did they could drab yellow. He says this I am being sent back for a rest, we have been an action continually for here from August seventh, one thousand nine hundred and forty two until this date November 26th, one thousand nine hundred and forty two We all marvel at is how General Van De Griff can stand its much better than we do, it must be his character. What to do like a full on podcast on general, then Griff, major Ben, Jane, North Ridge, CEO. Secondly, time hundreds the fourth infantry. If I could train my men over again, I would put office and men in slit trenches and drop bombs nearby to overcome fear? We were scared to death if first, let's overcome this fear, how bout firing
captured. Twenty five caliber ammunition out of captured rifles to let officers and men know the sound all captured Jap machine guns ammunition out of there, captured machine guns, gotta get used to that sound. Luckily, we do I mean. Luckily, we have a gave one sentence. We can do that no problem, nor factor. We know that a case sounds like Lieutenant Colonel Frank Richards Seo First Battalion hundred sixty Fourth infantry, he if I were training my battalion again, I would have training in patients have patrols. Wait for the me to expose himself They move around too vague, after relieved themselves and they have to get food I would have the men in this patients training made be made. sit still for hours at a time? Captain John a gas it seems,
Company h hundred sixty Fourth infantry teach the men pasties of the hand, grenade and handling men, not crazy. Do the disguise it here. Guadalcanal and here's the to note he's got his it. You gotta, learn the capacities of candidates and how to handle men. thought. I knew how to handle men, but since I and here I have revised my ideas as I have learned a great deal. I have learned The primitive rough and tumble way you can't pat all and on the back, you have to be rough with some men in order to get results. It is my nature to be rough, but I am for Myself, and I have learned of my men I can pat on the back and which I have to deal with in the hardest manner. The same. Everyone's differ than John a Dawson. Commanding officer company be hundreds
Fourth, infantry If I could train my company again, I would have said numerous on which the men were deprived of food, water and comforts in order to find out which ends and men can't take it. I would relieve these people. type, a manoeuvre would teach men to know and expect hardships. It will lessen the shock when they come up against. The real thing in the presence of the enemy is important, that the higher squad. Note. I know how to operate. Ba, are not just to man. Reason think Ba are men who are wounded, get killed and become sick and have to be evacuated. Cross tree, Lieutenant John graves platoon leader company, see hundred sixty fourth infantry. The big thing I have learned since I hit this island is that leadership and initiative is so important here. The party leader can
only be in one spot at a time, and men must be trained to act correctly on their own. I've never seen this type of training. yes, decentralized command. That's just pull. That, on your brain. sergeant W B, the MOSS Squad Leader company see hundreds Fourth, infantry, Sir, I would like to say that there is no place for recruits here. We train soldiers who have initiative and and no is the right thing to do. the jungle is so thick that squab leaders cannot get around all of the time to see men and tell them what to do so. The common theme This is Colonel B, more commanding officer hundred sixty Fourth infantry note. When I say
colonel more, he was interviewed, the troll and patrol leader who had just come back, they ve been on cognizance for fifteen hours, the patrol leader had been met at an advanced position and as he had valuable information of the enemy he was conducted by cheap to the observation post of the artillery where he directed artillery fire then return the colonel, where he made report troll and its leader were nearly exhausted. Colonel or had on hand a small sample bottle of brandy. He issued one small sample bottle to each two men he made them die. this brandy with water in their canteen cups. Noticeable that this help them the following entered view took place. after the patrol had been dismissed. One could not be round, colonel more colonel, more very long with realising that he is
leader and regimental commander in every sense of the word taken care of his people, He says the greatest problem is leaders and you have to find some way to weed out the week. Once Well, to leaders who can command, who cannot foresee things and you cannot act on it for the moment in an emergency or a distinct detriment, leadership, this is the last thing we're ever read from this book. He's as many of the junior leaders have not used their heads at times in their training, I recommend you put them up situations where they must use their heads.
this is the good leader seem to get killed. The poor leaders get the men killed the big Ms leadership and getting the shoulder straps on the right people now one man in fifty can lead a patrol jungle you can find out who the good patrol leaders are before you hit the combat zone. You have found out something I had to get rid of about twenty five officers, because they just world leaders I had to make the battalion commander weed out there, or junior leaders, this process continuous, our junior leaders are finding out that they no more about their men. The good leaders know their men, the leaders, know their men. Obviously that's not new weave her,
before fact we ve heard all this before. And, what's crazies, lead all heard it before right. Like these principles have been around these principles by around forever. But they still made mistakes, still had to real those lessons and they still how to make every effort. like this manual, to pass those lessons on and. but what should we do we well? What we should do is we should make our best effort to receive those lessons. Remember those lessons. Just as we should remember these brave men Hoover these lessons in blood. Would you got echo Charles?
I always like so this kind of two ways you can go with like all this stuff were it's like you hear it over and over and over again, which such should sort o reinforce it. Lee coming gotta be careful to not regard it, as did I guess. Maybe this happens consciously sometimes where aegis you know, you hear something over and over again and then it just become sorted. This noise, like irony that weird about me, the I know a lot of What book when you say that, like I can't relate to it, because Every time I hear these things, I'm like there, it is, unlike their does, is a reinforcement. It's it's! It's I'm hearing getting a little bit of differing. But I know what that means. You don't let that last week second, so crazy, to read that it's crazy to read that this guy say and in training you. I recommend you put them in situations where must use their heads
at a time the national front. We like. Oh, you want to train. You leaders, you gotta put. You can't give your leaders problems that As I wrote, memory memorize able solution to you actually want to make them think I will bring a story with the Germans. The Germans would give their subordinate leaders training. They would give them problems that could only be solved if they broke the rules, which means there's no format to what they're getting them to try and do so. How can you get your people you need to put your people in situations where they need to think so. Every time I look and it's a lesson that I've taught before, but I hear it carries you may, because you like a pie, it may be often- or maybe it made like such an impact for because of like ear, princes and stuff or maybe both are no button. So it's always sticking with
so you're always like looking to like reinforced to make it better to improve on this very thing that Europe actually practising yeah. You know it's interesting so my last three years and that, in the terms was running that training. So I got see- and I would say that the training that I ran was the best leadership laboratory in the hills, of the world- and I would be willing to go to tell anyone that thinks it Dave scene him that I will not not not to fight him, but I would be interested If there was someone else, it says a we did. We had a leadership, situation where this is what we got to see and therefore We have a really good understanding of of leadership, I'm sure, there's other things that are out there. I'm telling you the When I was running that trading, it was freaking awesome. because you're seeing platoon after platoon after platoon after platoon with different leadership, you could see the good leadership versus the bad leadership. You see what work one didn't work.
It was the best leadership laboratory- and I I I loon forgot take the lessons that I learned and see them applied and when it, when they apply them well, did things go well didn't apply. Well, things will go bad, so obvious was so obvious and what s interesting is now echelon frog. I kind of get to do the same thing because its hate. I work business. Here's was happy in their market. Here's a tapping in their expansion. Here's what's happening as they grow, so we get to see oh here's the leadership, here's what you need to do and then I did this will the mistake that you're making? This is where you need to move? And so I, like you, said I am lucky, because I continue to get to work We in this environment that I've been completely and utterly engaged for you know, I mean for a long long for decades and send it, and yet that
guess. Maybe that's why, when I see these things. I think to myself like gas like I get, it just just more reinforcement, and so do you like it the what like straight out little case. A will call this maybe oversimplify simplifying it leadership, do I like it when a serious road men got, I absolutely love. Ok, I love you. I love it in the way that what I love about it is. It is a continual challenge to its it's. It's it's solving problem and getting the grades its kind, like you jujitsu, in that you get up You learn a move, you see, move you use the move, it works, it doesn't work, you make adjustments on it very similar thing but here I love it because its super complex and yet it super simple right and the
gratification is is extraordinary because people you don't like people say I did what you just told me to do. You know I didn't last meeting and friends on board. Now Let us add- and this was a problem for for someone that was a legitimate now, not just a choice: which, but like a threat to their lifestyle, right, a threat to their business, a threat to their corporation? And you like, hey here's, this! Here's ok do this report back. Let me hear what you got. Ok, here's the report. Ok, here's a reactor, ok good! That means continue moving. This now know that means goes in this direction so to be able to submit we'll be lucky enough to take all these Since then I ve learned and be able to apply them on we pieces. It's ridiculous, friggin awesome because, like it, it's
Do you like leadership. I knew the answer and maybe it was kind of a semi rhetorical question, but if cause some people they don't they don't like it, then they see it as a necessity and stuff like that, but they don't really like it. So it in its a spectrum. Pusher is like sales like sales, for example, where some people they just love it in every little Tipp. Every little thing, every little like established, like element of successful too all upon the all about it, knew where people can be in all kinds of stuff to guitar. Drawing reading I mean yet so if there is a certain philosophical element that his likes with stood the test of time and the reading a hearing, and then men, it's gonna, reinforce a thing to me into it, and it's gonna
just in their head taken a pie at any chance that they get even if it's this much of a little development and they're going to buy it as ready as down cuz? They enjoy it and it's part of their jam. But if, let's say you don't really like a fight is like a like a chore or whatever You know this certain in tighter introvert type and people who are in a leadership position kind? I don't like it they'd, rather someone else to deal with it. For some this and then so. who's are the ones that might be animal, but they might be. There going to be making these mistakes over and over again, because they're not consciously like actively trend in implementing these lessons. just in some like your keys, just strain of being reinforced, but for them at the it's, like not even getting as comic. I heard that before whenever I heard that, before whatever I'm too busy like not carrying almost in a way like up too busy like caring about the thing I care about and, like you, I think I think where others along
misconceptions, and I wrote about this and leadership trudging tactics, but here it's it's all like the cover flap or whatever. Leadership is the most challenging of human and davers, is often misunderstood. It can be bewilder, mystify and frustrate. Even the most dedicated practitioner. Leaders at all levels are often forced to use theoretical guesswork. To make decisions and be their troops, it doesn't hurt the be that way. There are poor. suppose that can be applied and tenants that can be followed. There are skills that can be learned and maneuvers that can be practised and executed. There are leadership strategies and tactics that had been tested, improving on the battlefield in business and in life. That's what I people miss out on. Is they missed on the fact that it's not it's. It's kind like any,
any skill set that you want to learn You want to learn how to play guitar. You ve got up the cord, you got to go to know. If you want to learn Jiu Jitsu, you got to learn it on. Like you got it, you want play basketball. You gonna, learn how to dribble. You couldn't but why would anybody expected they could walk out of a basketball court without ever project can be good at it. Now. What Let me ask you this: have ever watched. Some like a border or a b a guy or a mountain bike. Or a surfer mimic outlooks. The youth Lincoln. Do weird vine that you could actually do what they're doing them right now, the scapegoating as but the other guy just crazy, but but you think, o, like alike I can see myself do not so I think people look at leaders sometimes and there's things that are happening. Oh yeah, I would do the same thing or whatever it is. It looks easier than it is at all. You have to be careful of that
Maybe that's why I continue to enjoy reading and learning about it because, I see how hard it is I see every day when a challenge, it is for people. So if I can take one thing away from a book can use as a tool to help someone else maneuver through a challenging leadership situation I'll? I love it alive adding that capability sense to me so speaking of learning and improving in getting better what other suggestions my you have for us, MR you can like me Jean Charles scuttling me saying, hey exercise will help, will improve it every other aspect of electoral, unlike any other thing or whatever. True, that think sure I'll say it over and over again, whatever helps reinforced
hopefully rallies doesnt become noise idea. I'll give you some credit that it now for taking what I just said, which is that with a pretty meaning from what you just said is you're gonna, continue to read the same stuff over and over again on the supports section of hard cash. It's good for the goose is good for the guy, so I'm saying anyway, we working out those can improve your life. health. If you just try to say things in a different way, sometimes like. Maybe it would be more interested in its possible possible. Nonetheless, we are a working out regardless? I say it worked out today: deeds, but what good job I'd pups today pollutants by the way we are in the process of the let's call it. The new garage, Jim of just
we are probably two months out, maybe right now so we're getting. There really are. If anybody, you know, maybe a year And a half ago there was a transition. When I was, I moved into a temporary holding facility for myself. That meant a temporary work out facility in my home, and that was all a strategic. move to long term have a much better sort of facility facility proved yes, we're getting there, I'm looking forward to unveil I might even do you know the outcome plus a show us your Jim Jim tour back Jim torn areas where they were or were not when the new Jim complete or at least like when it's got it getting close will do a little fool. Do a little lamb facility tour, so you're thinking so
What are you gonna do or you're seeing a month or two more Spanish. Two months is: maybe the military mimeograph new, maybe too We should be we're getting there we're getting close their building closer, so improvements across the board, Trina facilities, personal health, all that stuff, fourth floor. Look worse what we're going for anyway without supplements three you which need you know that the spectrum, but these things will hundred percent help. You I'm gone said say that you promised. You need, you need to get your warfare and crude oil pressure. Yeah I'm not sure of it. Well, if you're listening this park ass, which means your bidding after it right if you're not listening this, but which we don't care, Even you don't need it right. Sure you didn't Yeah cause you're like on your own programme, you're, probably watching tv. You dont, need joint warfare and super grill, if you're too too, to strengthen your thumb press, the remote control you're not little bit different.
You can just get whatever more or french fries more Tito's, that's what you can get. It game- you may want to get super girl. You may want yet met you should you need to get super girl? You George for the region as a needs, because, if you don't take it, you have issues, that's it don't just get get away from the issues. You yes like one of wirelessly I gave a play you play soccer before unites Arbour, baseball football right, the EU, where certain can issues cleats really leads when you? So when you go play when you suit up you put on your cleats, you don't put on tennis shoes and look impossible possible to put on ten issues. Do you he'd cleat. That's the thing you need cleats depends would you be may need, ran back there and that's exactly what I'm saying so vacation accepted that if you want to stay This path in not worry about your joy.
giving out on you and they can. They can get it give out on you for sure they can bother you ache ache when you're not even exercising straight a bigger, but if you don't worry about the kinds of that's when you take the joint warfare in the super crude oil and two percent, stick it everyday, like I do every single day so far, since our last talk any bad, you ve tightening up. Yes, there are also this. when and this window kind of the same thing, just different delivery, different modalities of delivery nicer big time so yet or even the powder is about. This appeal is that energy drink call it an encouraging healthy yet, even though its bear related to the common, what only considered at energy drink present. When I think of energy drink. I think oh massive amount of sugar, massive amount of caffeine, massive amount of chemicals to keep it from
going getting spoiled. That's what I think of when I think of an energy drink, and I think of pink orange and yellow. Can floods in this over, maybe via that's what I think of, an energy drink. Now it is a very strange to say that one we have which has no sugar its wheaten with monk through its got ninety five, milligrams of caffeine, so it's got caffeine in it, but that's the same as a cup of coffee, not some crazy amount. That gets you all psycho jittery. Many other big from and there's no preservatives in it because we pasteurized it. So what we're Are we talking about our two totally different face? One of them has a bunch of bad stuff in the other. One has a bunch of good stuff in it. Yes, so so why They both called energy drinks, I'm not a hundred percent sure one of em. Be called an energy drink. The other one should be called poison,
question no thirty, two analytical on here, but I think I know why, because As you in need of some of us, we think of energy drinks, not as what the whole energy drink. We just think of the stigma. Let's just Stigma, but the stigma is a very significant portion of Irish, and rightly so. By the way you ve put some if there's some stuff, that straight up bad for you. That should mean something you that's what I think. So you know you think about this kind of asian early. So, like I said, but you know you're happy people that will say like on its bad energy, different there. Now I've got a few makers such a thing as like pet subjects, labour. I gather that energy we had a good energy end. Gatling energy me that's in play to think so so you know it. Consider the stigma of energy drinks and it's not an unfair stigma, not nowhere, but accurate, fair stigma. If you can
did that and you associated with the word energy drink. Yes, when you look at Jacko Discipline girl, citrus go Jocapa. All these flavors could look at that. Then either not gonna be very similar in that way, because we don't have the stigma: warrior: no steam energy drink without the sting Mohammed that very day Gabon look down on J, gotta, Jacko Fuel Dotcom. You liked our Mr Turco fuelled outcome that we can get it at that of origin may come to them the same deal. You can also get em at while energy drinks, the stigma, the unsteady mama stigma less you drink at war, and the vitamin shop is well also. Milk. Milk forget immobile the three cold war Jacobite tea on track to drink. That white do right. Now,
some of that and I'm drinking a discipline go so I'm gonna getting after a vitamin job while off in origin main dot com also got some. We talk about. You do too little bits. Fortunately, let's say it was not required to He put into use in Guadalcanal right we say we are bayonet. We were able to stab people in the neck and didn't have to choke him, but had it been required, we are happy that people were trained in Georgia too, and we even if we don't have to use it even you don't have to use it ever in Europe in a real situation. Believe me, and I want to have it so train them. You do too and when you change your due to you're gonna wanna GDP, to training. you're gonna- want a rash guard to training and you're gonna want those things to be made in America, also want them like you, don't want the best possible ones as you could get because you're kind of making a commitment in your life to Jujitsu you're gonna, look
self, in the mirror and say you know what we're gonna do. This work Dana skill skill that will help in all aspects. My life, do you ever or like you look at yourself in China, have like a little bit of an identity, varying levels of identity. Whatever part of that identity? Are you like Jujitsu person for meat I say yes, yes, but see how you do sit. I would say yes, some cause. It's a spectrum for sure, and not one one is not better than the other. By the way will the reason I said that is because we are Talk about this in the past, if it was here's? Why? I? Actually it's just a yes, because if it wasn't for Jujitsu, I wouldn't have, B, where I am because I wouldn't have been able to figure out a bunch of stuff easy for me. The physical part. the knowing how to submit people or whatever that is as far as what I've got from Jujitsu this. I'm crazy that part
actual being able to fight be people up of all the Official things I got Did you do? That part? Is twenty percent the eighty per cent benefit that I got from. Did you two wasn't understanding of the world. Now it Eyes to combat it ties in the leadership and that those things also participated in in providing me with that eighty percent, but the jujitsu was the fact that allowed me to see it, so the other that make sense, I think out, agree what or yes I'm a digital person yeah. So I feel like you fail. If I'd look, my identity, I'm not nodded Jujitsu person, but I'm not like. I meant you to you know like. If I, if you meet someone that sums I can be like. Oh yeah, that's a digital guy, that's not the first they're gonna you're, not known as Did you jujitsu guy, but people
you did you, everybody knows you did you get too, even though they also, they also know you do other things. Other things here significant. I think that's why you and I look at you. I don't see: ok, Jujitsu guy, even though your straight up judges a sailor guy nodded, but then because you have all these other things that you have like straight up like for lack of term significant prowess like you know about all that was just I dont have significant prowess, and you did you even when working on that, when what is prowess really like do good at yeah yeah? They are you worried. I think that should have totally missed anyway. I think that might be the first time. I've ever said that out loud but go kick in. Didn't and brain cells work away you, whether you wanna, be a gypsy person or just have Digital B part of your life. You should definitely make it part of your life. need a geared any rash guards. Good
the main dot com and, unfortunately, for all of us, we can't just walk around in our geese unforgotten. Unfortunately, so you gotta get other clothing you can also get that other coldly at origin. Genes. American. Boots american genes with a mirror In Ganem, rivets that are from America, o guess what every I'm talking about without compromise. Maiden America go gotta brass buttons, even the brass, the brass. What, the brass, but rather those are significant to look at him. There lay there logic, analogies
I mentioned the rivets. I didn't mention the brass buttons or Demain darker you're good, yes, sir, also speaking to other clothing, jackals doors called Jackal store that we can get tee. Shirts, hoodies hats off this wineglass freedom, good all the stuff to represent. Why on the path heartburn Jim you get that covered call for me. However, I know you're gonna say that anyway are also on the teach also on chocolate store, as we know where we're over covered now. But win win win. I had covered then you had covered. I was a little happy because I was at school. We can still record park
we can only guess where at least we can avoid a record, no manner stoop little bit. Happy, no, no offense background covert, plus covert, doesn't equal more. It cancels itself out we're gonna thing, well, some clear moral, clear unless juggle store, also on Jackal Store, we have eighty short cub working. teacher club get a t shirt every month, different varying levels of layers on these t shirts there inside there there there Easter eggs in the shirts in the not literally stress, but he strikes the expression, restrict stuff that like, if you listen, you can't know. You know anyway interesting sure to get one. Every month, school club taken up, fraught jackal, store dot com also subscribe to the paragraph eleven already thing: it's important varying levels of importance at Davos or catch us biscuit rash guards and dislike. The teacher like this teacher that our work
her Cora condos. Yes, you can fully you'll have to let go on there and join the club, not oh, no, not at all, then vile, optional club right there that we made it's a good climate. People seem to like it. I think. Maybe if anyone look, let's face it echoed tried to come up with, like hey, will just call it. The teacher club does If anyone can come up with some better than that, which I am sure most people can please echo know that but better name. You know, even if it was called like the pickle head Club whatever people be like a little bit more into it. Well, I don't know what the pickle it completely I do agree, I see way sane and they can disagree on the were from the people too
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go underground dot com enjoying that, so we can connect check it out and you can also check out Youtube videos that echo Charles makes and you can give him some feedback on in the comments sections I saw. Do you say David said: does Jocko read these comments? Here's your answer! Yes, I read the comments who's. I read the comments, so I can attempt to give ECHO Charles feedback about the level of explosions fires smoke. thanks Eagles aircraft that he put in the videos. Yeah kicks, kind of like banana came by Europe. Can banana cream by effort breakfast lunch and dinner? Just have one piece of banana cream pie after
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You have to hang on your walls got a bunch of books, bunch of books, leadership, sure, strategy and tactics, field manual talked about it today about Face David Hack worth I wrote a forward to the evaluation approach to this political freedom, field manual, brand new version out with or your kid for field manual git. It. We have the warrior kid one. Two and three: that's the whole series making the dragons extreme ownership economy. Leadership also have echelon, front leadership, consultancy where we solve problems through leadership, good echelon, front dot, com for details on that F online, where we do leadership, consulting live online. We of leadership courses? So if you want to get deeper into the principles that we talk about here, you can go,
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on Instagram, which just go on talking about what you call the Graham and on Facebook echo is adequate. Charles, I imagine a willing, I'm also. parlor now by the way platform- and I am at darker willing, and thanks to all the branches of service, the army, the Navy, the Marines, the coastguard. Thank you for fighting battles out there so we don't have to, and thanks to police and law enforcement and fire and paramedics any empties, dispatchers correctional officers and border patrol and secret service in all first responders. Thank you for providing us protection here at all meant to everyone else out there. Look we these lessons before. Remember them, you know them be disciplined. Take initiative, train your people,
Trained your people from your front line troops to your senior leaders. You want them to take the initiative in practice, so you get better. Make sure the team knows the objective Newman, all these things remember these six. Remember these lessons and also remember where these lessons came from and remember the men who sacrificed everything for us until next time, the Zayigo and Jacko out.
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